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Follow the dark path or use the light

Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd


FAQ/Move List

by N3M0_kuchiyose

Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd
Moveset FAQ

Date started: Monday, July 20, 2009
Date finished: Saturday, July 25, 2009
Revisions: Version 1.2* (100%) 9/9/09
*Allowed website list updated
*New Pair Boosts section added
*corrected some gramatical errors
Created by: N3M0-kuchiyose


This is a moveset FAQ for the PS2 game: Bleach Blade 
Battlers 2nd.  In it I will list complete movesets for all 
characters in the game as well as any abilities, power-ups, 
and/or transformations as well.  All information in this 
guide will be factual and to the best of my knowledge.  I’m 
assuming if you’re reading this FAQ you both: 1. already 
have the game and know how to play it, 2. also enjoy the 
anime/manga of Bleach.  Therefore I won’t be listing things 
like the Japanese kanji, menus, etc… This is for those who 
already have the game and are looking for a full 
explanation of the characters abilities, weaknesses, etc. 
and want to enhance their skills. ObituaryBirthday has 
already written an in-depth FAQ on how to beat the story 
mode and unlock all the characters.  If u find anything I 
have written so far to be incorrect please email me, 
[email protected], or drop me a message on GameFaqs: 
N3M0_kuchiyose. That is all.  

Table of Contents

This is where “Control + F” is your best friend. Next to 
each Section and Character’s name there will be a set of 
letters/numbers.  Press Ctrl+F then input those 
letters/numbers and…VOILA! You’ll be zipped to the section 
you want in no time…  Genius ain’t it?  

I. Moveset FAQ Breakdown…………………………….... [BRKDN]

II. Characters and movesets……………………………...... [CHARS]  

Ichigo Kurosaki…………………………………… [CHARS01]
Kyoraku Shunsui………………………………….. [CHARS02]	
Sajin Komamura…………………………………... [CHARS03
Mayuri Kurosutchi……………………………….... [CHARS04]
Renji Abarai……………………………………….. [CHARS05]
Toshiro Hitsugaya…………………………………. [CHARS06]
Rangiku Matsumoto……………………………….. [CHARS07]
Ikkaku Madarame………………………………….. [CHARS08]
Yumichika Ayasegawa…………………………….. [CHARS09]
Yachiru Kusajishi………………………………….. [CHARS10]
Kenpachi Zaraki…………………………………… [CHARS11]
Izuru Kira………………………………………….. [CHARS12]
Gin Ichimaru………………………………………. [CHARS13]
Ichigo Kurosaki (Inner Hollow)…………………… [CHARS14]
Sosuke Aizen……………………………………… [CHARS15]
Momo Hinamori…………………………………... [CHARS16]
Ulquiorra Cifer……………………………………. [CHARS17]
Hiyori Sarugaki…………………………………… [CHARS18]
Shinji Hirako……………………………………… [CHARS19]
Rukia Kuchiki…………………………………….. [CHARS20]
Byakuya Kuchiki…………………………………. [CHARS21]
Shaolin “Soi” Fon……………………………….... [CHARS22]
Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto…………………. [CHARS23]
Jushiro Ukitake…………………………………… [CHARS24]
Yoruichi Shihoin…………………………………. [CHARS25]
Kisuke Urahara…………………………………… [CHARS26]
Kon………………………………………………... [CHARS27]
Ururu Tsumigiya………………………………….. [CHARS28]
Sado “Chad” Yatsutora…………………………… [CHARS29]
Uryuu Ishida………………………………………. [CHARS30]
Inoue Orihime…………………………………….. [CHARS31]
Yammy Rialgo……………………………………. [CHARS32]
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez…………………………... [CHARS33]
Luppi………………………………………………. [CHARS34]
Shuhei Hisagi……………………………………… [CHARS35]
Kaname Tosen……………………………………... [CHARS36]

III. Pair Boosts.............[AIDE]

IV. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)……………………. [FAXX]

V. Credits………………………………………………….. [CREDS]
Outro……………………………………………... [PEACE]

[] = Square
/\ = Triangle
X = X Button 
O = O Button

Reiatsu Gauge – The blue bar under the character’s health.

Blade Gauge – The fire gauge to the right of the 
character’s health. 
Both gauges fill when the character is attacking and when 
the character receives damage. 

The moveset list will be broken down as follows:

CHARACTER (And rank, if applicable)
Combo: pressing [] repeatedly will perform this move.

Attack 1: pressing /\ by itself will perform this move. For 
some characters u can hold this button down for an 
additional or stronger move.

Attack 2: pressing any direction on the left analog stick 
and /\ will perform this move. For some characters u can 
hold this button down for an additional or stronger move.

Special Attack: pressing any direction on the left analog 
stick and O will perform this move. This uses 1 Bar of the 
character’s Reiatsu Gauge. For some characters u can hold 
this button down for an additional or stronger move.

EX Special Attack: Pressing O by itself when the 
character’s Reiatsu Gauge is full will perform this move.  

Blade gauge activation Shikai/Bankai/Other:  pressing L1+R1 
when the character’s Blade Gauge is full will activate the 
player’s special ability or release their zanpakuto. Some 
even have a stage effect. I’ll say it now to get it out of 
change I’ll list it.   I’ll give a description here and any 
changes to the character moves will follow in the same form 
as above plus…  

Aerial 1: Pressing [] while in the air performs this move. 
I’ll list both the regular and Blade Gauge (BG) release and 
if they’re different.

Aerial 2: Pressing /\ while in the air performs this move. 
I’ll list both the regular and Blade Gauge (BG) release and 
if they’re different.

Special Aerial: Pressing O while in the air performs this 
move. I’ll list both the regular and Blade Gauge (BG) 
release and if they’re different.

Strategy: My opinion on the character and any strengths and 
weaknesses I have found.

Shall we begin?  Lets… 

Ichigo Kurosaki (Substitute Shinigami)  [CHARS01]

Combo: A 4-hit series of 2 slashes, a kick, followed by an 
upward launching slash.

Attack 1:  Ichigo sends forward a Getsuga. Capable of 
knocking his opponent to the ground.

Attack 2: Ichigo lunges forward w/ a horizontal slash 
releasing Reiatsu in the same fashion.  Capable of knocking 
down opponents.

Special Attack:  Ichigo spins around w/ Zangetsu.  Stays in 
one place.

EX Special Attack:  Getsuga Tensho.  A massive Getsuga that 
deals some serious damage.

Bankai:   Tensa Zangetsu. Ichigo does his bankai and 
Zangetsu transforms into Tensa Zangetsu. Flashes of 
Ichigo’s afterimage dash around the stage Staggering anyone 
they hit.

Abilities: Ichigo has an extreme speed increase in his 
bankai. His flash step becomes the fastest in the game.  He 
also gets a slight strength increase. He can jump further 
as well.  

Combo: A devastating 13-hit combo that starts on the ground 
and ends in the air.  

Attack 1:  Black Getsuga Tensho.

Attack 2:  Same as before but the Reiatsu is black.  
Special Attack:  No change.

EX Special Attack:  Hollowfication.  Ichigo puts on his 
hollow mask and hollowfies for 12 seconds.  His speed and 
strength levels increase yet again and every attack he 
does, has a doppelganger performing them right behind him.  
For instance, his Attack 1 fires 2 Black Getsugas instead 
of one in this form.

Aerial 1:  A downward slash.  Can be followed up by a 
BG: No change.

Aerial 2:  Ichigo slams Zangetsu into the ground creating a 
shockwave capable of staggering opponents.
BG: Same as before but shockwave is slightly stronger.
Aerial Special:  None.

Ichigo is really one the easiest players to play with.  
Against inexperienced players u can just stand back and 
fire off Getsugas and watch them run.  Ichigo is vulnerable 
after his combo is finished (as are all characters).  If u 
can get his bankai take advantage.  Attack relentlessly.  
This is Ichigo’s strength.  Time your moves well and the 
opponent won’t be able to dodge everything.  Remember u can 
link all Attack 1 & 2 moves w/ the Special Attacks, use 

Kyoraku Shunsui (Cpt. 8th Div. Gotei 13)  [CHARS02]
Combo: A 4-hit series of 3 double slashes ending w/ an 
upward launching double slash. 
Attack 1: Kyoraku materializes into wind and flower petals 
(Pink roses most likely) and passes through his opponent 
staggering them in the process.
Attack 2: Kyoraku ducks down and then flash-steps behind 
his opponent pushing them into a small pillar of wind and 
flower petals that was created when he ducked down.
Special Attack: Busho Koma (Lazy Spinning Top).  Creates a 
whirlwind of flower petals that’s pretty nice.  The 
whirlwind expands when it hits an opponent. 

EX Special Attack: Takaoni (Mountain Demon).  Creates three 
swirling Reiatsu blades.  These blades circle Shunsui for a 
limited time. Pressing O again makes them expand and attack 
anyone in that radius.  Once someone is hit by the first 
attack, pressing O after that makes them lock on to them 
for the remainder of this move. Drains Reiatsu.

Shikai: Katen Kyokotsu.  Releases his zanpakuto and his 
swords transform. Also a pink wind force field comes around 
Shunsui not allowing anyone within a two step radius of 
Abilities: No drastic speed increase but the strength 
increase is enough to be cautious of him.  Shunsui also 
cannot be thrown while in his shikai.  
Combo: No change.

Attack 1: No change.

Attack 2: No change.

Special Attack: Same as before but much stronger.

EX Special Attack: Same as before but this time there’s 5 
reiatsu blades and the expanding radius is larger.  Just 
going near an opponent w/ them will do damage.  Drains 

Aerial 1: Kyoraku does a downward “X” slash.  This can be 
done after his combo.
BG: No change.  

Aerial 2:  Kyoraku makes a small green twister-like pillar 
directly in front of him. Does 7 hits if it connects for 
its duration.
BG: No change.
Aerial Special:  Shunsui fires Reiatsu blades at his 
opponent. (this seems to be an aerial variant of Takaoni) 
These blades are homing, whoever he targets is their 
BG: Same as before but more blades.   

Shunsui’s one of my favorite characters in the game.  He 
can link many of his moves together and is very powerful.  
Be careful of his Attack 1 and 2. If u are near an edge 
don’t bother unless u are going to dash away from the edge.  
His Special Attack is as hard to aim as it is to dodge so 
if u are going to use it, make it count.  His shikai allows 
for many of the characters not to be able to touch w/ there 
combos. Beware though; the big characters (Yammy, Komamura) 
can reach him.  As well as ranged fighters (Renji, Uryuu, 
etc.) and the force field only works when you’re on the 
ground, so don’t count on it when u are in the air.  

Sajin Komamura (Cpt. 7th Div. Gotei 13)     [CHARS03]
Combo: A 3-hit slash, punch, slash combo.

Attack 1:  Komamura slashes downward releasing a shockwave 
from his sword that travels in a straight line. Launches 
opponents if it connects successfully.

Attack 2:  Komamura takes a stance similar to Zaraki’s 
final slash and slashes forward.  It can be charged twice. 
The longer you hold /\ the higher the level. There are 3.   
Blue: Normal attack, Purple: Breaks Guard, Red: 
Special Attack: Fires a shockwave from his zanpakuto in a 
straight line.  Hits everyone in its path.  

EX Special Attack: Slams fist down hitting opponent then 
partially releases his zanpakuto by having the giant 
samurai’s arm slash down.

Bankai/Transformation: Kokujo Tenken Myo’o. Releases his 
bankai & Summons a giant samurai to fight along side him.  
The Samurai attacks whoever Komamura is targeting only when 
he himself attacks. 

Abilities: None but the giant samurai is enough!

Combo: No Change.  Except there’s now his Zanpakuto 
attacking as well. 

Attack 1: No change.

Attack 2: No change.
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: Komamura commands the samurai to launch 
into the air bringing down a devastating ground stomp.  
This takes 90% of his opponent’s health!

Aerial 1: A downward slash.
BG: No change.
Aerial 2: Komamura jams his sword into the ground sending 
shockwaves similar to his Attack 1 in three different 
BG: No change.

Aerial Special:  The same as his Aerial 2 but with the 
power of his Special Attack’s shockwave.
BG: No change.

Komamura is very powerful by himself.  But he is semi-slow 
as well.  Be careful of his openings after any of his 
attacks. Use flash-step to move around other than his 
regular movement. When u are in his bankai go crazy.  
Strike even when u are not close to your opponent and don’t 
waste Reiatsu doing his Special Attacks, save it for his 
EX.  If u catch this, it’s pretty much a guaranteed win 
unless u have been getting pounded the whole match. 

Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Cpt. 12th Div.  Gotei 13)		[CHARS04]
Combo: A 6-hit spinning slash combo that ends w/ him 
extending his hand to attack his opponent in the air.

Attack 1:  Mayuri places a land mine onto the stage and 
when anyone steps on them (even him!) they explode. He can 
place up to 5 at a time.  If u try to place a 6th land mine 
he’ll detonate all 5. 

Attack 2: Mayuri extends his hand to pull his opponent 
towards him.  This works even if they’re blocking.

Special Attack: Lunges forward and places a bomb on whoever 
he catches.  Doing this again makes pull out a detonator 
and detonate the bomb. The detonation can be done from a 

EX Special Attack: Liquid Form. Stabs himself bursting into 
a poisonous green  goo.  He then goes underground for a 
period of time then attacks his opponent from underground.  
Pressing O before the period of time is over makes him 
strike faster.

Bankai/Transformation: Conjiki Ashisogi Jizo.  Does his 
bankai and transforms his Zanpakuto.  The player now 
controls Conjiki Ashisogi Jizo until the blade gauge is 

Abilities: Transformation.  Of course u can’t be thrown.  
Doesn’t even acknowledge damage at all. 

Combo:  A set of spikes protrude out of Ashisogi Jizo’s 

Attack 1: Ashisogi Jizo spits purple poison gas out of the 
sides of his mouth.

Attack 2: None.
Special Attack:  Ashisogi Jizo spits a green pool of some 
kind of liquid that makes his opponents heavy.

EX Special Attack: None.

Aerial 1: Mayuri does a front flip and slices while 
BG: None.

Aerial 2: Mayuri extends his hand straight down underneath 
BG: None	

Aerial Special: None.
BG: None.

Mayuri’s also in my top five.  He is pretty fast with his 
combos.  Also try to put as many land mines down as u can. 
This puts your opponent in a defensive position and u can 
pull them towards u with his Attack 2. This will pull them 
over the land mines. If u are on a small stage don’t put so 
many unless u are planning to detonate them yourself.  
Mayuri can be hit by his own land mines so if u are against 
him try to make him run over them himself.  His bankai is a 
double-edged, win-lose, situation.  Even though Conjiki 
Ashisogi Jizo is massive and can deal some damage, be 
careful about extending to far out against multiple 
opponents as someone can just run around to his sides and 
“go to town” on him.  And that would be bad, very bad…

Renji Abarai (Vice-Captain 6th Division Gotei 13)  [CHARS05]
Combo: 3-hits. 2 kicks and a downward slash. 

Attack 1: A wide arc horizontal blowback slash. 

Attack 2: A vertical downward slash.

Special Attack: Does a 3 slash attack w/ Zabimaru. The 
first 2 strikes are wide ranged and can hit multiple 

EX Special Attack: Higa Zekko (Bite of a Broken Baboon’s 
Fang). Sticks Zabimaru into the ground where he separates 
and attacks all opponents.

Bankai: Hihio Zabimaru. Renji releases his bankai and 
transforms his zanpakuto. Renji swings 3 times w/ him. The 
attacks have a quite large range.  Only the biggest stages 
allow room to dodge.

Abilities: Unable to be thrown, blown back, or staggered by 
any move.  A massive strength increase.  Renji is slower in 
this form but Zabimaru is not! 

Combo: Zabimaru stabs down in front of Renji.

Attack 1:  Renji swings Zabimaru in a wide horizontal arc.

Attack 2:  Renji swings Zabimaru in a downward motion 
slamming the ground.
Special Attack: Same as before but much stronger.  

EX Special Attack:  Hikotsu Taiho (Baboon Bone Cannon). 
Hihio Zabimaru charges then releases a huge purple blast. 
75% damage for a indirect hit.  Point blank 100% damage.

Aerial 1: Renji does a front flip then dashes towards the 
ground at an angle.  
BG: Renji does a front flip hitting his opponent twice w/ 

Aerial 2: Renji extends his zanpakuto and stabs at the 
ground in front of him.
BG: Renji swings Zabimaru down in front of him in a 
sweeping motion.

Aerial Special: None. 

Renji has great range on all of his attacks. He can keep 
even the best fighters at bay.  However against other 
ranged fighters Renji doesn’t match up well.  In his bankai 
u can swing away but be sure not to let anyone too close.  
Even though Renji can’t be staggered he still can be hurt.  
Make sure u have a lot of health before doing his bankai’s 
EX special because you’ll be left wide open for any attacks 
while it charges.  Like Komamura’s, if it connects, you’ve 
pretty much won. 

Toshiro Hitsugaya (Cpt. 10th Div. Gotei 13)		[CHARS06]
Combo: 4-hits.  2 slashes followed by a shoulder thrust 
then a slash that produces a horizontal arc of ice.  

Attack 1: Hitsugaya launches a homing ice torpedo. 

Attack 2: Hitsugaya stabs the ground creating an ice ring 
about 3 characters in length freezing whoever it comes in 
contact with.

Special Attack: Ice Dragon. Fires an ice dragon towards his 
opponent.  Capable of additional hits if done up close.

EX Special Attack: Ryusenka (Dragon Hail Flower). Dives 
blade first into his opponent going through and freezing 
them before making a final slash.  If he misses the second 
attack the opponent is till frozen.

Bankai: Daiguren Hyorinmaru.  Toshiro releases his bankai 
and grows ice wings and can now fly.  Stage becomes frozen 
making opponents slide about. 

Abilities: Can’t be thrown.  Can’t be staggered. Flight.  
Speed Increase. All attacks have ice damage.  

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: same as before but this time it’s 3 ice 

Attack 2: same as before but a much larger ring.

Special Attack: Daiguren Ryusenka (Dragon Hail Flower) 
Again Toshiro lunges forward but his sword not only freezes 
but pierces his opponent w/ a devastating iceberg attack. 

EX Special Attack: Sennen Hyoro (Thousand Year’s Ice 
Prison). Does a radial ice attack that encases anyone who 
gets caught or walks into it in ice for 15 seconds.

Aerial 1: A downward slash. Can be followed with another 
BG: Hitsugaya can fly in his bankai!

Aerial 2: Fires an ice torpedo down at the ground.  If it 
hits the ground it makes a pool of ice that staggers any 
opponents that run into it. 
BG: Hitsugaya can fly in his bankai!

Aerial Special: Hitsugaya’s Ice Dragon can be done in the 
BG: No change.

Toshiro is very fun to play with.  His ice ring that he 
makes can catch anyone whether or not u were targeting 
them.  In his bankai u can fly up out of the range of many 
attacks.  This works especially on Mayuri Kurosutchi’s 
Bankai as his attacks cannot reach him at all.  All of his 
normal attacks can be done in the air as if he were 
standing on the ground. He is one of the more complete 
characters as it’s very hard to find a weakness in him. If 
against him fight as u normally would, taking caution of 
his ice ring.  In his bankai stand directly under him but 
beware of his ice ring here as well. Even though it’s in 
the air it’ll still freeze u if you’re close.  Especially 
his bankai’s EX special.  15 seconds is not a long time 
but in a match it’s enough time for him to slice away half 
of your life while u lay helpless.  

Rangiku Matsumoto (Vice-Captain 10th Div. Gotei 13)[CHARS07]
Combo: A 4-hit slash, slash, kick, slash very similar to 

Attack 1: Rangiku dashes forward in a straight line leaving 
a trail of Haineko’s dust behind which then strikes and 
staggers the opponent.  This can be held down to travel a 
further distance.

Attack 2: Rangiku releases Haineko and sends a cloud of 
dust upward in front of her doing damage to her opponent.

Special Attack: Lunges forward & does an 8-hit sword combo.

EX Special Attack: creates a whirlwind of ash blades that 
sucks opponents in.

Shikai: Haineko.  Releases her zanpakuto and clouds of ash 
scatter the stage & attack whenever Rangiku does. Haineko 
is now a blade of ashes.

Abilities: Speed increase.

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: No change.

Attack 2: No change.
Special Attack: Same as before but has now become a 20-hit 

EX Special Attack: a cloud of ash surrounds her opponent 
and adds attacks whenever Rangiku strikes. Drains Reiatsu.

Aerial 1: An upward slash.
BG: No change.

Aerial 2: Sends Haineko’s dust flying down the ground.
BG: No change.

Aerial Special: None.

Strategy:  Rangiku takes some time to get used to.  She is 
not a very strong character so you’ll have to rely on her 
zanpakuto’s ability.  Her Special Attack is very useful and 
annoying to others.  It takes a decent amount of damage so 
use it often.  If u so happen to have a full Reiatsu gauge 
do her EX. Her shikai one is okay but the cloud of ash 
can’t keep up with flash-steps.  In her shikai try to make 
your opponent go towards the clouds of ash. That way, 
you’ll add twice the damage. 

Ikkaku Madarame (Vice-Captain 11th Div. Gotei 13)	[CHARS08]
Combo: Nice-looking 6-hit staff combo ending with him 
extending Houzakimaru.

Attack 1: A forward thrust.  If /\ is pressed again he will 
extend Houzakimaru.

Attack 2: Ikkaku holds up Houzakimaru and extends him then 
slams the ground in front of him.

Special Attack: Ikkaku extends his staff and if it connects 
does an 11-hit flash-step combo.

EX Special Attack: Ikkaku does an aerial 2-step flash-step 
combo followed by extending his staff and releasing a kido 
type fire blast from it. Doesn’t matter where your opponent 
is, he’ll just flash-step there. 

Bankai: Ryumon Houzakimaru. Does his bankai and then twirls 
his zanpakuto over his head hitting everyone in a wide-

Abilities: Massive strength increase. Unable to be thrown. 
Unable to be blown back or staggered.

Combo: A single forward slash.
Attack 1: A forward cross slash.

Attack 2: Ikkaku lunges forward holding Ryumon Houzakimaru 
out in front of him.
Special Attack: Twirls Houzakimaru over his head like he 
does when he first releases his bankai.

EX Special Attack: Does a 3-hit combo w/ devastating power. 
85% damage.  

Aerial 1: Ikkaku extends Houzakimaru to stab the ground 
directly underneath him.	
BG: Ikkaku briefly spins Ryumon Houzakimaru over his head. 

Aerial 2: Ikkaku extends Houzakimaru and swings him in a 
arc, slashing his opponent.
BG: Ikkaku stabs the ground w/ Ryumon Houzakimaru’s outer 

Aerial Special: None.

Ikkaku is a pretty balanced fighter with a great bankai.  
He’s what I call a “change range” character.  His 
assortment of attacks allows him to change the range he’s 
fighting from easily.  His Special Attack is a ranged 
attack that breaks his opponent’s guard and continues the 
His Bankai is incredibly strong.  He can break guard with 
both his Attack 1 & 2.  Its Special Attack is almost 
impossible to dodge and the EX does outrageous damage.  
Even though the EX is a 3-hit combo, the last one is the 
one u cannot get caught with.  When fighting against his 
bankai avoid as much as possible and try to strike only 
with your EX. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last forever, it just 
seems that way.

Yumichika Ayasegawa (5th seat, 11th Div. Gotei 13)	[CHARS09]
Combo: 4-hit slashing attack that ends with him pulling his 
opponent toward him. 
Attack 1: Yumichika holds up Fuji Kujaku and makes feathers 
appear around him that can damage his opponent.

Attack 2: Yumichika extends Fuji Kujaku and does and 

Special Attack: Sends out a horizontal vortex of feathers 
that damage his opponent.

EX Special Attack: A feathery bubble appears around 
Yumichika.  It drains whoever steps inside its Reiatsu. 

Shikai:	Fuji Kujaku.  Releases his zanpakuto. 
Yumichicka’s blade becomes an extended 4-blade sword.  
Glowing circles of feathers appear around the stage. 
Stepping in these drains Reiatsu. 

Abilities: Nothing worth listing.

Combo: No change

Attack 1: No change. 

Attack 2: No change.
Special Attack: More powerful version of his normal.

EX Special Attack: Yumichika makes a vertical vortex of 
feathers around him. If an opponent is caught in it, he 
flash-steps behind them stabbing them w/ Fuji kujaku before 
uppercutting them.  All the while draining Reiatsu.

Aerial 1: A downward slash. Can be followed up w/ another 
BG: No change.

Aerial 2: Yumichika slashes downwards slamming the ground.
BG: No change.

Aerial Special: None.

Yumichika is not a favorite of mine.  But I do like his 
zanpakuto’s ability.  Save his Reiatsu for his EX which 
drains the Reiatsu of anyone who’s dumb enough to step 
inside.  That way they can’t do a Reiatsu blowback move 
while u pound them.  It even drains Reiatsu when they are 
on the ground so knocking them down is a good idea as well.  
The fact that his combo doesn’t knock his opponent down 
kind of bothers me.  He’s not very hard to fight against 
just avoid his moves that steal your Reiatsu.  He doesn’t 
do much damage. And avoid his regular EX it gives him 
health proportionate to the reiatsu he takes from anyone.

Yachiru Kusajishi (Vice-Captain 11th Div. Gotei 13)[CHARS10]
Combo: A 5-hit sheathed sword swinging combo that ends w/ 
her spinning around swinging. 

Attack 1: Yachiru dashes forward surrounded in Reiatsu. 

Attack 2: Yachiru does an uppercut w/ her sheathed sword.

Special Attack: Yachiru spins around w/ her sheathed sword. 
Can be held for longer duration. If held until she stops 
she’ll become dizzy afterwards for a moment.

EX Special Attack: Dives carelessly at her opponent if she 
hits she does a 5-hit aerial flash-step combo.

Reiatsu Release: Yachiru releases her Reiatsu and lets out 
a blast of Reiatsu in the shape of a angry cat damaging 
anyone nearby. 40% damage.  

Abilities: Extreme speed increase. Can’t be staggered.

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: No change.

Attack 2: No change. 
Special Attack: Same as before but w/ additional hits and 
she no longer gets dizzy afterwards if held for the 

EX Special Attack: She unsheathes her sword and slashes 
releasing a shockwave in a straight line similar to 
Shinji's shockwave.  

Aerial 1: Swings her sheath out in front of her.
BG: No change.

Aerial 2: Yachiru does a front flip hitting her opponent 
with her sheathed sword in the process.  Pressing /\ twice 
in the air adds attacks.
BG: No change.

Aerial Special: None.

Yachiru is one of the fastest characters in the game. Her 
speed alone is a problem for anyone.  On top of that she 
becomes very strong after her BG is activated.  Her Special 
Attack (Reg.) is useful in ending combos w/ it. Just don’t 
hold it if u are not going to connect because she’ll become 
dizzy.  Make sure when u activate her BG u are close by 
your opponents so that they get caught in the blast she 
releases.  Her EX Special (BG) does a serious amount of 
Against her don’t let her put distance between u.  Stay 
close so that she can’t use her speed to move around.  Once 
she has activated her BG her flash-step is at blinding 
speed, watch for that as well.  And don’t get near her when 
she activates it.
Kenpachi Zaraki (Cpt. 11th Div. Gotei 13)		[CHARS11]
Combo: A 3-hit slash double upward slash combo. 

Attack 1: Zaraki slashes the air in front of him which 
creates a non-moving arc of Reiatsu that damages opponents 
that walk into it.  

Attack 2: Zaraki lunges forward w/ his zanpakuto extended 
and covered in reiatsu then pierces his opponent before 
slashing upwards and away from them.

Special Attack: Lunges forward and does a 10-hit flash-step 
combo. Looks pretty impressive.

EX Special Attack: Removes his eye patch and releases a 
vertical vortex of Reiatsu around himself that damages 
anyone nearby.  

Reiatsu Release: Kenpachi removes his eye patch and release 
the full power of his Reiatsu.  Skulls float around the 
stage damaging anyone that comes in contact with them.  

Abilities:  Speed increase.  Unable to be staggered.  
Strength increase. 

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: No change.
Attack 2: No change.
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: Kendo. Kenpachi taunts then does a 
menacing forward slash that sends out a slash projectile 
similar to Ichigo’s Getsuga Tensho. 80% damage.

Aerial 1: A downward slash. Can be followed up with other 
BG: No change.

Aerial 2: An upward slash. 
BG: No change.

Aerial Special: Zaraki’s Special Attack can be done in the 
BG: No change.

Just watching the anime is enough.  Kenpachi’s attacks are 
relentless, especially his Special Attack. Even if the 
first hit is blocked he keeps going.  Only use his Attack 1 
to block projectiles. (yes, it can do that).  With his BG 
activated he becomes pretty much unstoppable but don’t just 
stand there he still takes damage.  Don’t bother 
maneuvering opponents towards the skulls either they’re 
just an added bonus in case they try to run.  His BG EX 
Special does massive damage but takes some time to execute 
and can be dodged easily. 
	Against him, try not to engage directly with him.  His 
Attack 2 can go through most attacks.  Just because u have 
blocked his Special Attack doesn’t mean that’s its over.  
The last attack in it is the one u have to dodge.  Make 
sure not to be close to him when he does his EX Specials. 
If u do you’ll be in the clear or in position to dodge.

Izuru Kira (Vice-Captain 3rd Div. Gotei 13)		[CHARS12]
Combo: A 4-hit, Elbow strike, kick, slash, flash-step 
aerial slash combo.

Attack 1: Izuru fires a Bakudo #61 Rikujokoro (Six Rods 
Prison) upwards.  If held down, it will go straight 
forward.  This technique freezes the opponent temporarily.

Attack 2: Izuru release Wabisuke and does a uppercut slash.

Special Attack: Hado #1 Sho. Fires a large kido blast that 
homes in on his target. Pushes the opponent back while 
dealing damage.

EX Special Attack: Bakudo #8 Seki (Repulse). Izuru releases 
a kido from his center that surrounds him in a bubble 
incapacitating his opponent.

Shikai:	Wabisuke. Izuru releases his zanpakuto and all 
opponents become heavy. (unable to run fast or jump high.)

Abilities: Speed increase. Each successful blade strike 
makes his opponent heavy.

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: No change.

Attack 2: No change.
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: Does a 5-slash attack followed by a 
upward pointed Hado #1 Sho. Makes opponents heavy.

Aerial 1: A cross slash in the air.
BG: No change.

Aerial 2: Fires a Bakudo #61 Rikujokoro (Six Rods Prison) 
kido downwards.
BG. No change.

Aerial Special: Izuru’s Special Attack can be done in the 

Izuru’s an average strength character.  His true ability 
lies in his zanpakuto.  His Attack 2 can activate it 
without having to wait for his BG to fill up.  As long as u 
keep your opponent in the heavy state it’s very hard to 
escape from his attacks.  Also always try to charge his 
Attack 1 so that it goes forward.  The upward one is almost 
useless because he has few attacks that are aerial. Do his 
Attack 2 first to catch them with this. His regular EX 
Special is not worth saving Reiatsu for but his BG one is. 
	Against him be cautious of jumping.  He speed is 
average so no need to worry about that.  His Special Attack 
is VERY slow so it won’t be hard to dodge that.  Just try 
not to get caught w/ his Attack 2. Avoid being struck with 
his zanpakuto in his shikai.  Instead make sure u are the 
one attacking him.

Gin Ichimaru                                [CHARS13]
(Former 3rd Div. Cpt. /Arrancar General)
Combo: A pretty fast combo of 2 stabs, a kick, and 3 more 

Attack 1: Gin extends Shinso to pierce his enemy. Can be 
held for greater distance.

Attack 2: Gin sticks Shinso into the ground.  It then 
emerges underneath whoever he is targeting.

Special Attack: Gin lunges forward striking his opponent 
going through them then striking again from behind by 
extending his sword.  

EX Special Attack: Gin extends his sword forward then 
releases a wind-type vortex down the blade at his opponent.  
This has exceptional range.

Shikai: Shinso. Gin releases Shinso and Shinso repeatedly 
stabs upward from the ground at various points on the 

Abilities: Speed increase.Combo:  An even quicker series of 
stabs going up to 12-hits.  Showcasing Gin’s speed, no 

Attack 1: No change except Shinso deals more damage.

Attack 2: No change.  
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: Same as before but w/ added damage and 
the vortex has a green aura and is much larger.

Aerial 1: Gin dives down with a kick.
Aerial 2: Gin extends Shinso down to the ground in front of 
Aerial Special: None

 I like Gin but I’m not very good with him just yet.  His 
combo is pretty fast and becomes blindingly fast in his 
shikai. His ranged attacks can keep opponents away from him 
and deal good pretty good amounts of damage. His flash-step 
is pretty fast as well.  Do any of his Special Attacks as u 
please.  No one wants to get caught in them.
	Against Gin under all circumstances DO NOT let him use 
his shikai!  If he does Shinso will shoot all over the 
stage and is very hard to avoid and time.  It can interrupt 
any combo or move u have already started unless u are a 
character that cannot be staggered w/ their BG activated.  
Shinso travels pretty fast in all of his moves so avoid 
getting hit by blocking instead of using flash-step.  Gin 
has a opening after his moves where he extends Shinso 
because he has to wait for Shinso to return.  If u manage 
to block his EX Special don’t forget about the 2nd attack in 

Ichigo Kurosaki (Inner hollow)	[CHARS14]
Combo: Ichigo uses Zangetsu’s sash to hurl it forwards 
twice then swing it in a wide arc.

Attack 1: Ichigo sends forward a horizontal mini Getsuga. 

Attack 2: Ichigo does a front flip forward slashing the 

Special Attack: Hold Zangetsu by his sash and twirls it 
over his head.

EX Special Attack: Does a “X” motion and release a Getsuga 
Tensho in the form of a “X”.

Bankai: Same as Ichigos.	

Abilities: extreme speed increase.  Same as Ichigo’s 

Combo: The same combo Ichigo does in his regular form but 
ending w/ a forward stab.

Attack 1: Sends a horizontal black Getsuga forwards.

Attack 2: No change. 
Special Attack: Same as Ichigo (Regular).

EX Special Attack: Flash-steps forward, stabs his opponent, 
then releases half of a enormous Black Getsuga Tensho. 85% 

Aerial 1: Ichigo does a front flip hitting his opponent 
BG: A downward slash.

Aerial 2: Ichigo launches his horizontal mini Getsuga at 
the ground.
BG: Same as before but the Getsuga is black and larger.

Aerial Special: None 

The same as Ichigo...NOT! This guy may be inside Ichigo but 
as a character he is not the same.  His combo is wide 
arcing and can hit several opponents at once but the last 
swing in it will not hit his target if he is too close.  
For all his other moves u can fight similar to Ichigo.  The 
biggest step in using him is to get used to his regular 
moveset.  His bankai’s just like Ichigo’s in terms of 
abilities so no one should be able to catch u.  But 
remember, his combos are not as fast as Ichigo’s!
Against him, block the first 2 hits of his combo then run 
or flash-step in close before the third comes around.  Kill 
him as soon as possible when he uses bankai.  Those 
afterimage Ichigos are annoying.  And NEVER get caught in 
his bankai’s EX Special. 

Sosuke Aizen
(Former 5th Div. Cpt. /Arrancar Supreme Commander)	[CHARS15]
Combo: 4-hit slashing combo that ends w/ a lightning fast 
flash-step slash.

Attack 1: Aizen uses Kyoka Suigetsu to send a copy of 
himself flying at his opponent.  If u press /\ again Aizen 
will flash-step and strike his opponent in the air.

Attack 2: Hado #4 Raikoho (Thunder Roar Cannon). Aizen 
emits lightning from his hand.

Special Attack: Hado #89 Kurohitsugi (Black Coffin) Aizen 
extends his hand creating a negation in space which if hits 
traps his opponent in a block before cutting them multiple 
times.  This is unblockable.  

EX Special Attack: Kyoka Suigetsu. Aizen reveals his sword 
sending a copy of himself that slashes and if it connects 
Aizen follows it up w/ a slash of his own.  A nice looking 
display of skill.  This is actually Aizen’s release of his 
zanpakuto ability Complete Hypnosis.  

Shikai: Kyoka Suigetsu/ Menos Army. Aizen summons 10 Menos 
Grande and that huge hollow creature.  The Menos then fire 
ceros that continuously scan the stage.

Abilities: Speed increase.  Aizen will produce a 
doppelganger when hit while not attacking then appears 
behind his opponent.

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: Same as before but faster.

Attack 2: Same as before but larger.  
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: Complete Hypnosis II.  Aizen finally 
releases his zanpakuto Kyoka Suigetsu and shatters the 
entire screen damaging all opponent at once.

Aerial 1: Aizen dives down and forward.
Aerial 2: Aizen uses Ryoka Suigetsu to project a copy of 
himself at his opponent.  
Aerial Special: None.

Aizen is a beast! One of the strongest, if not the 
strongest, characters in the game.  All of his attacks are 
menacing and his Special Attack is unblockable.   But it 
comes w/ a price; he’ll be stuck for a few seconds if u 
miss it.  His Attack 2 combo is able to be spammed over and 
over.  Not to mention his Attack 2 stops almost anything in 
it tracks and does damage at the same time.  When u are in 
his shikai let your opponent attack u to set-up a Special 
Attack. They’ll think u died and before they realize it’s 
too late. (kind of like the series). 
Against Aizen be on your toes and ready for anything.  Do 
not get caught in his Attack 2, the range is massive in his 
shikai.  And don’t ever get caught with his EX Specials. 
Block his Attack 1 instead of flash-step because he’ll just 
flash-step and hit u from above.  Also his EX in his shikai 
can be stopped as long as u get to him before he finishes 
taunting, otherwise everyone gets owned.  Blocking that is 
useless unless u have the reiatsu for a blow-back attack. 

Momo Hinamori (Vice-Captain 5th Div. Gotei 13)	[CHARS16]
Combo: A 4-hit slash, slash, spinning slash combo.

Attack 1: Momo fires a fireball from her zanpakuto.  Can be 
held down for a stronger and larger fireball.

Attack 2: Momo stomps the ground emitting a ring of fire at 
her feet then slashes forward releasing a wave of fire.

Special Attack: Slams the ground w/ her zanpakuto then 
makes a huge shockwave of flowing flames in a radial 

EX Special Attack: stabs the ground making instant fire 
circle appear under and attack her targeted opponent. 20-

Shikai: Tobiume.  Hinamori releases her zanpakuto, jumps 
into the air and rains down several fireballs that batter 
the stage.

Abilities: Speed increase all attacks have fire damage.

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: Same as before but u no longer have to hold the 
button down. She does the fully charged fireball 

Attack 2: No change.
Special Attack: same as before but now 5 pillars of flames 
are within the shockwave.

EX Special Attack: Same as before but circle is bigger and 
a giant fireball expands then explodes inside the circle.

Aerial 1: A downward slash. Can be followed up w/ another 
BG: No change

Aerial 2: Launches a fireball from her Zanpakuto.
BG: Same as before but the fireball is bigger.

Aerial Special: Launches 2 big fireballs at her opponent. 

Contrary to what the anime had shown of her, Momo is very 
strong.  She has long, short, and radial attacks at her 
disposal. Her fireball can be used to keep opponents at a 
distance.  And her aerial special can hit multiple 
opponents at a time.  As can her Special.  She can also 
throw fireballs from the air. She is a very complete 
Against Momo try to keep her close.  Too many of those 
fireballs and you’ll find yourself on the end of a losing 
battle. Also kill her as soon as possible when she does her 
shikai the fireballs that rain down could pose a serious 

Ulquiorra Cifer (Cuarto {4th} Espada) 	[CHARS17]
Combo: Ulquiorra slashes 4x using his hand as the blade.

Attack 1: Some sort of spatial manipulation orb that stays 
wherever he puts until he either makes more than 3 or 
someone hits or breaks it. Can be held and charged.  If 
fully charged it will temporarily freeze opponents.

Attack 2: Ulquiorra uses garganta to teleport behind his 
opponent then slashes at them w/ his hand.

Special Attack: Garganta un-reformed. He creates a black 
hole that suck opponents in then and drops them out of the 

EX Special Attack: Opens 5 garganta around him so 5 menos 
grande can fire ceros from the ground.

Summon/Reiatsu Power-up:	A menos grande fires a ceros that 
continuously scans the stage.

Abilities: Speed increase. Strength increase.

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: Same as before but the orb is larger.

Attack 2: No change.
Special Attack: same as before but larger.

EX Special Attack: Same as before but with 8 menos and 8 

Aerial 1: A forward kick in the air
BG: No change

Aerial 2: Ulquiorra places on his orbs in the air.  This 
can be held as well.  It is the same as his Attack 2.
BG: No change.

Aerial Special: None.

Ulquiorra has a weird but good moveset.  His combo is 
pretty fast.  It takes some time to get used to, but u can 
time his Special Attack so that u can follow it up with his 
combo.  His Special Attack also pulls opponents in so feel 
free to place it wherever u wish.  His Attack 2 can get u 
out of tight spots and only release his EX when your 
opponent is close.
Against Ulquiorra, stay on the attack.  Beware of his orbs 
as running into them will stagger u.  However, u can cut 
them or shoot a projectile at them to remove them.  Also 
his teleport is a little slow, being quick w/ your flash-
steps is good here.  

Hiyori Sarugaki 
(Former 12th Div. Vice-Captain/Vizard)   [CHARS18]
Combo: A 4-hit slash, shoulder block, slash, kick combo.

Attack 1: Hiyori enters a crouched stance.  From this 
stance, depending on the button pressed she can do one of 2 
things. If u press.  /\ = Hiyori flash-steps into the air 
in front of her opponent then slashes down. If u press [] 
Hiyori flash-steps behind her opponent and jams her fingers 
in their butt((0_o) Similar to Kakashi’s Thousand Year’s of 

Attack 2: Hiyori jumps and “leap frogs” over her opponent.

Special Attack:  Does a 3-hit sword combo.

EX Special Attack: Hiyori brings out her Super Training 
Machine and uses it. This fills up her blade gauge rapidly.  

Hollowfication: Hiyori puts on her hollow mask, jumps then 
slams her zanpakuto down releasing a shockwave damaging 
anyone nearby.

Abilities: Speed increase.  Can’t be staggered or blown 

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: No change.

Attack 2: No change.
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: Hiyori dives forward glowing w/ Reiatsu 
and pushes right through her opponent(s). She’ll keep going 
until she slams into a wall or falls off an edge.  

Aerial 1: A downward slash. If she jumps high enough u can 
do 2 of these.
BG: No change

Aerial 2: A forward slash. The same one she does from her 
crouched stance when u press /\.
BG: No change.

Aerial Special: None 

Hiyori is pretty fast and she has some strong attacks.  Her 
Attack 1 takes some practice to get the timing right.  
She’ll probably be one of the harder players to master.  
Her regular EX Special is an attack as well.  If she is 
attacked while on it she releases a pretty strong blowback 
attack.  After she puts on her mask is when she really 
becomes a problem.  Her power is increased drastically and 
she can’t be staggered at all.  
Fighting against Hiyori isn’t too bad as long as she stays 
w/ her mask off.   After that u can’t stagger or knock her 
down so attack from a distance.  Also like Yachiru, she 
releases a blast after her BG is activated so steer clear. 

Shinji Hirako (Former 5th Div. Cpt. /Vizard)		[CHARS19]
Combo: Shinji stabs his opponent 3 times then puts his foot 
on their chest to pull his zanpakuto out.  

Attack 1: Shinji swings his zanpakuto downward and launches 
a blast of forces that travels in a straight line. 

Attack 2: Shinji does a double upward slash charged w/ 

Special Attack: Sends forward a shockwave of air from his 
zanpakuto. Similar to Komamura’s Special attack but 

EX Special Attack: Lunges forward and does a 4-hit flash-
step aerial combo.

Hollowfication: Shinji puts on his mask then fires a cero 
that changes its angle when it hits a wall 8 times before 

Abilities: Speed increase. Strength increase.  

Combo: No change

Attack 1: Same as before but larger.

Attack 2: No change.
Special Attack: Fires a cero straight forward.

EX Special Attack: Fires a cero that eventually spreads out 
into 4 ceros. 

Aerial 1: A horizontal slash.
BG: No change.

Aerial 2: A downward slash charged w/ Reiatsu.
BG: No change.

Aerial Special: Shinji does a 2-hit flash-step slash combo.
BG: Shinji does a red cero straight forward.

Shinji is a pretty good fighter. His projectile goes 
through most attacks and keeps going. Plus it keeps on 
going after it hits someone.  This is good for hitting 
multiple opponents at once.  His combo is kind of on the 
slow side so try doing the first 2 strikes then one of his 
/\ attacks.  The first hit of his regular EX has to hit for 
him to finish it. Don’t miss or you’ll waste Reiatsu. Make 
sure when u put on his mask to make sure u are not being 
attacked so that u can take full advantage of the cero he 
Against Shinji be sure to dodge his projectile and ceros.  
They do some damage.  If he puts on his mask make sure u 
are not in front of him so that u can use L1 to run around 
behind him to attack.   And don’t let him do juggle combos 
he has a few pretty good ones like Shunsui he can link 
multiple moves. 

Rukia Kuchiki (13th Div. Gotei 13)		[CHARS20]
Combo: A 3-hit palm combo.

Attack 1: Hado #1 Sho.  However hers is much faster than 
Izuru’s and smaller.  Can be charged if held it has 2 
stages.  The first releases 3 blasts, the second 5.

Attack 2: Bakudo #4 Hainawa (Crawling Rope). Rukia places 
her hand on the ground then entraps her opponent in a 
sealing circle. 

Special Attack:  Hado #31: Shakkaho (Shot of Red Fire). 
Fires a fireball that explodes when the opponent or a wall 
is hit.

EX Special Attack: Lunges forward w/ her elbow then fire a 
massive Hado #33: Sokatsui(Blue Lotus Fire).

Transformation: Rukia eats some soul candy then transforms 
into a shinigami.  She releases her zanpakuto: Sode no 
Shiryuki.  The stage becomes frozen making opponents slide 

Abilities: Speed increase.  Strength increase. All attacks 
have ice damage.

Combo: Rukia does a 4-hit slash combo.

Attack 1: Rukia fires a Hado #4: Byakurai (Pale Lightning) 

Attack 2: Some no Mai, Tsukishiro (1st Dance, White Moon). 
Rukia forms a circle around her that resembles a moon.  
Anyone inside will be temporarily frozen.
Special Attack: Same as before.  

EX Special Attack: Tsugi no Mai, Hakuren (2nd Dance, White 
Ripple).  Lunges forward extending her sword making ice 
boulders in a straight line.  Similar to Toshiro’s Special 
Attack in his bankai.

Aerial 1: Rukia dives down w/ a kick.
Aerial 2: Rukia fires a Hado #1: Sho down in front of her.
BG: Rukia fires a Hado #4: Byakurai (Pale Lightning) down 
in front of her.

Aerial Special: Rukia fires a Hado #31: Shakkaho (Shot of 
Red Fire) down in front of her.  
BG: Same as before but much larger.

Rukia is like having two fighters in one.  And her kido 
blasts do some serious damage.  Remember she doesn’t have a 
flash-step in her gigai form so stay on the attack when not 
in her Shinigami form.  In her Shinigami form u fight with 
her the same way u do with Toshiro minus the flight 
abilities. Freeze or seal your opponent then hack ‘em down.  
Against Rukia don’t let her get to far away.  She can win a 
distance battle against most long rang fighters and she can 
trap u in her bakudo from far away.  Her Attack 2 in her 
Shinigami form takes a while to start up so try to hit her 
while she is still in the motion of it.  

Byakuya Kuchiki (Cpt. 6th Div. Gotei 13) 		[CHARS21]
Combo: Byakuya puts on a nice display of swordsmanship in a 
5-hit slash combo.

Attack 1: If pressed just once Byakuya sends out a Hado #4: 
Byakurai (Pale Lightning). If held and charged he does a 
Bakudo #61 Rikujokoro (Six Rods Prison) that will follow 
his target.

Attack 2:  Senka (Flash Blossom).  Byakuya flash-steps in 
front of his opponent and slashes.

Special Attack: Byakuya scatters Senbon Sakura into 
millions of cherry blossom blades that swirl upwards around 
him hitting anyone close.

EX Special Attack: Senbon Sakura Kageyoshi.  Byakuya drops 
Senbon Sakura into the ground partially releasing his 
bankai. 2 identical rows of 6 giant katana blades extend 
from the ground in front of him before bursting into cherry 
blossoms.  Does some nice damage.  About 60%. 

Bankai: Senkei: Senbon Sakura Kageyoshi. 1,000 illuminated 
blades circle the stage attacking periodically attacking 
his opponents 3 at a time.  	

Abilities: Speed increase.

Combo: Same as before but adding a Hado #4: Byakurai (Pale 
Lightning) at the end.

Attack 1: Same as before but the Hado is much faster.

Attack 2: Same as before but this time he’ll appear behind 
his opponent.  
Special Attack: Byakuya commands 3 of the circling blades 
to circle around him.  Coming into contact w/ them does 

EX Special Attack: Byakuya gathers the 1,000 blades into 
one blade in his hand, then wings and a large halo behind 
him.  He then lunges forward holding the blade w/ two 

Aerial 1: Byakuya lunges forward in the air w/ his 
zanpakuto pointed in front of him.
BG: No change

Aerial 2: Byakuya fires a Hado #4: Byakurai (Pale 
Lightning) down in front of him.
BG: No change

Aerial Special: None.

Probably my second favorite in the game.  His Attack 2 is 
great for pushing the offensive and his regular Special can 
be used both as offensive and defensive.  Only use it when 
in close quarters with your opponent.  Use his EX as much 
as possible. It hits anyone in its range.  Use his Attack 1 
to keep opponents at bay and charge it then attack while 
it’s on its way over to them.  His bankai makes him faster 
and stronger.  So make sure if u have enough Reiatsu to do 
his EX when u can. Also his bankai’s Special allows u to 
hit an opponent without striking yourself.  But beware the 
swords can’t keep up with his flash step or his Attack 2.
Fighting against Byakuya sucks but just try to kill him off 
quickly.  Stay on the attack so he can’t get anything in.  
Avoid staying right in front of him or you’ll risk being 
caught in his EX.  The swords in his bankai hesitate for a 
second before they strike at u.  Use that second to flash-
step out of the way.  

Shaolin “Soi” Fon (Cpt. 2nd Div. Gotei 13)	[CHARS22]
Combo: Soi Fon does a devastating 6-hit hand-to-hand combo.

Attack 1: Soi 

Attack 2: Soi Fon flash-steps behind her opponent then 
kicks them in the back. 

Special Attack: Nigeki Kessatsu (Death in 2 Steps) Flash-
steps behind her opponent striking them and placing a 
butterfly on her opponent.  If she lands this attack again 
while the person is marked it’s an instant death.  The mark 
won’t disappear until she or her opponent is dead.  

EX Special Attack: Summons butterflies that attack her 
opponent. 12-hits. About 45% damage.

Shikai: Soi Fon takes off her captain’s coat and makes 
whirlwinds that continuously and randomly appear around the 
stage. Of course they damage anyone who comes in contact 
with them.  

Abilities: Extreme speed increase.

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: Same as before but the blade is infused w/ 

Attack 2: No change. 
Special Attack: No change. 

EX Special Attack: Soi Fon makes a whirlwind around that 
sucks in her opponents.  

Aerial 1: Soi Fon does a front flip kick.  Can be followed 
up w/ another move.
BG: No change.

Aerial 2: Soi Fon throws a hidden sword with her foot 
BG: Same as before but the sword is now Reiatsu charged. 

Aerial Special: Nigeki Kessatsu (Death in 2 Steps) Soi Fon 
dives toward her opponent this time instead of flash-
stepping behind her.  

Soi Fon is one of the fastest in the game.  Her combos are 
fast and before u know it she’ll have your health 
diminishing.  What I like most about her is her “death in 
two steps” ability.  Time two of her Special Attacks in 
succession and its instant death no matter what.  Her 
projectiles can keep opponents at bay but are not very 
strong. Her EX sucks her opponents in so do that as much as 
possible. Careful about her Special Attack and don’t try to 
get it constantly or you’ll end up getting killed.
Soi Fon’s defense rate isn’t very high.  She can’t take too 
much damage so be sure do as much damage as possible.  
Watch out for her Special Attack it’s unblockable.  If she 
does her EX just block, flash-stepping will get u hit.  

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto 
(Cpt. 1st Div. /Captain Commander Gotei 13)   [CHARS23]

Combo: A 6-hit double kido blast, flash-step staff smack, 
then kido blast that is just disheartening to see done to 
your character.

Attack 1:  Yama-jii does a Bakudo #61 Rikujokoro (Six Rods 
Prison) then releases fire onto the opponent.

Attack 2: Yama-jii fires a fireball from his cane. I’m 
pretty sure this is a kido possibly Hado #31 but he has 
fire at his command and I doubt he needs to say 
incantations for any of his kido. So fireball it is…

Special Attack: Makes a giant fireball then hurls it at his 
opponents.  The longer u charge it, the bigger it becomes.

EX Special Attack: Uses an impressive display of kido 
control.  He does a Bakudo #61 Rikujokoro (Six Rods Prison) 
to lock his victim in place then 18 consecutive Hado #4: 
Byakurai (Pale Lightning) ending with him exploding his 
victim.  Yikes… 

Shikai:  Yama-jii releases Ryujin Jakka.  The entire staged 
is engulfed in flames which burn his opponents over and 
over for its duration.  

Abilities: Massive strength increase. All attacks have fire 

Combo: 3-hit slash combo ending w/ an upward slash.

Attack 1:  Yama-jii commands fire from the stage to attack 
his target.

Attack 2:  Number 1: Nadegiri.  (Killing Sweep) Yam-jii 
jumps then slams the ground with Ryujin Jakka. This is 
similar to Momo’s Attack 2 but with a much stronger 

Special Attack: No change.  

EX Special Attack: A 6-hit fire slash combo ending w/ a 
shockwave of flames.  

Aerial 1: Yama-jii fires a Hado #1: Sho (thrust) down in 
front of him.  
BG: A downward slash.

Aerial 2: Yama-jii fires a fireball in the air then flash-
steps behind his opponent in the air.
BG: Yama-jii slams the ground with Ryujin Jakka creating a 
shockwave of fire around him.

Aerial Special: Yama-jii’s Special Attack can be done in 
the air, however, it points downward.  
BG: No change.

What can say? Yama-jii is as strong in the game as he is in 
the anime.  He can flash-step off-screen in just 2 steps. 
No one can flash-step further than he can. He however walks 
very slowly.  His regular EX can catch wherever u are and 
the kido that follow are homing.  U can just continually 
spam fireballs and he conveniently side-steps before he 
fires them.  His shikai alone ignites the entire stage and 
he doesn’t even have to attack to do damage. Just attack 
relentlessly and it’ll be over soon.  Do any Special 
Attacks as u see fit.
Fighting against Genryusai is pretty much torture.  Don’t 
let him get too far away because he’ll spam fireballs. U 
can flash-step at the last minute to avoid both his EX 
attacks so don’t worry much about those. If he does his 
shikai kill him quickly. The fire around the stage can take 
almost half your health if it lasts for the full duration.  
Luckily they didn’t make him unable to be staggered or 
knocked down so u still have a chance against him.

Jushiro Ukitake (13th Div. Cpt. Gotei 13)		[CHARS24]

Combo: Sweet display of swordsmanship.  A 6-hit slash 

Attack 1: Sends forward an orb made of water.  Can be held 
and charged for 2 more levels.  The first level shoots one, 
the second sends 3, and the third sends 5.  If struck with 
his Attack 2, they’ll explode into large electrified 
spheres.  Only 5 can be thrown at a time.  After that, 
whenever u throw a new one the oldest one disappears.

Attack 2: Jushiro makes a pillar of electricity in front of 

Special Attack: Holds his zanpakuto over his head and makes 
lightning come in a shockwave.  Seems to have water in it 
as well. 

EX Special Attack: Sticks his zanpakuto into the ground 
making a water dragon jump forward.  This attack has pretty 
good range.  

Shikai: Jushiro makes a vortex of water which randomly 
spawns around the stage.  His zanpakuto becomes charged w/ 

Abilities: Speed increase.  All attacks are lightning 

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: No change.

Attack 2: Same as before but pillar is bigger.
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: Same as before but the dragon is now 
electrically charged.  

Aerial 1: A horizontal crossing slash.  Can be followed w/ 
other attacks.
Aerial 2: Jushiro sends out a water orb like in his Attack 
1. Only one can be thrown at a time but the limit is still 
Aerial Special: None.

Jushiro is a character that involves some strategy to play 
with.  U have to maneuver your opponent into his orbs so u 
can use his lightning to explode them.  His Special Attack 
is good radial attack and could be used to explode his orbs 
as well as his sword attacks after his shikai. Use his 
combo as much as possible.  Because Jushiro is sick, he’ll 
occasionally cover his mouth and cough after he performs a 
move, so if u attack make sure it hits, or he’ll be 
vulnerable during this.  
	It’s not hard to fight against Jushiro unless the 
player is really good with him.  Just fight as u usually 
would and u should be fine and avoid his EX attack. In his 
shikai, his zanpakuto becomes electrically charged so if u 
get hit with them you’ll be stunned and frozen there for a 
second or two.

Yoruichi Shihoin (Rogue Shinigami)		[CHARS25]
Combo: Nice looking 6-hit hand-to-hand flash step combo.

Attack 1: Throws a hidden sword w/ her foot.  

Attack 2: Charges forward w/ a fist charged w/ kido. (think 
chidori but a yellow one).

Special Attack: A counter. Yoruichi stands w/ her hands by 
her side.  When attacked she flash steps behind her 
opponent striking them.

EX Special Attack: Yoruichi throws a knife and when it 
connects does a flash-step combo.  

Shunko (Flash Cry): Yoruichi takes off her jacket and 
lightning-based kido flows out of her back.  Because of 
this, the stage is battered randomly by lightning bolts.

Abilities: Extreme speed increase.  All attacks are kido 

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: No change.

Attack 2: No change. 
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: Fires a massive thunder-like kido 
forward from her hand.70%.

Aerial 1: A diving missile kick. Can be followed up another 
Aerial 2: Yoruichi throws and hidden sword from her foot. 
Aerial Special:  Flash-steps behind her opponent then hits 
them w/ a kido attack.

Strategy:  Yoruichi is like a stronger version of Soi Fon.  
Her attacks are swift and precise.  Plus she’s pretty fast.  
Her Special Attack is a counter to any move even 
projectiles.  But like Soi Fon her projectiles are weak.  
Try to link her combo with her aerial special for a good 
amount of damage.
	Against her take care not to attack her when she does her 
counter.  It does decent damage.  And avoid any of her attacks 
in her Shunko mode they do added damage.  

Kisuke Urahara 
(Former 12th Div. Cpt. /Rogue Shinigami)  [CHARS26]
Combo: 4-hit slash combo that ends with Urahara doing a 
aerial front-flip downward slash.

Attack 1: Urahara does a red Getsuga-like projectile 

Attack 2: Chikasumi no Tate (Blood Mist Shield). Urahara 
uses Benihime’s special ability to make a shield in front 
of him. This repels almost every attack and sends a counter 
attack back.  Can be held for longer duration.

Special Attack: Urahara performs Bakudo #99 Bankin (Great 
Seal). It has three stages or “songs”. They go in order & 
each one requires both: a press of the O button and 1 bar 
from his Reiatsu gauge.  To do the entire spell u need a 
full Reiatsu gauge. The “songs” are: 
1. Shokyoku: Shiryu (First Song: Halting Fabric)
2. Nikyoku: Hyakurensan (Second Song: Hundred Linked Bolts) 
3. Shukyoku: Bankin Taiho (Final Song: Great Seal of 10,000 

EX Special Attack: Senren Bakusatsu Taiho. Urahara pulls 
out a cannon that fires multiple bullets before ending w/ a 
charged cannon bullet that explodes on impact.

Shikai: Portable Gigai. Urahara makes 4 gigai of himself 
which are scattered around the stage.  When they are hit by 
anyone they begin running in random directions hitting any 
opponent they encounter then explode.  

Abilities: Speed increase. Urahara can block most 
projectiles and attacks automatically by standing still.  

Combo: No Change.

Attack 1: Same as before but the projectile is much bigger.

Attack 2: Same as before but this time the shield surrounds 
Urahara in a pyramid.  Can be held for a longer duration.
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: Taps his hat and makes a bubble appear 
that pops and 3 more gigai come out.  All 3 both flash-step 
and fire of Getsuga-like attacks at his target three times. 

Aerial 1: A downward slash. Can be followed with another 
BG: No change

Aerial 2: Launches a slash projectile downwards.
BG: No change.

Aerial Special: None.

Urahara is definitely one of my favorites.  He can fire 
projectiles and repel almost any attack.  And his Special 
Attack has 3 stages and does more damage than his regular 
EX. His speed is pretty good too.  Try to use his 
shield as a defensive attack only but up close it can be 
used as an attack.  In his shikai use his EX as much as 
possible it does some serious damage.  And his shield in 
his shikai protects him from anything! Plus he can block 
projectiles by just standing still.  
	Against Urahara if u throw a projectile just make sure 
to look to see if he has used his shield because another 
will be coming your way.  The CPU fights pretty well w/ 
Urahara.  It’s possible to dodge his shikai EX w/ flash-
steps but the timing has to be right.  When he’s not in his 
shikai his shield only blocks what’s in front of him. Pick 
a character that can attack from a different direction.  

Kon (Modified soul inside a stuffed animal…lol)	[CHARS27]
Combo: Kon does a punch, kick, jumping spinning head butt 
combo.  6-hits.

Attack 1: Kon throws out a random item.

Attack 2: Kon lays down a trap item.

Special Attack: Kon throws a bunch of random items out.

EX Special Attack: Kon pulls out a giant soccer ball and 
when hit splits into multiple smaller sized soccer balls. 

Transformation: Kon drinks a Super EX drink and becomes 

Abilities: Strength increase.

Combo: A monstrous 2 punch launching combo.

Attack 1: Kon shoots a homing missile at his opponent.

Attack 2: Kon jumps forward landing in the sitting position 
making a shockwave where he lands.
Special Attack: Kon shoots a big missile that turns into 
smaller ones.

EX Special Attack: Kon fires eye beams and follow his 
targeted opponent w/ them.

Aerial 1: Kon spins like top in the air. Can be used to do 
a triple jump.
BG: None.

Aerial 2: Kon throws a random item in the air.
BG: None.

Aerial Special: Kon throws random items out in the air.

That’s right Kon is a character is the game and, yes, he 
still is a small stuffed animal.  He can’t take much damage 
and his moves seem to be the comical relief of the game.  
He throws random items that mostly backfire on him.  He 
can’t flash-step so he just slides on his belly across the 
stage.   But the items can damage his opponents as well.  
Just stay out of the way of them.  When he transforms he 
gains some decent power. This is where u want kill as many 
opponents as u can. Take no prisoners.
	Kon‘s short stature make him able to dodge most attacks 
as they fly over his head. He runs around and throws out items 
but isn’t very tough.  Before u even know it, u have killed 
him. His transformation is his strongest asset.  He can do 
serious damage here just dodge away from him while running 
around the stage. 
Ururu Tsumigiya 
(Human, under Kisuke Urahara’s care)  [CHARS28]
Combo: A 5-hit boxing style combo ending with a wind-up 

Attack 1: Senren Bakusatsu Taiho. Fires an exploding 
cannon.  Can be held for 2 more levels.  1st level is one 
shot. 2nd is 2 shots, 3rd is 3 shots.  They are also homing 

Attack 2: Does a flurry of punches followed by a kick. If 
/\ is pressed repeatedly during this attack the combo can 
go up to 13 hits.

Special Attack: Ururu does a homerun swing w/ a broom. This 
girl’s got some serious strength.

EX Special Attack: Senren Bakusatsu Taiho. Ururu pulls out 
a cannon like Urahara but she fires 5 waves of 3 exploding 

Reiatsu Power-up: Ururu goes into a trance state and 
releases her Reiatsu in a wave that does 50% damage to all 
surrounding her.

Abilities: Extreme speed increase.  Strength increase. Can 
now use flash-step. 

Combo: 3-hit punch, kick, punch launching combo.  

Attack 1: Lunges forward throwing an upward punch then 
comes down w/ another.

Attack 2: Flash-steps behind her opponent and kicks.
Special Attack: Ururu launches straight up before coming 
down head first on her opponent.

EX Special Attack: Does a 4-hit flash-step combo.

Aerial 1: A jumping kick.  Can be followed up w/ another 
BG: 2-hand overhead smash. Can be followed up w/ another 

Aerial 2: A head first dive into the ground in front of 
BG: No change.

Aerial Special: None.
BG: Flash-steps off-screen then comes barreling down head 
first in a spiral right on top of her opponent. 

This girl is very fast. Her Attack 2 is really fast and it 
can stop a guard break attack.  U can do more damage faster 
with her combos than with her specials.  When she releases 
her Reiatsu make sure there are opponents around her to get 
	She is not that hard to beat when she hasn’t released 
her Reiatsu gauge but once she does, she can flash-step and 
do serious damage.  Kill her as fast as u can because it 
makes her extremely fast.  Once u catch her, stay with her.  

Sado “Chad’ Yatsutora (Human, Friend of Ichigo)	[CHARS29]
Combo: A 3-hit boxing combo ending w/ an uppercut.

Attack 1: Chad sways back and forth then lunges forward w/ 
a punch. Can be held for 2 more levels. Each making the 
punch stronger.  The last level is unblockable. 

Attack 2: Chad does an uppercut w/ his right arm.

Special Attack: fires a blast from his right hand.

EX Special Attack: Brazo Derecha de Gigante (Right hand of 
the Giant) First Form. Does an uppercut w/ his left hand 
then blasts his opponent w/ his right.

Reiatsu Release: Brazo Derecha de Gigante (Right hand of 
the Giant) Second Form. Chad powers up his right arm and 
Reiatsu now flows out his right shoulder. He then blasts a 
beam down at the ground causing chunks of rock to break 
rain down on the stage.

Abilities: Strength increase. 

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: Same as before but the shockwave is larger.

Attack 2: No change.
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: El Directo. (Strike of the Giant). Same 
as before but w/ a stronger punch and he fires the blast 
for a third hit.  

Aerial 1: A 2-hand overhead smash.  Can be followed up w/ 
another attack.			
BG: No change.

Aerial 2: Chad launches himself towards the ground and 
slams his right arm into it.  Capable of knocking opponents 
BG: No change.

Aerial Special: Chad launches a beam from his right arm.
BG: No change.

Chad is an ok fighter. He takes some getting used because 
he can’t flash-step.  He just sways backward and u might 
even find yourself swaying off an edge with him. His moves 
do some good damage and his Attack 1 cannot be stopped 
while he’s charging it.  Just spam it and his Special 
Attack and he’ll do fine.
	I hate fighting Chad.  He always seems to get in close 
with that lunging punch of his.  Let him charge it then 
flash-step out of danger.  Watch out for his EX attack. Out 
of all the characters he seems to do his the most. And it 
takes a chunk of life away.

Uryuu Ishida (Last Quincy)		[CHARS30]
Combo: 3 arrows shots. The last can knock opponents down.

Attack 1: Green laser beam that can bend 5 times.  By 
pressing /\ before the 5th, u can stop it wherever it is.  
It does damage but opponents can walk right through it.

Attack 2: Uses Hirenkyaku (God Step) to side-step and then 
fires a strong arrow.

Special Attack: Fires several arrows into the sky that rain 
down on his target. 

EX Special Attack: Throws Ginto (small silver pipes with 
Reiryoku in them) that traps his opponent in a shell then 
fires an arrow exploding on contact.  

Transformation: Lone Sparrow on a Silver Cliff.  Uryuu 
changes his bow and makes arrows rain down on the stage.

Abilities: Speed increase.  Faster attack rate.

Combo: 13-hit combo of a barrage of arrows.

Attack 1: Fires 10-12 arrows in a circular pattern upwards.

Attack 2: Fires 3 strong arrows in same fashion as before.  
Repeatedly pressing /\ will result in being able to do this 
2 more times.
Special Attack: Licht Regen (Rain of Light). Fires 200 
shots at his opponent. Medium ranged attack.

EX Special Attack: Throws 5 Ginto towards his opponent then 
shoots them making beams rain down on them. 

Aerial 1: Ginto. (small silver pipes with Reiryoku in 
them).  Throws 3 Ginto at his opponent.
BG: No change. 

Aerial 2: Uses Hirenkyaku (God Step) to appear above his 
opponent then fires a strong arrow.
BG: No change.

Aerial Special: Fire several arrows down at his opponent.
BG: Uryuu throws Ginto and uses Hirenkyaku (God Step) to 
appear with them over his opponent then shoots them rain 
beams down on his opponent.

Uryuu is the best long range fighter in the game.  U can 
just fire of arrows from far away doing his Attack 2 in-
between.  If u knock an opponent down, do his regular Special. 
It’ll prevent his opponent from going on the offensive from 
afar and u can continue to batter them with arrows. His 
Attack 1 is convenient as well. Even though opponents can 
just walk right through it, it still does damage.    
	Against Uryuu don’t give him any space.  He’s a long-
range fighter and will pick u apart from far away. Stay close 
and don’t worry about his specials, they all can be avoided by 

Inoue Orihime (Human, Friend of Ichigo)		[CHARS31]
Combo: Sends out one of her guardians (Tsubaki) in a 
sweeping 3-hit attack.

Attack 1: Sends out her guardian (Tsubaki) straight 
forward. The guardian also hits anyone when he is returning 
to Orihime.

Attack 2: Santen Kesshun (Three Sacred Links Shield). 
Orihime makes a small triangle shield that repels any 

Special Attack: Koten Zanshun (Solitary Sacred Cutting 
Shield) Orihime creates a triangle shaped shield that sends 
anyone caught inside flying upwards. 

EX Special Attack: Orihime heals herself.  Her health keeps 
regenerating for a short period.  

Guardian Activation:	Soten Kisshun (Twin Sacred Return 
Shield). Orihime sends her guardians into the sky making a 
light shine down on the stage, healing her continuously.

Abilities: Nothing worth listing. 

Combo: No changes.

Attack 1: No changes.

Attack 2: No changes.

Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: Orihime fires a triangle shaped beam at 
her opponent.  This is probably a version of her Koten 

Aerial 1: Orihime turns her shield into a platform that she 
can jump off of.
BG: No changes.

Aerial 2: Sends her guardian (Tsubaki) down in front of 
BG: No changes.

Aerial Special: None. 

Orihime is a mid-range fighter. One of her attacks is long-
range.  But her greatest strength is her shield.  It can 
block anything.  And her Special Attack is good for 
attacking multiple people at once.  Her healing ability is 
good when she is getting hurt.  Just use her shield 
constantly to keep opponents at bay, then her combo.
	U could fight Orihime as u would regularly fight.  She 
doesn’t have any spectacular moves that u have to watch out 
for.  Also don’t let up on her too much or else her healing 
ability will make her last longer than she should.

Yammy Rialgo (Cero {0} and Decima {10th} Espada)	[CHARS32]
Combo: 4-hit hammer fist, stomp, uppercut, punch combo.

Attack 1: Bala. Yammy fires a bala at the ground in front 
of him. Repeatedly pressing /\ will result in up to 5 balas 
being fired.

Attack 2: Yammy takes a crouched stance then shoulder 
blocks his opponent. Pressing /\ again makes him do a 
follow up kick. U can also hold the initial shoulder block 
to do more damage but there is no follow up attack. 

Special Attack: Yammy grabs his opponent in the air then 
drains their Reiatsu taking it for his own.  

EX Special Attack: Fires a cero from his mouth in a up and 
down sweeping motion. 

Reiatsu Power-up: Yammy pulls a huge chunk of ground up 
then punches it making meteor-like chunks rain down on the 

Abilities: Strength increase. Can’t be staggered or blown 
back. Can’t be thrown. 

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: No change.

Attack 2: No change.
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: No change.

Aerial 1: A downward attack.  Can be followed up w/ another 
BG: No change.

Aerial 2: Fires balas in the air.  The same as his Attack 
BG: No change.

Aerial Special: None.

Yammy is a very slow fighter.  To move around efficiently 
you’ll have to use his Sonido (Arrancar equivalent to 
flash-step).  His Special is extremely hard to time so 
don’t bother with it.  Instead save the Reiatsu and launch 
his EX.  It does much more damage. And spam his Bala attack 
as well.  It reaches pretty far. 
	Yammy’s pretty slow so u shouldn’t have any problems 
fighting him.  Just watch out for his bala and EX cero. 

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez (Sexto {6th} Espada)		[CHARS33]
Combo: 4-hit triple kick, then jumping upward slash combo.

Attack 1: Horizontal slash w/ his zanpakuto making a 
Getsuga-like energy come from it.  Can be held for greater 
damage and distance.

Attack 2: Slashes lunges forward making a vertical Getsuga-
like energy come from his zanpakuto.

Special Attack: Grimmjow fires a blue cero at his opponent 
from his hands. Can be held for a longer duration at the 
cost of draining Reiatsu.

EX Special Attack: Grimmjow pushes his opponent then fires 
a cero point blank.

Summon/Reiatsu power-up:	Grimmjow summons a Menos grande 
that fires a blue cero continuously around the stage. 

Abilities: Speed increase.  

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: No change.

Attack 2: No change. 
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: Grimmjow pushes his opponent then fires 
a slash projectile as big as Ichigo’s Getsuga Tensho. 

Aerial 1:  downward kick. Can be followed w/ another 
BG: Same as before but larger.

Aerial 2: a back flip launching kick.
BG: Same as before but larger.

Aerial Special: Fires a cero down in front of him. Can be 
held down for a longer duration but it drains Reiatsu.

Grimmjow does a lot kicks in his combo but they’re not very 
damaging. Instead use his Attack 1 & 2 more than his combo.  
His cero is very useful as it can be held to do more 
damage.  Get his BG filled as soon as possible so that 
these attacks do even more damage.  Since he didn’t fight 
much in the arc that this game covers he doesn’t have a 
wide variety of moves to choose.
	He’s not very hard to fight against but he is annoying.  
If he catches with his Attack 2, he can spam it over and over.  
And if the stage u are fighting in has an edge u are sure to 
go flying off of it.  Don’t give him the chance to do it.  The 
best defense is a good offense and vise versa…
Luppi (Sexto {6th} Espada)		[CHARS34]
Combo: Luppi attacks extending his arms in a 3-hit combo.

Attack 1: Luppi sticks his arm in the ground.  It then 
emerges from underneath the person he is targeting. 

Attack 2: Uses sonido (Sonic Step) to appear in front of 
his opponent then hits them w/ his tentacle.  

Special Attack: Opens a garganta portal in front of him 
then sticks his hand through opening several more around 
his opponents where he attacks from

EX Special Attack: Summons menos grande that fire small 
ceros from random angles at his target.

Resurrecion: Trepadora. Luppi goes into his resurrected 
form. He gains 8 additional arms on his back, sticks then 
into the ground uprooting throughout the stage attacking 

Abilities: Strength increase. 

Combo: Same as before but he uses his tentacles this time.

Attack 1: Extends all 8 tentacles out in front of him.

Attack 2: Extends his tentacles about 6 character lengths 
in front of him, then bends them downwards at 90º angles.  
Special Attack: Luppi gets on all 4’s and slams the ground 
w/ the 8 arms on his back extended.

EX Special Attack: Luppi gets on all 4’s and spins the arms 
on his back like a wheel.

Aerial 1: Extends his arm straight out in front of him.
BG: Same as before but w/ the 8 tentacles.

Aerial 2: Extends his arm down in front of him.
BG: Same as his Attack 2 (resurrection) but in the air.

Aerial Special: None
BG: None.

Luppi is a pretty good long range fighter.  Everything he 
does can be done from long range and if need be, he has a 
sonido attack that puts him right beside his opponent.   
However, his attacks are not wide-arced so he attacks in a 
singular pattern.  Use his EX special more than his 
special.  There’s no need to point out his weaknesses 
because he is the only fighter that seems to become weaker 
after his BG has been activated.  His attacks don’t reach 
as far as they do when he’s in his regular form.  Only his 
specials are worth doing and he moves much slower.  Unless 
u have the Reiatsu, don’t bother with his resurrection.  

Shuhei Hisagi (Vice-Captain 9th Div. Gotei 13)	[CHARS35]
Combo: Nice display mixing hand-to-hand combat w/ a slice 
at the end. 6-hits

Attack 1: Dashes forward striking and passing through his 
opponent. Can be done consecutively 3 times.

Attack 2: Vertical arc slash that has the same effect as 
Kenpachi’s Attack.  

Special Attack: Flash-steps over to his opponent then 
brings down a slash from above.

EX Special Attack: Shuhei does a nice looking cicada dance 
(afterimage) leaping slash.

Shikai: Kazeshini. Shuhei leaps into the air and slices down 
the middle of the entire stage.  From the slice wound emits 
Reiatsu that damages anyone that comes near. This must be a 
not-yet-revealed ability of his zanpakuto.

Abilities: Speed increase.  

Combo: Same as before but the last slash is stronger.

Attack 1: Same as before but he can now do it consecutively 
5 times.

Attack 2: No change.
Special Attack: No change.

EX Special Attack: Same as before but he does an 8 slash 
this time.

Aerial 1: A downward slash.
BG: no change

Aerial 2: The same as his Attack 1 (Reg.) but in the air.
BG: The same as his Attack 1 (BG) but in the air.

Aerial Special: Flash-steps over to his opponent in the air 
before slashing down.
BG: No change.

Shuhei is one of the characters I like but isn’t one of my 
favorite. Yet.  He can move in the air as good as if he was 
on his feet.  I especially like his BG activation because 
he literally cuts the stage in half.  And with half a 
stage, it’s very difficult to maneuver around.  His EX is a 
little hard to aim and connect with but man does it look 
nice when it does.
	Shuhei has very few weaknesses but he can overshoot his 
attack leaving himself wide open.  And after his aerial 
special if he misses he’s left wide open.

Kaname Tosen (Former 9th Div. Cpt. /Arrancar General)[CHARS36]
Combo: 4-hit slash combo ending w/ a flash-step slash.

Attack 1: Creates a tear in the dimension that travels 
along the ground in a straight line before bursting 
upwards.  Tosen seems to have some sort of spatial control. 

Attack 2: Does a rapid stationary stab combo.  Has 
excellent speed.

Special Attack: Benihiko. Tosen spins his sword and makes 
green swords attack his opponent.  

EX Special Attack: Tosen fires a Hado #31: Shakkaho (Shot 
of Red Fire) from his sword. It continues to do burn damage 
after the initial hit.  

Bankai: Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Korogi.	 (Devil 
Cricket Final Form).  Tosen releases both his zanpakuto and 
encases the entire stage in his bankai.  Tosen becomes 
unable to be targeted and seen unless he is attacking. 

Abilities: Speed increase.  Bankai amplifies his attacks.

Combo: No change.

Attack 1: No change.

Attack 2: No change.

Special Attack: Same as before but he can attack everyone 
at once.

EX Special Attack: Tosen makes circles on the ground that 
when stepped in launch his opponents in the air.  They 
appear in random spots and can’t be seen in his bankai. 
They also re-spawn in a different place every time one is 
activated.  They also drain his Reiatsu and cannot be 
stopped once started.

Aerial 1: A downward slash. Can be followed w/ another 
BG: No change.

Aerial 2: Throws a projectile w/ his zanpakuto that has the 
same properties as his Attack 1.
Aerial Special: Benihiko.  Tosen sprays needles in a radius 
hitting anyone caught within them.  

 Finally, my favorite character.  No I didn’t save him for 
last. :p.  Tosen has pretty good speed especially in his 
strikes.  So get in close and do some damage. His EX 
fireball is very good since it does hit damage and 
continues to burn the opponent hit afterwards.   Don’t 
bother with his aerial special; it doesn’t do a lot of 
damage.  Instead focus on building up his BG to release his 
bankai.  In his bankai his opponents are sitting ducks. He 
can’t targeted and can’t be seen except for a blur when he 
flash-steps and when he attacks. U can also see his foot 
steps.  U can pretty much beat the crap out of whoever’s 
still standing by the time u fill his BG.
	Against him, don’t get caught with his regular EX 
special and if u value life do not let him do his bankai.  
If he manages to do it u are screwed.  But guess what? I’m 
going to tell u how to “see” him.  First of all u need to 
stop moving.    Now that Tosen is the only person moving u 
can tell where he is.  Also ALL of his attacks give away 
where he is.  Just look for them. He's also completely 
vulnerable during his Attack 1, if u can dodge it run 
around and pound him from his back.  

***III. Pair Boosts***

Due to requests...

This is a new section and probably the last update to this
FAQ besides the authorized sites list.  This is list of the
abilities gained by each character when they are teamed up
with 1 or more players. When characters on a team reach 30% 
health or lower they now have the option to perform a 
Attribute Assist or Pair Boost. The type of boost received 
depends on the character that initiates it.  Pair
Boosts are always initiated by pressing the L2 buttons when 
the icons appear under the characters reiatsu bars. 
When fighting 3 on 1 the first two characters to successfully 
initate the Pair Boost are the two that gain the ability the 
other gets left out in the cold. LOL.

There are 8 kinds of Pair Boosts. Each lasts about 5-10 secs. 
I'll explain what each does and looks like then start the list 
on who does what. 

Attack Up:  A small red icon appears under the characters. 
Self explanatory.

Invisibility: Characters become invisible for a short period 
of time.

Auto Guard: A shield appears under the characters. Player now 
have the ability to block automatically for a short period of

Unlimited Blade Gauge: Characters' BG becomes marked with the 
"oo" infinite symbol. Lasts about 4 secs. but afterwards the BG
remains filled.

Speed Up: A small blue icon appears under the characters.
Self explanatory. 

Unlimited Reiatsu:  Characters' reiatsu gauge becomes marked with 
the "oo" infinite symbol. Lasts about 5 secs. but afterwards the
gauge remains filled.

Regenerating Reiatsu: Reiatsu regenerates automatically for a 
short period of time. Characters have a glowing blue aura.

Healing: Health regenerates automatically for a short period
of time. 
Character - Pair Boost
Genryusai Yamamoto - Attack Up
Shinji Hirako - Invisibility
Yoruichi Shihoin - Auto Guard
Shuhei Hisagi - Speed Up
Kyoraku Shunsui - Unlimited BG
Sajin Komamura - Speed Up
Renji Abarai - Attack Up
Mayuri Kurosutchi - Invisibility
Toshiro Hitsugaya - Unlimited BG
Ikkaku Madarame - Attack Up
Rangiku Matsumoto - Regenerating Reiatsu
Yumichika Ayasegawa - Regenerating Reiatsu
Yachiru Kusajishi - Unlimited Reiatsu
Izuru Kira - Speed Up
Gin Ichimaru - Unlimited Reiatsu
Kenpachi Zaraki - Auto Guard
Kon - Invisibility
Shoalin Soifon - Unlimited Reiatsu
Byakuya Kuchiki - Unlimited BG
Rukia Kuchiki - Regenerating Reiatsu
Ichigo Kurosaki - Attack Up
Momo Hinamori - Healing
Hiyori Sarugaki - Attack Up
Ulquiorra Cifer - Unlimited Reiatsu
Sosuke Aizen - Regenerating Reiatsu
Kisuke Urahara - Auto Guard
Ichigo (Inner Hollow) - Unlimited Reiatsu
Jushiro Ukitake - Speed Up
Ururu Tsumigiya - Healing
Uryuu Ishida - Regenerating Reiatsu
Sado "Chad" Yatsutora - Speed Up
Inoue Orihime - Healing 
Yammy Ridalgo - Auto Guard
Kaname Tosen - Invisibility
Grimmjow Jagerjaeques - Attack Up
Luppi - Regenerating Reiatsu

****IV. Frequently Asked Questions****    [FAXX]

Q: How far does this game go up to in the anime/manga?
A: It goes up until the Hueco Mundo arc.  When Ichigo, Chad, 
and Uryuu leave to try and rescue Inoue from Las Noches.

Q: Is (insert character) in the game?
A: Boy you’re smart! This is a Moveset FAQ for all the 
characters. If they’re not listed….NO!

Q: Can Ichigo go hollow or do I have to play w/ Inner Hollow 
A: Ichigo can go hollow but the hollowfication only lasts for 
12 seconds.

Q: Will this be released in the U.S.?
A: Not unless SEGA allows SONY to produce a Bleach game in the 
US.  SEGA owns the rights to Bleach games in the US hence the 
reason all the current ones are on the Nintendo systems.

Q: How come the CPU can go through some of my attacks?
A: The CPU’s not going through your attacks; it’s using the 
guard break attack.  Press [] while blocking to do so.  
Nothing can stop this attack but you will still receive 

Q: Do the Vizards masks only last 12 seconds like Ichigos?
A: No.  Fortunately the Vizards have better control of the 
hollowfication technique so theirs will last the duration of 
their Blade Gauge.

Q: How come in the YouTube videos, the specials only show the 
character’s face and then nothing?
A: That’s because the players playing are pressing the start 
button to skip the cinematic.  Useful when you want to get 
straight back to the action.

Q: What is Sonido/Hirenkyaku/Shunpo? 
A: High-speed movement to sum it all up.  Sonido is used by 
the Arrancars, Hirenkyaku is used by the Quincy, and Shunpo is 
used by Shinigami.  

Q:  What’s the best way to practice with a character?  
A:  Mostly FREE BATTLE mode against the CPU.  If u want some 
more variety, go back into battlers modes and replay the 
missions that require u to beat a “X” number of hollows.

*****V. CREDITS*****		[CREDS]

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web 
site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site besides or 
as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

This FAQ is Copyright 2009 Charles J. Hughey II.

Only and their affiliates,, and are allowed to link to and post this FAQ. 
Please don’t make get ugly… 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Keep up the good work, Racjin!

	Outro				[PEACE]
 My email is listed in the intro paragraph so contact me about 
info in this guide or other questions. Special thanks to 
ObituaryBirthday, for was it not for him not finishing this 
section of his FAQ I wouldn’t have written this one. Thanks 
for reading and thanks to GameFaqs for providing a means to 
connect so many gamers from around the world.  You guys are 
doing a great job.  

And if u ever get in a fight with someone, tell them “Show me 
your bankai so I can kill it off.”  Then when you've beaten 
them to their knees, calmly speak (in Yama-jii’s voice if 
possible) “I don’t have the time nor patience to teach a mere 
infant like u how to breathe…”