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Follow the dark path or use the light

The Final Mission for BIA: Road to Hill 30

by naruto1X


By naruto1X

	On the last part of BIA:Road to Hill 30, you are responsible for finding your American tanks. There are several ways to do this and I know because I've tried. The most succesful way will be shown in the below articles.

1ST PART OF THE MISSION________________________________________________	
	Once you wake up, listen to Mac's instructions.When you're done, run to the right and through the opening in the hole.Head towards the brown planter and duck. During this you may be grazed by bullets and even hit on the left side, that's because there are enemies there. IMPORTANT!!! 
Do not go to that area yet!! You need tanks to effectively clear out that area.
There should be a Kraut shooting at you from the right. He shouldbe standing next to a dead cow. Take him out and stay move to the front edge of the planter. There should be another Kraut running down the hill. Shoot him. Run to where he was standing and run up the left side of the hill behind the bushes. When you see the walkway into the Blown up house, go into it. crouch behind the truck and look through the opening in the wall, you should see a Kraut standing next to a rock. Snipe him and move to the edge of the opening to the left but crouch again and look very closesly to the right of the rock where you just shot the Kraut. you should see another just standing there. If you didn't shoot the other one carefully enough, he will see you and shoot at you. This only works to your advantage If you are behind cover. when you get a bead on him, take him out. when you do, go to situation awareness and look for a panzer. MOVE BACK into the building. when it turns its rear end to you during its patrol route,run up to the back and press "X" when prompted to throw a grenade it the hatch, destroying the Panzer with effect. This step is vital because in the 2nd part, that tank will come to get you and your dual squad of tanks. 

2ND PART OF THE MISSION________________________________________________
	Now that those enemies are out of the way,head to the edge of the hedge where the left sandbag rims are. look carefully with you Garand and scan the area in front of you, especially the brown shield of dirt. Instead of running around and trying to escape, pick them off very carefully and make sure not to get hit too often. look to the left a little bit more and you should see anotheron the hill. run to the rightmost dirt shield next to the barbed wire. sneak to the leftmost edge and snipe the two Krauts in the distance. Run all the way to the bridge on the other side. If you did this correctly, there should only be one more Fallschirmjager Kraut left, and if you keep running, he will never be able to hit you, 98% of the time. When the tanks get into position, you will get a checkpoint, this is where all of the pwnage (READ: for all you people like me about 1 week ago, pwnage means player ownage.) begins. 

3RD PART OF THE MISSION________________________________________________
	Now the fun begins. Send both of your tanks to the right clearing in the field. For a quick overview, this part of the map is split into a right and left clearing (READ: justified as if you were facing away from the bridge) and a middle hill. send both tanks down the Right (read the note 1 sentence earlier) clearing and they should start firing on the remaining Kraut (poor guy ^^). He should be quickly taken down, but if he, for some reason does not go down from takn fire, help the tanks out by sneaking up on him and use any method possible (remember, its you and 2 tanks against 1 German Elite soldier who probably soiled his pants at this sight.). Go back the way you came, but do not go back in front of the machine gunners nest. He will gun you down. Instead ignore him and move down the right clearing (the one with the boxes and truck on it. at the end will be a german Panzer or Stug (I am not really sure). Instead of just waiting for your tanks to destroy it, sneak around the house and drop a grenade into the back (Important: if you are going to do this, make sure it is focused on your tanks and wait for the prompt to hit "X" when you sneak up right behind it.). After that, go back the way you came and there are 2 more Krauts near the dead cow and brown planter area. Instead of taking the initiative and shooting them with your own gun, gun the mdown with the tanks. once that is done, direct them through the clearing on the right where all the Kraut infantry is shooting at your team (NOTE: That's the place where you see those Germans running to their postitions during "No Better Place To Die".). When that's done, you have to meet with Mac to finish the mission. 

Q: "what happened to those tanks that we saw during No Better Place to Die?"
A: You killed them during the mission. those tanks patrolling the area were sent by the Fallshirmjager Krauts to decimate your tanks. Luckily, if you destroyed the tank patrolling around the Machine gun area, you will only have to fight one. That left the other tank that you fight when your tanks reach the end of the clearing near the MG42 nest to destroy.