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Follow the dark path or use the light
Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica Pack Shot

Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica


Shop Event Guide

by Eleinia

ŻŻŻŻŻ                                          ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
_____                                          ________________________________

    Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica

    Shop Event Guide and Script (Version 1.00)

    by Eleinia

    April 10, 2009


Seeing the Extra menu that is available after completing the game does not
provide the option to replay Shop Events, I decided to transcribed the script
for all the Shop Events and put them in a guide to share with anyone who may be
interested in enjoying the Shop Event conversations again.

There are many Shop Events in the game. I understand how some may actually get
annoyed by these conversations every time they enter the shops. However, I
found that if you try to read these conversations without them interrupting
your game, they can be quite enjoyable.

   /  Table of Contents  \/                                             \
__/                       \______________________________________________\_____

I.    Shop Event List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shp00
    - Skycat  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shp01
    - Sasha . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shp02
    - Spica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shp03
    - Cynthia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shp04

II.   Shop Event Script . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scr00
    - Skycat  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scr01
    - Sasha . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scr02
    - Spica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scr03
    - Cynthia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scr04

      Version History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT-00
      Credits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT-01
      Legal Info  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT-02

   /  I. Shop Event List  \/                                         ___\___
__/                        \________________________________________/ Shp00 \__

In the following shop event lists, when the trigger condition is indicated as
"Immediately after shop event xx", that means after you have seen the previous
event, you can just talk to the shopkeeper once and then re-enter the shop to
trigger the next one.

The "Available" column indicates the earliest Phase you can get the shop event.
It is provided only for reference. You may get the shop event at a later Phase.

    Skycat - Bon Beltan Restaurant                                    Shp01

All shop events with Skycat require Luca to be in the party. Some events
require Cloche in the party as well and they will be noted as such.

Shop Event                  Trigger Condition                         Available
01 Rollcake (Recipe)        Story Event                               Phase 1

02 Luca's Dive Therapy is   Immediately after shop event 01           Phase 1
   super popular

03 Warm Soup (Recipe)       After Sasha's shop event 01               Phase 1

04 Experimental guinea      Immediately after shop event 03           Phase 1

05 Luca? Master?            Immediately after shop event 04           Phase 1

06 Fancy Pastalian          After opening up Ironplate Desert on      Phase 1
   (Recipe)                 the world map

07 No. 1 Full Course        After Luca rejoins the party at           Phase 1
   (Recipe)                 Water Mill/Telmina

08 I'll give you the best   Immediately after shop event 07           Phase 1
   service                  (Requires Cloche)

09 Secret to being          Immediately after shop event 08           Phase 1

10 Friendly waitress duo?   Immediately after shop event 09           Phase 1
                            (Requires Cloche)

11 This is a restaurant     Immediately after shop event 10           Phase 1

12 Eattle Brand I (Recipe)  After Grand Bell Hall is added to the     Phase 1
                            town map

13 Rival shop               Immediately after shop event 12           Phase 1

14 Worried about Luca       Immediately after shop event 13           Phase 1

15 After Meal Dessert       After creating Gaea                       Phase 1/2

16 Are you two friendly     After Luca or Cloche rejoins the party    Phase 2
   with each other?         in Promise Hill (Requires Cloche)

17 Waitress uniform         Immediately after shop event 16           Phase 2

18 Take-out (Recipe)        After reaching Phase 3                    Phase 3

19 Lady Cloche in bad       Immediately after shop event 18           Phase 3
   mood?                    (Requires Cloche)

20 Skycat in training       Immediately after shop event 19           Phase 3
                            (Requires Cloche)

21 Eattle Brand II          After obtaining Hymn Crystal Implanter    Phase 3

22 We won!                  Immediately after shop event 21           Phase 3

23 Tomato                   Immediately after shop event 22           Phase 3

24 Fruit Dessert (Recipe)   One battle after shop event 23            Phase 3

25 I don't plan to quit     Immediately after shop event 24           Phase 3

26 I want whip cream        Immediately after shop event 25           Phase 3

27 Sexy Drink (Recipe)      After completing Infelsphere Lv 4         Phase 4

28 Therapy appointment      Immediately after shop event 27           Phase 4
                            (Requires Cloche)

29 Fancy Home Cooking       After the proxy dive with Nana            Phase 4

30 Am I really your         Immediately after shop event 29           Phase 4
   friend?                  (This is a three-part shop event.
                             After the first part, rest to
                             trigger the second. After that,
                             visit again for the last part.)

31 Eattle Brand III         After reaching Phase 5                    Phase 5

32 Eattle Brand IV          One battle after shop event 31            Phase 5

33 Organic Synapse          After the singing event in Rakshek        Phase 5

34 D-wave Cooker (Recipe)   One battle after shop event 33            Phase 5

35 Eattle Brand F (Recipe)  After obtain the recipe Role Play Kit     Phase 5
                            (Cynthia's shop event 35)

    Sasha - Mewmew General Store                                      Shp02

All shop events with Sasha require Cloche to be in the party.

Shop Event                  Trigger Condition                         Available
01 Bomb Specs (Recipe)      Story Event                               Phase 1

02 Happy to see Sister      After the life extending agent event      Phase 1
   Clo came again           in Mikry Forest

03 DIY! Knitting (Recipe)   After Enna is added to the world map      Phase 1

04 Feels like brothers      Immediately after shop event 03           Phase 1
   and sisters

05 Bathing Fun (Recipe)     After Luca rejoins the party at           Phase 1
                            Water Mill/Telmina

06 Taking care of the       Immediately after shop event 05           Phase 1
   shop alone

07 I like Brother Cro       Immediately after shop event 06           Phase 1

P1 Pira Theory 1            After obtaining Pira Theory 1             Phase 1
                            (Found in Water Mill/Telmina)

P2 Pira Theory I (Recipe)   One battle after shop event P1            Phase 1

08 Witchcraft Manual        After the decision for choosing Luca's    Phase 1
   (Recipe)                 or Cloche's path

09 Preparing for lunch      Immediately after shop event 08           Phase 1

10 Leaking roof             Immediately after shop event 09           Phase 1

11 Dress Up Book (Recipe)   After creating Gaea                       Phase 1/2

12 My grandma is in the     Immediately after shop event 11           Phase 1/2

13 Sasha's friends          Immediately after shop event 12           Phase 1/2

P3 Pira Theory 2            One battle after shop event P2 and        Phase 1/2
                            after obtaining Pira Theory 2
                            (Found in Bell Strike Hall)

P4 Pira Theory II (Recipe)  One battle after shop event P3            Phase 1/2

14 Family Projects          After reaching Phase 3                    Phase 3

15 Sister Clo is Lady       Immediately after shop event 14           Phase 3

16 Special service plan     Immediately after shop event 15           Phase 3

17 Wider selection          One battle after shop event 16            Phase 3

18 Sewing for Lovers        After obtaining Hymn Crystal Implanter    Phase 3

19 Broken bathroom          Immediately after shop event 18           Phase 3

20 Getting busy             Immediately after shop event 19           Phase 3

21 Working Man (Recipe)     One battle after shop event 20            Phase 3

22 Relax once in a while    Immediately after shop event 21           Phase 3

23 Beauty Pair (Recipe)     After completing Infelsphere Lv 4         Phase 4

24 It's busy time           Immediately after shop event 23           Phase 4

25 Part-time job            Immediately after shop event 24           Phase 4

26 Just a little tired      One battle after shop event 25            Phase 4

27 Sleep on the job?        Immediately after shop event 26           Phase 4

28 Monthly Mariaje          After reaching Phase 5                    Phase 5

29 Quitting the shop        Immediately after shop event 28           Phase 5
                            (This is a three-part shop event.
                             After the first part, rest to
                             trigger the second. After that,
                             visit again for the last part.)

P7 Pira Theory 4            One battle after shop event P4 and        Phase 5
                            after obtaining Pira Theory 4
                            (Found in Gyro Stabilizer)

P8 Pira Theory IV (Recipe)  One battle after shop event P7            Phase 5

30 Pharmacist's Book        After obtaining recipe Eattle Brand F     Phase 5
   (Recipe)                 (Skycat's shop event 35)

P9 Pira Theory 5            One battle after shop event P8 and        Phase 5
                            after obtaining Pira Theory 5
                            (Found in Tower to the Heavens)

P10 Pira Theory V (Recipe)  One battle after shop event P9            Phase 5

P13 Pira Theory 7           One battle after shop event P10 and       Phase 5
                            after obtaining Pira Theory 7
                            (Found in Sol Marta)

P14 Pira Theory VII         One battle after shop event P13           Phase 5

    Spica - Skytop Tenba Pharmacy                                     Shp03

All shop events with Spica, except the first three, require Jacqli to be in the

Shop Event                  Trigger Condition                         Available
01 Basic Powder (Recipe)    First visit                               Phase 1

02 Black Pill (Recipe)      One battle after shop event 01            Phase 1

03 Basic Compound (Recipe)  One battle after shop event 02            Phase 1

04 Reunion                  After Jacqli joins the party              Phase 2

05 Who is Lyner?            Immediately after shop event 04           Phase 2

06 Antique Medicine         After reaching Phase 3                    Phase 3

07 Old habit                Immediately after shop event 06           Phase 3

08 White Pill (Recipe)      One battle after shop event 07            Phase 3

S1 Have you dived into      After completing Jacqli's                 Phase 3
   Jacqli?                  Cosmosphere Lv 1

S2 Truth serum              One battle after shop event S1            Phase 3

S3 Talk of age              Immediately after shop event S2           Phase 3

S4 I just want a bucket's   One battle after shop event S3            Phase 3

09 D-wave Compound          After defeating Zodom in Lakra            Phase 3

10 Bad mood?                Immediately after shop event 09           Phase 3

11 Bishops                  Immediately after shop event 10           Phase 3

12 Organic Chemical         After obtaining Hymn Crystal Implanter    Phase 3

13 Medicine that weakens    Immediately after shop event 12           Phase 3

14 Unsettling               Immediately after shop event 13           Phase 3

15 Legendary Elixir         After completing Infelsphere Lv 4         Phase 4

16 Bad mood                 Immediately after shop event 15           Phase 4

17 Are you lonely?          Immediately after shop event 16           Phase 4

18 Neural Medicant          After the "shut down" event in            Phase 4
   (Recipe)                 Infelsphere Lv 5

19 What's wrong, Spica?     Immediately after shop event 18           Phase 4

20 Clothes                  Immediately after shop event 19           Phase 4

21 Natural Remedy (Recipe)  After reaching Phase 5                    Phase 5

22 What's wrong, Spica? #2  Immediately after shop event 21           Phase 5

23 H-wave Compound          After the singing event in Rakshek        Phase 5

24 Come back to me          Immediately after shop event 23           Phase 5
                            (This is a three-part shop event.
                             After the first part, rest to
                             trigger the second. After that,
                             visit again for the last part.)

25 Official Goods (Recipe)  After obtaining recipe Pharmacist's Book  Phase 5
                            (Sasha's shop event 30)

    Cynthia - Tsuruya Weapon Shop                                     Shp04

Some events require Luca or Cloche or both to be in the party. In fact, some
may have different conversations depending on whether you have Luca or Cloche
in the party.

Shop Event                  Trigger Condition                         Available
01 New dangerous product?   After returning to Pastalia               Phase 1

02 CynCro Brand I (Recipe)  One battle after shop event 01            Phase 1

03 Leaving the shop         Immediately after shop event 02           Phase 1
   unattended #1            (Requires Luca or Cloche)

04 Mobility Weapon          One battle after shop event 03            Phase 1

05 Keep the shop open       Immediately after shop event 04           Phase 1
   for Croix                (Requires Luca or Cloche)

06 You need my help         Immediately after shop event 05           Phase 1

07 High Power Weapon        After Luca rejoins the party at           Phase 1
   (Recipe)                 Water Mill/Telmina

08 Coo is sleazy            Immediately after shop event 07           Phase 1
   womanizer?               (Requires Luca or Cloche)

09 Explosive love?          Immediately after shop event 08           Phase 1

10 CynCro Brand II          After Grand Bell Hall is added to the     Phase 1
   (Recipe)                 town map

11 Leaving the shop         Immediately after shop event 10           Phase 1
   unattended #2

12 Talking about love       Immediately after shop event 11           Phase 1
                            (Requires Luca or Cloche)
    Note: This is the event that triggers the talk topic "Cynthia" for
          either Luca or Cloche. And only one of them can get it.
          If you want Luca to get it, you should see this event before
          heading back to Grand Bell Hall. If you want Cloche to get it,
          you should see this event after the decision for choosing
          Luca's or Cloche's path.

13 I use love for your      One battle after shop event 12            Phase 1

14 Anti Song Weapon         After creating Gaea                       Phase 1

15 Leaving the shop         Immediately after shop event 14           Phase 1
   unattended #3

A1 Ancient Book             After obtaining Antique Document          Phase 2
   (Antique Document)       (Found in Verticave)

A2 Arranged Ancients        One battle after shop event A1            Phase 2

16 Ecological Product       After reaching Phase 3                    Phase 3

17 Cockroach!               Immediately after shop event 16           Phase 3
                            (Requires the girl you chose to protect)

18 So that's how you stay   Immediately after shop event 17           Phase 3
   close to Coo...          (Requires Luca)

19 I messed up the other    Immediately after shop event 18           Phase 3

20 Scrap Metal              After the event with Cocona at the        Phase 3
                            Dive Shop in Pastalia

21 CynCro Brand III         One battle after shop event 20            Phase 3

22 Slim Concept (Recipe)    After obtaining Hymn Crystal Implanter    Phase 3

23 I don't feel the love!   Immediately after shop event 22           Phase 3
                            (Requires both Luca and Cloche)

24 Too happy?               Immediately after shop event 23           Phase 3
                            (Requires Luca)

25 I'm depending on you     Immediately after shop event 24           Phase 3

26 You come pretty often    Immediately after shop event 25           Phase 3

27 Heavy Tactic Plans       After completing Infelsphere Lv 4         Phase 4

28 Preparations?            Immediately after shop event 27           Phase 4

P5 Pira Theory 3            After obtaining Pira Theory 3             Phase 4
                            (Found in Enna Undergrounds)

P6 Pira Theory III          One battle after shop event P5            Phase 4

29 CynCro Brand IV          After the "shut down" event in            Phase 4
   (Recipe)                 Infelsphere Lv 5

30 Do you still need me?    After the proxy dive with Nana            Phase 4
                            (Requires Luca)

31 Humane Pet Project       After reaching Phase 5                    Phase 5

32 I want to tag along      Immediately after shop event 31           Phase 5
                            (This is a three-part shop event.
                             After the first part, rest to
                             trigger the second. After that,
                             visit again for the last part.)

33 Wonder Armor (Recipe)    After the singing event in Rakshek        Phase 5

34 AT Bomb (Recipe)         One battle after shop event 33            Phase 5

35 Role Play Kit (Recipe)   After seeing Skycat's shop event 34,      Phase 5
                            Sasha's shop event 29, Spica's shop
                            event 24, and Cynthia's shop event 34

36 Role Play Kit 2          After obtaining recipe Official Goods     Phase 5
   (Recipe)                 (Spica's shop event 25)

P11 Pira Theory 6           One battle after shop event P6 and        Phase 5
                            after obtaining Pira Theory 6
                            (Found in Sky Plains)

P12 Pira Theory VI          One battle after shop event P11           Phase 5

   /  II. Shop Event Script  \/                                      ___\___
__/                           \_____________________________________/ Scr00 \__

    Skycat - Bon Beltan Restaurant                                    Scr01

  01  Rollcake                                                     -- Skycat --

Skycat: Oh, Master! Hello!

Cloche: Excuse me, you can help me. Do you have good cake at this shop?

Skycat: Huh? Good cake?

Luca: U-um, you see! We're looking for good cake.

Luca: If I remember, this shop serves dessert too...

Skycat: You said, good cake!? What perfect timing!

Luca: ...Huh?

Skycat: I just finished a recipe for a new cake. I'll make it for you right

Luca: What!? W-will it be okay!?

Skycat: Of course. This is Bonbertan, fine dining restaurant.

Croix: Fine dining... Will the cake be super expensive?

Skycat: Don't worry. If you being the ingredients, I'll make it for free.

Cloche: That's very reasonable... But will it really be okay?

Skycat: My, how rude. I guarantee the taste and skill.

Skycat: Well then, go get the ingredients here.

* Recipe for [Rollcake] has been added. *

Croix: This is!? A Recipe Card?

Skycat: That's right. All the necessary ingredients are listed on this card.

Skycat: When you gather them all, come talk to me again.


Croix: We gathered the items that were on the Recipe Card. Is this good enough?

Skycat: Okay okay, looks like we got the ingredients right. Now all we have to
        do is make the cake.

Skycat: Oh I know! Master, why won't you make it with me? It's been a while.

Luca: Huh!? I-I don' think that's a good idea though. It's been so many

Skycat: Then I'll teach you every step of the way about synthesis. Don't you
        want me to teach you?

* I know how. That's okay. *

Skycat: Oh, is that so... Too bad. Oh well. Then let's just begin making stuff.

Croix: Thanks and good luck.

Luca: What!? What do you mean... Croix, help us too!

Croix: I-I need to help too!?

Skycat: Sure, it'd be helpful if you can work on it too. I can slack off a

Croix: That's the reason...?

Luca: Then, it's decided! When you're ready, talk to Skycat, okay?

  02  Luca's Dive Therapy is super popular                         -- Skycat --

Skycat: Welcome Master.

Skycat: I'm so happy you came to visit me again!

Luca: Huh? I-it's actually not really to...

Skycat: I'm just kidding.

Skycat: So, are you finally back to work? Doing therapy yet?

Luca: No, not today. I'm here for different errands.

Skycat: ...I see.

Skycat: Well, I know you're really busy too.

Skycat: But I need you to come back soon. Or else I'll be in trouble too.

Luca: Huh? What? Am I causing you that much trouble?

Skycat: ...Well, I'm sure you don't realize this at all.

Skycat: But everyone keeps asking me when you're coming back to work.

Croix: She's that popular?

Skycat: Uh du-

Skycat: *cough* Ahem!

Skycat: ...Of course!

Skycat: Master Luca's therapy sessions are super popular around here!

Luca: Th-that's saying too much.

Skycat: You want me to tell you how many dozens of people come to ask a day?

Luca: ...That's more than enough.

Croix: Luca seems like a person beyond my reach...

  03  Warm Soup                                                    -- Skycat --

Skycat: Master, I made a good recipe for you.

Luca: ...I'm really bad at cooking though.

Skycat: Don't worry. I thought about that too.

Skycat: Listen and be awed. I prepared for you today is...

Skycat: A recipe that, for sure, end up as edible food no matter how bad you

Skycat: Here's the recipe. It's for warm soup.

Croix: Is soup that easy to make?

Skycat: You can make soup just by melting miso in hot water.

Croix: ...That's not soup.

Skycat: It's miso soup.

Skycat: And soup is great dish in a meal, as well as a perfect relaxing meal.

Skycat: So I thought it would be perfect for Master right now.

Luca: Yeah, I like soup too.

Skycat: Then, here you go.

* Recipe for [Warm Soup] has been added. *

Skycat: I''ll make sure to help when you decide to make it.

Luca: ...You can help me?

Skycat: I'm very good at melting miso in hot water, you know.

Croix: ...I'm worried.

  04  Experimental guinea pig?                                     -- Skycat --

Skycat: Hello, Master. Will you be eating here today?

Luca: Sorry. We're just here to shop today too.

Skycat: Aww, too bad. I wanted to have you eat my hand made cooking today.

Luca: ...You're able to make normal food now?

Skycat: I was hoping for you to tell me if it was normal or not.

Luca: ...Am i some sort of experimental guinea pig?

Cloche: ......

Croix: Lady Cloche, is something wrong?

Cloche: ...No.

Skycat: Oh, Lady Cloche. You seem like you're in a bad mood.

Cloche: I said, it's nothing.

Cloche: It's just that... I noticed how friendly you two are together.

Skycat: Well, uh du-

Cloche: ?

Skycat: I mean, uhm, phew...

Skycat: ...Of course we are. You can even say we're deeply madly in love.

Luca: What!? I'm not into that kind of...

Skycat: Oh come on, it's a joke. You can at least play with me on it.

Skycat: You really are slow on this sort of stuff.

Luca: Really...? But it's kind of hard playing along all of a sudden like that.

Skycat: It's okay. I like you with all that included.

Cloche: ...Can we go now? I want to get things done.

  05  Luca? Master?                                                -- Skycat --

Skycat: Hello Master.

Skycat: Can you stay a while today?

Luca: Sorry, I don't think I can stay for long...

Skycat: Oh, I thought so... You're too busy lately.

Luca: Err... Am I?

Croix: ......

Skycat: What's wrong with you, Croix?

Croix: Oh, no, just a thought...

Croix: You're taller than Luca, so Luca looks like she should be under you.

Croix: It's just weird to hear you call her master.

Skycat: And my body too, right?

Croix: N-no, I wasn't looking that close...

Skycat: Well, Master's more of a nickname actually.

Skycat: And plus, we're the same age.

Croix: Wha-same age!?

Skycat: Did I look taller and older than her too?

Croix: No, actually, I thought it was the other way.

Croix: Since I heard you came to the shop after Luca, I just assumed...

Skycat: I see.

Skycat: Master, I think this nickname gets everyone else confused.

Luca: But I don't know... Then, want to change it?

Skycat: Erm~...

Skycat: But it's not something I can just change all of a sudden.

Skycat: It's settled in between us, and I prefer to stay with this.

Skycat: And by calling you Master, I'm sure I'll look younger than you.

Luca: ...That sounds like I'm starting to look old. I don't want that.

  06  Fancy Pastalian                                              -- Skycat --

Skycat: I was waiting for you, Master!

Luca: Wh-what happened?

Skycat: I prepared a new recipe for you.

Skycat: And guess what! It's a recipe that uses expensive ingredients!

Luca: Th-that's impossible! Expensive ingredients...

Skycat: Don't worry. That kind of stuff is delicious on its own.

Skycat: So if you used that, then you can't go wrong, for sure!

Luca: ......

Skycat: Well, so I thought, but... Cooking's not that easy.

Luca: Yeah. If it were that easy, I would be able to do it too.

Skycat: But, it's worth a try.

Skycat: We won't know until you do it, so let's test this, trial and error

* Recipe for [Fancy Pastalian] has been added. *

Croix: Why don't you just say that it's a gamble?

Skycat: It's not a gamble, it's a bet.

Luca: ...They kinda mean the same thing, right?

  07  No. 1 Full Course                                            -- Skycat --

Skycat: Now, Master. I know this is sudden, but here's a question.

Luca: That really was sudden...

Skycat: What is the most expensive dish at a restaurant!?

Luca: Huh? The most expensive?

Skycat: Croix, you too. Think about it with her.

Croix: Wouldn't it be faster if you looked at the menu?

Skycat: ...You're boring.

Croix: But...

Luca: If I asked for the most expensive dish, they'd bring it to me, right?

Skycat: But I'm asking you what that is...

Skycat: The most expensive thing on a restaurant menu is their full course

Luca: B-but, there's the easy full-course that's nicer on a common budget...

Skycat: Cut off that "easy" part!

Skycat: Anyway, wouldn't it be great if you could make a full course mean

Skycat: You can feel like you're at a restaurant anytime, anywhere.

Skycat: And so, I made a recipe where you can easily make a full course meal.

Luca: ...I thought you said to cut out the "easy" part.

Skycat: The taste and ingredients are professional, so it's okay.

Croix: Well, I guess there's no problem if it tastes good.

Skycat: Right? So, master. I hope you try making it.

* Recipe for [No. 1 Full Course] has been added. *

Luca: ...But, I doubt I can make a full course.

Skycat: I said it's easy. Don't worry.

Luca: I don't have time to eat a full course meal either.

Skycat: But if you can make it...

Luca: ...What's wrong?

Skycat: Hehehe...nothing. I just thought of something fun.

  08  I'll give you the best service                               -- Skycat --

Skycat: ...Um, Master. There's a request I wanted to make.

Luca: Huh, what is it?

Skycat: Well, um... Can you go back to doing just a day of Therapy work?

Luca: ...Why's that?

Skycat: There's still a lot of customers who come to ask about you.

Skycat: Like when are you starting again, and how they'll pay double so do

Luca: Th-there's that many?

Skycat: Lately, there's been even more of those.

Skycat: So I was hoping you can come back to it for just one day...

Luca: ...I'm sorry.

Luca: I'm just too busy to do it right now.

Skycat: ...I see.

Skycat: ...Um, Master. You won't really quit doing your Therapy work, will you?

Skycat: Everyone's waiting for you to come back, you know?

Skycat: So please don't ever quit.

Luca: ...Don't worry.

Luca: I like my Therapy job. So I would never quit.

Luca: It's just right now... It's pretty tough, and I don't have the time.

Luca: So I need to close shop for just a while...

Luca: But really. I won't quit.

Luca: It's my favorite job, so it'll never happen.

Skycat: ...I see.

Skycat: I'm kind of relieved to hear that.

Skycat: Then I should work harder for you too.

Skycat: So that you can get at least some rest when you come to the shop.

Skycat: I'll try to give you as much service as you want.

Luca: D-don't worry about it. We'll get in the way of your work.

Skycat: Don't be so formal with me, Master.

Skycat: I hear my best friend is overwhelmed by work.

Skycat: So of course I would want to help you out, right?

Luca: B-but...

Croix: ...Why not take it?

Croix: She cares that much for you. Let her spoil you.

Luca: ...Is that okay?

Croix: I'm sure she's saying so because it's okay.

Croix: Think about Skycat's feelings, too.

Skycat: ......

Luca: ...Th-then. Maybe I'll accept your kindness.

Skycat: ...Yup, leave it to me.

Skycat: For you, I'll even wash your back in the bathtub.

Luca: Th-that's going too far...

Cloche: ......

Skycat: Oh? Would you like to join us too, Lady Cloche?

Cloche: I refuse!

  09  Secret to being energetic                                    -- Skycat --

Skycat: Hello~! Master, I've been waiting for you!

Luca: Huh? Did you have a new recipe or something?

Skycat: No not that. I just wanted to see you.

Luca: Oh I see.

Croix: ...You sure are energetic all the time.

Skycat: It'd be weird if the face of the restaurant was sad and mumbly,
        wouldn't it?

Skycat: ...Well acutally. That might go well for some people...

Croix: Won't the customers be scared if their waitress changed personalities
       all of a sudden?

Skycat: Well, I can't change my personality anyway.

Skycat: I'm pretty much forced to eat the secret to being energetic everyday.

Luca: Huh? Was there such a thing?

Skycat: You know how they always give us a parfait in our service meals?

Skycat: I'm the type to get hyped up when I eat sweets.

Luca: Oh, I see.

Croix: R-really? Isn't it better to get meat or something more nutritious?

Skycat: What a guy thing to say.

Skycat: Girls get more energy on sweets.

Skycat: I mean, it depends on the person, of course.

Luca: Yup, I agree.

Croix: I see.

Skycat: When the restaurant gets crowded, I want to eat a bucketful of whip

Luca: ...You're gonna get fat.

Croix: Is it because you're girls that you don't think it's bad for you?

  10  Friendly waitress duo?                                       -- Skycat --

Skycat: *sigh*

Croix: Skycat, something wrong?

Skycat: Huh? Oh!

Skycat: Hello. Sorry I didn't notice you.

Luca: Are you okay Skycat? You look a little tired.

Skycat: I just had a lot of customers before you.

Skycat: I'm the only waitress, so it gets hard when the place gets packed...

Luca: I see. Yeah, they don't have any other workers.

Skycat: Well, it's not like I can't handle it either, so it's okay.

Skycat: But it'd be nice if they can add one more person.

Croix: What happens when you take a day off?

Skycat: I wonder? I never took a day off, so I don't know.

Croix: You're a hard worker...

Skycat: And so, Master. If you'd like, wanna work as both a Therapist and

Luca: ...I kinda thought you would ask.

Luca: But I think... I'll get fired again anyway.

Skycat: Don't worry. I'll be here to support you.

Skycat: And I think we can get more customers as the friendly waitress duo.

Cloche: ......

Croix: Lady Cloche, is something wrong?

Cloche: ...No!

  11  This is a restaurant                                         -- Skycat --

Skycat: Oh, hello.

Skycat: Are you here to shop again?

Luca: Yup, that's what I was planning for.

Skycat: Geeze... Why don't you sit here and eat sometimes?

Skycat: I mean, we are a restaurant you know.

Skycat: So this isn't a place where you come shopping for.

Skycat: And yet, you've never sat down and ate with us.

Luca: ...Now that you mention it, it is kinda weird.

Skycat: You realized now?

Luca: When I used to work here before, I never had customers like that.

Skycat: That's normal.

Skycat: A restaurant is not a place to shop at, but a place to enjoy a meal.

Luca: You're right... I feel really bad now.

Croix: Yeah, it was kinda rude to the restaurant.

Croix: We'll stay and eat here today.

Skycat: Oh, you don't have to worry about it too much.

Skycat: It's true that this isn't a time to relax and enjoy a meal either.

Croix: Isn't it bad for you to say that?

  12  Eattle Brand I                                               -- Skycat --

Skycat: Hehehe, finally the time has come.

Luca: Wh-what? You sound a little scary...

Skycat: Master, remember what you said when I handed you the No. 1 Full Course

Skycat: You said you have no time to enjoy a full course.

Luca: Y-yeah... I said that.

Skycat: I was thinking about it since then.

Skycat: Opening up a full course during battle to heal is just suicidal.

Croix: If we did taht, we'd get killed from behind.

Skycat: And so, I made it!

Skycat: Useable in battle, and edible too. An item only a restaurant can offer!

Luca: ......

Skycat: Um-uh? Why did you become so quiet, Master?

Luca: Uhm... I didn't know how to react.

Skycat: Be surprised, be happy, hug me tight, you can do anything really.

Luca: B-but... I didn't expect you to come to such a conclusion.

Skycat: Aww, I thought you'd give me a good reaction too...

Skycat: Then, look at this recipe and be surprised!

* Recipe for [Eattle Brand I] has been added. *

Croix: Whoa, you're really going to make it with food?

Skycat: From this era forth, it's about eating & battle.

Skycat: So I named this myself.

Skycat: This, is Eattle Brand.

Luca: ...Is it okay to waste food like this?

Skycat: It's just a difference of eating or using. It's not wasting at all.

Skycat: Tasty if eaten, convenient to use. It's a perfect weapon from a

Luca: It's okay for a restaurant to make a weapon?

Skycat: There's no rule against it.

Croix: ...Well, cause usually, they don't.

  13  Rival shop                                                   -- Skycat --

Skycat: Master Master! A big problem!

Luca: Wh-what happened!? Why are you so panicked?

Skycat: I received a challenge! See, look at this!

Luca: Huh... This is just a flyer, isn't it?

Skycat: It's not just a flyer! Read it carefully!

Luca: Uhm... Grand opening, two lovely waitresses wait for your visit...

Luca: A new shop is opening up?

Skycat: A rival shop! And they have two waitresses!

Skycat: I didn't expect such a strong rival to pop up... This isn't good...

Croix: Y-you seem to be in a bad mood.

Skycat: Of course I am! A shop that is sure to become our rival is going to

Skycat: I can't just sit there twiddling my fingers!

Skycat: Don't you think so too, Master?

Luca: Ooh wow, grand opening sale, all desserts half off! Wanna go visit?

Skycat: Master!?

Croix: ...Looks like it'll be a strong enemy.

  14  Worried about Luca                                           -- Skycat --

Skycat: Ah, Master and her cheerful friends. Welcome and hello.

Luca: ...Cheerful? Croix's not that cheerful.

Croix: I won't deny it, but that sounds slightly mean.

Skycat: By the way, you're always traveling with Croix and them, right?

Skycat: Croix, is Master being useful? Is she ever getting in the way?

Luca: Slightly mean...

Skycat: Because, traveling with Croix means, you have to be fighting and...

Luca: Yeah, I do it.

Skycat: I knew it...

Skycat: ...That's what I was worried about.

Skycat: What if you got hurt...

Croix: I protect her so that it won't happen.

Skycat: Yeah... You better be doing a good job at that.

Skycat: If there's any scars on Master's skin, I'd be so sad.

Skycat: It's one of my joys in life to rub my cheeks on your pretty skin.

Luca: ...Did you ever?

Skycat: I'll do it in the future. This is letting you know in advance.

Skycat: But, really, I am so worried...

Skycat: Especially since you're so clumsy sometimes.

Luca: Please don't say something I can't deny...

  15  After Meal Dessert                                           -- Skycat --

Skycat: So, Master. Want to take on a new recipe soon?

Luca: A-a new recipe, already?

Skycat: It's the flow that's important here.

Skycat: And so... The best part of a meal is the main dish, right?

Luca: Y-yeah. I think so.

Skycat: Then what's the fun that comes after a main dish?

Luca: After that...

Luca: Oh, I know! Dessert time!

Skycat: Correct!

Skycat: No way can you go without a dessert after a meal~.

Skycat: You like desserts too, right Master?

Luca: Yup! I'm kind of excited to make a dessert!

Skycat: I'm glad you're happy. Here's the recipe.

* Recipe for [After Meal Dessert] has been added. *

Skycat: It's a simple dessert, so you should be able to make it at home too.

Skycat: To be honest, I can have whip cream alone as a dessert.

Luca: But that'll make you fat.

Croix: It's bad for you, right?

  16  Are you two friendly with each other?                        -- Skycat --

Skycat: Oh, hello Master.

Skycat: ...And Lady Cloche.

Cloche: Oh, I get a greeting too? That's rare.

Cloche: You can flirt with Luca all you want, you know.

Skycat: It's okay. There's something I wanted to ask you two today.

Skycat: I know this may sound blunt, but, are you two friendly with each other?

Luca: ...You're always so random, it's hard keeping up with you sometimes.

Cloche: But why do you ask about that?

Skycat: Because you two have completely different personalities.

Skycat: So I was worried that maybe you're always fighting or something.

Luca: ...I didn't expect you of all people to be worried about that.

Skycat: Oh, why's that?

Cloche: Compare your own personality to hers.

Skycat: ......

Skycat: ...Oh, I get it!

Luca: Why didn't you realize...?

  17  Waitress uniform                                             -- Skycat --

Skycat: Master Master! I have an amazing thing ready for you!

Luca: Wh-what? Is it a new recipe?

Skycat: No not that. Look, an extra waitress outfit!

Luca: That's the amazing thing?

Skycat: Try wearing it.

Luca: Wh-why does the story have to go that way!?

Skycat: Because, you know how I joined the shop right after you left?

Skycat: So I wanted to see you in uniform. That's all.

Luca: B-but...

Skycat: Come on, it's not like it costs you anything.

Luca: ...It's embarrassing.

Luca: And it's gonna remind me of how bad I was and how much I got yelled at...

Skycat: Master, you really messed up a lot, didn't you.

Luca: Er... You should know without me saying.

Skycat: Well, I kinda knew.

Skycat: Aww~, I prepared this for you too. What a waste.

Luca: There's nothing great about seeing me wear it.

Skycat: But I think it would be cute. Don't you think so too, Croix?

Croix: Why direct the conversation to me now?

Skycat: It's your word that makes the difference.

Skycat: If you flattered her, even if it was a lie, then I think she'd wear it.

Luca: ...I don't think you're supposed to say that kind of thing when I'm

  18  Take-out                                                     -- Skycat --

Skycat: This recipe is sure to be of much importance for you guys.

Skycat: And this is it, Takeout!

Luca: You mean like, food to-go?

Skycat: That's right. It's meals to be taken on the run.

Skycat: It's tasty, easy to eat, and easy to carry.

Skycat: I thought it'd be perfect for you, always busy and moving around.

Luca: Wow, that's great!

Skycat: Here's the Recipe Card.

Luca: Thank you!

* Recipe for [Take-out] has been added. *

Luca: ...But, it's Takeout that I have to make myself?

Skycat: It's synthesis. Can't help you there.

Skycat: I'll be here to help you, so it shouldn't be a problem though, right?

  19  Lady Cloche in bad mood?                                     -- Skycat --

Skycat: Hello. I'm glad you came to visit me again Master!

Luca: N-no it's not...

Luca: ...Y-yup! I came to see you.

Skycat: ...You need to be more natural with it.

Luca: B-but I'm not used to it like you are...

Skycat: Well, I'll settle for better next time.

Cloche: ......

Skycat: Lady Cloche, don't make that face.

Cloche: I-I'm not making a bad mood face...

Skycat: I didn't say bad mood.

Cloche: Er...

Luca: Lady Cloche? Are you not feeling well?

Cloche: I-it's nothing! Geez!

Luca: ?

Skycat: You're so loveable where ever you go, Master.

Skycat: I'm a little sad to think you might be taken away...

Luca: Stop saying things I don't know how to respond to...

  20  Skycat in training                                           -- Skycat --

Skycat: Hello and welcome, Master. Here for the usual again?

Luca: Yup. I'm sorry we don't eat here.

Skycat: I've given up already.

Skycat: When you're done being busy and you have time, I'll make you come then.

Luca: Yeah. When the time comes, I want to do that.

Cloche: ......

Cloche: So, Skycat. Why don't you go cook in the kitchen at all?

Skycat: !?

Cloche: You say you're bad, but you help us in synthesis, so you can cook

Skycat: Uh, well that's... Uhm...

Skycat: ......

Cloche: Uh, hm? What's wrong?

Skycat: Oh, no, well... Actually, I, uhm... Ah~...

Luca: ...Skycat, you still can't?

Skycat: N-not that I can't!

Skycat: Uh, I mean, no. Uhh...

Skycat: ...I'm still in training so I can't actually enter the kitchen...

Cloche: Oh really? I see a restaurant is a pretty strict place.

Croix: But, how are you supposed to train if you can't go into the kitchen?

Skycat: Well, mostly at home.

Skycat: Right now, I'm just trying to increase my repertoire.

Skycat: I had Master try out a few of my dishes.

Luca: Yup. The desserts were really good! Even better than the shop's.

Cloche: The desserts? Then what about the rest?

Luca: ......

Skycat: Don't freeze up, Master!

Skycat: Fine, I'll make you my specialty dish next time and surprise you.

Luca: Oh, specialty dish?

Skycat: You don't remember? I let you try it a while ago.

Luca: Uh-um... Wh-what was it again? I can't seem to remember right now.

Skycat: ......

Skycat: You know, with the egg.

Luca: ......Oh.

Luca: ...Black sunny side up?

Skycat: You didn't need to say "black", but yes.

Skycat: But, that was the past.

Skycat: My current specialty dish is! Poached eggs!

Luca: Y-you can make poached eggs!? That's amazing!

Cloche: Able to make poached egg. I see you're still a pro in training.

Croix: ...Was poached egg that amazing of a dish?

  21  Eattle Brand II                                              -- Skycat --

Skycat: The strong and delicious weapon, second edition, is finally complete!

Luca: ...The Eaty Blend? There's more to it...?

Skycat: Not Eaty Blend. It's Eattle Brand.

Skycat: It's really hard thinking of these things you know.

Skycat: But the exhilaration I feel after it's done, I can't explain in words!

Luca: ...I know I said ths before, but don't waste food, okay?

Skycat: You can eat it after you use it. Then you won't be wasting it.

Luca: ...Is that even okay?

Skycat: Anyway. This recipe is a really useful weapon.

Croix: Are you seriously telling us to fight with food!?

* Recipe for [Eattle Brand II] has been added. *

Croix: Wh-what is this recipe!? We really make it out of food?

Skycat: Just imagine. Your brave self, swinging that edible weapon.

Luca: ...I see Croix with a breadstick, charging into an enemy with a sword.

Croix: I think that'll make them even more upset.

Skycat: Delicious to eat, strong when hit. This is the new age weapon!

  22  We won!                                                      -- Skycat --

Croix: W-wow, it's really crowded...

Luca: Whoa... Skycat looks overwhelmed...

Skycat: Oh, hello Master!

Skycat: I'm sorry but can you wait for just a bit?

Croix: You look busy, so we can come back later.

Skycat: Something good happened, so I want to tell you.

Skycat: So can you please wait for just a while?

Croix: ...What do you want to do?

Luca: I don't mind either way, but I think the crowd should settle in a bit.

Croix: Then we'll wait a while.

Skycat: I'm so sorry. Just hold for a few moments.


Skycat: Phewwwww... I'm finally free.

Luca: That was a lot of people. Isn't that the most people you've ever had?

Skycat: Yes, that's it!

Skycat: That's what I wanted to say to you! Master, we won our rival shop!

Skycat: Remember that grand opening shop I told you about before?

Luca: Um... The one with two waitresses?

Skycat: Yes, that one!

Skycat: You see, there were some major problems with their girly waitresses.

Luca: What do you mean?

Skycat: One of them wasn't at an age to be called a girl anymore, and the

Skycat: ...Was actually a guy.

Luca: You mean, it was a boy kinda like Croix?

Croix: I'll refrain from asking what you meant by that.

Luca: Then that flyer was an exaggerated advertising.

Skycat: More like fraudulent lies.

Skycat: And so, the customers flowed into this shop with a popular waitress

Luca: So that's why it was so crowded.

Skycat: I'm really happy, but wow am I tired...

Luca: Must be tough.

Croix: A restaurant where the waitress is more important than the food, huh...

Luca: Why not? I think that's what the customers want too.

Skycat: Master, that just sounds like we serve food that's not so great...

  23  Tomato                                                       -- Skycat --

Skycat: Oh, Master. You came at a great time.

Skycat: We just got a shipment of fresh tomatoes.

Luca: Er!? T-tomatoes!?

Croix: ...Oh yeah. Luca, you hate tomatoes, huh.

Luca: ...Skycat knows that and she gives me tomatoes.

Skycat: But you're so weird.

Skycat: You like tomato juice, but you hate tomatoes.

Luca: Huh, is it weird? I think it's pretty common.

Croix: I hear about people hating tomatoes but being okay with vegetable juice.

Croix: But I don't think many people who hate tomatoes like tomato juice.

Luca: But the real thing and the juice taste completely different.

Luca: Yeah, tomatoes have to come as juice for me.

Skycat: But you can eat tomato sauce, right?

Luca: Yup, it's good!

Croix: But that won't taste like fresh tomatoes anymore.

  24  Fruit Dessert                                                -- Skycat --

Skycat: Well Master! Today's the day for a new recipe.

Luca: What's it like this time?

Skycat: ...Actually, it's not that hard to make.

Skycat: This one is a dessert that uses fruits.

Luca: A fruit dessert? That sounds pretty easy.

Skycat: It's easy, but elegant. I planned it hoping that you can make it too.

Skycat: Fruits taste good after a meal, after all.

Luca: Yeah. It's refreshing to eat fruits after a meal.

Skycat: Right? I'm glad I made this recipe then.

* Recipe for [Fruit Dessert] has been added. *

Skycat: I always eat fruits with a bowl full of whip cream on top.

Luca: ...Won't the taste of fruit disappear?

  25  I don't plan to quit                                         -- Skycat --

Croix: What, again...?

Luca: The rival shop is gone. Can't help it here.

Croix: True.

Skycat: Oh, hello!

Skycat: I'm sorry but can you wait for just a minute?

Croix: ...So she says.


Skycat: Phweee~... I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting.

Croix: It's fine. It didn't take that long anyway.

Luca: But really, you have so many more customers now. Isn't it tough alone?

Skycat: W-well, kinda... But this is my job, so I'm fine.

Croix: But shouldn't you get at least one more person to help you out?

Skycat: Umm~... You see, there's actually some merits to being the only one

Skycat: I can't say this too loud, but since this shop isn't big, I have an
        easier time moving freely alone.

Skycat: And the pay's actually not too shabby here.

Luca: Oh, yeah, that's true.

Skycat: Right!?

Skycat: So it's not too bad being the only one, and I don't plan on ever

Skycat: ...I-it's not like I work here only for the money though!

Skycat: I work hard because I like this job.

Luca: I see... But I'm glad to hear that you don't plan to quit.

Skycat: Really!?

Luca: Because everyone would be sad if you quit. You're a popular waitress.

Skycat: ...Sure.

Skycat: But maybe I'd feel happy if you were sad?

Luca: You'd be happy for me to be sad? That's weird.

  26  I want whip cream                                            -- Skycat --

Skycat: Arrr... Master~, I'm so tired~...

Luca: Y-you look beat... Was the shop busy?

Skycat: It was horrible, my Goddess!

Skycat: It had to be the busiest in the past few months.

Skycat: I can't go on with just the dessert from the service food...

Luca: But wasn't the dessert from this place a really big portion?

Skycat: But there's more fruits and stuff than the cream. That's the problem.

Skycat: I like sweet stuff! Only sweet stuff can give me energy...

Skycat: Ahh, I want to eat sweets. My body feels so heavy and weak...

Luca: You really look tired.

Skycat: It's past the level of tired.

Skycat: Oh geez~, seriously. I want a bucketful of whip cream and feel

Luca: As I always say, it's gonna make you fat.

Croix: As I always say, it's really bad for you.

  27  Sexy Drink                                                   -- Skycat --

Skycat: Master, I prepared a recipe like this today.

Luca: I'd be happy if it were a dessert type one again.

Skycat: Too bad. This one is an energy drink for adults.

Luca: What!? Wh-what do you mean, for adults...?

Skycat: I mean, it's an energy drink you can't give to young kiddies, okay?

Skycat: This is the slightly sexy recipe for you.

* Recipe for [Sexy Drink] has been added. *

Luca: W-why would you give me a recipe like that? I don't know how to use it...

Skycat: There's many ways to use it. The person making it would change effects

Skycat: And don't trust the name of the recipe too much.

Skycat: I'm sorry but it won't give you anything sexy.

Luca: ...But you just said it yourself.

Skycat: I just meant, you might be able to make that too.

Skycat: If you do, me and you should drink it together.

Luca: Wh-what are you saying!? Geez...

  28  Therapy appointment                                          -- Skycat --

Skycat: Hold on for just a second okay, Master?

Luca: Sh-she's fast...

Cloche: Maybe she's getting used to this busyness.

Croix: ...Kinda amazing.


Skycat: I'm sorry I'm always making you wait lately.

Croix: I don't mind that, but are you sure you're okay?

Cloche: It must be tough dealing with that many people all by yourself.

Skycat: I'm getting the hang of handling it lately, so it's fine now.

Croix: ...You're skilled.

Skycat: Yeah, I know...

Skycat: But, I think the fatigue might be getting to me.

Skycat: I have trouble waking up in the morning recently.

Cloche: Obviously, it's the fatigue.

Skycat: I know!

Skycat: Master, when you come back to your Therapy job, maybe I'll have you do
        me too.

Croix: Have you ever done a Therapy session with Luca before?

Luca: Now that you mention, I don't think you've ever.

Skycat: I was healed by Master's presence alone.

Cloche: ...Great to hear.

Skycat: But just watching you isn't enough lately...

Skycat: I actually feel like my mind is tired pretty often now too...

Luca: I see... But seeing that, of course you'd be tired.

Luca: Then when I get back to work, I'll do Therapy for you first.

Skycat: Really!?

Luca: Yup. I'll make sure to give you lots of service.

Skycat: I'm so excited! Thank you Master.

Luca: I mean, you're always taking care of us too.

Luca: It's like a reward.

Skycat: ......

Skycat: ...Oh. ...You didn't have to worry about that.

Luca: No, really. I want to make sure to thank you.

Skycat: ......

Cloche: ?

  29  Fancy Home Cooking                                           -- Skycat --

Skycat: Master. It's been a long path that we've been on.

Luca: Huh? Wh-what path?

Skycat: You're finally on your last cooking recipe!

Luca: Wha-huhh!? There were still more?

Skycat: This one uses expensive ingredients to make the ultimate home cooking.

Skycat: If you can make this, you've pretty much mastered home cooking.

Skycat: Please Master, take it!

Luca: ...But it's not like I wanted to master home cooking...

Skycat: Don't be weak. Come on, stand up straight!

Skycat: I told you this before, but guys judge on how well a girl can cook.

Skycat: So there's nothing bad about trying at least, okay?

Luca: ...Are you sure?

Skycat: Come on, Croix. What do you say?

Croix: W-well, I guess... Sure, it's better if she can cook.

Luca: ......

Skycat: See, I told you so! Now, go on, take it!

Luca: ...W-well, if you insist.

* Recipe for [Fancy Home Cooking] has been added. *

Skycat: Master this and you'll be the number one ideal wife wherever you go!

Luca: ...I don't need to be number one though.

Skycat: Oh come on. If you stay that weak, I'm gonna take you as my wife.

Luca: Skycat, I can't tell if you're serious or joking. It's kinda scary...

  30  Am I really your friend?                                     -- Skycat --

Croix: ...Well, I did expect it.

Luca: Yeah... Skycat looks so busy.

Croix: She doesn't even notice us.

Luca: ......

Luca: Well I guess we can come back later.

Croix: Are you sure?

Luca: We can come back after we get other stuff done.

Cloche: ...Are you sure, Luca?

Luca: I think we'll only get in the way because it's so busy right now.

* As they are leaving the restaurant... *

Skycat: ...Master?

Luca: We'll come back later, it's okay Skycat.

Skycat: Wha-wait a minute!

Skycat: Just wait for a bit! I'll finish up quick...okay?

Croix: A-alright... Then we'll be waiting as usual.

Skycat: ......

Skycat: You didn't have to leave without a word...

* After all customers have left... *

Croix: ...This place looks so different when there's no customers.

Luca: Yeah. It's so quiet all of a sudden, it's kinda sad.

Skycat: ......

Luca: Wh-what's wrong, Skycat? You look like you're in a bad mood today.

Skycat: ...Of course I am.

Luca: Oh... It must be tough.

Skycat: Tough...? What's that supposed to mean?

Luca: Huh... A-are you mad?

Skycat: Of course... You came all the way here and you tried to leave.

Luca: U-um, that's because... You looked really busy.

Luca: You know, I thought we'd just get in the way if you had to deal with us.

Skycat: But that doesn't mean you should go home without saying anything to me!

Skycat: And have I ever said a word about you being in my way of anything?

Luca: N-no, but... Skycat, why are you angry?

Skycat: ......

Skycat: ...So, Master.

Skycat: What am I to you?

Luca: You're...

Skycat: Am I really your friend?

Luca: O-of course you are. Why would you ask that?

Skycat: ...Cause I can't believe it.

Luca: What, why!? Did I do something to make you mad?

Luca: Then I'll apologize. What did I do!?

Skycat: No!

Skycat: I don't want you to apologize to me!

Skycat: And this isn't the only reason why I'm mad!

Skycat: It's because you were always like this to me!

Luca: Wh-why!? I didn't do anything bad to you...

Skycat: You didn't do anything, bad?

Skycat: What!? Then what do you think your usual attitude to me is!?

Skycat: You act kind of friendly with me, but it's always so superficial!

Luca: No it's not!

Luca: You're so mean, Skycat... Why are you saying this?

Luca: You always tell me that you're my best friend!

Skycat: ...Yes, I say that.

Luca: Then...

Skycat: Then have you ever said that I was your friend, even once?

Luca: ......

Skycat: Even to people other than me. Have you ever told them I'm your friend?

Luca: W-well...

Skycat: ...I always noticed it.

Skycat: You have a line drawn in between our friendship.

Skycat: Even when you came here with Croix for the first time.

Skycat: He didn't even know of my name.

Skycat: You'll smile with me in the shop, but once you're out, you don't know

Skycat: I seriously wanted to become good friends with you...

Skycat: I wanted to hang out with you outside of work too.

Skycat: I thought I could be best friends with you, and I tried so hard!

Luca: B-but I...

Skycat: You know, Master...

Skycat: I... I've never even been approached by you, ever.

Skycat: ...Not even for a hello.

Luca: ......Ah.

Skycat: I have to talk to you or else you would never talk to me.

Skycat: Even if I'm right by you, you can stay quiet and simply walk away.

Skycat: And you can still say it?

Skycat: That you're my friend...

Luca: ......

* Luca runs out of the restaurant. *

Croix: L-Luca!?

* Croix chases after Luca. *

* Cloche also slowly walks out. *

* Outside the restaurant... *

Croix: ...Don't just rush out.

Luca: ......

Croix: Are you okay?

Luca: ...I'm sorry I made you feel terrible.

Luca: I'm okay now...

Croix: ...So, what now? We can't just leave Skycat like...

Cloche: Croix, leave it alone...

Cloche: Let's hurry on ahead.

Croix: ......

* When you rest at the inn... *

Cloche: Um, Luca... About Skycat.

Luca: ......

Cloche: Are you really going to leave this? It's so sad, ending it with a

Cloche: I mean... We experienced it too, so you should understand that, right?

Luca: ...I know.

Luca: But, what Skycat said was true too... I did draw a line in our
      friendship, unconsciously.

Luca: And I don't think that just because I realized it now, I can apologize,
      and things will be solved.

Luca: I think... I might do the same thing again without thinking about it...

Luca: And if that happens, it might get worse than now.

Cloche: ......

Cloche: So, you're just going to end it here?

Luca: ...Well I mean, I want to make up with her. And I do consider Skycat my

Luca: So... If it's gonna get worse than this.

Cloche: There is no worse than this. It's already the worst situation.

Cloche: But if you realize those things, I think you should talk to her once.

Cloche: I don't know if you two can reconcile, but I think you should at least
        tell her your feelings.

Luca: ...You think so?

Cloche: Skycat doesn't know that you really consider her your true friend.

Cloche: It's just that you had that subconscious wall that you put around
        yourself, right?

Cloche: Then you can at least tell her that.

Cloche: Plus, if you end things with her without telling her your true
        feelings, it's so sad for Skycat...

Luca: ......

Luca: ...Do you think she'll listen to me?

Cloche: You have to make her listen. ...I mean, if you want, I'll go with you?

Luca: ...No, it's fine. I'm pretty sure she'll listen to me.

Luca: Because... She is my friend after all.

*Late night at the restaurant... *

Luca: ...Skycat.

Skycat: M-master!?

Luca: ...Um, well.

Luca: ......

Luca: ...Uh, Skycat. I...

Skycat: I'm sorry Master!

Luca: ...Huh?

Skycat: I'm really sorry I said all that horrible stuff.

Luca: Huh...w-why?

Skycat: I've been so busy and tired lately that I was just really irritated.

Skycat: But I...shouldn't have said all that in front of everyone...

Skycat: ...I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?

Luca: ...Skycat.

Luca: ...Don't apologize. You didn't do anything wrong.

Skycat: I have to. I mean, I did something terrible.

Skycat: And... That was probably just my misunderstanding.

Luca: What was?

Skycat: About you drawing a line in between our friendship.

Skycat: ...That can't be true.

Skycat: Because you came here for me, like this.

Skycat: ...So I think it was just my misunderstanding.

Luca: ......

Luca: ...No, it wasn't.

Luca: I think you were right about that one...

Skycat: ...I, was?

Luca: ...Just between us,

Luca: I...never had anyone I could reveal my true thoughts to...

Luca: I don't really make any deep relationships with anyone, so.

Luca: I'm sure you noticed that too.

Luca: And especially people I like. I never want friends to know my true

Luca: I don't want them to hate me because of it...

Skycat: ......

Luca: So... I wanted to keep a harmless relationship with anyone.

Luca: Then, I wouldn't have to worry about being hated.

Luca: I think...that a big part of me thought that way...

Skycat: ......

Skycat: ...I'm sure you did.

Luca: Yeah... I thought so.

Luca: You noticed that from a long time ago, didn't you?

Skycat: Of course.

Skycat: Or else... I wouldn't be calling myself your best friend.

Luca: ...I see. ...Yeah, you're right.

Skycat: ...But, I think I feel a little more relieved.

Skycat: Even if I realized, it's not really visible.

Skycat: I couldn't be sure unless you told me yourself.

Skycat: ...If I got mad because of a mistake, then I would have failed as a

Skycat: So... I'm slightly relieved.

Luca: ......

Luca: ...But, there's just one thing I don't understand.

Luca: If you knew that, then why did you want to be friends with me?

Luca: If it were me... I'd never want to become friends with anyone like

Skycat: ......

Skycat: ...It's so nostalgic.

Skycat: I remember I was pretty forceful when I first started talking to you.

Luca: Yeah...

Luca: Honestly, at first, um... I was kinda hesitant.

Skycat: You mean, honestly, it was annoying.

Luca: I-it wasn't that bad, but...

Skycat: It's fine. Because I did it to make you feel that way.

Skycat: In your case, I thought I had to go that far for you to even remember

Skycat: That's why I tried being annoying constantly.

Luca: ...Oh I see.

Luca: I made you go through a lot of trouble from the very start, huh.

Skycat: Oh, it was pretty fun for me though.

Skycat: Thanks to that, I got to learn about so many cute things about you.

Skycat: And compared to the joy of when my persistence won you over as my

Skycat: The troubles are nothing.

Luca: ...It was my first time anyone tried to get that close to me too.

Luca: I didn't expect anyone to force conversations and try to get to know

Luca: So I was hesitant, but... I was really happy when we became friends.

Luca: Of course... I still want to stay friends with you.

Skycat: ...I'm happy to hear that.

Luca: But... I acted so harshly to my precious friend.

Luca: ...I didn't even realize until you told me.

Luca: ...I'm the worst.

Skycat: That's over and done with.

Skycat: You realize now, and you're apologizing to me about it here.

Luca: But I might do the same thing without realizing again...

Luca: So... Maybe it's better that I stop being your friend...

Luca: I have no right to call you my friend...

Skycat: ......

Skycat: Want to quit being friends?

Luca: ......

Skycat: ...I don't mind.

Luca: ......

Skycat: If that happens, I'll do more things by force to make you my friend

Luca: Huh?

Skycat: Of course.

Skycat: Because I still like you.

Skycat: So if you stop being my friend, I'll annoy you until you become my
        friend again.

Luca: ...Why do you try so hard?

Luca: Is there something good about being my friend that you'd do all that?

Skycat: ...Hmm, well that's a tough question.

Skycat: It's not like I wanted to be your friend to get something good out of

Luca: Then, why?

Skycat: ...How should I say this?

Skycat: You know about the time I started my job, and how clumsy I was, right?

Luca: Y-yes... You were nothing like what you are now.

Skycat: It was so hard... I would get yelled at everyday.

Luca: Yeah... It was kind of embarrassing because it was like watching myself.

Skycat: Everyone said that too.

Skycat: But I never knew you when you worked as a waitress.

Skycat: So I only knew you in everyone's stories.

Skycat: About a worse waitress than me that worked here.

Luca: ...That's the first time I heard this.

Skycat: It was a little later on that I first met you.

Skycat: And by then, you'd become popular with your Therapy.

Skycat: ...Honestly, I was kinda jealous.

Luca: No way... You'd get jealous of people?

Skycat: I was told so often that you were a worse waitress than me.

Skycat: And then that person appeared suddenly.

Skycat: And as a super popular Therapist too.

Skycat: Of course I'd get jealous.

Luca: Ah...If it were the other way around, I think I would've been jealous

Skycat: Right?

Skycat: I was thinking, you were clumsier than me and got fired, how cocky...

Luca: ...I guess that can't be helped.

Luca: But isn't that more reason for you to not want to get any closer with me?

Luca: Why did you want to become my friend then?

Skycat: ......

Skycat: After people began calling me the face of the shop, I finally realized.

Skycat: That you put in effort to become a good Therapist too.

Luca: ......

Skycat: They told me I was clumsy so often.

Skycat: I tried really hard until people acknowledged me as the face of the

Skycat: ...It was tough, but you tried hard too, right?

Luca: ...Yup.

Luca: It was actually so tough even I'm surprised.

Skycat: But... That made me want to become your friend even more.

Skycat: We were both super clumsy and always got yelled at.

Skycat: But we both overcame it, and got to the point we're at right now.

Skycat: I thought, oh, we're really similar...

Skycat: So I knew that if we became friends, we would get along well.

Skycat: And of course, I still think that way.

Luca: ...I'm sorry.

Luca: ...I never knew you thought of me like that.

Skycat: Don't worry, I knew you would never notice.

Luca: ...You said that easily.

Skycat: It's the truth.

Luca: And you still say you want to be my friend?

Luca: You've been holding it in all this time, and you'll give me another

Skycat: I wasn't holding it in. I was just waiting.

Skycat: For you to realize on your own and say something.

Skycat: ...But, this made me find out about my own bad habit too.

Skycat: I was so forceful on you at first, and then I held it in until I

Skycat: I told myself I'd wait, but I couldn't resist and blew up.

Skycat: So, how about we settle this as even.

Luca: ...Will it be okay?

Luca: I...might make you feel horrible again.

Skycat: Don't worry.

Skycat: I won't wait anymore and tell you straight out from now on.

Skycat: So to start with... Let's see...

Skycat: Don't ever worry about that kind of stuff again.

Skycat: If you think that way, you won't be able to change.

Luca: ......

Luca: ...Okay.

Skycat: ...And, the shop is closed already.

Skycat: The waitress, Skycat, isn't here until tomorrow, Luca.

Luca: You're right... Lelina.

Skycat: Luca, don't worry about anything anymore.

Skycat: I'll tell you if your attitude towards me is weird in any way.

Skycat: I'll never wait anymore.

Skycat: I don't ever want to get so pent up that I would explode.

Skycat: So, we'll go at a slow pace.

Skycat: I want you to become more outgoing towards me, just a little at a

Skycat: Then, we can become real best friends soon enough.

Luca: ...Okay.

Luca: ...Yeah, we're alike.

Luca: ...Well then, Lelina.

Luca: Will you make up with me?

Skycat: ...Let's see.

Skycat: Sure, we'll make up.

* When you visit Skycat again... *

Skycat: Oh, Master! Welcome.

Luca: Hi... Is it empty today?

Skycat: The rush is still to come.

Skycat: *sigh*... Thinking about dealing with that makes my stomach hurt...

Luca: I-it must be tough...

Croix: ...I thought you were fighting. You seem pretty friendly for that.

Skycat: Oh? Haven't you heard the saying, the closer you are, the more you

Skycat: Anyway, Master.

Skycat: Might you have any time for a little work session?

Luca: I'm sorry. Today's not a good day either...

Luca: It's still going to be a while.

Skycat: *sigh*... It'll be a long while then.

Skycat: I kind of had my hopes up that you'd make a little time for me.

Luca: But when I'm done, you'll be the first I come to. Will that be okay?

Skycat: Oh really!? That makes me really happy!

Skycat: This is what best friends are really for.

Luca: Er~... It's more like.

Luca: I thought you would scream and yell unless I came to you first...

Skycat: Of course!

Luca: ...You won't deny it?

Skycat: Because, you know. You might've lost skill cause it's been so long.

Skycat: So it'll be like a test run.

Luca: Are you sure you're okay with a test run? If I did get worse, you'd lose

Skycat: It's more than enough for me to enter you.

Luca: ...I don't think that'd even work as a test then.

Skycat: But I need you to be safe and healthy to make that become reality too.

Skycat: And so. Here, I'll give you this.

* Obtain [Springtime Cameo]! *

Luca: A-are you sure? It looks expensive.

Skycat: It's like a lucky charm. Don't worry about it.

Luca: ...Thank you. I'm really happy, Lelina.

Skycat: I'm at work right now.

Luca: O-oh yeah...

Luca: When I'm done, I'll come straight to you, Skycat.

Skycat: I'll be looking forward to your Therapy too, Master.

Skycat: Ahh... I want to get inside of you!

Luca: D-don't say it out loud. It's embarrassing...

  31  Eattle Brand III                                             -- Skycat --

Skycat: Equipped to protect, eaten to fulfill hunger and turn to energy.

Skycat: A weapon series created by a restaurant. That is...!

Luca: Did you finish a new recipe for the Eat Brand?

Skycat: M-master!? You interrutped my great line with the punch! You can't do

Skycat: And you got the name wrong too! It's Eattle Brand!

Luca: ...Why am I being yelled at?

Croix: Don't ask me.

Skycat: Aww~, I wanted to make it sound cool too...

Skycat: Here, the recipe.

* Recipe for [Eattle Brand III] has been added. *

Croix: I see you gave up...

Luca: Is this armor? Is it for like, Croix to wear?

Skycat: Yes.

Croix: Wait a minute. If I wore that, I'm sure I'll be laughed at everywhere.

Skycat: That's all up to the design, really.

Skycat: If you don't want to be laughed at, you can use a smelly, potent

Croix: ...They won't laugh, but they'll be annoyed.

Skycat: Jokes aside, this will be really useful to have.

Skycat: If you're being attacked and you're about to die, you can eat it to

Luca: But if you eat it, you can't defend yourself from the next attack, right?

Skycat: No weapon is stronger than a full belly!

Skycat: ...And so, deal with it.

Croix: It's armor, not a weapon, right?

  32  Eattle Brand IV                                              -- Skycat --

Skycat: Um, Master. About this time's Eattle Brand...

Luca: ...Wh-what?

Skycat: ...It's pretty amazing.

Luca: ...I'm scared to end up with something crazy.

Skycat: This time, it's equipment only for girls.

Croix: ......

Luca: ...Croix, you felt relieved when you heard that, huh.

Croix: No, not really...

Skycat: The Eattle Brand for ladies, is... Pretty, amazing.

Luca: H-how so?

Skycat: ......

Skycat: ...Sexy.

Luca: ...Wh-why would a word like sexy come out?

Skycat: Because, it's for girls. You need some sexy.

Skycat: It's not pretty for girls to be wearing big bulky stuff.

Luca: But we can't worry about that in our situation...

Skycat: And so, I worried for you, and made this.

Skycat: Here, this is the recipe. It's my masterpiece!

* Recipe for [Eattle Brand IV] has been added. *

Skycat: Well, I only made the recipe, but you're gonna have to make it

Luca: ...I wonder if it'll be okay.

Skycat: It's sexy, but it should be useful too.

Skycat: Because, it's Eattle Brand after all!

  33  Organic Synapse                                              -- Skycat --

Skycat: Oh, Master. Perfect time.

Skycat: I found this recipe deep in the shop's storage. Do you want to use it?

Luca: What recipe is it?

Luca: ...This isn't cooking.

Skycat: True, it doesn't look like food to me either.

Skycat: But, it came from deep in the storage room. Doesn't it feel exciting

Skycat: I bet you'll make something amazing!

Luca: We're gonna end up with something amazing?

Skycat: Well, I don't know.

Skycat: But, these kind of things always have a consistency in their story, you

Skycat: Found by coincidence, lost in a deep place. A cursed, but super rare

Luca: ...It's cursed?

Skycat: Uh~m, I'm not sure about that. So try making it and let's find out.

* Recipe for [Organic Synapse] has been added. *

Luca: ...Am I like, some sort of guinea pig?

Skycat: I'll support you, don't worry. You shouldn't have a problem, right?

  34  D-wave Cooker                                                -- Skycat --

Skycat: Master Master! I found another recipe inside the shop's storage room!

Luca: Another recipe that's not food?

Skycat: But this one looks like it'll be really useful.

Skycat: I think it's a recipe for a device that warms up food and drinks

Skycat: With this, you can eat warm food even when you're camping outside.

Luca: Oh, that'd be nice.

Luca: Having a warm drink makes a big difference.

Croix: Yeah. This might make camping more fun.

Skycat: Then try making it now. Here, the recipe.

* Recipe for [D-wave Cooker] has been added. *

Luca: You can warm up anything?

Skycat: The manual I found with it said, "Do not use on eggs and animals!"

Skycat: If you do...

Skycat: ...

Skycat: ...Whoa, serious!?

Luca: Wh-what!? What'll happen?

Skycat: Oh, no no! Nothing!

Skycat: You see, um...

Skycat: ...I-if it directly touches an animal, a bad light will emit!

Skycat: So even if you make it, don't ever do that.

Skycat: Promise me, Master!

Luca: ...All of a sudden, I'm scared to make it.

  35  Eattle Brand F                                               -- Skycat --

Skycat: Oh, hello! You're here at a good time!

Luca: Is something going on?

Skycat: Well actually, there's this popular book that's out right now.

Skycat: And then by coincidence, a customer forgot to take his book, so I sto-

Luca: !?

Skycat: I mean, I was holding it for him. And I read it.

Skycat: Then, I got so into it. I got hooked on one of the characters!

Croix: ...I heard this somewhere before.

Skycat: Because, one of the characters is a chef.

Skycat: I fell in love with the thought of him beating the enemies with his
        talking knife partner.

Luca: He carries around knives, so he's a crazy man?

Skycat: It's not that kind of story!

Skycat: Anyway, so, I made it.

Skycat: The recipe for the knife that the person used as a weapon.

* Recipe for [Eattle Brand F] has been added. *

Luca: Eattle Brand F? What's the F stand for?

Skycat: Final. It's the last one.

Luca: ...But, this Eattle Brand can't be eaten.

Skycat: It's a weapon though. Go easy on me there.

Jacqli: ......

Croix: Is something wrong, Jacqli?

Jacqli: No, it's nothing...

    Sasha - Mewmew General Store                                      Scr02

  01  Bomb Specs                                                    -- Sasha --

Cloche: Sasha, we brought you the cake.

Sasha: Oh my! Really!? Thank you very much!

* You hand over a [Baked Crackercake]. *

Sasha: ...

Cloche: ......

Sasha: .........

Cloche: ............

Sasha: ...............

Cloche: If you have a problem with it, blame it on Luca!

Luca: Meeeeee!?

Cloche: You made it, didn't you!? I thought you were going to make a Roll Cake.

Luca: B-but I followed the recipe and this is how it turned out...

Sasha: Don't worry! My grandma loves crackers, so it should be fine.

Sasha: Thank you very much for making this for me.

Cloche: What!? Sasha, you-you're really okay with this? It's not even a cake.

Sasha: It's really not a problem! Sister Luca made it for me.

Sasha: It might not be a cake, but it has to be good!

Cloche: ......

Cloche: Sasha, you're such an amazingly good child...

Sasha: What!? N-no, I'm not!

Cloche: With a good girl like you at this store, I think I'll come by more

Sasha: Really!?

Cloche: Of course. I really like this shop, and you, too.

Croix: Since when!?

Sasha: Uhm...Miss Cloche.

Cloche: What is it?

Sasha: Uh-um... C-can I call you Sister Clo?

Cloche: !?

Cloche: ...

Croix: That's probably not a good idea!

Sasha: I-I'm sorry! Since you're Sister Luca and Brother Cro's friend, I

Cloche: No, it's alright! I rather prefer that name, actually. Call me Sister

Sasha: ...I-is it really okay?

Croix: What she said.

Cloche: Croix, why are you so worried? I said it's okay, so it's okay!

Sasha: Hehehe... I'm so happy I get to be friends with such a pretty sister.

Cloche: Hm?

Sasha: Oh, nothing!

Sasha: Oooh! To show you my thanks... It's not much, but please take this.

* Recipe for [Bomb Specs] has been added. *

Cloche: This is...a recipe card!

Sasha: Yup! It's been dangerous around here, so you might need it more than I

Croix: You can do syntheses at your store, too? I didn't know.

Sasha: Hehehe. Actually, I just started doing it, so you couldn't have known.

Sasha: But it's um, lonely working here by myself,

Sasha: ...If it's okay... I was wondering if Sister Clo can synthesize with

Cloche: ......

Sasha: Oh, b-but, you really don't have to if you don't want to...

Cloche: Of course! I'll help you anytime!

Sasha: R-really!? Thank you very much!

  02  Happy to see Sister Clo came again                            -- Sasha --

Sasha: Oh, Sister Clo! You came again!

Cloche: I promised you. That I'd come more often.

Sasha: Hehehe... I'm so happy.

Sasha: Tell me if you want anything.

Sasha: If you want a lot, I have tons more in the back!

Cloche: I-I can't hold that much, so it should be fine...

  03  DIY! Knitting                                                 -- Sasha --

Sasha: Oh, Sister Clo. Hello.

Cloche: Hello. Oh, are you making a Recipe Card today?

Sasha: Yes. There was one I just thought of.

Sasha: ...Alright, it's done!

Sasha: A simple synthesis recipe even a kid can make, called [DIY! Knitting]!

Cloche: A knitting recipe? That sounds interesting.

Sasha: I made it so that even beginners can have fun making it.

Cloche: You put so much thought into it.

Cloche: But to say even a child can do it, that's really interesting.

Sasha: It's still a synthesis though, so you might end up with something crazy.

Cloche: Knitting, hmm... I've never done it, so I'm a little worried.

Sasha: Then please, try it out! It's really easy.

Cloche: I don't know. I'm really clumsy with these things.

Sasha: A lady who can knit is really cool.

Cloche: Oh, it is?

Sasha: Of course! It's so easy, once you remember how to do it, you can master

Cloche: ...Well then, maybe I'll try it out.

Sasha: Okay! Then please, take this Recipe Card.

* Recipe for [DIY! Knitting] has been added. *

Cloche: I hope you can teach me from the very basics.

Sasha: Leave it to me! I'm really good at knitting.

  04  Feels like brothers and sisters                               -- Sasha --

Sasha: Sister Clo! Hello and welcome to my shop!

Cloche: Oh, you seem happy. Did something good happen?

Sasha: Yes, it happened right now.

Sasha: When you and Cro come often, it makes me very happy!

Sasha: It's cuz you're customers, but also cuz I'm an only child.

Sasha: It feels like I got real brothers and sisters. Hehehe...

Croix: Oh that's right. You don't have any siblings, huh.

Sasha: Yes that's right. Oh, but if there was, it might be scary anyway.

Sasha: I'm very clumsy, so I might be yelled at every day.

Cloche: You think so?

Cloche: Siblings won't yell at a hard working sister for no reason.

Cloche: At least, I wouldn't get mad at you.

Sasha: R-really? Hehe... It makes me happy to hear you say that.

Sasha: Now I'm so happy I feel like I can work harder!

  05  Bathing Fun                                                   -- Sasha --

Sasha: Tadaa! I made a new recipe!

Cloche: Oh, that's nice. What's it like this time?

Sasha: Yes! It's useable in the bath tub.

Sasha: What do you think of when you think, bath?

Cloche: Let's see... Bath salts?

Sasha: Arr, no.

Sasha: When you think bath, it has to be toys!

Sasha: And so, this is a recipe for toys you can play with in the bath.

Cloche: ...Toys?

Cloche: You play with toys in the bath tub?

Sasha: Yes, of course!

Sasha: Everyone from kids to adults turn back to a kid when they take a bath.

Sasha: Do you play, Brother Cro?

Croix: I don't play, but I do have a rubber duckie.

Cloche: O-oh I see... There's toys that you play with in the bath tub...

Cloche: That sounds fun. Maybe I'll play with one tonight.

Sasha: Then please, try making this.

* Recipe for [Bathing Fun] has been added. *

Sasha: But be careful not to stay too long in the bath.

  06  Taking care of the shop alone                                 -- Sasha --

Cloche: Sasha.

Sasha: Oh, Sister Clo! I'm sorry I didn't realize you were here.

Cloche: Don't worry. Rather, you look busy. Do you want any help?

Sasha: Oh no, I can't let a customer do that!

Sasha: It's a shopkeeper's job to work hard for a customer's great shopping

Cloche: Shopkeep? Now that you mention, you're always alone here.

Cloche: Do you actually take care of this shop alone?

Sasha: Oh, um...

Sasha: ...It used to be two of us, but right now, it's only me.

Cloche: Isn't it hard, all alone?

Sasha: Not really.

Sasha: I'm the best at taking care of this shop!

Sasha: And when I see the happy faces of customers, it doesn't feel hard at

Cloche: Oh... Well do your best.

Sasha: Of course. I'm always doing my bestest best!

  07  I like Brother Cro                                            -- Sasha --

Sasha: Hrr~, just a little more~...

Cloche: Sasha, are you okay?

Sasha: S-Sister Clo? H-hello.

Sasha: H-hold on for just a minute please. I need to put this on the shelf...

Croix: Here, hand it over. It's pretty heavy.

Croix: ...Alright, is that okay?

Sasha: Oh, yes! Thank you so much, Brother Cro!


Cloche: Hmm, Sister Clo and Brother Cro are kind of confusing.

Cloche: Croix, go change your name, now.

Croix: You can't just ask an impossible request like that.

Sasha: But, I like Brother Cro's name.

Sasha: Oh, of course it's not just his name and I like him too.

Croix: Thanks, Sasha.

Cloche: Oh, lucky you, Croix.

Cloche: But Sasha, if you're gonna like someone, you should pick a more
        reliable guy.

Croix: You're slightly mean to me today.

Sasha: Really? But he can hold heavy stuff easily, and he's handsome.

Sasha: I might want to marry someone like Brother Cro.

Croix: Yeah? That's an honor.

Cloche: ...Hmph!

Cloche: You almost died, one shotted when you Dived into me.

Sasha: Huh? Brother Cro, you're weaker than Sister Clo?

Croix: Uh, well that's...

Cloche: Oh? You did, right?

Croix: ...Well, yes you got me.

Cloche: Sasha, you need to pick who you want to marry more carefully, okay?

Croix: ...Well, fine.

  P1  Pira Theory 1                                                 -- Sasha --

Cloche: Sasha.

Sasha: Sister Clo! Welcome!

Sasha: ...Huh? That's a difficult looking book you have.

Cloche: Oh, this? It's a book called the Pira Theory.

Cloche: Though, I'm not sure if it's difficult since we can't read the words.

Sasha: Can I take a look? I want to see what kind of words are on it.

Cloche: Sure. See, this.

Sasha: Wow... It's full of letters I've never seen before.

Cloche: So it's hard to tell whether it's important since we can't read it.

Sasha: Hmm~... Oh, this is the first book.

Cloche: Hm, what do you mean?

Sasha: See this page? I think this letter represents the number for 1.

Cloche: ...Now that you mention it, it does look like it.

Cloche: But, that's still the same as not being able to read it.

Sasha: It looks interesting. When you're done, can I borrow it too?

Cloche: I'll give it to you. It's pointless for us to keep it.

Cloche: It's really heavy, so at least it might be useful as a paperweight.

Croix: It's supposed to be valuable as a rare item. But a paperweight...?

* You hand over [Pira Theory I]. *

  P2  Pira Theory I                                                 -- Sasha --

Sasha: Oh, Sister Clo! I was waiting for you!

Cloche: Hm, did something good happen here?

Sasha: Do you remember that book you gave me last time?

Cloche: Oh, the Pira Theory? Did it work really well as paperweight?

Croix: ......

Sasha: Not that. I was able to decode the book somehow.

Cloche: ...What?

Sasha: I looked at it before I went to bed, and I began to understand it.

Cloche: Y-you read it!?

Sasha: Not perfectly, but the grammar was the same, so I somehow read it.

Croix: ...I didn't even recognize that.

Cloche: Me neither...

Sasha: Huh!? Oh, well...

Sasha: E-either way, this is the recipe that I made based on that!

* Recipe for [Pira Theory I] has been added. *

Sasha: Um... I'm not confident that I was able to read everything either so

Sasha: P-please cheer up!

Cloche: ...We're being cheered up here, Croix.

Croix: Looks like it. ...It's usually the other way around, isn't it?

  08  Witchcraft Manual                                             -- Sasha --

Sasha: Oh, Sister Clo! You came at a perfect timing!

Cloche: What's going on? Did you make a new recipe again?

Sasha: You're very right! I made a new one.

Sasha: I heard that horror story stuff is popular, so I got some ideas from

Sasha: But I didn't know much about it, so it was kinda hard.

Cloche: I'm sure a lot of people like that kind of stuff, so it should sell

Sasha: But I don't really like horror stuff.

Sasha: I won't be able to go to the bathroom at night...

Sasha: But I endure it for the shop.

Cloche: You're a good girl.

Cloche: So, can I take a look at what you put so much effort into making?

Sasha: Yes. Um... Here it is.

* Recipe for [Witchcraft Manual] has been added. *

Croix: A Witchcraft Manual, huh. It does sound like it'd be a good hit.

Cloche: But what we do is normal synthesis, right?

Sasha: It's made so that you can add your own grudge to change the final

Sasha: I thought that might make it more fun after you made it.

Cloche: ...Isn't that close to real witchcraft?

  09  Preparing for lunch                                           -- Sasha --

Croix: Huh? Sasha's not here.

Cloche: I wonder where she went?

Cloche: Sasha, are you there? Sasha?

* Sasha comes running out. *

Sasha: Y-yes I am! I'm here! Sasha's here!

Cloche: Oh, you're here? You didn't have to rush out.

Sasha: Oh no, I can't do that! It's bad to make customers wait.

Cloche: But, you were doing something, right? I can come back if you're busy.

Sasha: No, it's alright. I was just preparing for lunch.

Cloche: L-lunch? You make it yourself?

Sasha: Oh, yes, I do. I actually really like cooking.

Sasha: But, I'm sure you can make things a lot better than me, right?

Cloche: O-of course. Cooking is so easy.

Sasha: Sister Clo, you are amazing!

Cloche: Would you like me to make lunch for you?

Sasha: A-are you sure? Yayyy!

Sasha: I want to try your cooking!

Cloche: Then, let's go.

Croix: ...I have a bad feeling.


Croix: ...I kind of expected something like this.

Sasha: Arr... My lunch turned into coal...

Cloche: I-I'm sorry Sasha. I thought cooking was a lot more easy...

Sasha: Oh, it's alright! It's fine, Sister Clo!

Sasha: It looks like coal, but maybe if I ate it...

Sasha: ...Urgh!?

Croix: Sasha, coal is poison to your body, don't do it.

Cloche: ......

Sasha: I-it's alright! Please don't be so sad, Sister Clo!

Cloche: But, your lunch...

Sasha: It's fine, I'll make it again.

Sasha: And it's a while since I cooked with anyone else, so it was really fun.

Cloche: ...Really?

Sasha: Yes! Please, come cook with me again when you have time.

Sasha: I'll teach you a bunch of stuff next time.

  10  Leaking roof                                                  -- Sasha --

Cloche: Oh, Sasha. Is something wrong?

Sasha: Hello, Sister Clo.

Sasha: I was just thinking about climbing onto the roof.

Cloche: The roof? Don't do that, it's dangerous.

Sasha: But I need to fix the leaking roof or the shop will be flooded.

Cloche: ...That's true. Then leave it to me.

Cloche: Croix. Go fix it for Sasha.

Croix: ...Well, I was planning to already, but.


Cloche: ......

Cloche: He's slow. I wonder what he's doing.

* Croix comes back. *

Croix: Sorry to keep you waiting, Sasha. I patched them up for now.

Sasha: Thank you, Brother Cro.

Sasha: But I'm so sorry. I didn't want to make a customer do this...

Croix: It's fine, don't worry.

Cloche: That took you a while. Can't you patch up a roof quicker than that?

Croix: Well, it was worse than I had imagined and...

Cloche: Was the hole that big?

Croix: Not the size, the number. There were so many holes.

Sasha: Uh, you fixed them all?

Cloche: ...How many were there?

Sasha: There's only one on the shop side, but there's about 20 inside.

Sasha: You only needed to do the shop one. ...I'm so sorry Brother Cro.

Cloche: Now that you mention, when I went inside to cook I saw cups and

Sasha: Yes. Those were the leak spots.

Sasha: I couldn't leave a bucket or cup on the shop side, so I was so troubled.

Croix: This place is beaten down more than I thought.

Cloche: ...Croix, can I ask you to do a reform on this place?

Croix: Please ask a carpenter to do that kind of work.

  11  Dress Up Book                                                 -- Sasha --

Sasha: Hehehe... It's so cool...

Cloche: Sasha, what are you doing?

Sasha: Oh, Sister Clo. Here, take a look at this.

Sasha: It's a notebook of clothes that I thought is dressy.

Sasha: See, this one is the cool clothes that I found today.

Cloche: Wow. You have everything from handsome to cute.

Sasha: Yup! Because I love dressy clothes.

Cloche: But, aren't you a little too young for this?

Sasha: I won't wear it.

Sasha: I only love the looking and thinking part of it.

Cloche: Oh I see. Then, do you ever make them?

Sasha: I never had the chance to, so I've never made any...

Sasha: I want to make them if I could, but...

Cloche: Then why don't you make a Recipe Card to make dressy clothes?

Cloche: That way, you can make it with us.

Sasha: Oh, good thinking! You're so smart, Sister Clo!

Sasha: Then can you hold on for just a second? I'll make the recipe real quick.

Cloche: What!? Y-you can make it that fast?

Sasha: Hehe, actually, I had something I was thinking of from before.

Sasha: I was going to use that and do a little editing, so it'll be fast.

Cloche: I see.

Cloche: Why don't you dress up sometimes too?

Cloche: Your clothes right now are cute too, but you might look cute in frills

Sasha: I want to... But I have to wear these clothes.

Sasha: When I'm working, I can't help getting dirty and ripping sometimes.

Sasha: So I have to wear comfortable clothes like this...

Cloche: ......

Sasha: ...It's done! Here, Sister Clo.

* Recipe for [Dress Up Book] has been added. *

Cloche: Oh, that's a cute recipe.

Sasha: Hehe, I'm glad you like it.

Cloche: If I raise my skills with this, will I be able to make you some clothes

Sasha: Huh?

Cloche: You're a girl, so you have to dress up too.

Cloche: So I'll make you a dressy outfit that's comfortable and okay to get

Sasha: R-really!? You can really do that!?

Cloche: It'll be a while from now. I'm worried if I can even make this one.

Sasha: I don't mind at all! I can wait forever!

Sasha: Clothes made by Sister Clo. I'm so excited~

  12  My grandma is in the hospital                                 -- Sasha --

Cloche: Hello Sasha.

Sasha: Welcome, Sister Clo.

Cloche: How's the shop?

Sasha: It's actually doing good business lately. Just by a little bit more.

Cloche: ...By the way, do you work this shop alone?

Cloche: If you have business, I'm sure it's tough doing it all alone.

Cloche: What about your family?

Sasha: Oh... I have a grandma.

Sasha: But right now, she's...

Cloche: ...Should I not ask?

Sasha: It's nothing to hide. My grandma is sick and is in the hospital right

Sasha: It's been about a year already, but it's not getting any better...

Cloche: So you've been taking care of the shop all alone since!?

Sasha: Yes, that's right.

Cloche: ...Shouldn't you hire someone, like an adult?

Cloche: I'm sure it can get hard with you alone.

Sasha: Oh, I'm fine! There's no problem with that.

Sasha: I worked hard before so that I can pretty much do everything.

Sasha: And if we hire someone, it'll cost us labor...

Croix: ...I'm starting to feel sad now.

Sasha: So I have to work hard myself.

Sasha: Because I need to earn money for my grandma's hospital bills.

Cloche: ...You can't work for anything else?

Sasha: This was grandma's shop from a long time ago...

Sasha: So I want to keep it for her, no matter what!

Cloche: ...It must be hard.

Sasha: It's no problem. I can work really hard here!

Cloche: If there's anything I can help with, tell me okay? I'll do what I can.

Sasha: ......

Sasha: Thank you, Sister Clo. Just saying that gave me a lot more energy!

  13  Sasha's friends                                               -- Sasha --

Cloche: Is this place open all year round?

Sasha: Hello! Of course the general shop's never closed.

Cloche: But that means you have to work all the time. Won't you get tired?

Cloche: And you can't play with friends either.

Sasha: Hmm~... Well that's true too.

Sasha: Ever since I started working alone, I never played with my friends.

Cloche: N-not even once!?

Sasha: Yes. I didn't realize it until now.

Croix: You're still a kid. Shouldn't you go have fun once in a while?

Sasha: I guess... But I meet my friends sometimes when I go out shopping.

Sasha: And it's fun working at the shop. Like watching customers and cleaning.

Sasha: So I never really thought I wanted to go play.

Cloche: ...Then, if you want, I can be someone to talk to.

Sasha: Really? But you all seem so busy...

Cloche: It's fine. Well, it's all I can do, to tell you the truth.

Sasha: That's great already! Just that makes me so happy!

Sasha: If I get to talk with my favorite Sister Clo, that's more than enough.

Cloche: O-oh......I'm looking forward to it too.

Croix: Hm? Your face seems red?

Cloche: I-it's nothing! It's just your imagination!

  P3  Pira Theory 2                                                 -- Sasha --

Cloche: Hello Sasha.

Sasha: Hello!

Cloche: Today, I brought you a souvenir.

Sasha: Huh...

Sasha: Ooh! A new one of Pira Theory!

Cloche: Hehe, you seem so happy.

Sasha: Because the Pira Theory you gave me last time was really interesting!

Sasha: I looked for it at the bookstore but they didn't have it, and I was

Cloche: W-well, I guess... It'd be weird if they did have it.

Croix: It'd be a big problem, in many ways.

Cloche: But isn't it difficult? And you still think it's interesting?

Sasha: It's just hard reading it, but the content is really interesting.

Sasha: And the one you brought last time had a really good joke at the end!

Sasha: I was laughing the entire night.

Croix: ...Doesn't sound like it's as formal as we thought.

Cloche: Maybe it actually is fun...

Sasha: Do you want to hear it?

Cloche: No, I'd be troubled if I couldn't stop laughing, so maybe next time.

Sasha: I'm going to get into bed early tonight so that I can read this book.

Croix: It's not really for bedtime reading though...

* You hand over [Pira Theory II]. *

  P4  Pira Theory II                                                -- Sasha --

Cloche: Sasha, I thought it might be ready soon so I came by...

Sasha: Nice timing, Sister Clo!

Sasha: I just finished up the recipe for Pira Theory.

Cloche: ...Did you have fun?

Sasha: It was really fun!

Sasha: There was an exciting story in the preface.

Sasha: But the postface said really emotional stuff...

Cloche: ...What in the world is the Pira Theory?

Croix: I want to ask as well...

Sasha: But this recipe is a little strange.

Sasha: The explanation for what it's used for was missing.

Cloche: So it's not an item?

Sasha: I'm sure it's an item.

Sasha: But I'm just not sure how to use it...

Cloche: That's so strange.

Sasha: But I know it can be used for something, so I made it a recipe anyway.

Sasha: Do you not want it anymore?

Cloche: Well... You went through the trouble of making it, so we'll take it.

Cloche: And if we have it, we might be able to use it for something.

Sasha: Alright. Then here's the recipe.

* Recipe for [Pira Theory II] has been added. *

Sasha: If you find the next book, I'll be looking forward to it!

  14  Family Projects                                               -- Sasha --

Sasha: Oh, Sister Clo. Hello.

Cloche: I came by, thinking it's about time you might've made something.

Sasha: Whoa!? You're amazing!

Sasha: I just finished thinking about this new recipe!

Sasha: This time, it's a family friendly item, kinda like a school project.

Sasha: With help from the family, you can make items and also memories too.

Croix: ...That was such a good hearted thing to say.

Cloche: She's a good girl, of course it's good.

Croix: But, it didn't sound like it should've come from a kid...

Cloche: Croix, if you have any complaints, say it to me first.

Croix: No, I have none... I'm sorry.

Sasha: With this, I thought everyone in the family can come use my shop.

Cloche: I see, that's smart. You can get a wider range of customers too.

Sasha: This is the recipe.

* Recipe for [Family Projects] has been added. *

Sasha: I'm sorry you're like my experiment, but try making it if you'd like.

Cloche: I trust your skill. I'm grateful to get to use this recipe.

  15  Sister Clo is Lady Cloche?                                    -- Sasha --

Cloche: Sasha, I'm here.

Sasha: H-Holy Maiden princess!

Cloche: ...Huh?

Sasha: H-hello and welcome! Thank you for coming all the time!

Croix: ...She found out?

Cloche: Why...? How did you know I was the maiden?

Sasha: I was told when I went out to go shopping.

Sasha: I didn't know Sister Clo was the Maiden Princess, I was so surprised!

Cloche: ......

Sasha: Princess, why did you keep it a secret from me?

Cloche: ...I don't know.

Sasha: Huh?

Cloche: I don't know any maiden. I'm not a maiden!

Sasha: B-but, Lady Cloche is the Maiden Princess...

Cloche: I said, it's not me!

Sasha: Arh!?

Croix: P-please calm down. Sasha's afraid.

Sasha: ......

Cloche: I wasn't hiding it!

Cloche: I know I said I was Cloche!

Cloche: Sure, it's true that I'm a maiden too.

Cloche: But, why do you call me that the moment you found out!?

Sasha: B-because... I'm from a different status than the Maiden Princess,

Sasha: It's rude to call you by name.

Cloche: Don't just assume that it's rude!

Cloche: I never said a word about that being rude!

Cloche: I... I liked this place, and you, Sasha. I really liked this place!

Cloche: In front of you, I'm not the Holy Maiden, or Lady Cloche.

Cloche: I was your Sister Clo, only your Sister Clo...

Sasha: ......

Cloche: I thought you would see me as an individual person.

Cloche: But, why does it have to be this way!?

Cloche: ...Forget it. Croix, let's go!

Croix: Uh, where to?

Cloche: Somewhere where I don't have to be called Holy Maiden all the time!

Cloche: I don't want to be here anymore!

Sasha: ......

Cloche: If I can't be Sister Clo, then I don't want to be here!

Croix: Please settle down! You don't have to get so mad at a child...

Cloche: Shut up! I don't want to be here anymore!

Cloche: If you want to stay, go ahead!

Cloche: I am leaving...

Sasha: I'm sorry! I'm sorry Sister Clo!

Croix: S-Sasha? There's no reason for you to apologize.

Sasha: No, I was wrong.

Sasha: It's because I messed up and thought Sister Clo was the Holy Maiden!

Cloche: ......

Sasha: It's Sister Clo. You're Sister Clo!

Sasha: Sister Clo, you're not the Maiden Princess!

Cloche: Sasha...

Sasha: I-I mean, the Princess would never come to a run down place like this!

Sasha: It's my mistake!

Croix: B-but... You were sure she was the maiden...

Sasha: No, that was my mistake. I know for sure!

Sasha: And there's no way Sister Clo can be the Holy Maiden!

Cloche: ...How can you change what you say now?

Sasha: It just isn't! Sister Clo, I know you're not the Maiden Princess!

Cloche: ...Then, why?

Cloche: You're denying what you said earlier, so you have to have a reason.

Cloche: If you insist, then prove it to me.

Cloche: That I'm not the Holy Maiden, and I'm not Lady Cloche.

Sasha: Huh!? W-well, um, uh...

Sasha: ...O-oh! Right!

Sasha: Because the Holy Maiden is a perfect person who can do anything!

Sasha: So it's impossible that she would cook that horribly!

Cloche: !?

Sasha: I don't want a Princess who can only cook up food that's like coal!

Sasha: And I don't want a Holy Maiden to relax with tea at a dirty little shop!

Sasha: It's so lame and not right, I never want that!

Sasha: When you're mad, you yell and you're scary. It's not like the Maiden

Cloche: ......

Sasha: And, and, you almost cut your finger with a knife, and you didn't know a
       pot from a pan...

Sasha: And then, um...

Croix: Alright! Sasha, stop! We get it now!

Sasha: A-are you sure?

Sasha: So, it's impossible that clumsy Sister Clo is the Holy Maiden Princess!

Sasha: The Holy Maiden is a perfect woman!

Cloche: ......

Croix: ...Lady Cloche?

Cloche: ...Yes, you're right.

Cloche: I... I can't cook, I'm just clumsy old Sister Clo...

Sasha: ...R-right!?

Sasha: Hehe, you look alike so I made a mistake...

Cloche: I'm glad you realized... You better not make the same mistake again...

Sasha: I'm so sorry, Sister Clo... Please come to my shop a lot from now on

Cloche: ......

Croix: ...Um, Lady Cloche?

Cloche: Stay quiet... I'm in the mood of really wanting to cry...

  16  Special service plan                                          -- Sasha --

Sasha: Err~... It's a little different though...

Cloche: Sasha, is something wrong?

Sasha: !?

Sasha: S-Sister Clo! I'm sorry I didn't realize you were here.

Cloche: Don't worry. So, is something wrong?

Sasha: Well, I was thinking of ways to get more business at this shop.

Sasha: I was thinking, maybe a special service will make customers happier.

Cloche: I think getting to see a cute little shopkeep is more than enough

Sasha: Th-that's not... Y-you're making me blush, Sister Clo...

Sasha: B-but but, I thought really hard about it.

Sasha: Right now, I think the discount coupons would work the best.

Cloche: I-I suggest you not do that though.

Sasha: Really? I thought it might be a good idea...

Cloche: It's good......But it might affect the survival of the shop.

Sasha: Do you have any good ideas, Brother Cro?

Croix: Let's see... What about having an event to entertain the customers?

Cloche: Oh, you're bright, Croix.

Sasha: Hmm~, a service we can have here...

Sasha: I know! What about I decorate this place like a haunted house?

Cloche: ...It matches too well with the appearance that no one will come near.

Croix: That's a different sort of entertaining, Sasha.

  17  Wider selection                                               -- Sasha --

Sasha: Oh, Sister Clo. You always come at such a good time!

Cloche: Hm, is there something you needed help with?

Sasha: Actually, I was thinking about making a wider selection at this store.

Sasha: If I get more products to sell, I thought I could get more customers.

Croix: I see. So, what can we do to help you?

Cloche: We'll do anything we can.

Sasha: Then, Brother Cro. What kind of alcohol should I get?

Croix: Sorry... I'm underage so I know nothing about that.

Sasha: Oh... Wh-what about you, Sister Clo?

Cloche: I'm sorry. I'm underage too...

Sasha: ......

Sasha: ...I'll keep doing this job for a bit longer then.

Cloche: I'm so ashamed. Only if I had lived a few more years.

Croix: That's just something no one can help with.

  18  Sewing for Lovers                                             -- Sasha --

Sasha: Yup, it's done!

Cloche: Hm, what's done?

Sasha: Oh, Sister Clo!

Sasha: Hehe... Actually, I was making a present for you.

Cloche: Huh? A present...for me?

Sasha: Even though, it's just a Recipe Card...

Sasha: I'm sorry. This is all I can give as a present...

Cloche: Oh no, I'm very happy!

Sasha: Th-then will you take it?

Cloche: You make it for me. Of course I'll have it.

Sasha: I-I'm so glad! Oh, here's the Recipe Card.

* Recipe for [Sewing for Lovers] has been added. *

Cloche: Um, sewing for lovers...? Why did you want to give this to me?

Sasha: You have a lover.

Sasha: So why not make him one?

Cloche: Wait wait! Since when did I have a lover!?

Sasha: Huh? Brother Cro isn't?

Croix: M-me?

Cloche: Of course not!

Sasha: Oh really? I always thought you were.

Cloche: Please, I at least have the right to pick.

Croix: ...That's just mean.

  19  Broken bathroom                                               -- Sasha --

Cloche: ...Sasha?

Cloche: Sasha, are you back there?

Croix: Is she not here?

Cloche: I wonder wht happened. Leaving the shop open...

Croix: Went out to play...? No, that's impossible with Sasha.

Cloche: ...I wonder if something happened.

* Sasha comes in from the front door. *

Cloche: Sasha!?

Sasha: Oh... Hello...

Cloche: ?

Croix: Sasha, we were worried. Why did you leave the shop open?

Sasha: I-I'm sorry...

Sasha: I-I was careless again...

Croix: What are you going to do if a robber steals you stuff?

Sasha: Don't worry. ...Robbers won't come to a shop like this one.

Cloche: ......

Cloche: Sasha, is something wrong?

Sasha: Huh... About what?

Cloche: You seem a little strange compared to the usual.

Sasha: Huh? N-no, that's not true!

Sasha: I'm energetic as usual!

Cloche: ...Really? Are you hiding something from us?

Sasha: Uh, umm...

Sasha: ......

Sasha: Th-the bathroom broke. ...And so I had to go borrow one.

Croix: The bathroom?

Sasha: Y-yes! The water came gushing out all over.

Cloche: ...Are you sure?

Sasha: Err... I-it's embarrassing so please don't ask me...

Cloche: ......

Cloche: ...Oh. Well, then that's fine.

Cloche: But if there's anything you need help with, don't hesitate to tell us.

Sasha: ...Okay. Thank you, Sister Clo.

Cloche: So, Croix.

Croix: ...I'm going to have to fix a bathroom now, huh.

Sasha: Oh, it's alright! The plumbers will come in a little bit.

Sasha: So it'll be fine.

Sasha: And you came all the way out here. Please take a relaxing break, Sister

  20  Getting busy                                                  -- Sasha --

Cloche: Hello Sasha. How are things here?

Sasha: It's really good.

Sasha: I'm getting more customers recently.

Sasha: Sometimes, just sometimes, I even get busy. I'm so happy.

Cloche: You're happy that it's busy? You're such a hard worker.

Cloche: But that's great. It's all because you did your best.

Sasha: Hehehe... But there's something that's bad about it too.

Sasha: I have to get more items for the shop, and it's hard bringing it here.

Cloche: How much do you have to get?

Sasha: It's not always, but um...

Sasha: Last time, the load was about double the size of my body.

Cloche: ...Double, you?

Sasha: Yes... It's a little troublesome I guess...

Croix: Just a little?

  21  Working Man                                                   -- Sasha --

Sasha: Oh, Sister Clo. Hello.

Sasha: Oh yeah. I have a Recipe Card for you.

Cloche: You made another new one?

Sasha: Actually, no. I got this one from someone.

Sasha: When I went out to go stock up, this man I got to know gave it to me.

Cloche: ...It's that easy to get Recipe Cards?

Sasha: He knows I work at the General Store though.

Sasha: He gave it to me, saying it might come in use.

Cloche: I see... So, what's the recipe for?

Sasha: Well, I don't quite know either.

Sasha: It is the recipe here, so you can make it, but...

Cloche: That's a strange recipe.

Cloche: You know how to make it, but you don't know what you can make from

Sasha: Well, even with a recipe, the item depends on the person who makes it.

Sasha: I think you would be able to make something useful, so will you take it?

Cloche: Are you sure? The guy gave it to you...

Sasha: It's pointless for me to keep it though.

Sasha: It's better for the recipe to be in the hands of someone who can use it.

Cloche: Alright... Then I'll take it, thank you.

* Recipe for [Working Man] has been added. *

  22  Relax once in a while                                         -- Sasha --

Sasha: Hello~.

Cloche: Oh, what's going on? You seem relaxed today.

Sasha: Hehe. Thanks to having more customers lately, I have some luxury time

Sasha: I have enough items ready in the back, so I don't need to go shopping

Croix: Well, you do overwork.

Sasha: It's nice relaxing like this once in a while.

Croix: ...That doesn't sound like something a kid like you should be saying.

Cloche: But don't get used to being too relaxed.

Cloche: If you don't watch out, you might get lazy without even knowing it.

Croix: You don't have to be that strict on her...

Sasha: Oh, it's fine. It's exactly as you say, Sister Clo.

Sasha: But don't worry. I love working at this shop.

Sasha: I'll work hard for the time I relax.

Cloche: Oh, good girl.

Sasha: Hehe... And I want to be praised by Sister Clo too...

  23  Beauty Pair                                                   -- Sasha --

Sasha: Sister Clo, do you have any interest in cosmetics?

Cloche: Yes, of course. No woman isn't interested.

Sasha: I'm glad. I thought so, and so I made a recipe for making beauty

Cloche: Oh, that makes me happy.

Sasha: But you're so pretty. I'm sure you didn't need this kind of stuff as

Cloche: That's not true.

Cloche: I've been busy lately, so I haven't been able to take care of myself.

Cloche: So having this kind of thing will really help.

Sasha: I see. Then it's perfect.

* Recipe for [Beauty Pair] has been added. *

Cloche: Thank you. It'll be so useful.

Sasha: Hehe... I'll be happy if you get to make what you wanted.

  24  It's busy time                                                -- Sasha --

Cloche: Sasha, are you here?

Sasha: Oh, yes yes!

Croix: Sounds like she's there.

Cloche: Maybe she's making herself lunch again.

* Sasha comes out from the back of the shop. *

Sasha: I-I'm very sorry... I'm sorry to make you wait...

Cloche: Y-you didn't have to rush out that fast...

Sasha: N-no! It's a bad thing to make a customer wait!

Cloche: We can come back if you'd like. You were making lunch, right?

Sasha: Oh, no, today's not lunch.

Sasha: I just had a lot of work piled up, so I was doing that...

Cloche: But didn't you mention it's gotten a little easier?

Sasha: W-well, um... Th-there's a big difference in the good times and bad

Sasha: So right now is a really busy time...

Croix: ...Sounds tough.

Cloche: If there's anything we can help with, don't hesitate to tell us.

Cloche: We'll try to help you as much as we can.

Sasha: Oh no, I'm still very okay!

Sasha: I can still work hard.

Sasha: So... Don't worry so much about me, okay?

Cloche: ...Oh. If you say so, you're okay then, right?

Sasha: Yes... I'm still okay.

  25  Part-time job                                                 -- Sasha --

Sasha: Da~lila~lila~~ Today's fun shelf organizing~~

Cloche: You look like you're having fun, Sasha.

Sasha: Oh, hello.

Cloche: You really like working for the shop, huh.

Sasha: Yes! Because I'm the shop owner right now!

Cloche: I'm proud of you for not getting tired of being so busy.

Sasha: But I love the shop!

Sasha: And there's people like you that come to my shop often, so it's fun.

Cloche: I see... It's so strange.

Cloche: Watching you makes me so interested in working for a shop like this.

Sasha: Because it's really fun!

Cloche: ...I wish I could've experienced being a shop clerk once.

Cloche: If I...were a normal girl...

Croix: ......

Sasha: If you're interested in being a shop clerk, would you like to try it

Cloche: Huh?

Sasha: As a part time worker. Whenever you have the time, you can come.

Croix: A p-part timer!?

Cloche: R-really? But I've never worked for a shop, so...

Sasha: Are you not allowed to do this kind of work?

Cloche: It's not that I'm not allowed, but...

Sasha: Then, would you like to try? You can tell me when you have some time.

Cloche: B-but... I don't know what I'm supposed to do...

Sasha: Don't worry! If you don't know, then I'll teach you.

Sasha: And most of it's only watching over the shop and cleaning. It's easy.

Cloche: ......

Cloche: ...Thank you, Sasha.

Cloche: Then I'll let you know when I have time.

Sasha: Okay!

Sasha: I'm looking forward to taking care of the shop with you, Sister Clo.

Croix: ...Oh, well.

  26  Just a little tired                                           -- Sasha --

Sasha: Ah...

Cloche: ? What's wrong?

Sasha: Oh, nothing... Hello, Sister Clo.

Cloche: ...Sasha, are you sure you're okay? You're acting a little strange

Sasha: Ah, er... Um...

Sasha: I think, I'm a little tired, maybe...

Cloche: ......

Sasha: It's been so busy lately. So, just a little...

Cloche: ...Why don't you get some rest?

Cloche: You're such a hard worker so you'll get tired too.

Cloche: Get a little rest and you'll have enough energy to work hard again.

Sasha: ......

Sasha: ...Thank you, Sister Clo.

Sasha: Hearing you say that to me made me feel okay now.

Cloche: ...Are you sure? You still don't seem very happy.

Sasha: ...I can do my best. Because I have to be...a strong child...

Sasha: A strong child who can protect grandma's shop...

Sasha: So I will work hard.

Cloche: ......

  27  Sleep on the job?                                             -- Sasha --

Cloche: Hello, Sasha.

Sasha: ......

Cloche: Sasha, is something wrong?

Sasha: ......

Cloche: ...Sasha?

Sasha: H-huh? S-Sister Clo!

Cloche: I said your name a few times. What's wrong?

Sasha: Oh... No, it's nothing.

Sasha: I was just feeling a little sleepy. I'm sorry.

Croix: ...Sasha, I think you look a little pale.

Cloche: Oh no... You should close the shop for today and get some rest.

Sasha: I-I'm alright! I'm not sick at all!

Cloche: But Sasha...

Sasha: I just needed to catch up on a little sleep, so I can work hard now!

Cloche: ......

Croix: ...Sasha, working hard and working too hard are different. Get some

Sasha: I-I really am okay! I was just feeling sleepy and I zoned out.

Sasha: I got a really fun book and I ended up staying up all night reading

Cloche: ......

Sasha: U-um, Sister Clo... I won't fall asleep anymore, so will you come again?

Cloche: ...Of course I will. I would come even if you didn't ask.

Sasha: ...Thank you very much.

Cloche: But you really shouldn't push yourself. I don't want to see you

Sasha: Y-yes... I'll try to be a little more careful...

  28  Monthly Mariaje                                               -- Sasha --

Sasha: Sister Clo! I made a new recipe!

Cloche: Oh, really? What is it like this time?

Sasha: This time I modeled it after the comic magazine I'm always reading.

Cloche: Comic magazine?

Sasha: The Monthly Mariaje. Have you ever heard of it?

Cloche: I've never read it. So what part of the comic did you use as the model?

Sasha: There's this one story about a girl who uses a ring to transform.

Sasha: I made this off of that!

Sasha: But you can't transform.

Cloche: I wasn't expecting that much, but is there some special effect?

Sasha: U~m... Well, we won't know until we actually make it.

Sasha: But I'm sure it'll be equipment for girls.

Sasha: The recipe's made so that it has to become girly.

* Recipe for [Monthly Mariaje] has been added. *

Cloche: It's kind of surprising to know that you read comics.

Sasha: I don't get to play outside, so that's the only fun I get.

Croix: ...All of a sudden, I feel so sad now.

  29  Quitting the shop                                             -- Sasha --

Cloche: ...Sasha, what are you doing?

Sasha: Oh...Sister Clo.

Cloche: What's that?

Sasha: ...It's a side job. I got more work now.

Croix: More...? You mean, other than your shop work?

Cloche: But why...

Cloche: ...Could it be that you were so tired lately because of this?

Sasha: Oh, um...

Sasha: ...I think I worked a little too hard.

Cloche: It's not just a little!

Croix: Working a shop like this isn't something a kid like you could easily do.

Croix: And you gave yourself more work than that? Of course it'll be

Sasha: ...But.

Cloche: ...What's happened? If you say nothing, I'm not going to accept it.

Sasha: ......

Sasha: ...It costs money.

Cloche: Huh?

Sasha: Grandma, she got worse again and...

Sasha: There's a lot of treatment we still have to pay for. So I need more

Sasha: ...That's why.

Cloche: ......

Cloche: ...Is your grandma that bad?

Sasha: She still has to stay in the hospital for a while longer...

Sasha: But... It's going to cost a lot more money now.

Cloche: That's why you have these side jobs...

Cloche: Why didn't you talk to me about it!?

Cloche: I thought I made it clear, if you need help, you have to say it!

Cloche: Why did you keep quiet about this!?

Sasha: ...I can still work.

Cloche: But we're friends. You could've at least came and talked to me!

Cloche: You're my good friend, so if there's anything I can do, of course I'll

Cloche: And yet, you still didn't say anything to me...

Cloche: You held it in, all by yourself... That really makes me sad.

Sasha: ......

Sasha: ...I'm sorry, Sister Clo.

Sasha: But, I always wanted to tell you too, Sister Clo.

Cloche: Then why!

Sasha: But! ...I didn't want to depend on you so much...

Cloche: We're friends, it's okay to depend on me.

Sasha: ...No, it's fine.

Sasha: I've already decided.

Cloche: Decided on what?

Sasha: I...can't continue working this shop.

Cloche: ...What do you mean?

Sasha: It's too much trouble. It's really fun, but it's hard managing the

Sasha: And still, I don't have that many customers...

Sasha: So... I was thinking of closing the shop and working somewhere else...

Cloche: ...You're quitting the shop?

Sasha: ...I'm planning to.

Croix: ...Well, it can't really be helped though.

Croix: I'm proud of you, Sasha, for being able to do this all by yourself until

Sasha: ...I'm sorry. You were my best customers...

Cloche: ...You can't.

Sasha: ...Huh?

Cloche: You can't do that!

Cloche: Sasha, why are you being weak? This isn't like you.

Cloche: You tried so hard all this time. You can't quit now!

Sasha: Sister Clo... But, I...

Cloche: You said it. That you'll protect this shop until your grandma comes

Sasha: I-I did, but...

Cloche: No buts! Sasha, you're a strong girl. You can try harder, can't you?

Sasha: ...But, Sister Clo. I already...

Cloche: Don't worry, you're a really strong child...

Cloche: You can say it, right? That you'll do your best.

Sasha: ......

Sasha: ...No.

Sasha: I don't want to!

Sasha: This doesn't work anymore!

Sasha: I worked hard already! I worked really, really hard already!

Sasha: But no matter how hard I try, I'm still poor!

Sasha: All the money goes to grandma's hospital bills and... It's not enough.

Cloche: Then that's more reason to keep the shop open. If you quit, you'll be

Sasha: No matter how hard I try at this shop, it has its limits!

Cloche: Then you can quit your other jobs and work harder only at the shop...

Sasha: You would never understand!

Cloche: ...Huh?

Sasha: A Maiden Princess like you would never understand!

Sasha: You can't understand the feelings of a poor person like me!

Cloche: Wh-what's that supposed to mean!? Don't be stupid!

Cloche: You better not be thinking you're the only one who's unfortunate!

Cloche: I experienced many hard times too! Much more than I ever wanted!

Cloche: But I beared with it, until the very end!

Cloche: Unlike you, I beared through with it!

Cloche: You're just complaining because you want to run away from your

Sasha: No I'm not!

Sasha: I just want to save my grandma and my grandma's shop!

Cloche: Then why don't you save them both!

Sasha: You have so much money, you won't understand me!

Cloche: Don't assume that people are happy just because they have money!

Croix: Stop it, both of you!

Cloche: ......

Sasha:, *hic*...

Croix: Come here Sasha, are you okay?

Sasha: ...Y-yes. ...I'm, okay...

Croix: ...Lady Cloche, you said too much.

Cloche: ......

Sasha: ...Brother Cro, it's alright. Please don't get mad at Sister Clo.

Sasha: It's all my fault. It's because I kept it all in. ...I'm sorry.

Cloche: ...Don't apologize. It's not like you did anything wrong.

Sasha: ...I guess you had it hard too, Sister Clo.

Sasha: ...I thought being a Maiden Princess would be a happy life.

Cloche: ...I can say that it wasn't for me.

Sasha: I see...

Sasha: ...It's like, I said what I couldn't before, so I feel better now.

Croix: Are you sure you're okay, Sasha?

Sasha: ...I'm fine. I'm okay now.

Sasha: You and me are kind of alike. It makes me a little happy inside.

Cloche: You're right... It makes me a little happy to know we're alike.

Cloche: Maybe that's one of the reasons why I can be friends with you.

Sasha: Hehe, maybe.

Sasha: ...I think I'll keep working the shop.

Croix: Will you be okay?

Sasha: I feel better after saying what I wanted to say.

Sasha: I really regret I did it to my customers.

Cloche: It's alright. At least to us...

Cloche: ...To me.

Cloche: I said I wanted to be of your help, didn't I?

Sasha: ...Yes.

Sasha: I think I acted a little spoiled.

Cloche: ...Sasha, will you really keep the shop open for us?

Sasha: I will. So I...

Cloche: ...Will work hard?

Sasha: ......

Sasha: ...I'll continue.

Sasha: So don't worry Sister Clo. Come back any time.

Cloche: ......

* When you rest... *

Cloche: Sasha doesn't seem as energetic lately. I'm worried.

Croix: I agree... Usually, she'll hop to her feet excitedly when she sees you.

Cloche: She said she was fine, but... I'm worried.

Croix: You really do like Sasha.

Cloche: Oh, is that jealousy?

Croix: N-no, I mean...

Cloche: Oh, so you hate me?

Croix: I didn't mean that, um...

Cloche: ...Being too easy to pick on can get kind of boring sometimes.

Croix: Please give me a break...

Cloche: ......

Croix: ...Is something wrong?

Cloche: ......

Croix: ...Lady Cloche? Are you alright!?

Cloche: ...Huh!? Oh no, nothing.

Cloche: Well, it's getting late today, so we should get to sleep soon.

Croix: Huh!? Usually, you would start...

Cloche: What? Night's set in, but you still want to linger in a lady's room?
        Are you having bad thoughts...!?

Croix: N-no, that's not it!

Cloche: W-well... That's fine too in a way, I guess...

Cloche: Er, I mean...!

Croix: Y-yes, ma'am! I'll go back now! Excuse me!

Cloche: ......

Cloche: ...Well, then...

* Late night at the General Store... *

* Sasha fell asleep while working. *

Cloche: ......

Cloche: ...Sasha.

Sasha: Y-yes!?

Cloche: I'm sorry I woke you up while you were sleeping.

Sasha: ...Sister Clo? What are you doing so late at night?

Cloche: You too, were you still working?

Sasha: ...I promised. That I'll continue the shop...

Cloche: ...It seems hard.

Sasha: Oh, no, not really...

Cloche: ...I don't want you to lie to me.

Sasha: ......

Sasha: ...It's hard. It's very, very tough...

Cloche: ...I see.

Sasha: ......

Cloche: ...I'm sorry, Sasha.

Sasha: ...Huh?

Cloche: You said you wanted to quit but I made you keep running the shop...

Cloche: I'm...really sorry.

Sasha: ......

Sasha: ...Please don't apologize, Sister Clo.

Sasha: I'm perfectly fine.

Sasha: And you came all the way out here, just for me. That makes me very

Sasha: So, I'll be alright. Don't apologize.

Cloche: ...You're such a strong child, Sasha.

Sasha: ...That's not, true.

Sasha: That's why I was yelled at by you.

Cloche: ......

Cloche: ...Sasha. I want you to take this.

Sasha: Huh?

Sasha: ...Wow! That's such a pretty ring!

Sasha: ...Wait? But did you say, take it?

Cloche: That's right. Oh, it's mine, but it's not like I bought it.

Cloche: I mean, you know... When I'm not with you, I'm a maiden, so...

Cloche: I'm given these things to give a better appearance.

Sasha: ...It must be a lot of work.

Cloche: Where no one can see, yes.

Cloche: Well, so, this shouldn't be that cheap either.

Cloche: I'm sure it's worth enough to at least repair the entire shop.

Sasha: ...You mean...

Cloche: I can't give you money, but can this be of help instead?

Sasha: ......

Sasha: ...No. I can't accept it.

Cloche: Why not? You can save the shop and your grandma.

Sasha: ...But, um.

Sasha: ...I can't. I have this feeling that I just can't take that.

Sasha: If I do... I feel like my relationshop with you will break apart.

Sasha: And I never want that!

Sasha: I like it all, the shop and grandma and you, Sister Clo!

Cloche: ......

Cloche: ...You're so silly.

Cloche: Sasha, I didn't say that I was giving this to you for free.

Cloche: I'm giving this in place of money.

Sasha: ...But, we don't have anything that expensive here.

Cloche: It's not payment for an item you have for sale.

Sasha: ...Are you going to say, you want to buy the shop?

Cloche: That's not quite right either.

Cloche: I want you to keep this shop here. No matter what you do, you have to.

Sasha: ...Keep the shop?

Cloche: I was the one who stopped you from closing down the shop without
        thought into your situation, right?

Cloche: Right now, you're doing this because I forced you into being

Cloche: ...But I'm sure there's a limit to that.

Sasha: ...Well, maybe. It might come pretty easily.

Cloche: And so, when that happens, I want you to use this.

Cloche: I want you to save this shop, not for anyone else, but me.

Sasha: ......

Sasha: ...I can't.

Sasha: If you do this to me... If you spoil me so much, I...

Cloche: ...I couldn't depend on anyone.

Sasha: Huh?

Cloche: Remember you said this?

Cloche: That a maiden like me would never know what it feels like to be poor.

Cloche: You're right. If I did, I probably wouldn't have said that back then.

Cloche: ...No matter how important this place is.

Cloche: But I had no one to spoil me...

Cloche: Not a single person...

Sasha: Then why for me? What part of this old, rundown shop is important to

Cloche: ...To be honest, at first the raggedy shop was so unusual to me.

Cloche: Maybe it just seemed so interesting to me.

Sasha: Err... It's the truth so I can't say anything back...

Cloche: But there's a real reason why this place became a special place for me.

Cloche: Because this is the only place I can be Cloche, not the maiden.

Cloche: Wherever I go... Whoever I meet, Holy Maiden, Holy Maiden.

Cloche: ...But you were different. Sasha, you were the only different one.

Cloche: I didn't think there was anyone who didn't know my face or my name.

Cloche: ...I was very surprised.

Sasha: I-I'm so sorry...

Sasha: I don't go outside other than to stock up, so I only knew some stories.

Cloche: It's okay. That was the good thing.

Cloche: I was really happy that you didn't know...

Cloche: You were friendly with me, not the maiden. It just made me feel very

Cloche: Whenever you called me Sister Clo, each and every time, it felt so

Cloche: You're my first friend I made as a normal person, not as the Maiden.

Cloche: And so this shop has all my precious memories.

Cloche: That's why I want to keep this shop around.

Cloche: No matter what it takes.

Cloche: ...So, this is payment for doing that.

Sasha: ...Sister Clo.

Sasha: ...But I depend on you, I...

Cloche: I told you before, if anything happens, feel free to depend on me.

Cloche: I won't hate you just for that.

Cloche: Why would I not like being depended on by my first friend, right?

Cloche: And I decided to give you this because I depend on you.

Cloche: I thought you would be able to keep this shop...

Cloche: ...No. I thought you were the only one who can keep this shop.

Cloche: That's why... Please, Sasha.

Cloche: Can I depend on you?

Sasha: ...Sister Clo.

Sasha: ......

Sasha: Okay, Sister Clo.

Sasha: ...I will protect it.

Sasha: I'll do it. Grandma, the shop, your memories...

Sasha: I'll protect them all!

Cloche: ...Can you really do it?

Sasha: I'm alright now.

Sasha: The Sister Clo I like, is seriously depending on me.

Sasha: I know that now... So, there's no need to worry about me anymore.

Sasha: I can still work a lot more harder!

* When you visit Sasha again... *

Sasha: Oh, Sister Clo! Hello!

Cloche: ...Sasha, what's going on?

Sasha: Huh? About what?

Cloche: I mean... You look very busy to me.

Sasha: I'm busy, I'm very busy!

Sasha: To escape from being poor, I have to be very busy...

Sasha: And so I took up a few more side jobs for now.

Cloche: Wh-what!? But I thought you were going to sell that and...

Sasha: I didn't sell it.

Cloche: Wh-why not!? Then there's no point!

Sasha: Because, that's my precious lucky charm.

Sasha: If I keep that, I think I can stop being poor.

Cloche: Then why...

Sasha: If I can jump out of being poor any time, then I still want to try hard.

Sasha: You worked hard to get to where you are now too, right?

Cloche: Y-yes, but...

Sasha: So I don't want to be the only one unfinished!

Sasha: You made a place for me to run away to anytime.

Sasha: I thought of it that way, and then everything didn't seem as hard

Cloche: ...Oh. But, don't you think you're overworking yourself again?

Sasha: Hehe... When I feel tired, I talk to you and charge up more happy

Sasha: I can depend on you when I get really tired. Then I can work hard again.

Sasha: And so... Sister Clo, please come visit my shop often!

Cloche: ...Sasha.

Cloche: Of course. I'll come even if you don't ask me to.

Sasha: Hehe, that makes me happy.

Sasha: Oh, I forgot! If you'd like, please use this.

* Obtained [Gradient Stole]! *

Cloche: Huh? Where'd you get this?

Sasha: I was cleaning out the storage room and found it.

Sasha: I don't really know, but I had a feeling it might be useful to you.

Sasha: It's for helping me out. Please take it.

Cloche: Okay... Then I'll be very grateful to take it.

Sasha: Okay!

Sasha: Sister Clo, you can really come here anytime... Even everyday!

  P7  Pira Theory 4                                                 -- Sasha --

Cloche: Sasha, do you know what this is?

Sasha: Uh... Ooh! A new Pira Theory!

Cloche: That's right. Here, I'll give it to you.

Sasha: Thank you so much! What's this one about...

Sasha: ...Er, huh? The letters are different from the other ones...

Cloche: Oh, really?

Sasha: Yes... Arr, I can't read it...

Cloche: ...It's too bad. I thought you might get to enjoy it again...

Sasha: ......

Cloche: Sasha?

Sasha: ......

Cloche: Sasha, are you okay?

Sasha: ...Oh, I get it! I think I'm starting to understand it just a little.

Cloche: A-already!?

Sasha: Oh, but I don't get it from here on...

Sasha: Sister Clo, do you think I'll be able to read this?

Cloche: ...I think you can, which makes me scared.

* You hand over [Pira Theory IV]. *

  P8  Pira Theory IV                                                -- Sasha --

Sasha: Sister Clo, I was waiting for you!

Cloche: I can kind of guess, but... You decoded it?

Sasha: Yes! It was a little hard and I had to think about it though...

Sasha: Oh, this is the recipe. Here you go~

* Recipe for [Pira Theory IV] has been added. *

Cloche: ...Thinking about it will solve that problem?

Sasha: Huh?

Sasha: Well the book's there, so think hard enough and you can see the answer,

Cloche: But I mean, we can't even read the letters here.

Sasha: Yes, there were a lot more special letters this time that weren't there

Sasha: But once you grasp the pattern, you can come up with some idea.

Sasha: That's where I kinda had to think harder.

Sasha: I think I need to do more studying.

Croix: ...Um, the idea just ran across my mind right now. But is Sasha like...

Cloche: An amazing genius child, I think...

  30  Pharmacist's Book                                             -- Sasha --

Sasha: Oh, Sister Clo! I have something to tell you!

Cloche: Oh, what is it?

Sasha: Yes, I got a really fun book the other day!

Cloche: ......

Croix: Again...

Cloche: Could it be the popular novel that's been selling in the area?

Sasha: Oh, you know about it?

Sasha: I went to the Pharmacist the other day to go buy some cough medicine.

Sasha: Then, she told me I was the 10,000th customer, and gave me the book.

Cloche: Oh, that's nice. A hard worker gets nice rewards.

Sasha: Hehehe...

Sasha: And there's this one character in the story that's really cool!

Sasha: And so, I made another recipe.

* Recipe for [Pharmacist's Book] has been added. *

Sasha: It's for the bracelet that she uses to transform.

Sasha: I arranged it a bit so that you can use it as an accessory.

Cloche: I see...

Jacqli: ......

Jacqli: ...I knew it.

Cloche: Hm, what's wrong?

Jacqli: ...Just something.

Jacqli: Croix, sorry but can we drop by Spica's place?

Croix: Huh? Well, sure...

  P9  Pira Theory 5                                                 -- Sasha --

Cloche: Sasha, I have a souvenir.

Sasha: That's, ooh! A new Pira Theory!

Croix: I know this isn't the first time, but are you seriously that happy?

Sasha: I'm very, very happy! Because this is so fun!

Sasha: If I reread it, I can see a new way to interpret it and it's so

Sasha: Brother Cro, do you want to read it too? The first one really is a

Croix: No, I'll pass. I can't read the writing.

Sasha: But it's so fun... Isn't it, Sister Clo?

Cloche: U-um... W-well if you're happy with it, that's more than enough for me.

Croix: ...You got out of that one nicely.

Cloche: Shut up!

Cloche: But this one is a little thinner than usual, so it might not be as

Sasha: It's okay if it's thin or thick. As long as it's fun, I'm happy.

Sasha: ...Huh, er? It's gotten harder again.

Cloche: O-oh... Then......

Sasha: ......

Cloche: ......

Sasha: ......

Cloche: ...How is it?

Sasha: Err... It's too hard, my head's gonna explode...

Sasha: I might not be able to read it this time.

Cloche: It's okay if you can't read it. It's normal not to be able to anyway.

Cloche: But this one might be a little too thin to be useful as a paperweight.

Croix: You like that, don't you.

Sasha: But it's a book, so you have to read it.

Cloche: Normal people can't read it though.

Cloche: So it's not a bad thing for you not to be able to.

Sasha: ...But if I can't read it, it's so sad for the book.

Sasha: I think I'll do my best to read this book!

* You hand over [Pira Theory V]. *

  P10  Pira Theory V                                                -- Sasha --

Sasha: Yay! Sister Clo, I did it!

Sasha: I successfully decoded the Pira Theory!

Cloche: ...So you did it after all.

Sasha: I think they purposely used a twisted way of writing this time.

Sasha: There was an explanation on the prepace, so I was somewhat able to read

Croix: You need an explanation on how to read a book?

Sasha: I think it's so that you can read it like you're solving a mystery.

Cloche: ...And you did it after all.

Sasha: Oh, and this is the recipe.

* Recipe for [Pira Theory V] has been added. *

Cloche: ...Sasha, can I ask you one thing?

Sasha: Yes?

Cloche: Do you go to school?

Sasha: I have to work the shop, so I can't go to school.

Sasha: But before I go to sleep, I study very hard for an hour!

Cloche: ...All by yourself?

Sasha: Yes! I get into bed and read a book on my stomach.

Sasha: But, I need to try harder.

Sasha: Or else I'll be left behind by everyone at school...

Croix: ...And I'm sure you'll be disappointed when you actually go.

  P13  Pira Theory 7                                                -- Sasha --

Sasha: S-Sister Clo! That book you have in your hand, could it be...!

Cloche: Here you go.

Sasha: The last book of the Pira Theory! Yayyy, thank you so much Sister Clo!

Croix: ...It's like her happiness increases every time you give her another

Cloche: Yes... But this one's really thick. I wonder if she can read it all.

Sasha: Wow, oooh! This one might be the best one out of all those masterpieces!

Cloche: ...Looks like she can read it.

Croix: Seems like so.

Cloche: You might be able to read it easily tihs time. Good for you.

Sasha: Yes! I'm gonna blast through the entire thing from front to back!

* You hand over [Pira Theory VII]. *

  P14  Pira Theory VII                                              -- Sasha --

Sasha: Sister Clo, I finished the recipe for Pira Theory.

Cloche: Oh, thank you.

Croix: ...You're not surprised anymore?

Cloche: I've gotten used to it.

* Recipe for [Pira Theory VII] has been added. *

Cloche: Thank you again, Sasha. So, was it fun?

Sasha: Yes, it was very fun, but...

Cloche: Oh, was there a problem?

Sasha: I don't quite understand the recipe.

Sasha: It said some really hard stuff on it.

Sasha: Um, it was something like, r-rep...Replakia?

Cloche: ...Oh I see. I know what that is, so it's fine.

Sasha: Y-you know it!?

Sasha: You really are amazing, Sister Clo! I admire you so much!

Cloche: ...You telling me now, kind of makes me sad for some reason.

    Spica - Skytop Tenba Pharmacy                                     Scr03

  01  Basic Powder                                                  -- Spica --

Spica: Welcome. Oh, a first time customer. What kind of medicine did you

Croix: Uh, well... Umm...

Spica: Hmhmhm... I can make anything from physical remedies to love potions.

Croix: I-I see... Well, with this much equipment, I can see how that's

Croix: But this is amazing. You look young but you have this pharmacy with
       expensive equipment.

Spica: Oh, what an old way to flirt.

Croix: Huh? Flirt?

Spica: You're making a flow in conversation and trying to set up another date,

Croix: No, that's not right. It's a misunderstanding.

Spica: Well, then we need a common topic to talk about, don't we.

Spica: So I'll give you this Recipe Card. Just think of it as a token of

Croix: I'll leave the fact that you ignored what I said. So, what can I make
       from this?

Spica: A simple medicine for now.

Spica: So simple, no matter who makes it, it'll turn out somehow.

Croix: I see. Well, I've never done medicine synthesis. So I'll take this.

* Recipe for [Basic Powder] has been added. *

Spica: I'm looking forward to our date.

Croix: Uh no, let's not talk about that anymore.

  02  Black Pill                                                    -- Spica --

Spica: Here, Croix. A new Recipe Card.

Croix: You're giving me another one?

Spica: Yes, of course.

Spica: This time, it's a recipe that will make medicine with a special effect.

Spica: They're really useful against the enemy in battles.

* Recipe for [Black Pill] has been added. *

Croix: I see... But, what kind of effects does it have, specifically?

Spica: That will change depending on who makes it. I can't say for sure.

Spica: Whether it'll be useable on yourself, or against the enemy...

Spica: The interesting part of synthesis is how it can change depending on the
       person who makes it.

  03  Basic Compound                                                -- Spica --

Spica: Well then, Croix. How about about we raise the level on medicinal

Croix: I doubt I can do anything that difficult all of a sudden.

Spica: You see, by doing the difficult things first, your skills will go up

Spica: And I'll be there to watch over it. You don't need to worry.

Croix: ...Well, I guess that should work.

* Recipe for [Basic Compound] has been added. *

Croix: I'm counting on you during the synthesis, Spica.

Spica: If you're counting on me, that makes me feel good.

Spica: I'll hold your hand through every step of the way.

Croix: ...You don't have to go that far.

  04  Reunion                                                       -- Spica --

Jacqli: ...Spica.

Spica: ...Hm?

Spica: Croix!

Jacqli: ......

Spica: Oh welcome, Croix!

Spica: You came to see me again? I'm so happy.

Croix: Uh, no, it's not that...

Jacqli: ......

Spica: Aww, how slightly sad. But in this situation, even if it's a lie, you
       shouldn't deny it.

Croix: Don't play with me.

Jacqli: ...Hey, you.

Spica: Well, if you came, that means you have business here right?

Spica: So what would you like to do today?

Croix: Um, well, it's not that.

Jacqli: Hey! What are you thinking, ignoring me!?

Spica: *sigh* Looks like you're with some chattery girl there.

Spica: Who are you?

Jacqli: Who- Don't act dumb! It's me!

Spica: Who could this "me" be...?

Spica: ...Oh?

Spica: ......

Spica: Ah, oh. It's you, Mi-

Jacqli: !

Spica: ...Jacqli. It's been a while. I didn't know who you were for a second.

Jacqli: ...I know you knew from the beginning.

Spica: It's true. I'm not used to seeing you with clothes on.

Croix: Huh?

Jacqli: S-stupid! Don't say that, it sounds so wrong!

Spica: Oh, so I'm stupid. How sad.

Spica: I'm so sad that I think I'll get that thing you made...

Jacqli: Stop it, I'm sorry! Spica... M-miss, Spica...

Spica: ...Hmhmhm. I don't want you "Miss"-ing me.

Jacqli: ......

Croix: You girls know each other?

Spica: Oh, you didn't know?

Spica: Well now that I think about it, it's been years since I first met you.

Jacqli: ...Yes it has.

Spica: It all began in Firefly Alley. I found you walking around naked and...

Jacqli: I said! Stop talking about that!

Croix: ...I'm curious, but I'm scared to ask.

  05  Who is Lyner?                                                 -- Spica --

Spica: Oh, hello there Croix.

Jacqli: ......

Spica: Ah, Jacqli. You're here again.

Jacqli: What a terrible greeting. I am a customer here, you know.

Spica: I have no smile to show a customer who can't smile either.

Croix: ...It sounds like I'm always walking around with a smile then.

Spica: Cute boys are a different story. Rather, the ones with the upset look
       are cuter.

Croix: ...I have an upset look?

Jacqli: ...I see. That's how you became close with Lyner, too.

Spica: Too bad. Lyner was introduced to me by Misha.

Spica: And if I did anything to Lyner, Misha would be so mad.

Croix: Hey, who's Lyner?

Spica: A boy who came to my shop very often. What kind of boy, you ask? Well...

Jacqli: A guy who's loved by a girl who sucks at naming things, a girl who can
        become a kid or adult.

Jacqli: And a girl who gets lost easily.

Croix: W-what the hell?

Jacqli: ...Also known as Funbun lover.

Spica: Oh, how nostalgic.

Spica: I'm starting to remember the taste of those Funbuns he gave me as a
       parting gift.

Jacqli: Yeah, that impossibly huge load of Funbuns.

Jacqli: ...I don't want to eat any for another two hundred years at least.

Croix: Fun? Bun? I don't get it at all.

  06  Antique Medicine                                              -- Spica --

Spica: This time, I made quite an amazing recipe.


What, did you finally make a recipe that requires human in your ingredients?

Spica: Of course not. Even if I did, it'd be a little bit of blood or meat at
       the most.

Croix: I don't want a recipe like that.

Spica: Oh, this recipe is fine.

Spica: This one is how to make a medicine that I analyzed from an old antique


Antique text? You can read such a thing?

Spica: It was easier than cake. Even though it took about four hours.


That's pretty fast. Well, I guess it's not that surprising that you could.

Spica: So, what do you think of this recipe?


I am interested. I want to see what kind of medicine was on this old text.

Spica: I thought so. Here you go.

* Recipe for [Antique Medicine] has been added. *

Spica: Come again when you decide to make it. I want to see what it turns out

  07  Old habit                                                     -- Spica --

Spica: Welcome. Would you like some Kitty Candy tod-

Spica: Oh, oops... That was an old habit of mine.

Croix: Kitty Candy?

Spica: It's hard breaking a habit after doing it for so many years.


Then you should've just continued being a Kitty Candy shop.


Why did you open a Pharmacy anyway?

Spica: Because it doesn't give much profit.

Spica: ...The world isn't that easy where you can live off selling candy.

Croix: ...No dream, no hope.


Oh, it's not? I heard it was a rip-off business and gave quite some profit...

Spica: I was selling smiles along with candy, so it wasn't a rip-off.

Croix: That's a rip-off.

Spica: My, my. I guess it can't be helped...

Spica: Then, it seems I should specially teach you.

Spica: How much worth my smiles have.


W-wait a minute! Don't do anything stupid here!

Spica: Oh, that's a nice remark. I think I'm so hurt I might start talking
       about that day...




...Fine, whatever!

* Jacqli pushes Croix away down to the floor. *

Croix: Whoa!? What was that for...

  08  White Pill                                                    -- Spica --

Spica: Oh, welcome. I just finished up a new recipe.

Jacqli: Is it useful?

Spica: Well, you're rather rude. I would never make anything that wasn't

Spica: But, it's just that, the looks of it are so normal for this one...

Jacqli: Let's see.

Jacqli: ...Yeah. White Pill? That is way too normal.

Croix: What do you ask for from medicine?

Spica: Looks are important, even for medicine.

Spica: If a children's medicine is black, they'd be too scared to drink, right?

Croix: Well, yeah.

Spica: If an adult medicine was glowing rainbow colors, you wouldn't want to
       drink it, right?

Croix: That would be something other than medicine.

Jacqli: But, I'm sure a kid would be happy if it glowed rainbow.

Spica: Oh, well now that you mention it, maybe I should make it next time.

Croix: ...I suggest you don't.

Spica: I'm sorry we went off track. Here, it's a normal recipe.

Jacqli: Well, I'm hoping for something with normal looks, but abnormal effects.

* Recipe for [White Pill] has been added. *

Spica: That's up to the creator's skill.

Croix: You have no intention of making medicine with both normal appearance and
       effect, huh.

  S1  Have you dived into Jacqli?                                   -- Spica --

Spica: By the way, Croix. Have you done any Dives into Jacqli yet?

Croix: Uh, well...


Yes he did. Because it was necessary.

Spica: Oh, I see.

Spica: I thought the only person who'd be okay Diving into you would be Lyner.


I'd refuse that.


If I let that guy Dive, he'd probably mess up everything inside of me.

Croix: Is this Lyner a bad guy?


For sure he is.


Even when he Dived into Shurelia, I made enemies appear to make it fun.

Croix: ...Huh?


I just wanted for them to have more fun.


But he goes and says he didn't like the ending to my story.


And at the end, he kicked me out of that world. He seriously sucked!

Spica: In other words, this is when Lyner Dived into a girl named Shurelia.

Spica: This girl decided to butt in to their world and disturb them.

Spica: But he found out, and kicked her out of the Binary Field. That's why
       you're mad, right?


Well, at least you understand.


But it was Shurelia who changed the ending because Lyner told her to.


Geez... They really were good for nothing people.

Croix: ...He must have had it tough, this Lyner guy.

  S2  Truth serum                                                   -- Spica --

Spica: Oh, Jacqli...

Jacqli: ...What?

Spica: ...I heard you did some more Diving with Croix.

Spica: Has he gone pretty far into you now?

Jacqli: I'm just letting him because it's necessary.

Jacqli: You should feel honored to be allowed to Dive into me.

Croix: Being a Diver is pretty hard too, you know.

Spica: ...Because it's necessary, huh.

Spica: I know it's needed, but... Is that really the only reason?

Jacqli: What do you mean?

Spica: Let me guess. I think you actually like Croix a good amount.

Jacqli: What!?

Jacqli: Don't be stupid! That's just impossibly dumb!

Spica: Oh my, you never can be honest, can you.

Jacqli: It's the truth, geez...

Spica: Then, there's no problem if I become closer with Croix, right?

Jacqli: !?

Croix: I can see myself getting hurt again. Can you stop it now?

Spica: Fine, I'll stop with the pretty serious joking.

Spica: It seems Jacqli needs medicine to make her more honest.

Croix: ...You really do sell everything here huh.

Jacqli: I-I don't want any medicine like that!

Spica: Don't you want to try just a little bit?

Spica: Just one sip. Just to see what it feels like.

Jacqli: ......

Jacqli: ...Fine, just one sip.

Jacqli: But seriously, how do you make medicine like this?

Spica: "Medicine to be more honest" is just the product name.

Spica: Actually, it's just truth serum.

Jacqli: I don't want that!

Spica: Oh, but you said you'd drink just one sip.

Jacqli: Why would I drink it knowing it's truth serum!?

Jacqli: Stop selling such stupid things and do business right!

Spica: ...Okay, fine. Then maybe I'll change jobs.

Spica: Hmm~ let's see... Ooh, maybe a book store would be nice.

Spica: Thanks to someone, I have lots of good stories to tell.

Jacqli: Grh...

Spica: Hehe... Is that okay?

Jacqli: ...I-I guess pharmacies that sell truth serum are needed too.

  S3  Talk of age                                                   -- Spica --

Spica: Oh, welcome.

Spica: Would you like a new product that refreshes your body and mind?

Jacqli: Looks like you're still selling your dangerous medicines.

Jacqli: How do you make business like this?

Spica: Oh, well my Kitty Candy flavor medicine is quite popular for being liked
       by kids.

Jacqli: Oh do you? I see you sell some useful things.

Spica: Of course.

Spica: It's famous for curing colds to broken bones in one night.

Jacqli: Wow... I'm actually quite surprised.

Croix: Uh, that's just strange no matter how you think of it.

Spica: Even if it's strange or anything, don't you think it's better than not
       being effective at all?

Jacqli: Have any medicine that would raise script writing skills?

Spica: Too bad, that sold out just a minute ago.

Jacqli: ......

Croix: I beg you, can't you please run a normal pharmacy?

Spica: Then, maybe I'll have you help me make some normal medicines.

Spica: If you have some time tonight, you can come here and help me...

Jacqli: Oh geez, do something about your thing for younger guys!

Jacqli: I mean, with your age, Croix is kinda, wrong.

Spica: ...Jacqli. You shouldn't bring up conversation about age with girls.

Spica: I'm so shocked I think I'll spread that to the whole world...

Jacqli: Alright! I'm sorry!

Spica: Don't ever talk about age again, okay?

Spica: ...Well, you are older than me after all.

Jacqli: Grh!

* Jacqli pushes Croix away down to the floor. *

Croix: Ow! What are you doing!? Geez... *

  S4  I just want a bucket's worth                                  -- Spica --

Jacqli: ...Is something wrong? It's annoying seeing you jittered up.

Spica: I'm so glad, I was waiting for you.

Jacqli: So, what's wrong? Did you use your own medicine and now you're
        suffering from the side effects?

Croix: Even if it's a joke, that's just dangerous.

Spica: Not that... You know.

Spica: I need to hear those words...

Jacqli: ?

Jacqli: ...Oh, that.

Jacqli: I just want to eat a bucket's worth.

Croix: Huh, of what?

Spica: ......

Spica: *sigh*

Spica: Thanks, I feel better now. Not being able to hear those words makes me
       feel so uncomfortable.

Croix: What are you talking about?

  09  D-wave Compound                                               -- Spica --

Spica: Well, I've got these for you people toda-

Croix: ...?

Spica: I have a new recipe for you today, Croix.

Croix: Why did you correct yourself?

Spica: I thought that would sound better, image-wise. Was it not good?

Croix: I do thank you.

Spica: Any other emotions?

Jacqli: No one cares here. Can you hurry up and explain it?

Spica: Gee, so impatient.

Spica: I decided to take on a different intention in this recipe.

Spica: It's quite dangerous, and simply put, it's a recipe you'll be sure to
       end up with danger marks.

Croix: ...Why do you say this with such a happy face?

Spica: Because it's been so long since I've been able to do this kind of risky

Spica: Selling normal medicine can get pretty boring, business wise.

Jacqli: You were a candy seller before this.

Spica: I was also a buyer.

Spica: *sigh*... But now, the buyer business doesn't make any profit.

Jacqli: You came to a new land. Of course it won't work out that easily.

Spica: ...Well, I guess it's no use complaining now. Here, this is the recipe.

* Recipe for [D-wave Compound] has been added. *

Croix: Dangerous medicine, huh... What kind of effect could it have?

Spica: It's planned to become an explosive, so don't use it on yourself.

Jacqli: I see, it sure is dangerous then.

Croix: ...Don't just agree. Why is a pharmacist making such dangerous recipes?

Spica: Because I'm a pharmacist, you see? Chemicals equal medicine, explosive,
       powder, etc. Get it?

Croix: ...I can't think of anything to say.

  10  Bad mood?                                                     -- Spica --

Spica: Hello.

Jacqli: ...?

Spica: Hm, what's wrong?

Jacqli: That should be my line. What's wrong with you?

Spica: ...About what?

Jacqli: It looked like you were in a bad mood. Was it just my imagination?

Spica: ...Oh.

Spica: I was trying to act normal so that no one could tell. I'm surprised you

Jacqli: I've known you for a long time. Of course I know.

Spica: ...I see.

Spica: Now that you say it, it's been quite a long time since we first met.

Jacqli: So, what happened?

Spica: It's nothing serious. I just had a really bad customer come in earlier.

Spica: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel bad.

Croix: How were you able to tell? I didn't notice at all.

Spica: Oh, but I've known you for a while now too, Croix. That makes me sad.

Jacqli: You tried to act so that we wouldn't notice, but saying you're sad is
        just contradicting.

Spica: Girls are complicated. You feel like that sometimes too, don't you?

Jacqli: ......

Spica: Anyway Croix, I need for you to get to know me better, so...

Croix: No, it's enough.

Spica: Oh come on, don't be embarrassed. That's really cute of you too though.

Jacqli: ...This is frustrating.

* Jacqli pushes Croix away down to the floor. *

Croix: S-so, what is with you every time...

  11  Bishops                                                       -- Spica --

Spica: Oh, nice timing.

Jacqli: Did you get a shipment of new products or something?

Spica: I found something really nostalgic. See, look at this.

Jacqli: ...What is this?

Spica: Oh, you don't know?

Spica: They're cards that I got from the Card Shop in Firefly Alley as a
       parting gift.

Jacqli: Oh, those.

Jacqli: But didn't you toss them out before we left because they took up too
        much space?

Croix: You tossed away a parting gift?

Jacqli: We knew it was just going to get in the way.

Jacqli: So, why is this here?

Spica: I guess one pack got mixed in. Do you want it?

Jacqli: It's useless. I don't want it.

Jacqli: ...Hm? Who was this guy on this card anyway?

Spica: It's Bishop Radolf. From the church.

Spica: The guy who poked things with the spear.

Jacqli: ...Oh, him.

Jacqli: Now that you mention it, I think I remember fighting him a few times.

Croix: Fight!? You fought with a Bishop!?

Spica: Oh look, I got Bishop Falss, too. He's the guy who was Bishop before

Jacqli: He's the one who gave me human sacrifices, right?

Jacqli: Well, he was beat up pretty easily by Lyner.

Croix: ...Your world has pretty messed up Bishops, huh?

  12  Organic Chemical                                              -- Spica --

Spica: Don't you want to try out some synthesis that'll make you think?

Croix: You mean, a difficult synthesis?

Jacqli: That doesn't sound bad.

Jacqli: Moving your body's good and all, but we got to use our heads sometimes

Croix: ...Are you talking to me?

Jacqli: Oh, so you're aware?

Spica: Well, it's a recipe that uses simple chemistry.

* Recipe for [Organic Chemical] has been added. *

Jacqli: ...Organic chemistry.

Croix: This is really starting to sound like a school class now.

Spica: Oh, that sounds fun. Then I'll take on the role of class president when
       we're doing the synthesis.

Jacqli: ...Think about your age.

Spica: Then, how about an older lover for you, Croix...

Jacqli: Are you seriously thinking of role playing while we synthesize!?

Spica: Of course it's a joke.

Croix: It sounded pretty serious.

  13  Medicine that weakens ego?                                    -- Spica --

Spica: Oh, Jacqli...

Spica: ...So it seems you still let Croix Dive into you these days, hmm?

Jacqli: I keep telling you, it's because it's necessary.

Spica: Necessary, huh... Were you that weak?

Spica: Even without Dives, you tried to destroy the world originally.

Croix: ...You were trying to do something terrible, huh.

Jacqli: It's the past.

Spica: So, is there really a necessity to Dive now?

Jacqli: Well I do get new magic. It's not like I'm omnipotent in every way.

Spica: Oh, how rare of you to mention that.

Spica: Even if it is necessary, is there really a need to Dive so many times?

Jacqli: O-of course there is. Why else would I let him...

Spica: It's not because you like Croix?

Jacqli: N-no! I don't have any interest in this weak guy!

Croix: Well, I can't really argue if you're the one saying this but...

Jacqli: What!? Can't you at least say something back!?

Spica: There there.

Spica: But, Jacqli, it kind of is a problem that you're too strong minded.

Spica: How about you try drinking this medicine that will weaken your ego a

Jacqli: W-why do you have that kind of medicine? ...But no, I don't need it.

Spica: Oh, are you sure?

Spica: Girls are more popular if they're a little on the weak side. At least a

Jacqli: ......

Jacqli: W-well, fine, one sip.

Spica: That's a girl, Jacqli! Go on, chug it!

Jacqli: ...But, does this really have that effect?

Spica: I guarantee its effect.

Spica: After all, it's poison that works quite enough with one sip.

Jacqli: That's a different kind of weak!

Spica: Oh, but it's only poison. It shouldn't have that great of an effect on

Jacqli: That doesn't mean you should make me drink it!

Jacqli: You seriously sell such useless things here...

Spica: Useless... Then I guess I can't help it.

Spica: As a new product, I'll sell this, sure to become a best seller, written
       by you...

Jacqli: It's fine now!

Jacqli: Poison is needed too. Especially when fighting the enemy, it's useful!

Croix: Why are you desperate?

Jacqli: Don't worry about it!

Spica: Don't worry about it.

  14  Unsettling                                                    -- Spica --

Spica: *sigh*... It's so unsettling lately.

Jacqli: Is it? I don't think it's that bad.

Spica: Me not making much profit is good proof of it.

Spica: Can you hurry up and do sometihng about this yet?

Jacqli: You say it like it's gonna be so easy.

Jacqli: Well, I mean, if we could have done it all by force, it would be done

Spica: Can't you just beat up some bad looking dude and everything will be

Jacqli: That's way to broad.

Jacqli: But, I see how that would be so much easier.

Spica: *sigh*... I guess I'll just have to wait it out longer.

Croix: I see you two to be more unsettling...

  15  Legendary Elixir                                              -- Spica --

Spica: Well then, I will give you this recipe today.

Spica: Be amazed. This is said to be a legendary form of these medicines.

Jacqli: ...It has a hint of shady written all over it.

Spica: When you hear just the name, yes it does.

Spica: But guarantee its effect. So don't worry.

Jacqli: I see... But, are you sure we can just take this amazing recipe?

Spica: Well you do come by pretty often. I need to give some extra service to a
       loyal customer.

Jacqli: Do you think it might be too much service?

Spica: Just be grateful and take it.

* Recipe for [Legendary Elixir] has been added. *

Jacqli: If it's legendary, I can have high expectations for its effects, right?

Spica: It's up to whoever makes it, but I'm sure you can expect quite a bit.

  16  Bad mood                                                      -- Spica --

Croix: Alright, I'll come again.

Spica: I don't mind if you come everyday, you know.

Jacqli: There's no way. You know that.

Jacqli: You think this guy's good enough to commute here everyday?

Croix: ...That sounds mean.

Jacqli: It's only the truth. Or what, you're planning to come everyday?

Croix: Everyday is impossible.

Jacqli: See?

Spica: ...

Spica: You two have gone pretty deep with your Diving, haven't you?

Jacqli: Why?

Spica: It just seems like you two've gotten so close all of a sudden.

Jacqli: We're not close.

Jacqli: And it's not like I choose to let him Dive, either.

Spica: Hehe, still the same you.

Jacqli: Yes... But...

Jacqli: It's true, he's doing a good job with the Dives and creating my Songs.

Jacqli: And nothing's forced or anything either.

Jacqli: He's still a baby, but he's a good boy.

Croix: ...Thanks for treating me like a kid.

Jacqli: If you want to deny it, go ahead. But it's the truth, so it'll just be
        a waste of breath.

Spica: Oh, is that so... I see~.

Spica: But yeah, I understand how he is a good boy.

Jacqli: ...?

Croix: Come on, stop teasing me.

Jacqli: Anyway, let's get going.

Jacqli: Well then Spica, see you again.

Croix: Wha-, h-hey, don't pull on me.

Spica: Come any time~.

* Outside the shop... *

Croix: What was that all of a sudden?

Jacqli: ...You didn't realize?

Jacqli: Spica seemed really upset.

Croix: Huh...? It sure didn't look like it to me.

Jacqli: ...Oh.

  17  Are you lonely?                                               -- Spica --

Spica: ...

Jacqli: hm, that's rare. Why aren't you trying to make conversation with us?

Spica: Oh, hello.

Spica: I was just thinking about the past, and then I couldn't say anything...

Jacqli: ...I'm surprised. That kind of thing happens to you too?

Spica: Well of course I look back on things. I'm a girl too.

Jacqli: You're not the age to call yourself a girl.

Spica: Oh, I didn't think you'd be the one to tell me that.

Jacqli: Well now that you mention it, I guess you're right.

Jacqli: But someone who wants to be the Queen of the Underworld, reminiscing
        about her past...

Jacqli: ...Are you like, lonely?

Spica: That's impossible.

Spica: Rather, I never imagined for you to say that to me.

Jacqli: I-I said, it's not like I meant it in that sense when I wrote that!

Croix: ...Can you please not talk about these things only you two know about?

  18  Neural Medicant                                               -- Spica --

Spica: Well, here's a recipe you've all been waiting for.

Jacqli: ...We were waiting?

Croix: Why are you asking me?

Jacqli: Is it another scary drug?

Spica: This one is a recipe for medicine with poison cleansing effects.

Spica: So it's not like it's that fun or anything.

Croix: But that's pretty useful, so it'd be convenient to have.

Spica: Oh, well thank you for the compliment.

Jacqli: ......

Jacqli: ...You're hiding something aren't you?

Spica: Hide? Me?

Jacqli: Explaining what kind of medicine it'll be, first? That's just

Spica: No it's not. Trust me, Jacqli.

Jacqli: Fine, I'll believe that it can cleanse poison.

Jacqli: So, what kind of side effects does it have?

Spica: How rude. I wouldn't give you a recipe for medicine that has side

Jacqli: But, there is something, right?

Spica: ...

Spica: ...It's a little difficult for me to say, but this one's a tad

Croix: It's poison cleansing, but dangerous?

Spica: When you're making it, if you mess up the synthesis even the slightest

Spica: ......

Croix: Whoa, hey, why did you go quiet all of a sudden!?

Spica: ...Even I can't tell you this.

Spica: That your nerves will go weird and you'll lose all five senses in your

Jacqli: Well that's clearly said.

Croix: I think I'll pass on a dangerous recipe like that.

Spica: I'll be there by your side when you do your syntheses so don't worry
       about it.

* Recipe for [Neural Medicant] has been added. *

Croix: Don't take it!

Jacqli: You're so stupid. Just don't mess up, there's no need to be scared.

Croix: You say it so easily...

  19  What's wrong, Spica?                                          -- Spica --

Spica: Here you go, thanks...

Croix: Alright, let's go.

Jacqli: Okay.

Jacqli: Well then, Spica. See you later.

Spica: ......

Jacqli: What's wrong?

Spica: No, nothing...

Jacqli: ...Spica?

Spica: Go on, you don't have time to waste, right?

Jacqli: ...Okay. Well, we'll come again.

Spica: ...

  20  Clothes                                                       -- Spica --

Spica: But *sigh*, I still can't get used to it.

Jacqli: What are you talking about now?

Spica: Because, you wearing clothes is just, you know...

Jacqli: ...That again?

Jacqli: You were the one who was constantly bothering me about wearing clothes.

Jacqli: That's why I'm wearing it, for your sake.

Croix: Shouldn't you wear clothes for the sake of wearing clothes?

Jacqli: Well, I still do feel like I'm kind of suffocating.

Spica: Why don't you take it off sometimes?

Jacqli: ...Yeah, I guess.

Jacqli: Well, I'll do it after I go back over there.

Croix: There are places where you walk around naked?

Spica: She's not supposed to, but at least she doesn't do it in public.

Jacqli: I'll stay like this for a while though.

Jacqli: And you did make this for me, after all.

Spica: Oh, that's nice to hear. Then next time, I'll make it more on the verge

Jacqli: I refuse.

  21  Natural Remedy                                                -- Spica --

Spica: I have a new recipe prepared for you today.

Jacqli: ...Another dangerous concoction?

Spica: No way. This one's a recipe for a remedy.

Croix: Why a sudden appearance of a normal recipe!?

Jacqli: It's terrifying... I bet you're up to something!

Spica: ...You two are being really mean.

Jacqli: Maybe it'll end up making you feel all natural. With all that hair

Spica: I see how you think of me now.

Spica: Here, if you're really worried, then find out for yourself.

* Recipe for [Natural Remedy] has been added. *

Croix: ...It doesn't look weird.

Jacqli: It's a normal recipe, not even that interesting. I can't believe it...

Spica: It's normal but it'll become something amazing if you synthesize it.

Spica: I'm sure that won't change no matter who makes it.

Jacqli: You should've given something like this to us from the beginnging...

  22  What's wrong, Spica? #2                                       -- Spica --

Croix: Alright, that should be about it.

Jacqli: Did you check to see you have everything you need?

Croix: I'm not a kid. Of course I know what I'm doing.

Croix: Well then, later.

Spica: Oh, okay.

Jacqli: ?

Croix: ...Huh?

Spica: Hm, what?

Croix: Oh, no, it's nothing. ...See you.

Spica: Alright.

* Outside the shop... *

Croix: Jacqli. You didn't talk to Spica today, huh.

Jacqli: ...Yeah.

Croix: You two usually end up talking a lot, but... Is something wrong?

Jacqli: ...Didn't Spica seem a little weird to you today?

Croix: Uh... She had her usual smile on, I think?

Jacqli: ...

  23  H-wave Compound                                               -- Spica --

Spica: Um, Jacqli. I know this is out of nowhere, but...

Jacqli: What?

Spica: I was thinking of a new recipe yesterday night before I went to sleep.

Jacqli: Oh, you're diligent.

Spica: But I lost to the drowsiness, you see.

Jacqli: It happens a lot when you're thinking.

Spica: And then, when I woke up, I had a recipe done.

Jacqli: ......

Spica: I don't quite get it, but it looks like it can be synthesized.

Spica: Here, I'll give it to you.

* Recipe for [H-wave Compound] has been added. *

Jacqli: ...You sound like you just want to get rid of it.

Spica: Well there's no use in me having it.

Jacqli: It's not like I'll synthesize on my own.

Jacqli: You don't think it's a problem to force this unknown recipe onto us?

Spica: Maybe you'll make something useful.

Jacqli: ...Why don't you check it yourself?

Spica: Even if it's explosive, I think you guys would be able to handle it.

Jacqli: ...Well, true. I won't die from just an explosion.

Croix: Do you know what it means to take care of yourself?

  24  Come back to me                                               -- Spica --

Spica: Right, thanks again.

Croix: Yeah, well, see you...

Jacqli: Spica.

Spica: ...What?

Jacqli: What's with the attitude? I mean, I get it, you're in a bad mood right?

Spica: That again? Nothing's wrong with me...

Jacqli: It shows, a lot, in your attitude.

Jacqli: This is so unlike you... Nothing's wrong? That's just a blatant lie.

Spica: ...Those are harsh words. I said, there's nothing.

Jacqli: I'm tired of hearing it. Just be honest and say it.

Spica: ...Really, it's nothing. You're thinking too far.

Jacqli: Is that so?

Jacqli: I could see you've been acting strange lately.

Spica: I said, it's...

Spica: ...Arh, geez. Why do you keep pestering me...?

Croix: Wh-what are you angry about?

Spica: Huh...

Jacqli: ...Do you see now?

Jacqli: You're not even able to keep your usual poker face anymore.

Spica: ...

Jacqli: This isn't like you.

Jacqli: But that just means you're sick, or something really bad happened. Am I

Spica: ...

Spica: ...You're really annoying me right now.

Spica: Well, fine. Then I'll be honest and tell you.

Spica: Jacqli, say goodbye to Croix right now, and come back to me.

Jacqli: ...What?

Croix: Wha-hey hey. What kind of joke is that?

Jacqli: Y-yeah! That's going a little too far, don't you think?

Spica: Oh, you can refuse me?

Spica: You do know what I have against you, right?

Jacqli: W-well...

Croix: I don't know what that is, but does she have some dirt on you or

Spica: Everyone has their own weaknesses.

Spica: It's probably nothing in your eyes, not even mine.

Spica: But some people care. Right, Jacqli?

Jacqli: ...Why do I have to stay with you?

Spica: ...Do you need a reason?

Spica: You can't go against me. You know that, right?

Jacqli: ...

Jacqli: ...Alright, fine.

Jacqli: Then you also know what I'm going to answer, I assume?

Jacqli: I refuse.

Jacqli: There are things I still need to do.

Spica: Oh...

Spica: ...I'm slightly surprised. Or was I hearing things wrong?

Jacqli: I'll say it as many times as you want.

Jacqli: I refuse. You're a completely different person right now.

Jacqli: You won't tell me why I need to be with you.

Jacqli: You won't tell me what happened.

Jacqli: How am I supposed to stay with someone like that?

Jacqli: You can at least tell me your reason.

Jacqli: ...Or is it something you can't tell me?

Spica: ...

Spica: ...It's not necessary.

Jacqli: ...

Spica: Now, choose. Come to me...

Jacqli: ?

Spica: ...Who will you pick, me or Croix?

Spica: Of course, if you pick the latter... You know, right?

Jacqli: ...

Jacqli: I don't plan to change my answer. I can't come back to you yet.

Spica: ...

Spica: ...Is that so.

Spica: I see you refuse to partner up with me.

Jacqli: There's something I have to do right now.

Jacqli: You understand that too, don't you?

Spica: ...

Jacqli: But once I finish that, I won't have anything to do.

Jacqli: So when I'm done, I'll join up with you.

Jacqli: ...I won't make you lonely by being all alone.

Spica: ...

Spica: ...Lonely?

Spica: Me...lonely, you say?

Spica: Don't mock me! Don't treat me the same as you!

Spica: I'm not like you!

Spica: I'm not a weakling that dreams of a virtual happy life to escape

Jacqli: !?

Spica: ...Ah.

Croix: Huh? Wh-what? What are you talking about?

Jacqli: ...Spica, you!

Spica: ...

Jacqli: ...Kh!

Jacqli: Fine, who cares! I don't care about you at all!

* Jacqli runs out of the shop. *

Croix: H-hey Jacqli! What's wrong!?

Croix: ...What's going on? Spica, what in the world were you talking about?

Spica: ...

Croix: ...

Croix: ...What the hell.

* Croix runs after Jacqli. *

Spica: ...

* Near the entrance to Enna Undergrounds... *

Croix: Finally caught up to you...

Croix: What happened? Why did you say that-

Jacqli: ...Shut up.

Croix: What do you mean, shut up...

Jacqli: Be quiet for a bit, just shut up!

Jacqli: ...Please...

Croix: ...

* When you rest at the Inn... *

Croix: Hey, about Spica...

Jacqli: Shut up!

Croix: Er...

Croix: ...I-I know you're not in the best mood, but um... We can't just leave

Croix: I guess Spica was the one at fault, but things won't change by sitting

Jacqli: ......

Croix: It's not like I understand fully what's going on, but it's not that she
       tried to make you angry on purpose.

Croix: So then, maybe you can go talk to her about why this happened or...

Jacqli: That's not necessary.

Crox: But I mean...

Jacqli: I know all that already...

Jacqli: ...Hey, Croix. Do you know what loneliness feels like when your only
        friend leaves you?

Croix: ...No I don't. I've never experienced that, nor do I ever want to...

Jacqli: ...Useless.

Croix: You're mean...

Jacqli: But, I guess that's normal if I think about it...

Croix: ...S-so, what are you going to do?

Jacqli: Well... I guess I'll pop in a visit to her later.

Jacqli: I have to complain for something or else I won't be satisfied either.

* Late night at the Pharmacy... *

Jacqli: ...Spica.

Spica: ...Jacqli!?

Jacqli: Oh, what are you so surprised about?

Spica: ...

Spica: ...I never thought you would come again.

Jacqli: Don't worry.

Jacqli: I know for sure I don't even want to see your face right now either.

Spica: But you came, which means, there's a reason.

Spica: ...Came to settle the score with me?

Jacqli: Oh, well that's a good idea, Spica.

Jacqli: ...But, I don't feel like that right now.

Spica: I see... Then, what did you come here for?

Jacqli: It's a good chance for me to talk to you on the same level.

Jacqli: ...Thanks to you, blurting out my weakness in front of everyone.

Spica: ...I see. So, what did you want to talk about?

Jacqli: But before that, there's something I need to say to you.

Spica: ...I'm prepared. Say whatever you need to.

Jacqli: Jusy one word's enough...

Jacqli: ......

Jacqli: ...Sorry.

Spica: ...Huh?

Spica: Why are you apologizing?

Jacqli: I thought this is what I had to do.

Jacqli: Because I think... This happened because of me.

Spica: ...What's that supposed to mean? Are you mocking me!?

Jacqli: It was me who gave you a reason to make you feel lonely, so...

Spica: ......

Jacqli: ...I kind of understand how you might feel.

Jacqli: The pain of being lonely.

Spica: ......

Jacqli: I'll tell you now, but I know if you're lying.

Jacqli: You were lonely.

Jacqli: For a few hundred years, I was alone, locked up.

Jacqli: I know what it's like being lonely, and that's why I know you are.

Spica: ......

Spica: ...You were so lonely you gave yourself a weakness, right?

Jacqli: ...That's right.

* Spica looks around. *

Spica: ...I want to deny it, but it's just as you say.

Spica: It's so pitiful, I can't even cry about it.

Spica: I worked so hard until now, trying to make this world mine, you know?

Spica: And yet, here I am, feeling lonely...

Spica: And for such a childish reason, I blurted out your weakness...

Spica: To toss away an important weakness to keep my human resource so easily!

Spica: ...I just can't forgive myself for that.

Jacqli: I kind of vaguely know how you might feel.

Jacqli: ...But.

Jacqli: ...Was I just a human resource to you?

Spica: ......

Jacqli: A necessary personnel for you to take control of the world. Was that

Spica: ......

Spica: ...Why don't you tell me before you ask?

Jacqli: ...You're right.

Jacqli: Honestly, when I first met you...

Jacqli: ...I thought you were so annnoying.

Spica: Yes, I knew that.

Jacqli: ...Not anymore.

Spica: ...How so?

Jacqli: It's your turn now. What about you?

Spica: ...Well, let's see.

Spica: At first, I thought...

Spica: You'd be the perfect bodyguard and errand girl at the same time.

Jacqli: ...You're so mean.

Spica: Really, I still think you'd be the best.

Spica: ...But.

Spica: I wonder why?

Spica: The more I got to know you, it's like...

Spica: ...That thought kind of faded away.

Jacqli: After we left Sol Ciel, we were alone together for a long time.

Spica: We talked so much during that time...

Jacqli: ...Yeah. It was actually quite fun.

Spica: Yes... I agree.

Spica: But, because of that, I learned that we're very alike, and so...

Spica: ...So, that's why I think I let myself trust you.

Spica: When I became queen, I wanted you to stand beside me, on the same level.

Spica: ...I seriously gave that thought.

Jacqli: ......I see.

Spica: ...But.

Spica: Lately, it feels like you're slowly drifting away from me.

Spica: Watching you travel with Croix, especially.

Spica: ...Every time you come visit me, you guys are closer to each other...

Spica: I felt like you were showing off to me, and I felt lonely at first...

Spica: ...But then, I got scared.

Spica: It looked like, the only person in this world who knew me deeply...

Spica: ...The most precious person to me, was slowly leaving away from me.

Spica: And then you picked Croix over me that time...

Spica: And pointed straight out that I was lonely...

Jacqli: ...You lost it and before you realized, you were ranting, huh.

Spica: ...Exactly.

Spica: I regret it... Seriously, it hurt me, a lot.

Jacqli: I think you need a little more training.

Spica: Hehe, maybe.

Spica: ...Maybe I didn't have enough strength to leave for an outside world.

Jacqli: You speak strong for someone who decided to come with me yourself.

Spica: ......

Spica: And so... I was thinking, of going back to Sol Ciel.

Jacqli: ...Why?

Spica: I'm thinking of looking for a partner who would stay with me forever.

Spica: I shouldn't have left that world without a partner to begin with.

Jacqli: ...Oh.

Jacqli: But is there anyone who's strange enough to agree with your ambitions?

Spica: Let's see... How about Misha, or maybe Shurelia?

Jacqli: No way can Shurelia leave that world. She's the administrator there.

Jacqli: And if you told Misha, I bet you she'll stop you.

Spica: Oh yeah, you might be right about that...

Spica: And she won't have much of a weakness. I'll have to find someone else

Jacqli: Yeah.

Jacqli: But will you find anyone strange enough?

Spica: Who knows? Do you know anyone who might be weird enough to come with me?

Jacqli: Well... There's only one person I know.

Jacqli: Someone very strange, who would lend a hand for anything that you do.

Spica: Oh, really?

Spica: But I don't want anyone weak.

Jacqli: Don't worry there. They have enough power to fight Shurelia one on one.

Spica: Sounds reliable. So, who is this person?

Jacqli: Me.

Spica: ......

Spica: Huh?

Jacqli: I feel the same too.

Jacqli: I don't want to separate from you either.

Spica: ...Are you serious?

Spica: I told everyone your secret you've been trying to hide for so long.

Jacqli: Make no mistake, I'm still very angry about that.

Jacqli: If it weren't you, I would have burned you with magic and left nothing.

Jacqli: ...But, I want to stay with you.

Jacqli: You said you wanted to stay with me too, right?

Jacqli: So it works out that you blurted my secret.

Jacqli: Now you and I are equals. We can talk without holding anything back.

Jacqli: ...So, I forgive you.

Spica: ......

Spica: ...You really are a strange one.

Jacqli: Oh? We're alike, don't you think?

Spica: ...True.

Spica: Then, Jacqli.

Spica: Will you stay with me and help me rule the world?

Jacqli: If you request help of me as friends, and not some slave, then sure.

Jacqli: If so, then I'll do anything for you.

Spica: ...Alright.

Spica: I want you to help me make my dream a reality.

Spica: ...I ask this of you, as my friend.

Jacqli: I see...

Jacqli: Well I can't refuse if you're asking me as a friend.

Jacqli: Spica, you're my first human friend.

Jacqli: So I'll make sure to grant you your wish.

Jacqli: If anyone gets in the way, I'll beat them up, no matter who it is.

Spica: Oh, how reliable. Even if it's Shurelia?

Jacqli: That's the easiest.

Jacqli: I know way too many of her weaknesses that I can fill a book with them.

Jacqli: If anything happens, I'll spread that to the world.

Spica: ......

Spica: ......

Jacqli: Hm, what's wrong?

Spica: No, nothing.

Spica: ...Well, it's getting late.

Jacqli: Yeah...

Spica: Do you want me to walk you?

Jacqli: It's okay.

Jacqli: I'm feeling a little embarrassed right now.

Spica: Oh, what a coincident.

Jacqli: ...Well then. See you again, Spica.

Spica: Yup... See you.

* When you visit Spica again... *

Spica: Oh, Croix! Welcome.

Croix: Hey...

Jacqli: ...Ignoring me?

Spica: Oh, you're here too? I was hoping for some fun time with Croix.

Jacqli: We have stuff to do now. There's no time for that.

Jacqli: When we're done, I'll tie him up and bring him here, so wait until

Croix: ...Don't treat me like an object.

Croix: More importantly, when'd you two make up?

Spica: ...Huh?

Croix: Uh, weren't you two in a fight?

Spica: ...We were?

Jacqli: I don't remember any.

Croix: You made such a big fuss about it too...

Spica: Well, you know they say, the closer you are, the more you fight?

Spica: Anyway, I'll give this to you, Jacqli.

* Obtained [Ribbon Corsage]! *

Jacqli: ...What's with this embarrassing ribbon?

Spica: Don't be fooled by its looks. It's very useful.

Jacqli: ...Sounds uselessly expensive too.

Spica: It's for free.

Jacqli: That's just suspicious. I'll give it back.

Spica: It's a friends discount, for free.

Jacqli: Oh, I see. Then I guess I'll take it...

Jacqli: ...But it really is an embarrassing design.

Spica: I thought it'd be perfect for you.

Spica: If there's a boy you like, you have to get a little dressed up.

Jacqli: What!? Wh-why would I like any boys!?

Jacqli: Why would I take this...

Croix: ...But you're putting it away.

Croix: Anyway, is it just my imagination that you two seem closer than before?

Jacqli: Thanks to being free of my weakness, we're even. That might be why.

Jacqli: Hehe, there's nothing I'm afraid of now.

Spica: *sigh*... How could I. That was such a bad mistake...

Jacqli: Regret it hard. That'll teach you a good lesson.

Spica: So in order to not forget my mistake, I made this book.

Jacqli: Oh? Sounds interesting. What, is the title of it, [Mistake]?

Spica: This is it. Here, you can have one too, Croix.

Croix: Uhm... What's this?

Croix: [Cutesy Lovely Family ~Spring time with Miwa~]

Croix: Author, Mir?

Jacqli: Hey, Spica!

Jacqli: What the hell are you trying to sell off there!?

Jacqli: And what's with the incredibly embarrassing title!?

Spica: Oh, but you're okay with it now, right?

Jacqli: ...Are you planning to spread it to the world!?

Croix: "Aww, daddy. You're reading the newspaper in the bathroom again? Boo~"

Croix: ...First time for me reading this kind of book.

Jacqli: Don't read it out loud! Just don't read it at all! Give it to me!

Croix: Hey... It was pretty interesting though...

Spica: Hehe... You don't want me to sell it, right?

Spica: Then you should come and visit my shop often.

  25  Official Goods                                                -- Spica --

Spica: Oh, hello and welco-

Jacqli: Hey Spica! What were you thinking!?

Spica: ...You're such a horrible person. Why would you yell at me for?

Jacqli: Don't play around! You made a book out of my story didn't you!?

Spica: What do you mean... What are you talking about?

Jacqli: Does this recipe card ring any bells?

Spica: Let's see?

Spica: ......

Spica: ...Oh, it actually turned into a recipe.

Jacqli: Stop talking to yourself and answer my question!

Spica: Yes, I sold it.

Spica: I've been selling it for quite some time now. What's wrong with that?

Jacqli: !?

Jacqli: Y-you...

Jacqli: You said you won't sell it if I came around often!

Spcia: Wait wait, don't blame me for that.

Spica: This is a different story from that promise.

Spica: And plus, I believe you gave me permission for this before.

Jacqli: When did I ever say that!?

Spica: When we first got here, did you forget you gave it to me as a parting

Jacqli: Th-that was...

Spica: You said I could read it or toss it or whatever I wanted to do with it.

Spica: So I did whatever I wanted to do with it.

Jacqli: B-but that doesn't mean... Why would you make it a book and sell it...

Spica: If you don't want me to sell it, I can stop selling it now.

Spica: But it has pretty good sales, so I would think it's a waste.

Jacqli: ......

Spica: ...What do you want to do?

Jacqli: ......

Jacqli: ...Do as you like.

Spica: ...Okay. I'm glad you said that. I just had an order for more copies.

Croix: ...Are you done now?

Spica: Yes, we're done.

Jacqli: ......

Spica: Come on, stop making that face already.

Spica: I'll give you this. Get over your bad mood.

* Recipe for [Official Goods] has beenn added. *

Jacqli: ...Isn't this!?

Spica: Hehe. I'm relieved to hear the other shops made the recipes as I hoped

Spica: Now you can make it, right?

Croix: What are you two talking about?

Spica: In the story that she wrote, there's 4 main characters.

Spica: And all four of them have a different weapon.

Spica: A spear, a knife, a transformer bracelet, and this bomb.

Spica: And of course, at the end, all the weapons come together to become one.

Spica: That last one, is the recipe I just gave you.

Jacqli: ...No way.

Jacqli: You made the people at the synthesis shops read my book!?

Spica: Because it's so much work trying to make all four of them by myself.

Spica: So I pretended to be a customer, and then gave them away as gifts.

Spica: As I expected, they all made one part each. I'm glad.

Jacqli: ...You're a terrible person.

Spica: Oh, is that a compliment?

Spica: But, as far as I can see on this recipe card, you can't combine them.

Spica: They're all arranged a little differently, so it won't unite as one.

Spica: And since it's synthesis, you might not end up with what you want

Jacqli: ...I see.

Spica: Try asking someone who knows about weapons. They might force it

Spica: ...Well, wanna just make the last item for now?

    Cynthia - Tsuruya Weapon Shop                                     Scr04

  01  New dangerous product?                                      -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Oh it's Coo! You came to see me already?

Croix: You sure are energetic as always.

Cynthia: That's came all the way here just to come and see me.

Croix: No, I came here because I have business.

Cynthia: What!? But it was just the other day, and you already have something
         you need?

Croix: Well there's just, a lot going on and... I'm having a rough time right

Cynthia: I see. Well if you're saying it's rough, then it must be really rough.

Cynthia: Then I better get working on thinking up some new products too then!

Croix: Uh, no, you don't have to try so hard on the new product thing...

Cynthia: What should I make~? Hmm, maybe something thrilling, or a tad
         dangerous, maybe?

Croix: ...As long as it's not dangerous to the user.

  02  CynCro Brand I                                              -- Cynthia --

Croix: Whoa!?

Cynthia: Coo Coo! I did it! It's finally done!

Croix: Whoa hey, what's going on? Calm down and explain.

Cynthia: Based on the love between us, I made a recipe!

Croix: ...A recipe of love? Is that even a weapon?

Cynthia: Why would a weaponsmith like me make a bathtub.

Croix: If it's just a normal weapon, why is it a recipe of love then?

Cynthia: I was polishing a sword and thinking of you, then the recipe popped

Croix: ...Why were you thinking of me then?

Cynthia: So therefore, I thought of a name that's perfect as a recipe of love.

Croix: ...Wait. I kinda know where this is going. Can you change it please?

Cynthia: No more comments! I hereby present to you, love recipe, CynCro Brand!

Croix: ...I kinda knew you might do it eventually.

Cynthia: CynCro... So nice.

Cynthia: I like how it's our name, but it sounds like the word "synchronized"!

Cynthia: It's almost like naming your own kid, ahhh!

Croix: ...Don't make your kid a weapon.

Cynthia: It's a kid?

Croix: No, it's not.

Cynthia: It sure is our fruit of love. So yeah, here you go!

* Recipe for [CynCro Brand I] has been added. *

Cynthia: The crystal of love, Love Weapon! Ooh, I so want to make it now!

Croix: ...It better not look terribly embarrassing.

  03  Leaving the shop unattended #1 (Luca)                       -- Cynthia --

Luca: Huh? Looks like Cynthia's not here.

Croix: How rare of Cynthia not to be here.

Luca: Should we come back later?

Croix: Yeah.

* Cynthia comes back. *

Cynthia: Wahh!? C-Coo!?

Croix: Hey Cynthia, looks like you're home.

Cynthia: Oh, y-yeah! Sorry, did I make you wait?

Croix: No, it's fine. But isn't it kinda careless to leave the store

Cynthia: Sorry sorry.

Cynthia: People don't usually come around this time of day so I thought it'd be

Croix: Did you have to go buy something?

Cynthia: U-uhhhmm, well...

Cynthia: L-lunch. It's lunch!

Croix: ? Well, sure.

  03  Leaving the shop unattended #1 (Cloche)                     -- Cynthia --

Cloche: Maybe she's not here?

Croix: That's a rare occasion for Cynthia to not be here.

Cloche: It's pointless just standing here. Let's come back later.

Croix: Alright.

* Cynthia comes back. *

Cynthia: Wahh!? C-Coo!?

Croix: Hey Cynthia, looks like you're home.

Cynthia: Oh, y-yeah! Sorry, did I make you wait?

Croix: No, it's fine. But isn't it kinda careless to leave the store

Cynthia: Sorry sorry.

Cynthia: People don't usually come around this time of day so I thought it'd be

Croix: Did you have to go buy something?

Cynthia: U-uhhhmm, well...

Cynthia: L-lunch. It's lunch!

Croix: ? Well, sure.

  04  Mobility Weapon                                             -- Cynthia --

Croix: Cynthia, is something wrong?

Cynthia: ...I, realized something.

Croix: What?

Cynthia: High mobility is like, so very amazing, isn't it!?

Croix: ...

Cynthia: And so... Here you go!

Cynthia: I added [Mobility Weapon] to your recipe!

Croix: Don't just add it on. But why are you talking about mobility all of a

Cynthia: You see... The other day, I suddenly noticed.

Cynthia: While I was cleaning the bathtub.

Croix: ...... I'll at least listen to this to the end.

Cynthia: Well, I'm just saying, I was thinking it while I was cleaning the tub.

Cynthia: Ahh, it's so annoying... Only if I could move faster...

Cynthia: Ah hah! Mobility! High mobility, right!

Cynthia: ...That's all.

Croix: ......

Cynthia: So, you like it?

Croix: I'm afraid of what I'm gonna be making...

  05  Keep the shop open for Croix (Luca)                         -- Cynthia --

* Croix and Luca come and stand behind Cynthia while she is working on the
  weapons. *

Cynthia: Coo! Welcome!

Croix: Huh? How did you know it was me?

Cynthia: Yay I was right! It was Coo!

Croix: You mean, you guessed by instinct?

Cynthia: I was pretty confident. Since lately, you come here pretty often.

Cynthia: So I just thought you should be dropping by sometime soon.

Croix: Well, I trust your weapons more than anyone else's.

Luca: Croix's always saying it.

Luca: Of the people he knows, you're the best of the best in weapon making.

Croix: That's right.

Cynthia: What!? W-wha, why would you say that kind of stuff all naturally like

Cynthia: D-don't reiterate such obvious things. It doesn't make me...

Cynthia: ...Well it kinda maybe...

Cynthia: No no no, I mean! It doesn't make me happy at all!

Croix: Yeah, it is pretty obvious huh.

Cynthia: Geeze...

Cynthia: Well I mean, I am the knight squad's weapons provider so it's a fact I
         have better stuff than any of the other shops around.

Croix: Yeah. You've got good reputation all around. You're set for life.

Cynthia: Huh? Oh...yeah. Well, that's only if I keep this shop up.

Croix: What do you mean?

Cynthia: Well, u-umm... Let's just say...

Cynthia: If I closed shop tomorrow, just for laughs, I wonder what would

Croix: Please don't do such a thing just for laughs.

Croix: If that happens, I'm sure everyone, including me, will be at a great

Cynthia: Oh... You'd feel a great loss for me?

Croix: Well, that's for sure obvious.

Cynthia: Ah, I see... Hm, yeah, it is pretty obvious.

Cynthia: Then, oh well. It sounds like a funny thing to do, but I'll keep the
         shop open.

Luca: Aren't you glad, Croix. She's gonna keep the shop open for you.

Cynthia: N-noooooo!

Cynthia: Ahhhrh! I don't like that kind of talk!

  05  Keep the shop open for Croix (Cloche)                       -- Cynthia --

* Croix and Luca come and stand behind Cynthia while she is working on the
  weapons. *

Cynthia: Coo! Welcome!

Croix: Huh? How did you know it was me?

Cynthia: Yay I was right! It was Coo!

Croix: You mean, you guessed by instinct?

Cynthia: I was pretty confident. Since lately, you come here pretty often.

Cynthia: So I just thought you should be dropping by sometime soon.

Cloche: You even know the timing Coo's coming over?

Cynthia: Kinda. I mean, we go back a long way now.

Cloche: Is that part of the love you talk about?

Cynthia: I-I guess... But it's not like everything and anything is about love,

Croix: Oh really?

Cynthia: You usually shrug off these things but why do you ask like that only
         at times like this!?

Croix: Well I mean, you're always talking about love and such so, you know.

Cloche: You're so thick headed. After all those time Cynthia's tried hitting on

Cynthia: I'm not! It's not hitting on him!

Croix: You said love all those times, and it's not?

Cynthia: If you thought so, then you could at least give me better answers!

Croix: I don't like talking about that kind of stuff. ...So, you were?

Cynthia: Nooooooooo! I don't like talking about that kind of stuff either.

Cynthia: It's just a joke, a joke! Now, stop it!

Cloche: Well then. But you'll still look after Croix won't you?

Croix: Well I hope so... Because I wouldn't be comfortable without your

Croix: So in that sense, I'll bother you often. Probably forever from now on.

Cynthia: O-okay... As long as I keep the shop up.

Croix: What do you mean? Are you planning to close shop?

Cynthia: W-well I don't plan to, but uhm...

Cynthia: I see weapons all day every day so honestly, I might just suddenly get
         bored of it and quit...

Croix: If you get bored and quit, I would be deeply in trouble...

Cynthia: Oh, you'd be troubled?

Croix: Well of course. I'm gonna lose my dependable weapon shop.

Cynthia: Ah, I see... Geez, you really need me after all, don't you.

  06  You need my help                                            -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Hey, Coo! Welcome~!

Cynthia: You sure do come by often nowadays.

Cynthia: I guess you really need my help that badly huh!?

Croix: No, not necessarily.

Cynthia: You're lying! Cause when you lie, you blink more often.

Croix: What!? R-really!?

Cynthia: No, I'm just kidding. You always get tricked so it's so much fun!

Croix: ...It's not fun for me.

Cynthia: Sorry sorry. But now, I do know you need my help.

Cynthia: I'll be more serious in making the new stuff.

Croix: ...Please, be gentle.

  07  High Power Weapon                                           -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Ooh, Coo! You came at a perfect time.

Croix: Did you get some new products?

Cynthia: Ooh, close but not quite. I just finished a new recipe.

Cynthia: And so, Coo! What's important for a weapon!?

Croix: Uh... Durability?

Cynthia: Same thing goes for armor. The correct answer is, strength!

Cynthia: In other words, power!

Cynthia: The other day, I was shocked at how weak an unarmed person was.

Cynthia: Such weakness of mankind, they can't even smash a soda can!

Croix: Uh, I can smash one...

Cynthia: And therefore, I made a recipe for a high power weapon.

* Recipe for [High Power Weapon] has been added. *

Croix: ...I'm always surprised by your inspirations.

Cynthia: Hehehe... Fall in love with me?

Croix: No, not really.

Cynthia: You're already deep in love with me.

Croix: I knew you would come back with that.

  08  Coo is sleazy womanizer? (Luca)                             -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Welco-

Croix: Uh, what's wrong?

Cynthia: Well... Just a thought.

Cynthia: Recently, you've been bringing some girl along with you every time.

Cynthia: Though I doubt it, you better not have become a sleazy womanizer?

Croix: It's not that kind of relationship.

Cynthia: Are you sure? Hmm...

Cynthia: The more innocent they look, the less you can predict what they'll do.

Cynthia: You girls should be careful of Coo.

Croix: Please... Luca, say something.

Luca: Croix, you're so dense.

Luca: You see Cynthia here is worried about you because she likes you.

Cynthia: Nrah!?

Cynthia: N-nonono! That's not right!

Cynthia: I don't like wimpy, whoopsie boys like Coo!

Croix: I'm whoopsie?

Cynthia: You see, I make all my weapons with love!

Cynthia: It's not that Coo's is special or anything!

Croix: O-oh, it wasn't...? That's kinda sad to know.

Cynthia: Uh, ah, but but, you're a regular and a friend, so I guess just a

Cynthia: ...It might have some special love in it...

Croix: It's special?

Cynthia: Just a teenie speck! Like, really itsy bitsy!

Cynthia: Ahh, you've been starting to ask weird questions lately so it's so

Luca: Cynthia, do you not like Croix anymore?

Cynthia: It's the opposite but that's not what I'm saying!

Cynthia: Rahhrg. Talk about this stuff somewhere else!

  08  Coo is sleazy womanizer? (Cloche)                           -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Welco-

Croix: Uh, what's wrong?

Cynthia: Well... Just a thought.

Cynthia: Are you actually a sleazy womanizer?

Croix: I always think this, but how do you come up with these random thoughts?

Cynthia: Because in all seriousness, taht's the only way I see this.

Cynthia: Lately, you always have at least one girl by your side.

Croix: And that makes you think I'm a sleazy womanizer?

Cynthia: Cause before this, you never had your harem of girls with you.

Cloche: Hey!

Cloche: You make it sound like I'm the one being attached to Croix all the

Cynthia: Oh? Am I wrong?

Cloche: Completely wrong.

Cloche: It's not like everyone gets infatuated with Croix like you do.

Cynthia: Wha-ah it's not like I'm infatuated with him either!

Cynthia: It's just that Coo comes here often, so he's just more special than

Cloche: Well isn't that nice, Croix. You're special here.

Croix: So, you keep ranting about love and such all the time because I'm

Cynthia: Of course! Because you're a special regular.

Croix: I actually prefer regular regular.

Cynthia: W-what do you mean!? You're so mean!

Cynthia: What's your reason to decline this overflowing love!?

Croix: Uh, it's not that I'm declining it.

Cloche: Oh, you're not?

Cynthia: Oh... R-really!?

Croix: It's just, I want it to be love on a level where conversations make

Cynthia: Wha-what's that supposed to mean!?

Croix: Every other sentence is about love. I mean, I've gotten used to it, but.

Cynthia: Geez! You said you won't decline it so I was so happy...

Croix: Did you say something?

Cynthia: Blah blah blah! Nothing! I said nothing!

  09  Explosive love?                                             -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Urr, hello... Ack! *cough* *cough*

Croix: What's wrong? The place looks kinda dirty.

Cynthia: Well you see, I was making my new weapon, but it kinda, blew up.

Croix: Blew up... What is hte world were you making?

Cynthia: *cough* *cough* Well, I was only making a normal weapon.

Cynthia: ...I guess I overstuffed it with too much love?

Croix: I really don't want explosive love. Really...

  10  CynCro Brand II                                             -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Coo! Love & Peace!

Croix: ...Uh...Huh?

Cynthia: Fighting's not a good thing, right?

Croix: Well it depends on the fight, but I guess it's nothing to be proud of.

Cynthia: I knew it, so my ideas were correct!

Cynthia: You see, a few days ago, I saw this old guy fighting at the bar.

Croix: Why did you go to the bar?

Cynthia: And then I remembered about you!

Croix: I said, why did you go to the bar?

Cynthia: And so! I thought of CynCro Brand II!

Croix: I said, why...

Croix: ...Forget it.

Croix: But what does an old guy fighting have to do with me?

Cynthia: I was thinking how if you were there, you would go and stop the

Croix: Don't link me to something like that.

Cynthia: Anyway, here you go!

* Recipe for [CynCro Brand II] has been added. *

Cynthia: Half of it is made with love.

Croix: ...How am I supposed to react to that?

  11  Leaving the shop unattended #2                              -- Cynthia --

Croix: Huh? Cynthia, are you not here?

Croix: ......

Croix: Oh well, I guess I'll come back later.

* As Croix leaves the shop, he bumps into Cynthia. *

Cynthia: Wahhh!?

Cynthia: C-Coo, when'd you come!?

Croix: Cynthia, leaving the shop open while you're out is kind of dangerous.

Cynthia: Ah sorry. I just couldn't come up with anything new.

Cynthia: So I was walking around some shops to come up with an idea.

Croix: You do all that too?

Cynthia: Not many people can bubble up a storm load of ideas without doing

Cynthia: You need some research. Gotta get those good ideas while they're

Croix: Must be tough.

Cynthia: Well, it's my job.

Cynthia: Oh, don't say I'm stealing ideas, or I'll be mad.

Croix: I won't. But, be careful with leaving your shop open.

  12  Talking about love (Luca)                                   -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: It's Coo! Hello!

Croix: So energetic as always.

Cynthia: You better not say that's my only charm.

Croix: It it were, I wouldn't be coming here so many times.

Cynthia: Hmm, which means, it's gotta be because there's love, huh?

Croix: You really never change.

Luca: ...You two are really friendly with each other.

Croix: Well, Cynthia is my first friend since I came out here.

Luca: ...Or maybe more than friends.

Croix: Whoa, hey, what are you saying?

Cynthia: Yup yup, I understand so very well how you'd be jealous.

Cynthia: But after all, we have spent countless hours talking about love.

Croix: No we haven't.

Cynthia: It's the talk of love over the counter that makes our bond so deep.

Croix: ...Did I say anything about love?

Cynthia: You don't have to tell me in words. I always sense your love.

Croix: ...So we weren't talking.

Luca: ...Thank you very much.

Croix: I said, it's a misunderstanding.

  12  Talking about love (Cloche)                                 -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Hello and welcome Coo!

Croix: How's things going?

Cynthia: Pretty good, I guess.

Cynthia: But I'm doing great right now by absorbing the love emanates from you!

Croix: I'm emanating?

Cynthia: Way over emanating.

Cloche: ......

Cynthia: Oh, Lady Cloche. Hello.

Cloche: ...Hello.

Cynthia: How rare. You're usually standing right up against Coo's back, but...

Cloche: Wha-who are you talking about!? I'm not right up against him!

Cynthia: Is taht true, Coo?

Croix: Don't turn to me.

Cynthia: Because she seems to be aiming for you.

Cynthia: Right, Lady Cloche?

Cloche: Don't say stuff taht can easily be misunderstood!

Cloche: Why do I have to aim for Croix?

Cloche: Normally, it's the opposite. After all, I am the maiden you know?

Cynthia: Oh sigh, Lady Cloche, you're not understanding.

Cynthia: You see, Coo here has this charming aura that attracts anyone, even

Croix: No I don't.

Cynthia: You just don't realize it.

Cynthia: And once you're charmed by it, it's over.

Cynthia: That person can no longer escape from Coo.

Croix: Stop lying.

Cynthia: It did actually happen to someone though.

Croix: Who?

Cynthia: Me.

Cloche: I see... I'll be careful not to end up like you, Cynthia.

Cynthia: You can, but I doubt Coo's love will turn to anyone other than me that

Croix: I said... No, forget it. Everything I say is useless.

  13  I use love for your stuff                                   -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Ah... Hey there.

Croix: What's wrong? You sound kinda lazy today.

Cynthia: I just finished up making a weapon for this other customer.

Cynthia: It was a huge hammer, so I'm just really tired...

Croix: I see. You're pretty small, so making weapons must be hard physical

Cynthia: I don't deny that I'm kinda small. But it just takes getting used to.

Cynthia: Oh but, I use love instead of physical strength for your stuff.

Cynthia: So no matter what I make, I'll never get tired.

Croix: And neither will my enemies...

  14  Anti Song Weapon                                            -- Cynthia --

Croix: Hm? What's wrong, Cynthia?

Cynthia: ...Coo.

Croix: You seem depressed. Did something happen?

Cynthia: ...I wonder. What are those things I make?

Cynthia: I mean, when I make a weapon, I'm always serious about it.

Cynthia: But... When it comes to magic, it's so useless.

Croix: Why do you say that?

Cynthia: Well you see... The other day, I happened to see real Song Magic.

Cynthia: It was so strong... Even the stuff I make isn't nearly as powerful.

Cynthia: ...And against that, normal weapons and armor is so useless.

Croix: ...Well, sure, magic is strong.

Cynthia: It's super strong.

Cynthia: ...Can it even stand a change against something like that?

Cynthia: Of the weapons I've made, can any of them rival against magic?

Cynthia: I thought that and then...

Croix: It can stay the same. I don't especially feel anything wrong with it.

Cynthia: But it's a fact that magic is strong!

Cynthia: There's no such weapon that can stand against that super strongness!

Croix: ...

Cynthia: ...And so!

Cynthia: If it doesn't exist, then I'll just make it!

Cynthia: Here you go!

Cynthia: I added [Anti Song Weapon] to your recipe!

Croix: ...What was all that about then? And, don't just add it without asking.

Cynthia: Well~, I just wanted you to understand how troubled I felt about it.

Cynthia: But wow. Make it if it doesn't exist. Isn't it such a great idea!

Cynthia: It was so much work trying to get to this answer.

Croix: ...Was it?

  15  Leaving the shop unattended #3                              -- Cynthia --

Croix: ...Out again?

Croix: ......

Croix: Oh well, I'll come back another time.

* Cynthia comes back. *

Cynthia: C-Coo!?

Croix: Cynthia, you left again with the shop open?

Cynthia: W-why do you... Why would you come at this timing...

Croix: Geez...

Croix: Hm? What are you holding?

Cynthia: Huh!? Oh, no, this is, just um...

Cynthia: ...Flowers.

Croix: Flowers? You like flo-

Cynthia: N-noooooooooo! No no no, this isn't what it looks like!

Cynthia: I-it's not like I like them but, you know, like...

Cynthia: My place is just full of weapons, and weapons only here, you know!?

Cynthia: And so I thought at least to decorate my own room with pretty

Cynthia: It's just s-sometimes! It's not like I always have flower decorations!

Croix: Oh yeah. You've left the shop open a few times before too. Were those...

Cynthia: Yeah. If I didn't tell you the reason, it was always the flower shop.

Croix: I see. So you liked flowers. I never knew.

Cynthia: That's not it! It's u-umm...

Cynthia: I just happened to go to the flower shop, and I saw pretty ones, so...

Cynthia: I didn't want the whole house full of weapons so, umm...

Croix: ...You happened to find good ones so you bought it, right? I do it too.

Cynthia: Y-yeah, that's it! So it's not like I like flowers or anything okay?

Cynthia: It's true! I just happened to buy it coincidentally!

Croix: ...So you continue to coincidentally buy 'em.

  A1  Ancient Book                                                -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Hello and welcome~. How're things going Coo?

Croix: Eh, how are things? I don't really know.

Cynthia: Aww what's with the miserable answer.

Cynthia: ...Hr? Coo, what's that book?

Croix: Oh, this? It's a sort of ancient book, I guess.

Croix: You can look at it, but I don't think you can read it.

Cynthia: Let's see...

Croix: It's ancient writing, so I doubt you'd understand.

Cynthia: ...Ah~ huh~, I get it.

Cynthia: This is probably a recipe book.

Croix: You can read it!?

Cynthia: No, but you see these pictures here?

Cynthia: And next to that is a bunch of little pictures. These are the parts.

Cynthia: And if you assemble these parts like this, it turns out like that.

Croix: O-oh really? It looks like something else, too...

Cynthia: No, I built it in my head and it turned out like this too.

Croix: ...Wow.

Cynthia: It's my job, leave it to me!

Cynthia: Though I must say, it's a weird weapon. I'd make it more stylish and
         super powerful...

Cynthia: Oh, I know! Give me this book!

Croix: I don't mind, but you can't read it right?

Cynthia: I can see the pictures.

Cynthia: I'll use it as an example to make you some new recipes.

Cynthia: No need to fear ancient words in the face of love!

Croix: ...Love is so versatile.

* You hand over the [Ancient Book]. *

  A2  Arranged Ancients                                           -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Oh Coo! Perfect timing!

Croix: Hmm, you look happ-

Cynthia: Here you go!

* I added [Arranged Ancients] to your recipe! *

Croix: ...A recipe card?

Cynthia: Remember? The other day you gave me that engagement book...

Croix: No I didn't.

Cynthia: You suck at playing along. But you know what ancient book you gave me?

Cynthia: I turned it into a recipe.

Cynthia: Might I add that about 80% of it is my arrange to it.

Croix: I see, so it's a complete original, pretty much.

Croix: ...And another thing I've always wanted to say.

Cynthia: Hm, what? A confession of love? Or a proposal perhaps!?

Croix: In your case, rather than giving a recipe, it's more like...

Croix: Forcing it on. I think that sounds more accurate.

Cynthia: But you're gonna take it anyway. So I don't see a problem.

Croix: Well yes but...

Croix: And, is it okay to just go ahead and give your own arrangement to these?

Cynthia: When it comes to weapons, I'm more confident than those ancient

Cynthia: I'm sure they're happy up in the stars to see it's been arranged by

Cfroix: ...Or crying.

  16  Ecological Product                                          -- Cynthia --

Croix: Cynthia, are you here?

Cynthia: Ooh, Coo!

Cynthia: Be kind to earth! Live the eco-life!

Croix: ...Huh?

Cynthia: Are you being nice to earth? Do you have the kindness to handle a

Croix: Sorry. I have no idea what you're trying to say right now...

Cynthia: Do you litter? Have you tossed away things that can still be used?

Croix: Of course not. It's only common sense.

Croix: Why are you asking me this all of a sudden?

Cynthia: Well actually, I saw someone litter the other day.

Cynthia: And that's when it hit me!

Croix: ...Add the recipe.

Cynthia: You're great Coo! I knew you'd understand!

* Recipe for [Ecological Product] has been added. *

Cynthia: From now on, it's the era of eco-friendly weapons too!

Cynthia: Even if you stop using it, it's reusable, so bring it back, okay?

Croix: ...I'm really interested in how you're going to reuse it though.

  17  Cockroach! (Luca)                                           -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Croix: Whoa!? W-what happened!?

Cynthia: Wahhh, Coo! Help me!

Croix: What's going on? Did something happen!?

Cynthia: O-over there! I-I saw it... It was there!

Croix: What did you see?

Cynthia: A cockroach! Duh! Hurry up and do something about it!

Croix: ...A cockroach?


Cynthia: Er~... I feel likt it's still hiding somewhere...

Croix: I got rid of it, so calm down already.

Croix: But I'm kinda surprised you're afraid of cockroaches.

Cynthia: W-wha-t... I am a girl after all you know!

Croix: Well, it was such a cute girly scream so...

Cynthia: Huh!? C-cu-...

Cynthia: Aww, what are you saying!?

Cynthia: You're saying such obvious stuff it makes me happy!

Cynthia: I mean! Not happy!

Cynthia: Sheesh... Don't be saying such embarrassing things. Didn't you need

Croix: What. You're the one always talking about love and stuff.

Cynthia: That's okay! Mine's all about flirty affection so it's okay!

Cynthia: But you say stuff seriously so, no!

Luca: ...

Luca: ...You're so friendly.

Croix: Well yeah, we go pretty far back.

Luca: Are you sure that's it?

  17  Cockroach! (Cloche)                                         -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Croix: Whoa!? W-what happened!?

Cynthia: Wahhh, Coo! Help me!

Croix: What's going on? Did something happen!?

Cynthia: O-over there! I-I saw it... It was there!

Croix: What did you see?

Cynthia: A cockroach! Duh! Hurry up and do something about it!

Croix: ...A cockroach?


Croix: I got rid of it, so calm down already.

Cynthia: Urr, thanks Coo.

Cynthia: If you weren't here, I'd still be panicking all over the place.

Cloche: Sheesh, it's just one cockroach. You're overreacting.

Cynthia: B-but I can't help it!

Cynthia: Unlike you, I can't stand cockroaches at all.

Cloche: Huh? I can't handle cockroaches either.

Cynthia: Oh, really?

Cloche: I hate them, but I won't scream and panic like you do.

Cynthia: Ooh~, so you don't like cockroaches too, huh.

Cynthia: I just assumed...

Cloche: Assumed what?

Cynthia: Well, you always carry this neat posture. So even if a roach pops

Cynthia: I can see you whip out your sword and *Hiyaaa!* slice it in half.

Cloche: What kind of person did you think I was?

Cloche: I mean, why would I ever say "hiyaa", ever!?

Cynthia: Then what do you yell when you swing that sword?

Cloche: I said! I wouldn't scream just for that!

Cynthia: Are you sure...?

Cynthia: Oh Lady Cloche. There's a cockroach by your foot.

Cloche: Ahh!

Cynthia: I'm just kidding.

Cloche: ...

Cynthia: I see, so you have a cute scream too... I must reevaluate my thinking.

Cloche: Y-you know...

Croix: P-please calm down. She means no harm.

Cynthia: Coo's standing up for me!? This has to be love!

Croix: No, it's not.

Cloche: If you love her so much, do something about her personality!

Cynthia: If it weren't for this personality, Coo won't like me anymore!

Croix: ...Please? Can you both settle down?

  18  So that's how you stay close to Coo...                      -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Oh, Coo! Nice timing!

Croix: What. Are you going to make me another experimental guinea pig?

Cynthia: Sadly, no. It's just that there was something I was curious about.

Cynthia: About Luca. You know how you're always together?

Croix: Yeah, we travel together. Of course.

Cynthia: No no, not that. You know how you fight against bad guys and stuff?

Cynthia: Okay so, I was just wondering what Luca does while you do that.

Luca: I'm a Reyvateil so I use magic to support Croix.

Cynthia: What!? You join the fight!?

Luca: Yup.

Luca: But I can only use magic so I always have to stay behind Croix.

Croix: It's our job to be up front. Luca's magic is strong, so they help out a

Luca: R-really? Hehehe, I got a praise.

Cynthia: I see... It's that strong, huh.

Cynthia: I thought you were just a funky little klutzy girl, but you're that
         strong huh...

Luca: ...Am I that klutzy?

Croix: ...Don't ask me.

Cynthia: I see... So that's how you stay close to Coo...

Croix: Hm? Did you say something?

Cynthia: Oh, no no! Nothing!

  19  I messed up the other night                                 -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: ...Hey.

Croix: ...You don't look happy today.

Cynthia: Nah, it's not like that...

Croix: Sure?

Cynthia: ...Well, I mean, it's not that big a deal.

Cynthia: Until just a while ago, there was a weapon I was working on all night.

Cynthia: It was almost complete, but in the very end, I messed up. And it blew

Croix: Must have been disastrous.

Cynthia: Yeah. Ah~, I don't feel like doing anything today...

Croix: Okay... Well I'm not in a hurry so it's fine.

Cynthia: Well, if you really truly need some synthesis, I'll do my best.

Croix: I'll wait until you're feeling better. Should I come back another day?

Cynthia: ......

Cynthia: ...No, it's okay, sorry. I don't want to make you feel troubled.

Cynthia: Alright! Let's get things fired up in here!

  20  Scrap metal                                                 -- Cynthia --

Croix: What's wrong Cynthia? You look kind of troubled.

Cynthia: Oh, Coo... Here, look at this.

Croix: ...What is this?

Cynthia: It's scrap metal. Just a normal piece of metal, nothing special.

Cynthia: The ingredients I used were pretty awesome too, but effects and all

Cynthia: And to add, it didn't even explode while I was making it either.

Cynthia: This is the first time I've made such a useless piece of scrap metal.

Croix: It's also amazing how you only made explosions or useful defected items

Cynthia: S-so yeah... What should I do with this?

Cynthia: I've never had to deal with anything like this...

Croix: Well, I would think the only solution is to toss it.

Cynthia: Gaaaahh! Even though it's a failure, it's still a

Cynthia: ...W-weapon? ...Bomb, maybe? U-um...

Cynthia: S-scrap metal I guess...

Croix: Don't suggest it to me when even the creator doesn't know what it is.

  21  CynCro Brand III                                            -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Love! Once again, the goddess of love laughed hysterically at me!

Croix: ...Could it possibly be she was mocking you?

Cynthia: It's still a happy smile, so there's no problem.

Cynthia: You see, the other day, I went out for ingredients for my next

Cynthia: And then I saw a girl with the bowlcut hairstyle.

Croix: ...And then?

Cynthia: It reminded me of Coo!

Cynthia: And so I immediately went to work on it! Here we go, CynCro Brand III!

Cynthia: It's what I had planned to make at first, plus an extra mound of love!

Croix: ...What's changed by adding that extra mound of love?

Cynthia: That's for you to find out.

* Recipe for [CynCro Brand III] has been added. *

Cynthia: If I'm right, you should be making something really amazing!

Croix: ...In many ways.

  22  Slim Concept                                                -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Coo! How's a little shape-up fitness, yeah!?

Croix: ...No, I don't need it.

Cynthia: That idea is weak. You're gonna regret it later.

Croix: Cynthia, are you possibly on a diet or something?

Cynthia: I'm banging on lumps of metal all day. I don't need to exercise or

Cynthia: The one who did go on one though, is my friend.

Croix: You had a friend that was that fat?

Cynthia: Yup! Before, she had trouble getting out of her house's front door.

Cynthia: But now, she's slimmed down to where she can easily fit into a shelf
         of a closet.

Croix: ...Sounds bad for your health.

Cynthia: And after seeing my friend, I thought this.

Cynthia: The slim appearance is so attractive!

Croix: Well, yeah I guess.

Cynthia: Anyway, so I'm adding [Slim Concept] to your recipe!

Croix: ...... I thought we were still talking. Why interrupt?

Cynthia: There there, don't mind me. So let me explain what it is.

Croix: It has a slim design right? But won't it break easily too?

Cynthia: Coo, please, don't underestimate my work.

Cynthia: I guarantee its durability. It won't break even if an aircraft rams
         into it!

Croix: ...The user will die though.

  23  I don't feel the love!                                      -- Cynthia --

Luca: I'm ready now, Croix.

Croix: Alright, then let's go.

Cynthia: ......

Croix: See you later, Cynthia.

Cynthia: ...There's no love.

Croix: What?

Cynthia: I don't feel the love!

Cynthia: Coo! How can you come here and not let me feel the love!?

Croix: Isn't it weird to find love at a weapon shop in the first place?

Cynthia: Nooo! There's love but it's not facing me!

Cynthia: You're all so close with Luca and them. Why am I the neglected one?

Croix: Huh? Were we even talking about this?

Luca: I don't...think so...

Cynthia: You can at least play with me when you're here.

Cloche: You've been flirty with him so much. Is it not enough?

Cynthia: That's not true! You come to my place but, instead of me, you...

Croix: Instead of you?

Cynthia: Nothing!

Cynthia: Geez, you can at least make more conversation with me when you come

Croix: What are you so mad at?

Cynthia: I'm not mad! Who cares!

Cynthia: Or what!? You still have some business here!?

Luca: ...Seems she's not having a good day.

Croix: Yeah. Well, I'll come again.

* Croix, Luca, and Cloche walk out of the shop. *

Cynthia: ...

Cynthia: ...What the hell.

Cynthia: ...You can at least talk to me a little more...

Cynthia: You're always with those girls.

Cynthia: You can only see me here...

Cynthia: ...Hm?

Cynthia: Oh, I get it! Good idea! I'm such a super genius!

  24  Too happy?                                                  -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Oh, Coo! Hello!

Croix: You seem happy today.

Cynthia: What are you talking about? Why would I ever be unhappy in front of

Cynthia: Let me happily synthesize whatever you need! Come on, bring it on!

Croix: ...Seem, too happy?

Luca: Y-yeah... Maybe something good happened?

Croix: Is that right?

Cynthia: Hehehe~. Nope, nothing happened~.

Luca: ...S-suspicious.

Croix: I bet she tried to make a new weapon and made a super strong bomb or

Cynthia: In other words, that's a failure! I don't get happy over failures!

Croix: Then, what happened?

Cynthia: Oh come on, don't ask me with such force... Or could it be love?

Luca: I guess it's the normal Cynthia... Maybe?

Cynthia: Hehehe~.

  25  I'm depending on you                                        -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Ooh, hey there darling~

Croix: ...Who?

Cynthia: Come on, play along! You're so boring...

Cynthia: Whatever, I just had something I wanted to ask you anyway.

Cynthia: You synthesize quite a bit here, but how are the items you make?

Croix: Oh, there's no problem.

Cynthia: Ah yes, I feel reassured to hear those words.

Cynthia: I need to make 'em strong enough to protect my dear unreliable Coo.

Cynthia: That's why it can be pretty hard making a single recipe.

Croix: Is that why there's sometimes ones that seem like failures?

Cynthia: They don't explode so they're not failures.

Croix: ...We need to talk about your standards to what you call failures one

Croix: But, the ones that aren't failures are really good.

Croix: So I do trust you.

Cynthia: Wha-...uh...awww, you didn't have to say it... It's only obvious!

Cynthia: More importantly, how about you go train yourself a little more?

Croix: I'm doing my best. But I do need weapons too.

Croix: And for that, I want to use the trusty ones you make.

Croix: Honestly, I'm depending on you pretty heavily.

Cynthia: Oh...I see, is that so...

Cynthia: Uh~, w-well, I guess since I'm making it, it's only right that they're

Croix: Yeah. Even though you make dangerous ones sometimes too.

Cynthia: What!? Why would you say that now!?

Cynthia: Geez, come on! I was so happy to hear that I'm being depended on!

Croix: Hm?

Cynthia: Uhhhhhhhhhh, never mind, forget it all! Geeeeez!

Cynthia: ...B-but you know, it does feel rather good to be told I'm dependable.

Cynthia: Alright! I'm gonna put more spirit into making lots more stuff!

Cynthia: So hope you'll be waiting in excitement, Coo~

  26  You come pretty often                                       -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Coo, yo wassup!?

Croix: Always energetic as usual.

Cynthia: Yeah~. If you say that's my only charm, I'll get mad.

Cynthia: So? What business do you have here toda-

Croix: ...Is something wrong?

Cynthia: ...So like, you come here really often these days.

Cynthia: But I feel like you don't talk as much as you used to before...

Croix: I can't help it. I don't have the time to right now.

Cynthia: Awww, before, you always used to chat with me over a cup of tea.

Cynthia: You should stick around and spend some time here.

Croix: I'm dealing with trouble right now. I'll come visit again when I have
       more time.

Cynthia: Are you really in trouble? You come to the shop a lot more often than

Croix: Because I need your help.

Cynthia: Wha-awwwwwww...

Cynthia: If you put it that way, how am I supposed to complain now...

  27  Heavy Tactic Plans                                          -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Coo, big news!

Croix: Big news?

Cynthia: Yup! The other day, I was taking a walk and walked by a construction

Cynthia: And then I saw this guy who was using this huge hammer.

Croix: ...I see. Sounds like the next recipe's going to be pretty destructive.

Cynthia: How'd you know it was a new recipe!?

Cynthia: Oh, I get it. The power of love.

* Recipe for [Heavy Tactic Plans] has been added. *

Cynthia: It's just, the problem is, I don't think it's a weapon for you.

Cynthia: It's for heavy combat, so it's got some weight.

Croix: I see. Well, it's too bad.

Cynthia: But, I think it'll be useful to have.

Croix: I trust your skills. You never make anything that's useless.

Cynthia: Hehehe, yeah.

Cynthia: Then to meet your expectations, I'll go ahead and make a huge one!

Croix: ...Keep it within range where a human can hold it.

  28  Preparations?                                               -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Coo, hellooo! Did you miss me?

Croix: ...You're happy today.

Cynthia: No way, it's normal. I just always want to keep up a smile.

Croix: ...You're up to something.

Cynthia: No~. It's just that the preparations are just about to finish up.

Croix: Preparations, for what?

Cynthia: It's a secret still, but I'm sure you'll be super happy to find out.

Croix: I'll be happy? ...When you say it, it's kind of scary.

Cynthia: But it's true.

Cynthia: Ooh, so what did you need today? I still have work to finish so let's
         get this over with.

  P5  Pira Theory 3                                               -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Welcome~. Coo, how's it going lately?

Croix: Okay, I guess. You seem like you're doing good.

Cynthia: Yeah~ well. Because you came to see me!

Cynthia: That aside, you have something that doesn't quite suit you.

Croix: Oh, you mean this book?

Cynthia: Coo, with a book. Now that's rare.

Croix: Well, I just happened to find this one.

Croix: I can't read it, so it's kind of pointless to keep.

Cynthia: Ah hum~... Can I see?

Croix: Yeah, go ahead.

Cynthia: Hmm, yes yes... ...Ah~, I get it.

Croix: You can read it? It's a book from ages ago.

Cynthia: It's not that I can read it, but I can understand what it's trying to

Cynthia: I see. People of the past thought of pretty interesting things.

Croix: Is that so? I still can't read it so I wouldn't know.

Cynthia: I can't read it either, but see. Look at the pictures and you'll kind
         of get it.

Cynthia: I bet the person who wrote this was a weaponsmith from a long time ago

Croix: O-oh? Weaponsmiths write books too?

Cynthia: At the least, I don't. But this is interesting. Can I have it?

Croix: Yeah, I don't mind.

Cynthia: Thanks! Mm~, a gift from Coo, packed with love. I'm so happy.

Croix: ...Did I give it to you like that?

* You hand over [Pira Theory III]. *

  P6  Pira Theory III                                             -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Good timing! What a perfect time to come!

Cynthia: I used the Pira Theory you gave me the other day to make a new recipe.

Cynthia: And so. Here you go!

* Recipe for [Pira Theory III] has been added. *

Croix: ......

Cynthia: Huh, what's wrong?

Croix: Oh, well, how should I say this...

Croix: You're always talking about love and sudden inspirations, so the word
       "theory" didn't match you.

Cynthia: H-how rude of you!

Cynthia: Geez... Oh well. It's a special version with added Cynthia love

Cynthia: About 90% of it is my arrangement to things.

Croix: Don't just arrange someone else's works like that...

  29  CynCro Brand IV                                             -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Love has formed a shape!

Croix: ...CynCro Brand again? What happened this time to inspire you?

Cynthia: Yup. It was actually when I was in the bath.

Cynthia: I thought I saw your face in the steamy mirror.

Cynthia: I took that heart stopping sensation and made it take shape!

Croix: ...A face reflection in a cloudy mirror is kind of creepy, don't you

Cynthia: Huh? Is it?

Cynthia: For a second I thought you were peeking and was about to splash hot
         water all over the place.

Croix: I have no skills to enter a mirror.

Cynthia: Yeah, I guess you can only peek through the window. Anyway, here you

* Recipe for [CynCro Brand IV] has been added. *

Croix: Huh? It doesn't look like I can use it this time.

Cynthia: It's a weapon for the girls with you. You know, you said you needed

Croix: I did think that, but... Did I ever tell you?

Cynthia: Yeah, in the mirror.

Croix: ...That scares me even more.

Cynthia: The power of love reflected your mind onto the bathroom mirror! Love
         is invincible!

Croix: ...Please, at least be slightly scared.

  30  Do you still need me?                                       -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Hey, Coo. There's something I want to ask.

Cynthia: Remember when I said I was going to close shop as a joke? And you said
         you'd be troubled if I did?

Cynthia: Is it still the same now? Do you still need me?

Croix: Yes, of course. It'll never happen where I won't need you.

Cynthia: R-really? Absolutely positively sure!?

Croix: Why not? What's wrong with you? You're acting kind of weird today.

Cynthia: I-I'm not weird. Not weird at all!

Cynthia: ...You need me, huh? Okay, then I'm relieved!

Luca: You seem happy again, Cynthia.

Cynthia: It's nothing really. You're done with business here, right?

Cynthia: You better come again~!

  31  Humane Pet Project                                          -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: What the hell went wrong, Coo!?

Croix: W-what do you mean all of a sudden?

Cynthia: There were three kittens abandoned in front of my shop!

Cynthia: What kind of knight are you to not protect the weak and helpless!

Croix: Don't ask me to do everything I can't.

Cynthia: What the hell? Oh Goddess, you're so unreliable!

Cynthia: I knew I was right to have this ready!

Croix: ...A recipe, huh.

Cynthia: Of course!

Cynthia: When I saw the fearful kittens, I thought to myself.

Cynthia: Even animals need the power of self defense!

Croix: Wait, I kind of know what you're trying to do. So, just calm down for

Cynthia: No questions or comments accepted!

Cynthia: This one's a special recipe with a mixture of my anger and love!

* Recipe for [Humane Pet Project] has been added. *

Croix: Whoa whoa, wait a minute! No way can this one be used by any human.

Cynthia: Animals have lives too. Of course they have the right to defend

Cynthia: This is the shape of my humane heart for animals.

Croix: ...I know you're saying something good, but somehow I just can't...

Cynthia: These things happen because knights like you aren't doing their job!

Cynthia: If you want to complain, say it after you've made this world safe

Croix: ...Okay.

  32  I want to tag along                                         -- Cynthia --

Croix: Alright, I'll come again.

Cynthia: Oh, wait wait!

Cynthia: I'll go with you guys right now.

Croix: You're going somewhere too?

Cynthia: No I mean, I'll tag along with you on your travels from now on.

Croix: ......Uh, huh?

Croix: W-wait a minute. I don't see what's going on.

Cynthia: If I'm there with you, you don't have to come all the way here, right?

Cynthia: I'm sure you're busy, so it'll save some time too.

Croix: Cynthia... Are you seriously saying that?

Cynthia: Of course I'm serious. I know this isn't for play. Don't worry.

Croix: No! Of course I can't take you with me!

Cynthia: Wha...

Cynthia: Whaaaaat!? W-whyyyyy!

Croix: This isn't for fun. Of course I can't take you.

Cynthia: I know this isn't for play. Don't worry.

Croix: No! I can't take you!

Cynthia: W-why!? But you said you needed my help!

Cynthia: If I'm with you, you can synthesize any time.

Cynthia: I can give your weapons maintenance, so I'll be useful when you need

Croix: So then, what are you going to do during battle?

Croix: If something happens, you won't be able to react.

Cynthia: But, I can at least help out with a little support! So take me!

Croix: A little... Cynthia, please, give up on this.

Cynthia: Why can't I!? You need my skills right?

Cynthia: You're the one that said it! That you need me!

Cynthia: Then it's better that we're together!

Croix: ......

Luca: Cynthia, Croix's troubled.

Cynthia: ...Coo.

Luca: Croix is saying this because he cares about you.

Luca: When it comes to battle, is there anything you can do?

Luca: If you end up dragging him down, then he'll even be more troubled.

Luca: You don't want Croix to get hurt because of it, do you?

Cynthia: ...Well, of course not.

Cynthia: ......

Cynthia: ...Coo. I can't come along with you?

Cynthia: I'll do anything. If you need something, I'll make it even if it's not
         a weapon...

Croix: ...Sorry. I appreciate your thoughts though.

Cynthia: ...

Croix: But don't worry. I'm not that weak to be defeated that easily.

Croix: And I have Luca and the others' magic, too.

Croix: They have amazing magic now and it really helps me out.

Cynthia: ......

Croix: So there's no need to worry.

Cynthia: ...I see.

Cynthia: ...Yeah, I get it!

Cynthia: Unlike your appearance, you're pretty strong!

Cynthia: And if you have Luca's magic, then I guess there's no reason to worry.

Croix: ...I'm glad you understand.

Cynthia: Awww, but it's too bad.

Cynthia: I wanted to go around different places and have fun too.

Croix: ...So it was for fun.

Cynthia: Woaaahhh!? No, that was just a slip of my tongue. Forget it, please.

Croix: You sure are a mound of trouble. Well, I'm gonna go now.

Cynthia: Okay, bye-bye~!

* As Croix and Luca are leaving... *

Cynthia: ...I guess I can't beat magic, huh?

Croix: Did you say something?

Cynthia: Nothing~. You absolutely have to come again, okay!

Luca: ......

* When you rest... *

Cloche: Croix, about Cynthia...

Croix: Is something wrong? Did she do something to you?

Cloche: ...You didn't realize.

Croix: Huh?

Cloche: She was very depressed. Because of you.

Cloche: This is Cynthia, the most straightforward acting girl I know. Don't
        tell me you didn't notice.

Croix: ...I-I'm sorry.

Cloche: It's not me you should be apologizing to. Hm, but it's not an apology
        Cynthia needs either...

Croix: Or like, did I do something to Cynthia?

Cloche: I don't know that.

Cloche: I can only tell that she's very sad, and that it has to do with you.

Cloche: So, tomorrow...

Cloche: ...No, this can't wait another day.

Croix: O-okay, I'll do it. ...Wait, at this time!? Her shop's closed already.

Cloche: Then knock loud or break down her door and make sure you talk with her!

Croix: O-okay...

Croix: (Well, true, she did seem a little depressed. I should do this anyway.)

* Late night at the weapon shop... *

Cynthia: Ur... *sniffle* *hic* *sob*

* Croix walks in. *

Croix: Cynthia! What's wrong!?

Cynthia: Huh!?

Cynthia: N-no way!? Coo!?

Cynthia: Why are you here at this time of the day...

Cynthia: Ah!

* Cynthia turns away from Croix. *

Croix: I came to see how you were doing. You seemed a little strange.

Cynthia: ...You were, worried?

Croix: Of course. ...Did something happen?

Cynthia: ......

Cynthia: ...No, nothing.

* Cynthia turns back. *

Cynthia: Nothing at all. It's nothing important.

Croix: ...If you don't want to tell me, you don't have to.

Croix: But it's obvious you're trying to hide it.

Cynthia: I-I'm not hiding...

Croix: You and I go a while back, I know.

Cynthia: ...Y-you think so?

Cynthia: ......

Cynthia: ...I guess. It's obvious huh.

Croix: If you don't want to tell me, I won't ask, and I'll just go home.

Croix: Even if you do tell me, I think the best I can do is listen anyway.

Cynthia: ......

Cynthia: I think, I'll have you listen.

Cynthia: It's something I realized as I was watching you lately anyway.

Cynthia: ...Say, Croix. Reyvateils are amazing, huh?

Croix: Amazing, you mean magic?

Cynthia: Yeah... Attack, heal... Magic can do anything.

Cynthia: How're Luca and them? They can use strong magic, right? Are they more
         powerful than you?

Croix: Yeah, I guess. To be honest, it's to the point where I feel insecure
       without them.

Cynthia: ...I see.

Cynthia: If you can say that much about it, then it must be really amazing.

Cynthia: Plus, not only can they attack, but they can heal wounds too.

Cynthia: Seriously, magic is so convenient, and nice.

Cynthia: ...Then I guess it can't be helped.

Cynthia: I can only make weapons. How could I ever win against them.

Croix: ...Cynthia?

Cynthia: Cause no way can I make a sword mid-battle. Hahaha!

Cynthia: ...Well, you have people who can use strong magic so you're okay, huh.

Cynthia: I guess weapons I make won't even stand a chance against magic.

Cynthia: Well, it's impossible, common sense. Beating magic with a weapon.

Croix: ......

Cynthia: Ah~ well, too bad. ...I seriously feel so lost.

Croix: ...I don't want to hear it.

Cynthia: Huh?

Croix: I don't want to hear words like that come from your mouth.

Croix: You would never say anything hesitant about the weapons you make.

Croix: The Cynthia I know would never admit losing to anything.

Croix: What happened to you? Tell me everything.

Cynthia: N-nah, nothing really. I just told you the truth...

Croix: That can't be.

Croix: The usual Cynthia never says anything like that.

Croix: You're always serious about making weapons. It's strange of you to be
       saying this!

Cynthia: ...I-it's nothing strange. You're over analyzing this.

Cynthia: It's just that I realized in the face of magic, the stuff I make is

Croix: What seriously happened? We're friends right? If you're troubled, tell

Cynthia: I-I said, it's really nothing...

Croix: Then why are you saying this!?

Cynthia: B-because it's the truth...

Croix: Don't say it's the truth! The weapons you make are different!

Cynthia: ...B-but you even said magic is really strong...

Croix: Yeah, I did. But did I ever say your weapons were weak?

Croix: I would never say that!

Cynthia: ......

Cynthia: ...That makes me happy.

Cynthia: But you see... The fact of the matter is, it's no good.

Cynthia: In the face of magic, the weapons I make are...

Croix: ...So then, what?

Croix: Are you saying the stuff you gave me was completely powerless against

Cynthia: ......

Croix: Answer me Cynthia!

Croix: You didn't care about me, so you just gave me whatever that was lying

Cynthia: !?

Cynthia: Of course not!

Cynthia: The stuff I made was all full of my best effort!

Cynthia: I would never slack off on any of them! Even if you asked me to, I
         would never do that!

Cynthia: So that you wouldn't die at least for sure.

Cynthia: I thought about it the whole time I made them!

Cynthia: Thinking about you! Hoping the best for you!

Cynthia: I tolerated this entire time, just for you!

Cynthia: That's why I continued with ths weapon shop I hate for so long!

Cynthia: It was all for you, Coo! For you, that's why I...

Cynthia: ...Ah.

Cynthia: ...

Croix: ...

Cynthia: ...Sorry.

Croix: No... I'm sorry too.

Cynthia: ......

Cynthia: ...Ah, haha. I was so surprised.

Cynthia: I didn't think you'd get mad at me for putting my own creations down.

Croix: But, you got mad too.

Cynthia: ...Because, I really never slacked off on any of them, not even once.

Croix: I know. That's why I trust you.

Croix: If you betray me there, of course I'll get mad, right?

Cynthia: ...You trust me?

Croix: More than anyone else. ...About weapons.

Cynthia: Wha, what the hell...

Croix: Anyway, is it true that you don't like being at the weapon shop?

Cynthia: Oh... Uh~, kinda...

Cynthia: ...Honestly, I hate it.

Croix: ...Sorry, but I can't believe that. You? Hate the weapon shop?

Cynthia: ...Well, I guess it's hard for you to believe since you've known me
         for so long.

Cynthia: ...But you know.

Cynthia: I make weapons and bombs and all those things... But, after all,

Cynthia: ...A girl, you know?

Cynthia: So, rather than swords and armor and stuff, it's just...

Cynthia: ...I would prefer to be surrounded by cute things.

Croix: Cute things? Oh do you mean...

Croix: Flowers?

Cynthia: ...Yup. You remembered.

Cynthia: You see, I actually...

Cynthia: Oh, you're not allowed to laugh. If you laugh, I'm going to get mad!

Croix: I won't laugh. So, you actually what?

Cynthia: Yeah... The other day, I happened to see Song Magic with my very own

Cynthia: I actually want to quit being a weapon shop and open up a flower shop.

Cynthia: I don't know as much about it, but I like flowers, as much as weapons.

Cynthia: But, I think I prefer being surrounded by flowers than weapons.

Cynthia: That's why... I want to quit the weapon shop soon.

Cynthia: ...This is a secret okay?

Croix: Yeah, I won't tell anyone.

Croix: But, you can change over to a flower shop starting now if you want,
       can't you?

Croix: You're the type to be inspired, and act upon thinking.

Cynthia: ......

Cynthia: Uh~m... Could you possibly have forgotten, maybe?

Croix: About what?

Cynthia: ...Ah~ geez! Coo, you're so bad at this stuff!

Cynthia: Why can you say that kind of thing like nothing?

Cynthia: When I said I wanted to quit last time, you were the one who said
         you'd be troubled!

Croix: Oh... I-I did say that, but, that's...

Croix: ...You mean, you couldn't quit because of me?

Cynthia: Well, I mean... I could have ignored you and went ahead and quit.

Cynthia: But, if I did, then you wouldn't be happy, right?

Croix: Of course. How am I supposed to find a better wepaon shop than yours?

Cynthia: See. That's why I held off on the flower shop idea.

Cynthia: ...And plus, you're unreliable so I get worried.

Cynthia: That all adds to why I still can't quit. Geez...

Croix: ...I cause you quite a bit of inconvenience, huh?

Cynthia: Yeah! You really cause me a ton of inconvenience!

Croix: ...Sorry.

Cynthia: ...I mean, I know saying this now is too late.

Cynthia: So that's why... If you're going to cause me trouble, you can do it
         all the way.

Cynthia: I'll make sure to take care of you until the very end.

Croix: Are you sure? I thought you wanted to open a flower shop.

Croix: I don't want to cause you trouble because of my selfish reasons.

Cynthia: It's worse if you use a weapon from some third class weapon shop and
         end up dying.

Cynthia: That's why, for now, it's on hold! And plus, if I really wanted to, I
         could quit at any time.

Cynthia: So you're gonna use the best weapons I make and beat up the bad guys!

Cynthia: If you die holding something I made, I'm never going to forgive you!

Cynthia: And you're gonna beat up a lof of bad guys...

Cynthia: ...Destroy all the bad guys, and...

Cynthia: Make this world not need a weapon shop anymore. Make it want a flower

Cynthia: You're a knight, so you're not supposed to cause a girl like me

Cynthia: You're a knight, so you have to protect my dream!

Croix: ...Yeah.

Croix: I have to do my best. ...For you.

Cynthia: ...And as a knight, you have to try even harder than everyone else.

Cynthia: I'll do my best as a weapon shop for now too.

Croix: Yeah. I'm sorry, but I want you to try hard for just a while longer for

Croix: To grant my good friend's dream of becoming a flower shop too.

Cynthia: ...Friend, huh. ...That's so very you.

Cynthia: ......

* Cynthia turns away from Croix. *

Cynthia: ...Um, so. ...I know I showed you my weird side.

Cynthia: ..But will you come again, even tomorrow?

Croix: Alright, I will.

Cynthia: Well, even if you didn't ask me, I think I'm going to have to come
         here for a while longer anyway.

Cynthia: Hahaha... Yeah...

Cynthia: ...Coo. ...Just, a little... *hic*...

Cynthia: ...Can I...cry?

* Croix holds Cynthia gently from behind. *

Croix: ...Yeah.

Cynthia: *sniff* Thanks. Urr... *sob*

Cynthia: Waahhhhhhhhh!

* When you visit Cynthia again... *

Croix: Cynthia, are you here?

Cynthia: H-hello... Ah~...Nice to see you here again.

Croix: ...You look dead tired.

Cynthia: All nighter, sleepy. Making things without sleep so soooo tiring...

Croix: Of course it is. Are you okay?

Cynthia: Mm~, I feel Coo's love!

Cynthia: Alright, feeling refreshed! Raaahhh!

Luca: ......

Croix: W-what's wrong?

Luca: ...Nothing.

Croix: ...By the way, what were you making all night?

Cynthia: Hehehe, I'll show you... Taddddaaaaa!

* Obtained [Brown Cuffs]! *

Cynthia: It's a special item I made for you. Isn't it amazing?

Croix: F-for me?

Cynthia: I don't want my precious Coo to die you know.

Cynthia: So you better come back alive again.

Croix: Y-yeah. But, are you sure I can have it?

Cynthia: Of course! ......

Cloche: ?

Cynthia: ...Hehe.

Luca: ?

Cynthia: After all, it's a gift from me to you with lots of love.

Cloche: !?

Croix: H-hey hey now...

Luca: ...You really are close huh.

Croix: ...It's not what it looks like. But I doubt you'll listen.

Cynthia: Hahaha... Well, good luck Coo!

  33  Wonder Armor                                                -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Offense is the greatest defense! Defense is the true greatest offense!

Croix: You can't win if you only continue to defend though. What's up with you

Cynthia: You know how I gave you the Humane Pet Project recipe the other day?

Cynthia: Right after I handed it to you, a Big Bang of inspirational explosion
         happened in my head!

Cynthia: You need not just a weapon, but something to protect yourself.

Cynthia: In other words, armor! Human attacks won't even cause a scratch!

Cynthia: And so, I went straight to work and here it is!

* Recipe for [Wonder Armor] has been added. *

Cynthia: Use it with the weapon I gave you last time and you'll have the
         strongest pet ever!

Cynthia: Am I a genius or what? That wasn't even a question, huh! Hahahaha!

Cynthia: ...Huh? Why are you so quiet today?

Croix: No, I have a mountain of things I want to say.

Croix: But... Even if I said it, I'm only going to get in trouble, right?

Cynthia: Yup, that is correct! You're learning, Coo!

Cynthia: Well, I have the highest expectations from you, so you gotta do your

  34  AT Bomb                                                     -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Hmm~... What should I do... But it does seem a little dangerous...

Croix: Cynthia?

Cynthia: Oh, Coo. Hello~.

Croix: You seem kind of troubled. Can you not come up with a new idea?

Cynthia: No, it's the opposite of that. Like, too many ideas, I guess?

Cynthia: It's like, I ended up with a really dangery recipe.

Croix: Dangery? If you say it's dangerous, it's probably tremendously

Cynthia: Yeah, it is. It's dangerful, and to add to it, it's a bomb.

Croix: Is it strong?

Cynthia: I'm sure it's pretty strong.

Croix: Specifically, how much power does it have?

Cynthia: Hmm~, not enough to make the continent sink.

Croix: ...If it were, you shouldn't even be thinking about it.

Cynthia: But I know it's powerful. Even if you encounter a strong enemy, with
         this, I'm sure you can...

Croix: Defeat them in one hit?

Cynthia: ...If you mess up, you'll blow 'em to pieces.

Croix: ......

Cynthia: ...Oh well.

Cynthia: I'm sure you won't use it the wrong way.

* Recipe for [AT Bomb] has been added. *

Croix: You really trust me, huh?

Cynthia: You trust the things I make for you right?

Cynthia: So I just trust that you'll use them the correct way.

  35  Role Play Kit                                               -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Oh, Coo! You came at a right time!

Croix: What is it? You seem kind of happy today.

Cynthia: Well you see, I made a new recipe.

Croix: Oh, a new one? Is it CynCro Brand again?

Cynthia: I'd be happy if you were hoping for it, but sadly, it's actually not.

Cynthia: You see, there's this novel that's pretty popular on the streets right

Cynthia: I usually don't read, but a customer gave it to me so I read it.

Cynthia: And it was so super awesome!

Croix: Oh, that awesome huh?

Cynthia: It was so awesome that I made the weapon that one of the characters

* Recipe for [Role Play Kit] has been added. *

Croix: ...You seem pretty deep into it.

Cynthia: I'm telling you it was that good to read!

Jacqli: ...Huh?

Croix: Is something wrong?

Jacqli: No... It's nothing.

Croix: So, what kind of weapon is it?

Cynthia: A bamboo spear made of iron.

Croix: ......

Cynthia: Oh, but depending on who makes it, the result might be a little off.

Jacqli: ...It's kind of attracting in a sense.

Cynthia: Ooh!? Jacqli's willing to try it out!

Jacqli: ...It's just that it reminded me of something.

  36  Role Play Kit 2                                             -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Ooh, hello~

Croix: Sorry to bother you but can you take a look at this?

Cynthia: Hm? What is it? Oh, a Recipe Card...

Cynthia: Dah!?

Cynthia: Whooooooaaaaaaa!? You got every single item from that book!?

Cynthia: How!? Where'd you buy it!?

Croix: Um, well that's not it. Actually...


Cynthia: ...Ah hum. I see.

Cynthia: True. It is kind of hard to combine them in this condition.

Croix: ...So you can't huh.

Cynthia: I can if I fix it up a little though.

Croix: Really!?

Cynthia: Yeah, I can do it.

Cynthia: I bet the people who made these wanted to combine them too.

Cynthia: See, there's specific areas where it's made to be easier to connect.

Jacqli: ...Oh you're right. I didn't notice.

Cynthia: Hahahahaha. I don't think anyone would notice unless they're a fan
         like me.

Jacqli: ......

Cynthia: Well, if there are people who think like me, then I think I'll put an
         extra bit of effort for them.

Cynthia: Um... Here, you would do this, and that...

Cynthia: ...Here, a Recipe Card.

* Recipe for [Role Play Kit 2] has been added. *

Croix: Y-you're done already?

Cynthia: It's just a simple modification.

Cynthia: I feel rude breaking apart someone else's creation.

Jacqli: ...What's with this uselessly amazing closeness of replication?

Cynthia: Make it simple, don't break it, and might as well go all out.

Cynthia: And as a fan, I'd want it as close to perfect as possible.

Jacqli: ...I see.

Cynthia: Well, now you can combine and transform. What are you gonna do?

Croix: Well, uh...

Jacqli: ......

Croix: Not right now. We'll come back later if anything.

Cynthia: Alrighty. Then see you later Coo~!

  P11  Pira Theory 6                                              -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Hey, Daddy, welcome home!

Croix: ...Daddy who?

Cynthia: I thought I should show some humor sometimes or else you'd get bored.

Croix: I'm not looking for humor in a weaponsmith.

Cynthia: What the hell, you're so boring.

Croix: Geez... Then here, a souvenir.

Cynthia: Huh, seriously!? Whoa, a Pira Theory!

Croix: You seemed real happy with that last one I gave you. So I thought you'd
       read it.

Cynthia: Thanks! I'll have tons of fun with it daddy!

Croix: Stop that already. Anyway, think you can read it?

Cynthia: Hmm~, let's see...

Cynthia: Hahahaha, nah, I still have no idea what it says.

Croix: Then why do you laugh?

Cynthia: Well, you know, I'm happy!

Cynthia: Even if I can't read the letters, I can pretty much understand from
         the pictures.

Cynthia: As weapon makers, though we live in different times, our hearts are
         connected somewhere.

Croix: Don't force this to be some heart warming story.

Cynthia: Oh, but but, you're the only one who's connected the strongest to my

Cynthia: I'll add some love and arrange this into a lovely recipe for you!

Croix: ...I feel bad for the people of the past.

* You hand over [Pira Theory VI]. *

  P12  Pira Theory VI                                             -- Cynthia --

Cynthia: Oh welcome! Nice timing.

Croix: I came thinking it would be. Were you able to finish the Pira Theory?

Cynthia: Yup! But man~, this time, it was pretty tough.

Cynthia: I mean, half way through, I got a buncha weird pictures I didn't even

Cynthia: So it's super arranged this time.

Croix: Specifically speaking, how much?

Cynthia: The insides is a complete original. The appearance, about 80%, I

Croix: ...So the Pira Theory doesn't even matter anymore, huh.

Cynthia: Well, who cares? You know, it's like a remake.

Croix: You make it without even knowing the original. How can you even say it's
       a remake.

Cynthia: You're so picky. Don't worry. I don't make anything weird.

Croix: I trust you there, but...

Cynthia: Then it's no problem! Here you go.

* Recipe for [Pira Theory VI] has been added. *

Cynthia: Ah~, I wish I could make a weapon that'll erase the bad guy with one

Croix: Stop having disturbing thoughts.

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