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Follow the dark path or use the light
Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2 Pack Shot

Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2

Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2 Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 8 cheats on PlayStation 2

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UnlockablesAdded 4 Feb 2008, ID #29090
Level Up to Level 20 with 75,000 Gold Pieces:
Press R2, L1, Left D-Pad, R3

Unlock Extreme Mode:
Beat the game on any difficulty setting. Extreme mode requires that you have a saved character to be able to play.

Unlock Artemis Enteri (The Human):
Beat the game on Extreme mode and then start a new game.

Unlock Drizzt Do'Urden:
Complete the game once on any difficulty setting.


Lvl warp and invunerabilitieAdded 18 Apr 2007, ID #26251
To un lock lvl warp and ivunerabliltie hold down L1 R1 X circle triangle and square to chose lvl warp or ivunerabliltie note: have to turn ivunerabliltie on every time you play.You also can hold down same buttons but press R2 insted to go to lvl ten with $500,000 and 45 skill poinsts.
A Money CheatAdded 23 Jun 2006, ID #21732
Ok I been thinking like hell and I thought hmm these get rich quick schemes suck. I was trying to devise one of my own and I finally thought of it. This money "cheat" more of trick is no joke. Check it out below (also my first post Smile )

How to get RICH playing Dark Alliance:

1. Save your TWO character’s information at 2 different locations.
2. On “save 1” you save next to a vender (seller)
3. On “save 2” you can save anywhere you want.
4. Load 1 and import the second character from save 2 onto 1.
5. Drop all of the most valuable items off of one character and pick it up with the other.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as many times as the first player can hold items.
7. Load the second player one last time and give all the items to him/her.
8. Make sure to only give him/her the most valuable items.
9. Go to a different area from save 1 and save there.
10. Go to the save one area and save there.
11. On the second player sell every single item.
12. Now import the valuable character from save 2 onto save 1.
13. Sell all the valuable items, again.
14. Repeat steps 12 and 13 until happy. 15. My record of making money in a minutes time (yes I timed it) was about 50 mill. It all depends on what your items are worth.

THIS IS REALLY NO JOKE IT TOOK ME ABOUT 3 HOURS TO THINK OF IT. Also a serious reccomendation, hold L1-R1-Triangle-Circle-X-Square and hit start. This opens up the teleportation and invincibility mode. The best vender in the game is near the bottom and title Mgate. Head left and hop the wall of boxes. Just below you will find that vender that we know and hate so much. He will have the best armor weapons and stats in the game. I would seriously reccomend making that your first save point since you can get the most leet items in the game. For those noobs out there leet= REALLY good Smile well enjoy!
Cheats and HintsAdded 11 Jun 2006, ID #21564
Invincibility and Level Warp:
While in gameplay, hold L1, R1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, X and press START

Advance/Revert to lv 10 with 500,000 and 45 points:
While in gameplay, hold L1, R1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, X and press L2
N.B IF YOU ARE ABOVE LEVEL 10 IT WILL TAKE YOU BACK TO LV 10 but you can easily level it up if you buy decent weapons with you're 500000!

Unlock Drizzt and Extreme Difficulty:
Complete the entire game with anybody on any difficulty

Unlock Artemis:
Complete the game in Extreme mode with any character
N.B To import a player from a previously saved game to play so NO NOT delete you're previous game data.

Unlock character's secret abilities:
You must find a place called AHOME on the level warp menu, sorry I cannot tell you a way of finding it without cheating but I don't know where it is and in what chapter

Best weapons:
The harder you set the game to the better the weapons in the shop are and the more rewarding treasure and drops are!!!

Game recomendation
I recommend you play as Dorn the human barbarian because he has the ability to wield two great weapons at once, once you play on Extreme difficults you can buy a weapon called the 'Flawless Great Sword' in the shop, this wep does about 70-90 damage and if you attach 16 coral and 16 aquamarine it does 116 damage all the time, it has a chance for one hit kill and it can hit a critical of over 1000 with death blow, great weapon foucus and two weapon combat maxed out.

Hope this helps everyone out and could some peaple please verify and rate my answers
Thanks All
Some CheatsAdded 28 Mar 2006, ID #20305
Unlock Cheat Menu: Hold L1 and R1 and triangle, and square, circle, X and start.

Unlock level up: Hold L1 and R1, triangle, square, circle, X, then press L2.
Unlimited $ Gold $ / Duplicate ItemsAdded 22 Dec 2004, ID #12158
This is how to get unlimited gold and to duplicate items.

First: Be your good character (the one that has the equipment you want to duplicate) and then save.

Second: Pause and go to CHANGE PLAYER. Then select 2nd Player and push R1 (NEW). Select one of the players and then continue until you're back at the screen showing the face of both players. Push X and accept. It should bring you to the LOADING screen.

Third: After it's done loading, You'll be near the save point you were last at but with Player 2. Now, Player 1, the player with the stuff you want duplicated, drop the stuff you want to duplicate. Now, Player 2, pick up the dropped stuff.

Fourth: Player 1 doesn't have the good stuff but Player 2 does. Pause the game and go to CHANGE PLAYER. Select Player 1 and Import. When you have to choose which one to load, load the game you've just saved and accept until you're back at the LOADING screen.

Fifth: You should be back at the save point with Player 2 but now, both you and Player 2 will have the stuff you wanted to duplicate. Make player 2 drop the thing(s) you want duplicated and Player 1 pick it up and presto! Player 1 has two of the same thing. Now you can keep it or sell it and do it over and over again.
Invincibility and Level WarpAdded 4 Jul 2004, ID #9656
To unlock the Invulnerability and Level Warp menu hold L1 + R1+ Triangle + Square + Circle + X and then press Start.

Level warp and invulnerabilityAdded 10 Feb 2004, ID #6803
When playing the game, pause and hold all of these buttons at the same time:
L1, R1, triangle, circle, square, and X.

Then press START while those buttons are still held. You will then get the options for level warp and invulnerability.

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