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Follow the dark path or use the light
Capcom Fighting Evolution Pack Shot

Capcom Fighting Evolution



by Xenomic


                                 | Copyright 2006 Steven Marr  |
                                 | By Steven Marr (aka Xenomic)|
                                 | [email protected]       |
                                 | [email protected]       |
                                 | [email protected] |
                                 | AIM: Xenomic                |
                                 |                             |

                                       Legal Script

All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged where are not specifically 
mentioned. If you wish to reproduce this document AS IS, you may do so after 
asking my permission, and not for profit. If I see fit, I, however, will 
revoke permission and ask for it to be taken down if necessary.

                Table Of Contents

1. The Basis of this Guide
2. Keys
3. Ryu's Profile
4. Ryu's Moveset
5. Breakdown of Ryu's Moves
6. Ryu's Strengths and Weakness
7. Ryu's Game
8. Credits

1. The Basis of this Guide

This guide is to help those get acquainted w ith 'Old Faithful' Ryu. 
This FAQ will also attempt to breakdown Ryu in terms of offense and 
defense. Plus, there's not many FAQs for this game. So, without adieu, let us 

2. Keys

Use this Legend to help you understand the different definitions that I will 
be using throughout this FAQ.


qcf=quarter-circle forward
qcb=quarter-circle back
hcf=half-circle forward
hcb=half-circle back
360=360 degree rotation of directional pad
720=720 degree rotation of directional pad
fdp=Forward Dragon Punch (forward, down, down-forward)
bdp=Back Dragon Punch (back, down, down-back)

LP=Light Punch
MP=Medium Punch
HP=Heavy Punch
LK=Light Kick
MK=Medium Kick\
HK=Heavy Kick
PPP=Three punches together
KKK=Three kicks together

Ch.=Charge move
(air)=Move can be done in air.
(AIR)=Must be performed in air

3. Ryu's Profile

Birthday-July 26, 1964
Fighting Style-Ansatsuken (Shotokan) karate
Age-42 (as of 2006)
Weight-68 kg
BWH Sizes
Blood Type-O
Special Skill-Can sleep anywhere, hitch hiking
First Appearence-Street Fighter 
Additional Appearences-Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter II, Street
Fighter II Turbo, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter II Dash,
Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Street 
Fighter III, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Capcom Vs. 
SNK, Capcom Vs. SNK 2, SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom. Namco X 
Capcom, Marvel Superheroes Vs. Street Fighter, X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, 
Super Gem Fighter, Street Fighter EX, Street Fighter EX2, Street Fighter EX3, 
Street Fighter: The Movie, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, 
Street Fighter Alpha 3, Hyper Street Fighter Alpha, Hyper Street Fighter II

The following is taken from Tiamat's guide. Here is the link to his guide for 
Street Fighter, for everything you'd want to know about it.

STREET FIGHTER 1 - Ryu is a prospective warrior who was raised and trained
by his master, Gouken.  When he hears about the first Street Fighter 1
tournament, he eagerly enters to prove himself.  With his skill and
prowess, Ryu quickly advances to the finals, where he fought the host of
the tournament, Sagat.  Sagat, however, was more than a match for Ryu, and
proceeded to kick the crap out of him.  It seemed like Sagat won.  Ryu was
down on the ground.  Sagat, seeing this, held out his hand to help Ryu up,
because the victory was obviously Sagat's and the battle was over.  But Ryu
wanted to win at all costs.  He was desperate to win.  For a very brief
moment, he became CONSUMED by his desire to win.  A strange mysterious
force overtook him (Satsu no Hadou) and he immediately teared through Sagat
with Metsu shoryuken.  The powerful dragon punch came out of no where and
caught Sagat completely off guard, tearing through and leaving a scar on
his chest, as well as an emotional scar which wouldn't heal for a long
time.  Ryu didn't know what happened to him, but he did know that he won.
He was the Street Fighter champion.  Ryu returned to where he was taught by
Gouken, hoping his master would know what happened to him when he defeated
Sagat.  Gouken, was gone, killed by Akuma.  Hearing this, Ryu sensed
Akuma's chi, and left to search him out.

STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 2: Ryu has found Akuma at Akuma's island of Gokuento
and challenges him as a fighter.  But Akuma was only testing him.  Seeing
Ryu battle, he tells Ryu that Ryu wields the same power as he does!  The
Killing Intent, Satsu no Hadou, which is what happened to Ryu when Ryu
defeated Sagat.  He tells Ryu that once it awakens fully within Ryu, all
previous battles will seem like child's play, and to find him after it does
awaken, then he and Ryu may have a real battle.  With that, he
punches the ground, and the island of Gokuentou sinks into the sea, with
Ryu getting out just in time.  Ryu is left only with Akuma's words, and is 
confused by what they mean. Eventually, his rival and good friend, Ken, tracks
him down. Ken wonders what he has been doing, but Ryu attempts to angrily brush
him off. They fight, and Ken wins.  Ken then tells Ryu that something seems to 
be clouding Ryu's mind, and tells Ryu that Ryu needs to be focused.  He gives
Ryu his red headband as a reminder, should Ryu lose again.  Realizing this,
Ryu thanks Ken.  He needs to get back on track and keep focused, despite
what Akuma said to him.  Ryu has learned a lot, but there is still more he
needs to learn about being a true warrior, fighting, Satsu no Hadou, and
Ryu is encountered by a girl named Sakura, who claims to be his number one
fan.  She eagerly challenges him to a match, and they fight.  Realizing
that there is more to fighting than just winning, he goes easy on her, and
thus Sakura wins the match.  Sakura asks Ryu to train her, but he tells her
that he can't, because he's still training, himself.  He leaves her with a
photo of himself walking off into the distance .

STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3:  Ryu is still following the path to become a true
martial artist. What is the meaning of the "killing intent" building within
him? He continues his journey to find the answers, and new challenges.
Wavering between giving into the Satsu no Hadou or not, Ryu continued his
journey.  One day, he met a lady named Rose, who warned him about a man
named M. Bison who was trying to hunt Ryu down.  She tells Ryu that Ryu
must fight with his soul, and not his physical power, or else he will lose
to that man.  Bison finally did find Ryu.  He told Ryu that even if Ryu 
destroyed his body, his soul was eternal, and that his next body would be Ryu!  
Ryu is caught off guard and Bison begins to take control of him!  He can feel
the evil power, and wonders if it is the killing intent Akuma told him about 
long ago, then finally, his mind gives in, believing that Bison is the answer.
Eventually, however, Ken and Sakura, who were looking for him, as well as
Sagat who happened to be going there, too, arrived.  Seeing what was going
on, Ken and Sakura got into a battle with Bison.  Sagat, who was disgusted
by what Bison did to Ryu (by then, Sagat had realized there was more to
fighting than winning and that brainwashing Ryu was one of the lowest
things Bison could do), fought and defeated Psycho Ryu.  Thanks to the
combined efforts of his friend and rival, Ken, admirer Sakura, and rival
Sagat, he was contained and he eventually overcame his brainwashing to
smack Bison, and Bison was forced to retreat, shocked that Ryu has managed
to overcome Psycho Power, because he thought Ryu would give in to Satsu no
Hadou, which Psycho Power is sister to.  Ryu has realized that giving in to
the want to just win is not the way, and gives up the Satsu no Hadou,
eagerly looking forward to his future matches just to test his skills and
for the excitement of the fight.

SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2 TURBO: Hearing about a second Street Fighter 
tournament, Ryu enters and participates to continue to test and hone his 
skills. No one knows if he won or not, Capcom has never officially stated 
who won.

STREET FIGHTER 3 SECOND IMPACT:  Ryu entered the SF3 tournament to once
again continue to test and train himself.  He got defeated by Oro.

STREET FIGHTER 3 THIRD STRIKE:  After Ryu loses to Oro, he travels to
America. Of course, being Ryu, he uses his loss to motivate him to become
even stronger, after seeing what Oro is capable of, but for the time being,
he had more pressing matters. He seeks out Ken so that they have another
match. He travels across the country (starting in Oakland) and finally
meets Ken in NY.  Ken is probably in NY to enter the US Martial Arts
Championship, which he wins.
Ryu wins his match with Ken, but also has a fight with Alex while he was in NY. 
Ryu also wins this and encourages Alex to keep on fighting. With the weight of 
vengeance off of Alex’s back, he is now excited about fighting and searches the 
world for Ryu and other challengers.
Makoto fights to bring back prestige, pride, and honor to her father's
dojo.  She tracks down the famous Ryu and challenges him.  Ryu requests
that she show him her best.

4. Ryu's Moveset

Normal Moves

Hadoken...........................................QCF + P

Shakunetsu Hadoken.....................HCF + P

Shoryuken........................................FDP + P

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku..................QCB + K
(Can also be done in air)

Super Moves

Shinku Hadoken...............................QCF x2 + P

Shin Shoryuken................................QCF x2 + K
-Must be next to opponent for full effect of attack.

5. Breakdown of Ryu's Moves

Basic Moves

LP (Quick Jab)

-Great for speed, but horrible for damage. However, this can help in
raking up damage if you combo other attacks into this move.

MP (Standing Punch)

-Decent in both speed and damage. However, kinda hard to combo into...

HP (Fierce Punch)

-Somewhat slow, but does good damage. Hard to combo off of though.

LK (Quick Kick)

-As with the LP, fast and good combo starter, but not good damage at all.

MK (High Kick)

-As with the MP.

HK (Roundhouse Kick)

-Great for hitting airbourne opponents. However, it is rather slow, so be


-Speed depends on the P button you used. Try mixing up slow and fast
Hadokens to confuse your opponent. 


Shoryuken (Ryu)
Gou Shoryuken (Shin Akuma)
Demon Cradle (Demetri)
Somersault Kick (Guile)
Sunrize (Ingrid)
Sun Upper (Ingrid)
Sun Lower (Ingrid)
Cobra Blow (Anarkis)
Hole of Hell (Anarkis)
Midnight Bliss (Demetri)
Shungokusatsu (Shin Akuma)
Messatstu Gou Shoryu (Shin Akuma)
Midnight Pressure (Demetri)
Total Wipeout (Guile)
Somersault Strike (Guile)
Shin Shoryuken (Ryu)
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Ryu)
Tatsumaki Zanku Kyaku (Shin Akuma)
Ransetsu Jin (Kenji)
Rasen Kyaku (Kenji)
Soul Throw (Rose)
Aura Soul Throw (Rose)
Nero Fatica (Jedah)
Spreggio (Jedah)
Finale-Rosso (Jedah)
Psycho Crusher (M. Bison)
Double Knee Press (M. Bison)
Knee Press Nightmare (M. Bison)
Flash Chop (Alex)
Powerbomb (Alex)
Dashing Elbow (Alex)
Hyper Bomb (Alex)
Boomerang Raid (Alex)
Spinning Pile Driver (Zangief)
Atomic Suplex (Zangief)
Flying Powerbomb (Zangief)
Final Atomic Buster (Zangief)
Kobokushi (Yun)
Nisho Kyaku (Yun)
Zenpu Tenshin (Yun)
Sorai-Rengeki (When far away/Yun)
Guren Ken (Karin)
Hosho (Karin)
Mujin Kyaku (Karin)
Rasen Cho (Karin)
Yasha Gaeshi (Karin)
Arakuma Inashi (Karin)
Kanzuki-Ryu Shinbi Kaibyaku (Karin)
Kanzuki-Ryu KO'ou Ken (Karin)
Chariot Tackle (Urien)
Tyrant Slaughter (Urien)
Rolling Buckler (Felicia)
Hellcat (Felicia)
Dancing Flash (Felicia)
Chronos Rush (Leo)
Achilles Rush (Leo)
Mars Slash (Leo)
Gaia Driver (Leo)
Hercules Rush (Leo)
Gigas Driver (Leo)
Hoxanto (Guy)
Bushin Senpu Kyaku (Guy)
Hayakage (Guy)
Bushin Hasso Ken (Guy)
Bushin Gorai Kyaku (Guy)
The Chiller's Attack (Hydron)
Hydro Spin (Hydron)
Strangling Spark (Hydron)
Deluge Assault (Hauzer)
Tempest Fall (Hauzer)
Sakizakura Ken (Sakura)
Shunpu Kyaku (Sakura)
Midare Zakura (Sakura)
Haru Ichiban (Sakura)
Spinning Bird Kick (Chun-Li)
Hyakuretsu Kyaku (Chun-Li)


Sunburst (Ingrid)
Coffin Drop (Anarkis)
Mummy Drop (Anarkis)
Chaos Flare (Demetri)
Negative Stolen (Demetri)
Sonic Boom (Guile)
Hadoken (Ryu)
Hadoken (Sakura)
Ichimonji (Kenji)
Bakuryusho (Kenji)
Enmazuki (Kenji)
Soul Spark (Rose)
Soul Spiral (Rose)
Dio-Cega (Jedah)
Psycho Vanish (M. Bison)
Teleport (M. Bison)
Air Knee Grapple (Alex)
Stun Gun Headbutt (Alex)
Double Lariat (Zangief)
Punishing Flat (Zangief)
Aerial Russian Slam (Zangief)
You-Hou (Yun)
Sunshot (Ingrid)
Sunarch (Ingrid)
Sunshine (Ingrid)
Sun Delta (Ingrid)
Metallic Sphere (Urien)
Dangerous Headbutt (Urien)
Cat Spike (Felicia)
Sand Splash (Felicia)
Delta Kick (Felicia)
Bushin Flip (Guy)
Tornado Mist (Hydron)
Tadpole Spawn (Hydron)
Venom Funnel (Hydron)
Lightning Mast (Hydron)
Volcano Breath (Hauzer)
Deluge Crisis (Hauzer)
Kikouken (Chun-Li)


Pharoah's Magic (Anarkis)
Bat Spin (Demetri)
Messatsu Gou Hado (Shin Akuma)
Demon Billion (Demetri)
Shinku Hadoken (Ryu)
Kagerou (Kenji)
Utsusemi (Kenji)
Jumonji (Kenji)
Soul Reflect (Rose)
Aura Soul Spark (Rose)
Ira Spinta (Jedah)
Prova-Dei-Cervo (Jedah)
Head Press (M. Bison)
Devil Reverse (M. Bison)
Mega Psycho Crusher (M. Bison)
Head Stomp (Alex)
Tetzuzankou (Yun)
Zessho Hohou (Yun)
Ressen Ha (Karin)
Sun Dive (Ingrid)
Violence Knee Drop (Urien)
Temporal Thunder (Urien)
Aegis Reflector (Urien)
Please Help Me! (Felicia)
Gust Flame (Hauzer)
Flower Kick (Sakura)
Shinku Hadoken (Sakura)
Hazen Shu (Chun-Li)
Hoyoku-Sen (Chun-Li)
Kikou-Sho (Chun-Li)

As with Shin Akuma and most fireball users, this move is
great to stall your opponent with and play keep-away games.

Shakunetsu Hadoken

-Does a bit more damage than Hadoken, and is a
bit slower with start-up time, but you can throw this out
with Hadoken. Plus, it can push opponents back away
if they get too close to Shin Akuma.


Same as Hadoken.


Same as Hadoken


Same as Hadoken


-How far up Ryu goes depends on the P button pressed. Be
wary when using this move as well. If blocked, your opponent
will be free to punish you heavily. Try using it as a Wakeup


Missed Anti-Air attacks (Shoryuken, Somersault
Kick, etc.)
Dash attacks just as they close in on Shin Akuma
(Flash Chop, Achilles Rush, etc.)
Air attacks (Flower Kick, Violence Knee Drop, etc.)




All projectiles
Any attacks if misses

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

-Great for Rush attacks (Flash Chop, Achilles Rush, etc.), and
is great to punish missed or blocked Anti-Air attacks. Bad, however,
if the opponent ducks under it or is far away when used.


Blocked or missed Anti-Air attacks
Rush attacks


Most Super Arts (Aegis Reflector, etc.)


Projectiles (Hadoken, Gou Hadoken, etc.)
Anti-Air (Shoryuken, Demon Cradle, etc.)

Shinku Hadoken

-Hits a max of 5 times. Excellent in that it rips through all other 
projectiles (except Super Art projectiles...) and it repels virtually 
any attack.


All Rush attacks
All projectiles (except Super Art projectiles)
All Anti-Air attacks





Shin Shoryuken

-Downside is that you have to be right next to your opponent for the
full effect of this move to connect. It may be best to use this as a combo
finisher or as a Wakeup counter.






All projectiles
Most Rush attacks
Some Anti-Air attacks

6. Ryu's Strengths and Weakness

Note that Ryu uses the Street Fighter II system. Here's an explanation of how
this system works (taken from psychocronic's FAQ. Here's a link to his faq.

1 Super Meter, Rapid-Fire Chain, Rapid-Fire Chain Lockout
and Tactical Recovery; your basic old-school right here!

*Rapid-Fire Chain: LP or LK rapidly:
Rapid-Fire chains allow any SFII character to cancel certain
LP and LK attacks into one another. You can keep going
with these attacksuntil your opponent is out of range or to
be ready to do a special move. This is an easy way to lock
in some damage or even have the potential to stun. This
type of attack is a great option, even for a charge character,
even if you don't have a special move charged and ready to
go. Rapid fire attacks can also be chained in any combination
starting from punches or kicks and mixing 'kicks-to-punches'
or 'punches-to-kicks'.

*Rapid-Fire Chain Lockout: After doing 2+ Rapid-Fire Chain
hits, the Lockout occurs:
In CFE, the SFII characters are not allowed to use Rapid-Fire
attacks and cancel them to a Special Move or Super Combo.
This could be done in ST though. The good thing here is
that there is a way to get around this "lockout" effect.
This only goes on to multiple hits of the Rapid-Fire attack.
Switching between standing and crouching and/or LP and
LK hits removes the limitation.

*Super Meter: One Gauge:
Goes basic old-school and back to ST; One simple meter.
You can only fill the meter once using attacks and Special
Moves and thus, can't be filled more after it's reached it's
max limitation. The downside to this meter is that you if
you miss your Super Combo, you're back to zero and you
have to build it all the way up again. The upside to it is
several things. One is that it can take out a lot of damage,
about 40% minimum to be exact. Two is that it can be
easily built. So what if you miss your Super in Round 1,
it can be brought over to Round 2 where you can build
it again. Third and Final is that each character has two
Super Combos at their move list instead of one just like
in ST. This gives the player extra options to dish out
and also devise multiple game plans to do it.

*Tactical Recovery: While grounded, hold Px2:
Also seen in CvS2 under the following 3 Grooves (C, P,
S). Tactical Recovery gives the player the option to get
up regularly or to delay the wakeup of the character after
being knocked down. Great to confuse opponents if they'll
attempt a mixup or a crossup and to dish out a great wakeup
reversal after recovery but not good to Follow-Up attacks.
Use this ability wisely.


-One of the most balanced characters in the game.
-He still has his air version of Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!
-His damage ratio is pretty good.


-Due to his inability to block in the air, he can get
punished a lot.
-No Metsu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku.....

7. Ryu's Game


This is Ryu's best asset. He can constantly put pressure on his
opponents with Hadokens, Shakunetsu Hadokens, and his
infamous Tatsumaki Senpukyaku. Try to chain in combos on your
opponents and finish off with Shin Shoryuken, or fire off Hadokens
and Shakunetsu Hadokens (switching between the two and their speeds),
and if you see your opponent wide open, fire off a Shinku Hadoken to
make them pay for their mistake.

You may want to try to tack on as many LP and LK attacks as possible.


Compared to other fighters, Ryu is mediocre in this department. His game
here is to counter with Tatsumaki Senpukyaku and Shoryuken when the
opponent isn't aware. For Wakeup counters, Shin Shoryuken is the best.
However, don't abuse it too much, or your opponent may start to back off.
Shoryuken is also an excellent Wakeup counter.

8. Credits

Thanks to GameFAQs, for having such an awesome site.

Thanks to Capcom, for making this game in the first place, and in hopes
that they continue to make more games like this.