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Follow the dark path or use the light
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for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This game, just, has one thing TO say, and that thing is AMAZING!

You can do practically anything. If you played this non stop for a couple of days, you'd probably walk out your house thinking your CJ, it's so realistic, so, let's start off with the gameplay.
What can I say? The simplest, the hardest? No, if you have ever played Driv3r, you know hard. The gameplay on San Andreas is like a baby sucking out a bottle. It is so easy, you are comfertably holding your hands on the pad, and the buttons are just right!
Well, theirs alot more to this than GTA: Vice City! Vice city you couldn't climb up walls. You just hit square against a wall and, nothing. But this, you can climb up walls (Which you can reach, it also depends on muscle), the melee is alot better than Vice City. The higher muscle you have, the better Melee moves you can learn. On different islands, different gyms, different things to learn. The moves on this are, amazing.
Well, this is so much easier then Driv3r for shooting, driv3r you had to actually move the left analog stick. But this, as of every GTA game their is (Except 1 & 2) you automatically aim by pressing R1. Then you shoot away. It depends what weapon though, weapons like Snipers, rocket launchers and other things like that, don't automatically aim (well imagine a rocket launcher automatic aiming!). The closer you are to the thing aiming at, and the aim will move up. Say it's a person, if your quiote far away, it aims at the body, but get nearer, it moves to the head. If your too far away it won't aim atall.
Special features:
Well.. I'm not listing them all, do you expect me to? Well, the special features have expanded ALOT from Vice City. Here's a list of the most important ones;

Girlfriends: Well, what can I say? You can get girlfriends on this, go meet up with them and take them out on a date, if you keep doing it, depends what girlfriend, with 100% with them, they get you something, take Denise for example, 100% with her gets you the pimping suit! If you KEEP seeing them, you can get married and have baby's (So i've heard..) so i'm keeping a look out for these!

Swimming: THANKYOU R*! You have finally done something that we have begged for since GTA1! In San Andreas, you can now swim. Woohoo! Swim/drive or whatever to another island is what you don't wanna do (Unless it's been unlocked) as you'll get an automatic 4 star wanted level on you..

Clothes/hairdressers ect: Well, on Vice City, you could only get suits, but hey hey hey! In San Andreas, you can get tattoo's, hairdressers, clothing shops, gyms and more! Just to get you how youl ike it.. And incase your fat, they got places to eat Smile
------------------------------------------------------Their is a large variety of vehicles, including cards, motorbikes, pedal bikes, planes, helicopters, jetpacks! Fianlly, their is a jetpack, now c'mon, what more do you want? The vehicles in this are amazing, such nice cars, you can even go to a mod garage, buy nos™, or paint it, go to pay n' spray for that too. Get new engines, and all sorts!
-------------------------------------------------Rumours: Now, we have all heard alot of rumours lately, let me run through some.

Aliens: I'm guessing we've all heard about aliens in the game, but is it true? Well, i've been searching all day and all night for aliens, no sign. BUT, as their is an Area 69 (Meant to be Area 51), their is obviously something. If you wanna look, do, best to look in the sky!

Bigfoot: Yes, the thing that everyone has been talking about. Routing through websites, I see threads on forums called 'The hunt for Bigfoot' and their are about 200 posts of seperate people saying their looking. I've also seen screeny's, fake ones though. But is Bigfoot true? R* said themselves that their is NO bigfoot, but are they having us on, no one knows!
Hints: Here's just some hints :P

1# Get a sniper, at night, and aim at the moon, and, what else, shoot it! You will see it expanding slightly each time!
2# A house inwhich you can buy, near the big Vinewood sign on the first island, go their. At the back is an empty swimming pool. Get a jetpack (Cheat is: L1 L2 R1 R2 U D L R U D L R L1 L2 R1 R2 U D L R U D L R) and go to the corner of the house, get your jetpack and fly through it, and wala! The underworld, blue hell, whatever you'd like to call it. Your now underneath the floor, what the whole of the game looked like without the flooring. Get 6 star cops ,they know your their, they can't shoot you, you can shoot them :D
-----------------------------------------------------Overall: Overall, this is one heck of a game, a game you have to buy if it is the last thing on earth. Xbox lovers, unbuckle your seatbelts, because this year, your going on a whole new journey of gaming!



Added by: bunsher
Feb 26th 2005, ID#13212


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