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Follow the dark path or use the light

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 6 cheats on PlayStation 2
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For make sand tank fullAdded 8 Sep 2011, ID #33781
Circle(2),x,square(2),x,triangle(2) during the gameplay type this cheat to full the sand tanks

UnlockablesAdded 4 Dec 2006, ID #24640
Re-Fill Sand Tanks:
During gameplay hold L3 and press Circle, Circle, X, Square, Square, X, Triangle, Triangleenter at any point that is not a FMV to re-fill all available Sand Tanks.

Unlock ALL Video and Illustrations Gallery:
Complete both endings of the game with the water sword and without.
Added 22 Jul 2005, ID #16290
Ok everyone heres how to beat the empress of time the second time ok first you have to have as many upgrades as possible second you have to get the light sword which is in the mystic caves after the locked door down in that pit drop then to right is a breakable wall bust open now it may not look like the bright swords it's supossed to but break the weapon rack and then it turns bright yellow glowing sword that looks alot like the eagle sword but theres a glitch in the sword every time you hit someone blocking or not it will take a little bit of your life ok then after that go through the game till you get to the throne room a scene will come on and he'll break through the wall then shell follow and he'll shove her into the portall so now save your game when you pass through it then go find her now at the beginning you want have time to block her attacks so run back to the edge then wait get like 15 to 20 feet away then get up then back downon the edge if I'm correct she should use the eye of the storm wait until thats over then get up really fast and dodge all of her attacks but hit her with the light sword alot but try your best not to get hit then if you hit her enough then she sholud throw whirlwinds at you now the whirlwinds are so fun for me becaus I learned that they can't make sharp turns so run along the edge and don't fall off or your screwed but when they re coming for you on the edge which they might be coming from any angel so when they are like 10 to 15 feet away or close enough to scare the crap out of you make a shrarp turn away so they go flying off the edge but don't think that tthey are done yet just keep on making shap turns to throw them off then after that use your eye of storms like crazy but save like two or three then once your life is down like to a halfof an inch if you got all te upgrades I got I shouldnt be to low but hers should be really low then use tose eye of storms I told you to save then hit her with your normal sword if all is done right and beat the empress of time then that means two thing one you are ready for prince of persia 3:legends of persia two you have cheated fate
Added 24 Jan 2005, ID #12681
At any time press select (to view map) then press triangle (to exit) quickly press start. The start manu should come up while you are playing. You can keep on playing but you can see the start manu. You might need to try it over and over but its cool.
Added 20 Dec 2004, ID #12110
At the time of writing there are no cheat codes, like up down left etc... and get unlimted lives etc...

I would like to suggest that you head on over to our walkthroughs page for this game where you will find a document with some in-depth information and help for playing Prince of Persina: Warrior Within.
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within cheatsAdded 15 Dec 2004, ID #12054
Alternate ending:
To view an alternate ending successfully complete the game with all nine Life upgrades.

Defeating The Empress Of Time:
When battling the Empress of Time for the final time avoid all her attacks and do not let her get near the girl in red.

When the Empress of Time has little of her life remaining keep blocking and press Triangle or Square and you will defeat her.

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