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Follow the dark path or use the light
Wild Arms 2 Pack Shot

Wild Arms 2


Low Level Ashley FAQ

by Otabo

                           +       Wild ARMs 2          +
                           +   Low Level Ashley FAQ     +
                           +       version 1.00         +
                           +     written by: Otabo      + 


1) Introduction
2) Disclaimer/Legal Stuff
3) Helpful Info
4) Low Level Ashley Guide
5) Credits
6) E-Mail Info

1) Introduction  
     Welcome to my Wild Arms 2 Low Level Ashley Guide! This is not your 
everyday low level FAQ, but this guide will explain how to get all six 
characters at the lowest levels possible without resorting to extreme
luck and frustration. Please keep in mind that this FAQ is NOT meant for 
going through the game normally, and it will not into extensive detail about 
dungeons and puzzles, etc. So, this FAQ will officially end once you obtain 
Marivel at Crimson Castle. It will, however, point out any items/equips/
mediums you will need in this challenge.

If this is your first time playing Wild Arms 2, I would strongly suggest
using another FAQ. I would try using either Shotgunnova's FAQ or Synonyx's
FAQ, both are great guides for first timers to the game. However, this guide
can also be used in conjunction with my Optional Boss FAQ, especially if
you're trying to solo them.

This guide is complete for the most part, however, if there are any
suggestions or anything that you think that should be placed into the
FAQ, by all means, e-mail me and let me know and I will consider if your
information is good enough to go into this FAQ (with credit due, of course.)

2) Disclaimer/Legal Stuff  

     This guide is only to be used for personal uses ONLY, and is not to be
reproduced anywhere or changed in any way whatsoever without my consent. This
FAQ was 100% written by me and if you would like to use this guide on your
website or something, PLEASE CONTACT ME BY E-MAIL AND ASK ME FIRST. If you see
this guide anywhere else other than GameFAQs, please let me know immediately.

3) Helpful Info

     This section contains helpful information before delving into the game,
and to give you an idea of what exactly you are up against. This "challenge"
is going to get difficult at certain points in the game, especially during
the solo boss battles where you can only use Ashley. 

- Make sure you follow the guide to the letter. Meaning if you screw something
up, you'd better be prepared to either load an earlier save, or deal with it.

- SAVE OFTEN. When you see a save crystal or memory lady, USE IT! Make multiple 
save files, because if you mess up later on, you can always come back to an 
earlier save and try again. This is a challenge where saving in only one slot 
is a BAD idea.

- The level that your party members start at is equal to Ashley's current
level. Meaning if Ashley is level 10 when you first get Tim at Baskar, but Brad 
and Lilka are level 20, Tim will join you at level 10.

- This challenge effectively ends once you get Marivel into the party. There
is no need to continue to go through the rest of the game with low leveled
characters. Though don't let me stop you from trying; it's just that I won't
be giving any hints and tips after that point.

- It is preferred that you tackle this on an emulator, but if you wish to
do it on an actual PSX, then more power to you! If you try this challenge
on an actual console, be prepared to have a TON of resets, seriously. I
hope you know what you're getting into.

- The following battles will be amongst the most difficult in the challenge:
*Ashley vs. Trask at Golgotha (when you first get Access)
*Kanon vs. Judecca at Holst (when she first joins)
*Ashley vs. Vinsfeld at Heimdal Gazzo (last battle of Disc One)
*Ashley vs. Caina at Lost Garden (when you get your upgraded Access form)
*Ashley vs. Grauswein at Valeria Chateau (the second time you fight it)

These battles will take loads of patience, and probably tons of resets. So
you've been warned now.

- Forgetfulness -

This is a status effect that is going to be very important in this 
playthrough. What it does is makes the affected character earn 0 EXP from 
battle. The earliest point you can affect Ashley with forgetfulness is when 
you reach Mt. Chug-Chug; there is a monster called Shriker that will 
sometimes inflict the status. Problem with them is that they will also
inflict other statuses on top of it, which makes them annoying to deal
with as a whole. The absolute best place to get forgetfulness is the
forest around Sylvaland Castle; there is a monster that can be encountered 
there called a Man Trap. It has a skill that inflicts this status. You can
also encounter them in the plains around the castle, too. 

However, there are some points in the game where forgetfulness will 
automatically be removed from Ashley; I will mention all cases where this is 
true, so when the guide tells you to come back here, then do so. Basically, 
make sure Ashley is affected by this status at all times. Before then, you'll 
need to kill Ashley off in every battle.

- Up HP - 

The personal skill that's most important to this playthrough. The point of this
challenge is to get as much HP on everyone as possible through the use of
this personal skill. This is going to be THE first PS skill that everyone
maxes. It takes 3 PS points for each level, meaning you will max this one
out at level 9.

4) Low Level Ashley Guide

Let us begin, shall we? Start up a new game and choose Ashley for the first
prologue (well, you can start with anyone actually, but for the sake of
this FAQ, we'll go in order: Ashley, then Brad, then Lilka.

                                  DISC 1

Ashley's Prologue

(-Withered Ruins-)
- Go through the scenes until you can take control of Ashley.
- Grab the treasures from the first rooms; there should be a Gimel Coin in
the room to the left, and if you follow the path, you'll eventually come to
a small room with a chest containing a Mini Carrot.
- Before falling down the pit, get the Heal Berry from the room to your right.
- Fall down the hole and get your Hurl Knife, then go through the newly 
opened door for another Heal Berry.

- You'll start encountering monsters at this point; make sure you cancel out
ALL encounters when the exclamation symbol is white; if it's red, run from
the battle. Do not kill any enemies throughout this entire dungeon; you want
to keep Ashley at level 1. You'll probably see more red encounters than white;
just keep your guard up and run away from the monsters at every opportunity.

- Make your way to the health official; talk to him to heal up if needed,
then go to the next room and save at the save crystal. Continue forward.
- Get the Str Apple; if you want to use it now, be my guest. Or you can save
it for Brad. It's up to you. I'd use it now, if I were you. Continue on.
Name Tony, watch the scenes; eventually you'll fight Kalivos...

BOSS: Kalivos
HP: 400
EXP: 50
GELLA: 250

Notice I only included the stats for the main part of the boss. This is 
because we won't be killing the claws. To minimize EXP, only target the main
portion of the boss, Kalivos.

Kalivos WILL outspeed Ashley in this fight, so be prepared. This fight isn't 
too hard if your careful. Claws typically do almost 17-18 damage, Laser Breath 
and Cross Blade Claw both hit for around 25. You have 80 HP. This means that 
Kalivos can take your HP down pretty fast. Now you won't have enough FP to 
use Shot Weapon on the first turn obviously, so go ahead and normal attack 
him (~45 damage). On round two, use Shot Weapon and hope it doesn't miss 
(Shot Weapon does about 70-80 damage if it hits).

When Ashley's HP dips below 25, you must use Accelerator and then a Heal Berry,
because if you don't, Kalivos will go first and finish you before you can
heal. So go ahead and do just that. Kalivos will keep your FP up so you can
use Accelerator and heal when the need arises; you can typically get off
two attacks before needing to heal up. If you run out of bullets for Shot
Weapon, don't bother wasting your Bullet Load here; just continue with normal
attacks. You will probably use around 3-4 Heal Berries here.

Ashley will get 50 EXP and reach level 2. Next, we'll do Brad's prologue.

Brad's Prologue


- Go through the scenes until you can take control of Brad.
- This should go similar to Ashley's prologue; head north through the forest, 
grab all the treasures on the way. Make your way to the huge cliff in the third
area. Again, cancel all white encounters, run from all red encounters.
(There is a STR Apple in the second area; go ahead and give that to Brad.)
- Jump off the far eastern side for a VIT Apple; save this for now.
- Go to the shack and get your Kick Boots, then save at the Save Crystal.
Break down the gate on the side with the Kick Boots, and get the Big Berry
from the side room. Continue north until you meet the Gremalkin...

BOSS: Gremalkin
HP: 650
EXP: 60
GELLA: 250

Again, aim for the main part; do NOT kill the Belly or you will get
extra EXP, and we don't want that. At least not right now, anyway...

Chest Buster does about 10 damage, Parasite Batallion does around 20 damage
and Roaring Burst does around 25. Luckily, Brad can outspeed the boss.
Normal attacks do around 65-70 damage, so go ahead and normal attack him 
for now. When Brad's FP is > 25, use Lock On with the Bazooka for nearly
200 damage. If Brad's HP drops below 30, go ahead and use a Heal Berry;
in fact, you might not need to heal at all in this battle, especially if
Gremalkin is spamming Chest Buster; so the most you should lose here is
one Heal Berry.

Brad will get 60 EXP and reach level 2. Continue to T'Bok Village and
finish off the prologue. Last, but not least, is Lilka's prologue...

Lilka's Prologue

(-Palace Village-)

- Just go through the scenes as normal; soon enough you'll end up in
the Millienium Puzzle...

(-Millenium Puzzle I-)

- Go through the teleporter and you'll come across a Save Crystal. Save
here if you want, then continue. Make your way through the dungeon and
once you activate those switchblocks, you'll be warped back to Palace
Village. There are no treasures to worry about here and the enemies
should be easy to run from.

- Back in Palace Village, speak to the men outside to trigger a scene.
Eventually, you'll engage the boss Olivier...

BOSS: Olivier
HP: 300
EXP: 60
GELLA: 250

Should be a short fight; again, target only the main section and
not the legs.

This boss hits quite hard on a level 1 Lilka; his weakest attack, 
Olivier Juice, does 20 damage. Horse Field Kick is around 25 damage, 
while Bufoooooh! does about 30 damage. Lilka only has 60 HP, so you 
need to be very careful here. Luckily for you, not only can Lilka 
easily outspeed the boss, but the boss also has rather low HP.

With that said, have Lilka defend on the first turn to build up FP
so you can cast your spells. On the next turn, target Olivier only
with Flame, as he is weak to it. Make sure you do not let Lilka's
HP drop below 30, because Bufooooooh! can do that much to her; cast
Heal when this happens. Basically, alternate between Flame and Heal;
three Flames should be enough to kill him.

Lilka will gain 60 EXP and gain TWO levels, up to level 3. End of

Now we can REALLY get this challenge started!

Town of Meria
- You'll end up controlling Ashley for the moment. Head into the
next room and get the SOR Apple from the barrel, then head outside.
Agree to catch the kitten, then chase down that silly cat for a 
Crest Cap. Tim will also give your the Grudiev medium. Go through
the scenes that follow and eventually, you'll need to make your
way to the Sword Cathedral.

Sword Cathedral
- You'll go through a few more scenes, and then witness the actual
beginning of the game credits. When you're able to, talk to the 
commander to start the next chain of events. Eventually, Ashley 
will be transformed into a Protoblazer, a bizarre looking monster...

- As soon as you're able to control Ashley (as the Protoblazer), do
NOT engage any of the current Protoblazers in the room, because you
cannot escape from those fights. Be extremely careful. You will, 
however, have a forced fight with the Protoblazer guarding the door.
It should only take two attacks to defeat it; Ashley will gain 30
EXP and gain another level (he should be level 3 at this point).

- In the next hallway, CAREFULLY dodge the wandering Protoblazer.
You may need to lure him from between those two posts he tends to 
stick between. This might become tough if you're not playing this on
an emulator. Anyway, once you make it past that Protoblazer, engage
the next Protoblazer that guards the door into the next room. Just 
dispose of him like you did with the first one. In the next room,
you must carefully avoid two more Protoblazers. Once you get past
these two, you can head into the next room where the Argetlahm lies.
Try to pull it to witness some more scenes. Eventually, you'll have
control of Ashley again in the Town of Meria.

Town of Meria
- Exit the bakery and you'll run into Lilka, and she will eventually
join the party. 

- Before you head to Valeria Chateau, stop by the magic shop. Erase
the Flame spell and the Freeze spell, but keep Heal; you'll be 
needing that. You should now have two free Crests; now bind the
Spark spell (Flame & Wing) and the Shield spell (Geo & Flame). If
you want, you can also bind your Crest Cap with whatever you want.
So now Lilka should have the following: Heal, Spark and Shield.

- Next, stop by the PS shop. Both Ashley and Lilka should be at
level 3 at this point; give them both a level of Up HP and NOTHING
ELSE. Also, stop by the item shop and buy a Mage Robe for Lilka.
If you have Grudiev equipped on Ashley, take it off of him and
put it on Lilka now. Oh, and if you still have that SOR Apple, go
ahead and give that to Lilka now, as well (might as well give that
VIT Apple to her, too).

- If you want, you can explore Meria Boule Castle for a Full Revive
and a Big Berry. If you don't get these now, you can always come
back later and get them. 

- When you're done preparing, head up to the Valeria Chateau.

Valeria Chateau
- Enter for a scene with Irving; once you can get control of
Ashley again, head for the elevator and go to the second floor.
Search the rooms on the second floor for the Moor Gault and
Schturdark mediums.

- The memory service lady is on the first floor, so head down there
if you need to save your game (I highly suggest you do save here).
Head for the restricted area, and then back up to the third floor
to Irving's room. Make sure you saved in a different slot in case
you mess this part up, then talk to Irving and ask him that you
are ready for the next mission when you're ready. More scenes
ensue, and eventually, you'll end up in a cell in Illsveil Prison.

Illsveil Prison
- You must now prove Ashley's innocence. So once you have control
of Lilka, dash down the hallway and kill the security panel, then
enter the door. Search the lockers for two Heal Berries and a
Cute Ribbon; equip that on Lilka now for an extra defense boost.

- Head down the stairs. Be careful of the turrets as they can
damage you if you get too close. Blow them up with the Fire Rod
from an angle. Make your way through the prison, deactivating the
security systems as you go. Eventually you will come to a save 
crystal. Save here on a different slot if you feel that you can't
beat the boss of this area with a solo Lilka (because that's what
we'll be doing). Search the lockers for a Heal Berry and a Jail
Card. Now return to Ashley's cell.

- Ashley will rejoin, so now you will have to run from random
fights again. Head to that center room you passed earlier. Drop
a Hurl Knife on the guard's head to disable him. Continue forward
until you get to Brad's cell. After a conversation, he'll join the

- Switch to Brad and use the Kick Boots to kick the security system
and the door will open. Search the lockers in the next room for a 
SOR Apple, a Mini Carrot and a Heal Berry. Use the SOR Apple on 
Lilka now. Now return to that orange door you passed earlier and
kick it down. Before talking to the warden, go into the right room
and grab another Heal Berry and a Crest.

- At this time, heal ONLY Lilka to full HP by using a Heal Berry on
her, if the other characters are damaged, do not heal them. Also, 
make sure Lilka has on a Mage Robe, the Cute Ribbon and Grudiev.
Speak to the warden to trigger a boss fight...

HP: 2,000
EXP: 300
GELLA: 600

This is going to be quite a rough fight. First of all, we can't
let Ashley gain levels here, and we don't want Brad gaining levels
here either because he has no points in Up HP yet. So therefore,
we're going to have Lilka solo this boss.

On the first round, have Lilka defend, Ashley use a Mini Carrot on
Lilka and Brad should go ahead and start damaging the main body.
Equip him with Moor Gault and use either a normal attack or Smash
Hit (~140 damage).

On the second round, have Lilka cast Shield on herself. Ashley and
Brad attacks the main body. Do NOT heal Ashley or Brad during this
time. If Lilka was attacked on the first turn, have one of the
guys heal her with a Heal Berry.

Continue to cast Shield on Lilka until both Ashley and Brad get
KO'ed; you'll probably be able to cast it around four or five
times depending on what attacks the boss uses, and make sure
she is at full HP by the time Ashley and Brad die. Try to do
as much damage as you can (without killing it) with Ashley
and Brad before they go down.

Keep in mind that Shield isn't particularly effective at such a
low level (it will only increase her defense by 4, but every little
bit helps). Chew Up and Hammer Swing will still hurt a lot. Once Brad
and Ashley go down, cast Spark (~185 damage). Now you must continue
to heal and heal and heal UNTIL GAONIM uses a normal attack, which
should hit for around 25 damage; this is your cue to cast Spark on

If he uses Chew Up, it should do around 55-60 damage with the five
Shields in place. Just keep healing and wait for the next normal
attack, then Spark him again. Continue this pattern until he is

At the end, Lilka will get the 300 EXP and gain two more levels,
up to level 5.

- Eventually, you'll get a new mission to explore the cave south
of the chateau, but before you do that, take this time to go back
to Meria's magic shop and bind the Vortex spell to the Crest
you found in Illsveil. Also, give Brad his first level in Up
HP at the PS shop. Don't forget!

Under Traffic

- Here, you can start levelling up Brad and Lilka. The Tatzelwurms
here are strong enough to kill Ashley with relative ease, so once
he goes down, you can kill everything with Brad and Lilka. Just
remember, once Lilka and Brad hit level 6, return to Meria and
pump up their Up HP PS Skill up another slot. Remember that only
Ashley's level counts as far as what level the later party members 
join at, not Brad's and Lilka's. I would get them both to at least 
level 6, but if you really want, you can stay until they both hit 
level 9, at this point, both of them can max out Up HP! Once they 
hit level 6 though, and you get their second point in Up HP, then go 
through the cave. Just remember when you fight, to make sure Ashley 
is KO'ed before the end of the battle; we WANT him at level 3 right 
now. Or, you could wait until you get to Telepath Tower. The choice 
is yours.

- Anyway, use Brad and Lilka in tandem to make your way through the
tunnel, kicking and blowing stuff up along the way. Make sure you get
the Multiblast in the room with the water in it and give that to 
Ashley. In the next room, make sure you blow up the secret room
to grab the Moonstone (very important, do NOT miss this item) and
another Crest. 

- In the next area, blow up the two boulders to get to the Map
Scope, then leave and re-enter to reset the exploding crates.
Make your way to the other side of the room; do NOT touch the 
orange crystals if Ashley is already at 1 HP. Next room is a 
save crystal; save your game here if you want to, then continue.
Help the peddler to his feet, then help him (along with the rest
of the party) to Damzen City, which is to the southeast.

Damzen City
- Stop by the magic shop first thing and bind the Break spell.
If you want, you can also erase the Shield spell and replace it
with the Quick spell, which can be useful. Now you should 
have Spark, Break, Vortex, Heal, and Quick (if you erased the
Shield spell). Now go to the weapon shop. Sell the Full Revive
and buy one of everything EXCEPT the Pixy Parasol; you don't
need that. Sell off everything EXCEPT Ashley's Jean Jacket.
Also, make sure you buy around 10-15 Medicines from the item

- It's also a good idea to upgrade the Bazooka's ATP once or 
twice (don't bother with Accuracy or bullets). Don't bother
upgrading Ashley's Shot Weapon, either. We'll take care of
him later. Refill bullets while you're at it.

- Check the barrel on the side of the ARMs shop for a Mystic Word;
equip to Lilka now to boost her SOR. Now go inside Gunner's Heaven
and get the Mittens from the barrel in the corner by the bar; might 
as well give these to Brad now.

- Do the usual; speak to the doctor, contact Irving and eventually,
you'll get another mission that will take you to Telepath Tower.

Telepath Tower
- You will definetly want to start levelling Lilka and Brad now.
The fights in here will be pretty tough for a low leveled party, so
make sure you get them both to at least level 9. Remember to head back
to Damzen's PS shop and get another level in Up HP as soon as someone
reaches level 6, and again at level 9. Stay in the first room until both
Lilka and Brad are both level 9; leave Ashley dead for all fights, of
course. Be especially careful around the Dakleits, as their Water 
Catastrophe spell can be a killer at low levels. If you want, you can
equip Grudiev to Ashley and have him use Defencer while Lilka and Brad
work on thinning down the ranks; once one enemy is left, just have it
finish Ashley off. Do note that if an enemy attacks Ashley directly, he
will still get hurt.

When both Lilka and Brad are level 9, they should have 356 HP and 557 HP,
respectively, and both should have Up HP mastered. Ashley should still be
at level 3 with 125 HP. Now let's move on, shall we?

- At this point, you can just run from fights if you want. Just note that
most encounters will be red since Ashley's level is low compared to the
monsters in the area. Anyway, activate the switches by throwing the crates 
at them; if you mess up, just leave the tower and go back in. Continue to 
climb up the tower until you reach a save crystal; PLEASE save here; you
don't want all that hard work going to waste, now do you?

- Grab the Teleport Gem, then activate the switch in the corner to start
the elevator system. Enter the silver door in the room with the save 
crystal, and go down to 3F. Get the Booty Call tool for Ashley, then
go back to the elevator; ride it up to 5F this time. Face north, then
enter the room to your left; get the treasures; one of them has a Crest
inside. Backtrack. Enter the other door, and go up and you'll reach a
switch puzzle.

- Activate the switch directly in front of you, then the switch to your
left. Get the chest and activate the switch next to it. Now activate the
switches until you get to the other side of the room. Now re-enter the
switch room and pull the switch in front of you, then the switch to the
southeast, then the switch to its southwest. Kick the white chest to get
the Pineapple ARM for Brad. Continue to climb the tower; make sure you
heal Brad and Lilka to max HP before going into the last room. After
a rather lengthy scene involving Odessa, you'll fight the Vagesta...

HP: 2,500; Claws: 1,000 each
EXP: 600; Claws: 300 each
GELLA: 600; Claws: 300 each

Equip the Moonstone to Brad before doing anything. Hopefully, you leveled
Brad and Lilka to level 9 before coming to face this guy.

Anyway, start working on the Right Claw with Brad and Lilka; and have 
Ashley attack it until he dies. Vagesta will most likely outspeed Lilka,
so watch your HP here. As for Brad, if you upgraded the Bazooka's ATP
once or twice, he can do some serious damage with Lock On added. When the
Right Claw dies, attack the Left Claw until it dies.

If anyone gets diseased, remove it immediately with a Medicine; if both
characters are diseased, have Lilka use Mystic with a Medicine; you do not
want your characters diseased because that means you can't heal.

Once Vagesta's parts are gone, just have Brad pile on Bazooka shots (with
Lock On, of course), while Lilka heals any damage or removes disease status.
If you don't need healing, she can cast Vortex which should do nearly 600 
damage to him (he is weak to wind, his parts aren't, though). He should fall

If you killed both parts, you'll get 1,200 EXP and Lilka should hit level 10.

Damzen City
- Hit the spell shop; bind the Freeze spell.
- If you missed any items in town, use the Booty Call to search for them.
- Return to the house next to the PS Shop and speak with the people inside;
eventually, you'll recieve your next mission from Irving. It's time to go
to Mt. Chug-Chug, which is east of Damzen.

Mt. Chug-Chug
- Head left (the right door is locked for now), and make your way through
the cave. Remember, don't pick up any of the orange crystals you see; keep
Ashley's HP at 1. Get the Head Gear and give it to Brad for a slight defense
boost. Get to the cart that is teetering on the edge of the small pit; kick
it in with the Kick Boots. Jump down, kick the cart again, and you'll
automatically jump in it, when you're thrown out, activate the nearby
switch to get the elevators working around the mine.

- You may start running into Shriekers right about now. Now technically,
you can get the forgetfulness status from these guys, but that same 
attack also causes confusion and silence. You could, if you want, stick
forgetfulness on Ashley now, but you don't need to just yet. Ashley
won't have enough HP to survive the next few boss fights anyway, so
don't worry about it. I just wanted to let you know about these guys,
and how this is the first place you can get forgetfulness from.

- Head up the nearby lift and collect the crystals (you have no choice),
then head back to the large room with the lift in it. Enter the next room
for a Crest. Go back to the previous room, and then jump down the hole,
then go up the nearby lift. Save at the save crystal, then head up to
the top of the mountain, where you'll meet Ptolomea.

BOSS: PTOLOMEA (1st battle)
HP: 3,000
EXP: 750

Should be a simple fight. Ashley attacks until he dies, Brad does
Lock On with the Bazooka, Lilka heals or casts any damaging spell.
Ashley won't last long and he'll die to either a counterattack or
Ptolomea's Dynamite attack. Make sure you keep your health above 300; 
Ptolomea Dynamite hits for around the low 200s to both characters, and 
Iron Saber hits for around 250 or so.

- When the following scenes are over and done with, you'll have
control of Ashley alone (and his HP's are refilled, too). Head
to the Town of Meria for more scenes, and eventually, you'll
get your next mission: you must deliver an important letter to the
Queen of Sylvaland. To get there, you need to go southwest from the
Valeria Chateau.


- Upgrade Ashley's Shot Weapon's ATP until it is 25 (this will take
three upgrades and 3,500 gella); we'll be needing the power a
little bit later. If you want, you can also upgrade the Bazooka's
ATP up another level, although it isn't necessary; the Bazooka is
plenty strong enough for right now, anyway. Also, reload your

Live Reflector
- Enter the side room and you'll find out the Tim and the gang have
already broken in to explore the place. Enter then next room and
examine the machine, soon enough, you'll be thrown into a boss fight
against the Elebart...

HP: 2,500; Claws: 1,250 each
EXP: 1,400; Claws: 700 each
GELLA: 1,400; Claws: 700 each

Ashley attacks until he dies, Brad attacks Right Claw and Lilka can
either defend or normal attack the Right Claw. Ashley will be down 
soon enough, so don't worry about him. Once Lilka has 12 FP, start
spamming Break as the boss and his claws are weak to it; Brad does
the usual Lock On + Bazooka. Watch out for his Elebalt Corrida as it
does a lot of damage, and his normal attack does a fair amount of 
damage, as well. All of Elebart's attacks target a single party 
member, so it shouldn't be that hard to keep healed up with two
people. Killing the claws first will net you not only more EXP,
but 2 STR Apples, as well (give them to Ashley).

Both Brad and Lilka should gain two levels here, up to level 12.

When you're in control of Ashley again, activate the green switch
on the wall, and step into the teleporter and you'll be transported
to the Sylvaland area...well, after another scene involving Odessa,
first. After the scenes, locate the castle in the middle of the
forest and enter.

Sylvaland Castle

- You automatically engage in a conversation with the Queen, and
she rejects Irving's proposal. Oh well. Later, you'll hear word
that nearby Halmetz has been attacked, and this is your chance
to prove to the Queen just what ARMS is all about. But before
you go running off to Halmetz, there are some important things
you need to do and get first.

- As soon as you're able to control Ashley again, head south to
the fork in the path, then head east. Head east at the next fork 
and speak to the sleeping guard. Return to the first fork in the
previous room; this time, head all the way west and enter the room.
Head west at the next fork. Now pull the rope to ring the bell and
the sleeping guard will come running in. Now go back to where the
sleeping guard was initially and grab the treasure chest for a 
Red Cap (equip this on Ashley NOW). Now examine the wall to the
right of that treasure chest to reveal a secret room containing three
chests that have two Crests and a Scapegoat.

- Return to the the fork in the path in the previous room. Head south
down the stairs and enter the next room. Speak to the guard and he'll
tell you how to get to Halmetz. Now backtrack until you get to the 
four way fork in front of the Queen's room. Take the south path to come
to a room with books. There should be a book sticking out of the bookcase;
this is actually a switch; so activate that, then step on the wooden
platform to end up in another secret room. Down here are four more 
chests, take them all, ESPECIALLY the Blue Anklet. Activate the switch
at the far end of the room and go back above. Now leave the castle; go
back to the guard that told you how to get to Halmetz, then go south
to the next room. Here is a memory lady, use her to save your game
now. Head south to exit the castle.


- Before you head to Halmetz, you MUST inflict Ashley with forgetfulness
status. Fortunately, you don't have to go all the way back to Mt. Chug-Chug;
there is a monster you can encounter in the forest around Sylvaland Castle
called a Man Trap. Now heal Ashley to full health, and equip Grudiev on
him. Run around until you encounter a Man Trap.

- When you find a Man Trap, have Ashley use Defencer constantly and keep
him alive. If there are other enemies with the Man Trap, just have Brad
kill them off. Now wait until the Man Trap uses Amnesia on Ashley and
pray for it to hit; if it does, it will inflict forgetfulness. You do
need to be careful because the Man Trap can also put your entire party
to sleep and there is very little you can do to stop it. It may take a
while, but do not finish the battle until Ashley is inflicted with 
forgetfulness; this is VERY important!

- Once you managed to get forgetfulness status onto Ashley, escape the
battle. Now equip Ashley with the best stuff you have + Grudiev and
head for Halmetz.

- LAST CHANCE! If you did not upgrade Ashley's Shot Weapon earlier,
use a Teleport Gem and teleport back to Meria and do so now. Upgrade
its ATP three times. You will not be able to do this until after you
finish Golgotha Prison, and you will need the power upgrade before
then. Once you enter Halmetz, you cannot turn back until you finish
this next section of the game.

- Do NOT enter until Ashley has forgetfulness status on him, you've
been warned. Anyway, enter the town and you'll find out that it's
deserted. Go through the following scenes; eventually, you'll be
attacked by the Trask.

BOSS: TRASK (1st battle)
HP: 3,600; Crystal: 1,800 HP
EXP: 1,500; Crystal: 750 each
GELLA: 0 each

Before you do anything, place Ashley in the back ranks; this way,
you don't have to worry about keeping him alive. As usual, you'll
duo this boss with Brad and Lilka. Also, make sure you equip Lilka
with the Blue Anklet and Brad with the Moonstone.

Start by hammering at the Crystal with Brad's normal attacks and
Lilka's Freeze spell (both parts are weak to ice). When he has the
chance, have Brad do the usual Lock On + Bazooka. Be careful of
his Biomissile though, that thing does nearly 300 damage, so make
sure you do not let your HP drop below 300. After the crystal is
gone, all you really have to worry about is Poison Breath and his
normal attack. Just continue to spam Freeze and normals/Bazooka
shells on him until the battle is over. Ashley will not gain any
levels from this thanks to forgetfulness status.

Before you know it, you'll end up in Golgotha Prison...

Golgotha Prison

- Once you are able to take control of your lead character again,
equip Ashley with the best stuff you have (if you haven't already).
Also, equip the Moonstone + Grudiev onto him and LEAVE HIM IN THE 
BACK ROW! We want to keep that forgetfulness status on him right 
now. You can win all the battles you want in here with Lilka and 
Brad, and Ashley won't gain a single EXP point. What's better is 
that you don't have to worry about him dying or getting the status
removed somehow.

- Anyway, make your way through the prison, dealing with the 
traps as you go. Make sure you get the Lucky Card and the Crest
later on in the dungeon. Try to fight battles here and get
some Heal Berries from the local monsters because you will
need them. Soon enough, you'll come to the place where the Halmetz 
villagers are being held captive; Ashley will eventually go ahead 
and check things out so now you'll have a party made up of just him.

- As Ashley, try not to get hit by any of the traps along the
way. BEFORE HEADING OUTSIDE, make sure Ashley has the best 
equipment possible at this point, as well as the Moonstone and 
Grudiev mediums. Also, make sure he is at full HP. When you're 
ready, step outside to the execution site.

BOSS: TRASK (2nd battle)
HP: 3,600; Crystal: 1,800 HP
EXP: 1,500; Crystal: 750 each
GELLA: 0 each

- This is the reason why I had you stick forgetfulness on Ashley.
Trask gives 1,500 EXP (2,250 if you kill both parts), which will
send him flying up levels (levels with only one level in Up HP, 
mind you). I hope you are ready, because this is going to be
a REALLY hard fight (this is one of those fights where playing
this game on an emulator is going to be a big advantage - if
you're playing from console or something, I feel for you, because
you're going to have a ton of resets here, I guarantee that.)

- I REALLY hope you upgraded the Shot Weapon back in Meria, 
because you'll be needing it here.

- Biomissile is an instant kill, obviously. So you do NOT, under
any circumstances, want to see that attack. Trask's physical does
about 70 damage; two of those, and you're done for. Poison Breath
we can ignore thanks to the Moonstone. There is one other 
issue though, and that is if Ashley reaches 100 FP, forgetfulness
status is removed, and you must restart because then he will gain
EXP, and in Knightblazer form, there is no way to use up the FP.
So therefore, we must kill Trask before Ashley hits 100 FP, WITHOUT
Knightblazer form, and before Ashley is KO'ed. Not an easy task.

- Ok here goes. The first couple of turns is going to be luck based;
hell, this entire battle is going to be luck based, to be honest with
you. Follow these steps below, and if you're lucky, you'll beat this

Step 1: We need to get Ashley out of Knightblazer form ASAP. Defend 
this turn; now hope for Trask to use Biomissile here, but it must 
NOT inflict paralysis (if it does, reset/load state). If he uses a 
regular physical or Poison Breath, repeat this step until he uses 
Biomissile OR until Ashley gets below 70 HP (in which case you MUST 
heal) OR until Ashley has 50 FP (in which case, you can proceed to
Step 2). Do NOT, under any circumstances, use Hot Fencer, you're just 
asking to get killed (Hot Fencer, for your information, is ~320-330 

Step 2: Do NOT initiate this step UNTIL Ashley has 50 FP or more.
If Ashley has 50-55 HP (thanks to first turn Biomissile), you 
basically have a 33.3% chance you will live past his next attack.
Trask MUST use Poison Breath here in order for you to survive 
past this point; if he uses anything else, you WILL die and you
need to restart/load state. Have Ashley use Banisher (~495 damage)
and he will revert back to normal form. If you survive past this
turn, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: You will still have whatever FP you had when you used
Banisher; now you MUST use Accelerator and heal with a Heal Berry.
Your chances of surviving at this point is 67% (Biomissile is
a instant restart/load state). If Trask uses Poison Breath,
skip to Step 4 below; if he used his physical you can either
repeat this step OR you can take a huge risk and skip to Step
4, but note that your chances of survival during Step 4 will
drop from 67% to 33.3%.

Now at this point, I really hope you have a decent supply of 
Heal Berries, because you're going to need them.

Step 4: If Ashley has full HP (or if you are deciding to take
a huge risk), attack Trask (don't bother with the Crystal) with
Shot Weapon and PRAY that it hits (Shot Weapon should do ~300
damage). Again, there is a 33% chance (0r 67% if Ashley is not
at full HP) that you will die here. 

In short...

- If Trask uses Poison Breath, repeat Step 4.
- If Trask uses a physical attack, return to Step 3.
- If Trask physicals and you're not at full HP, you must restart/
load state.
- If Trash uses Biomissile, you must restart/load state.
- If Trask uses Poison Breath, and Ashley has < 25 FP, you could
fire another Shot Weapon round, just keep in mind that on every
single turn, Ashley has AT LEAST a 33.3% chance of getting killed.

The important thing is to KEEP YOUR FP DOWN! Because if you don't
and Ashley hits 100 FP, you will need to restart because he will
gain EXP from this fight, and we do not want that to happen.
The best thing you can do is to use Accelerator at every
opportunity. In fact, try not to let Ashley's FP go above
65, because typically Trask's physical will give you about 30-35 FP,
and that will be enough for him to hit Condition Green (thus
forcing a restart). If you have > 65 FP, you really want Trask
to start using Poison Breath, while you need to continue to 
spam Accelerator to get the FP down.

Now you COULD try to kill off the Crystal to stop Trask from using
Biomissile; but it will cost you more bullets in the long run; but 
at the very least, your chances of survival in this battle will go 
up to 50/50 pretty much. Pray for lots of Poison Breaths.

If you run out of healing items, you're pretty much done for.
I would suggest that you RELOAD from your last save in the
prison, and farm some Heal Berries from the enemies in the
prison with Brad and Lilka. If you run out of bullets for
Shot Weapon, use a Bullet Load, preferably when Ashley is
at full HP.

If you are using an emulator, save state at the beginning of 
EACH turn. If Trask uses Biomissile, or physicals you and you
don't have enough HP, reload state. This battle requires patience
and luck, but it is winnable. At the very least, you will need
around 12-13 hits with Shot Weapon to fell this monster.

- After this gruesome battle, you're automatically returned to
Sylvaland Castle, where you will talk to the Queen. Head to
the entrance of the castle for yet more scenes. And eventually,
you'll get your next mission: to get the Aguelite and Germatron

- Head back to the forest around Sylvaland Castle and get
Ashley inflicted with forgetfulness again, since the previous
few scenes have removed it automatically. Once he is inflicted
with the status, move him back to the back ranks again.

- You can head back to Halmetz now, if you want. In fact, I
advise that you do.

- Stop by the PS Shop. Brad and Lilka should have 4+ PS points
to spend. I personally started working on Up Parameter, but it's
really up to you at this point. Up Parameter is a real help in
boss battles, though. Another great choice would be Up P Defend
for Lilka, and maybe Up P Attack for Brad. Next, head for the 
weapon shop. All you really need from here is the Knuckle Arm, 
but if you want to get the Sunshade, be my guest. At the item shop, 
buy around 10 Teleport Gems, and about 10 of every other item. 
Just make sure you save around 5,000 Gella for when you get to 
Holst (they sell the better armor).

- Next stop: the magic shop. Go ahead and re-bind the Flame spell,
and two other spells of your choice. I chose Rise & Shine and Aqua.

- Check the house west of the bell tower for a Memo Pen, and you
can find a Lucky Card in the second house west of the bell tower.
That's pretty much it for this place.

- Ok, we'll go after the Aguelite first, so head back to the 
Live Reflector; activate the RED switch and you'll teleport over
to the island that Holst is on. Head south, then west, then search
and you should find the place.

- First things first: head to the armor shop and upgrade Brad to
the Camo Vest and Lilka should upgrade to the Purple Vest. Now
head over to the Inn's second floor to get the Bombs for Brad;
you'll be needing these in the Aguel Mine Shaft in a bit.
Now search the far southeastern house to find a Gaze Mirror,
which prevents petrification. That's all there is here, so head
into the Aguel Mine Shaft...

Aguel Mine Shaft
- It is a good idea to equip Brad with the Clear Chime in case
the monsters try to confuse him, and confused Brad = bad for
Lilka. Basically, make your way through the mine, and kill all
the monsters as you go. You probably won't be able to kill the
Galeons as they will most likely escape before you can even do
anything. Also, be careful around the Leprechauns; their 
Bioelectricity does 200+ damage and they have a ton of HP (for 
your current level, anyway). Stay healthy and constantly have
Lilka fire spells onto it. They are a good source of EXP right
now, though.

- When you get to the fork in the path, head right. When you get
to the yellow gate, open it up using the nearby switch, but don't
go in yet, instead head right again. This will put you on the path
to where Ragu O Ragula lies (but of course we won't be fighting
him now - you can't, anyway). At the end of the path is a white
chest containing the AM Cluster ARM for Brad, and there is a 
Heal Berry inside one of the wooden crates. Return to the room
where you opened the yellow gate; now go through. Follow the
path, using your bombs to get past the puzzles. Eventually,
you'll get the Aguelite, after a conversation amongst your party
members. Return to the Live Reflector near Holst; it's time to
go for the Germatron, so hit the yellow switch this time.

- On the World Map near Raline, do be careful if you run into
any Assassin Bugs; they are able to instant kill your party
members. Try to kill them as fast as possible and hope they
don't use Dead End.

Raline Observatory
- Before heading through the first door, equip Lilka with the
Mittens and Grudiev medium. Inside, you'll meet Liz and
Ard, and the Undines monster, which you will have to beat to
continue onwards....

HP: 4,000; Belly: 2,000 HP
EXP: 1,800; Belly: 900 each
GELLA: 450; Belly: 900

This boss can seriously pack a punch; Infitada is ~320 or
so while Hooky Bust is a whopping ~550-ish. Shocking Guinea
can possibly cancel your turns and Reject All Fools will 
cause your magic to miss; very dangerous if you're trying
to heal.

Lilka will probably be busy healing so leave her to do that.
Especially keep Lilka's HP above 600 in case Hooky Bust comes
her way; you don't want to eat too many of those.

Stay healed up; as mentioned before, Hooky Bust hits for 
a lot of damage. If you want, you can try to get a few Quicks
onto Lilka to get her to outspeed the Undines, but you will
probably want her to focus on healing instead. Remember,
you're fighting with only two people (Ashley should be in
the back row, as always, with forgetfulness status).

As for Brad, a Locked On unmodified AM Cluster shot does
about 600 to both parts; not too bad. Bazooka will probably
get him for more, but it's your call what you want to use
with Brad. When the belly dies, definetly use the Bazooka.
A few more attacks and he'll go down.

- Continue. Liz and Ard will get you through the dungeon,
make sure you get the treasures along the way. Especially
the Barette (equip to Lilka). Save your game at the Save
Crystal when you get to it. Continue onwards and you'll
eventually get to a chest containing the Bolt Action
cartridge; use this on Ashley now.

- When you get to the Germatron, you'll have to fight
Liz and Ard, so get ready...

BOSS: LIZ & ARD (1st fight)
HP: 2,000 (Liz); 3,000 (Ard)
EXP: 750 (both)
GELLA: 0 (both)

Shouldn't be too rough. Homemade Bomb hits EVERYONE on
the field, including both lizards, so in a sense, that will
only speed up their demise. Keep Brad's and Lilka's HP above
350 and you should be fine. Kill them anyway you like; AM
Cluster hits both lizards so try to use that as often as
you can, while Lilka can use any spell and cause the same
amount of damage (neither lizard has any weaknesses).

- Now that you have both Aguelite and Germatron, return
to the Town of Meria and refill your ARMs, and if you want,
upgrade the AM Cluster's ATP up a level or two. Now return
to Valeria Chateau, then after the conversation, return back
to Meria and go see Marina...

- ...Or so you think. Turns out that Tim and the others are
in a bit of a situation. And after that, you'll witness some
more scenes. Eventually, you'll be thrown into a fight against
the Alphael...

HP: 5,000; Legs: 2,500
EXP: 2,700; Legs: 1,350
GELLA: 2,700; Legs: 1,350

The game forced Ashley to the front ranks, but thankfully,
his forgetfulness is still intact, so shift him back to the
back ranks immediately. As usual, you'll duo the boss with
Brad and Lilka. Alphael gives a good amount of EXP, so it 
might be a good idea to use a Lucky Card (if you do, have 
Brad use it on his first turn).

Alphael is weak to earth, so Break will do great damage here
(~850+ actually). Be careful of Leg Claw (~250+ damage) and
RF Blade when the claws are both gone. The AM Cluster does
really well here and will hit all three parts; once the legs
are gone, switch to the Bazooka. Stay healed up, of course.
He'll spam RF Blade when both claws are gone; keep HP above
220 or so and you'll be fine.

- More conversations and scenes ensue. Soon, you'll be in 
control of the flying chateau. Now before moving on to 
Baskar, we're going to take a little side trip over to 
the Wind Tiger's Den, but before you do, head to the 2F and
speak to Altacia and she will tell you where it is. If you
are having trouble finding it, start where the Valeria Chateau
would be on the ground and head northwest until you get to a 
large volcano, then turn west and you should see a landing pad
before long. Land here and search the opposite end of the small
island to find the Wind Tiger's Den...

Wind Tiger's Den
- Use Lilka's Fire Rod to help get you through the dungeon
and once you've reached the end, grab the Fengalon medium,
which will allow you to steal items in battle! (By the way,
if you need Heal Berries, the Gargoyles in this same dungeon
have them as steals...)

When you're done, head over to Baskar Village...

- Scenes will ensue as soon as you enter the village, then you
will be in control of Tim. First, head behind the Elder's house
to pick up the Hard Gear for Brad, then go to Colette's house and
examine the item on the table and eventually, you'll get new orders:
to protect Tim. You'll also be directed to the Hidden Trial Arena
in the middle of the forest.

- BUT, before going there, there are a few things that you should
do (one of which, you MUST do):

*Preparing For The Hidden Trial Arena*

- In case you haven't noticed, forgetfulness status has been 
removed off of Ashley again; you know what this means - you need to
head back to Sylvaland Castle and find a Man Trap and put it back
on him. Do this FIRST before getting into any more battles. Run 
from battle when done and shift Ashley back to the back ranks.

- Next, head to either Meria or Damzen (or Halmetz) and visit a 
PS Shop. Give Tim his first level in Up HP. While you're at it,
Brad and Lilka should have 4-5 PS Points, spend them in whatever
you were working on (again, I personally chose Up Parameter). Also,
if you want, you can bind the Rise & Shine spell to your Crest Cap;
this could be very useful soon when you have to face Gehenna Neros
a bit later on.

- Ok, now that you've done the above, we're going to raise Tim up
to level 9. My advice is to put Tim in the back ranks along with
Ashley for the time being simply because he is only level 3 and 
is easily killed at this point. So duo with Brad and Lilka a bit
longer. I suggest teleporting to Holst and fighting the monsters
outside the town. Look for either three Earth Figures or three Rick
Gobs; if you get one of these formations, have Brad use the AM Cluster
which will most likely kill all three at once (keep in mind that they
will outspeed you). Tim should reach level 6 after only one of these
battles. When Tim reaches level 6, head into Holst and go to the PS Shop 
and get Tim's second level in Up HP, then repeat the process until Tim 
gets to level 9, and max Up HP out. It should not take long to get Tim
to level 9.

- Now that your Tim is level 9, it's time to start learning some spells
for him. I suggest teleporting to Meria and fighting the monsters outside
of the town. They have low HP, so this shouldn't be too hard. First thing
you want to learn is the First Aid spell, so equip the Odoryuk medium (it
should already be equipped) and have Tim kill 5 enemies (remember, Tim
must deal the final blow in order for it to count) and he'll learn it.
Once you learn First Aid, I suggest learning each of the level 1 spells
available at the moment; those being: Rock Bolt, Red Beaut, Water Gun
and Sonic Claw - each of those needing only 3 kills to learn. You should 
also try to learn at least one of the level 2 spells, as well. You should 
steal some Heal Berries while you're learning spells, while you're at it 
- killing two birds with one stone.

- When you're done doing all of this, teleport over to Baskar, and look
for the Hidden Trial Arena and enter.

Hidden Trial Arena
- You'll have a conversation and when you're done, you'll get control again.
Equip the Moonstone and an offensive medium (Grudiev, Fengalon, Moor
Gault, etc) onto Tim. Soon you'll get the Pooka tool.

- Try to kill everything in this dungeon and get Tim up a level or two.
Also, don't forget about the Heart Leaf and the two Crests; both can
be obtained before you get to Reguleus. In the long hallway, there is a
hidden door in the middle that will lead you to two Mini Carrots. Before
long, Reguleus himself will appear before you.

HP: 5,000 
EXP: 2,000
GELLA: 2,000 

Hopefully Brad still has that Clear Chime equipped; Reguleus may use
Eleweed Extract to confuse your party. Other than that, use a Lucky 
Card here if only to get Tim up a few more levels. He won't last long;
just Flame and Bazooka him to death. Make sure you keep Tim alive though, 
as two Napweed Extracts will kill him.

- Save at the save crystal. Now BEFORE YOU MOVE FORWARD, make sure
Tim has the Moonstone and an offensive guardian equipped; Tim will
be going solo from this point on.

- If you plan on powerleveling Tim during the Gehenna Neros battle,
I STRONGLY advise that you learn at least one of the level 2 spells
(Napalm Hit, Submerge, Graviton, etc); this is so that Gehenna Neros
doesn't outheal your damage. Make sure you get the Crest on the way.
Eventually, you'll face the monster himself...

HP: 3,000 
EXP: 2,000
GELLA: 2,000 

If you want to powerlevel Tim, now is your chance. You see, each one
that Tim kills gives 2,000 EXP and 2,000 Gella, so you can catch Tim
up with Brad and Lilka in levels (and even surpass them, if you really
feel like it). Gehenna Neros is weak to every element in the game, so
it doesn't matter what spell you use on them. 

We do need to nullify Lullaby though; fortunately, this is easy. Just 
have Tim use the Rise & Shine Crest Cap that you HOPEFULLY binded 
before you came here, and Tim will be immune to sleep for the rest of 
the battle. And with the Moonstone, you'll be immune to poison, as 

As for killing the replicates, your level 1 spells will typically do
around 650 damage or so, but the problem with that is that Gehenna 
Neros loves using Pill, which heals 410 HP back to him, and both
of them may use it on the same turn, outhealing your damage. This is
the reason why I advised you to learn a level 2 spell. 

First, build up 50 FP. Now cast your level 2 spell twice (~1100 damage). 
Once that's done, cast two level 1 spells (~650 damage) on one of them
to kill it. When one is left, cast First Aid to heal; Gehenna Neros
will replicate again. 

Basically, three level 2 spells will kill a replica IF it doesn't
use Pill to heal. Keep track of their HP so that you don't kill
both of them at once, which will end the battle. Once you're done
powerlevelling, either spam level 2 spells or just Combine and
summon a guardian on them. If you want to make this go even faster,
use a Lucky Card! Try to get Tim to at least level 18. I killed
about 5 or 6 with a Lucky Card, and ended up at level 20.

- After the battle, you'll get the Combine ability and go through
a few more scenes. Eventually, the Valeria Chateau will be attacked
by Odessa. You'll be attacked by Antenora first...

BOSS: ANTENORA (1st battle)
HP: 6,000 
EXP: 1,500

Notice that Ashley doesn't have forgetfulness status anymore.
And since you couldn't leave to go get it between the Gehenna
Neros battle and this point, that means you'll have to kill
him off here. Antenora will do that for you just nicely with
her Shockwave attack (~300 damage).

The attack you need to be more concerned about, however, is her 
Ephemeron, which damages for almost 600 and can cause bad status 
effects. Keep Brad and Lilka above 600 HP and you should be alright. 
Lock On + Bazooka ruins her for nearly 1,200 damage, Lilka's spells 
should get her for around 400 or so. She shouldn't last that long, 
really; just beat her down. 

- More scenes, then soon enough, Tim will have to face Judecca...

BOSS: JUDECCA (1st battle)
HP: 3,600 
EXP: 1,500

Hopefully, you leveled Tim up enough back at the Hidden Trial
Arena. If you did, then this battle is cake. My Tim was level
20 here, so this battle was easy for me - and it should be
for you, too.

Miriam is around 350-ish damage, so keep Tim's health above 400 and
you should be just fine. Kill him with anything you want, really -
level 1 spells, your level 2 spell(s), Combine, whatever floats your
boat. He has almost half the HP of Antenora so this will definetly be
a short battle.

- Next is the Blastodon...

HP: 6,000; Pouches: 3,000
EXP: 2,500; Pouches: 1,000
GELLA: 2,500; Pouches: 1,000

Ashley will start the battle with 1 HP, so let Blastodon kill him
off first, then switch him to the back ranks and bring whoever is
back there up to the front ranks.

Go after the Left Pouch first as it can paralyze your party members.
Blastodon and his pouches are all weak to fire and ice. So Freeze
and Flame/Red Beaut work well here, as does Brad's AM Cluster ARM.
Once the left pouch is down, kill the right pouch, then go for the
Blastodon itself. He really isn't that dangerous overall, so just
kill him.

- After a few more scenes, you'll get your next mission: To protect
the 71st Filgaia Summit. You'll then get shot to the Warwing Varukisas...

Warwing Varukisas
- Please note that Ashley still doesn't have forgetfulness status
and you still can't do anything about it right now, so if you
plan on fighting any battles here, you will have to kill Ashley
in every single battle. In fact, to make this easier on yourself,
I suggest to just run from all battles in here; not because the
enemies are hard or anything, but killing Ashley in every battle
will get tedious quickly. This is a good place to steal Big
Berries however, so if you want to engage in battles for the 
sole purpose of stealing Big Berries, go right ahead. Just 
escape the battle afterwards; though you may find out that after
enough failed escapes, the monsters will end up escaping themselves.

- Anyway, there is nothing worth noting here, so just go through the 
dungeon as you would normally. When you stop all three power plants, 
you'll face Ptolomea again...

BOSS: PTOLOMEA (2nd battle)
HP: 7,500 
EXP: 3,000

Before you do anything switch Ashley to the front rank and have
Ptolomea kill him off. Then switch him back to the back ranks
and bring back in whomever you switched Ashley in for.

Same ol' Ptolomea basically. Just beat him down and keep your HP
up, I really shouldn't have to hold your hand for this fight -
it's so easy; Ptolomea Dynamite will barely put a dent in
your HP. Iron Saber hits for nearly 400, though.

- After a scene or two, you'll learn that a Hovercraft is parked
on the western coast near Meria. But before going to the hovercraft,
there's some things you need to take care of first.

- Tim needs to get to a PS Shop BADLY; he should've gained at least
10 levels, if not more, since you levelled him to 9. I personally
maxed out Up Parameter for him at this point, but you can do what
you want to with then. I suggest either Up Parameter or at least
Up P Defend or Up M Attack.

- You also have a couple of Crests on you, too. Bind the spells you
think you need.

- Also, don't forget to return to Sylvaland to reapply forgetfulness
status to Ashley. I know this may be starting to get old now, but I
have to remind you in case you forget.

- Ok, now teleport to the Hovercraft. Before we go after the three data
tablets, let's get ourselves another guardian medium, shall we? Sail
towards the western part of the inland sea and you should see a beach.
Park here. If you see a desert across from you, you're in the right 
spot. Search around here and you'll come across the Thunder Lion Cage.

Thunder Lion Cage
- The first chest you see will have the Album Coupon inside. Grab
that if you're interested in filling the monster album or something.
Anyway, make your way through as normal, activating the two switches.
Head up the middle path at some point to come to two chests; one of 
which will be locked (unless you have a Duplicator). The other has a 
Crest inside. Continue forward and get the Noua Shax medium, then

- Now go search for the three data tablets; once you find them, you'll
need to go back to Meria Boule Castle for your next mission: you must
now head to the Sielje Region to get the tablets analyzed. So teleport
to Damzen City.

Damzen City
- Go to the saloon and talk to the guy at the north end of 
the bar to get the Boss Symbol, now head to Mt. Chug-Chug.

Mt. Chug-Chug
- Now you can enter the locked door that you couldn't enter
on your first trip by using the Boss Symbol. In the next room, 
don't forget to grab the Dead Or Alive cartridge for Ashley.
You will also need Lilka's Freeze Rod to get past this room.
Just head through the tunnel; get all the treasures along the way.
Eventually, you'll end up outside in the snowy Sielje area.
Make your way to Sielje and enter.

Sielje Region
- After the conversation, head to the shops. Continue to work on
whatever PS skill you were working on (I personally maxed out 
Up Parameter on Brad and Lilka by this point). Now head to the
weapon shop. Buy a Silky Robe for Lilky, Crisis Arm and Metal Plate
for Brad and a Sand Poncho for Tim. You can do without the Gay
Parasol and Dream Wand, and Ashley won't be needing anything 
from here. As for spells, you should have all of the spells except
for two at this point. For Brad, another ATP upgrade for the AM
Cluster isn't a bad idea. Don't forget to refill your bullets.

- Don't forget to get the Serenade and the Eagle Plume for Lilka
and Tim, respectively. They can be found behind the northernmost
building in town. Head for McGregor's classroom to get started on
a few upcoming scenes. When you get control again, head for the
portal that takes you out of town and you'll get the Eat My Dust.
Now head southwest to the Gate Bridge.

Gate Bridge
- Use the Bridge Key to get inside. Enter and you'll find Liz and
Ard up to no good again. However, you have 5 minutes to get across
to where they are. There is no need to rush, and if you want to
fight the visible battles, go right ahead because time does not
count down in battles. Eventually, you'll run into Liz and Ard
again. Time for another showdown!

*Keep in mind that this is the point in the challenge when bosses
will start hitting harder and thus you will need to be more 

BOSS: LIZ & ARD (2nd fight)
HP: 3,500 (Liz); 4,000 (Ard)
EXP: 1750 (both)
GELLA: 0 (both)

They're a bit more durable in the HP department this time around,
but this fight should go somewhat similar to the first fight.

However, Ard hits hard this time around; a normal physical does
around 400 damage, while Antitank Punch EASILY hits ~1,000+ damage.
(In fact, I've seen nearly 1,500 damage Antitank Punches on Tim
before). Ouchie, indeed. Liz's Strange Bomb hits for a pretty fair 
chunk of damage on everyone (~500-ish) as well. You must stay healed 
up; try to take Ard out of the fight ASAP; you do NOT want to get hit 
with too many of those Antitank Punches, believe me. Use your strongest
attacks to defeat them yet again.

- Once Liz and Ard are defeated, they will summon an old foe to attack
you. Well, a modified version of an old foe, anyway...

HP: 5,000; Crystal: 3,500
EXP: 3,500; Crystal: 1,750
GELLA: 3,500; Crystal: 1,750

Yep, this guy's back. Only this time, he's much tougher than before.
Although Sonic Howl does around 400 to everyone, Biomissile easily 
can hit for around 1,000 damage, and the same goes for Blink Around.
You MUST keep everyone above 1,000 HP at all times, unless you want
him to start dropping people with Biomissile/Blink Around. And what's
worse is that he is no longer weak to ice.

Again, use the strongest attacks you have and Combine if you need to.
Tim should focus on keeping everyone healthy; if he goes down, have
Lilka take over healing duty with Mystic + Big Berries. He'll spam
Blink Around after the Crystal is destroyed, so keep your HP above
1,000 and you should come out on top.

- After the battle, save at the Save Crystal, then leave the Gate
Bridge. You now need to head northwest towards Greenhell.

*On the overworld, you can run into Melchoms, whom you can steal
Lucky Cards from. So if you want/need any Lucky Cards, now is a
good opportunity to swipe some. Just keep in mind that their
GellaCrazy attack does damage = to the gella totals of every
enemy on the field, so be careful. Try to steal 5-10 for now
before heading into Greenhell. Oh, you can also find a SOR apple
a bit southwest of the entrance of Greenhell.*

- Nothing much has changed about Greenhell since you went through
here as Brad during his prologue. Well, the enemies have changed,
but that's about it. Basically, just make your way through the
forest the same way you did during Brad's prologue. When you get
out of the forest, head over to T'Bok Village.

T'Bok Village
- Same T'Bok Village as from five years ago. Or so it seems. Anyway,
there's a new ARM waiting for Brad in the stables directly to your
left as soon as you enter the village; kick it open to get it, of
course. The Lawnmower is pretty much like the AM Cluster, only the
Lawnmower starts out with a slightly higher bullet count and hit%
rate and automatically hits all enemies regardless.

- You're probably running low on ammo right now; there is a guy who
will refill your ARMs near the memory service lady at the entrance
of town. Now go talk to the dog; turns out he recognizes you. The 
name is Rassyu (unless you changed it). Once you name the dog, some 
scenes will occur. When you gain control again, search the barrel for
a Crest. Talk to Rassyu again and he will bring you the Teleport Orb,
which is basically a Teleport Gem that can be used infinitely, and
the Data Tablets. Too bad they've been destroyed. Leave T'Bok Village.

- Ok, now before we head to Quartly, we're going to have Lilka learn
advanced magic. First things first: make Lilka your lead character and
use the Teleport Orb. Choose any location and the screen should flash red.
Instead of the chosen location, you'll be teleported to a tiny island.
Search here to find the Island Outpost. Speak to Mr. Day inside and
he'll ask you to deliver a letter to Karayan in Sielje Region.
Before you leave though, head around to the back of the house and you'll
find a chest with the Weathervane, which prevents surprise attacks.

- Now teleport to Sielje Region. Head to the building in the rear of town,
and enter the first door you see. Head straight into the next room to 
find Karayan. Now teleport back to the Island Outpost and speak to Mr.
Day again and he will offer to teach Lilka high level magic! And we
are going to learn some right now.

- Erase some of your lesser used Crests and learn the following for
right now: Restore, Hi-Heal, Hi-Revive and at least two of the Hi-spells;
preferably Hi-Flame and Hi-Spark.

- Ok, now we're going to go to Quartly. Teleport to the Hovercraft and
sail west over to the desert area. While you're at it, I suggest having
Tim learn the Turn Undead spell (if you haven't already learned it) to
make the battles in Slayheim a bit easier.

- First, hit the weapon shop. Get the Shield Cape, Mirage Hand, Ferdinand,
and the Cute Bolero. Actually, it might be a good idea to get Lilka's Elf
Parasol and Tim's Dream Wand, too. Reason for that is because you'll need
to duo with both mages in the Alchemic Plant a little later. If you want to 
switch spells around, do so - all magic shops in the world will now allow 
you to bind either level 1 or level 2 spells. 

- If you go too far in town, you'll automatically be forced into a scene
where you'll meet Kanon, and then you'll automatically spend a night in
the Inn. Once that is over and done with, head into the PS shop. If you
have enough points to get Up P Defend for Tim and Lilka, please do so,
because you will need it soon. Refill ARMs if you need to, then head 
out into the salt flats. 

- Teleport to Sylvaland Castle and get Ashley inflicted with forgetfulness 
status once again, since the previous scene in Quartly removed it. Do not 

Slayheim Castle
- Make sure you grab all the treasures out of here, especially the 
Duplicator, the Lone Wolf, and the Secret Sign. Head around the castle,
view all of the short scenes, then save at the Save Crystal. Return to
the main room of the castle; eventually Kanon will show up and she'll
want to fight...

BOSS: KANON (1st fight)
HP: 5,500
EXP: 3,700

I really hope Tim and Lilka have at least one level in Up P Defend
because they're going to need it. Though, if you have a maxed out
Up Parameter, that would be helpful here, too. Kanon's attacks are
simply brutal, ESPECIALLY without Up P Defend. Left Edge is ~1,000
damage, Pike Kick does about 1,100, Drive Cut can hit for nearly
1,300 damage!

Hopefully, your Lilka has AT LEAST Hi-Heal and Hi-Revive, because
normal Heal and Revive certainly won't be enough to outheal Kanon's
damage. Get her to 55 FP ASAP, and have her heal every turn, and if
need be, have Tim assist with First Aid. Try to time your healing
because Kanon can and will outspeed you. Thankfully, Kanon only has
5,500 HP, so a few Lock On Bazooka shots will do the trick, just 
keep everyone alive.

- Head back to Quartly to get your next mission. Now we'll infiltrate
the Alchemic Plant, which is southeast of Quartly....


Alchemic Plant
- A scene will occur, and Odessa seems to know that ARMs has already
entered the place. Then you'll automatically be thrown into a battle;
this is why I said don't enter this place without forgetfulness,
otherwise you'll have to kill Ashley off in every battle.

- The monsters here can be somewhat annoying, especially for Lilka
and Tim, so be careful with the spell slinging; the Blackous' Governor
Off spell will not only raise all their stats a bit, but will inflict
reflect on them while the Shanzens will halve every element (except 
Dark, which you don't have yet). Brad, on the other hand, should be
able to OHKO these guys with ease. Good thing is that MOST monster
encounters here are avoidable like the ones on the Gate Bridge (the
red drones are more difficult to avoid since they move faster).

- When you get to the huge computer terminal, Brad will temporarily
leave the party; after you gain control again, shift Ashley to the 
back ranks immediately. You'll now have to duo for a while with Tim
and Lilka, so be prepared. If you run into any patrol bots, your
best bet to kill the monsters is to Combine. Even though they'll 
halve the damage, it should still be enough to OHKO them.

- In order to pick up what the soldiers are saying, you will need to
use the Call option in the menu. Use this tactic to get around the
plant. When you get to the door requiring a password, enter ISK and
it will open.

- Now you'll need a taping of Antenora's voice in order to get past
the door near the save crystal. Go around the place and use the Call
option to catch the soldier's transmissions. Wait until Radio Operator
F leaves, then search the lockers for a Recorder. Once you record
Antenora's voice, go back to the door near the Save Crystal (SAVE
FIRST), and you'll be able to unlock it. 

- Heal Lilka and Tim to full HP; you'll face off against Antenora

BOSS: ANTENORA (2nd battle)
HP: 7,000 
EXP: 3,700

As usual, shift Ashley to the back ranks before doing anything.

Now this time, you might have a little trouble here simply because
you're duoing with both mages. Ephemeron now does ~1,000 damage and
can easily cut one of your mages' HP in half, AND it can inflict 
status effects. Shockwave does a little less, but still hurts.
Meaning healing needs to be the #1 priority. If Ephemeron starts 
piling on status effects, have Lilka cast Restore to remove them, 
otherwise have Lilka do the bulk of the damage while Tim keeps her 
and himself healed up with First Aid. Combine when you get the 
opportunity. Play defensively with Tim and you should get her.

- After some scenes, you'll be told to go to Urartu station, but
you'll need to get forgetfulness back onto Ashley (aren't you tired
of the game automatically healing your party and removing status?
I sure was by this point.) via Man Traps around Sylvaland Castle.
Once you get forgetfulness back on Ashley, shift him to the back
ranks, then teleport to Quartly. Head north from there to find
Urartu Station.

Urartu Station
- Head inside, and after a couple of scenes, you'll end up in
the Emulator Zone...

Emulator Zone
- Push the block onto the switch to enter the next room, then
go through the next rooms in this order: east, south, east, north,
then back through the door which you just came out of. Get Tim's
Air Ballet tool. Now push that block over the pink square, then
head north and you will encounter Cocytus member Caina for the
first time in the game...

BOSS: CAINA (1st battle)
HP: 6,800 
EXP: 3,700

Switch Ashley to the back ranks, yadda, yadda. You know what to do
by this point. Again, you'll be fighting with only Lilka and Tim.

Since this is your first official fight against Caina, I'll mention
what she's capable of. Her physical is ~450-500, 4D Hypo Blast is
~750-800, and Gate of Isolde is ~400-ish and inflicts negative status
effects on the whole party. Overall, she's not as bad as Antenora
in the Alchemic Plant, but still hurts enough so that you'd need to
constantly stay at high HP.

Have Lilka cast Rise & Shine on herself and Tim to nullify sleep,
then go to town on her with your spells. Use Tim's First Aid to
keep ahead of 4D Hypo Blast and Gate of Isolde. If Gate of Isolde
starts racking up status effects on you, use Lilka's Restore spell.

- Head through the east door. Make your way through until you get
to the section with all the diamond teleporters. Now warp around 
and you'll find three rooms that each hold one piece of the generator
needed to destroy the Emulator Zone. Push all three blocks off their
ledges and the generator will be destroyed. Unfortunately, Kanon will
show up (here of all places) and attack you again. Here we go again...

BOSS: KANON (2nd fight)
HP: 7,000
EXP: 4,000

Switch Ashley to the back ranks again - you know what to do...

Oh boy. This is going to hurt; especially if neither Lilka nor
Tim have Up P Defend. Kanon has the same attacks as before, but
now they're stronger. Drive Cut, in fact, now hits for nearly 2,000
damage! Yeah, I'm not joking. Pike Kick, FYI, is ~1,500, Left Edge
hits for ~1,300.

Ok. In order for you to have a greater chance of surviving Kanon's
attacks, we need to make Lilka faster than Kanon. Fortunately, this
is easy. Equip her with Noua Shax and cast Quick on her on the first
turn. Have Tim either Defend first turn in case Drive Cut comes his
way here. With this setup, only one Quick is needed to get Lilka 
faster than Kanon, so she can cast Hi-Heal before Kanon attacks. 

With that said, we're going to follow the same strategy as in the
first Kanon battle, only roles will be reversed: Lilka will be 
the one doing all the healing, while Tim spams spells on Kanon.
Hopefully Tim has enough HP to withstand a Drive Cut at full HP.
If both Lilka and Tim have full HP (probably due to Kanon missing
a physical likely), have them both attack with their spells.

- You'll have 5 minutes to get out, which should be plenty of time.
Get back to the train and you'll end up at the station in a few.
Before you go, head east and you should see a chest in the corner,
use Pooka to get to it. Inside is a Lucky Comb for Tim. Now leave 
the station and head northeast and you'll find Guild Galad.

Guild Galad
- You'll automatically end up in the Guild Galad Master's chambers,
where is he really pissed that you detached the rear train cars.
After a scene or two, you learn that your Hovercraft has been upgraded
to teleport right along when you do (via the Teleport Orb). Basically,
you can sail it anywhere in the world. When you get control again, you
are free to explore the town of Guild Galad.

- Exit to the south of the throne room. Now head east (but don't go up
the stairs) and follow the path until you get to a red door. This door
needs a Duplicator to open (and you should have one at this point);
open it up and you can claim the four Crests that are inside.

- Return to the Guild Galad Master's room. From there, head south to
where the two sets of stairs are. Now examine the wall between those
stairs and you'll find a secret switch; activate it. Head up the eastern
stairs, then go south and enter the door. Head south and you'll come
across another door; go inside and you'll find another Crest Cap. Make
sure you get this. Now head south into the area where the shops and etc.

- First off, visit the magic shop. Make absolutely sure you bind the 
Hi-Break spell; we'll be needing that in a bit here. Also, bind the
Saber, Slowdown and Hi-Freeze spells. Now, head into the weapons shop.
Buy the Maygas Robe for Lilka and the Sun Poncho for Tim, and that is
all you will need right now. You can buy weapons for them, but don't
waste your money; besides, you'll find better weapons for them a bit
later on. Now leave Guild Galad.

*Before you go hunting for your next mission, there are several things
that you should do. We're going to get a few more mediums, as well.

- First, teleport to Holst, then immediately teleport to the Hovercraft.
Follow the western coast until you come to another beach, park your
Hovercraft here. Search the grassy area to locate Dark Reason. Head
inside, complete the dungeon and get the Leitea Salk medium.

- Next, teleport to Halmetz, and get on the hovercraft. Sail across to
the beach across the channel, and search to find the Abandoned Icebox.
Head inside, complete the dungeon (get all the treaures inside) and
get the Aru Sulato medium.

- Now, for this next one, you'll need to sacrifice Ashley's current 
forgetfulness status, so head back to Guild Galad and sleep at the Inn 
four times. After that's done, speak to the woman outside, and she'll 
tell you about some ruins. Teleport to Baskar, then teleport to the 
Hovercraft. Sail west along the landmass and the black barrier until 
you come to a beach. Land here and search to find the Shining Garden. 
Go inside, and at the end of the dungeon is the Stare Roe medium. 
Make sure you get this before continuing with the main game, I can't 
stress this enough.


*Ok, now we must prepare for the Kanon vs. Judecca fight that's
coming up in a little bit here. Unfortunately, we need to level
Ashley up in order for Kanon to have any chance of beating Judecca.
There are two methods for Kanon to beat Judecca: the "heal and hit"
method and the "item tossing" method. The former method will require
you to level Ashley to at least 14; this way, Kanon has a chance to
survive Miriam (more on this later). The latter method will take
much longer to prepare for, but you'll only need to level Ashley to
13. The thing is, however, you'll want Ashley to be around 15 for
his solo battles against Vinsfeld, Caina and Grauswein later on in
the game. What method you want to take is totally up to you, but just
know that you WILL need to level up Ashley either way. Judecca is 
possible at 13, but it will come down to what attacks he uses (Miriam 
one-shots you at level 13, be noted). Level up to 14, just to be safe, 
though. Remember, this guide isn't about how low you can kill a boss, 
it's about how low you can kill a boss SAFELY, and WITHOUT resorting
to EXTREME luck.

If you're going to do the hit and heal method, you can start levelling
Ashley up now. Get him up to 14; make sure you give him his second level
of Up HP at level 6, and his last level at level 9. Save the rest of 
your PS points for now. Once you get him up to 14, go back to Sylvaland
and put forgetfulness status back on him; we don't want him levelling
past 14 right now. Also, you will want to steal around 20-25 Big Berries;
you can steal them from the Critters in Telepath Tower.

However, if you are going to do the item toss method, do the following
FIRST - BEFORE you start leveling up Ashley:

- You must obtain 6 Busts. This will take a while, but MUST be 
done before continuing. Also, before initiating this step, make sure 
Lilka knows Aqua, and it would help if Tim has the Submerge spell, 
too. Equip the Weathervane onto Ashley and the Silver Harp onto Tim 
for insurance. Now teleport to Holst and start looking around for
Earth Figures. These guys will occasionally drop Busts as a item, and
they are easily killed since they are weak to water. They like to 
silence your guys, so be careful. This is also a good opportunity to 
let Tim start learning spells from the guardian mediums you just got, 
too. Once you have 6 Busts, you can start leveling up Ashley to 14.

OR, you can take a more shorter, but more riskier approach...

- Teleport to Valeria Chateau, and then teleport to the hovercraft. Sail 
toward the middle of the Inner Sea and you should find a small island 
with a beach (this is where the Lost Garden will be on Disc 2, to let 
you know now). Land here. Make sure both Lilka and Tim are at full HP.

- I will warn you now that there are some pretty strong monsters on
this island. However, there are two in particular that you should keep
an eye out for: the M. Therion and the A Baq A Qu. Both monsters will
drop Grenades (which you will need 4 of), but are quite strong so be very 
careful when fighting them; RUN from everything else (or kill them IF 
you think you can handle them...)

I'll explain about both monsters in detail:

HP: 5,000
EXP: 3,000
Gella: 3,000
Weakness: Earth

Physical is ~400, Killer Maser is ~200-ish, and Arc en Ciel inflicts bad 
status on all targets. This guy is easier than M. Therion, but Arc en 
Ciel is going to be a real problem. You can wipe this guy out with one 
summon of Grudiev, though.

HP: 3,500
EXP: 2,000
Gella: 1,000
Weakness: None (halves all elements, though)

Physical is ~400, Disintegrate & Kirlian Buster is ~200 to all, and Megaton 
Attack is a whopping ~2,000 damage. This is the tougher of the two monsters. 
And to make your life worse, he halves all elements. If you're confident you 
can kill this guy, be my guest, but I don't recommend farming Grenades from 
him. He's very possible to kill; just hope he doesn't connect with too
many Megaton Attacks.

- Both of these monsters will drop Grenades. Be patient, because this
will probably take a long while, but hey, the good thing about
doing this is that you'll probably gain a few levels in the process.
Oh, if you run into any Necronomicons, they will rarely drop books
of the same name, but just know that they absorb ALL elemental attacks,
and must be taken down physically or with the Saber spell.

Getting 6 Busts is easier, but will make that battle more riskier, while 
getting 4 Grenades is harder, but will make the battle shorter. It's up to 
you what you want to do.

- When you're all done, contact Irving at the Chateau. Amy and Kate will
tell you to check the mining towns for activity by Odessa. Head to Holst
and speak to the man standing closest to the entrance of the mine shaft.
He'll direct you to an old mine north of town. Take the hovercraft to
the northern end of the island and search the small peninsula. Make sure
your Ashley is at level 14 AND has forgetfulness status. Also, make sure
you have THREE Crest Caps and bind ALL of them with the Quick spell; I'll
explain why in a little bit (if you didn't get the one from Thunder Lion
Cage, go get a Duplicator and GET IT).

Closed Mine Shaft
- Make your way through the mine. When you get to the Save Crystal, PLEASE
SAVE YOUR GAME HERE! There are two very tough fights coming up. Continue
onwards; make sure you get Ashley's Shock Slide cartridge, the Crest, and
the Blue Ribbon (equip to Lilka now). Eventually, you'll run into Kanon

BOSS: KANON (final fight)
HP: 9,000
EXP: 4,200

Equip Tim with Mittens and Odoryuk; and equip Lilka with the Secret
Sign and Leitea Salk. Shift Ashley to the back ranks if he isn't
there already.

I feel REALLY bad for you if Tim and/or Lilka don't have at least one
level in Up P Defend. Kanon simply hits like a truck here; in fact, she's
worse here than she was in the Emulator Zone. Left Edge now hits for
~1,300 damage, Pike Kick averages to ~1,800, and Drive Cut is a very
scary ~2,200 damage. Even her physical does ~500+. I really hope Lilka 
has both Hi-Heal AND Hi-Revive at this point, because she is going to HAVE 
to use them here in order for you to survive.

Try to get a Quick up on Lilka on the first round and defend with Tim
in case Kanon uses Drive Cut on him (pretty likely, actually). Once
Lilka is faster than Kanon AND has 55 FP, she SHOULD be able to outheal
Kanon's ridiculous damage; Tim might not be so lucky here because Drive
Cut (if Tim's HP is less than 2,400) has a very good chance of instakilling
him even at full health.

Just try to hang in there as long as possible, and get spells off when you
are able to. Staying alive is the #1 priority here, because if you let up
on the healing/revival for even one round, chances are you won't make it
out alive. This fight is VERY hard, but persevere and you can beat her.
Just hope and pray that Kanon uses Left Edge or Pike Kick more than
Drive Cut.

- After defeating Kanon yet again, a few scenes will occur. Eventually,
you'll end up back at Holst, where Judecca is causing trouble. Kanon
shows up and challenges Judecca. 

BOSS: JUDECCA (2nd battle)
HP: 5,000 
EXP: 4,200

This is going to be a bit rough. See, whatever level you got Ashley to 
earlier is what level Kanon will start this battle with. Since you
-hopefully- leveled him to 14, Kanon will start at 14, and have 850 HP.
By the way, with a level 14 Kanon, Sidewinder and Douglas both do ~300,
Miriam is the ~750-800 range; Douglas has a chance to paralyze; you will
want to equip Blue Anklet here.

Regardless whether you want to use Bionic Arms or toss the items you
farmed, follow these tactics:

- Equip Kanon (assuming she's level 14) with the Blue Anklet and the Noua
Shax medium. Ok, now Miriam hits for around 750-800-ish damage. However, 
Miriam DOES have a chance of missing completely. Judecca may also 
counterattack, so be very careful of that.

Round 1: Judecca will act first; hope he doesn't do Miriam here, because if
he does, you won't be fast enough to heal on the next turn, and you'll have
to restart. Just hope he does something OTHER than Miriam here. Have Kanon
use one of the three Crest Caps binded with the Quick spell; Kanon should
gain 45 RES and 5% PRY.

Round 2: Repeat Round 1. Hope he doesn't use Miriam or else you're done for.

Round 3: Now technically Kanon will be faster than Judecca at this point,
but if you want to use that last Quick Crest Cap for an extra 5% PRY, I'm
not stopping you. It won't hurt anything, really. If you don't, use a 
Big Berry on this turn, instead. If you do use the last crest cap here,
hope he doesn't use Miriam.

At this point, Kanon will have ~15-20% PRY, which can really help evade
some of Judecca's attacks; Miriam, especially.

Round 4: Equip Stare Roe, now use Left Edge for a 25% chance to spark Wire
Fist or a 1/12 chance to spark Arc Kick. Again, hope that he doesn't use 

So here's the gist of it. Kanon is safe to attack as long as she has at 
least 550 HP; of course, there is that 25% he'll use Miriam. Basically, you 
have at least a 75% chance to survive each round if Kanon has at least 550 HP. 
If Kanon has full HP, you have about 2-3% chance that you will not survive; 
I'd say those odds are pretty good. If Kanon's HP falls below 320, you MUST
use a Big Berry, otherwise you won't survive Douglas or Sidewinder. 

The only time you're guaranteed to die is if Judecca counterattacks Kanon 
while she's at full HP, and then follows up with a successfully connecting 
Miriam. The reason it's dangerous to attack below 550 HP is because Judecca 
may also counterattack for about 250 or so AND he will use his attack for 
that turn. So play it safe here.

Try to spark both Wire Fist and Arc Kick if you can; Gat lv. 2 + Arc Kick 
will nail Judecca for ~1,000 damage. If you're lucky, try getting Vortex
Cut to spark by using Drive Cut or Pike Kick.

- At the end of it all, Kanon will gain a level up to 15. You'll be 
returned to the Valeria Chateau and you'll get your next mission.
You'll need to locate the Coffin of 100 Eyes, but before going there,
you need to do two things:

1. Get forgetfulness back onto Ashley. Sylvaland Castle. Man Traps.
You know what to do by now.

2. Take Kanon to a PS Shop (preferably the one in Quartly, since 
that's the closest town to your next destination). She should have 15
PS points; spend nine of them to max out Up HP. The other six you can
either start on something useful like Up P Attack or Up Parameter or
Up M Defend, etc. I'll leave you to decide on what to do with them.

- When you're ready, head into the desert south of Quartly, and you'll
find the Coffin of 100 Eyes....

Coffin Of 100 Eyes
- Try to get Kanon up a few levels while you're in here; she is
really going to need the HP, especially for the next two boss

- After the initial conversation, head down the elevator into the
next level. Get the Wire Hook, as you'll need it to get through this
dungeon. Wire across, and enter the southwest door. Make sure you get
the D Bison from the chest in here, equip that to Ashley. Now go back
to the previous room, and go through the northwestern door. There
should be another chest here with a Trench Coat inside; MAKE SURE YOU
GET THIS AND EQUIP IT TO ASHLEY! Fall down into the pit on purpose to
start back at the entrance of the room; leave and go back to the room
where you got the Wire Hook. Go back through the southwestern door.
Keep going until you come across a blue terminal; activate it to learn
about the Heimdal Gazzo and Diablo Pillars. The door will also open;
go through.

- Use the Hurl Knife to access the next room. You'll come to a fork;
head north and wire across to get to a Duplicator (use Pooka to grab
it). Now wire back across and enter the door near the small orange 
gems. Save at the Save Crystal, and continue. You'll come to another
fork soon enough; head west. Wire across the pits and there should
soon be a door leading east. Go inside and take the Crest Wand.
Equip that to Tim. Head back a room, then wire westward and enter
the next room. Follow the path until you get to another fork. Take
the western path. Wire across and you should see two chests on the
side. Now getting to them may be a bit tricky, but it is possible 
to wire over there. Get the two Big Berries and continue to wire
your way eastward. Enter the next door you see and grab the 
Dumbrella (equip this to Lilka). 

- Backtrack the path you went down earlier and when you get to
the second fork, continue heading north. You'll come across
another one of those blue terminals. Go into the next room;
wire and hurl knife your way across and enter the next room,
where you'll run into Liz and Ard again...

BOSS: LIZ & ARD (final fight)
HP: 4,500 (Liz); 5,000 (Ard)
EXP: 2,250 (both)
GELLA: 4,500 (both)

Ok, Liz and Ard are actually pretty dangerous this time around.
Chef's Whimsy Bomb does ~1,000 damage to everyone on the field.
But Ard, as usual, is the real killer; Alter Ego Punch hits for
~2,000+ damage. Dump Truck Tackle is around ~850-ish. Be very
careful here, especially if your team doesn't have Up P Defend.

It is a good idea to have Kanon defend on her first turn in
case Alter Ego Punch comes her way; this way, it won't instakill
her. Your best bet is actually to take Liz out of the fight 
first simply because his Chef's Whimsy Bomb hurts and that
adds up really fast. Focus fire everything you have on Liz
first, then work on Ard. Poison will help drain his HP down,
so he won't last too long because, as usual, these guys may
hit hard, but don't have the HP to back it up.

- After beating them, Liz will summon the Arms Killer...

HP: 8,000; Claws: 3,000
EXP: 5,000; Claws: 2,500
Gella: 5,000; Claws: 2,500

This guy has a good arsenal of different attacks, so be
very careful here. Most of its attacks hit for around the
800-900-ish range, but Repulser Blast and Black Heart are

In short, keep your guys above 1,600 HP and you should be
fine. Well, in Kanon's case, she'll be able to take any
attack except Repulser Blast and Black Heart (if you haven't 
leveled her much to this point, that is). Arms Killer is weak 
to dark, so have Tim unleash Black Gate/Dark Star on him, while 
Lilka works on the arms with Saber. Kanon should just do
her strongest bionic arms, or you can use this battle to
spark more of her stronger bionic arms. Use a Lucky Card
and kill the claws first for some REALLY good EXP!

- Examine the final blue terminal and then try to leave the room.
Call Irving and you'll see some scenes. Brad's back! But he'll have
to face "himself" first, though...

HP: 2,750 
EXP: 5,000 
Gella: 0 

Should be a really simple fight. If you want double EXP, go ahead
and use a Lucky Card here. In fact, that's a good idea since Brad
is most likely several levels behind Lilka and Tim. Fake Brad's 
Bazooka is ~1,100 damage, so just keep your HP above 1,500 and 
you'll be just fine. Blast him with whatever you want.

- More scenes will follow after the fight. When everything is said
and done, you'll have to disable the Diablo Pillars for your
next mission. Before you do that though, make sure to get Ashley
back under forgetfulness status and shift him to the back ranks.
If your Kanon is still underleveled, might as well put her in 
the back ranks, too. She'll still get EXP back there.

- The four Diablo Pillar towers can be done in any order. In this
FAQ, I'll cover them in this order: Judecca's, Caina's, Antenora's
and finally Ptolomea's. You're free to tackle them in any other order
though, so if you don't want to follow the FAQ, feel free do them
in your own order.

NOTE: You can now visit the Island Outpost again and obtain the 
Extend force skill for Lilka. Speak to Mr. Day and he'll give it
to you!

- We'll tackle Judecca's Diablo Tower first. So teleport to Quartly
and head into the salt flats. Go straight north and start searching
and you'll come across the Lost City Archheim...

Lost City Archheim

NOTE: Tim's Turn Undead spell works on every enemy that is
encountered here, so use it for easier battles (and to rack up
kills to learn those guardian spells!)

- We'll need to get through here to get to Judecca's Diablo Tower.
Start off by heading around to the back of the southwestern house.
Have Brad lay a bomb to blow open a door and grab the Ge Ramtos
medium. We'll be needing this later, so don't forget to pick this

- Go into the western house and you'll find five crates; blow them up
to find a Big Berry and the first Conductor. Head into the northern
house, go through the western door; use Pooka to grab the second 
Conductor. Through the eastern door is a Save Crystal; use it if
you need to.

- Get on the platform and use one of your Conductors; go down and
hit the two switches, then go back up. Head into the northeast house.
If you have a Duplicator, you can open the red door which will lead
you to two Big Berries and a Silver Circ for Kanon. The other two
chests you can't get to for the time being. Head upstairs and blow
a hole in the wall to get to the roof. Wire hook to the center roof
and drop down the hole, then hit the switch that's there. Use the
Conductor to go down and you'll fight the Jasoul...

HP: 9,000; Claws: 4,500
EXP: 5,000; Claws: 2,500
Gella: 5,000; Claws: 2,500

Be careful here, Life Force will drain as much HP from your character
as it needs to refill its HP to full. Take the claws out without 
attacking the main part. Use Arrow Shot, Nova Rain, but don't use
Stare Roe summons. At least not yet, anyway.

Once the claws are gone, open all out on Jasoul, you want to kill
it ASAP before it uses Life Force on you. Equip Tim with Secret 
Sign and Stare Roe; make sure he has 50 FP so he can combine.
Have Brad Lock On with the Bazooka, and have Lilka equip Mystic Word
and Ge Ramtos and cast Saber. This should be enough to kill him.

- You'll enter a Live Reflector. If you have two Duplicators, you can
open the locked chest in this room and the one you'll find after you
teleport. If you have only one though, save it for the second chest (
you really don't need the Missanga right now, anyway). Once you're 
back on the world map, follow the snake road and at the end, search
and you'll find Judecca's Diablo Tower....

Diablo Pillar Judecca
- Be careful in here; the Grimloks here like to use instant death
attacks and the Catoblepas loves using petrification and paralysis
attacks. Equip the Gaze Mirror and the Holy Grail you just got and
ALWAYS go for the Grimloks first (any decent spell or a normal from
Brad should one-hit them easily). These monsters also give pretty 
nice EXP, too (1,125 EXP for a group of three, actually).

- All of these diablo towers are easy to get through, though the 
puzzles in each one are different. Use the purple crystals to
ascend and solve the puzzles. When you get to the fifth floor,
you'll encounter the tower's guardian...well, one of them,

HP: 9,500 (both parts)
EXP: 5,000; Head: 2,500
Gella: 5,000; Head: 2,500

This boss isn't all that hard, and on top of that, he's weak to
not one, not two, but THREE elements! How nice is that, huh?

I'll tell you a ridiculously simple way to kill this boss.
Use Brad, Lilka and Tim. Equip Secret Sign and Schturdark on Brad,
equip Lilka with Mystic Word and Aru Sulato and equip Tim with
Fengalon. Have everyone normal attack on the first turn, defend
on all turns after that UNTIL everyone has at least 50 FP (or 
you can normal attack until they have 50 FP, your choice.) Now
have everyone Combine on the next turn and he should be dead;
I highly doubt he'll survive past Lilka's AND Tim's summons;
if he somehow does though, Brad's summon will definetly finish him
off. You'll get a Lamellar after winning, which is a better armor for

- Continue going up the tower. You'll reach a save crystal on the 7th
floor, go ahead and save here if you'd like. Keep going and eventually
you'll run into Judecca again. Here we go.

BOSS: JUDECCA (final fight)
HP: 18,000 
EXP: 7,000
GELLA: 7,000

Wow, his HP's have skyrocketed, but still shouldn't be too hard to take
him down. Especially since you finally get to face him with three

Alrighty then, let's see....Douglas is ~500-600, Sidewinder is ~600-ish 
to everyone, and Miriam is a pretty nasty ~1,800-2,000-ish. Miriam is 
of definite concern so make sure you keep everyone's HP above 2,000 just
to be safe. As for beating down Judecca, well, use anything you want,
really. He's got 18,000 HP, so it will take a little while to bring
him down.

- When you're done, exit the tower. Next, we'll go for Caina's.
Remember to replenish bullets, upgrade your PS skills and such
before going. Ashley should still be under forgetfulness. To get
to Caina's diablo tower, teleport to the Valeria Chateau, and take
to the skies (yeah, we actually gotta use this thing to get there).
Fly northwest towards Guild Galad, once you get there, start flying
southwest and you should see a landing pad before long. Land here
and walk up a bit and start searching. You'll find it, it's close
to the landing pad itself.

Diablo Pillar Caina
- Enemies in here aren't worth mentioning. Most seem to be weak to 
earth though, so Break/Rock Bolt will ruin their day. Anyway, this 
pillar is the same deal as Judecca's diablo pillar; use the purple 
crystals to ascend the tower. You'll need to use Ashley's Hurl Knife 
to get past the puzzles in here. On the seventh floor is another boss 
battle, yay!

HP: 9,600; Heads: 4,800
EXP: 5,000; Heads: 2,500
Gella: 5,000; Heads: 2,500

This boss is all about status effects. So be careful. His damage isn't
anything spectacular though, so you will be able to heal his damage
quite easily.

He is weak to earth and fire, so technically, you could try the same
strategy as with Magmalizer; only Combine with Lilka and Tim using
Moor Gault and Grudiev. Brad should stick with using Lock On with the
Lawnmower or AM Cluster, if Drawdo even lives long enough to let him;
chances are Lilka's and Tim's Combine summons will finish him. Your
prize is Tim's Blue Wind armor.

- Save your game on the ninth floor if you want, then continue. Caina
awaits you at the top of the tower...

BOSS: CAINA (2nd fight)
HP: 17,500 
EXP: 7,000
GELLA: 7,000

Consider placing the Silver Harp on Tim so he doesn't get silenced,
and consider having Lilka cast Rise & Shine on everyone. Of course,
there's the other status effects to worry about; just have Lilka
cast Restore if they start piling up too badly; if Lilka gets
silenced, use a Violet Rose on her ASAP.

Anyway, Caina's a bit tougher than last time; her physical is ~600,
Gate of Isolde is ~1,000-ish + status effects, and 4D Hypo Blast hits
for a pretty hard ~1,500-1,700-ish. Keep your guys healed. If anyone is 
hit with disease, cure it immediately. Just beat her down with ARMs and
spells (Bionic Arms if you're using Kanon).

- Refill bullets, upgrade PS skills, yadda, yadda. Next, we'll go into
Antenora's pillar. To get there, teleport to Quartly, then teleport to
the Hovercraft. Sail east until you come to a patch of forest; disembark
here. Search the lighter green section and you'll find the diablo tower.
(By the way, a little bit north of the tower is a VIT Apple; go ahead
and grab that while you're there.)

Diablo Pillar Antenora
- Enemies here aren't that interesting. The Balphons can poison you
and the Harvestmen and Necromancers are weak to light. That's...about it. 
Anyway, traverse the diablo tower just like you did the last two. The 
puzzles here are interesting, though. For the second one, the order is:
(imagine a tic-tac-toe board with the numbers 1-9 going from left to
right, starting at the upper left - in other words, upper left would be
1, center would be 5, bottom right would be 9, etc). 3,5,7,8,1,9,6,4,2.

- Anyway, seventh floor has a boss...

HP: 9,500 (both parts)
EXP: 5,000; Chest: 2,500
Gella: 5,000; Chest: 2,500

Hmm, this guy is somewhat dangerous, but it's nothing you can't handle.
I do know that Tidal Wave hits for ~1,500 on everyone. Kirlian
Buster is around 600-ish, I think. Coldray Gimlet hits for about 900.
Like I said, nothing you can't handle.

Basically, just use dark-based attacks; Black Gate, Dark Star,
and Leitea Salk. Leitea Salk especially will ruin him. Lilka's Azure
Vest is the reward this time.

- Save crystal's on the ninth floor. The puzzle on the 11th floor is
pretty annoying; basically if you hit the red switch, you have to 
start over, AND the red switch changes position every time. It may
take you a few tries to get this one, but once you get it, head on
up to where Antenora is waiting for one last battle.

BOSS: ANTENORA (final fight)
HP: 16,000 
EXP: 7,000
GELLA: 7,000

Meh, nothing to worry about. Shockwave is ~800 to all, while Ephemeron
is a little more nastier ~1,500 + status to one target. If status 
effects start piling up, have Lilka cast Restore.

Tim should be throwing out First Aids to keep everone healthy,
Brad and Lilka go to town on her with ARMs and spells. Kanon can use
her bionic arms as usual. She won't last too long, even with her 16k

- Time to tackle the final diablo tower, Ptolomea's! To get there, 
teleport to the Sielje Region, and then teleport to the Hovercraft.
Sail eastward into the darkened area and start searching. You'll find
it; it's almost due east from where you got on the hovercraft.

NOTE: If you don't have the Hi-Vortex spell, it's a good idea to
go get it now....

Diablo Pillar Ptolomea
- Enemies here aren't that big of a deal, however a few of them can
paralyze you, so be on the lookout. A good number of them are weak
to lightning, as well.

- Anyway, if you followed the FAQ so far, this should be your last
diablo tower, so let's get crackin! You'll be needing Brad's Bombs in
here, so place him in the lead and use the bombs to get through the
puzzles. The seventh floor has your boss, of course...

HP: 10,000; Drill & Chest: 5,000
EXP: 5,000; Drill & Chest: 2,500
Gella: 5,000; Drill & Chest: 2,500

While the last three "mid-point" bosses you faced in the other
pillars were pretty easy, this monster is the exact opposite. 
Belleclaire is like a monster version of the final Kanon battle;
he simply hits like a mack truck. In fact, he hits harder than final
Kanon! Resonance Quake hits for ~1,000 to everyone, but Drill Drager 
is a nasty ~2,300 damage. Megaton Attack, on the other hand, is a 
FRIGHTENING ~3,200 damage! No joke. Megaton Attack basically means 
death to anyone not named Brad, and even Brad can get seriously 
hurt by those Megaton Attacks.

Fortunately for you, Belleclaire is weak to wind. Please stay healed up; 
Belleclaire's attacks, as mentioned, hit EXTREMELY hard. If you plan on
killing his parts (I highly suggest taking out that drill), be warned that
he WILL Megaton Attack on every turn after that. Hit him with hard wind
attacks like Tempest and Hi-Vortex and he'll go down pretty quickly;
the hard part about this boss is keeping your casters alive. You'll get
the Best Vest for Brad when you're done (why is it called the Best Vest
when it's not even close to the best vest?)

- Continue up the tower, save when you get to the save crystal. Get to
the top floor and you'll face Ptolomea for the last time...

BOSS: PTOLOMEA (final fight)
HP: 20,000 
EXP: 7,000
GELLA: 7,000

20,000 HP is quite a lot, but it's not a big deal, really. Ptolomea's
Dynamite only does ~1,000 to everyone, while Iron Saber is ~1,600 to
a single target. Physical is around 500. Again, keep your HP up
and beat him down with ARMs and spells. Go crazy on him.


- Alright, now that you've disabled all four diablo pillars, you can
now head into the Heimdal Gazzo. But first, we need to do some preparations
for Ashley. These MUST be done before you step foot into the Gazzo:

1. Use a Toy Hammer on Ashley to remove his forgetfulness status for the
time being. Now go somewhere and level him up to level 15 (do NOT go any
higher than 15!). Once he is level 15, go back to Sylvaland and get the
local Man Traps to put forgetfulness status back on him & shift him to
the back ranks.

2. Take Ashley to a PS Shop. Now Up HP should already be maxed out; if you
got him to level 15, he should have 6 PS points left over. Give him two
levels of Up M Defend; trust me, just do it.

3. Now we need to seriously start upgrading Ashley's ARMs. Hopefully,
you haven't done anything to them up to this point (besides the 3 levels 
of Shot Weapon you used way back when against Trask). Make sure you have 
a LOT of gella at this point (I had over 300,000 gella myself right about
now). Ok, now upgrade the Bolt Action's bullet count by 1 and ONLY by
1 (should cost 500 gella). Now upgrade it's ATP as high as it will go.
The highest will be 70 ATP (plus the one level you spent in an extra
bullet). This will cost you 119,000 gella. Next, max out the Dead or 
Alive's Hit %. When done, it should be at 97%. Now, pump up the Shot
Weapon's ATP as high as you can - if you run out of gella and still
couldn't max out the ATP of Shot Weapon, that's fine. With the gella
you have left, start pumping up the Shock Slide's ATP. Go as high as
you can until you can't afford anymore upgrades. When you're done, pay 
for a refill on bullets.

FYI, I had Shot Weapon at level 9 (50 ATP), a max ATP Bolt Action, a
max hit Dead or Alive and a level 6 Shock Slide (40 ATP) and barely
2,500 gella left.

4. If you have any stat apples in your inventory, give them ALL to
Ashley now - yes, even the SOR apples.

5. Make absolutely sure you have the Trench Coat, the D Bison, and 
the Lone Wolf hat for Ashley. This is the best equipment you can have for
him at this point in the game. If you don't have them, go back to Coffin
of 100 Eyes to get the Trench Coat and D Bison, and you'll need to go
back to Slayheim Castle if you didn't get the Lone Wolf. If you already
have that stuff (and you should if you followed the FAQ), great job.

6. Bind three Armor Downs to the 3 Crest Caps.

- Equip Ashley with the following: D Bison, Secret Sign, Trench Coat,
Lone Wolf and Ge Ramtos. Do not take this off of him. If you somehow
got lucky and got a Necronomicon to drop while farming for Grenades
earlier, equip that to him instead of the Secret Sign.

- Also, if you're running low on Big Berries, I highly suggest you
go steal some from the Critters in Telepath Tower. 20-25 should be more 
than enough.

- When you're ready to go, locate the Heimdal Gazzo slightly southeast
of Sielje. If you have trouble finding it, a surefire way to get there
is to fly due south of Diablo Pillar Judecca. 

Heimdal Gazzo
- This is the final dungeon of Disc 1, and I REALLY hope you made the 
above preparations for Ashley. If you're missing something, you are able 
to leave the dungeon, so make sure the above is done before going through 

- For the most part, Heimdal Gazzo is a pretty straightforward dungeon,
and there's only two type of enemies in here. You will need to go around
and change the colored locks to open some of the doors to continue;
look around carefully for the switches. Eventually, you will reach a 
Save Crystal; go ahead and save here and continue. You'll run into 
Vinsfeld himself. And of course, being the big bad leader of Odessa,
he'll want to fight.

BOSS: VINSFELD (1st fight)
HP: 24,000 
EXP: 10,000

You'd expect a really hard battle, but this is anything but.
Do be careful of Incur My Wrath, however, the damage from it isn't
what you should be concerned about, but it's the chance to cause
instant death. I advise that you place Lilka in the front ranks,
and have her use Mystic with the Holy Grail on the first round. 
Other than that, he's not really impressive; just keep your health 
up and pound away at him until he goes down.

- Now before you make your escape, MAKE SURE you equip Ashley with:

- D Bison
- Secret Sign
- Trench Coat
- Lone Wolf
- Ge Ramtos

- This is very important. Also, make sure Ashley has forgetfulness
status (and he should). When you're ready, make your escape from
the Heimdal Gazzo with Brad, Lilka, Tim and Kanon. When they've
all escaped, Ashley will have to face Vinsfeld alone, get ready!

BOSS: VINSFELD (final fight)
HP: 12,000 
EXP: 10,000

This fight is going to be a bit tricky. The big thing you have to
realize here is you CANNOT let Ashley's FP hit 100, otherwise 
forgetfulness status will be removed. Use Accelerator to keep
the force down. Access is a no-no; forget it exists.

Alright, here we go. About Vinsfeld's attacks; 4D Hypo Blast (
with the setup I told you to put on Ashley earlier) should do
around 650-ish; his physical does about 300-350. He can also 
counterattack you, so be careful. He also does Void Effect which 
will do nothing.

Basically, you're relatively safe to attack him when Ashley
has above 700 HP. Use your Armor Down Crest Cap on the first turn,
and pray that it hits (probably won't, though). Then start attacking
with your Dead or Alive shells first, since those will have the best 
hit chance (DoA shells should do ~650), then your Shot Weapon shells 
(~760-800 damage), then your Shock Slide shells (~700-ish). Save the 
Bolt Action shells for last. 

Try not to let Ashley's FP go above 55, if it does, start using 
Accelerator no matter what you're going do on that turn. If he uses Void 
Effect and Ashley is still at full HP, you should also try to lower his DFP 
more with a second or even a third Armor Down Crest Cap; using these will 
only make your ARMs do even more damage. Also, hope and pray that your 
ARMs will hit more often then not; Dead or Alive has only a 3% chance
to miss; Shock Slide has about a 21% chance to miss.

(Keep in mind that these damage values are with one Armor Down on
Vinsfeld; obviously they will do a bit more if you manage to hit
him with two, or even all three).

Now when Vinsfeld starts using Life Returner, this is your cue to
start busting out the Bolt Action shells. He'll typically use it
every other round, so you will need to try to keep the pressure up. 
If you run out of bullets, use a Bullet Load on the Bolt Action preferably. 
When he uses 4D Hypo Blast, you're guaranteed to have enough FP to use 
Accelerator on the next turn, so healing shouldn't be a problem
(unless you run out of Big Berries).

- Enjoy the scenes that follow; this marks the end of the first disc!
When you're all finished with the scenes, Disc 2 will start with you
(as Ashley, Anastasia, and Lucied) in the Memory Maze...

                                  DISC 2

Memory Maze
- Equip the Weathervane to Ashley just to prevent any surprise encounters
here. Speaking of encounters, they can be a pain to deal with. I suggest
running if you can; these monsters actually hurt (for your party's current

- Head north through the dungeon, use the Hurl Knife on the switches you
see, talk to "the young girl whose voice you've heard somewhere" wherever
she appears, and watch the different scenes.

- After completing the Memory Maze, there are a few more scenes; eventually,
you'll be inside another Millenium Puzzle...

Millenium Puzzle II
- No Ashley in the party, so you know what that means? You can fight
and win all the battles you want! Anyway, there are five smaller 
switchblocks to activate this time, and the puzzle itself is a bit
tricker to get through. Put Lilka in the lead and put her Flame and
Freeze Rods to use to get yourself through here in one piece. Don't
worry about the enemies in here, they aren't that tough.

- After completing the puzzle, you're treated to a few more scenes,
and soon enough, you'll see for yourself what's really happening to
Filgaia: the Stain Paradigm. Your next destinations are the Grotto of
Lourdes and the Sacrificial Altar. But first, there is another guardian
medium we can pick up!

- Before going ANYWHERE, get Ashley under forgetfulness status via the
Man Traps in Sylvaland.

- Teleport to Sielje and then teleport to the Hovercraft. Now hit the 
Select button to bring up your map. See the island on the very bottom
of the map? Sail your hovercraft to that island; once you get there,
you can disembark on the southwestern part of the island; search in the
crater to find the Meteorite Crater. Complete this area (get all of the
chests here) and you'll receive the Rigdobrite medium!

- Ok, now you can do the Sacrificial Altar and the Grotto of Lourdes
in any order, it doesn't matter. This FAQ will cover Grotto of Lourdes
first, then Sacrificial Altar. To get to the Grotto of Lourdes, teleport
to the Sielje Region, then to the Hovercraft. If you check the radar in
the corner, you should see a green dot slightly to the southwest of your
position; this is where the Grotto of Lourdes is. Sail over there, it's
not a long trip, and search the other end of the island to find it.

Grotto of Lourdes
- Ahh, good dungeon music here! You'll need to switch to Kanon as your 
controllable character to get past the first room. Follow the hallway 
into the next room and a door will automatically open up next to you. 
That's what I like about this dungeon, it will automatically tell you 
where to need to go, hehe.

NOTE: Stepping on the lava in this dungeon will cost every character
200 HP, so be careful. Use the Rad Blades very well in here (you'll
get them in the fourth room).

NOTE 2: Some of the enemies in this dungeon have Mega Berries as 
steals. It is a good idea to try and steal some while you're here!

- Anyway, you'll need to wire hook your way across the room. You should
see a chest on the other side; jump down and open it to get the Rad
Blades, Kanon's second tool. You'll definetly be needing these to move
around this dungeon; they act very similar to Rudy's skates in Wild Arms
1. To get out of this room, you'll need to skate back to the beginning of
the room, then skate across the middle of the room and you'll run into a
switch. Pull this switch to open the door on the far side. Intentionally
fall down the pit next to you, then wire hook your way back across the
room. Step on the pressure plate in the next room to view a scene.
Return to the main room and another door will automatically open up;
go through it.

- Wire hook and skate your way through the next two rooms, and you'll
find a second pressure plate at the end. Step on it to view another scene
about Kanon's memories. Return to the main room and yet another door
will automatically open up.

- You'll want to skate along one of the side barriers in this next room
because if you skate down the middle, you'll end up falling into a pool
of water. Cleverly placed by the developers, I assume. Wire hook your
way across the next room; you should see a chest on the eastern side.
Use Tim and Pooka to grab a Mega Berry here. Now instead of trying to
skate to that switch, it's easier just to walk on the lava to get to
it. You'll lose a couple hundred HP, but who cares? Next room is a
third pressure plate; another memory of Kanon will appear; return to
the main room when you're done with the scene.

- In the next area, skate down the middle, then wire hook across
the next room. There are four chests on the western wall; two of
then you can get manually (a Big Berry and a Crest), the other two
will require Tim and Pooka (a Big Berry and a Lucky Card). Pull
the switch next to the giant crate, then have Brad kick the wall
while standing on the giant crate to gain access to the next room.
Another pressure plate; you know what to do by now. Return to the
main room and one final door will open up for you; go through.

- Grab the two chests for a Big Berry and a Mini Carrot. Use Pooka
to grab a Main Gauche out of the chest; equip that to Kanon. Now
if you move to the corner of the room nearest the door and face
northward, you should see a door below; you need to wire hook the
post that's sitting beside the chest where you got the Main Gauche.
Head up the stairs and then stand in the middle and you'll fall down
into the room below. Inside are four chests containing four Duplicators!
Use the teleporter in the middle of the room to exit. Now enter the 
door to the south and step on the special pressure plate here for
another scene. When you're done, you'll get the Gat Lv. 3 force 
skill for Kanon, and then you're teleported out of the dungeon.
You're done here.

- Next, we need to visit Baskar to open up the Sacrificial Altar.
So teleport to Baskar and enter for an automatic scene. The lady
in the northwestern part of town will tell you where the place is.
Make sure you speak to her first.

- Ok, here is how you get to the Sacrificial Altar. First, teleport
to Guild Galad, then to the hovercraft. Now start sailing around the
island that Guild Galad is on until you are at the southern part
of the island. Continue to follow the coastline. PASS the first
beach you come to (this is where the Werewolf's Den is later, and
if you check the radar at this point, you should see a green dot).
You will soon come across a small inlet with a beach at the end;
it's hard to see at first, but turn your hovercraft westward and
you'll see it. Land on this beach and search the middle of the

Sacrificial Altar
- In the second room, you'll need to use Ashley and Brad to get
to the switches (with Hurl Knife and Kick Boots, respectively).
In the third room, turn your camera 45 degrees to the right 
so the compass is on the upper left side of your screen. You 
should see a doorway down there. Drop down and go inside.

- You'll come to a room with zodiac symbols on the floor. All you
have to do here is stand on the bow & arrow symbol (which I believe
is Sagittarius, I may be wrong) for around 3-4 seconds and the 
door will open up. Go inside and take the Stone Drago from the chest.
You'll be needing this later, so don't forget it. Use the teleporter.

- In the next room, grab the Sunbird Hat and give that to Ashley now.
Use the blocks to access the next switch and pull it to open the
door. In the next room, get the chest for a Hyper Gear (give to Brad).
There is another well hidden door; stand next to the pit and turn your
camera so that the compass is on the bottom left of your screen and
you should see the door. Go inside.

- You'll need Lilka's Fire Rod to get past this room. From the entrance,
climb up the stairs to your left and position yourself so that you
are directly above the dragon's head. Now jump onto the head, and
from there, jump down onto the stone block below. Now turn your camera
so that the compass is on the bottom left of your screen and shoot
your Fire Rod. Hit the block there and it will open the door. Go
inside and get the Stone Lion. Teleport back to the previous room;
enter the door to the north to come across a Save Crystal. Save
here if you want, then continue.

- Step on the red switch to move the first pair of blocks out of 
the way. Make your way northward. Use Pooka to get the chest here
if you desire, it has a Mir Feather for Tim. Now go back and you'll
find a red switch in the corner next to the wall; stomp that. Now
climb the stairs and follow the path until you get to the highest
point in the room. Stand in the middle of the highest bridge and
fall to the right and land on the switch. 

- In the next room, stand next to the statue and you should see
two stone blocks. Kick them away with Brad to reveal another
secret room. Inside is another puzzle. This one is super easy;
all you have to do is push the blocks into the small pools in
the corner. Don't push them all in the same pool though, just
push one into a different pool. Grab the Stone God from the
chest and teleport back. Head east through the door and
you'll reach the Sacrificial Altar itself, where a scene will
occur. When everything's said and done, Tim will get his level
3 Force skill, Divide.


1. We now need to do some prepping for Ashley before we go to
the Lost Garden. First and foremost, head to Lost City Archheim
(teleport to Quartly, then walk north from there). Look for
Dust Man (they look like the Rat Monkeys from Telepath Tower,
but are green). Ok, now bring in Ashley and Tim; have Tim kill
off ALL other enemies, EXCEPT for one Dust Man (leave it alive).
Now equip the Riot Ram (you didn't sell it, right?) to Ashley
and have him normal attack the Dust Man twice. If Ashley's FP
gets dangerously high, use Accelerator. Now you need to wait
for the Dust Man to use Don't Forget Me on Ashley, this will
suicide the Dust Man and damage Ashley and hopefully inflict
downhearted status onto him. If Ashley goes Condition Green
before you can get downhearted onto him, don't worry about
it, these guys won't give enough EXP to level him, and then
you can just replace forgetfulness in Sylvaland. This method
requires some patience and luck, but it is necessary.


2. You can travel to Mt. Chug-Chug. Enter the western door and
look for Shriekers. Just defend every turn until they start 
using Shriek, and then just wait for downhearted status to
be put on Ashley. This method is safer, it just may require a
little bit of time, so be patient.

Regardless on how you do it, you need to put downhearted status
on Ashley before going to Lost Garden.

3. Go to any magic shop and bind one or two Slowdown spells and
a Rise & Shine spell to your three Crest Caps. Also, stop by an item 
shop and make sure you have ~10-15 EACH of Antidotes and Violet Roses.

- Also, make sure Ashley is at BEST luck; if not, go steal some Tiny
Flowers from the Rat Men in Telepath Tower. The most you'll need is
4 (if Ashley is at WORST luck).

- Done, yet? Good. Now let's proceed...

- Call Irving and he'll tell you that Marina has been abducted.
You now have to go to the Lost Garden. If you farmed Grenades
earlier, you should know where the island is. If not, get off
the Valeria Chateau, and then teleport to it (this is to move
the Hovercraft), then teleport to the hovercraft. You should
see the green dot on the radar as soon as you board the 
hovercraft; sail southwest towards it and disembark. Search the
end of the island...

Lost Garden

- Before moving, equip Ashley with the following, and do not 
remove anything from him until you get to Caina:

- D Bison
- Hazel Sprig
- Trench Coat
- Sunbird Hat
- Ge Ramtos

- I hope your Ashley has forgetfulness AND downhearted status on. 
If not, turn around, and follow the instructions directly above.
Also, place Ashley in the back ranks.

- The Gizmos and Eurynomes both have Mega Berries as steals,
and the Chimera will drop them occasionally. I HIGHLY advise that
you stock up here BEFORE you start leaving party members behind; do 
not leave this dungeon without at least 20-25 Mega Berries just to be
on the safe side. You will need them soon, trust me. Though, if you 
still have around ~10 Big Berries left over from the Vinsfeld battle, 
then you could use those instead. Just make sure you have at least 20 
to 25 berries total; Big and/or Mega. (Heals don't count because 
they're too weak now).

- Anyway, Lost Garden is another straightforward dungeon, however, 
this time you will have to constantly leave party members behind.
Get the Crest S from the rear room in the room after where you find
the stone block (you'll need a duplicator). Soon, you'll find the
first room where you'll need to leave a party member behind; leave
either Kanon or Brad behind here. Continue. At the next mental
jamming room, leave either one of your mages or Brad/Kanon here.

- Continue. Make sure you get the Fantom Fang cartridge from the
chest; this is one of Ashley's better ARMs, so make sure you get
it. There's another mental jamming room up next; leave another
character behind (the game will automatically shift Ashley to
the front ranks every time you leave a character behind; make sure
you shift him back to the back ranks; you don't want him getting
killed now.)

- Save at the save crystal when you get to it. When you get to
the final mental jamming room, heal Ashley to full HP, and make
sure he has the Hazel Sprig and Ge Ramtos equipped. Leave your
final character, then continue. Use the hurl knife to get past
the last room, and you'll encounter Caina and Marina.

BOSS: CAINA (final battle)
HP: 16,000 
EXP: 7,500
GELLA: 7,500

If you can get one of your two Slowdown Crest Caps to hit, this 
fight should become much easier for you. If not, then you've got
a tough fight ahead of you. Hopefully you'll get lucky with the status 
effects. The status effects you do NOT want to see here are disease 
and sleep. Disease is covered thanks to the Hazel Sprig. You're in 
Overknight Blazer form for this fight, and the first two turns are key 
to how hard this fight is going to be for you...

By the way, Caina's 4D Hypo Blast is ~650-ish, Gate of Isolde is
~300-350, and her physical is laughable and not worth mentioning.

Here we go. Good luck!

Round 1: Use your Rise & Shine Crest Cap. Caina will go first and
probably do a Gate of Isolde. Hopefully she doesn't get you with sleep, 
otherwise it could be all over already. If you get the Rise & Shine off, 
you'll be protected from sleep for the rest of the battle.

Round 2: This step is IMPORTANT. Use one of your Slowdown Crest Caps, 
and pray that it hits. If it does, Caina will lose 115 RES and 
then you will be able to outspeed her for the rest of the fight, 
drastically increasing your chances of winning. If Caina used 4D 
Hypo Blast last round though, you'll need to Big Berry and pray 
she doesn't do it again this round. If she does, then you'll 
probably get killed because you can't heal in time.

Once you hit a Slowdown on Caina, you can start putting the 
smackdown on her...

Here's how this works. You can safely attack her as long as Ashley
has above 700 HP. If Ashley gets below around 675, heal up with a 
Big Berry or a Mega Berry; since you put a Slowdown on Caina,
you'll be able to heal before she can potentially kill you. 
Now because of downhearted status, each attack against you (and
each normal attack you do) will only get you 1 FP. So you'll need to 
end this fight before Ashley hits 100 FP, effectively giving you 84 
turns to defeat her - which is way more than enough. As far as attacking 
her is concerned, start out with Hot Fencers (~1,150-1,200 damage), then
when Ashley gets to 25 FP, switch to Gun Blaze (~2,400-2,600). Do 
NOT use Banisher or Last Burst here (chances are she'll be defeated 
before you can even get that much FP, anyway...).

If you miss with both Slowdown Crest Caps, I'd reset OR you can
try to outlast her, but please keep in mind that you will have
to be more acrobatic with the berries; she will outspeed you
without that Slowdown in place. Also, be cautious of how many
berries you use here, because there is another fight coming up
where you will need them and if you run low, or worse, run 
completely out, you're screwed and you'll have to reload an earlier
save (in fact, if you're low on berries by the time you defeat Caina,
I would seriously restart, and steal more from the enemies in the
Lost Garden - this is why I told you get at least 20-25 berries for
this part). Anyway, 2 4D Hypo Blasts back to back you're finished, 
so just remember that. Attack with Hot Fencer/Gun Blaze when you get 
the chance.

If you get silenced, remove it as soon as you're able to. Please
remember that healing takes top priority, then once you get a
window of opportunity, then remove the silence. If you get poisoned,
try to take that off when you get the chance, too.

You must be careful here. Be diligent with the healing and hit her 
with Hot Fencer/Gun Blaze whenever you can. You also have to finish 
her before you hit 100 FP, as well. She's got 16,000 HP, but you'll
be able to finish her long before Ashley even comes remotely close to 
100 FP. If you hit even one Slowdown on her, you really can't lose as 
long as you heal after every 4D Hypo Blast (and as long as you have 
enough Big/Mega Berries, and you should).

*For the record, I finished this battle with 31 FP left, and used
around 5-6 Big Berries.*

- A few scenes will ensue after the battle is over. When you regain
control, equip Ashley exactly as follows:

- D Bison
- Scapegoat
- Trench Coat
- Sunbird Hat
- Noua Shax

You'll also notice that he's free of status effects, and you cannot 
leave the Valeria Chateau to do anything about it. This means that you 
are forced to gain EXP here.

- When you're ready, choose your party, and eventually, you'll
face the big, bad nuclear dragon Grauswein.

BOSS: GRAUSWEIN (1st battle)
HP: 8,000; Belly: 8,000
EXP: 10,000; Belly: 5,000
Gella: 0

He'll always do a Nuclear Sphere on the first turn; that does 
around 1,500+ damage to everyone. Keep on top of healing with 
Tim/Lilka, and go to town on him with Brad/Kanon. He's only got 
8,000 HP, so this fight shouldn't last too long. If you use a 
Lucky Card, you'll get 30,000 EXP (don't worry about Ashley gaining 
levels in this fight, he's not in the party).

- Your party ultimately has no effect on the dragon, and so 
Ashley (in Overknight Blazer form) rushes in to lend a hand...

BOSS: GRAUSWEIN (final battle)
HP: 8,000; Belly: 8,000
EXP: 10,000; Belly: 5,000
Gella: 10,000; Belly: 5,000

Ashley does not have forgetfulness status for this fight, and
there isn't anything you can do about it. So we are forced to gain 
experience here. This fight is going to rely on luck, so keep the 
below tips in mind when you fight him.

With the setup described above, Ashley will be able to outspeed
Grauswein, so basically follow the tips below; 3 Gun Blazes +
a Last Burst will finish him (DO NOT TARGET THE BELLY WITH
YOUR GUN BLAZES!!). If you're really lucky, you might be able to
finish him in 5 turns....

Like before, Nuclear Sphere will show itself on Grauswein's
first turn; this means you MUST defend on Ashley's first 
turn in order to survive it (unless you want to blow through
your one and only Scapegoat here, which I advise against).

After the first turn, follow the below steps as they meet your
situation; keep in mind that Ashley will ALWAYS have at least a 
25% chance to get killed on EVERY SINGLE TURN...

1. IF ASHLEY HAS BELOW 800 HP (and most of the time, he will be),
you have a 25% chance of dying if you use a Big Berry, and a 75%
chance of dying if you use Gun Blaze. If you decide to Gun Blaze,
hope Grauswein does a physical. Remember that you have a Scapegoat 
equipped, so you can afford to die once, and ONLY once (remember,
you CANNOT equip Ashley in mid-battle when he is in Overknight
Blazer form).

Gun Blaze. If Grauswein uses Killer Maser, you will survive it;
basically you have a 25% chance to get killed thanks to Nuclear

3. IF ASHLEY HAS FULL HEALTH (unlikely), ALWAYS use Gun Blaze. 25%
chance you will get killed. Only chance this will happen is if
you healed on the previous turn and Grauswein followed up with
a physical and missed.

There is a 100% chance you will get killed if you do not;
unless you KNOW that he will die, you can try a Gun Blaze or
Last Burst if you have the FP.

5. IF ASHLEY'S SCAPEGOAT IS GONE, try to finish Grauswein and 
pray that you don't get killed.

The goal is to land three Gun Blazes. Once you land those 3 Gun
Blazes, you can use Last Burst to kill him before he gets his 
turn; 3 Gun Blazes + Last Burst OR 4-5 Gun Blazes will finish
him off. Though, I have seen him die to 2 Gun Blazes + Last
Burst; thing is, those two Gun Blazes will have to hit the
higher end of their damage scale. Don't count on the boss 
dying after 2 GB's and a Last Burst; this is why I say go for
3 GB's instead; this way, he is ENSURED to die after 3 GB's
+ Last Burst.

When you beat him, you'll get 10,000 EXP; Ashley will gain two 
levels up to level 17.

- After the battle is a rather touching scene...and eventually,
you will get your next mission: to contact the last dragon,
Lombardia, who supposedly lives inside the Sleeping Volcano.

- But first, head back to Sylvaland and place forgetfulness
back on Ashley. Even though, you've already finished with the
Ashley solo battles, we still need to stop him from gaining EXP
until Marivel joins the party a bit later.

- To get to the Sleeping Volcano, land the Valeria Chateau.
Now head west to the Live Reflector (the very same one you used
to first get to Sylvaland earlier). Go inside and hit the yellow
switch. When you come out, the green dot will be visible on the
radar; head northwest, past Raline Observatory, and you'll find
the volcano.

*If you take Ashley back to Guild Galad and talk to Noel and 
the Guild Galad Master, they will give you Full Clip, which
is Ashley's third Force skill!*

Sleeping Volcano
- Everything here is weak to either water or ice, so use those
elements to your advantage here. Other than that, this is a 
slightly confusing dungeon to get through, but it isn't that
bad, really. Some of the treasures are pretty well hidden,
too. Don't forget to get Brad's latest ARM, the Mini Scud.

- Make your way through the volcano, and eventually, you'll
meet Lombardia...

HP: 8,000; Belly: 8,000
EXP: 10,000; Belly: 5,000
Gella: 10,000; Belly: 5,000

If Ashley has forgetfulness status, shift him to the back row,
otherwise you'll need to bring him up front and kill him off.

Anyway, this isn't much of a fight. I can't even say how much
Dragonic Blaster does since it sorta does a random amount each
time. Ehh, basically, just have Tim First Aid every turn and
you'll be fine; while your other party members can use their
special attacks on him; ARMs, crest sorcery, Bionic Arms, 
summons, whatever floats your boat. Just make sure Ashley
is either dead or under forgetfulness status.

- After defeating Lombardia, there will be a few scenes, and
then you will have control of the Lombardia!

- OKAY! First things first: Let's go get Marivel! So we'll head
to Crimson Castle, the last area I will cover in this FAQ. 
The Raypoint dungeons, Trapezohedron, etc, I will leave that
up to you, because this challenge officially ends after getting
Marivel into the party, and since this is a Low Level Ashley FAQ
and not a regular FAQ, I'll end it after Crimson Castle. If you
need help after this point, I suggest looking at another FAQ.

- To get to Crimson Castle, fly Lombardia south of Guild Galad.
Soon enough, you'll see a green dot on the radar; land here
and you'll find it.

Crimson Castle
- This is a pretty big castle, and there's lots of places you can
go. The main objective is to lower the barriers so you can get
through that middle passageway. Once you have access to it,
follow the path and eventually you'll find Marivel.

- If you've done everything right, Marivel should join you at
level 17, which is pretty low compared to a normal game where
she joins at, like 30-something. As usual, max out Up HP for
her first, then work on whatever you want.

- Now that you have Marivel, that does it for the Low Level
Ashley game, you are now free to level up Ashley to your heart's
content, so play the rest of the game how you want to!

5) Credits

- Thanks to SCEA, Contrail & Media Vision for this wonderful gem of a 

- Thanks to for without them, this guide wouldn't have a home!

- Thanks to the creators of the many Low Level Ashley topics to finally 
put a fire under my butt to work on this guide! Now no one can complain
that there isn't a low level Ashley guide on GameFAQs!

- Thanks to YOU for using my guide!

6) E-Mail Info 
- This guide is copyright (Otabo) 2010. 
- If there are any questions, concerns, comments, flames, etc, please do
not hesitate to send them to [email protected] or [email protected]
- If there is anything you feel that should be added to this guide, e-mail
me and I may consider it.