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got some more questions

mighty bonez asks:
Added Mar 4th 2010, ID #149179

got some more questions

First off I want to thank "dragonx254" for the answers that he gve me...
Here are my questions......

#1, How do I get a what do I need to make a HIGH ARCANA, and where do I find the stuff I need to make the HIGH ARCANA?

#2, Ok you know how you have to find the four pieces of the medallion for that ACOLYTE looking guy in OL’ DALANS place well I did that and I got the BRAVERY MEDALLION then I went to the NECHROL OF NABUDIS and the door won’t open how do I open it, and where do I get the two other MEADALLIONS??

#3, Where and how do I obtain these items: 4 SCORPIO GEMS, 3 CHARGED GIZZARDS, AND 3 WYRM BONES?

#43, Ok this one I need explained very simply and very carefully how do I get and obtain these items: 3 GEMSTEEL, 3 EMPYREAL SOUL, 3 SERPENTARIUS?????


#5, How do I get the ULTIMA BLADE the easiest way possible?

#6, This one is really starting to tick me off the ZODIARC battle because I just can't kill him because after awhile he is immune to attack and magick and no matter how long wait he is still immune it goes away and then he is immune right away again I sat there fighting him for an hour last night and he was still immune to attack and magick and when he’s not immune to magick he uses reflect so I hurt my own people then I use dispel on him and then he gets immune to magicks again so can someone please help me kill him some how?


Minority_KY answered:
Added 5th Mar 2010, ID #327235

1. High Arcana come under the Bazaar as "Life Crystal" for 9,999 and is obtainable more than once. It requires 10 pieces of Arcana [which is obtainable through killing most monsters aslong as the Canopic Jar is in your possession], 1 Feystone [obtained by stealing from or killing Elementals and Entites], and 1 Soul of Thamasa [which can be found by killing Oversouls in Nabudis, with the Warmage Monograph in your possession, and even then, it only has 6% chance of dropping].

2. I'm not too sure on this one yet =z

3. I would suggest killing Balloons [the Blue Bombs] in The Stilshrine of Miriam for the Sorpio Gems, killing Thunderbugs in the Henne Mines with a Knight Monograph for Charged Gizzards [15% chance], and stealing from an killing Skulwyrms in the Zertinian Caves with a Dragoon Monograph for Wyrm Bones [10% chance].

4. The only place I have HEARD of obtaining Gemsteel is by defeating the Lvl 99 Red Chocobo with the Knight Monograph in possession [90% chance of drop], which has a 1 in 256 chance of appearing in Haulo Green in Ozmone Plain after defeating 6 or more Chocobos around Ozmone Plain. Empyreal Soul must be stolen from the Lvl 99 Red Chocobo, and as it's the rarest item to steal, I suggest Thiefs Cuffs ;]. Serpentarius is the least-rarest drop from Zodiark.

5. I would suggest obtaining the Ultima Blade from the Bazaar UNLESS you have the ability to make to Umbra of Pharos-Subterra. It is found in the North East of this location behind a Fool's Facade, and has a 30% chance of appearing, but when it does appear, it's garunteed to be the Blade.

For the BazAar route, you need 2 pieces of Adamantite, 2 ammounts of Death Powder and 1 Gnoma Halycon. Adamantite has an 8% chance of being obtained after killing Adamantitans at Feddik River of the Cerobi Steppe with a Hunter's Monograph. I would suggest POACHING Bogeys in the Zertinian Cave for Death Powder. Be warned, there are few of these, so it ivolves a lot of zoning in and out, and it's a rare item from Poaching. Gnoma Halycon is rare drop and steal from a Gnoma Entite, which is found either The Midfault or Shimmering Horrizons of the Westersand during a SANDSTORM.

6. I haven't fought this Esper yet, sorry =[

Hope what's there helps!
M - K - Y

dragonx254 answered:
Added 5th Mar 2010, ID #327236

High arcana can be obtained through selling 10 arcana, one Feystone, and one Soul of Thamasa to the Bazaar. However, I suggest you do NOT do that. It takes a long time to get all of those and the Soul of Thamasa is hard to get if you're low level (it's in the Necrohol of Nabudis). What I suggest is to get the Canopic Jar (sell Phobos Glaze, Horakhty's Flame, and Deimos Clay, obtained from hunts) and then go fight Dustia, located in the Westersand. If you know where the Earth Tyrant is (the T-Rex thing in the sandstorm, northwest corner), take your characters and make their HP critical (flashing red). Dustia may appear right before the Earth Tyrant area if that happens. With the canopic jar key item, you have a chance of it dropping High Arcana (that's how I got enough for Tournesol).

#2: You need all the medallions in order to use them.

#3: Scorpio Gems, get the Theif's Cuffs and steal from Buers in Zertinan Caverns. Charged Gizzards, dropped from Thunderbugs in the Henne mines (you need Knight's monograph). Wyrm bones, get the Dragoon's Monograph and steal/drop from Skulwyrm in Zertinan Caverns or Great Crystal.

#4 So indeed, you are going for Tournesol (it is totally not worth all the effort, but it's your choice). Make sure you have the hunter's monograph. Note: Those three items are all Bazaar goods, which means you have to find stuff to make the stuff and do that three times (which is why the Tournesol is not worth it, took me more than 30 hours of playtime), but I'll tell you anyways. To get ONE gemsteel, you need a Scarletite, Two Damascus Steel, and Two Hell-gates flame. Scarletite can be obtained from Emeralditan in the Nabreus Deadlands (The turtles). Odds are low, 6% drop, 5% poach. Damascus steel you should get from Bune in the Pharos (the headless with swords). Again, 6% drop, 5% poach. Hell-gates Flame is from Cerberus in the Feywood (5% drop). Get all of those ingredients (should take hours unless your lucky). And that's all for ONE gemsteel, you need 3.

One Empyreal Soul is 1 Soul Powder, 2 Wargod's bands, and a High arcana (which you now know how to get). Soul Powder is tricky to get. You can get them from Etems in the Henne Mines, but they are hard to kill, so don't do that. Go to the Necrohol, Hall of Ivory Covenant. There might be a Dark elemental there. Use magic or attack it and move northward so it moves up to the northern part of the area. Vorres may appear and you can get it by stealing from it. HOWEVER, turn off gambits, because if you kill Vorres, it will never come back. So just steal and run. Wargod's bands are from Leynir in Nabreus Deadlands (Lifeless Strand area). 5% to drop or poach. And you know high arcana.

One Serpentarius is made from 4 snake skin, 2 serpent eye, and a High arcana. Snake skin is from Wild Snakes in the Giza plains, and it is very common so it shouldn't be too hard to get. Serpent Eye is from Basilisk, in the Feywood (southern portion). 8% drop with Hunter's monograph.

BIG NOTE: If I am not mistaken, my friend told me that you don't need 6 High arcana for Tournesol, as would be expected. Apparently, if you sell enough items for one Empyreal Soul and one Serpentarius, you can use just one High Arcana for both of them. Also note: you have to buy each Gemsteel, Empyreal Soul, and Serpentarius separately. Do not sell all of your loot or you will have to find more.
Do you see how that's really annoying? Making all three of those takes a lot of hard work and luck. But you'll feel (somewhat) accomplished when you succeed in the end.

#5: Ultima blade is from 2 adamantites, 2 Death Powders, and a Gnoma Halcyon. Adamantites are from Adamantinans in the Cerobi Steppe. Death powder is from Bogeys in the Zertinan Caverns, and Gnoma Halcyon is from Gnoma Entites, which are in the Westersands (during sandstorms). Not as hard as Tournesol.

#6: Okay, for Zodiark, once he's low, you CANNOT attack him physically, it's virtually impossible, the only way is with magic. Also, do NOT dispel his reflect, that will make him immune to magic again, so do not do that. I suggest you equip Opal Rings so that reflect does not work for Zodiark, magic is the only way to go. Good luck with that.

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