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Can Some one sumit the location of all the guns in..

NRevolution asks:
Added Apr 15th 2006, ID #53623

Question for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Can Some one sumit the location of all the guns in all of San Andreas? Im trying to beat the game with out chests but I need more guns.




Best Answer

mikeopen40 answered:
Added 15th Apr 2006, ID #113451

Cheats I suggest you should use.

If you want to, every time you die the wepones will be gone. The wepons are very hard to find so it's no use


Other Answers

stewart answered:
Added 15th Apr 2006, ID #113624

Look at the walkthrough section of this site and it will tell you there


ak-47s rock answered:
Added 15th Apr 2006, ID #113630

I can't tell you where all of them are but the gun you should use is the desert eagle. When it's at hitman it can kill anyone from any distane with one shot. You can find it in San Fierro in the alley with that 5 foot wall near Zeros shop.

davy14uk answered:
Added 15th Apr 2006, ID #113647

Here you go

1. Chainsaw: The Panopticon beside west log shelter.

2. Shovel: The Panopticon under back overhang of shanty in the logging site.

3. AK-47: Red County near Blueberry Acres outside the FleischBerg beer factory; north side.

4. Nitestick: Blueberry.

5. Chrome Gun: Blueberry.

6. Colt 45: Blueberry.

7. Nitestick: Blueberry.

8. Chrome Gun: Blueberry.

9. Nitestick: Blueberry.

10. Colt 45: Blueberry. GTA Warehouse

11. Chrome Gun: Blueberry.

12. Nitestick: Blueberry.

13. Colt 45: Blueberry.

14. Mystery Gun 1: Blueberry.

15. Tec-9: Blueberry beside warehouse opposite of the spandex depot.

16. Pool Cue: Blueberry outside the bar/restaurant on the corner.

17. Chainsaw: Hampton Barns in front of a shanty.

18. Shovel: Fern Ridge.

19. MP5 Ing. (SMG): Montgomery inside yard on western side of partially burned building, behind cement wall.

20. Satchel: Montgomery. 21. Molotov: Palomino Creek on library roof (use roof access stairs). 22. Shovel: Palomino Creek in cemetery. 23. Sawn Off Shotgun: Palomino Creek behind house with the single white garage door; on the
24. Country Shotgun: Dillimore. 25. Tec-9: Mulholland: Behind posh house with two double door garages. 26. Cane: Mulholland. 27. Golf Club: In front of the broadcasting tower behind the VINEWOOD sign on the grassy hill. 28. Sniper: Mulholland. 29. AK-47: Mulholland behind Roboi's Food Mart. 30. Molotov: Mulholland. 31. Tear Gas: Mulholland Intersection top of stairs of opera house. 32. Cane: Temple. 33. MP5 Ing. (SMG): Las Colinas on large brick patio of posh house. 34. Grenade: Las Colinas. 35. Spray Can: Las Colinas behind mobile home with porch addition. 36. Knife: Market near loading bay behind strip of stores. 37. Parachute: Downtown Los Santos rooftop helipad of tallest building in Los Santos. Enter the building through the front door to warp to rooftop door. 38. Rocket Launcher (RPG): Downtown Los Santos top of building accessible only by aircraft (10 Oysters). 39. Sniper Rifle: Jefferson, roof of hospital. 40. MP5 Ing. (SMG): Las Colinas. 41. Colt 45: Las Colinas. 42. Tec-9: Las Colinas. 43. Sawn Off Shotgun: East Los Santos roof of Pig Pen. Climb up on low north-eastern corner of building to reach. 44. Molotov: East Los Santos in alley beside Rodriguez Iron works building. 45. Micro Uzis: Los Flores. 46. Grenade: Los Flores. 47. Cane: Rodeo. 48. Colt 45 (9mm): Santa Maria Beach on a Santa Maria Beach lifeguard post. 49. Gernades: Santa Maria Beach behind small wooden building on the Santa Maria pier, behind pizza stand. 50. Silenced Pistol: Conference Center on the back steps of Conference Center. 51. Brass Knuckles: Commerce in alleyway beside Roboi's Food Mart. (24/7 Shop). Courier Mission location. 52. MP5 Ing. (SMG): Unity Train Station behind short white wall. 53. Katana: El Corona behind wooden fence. Behind 69cent (24/7 Shop), across from Unity Train Station. 54. Gernade: Idlewood second floor walkway of 24-Hour Motel. Also near a tag location. Both accessed from parking lot in back. 55. Chainsaw: Willow Field. 56. Brass Knuckle: Ganton. 57. Shovel: Ganton in Ryder's backyard. 58. Camera: Ganton. 59. Tec-9: Ganton.
60. Colt 45 (9mm):Ganton in backyard corner near road wall. 61. Spray Can: Ganton rooftop of pawnshop that is connected to Mom's house. 62. Micro-SMG: Ganton under bridge in flood control, short southeast walk from Mom's house. 63. Tec-9: Los Santos International Airport Under Los Santos International's raised freeway onramp; close to the parking lot. 64. M4: Los Santos International Airport end of runways between white and yellow striped ramps. 65. AK-47: Ocean Docks. 66. Tear Gas: Ocean Docks. 67. Sawn Off Shotgun: Ocean Docks. 68. Molotov: Ocean Docks. 69. Chainsaw: Ocean Docks at the bottom of a stone pier near water level, behind the steps. 70. Desert Eagle: Playa Del Seville behind short cement wall and fence close to the shoreline, near the docks. The Badlands
1. Flamethrower: Beacon Hill, right next to small wooden houses that are close to the train tracks; it is in the same area where flower #8 is supposed to be.
2. Cane: Beacon Hill.
3. Cane: Beacon Hill.
4. Parachute: Whetstone/Chiliad, Top of Mount Chiliad.
5. Desert Eagle:Whetstone/Chiliad, Scrap yard warehouse.
6. Shovel: Whetstone/Chiliad, Scrap yard, besides a mound of scrap.
7. Countryside Rifle: Back O' Beyond, On top of mound in middle of nowhere.
8. Golf Club: Angel Pine, Angel Pine residential garage.
9. Micro SMG: Angel Pine, Trailer park behind trailer.
10. Fire Extinguisher: Whetstone/Chiliad, Outside Whetstone Xoomer Station. The Desert
1. Grenades: Bayside alleyway entrance between shops. 2. Mystery Weapon: Bayside. 3. Desert Eagle: Bayside Marina in walled backyard corner of posh house. 4. Katana: El Quebrados behind a building amongst mobile homes near the northernmost road. 5. MP5 Ing. (SMG): El Quebrados behind a building. 6. Heat Seaking RPG: Aldea Malvada tierra Robada borderline; behind the largest ruins structure. 7. Chrome Gun: Valle Ocultado on the lodge's pier. 8. Fire Extinguisher: Valle Ocultado beside the pumpless gas station. 9. AK-47: Tierra Robada near front door of camper in small trailer park. 10. Brass Knuckles: Las Payasdas behind small building on the corner. 11. Parachute: Arco Del Oeste. 12. Knife: El Castillo Del Diablo between pens at the snake farm. 13. Micro Uzi: Verdant Meadows inside furthest west fuselage (end of runway) from main airfield buildings. 14. M4: Area 69 behind southwest guard tower inside Area 69 guard tower. 15. Minigun: Area 69. GTA Warehouse
16. Parachute: Strip of land that is next to a club in The Big Ear
17. Desert Eagle: Lil' Probe Inn behind the middle solar panel in the trailer park. 18. Colt 45: Tierra Robada under west railroad bridge support (hidden from the road view). 19. Molotov's: Fort Carson behind the liquor store. 20. Chrome Gun: Fort Carson. 21. Shovel: Hunter Quarry on first of the packing crate in the mud pile. 22. Chainsaw: Hunter Quarry on first tierof rock crusher machine behind cylinder. 23. Parachute: Gant Bridge on top of the highest bridge support. San Fierro
1. Tec-9: Battery Point beside Jizzy's. 2. Micro-SMG: Esplanade East. 3. Camera: Esplanade East. 4. Camera: Esplanade East. 5. Tec-9: Carlton Heights in grassy area. 6. Camera: Downtown. 7. Sniper Rifle: Downtown on roof behind Drink Beer sign. 8. Satchel: Paradiso. 9. Brass Knuckles: Carlton Heights besides car park. 10. Camera: Financial. 11. Camera: Financial. 12. Parachute: Financial
13. Cane: Financial. 14. M4: Palisades backyard of home. 15. Camera: Santa Flora. 16. Camera: China Town. 17. Katana: China Town in back alley. 18. Gun Cane: Santa Flora. 19. Camera: Santa
20. Camera: Downtown. 21. Parachute: Garver Bridge as it approched the water. 22. Camera: Garver Bridge as it leads into town. 23. Minigun: Kincaid Bridge. 24. Tear Gas: Easter Basin cargo hold of aircraft carrier. 25. Fire Extinguisher: Easter basin outside the xoomer gas station. 26. Gun Cane: City Hall. 27. Camera: Ocean Flats. 28. Chainsaw: Downtown (south). 29. Knife: Downtown underpass on south side. 30. Camera: Ocean Flats. 31. Shovel: Ocean Flats. 32. Cane: Ocean Flats. 33. Katana: Hasbury. 34. Baseball Bat: Garcia on baseball diamond. 35. Desert Eagle: Garcia in back lot. 36. Pool Cue: Doherty hidden behind fallen piece of concrete in construction yard. 37. Flamethrower: Garcia
38. Camera: Doherty. 39. Cane: Ocean Flats. 40. Cane: Hashbury. 41. Chainsaw: Doherty. 42. Colt 45 (9mm): Garcia in alleyway. 43. Chromed Gun: Doherty. 44. Camera: Easter Basin on peninsula at water's edge, just north of airport. 45. Flamethrower: Easter Basin on the freighter liner. 46. RPG: Easter Bay Airport at water's edge, east of termninal. 47. MP5: Ocean Flats. 48. Cane: Ocean Flats. 49. Cane: Ocean Flats. 50. Camera: Doherty. 51. Chainsaw: Avispa. 52. Camera: Avispa
53. Golf Club: Avispa entrance of country club. 54. Satchel: Avispa behind country club. 55. Nitestick: Doherty. 56. Country Shotgun: Foster Valley. 57. Camera: Misionary Hill. 58. Camera: Easter Bay Airport at north end of Easter Tunnel. 59. AK-47: Foster Valley behind rocks at Foster Valley complex. 60. Camera: Foster Valley outside the loading bays in complex. Las Venturas:
1. Golf Club: Yellow Bell Golf Course on the balcony overlooking the golf course. 2. Shovel: North of Las Venturas. 3. Fire Extinguisher: Spinybed in little gap between Xoomer and car wash. 4. Flamethrower: K. A. C. C Military Fuels in dark corner behind and under overhang of the main K. A. C. C. Building. 5. Tear Gas: K. A. C. C Military Fuels on the ground near the east fence. 6. Cane: Prickle Pine. GTA Warehouse
7. Cane: Julius Thru Way North. 8. Sniper Rifle: Julius Thru Way North hiddn from road on wedding chapel's rooftop behind steeple. Climb lower roof in back to reach. 9. Heat Seeking RPG: Pilson Intersection northeast corner of the top level of the car park. 10. Chrome Gun: Pilson Intersection, underneath the overpass. 11. Rocket Launcher: The Emerald Isle. 12. Parachute: The Emerald Isle on top of the tallest scraper in Las Venturas, next to horseshoe (need aircraft to reach). 13. Rocket Launcher: The Emerald Isle in a corner on top of the Emerald Isle building above the parking garage and near helipad. Drive to top of parking garage and take roof access stairs to reach. 14. Cane: The Emerald Isle. 15. Nightstick: Roca Escalante behind San Andreas Police Department sign on the corner. 16. Minigun: Roca Escalante. 17. Molotov: Creek on mall roof (above Cluckin' Bell).
18. Sawn Off Shotgun: Whitewood Estates around back of a warehouse. 19. Chainsaw: Whitewood Estates on south side of warehouse entered to destroy chip machines (try using on chip machines in Casino 3 mission). 20. Bat: Redsands West. 21. Shovel: Redsands West in the dugout of the baseball stadium. 22. Sawn Off Shotgun: Redsands West beyond wooden fenced-in alley across from Xoomer. Behind dumpster. 23. Mototov: Harry Gold Parkway hidden in bushes besides police station; just behind small tree between rocks. 24. Knife: West of Las Venturas, near Desert. 25. Micro-SMG: Redsands West in between wall and dumpster under many power lines. 26. AK-47: Redsands West hidden in the bushes in an island in the middle of apartment complex parking lot. 27. MP5 Ing: The Starfish Casino. 28. Bat: Blackfield. 29. Silenced Pistol: Blackfield in the flowerbed underneath the front entrace walkway to the Las Venturas Stadium. 30. Tear Gas: Las Venturas Airport between control tower building and yellow and and white striped ramps. 31. Shovel: Pirates in Men's Pants hidden in the rocks and bushes just around the corner from a Horseshoe below skull carving. 32. Katana: Pirates in Men's Pants on the first level deck of the ship near the back. 33. Sniper Rifle: The Ring Master on corner of building's rooftop (must have aircraft to reach). 34. Cane: Pilgrim. 35. M4: Pilgrim behind sloped roof on top of smaller motel building nearest the pool (use stairs to reach low rooftop near center of building). 36. Katana: Julius Thru Way East just west of freeway near Pilgrim. 37. Spray Can: Sobell Rail Yards, in-between two of the train yard hangers. 38. Rocket Launcher: Las Venturas Airport hidden behind southernmost terminal. 39. Sawn Off Shotgun: Las Venturas Airport. 40. Spaz Shotgun: LVA Freight Depot in the bushes in the small flowerbed island of the parking lot between Kakagawa and Sumo. 41. AK-47: The Four Dragons Casino in a little secluded north side section of the roof of the casino (only accessible by flight). 42. Katana: The Four Dragons Casino. 43. Sniper Rifle: The Four Dragons Casino. 44. MP5 Ing: Come-A-Lot in the little nook round the backside of the big castle. 45. Molotovs: Come-A-Lot on the rooftop corner of a building (access by running and jumping from the top of the doorway structure on adjacent rooftop). 46. Minigun: Rockshore East in the scaffolding (5th level, accessible by climbing). 47. Gernade: Rockshore East on warehouse rooftop behind the air duct. Use shipping containers on west side to reach. 48. Pool Cue: Rockshore East. 49. Tec-9: Red County, underneath bridge (horseshoe on other side of support).

Zelda Fan answered:
Added 15th Apr 2006, ID #113669

Just buy the guns at a gun store.

Hope I help

Chrusher answered:
Added 23rd Apr 2006, ID #115735

Wow then go buy the guns man just see on your map where the weapon shop is and go buy it.

Alexzander answered:
Added 6th Jun 2008, ID #258988

You will find alot of weapons in the ammunation.


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