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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Yomendou

Crash Bandicoot Mind over Mutant 100% Walkthrough Guide

Note: I finished this walkthrough on February 8, 2011 BUT I didn't realize the
margins were way over! I had word wrap on thinking the lines broke 
automatically but I was mistaken. So I changed the font and size and turned 
off word wrap (thanks to and made the necessary line breaks 
until after submitting there weren't any errors which I officially completed
on February 11, 2011. thank you.

Author: Joseph Della Ventura (Jr.)
Began: February 6, 2011
Completed: February 8, 2011
Email: [email protected]

Table of Contents:
2.Walkthrough Mission guides (along with getting collectibles n such)
Mission 1........................................MSone
Mission 2........................................MStwo
Mission 3........................................MSthree
Mission 4........................................MSfours
Mission 5........................................MSfive
Mission 6........................................MSsixs
Mission 7........................................MSsevens
Mission 8........................................MSeights
Mission 9........................................MSnines
Mission 10.......................................MStens
Mission 11.......................................MSeleven
Mission 12.......................................MStwelve
Mission 13.......................................MSthirteen
Mission 14.......................................MSfourteen
Mission 15.......................................MSfifteen
Mission 16.......................................MSsixteen
Mission 17.......................................MSseventeen
Mission 18.......................................MSeighteen
Mission 19.......................................MSnineteen
Mission 20.......................................MStwentys
Mission 21.......................................MStwentyone
Mission 22.......................................MStwentytwo
Mission 23.......................................MStwentythree
Post game .......................................Postg

3.Closing and thanks.............................CaT

1.Welcome   Wels
First I want to thank the Lord for all this is possible because of Him! 
Hello my name is Joseph Della ventura and this is a 100% walkthrough for 
crash bandicoot mind over mutant for ps2. It'll take you from start to 
finish and get 100%  ready? btw I also have a coin guide for madagascar 
for PS2 that is up on 


Turn on the game and select new game name your file then select difficulty
Note: theres various cutscenes that happen through game if you want to
skip them press start and then X to get on with game. You start off in 
Crash's house and theres 5 things of interest. the papers allow you to see 
concept art, the tv allows you to watch in-game movies, the chest allows you 
to change Crash's skin, the furnace gives you enemy/mutant info, and next to 
hammock this shows you your game progress. Now leave your house and head 
right and talk to Coco she'll want you to collect these Capacitron pieces 
(0/6) appears on screen. Now get controller 2 out and press 0 to join game 
now press 0 again on controller two to become a mask rotate the right analog 
stick to build up power and press square to blast and earn "BIG SHOOTER" 
optional mission (1/50). From your house head left and go up into the water 
continue to far left of screen and you'll notice a climbable wall jump on it 
and climb all the way to top then jump off and get Crash doll (1/13). collect 
mojo as you go through game once the circle bar in the top left corner fills 
up you gain an upgrade this goes for mutants as well. now head towards the 
top of the screen and you'll notice a purple looking thing grab it and...

Mission 1  MSone

Mission 1 starts here and now its (1/6) head into next area.. continue left 
and you'll see 3 this may seem a bit boring BUT do this and 
make sure the other crash is out (player 2...NOT in mask or if wont count 
towards opt mission) now go and kill 3 ratnicians try and work on one at a 
time and hit with punching combos a bunch and boost up multiplier (now if you 
get hit its goes back to x1= not what you want!) you need 117 hits to get it 
to multiplier 20x and if you get a 2x mutliplier item (you'll notice these 
through game) it'll go up temporarily to 40x! (nice!) anywaze one you kill 
one enemy in co-op mode you get "DUPLEX CRASH" opt mission (2/50). so kill 3 
ratnicians and go back home to "reset" them and repeat! remember to keep 
player 2 crash out with you to count because you need to kill 50 enemies in 
co-op mode to get another opt mission...then eventually you'll get 10x opt 
mission (3/50)would you like fries with that.15x opt mission break it to them 
gently (4/50) and 20x opt mission chuck is that you? (5/50). now continue 
passed ratnicians and collect mojo and you'll see capacitron piece (2/6) 
JUST after that double jump( x then x) to the right onto a platform then do a 
spin jump (rotate left analog till crash spins and continue to press square 
to spin longer (watch out for spin thing on head he'll get dizzy or press x 
while spinning to spin jump..very handy!) and grab the Wumpa doll (1/5) 
continue on path and you'll learn wall jump technique and go below the seesaw 
things and spin jump to ledge to get another doll (2/5) now head back up and 
jump across seesaw platforms and time jumps with dropping platforms and 
continue left. eventually you'll need to head up across flipping panels and 
windmill thing and some more flipping panels to a water slide area head right 
if you want to SAVE. now climb up water slide..keep going and get shoes if 
you want for kicking power temporarily and speed boost to top, and get 
capacitron (3/6) watch out for tnt! a bit left of the capacitron piece you'll 
notice a spin thing on ground stand on it and spin and continue to press 
square until gate opens...go inside cage and get doll (3/5). continue up and 
jump on spring and press square to do a drill slam thing to boost up even 
higher...follow path bust some crates and eventually you'll have to dig. 
stand over hole and spin to go underground and press square with analog move 
head up a bit and jump out of hole on other side..continue up a bit and do it 
again now...head to the right undeground and pop up on other area and go up 
and do it yet again spin into ground and follow up and a bit left and pop up 
to GIANT tnt! opt mission (6/50) can u dig it?..touch it then run away DONT 
spin into them! after they blow up jump on ledges and into next area. head 
left a bit and jump towards gate now head right and ledge youre way to the 
right and step on switch to open gate continue on and get capacitron (4/6) 
IMMEDIATELY head left on narrow ledge and get doll (4/5). back on path head 
up and SAVE follow up until battle with ratnicians after that head left now 
and get capacitron (5/6) climb wall and follow watch out for wind time jumps 
and follow path right keep going now head up (down will be later) and fight 
some ratnicians. now jump up either side from where you fought them and you'll
see a balancing puzzle now you can complete this with or without the second 
player. stay on puzzle and go and get doll that you see (5/5)= opt mission no 
place like wumba and (7/50) and another opt mission (8/50) easy does it back 
down continue until final capacitron piece (6/6). Mission 1 complete! (1/23)

Mission 2  MStwo

now continue through short tunnel and you'll end up on top of the waterfall 
close to your house. go back and speak to coco after the scene go and get 
the mail package outside your house and prepare to fight ratnicians after 
battle Mission 2 starts!

NOW: this is what I did and you dont HAVE to do this but it'll make it easier
and simpler to follow this guide if you do..BEFORE you head left of your 
house into a new area on wumpa island I suggest that you:

continue to go through wumpa island (the path we just took getting the 
capacitron pieces) repeatedly trying to keep your multiplier at 20x (don't 
get hit or fall and die) getting 2x multiplier where you can do temporarily 
get 40x and you will get opt missions (if not already) (kill 50 enemies in 
co-op mode) (9/50) a combo to go  and also kill 75 ratnicians (10/50)whack a 
nerd once you get those continue to go through wumpa island and when you get 
back to your house go inside to reset all mojo (except gold mojo) and enemies.
again and again and again! until you max out Crashs upgrades NOW crash has 32 
upgrades 18 are mojo upgrades which increases how long you can spin without 
getting dizzy and strength upgrades 1-13 alternate spin,strength and so on and 
upgrades 14-18 (btw the final upgrade for crash you need 100,000 mojo!)are 
ONLYstrength and 14 of them are Golden Wumpa fruits that permanately increase 
your health bar (none available yet!) so when its all said and done up to this 
point BEFORE going left of your house into new area of wumpa island go to your
house and check the completions on top of hammock and it should be story 1/23 
opt mission 10/50 health 0/14 crash 18/18 and monster 0/60 cool! :)

NOW after all this go left of your house into new area now do the tutorial 
battle against the mutant and continue on path and jump on windmill things 
follow a bit left and climb ledge and another windmills in front of you to 
other side and do tutorial battle(s) afterwards head up into next area. head 
right and SAVE then head up a bit until your first true encounter with a 
mutant this one is called a ratcicle NOW continue to hit them until green 
stars fill up and you'll hear a trumpet sound and a O will appear over there 
heads meaning you can "jack" them but DONT yet..after he is stunned hit him 
with a triangle (strong attack) to kill him he WILL respawn repeat 4 more 
times until opt mission (11/50) stone cold crash. now jack a ratcicle with O 
to ride him and immediately press R2 (to store it in your "pocket" and you'll 
see the current mutant in your pocket on the top middle of screen and earn opt 
mission (12/50) mutant recycle. now press O to dismount but immidiately press O 
to remount and another ratcicle should appear stun him NOW have player 2 jack 
this one and you'll earn opt mission (13/50) cold feat. now press R2 on 
controller 2 to pocket mutant and have player two drop out now press start on 
controller 2 then select drop out and press x, now have player 1 press R2 to 
pocket/swap mutants (btw you can only have 2 at a time the one youre using and 
the one in your pocket) and earn opt mission (14/50) multi-tasking. now ride 
ratcicle up a bit and hold R1 and press square to do a sneeze freeze on water 
to make water turn to ice to get across now head right a bit and up into cave. 
head up and left on path and ride platform down go left a bit and then up and 
freeze all 3 of the geyser things and jump right and step on switch now head 
back and ride platform back up this time head down and left to a movable 
platform ride it to other side and follow to switch step on it and gate opens 
below enter door for next area. now head left and you'll see a water blast 
coming out of the mouth of a statue in the wall freeze it and jump across to 
left and you'll earn your first health upgrade (1/14=19/32) now head back right
and work your way left to freeze some more water and hit with triangle to 
break it continue left out of cave to a familair area Save! head up for a 
scene and enter door that is now open scene now battle a lot of ratnicians 
scene Mission 2 complete! (2/23)

Mission 3    MSthree

head back to home save! BEFORE going towards the right of the screen to 
where coco is you'll see gray metal ground that you can follow until you 
battle. go through wumpa island again and upgrade your ratcicle until you 
earn opt mission (16/50) which = (5/60 on mutant progress) ice on the cake 
and also at this point you should also get opt mission (17/50) complete 25% 
of game! now head to the right coco is follow path until battle as crash 
spin the flaming basketball back at hoop/net thing then with ratcicle go up 
to enemy and attack should be a couple hits. Mission 3 complete! (3/23) and 
also opt mission (18/50) girl power!

Mission 4  MSfours

from battle now head to the right and a bridge will come up head right into 
next area..we are now going towards the ratcicle kingdom. continue right and 
use ratcicle to break down wall just after this you'll notice an opening 
above now with crash do a spin double jump and latch on wall and climb up it 
all the way until you see a doll (1/5). back on path head right and continue 
jump on platforms and swinging on vines to other side and break another wall 
down like you did before. continue right and jump in the rolling rock thing 
and itll go up for a bit and you can exit right. now this part is a bit 
tricky youll notice to the left of the rolling rock at the top some springs 
now jump out of the rock to the right and when you do itll start rolling 
back down on its as if starts doing that time you jumps to stand on 
TOP of the rock and try spin jump or just double jump if you can do springs 
(its kinda tough to do) when you do drill jump on spring and land on platform
on left now to the right og this is a doll grab it! (2/5). back on track head 
right of where the rolling rock took you too and follow path to the right and 
climb a wall head left a bit then eventually back right and follow path (fight
ratnicians if you want) and you'll see water just continue on path and follow
until you see a save point. go up and freeze water with ratcicle and fight 
ratcicles now freeze the platforms to jump up and freeze another one and 
continue follow path. until you see a T bridge go to left side climb ledge 
and step on switch repeat on right side and now cross T bridge and follow 
path until you see a BIG rolling rock thing jump on it and follow it right 
carefully until you can jump on other side walk up ramp and now you are in 
the ratcicle kingdom village. talk to the "people" there go to the right a 
bit and save. now jump on top of the statue there and make sure you have a 
ratcicle (only 1) with you and you right him now jump to the LEFT and press 
R2 to pocket the raticle and when you did this with only 1 mutant crash does 
a jump boost kinda and then you can press x to double jump and you'll grab a 
golden wumpa fruit! (2/14=20/32). its in the air so try again if you dont 
get it (now another way to get this is later when you get a TK mutant theres 
a lever on wall near statue that you can pull and the statue will turn and 
point left giving you access to golden fruit but we got it already!) go left 
and talk to old man sweeping. Mission 4 complete (4/23)

Mission 5  MSfive

from old man go up into door into next area. go left and freeze water now 
continue following easy path until you get to 3 of those mouth streams freeze 
one at a time and continue left and follow path. follow path and youll get to 
a save that is below the path if you'd like..continue left and fight a battle 
ratcicles and here you can get a new mutant Magmadon.make sure you have both 
mutants. now go up to iceberg and ride it to next area. itll go left a bit 
now jump on solid ground go up and freeze water continue on path to the right 
and eventually up you can use ratcicle to surf on left side or stay on right 
side and fight new enemies brat girls! continue until next iceberg and ride 
to next area now immediately into next area with ratcicle jump into water 
going up and grab golden wumpa fruit (3/14=21/32). basically stand on the 
iceberg when you can and just let it carry you to next area fighting brat 
girls and killing bomb things if you riding a raticile hold R1 to block and 
theyll hit you BUT you wont lose multiplier! in next area jump off iceberg 
and save! continue up and fight brat girls and magmadons now BEFORE continuing
to where you see the thing that shoots at you with raticile head LEFT into a 
bit hidden water area and surf your way left to get a crash doll (2/13). 
back on track continue and you'll see a key dont get it yet. instead kill 
off the brat girls then fall in whole to die and youll appear again and fight
brat girls continually until you get opt mission (19/50) fashion fury (kill 75
brat girls). now get key and go up where door was now only have magmadon (dont
lose magmadon) in pocket get rid of ratcicle and climb up ledges but of top 
most ledge shimmy to the right and clim up wall and get doll at top (3/5). 
back on track head left and midway you see a part where you can go down so 
drop all the way down and get key now climb back up head left climb up another
wall and open up gate enter into new area. Mission 5 Complete! (5/23).

Mission 6  MSsixs

now head up and fight enemies coming at you and then step on two switches to 
open gate continue on get to climbable wall area climb wall and go left a 
bit and eventually down and you'll see a platform with a doll on it grab it 
(4/5) basically keep going left follow path use rolling rock left continue 
left wall climbing watch for falling ice and jump from background to 
foreground itll make sense and keep heading left when you land on solid ground
Mission 6 Complete. (6/23)

Mission 7  MSsevens

save! go up into next area jack a ratcicle and freeze water on right side jump
on it asnd step on switch on right side. do the same thing on the left side. 
go up a bit and freeze that water and jump up until you see something trapped
in a hand like thing. triangle attack with ratcicle and break it free= new 
mutant TK! now use TK power on the block to the left and aim it close to the 
platform on the left dismount from TK (still have magmadon in pocket right?) 
now spin double jump up to ledge and grab on and jump up to get crash doll 
(3/13). rejack a TK and use his power on the lever on right side platform 
above to open door on right enter door into next area. now with TK use power 
on ice to make it fall and continue on path up and eventually use TK power 
on purple blocks to push them out of the wall jump up them and go right a 
bit NOW head all the way down until you see a spinning thing on ground. 
dismount from TK and spin with crash on it until it stops head back up and go 
back down purple blocks and enter now opened gate to get golden fruit 
(4/14=22/32) back up purple blocks head up now into next area. this area 
right now your in is to the right of where you got that first key where we 
did the brat girls method to killing 75 of them. anywaze with TK grab the 
tnt and aim it at glass to the right to break it and use TK to pull lever to 
make a bridge appear cross it and go into next area. save! use TK on the 
bricks to make it topple and cross over now continue up and watch for tnts 
and just continue up go kinda quick once you stand on ice platforms they 
start to drop into water continue on until you see solid ground. (still have 
magmadon?) now use TK to pull purple blocks out and another block thats down 
from the first one on the left wall and get doll (5/5)=opt mission (20/50). 
now pull blocks out accordinally its not to hard. but its kinda difficult to 
climb with TK put keep trying and hold X when you jump with him to float and 
bit and move around with analog and eventually he'll grab on continue all 
the way up and then left when you can and break wall with TK triangle attack 
and enter door into next area. Mission 7 complete (7/23).

Mission 8 MSeights 

you are now back in town way above to the right now drop down and save. now 
jump on statue arm and jump to the right with TK and work you way right and 
youll see an ice block TK power it off the switch then step on switch remember
where we spoke to old man sweeping go there and to the right of him youll see 
a platform going up and down ride it up and get a crash doll (4/13). now drop 
back down and head all the way left and talk to little guy there whose next 
too these two spinning looking things (this comes later!) still have 
magmadon? now we need to make our way ALL the way back to wumpa island the 
way we came. now make sure you have TK and magmadon! head back through 
village and rotating rock thing restep on switches you can climb ledges with
TK its abit hard but not to bad and continue until you see the save point 
which is just after the part where we froze those platforms. now if you head 
back left you'll be at the part with the water slides go up this climb DONT 
do it yet! from the save point head back up towards the frozen platforms and 
kill the 4 ratnicians and also the 4 snowmen there are nearby climb up and 
kill the 1 ratnician now head back down going towards that save point wait a 
few seconds and they all respawn! ratniciand and snowmen! continue to kill 
and get mojo and get multiplier up. so its 4 rats 4 snowmen jump up and kill 
1 rat repeat with magmadon until upgrades (10/60) and also opt mission shell 
shocked (21/50). now get ride of magmadon after this and NOW do the same 
process with TK until...(15/60) and T to the K (22/50). KEEP TK! now save. 
head back towards wumpa climb up waterslide area and continue left now you'll
notice those blocks that TK can move stand on the 2 on the ground and a little
up and left theres 2 more move THESE out of the way and spin jump with crash 
up there and grab golden wumpa (5/14=23/32). now head back towards wumpa 
where you fought coco earlier. Mission 8 complete (8/23).

Mission 9 MSnines

keep TK! now head back to where the wind was blowing when we had to jump 
across platforms now right before those platforms you'll see 3 brick things 
that we can topple with TK follow those and head left into next area. head 
left and fight new mutant-Scorporilla now stun this new mutant and jack him 
now DO NOT USE TRIANGLE ATTACK...yet! stay where you are and continue to kill
the endless spawning of ratnicians and get multiplier up to 20x and max out 
scorporilla (20/60). NOW after upgrading him all the way you can triangle 
attack a bunch of times to crash down to bottom of area. Mission 9 complete 

Mission 10  MStens

now at bottom BEFORE heading left dismount from scorporilla and head right 
and climb up wall and follow it all the way around structure until you get 
crash doll (5/13). back on path head left into next area desert. now head 
left and rejack a scorporilla and break through floor fall down head left and 
do it again drop down continue waaayyyy left and eventually when you see an 
opening up head that way and keep going until you cross a stone bridge. save! 
battle= new mutant=rhinoroller battle and jack of these guys. and break 
rockwall with rhinoroller until you can triangle roll up the hill and enter 
the cave on left into next area. save! head left and go down rolling ramp and 
continue up for a bit killing ratnicians if you'ld like and triangle roll up 
hill go up bit and rollto the right on tracks and triangle to jump gap to 
other side. go to the right passed the gate to a half pipe like area continue 
to use triangle to gain speed and height when you roll and roll into tiny half
pipe do it again to gain height and go left now triangle roll into the left 
wall to ride the wall up and to the right to get a golden wumpa fruit 
(6/14-24/32). go back to where gate is and head all the way down now left and 
jump gap and head up a bit to rolling thing simply hold up on the analog 
against it until you see two hands come out. now back track and rejump gap 
and head up towards gate but you should see a doll off to the left side a bit 
(1/5). now go up through gate and follow path bust seom barrels and head right 
into "new area" this area is actually where we initially got the rhinoroller but
higher up. now destroy all the cactus and collect mojo for rhino. NOW drop down 
to bottom and save! now press start to quit game and reload game now have a 
rhinoroller go back through area now try and not get much mojo yet...remember 
those ratnicians? fight them as crash and build multiplier NOW get on rhinroller
and get all the mojo you can, of course try not and get hit destroy grass and 
box enemies back to area above with a lot of cactus and grass. repeat drop down 
save quit load keep doing until rhinoroller is upgraded (25/60) and also opt 
mission (23/50) roll it up. back on track go to area above with all the cactus 
and grass NOW head up into next area. follow tunnel up and on other side fight 
some ratnicians and save! from save point head left and you'll see a balancing 
puzzle as crash make your way towards the corner where the crash doll is 
(6/13) and also opt mission it takes two to tango (24/50). back at save point
head up into BIG desert now with rhinoroller work you way around desert and 
collect 3 keys once you have them head all the way up in desert and save. 
enter cave follow path and climb down wall and head right into next area jump
little gap to right and follow path up on "village" Mission 10 complete. 
(10/23) and also opt mission (25/50) the glass is half full 50% of game 

Mission 11 MSeleven

before talking to animals here head right as crash jump on thing sticking 
out of ground and you can ledge circle climb your way up to top and get doll 
GETTING DOLL!!! (the way i did it the first time was the R2 boost thing when 
you pocket a mutant. talk to bears and now save follow path up and around 
until you end up outside. new mutant=Spike! now as crash STUN 5 of them and 
earn opt mission (26/50) spike the punch. now beat all the spikes and jack 
one of them and mission 11 complete! (11/23)

Mission 12  MStwelve

from here head up and dont worry about big door on left continue up and 
dismount from rhino (if you have him) and only have spike in pocket climb up 
wall and at top you're in familiar area. now head back up and left into tunnel 
and fight ratnicians and SAVE! now this is the grind spot with spike combo 
ratnicians and now just to the right of them youll notice a 2x multiplier grab 
it and destroy grass and cactus in area and head back towards balancing puzzle 
and try and get pink mojos do this. now head back and SAVE. quit load combo 
ratnicians with crash get 2x mult and repeat until spike is maxed out (30/60) 
and earn opt mission (27/50) stick it to them. now back through desert make way 
back to where you fough spike battle and oneof those little bears will be there 
speak to it and fight through all 10 levels to earn opt mission (28/50) stand in
 the sand and a new skin for crash! now back up wall head back towards wumpa 
island...yup we gotta back track ALL......THE...WAY...back to ratcicle kingdom 
village where those 2 roller things are with A RHINOROLLER!!! ok the bridge is 
now fixed save. and make way back BUT this time take UPPER path with rhinoroller
now at first half pipe area use triangle to speed up and eventually grab doll 
(3/5). stay on upper path and continue right and follow all the way until 
ledges that you need to climb as crash and make way right until area where we 
fought scorporilla. continue right and back where we topple bricks with TK 
now head up jump gaps and continue right NOW BEFORE going up where balance 
puzzle was head DOWN now this method I made up myself the second time playing 
the first time I used a ratcicle and a rhinoroller for this BUT we only need 
the rhinoroller ( you could use the ratcicle to freeze these 2 platforms to 
appear and then rhinoroll) anywaze with JUST rhinoroller in this area climb 
up wall and youll see a 2x multiplier and a little platform just a bit higher 
and to the right of it jump there and now mount rhinoroller and as your on 
that little platform jump to the right and press R2 to pocket and boost jump 
to the right and land on platform now mount rhinoroller again and follow 
ramp all the way up and to the LEFT at fork and continue into this circular 
room triangle for speed and land on top on circle part now dismount and climb 
wall as crash and get golden wumpa fruit (7/14=25/32). now head back towards 
house keep rhino the entire time! do not lose him! and back into ratcicle 
kingdom head right and remember that part after we broke down that 
wall with the ratcicle and i had you spin jump and wall climb to get that first 
doll in this area?...go there but this time head left as if you going towards 
where doll was and enter into half pipe area continue left and break wall and 
even more left to another half pipe triangle for speed and grab crash doll on 
left side (7/13). continue on path with platforms and vines and eventually that 
rotating rock again all the way up head right and make SURE you jack the TK 
here! and dont lose him! follow path dismount from rhino if you have him so 
you can climb the little wall and make your way back towards the waterslide 
area.JUST before that in the little open area get yourself a rhinoroller follow
path and save! now you should have a TK and a rhinorolle heading towards 
ratcicle village. continue on to T bridge now if you want you can jump the gap 
with TK by holding X and floating across...or just step on the switches again. 
back in village save! head to the left and use rhino on both things to open 
gates enter for new area. head right and go through loop and speed boost up 
wall on right and enter little half pipe speed boost and when you can go LEFT 
continue left and grab doll (1/3) NOW with TK pull lever here and go left a 
little and ride platform up now carefully with TK jump on teetering platforms 
and continue your way left jumping on these and you'll receive a golden wumpa 
fruit on the other side (8/14=26/32). back on track speed up wall on right 
and continue right to area with lots of breakable walls and levels to choose 
from make you way to the path UNDERNEATH the springs continue right and break 
walls to lowest level and go left to get crash doll (8/13). back on track head
right now as crash climb ledge wall and now youre in an area where you must 
climb walls with crash make you way up and right now when you see a golden 
mojo to your right there will be a gab above you where if you jump from where
you are hanging towards the platform where the spring is eventually youll grab
on and you be on platform with spring head to the right of this and use spring
there and grab doll (2/3). now get head right and get yourself a rhinoroller 
youll notcie an area with a half pipe for its very stretched out and 2 ice 
platforms one on each side make your way onto left ice platform now hit 
triangle for boost and then jump quick to grab golden wumpa fruit in the air 
(9/14=27/32) or you can try with the R2 pocket boost (I believe it works). 
continue right into next area. Mission 12 complete (12/23)

Mission 13 MSthirteen

head right and save. continue up path and go right and as crash climb those 
2 giant crates and at top get final doll (3/3) and also opt mission (29/50). 
head left a bit and drop into hole dig your way underneath gate to other side 
now with rhino destroy machine electricity gone (might work with ratcicle). 
climb fence back and spin on spin thing on ground to open big door now quickly
climb fence and enter door. now! be quick and head left dont let spinning 
spike thing hit you. head left until you see a TK on a little ledge jack him 
and WAIT for thing to go all the way left now back right pull lever and climb
fence to next level repeat process go all the way left wait back right and 
pull lever climb fence on next level head right and enter door into next room.
head left in room and spin spin on both ground things and enter door on left 
of room. drop in for a scene and battle now theres these things on the tables 
that shoot at the glass unit in the middle of the room you MUST hit back the 
projectiles at the things to avoide hitting glass unit. ok here is the order! 
there are 8 tables and then the glass unit in middle when the battle starts 
the first projectile is from the RIGHT table then follow it counterclockwise 
hitting as you go so its Right Upright Up Upleft Left Downleft Down and 
Downright. Mission 13 complete (13/23)

Mission14  MSfourteen

exit room on the right and exit school entirely now go back through area until
you exit this area and appear back at ratcicle kingdom village where those 2 
roller things are and talk to little guy there. now head ALL the way back to 
your house and battle a new mutant=Snipe! jack of these guys! NOW lets go 
power him up. now head back towards ratcicle kingdom remember that little area
BEFORE we dropped down those waterslides go there and kill 3 brat girls...they
respawn quite fast continue to kill and get mult up to 20x and go go go until 
(35/60) and opt mission for fully upgrading snipe (30/50). now head back home 
and head left KEEP SNIPE with you!! dont lose him! through next area and to 
where we fought our first real ratcicle jack him and freeze water going up NOW
freeze water to the LEFT (do not go right and enter cave) continue left across
ice and make your way left jump up some little ledges to top of area now at 
top make way to left of area and jump up to top and follow up for a little bit
and then jump to the right follow path until you drop in an open arena type 
and battle enemies here beat them all and get the key that appears Mission 14 
complete (14/23).

Mission 15 MSfifteen

after you get key you will automatically be back at that big door in the 
desert before that climbable wall still have snipe right? DO NOT ENTER BIG 
DOOR YET! go up and climb wall back to area above with cactus drop down and 
cross bridge (as if going back towards wumpa but not that far) now after 
bridge head down and at bottom of path DO NOT GO RIGHT instead head LEFT and 
jump gap now with SNIPE hit all the targets and wait for a platform to come 
jump on it and ride to other side jump off and get crash doll (9/13). KEEP 
SNIPE STILL! now back across bridge save and go through area like normal and 
back into BIG desert enter cave on other side and follow path and climb down 
wall at bottom BEFORE going right into the next area where the village is head
LEFT and ride platform left and up and hit targets after you hit them all a 
doll will appear where you first jumped on the platform you'll see it doll 
(4/5). get rid of snipe now and back through village get a rhinoroller there 
and back to BIG door head left into door to another part of this area and save
head right and go up hill speed and jump gap now continue left and stay on 
UPPER path with kinda half pipe area and speed boost to the left and ride wall
until you get golden wumpa fruit (10/14=28/32). continue left in this area and
work you way back to UPPER path on other side and do a speed jump to the left 
onto another upper path and go up hill to the left and get final doll(5/5) and
opt mission hot stuff (31/50).drop off left from where doll was and enter pipe
with green vapors coming out of it. Mission 15 complete (15/23).

Mission 16 MSsixteen

now you are in the junkyard follow path up and fight a new enemy=doom monkey 
continue up and get very noticeable doll on top of the truck on the right 
(1/5) continue up avoid toxic and up some more into pipe for next area head 
left=new mutant Sludge stun him but DONT jack him. head left and touch giant 
tnt after they explode go on upper path and follow until doll (2/5) head back
right and then left on lower path fight sludge here stun him and kill respawn
stun 3 more to earn opt mission (32/50) follow your nose. continue to head 
left either way go left and climb up giant wheel to top and head left continue
left across to spinning gears and when your on the second of these 2 cling to 
giant wheel and like before climb it around to top and head left on upper path
continue left into an open area and go left and touch giant tnt after explode 
grab the crash doll nearby (10/13) head back right and jack the sludge thats 
here if you dont have one head back right a tad to next level down NOW hold 
R1 with sludge and slide underneath platform and continue all the way left use
R1 again to keep moving left to next area save. follow path and fight a bunch 
of sludges now talk two these guys that appear back and forth a few times and 
then Mission 16 complete (16/23).

Mission 17 MSseventeen

from where you are head right up a little oil hill and spin spin to open gate 
with thing on ground now jack the TK thats there and use him to pull lever 
abd allow those two pillars to go down now before you head into this room make
sure you Have a sludge and TK! now enter the room thats beyond the pillars we 
just lowered and watch scene now battle. first head to the right in the room 
and grab the doll (3/5). now with TK use power and aim the tnts that came off
of the conveyor belt at those things shooting at you once you destroy them all
afterthat you now need to use TK power on crunch and aim him at the spinning 
spike on the left isde of screen a few times once you beat him you can now 
jack him but NOT YET! DO NOT JACK CRUNCH YET!..first get rid of TK and NOW 
switch to sludge and continue to kill and get mojo from the everlasting doom 
monkeys and eventually get oo oo ah ah (33/50) kill 75 doom monkeys and also 
sludge will get to max level (40/60) and also opt mission (34/50). NOW jack 
crunch and continue to kill doom monkeys as you aim at the glass thats above 
where you fought crunch and you'll see N. brio running back and forth just 
keep aiming at him and hitting him and eventaully opt mission (35/50) save 
crunch and Mission 17 complete! (17/23).

Mission 18  MSeighteen

now head back to where those 2 guys where and save. next to them jack a sludge
and go through now open gate on left into toxic and go up a bit and now first 
platform on the right jump onto and up until you see a clotheslines that you 
can shimmy to the left as crash do it and get doll (4/5). continue to the left
to other side now jump forward unto another platform with a tv and another 
clothesline bar going to the right NOW BEHIND THE TV is a golden wumpa fruit 
VIDEO!!! now head back the way you came and save go back into pipe 
backtracking through "gear" area and make your way back up to where we got 
that crash doll on the upper part of this area in the open area now you'll 
see one of the guys that we spoke too after the sludge fight a little bit ago 
talk to him and complete the 10 level minigame by beating all the enemies and
earn opt mission (36/50) kick in the junkyard. VERY IMPORTANT NOW AFTER YOU 
LOSE HIM (YOU'LL SEE WHY SOON). now head back left and save back into the 
toxic area where we just got the last golden wumpa fruit and continue on and 
climb up this ledge thing to the top and head right into next area. head right
some more and save! now head up towards giant wheel and what looks like lava 
floor climb the wheel to top and get doll (5/5) and earn opt mission (37/50) 
don't recycle. now stand in front of wheel on ground and move left and the 
whole floor will be move continue until it starts and work you way left and 
step on switch in little alcove now repeat this process by turning floor to 
the right and stepping on switch now go back and save, now head left on path 
now when you see a tree hanging keep going left (now i'm pretty sure this is 
a point of no return the wind blows to hard and even with the speed shoes you
can't make the jump back...BUT we won't need to anyway!) continue left and 
before jumping up platforms here go left and you'll notice a giant spike plant
thing in the way now use your spike mutant with strong attack and destroy the
plant now continue left down little ramp and at bottom head right a bit and 
you'll get a gold wumpa fruit (12/14=30/32) and also at this point i got opt 
mission (38/50) and a hair cut. back on track jump up ledges and continue on 
linear path you'll notice a crash doll on a platform just jump to it carefully
the wind blows a little hard here but it isnt to hard to get crash doll 
(11/13).after doll continue on path and meet new enemy Znu. kill them and 
continue on path up the ledge and into the cave. Mission 18 complete (18/23)

Mission 19 MSnineteen

once inside head left and save. head up into room and battle new mutant..
Battlers when you can jack one of them and continue to beat them all after 
battle if you have the spike still get rid of him and ONLY have the battler 
mutant dont lose it continue up path ignore path to left with water for now 
and go right then eventually up to a climbable wall as crash at top of wall 
go forward and battle another new mutant=Grimly fight them and jack one of 
them dont lose either so now you have a Grimly and a Battler mutant now head 
back down to save that was just inside of this area before we fought battlers.
NOW head back outside and use grimly mutant when you get close to the znu 
enemies and press L1 to slow down time and in slow motion time you can 
repeatedly hit enemies and get your combo multiplier up FAST! and also with 
the doom monkeys in this area get it to 20x so go back inside mountain and 
save then back outside to reset mojo and enemies and repeat process kill znu 
and collect mojo and follow path back down to where doom monkeys are and 
destroy tombstones and blue glass on ground to max out battler (45/60) and 
grimly (50/60) and earn opt mission (39/50) night fright after all of this 
back inside mountain and save now go back to where we fought grimlys head left
and use L1 power to make your way across spinning bridge. continue on path and
L1 again to get passed rolling boulder head up path and then left into next 
area. head left and save fight battle continue on path and L1 to get passed 
chompers and continue right and jump down to next path go right and into next
area. just follow path until you get where falling platforms are just L1 and 
wait until you can jump on them and continue to other side of room NOW you can
go left or right..right we need TK (this comes later) so go left now into next
area. follow path and stay on bottom area and continue all the way right and 
you'll see your first doll od this area inbetween 2 rock structures (1/5). 
head back and jump up ledges now L1 and wait for platforms to be up and axes 
to be out of the way not to get hit continue with this until next room. head 
a bit right and save. now head left BEFORE you L1 across spinning bridge head 
UP and right a bit and get doll (2/5) thats behind the tombstone. path on 
track L1 to cross bridge head up and L1 again NOW as crash you'll see a 
climbable wall climb to top then shimmy to the right and get crash doll 
(12/13). back on track jump across platforms and L1 spinning platforms to get 
across into next area. save. head up be careful the pathway here is narrow and
you can fall right after narrow path the ground will open up with more space 
head right a little bit and then head down a slightly hidden pathway and 
follow until doll (3/5). head back to way we came after the narrow ledge part
and continue up a bit and to your left you'll notice what looks like stairs 
head left and follow until you get to edge now double jump to the right off 
the edge of this and get FINAL CRASH DOLL! (13/13) and earn opt mission 
(40/50). if youre have a hard time getting it try to R2 pocket boost with 
mutant that we've done at times in this game. after you get doll head right a 
bit and up to L1 spinning blades jump across them and continue on path until 
next area. NOW you'll notice the balance puzzle use L1 with grimly and make 
your way all the way to back of puzzle and grab the doll thats there (4/5) 
and earn opt mission (41/50) over easy. back on track follow path and save 
(at this point after killing some znus i got the 75 kill opt mission if not 
then theres a way coming up so i'll list it there). continue on path and L1 
across long spinning platforms at other side head left into next area. save. 
head up to battle basically stun and jack the Yuktopus=new mutant and this 
is where we are going to max him out (it might take a little while but its 
not to bad as long as you dont get hit and get your multiplier up!). so 
continue to fight Znus and grimlys and get mojo until you max out yuktopus 
(55/60) and I'd say for sure you'll also earn opt mission (42/50) kill 75 
Znus. so after yuktopus is maxed out and you got kill 75 znus NOW destroy 
the 4 generators with the yuktopus L1 attack if you stand at the one at the 
bottom kinda of at an angle towards the one in back you can get BOTH at once 
do it again on other side and Mission 19 complete (19/23).

Mission 20  MStwentys

go back and save now head up into next area and jack the yuktopus if you dont 
have one already head right and step on giant switch to open new area head 
right into this new area follow path up and eventually a bit left and up now 
on the right side shortly you'll see the last doll for this area simnply 
sping jump up there with crash and grab doll (5/5) and earn opt mission 
(43/50). follow path up then right and drop down to lower area and continue 
back up path and jump across some platforms and continue on path until next 
area. head left and fall off edge you will all the way back where we initially
fought the Grimly mutant BUT now its a new mutant=Stench and a new enemy=
Slap-e kill them and make sure you jack a Stench (so we can power him up). 
after battle head left to save and also it has 3 teleporters left=wumpa island
middle=wasteland right=ratcicle frozen area. now before you teleport to wumpa
island have the stench and a grimly if not grimly just head right back were 
we fought them and one will appear eventually. now teleport to wumpa island. 
jump left now head down and youll see 3 slap-e ONLY ONLY ONLY kill 2 of them 
with grimly technique then head right into next area as if going to your house
and immiediately head left and kill 2 slap-e's again repeat until you have 
20x (btw i tried this in the beginning of game with 3 ratnicians and it 
doesn't work you MUST go home to reset them...weird...oh well...) NOW that 
you have 20x head back to teleporter and now head to wasteland and destroy all
grass/cactus and get mojo on this upper area and then head left into cave and 
left a bit more to destroy barrels for mojo now head back to teleporter to mt 
grimly and teleport back to wasteland and repeat until...(60/60) and also 
earn opt mission (44/50) P stinking U. now remember where we fought coco 
waayyyy back in the game? head there and you'll see crunch there speak to him 
and do minigame and beat ALL 10 levels and earn opt mission (45/50) rumble in
the jungle and also a new skin and if you havent already gotten the kill 75 
slap-e opt mission just replay level 10 a few times until you do and earn opt
mission (46/50) kill 75 slap-e's. NOW after all that head back right from 
crunch going towards ratcicle kingdom and head right and shortly you'll see a 
TK jack him and DONT lose him..we're going back to mt grimly where I mentioned
we needed him. teleport to mt grimly and get yourself a grimly and head back 
into this level until you get JUST passed the falling platforms on other side
head RIGHT this time and you'll see a bunch of blocks that can be pushed out 
with TK power. its not to difficult basically pull out blocks and make your 
way all the way to the topmost block you'll know when your there when you see 
the gold mojo. now once you've landed on this topmost platform as crash spin 
double jump and hand on ledge then jump yourself up and head into secret area.
follow path down a hair and left until you see golden wumpa fruit (13/14=31/32
). now head back to the teleporters and go to wumpa island you can either back
track what we just did or go back through mt grimly (heading back the way we 
came is a bit harder you need to time jumps and use R2 pokcet boost and head 
back and when you get to spinning platforms you can actually L1 to slow down 
time and continually jump and "ride" the pipe that the platforms are connected
to. either or head back to wumpa island with teleporter. head back towards 
house and head left into windmill area and continue until you get a ratcicle 
(the first official one we found in game). jack him and head back to 
teleporter to mt grimly. head right and now down going back towards where we 
fought those battler mutants earlier but BEFORE that head left and jump down 
in area with water now simply surf your way in the water and get FINAL golden 
wumpa fruit in the game (14/14=32/32). and earn opt mission (47/50) CRASH KING
. NOW its time to get bones. teleport to wumpa island now head up going 
through area like before and just after seesaw area you'll notice platforms 
that werent there before jump across these until next area. follow path and 
enter house head left and jump up ledges and L1 with grimly to get passed 
boulder head up and then left into next area. fight battle and get bone number
1. automatically teleport to mt grimly. now go to wasteland head up and 
follow path into BIG desert and eventually to rhino village (where those 2 
bears were) now head RIGHT from them and take UPPER path into next area. STAY 
on upper path and do not fall follow path and enter door at end into next area
. in this room simply step on switch in room then head up into next area. now 
fight battle and get bone 2. auto teleport to mt grimly now teleport to frozen
coast. NOW before we go and get the final bone we're going to take a detour 
and complete the minigame in this area. after you arrive from teleporter head 
to the RIGHT and cross little bridge into next area now head up and watch out 
for tnt and the part where the snow platforms gradually drop into water keep 
going to other side and when you get to area where the TK is that you need to 
use purple blocks to advance STOP and you'll see the little guy from ratcicle 
village talk to him and complete 10 levels of this minigame and earn opt 
mission (48/50) snow blows and a new skin. now use TK and make way back to 
ratcicle village and save. now we need to get back to teleporter in this area 
so either A. head back from village going towards wumpa island and teleport 
at wumpa island or B. continue into ratcicle kingdom until you get back to 
teleporter either way when you do head up from teleporter and climb up ledges.
now head left into next area fight enemies and step on switches back into the 
area where you need to climb the walls and watch out for wind by heading left.
use rolling rock thats there and keep heading left when you land on that solid
ground save. stun and jack a grimly here now head left into now open area. 
L1 with grimly to get across falling platforms keep going and follow path into
next area. headf right a bit and jump up ledges to battle after battle get 
final bone 3. Mission 20 complete (20/23).

Mission 21 MStwentyone

auto teleport to mt grimly save. now make your way ALL the way back to where 
uka uka is when you talk to him Mission 21 complete (21/23).

Mission 22 MStwentytwo

NOW before you use the teleporter thats below uka uka talk to him again and 
now you can do minigame with 10 levels complete all 10 levels and earn opt 
mission (49/50) and a new skin. NOW teleport using the one below uka uka and 
it teleports you to where crunch is on wumpa island (where you fough coco) 
head back towards house but before house head up and jump into the doominator 
once inside jump down left to lower level. Mission 22 complete (22/23).

Mission 23 MStwentythree

head left and jump on wheel on left side and climb/jump up wheel to top and 
then jump off to the right onto rotating gear and head into nearby teleporter 
to SPACEHEAD. save. in front of you is a door step on the switch thats to the 
right of the door and itll open head inside. once inside head up or down in 
circular room and eventually you'll notice 3 doors blue purple and red as of 
now only the purple door is open step on switch now head up in room and on 
right wall you'll see PURPLE lights on wall which you can actually jump on and
make your way up them and eventually left to other side follow path on this 
side to a door into next area. head down and youll see giant rolling logs? 
soon you'll see a ramp head up this ramp and kill enemies as you can and wait
for next log and jump on it and carefully stay on it not to fall and when you 
can jump left on glass-like platform follow path up and then left a bit and
wait for next log and stay on it for a while until eventually on the left 
you'll see a switch step on it to open blue door. now drop down and head into 
alcoves and carefully make your way back up in this room and then jump on left
wall to climb back up onto glass-like platform follow all the way back to now 
open blue door. step on switch in bluee door now head down a bit and same 
thing as purple jump up blue light and follow into next area SAVE!!!! here. 
head up into next room and then down in this room and kill all the enemies and
the ground will lower itself after enemies are gone head to top most ring of 
the circle and youll see platforms that you can jump up on walk behind glass 
panel andf then jump left now ledge you way around room and eventaully you'll 
see platforms suspended in the air make your way across and step on switch to 
open red door. go back to previous room and save again. head into red door now
and step on switch head up until red before...enter 
teleporter to CONTROL ROOM. walk up to cortez and battle. you need grimly so 
L1 with him and repeatedly punch cortez until health bar drains. now after 
scene continue to hit cortez until you stun him NOW jack him and basically 
just kill the swarm of enemies that come until the floor in the middle of the 
room opens up. now stand in this new opening and hold L1 (as cortez) and spin 
spin spin spin spin all the way up and up and up some more to top! once you do
you'll notice a skull button pop out of ground. now do a timely jump off of 
platform and land on skull button= YOU BEAT GAME!!! Mission 23 complete 

Post Game   Postg

after you beat the game and watch the ending itll show a percentage completion
of game on screen and it should be 98% at this point. now press X and you'll 
be back in crash's house and you should get SUPERSTAR YOU'VE COMPLETED THE 
ENTIRE GAME and also earn opt mission (50/50) neo is getting angry. back 
outside save your game. to save again to see save file screen and it should 
be 100% now! congratulations! now back home you can switch into any skin you'd
like view all movies and concept arts and enemy data and also the game 
completion screen should be all complete :) 

NOW this is optinoal BUT if you want you can get 6 of the 12 mutants in the 
game that are known as Heros and have different color. some of these we've 
encountered in the game actually I believe 4 of the 6 we did during gameplay 
with this walkthrough. anyway if you want to got and get these mutants you can
jack them and level them up to level 5 just like any other mutant but it stays
at 60/60 that we've completed already here they are:

1.Ratcicle- remember where you FIRST got TK mutant in that room just after 
the room where you had to climb the walls in the ice cave with the wind 
blowing?...go back to this room and you'll notice a white ratcicle that you 
can use. if you lose him you can find another one in the ratcicle village next
to the ratcicle ice statue.

2.Magmadon- this one we encountered on our bone quest for uka uka. this mutant
is the one in the frozen area with the wind blowing and we headed left after 
we hit solid ground and continued on the path.

3.Spike- this one is on wumpa island at the point where you get the ratcicle 
and you have to freeze the water ahead and then freeze more water left then 
follow up ledges until we landed in arena type area and when we beat them we 
got the key that opened/teleported us to the wasteland door.

4.Snipe- this one is in the wasteland on a bone quest to the right of the 
rhino village with those 2 bears were we went up the Upper path and continued 
on until we fought it.

5.Sludge-this is one is in the junkyard in the area with the little oil hill 
that to the right lead to where we fought crunch/n brio or left that continued
on and eventually got us to mt grimly which is also the same place that we 
initially fought all those sludges go back here and fight it.

6.Grimly- this one is on wumpa island bone quest. just passed the seesaw area 
jump across platforms into next area where we enterted the house and made our
way through until the battle room.

3. closing and thanks  CaT

Thanks everyone for reading this guide I hope that it was helpful. email me if
you have any questions with this game and I can try and help you out.

1. I mentioned earlier in guide, but first and foremost to the Lord for all 
this is possible because of Him.

2. I want to thank AURONSUPER95 for his youtube videos on this game and it 
helped me find the final golden wumpa fruit (when i played the game through 
for the first time) in the junkyard behind the TV and also his method of 
getting the doll in the rhino village just to the right of the 2 bears where 
as crash you can latch on and climb up and around the structure and get doll 
at top (prior to this knowledge I did the R2 pocket boost to get it)

3. I wasnt sure how many of the Hero mutants there were in this game. as I 
play through the first time I found 6 and after some research and finding this
site here it was confirmed 
that there is only 6. thank you! for being a great site for gamers to find help.