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Follow the dark path or use the light
Astro Boy Pack Shot

Astro Boy


Astro Boy FAQ/Walkthrough

by Joshua Gibbs

Astro Boy for Playstation 2 Walkthrough/FAQ
Version 1.0
by Joshua Gibbs
[email protected]
Copyright 2005 Joshua Gibbs

Table of Contents
1. Legal Info
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Story and Characters
5. Walkthrough
6. Side-Quests
   I. Events
   II. Ring Courses
   III. Sharaku's Side-Story
7. Cards
8. Version History
9. Contributions/Credit
10. Thanks

1. Legal Info
If you want to use this guide on your site, please e-mail me and let me know,
and I should have no problem giving you permission. I'm not going to be a dick
about it.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Any similarities between the layout of this FAQ and yours are pure coincidence.

Everything in this FAQ came from either the instruction manual that came with
the game (which I own) or from me playing the game.

2. Introduction
Hi there. Name's Josh, and this is my 2nd FAQ (the first one for Space Channel
5 Special Edition). I decided to write a FAQ for Astro Boy because, well, there
aren't any. I know there's probably not THAT many people who played, let alone
bought this game (I found it brand new for $10 at EB, which is not a good
sign), but I know those who did would like some help, just in case they didn't
find all the cards or whatnot. So, there you go.

Just a few things to get out there:

-If you have any questions/suggestions/contributions/advice, please e-mail me
([email protected]) unless it's already answered in the FAQ. If it is in
the FAQ, I'm not going to reply. Simple as that.

-I will credit you if you give me a hint I didn't put in the FAQ. I swear.

-This may contain spoilers, so if you don't want the game's story spoiled for
you, tread no further, or close your eyes.

3. Controls
Basic/On Foot Controls:
Left Analog Stick - Move around
X - Jump (hold X to jump higher)
X, X - Start flying
Square - Punch/Action
Right Analog Up - Fly up
L1 - Lock-on
O - Digibeam (once unlocked)
R1 - X-Ray Vision (once unlocked)
Triangle - Arm Cannon (once unlocked)

Flying Controls:
Left Analog Stick - Move around
Right Analog Stick - Ascend/Descend
Square - Punch/Spin Attack
X + Left Analog - Quick Dash
R3 - Stop Flying

4. Story and Characters
When his son died in a tragic car accident, Dr. Tenma, a brilliant robotics
engineer, created a super-human robot in his son's image, named Astro. Dr.
Tenma believed that robots would someday rule the world, and created Astro with
abilities unlike any other robot.

Another brilliant scientist, Dr. O'Shay, envisioned a different kind of world
where robots and humans could coexist. He opposed Dr. Tenma's motivation for
creating Astro and later took custody of him. Dr. O'Shay decided to raise him
as a symbol of peace, hoping to remove once and for all the negative feelings
associated with robots.

Astro now lives in Metro City, under the great careof Dr. O'Shay.
Unfortunately, the city is suffering from a series of raids at the hands of
evil robots, and they consider Astro their enemy. To stop this injustice, Astro
and Dr. O'Shay must fight to bring peace back to Metro City.


Astro - A miraculous super-robot with the world's greatest artificial
intelligence and the soul of a human being. Pure-hearted with a strong will for
justice, Astro may be small but he confronts gigantic foes. Astro is gifted
with special abilities that are even unknown to Dr. O'Shay. These abilities
will be revealed as Astro matures.

Dr. O'Shay - A compassionate scientist who is currently the Director of the
Ministry of Science. As an adopted parent of Astro, he is one of the first to
acknowledge the maturity of the robot's soul. He firmly believes that robots
and mankind can be friends.

Zoran - Astro's younger sister created by Dr. O'Shay. Her spoiled and childish
personality often causes trouble for Astro, but she is actually kind of
charming at heart.

Nora - Nora (Nanny Organizer Robotic Android) is a domestic robot in charge of
all the housekeeping at Home. Nora must also educate and keep an eye on Astro.

Dr. Tenma - An advanced robotic scientist. As former Director of the Ministry
of Science, he created a robot while grieving for his deceased son, Tobio. He
is a self-centered man who despises all human beings.

Atlas - A mysterious robot who challenges Astro for the title of strongest
robot champion in the world. He has lost some of his memories, concealing a
secret surrounding his identity.

Blue Knight - Riding Leto, the robot horse, Blue Knight vows to liberate robots
everywhere. He uses his sabre to fire electric beams at anyone who commits
injustice against robots.

5. Walkthrough

Ministry of Science
After the opening cinematic, you'll be standing in front of Nora, who will give
you the rundown of the basic controls, which you can take a look at anytime by
pressing Start and selecting "Controls". Nora will tell you to use the elevator
and go up to the Ministry of Science Helipad. If you want to, you can run
around the room, get used to the controls and the camera (use L2 and R2 to move
it), and play with the ball, which shows off the game's nifty physics. Whenever
you're ready, get on the elevator.

Ministry of Science Helipad
When you run into the flock of birds, a bunch of robots will appear out of
nowhere and want a fight. Here's your first fight, so be careful. Use L1 to
lock onto them, and Square to punch. After you defeat all the robots, one of
them come from behind and knocks Astro off the helipad. This is when you gain
the Rocket Feet. Dr. O'Shay will show up, simply amazed that you can fly. He
tells Nora to set up a set of rings for you to fly through, and so you proceed
to doing so. I don't lock onto the rings; it's kinda disorienting for me.But if
you want to, then by all means, do so. After you go through the rings, O'Shay
tells you to go home and show Zoran your powers and then he takes off.

Metro City
You can go straight home, or you can do any or all of the ring courses
scattered throughout Metro City. I would suggest you try them, as it will help
you get used to the flight controls. The controls in this game aren't the best,
so I would take the opportunity to fly around a bit. Plus, if you go back to
the Ministry of Science Helipad (where you fought the robots), a blue robot
will inform you how the ring courses work and after you do one, you can report
back to him and he'll give you a card. Check the Cards section for the
specifics on which cards you get for which courses. Whenever you're ready, fly
through the pink rings.

After you arrive, don't go in just yet. Go to your left, pick up the soda
machine and throw it. Card #53 will be under it. A man in a blue suit to the
right of your house will tell you that there are 8 cards in the Home area
total, and how many you've gotten. Some you can't get just yet, maybe after you
obtain some special abilities... After you're done exploring what little area
you can explore, go inside. Inside there will be Sammy, the blue robot, who
will replenish your health, and Nora can save your game, give you a clue as to
what you should be doing next, change the control options, or send you to the
title screen. Talk to Zoran, and she'll be amazed you can fly (a common theme,
it seems). Talk to her again, and you can look at the cards you've collected,
which you can do at any time by coming back here. As soon as you're done here,
fly up, and Astro will gain Supersonic Hearing. Fly back up and go to Metro
City. You should save when it asks.

Metro City
You'll recieve a distress call from Yuko, telling you that there's a giant
robot ravaging the Bay Area, and she can't get a hold of Dr. O'Shay. So, go to
the indiciated area gate to go to the Bay Area for a boss battle.

Bay Area
Boss Battle #1: Magnamite
When you get to the Bay Area, you'll see a bunch of tentacles have got hold of
Dr. O'Shay in his air car, and it's up to you to save him. Right away, there
will be a tentacle sticking out of the ground in front of you. Lock-on, start
punching it until it limps to the ground, and then you'll get an indication to
hit Square to grab it. Do so, then fly backwards to pull it until it snaps
back. Two more tentacles will pop out of the ground, so repeat that same
strategy until those are gone, and then three tentacles pop out, and repeat the
punch and grab. Alternatively, there's also various objects lying on the ground
you can hurl at the tentacles, which should take care of them fairly quickly.
Attack-wise, the tentacles don't do much. They hurl rocks and try and smack
you, which are both easily avoidable.

As soon as you take care of six tentacles, the other ones let go of O'Shay, and
then Magnamite's whole body pops out and the fight continues. His mouth will
glow and a laser will shoot at you, which is easily avoidable. He'll also try
and smack you when you're too close to him, which is also avoidable. Basically,
the best option here is to lock-on, hold Square to Spin Attack him until your
Force Meter is depleted or he starts glowing (whichever comes first), retreat
until you recharge/his attack's done, then repeat. He goes down pretty easily.

After he's defeated. your health meter increases. Apparently, Magnamite is
Metro City's power plant, and he was sabotaged when Dr. O'Shay used all the
city's power to revive Astro, so he went haywire. He's innocent, really. Yuko
tells you to return home, so fly upward to go back to Metro City. You can
explore the area you're in, but there's nothing of interest.

Metro City
When you're ready, go home.

When you get there, there will be an odd bald boy standing outside your house.
After he introduces himself, he'll give you his card. Go inside, heal if you
need it, save, check out the cards you've gotten if you want, and then talk to
Dr. O'Shay, who will be chillin' in the chair near Zoran. He'll thank you for
saving him, and suggest you stay there for the night and recharge, which you
will do automatically (despite the fact that Sammy's right there). After you
wake up, O'Shay will be gone. Go outside and it will be nighttime. There's
nothing you can do here, so fly up to go to Metro City.

Metro City
You'll get a call from Yuko and O'Shay that several jewelry stores in Central
City are being robbed. So head to the indiciated point to enter Central City

Central City
There's plenty of people to talk to in Central City, so start asking around. If
you talk to the woman in the pink shirt, you'll get Event #2, which you can't
do anything about right now. (Refer to the Side-Quests section for further info
on that.) There will be a card (#66) under one of the vending machines. You can
do the Quiz Lady (Event #7) if you want.

As soon as you're done screwing around, talk to the boy near where you came in
(Kennedy), and he'll tell you to talk to the 2 other boys (Alejo and
Abercrombie) about the thief running around. As soon as you do, Dr. O'Shay will
tell you to check out the Sapphire Jewelry Store, so go ahead and do so. (It's
in the hallway past Abercrombie; the game will show you where it is.) Talk to
Detective Tawashi, and he'll tell you to scram. You can't do anything, so walk
back and Abercrombie will stop you and tell you that he and the other boys will
help get Tawashi out of the way. Go talk to Kennedy and Alejo, then go back to
the hallway, where all 3 boys will be. Talk to Abercrombie and after the
ensuing bit, go towards Sapphire Jewelry, when all of a sudden, Denkou bursts
out of the store, and he wants you to play.

Boss Battle #2: Denkou
As soon as you run to where Denkou is standing, he'll dissappear. You'll
suddenly gain X-Ray Vision (amazing how these powers appear at the most
appropriate times, huh?), and you need to proceed to use it to chase down
Denkou. Simply get close to him, press Square to grab his cape when it says you
can, and pull in the opposite direction of where he's running. After you pull
his cape enough to drain his energy bar (how does that work?), he'll hop up,
turn invisible again, and then you'll get a message from Dr. Tenma, saying that
he's equipped Denkou with an EMP bomb, and if you don't stop Denkou before it
goes off, the city will be destroyed. You have 3 minutes to do the same thing
you just did, only it will be slightly harder because he'll be running around a
lot more. After you drain Denkou's energy again, Astro will grab the EMP bomb
off him and toss it into the air, and you'll get another energy bar extension.
As seems to be a recurring theme, Denkou is innocent. He didn't know what he
was doing was wrong, and he apologizes. When you're free to move around, talk
to everybody if you want, and get the boxes lying around that you can see
thanks to your new X-Ray Vision. When you're done here, go back outside.

Metro City
If you want to, go back to the Bay Area (where you fought Magnamite) and talk
to everyone there. You can get Event #5 from the guy in the brown vest. You
can't do anything yet, and there's nothing more of interest here, so go back to
Metro City. Whenever you're ready, go Home.

If you talk to the girl next to Sharaku, and use X-Ray Vision, you get a little
mini-game, enititled "Chapter 1: Dark Omens". Just use X-Ray Vision whenever
you have the option, and you should be fine. In the course of the mini-game,
it's revealed that Sharaku has a third eye, and, as is usually the case with
people with 3 eyes, he seems a bit on the evil side. You get Card #21 for
completing Dark Omens, and then Sharaku mentions Central City and dissappears.
Hmmm.... Anywho, go inside, recharge if needed, look at your cards if you want,
save, and then talk to O'Shay. He tells you that the EMP was built by Dr.
Tenma, and he mentions how Tenma tried to use Astro, but stops there and tells
Astro that if he wants to know more, he should investigate the skies above
Metro City. So, off we go.

Metro City
Yuko will tell you to use your X-Ray Vision to see where Denkou has been, and
whe you do so, you see a trail of pretty clouds leading into the bright gree
entrance to the Industrial Area. If you want to, go ahead in there. If you want
to do Chapter 2 of Sharaku's Side Story, go to Central City and talk to the guy
sitting at the table. Otherwise, go to the Industrial Area. There's some bats
flying around the entrance; I wouldn't bother with them if I were you.

Industrial Area
When you arrive, a construction robot is freaking out because a bunch of
renegade robots are attacking, and he needs your help. Take care of the guys on
the bikes however you want. You can grab the lightpoles and use them as
weapons, or just Spin Attack their asses to kingdom come. Same goes for the
bats. There's a few boxes with health lying around if you need it. Go inside
the door at the top of the stairs as soon as they're taken care of (it will
show an animation of the door opening to let you know the place is clear).

Once inside, go up to the console and you'll be taken down to a lab. When you
look at the picture to your right (which is Atlas, if you couldn't figure it
out), a hologram of Dr. Tenma will appear, and all of a sudden, robot wasps
start popping out of the walls. Not cool. Lucky for you, you suddenly get the
Digibeam. Use the Digibeam to blast away some of the wasps, then go over to the
red "nests" they're coming out of and give them a few good punches to destroy
them. Once all the wasps and "nests" are gone, the elevator will come back
down. There's nothing to do here, so go back up and try to go outside. Yuko
will tell you you've been locked inside, and asks if you can cut through it.
Der. Face the door and hold O until the door blows up, then go through. Once

Boss Battle #3: Atlas
This punk shows up and thinks he's all righteous and whatnot, so you need to
put him in his place. Spin Attack and/or Digibeam until your bar runs out, then
retreat until it refills. He'll shoot electric blasts at you, so just keep
moving to avoid that, as well as the swings from his saber. When it says
"Attack!", fly up to him and smack him down. When he gets to about half health,
he'll stop, start glowing, then unleash a giant laser, similar to Magnamite.
It's easily avoidable. Just keep laying the smack down on him with the Spin
Attack in between laser/electric blasts and you'll be fine. After he's
defeated, his arm blows off, you get another life extension, and Atlas runs
away, swearing revenge.

You get a call from Yuko telling you to go home. Don't go just yet. Walk
around, talk to the robots around town, and from the green one near one of the
bridges, you'll get Event #3. Under the vending machine near the building where
the wasps were is Card #64. At the top of the stairs of this building, go
around to where the vending machines are, and you'll find a Gauge Power Up
item, as well as Card #63 under one of the vending machines. On a street
corner, you'll find another vending machine with Card #62 under it. Whenever
you're ready, go home.

Refresh, cards, save, O'Shay. You know the drill. He tells you he'll run some
diagnostics on you in the morning, but you need to rest, which means outside,
it'll go back to daytime. Zoran says you need to meet the good Dr. at the
Ministry of Science. Off you go.

Metro City
If you want to, you can do the Ring Courses (if you haven't done them already),
now that it's daytime again. (Note: I was screwing around, looking through the
different areas, and I found a Gauge Power-Up item above the door to Sapphire
Jewelry in Central City. I don't know if it was there earlier, but.....yeah.)
Go ahead to the Ministry of Science Office.

Ministry of Science
You stumble upon a conversation between Tenma and O'Shay, in which Tenma says
he's going to take Astro by force. After Astro goes in the office, Yuko tells
him that the Bay Area is under attack by robots, who appear to be saying
something, but no one can understand them. Sounds like someone's about to get a
new ability... Go on and head over to the Bay Area. I'd suggest you save while
you're in the office.

Bay Area
You need to disable 20 of the robots. These guys are pushovers. They have a
freeze spray, which is very easily avoidable. Just punch them until they curl
up into a ball, or throw one of the defeated ones at them. Easy. Once that's
taken care, you gain the Power of Analyzation. Dr. Tenma then sends you a
message, telling you to fight or perish. O'Shay then says there's robots in the
city, and you need to do something.

Metro City
Boss Battle #4: Venus Robots
Your objective here is to defeat the lead robot (the golden one) before he gets
to the Ministry of Science and starts freezing it. This battle is actually
quite simple as long as you keep your cool. (Get it? Because they're freezing
everything...) The best way to do this is to smack around one of the lesser
robots, throw it at the leader so he'll curl up, then throw as far down the
walkway as possible (if you throw him off the walkway, he'll just pop right
back up with no energy loss), wait until he uncurls, throw another lesser robot
at him, repeat. Simple. Another boss defeated, another life extension.

The lead robot apologizes. He was simply doing what he was programmed to do,
and was not aware it would harm humans. Of course. It's never the robot's
fault. Yuko says you need to go see O'Shay at the Ministry of Science Office.
But before we do that, you should put that new power to good use.

Talk to the dog next to the house and let him sniff you to get Card #15. Read
the sign that you couldn't read before to get Card #8. That's all you can do
here for now (note: I don't know if it's random, but after I did some of the
follwing things, then I came back Home, Epsilon was standing on Astro's house
for Event #1. I'm not sure exactly when or why she appears, but....yeah.), so
off to...

Central City
There's plenty to do here with your new Power of Analyzation. Look in the
Events section of this guide for tips on Event #2. The robot who's dressed in a
painter's outfit of sorts that you couldn't understand before, asks you to
attack him. If you use the Digibeam, his energy will fill, but not enough.
You'll need to come back later with a more powerful attack. Read the sign in
front of Sapphire Jewelry and say "Uh...meow?" to get Card #11. There's another
sign behind a dog that asks you to say "moooo", which will give you Card #13.
When you're done here, head on over to...

Bay Area
Talk to the robot that you couldn't understand before, and he'll tell you that
he saw a girl under the bridge, but she just dissappeared. (Note: Because I'm
very non-observant, I didn't realize you could go UNDER the bridge in this
area, so if you already got all the stuff I'm about to list the last time you
were here, then just ignore the next few sentences. :-/ ) Go under the bridge,
grab the Gauge Power-Up that's pretty easy to see. Use your X-Ray Vision and
smash the box across from that power-up to get Card #51. There's another X-Ray
box with Card #50 in a hole just like the previous X-Ray box. There's a vending
machine around here with Card #48 (I forgot where exactly, but it's in a fenced
area). There's another vending machine just outside a fenced area with Card #47
under it. Talk to the dog walking around, let him bite you, and he'll give you
Card #31. There's an X-Ray box near a group of cones that has Card #52. Card
#61 is under a vending machine down the street from the dog. Near that is a
sign. Read it, say "Uh...baaah?", and you'll get Card #33. There's a couple of
dogs and man down the street from the sign. Next to them is a vending machine
with Card #49 under it. Talk to the guy with the 'stache (Wally) to do Event
#4. Talk to the little girl in the pink dress to get Event #11. There's a robot
here, similar to the one in Central City, that wants you to attack it. Keep
that in mind. When you're done here, we'll make one more stop before we
continue with the story...

Industrial Area
Decipher the signs by the fountain to get Cards #24 and #25. There's another
robot that wants you to attack it at the base of the stairs. That's it for now.
Whenever you're ready to continue the story, head on over to...

Ministry of Science
When you talk to Dr. O'Shay, you get a cutscene showing you how Dr. Tenma went
mad and what led up to Astro's creation. After that, Yuko bursts in, saying
Astro is destroying the city. But, clearly, he's not, so you're off to find out
who is besmirching your good name.

Metro City
Use your X-Ray Vision to help you find the fake Astros, then proceed to Spin
Attack their sorry asses into oblivion. When that's done, one of them projects
Tenma's image, which, with his dramatic anime poses, tells you to show the
world what you can do, and that's when you get the Arm Cannon. Some more fake
Astros show up, so go ahead and try out that new Arm Cannon on them. Pretty
nifty, huh? After they're gone, one of them stops you, and reveals himself to
be Atlas, who has himself a nifty new Arm Cannon as well (and a new arm, too).

Boss Battle #5: Atlas II
Use the same tactics as the last time you fought, but be careful. He's got an
Arm Cannon, and he's not afraid to use it. You'll be able to tell when he's
about to use it. When he is, get far away and keep moving to the right or left
until he stops, then Spin Attack your way over there and bounce off him a few
times. When it says "Attack!", get up close to him and punch him a couple of
times, just like last time. Just be careful about the Arm Cannon and you should
be fine. Whoops! There goes his arm again! And his entire body! KABLOOEY!

Yuko calls you and says everyone's worried, so go ahead and go Home.

Go inside, talk to O'Shay, and he says you should recharge. It's now nighttime.
As soon as you approach the door to go out, there's a rumbling. Go outside, and
Pluto will spin down, challenge you to a fight, and tell you to meet him in the
Industrial Area. Save, then head over there.

Industrial Area
As soon as you get there, a few Muscle Robots attack. Lock-on to one, Spin
Attack a few times, then Grab when it says you can. Spin him a few times then
throw him. Repeat that process with the others. After they're gone, a couple of
Fire Bots show up. Spin Attack the hell out of them. A few more Muscle Robots
show up, then some more Fire Bots, and then one more round of Muscle Robots.
After they're gone, Pluto shows up, and it's on.

Boss Battle #6: Pluto
Spin Attack him until you can't anymore, retreat, dodge his missles and
punches, repeat. When it says to Grab and spin him, do it, by golly. When he
uses the tornado spin, keep moving and Quick Dashing to the side. If you touch
him at all, even with Spin Attack, it'll hurt. When he gets in the yellow,
he'll use an attack where his hands will glow red and then he'll shoot this
giant orange blast. Do your best to avoid it. Play it safe, and you should get
through this.

Some very odd things happen. I don't want to spoil EVERY plot point in the game
for you, but let's just say a man named Shadow shows up and you get smacked
down by his evil Pluto clone. After that, you get 1,000,000 Horsepower
Strength. Awesome. You wake up in the lab in the Industrial Area, so go
outside. You'll get a call from Yuko, telling you that there's a robot creating
a disturbance at the Broken Volcano, and if you don't stop it, the volcano will
destroy Metro City. If you want to, go there first. But don't you want to take
advantage of your new powers?

Central City
You probably ran into the guy in the gray suit earlier who wanted to see your
powers. Well, now that you've got them all, you can show them to him, one by
one. Go down the list and show him all your powers, and once he sees your
1,000,000 HP, he'll love it and give you Card #7. And, now that you have your
Arm Cannon, you can use that on the robot that needs you to attack him, who
will give you Card #35. You can also now do Chapter 3 of the Sharaku dealie.

Bay Area
Remember all those rocks lying around on the street? Yeah, you guessed it.
Under the rocks, you'll find Cards #26, #27, and #34. The robot that wants you
to attack it here will give you Card #32. There's also Chapter 4 of the Sharaku
story. That's all that's here.

Industrial Area
There's a robot that wants you to attack it here, at the bottom of the stairs.

Lift up that rock and get Card #5. There's a new man walking around the area,
and you get Event #6 from him. Go inside, look at your cards, save, then head
on over to the Broken Volcano.

Broken Volcano
There will be some bats flying around, which can be taken care of with a simple
Spin Attack. At the end of the corridor is a wall you can blast through with
your Arm Cannon (which Yuko informs you that you can do). Go through the door
that is revealed, take care of some more bats, blast through to another door.
There's some more bats, and some Fire Bots, so be careful with them. There's
another door covered by a rock wall near the bottom, which has Cards #54, #55,
#56, and #57 in it. Go to the other door near the bottom of the room and blast
through it with your Digibeam. In the next room is a long corridor, full of
Fire Bots, floating mine...things (which you can Spin Attack before they even
do anything), and lava spouts, so be careful. You can use the rocks lying
around as weapons. In the next room is a couple of Muscle Bots and mines.

At the bottom of this room is another door, but if you look to the right of
that, you'll see some rock you can blast away to reveal a door. In this room,
there are some boxes, and within them are Cards #58, #59, #67, and #70, and
some health. Go back out and go through the other door. In this room are a
couple of Fire Bots and some lava spouts. Blast through to the next door, and
take care of the Bat-Bots and Muscle Bots in here. There's a few boxes with
energy for both bars in here, so take advantage of that. On the other side of
the room from the door at the bottom is another rock wall-covered room, with
Cards #71, #72, #73, #74, and some energy. Use your Digibeam and blast through
the other door at the bottom. More Fire Bots, more lava, another door. This
next room's different. You've got to float down and be careful about the lava
spouts going sideways. There's a Digibeam door at the bottom, but slightly
above it is another rock wall to blast through. In here, more boxes with Cards:
#75, #76, #77, and #78. And some energy, too. Go back out, and go through the
Digibeam door.

In this room is probably your first encounter with Stealth Bots. (There were
some outside the entrance to Broken Volcano, but I didn't bother with them.)
Don't try locking on; it's pointless. Just dodge their porjectiles and once
they pop up next to you, punch them in the face. Watch out for the bat(s) and
the lava spouts, and go through the next door. In this room, 2 Muscle Bots,
some boxes with energy, and another "secret" room. In this one: Cards #79, #80,
#81, #83, and a Gauge Power-Up Item. Nice. Go back out and through the Digibeam
door. In this room, a couple of Fire Bots and another door to blast through.
FINALLY! The end of the stage! Oh...damn.

Boss Battle #7: Acheron
This is basically Evil Pluto here. In a volcano. Same tactics as Pluto, except
you've got a few more problems. The lava, for one. You're going to have to stay
in the air. Two, a new attack, in which Acheron punches the ground and makes
lava spouts appear temporarily. Avoid those. Just be careful as you were in the
Pluto fight, and you should be fine. It can be tough, but you will persevere.

Follow Shadow out of the volcano and back to Metro City. You'll get a call from
Yuko about large amounts of energy coming from the Eagle Building in Metro
City. It's the dot all the way to the right on the map, so head there.

Eagle Building
Once you enter, there will be many wasps floating around, so Spin Attack them.
There's a couple of crates with energy in them, so grab those, then enter the
door to the left of where you entered. In this hallway will be a couple of
enemies who are very similar to the Venus Robots, as well as a couple of mines,
so be careful. In the next room, there's 2 missile launchers, which will shoot
slow-moving homing missiles at you, as well as a Shield Robot. Neither of them
are a problem. Grab the energy in the crates, then go in the door across from
the one you came in from. In this room will be a few more Shield Robots and a
couple of those spider robots from earlier. Take care of them, then smash the
crates. Behind one of them is a "secret" room with Cards #40, #37, and some
energy. Go back out and go in the door you haven't been in yet. In this room
will be what is basically an energy shield blocking your way. Wait until it
retracts, go past, and do the same for the next one. Also in this room are
balls of what looks like the energy Denkou leaves behind. You can take care of
them with the Arm Cannon. In the next room, take care of the robots with guns,
and smash the crates to find another "secret" room. This one will have Cards
#28, #29, #30, and some more energy. Go back out and go in the door on your
left. In this room, more wasps and Shield Robots. Get rid of the nest, then go
in the room behind the box. In this room will be what I think is an Armor Bot.
A few Spin Attacks will get rid of this guy. In the next room (the only other
door in here), there will be some more energy shields, except you can only see
when they're up by using X-Ray Vision. You can only see the Stealth Bot in
between them when using X-Ray. Take care of him with your Arm Cannon before you
go through the first shield. In the next room, you'll see a giant ship with
giant drills attached, which Dr. O'Shay says Shadow has been building
underground. Take care of the Shield Robots here, and then use your Arm Cannon
on the giant door at the end of the hallway. Take care of the energy beings
with your Arm Cannon, watch out for the Stealth Bot, blast the next door, take
care of the Shield Robots, blast the next door, and so on and so on. You're
basically going through a huge hallway full of enemies and doors to blast
through. If you don't want to deal with the enemies, you can fly under the
doors before they close. Once you run into an Armor Bot (the big bulky ones),
you'll be close to the end. Once you get to the top, Shadow launches his ship.
Fly up after it back to Metro City.

Metro City
O'Shay says humanity is in great danger, so Shadow must be stopped. You're
going into space! Before you do that, though, I would advise that you do any
events/side-quests and find all the cards before you go into space, because
once you're in space, there's no turning back, even when you beat the game.
Look at the appropriate sections for any help you'll need with those. Note:
Once you beat the game, you'll return back to the title screen and to wherever
you saved before going into space, so if you haven't gotten everything, you
still can; you just won't have the game beaten.

Head over to the Ministry of Science whenever you're ready, and Dr. O'Shay will
send you into space.

Outer Space
In space, no one can hear you Spin Attack. Heh. As soon as you take care of the
robots floating around, the Blue Knight shows up and asks Astro to fight with
him to destroy all humans. Obviously, that's not gonna happen, so...

Boss Battle #8: Blue Knight
He'll come at you with a charge attack, so dodge it and Spin Attack him until
he puts up a shield. He'll also use an attack similar to Atlas' Arm Cannon, but
this one's easier to avoid. Once his energy gets pretty low, he'll stick out
his energy sword when he charges, trying to hit you.

Once you drain The Blue Knight's energy bar, his horse (Leto) is damaged beyond
repair, so he gets off and fights you himself. Quick Dash to avoid his sword
swings. When he sticks his sword up, he's about to send out little blue energy
blasts, which you can avoid by flying sideways. He'll also send out huge orange
energy blasts, 2-3 at a time. The only way I was able to avoid them was by
Quick Dashing right before they were about to hit me. Spin Attack him when he's
not using the big orange energy blasts, and retreat to avoid the blue ones. You
can usually interrupt his attacks when you Spin Attack him. When he's down to
about 1/3 energy, he'll start throwing little orange blasts at you, and when he
does that, he's about to charge you. Avoid that as you did when he was charging
on the horse. This can be a very tough battle, but keep your head on straight,
and you will prevail.

After the battle, The Blue Knight comes to his senses....and then Shadow kills
him. Of course. After that...well, you'll see.

Boss Battle #9: Shadow's Rocket
You now have 8 minutes to destroy the rocket before it reaches Earth. That
shouldn't be too hard, right? WRONG.

OK, let me tell you something. This is a kid's game, right? It's based off the
WB cartoon adaptation of Astro Boy, so it's essentially a kid's game. Then, why
is this battle so f***ing hard? Seriously. I died 10 times before I realized
how to actually beat it.

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. Now, the strategy. What sucks about this
battle is the fact that the rocket is constantly moving forward, so you can't
really use your Arm Cannon or Digibeam. And you also have to deal with the
flying worm-like time bombs and the other flying...thingies.

First, lock-on to the rear part of the rocket, but hover back for a second.
There will be some green lasers that come out of it, which, if you stay where
you are, you can avoid a hell of a lot easier. If a green laser hits you, it
takes 1/5 of your health away. Not cool. After the lasers dissappear, Spin
Attack the hell out of the rear drill. You should be able to knock that part
off before your special energy is depleted. If you don't, just back off for a
few seconds to refill a bit, then finish that part off.

Now, back off a bit to recharge to about 1/2 your bar, and then keep Spin
Attacking one of the drills on the side of the rocket. When you run out of
energy, back off for 15-20 seconds, then go at it again. Once you take care of
one of the drills, go after the next one, and then the last one. Each time you
destroy one of the side drills, it takes off about 1/5 of the rocket's health.

Now, here's the tricky part. Once all the side drills are gone, and all you
have left is the big drill and the boosters in the back, you need to fly along
the side of the big drill until the lock-on icon moves to the middle of the
YOU DON'T LOCK-ON TO THE MIDDLE. If you try and take out all the boosters, you
will run out of time, I guarantee it. The middle is the only part that matters.
I learned that lesson the hard way. Once you've locked on to the middle, move
to the back of the rocket and start Spin Attacking the hell out of it. If/when
you run out of special energy, back off for 15-20 seconds and then go at it
again. Don't worry about the time. Don't even look at the time, as you'll just
be distracted. It might be close, but you will prevail if you went by my

Congratulations! You have beaten Astro Boy! Now watch the anti-climatic ending.
After the credits, it just takes you straight to the title screen, so your save
file will still be wherever you saved before going into space.

6. Side-Quests
I. Events
There are certain people you can talk to in the game that will give you little
sidequests, which usually involve a power you may or may not have yet, or
simply completing a menial task. Here's a rundown of all the events.

Event #1: Helping Epsilon - After you're a good ways into the game, when you
stop by your house, Epsilon will be standing on top of your house and will ask
for your help recording wind directions. It's basically a game of Simon. She
names off a direction, you copy her, and she keeps adding more. It gets hard,
but not incredibly difficult. She gives you Card #16 when you're done. Good job.

Event #2: Ms. Myoki's Plight - In Central City, there will be a woman in a pink
shirt whose purse is not being let go by the dog near her. You can't do this
until you get the Power of Analyzation. This one is actually quite the puzzle.
Don't even try to guess the dog's name off the bat, because I guarantee you
that you won't get it. Four symbols appear and it asks you to guess the dog's
name. You must go around and talk to the other dogs within Central City, and
going back and forth between them will help you figure what those symbols mean,
and in turn, what the dog's name is. I'll let you figure it out. You're smart.
Hopefully. You get Card #14 as a reward.

Event #3: Hide-and-Seek - When you talk to the green robot near the entrance,
he informs you that Kennedy, Alejo, and Abercrobie are up to no good in the
Industrial Area, and it's up to you to find them. You'll find Kennedy next to
the fountain in the middle of town, and the other two are in random spots. It
changes each time, so just look around. They're not THAT well-hidden, but your
mind will tell you to look in every nook and cranny. Talk to the robot after
you found them all, but if you get Kennedy before either of the others, they'll
dissappear again. Those little bastards. You'll get Card #6 for your troubles.
Right on.

Event #4: Searching For Spot With Wally - Pretty self-explanatory. Help Wally
find Spot. Wally (the short bald guy with the big white mustache) is in the Bay
Area next to two dogs. I'm pretty sure this is random, because Wally will
"play" a sound and you have to find the one that matches it. Talk to the dogs,
and after you find the one that matches, go back to Wally. Tell him you found
Spot, and go back to the dog. After you go back to Wally, apparently a bunch of
dogs bum-rush him and he doesn't remember which one is Spot. Now there's 3 dogs
there instead of 2. *shrugs* Just pick the same one you did before, go back to
Wally, and now there's 7-8 dogs spread out all over the place. Again, find the
dog that matches the bark, report to Wally, etc. If you get the dog wrong, you
have to leave the area and come back later to do the whole thing again. Ugh.
You get Card #20 as a reward.

Event #5: Metro City Kidnapping - In the Bay Area, there's a man in a brown
vest who can't find his daughter, Vivienne. He says the robot over there
(walking on the other side of the bridge) knows something, but he can't
understand him. After you get the Power of Analyzation, the robot will tell you
he saw the girl under the bridge, but you probably won't be able to see her
normally. Go under the bridge, go to where the net is at the end of the psuedo
basketball court, and use your X-Ray Vision to find her standing behind the
net. Talk to her, then go talk to the dad and he'll give you Card #12 for your
troubles. Sweet.

Event #6: The Counting Man - After you get 1,000,000 HP, there will be a man
walking around the Home area, and he'll ask you to count to 100 with him.
Sounds simple enough, right? is. You basically just hit X 99 times,
and after 99, he asks if the next number is 100. Der. They throw a little
curveball at you here. He asks if you want to count to 350 next. Agree, and
once you hit 7 or 8, he pauses and then praises your enthusiasm, and gives you
Card #4. Nice.

Event #7: The Quiz Lady - In Central City, there will be a woman in a pink
dress and hat who will ask you 30 questions, and if you get them all right, you
will get a special card. You can get the answers off of the cards you collect,
but if you want be a cheating cheaterton, I'll give you the answers. I guess.

Q1: April 7, 2003
Q2: Magnamite
Q3: Harley
Q4: Denkou
Q5: 50,000
Q6: Veger
Q7: Atlas
Q8: Franken
Q9: Captain Helen
Q10: Bellanotte
Q11: The Skunk Clan
Q12: Giant Bird
Q13: Dr. Minimini
Q14: Drake
Q15: Gaff
Q16: Delta
Q17: Epsilon
Q18: Private Detective
Q19: Heracles
Q20: Kuro Hazama
Q21: Pluto
Q22: Acheron
Q23: Three-Eyed Clan
Q25: Momo
Q26: Nora
Q27: Peter Pan Bot
Q28: Gunon
Q29: Akita Squad Cars
Q30: Shadow

For going through all that, you get Card #3. Not bad.

Event #8: Carrying Robot - In the Industrial Area, one of the orange robots
will ask you to help him carry something. The first item he says is "Something
that holds liquid and acts as a container to carry it from place to place. It
also sounds like the name of a musical instrument!" Apparently, he's talking
about an oil drum. *shrugs* Whatever. Find an oil drum lying near the middle of
town, and drop it right next to him, then talk to him and he'll give you Card
#36. He says he has two more items for you to bring him, but for now, he's
good. Event done.

Event #9: Carrying Robot Part 2 - Once you exit the Industrial Area and return,
that same robot will be there, just in a different place. This time, he says
"It's something triangular you can find in places like construction sites. It's
also something you can eat ice cream on." It's a cone, which is in the little
parking lot in front of the building where the wasps were. This time he gives
you Card #41. Next one!

Event #10: Carrying Robot Part 3 - Yep. Leave and come back, and he's in a
different place, and he just wants one more item. "It's something that
household appliances come packed in! They're also good for when you have to
pack your things away!" Go get the cardboard box off the roof of the building
on the other side of the plaza. (If you just fly up and look around, you can't
miss it.) Card #42 is your reward this time. You are now done with the carrying
of stuff. Well, for this guy, anyways.

Event #11: The Little Courier - Talk to the little girl in the pink dress in
the Bay Area, and you'll get a task exactly like the Carrying Robot events. The
first item: "It's something used to display leaves, flowers, and makes the
indoors feel more like the outdoors! It's a little tropical, too!" Go get the
potted tree that's next to a vending machine down the street (you'll go under
the bridge to get to it). You get Card #38 as a reward. Super.

Event #12: The Little Courier Part 2 - Here we go again. "Something that's
really round! It's actually really, really, really round!" Go get the ball (the
one that appears in a couple of other areas in the game) that's on top of a
crate/dumpster (whatever those big things are that are at the docks) near the
robot that wants you to hurt it. Card #39 this time. Word.

II. Ring Courses
There are several ring courses throughout the main part of Metro City, which,
when completed, will wield cards as a reward.

1. Practice Course - Card #2
2. Vertical Course - Card #85
3. Quick Turn Course - Card #65
4. Inner Metro City Course - Card #84
5. Outer Metro City Course - ? (I haven't been able to find where the starting
ring is for this course yet... :( )

III. Sharaku Side Story
There seems to be a little side story involving Sharaku and his hidden darkness
throughout the game. You have to do these in a certain order. Here's how it
plays out.

Chapter 1: Dark Omens
After you acquire the X-Ray Vision, when you go home, talk to the girl who has
the necklace on outside of your house, use your X-Ray Vision when it asks, and
strange things will start happening. An evil aura will surround the woman, and
Sharaku will step in, offering his help. Use your X-Ray Vision whenever it
gives you the choice, and Sharaku will step in, block the woman/demon's attack,
and Sharaku's third eye is revealed. He also starts seeming a bit on the dark
side. As you continue the "battle", keep using X-Ray Vision, and Sharaku will
use his magic to weaken the dark aura surrounding the woman. When the aura is
defeated, Sharaku grins, mentions something about Central City, and vanishes.

Chapter 2: Weapons of War
Ater that, if you go to Central City and talk to the guy sitting at the table,
Sharaku shows up and explains that the necklaces make people stronger, and that
someone made them for an evil purpose (or something to that effect). After
Sharaku mentions your name, the man goes into the same state that the woman at
Home did (with the A..stro... and all that), and the Chapter 2 battle starts.
Keep using X-Ray Vision until it says that his aura's getting bigger and there
are objects floating around him, then punch. After the punch, use X-Ray Vision
again, and the battle's over. You get Card #9 as a reward, and Sharaku
dissappears again.

Chapter 3: Heirloom
After a while, come back to Central City and talk with the lady in the yellow
dress and hat with the necklace on. Sharaku shows up and says the necklace says
"Speed" on it. Again, as soon as Sharaku says Astro's name, the dark aura
attacks. Punch it first, then use your Digibeam twice. When it regains its
balance, punch again, Digibeam twice. When Sharaku pops in and says not to
destroy the device, use X-Ray Vision, and the battle is over. You get Card #22
for winning the battle. Sharaku says it looks like an heirloom from the
Three-Eye Clan and asks where the woman got it. She said a man with a cape and
a stern glare gave it to her, and then Sharaku dissappears again. Chapter over.

Chapter 4: Trials
At the docks in the Bay Area, near Wally, is a woman with purple gloves who has
one of the necklaces. Sharaku shows up and wonders what the man who manipulated
the necklaces is planning, due to the fact that they react to "Astro". And on
that note, BATTLE! Actually, you just have to use Arm Cannon, then X-Ray
Vision, and the battle's won. Card #23 this time around. Time to find the guy
responsible for this.

Chapter 5: Man in the Black Cape
Go to the Industrial Area, and at the fountain will be standing Sharaku,
Detective Tawashi, and some random cop, and they'll be surrounding a man in a
black cape, who you may have seen before in Central City. Talk to the man in
the black cape and Tawashi will reveal that he is Dr. Black Jack, and he has
been practicing medicine without a license. Sharaku will confront him about the
device, and Black Jack will ask what it is. When you have options, the only
thing you really can do is explain everything. If you use X-Ray Vision, it will
say that he has many surgical knives under his coat, and if you use Digibeam,
he will use one of them to deflect the beam. So, explain what's going on, and
he will give you Card #17. Everyone dissappears, and this chapter's over.

Final Chapter: Pinoko
Fly to the plaza in between Central City and the Ministry of Science, and
you'll see Sharaku and Black Jack standing near a little girl. Apparently, she
has a device around her neck which is unlike any of the others, and you need to
help her. Use your 1,000,000 HP strength to weaken the aura, then use your
Digibeam to rip a hole in it, and use your X-Ray Vision so Sharaku can send out
a short blast. Use X-Ray Vision one more time so Sharaku can send the device
flying into the air, then use Arm Cannon to destroy it. Pinoko gives you Card
#18 in thanks. This side-story is finally over.

7. Cards
What follows is a list of all the cards in the game, in numerical order, and
their locations.

#1: Astro - Recieved automatically
#2: Dr. O'Shay - Acquired when you pass the Practice Ring Course
#3: Zoran - Acquired after completing Event #7.
#4: Yuko Kisagari - Acquired after completing Event #6.
#5: Nora - Under the rock next to Astro's house.
#6: Dr. Tenma - Acquired after completing Event #3.
#7: Shadow - Acquired from the man in the gray suit in Central City who wants
to see your powers
#8: Detective Tawashi - Acquired from the dog next to your house, after you let
him sniff you.
#9: Alejo - Acquired after beating Chapter 2 of Sharaku's Side Story at Central
#10: Kennedy - Acquired from the robot in the Industrial Area that wants you to
attack it.
#11: Abercrombie - Acquired from the sign outside Sapphire Jewelry in Central
City (after you get Power of Analyzation)
#12: Vivienne - Acquired after completing Event #5
#13: Vivienne's Father - From the sign in Central City that wants you to say
#14: Ms. Myoki - Acquired after completing Event #2
#15: Wally Kisagari - Acquired from the sign outside your house that must be
#16: Epsilon - Acquired after completing Event #1
#17: Black Jack - Acquired after completing Chapter 5 of Sharaku's Side Story.
#18: Pinoko - Acquired when you beat the final chapter of Sharaku's Side Story.
#19: Hosuke Sharaku - Recieved when you talk to Sharaku outside your Home for
the first time (after beating Magnamite).
#20: Magnamite - Acquired when you finish Event #4
#21: Denkou - Acquired after beating Chapter 1 of Sharaku's Side Story at Home.
#22: Atlas - Acquired after beating Chapter 3 of Sharaku's Side Story.
#23: Atlas Arm Cannon - Acquired after beating Chapter 4 of Sharaku's Side
#24: Venus Robot Leader - Acquired from a sign by the fountain in the middle of
the Industrial Area
#25: Venus Robots - Acquired from a sign by the fountain in the middle of the
Industrial Area
#26: Pluto - Under a rock in the Bay Area
#27: Acheron - Under a rock in the Bay Area
#28: Blue Knight - In a secret room in the Eagle Building
#29: Leto - In a secret room in the Eagle Building
#30: Fortified Rocket - In a secret room in the Eagle Building
#31: Bee Bot - Acquired from the dog walking around the Bay Area, after you let
him bite you.
#32: Motorcycle Bot - Acquired from the robot in the Bay Area that wants you to
attack it
#33: Muscle Bot - Acquired from the sign in the Bay Area that wants you to say
#34: Bat Bot - Under a rock in the Bay Area
#35: Fake Astro - Acquired from the robot in Central City that wants you to
attack it
#36: Fire Bot - Acquired when you finish Event #8
#37: Photons - In a secret room in the Eagle Building
#38: Stealth Bot - Acquired when you finish Event #11
#39: Armored Bot - Acquired when you finish Event #12
#40: Beam Bot - In a secret room in the Eagle Building
#41: Punch Bot A - Acquired when you finish Event #9
#42: Punch Bot B - Acquired when you finish Event #10
#43: Atlas' Motorcycle - Look for the orange car flying around Metro City and
when you talk to him, fix his brake panel, and he'll give you this card.
#44: Callisto - Acquired from the blue car flying around Metro City
#45: Akita Squad Cars - Acquired from the yellow car flying around Metro City
#46: Doberman Tank - Look for the car that looks like a dog's face from the
front flying around Metro City, and he'll give this to you.
#47: Magnamite - Under a vending machine in the Bay Area
#48: Harley - Under a vending machine in the Bay Area
#49: Denkou - Under a vending machine next to two dogs in the Bay Area.
#50: Veger - Under the bridge in the Bay Area, in a box you can only see with
X-Ray Vision.
#51: Atlas - Under the bridge in the Bay Area, in a box you can only see with
X-Ray Vision.
#52: Franken - By a row of cones in the Bay Area, in a box you can only see
with X-Ray Vision.
#53: Venus Robots - Under the soda machine next to Home
#54: Robot Circus Group - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#55: Jumbo - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#56: Giant Bird - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#57: Microbug - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#58: Sucker Bot - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#59: Gaff - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#61: Epsilon - Under a vending machine near the dog that wants to bite you in
the Bay Area.
#62: Heracles - Under a vending machine in the Industrial Area, on a street
#63: Zoran - Under a vending machine in the Industrial Area, behind the tallest
#64: Pluto - Under the soda machine at the bottom of the stairs of the tallest
building in the Industrial Area
#65: Shadow - Acquired when you pass the Quick Turn Ring Course
#66: Atlas Arm Cannon - Under a vending machine in Central City
#67: GP III - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#68: Momo - Found in a box in Central City, behind Ajejo. You can only see the
box with X-Ray Vision.
#69: Nora - Found in a box in Central City, in front of Sapphire Jewelry (where
Denkou burst out of). You can only see the box with X-Ray Vision.
#70: Peter Pan Bot - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#71: Gunon - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#72: Forest Robot - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#73: Nana and Coco - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#74: Rabia - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#75: Mail Robot - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#76: Rabia (Human Version) - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#77: Little Mal - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#78: Bounty Robot - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#79: Cyclops, Hunter and Web - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#80: Billy - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#81: Paris, Kusko, and Dattan - Found in a secret room in Broken Volcano
#83: Modified Paris, Kusko, and Dattan - Found in a secret room in Broken
#84: Ministry of Science - Acquired when you pass the Inner Metro City Ring
#85: Police Agency - Acquired when you pass the Vertical Ring Course

8. Version History
v.1.0 (4/11/05) - Walkthrough finished, pretty much every section finished. I
just need 2 cards, then I'll be done.

9. Contributions/Credit
If I made any outrageous typos or mistakes, please let me know, as I would like
to keep this guide near-perfect. If there is anything you just don't
understand, or it's simply not explained how to do something, let me know. If
you give me a tip or hint I didn't have, I will be sure to put your name in
this section.

I do need your help, guys/gals. I am still missing Cards #60 and #82. I know
one of them is in the Bay Area, which I cannot find for the life of me, and the
other one is from the Outer Metro City Ring Course, which I cannot find the
golden starting ring to. If someone could tell me where these are, I will be
eternally grateful.

No contributions so far. If you want to, hit me up at californaya at gmail dot

10. Thanks
Thanks goes out to the following:

GameFAQs for hosting this guide
Sega and Sonic Team for bringing Astro Boy to a wider audience
You guys for reading this thang

(c) 2005 Joshua Gibbs