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Follow the dark path or use the light

Weapons Guide for Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30

by naruto1X

  Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30

This walkthrough will explain the advantages and disadvantages of all of the weapons in the game. It is just a condensed explanation, so no history or historical facts will be quoted. 

THE***************************************************** RIFLE'S*************************************************

The American M1 Garand:
The M1 Garand is, basically, your mainstay gun. In every mission you are always equipped with one. It has an ammo pool of 88 and a clip of 7 shots. It is a good long range weapon, and an exellent mid range weapon, heck, you can also use it as an close range weapon if the enemy assaults!!!! In the lower difficulties (easy to medium) it kills in one shot in the torso and head. In the higher difficulties (high and Authentic) it kills in two shots depending on where you place it. This weapon can be used to suppress fire or go on the assault, although it is more wise to assault or suppress with a machinegun, but it is still THE all around weapon in the game. It's advantages over the K98 are faster reloads, faster shooting, ability to see your surroundings even with the sight up (an essential ability in the Authentic mode), an easy to use sight, and better all around capability. It will be your weapon of choice as American
squad leader Matt Baker. 

The K98:
This is the German counterpart to the M1 Garand. It is the most accurate weapon you encounter on a steady basis, meaning sniper rifles are only used if equipped to you, or if your very lucky and find one sitting around. It has an ammo pool of 65 and a clip size of 5, meaning you must make every shot count in order to survive:(. Don't worry, because since most enemy units carry these anyway, you can easily find them as a backup if you need it and you will have a nearly inexhaustible supply of ammo (YAY!!!). It is an great long rane weapon, an exellent mid range weapon, but a poor short range or assault weapon. The damage output is much the same as the M1 Garand, but since the sight zooms in a little bit more, it is easier to get critical shots in. It's bolt action system is not great for speed, but simply increases accuracy to a greater extent than the M1, but hiders your ability to assess your surroundings with the sight up. It is a poor assault and suppresive weapon, but exels in picking up critical shots, so if your M1 Garand runs dry, just pick up one of these. It's advantages are a little more range, a little more power, and a easy to use sight. It lacks the most of the abilities that the M1 has, but can be deadly if used properly.

The***************************************************** Assault************************************************* Rifles**************************************************

The BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle):
This is one of the most effective weapons in the game, having a high damage output, high clip size, and high ammo pool count. It has just about the same damage output as the M1, but has a much higher fire rate, meaning if used correctly, you can mow down yoour enemies, so to speak. It is a mediocre long range weapon (the sight does not zoom as much), Great mid range weapon, and exellent short range/assault weapon. It's high clip count and damage output make it an even greater choice than an machine gun. It has many advantages, such as being a versatile weapon, unlike the STG, the German version. It is the goto weapon for assaults, and make sure you use it to it's full extent when you do get the chance to use it.

The STG 44 (Sturmgewehr 44):
Has the same basic features as the BAR, but with a less effective sight. This makes it a poor long range weapon, good mid range weapon, and a exellent short range weapon due to the bullet sprays tight pattern. It has the same advantages, but because of its being specified as a Assault rifle, it makes it very poor in long range accuracy, but very good at assault, even better than the BAR, but lacks the ability to lend you long range accuracy in fire or shooting from cover. 

The Thompson Sub-machinegun:
It is the weapon that is paired up with the M1 most of the time. it has a good sight and has alright clip and ammo pool size. It has poor long range accuracy and ok mid range accuracy, but great short range accuracy. It has the advantages of blocking out your surroundings at close range, and that's what hiders it's long range accuracy. Not too much advantages over the MP40, but seems to be more succesful at making Germans duck for cover. It is one of the weapons you will constantly use.

The MP40 (Machine Pistol 40) 
This weapon is the second most dangerous weapon you encounter, because of it's large clip and ammo size, that dwarves that of the Thompsons. Damage output for this is the same as that of the Tommy, around 4 shots, but that is better than wasting 4 out of 7 bullets from your M1, or 4 out of 5 from your K98. It is a great backup weapon.