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Follow the dark path or use the light

Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Urban Chaos: Riot Response Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 8 cheats on PlayStation 2
We also have cheats for this game on:   Xbox

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Unlock Bonus WeaponsAdded 21 Apr 2008, ID #29875
When you complete the indicated number of 'Emergency' Situations the corresponding bonus weapon will become unlocked.

Unlock Shotgun Mk. 1:
Complete 1 Emergency situation.

Unlock Assault Rifle Mk. 1:
Complete 2 Emergency situations.

Unlock Shotgun Mk. 2:
Complete 3 Emergency situations.

Unlock Assault Rifle Mk. 2:
Complete 4 emergency situations.

Unlock Shotgun Mk. 3:
Complete 5 emergency situations.

Unlock Assault Rifle Mk. 3:
Complete 6 Emergency situations.

Unlock Thermal BreatherAdded 21 Apr 2008, ID #29874
When you complete Webster Street the Thermal Breather becomes unlocked. The Thermal Breather prevents you from losing health from inhaling fumes and also picks out heat sources so you can find people easier.
Unlock Terror ModeAdded 21 Apr 2008, ID #29873
When you complete ALL the Story missions in the game on any difficulty setting 'Terror' mode will become an available option. Terror mode has other levels of medals.
Unlock Emergency MissionsAdded 21 Apr 2008, ID #29872
When you capture the indicated number of gang leaders alive the corresponding Emergency mission will become unlocked.

Unlock Emergency Downtown Mission:
Capture 1 gang leader alive.

Unlock Emergency South Side Lot Mission:
Capture 2 gang leaders alive.

Unlock Emergency Dockyard Mission:
Capture 4 gang leaders alive.

Unlock Emergency Sewers Mission:
Capture 6 gang leaders alive.

Unlock Emergency Thompson St. Mission:
Capture 8 gang leaders alive.

Unlock Emergency Angel Heights Mission:
Capture 10 gang leaders alive.
Unlock CodesAdded 5 Jul 2006, ID #21957
At the Main menu enter Up, Up, Down, Down, Circle, Down, Up, Circle then select the cheat section and enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effects. These codes are case sensitive.

Unlock ALL Levels and Emergencies:

Unlock Long Range Stungun:

Unlock Mini gun (replaces the Pistol):

Bullets Set Fire to Enemies (similar to one hit kills):

Thermal Breather MK2 (for visibilty in smoke):

Unlock MK3 Assault Rifle with Unlimited Grenades:

Unlock MK4 Pistol:

No Heads:

Activate Disco Mode:

Activate Terror Mode:

Helium Voices:
All CheatsAdded 26 Jun 2006, ID #21781
At the main menu screen, press Up(2), Down(2), Circle, Down, Up, Circle to unlock the cheats page. Go to it, and enter these codes.

All levels and emergencies - KEYTOTHECITY
Upgraded Stungun - FRYINGTIME
Replace Pistol with Helicopter Minigun - MINIFUN
Mk. 3 Assault Rifle with Unlimited Grenades - ULTIMATEPOWER
Unlock Mk. 4 Pistol - ZEROTOLERANCE
Enemies catch on fire when shot - BURNINGBULLET
Disco lights mode - DANCING FEET
Unlock Terror Difficulty - BURNERSREVENGE
Very Squeaky Voices - WHATWASTHAT
People Don't have heads - KEEPYOURHEAD

Unlock Cheat MenuAdded 21 Jun 2006, ID #21687
Press UP,UP,DOWN,DOWN,CIRCLE,DOWN,UP,CIRCLE at the main menu screen. A "CHEAT" option will be avaiable at the title screen. Enter one of these codes to activate. You can then toggle them on or off (except all levels and emergencies) and all codes must be entered in uppercase.

All levels and emergencies
Long range stun gun
Minigun instead of pistol
MK3 rifle w/ unlimited grenades
MK4 Pistol
Bullets set fire to enemies
Thermal Breather
Terror mode
Unlock Armor, Weapons and UpgradesAdded 20 Jun 2006, ID #21658
Unlock Extra Pistol Clip:
Collect 2 Medals

Unlock Shield Mk. 2:
Collect 4 Medals

Unlock Pistol Damage Upgrade:
Collect 6 Medals

Unlock T-Zero Body Armor:
Collect 8 Medals

Unlock Smoke Grenades:
Collect 10 Medals

Unlock Stun Gun Mk. 2:
Collect 12 Medals

Unlock Riot Grenades:
Collect 14 Medals

Unlock Second Extra Pistol Clip:
Collect 16 Medals

Unlock Shotgun Damage Upgrade:
Collect 20 Medals

Unlock Grenade Belt:
Collect 24 Medals

Unlock Extra Shotgun Clip:
Collect 28 Medals

Unlock Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade:
Collect 32 Medals

Unlock Pistol Mk. 2:
Collect 36 Medals

Unlock Extra Assault Rifle Clip:
Collect 40 Medals

Unlock T-Zero Battle Armor:
Collect 45 Medals

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