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HI and IM back!!! first special Thanks to gamespro!!!

ms.TErry asks:
Added Mar 25th 2008, ID #113773

HI and IM back!!! first special Thanks to gamespro!!!

I've got a few questions that needs answer you might want to help me with!!!

1.)I defeated BAGGAMAN and now I'm a HIGH GUARDIAN!!!BUT I can't find ROBLON,GOLIATH,CATOBLEPAS,wild MARLBORO,PISCODAEMON,DIABOLOS,DEATHSCYTHE and can't beat FAFNIR,can't go to gilgamesh's 2nd location(cause I don't have the key)HELP!!

2.)Im currently on a cockatrice finding quest and I've only got two of em...(the one at archades and the one pretending to be a chocobo)HELP!!

3.)An on going quest is also the JULY the archadian spy and terror in the westersand...and what are the sidequests, Jovy's Story, To Hell and Back Again, Dating Service, Bottles of Spirits, and the Patient in the Estersand (its at least the names that I heard) and how to start these quest?!?! HELP!!

4.)LAST!!! What's with the moonsilver medallion,rusted scrap of armor and dragon scale(Which you get form the wyrms you hunt)HELP!!



Best Answer

gamespro answered:
Added 25th Mar 2008, ID #244718

Ok the Roblon Mark is in the Nabreus Deadlands in a secret area of the Nabreus Deadlands called the fog mutters the path to get there is in the west section of the deadlands. There are a lot of Dead Bones there and it's best if you deal with them first, Goliath is in the last area of the Necrohol Of Nabudis so you can also get there by entering the Necrohol Of Nabudis from the Deadlands, Catoblepas is in the Zertinan Caverns in the area just after the undershore where the save crystal is, there is a secret path there where the sand waterfalls are which leads to where Catoblepas is, the Wild Marlboro is in the same area where you fight the Rafflesia boss in the Feywood and that's the redolent Glade area, the Piscodaemon is in Giruvegan in the gate of fire the area where the path to the Great Crystal is, diabolos is in the Lushu Mines, you need to do the Antlion hunt first then you need to get the site 11 key from the Phon Coast next to the guy that fell from Bhujerba, go back to where you fight the Antlion in the Lhusu Mines and the gate you need to open to get to where Diabolos is will be on the right, the Deathscythe is also in the Nechrohol Of Nabudis in the cloister of highbourne area just have one of your characters on critical HP and it will appear. Fafnir is a very strong enemy and I recommend that you have all you characters above lvl 80 with really good equipment, have all the usual protective buffs haste, shell, protect, reflect and bubble and just keep attacking and healing when necessary and watch out for it's white breath which can put stop on you. There is an alternative and very easy way to beat it, in the area you will notice a rock if you stand behind that Fafnir can't get close enough to attack and will keep spamming shock and so just cast reflect on all your characters to reflect it all back and also cast thundaga on your characters so you reflect it too keep doing this until you beat it.

For Gilgamesh you will find Gilgamesh the 2nd time in site 7 and to get the site ll key you need to get there do the Antlion hunt then go to the Phon Coast village and in the west section you will find a man that fell from Bhujerba and the site 11 key will be next to him.

You will need the feather of the flock item that you get in the tracks of the beast area in the giza plains during the rains this is the area where you do the gil snapper hunt. It will be in an urn there. The cockatrices are in these areas.
Rabanastre - north end, you will see it in this area and when you you try to talk to it, it will run and it's a little difficult to catch you have to try and run at it from the side while your ahead of it.
Eryut Village - where Mjrn is.
Archades - in the grand arcade area.
Balfonheim Port - in the chocobo pen talk to the moogle first.
Jahara - in the village.
Dalmasca Estersand - in the village there.

Ok for the July side quest before you can even go to the Mosphoran Highwaste you had to go there and find her spying on 2 imperials then get a chocobo and ride over to the imperials to make them run away then talk to July and later when you get to Archades you will find her in the magic shop and if you talk to her you will get a salamand halcyon but you must have done the first part, terror in the Westersand is a sidequest for an optional boss called the Earth Tyrant just talk to the bangaa in the west gate of Rabanastre to start it he will ask you to talk to two people one near the fountain and one in lowtown, then you will find all 3 of them in the west gate talk to them then go and get the wind globe from the windtrace dunes in the westersand under a cactus and bring it back then tyou will get the Windvane and be able to access the wyrms nest area in the west section of the Westersand, when you do a hunt where the petitioner is in nalbina talk to the seeq Jovy there each time and then when you have done all the hunts where the petitioner is from Nalbina and talked to him each time talk to him again and he will refer to Vaan's brother Reks and you will get an elixir, to hell and back again refers to the Hell Wyrm the 2nd most powerful boss in the game located in the Sochen cave Palace, to the get to where it is you need to go through each of the doors here is a specific order. The door you are trying to open is the asthetics door in the west part of the area read the inscription then you will need to go through the area in a certain order to open the asthetics door. The area is in a circle with 4 doors so label them N, S, E, W. I'm just labeling them do be able to explain easier. So start outside the E door but do not open any doors in the destiny's march area to get to the E door enter from the falls of time instead. So starting from the E door go through and head SW to the S door then go NW to the W door, then go NE to the N door and then finally SE back to the E door if you have done this right you will hear the door to where the Hell Wyrm is open then keep going until you get to another door which you need to use the key you get from the guy on top of the broken windmill in the Cerobi Steppe after beating the Vyraal to open the door. Dating service is a sidequest in Rabanastre in the southgate area you will find a Viera talk to her, then go to the fountain talk to a guy there who is in love with the Viera, you will need to talk to the Viera a few times so after talking to the guy go to the gambit shop and talk to the Viera then you need to talk to her again in the Sandsea then go back and talk to the guy near the fountain tell him you will talk to the Viera for him and talk to her again in the sandsea tell her there is someone waiting for her near the fountain when you go back there you will find them talk to the Viera to get a Loxley bow and some Hi-Potions, botte of spirits sidequest refers to a drink that's in Bhujerba there are 14 bottles to be found all over Bhujerba and you can sell them for a 1000 gil each. You will find them in these locations.
1. Aerodrome.
2. Magic shop.
3. Weapons shop.
4. Gambits shop.
5. Armour shop.
6. Kaff terrace area.
7. Staras house.
8. Near the entrance to the Lushu Mines.
9. The travica way area.
10. Khus Skygrounds area.
11. Cloudborne row area.
12. The Cloudborne.
13. Technique's shop.
14. Miners end area.
The patient in the Estersand sidequest is for getting the Barheim Passage Key. Talk to the woman in the house near the dock in the village and she will ask you to get some items for the person who is sick. The first item is you need is the semclam shells which you will find in the water near the shore near the dock and also the shore outside the village, the second item you need is nebralim which can be found in the outpost in the estersand the womans husband is who was the petitioner for the flowering cactoid hunt talk to him and he will say there is some on a crate in the area, the third item is valeblossom due which you will find on the blossom tree in the north bank area you will see it shining on the tree.

The moonsilver medallion is for the medallion sidequest for the Necrohol Of Nabudis which has two optional bosses and an Esper called Chaos inside these medallions are used to open the door. To start this quest go to the muted scarp area of the Nabreus Deadlands and talk to Ma'Kleou. There are two other people looking for these medallions for Ma'Kleou who you need to help. The first medallion is the medallion of love which is split into fragments. There are a number of things you need for this sidequest such as the sluice gate key and the dusty letter found in the abandoned house in Archades. Go to Old Dalan's house and you will find one of the guys helping Ma'Kleou talk to him and he will say he has 1 of the pieces already, the other 3 can be found all in Rabanastre. One of the pieces you will get from the Orthros hunt, the other is obatined by activating the sluice gates in a certain way using the directions on the letter and when you've done that the 2nd fragment will fall from the ceiling near the sluice controls. So here's how to do it, first go to where the sluice controls are and face north towards the entrance to the Waterway and first activate gate 11, then gate 4, then activate gate 11 again, then activate gate 3 and finally activate gate 4 again. Then the fragment will fall behind the sluice controls now just one more fragment for this medallion. To get this one first talk to Filo in the SE of Lowtown, Filo will mention a woman by the fountain, go to the fountain and talk to her and she will tell you about a necklace that she sold to a merchant in the muthru bazaar go there and talk to a merchant on the right side of the muthru bazaar about the necklace, then go to the magic shop and speak to the imperial there, the go talk to Kytes in warehouse 5 of Lowtown and then Filo again, then go staright to the magic shop with the curious woman from the fountain who is with Filo and talk to the imperial again and you will get the last fragment you need for the medallion of love. Go back and talk to the guy in Old Dalans house, now for the next medallion the moonsilver medallion, for this go to the go to the magic shop in Archades and talk to the other guy who is helping Ma'Kleou to find the medallions then go to Old Archades and talk to a guy called Otto in the NE to get the moonsilver maedallion then return it to the guys in the magic shop. Now for the last medallion, the medallion of might for this go to the muted scarp area of the deadlands and talk to Ma'Kleou then go to the fog mutters area where the shrine is and talk to them again and you will get the medallion of might now you can open the 3 doors inside the Necrohol Of Nabudis.

The rusted scrap of armour from the Lindwyrm hunt doesn't do anything. The dragon scale is the item you get for beating the Vyraal which you give to the guy on top of the broken windmill in the area where you fight the Vyraal to get the ageworn key to be able to fight the Hell Wyrm.


Other Answers

gnat94 answered:
Added 2nd Jan 2009, ID #296375

Yes. Very long question/answer. Cool, though.


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