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Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies



by Shotgunnova

                                           _           _     _____    ___
                                          | |         | |   |  _  |  /   |
       __ _  ___ ___    ___ ___  _ __ ___ | |__   __ _| |_  | |/' | / /| |
      / _` |/ __/ _ \  / __/ _ \| '_ ` _ \| '_ \ / _` | __| |  /| |/ /_| |
     | (_| | (_|  __/ | (_| (_) | | | | | | |_) | (_| | |_  \ |_/ /\___  |
      \__,_|\___\___|  \___\___/|_| |_| |_|_.__/ \__,_|\__|  \___/     |_/

                         .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. .-.-.-.-.-.
                         |s|h|a|t|t|e|r|e|d| |s|k|i|e|s|
                         '-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-' '-'-'-'-'-'

FAQ & WALKTHROUGH by SHOTGUNNOVA (P. Summers) / shotgunnova [a+] gmail [.] com

| TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                          /

    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. TIPS AND TRICKS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TPTR
  III. MISSION WALKTHRU . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       00) Walkthrough Notes........................................... WLNT
       01) Sitting Duck................................................ MS01
       02) Imminent Threat............................................. MS02
       03) The Northern Eye............................................ MS03
       04) Blockade.................................................... MS04
       05) Lifeline.................................................... MS05
       06) Invincible Fleet............................................ MS06
       07) Deep Strike................................................. MS07
       08) Shattered Skies............................................. MS08
       09) Operation Bunker Shot....................................... MS09
       10) Tango Line.................................................. MS10
       11) Escort...................................................... MS11
       12) Stonehenge Offensive........................................ MS12
       13) Safe Return................................................. MS13
       14) Breaking Arrows............................................. MS14
       15) Emancipation................................................ MS15
       16) Whiskey Corridor............................................ MS16
       17) Siege of Farbanti........................................... MS17
       18) Megalith.................................................... MS18
       19) Unlockables................................................. MS19

   IV. PLANE LIST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PLNL
    V. ACE FIGHTER LOCATIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AFLC
   VI. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
  VII. UPDATES  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
 VIII. THANKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THKS
   IX. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

| I. CONTROLS                                                         [CNTR] /
                     ____          |  |          ____
    L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <-- R2 BUTTON
    L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <-- R1 BUTTON
                  /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                 / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <-- TRIANGLE BUTTON
DIRECTIONAL --> | |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  [_]   (_)| <-- CIRCLE BUTTON
    PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <-- X BUTTON
                /            ____        ____            \
               /            /    \  __  /    \            \
               \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                 \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                            (L3)          (R3)

   Controller settings can be toggled under the main menu's "Options" tab.

   | L ANLG UP  | Pitch down                 | Pitch down                 |
   | L ANLG DWN | Pitch up                   | Pitch up                   |
   | L ANLG LFT | Roll left                  | Left turn                  |
   | L ANLG RGT | Roll right                 | Right turn                 |
   | CIRCLE     | Shoot missiles             | Shoot missiles             |
   | X BUTTON   | Shoot vulcan cannon        | Shoot vulcan cannon        |
   | SQUARE     | See map*                   | See map*                   |
   | TRIANGLE   | Toggle applicable targets  | Toggle applicable targets  |
   | L1 BUTTON  | Decelerate / throttle down | Decelerate / throttle down |
   | L2 BUTTON  | Yaw* left                  |----------------------------|
   | R1 BUTTON  | Accelerate / throttle up   | Accelerate / throttle up   |
   | R2 BUTTON  | Yaw* right                 |----------------------------|
   | SELECT     | Toggle main/auxiliary wpns | Toggle main/auxiliary wpns |
   | START      | Un/pause game              | Un/pause game              |
   | D-PAD UP   | Autopilot (level aircraft) | Autopilot (level aircraft) |
   | D-PAD DOWN | Change camera POV          | Change camera POV          |
   | R3 BUTTON  | See rearview POV           | See rearview POV           |

 * "Yawing" is slight deviation from the normal course
 * The map can focus three different ways, depending on the button's pressure.

| II. TIPS AND TRICKS                                                 [TPTR] /

 This game's not too hard once you get the hang of it, which is why catch-all
 tips will be very helpful.

 <> One thing I noticed when I picked the game up again was that I COMPLETELY
    sucked, even though I was pretty good before (decent, not that great). It
    is always wise for a new player, or even someone who's forgot the game's
    handling, to check out the 'Tutorial'. It'll walk the player through the
    game's basics and is a big help. Seriously.

 <> The most advantageous firing position is from behind the enemy while they
    are in a mid-turn and at similar altitude. They'll be slowing down, and
    the missiles have a higher chance of hitting because they're not working
    off some huge mismatch in height. Always try to achieve this positioning.

    The worst positioning, thus, would be about the exact opposite: enemy is
    heading towards you from an altitude extremely different than yours, and
    you're shooting from behind as you head straight up/down. Not only is
    this going to waste ammo 99% of the time due to outmaneuvering, but it's
    simply...stupid. Never do it -- it wastes times finding your bearings

 <> Out of the two control types, the most 'difficult' is the default one,
    but it's also the best for maneuvering. I highly recommend you work with
    that one to get the ins and outs down, 'cause you won't regret it (it's
    difficulty's an overstatement, but eh...).

 <> Pay attention to the briefing's count of the air/ground/naval enemies and
    match your arsenal accordingly. For some maps like "Tango Line," it can be
    hard to get "S" rank without, say, Long-range Air-to-Ground Missiles since
    some easy targets are always in pits. If you bring in something that
    doesn't flow with that (unguided small bombs, for instance) you're just
    losing points. There are other examples, but just make sure not to set
    yourself up for a big disadvantage!

 <> Always use your time wisely. Sometimes there is a mission update; other
    times there isn't. But, one thing that usually happens when there is, is
    all normal enemies quit registering as targets. If you're trying for a
    high rank, it's important to clean out zones as fast as you can, with no
    wasted ammunition. Use vulcan guns and missiles in conjunction and you'll
    be a regular ace in awhile.

 <> Aces are special enemies that appear one per map, and give 240 PTS if shot
    down. Usually they require out-of-the-way tactics to find them, and that
    can hurt your chances of getting a good rank if it wastes time (such as
    in 'Escort'). Check the Ace Pilots section and do some trial and error to
    see which you can squeeze in and which you can't. Just remember: aces are
    NOT needed to get 'S' ranking, but they do help.

 <> If you're having a hard time finding targets in dogfights, it could be two
    reasons why: you're wasting time following one target or you're going far
    too fast to get a good position. You'll have to find a balance. As one
    example, in the "Shattered Skies" mission, it's best to switch targets
    every 15-20 seconds so you're not on a wild goose chase; it's also best to
    decelerate when turning so you can get better aiming position. Just know
    that your evasion capabilities decrease when going slower, so don't pull a
    stunt like that in front of a bunch of SAMs or Yellows, y'dig?

 <> Try to pace yourself on difficulty first off. The walkthrough is written
    in Normal Mode so that it's a balance, but go with easy if you have to.
    When you get better, try out Expert Difficulty (beat all missions on Hard
    Mode) and Ace Difficulty (beat all missions on Expert difficulty). There's
    a certain rush to dogfighting, and crafts take more damage as the ante's
    upped. Good luck if you play on Expert/Ace, 'cause you'll be better than I
    am in a short time. :p

 \ WALKTHROUGH NOTES                                                   [WLNT] |

 Here's a few pointers about this walkthrough:

  * It's written for normal mode, which is the basic game of play. This is the
    medium difficulty setting for the most part, even through there are two
    easier options. It can actually be quite annoying at times, so it's not
    remedial or anythin'.

  * The normal default controller setting is used for this guide, because it's
    used also in the tutorial. You may have an easier time if you change it,
    but you may not -- I'm stickin' with this one.

  * Completion $$ are APPROXIMATIONS. Until someone sends me information on
    figuring out the bonuses, just use 'em. There's one postulate about making
    them rise: although there are S/A/B/C tiers, the more points you get, the
    more bucks you get at the end. Rank bonuses will always be the same, as
    you'll find out.

 \ MISSION 01 - "Sitting Duck"                                         [MS01] |
                | ENEMY: | 010 AIR | --- GRND | --- NAVAL | 006 TGT | 010 TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: F-4E (default)
  OBJECTIVES: Destroy all indicated targets
  COMPLETION: $24000 [S] / $12000 [A] / $ 6000 [B] / $----- [C]
  RANK BONUS: $30000 [S] / $20000 [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

  Since this is the first mission, it'll be an easy one with simple air-to-air
  combat. Because Mobius 1 (player-controlled ally fighter) and its entourage
  will come up behind the enemy, there's a better shot of success. My favorite
  way to increase probability of damage is:

   * Make sure you're at the same altitude
   * Make sure you're directly fore/aft the plane
   * Fire two missiles at a time

  Firing two missiles at a time may seem wasteful, but remember that latter-
  -game crafts take two hits to be destroyed anyway, and even some ground
  targets (Pillbox) do as well, depending on your plane's model. This level
  is also similar to the tutorial missions, so remember the controls and get
  your bearings with the craft. Switch controller modes if you don't like
  the tilt-'n'-turn method that's necessary on the default. 

  Because you come up behind the enemies, you can probably get three of the
  six escorts out of commission at once. The rest are dealt with quite easily
  given their relatively poor capabilities and the 10:00 time frame to blow
  'em outta the sky. The four bombers that are past the TU-95s have about no
  mobility, making them missile fodder with ease. 

  A score of around 840 PTS is needed to get the S-rank marking, while 600 PTS
  is the bare minimum to get the C-ranking.

 \ MISSION 02 - "Imminent Threat"                                      [MS02] |
                | ENEMY: | 007 AIR | 024 GRND | --- NAVAL | 011 TGT | 031 TTL |

  OBJECTIVES: Destroy all indicated targets
  COMPLETION: $99000 [S] / $70000 [A] / $21000 [B] / $12000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $30000 [S] / $20000 [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

 Though there will be some aircraft to deal with, most targets will be placed
 on the Rigley Base's ground (even planes that are harbored), meaning a decent
 air-to-ground weapon will help very much here. If you got an S-rank in the
 previous mission, buy the F-5E fighter since it comes with 12 small unguided
 bombs. Don't worry; you can resell it for full price when the next upgrade's
 in town.


 Mobius 1's first target (always) should be the substation running along the
 stretch of telephone poles. It's an easy 100 points. At the airforce base,
 switch to your air-to-ground weapons, fire a few at a large cluster of the
 'beached' crafts, and switch back to missiles to get in some extra potshots.
 The targets you'll want to destroy -- the only ones that pose a decent threat
 that is -- are the AA Guns 'round the environs. Cycle through targets w/ the
 Triangle button to find one, if it's near. If you're not quick about trashing
 the inert bombers, they'll take off on the runway!

 As you drop some fire-'n'-forget air-to-ground weapons, don't forget that you
 can still decelerate and use your machine gun to destroy ground targets, if
 they line up. Strips of hangars and TU-95s run on either side of the runway,
 so if Mobius 1 approaches from the west/east, it can slowly but surely fire
 and destroy most if not all targets in its flightpath. Pretty simple running
 here since it's got weak air support and all targets are landborne. Yawn!

 It's incredibly easy to get an A+ ranking here, even if you don't go after
 any dogfighters in the sky. Plus, with the fifteen-minute time limit, there
 is ample time to make the clouds rain blood and shrapnel. 2100 PTS should
 kick ya into S-rank range. ^____^

 \ MISSION 03 - "The Northern Eye"                                     [MS03] |
                | ENEMY: | 006 AIR | 015 GRND | --- NAVAL | 009 TGT | 021 TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: F-SE + Rocket Launcher
  OBJECTIVES: Destroy all indicated targets + return to base
  COMPLETION: $60000 [S] / $28000 [A] / $14000 [B] / $ 6000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $30000 [S] / $20000 [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

 This map's smaller than the usual ones... And the radar installations look
 like the Epcot Center... >__>

 Another extremely easy mission with minimal air attackers. In fact, most of
 the ground targets are buildings guarded by a few AA guns. And, there's 15
 minutes to wreak havoc in. Talk about generosity... Most of the six bogeys
 that can be found appear towards the start (southern mountain range) and in
 between the two 'clusters' of targets, thus making the task a little easier
 without any live missiles. A level without SAMs is kiddie play.

 Bombing the ground targets is as simple as slowing down (~200 mph) and
 dropping an ammo payload overhead. Missiles also work here and work well for
 homing in on the AA guns. There are some CH-47 helicopters that will take off
 if you pass 'em by, so use that rocket launcher (or small unguideds) to blow
 'em off the face of the earth. 1400 points is good enough for an S-ranking,
 but it'll be hard to get if you don't dogfight with some of the planes (in
 fact, I don't think it's possible without it). Once all radar installations
 have been destroyed...

                          ##### MISSION UPDATE! #####

 Don't worry, there's no danger -- simply fly along vector 180 (south) to the
 dotted-line border on the map. This will allow Mobius 1 to return to base and
 complete the mission. Note that one can also do this during missions to fuel
 up and repair all damage, as well as changing the auxiliary weapons. Remember
 to get the S-ranking before this update because all enemies will no longer be
 registered as targets. (PS - You can skip the RTB landing if you want).

 \ MISSION 04 - "Blockade"                                             [MS04] |
                | ENEMY: | 011 AIR | --- GRND | --- NAVAL | 003 TGT | 011 TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: F-SE + Rocket Launcher / F-16C
  OBJECTIVES: Destroy all indicated targets
  COMPLETION: $82000 [S] / $58000 [A] / $20000 [B] / $----- [C]
  RANK BONUS: $30000 [S] / $20000 [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

  You may want to buy the F-16C Fighter due to its ramped-up air-to-air skill.
  On the other hand, it's got no useful weapons (for next level) in comparison
  to the two already available. Either way, regular missiles are going to be
  the poison of choice here, so give yourself an edge if you need one.


  Anyway, the targets here are C-17s which act as radar jammers. Note how the
  radar display is all wonky and there are big circular patches where enemies
  only show up momentarily? The radar signal won't come up clearly until E-767
  aircrafts are downed. They appear in the 'epicenter' of the circular jamming
  area. 'Course, the planes will show up on the main screen when in range, so
  this isn't as much of a factor as it seems. Plus, C-17s are as slow as
  normal bombers and have poor maneuverability...sitting ducks, really, since
  their flightplan mostly has them flying into the east. Sneaking two missiles
  up their tailpipe's a cinch in this case. Just watch the li'l radar screen
  for any sign of a bright-red target marker and head in that direction.

  Because there's only three targets, 480 PTS is the bare minimum for the "C"
  ranking. Numerous F-16s and C-17s roam as escorts; blow 'em up for relatively
  easy point-uppin'. About 1300 points is needed for the S-rank, which means
  you'll have to hurry up and destroy as many enemies as possible since there
  is a chance allies can take some kills and prevent your highest score. Using
  the F-SE's Rocket Launcher is good for two reasons:

  1) You can run out of missiles and may need the semi-scattershot projectiles
  2) They propel forward and can hit same-altitude planes

  The MIGs are quite fast and will probably end up with the most trashed shots
  from your missile inventory, so be sure to get the most advantageous shot
  you can (long-range, coming up behind it, same direction). There's 12:00 to
  do this mission which gives enough time to complete it, but it's cutting it
  close to get S-rank. Good luck!
 \ MISSION 05 - "Lifeline"                                             [MS05] |
                | ENEMY: | 010 AIR | 088 GRND | 002 NAVAL | --- TGT | 100 TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: F-SE + Rocket Launcher / F-16C + ALR Air-to-Ground Missiles
  OBJECTIVES: Score at least 2000 PTS within time limit
  COMPLETION: $242000 [S] / $101000 [A] / $74000 [B] / $ 7000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $ 30000 [S] / $ 20000 [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

  Woo, 10:00 to do all this in...

  The Rocket Launcher is boss here, since it has 64 shots and fires 8 at a
  time, easily taking out most of the close-knit things around the industrial
  refinery area. There are three main areas: said district in the west and 3
  offshore oil rig platforms in the far east. You'll have to make up your mind
  about which to go for, since it wastes time traveling over the ocean expanse
  and such. Here are the $$ amounts per area (ground targets only, discounting

  INDUSTRIAL AREA ~ 2000 PTS    <-- Refinery area on the western mainland
  OFFSHORE RIG #1 ~ 1170 PTS    <-- Southernmost rig cluster (equals 2 large)
  OFFSHORE RIG #2 ~  650 PTS    <-- Middle-most rig cluster (smallest)
  OFFSHORE RIG #3 ~  750 PTS    <-- Northernmost rig cluster (pretty small)

  The breakdown: the industrial area is the easiest with only a few AA guns
  but no other armaments. There are a lot of easy targets like gas tanks and
  smokestacks, meaning you can conserve missiles and just gun 'em down with a
  vulcan cannon since they're lined up in rows/clusters. Due to the ease, it's
  recommended you strike here first to get the point quota nearly filled.

  The oil rig platforms are in closer proximity and thus take less traveling
  and wasting time to get the points. In other words, if you want the most
  points per minute, that's the way to go. It's a bit harder, though, since
  there are lots of planes and SAMs installed around. Plus, the constructs
  have spaced-out targets, making 'em hard to get a good run with the machine
  gun or missiles. If you have long-range air-to-ground missiles, taking out
  the SAMs is easy; you'll just have to wait for the relatively long time til
  two more can be fired.

  So following my plan, one would hit the industrial district first, RTB to
  fill up on missiles and such again (you will definitely run out at the rig
  clusters), and head towards the rigs to destroy stuff. You can do this run
  backwards as well, but that only benefits at the mission update that occurs
  when the timer's up.

  Personally, I wouldn't bother with any aerial targets here until all ground
  ones in the vicinity are scrapped. It only wastes precious ammunition for
  the static targets. <shrug> To get the max rank, score at least 4000 PTS
  in the ten minute time period. It's quite hard, but doing my run a few
  times got me the score in only 8:20. That RTB helps, believe it. My best
  score was 4420 with 4180 PTS coming from ground targets. =p

                          ##### MISSION UPDATE! #####

  If you have 2000 points or more when the time limit runs out, four minutes
  are put on the clock for you to head south towards the base again, reason
  being that there are some famed "Yellows" heading your way. Whatever you do,
  don't BOTHER fighting them. It wastes time, you can't kill a single one, and
  it only increases the chances of you getting shot down (missile central down
  there). Seriously, just leave the battlefield when you have the chance --
  all enemy targets'll be removed from the map anywayz.

  And don't try to sneak towards the dotted line before the mission update cuz
  your current position will be changed to the middle of the rig constructs.
  Beat it outta there if you're damaged!

 \ MISSION 06 - "Invincible Fleet"                                     [MS06] |
                | ENEMY: | 011 AIR | 040 GRND | 036 NAVAL | --- TGT | 087 TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: F-5E + Rocket Launcher / A-10A + Advanced ATG Missiles
  OBJECTIVES: Score at least 3000 PTS within time limit
  COMPLETION: $215000 [S] / $116000 [A] / $82000 [B] / $ 5000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $ 30000 [S] / $ 20000 [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

 This is probably my favorite map in the game because of all the naval units
 that you get to deep-six. Comberth Harbor's fleet is anchored and it's time
 to put 'em away -- unfortunately, the dang bay is huge and the docked units
 appear primarily in four groups.

 To start off with, most of the warships/cruisers/carriers are docked toward
 the bow of the bay, along the northern lip that arcs west to east. Starting
 there is alright, but like the previous map, killing the nearby units first
 and doing a quick RTB is the best idea...that means go east to the naval
 units trawling the southern part of the map and flippin' 'em upside-down is
 not only just a good idea but a strategic one as well. Be careful -- while
 some have no weapons at all, most have SAMs and it will be a missilefest w/
 all the aircraft jumping around. Before you RTB, try to get some potshots
 in at the helicopters you find -- they only take one missile to down and
 maneuver rather horribly. Anyway, here are the four clusters' point values
    |              [CLUSTER3]             |   ________________________
    |               ________              |  | CLUSTER #1  | 1180 PTS |
    |              /        \             |  |-------------+----------|
    |             |          |            |  | CLUSTER #2  | 1450 PTS |
    |             |          | [CLUSTER2] |  |-------------+----------|
    |  [CLUSTER4] |          |            |  | CLUSTER #3  | 1670 PTS |
    |______________\=BRIDGE=/_____________|  |-------------+----------|
                                             | CLUSTER #4  | 1330 PTS |
                           [CLUSTER1]        '-------------'----------'

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  <-- RTB Line

  CLUSTER #1 - Battleships with some SAMs, carriers or other dreadnoughts with
               AA guns. Some weakling helicopters fly around here and are shot
               down with single missiles. The Tanager (?) has two SAMs onboard
               so keep an eye might be the Aegis Raven, but just so
               you're aware.

  CLUSTER #2 - Mostly battleships at anchor (defenseless) with various static
               targets, such as cranes. Few offensive, active targets if any.
               This shipyard facility doesn't offer much in the way of points
               but is a natural stop from the first cluster. Remember that 
               missile shots will be trashed unless you shoot submarines from
               the hangar's natural opening (can't penetrate the anterior).
               Spread-bomb types (Rocket Launcher, etc.) CAN penetrate, tho.

  CLUSTER #3 - Upriver with some battleships, SAMs, submarines (docked and a
               few in shelter), plus cranes and gas tanks thrown into the mix.
               Take out the two or so SAMs for an easier time. This also has
               the highest points ratio for ground targets.

  CLUSTER #4 - Multiple ships with AA guns and SAMs, as well as some missile
               boats and static targets. Due to live ammo floating around, and
               this being a hub for many planes, it's the most hazardous place
               in the four clusters and worthwhile.

  Basically, whichever cluster you go for first, you'll want to RTB right
  after you've finished. Take out any planes you can on the way back without
  deviating from the southern course. To get the highest rank, score 5000+
  points in the 15:00 time limit. I was able to accomplish it in 11:00 with
  two RTBs towards the start (did Cluster 4 -> 1 -> 3). This total came from
  pure ground targets -- it's easier if you don't waste precious missiles on
  aircraft, unless you're being continually pestered.

  At this point, I started thinking that every 100 points beyond S rank gives
  an extra $1000. With a score of 5780, my reward was 278000. Somethin' to
  think about, although I can't really confirm at this point.

 \ MISSION 07 - "Deep Strike"                                          [MS07] |
                | ENEMY: | 011 AIR | 051 GRND | --- NAVAL | 003 TGT | 062 TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: F-5E + Rocket Launcher / F/A-18C 
  OBJECTIVES: Destroy all indicated targets + safely RTB
  COMPLETION: $136500 [S] / $80000 [A] / $42000 [B] / $15000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $ 30000 [S] / $20000 [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

 The first multirole aircraft is now available for purchase ($170,000) and it
 has two upgrades, for both air-to-air and air-to-ground. It's quite excellent
 for this point in time, but if you can't afford it for some reason, the F-5E
 and its Rocket Launcher are still hard to beat. 


 Ooh, 15:00 for only three ground targets. Sounds easy, huh? Well, it is...
 for the first part. There are numerous solar panels near the targets, giving
 easy points (sort of like fuel tanks lined up in previous levels) with a few
 emplacements here and there. Pillboxes are new and will take two missiles to
 destroy, which is why you should use some freefall bombs [etc.] to get rid
 of 'em. The three targets are actually radar installations; once they're up
 in smoke...

 Far as I know, it's impossible to get an S-rank with just ground targets
 alone; you'll have to take out a couple planes to get past that 1500-point
 destination. In fact, this is the singlemost reason why you SHOULD NOT use
 all your missiles to destroy solar panels. They're only worth 15 points and
 you'll need to fire two at once on the planes! Vulcan cannon shots are the
 best for those pesky things! If all else fails, you can use your eight-shot
 rocket launcher (if you have it) which still has an good chance of hitting
 airborne targets from behind -- just make sure to lead the target!

                          ##### MISSION UPDATE! #####

 Stonehenge is about to be unleashed and AWACS says to drop below 2000 ft. to
 avoid its anti-aircraft bombardment. And they ain't-a kiddin' -- one hit from
 this thing will be an instant failure, it's that powerful. So, what to do as
 the terrain doesn't go below such an height? Fly through the canyons that go
 north/south throughout the entire map. The objective's to head south to the
 RTB dotted line, and enemy aircraft won't make this too simple for you. They
 will also be avoiding Stonehenge's concussive missiles and will frequent the
 gorges, too. Talk about getting caught 'tween a rock and a hard place. Some
 may come up from behind; the only evasive maneuver's to fly upwards for a
 moment and hope the missile arcs out of trajectory, before quickly moving
 your aircraft below 2000 ft. It may take a little practice, but as long as
 you get a move on it when the update comes, you can avoid some dogfighting.
 They'll mostly be helicopters you can OHKO with a missile, though. =/

 If you're having trouble keeping a set altitude, remember the d-pad's up
 button can be used to autopilot the aircraft, adjusting the altitude to a
 constant one. Also, the default controller setting works well here so that
 one can keep a high speed and simply rotate 90 degrees to get around the
 hairpin turns.

 \ MISSION 08 - "Shattered Skies"                                      [MS08] |
                | ENEMY: | 027 AIR | --- GRND | --- NAVAL | --- TGT | 027 TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: FA-18C + Advanced Medium-range AA Missiles
  OBJECTIVES: Score at least 800 points + destroy six inbound B2s
  COMPLETION: $210000 [S] / $187000 [A] / $139000 [B] / $103000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $ 30000 [S] / $ 20000 [A] / $ 15000 [B] / $ 10000 [C]

 The reason I suggest medium-range AA missiles is because everything will be
 at close range, and enemies have a better chance of evading if you shoot
 from really far away. Medium-range missiles are the third bowl of porridge,
 so to speak as they're cheap to buy ($71k) and can hit up to four targets
 at once on a good day.


 TIME LIMIT: 07:00

 When I played this game for the first time, this was the hardest mission I
 had ever fought. It's pure air-to-air combat and finding a target to punt
 into the ocean is a draining task. There are a few simple rules I advise one
 to do here, due to its x-treme dogfighting nature:

 0) As you start, four planes will be inbound straight in front of Mobius 1.
    You can hit these with medium-range AA missiles or have a chance at all
    four with long-range missiles. These often miss, so resetting until you
    hit some is a great boost to your total points. <3

 1) Don't go after any targets with 'Yellow' in their name. These cannot be
    destroyed even if you manage to land a hit; they only waste your ammo and
    time. If you want to know how good they are, Quick Release AA Missiles'll
    STILL miss even with their high chance of accuracy. You'll never manage
    to shoot one down. Ever, never ever. I hope that's clear. >__>

 2) Never chase a target unless it's wounded. I say this because time wastes
    when you adjust the plane and follow aircrafts around for long periods of
    time. While dogfighting is hard in this aspect, it also means airscapes
    are constantly are targets. I say follow a target for 15
    seconds and if you can't destroy it in that time, look for another. It's
    a simple strategy that you definitely won't regret.

 3) As a little bonus strategy for the #2 suggestion, if you get a lock-on,
    don't fire off the bat -- see if the enemy outmaneuvers a bit; if they
    curve left/right along your altitude, your success probability increases.
    Avoid shots that fire straight up or down, since they'll miss quite a lot.

 4) RTC if you find an opening, especially if you hit your target rank or just
    reach 800 PTS. This goes with the next part...

                          ##### MISSION UPDATE! #####

 When 800+ PTS are reached, six B2 Bombers will appear along the western edge
 of the map, heading east. There are six minutes to shoot them all down before
 they can mess up the scheduled satellite launching. If you RTC'd before this
 (or even as it happens), you can switch to medium-range AA missiles. When you
 find the bombers in formation, inch in behind them and put some warheads into
 their gut, en masse. As expected, they move rather slow and are always east-
 -bound, only rising in elevation and doing wide turns (rarely). Whatever you
 do, don't shoot from above -- that's just asking for a severe trashed shot.

 It's up to you whether or not you want to go to them or let them come toward
 the launch site; the former wastes time, but the latter can cut the timer
 pretty close. If you're going for S-rank, you might want to try both to see
 which works. Just remember that the mission launch starts 5:40 into the 
 update, not when the timer runs out. If you're letting the B2s go free 'til
 then, you'll have to hotfoot 'em into the water.

 When the bombers are hit, bum around until the time limit's up, shooting any
 leftover pilots 'round the way. Try to spot the goofy E767 that flies around
 15000 ft. near the main island. What's that doing out here? o_O

 Oh, and S-ranking is achieved by getting 2900+ PTS. This is quite a task!
 F-15C Multiroles, F/A-18s, MIG-29s, and F-14s (for example) can be worth 150
 PTS maximum, 60 PTS minimum (not sure how this fluctuates). At the mission
 update, be sure to look for groups of inbound fighters arriving from the SW
 or NW, since if you get behind them, you can pick 'em off easily with the
 lock-on missiles.

 \ MISSION 09 - "Operation Bunker Shot"                                [MS09] |
                | ENEMY: | 013 AIR | 083 GRND | --- NAVAL | --- TGT | 096 TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: MIG-29A + Rocket Launcher
  OBJECTIVES: Score at least 2200 points
  COMPLETION: $230000 [S] / $146000 [A] / $114000 [B] / $75000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $ 30000 [S] / $ 20000 [A] / $ 15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

 Okay, lots of ground targets to destroy in 10 minutes. The middle northern
 beach has the highest point totals, but either are fine to start off with.
 The best way to destroy things here is to take out your rocket launcher and
 strafe a beach lengthwise, maximizing impact. This also helps take care of
 pesky targets that take two missiles, such as pillboxes, and gives spread-
 -bomb damage to save missiles overall. You may need to decelerate a bit, so
 you may want to give the 'strip' a once-over to clear any SAMs/AA Guns from
 the run.

 The northern beach is especially full of pillboxes. One alternative to do
 when you run out of air-to-ground bombs (and you inevitably will and can't
 afford to RTB most of the time) is to do low-altitude vulcan cannon gunning.
 Pillboxes can be destroyed in this manner, too. MIGs occasionally drop in
 height to run across the beach as well, making them easy pickins if you're
 paying attention.

 My advice is to start the level by destroying the easternmost beach landing
 sites and work your way west, since this plays into the mission update's
 REALLY DAMAGED. It wastes time (~0:40)

                          ##### MISSION UPDATE! #####

 Completing the requisite 2200+ PTS leads the second phase into gear. Seven
 minutes (7:00) are put on the clock as some A-10s approach the middle beach.
 If you can approach from the west, it's not too hard to jump a few from an
 aft position. A few eventually splinter north of the beach and south toward
 the ocean, so make quick work of them or they'll run down the clock.

 An 'S' Rank is achieved by scoring 4400+ PTS within the 17:00 combined time
 limit. Be sure to take out as many ground targets as you can in the first 10
 minutes since they disappear at the mission update. However, there are still
 planes that fly with the A-10 targets (x6), so you can still get extra points
 to boost you up some ranks. A-10s only account for 600 PTS total, giving a
 minimum of 2800 PTS to finish this mission. Every 400 points past that raises
 the player a rank, until 4000 as said. Radar installations and batteries 
 (appear as red squares on screen) are worth the most at 80 PTS apiece. Get
 'em all! It's best to get 1k+ PTS at each beach before moving onto the next,
 giving you good time to clean out the easiest targets.

 Just know that there are a FINITE amount of minion planes that appear with
 the targets; combined, they only make up about 900 PTS worth of extra chances
 to get the top rank. You'll need to score about 3500 points in the first 10
 minutes to keep yourself prepared. Good luck!

 \ MISSION 10 - "Tango Line"                                           [MS10] |
                | ENEMY: | 026 AIR | 100 GRND | 024 NAVAL | --- TGT | 150 TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: MIG-29A + Rocket Launcher / F-18C + Long-Range AG Missiles
  OBJECTIVES: Score at least 3000 points and avoid Stonehenge's attacks
  COMPLETION: $200000 [S] / $124000 [A] / $94000 [B] / $12000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $ 30000 [S] / $ 20000 [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

 This is a mountainous mission, in scale and terrain...most enemy encampments
 have bedded down in rough terrain, whether it's summit airpads or meandering
 riverside stations (hence the naval units in this mission). Most runways are
 full with grounded crafts, so Mobius 1 can surprise 'em with enough air-to-
 -ground bombing and deceleration. Compared to last mission, it's got a few

 * Large clusters spread apart from each other
 * Mostly ground targets with a few fighters thrown in
 * SAMs and AA emplacements are in abundance

 But the distance, oh the distance! Even with a 20:00 timer, this can be hard
 going, considering how much time is wasted traveling to and from sites and
 having to avoid Stonehenge's hits (at 14:55, 8:15, 1:00 marks). As before,
 drop below 2000 ft. to terrain mask and avoid the anti-air bombardment
 that'll give automatic game overs. Make sure to do some cheap shots to any
 enemy planes you find also hiding from Stonehenge.

 Because of the easily wasted time here, the flightplan I suggest conserves
 as much as possible. Of the four 'clusters' of enemy troops, the westernmost
 and southernmost should be destroyed first (in that order), with an RTB stop
 immediately after. That western one has a lot of mountaintop SAMs with static
 targets along the river (and a few flak guns); the southernmost is an airport
 to destroy. Both should be able to give 1000 PTS apiece, if you wreck things
 in the surrounding area, too.

 After the RTB, the easternmost and northernmost should be taken out (in that
 order as well). The former's a cluster of about three small outposts, along
 the riverside. All three are basically helicopter hangars, dug out of holes
 straight into the ground. Without air-to-ground missiles, it's impossible to
 get them while dormant. They give 50 PTS per kill and only take one missile,
 so if you find one, it's gravy. This is also the one that gives the LEAST
 amount of points, potentially. The northern base is a submarine dock that's
 basically a sitting duck for any ace flyer. Creep upriver and take out easy
 targets (gunboats, watchtowers) before dropping some spread bombs among the
 living. This a great way to make points, because there are some weak planes
 and helicopters also flying this route.

 3000 PTS is the minimum (C rank) with 5000 being the S rank. It may require a
 bit of practice because many targets only cough up 30-40 PTS per kill, but
 it's managable just the same by downing some aircraft and ships along with
 it (the latter especially). The problem is that you may have to take two RTBs
 and will cut the fight very, very close. I got in the 4900s three times 'fore
 I finally reached the mark. =/

 One thing that prevents the S-ranking is having to search all over for easy
 targets, especially when you've only got a few missiles left. Eliminate all
 ground targets when you're in the area before moving on; just don't waste
 too much time on the clock. That seems contradictory, but don't spend ten
 minutes trying to divebomb the VTOL Airbase -- you may want to skip most of
 those targets for later when they become airborne.

 \ MISSION 11 - "Escort"                                               [MS11] |
                | ENEMY: | ??? AIR | --- GRND | --- NAVAL | ??? TGT | ??? TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: R-M01 + Advanced Medium-range AA Missiles 
  OBJECTIVES: Destroy all indicated targets and protect civilian airplane!
  COMPLETION: $48000 [S]
  RANK BONUS: $30000 [S]

 This is a rather easy mission, both in fighting and in ranking -- impossible
 to /not/ get to the "S" tier! Because the R-M01 is now unlocked and has some
 great medium-range air-to-air missiles, this can really help make the battle
 easier than it already is. Don't get me wrong -- there's still room for error
 to be made -- but it's definitely not as hard as some previous.



 There is a civilian aircraft that's under attack from the enemy. Head NW to
 find the craft (marked in blue) tailed by some Erusian fighters. They're at
 around 20,000 ft. so head to the altitude and shoot down the first fighter.
 Two more show up in the east, and when they're done in, three more in the
 east (or north depending on time limit).

 When three are done, the last round has four fighters in a north-south arc
 around the center of the map (~15000 ft). Since they're after the civilian
 aircraft, lure them in to closer range of it so they clump together and let
 loose with the air-to-air lock-on missiles. You can effectively eliminate 'em
 all in one go if you're lucky. Destroy all targets to get the S rank. Easy-

 \ MISSION 12 - "Stonehenge Offensive"                                 [MS12] |
                | ENEMY: | XXX AIR | XXX GRND | XXX NAVAL | XXX TGT | XXX TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: R-M01 Multirole / MIG-29A + Rocket Launcher
  OBJECTIVES: Destroy all indicated targets
  COMPLETION: $112000 [S] / $76000 [A] / $42000 [B] / $27000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $ 30000 [S] / $20000 [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

 Finally, time to eliminate the threat that is Stonehenge! There's 15:00 to
 destroy the targets in, and although this is a crucial mission for the ally
 team, it's really not as 'complex' as some of the other ones. Simply put,
 a bunch of cannons are the destination. Destroy the jamming device in the
 center platform to make your missiles lock-on capabilities function again,
 and let loose on the base of each individual cannon (shoot two missiles).
 Don't bother with the other 'distraction' targets 'cause they don't do much
 for ya. And, if you just slowly circle around the weaponry's platform, the
 chance of SAM fire and such decreases. <shrug>  If you get a 'miss' on the
 mostly-static Stonehenge cannonry, it's because the base rotated around the
 central target; you have to aim underneath it (or just at it, if using any
 air-to-ground targets).

 Around the circular base are a bunch of SAMs and other pesky supporters, so
 it's wise to shoot 'em down first. Since the Stonehenge cannons actually do
 not shoot at any allies, you can pick them off with ease. <shrug>

 Getting an S rank can be hard here because you need to get basically every
 enemy to do so. When you start, gun for the planes first since Mobius 1's
 allied planes will eventually rob you of some points. Combined with all of
 the ground targets and Stonehenge cannons, it should be possible to get an
 S rank of 2700+ PTS within this first 10:00. You may have to RTB but that
 doesn't shave too many tics off the clock. Killing a Yellow in the next
 part adds +150, so you can use that to tip the scales.

                          ##### MISSION UPDATE! #####

 TIME LIMIT: 10:00

 When all cannons have been thrown out like yesterday's trash, some inbound
 "Yellows" will appear. They're the famed Erusian fighting force, and also
 the subject of the game's cutscenes (y'remember, right?). Anyway, five of
 these suckers come in from the north. They're lithe and capable aircrafts,
 so you'll probably have a hard time hitting one. But, worry not -- you only
 have to gun down one of 'em. Do the lock-'n'-switch method employed during
 the "Shattered Skies" mission, where you trail a target and switch to a new
 one after awhile, so you're not just leading yourself around in circles.

 You can try to take one headon at the start, too, which seems to work well.
 \ MISSION 13 - "Safe Return"                                          [MS13] |
                | ENEMY: | ??? AIR | --- GRND | --- NAVAL | --- TGT | ??? TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: R-15E + Advanced Medium-range AA Missiles
  OBJECTIVES: Score at least 1300 points
  COMPLETION: $170000 [S] / $XXXXX [A] / $60000 [B] / $24000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $ 30000 [S] / $XXXXX [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

 If there's one mission that can take lots of practice to get S rank on, it's
 this one. Because there's no radar in this canyon, the pilot will have to 
 rely on visual interception...meaning there ain't anything I can do to give
 tips here. This is strictly machine-gunning! Seven minutes (7:00) is enough
 time, probably.

 But, as a layout, there is basically a fog-ridden mountainous region where
 floating balloon jammers prevent radar. That U2 spy plane that's coming into
 the place from the north depends on Mobius 1 to destroy enough for him to
 pass through. As you can see from the terrain overview in the briefing, there
 are A LOT of these balloon-mounted jammers... Thirteen (13) have to be blown
 up to win. Here are a few "tips" I have, though not that good:

 * Fly at low altitudes and look for balloons above. Because the ground's dark
   and camoflauge-y, any balloons seen from a higher vantage point will blend
   in. Looking up into the light-colored fog displays the dark-colored jammers
   a lot easier. Many balloons are also found at low altitudes, meaning it's
   possible to find more balloons faster/quicker this way.

 * If you fly around and crash, during the replay (with arrows) all of the
   balloons will show up as red marks. You can use this to get a feel for the
   positioning of the targets, if you're trying to remember 'em.

 As for scoring, 1300-1800 is C, 1900-2100 is B, 2200-2700 is A, and 2800+ is
 S. I think the middle-right part of the cannon has a high congregation of 
 the balloons, so that's a good place to get some quick PTS. Make sure that
 you're moving around to other parts as this is done, or you may be wasting
 precious time. Balloons cannot be targetted for the next part, so get easy
 pickins while you can! Since 240 PTS are gained from the update, you'll have
 to get at least 2600 PTS (26 jammers) to get S rank. Good luck!

                          ##### MISSION UPDATE! #####

 Radar's back online for the 15:00 second portion. Four planes are inbound
 toward the eastern part of Gnome Canyon (worth ~60 PTS). It's a rather simple
 dogfight, nothing that some air-to-air lock-on missiles can't take care of.
 99% of the time they can't even catch up to Leopard, so the dogfight's fixed
 from the beginning. LOL?

 \ MISSION 14 - "Breaking Arrows"                                      [MS14] |
                | ENEMY: | ??? AIR | --- GRND | --- NAVAL | ??? TGT | ??? TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: F-15E + Advanced Medium-range AA Missiles
              Any ship with high mobility and Long-range AA Missiles (varies)
  OBJECTIVES: Destroy all indicated targets 
  COMPLETION: $32000 [S] / $12000 [A] / $ 6000 [B] / $----- [C]
  RANK BONUS: $30000 [S] / $20000 [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

 This mission regards shooting down cruise missiles that are headed for AWACS
 and such. There's 20:00 to go here and they appear in clusters. The 1st one
 is composed of five, and near where you start. Get in behind 'em and shove a
 warhead into their exhaust pipe, with an AA missile or regular ones (doesn't
 matter too much). Missiles are unstable and take only one missile to destroy,
 so don't waste a bunch!

 Depending on how fast you get the first volley, this can give an opening to
 shoot down the map's ace, an X8-70. It gives 200 Points, bumping the player
 up to at least an A-ranking if the map is completed to satisfactory. It's
 at about 10000 FT, so approach with caution! If you can destroy it from aft,
 this gives an opening to get the second volley (below) from behind as well!

 The second volley of salvos starts in the far middle-north of the map (x10),
 and after a point, they split into two groups of five and head in different
 directions. The lock-on AA missiles come in handy here since the missiles're
 very fast and can change directions on a dime...or at least it'll seeem that
 way. Come up aft and shoot missiles to do away with 'em. One group heads SW
 and the other SE, but they're all southbound in the end at about 750 MPH, so
 you'll have to match that to catch up.

 The last volley is a singular missile from the north, and this is a hard one
 to go with. Hopefully you saved some AA missiles, 'cause fighting this one's
 a doozy. It's super-fast and goes right south to start with. No fancy tricks
 to see besides it's superhuman evasion capabilities (think a Yellow on Surge
 and steroids). Coming up behind it's the only way to deal with it, as nearly
 any shot will miss from the front. Since it only stays along the eastern edge
 of the glacier (the black part), it's course is set a bit. It pulls a lot of
 crazy turns and circles around when you're in close range, though -- try to
 follow behind it and use medium-range AAs to take it out, which also may help
 adjust to its oscillation. Mission complete at its destruction. (PS - Watch
 the recap with the arrows at the scoreboard to see just how crazy it was!).

 One tip for shooting this down is that, even though it's crazy at evading,
 it's still a missile -- one shot does the trick. If you can't adjust the
 shot to hit it at its peak, fire 'em one at a time (in a rhythm) and they
 will eventually get a blow in.


 "C" rank is achieved by just destroying all targets (1700 PTS), "B" rank by
 destroying one regular fighter, "C" rank by destroying both escorts for the
 third missile (or by killing ace); and, "S" rank by destroying all missiles,
 both escorts, and the X8-70. You'll get 2020 PTS. :p

 \ MISSION 15 - "Emancipation"                                         [MS15] |
                | ENEMY: | 019 AIR | 062 GRND | --- NAVAL | --- TGT | 081 TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: F-15E Multirole + Advanced Medium-range AA Missiles (your choice)
  OBJECTIVES: Score at least 2000 points
  COMPLETION: $200000 [S] / $150000 [A] / $120000 [B] / $100000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $ 30000 [S] / $ 20000 [A] / $ 15000 [B] / $ 10000 [C]

 Time to salvage San Salvacion! There are five notable clusters of enemies
 here, being four large ones (left to right: Gov't Complex, the San Profetta
 Airport, Old Towne) and one small group of launchers by the west coast. This
 is fairly basic 'training' with only a few small details to remember during
 the 10:00 time limit:

 * THE BLACKOUT! Always keep an eye on your altitude reading. The ground will
   be pitch black and the dying rays of the sun only brighten the sky so much.
   To be safe, fly at level altitude as much as possible (adjust w/ autopilot)
   and never do dangerous maneuvers, like doing a 180-degree turn by diving
   lowering height or divebombing with vulcan guns. Those are invitations to
   the grave, pretty much. Plus, elevation is masked in the night, so keep
   yerself level, son!

 * The Government Complex is, as expected, one of the more fortified places
   and also the largest. It's got a nice, rich blend of infantry vehicles,
   SAMs and AA guns, as well as KR-50 choppers that sit in between highrise

 * San Profetta Airport has a bunch of grounded aircraft C-17s worth 100 PTS
   apiece. Get 'em early on so they don't get airborne and become incessant
   nuisances in this already messed-up dogfight. Plus, the airport isn't a
   great source of illumination like the cityscapes, so this is a dangerous
   runthrough. There's only one SAM here also, in the airport's center, but
   a lot of Yellows that surround the place.

 * Old Towne (eastmost cluster) is almost completely composed of ground tgts,
   such as infantry and normal tanks. There are a few SAM installments also,
   so don't let your guard down as you heck-wreck everythin' in sight. :p
   The lit-up buildings and highways only aid the player. There's also a
   curious monument that looks like the Arc d'Triumph here. o____O

 * There are Yellows flying around. A long time ago they were unbeatable aces,
   but since the Stonehenge Offensive, they're able to be destroyed further.
   Don't get it wrong -- they're still capable crafts. Don't waste too much
   ammo going after single ones. They're worth 150 PTS per...tempting, huh?

 This map is also cut to about 4/7ths the regular size, meaning you can RTB
 without having to take a lot of time off the clock.

                          ##### MISSION UPDATE! #####

 When 2000 PTS are racked up and the ten-minute timer depletes, multiple 
 TU-160 aircrafts (x6) appear in the west border's edge (middle), intent on
 destroying New City. There's 10:00 to destroy them all, and if there is one
 thing you should've found out about bombers, is that they're snail-slow and
 suck at outmaneuvering...well, everything but tricycles. They appear in
 pairs, so ease up behind one and belt it with some auto-lock medium-range AA
 missiles. Or any other projectile. They fly at ~7500ft, so...yeah. <shrug>
 Fly at more 700 MPH to catch up with 'em, 'cause they follow a flightplan
 that makes stops at the three main clusters in an west-east manner.

 TU-160s in the last portion only account for 960 PTS, meaning to get an S
 rank, you'll have to score about 3260 PTS in the first 10:00 to achieve an
 assured victory (apx - it might be 3040).

 \ MISSION 16 - "Whiskey Corridor"                                     [MS16] |
                | ENEMY: | 013 AIR | 113 GRND | --- NAVAL | --- TGT | 126 TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: F-15E Multirole + Unguided Bomb (Large)
  OBJECTIVES: Score at least 3500 points
  COMPLETION: $305000 [S] / $225000 [A] / $93000 [B] / $50000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $ 30000 [S] / $ 20000 [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

 (I just want to note that this battle's cool because everyone on the enemy
 ranks starts calling Mobius 1 the 'Grim Reaper'. LOL @ their frailty)

 This mission's objective is to destroy the last Erusian ground defense that
 prevents the assaunt on the capital of Farbanti. There's 20:00 to do a lot
 of damage, and the main groups come in four large clusters. Here's the route
 I suggest you take to start off with:

                      [NORTHERN LINE
                         OF DEFENSE ]

                      [CENTRAL LINE OF  <- - - - - - [OLD ANCHOR
                     /     DEFENSE    ]               PORT CITY ]
                    /                               __
                   /                                 /|
     [DEFENSIVE  |/_                                / 
      POSITION ]                                   /

 When you complete this run, RTB. Start at the western front's defensive
 position and work back to the central line of defense, then up to the north
 foothold. Of course I make it sound so easy with these generalizations. Here
 is what's going on in the enemy camp:

 * OLD ANCHOR POINT CITY - Lots of tanks (duh!) and some AA guns on the city's
   outskirts. The city's sparse and has the only SAM nearby, but there's one
   more to the NW. Mostly everything here is easy pickings; they're just in a
   thin spread. A few howitzers (new ground target) are here as well. Points
   obtained in this region should be around 1200-1300.

 * CENTRAL LINE OF DEFENSE - This is where the two forces clash, so tanks, AA
   guns, and SAMs will be moving around (you probably didn't know most were
   mobile!). Most cluster together in groups of two or three, making overhead
   missile drops a great success. Easy points, about 1500+ to get.

 * WESTERN DEFENSIVE POSITION - As the name suggests, targets here are mostly
   static (howitzers, SAMs, AA guns, tanks). If you've been working the enemy
   heavily in the above diagram, you'll be running out of missiles here, so
   think about dropping some unguided bombs (pillboxes = oh no!) RTB when
   you're fresh outta firepower, because this defensive position's composed
   of two minor clusters (one has tents!)

 * NORTHERN LINE OF DEFENSE - A salt flat? with some tents, SAMs, and a buncha
   tanks. Nothing's really mobile here but there's a huge concentration for
   the most part. Flak guns also make cameos, and this is where the enemy's
   HQ is (100 PTS). Since this is the last stop in my plan, give 110%, bro!


 To get S rank, you'll have to score more about 6300 PTS. Since there's no
 mission update to add time, you've got to do a good run through and make use
 of the RTBs. If you follow my diagram up there, you should be well on your
 way to doing it. Just remember a few tips:

  - Clear out as many enemies so you don't have to return to that location
  - Only one RTB /should/ be needed to get the S rank
  - Don't waste missiles on anything that needs more than two shots to die;
    avoid planes and gun-down pillboxes. Helicopters (RH-64) are fine though.

 I managed to get a 6300+ PT score with only ground and helicopter targets,
 so it's definitely not impossible. Managing the missile inventory's all ya
 gotta do, seriously.

 \ MISSION 17 - "Siege of Farbanti"                                    [MS17] |
                | ENEMY: | 004 AIR | 034 GRND | 004 NAVAL | --- TGT | 042 TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: F-15 Active + Your Choice (FAEB or Advanced Medium-range AA Msl)
  OBJECTIVES: Score at least 2100 points
  COMPLETION: $230000 [S] / $150000 [A] / $120000 [B] / $84000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $ 30000 [S] / $ 25000 [A] / $ 15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

 Farbanti is the Erusian capital, and unlike San Salvacion, has everything in
 a neat little package...meaning there's no criss-crossing the skies to get
 all over the place. Targets are in a close proximity for the 12-minute timer,
 making this a walk in the park. I mean, just look at how shrunken the map
 peremeters are! Still, a few reminders:

  * A few enemies are protected by the bridge. You either have to get a good
    trajectory through the frame or use spread bombs to neutralize 'em. There
    are two bridges (Silver and Johnson Memorial) to sweep out.

  * Speaking of which, the Johnsom Memorial Bridge can be destroyed. This gets
    some easy points and also prevents southward tank movement into the wider
    part of Farbanti. Make this a top priority, because it will destroy any
    troops on the bridge as well.

  * The submerged municipal area (western coast) has some easy targets, mostly
    submarines and helicopters. This is a prime spot for PTS. The former are
    protected by some old skyscrapers, though, so aim well.

                          ##### MISSION UPDATE! #####

 When the first part's over, 18:00 are put up for you to destroy five of the
 Yellow squadron. They appear near Mobius1, and while most enemies have fled to
 better pastures, a few choppers (x4) still cruise the south ocean. Switch out
 weapons for medium-range AA missiles at this point, too.

 Five Yellows is quite a hard task, at least for new players. Since they're
 erratic movers and great evaders, biding one's time to get in a good shot's
 a great idea. Come up from behind, fire a couple regular missiles and/or a
 medium-range AA (all three if you want!) and try to hedge your bets a bit.
 They aren't invincible -- you've probably destroyed a few in previous jobs,
 I warrant -- but a destroying the flock's never been mandatory. They love to
 shoot missiles, so don't be afraid to RTB if you get damaged. A F-15 Active
 can withstand two direct shots before needing to convalesce at the base --
 remember this! You may actually want to anchor the fight in the south ocean
 for better access.


 2850 PTS is the bare minimum one can get here to pass with a "C" rank, while
 4200+ PTS are needed for an S Rank. 950 PTS are possible (total) at mission
 update, meaning one needs about 3300 PTS to get an assured high rank.

 \ MISSION 18 - "Megalith"                                             [MS18] |
                | ENEMY: | ??? AIR | 003 GRND | --- NAVAL | 003 TGT | ??? TTL |

  RECOMMENDS: S-37A + Quick Maneuver AA Missiles
  OBJECTIVES: Destroy all indicated targets
  COMPLETION: $215000 [S] / $125000 [A] / $60000 [B] / $30000 [C]
  RANK BONUS: $ 30000 [S] / $ 20000 [A] / $15000 [B] / $10000 [C]

 Laugh at the whiniest quote in the game: "Sweep them from our skies!" ^____^

 Whew, last mission in the game. The best of the non-unlockable aircrafts is
 now available, too. Those quick-maneuvering missiles can track targets for a
 long ways, and are perfect for shooting down Yellows, which this level'll be
 packed with. Sell off all the other junky planes to get these goods. <3

 Megalith is a gigantic structure where one needs to destroy three generators
 to open some missile bay doors. The layout looks sorta like this (with 'G'
 standing for generator):

      ENTER --.
             |^|^|   |^|   |G|
       < < < |^|^|< < G < <|^|< < < < < < < <    <------ ENTER
             |^|^|   |^|   |^|                  [PT. LEGEND]
             |^ ^|   |^|   |^|
             '-|^|   |^|   |^|             YELLOWS     =  90 PTS
               |^|   |_|   |^|             GENERATORS  = 500 PTS
               |^| LOCKED  |^|             MISSILES    = 300 PTS
               |^|   DOOR  |^|             BIG MISSILE = 990 PTS

 There are small tunnels that allow access to the generator, and this is the
 only level where one's had to deal with such constraining maneuvers. For
 the westmost, entering from the north is easier since it's possible to shoot
 from afar and raise up out of the tunnel before going in (and even when in
 the thing, the interior turn is easier).

 The other north/south-running tunnel is straightforward and raises altitude
 towards the end. Entering from the north is possible but not recommend, 'cuz
 it bypasses the generator and you'll have to south to get out. Instead, come
 in through the south entry point and go north to destroy the hunkajunk.

 The third generator runs east/west, under both of the two other tunnels. The
 generator is below a third locked tunnel and there are numerous windows to
 shoot and raise out of the low elevation. When all three are blown up, the
 missile bay doors open!


 After the first part's done, three missiles are shown. Two can be shot from
 above, and are found on either side of Megalith. The last has to be accessed
 from a tunnel that runs north/south in the middle of the thing. Remember the
 tunnel with a locked door. Quickly shoot it when it comes in sight, and exit
 through the opening silo roof. Get S Rank by shooting down all Yellows and
 destroying three of the four missiles. Out of the four, only one will stay
 put, so get fleet-footed and destroy two of those ones. If they get airborne
 it'll be impossible to catch 'em.

 And that's all, folks! Enjoy the ending interlude scene.

 \ MISSION CLEAR - Unlockables                                         [MS19] |

 After you've saved the game post-Megalith, new options and things will have
 been unlocked, being:


  This is where you can play the game through again, only with any aircraft,
  weaponry, and money obtained in the last game. So, if you got $2,000,000
  along the way like I did, you can use that immediately to get stuff. All
  aircraft will be opened for purchase ASAP, too.


  This is where you can play any mission out of the normal game order. This
  is a great mode for getting the aces for paintjobs, although no currency is
  awarded for winning. PTS records _are_ kept, though. Also use this mode to
  get "S" rankings, since they're saved right along with point values.


  Score Attack and Time Attack Mode. They involve fun little challenges that
  require quick-thinking and prowess. Unlock new challenges by getting at
  least a "B" Rank.

 Also, the F-4E's 2nd and 3rd paintjobs will be available. And, under the
 Option's menu, you can watch the interludes (story cutscenes) as well as hear
 various music from the game. Not too shabby.

| IV. PLANE LIST                                                      [PLNL] /

 Here is where a player can see information on the individual crafts, and
 gauge if they want to spend money on 'em or not. Note that you can sell
 the things back when better upgrades come around, and for full price +
 upgrades, too. You'll have to re-purchase the weapons, however, for the
 next aircraft. The armaments' costs can be found at the very bottom of
 the section (they do differ slightly).


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x650 / MSSL x52
 UNLOCK  : Initially available
 WEAPONS : Unguided Bomb (Medium) [x08]
 UPGRADES: Napalm Bomb [x6]

 "Large carrier-based jet designed to shoot down enemy aircraft and destroy
 ground targets." As with all initial vehicles, it's quickly lost in the
 shuffle of better upgrades, of which nearly every craft betters it in all
 areas. It's got substandard stats in all applicable areas except defense,
 of which it just barely squeaks past the halfway mark. Since it cannot be
 sold, expect the F-4E to fall by the wayside quite fast. The good thing that
 comes from this is that any upgrades bought for the thing cannot be revoked,
 if you consider that a boon...


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x650 / MSSL x48
 UNLOCK  : Initially available [$52000]
 WEAPONS : Unguided Bomb (Small) [x12]
 UPGRADES: Rocket Launcher [x64]

 "Low cost, lightweight fighter with respectable capability in all areas.
 Easy to fly and maintain." As its description says, it's a budget craft and
 isn't meant to excel too much. In fact, it's similar to the F-4E in that it
 does not excel in ANY areas besides stability, where it's just barely above
 the midway mark. I have to say that it's kinda stupid and easily obtained,
 but its Rocket Launcher air-to-ground bomb can be used SIXTY-FOUR times! It
 has the highest ammo capacity of any upgrade in the game! That may or may
 not make it worth it, but still, that's a lot of damage to ground troops.
 Some levels, like Whiskey Corridor, can really benefit from the forget 'n'
 fire way of fighting.


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x700, MSSL x52
 UNLOCK  : Complete "The Northern Eye" (#03)
 WEAPONS : Unguided Bomb (Small) [x14]
 UPGRADES: Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile [x12]

 "Small and lightweight, this jet is a well-balanced fighting machine for
 air-to-air and air-to-ground combat." A little better than the norm, this
 craft's mobility and air-to-air capabilities are pretty good. Why the
 description says it's good at air-to-ground, though, I have no idea --
 it's definitely crappy in that area. One thing that does make up for the
 craft's innate fault is the XAGM missile it can get that allows it to
 strike up to four ground targets with a homing missile. It can only load
 up to twelve, though, and fires in bursts of four (maximum) so it's gone
 pretty quick. Still nice, though! It also carries two more Unguided Bombs
 than its competition, but you'll have to pick one or the other when bringing
 a weapon into battle anyway...


 AIRCRAFT: Attacker
 SPECS   : GUN x650, MSSL x56
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Lifeline" (#05)
 WEAPONS : Unguided Bomb (Large) [x12]
 UPGRADES: Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile [x16] / Cluster Bomb [x12]

 "This ground attack vehicle is well equipped for its role with a large
 Vulcan cannon and air-to-ground weapons." Here's a trooper if there ever
 was one. It's got peerless defense and air-to-ground capabilities but has
 wretched speed and air-to-air capabilities, which makes it very, very lop-
 -sided. Mobility and stability hover around the halfway mark; this probably
 won't see too much play. There are maps where there are no ground troops;
 there are NO maps that lack aircrafts that rain down missiles on you. Don't
 bring this into play 'less you want a nice handicap. One thing that's good
 about it that it can use either XAGM air-to-ground missiles or cluster
 bombs; you can switch 'em out back at base, which gives it a little


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x720 / MSSL x52
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Lifeline" (#05)
 WEAPONS : Unguided Bomb (Small) [x16]
 UPGRADES: Long-range Air-to-Surface Missile [x10]

 "Great multi-role fighter that incorporates the latest technology to
 compensate for delta-wing design." Pretty decent upgrade here, but lacks
 air-to-ground and stability capabilities. Without exceptional stability in
 it, the attacking will suffer does have great speed, mobility,
 and defense, though. It's long-range missile upgrades can come in handy as
 well, but static targets can be destroyed using any number of weapons; the
 long-range ability doesn't matter too much here, even with homing ability.


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x750 / MSSL x64
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Invincible Fleet" (#06)
 WEAPONS : Advanced Long-range Air-to-Air Missiles [x16]
 UPGRADES: Unguided Bomb (Medium) [x10]

 "Carrier-based air superiority fighter. This jet can attack multiple targets
 simultaneously." Probably one of the first upgrades a player could keep for
 a few levels, this craft is good in most areas besides its air-to-ground
 abilities (which aren't that important anyway for static targets). It's got
 boosted missile capacity compared to the lesser aircrafts -- sell in your
 junkers to buy this ASAP. It's also the first craft that comes with great
 XLAA missiles, useful in pure dogfight missions where the upper hand has to
 be granted immediately. Again, lots of bang for the common buck -- yay!


 AIRCRAFT: Attacker
 SPECS   : GUN x750 / MSSL x58
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Invincible Fleet" (#06)
 WEAPONS : Bomblet Dispenser [x12]
 UPGRADES: Precision-guided Bomb [x8] / Long-range Air-to-Surface Missile [x12]

 "Multi-role fighter that features both air-to-air and air-to-ground
 capability." Like the last time you heard a description like this, it's
 really not that good at one of the 'capabilities,' this time being the
 air-to-air. It's better at defense and air-to-ground strikes, but fails
 in most other categories besides stability. Don't bother with this one
 unless you're just looking to buy all the crafts (get F-14A instead!).
 It's precision-guided bomb isn't so bad, though, but it's hardly a kicker
 to shell out $100,000+ for.


 AIRCRAFT: Multirole
 SPECS   : GUN x700 / MSSL x60
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Invincible Fleet" (#06)
 WEAPONS : Unguided Bomb (Medium) [x10]
 UPGRADES: Long-Range Air-to-Surface Missile        [x14]
           Advanced Medium-range Air-to-Air Missile [x14]

 "Multi-role carrier-based fighter. Able to carry virtually every weapon
 every made." As it's name may suggest, it's got fairly even stats that,
 while not spectacular, have barely any weak points. It's defense is the
 highest stat, while its speed is (barely) the tapir of the thing -- not
 a bad purchase, considering it's capability for using different types of
 weapons. It's even got medium- to long-range weapons for any situation,
 so it's worth the price if you can afford 'em.


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x800 / MSSL x68
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Shattered Skies" (#08) 
 WEAPONS : Unguided Bomb (Medium) [x12]
 UPGRADES: Advanced Medium-range Air-to-Air Missile [x16]

 "With the perfect balance of power and maneuverability, this jet is the best
 air superiority fighter around." It's name may be a little too boastful, but
 it's not too shabby. It's air-to-ground skills aren't up to snuff, but it's
 high in most other areas (besides stability, which breaks even). Its weapons
 that can be bought give it extended firepower, and since it excels in speed
 and mobility, is even deadlier because of 'em. Not a bad buy at all.


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x750 / MSSL x64
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Shattered Skies" (#08)
 WEAPONS : Unguided Bomb (Small) [x18]
 UPGRADES: Rocket Launcher [x72]

 "Highly maneuverable mid-sized fighter with a large payload. Performs well
 in both air-to-ground and air-to-air roles." It's description is a bit too
 lenient, but it's not a downright lie -- it's about neck in neck for which
 attack type it's best in, both of which are above average. It's stability's
 a crapshoot though, considering the price of the thing... It gets a rocket
 launcher as well, meaning it's got the air-to-ground bases covered. Can't
 go wrong there!


 AIRCRAFT: Attacker
 SPECS   : GUN x650 / MSSL x54
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Tango Line" (#10)
 WEAPONS : Unguided Bomb (Large) [x14]
 UPGRADES: Precision-guided Bomb [x14] / Cluster Bomb [x14]

 "Although difficult to detect by radar, this Stealth attacker is limited
 by a small payload capacity." Yeah, you ain't-a kiddin', description. This
 has lower GUN/MSSL inventories than most crafts, incentivized only by the
 decent precision-guided bombs it can carry. Still lacks that well-roundness
 that would make it decent -- the F-117A has horrible speed and air-to-air
 capabilities, meaning it's more useful in the hangar than floating through
 the breeze...unless you want to use it in a map with heavy ground troop
 usage in it (Tango Line, Whisky Corridor). Still, why waste so much cash
 on a craft with such limited use?


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x800 / MSSL x68
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Tango Line" (#10)
 WEAPONS : Advanced Long-range Air-to-Air Missile [x16]
 UPGRADES: Unguided Bomb (Medium) [x14]

 "Delta-wing air superiority fighter with high-tech canards that adjust for
 different altitudes." It sucks at air-to-ground combat so it's upgrade is
 mostly a waste of hard-earned dollars. It's stats show that it's decent in
 all other categories, though, especially speed and air-to-air which is where
 it counts. It's default special missiles only help it maintain superiority
 in the clouds, so for a strictly air-to-air fighter, ya can't go wrong.


 AIRCRAFT: Multirole
 SPECS   : GUN x800 / MSSL x64
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Tango Line" (#10)
 WEAPONS : Standoff Dispenser [x14]
 UPGRADES: Advanced Medium-range Air-to-Air Missiles [x18]
           Long-range Air-to-Surface Missiles [x16]

 "Delta-wing carrier-based fighter with a large payload. Leading edge canards
 make it highly maneuverable." Whatever went into those canards really makes
 this a standout. It's decent at all combat types and it's other stats don't
 slack off either (worst: air-to-ground, at just over the halfway point). A
 great pedigree of excellence that's expected of multirole fighters, huh?
 It's long-range capabilities make it quite a dead-eye fighter. AND, it has
 a unique weapon in the standoff dispenser, which has homing capabilities as
 a great air-to-ground bomb. Genius!


 AIRCRAFT: Multirole
 SPECS   : GUN x850 / MSSL x72
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Stonehenge Offensive" (#12)
 WEAPONS : Unguided Bomb (Large) [x14]
 UPGRADES: Advanced Medium-range Air-to-Air Missile [x20] / Cluster Bomb [x14]

 "Advanced air-to-ground avionics and weapons provide this air superiority
 F-15 with great anti-surface capability." Although it costs over a half mil,
 it's definitely worth the price. In fact, when it's first available, it's
 the best one you can get! All stats are above average, with defense and
 air-to-air fighting being being its highwater marks. It's better than the
 R-M01 by a bit, so let your wallet make the decision.


 AIRCRAFT: Attacker
 SPECS   : GUN x800 / MSSL x68
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Stonehenge Offensive" (#12)
 WEAPONS : Unguided Bomb (Medium) [x16]
 UPGRADES: Long-range Air-to-Surface Missile [x18] / Rocket Launcher [x80]

 "A great support fighter, this F-16 boasts advanced avionics and an alloy
 body." It's like a multirole fighter with higher stats in all areas besides
 stability, which must've been sacrificed for its frame make. Pretty good in
 all categories but has lower GUN/MSSL figures than the multiroles and costs
 about as much. The good thing is that both of its upgrades have lock-on
 capabilities, which can definitely be a deciding factor for "lazy pilots"
 such as myself. :p


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x850 / MSSL x72
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Emancipation" (#15)
 WEAPONS : Advanced Long-range Air-to-Air Missile [x18]
 UPGRADES: Unguided Bomb (Medium) [x16]

 "An exceptional multi-role fighter. High-tech canards provide superior
 maneuverability in air combat." This ain't a joke, either -- its speed and
 air-to-air abilities are probably the highest balance you'll find on any one
 fighter. It's mobility is right up there, too, making this incredibly useful
 in any map. It's extra long-range default missiles more than make up for its
 unguided bombs that play off its weak points: air-to-ground attacking. Quite
 a nice find actually...


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x850 / MSSL x74
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Whiskey Corridor" (#16)
 WEAPONS : Advanced Long-range Air-to-Air Missiles [x22]
 UPGRADES: Precision-guided Bomb [x16]

 "An exceptional fighter with superior maneuverability, payload, Stealth,
 supersonic cruise, and thrust vectoring." Okay, I lied -- this is probably
 the best combo platter of speed and air-to-air ability, with both nearly
 up to the brim. Air-to-ground attacking suffers accordingly, but everything
 else is up to par, definitely. Comes with even more air-to-air missiles than
 the SU-35 and two more missiles in its payload. The only thing it /doesn't/
 have is a cup holder. =/


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x850 / MSSL x78
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Whiskey Corridor" (#16)
 WEAPONS : Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missiles [x8]
 UPGRADES: Unguided Bomb (Large) [x16], Long-range Air-to-Surface Missile [x20]

 Has Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missiles, which makes it a winner just to start
 with, but has the lowest count for any that can use it. Still, it brings a
 lot of versatility to the table and has decent stats in all but stability and
 air-to-ground capabilities. Has x-treme speed and mobility, and has a decent
 cost attachment. Comes at a reasonable price. Did I mention this is the craft
 that the Yellows use? Well, it is.


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x900 / MSSL x78
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Whiskey Corridor" (#16)
 WEAPONS : Advanced Medium-range Air-to-Air Missiles [x22]
 UPGRADES: Fuel-air Explosive Bomb [x08]

 "The most maneuverable F-15 with thrust vectoring nozzles, ACTIVE, and
 forward-swept wings." It's got the highest mobility rating of any aircraft
 in the game, with all of its stats falling a bit short of that marking (to
 at least halfway, at least). It's got twenty-two medium-range missiles that
 aren't too shabby at all, and has the unique fuel-air explosive bomb as an
 upgrade. If you want to get around and shoot down bogeys, this driver's seat
 will have you floored.


 AIRCRAFT: Fighter
 SPECS   : GUN x900 / MSSL x78
 UNLOCK  : Complete "Siege of Farbanti" (#17)
 WEAPONS : Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile [x10]
 UPGRADES: Unguided Bomb (Large) [x18]

 "Unique forward-swept wings and canards provide unmatched turning ability.
 It also has some Stealth ability." It's got the same amount of speed and
 air-to-air ability as the F-22A and very high mobility as well; the rest of
 the stats are a li'l short of that degree of superiority. It's upgrade plays
 off its weak point, but since you don't need pinpoint accuracy, it's not too
 wasteful. I should note that the Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile is the
 best one in the game, and has VERY high accuracy. This comes from the fact
 that it homes in on the enemy and if it passes it, it'll turn around and
 keep right on following it! Most missiles bum out after they miss the target
 but these stick with it for about ten or so seconds, even when out of sight!
 Highly recommended, especially since they come with the plane. Plus, the 
 missile type is highly maneuverable -- great for shooting down those pesky
 aces you can find in maps!


 AIRCRAFT: Multirole
 SPECS   : GUN x950 / MSSL x82
 UNLOCK  : Get 'S' ranks
 WEAPONS : Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missiles [x16]
 UPGRADES: Bomblet Dispenser [x24]

 The mother of all planes, this special unlockable is hands-down the best
 one you can get. It holds the best missiles in the game and the best A2G
 bombs, too (arguably) -- no reason not to get this, if you're good 'nough.
 It even has a unique design, but you'll have to see for yourself. :p  All
 of its stats are great, except for defense which is just 'decent.'

     | WEAPON'S FULL NAME                       | ABREV. | $$ FLUCTUATION |
     | Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile           |  XAGM  | $ 52000-58000  |
     | Advanced Long-range Air-to-Air Missile   |  XLAA  | $ ------------ |
     | Advanced Medium-range Air-to-Air Missile |  XMAA  | $ 71000-117000 |
     | Bomblet Dispenser                        |  BDSP  | $ ------------ |
     | Cluster Bomb                             |   CLB  | $ 55000-119000 |
     | Fuel-Air Explosive Bomb                  |  FAEB  | $ 286000       |
     | Long-range Air-to-Surface Missile        |  LASM  | $ 56000-121000 |
     | Napalm Bomb                              |   NPB  | $ 32000        |
     | Precision-guided Bomb                    |   PGB  | $ 76000-163000 |
     | Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile        |  QAAM  | $ ------------ |
     | Rocket Launcher                          |   RCL  | $ 41000-99000  |
     | Standoff Dispenser                       |   SOD  | $ ------------ |
     | Unguided Bomb (Medium)                   |  UGBM  | $ 66000-133000 |
     | Unguided Bomb (Small)                    |  UGBS  | $ ------------ |
     | Unguided Bomb (Large)                    |  UGBL  | $ 154000       |

 A note about these items: as the missions roll on and you haven't bought the
 plane or a certain weapon, the price seems to get jacked up. For instance,
 when the MIG-29A becomes available at Mission 9, its Rocket Launcher's worth
 is $81000; at endgame, you have to pay $99000. That's just a small example of
 price-upping -- expensive ones will only get more expensive!

| V. ACE FIGHTER LOCATIONS                                            [AFLC] /

 Aces are special planes, often better than the current enemies, that can be
 found as 'extras' on maps. Some have special conditions for appearing, but
 most use their stealth function (i.e. radar invisibility) to simply not show
 up unless Mobius 1 is close. Some are available in normal mode, although I
 would recommend waiting until the game's beaten to unlock the "Free Mission"
 mode, which lets the player go to any mission at once. Defeating a map's ace
 unlocks a 2nd paintjob for the same plane type (i.e. F-5E Wang opens up the
 buyable F-5E's new coat). If you're playing in Free Mission, you can search
 out the ace, kill it, and quit; then, buy the plane in Sp. Mission. Yay?

 Oh, and all pilots are worth 240 PTS upon death. <3

 #01 - F-5E Wang          - North of the main island at around 10,000 ft.
 #02 - A-10 Ciffreo       - Around Rigley Air Base at appx.  6,000 ft.
 #03 - F-16 Tempel        - SW of the westernmost radar cluster
 #04 - MIR-2000 Rigaux    - North of the two radar-jamming convoys (is on map)
 #05 - MIG-29 Mrkos       - Far west of the mainland refinery
 #06 - F-14 Levy          - North of New Comberth Harbor (northrnmst sub. dock)
 #07 - TND-1D5 De Vico    - Far north of the solar-powered generator plant
 #08 - F/A-18 Vaisala     - Over the easternmost (large) island after awhile
 #09 - F-15C Tuttle       - North of mountains by Crowne Beach (middle beach)
 #10 - R-M01 Faye         - NW of the resupply base / W of the submarine dock
 #11 - SU-35 Neujmin      - In the map's SE corner (wait until 4th wave to do)
 #12 - F-2 Urata          - North of Stonehenge
 #13 - F-15E Gunn         - South of the 4 fighters arriving at mission update
 #14 - F-22 Abell         - NE of starting pos, along north border's middle
 #15 - EF-2000 Olmstead   - In between Sal Salvacion's three main boroughs
 #16 - F-117 Kwee         - Near west border's middle section (black-colored)
 #17 - F-15 Active Halley - Along the western coastline, NW of Farbanti
 #18 - S-37 Smirnova      - Far north of Megalith's island

 As you can see (or figure out by comparison), three planes do not unlock
 paintjobs by killing similar aces, being the F-4E starter plane, the SU-37
 "Yellow" type, and the X-02 Multirole unlockable. Here's how to get those
 new coats with the un-normal prereqs:

 F-4E : Unlocked by beating the game
 SU-37: Beat every mission at 'A' rank or better (Normal Mode+)
      : Defeat all (18) aces
 X-02 : Get 'S' ranks on all missions in Hard Mode
      : Get 'S' ranks on all missions in Extreme Mode

| VI. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                      [FAQZ] /

 [Q] - Is there any way to keep a consistent altitude!?
 [A] - Depress the up (d-pad) button to turn on autopilot and keep the plane
       at a set cruising level.

 [Q] - I don't understand some of the game's terminology.
 [A] - Try this site:

| VII. UPDATES                                                        [UPDT] /

 04-23-07 - - - - - - - - - - - -----> Added to GameFAQs
                                  '--> Walkthrough 100%
                                  '--> Ace Fighter 100%
                                  '--> Plane Lists 100%

 As always, e-mail me if you have questions or things to add. Love that stuff.

| VIII. THANKS                                                        [THKS] /

 Ceej       - hosting this thing'r
 Messgbrdrs - 'Cause you're awesome 'n' stuff
 Octoferret - for making maps that helped when I couldn't find some aces >_<

 And, of course, anyone who reads this. Go you!

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