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Follow the dark path or use the light
Capcom Fighting Evolution Pack Shot

Capcom Fighting Evolution



by Xenomic

Kenji FAQ

                                 | Copyright 2006 Steven Marr  |
                                 | By Steven Marr (aka Xenomic)|
                                 | [email protected]       |
                                 | [email protected]       |
                                 | [email protected] |
                                 | AIM: Xenomic                |
                                 |                             |

                                       Legal Script

All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged where are not specifically 
mentioned. If you wish to reproduce this document AS IS, you may do so after 
asking my permission, and not for profit. If I see fit, I, however, will 
revoke permission and ask for it to be taken down if necessary.

                Table Of Contents

1. The Basis of this Guide
2. Keys
3. Breakdown of Attacks
4. Kenji's Moveset
5. Breakdown of Kenji's Moves
6. Kenji's Style
7. Kenji's Matchups and Strategies
8. Credits
1. The Basis of this Guide

This guide is to help those get acquainted w ith Kenji. This FAQ will also 
attempt to breakdown Kenji in terms of offense and defense. 

2. Keys

Use this Legend to help you understand the different definitions that I will 
be using throughout this FAQ.


qcf=quarter-circle forward
qcb=quarter-circle back
hcf=half-circle forward
hcb=half-circle back
360=360 degree rotation of directional pad
720=720 degree rotation of directional pad
fdp=Forward Dragon Punch (forward, down, down-forward)
bdp=Back Dragon Punch (back, down, down-back)

LP=Light Punch
MP=Medium Punch
HP=Heavy Punch
LK=Light Kick
MK=Medium Kick\
HK=Heavy Kick
PPP=Three punches together
KKK=Three kicks together

Ch.=Charge move
(air)=Move can be done in air.
(AIR)=Must be performed in air

3. Breakdown of Attacks

Here is a breakdown of what category each attack that each fighter in
this game uses. Consult this chart if you're unsure as to what attack falls
into what category. Moves that meet certain special requirements will be
listed by their name.


Moves that can be fired in a fireball-type style, and can hit from across
the screen.

The following attacks fall into this category:

 -Hadoken (Ryu)
 -Shakunetsu Hadoken (Ryu)
 -Shinku Hadoken (Ryu)
 -Hadoken (Sakura)
 -Shinku Hadoken (Sakura)
 -Gou Hadoken (Shin Akuma)
 -Messatsu Gou Hado (Shin Akuma)
 -Chaos Flare (Demetri)
 -Demon Billion (Demetri)
 -Sonic Boom (Guile)
 -Ichimonji (Kenji)
 -Bakuryusho (Kenji)
 -Soul Spark (Rose)
 -Aura Soul Spark (Rose)
 -Dio-Cega (Jedah)
 -Sunshot (Ingrid)
 -Sunburst (Ingrid)
 -Metallic Sphere (Urien)
 -Temporal Thunder (Urien)
 -Aegis Reflector (Urien)
 -Arctic Stream (Tornado Mist) (Hydron)
 -Kikouken (Chun-Li)
 -Kikou-Shou (Chun-Li)
 -Zanku Hadoken (Shin Akuma) [Also classified as Air]
 -Tenma Gou Zanku (Shin Akuma) [Also classified as Air]
 -Soul Smasher (Pyron)


Moves that are used to counter air attacks and jumping opponents. Typically
bad when blocked or when they miss.

The following attacks fall into this category:

 -Shoryuken (Ryu)
 -Shin Shoryuken (Ryu)
 -Gou Shoryukne (Shin Akuma)
 -Messatsu Gou Shoryu (Shin Akuma)
 -Somersault Kick (Guile)
 -Aerial Russian Slam (Zangief)
 -Demon Cradle (Demetri)
 -Somersault Strike (Guile)
 -Air Knee Grapple (Alex)
 -Sunrize (Ingrid)
 -Sunarch (Ingrid)
 -Sunshine (Ingrid)
 -Delta Kick (Felicia)
 -Hydro Spin (Hydron)
 -Venom Funnel (Hydron)
 -Tempest Fall (Hauzer)
 -Hoyoku-Sen (Chun-Li)


Moves that are done while in the air. Great against Rush attacks and some Other
attacks, but bad when against Anti-Air attacks.

The following attacks fall into this category:

 -Flower Kick (Sakura)
 -Royal Judgment (Anakaris)
 -Bat Spin (Demetri)
 -Head Stomp (Alex)
 -Devil Reverse (M. Bison)
 -Head Stomp (M. Bison)
 -Zessho Hohou (Yun)
  -Nishou Kyaku (Yun)
 -Sun Dive (Ingrid)
 -Violence Knee Drop (Urien)
 -Dangerous Headbutt (Urien)
 -Bushin Hasso Ken (Guy)
 -Sakura Otoshi (Sakura)
 -Hazan Shu (Chun-Li)
 -Zanku Hadoken (Shin Akuma) [Also classified as Projectile]
 -Tenma Gou Zanku (Shin Akuma) [Also classified as Projectile]
 -Orbital Blaze (Pyron)


Moves that force the character to dash and attack at the same exact time. These
are vulnerable to a lot of attacks, those being Projectiles, Anti-Air, and Air, 
but can be useful against Other attacks. These also help the character get 
across the screen faster.

The following attacks fall into this category:

 -Ransetsu Jin (Kenji)
 -Flash Chop (Alex)
 -Dashing Elbow (Alex)
 -Boomerang Raid (Alex)
 -Stun Gun Headbutt (Alex)
 -Jumonji (Kenji)
 -Achilles Rush (Leo)
 -Chronos Rush (Leo)
 -Hercules Rush (Leo)
 -Flying Powerbomb (Zangief)
 -Chariot Tackle (Urien)
 -Tyrant Slaughter (Urien)
 -Rolling Buckler (Felicia)
 -Dancing Flash (Felicia)
 -Hayakage (Guy)
 -Bushin Gorai Kyaku (Guy)
 -Hydro Spin (Hydron)
 -Psycho Crusher (M. Bison)
 -Mega Psycho Crusher (M. Bison)
 -Deluge Assualt (Hauzer)
 -Deluge Crisis (Hauzer)
 -Sakizakura Ken (Sakura)
 -Midare Zakura (Sakura)
 -Zodiac Fire (Pyron)


These are moves that don't really fall into any one category, and can be 
classified by their own self. How these moves work against others 
depends on the situation at hand. 

The following attacks fall into this category:

 -Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Ryu)
 -Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (Shin Akuma)
 -Shunpu Kyaku (Sakura)
 -Bushin  Senpu Kyaku (Guy)
 -Pharoah Magic (Anakaris)
 -Hole of Hell (Anakaris)
 -Midnight Pressure (Demetri)
 -Midnight Bliss (Demetri)
 -Total Wipeout (Guile)
 -Knee Press (M. Bison)
 -Knee Press Nightmare (M. Bison)
 -Rasen Kyaku (Kenji)
 -Flying Powerbomb (Zangief)
 -Enmazuki (Kenji)
 -Soul Reflect (Rose)
 -Soul Throw (Rose)
 -Aura Soul Throw (Rose)
 -Soul Spiral (Rose)
 -Nero Fatica (Jedah)
 -Spreggio (Jedah)
 -Ira Spinta (Jedah)
 -Prova-Del-Cervo (Jedah)
 -Powerbomb (Alex)
 -Double Lariat (Zangief)
 -Punishing Flat (Zangief)
 -Tetsuzankou (Yun)
 -Kobokushi (Yun)
 -Sourai-Rengeki (Yun)
 -You-Hou (Yun)
 -Guren Ken (Karin)
 -Hosho (Karin)
 -Mujin Kyaku (Karin)
 -Rasen Cho (Karin)
 -Ressen Ha (Karin)
 -Yasha Gaeshi (Karin)
 -Kanzuki-Ryu Shinbi Kaibyaku (Karin)
 -Kanzuki-Ryu Ko'ou Ken (Karin)
 -Sunupper (Ingrid)
 -Sunlower (Ingrid)
 -Sun Delta (Ingrid)
 -Cat Spike (Felicia)
 -Mars Slash (Leo)
 -Hozanto (Guy)
 -Tadpole Spawn (Hydron)
 -Lightning Mast (Hydron)
 -Strangling Spark (Hydron)
 -Haru Ichiban (Sakura)
 -Spinning Bird Kick (Chun-Li)
 -Hyakuretsu Kyaku (Chun-Li)
 -Negative Stolen (Demetri)
 -Gigas Driver (Leo)
 -Gaia Driver (Leo)
 -Spinning Pile Driver (Zangief)
 -Hyper Bomb (Alex)
 -Final Atomic Buster (Zangief)
 -Atomic Suplex (Zangief)
 -Finale-Rosso (Jedah)
 -Zenpu Tenshin (Yun)
 -Arakuma Inashi (Karin)
 -Sand Splash (Felicia)
 -Please Help Me! (Felicia)
 -Hellcat (Felicia)
 -Bushin Flip (Guy)
 -Volcano Breath (Hauzer)
 -Gust Flame (Hauzer)
 -Planet Burning (Pyron)
 -Piled Hell (Pyron)
 -Cosmo Disruption (Pyron)


These moves can move the character across the screen, and at
anywhere on the screen, depending on which version and button
the player used to initiate the move.

The following attacks fall into this category:

Teleport moves
 -Ashura Senku (Shin Akuma)
 -Teleport (M. Bison)
 -Psycho Vanish (M. Bison)
 -Kagerou (Kenji)
 -Utsusemi (Kenji)
 -Galaxy Trip (Pyron)

-Miscellaneous (Misc.)-

These are attacks that hold one or more properties.

The following attacks fall into this category:

 -Zanku Hadoken (Shin Akuma) [Also classified as Air and
 -Tenma Gou Zanku (Shin Akuma) [Also classified as Air and
4. Kenji's Moveset

Sword Slice..........................................F + MP

Step Kick.............................................DF + MK

Rising Fist (while Jumping)..............U + LP

Ichimonji..............................................QCF + P

Rasetsu Jin..........................................HCB + P

Rasen Kyaku.......................................QCB + K

Kagerou................................................QCF + K
Ryuuteishi (LP during Kagerou)
Botan Otoshi (MP during Kagerou)
Raku Kuruma Ate (HP during Kagerou)

Utsusemi...............................................FDP + K

Jumonji..................................................QCFx2 + P

Bakuryusho..........................................QCFx2 + K

Enmazuki...............................................QCBx2 + P

5. Breakdown of Kenji's Moves

-Normal Moves-

-Standing Moves-

LP (Quick Backslash)

-A pretty fast move, and good to combo into Ichimonji or
Jumonji. Not too realible though....

MP (Quick Slash)

-Not as fast as LP, but still has good speed, and is good to
combo into Rasetsu Jin or Enmazuki if you can pull them off
in time.

HP (Sickle)

-Has good reach, but is very bad if used up close, as only the end
part of the attack hits, and not the chain. Even worse if your opponent
decides to use a Super Special. Avoid this move.

LK (Quick Kick)

-As the name implies, a very quick kick. Good to combo into Rasen
Kyaku or Rasetsu Jin, and good to chain into Kagerou or Utsusemi if
you want to confuse your opponent.

MK (High Kick)

-Lags in startup and recovery time, but is a decent Anti-Air move. It can
also be used to combo into a Rasen Kyaku or a Enmazuki if you can pull
them off in time.

HK (Big Gun)

-No better name for this than what I have. This move has insane priority
over most of the other moves of most fighters, and is great for knocking
opponents out of moves. Startup and recovery times are a tiny bit slow,
but that doesn't seem to affect the overall ability of this move.

-Crouching Moves-

LP (Quick Jab)

-This is normally the standard move for Standing LP for most fighters.
It works the same way as with all of the other Quick Jabs. Very fast.
Good for combo starters. Low damage.

MP (Upper Slash)

-Great for Anti-Air purposes! It has a bit of slow startup and recovery time,
but against attacks like Flower Kick and Hyakkisu, it doesn't matter too much.
Good damage too.

HP (Sickle)

-Same description as with the Standing HP.

LK (Quick Kick)

-Same description as with the Standing LK.

MK (Extended Kick)

-Has better reach than the LK, but has somewhat of a slow startup and
recovery time. Not bad to combo into a Rasen Kyaku though.

HK (Big Gun)

-Same description as with the Standing HK.

-Jumping Moves-

LP (Falling Blade)

-Lasts the whole time that Kenji is in the air. Good for knocking opponents
out of moves and keeping your position, but bad due to not being able to
do anyting else while this move is in effect.

MP (Aerial Slash)

-This has amazing speed and decent range, but to hit grounded opponents,
like with all other Jumping moves, you'll have to time it right. Good to combo
right into a Rasetsu Jin if you see an opening.

HP (Air Sickle)

-Same description as with the Standing and Crouching HPs.

LK (Falling Kick)

-Same description as with the Jumping LP.

LK Straight Up (Heel Kick)

-Same description as with the Jumping LP, except that you have to jump straight
up to do this move.

MK (Aerial High Kick)

-Good to stop air attacks, but not so convienient for ground attacks. Nice to
try and combo into a Rasen Kyaku or Enmazuki when you land though.

HK (Big Gun Diagonal)

-Same description as with the Standing and Crouching HKs, except that this
version hits diagonally at the opponent.

HK + F (Big Gun)

-Same description as with the Standing and Crouching HKs.

HK + D (Big Gun Downwards)

-Same description as with the Standing and Crouching HKs, except that this
version hits straight down. Great for times when you jump over your opponent
and your opponent isn't paying attention.


LP + LK + <- or -> (Punch Toss)

-Good for zoning purposes.

<- or -> + LP + LK (Ground Throw)

-Same as with the other Throw.

-Special Normal Moves-

-Sword Slice-

-This move is pretty strong, and is great to combo into Rasen Kyaku,
Rasetsu Jin, or Enmazuki. It also moves Kenji a bit closer to the opponent as 

-Step Kick-

-Good for stopping Rush attacks (some of them anyways....) and it moves Kenji
closer to the opponent a bit. Try chaining a Rasen Kyaku or Utsusemi off of this

-Rising Fist-

-There isn't too much purpose to this move, as in an actual fight, you won't be 
focusing on trying to hurt opponents who are directly overhead you. Not that 
great, if you ask me.

-Special Moves-



Rush attacks
Other attacks
Anti-Air attacks


Projectile attacks (cancels out with them)
Teleport moves


Air attacks

-Not bad, but it has such a slow speed that anyone can avoid it easily.
It's good for tricking the opponent into going into a Rasen Kyaku or
Rasetsu Jin, but other than that, it doesn't have that much of a purpose.

-Rasetsu Jin-


Rush attacks
Other attacks


Teleport moves


Projectile attacks
Air attacks
Anti-Air attacks

-The slow startup of this move makes it less worthwhile to use, even though
the damage it does is huge. It's also not safe on block, which is not something
you want to happen with Kenji. If you can manage to combo into this move,
it'd make it by far one of the best moves you can use with Kenji. Otherwise,
don't use it that much.

-Rasen Kyaku-


Rush attacks
Other attacks


Teleport moves


Projectile attacks
Anti-Air attacks
Air attacks

-Not a bad move, as if you use it at the right time, it can bypass Projectiles 
and hit the opponent. It's also good for chaining into a Enmazuki, Jumonji, or 
Bakuryusho. A great move overall, as it doesn't have any recovery or startup 



Depends on type used....


Teleport moves


Depends on type used...

-This move is iffy. It can be good sometimes, but at other times, it's not the 
best thing to use. It's great to get out of corners, and excellent for mind 
games, but can be easily countered by many attacks. This move will require 
practice to fully master.



Projectile attacks
Air attacks
Rush attacks


Teleport moves


Anti-Air attacks

-A pretty clever way of avoiding attacks and getting out of corners quickly. 
However, it can still leave Kenji wide-open if you don't watch where you land. 
Use with caution.

-Super Special Moves-





Teleport moves



-A pretty damn good move; one that not many can escape. It's also good 
for Kenji to rush in and do some quick combos to add to the damage and 
get some free hits with Jumonji.



Rush attacks
Air attacks
Anti-Air attacks
Other attacks


Teleport moves


Projectile attacks

-This move is kinda hard to pull off, and isn't worth using up 2 Super 
Meters for. If you use the wrong version, then you've wasted 2 Super 
Meters AND leave Kenji open for a little bit, which is something you 
want to avoid. It's best to ignore this move and go with one of the other 
Super Specials, unless you see your opponent is wide-open or is in the air.



Rush attacks
Other attacks


Teleport moves


Projectile attacks
Air attacks
Anti-Air attacks

-The strongest attack that Kenji has. Pulling this off at the end of a 
combo will result in a ton of damage to the opponent. However, the 
startup and recovery times are a bit lagging, and that's something 
you'll have to watch out for, especially against opponents
who can simply teleport out of the way.
6. Kenji's Style

Kenji follows the Red Earth system, which is described below.

Data from psychochronic's faq.

Link to faq:

*Air-Block: While jumping, hold B:
This feature helps you block your opponent projectiles
and jumping attacks while you're in the air. This does not
apply to ground attacks which can't be defended in the
air. If you air-block a jumping normal, you'll land right
before your opponent does, allowing you to strike first
as they land and recover.

*Dashing: Pressing Fx2 or Bx2:
A great tactic to add speed and mobility. Pressing forward
twice commands to dash forward and pressing backward
twice commands to dash backward.

*Follow-Up Attack: U + MK/HK when opponent is
Taken from the DS franchise and that's the ability to hit
the opponent while they are down. A cheap shot if you
wanna call it. This ability will make the character leap in
the air and come down on the grounded opponent for
some extra damage. The things you must be focused on
when using the Follow-Up attack is that some character
groups can avoid it (SFA characters' can use Ukemi and
SFIII characters' can Quick Stand). Time this right also
because DS'/Red Earth/Ingrid can use Roll Wakeup.

*Roll Wakeup: Hold F or B while grounded:
Also known as "Front and Back Move Rising". This
ability is a great way to avoid from the stress of an
upcoming crossup or a big attack coming to you. The
character will slide along the ground for a short time.
This is kinda like Tactical Recovery but adding a Roll
 to it which will force the opponent to change up the
plans for the round. An excellent tactic and it is good
and recommended to use for defensive players.

*Super Meter "Gems": 2 Gems max, able to max up to 6
In the beginning of the match, you start off as a Level 1.
Every time you meters range goes up, you'll recieve one
gem having two gems maximum. Gems are used for two
purposes; One is to press MP + MK to level up the
character, which increases damage properties (formula
explained below), gain nearly 10% of vitality back and
gets closer to a stronger Mystic Break as some supers
are to be done only on Level 2 or 3. You can only max
up 5 times (Level 6) so use that point in case levelling
up to survive is your gameplan. The other purpose is
to use Level 1 Mystic Breaks only, which is a viable
and passable option. When you level up, the character
does a taunt which lasts 20 frames and is invincible for
the first 19 of them, making it useful to go through
attacks and supers.

-Red Earth Formula for the damage increase the character
does for each consecutive level up:
Notice how it increases then decreases? Use your gems
wisely and options are always available.
--Level 2: 5.5%
--Level 3: 5.25%
--Level 4: 5%
--Level 5: 4.75%
--Level 6: 4.50%

*Super Jump: Press D then UB, U or UF:
This action enables the character to jump slighty higher
and further than a normal jump. It can be used for far
crossup attempt and increasing the chances of avoiding

*Ultimate Guard: Press HP + HK:
Pressing this motion commands the characters to go into
a defensive stance. During this process, it will block any
incoming high or low attack whether it's a normal, special,
projecile or super and will receive no guard damage. This
ability is very useful to avoid a super and great to execute
when you have slivers of vitality remaining. Unfortunately,
it has large recovery time and is completely open to throws
which can't be effected while still on the stance.

*Ultimate Counter: While blocking an attacking using
Ultimate Guard, reverse QCB + P/K:
An instant reversal attack that can only be executed after
the Ultimate Guard ability. It's generally slow on startup
and they can be used to punish blocked attacks with some
big recovery. Each characters' Ultimate Counter has a
different startup period but they all become vulnerable
on the second frame of the animation before it connects.
Just to note, Hydron and Hauzer don't have a K Ultimate

Kenji is all about speed and combos. He's so fast, in fact, that
he can deal a crap load of damage within seconds, even with his
low damage potential. He also has some pretty insane combos
and neat tricks that he can use to confuse and pester his opponents.
Nonetheless, he's by far one of the tougher opponents to beat, unless
you can figure out his pattern of attack and beat through it. Kenji
is also the only character in the game who can double jump, which
can be used in many different tactics.

7. Kenji's Matchups and Strategies

Vs. Alex

Alex's strength is not something that you want Kenji to come 
into contact with. Keep Kenji away from Alex at all times to avoid 
any Hyper Bombs or Power Bombs, and watch for Air Stampedes, 
Air Knee Grapples, and Flash Chops. Use Ichimonji to keep Alex at 
bay, and if he jumps over it, counter with Rasen Kyaku or Kagerou. 
Utsusemi works well here too if Alex gets too close. Watch for 
Stungun Headbutt as always, and be wary of Boomerang Raid, as
both of them can put Kenji down pretty fast. Rasetu Jin is a great 
way to counter Flash Chop if you manage to do it before Flash Chop 
ends or hits Kenji.

Vs. Anakaris

Anakaris can't really keep up too well with Kenji, even with 
his moves and speed. Cobra Blow, Mummy Drop, and Coffin Drop 
are all avoided thanks to Kagerou, and Royal Judgment can't even 
touch Kenji unless you mess up somehow. Hole of Hell will be your 
biggest problem, as you can easily run into the move without realizing 
it, and that can be your undoing. As long as you're careful about 
Hole of Hell, there's not much else that can stand in Kenji's way in
this fight.

Vs. Chun-Li

Speed vs. Speed. Unforutnently for Chun-Li, her speed isn't 
nearly as high as Kenji's. Kenji can stop Spinning Bird Kick and 
Hyakuretsu Kyaku with Ichimonji, Jumonji, Enmazuki, or Rasetsu 
Jin, and combo immediately afterwards with a Rasen Kyaku or a 
Bakuryusho if needed. Kikouken and Kikousho are wortheless against
Kenji, as Utsusemi and Kagerou can bypass them easily. Not too 
much else that can happen in this fight.

Vs. Demitri

Demitri also has a little problem keeping up with Kenji, but with 
Demon Cradle and Chaos Flare, he can easily bait him. Bat Spin 
is worthless unless he manages to pull it off at the exact right 
time, and even then its effect diminishes. Kenji can bypass
Chaos Flare with Kagerou and Utsusemi, but may end up in a 
Midnight Bliss or Midnight Pressure. Just as long as you watch 
which version of Kagerou you're using, you should be fine. 
Jumonji is great, but with Demitri's Teleport Dash, it can quickly be
a waste of a Super Meter.

Vs. Felicia

Felicia can't win this fight. Even with her speed and attacks, Kenji 
far overpowers her in terms of faster speed and stronger attacks. 
Even her Please Help Me and Hellcat aren't enough to take Kenji 
down. Rasetsu Jin, Jumonji, rush in and combo, rinse, and repeat.

Vs. Guile

This can be tough for Kenji due to Guile's defense. Ichimonji is 
easily blocked by Sonic Boom, and Kagerou/Utsusemi can be 
punished by Somersault Kick/Strike and/or Total Wipeout. Your 
best bet is to build up meter, then throw out a Jumonji and rush in 
with combos. Avoid Rasetsu Jin, as it takes too long to use. Basic
moves work pretty well here too.

Vs. Guy

Guy can match Kenji pretty well. This fight can even turn pretty epic
if you let it. However, Kenji should be able to beat Guy at his own game.
Use Ichimonji to bait Guy into jumping over to Kenji, then use Utsusemi
to counter his jumping. If Guy rushes at Kenji, use Kagerou or Rasen Kyaku
to counter his move. If he goes into one of his Super Specials, counter with
Jumonji or Enmazuki.

Vs. Hauzer

Kenji should have this fight hands-down. Hauzer isn't nearly as fast as Kenji,
and he takes up a big portion of the screen, making him an easy target to hit.
Don't bother with Ichimonji unless you want to play it safe, and instead go in
with combos and Rasen Kyaku. Watch for Gust Flame, Volcano Breath, and
Deluge Crisis!

Vs. Hydron

This fight is a bit difficult, but not by very much. Arctic Stream can be 
avoided by Utsusemi or Kagerou, but can lead to being hit by Nochiller's 
Attack, Lightning Mast, or Strangle Spark, so be wary. Tadpole Spawn is 
nothing to Bakuryusho and Jumonji, so don't worry about that move. 
Against Nochiller's Attack, Ichimonji works well, and if you block it, counter 
it with Enmazuki or Rasetsu Jin to punish Hydron.

Vs. Ingrid

Ingrid can't keep up with Kenji except for with Sun Upper, Sun Lower, Sun 
Delta, and Sunarch. If you can avoid those moves, then you have it made, 
as Sunshot, Sunburst, and Sunshine can't stand against Kagerou and 
Utsusemi. Jumonji makes this fight even easier, as you can simply rushdown 
Ingrid while Jumonji is still in effect and combo into Enmazuku.

Vs. Jedah

This will be a tough fight, and an interesting one to say the least. Both 
Kenji and Jedah have amazing speed, combos, and attack variations, so 
this can be a close match. Deo-Segah means nothing to Kagerou and 
Utsusemi, while Ira Spinta is easily countered by Crouching MP. Spreggio 
is just asking for pain from Rasetsu Jin. Nero Fatika may be the only 
thing to worry about, as it's one of the best ways to counter Kenji's 
moves. You may end up having to resort to normal attacks in
this fight, but don't worry! Keep your chin up and keep an eye on 
Jedah, and counter accordingly, and you should come out on top.

Vs. Leo

Leo's poking abilities can annoy Kenji players. To avert this problem, 
use Ichimonji or Jumonji, then rush in and combo in some attacks, then 
back out to avoid any counterattacks from Leo. If Leo decides to 
rushdown Kenji, use Rasen Kyaku and Rasetsu Jin to counter
him. You don't want Leo to get in close and use Gaia or Gigas Driver, as that'll
be more than enough to put a huge dent in Kenji's life. Achilles and Chronos
Rush can be dealt with Rasen Kyaku or Kagerou, and Mars Slash should be
blocked, then countered.

Vs. Karin

This fight isn't as hard as you may think. Karin's Yasha Gaeshi counters are
the only thing standing between Kenji's winning, so watch for those two,
and you should have no problem. Guren Ken can pressure Kenji, but you
can easily counter with Utsusemi or Kagerou, and all of Karin's other moves
can be dealt with Rasetsu Jin and Jumonji. Not a tough fight at all.

Vs. M. Bison

Bison's gonna be tough due to Psycho Crusher and Bison Warp, but don't
worry too much. Against Psycho Crusher, try to counter with Ichimonji
or Jumonji, and when you see Bison Warp, simply walk up to him and use
a combo to punish him. Rasetsu Jin isn't recommended in this fight, as
Bison can outmatch it with his speedy attacks. Kagerou helps to counter
Knee Press and Knee Press Nightmare, while Utsusemi helps against
Head Press and Devil Reverse. Enmazuki should only be used if you
see Bison wide open or stunned.

Vs. Pyron

This fight isn't that tough actually. When you see Pyron on the ground,
use Kagerou to bypass Soul Smasher and Zodiac Fire, or his combos, to
hit him, and use Utsusemi when he's in the air. If he uses Orbital Blaze,
counter with Crouching MP. Normal moves work very well as usual.

Vs. Rose

Rose cannot win this fight simply due to Kenji's speed. Constantly pressure
Rose with Kagerous and Bakuryushos, while at the same time using combos
and normal attacks. Avoid Jumonji and Ichimonji, as Rose can reflect them
with Soul Reflect. Soul Throw and Aura Soul Throw may present somewhat
of a problem, but not that much.

Vs. Ryu

This fight can be a bit rough due to Ryu's constant Hadokens and Shoryukens.
However, Kenji can easily trounce Ryu by constant Kagerous and Utsusemis, along
with Ichimonjis and Rasetsu Jins. The Ichimonji is just the bait to get Ryu to 
jump at Kenji. At that time, try to counter with Utsusemi or Rasetsu Jin or 
Bakuryusho. Against Hadoken, use Kagerou to pass through the attack and 
hit Ryu with any of the variations. The rest of the fight is simple: Kagerou 
against Hadoken, strike Ryu, then back off and repeat.

Vs. Sakura

You can pretty much use the same strategy here that you used against Ryu, though
Sakura is nowhere as bad as Ryu. You can Rasetsu Jin her pretty easily thanks to
Shunpu Kyaku and Sakizakura Ken. The Hadoken strategy works just as well
here, so use it to your advantage. Don't bother with Utsusemi that much, as
you don't have to worry about it. Enmazuki Sakura the first chance you get!

Vs. Shin Akuma

Shin Akuma's a tough one, but a little doable with Kenji. Kagerou and Utsusemi 
are your best bet to survive this fight, though Utsusemi can land you in trouble
if Shin Akuma decides to use Misogi. Ichimonji is useless here, as well as 
Rasetsu Jin. Jumonji can help to stall Shin Akuma, but only if you rush in and 
do some combos to add in some damage, as long as you back away after Jumonji 
ends. Bakuryusho can help, but isn't recommended, and Enmazuki won't help you 
in this fight. 

Vs. Urien

Urien's strength and speed are a deadly combination for Kenji to face against,
but Kagerou will help him get through that. If you find that Urien is pressuring
you too much, you can always use Utsusemi or Enmazuki to get him away from
Kenji. Above all else, watch for Tyrant Slaughter and Temporal Thunder, and
focus on pressuring Urien while at the same time watching out for his strong

Vs. Yun

This fight will play out similarly to Karin, but easier as Yun don't have 
counter moves. So, you can pretty much follow the same strategy as with Karin 
to beat Yun. Nothing too hard about this fight at all!

Vs. Zangief

This fight is easier than the fight with Alex, as long as you don't get close to
Zangief at all, as all of Zangief's moves will hurt Kenji a lot. Throw 
Ichimonjis and Jumonjis at him constantly, and if he does manage to get 
close, throw out a Rasetsu Jin and hope he doesn't block it. A pretty easy 
fight as long as you play keep-away.

8. Credits

Thanks to psychochronic, for letting me do these faqs.

Thanks to assassin17, for giving me formatting ideas.

Thanks to Gamefaqs, for hosting this faq.