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Avatar: The Last Airbender Walkthrough Part 1

by Oyhitar

The Last Airbender
Part 1


	1. Waterbender Village 

	2. Amongst the Enemy


	Moving- Left Analog Stick
      Camera Zoom- Right Analog Stick
      Select Aang- D-pad Up
      Select Sokka- D-pad Right
      Select Katara- D-pad Left
      Select Haru- D -pad Down
      Interacting- Triangle
      Blocking- Square
      Attack- X
      Stealth- Circle
      Lock On Target- L1
      Use Health from Inventory- L2
      Use Chi from Inventory- R2
      Momo Mode (Enter/Exit) - L1+Circle
      Advanced Moves- R1+ (Circle, Triangle, Square, or X)
      Pause- START
      In-Game Menu- SELECT
      Bring Up Map- R3

Cheat Codes-
	All Treasure Maps- 37437
      Never-ending Stealth- 53467
      Unlimited Health- 94677
      Unlimited Copper- 23637

	Unlimited Chi- 24463

	Double Damage- 34743

	One Hit Dishonor- 54641

	Chapter Concept Gallery- 97831

Chapter 1: Waterbender Village

	A cinema will start off the game. In it, Aang mentions that Katara said 

she�d go penguin sledding with him and Aang seems pretty eager. If you didn�t 

use the unlimited copper cheat code then you will have to break the jars outside 

of the temple where you start in order to obtain copper. Throughout the game, 

various side objects like hay bails, jars, and boxes can be destroyed to obtain 

copper and sometimes some special items like health/chi orbs, health/chi 

medicine, trinkets, and clothes. 

      First, you might want to go into Momo mode. A path heads to the East. Use 

Momo and slowly progress along that path. Once there is a question mark above 

his head, then you need to look on the side opposite to the water. Once it says 

inspect on the top of the screen, press triangle and a strange ice crystal will 

drop down. Use Momo to pick it up. Head further down the path and there will be 

a second crystal. Near a pack of wolves and a strange glowing symbol, there will 

be a third ice crystal. These ice crystals will come in handy later in the 


      Now, you can once again take control of Aang. You will need to head East 

on the same path that the three ice crystals are located on, only now the wolves 

on the path will attack you. Now a question mark will appear over Aang�s head. 

Once it says focus on the top of the screen, press triangle. You will be 

prompted to press buttons with timing. This will make more sense once you do it 

yourself. A chest will appear and you can open it for goodies.

      At the end of the path there will be another pack of wolves which you can 

battle to gain experience points. There are many levels of attacks in the game. 

Gaining experience points (xp) will upgrade special moves and regular attack 

moves. Special moves require chi however which is why I recommend that you use 

the unlimited chi cheat.

      There will be a glowing symbol on the ground. This is a save point. 

Throughout the game, these save points will appear in certain spots. You should 

probably take advantage of these save points as you will appear at the last save 

point you saved at and at same level completion point you saved at if you are 

dishonored. These save points become obsolete if you use the unlimited health 


      Once you enter the village you will talk to Katara. To Aang�s 

disappointment, Katara can�t play as she has some urgent news. She tells you to 

talk to Master Wei. Head up the stairs to the left. He will have a blue symbol 

over his head which is also visible on your mini map. That blue symbol means 

that he wants to talk to you. Talk to him and he will tell you that a 

waterbender named Hiryu has gone missing. He tells you to go investigate the 

disappearance. This is your first of 5 quests which need to be completed in 

order to get 100% level completion. By now there will be a green arrow on your 

mini map which tells you the direction to where a quest requires you to go. 

      Now head north to the center of the village. There is another person with 

a blue symbol over his head whose name is Da Xia. You know what that means. 

Well, what do you know? He�s looking for eight ice crystals. You should have 

collected three by now.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to go on an ice crystal hunt? 

      One ice crystal is located on the North side of a small Western plaza of 

houses on the west side of the village. You might want to find Master Wei again. 

Don�t talk to him. Instead switch to Momo mode and search the area around Master 

Wei. You�ll find another crystal. You�ll also find a hidden chest in the area to 

the right but don�t waste your time as Aang cannot open this chest. Another ice 

crystal can be found near the town�s vendor on the Northwestern edge of town. 

The second to last crystal can be found in the Northeastern edge of town near 

the base of a spiral staircase. The final crystal is located in the middle of a 

path on the Eastern edge of town near and observation deck. Now you can find Da 

Xia, now represented on the mini map by a green dot, and he�ll give you a 


	Now, exit town by using the Northwestern exit near the town vendor. There 

will be two with one leading South and one leading to the Northwest. It doesn�t 

matter which one you take first but let�s go with the path to the south. But 

don�t go yet. First purchase some wick from the nearby vendor. Trust me, it will 

save you time later. 

      After defeating the wolves, head across the stream by walking on the rocks 

and continue. Now you will not only encounter wolves on the path, but you�ll 

also encounter a new foe, the dark wolf. It takes more hits to kill, unless you 

use the one hit dishonor cheat. Progress further along the path. You can ignore 

the man on the ice bridge as this guide provides all of the information you 

need. On the other side of the bridge you�ll encounter even more wolves. In the 

area there will be a chest which Aang can use focus to reveal. The path will 

lead to another fisherman named Yun-li. You�ll need to talk to him for he has a 

task for you. 

      He is having trouble casting his net. You will need to use focus to cast 

it out. Talk to Yun-li again and he will reward you with oil. You�ll need this 

oil for an upcoming quest.

	Now, venture back to the village. You might want to sell some clothing and 

trinkets you found to the town�s merchant in order to buy better trinkets and 

armor. Explore to the East of the merchant and you�ll sense another chest. Use 

focus to reveal this one and don�t forget to pick up the items. Leave the 

village again from the Northwestern exit, only now you must take the path 

leading north. 

      On this path, there are much more frequent packs of wolves. If you�re 

playing without the unlimited health and unlimited chi cheats, then you can use 

this tip to stay alive. If you find yourself low on health or low on chi after 

you�ve defeated a pack of wolves, just wait in the same spot for a few moments 

and your health and chi will regenerate before you take on another pack. You can 

also gain copper by destroying some ice formations found on the edges of the 

path while you gain copper dishonoring wolves.

      Once you reach the Iceberg Cove, one last pack of wolves will face you. 

Dishonor them and look around. You should find a waterbender pouch and a machine 

part. Take the items you�ve found back to Master Wei. By now you should have 

unlocked a special move. Use it on the way back but be warned, it will use up 

your chi if you use it too much at once without unlimited chi. 

      Master Wei will thank you for the information you�ve provided him by 

investigating. As a token of his appreciation, he will give you a four winds 

charm. This will monumentally improve Aang�s powers (Certain items boost certain 

attributes in a character and each character needs a special attribute to 

perform better. Sometimes while the game is loading, it will say which 

attributes fit each character on screen.). 

      Master Wei recommends that you look for someone to help around town. You 

don�t need to talk to everyone in the village. Just head straight to the West 

side of the town and you�ll find an old lady named Ming who�s in need of oil to 

light her lamp. Luckily for you, Yun-li, the fisherman, gave you some oil as a 

reward. Ming will also ask for some wick. If you followed this guide then you 

should�ve bought wick earlier. If you haven�t, then don�t fret as the merchant 

will never run out of wick. 

      Once you�ve delivered the wick, a cinema scene will show a fire nation 

ship crashing into the shore. Who�s leading this attack? Why it�s none other 

than Prince Zuko! 

      Once you regain control you will see a struggling waterbender next to you 

and a fallen pillar completely trapping you. If you help the waterbender kill 

the soldier attacking him, then he will be courteous and move the pillar out of 

your way. Now, speak to master Wei and he will tell you to assist Sokka who�s 

being attacked by Fire Nation soldiers. Since the village has fallen under 

attack, some of the bridges and paths have been destroyed, forcing you to find 

an alternate route. Kill the Fire nation soldiers in your path to gain xp. Once 

you reach Sokka, kill his attackers and another cinema will proceed. 

      The Fire Nation attackers are unable to kill Master Wei because Katara has 

saved him, so a Fire Nation soldier jumps from above and captures Katara. The 

Fire Nation ship finally retreats, leaving the village nearly destroyed. 

      Now, Sokka joins the party. To take control of Sokka, press the right 

directional key. To regain control of Aang, press the up directional key. Do you 

recall that chest that Aang was unable to open? Well guess who can open it � 

Sokka! Once you have opened the chest, go to the pause menu and you should have 

100% level completion if you did everything correctly. Now you can talk to 

Master Wei for information on the waterbender�s disappearance and advice on 

rescuing Katara.

      Now exit the village from where you entered it and head to the water 

temple. Make sure you have completed all other quests as this is your last 

chance to complete them. The game will ask you if you want to enter the boss 

area and it will prompt you to save.

      The Fire Nation left a machine called the Colossal Inferno. To beat it, 

follow these hints. It will shoot fireballs and spit fire at first. You must fun 

around right to left to dodge them and make sure you are moving at all times. 

When it spits fire, simply stay as far away from it as possible and you won�t be 

burnt. If you lose health then use a health potion from your inventory. You can 

also just take control of the character with greater health. If one character 

dies, then keep fighting with the other one. Once it rests to cool down, a part 

of it will glow. Strike that glowing part as many times as possible and run away 

before it starts attacking or else you will be hit. With one hit dishonor 

activated, you can kill it with one hit.

Once you�ve dishonored the Colossal Inferno, a cinema will play and you�ll 

be prompted to save. Congrats on defeating the first level!!!

Chapter 2: Amongst the Enemy
	After the cinema ends, Aang, Sokka, and Appa land on a beach. Appa will 

rest there for the rest of the chapter. There will be Fire Nation soldiers on 

the beach. New to this level is the ability to use stealth. You can either use 

stealth to sneak past the guard or you can fight them to gain xp. When using 

stealth, make sure you reach a hiding spot where you can�t be seen by enemies 

before your stealth runs out. With unlimited stealth however, you can stay in 

stealth mode for as long as you want. There is a hidden chest on the beach but 

Aang and Sokka are unable to reveal it. Remember to come back later. Make your 

way to the Port Village. The village elder is waiting at the entrance near a 

save point. She�ll advise you to steal some Fire Nation soldier disguises from 

the soldier barracks. On the West side of the village, there is a girl whose 

name is Jin Wei with a blue symbol above her head. Talk to her and she�ll tell 

you that her grandfather has a bad skin condition and requires herbal soap to 

soothe his skin, so keep an eye out for it. There is another person who wants to 

talk to you. He�s a vendor found at the North side of the village. He tells you 

that he needs 8 tomatoes. Momo can find them. One thing to remember is that in 

every chapter, there will be a quest that requires Momo to search for special 

things. In fact, in the pause menu, one of the things on the right of the screen 

is Momo objects. You will need to find these objects in order to gain 100% level 


	Exit the village towards the West. You can use Momo to scout ahead. This 

could give you a good idea of what lies ahead. Use stealth to sneak past on 

group of soldiers at a time. If you are caught, you will be forced to stand and 

fight. Since the soldiers walk back and forth, you will need to be careful of 

where you rest to recharge stealth. Don�t take the turn to the West. Instead, 

keep heading to the South. Just outside of the barracks is a save point. 

	Don�t move ahead blindly when you first regain control of the characters 

as soldiers may spot you.  Use stealth to sneak behind a wall of wood to the 

right and you will find a chest. Use Sokka�s focus to reveal it. Use stealth to 

sneak towards the building, hiding behind boxes and rocks as your stealth 

recharges. Instead of taking the front entrance of the building with large 

doors, take the entrance on the South side of the building. Watch the cinema 

showing two small soldiers being scolded by their higher ranking officer. Those 

guys are just about as big as Aang and Sokka. Now we know who to steal the 

uniforms from!  

      Once inside, use stealth to avoid soldiers. Head down the hall to stairs 

leading to the second floor. There is a save point at the top of the stairs 

which you should probably use. For now, turn right and head to the end of the 

hallway. Enter the last room where the tiny soldiers are located. Dishonor every 

Fire Nation soldier in the room. The tiny soldiers left behind their clothes. 

Pick them up and Sokka and Aang will appear with new Fire Nation disguises on. 

Now the Fire Nation soldiers will not attack unless you attack them or are 

spotted using focus. There is a chest in the other room in the hallway. This is 

not a hidden chest though and it doesn�t require focus. However, you will be 

attacked if you open it. Head back to the stairs but this time stay on the 

second floor and head to the left. The hallway ends at a dead end where you will 

find herbal soap. Stock up on special items and copper in the barracks area. 

Now, proceed to head back to the village. Talk to the elder and she will tell 

you that village supplies have been disappearing. It�s your job to catch the 

thieves. Next to the elder is Jin Wei. Give her the herbal soap and she�ll thank 

you and tells you to find her grandfather who is near the center of the village. 

He�ll give you a soul iron band as a reward. Exit the village to the East. You 

will find a smashed crate. It must be a clue! Follow the footprints leading to 

the Northeast. The path branches off to the East and the North. Follow the path 

to the North for now. You should be able to defeat the hog monkeys without to 

much trouble so it is probably best to fight. Just after the first group of hog 

monkeys, the path curves to the left. In the area there should be a big green 

bush. Use Momo to inspect it and he will find the first of the eight tomatoes. 

Exit Momo mode now. Now as cinema will play showing two angry villagers pelting 

a Fire Nation commoner with fruit. Break the box in between them and they�ll run 

off in terror. The commoner will thank you and promise not to reveal your 

identities. He�ll run off. More hog monkeys will block your path as you head 

south. Just before the path curves back to the west, there�ll be another big 

green plant. Inspect it with Momo and he�ll obtain a second tomato. Fight the 

next two groups of hog monkeys and you�ll arrive at a bridge. Dishonor the Fire 

Nation occupants because they are isolated from any other Fire Nation soldiers. 

Turn right and continue down the path. There is another smashed crate at the 

corner, and more monkeys. Kill those monkeys. Use Momo to inspect the big green 

bush to obtain a third tomato. Head further down the path and there will be a 

small box which you can open to obtain items. On the opposing side of the path 

is a green bush which contains a fourth tomato that Momo can obtain. The path 

ends at a clearing of Fire Nation soldiers. Save before crossing the stream. The 

soldiers will not attack you immediately, allowing you to freely explore. Before 

heading to the North of the clearing towards the cave, explore the South and 

cross another stream. There is a chest in this area. Use Aang�s focus to reveal 

it. Once you open it however, the soldiers will attack you. DON�T panic and 

DON�T run to the middle of the clearing because the other soldiers will start 

fighting then. Just run around in that area, avoiding attacks and striking 

soldiers when they aren�t about to strike you. Dishonor the soldiers inside that 

area and none of the other soldiers will attack you. Don�t forget to collect the 

chest�s goodies! Now proceed to head to the North of the clearing and Use 

Sokka�s focus to clear the entrance. The enemy soldiers won�t attack.

	Once in the cave, head down the path to some more soldiers. Of course, the 

supplies were stolen by none other than the Fire Nation. Confront the group and 

use special attacks to show them who is the sheriff in these parts! Once you 

cross the bridge, more enemy soldiers will attack you because they don�t want 

you to escape knowing their secret. Use a few special attacks from somewhat of a 

distance and retreat to the bridge if you run low on health or chi. Repeat this 

strategy for all of the enemy soldiers. At the end is one final group of 

soldiers. Keep hitting them with long range attacks like Aang�s air blast or 

Sokka�s boomerang. Open the nearby chest and exit the cave. The soldiers outside 

of the cave won�t attack because they don�t know that you are aware of they�re 

secret. Save and head back to the village. After that fighting experience, the 

hog monkeys shouldn�t be too much of a problem.

	Once you enter the village, talk to the village elder and she will thank 

you. She will also advise you to talk to the dock merchant to find out any 

further information on where Katara�s being held. Before you leave though, you 

should talk to a few villagers. They�ll tell you about a widow who lives west of 

the village and is in need of your services.

	Now, exit the village and head to the West. Start on the path you took to 

the barracks. This time, take a right at the intersection. Next, take the first 

left turn and head to the ship docks. When breaking crates be aware that if you 

accidentally hit a soldier then you will be attacked.

	Talk to the merchant and he�ll tell you that Zuko has been captured and 

jailed with a water tribe girl. It must be Katara!  

	Head south in the dock and break any crates or boxes if you want to fill 

your pockets. If you go to the far South end of the docks then you�ll sense a 

chest that Sokka can reveal using his focus. 

	Exit the dot and go to the area with the tents. On your mini map you�ll 

spot a blue dot to the North. It�s the commoner that you saved earlier. Tell him 

about the thefts and he�ll recommend that you talk to his captain. There is a 

good captain and a bad captain. You must talk to the good captain in order to 

complete the quest. The good captain is represented by a green dot on your radar 

or mini map. Talk to him and he�ll thank you for reporting this to him and he 

promises that he will put an end to the thefts. He will also reward you with a 

carved charm. If you accidentally talk to the bad captain (which really 

shouldn�t happen seeing as how the good captain is represented on your map by a 

green dot) then he will send you off with a warning. If you talk to him again, 

then he will call on everyone to attack you. The problem isn�t so much staying 

alive as it is that even the good captain will attack you so you will have no 

choice but to kill him, meaning that it will not be possible to complete the 


	Explore north of the docks. As the path curves to the West you�ll spot yet 

another green bush. Use Momo to inspect it and obtain another tomato. At the 

intersection, take a left and head to the West. You�ll find another smashed food 

crate and a group of monkeys. Dishonor them and look for a green bush in the 

area and inspect it in Momo mode. The path ends at the widow�s house. 

	The widow has a blue symbol over her head and you know what that means. 

Speak to her and she�ll tell you that she doesn�t have enough money to pay 

taxes. Give her 100 copper while speaking to her and the tax collector will come 

and take the money away. Kill the tax collector as soon as possible while he�s 

away from the other soldiers or else they�ll join in trying to kill you. Once 

you�ve dishonored the tax collector, take his key. 

	Now go on the path and head to the East. Go left at the intersection. Look 

for a large green bush just past the intersection. You know the drill. Use Momo 

to obtain the bush�s fruit. The path branches off next. The one going to the 

right heads to the East to the cave. You�ve already taken care of thing there so 

go left onto the path taking you to the Northeast. The path ends at a Fire 
Nation Outpost. You will want to use the nearby save point.

	Once you enter the area, your senses will tell you that there is a hidden 

chest around. Use Aang�s focus to reveal it. There is also a big green bush to 

the left of the building. Inspect it with Momo to obtain your final tomato! Now, 

you may enter the building.

	Once you enter, head to the right of the building. There�ll be a hallway 

coming to a dead end. At the end you�ll find a big chest. Open it and you�ll 

obtain the tax money. Immediately, a cinema will show soldiers hastily entering 

the building. Use stealth to sneak past them and make sure you aren�t seen. Keep 

using stealth until you have left the building and the area outside of the 

building. Once you survive the ordeal and successfully escape with the tax 

money, head back to the widow�s house. The soldiers on the path will be unaware 

of what you�ve done so they won�t attack you.

	Once you reach the widow�s house, giver her back her share of the tax 

money. Now you may return to the village. 

	The first order of business is to give the merchant his tomatoes. He�ll 

reward you with a heavenly pendant. Don�t forget to give the tax money to the 

elder too. Now, exit the village and head to the East. Go straight on the path 

without turning anywhere. 

	Once you�ll find that there�s a commotion going on. Apparently, Zuko has 

escaped from prison! At the front entrance, there�ll be several crates that you 

can destroy as well as a hidden chest that Sokka can reveal with his focus. You 

should probably also use the save point at the front. Now head inside.

	As soon as you enter, you�ll encounter the two soldiers that you stole the 

uniforms from! You will also discard your disguises. Before doing anything else, 

take a moment to look at your map. Look to see that you have found all of the 

locations. It is most likely that you would�ve. However, it is possible that you 

may not have been given credit for finding all of the areas, even if you have. 

This problem always occurs for me. If you are so unfortunate that it happens to 

you then I have a solution to your problem that no one else has. 

	You�ll have to revisit the areas without your uniforms. This always works 

for me. Although, it will be nearly impossible to revisit places like the dock 

without getting massacred by the enemy, so you must make sure that you have 

saved just outside of the prison after you discarded your uniforms. Next, reload 

the game. Before hitting play, go to the extras menu and go to code entry. Enter 

any code you feel is necessary (Find all of the cheats for the game at the 

beginning of the walkthrough). You probably won�t have this problem, but I�m 

just putting it out there that it can happen and that if it does happen to you, 

then you can look at this guide for the solution. 

	Next, you will want to fight the two guards that are alone, but it will be 

wise to use stealth to sneak past the big group of soldiers. Once you sneak past 

them, you�ll find a Fire Nation soldier imprisoned by his own comrades! You�ll 

need the jailer�s key to save him though so remember to come back to him later. 

Walk down the ramp and you can either fight the group of soldiers or sneak past 

them. Keep going and you�ll see Katara locked up in her cell. Never fear Katara! 

It�s Aang and Sokka to the rescue! You must dishonor the nearby captain for he 

bears the jailer�s key. Once you�ve freed Katara, she will join the party. Press 

the left directional key to take control of her. Katara will tell you that a 

woman named Lian is being held prisoner and is being forced to build strange 

machines which the Fire Nation will use to win the war. Because of her �making� 

of the machines, she is referred to as the �The Maker�. Katara urges you to free 

her but first, you have some unfinished business to take care of. Head back the 

way you came. Look for an imprisoned man on your way and free him. Once you 

reach the imprisoned soldier, he�ll thank you and tells you of the Fire Nation�s 

madness. Recall that chest that Aang and Sokka couldn�t open? Well, Katara can 

open it! 

	On the way, remember that enemy soldiers will attack you. Pass through the 

village and head to the beach where you started and use Katara�s focus to reveal 

it. If you aren�t using the unlimited health and chi cheats, then stock up on 

health medicine and chi medicine as you will definitely need it for the upcoming 

boss. Now head back on the path to the prison using the same tactics as before 

to get past all of the groups of Fire Nation. Reenter the prison and head back 

to the spot that you were at before. 

	Head past all of the cells until you reach a save point. You don�t need to 

save here because when you enter the boss area you will be prompted to save. 

Once you arrive at a stream of lava, use Katara�s focus to solidify the lava so 

you can safely cross. If you have full level completion then you may enter the 

boss area now.

	A cinema will show Lian who�s being held captive and her captor, the 

jailer who is much more of a tough opponent than his appearance suggests. The 

jailer will truly be one of the toughest bosses of the game. Follow these tips 

to beat him.

	First of all, if you have unlimited health and one hit dishonor, just run 

around to the back of the jailer and hit him once with a special move and he 

will be dishonored instantly. Without the cheats, you must constantly run around 

the jailer at all times to dodge the jailer�s attacks. When it comes to striking 

the jailer, the main window of opportunity is when he�s focusing on taking out 

the rest of the group. When the jailer chases you, either keep running until one 

of the others hit him so you can strike him from behind or immediately change 

characters while you�re being pursued so you can strike the jailer from behind. 

When the jailer is facing away from you use special attacks to lessen his 

health. After a while, the jailer will get tired and drop on one knee. When he 

does this, hit him as much as possible with whatever attack you want to use. 

Beware though because when the jailer stands back up, he will knock you back and 

you�ll lose a bit of life. Keep repeating this process to remove more and more 

of the jailer�s life. At some point in the fight, the jailer will roll towards 

you so he can crush you. When he rolls, try your best to avoid him by running in 

circles around the boss area. 

	Eventually, the jailer will drop down in defeat. Lian apparently escaped 

in the midst of the battle. However, she has left a map in her cell. This map 

reveals where an earthbending camp is. To recap, Lian is indeed the maker and 

she has a map that only she knows about revealing an earthbending training camp. 

Also, a machine which Lian was forced to make captured a waterbender. So far, 

the villain of the story is the whole Fire Nation army but the story is young so 

anything may be possible. For now though, store any question that you have 

inside of your mind and forage on to the earthbending camp, for there is 

information and knowledge to be gained.

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