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Follow the dark path or use the light
Cel Damage Overdrive Pack Shot

Cel Damage Overdrive


Level Cover Guide

by Hawk Monster

------------Cel Damage Over drive FAQ Guide------------

Email adress: [email protected]


Characters [char]
Weapons    [weap]
Activities [acti]
Stages     [stag]
Legal stuff[lega]
Updates    [upda]

--------------Characters [char]----------------

---Original characters---

B.T bruno
Dominque Trix
Fowl Mouth

---Unlockable Characters---

-----------------Weapon List [weap]-----------------------

Axe: Chops the veichle in half.
Baseball Bat:
Boxing Gloves:
Broadside Cannons: These cannons shoot at the sides of your car.
Chain Gun: Much like a machine gun, it has auto fire.
Cluster Bombs: Bombs that can be laid anywhere.
Dynamtite Crossbow:
Javelin: Two javelins to throw.
Feeze Ray:
TNT Sheep:
Buzz Saw:
Nuclear Mine:
Personal Weapon: The character's own gun.
Portable Hole:
Rocket Bosster:
Seeking Missile:
Shrink Ray:
Tommy Gun: Another gun.
Lightining: A shock attack with chips of the opponent's HP.

Each of these weapons are unlcoked in settings once they have been used in a
regular battle.

--------Activities [acti]---------------

There are three types of activities to do.
I will list them and explain the rules.
Look in stages for help to succeed in any
of these activities.

----------Smack Attack--------

How to play: You must destroy the other characters as many times
as possible, it's also quicker to use weapons.
You can set it to how many smacks you have to get to win.

----------Flag Rally-----------

How to play: You must get a flag and bring it to a special circle.
You can set the amount of flags you need to get in to win.

----------Gate Relay-----------

This is simple racing to the finish.
You can also change the amount of laps.

-----------------Stages [stag]---------------

All stages are set into four groups of three.
In these groups the stage after can only be unlocked
by doing the previous stage. Some of these activities
began with different stages to start off with.

 ----------Group one-------

----Wild woody west---

-Smack attack-

There are two main weapons here.
The axe and the chain gun.
I would reccommend if there is a crowd of them go in and use an axe on them all.
If they are all spread about brive around and use a chain gun.

----Death Valley----

-Smack Attack-

The best weapon to use is lighting. When used, you chip of their health, and you
gain smacks whilst their health is going down. You can also use chain guns or

----Mesa Madness----

-Smack Attack-

Here there are cluster bombs these are use less.
Axes are ok in this level, but most other players are harming you with
chain guns or lightning, so I would suggest use lightning again.

---------Group Two-------------

-----Swamp Stomp------

-Smack Attack-

The best weapon to use is the boxing gloves they are extremely helpful.
Lightning is ok. Axes are useless here though. If you find any javelins
they come in really handy.

-Gate Relay-

Hace some sort of gun in case someone over takes.
Speed along, make sure to avoid the swinging logs.
The two most likely characters to over take you are T.Wrecks and
Violet. Beware of them.

----Temple of Boom----

-Smack Attack-

This level is very tricky. The sword is the best weapon here. However
you can use the lighting or chain gun. Even doing that it may take quite
a few tries. All then good weapons are on the other side of the island,
where the woods are, plus it's easier to kill othe rplayers there.

-Gate Rally-

Make sure to keep off the grass because it slows you down.
Never use the boxing gloves they only push your oppenent ahead.
Avoid any attacks near goals it puts you way behing.
To pick up speed move near to the temple when there are no goals
to get through.

----Shmoe vs. Volcano----

-Smack Attack-

This is a beutiful stage. Use a sword or lightning.
Be careful of the lava though it's nasty.
It's a good idea to stay put, because the enemies look for you here.

-Gate Relay-

Take the shortcut under the small hill.
When jumping over the lava make sure to pick up some speed and press l1 and r1
together to jump forward, it's very hard to get over. It's a good idea to tap
X consistently.

---------Updates [upda]------------

1/6/06 Done some levels inend to add more later.

--------------Legal Stuff [lega]-----------------

I don't mind this being hosted on other sites aslong as they email me
for permission. The only site I do not want this hosted on is