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Sonic Mega Collection Plus Pack Shot

Sonic Mega Collection Plus

Sonic Mega Collection Plus Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 8 cheats on PlayStation 2
We also have cheats for this game on:   Xbox   PC

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Debug ModeAdded 21 Jan 2013, ID #34206
The other people weren't clear enough. When you do the circle, up, circle, down, circle, left, circle, right, hold square and press start you need to hold square the ENTIRE time.

cheatsAdded 14 Aug 2008, ID #30734
Unlock sonic 2 + knuckles: play sonic 2 and sonic spinball 20 times each
Unlock sonic 3 + knuckles: play sonic 3 and sonic + knuckles 20 times each

Sonic 1
Level select: at the title screen press up, down, left, right. Then hold square
and press start. Choose a stage

Sonic 2
Level select. Go to options, then sound test. Play 19,65,09,17, then hold square
and press start. You will be returned to the title screen. Hold
square and press start.
Super sonic: at the level select menu go down to sound test and press
04,01,02,06. Hold square and press start on the desired level.
collect 50 rings and jump to become super sonic.

Sonic 3 + knuckles
Super sonic/tails/knuckles: collect all 7 chaos emeralds, pick up 50 rings and
Double jump
Hyper sonic/knuckles: collect all 7 chaos emeralds and all 7 super emeralds,
then collect 50 rings and double jump
Unlock Two New GamesAdded 24 Aug 2006, ID #22962
NOTE: 'Playing A Game' only means seeing the 'SEGA' screen after that just hit L1 and Exit.

BLUE SPHERE - play Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic 3D Blast 20 times each.

FLICKY - play Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine 30 times.
UnlockablesAdded 5 Jul 2006, ID #21955
Ristar Unlockables
In the game Ristar enter the following passwords to activate the corresponding effect.

Unlock Level Select:

Unlock Configuration Mode:

Unlock Time Attack Mode:

Unlock Boss Mode:

Unlock Expert Mode:

View Credits:

Reveal Items:
Enter the password MIEMIE and a silver star will appear during game play in locations where you can collect a

Bonus Life, Gold Star or Treasure.

Disable ALL Codes:

Sonic Spinball Unlockables
In the game Sonic Spinball enter the following passwords to activate the corresponding effect.

Level Select:
At the Options screen press X, Down, Square, Down, Circle, Down, X, Square, Up, X, Circle, Up, Square, Circle, Up and then enter any of the following codes to start at the corresponding level.

Unlock Level 2 - Lava Powerhouse:
Hold X and press Start

Unlock Level 3 - The Machine:
Hold Square and press Start

Unlock Level 4 - Showdown:
Hold Circle and press Start

Unlock Multi-Ball Stage:
Collect ALL the rings on a level and then use the gate that looks like a large glowing ring.
Sonic 3 & Knuckles CheatsAdded 22 Apr 2006, ID #20909
Go to Angel Island Zone ACT 1 with any character grab a vine and press Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up for Level select. Press start and square and wait for the menu to appear and press up then O or Square to access. For Debug go to Mushroom Hill Zone, either Act is fine and grab onto the left pulley of a manual ELEVATOR, NOT THE THING THAT KNUCKLES DOES TO SONIC OR TAILS!!! And repeat what you did for level select. Hint: Debug can only be activated when Level Select has been enabled. I hope this helps.Oh in level select to access the SECRET SPECIAL STAGES turn the sound test to 07 and go to special stage 1 for a Golden Chaos Emerald and 2 for a Golden Super Emerald if you complete them.
Debug ModeAdded 23 Feb 2006, ID #19708
Then hold
Square and press Start.

Have a nice time with this one
Get a new game!Added 2 Jan 2006, ID #18938
All you need to do is have a sonic heroes save file on ure memory card and it will come up saying you have now a new game!
Sonic 1 CheatsAdded 11 Feb 2005, ID #12980
(Level Select)
Up,Down,Left,Right then hold Square and press Start.

(Debug Mode)
Circle,Up,Circle,Down,Circle,Left,Circle,Right then hold Square and press Start.

In Gameplay press:
X to turn into a item.
Square to change item when an item.
Circle to drop item when an item.

When Gameplay is paused press:
X for slowmotion.
Square to reset game.
Circle to advance frame.

And while in debug mode Sonic is invincible.

P.S hope you like the cheats

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