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Follow the dark path or use the light
Predator: Concrete Jungle Pack Shot

Predator: Concrete Jungle

Predator: Concrete Jungle Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 3 cheats on PlayStation 2
We also have cheats for this game on:   Xbox

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CombosAdded 1 Apr 2008, ID #29667
There are 3 types of combos that can be performed in the game and they always contain 5 strikes which except for the light combo always end with a heavy attack.

Light Attack Combo:
This type of combo is usually an impale which is followed by throwing the opponent in the air. It is performed by pressing Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle.

Strong Attack Combo:
This type of combo always ends with a heavy attack and is performed by pressing the 5 attack strike buttons in random order.

Heavy Attack Combo:
This type of combo always ends with a heavy attack and is performed by pressing Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Weapon UpgradeAdded 23 Sep 2005, ID #17347
In the Mission were you at the mansion go to the mansions left side jump on the glass rooms roof and then onto the house go straight ahead to the right side of building and it's there (do this before you bring shield down)
Predator: Concrete Jungle cheatsAdded 9 May 2005, ID #14907
Unlock Bonus Costumes
Complete the following to unlock the bonus costumes.

Predator - Jungle Hunter Costume:
In 'Midsummernight's Massacre' mission kill the Irish gang's boss.

Predator 2 - City Hunter Costume:
In 'Bug hunt mission' Kill 50 aliens. When completed you will have Bad Blood costume and Maul upgrade

Alien vs Predator - Alien Hunter Costume:
In 'Extinction event' ignore the first set of enemies and go through the first gate to locate the corrupt police chief who you have to kill to receive the Dark Blade Clan costume.

Bonus Missions:
Unlock an attribute or costume bonus which then becomes viewable in the Trophy Room or on the costumes screen by successfully accomplishing a 'Bonus Mission'. 'Bonus Mission' hints are sometimes available in stages.

Bad Blood Costume And Maul Upgrade:
In 'The new flesh' mission destroy the big computer in the upper levels. This is best done during the boss' first phase.

Under The Gun:
Follow El Hongo and destroy 3 trucks with weapons in them. One is by the billboard where you start, one is in the carpark and the other is on the southeastern edge. When completed you will receive Ritual Armor and a Shoulder Cannon. Copycat:
Locate an enemy with a 'Bonus Mission' icon over his head by the waterfront. In a walkway connecting two buildings is a weapons upgrade. When completed you will have Health upgrade and Wrist blade upgrade.

Dead Man Walking:
Locate and destroy two explosive crates. One is near where the Predator begins the mission on a rooftop and the second is in a parking lot. When completed you will have an Energy upgrade and Combistick upgrade.

Death In The Family:
At the other side of map will be a man behind curtains who you Kill. When completed you will have a Glaive and armor upgrade.

Skin Trade:
Before taking out all the pimps, kill eight prostitutes. When completed you will receive Wrist Blade upgrades.

Sink The Shipment:
An entry gate near the shed with the Pulse Mines and Maul has several Les Serviteurs ogling some ex-porn star hookers. Terminate the Serviteur leader with the Speargun or Plasma Casta. When completed you receive Health upgrade and Maul.

Raze The Depot:
Near where the Predator starts, there are several enemies in an inaccessible room. One of them is the bonus target wait until they have left and one will come out underneath you. Kill him to receive the Energy upgrade.

A Night To Remember:
Kill all the snipers at the area where you have to kill lieutenants. When completed you will have a Glaive upgrade.

If It Bleeds:
Disable the cooling fans in order (1 to 4). There is a weapon upgrade by the main reactor. When completed you will have a Bandoleer upgrade and Smart Disc upgrade.

The Boss Of This City:
Kill the head weapons scientist with the symbol over his head by the place where you get the scientist for the retinal scanner. When completed you will have an Armour upgrade

Ten Thousand Ways To Die:
Locate and activate the three cloaked beacons. Tech view will make them easy to find. There is a weapon upgrade cose to one of the last beacons. When completed you will have a Health upgrade and Glaive upgrade.

Use any of the Borgia security guards to open all the retinal scan doors (the scanner extends, and there is no cut-scene movie). The third door has the man you have to kill. When completed will have Combistick, Smart Disc and Maul upgrade. Bandoleer upgrade.

Kill All Prototype Ulysses:
Stealth kill the eight black ops in the recreation without causing them alarm. Snipe them or use the Voice-lure to draw them out and get behind them. When completed you will have Shoulder Cannon Upgrade and Armor upgrade.

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