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All-Star Baseball 2005


Transaction Guide

by Edgewater

All-Star Baseball 2005 (PS2)
Transaction Guide 						
Version 8.3
Contact: [email protected]
August 3, 2004 Original FAQ by Edgewater
Available for use in any media provided credit is afforded.


This guide is for the players who like to have accurate rosters, but lack a
sharkport or online setup. Basically, all the transactions from the time period
of the games final roster shift before going to print (est. 2.20 --> 2.23) up
until today are included. The transaction list includes only players that were
on the original ASB 2005 roster.


It\'s pretty self explanitory, but i\'ll go over the format anyway:
(Team/Place Player Can Be Found in Game)
(Player Name) --> (Destination Team/Place)

How To: 

A few times people have written to me asking how to change the rosters around.
It\'s a bit more of a pain in this year\'s version since for some stupid reason
acclaim decided to take out the option of letting you customize rosters from
the main menu. The only way you can change the rosters is by starting a season.
There are two ways I\'m aware of how to change them, each with their own
positive and negative aspects:

The first way is to start a season with your GM Control set to All Teams. This
is the easiest way since it gives you the most control. You can easily trade
between teams, assign players to levels, and setup lineups and rotations for
every team. The negatives that come with chosing this type of GM Control are
having to give up player injuries, and being forced to play in Simple Franchise
Mode (having some offseason management options taken away).   

The second way is to start a season with your GM Control set to One Team. This
way lets you keep all the options the other takes away (injuries/management
options), but it is much more monotonious. In order to trade players, you need
to use your own team as a catalyst. For example, if you are using the Mets and
want to trade Milton Bradley to the Dodgers, you\'d first need to trade Bradley
to the Mets from the Indians for a fake player (any D- rated A or AA player),
then trade Bradley to the Dodgers from the Mets for another fake player.
Considering the amount of transactions involved, this method could take awile.
Also, since you only have control of one team, you have no control over where
the computer controlled team decides to put the player you\'ve traded to them.
Milton Bradley could end up spending the season in AA. You also have no control
over how the lineups or rotations for computer controlled teams are set and
unfortunately, one trade could cause the computer controlled team to switch
around it\'s lineup and rotation to a way which makes no sense.   


I wouldn\'t recommend filling the free agent pool quickly as some players might
disappear once it becomes crowded. if you trade players to their destination
teams for D- rated low level players (who are computer generated anyway), you
won\'t have to worry about losing anyone. 

You should also manually restructure the rosters if there are any depth chart
(like too few players at a position in a certain level) issues after you\'re
done trading. if you choose automatic, some players you might want to keep on 
the team could be placed in the free agent pool or a lower level. 

Free Agent Pool
Pedro Astacio       -->     Boston Red Sox
Travis Lee          -->     New York Yankees
Orlando Hernandez   -->     New York Yankees
Steve Parris        -->     Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Scott Sauerbeck     -->     Cleveland Indians
Ugeth Urbina        -->     Detroit Tigers

Arizona Diamondbacks
Steve Finley        -->     Los Angeles Dodgers
Brent Mayne         -->     Los Angeles Dodgers
John Patterson      -->     Montreal Expos

Atlanta Braves
Jung Bong           -->     Cincinnati Reds
Russell Branyan     -->     Milwaukee Brewers
Trey Hodges         -->     Free Agent Pool
Gary Matthews Jr    -->     Texas Rangers

Baltimore Orioles
Mike DeJean         -->     New York Mets
Bill Haselman       -->     Free Agent Pool
Mark McLemore       -->     Oakland Athletics

Boston Red Sox
Nomar Garciaparra   -->     Chicago Cubs
Michael Hernandez   -->     Philadelphia Phillies
Terry Shumpert      -->     Pittsburgh Pirates
Tony Womack         -->     St. Louis Cardinals

Chicago Cubs
Jimmy Anderson      -->     Boston Red Sox
Francis Beltran     -->     Montreal Expos
Juan Cruz           -->     Atlanta Braves
Gary Glover         -->     Free Agent Pool
Alex Gonzalez       -->     Montreal Expos
Felix Sanchez       -->     Detroit Tigers
Jamey Wright        -->     Free Agent Pool

Chicago White Sox
Marvin Benard       -->     Toronto Blue Jays
Vic Darensbourg     -->     New York Mets
Matt Ginter         -->     New York Mets
Billy Koch          -->     Florida Marlins
Esteban Loaiza      -->     New York Yankees
Miguel Olivio       -->     Seattle Mariners
Robert Person       -->     Free Agent Pool
Mike Rivera         -->     Oakland Athletics

Cincinnati Reds
Jimmy Haynes        -->     Detroit Tigers
Josias Manzanillo   -->     Florida Marlins
Chris Reitsma       -->     Atlanta Braves
Jesus Sanchez       -->     Free Agent Pool
Mark Watson         -->     Free Agent Pool

Cleveland Indians
Milton Bradley      -->     Los Angeles Dodgers
Giovanni Carrara    -->     Los Angeles Dodgers
Dave Cortes         -->     Free Agent Pool
Jeff D\'Amico        -->     Free Agent Pool
Ricky Gutierrez     -->     Boston Red Sox
Zach Sorensen       -->     Anaheim Angels
Mark Wohlers        -->     Free Agent Pool

Colorado Rockies
Scott Elarton       -->     Cleveland Indians
Benji Gil           -->     Free Agent Pool
Denny Hocking       -->     Chicago Cubs
Damian Jackson      -->     Chicago Cubs
Cory Vance          -->     Texas Rangers
Matt White          -->     Kansas City Royals

Detroit Tigers
Brent Abernathy     -->     Cleveland Indians
Ben Patrick         -->     San Diego Padres
Cody Ross           -->     Los Angeles Dodgers
Andres Torres       -->     Chicago White Sox

Florida Marlins
Nelson Cruz         -->     Free Agent Pool
Hee Seop Chio       -->     Los Angeles Dodgers
Blaine Neal         -->     San Diego Padres
Abraham Nunez       -->     Kansas City Royals
Darren Oliver       -->     Houston Astros
Brad Penny          -->     Los Angeles Dodgers
Armando Rios        -->     Free Agent Pool
Gerald Williams     -->     New York Mets

Houston Astros
Octavio Dotel       -->     Oakland Athletics
Richard Hidalgo     -->     New York Mets
Brandon Puffer      -->     Boston Red Sox
Jeriome Robertson   -->     Cleveland Indians
Kirk Saarloos       -->     Oakland Athletics
Ricky Stone         -->     San Diego Padres
Dave Veres          -->     San Francisco Giants

Kansas City
Carlos Beltran      -->     Houston Astros
Joey Dawley         -->     Cleveland Indians
Curtis Leskanic     -->     Boston Red Sox
Rudy Seanez         -->     Florida Marlins

Los Angeles Dodgers
Andy Ashby          -->     San Diego Padres
Jolbert Cabrera     -->     Seattle Mariners
Juan Encarnacion    -->     Florida Marlins
Guillermo Mota      -->     Florida Marlins
Rickey Henderson    -->     Free Agent Pool
Koyie Hill          -->     Arizona Diamondbacks
Paul LoDuca         -->     Florida Marlins
Dave Roberts        -->     Boston Red Sox
Jason Romano        -->     Cincinnati Reds
Tanyone Sturtze     -->     New York Yankees
Bubba Trammell      -->     Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Rick White          -->     Cleveland Indians

Milwaukee Brewers
Brian Bowles        -->     Free Agent Pool
Mike Crudale        -->     Free Agent Pool
Leo Estrella        -->     San Francisco Giants
Wayne Franklin      -->     San Francisco Giants
Luis Martinez       -->     St. Louis Cardinals

Minnesota Twins
Sean Douglass       -->     Toronto Blue Jays
Rick Helling        -->     Free Agent Pool
Doug Mientkiewicz   -->     Boston Red Sox
Pete Munro          -->     Free Agent Pool
Mike Nakamura       -->     Toronto Blue Jays
Brad Thomas         -->     Boston Red Sox

Montreal Expos
Orlando Cabrera     -->     Boston Red Sox
Randy Choate        -->     Arizona Diamondbacks
Carl Everett        -->     Chicago White Sox
Andy Fox            -->     Texas Rangers
Pat Mahomes         -->     Pittsburgh Pirates
Gregg Zaun          -->     Toronto Blue Jays

New York Mets
Jason Anderson      -->     New York Yankees
James Baldwin       -->     Detroit Tigers
Roger Cedeno        -->     St. Louis Cardinals
Scott Erickson      -->     Texas Rangers
Karim Garcia        -->     Baltimore Orioles
Raul Gonzalez       -->     Cleveland Indians
Jeremy Griffiths    -->     Houston Astros
Jason Middlebrook   -->     Anaheim Angels
Timo Perez          -->     Chicago White Sox
David Weathers      -->     Houston Astros
Ty Wigginton        -->     Pittsburgh Pirates

New York Yankees
Erick Almonte       -->     Colorado Rockies
Aaron Boone         -->     Cleveland Indians
Darren Bragg        -->     San Diego Padres
Jose Contreras      -->     Chicago White Sox
Tyler Houston       -->     Free Agent Pool
Mike Lamb           -->     Houston Astros
Gabe White          -->     Cincinnati Reds

Oakland Athletics
Jason Grabowski     -->     Los Angeles Dodgers
Chad Harville       -->     Houston Astros

Philadelphia Phillies
Josh Hancock        -->     Cincinnati Reds
Ricky Ledee         -->     San Francisco Giants
Andy Machado        ==>     Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates
Joe Beimel          -->     Minnesota Twins
Kris Benson         -->     New York Mets
Mark Guthrie        -->     Free Agent Pool
Ruben Mateo         -->     Kansas City Royals
Orlando Merced      -->     Free Agent Pool
Raul Mondesi        -->     Free Agent Pool
Chris Singleton     -->     Free Agent Pool
Chris Stynes        -->     Free Agent Pool

San Diego Padres
Ben Howard          -->     Florida Marlins
Brian Hunter        -->     St, Louis Cardinals
Gene Kingsale       -->     Baltimore Orioles
Rey Ordonez         -->     Chicago Cubs
Kevin Walker        -->     San Francisco Giants
Tom Wilson          -->     New York Mets
Ismael Valdez       -->     Florida Marlins

San Francisco Giants
Alberto Castillo    -->     Free Agent Pool
Felix Rodriguez     -->     Philadelphia Phillies

Seattle Mariners
Rich Aurilia        -->     San Diego Padres
Ben Davis           -->     Chicago White Sox
Freddy Garcia       -->     Chicago White Sox
Dave Hansen         -->     San Diego Padres
Kevin Jarvis        -->     Pittsburgh Pirates
Terry Mulholland    -->     Minnesota Twins
John Olerud         -->     Free Agent Pool
Eric Owens          -->     Detroit Tigers

St. Louis Cardinals
Brent Butler        -->     Free Agent Pool
Wilson Delgado      -->     New York Mets
Kerry Robinson      -->     San Diego Padres
Chris Widger        -->     New York Mets

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Deivi Cruz          -->     San Francisco Giants
Todd Jones          -->     Philadelphia Phillies
George Lombard      -->     Boston Red Sox
Fred McGriff        -->     Free Agent Pool
Antonio Perez       -->     Los Angeles Dodgers
Al Reyes            -->     St. Louis Cardinals
Fernando Tatis      -->     Free Agent Pool
Mike Williams       -->     Free Agent Pool
Victor Zambrano     -->     New York Mets

Texas Rangers
Robert Ellis        -->     Philadelphia Phillies 
Glendon Rusch       -->     Chicago Cubs
Jason Tyner         -->     Free Agent Pool

Toronto Blue Jays
Terry Adams         -->     Boston Red Sox
Pete Walker         -->     Free Agent Pool
Jason Werth         -->     Los Angeles Dodgers

Thanks go out to:
- Acclaim for making another in a series of games i\'m sure to waste hours in.
- USA Today Sports Weekly and for keeping up on every little 
  transaction happening in baseball year round.
- All those who write with questions, comments, and suggestions
- My recently departed grandfather for playing catch with me in the backyard
  while growing up, taking me to all those Mets games at Shea, for sharing
  with and bestowing upon me a love for the game, for all the life lessons he
  taught me, and all the wonderful memories he left. 
- And most of all, me, for always finding something better to spend the 15
  bucks for a sharkport on... for if i\'d purchased one, this faq would have
  never been made.