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Follow the dark path or use the light
Tomorrow Never Dies Pack Shot

Tomorrow Never Dies



by Tarrun

Tomorrow Never Dies

Table of Contents

I - Introduction
Legal Information
Version History

II - Walkthrough

001.0 - Outpost, Russian Border
002.0 - Arms Bazaar, Russian Border
003.0 - Carver Media, Hamburg 
004.0 - Pressing Engagement, Hamburg
005.0 - Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg
006.0 - Convoy, Swiss Alps
007.0 - Ski Ridge, Hokkaido
008.0 - CMGN Tower, Saigon
009.0 - Market District, Saigon
010.0 - Stealth Boat, Ha Long Bay

Welcome to my Tomorrow Never Dies FAQ. 

Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my email 
is tarrun75(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure to add something related to 
Tomorrow Never Dies in the subject line so I don't have to figure out what 
game you're talking about. Also, questions regarding something that's already 
covered in the guide will not be answered. Credit will be given to anything 
sent to me that I add or major corrections. For corrections, please email me 
only if it's something really important, something that will clearly confuse 
anyone reading.

Legal information:
This document is copyrighted Tarrun 2005. This guide may not be reproduced 
under any circumstance except for personal or private use. It may not be 
placed on any web site, magazine or otherwise distributed publicly without 
advanced written permission. This guide may not be used for profit, and may 
only be used on the following websites:

Use of this work on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
a violation of copyright and is strictly prohibited.

Version History:

First Submission: April 16th - April 23rd - Version 1.0 completed.

001.0 - Outpost, Russian Border

- Laser designate the satellite dish
- Obtain the security card and escape

001.1 - Laser designate the satellite dish

First off, sneak up behind the guard standing by the barrel and use a stealth 
kill on him. Now turn around and collect all of the ammo and health. Now head 
over to the gate and find the two guys walking around in the next area. Use 
the first person view to kill them before opening the gate. Stay on the left 
side of the entryway and go around the tanks on the left. Enter the small 
building and kill the guard. Leave the building and use your new sniper rifle 
to kill the guard in the tower. One or two guards will react to their 
partner's death and run towards you, so kill them both. Before proceeding, 
check out behind the building; destroy the crate and pick up the light body 

When you continue up the hill, run up to the top of the guard tower and pick 
up a second light armor. Past the tower is a helipad being guarded by a lone 
guard, so kill him. Take a left at the helipad and stop halfway down the 
slope; two guards are walking around in front (or possibly running up to 
attack you), so kill them. Use your sniper rifle to kill the soldiers in the 
building and guard tower, and then kill the one near the passageway on the 
right. Pick up the heavy armor inside the building and then check out the 

The guard tower is surrounded by a fence; the only entrance is being blocked 
by a barrel, so destroy is and head inside. At the top of the tower is light 
armor, and the crate next to it has an extra life. By now, a few soldiers 
should have appeared, so kill them from behind the fence. When you're the 
only thing still alive, proceed through the passageway.

As the passageway curves around, use your rifle to snipe the guard at the end 
or sneak up behind him and use a stealth kill. Run up the hill on the left 
and kill the soldier in the tower on the far left, and the other two guys 
walking around. Head back down the hill and collect the items from the 
heliport's barrels and crates. If you're low on armor, pick up the light 
armor in the guard tower. When all of that's finished, head over to the 
passageway where you entered and use the Laser on the satellite dish. 

001.2 - Obtain the security card

After the satellite is destroyed, a helicopter arrives to drop soldiers. As 
they're sliding down the rope, use that time to take them out before they 
even get the opportunity to attack you. The third guy to drop down is 
carrying the Access Card, but kill all five guys before picking it up.

When the helicopter flies away, run over to the blast door and use the Access 
Card to open it.

001.3 - Escape on skies

There really isn't a strategy for the escape; I'm almost positive that it was 
used just to be fun, so don't worry about dying or anything. In fact, the 
enemies don't even shoot at you, they just jab you with their poles, so just 
do your best to fend them off and pick up the numerous medkits lying around. 
When the cinematic plays and the new guys join the chase, try taking some of 
the jumps. After showing off a little, you eventually ski off the edge of the 
mountain and open your British flag-parachute (wrong movie, but I'll still 
take it) and complete the mission.

002.0 - Arms Bazaar, Russian Border

- Photograph the scud, mortars, and chopper
- Locate the cockpit key

002.1 - Photograph the scud, mortars, and chopper

How convenient, the scud is directly in front of you. Run a little forward to 
get a better view, but wait for the guard to present himself. Kill him, and 
then take the photo. Right of the scud is a door being guarded by a soldier, 
so kill him and run over to the right side of the compound. Kill the guy 
standing next to the mortars and pick up the medkit behind the jeep. Take a 
photo of the mortars and then turn around. Throw a mine on green crates and 
detonate it. The blast reveals the chopper being guarded by four soldiers; 
kill them and take the last photo. 

002.2 - Locate the cockpit key

Head over to the door to trigger the cinematic; if you haven't seen the film, 
there's a jet equipped with a nuclear bomb in the bazaar that will wreak 
havoc if it goes off when the missile arrives and destroys the place. If only 
we had a key...

You have two minutes to find the key, which is plenty of time even if you 
don't know where it is. But since we do, all the better. To the right of you 
is a guard tower with a large medkit lying next to it; pick it up and go 
around the tower. Behind it is a black crate (or is that a tank?) with a 
soldier standing next to it. Kill the soldier and pick up the cockpit key he 
drops. Head over to the jet (don't forget to pick up the extra life near the 
end of the jet) and get inside. Another time to screw around! Shoot 
erratically and blow everything up; after spinning around a few times, you 
take off and complete the mission. 

003.0 - Carver Media, Hamburg 

- Destroy the central computer
- Rendezvous with Paris
- Cut the power

003.1 - Destroy the central computer

Run down the stairs and kill the guy standing at the bottom. There are two 
other guys in the next room, so kill them and pick up the Door Remote between 
the two shelves. Head through the door and kill the two guys through the 
glass. Inside the room surrounded in glass is the central computer, so 
destroy it.

003.2 - Rendezvous with Paris

Go around the glass room and head through the door at the end of the hall. 
Kill the guard inside and pick up the ammo and Elevator Card. Return to the 
elevator near the glass room and take it to the next floor. There are three 
guys in this next room, one in the right, left, and center. Use the walls for 
cover and take them out. Collect all of the ammo and health in the room and 
head towards the doorway. Kill the guard on the right of the first doorway 
and continue down the hall to meet Paris. 

003.3 - Cut the power

You get knocked out and put in a prison; so the first thing to do is get out. 
Stand next to the mirror and use the Cufflinks to break it. Pick up the 
pistol on the table and shoot the guard, along with the other two that enter 
soon after. Behind the table is the power control. Shoot it to shut it down. 

003.4 - Escape

Head out into the hall and kill the guy in the glass room. There's another 
guard in front of the door on the other side. Head inside the room near the 
entrance and kill the three guards; a fourth and final guard comes down from 
the stairs and attacks you, so take him out too. Run up the stairs to finish. 

004.0 - Pressing Engagement

- Find Gupta's briefcase
- Retrieve the hidden encoder

004.1 - Find Gupta's briefcase

When you begin, head around the corner and kill the guard. Continue down the 
hall and open the second down on the right, the only unlocked door in this 
area, and pick up the light armors and medkits. 

At the end of the hall is a pair of guards, one on each side of the room. 
Kill them both, along with a third guard that enters from the door on the 
left. Inside the room he came from is a few medkits, so pick them up before 
continuing down the hall. Down the stairs is the printing room, which has 
guards on both the bottom level and on a ledge above the presses. 

Kill the guards on the main level and head to the far right corner, killing 
the guards on the ledge as you go (there are about three of them). Once in 
the back, take the path on the right and kill the guard in between the two 
barrels. Behind him is Gupta's briefcase, so open it up to get the Access 

004.2 - Retrieve the hidden encoder

Return to the room right at the top of the stairs leading to the printing 
presses. Unlock the double doors by using the fingerprint scanner and head 
inside. The last door on the right (another set of double doors) is where the 
encoder is hidden. Inside that room is a pair of filing cabinets that are a 
little out of place. Push the one nearest the wall into the corner (Action 
Button near the filing cabinet) to reveal the safe behind the painting. Use 
the fingerprint scanner again to open the safe and collect the encoder.

004.3 - Escape from the building

Remember the room where Gupta's briefcase was? To the left of that path was 
another that leads to the exit. In that hall is a pair of barrels with a 
guard hiding behind each one. Use the closest barrel for cover and use the 
first person view to pick them off. Continue down the hall and head to the 
back right corner of the area; a few guys are hanging around on the ground 
level along with a few on the ledge above. Focus on killing the ones on your 
level and getting to the back of the room, which is the exit. Get there to 
complete the mission.

005.0 - Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg

- Talk to the bartender
- Meet with Paris

005.1 - Talk to the bartender

Notice that you don't begin the game with your pistol equipped. Take that as 
a hint; guards won't attack you if you're unarmed, which means you can sneak 
up behind them fairly easily. However, I'd still suggest killing everyone 
because, let's face it, you'll have to fight them eventually. There are two 
guys in the parking lot, so use your car for cover and take them out (you can 
also sneak up behind one, equip your pistol and knock him out, and then shoot 
the second guard). Unequip your weapon on continue through the doors on the 
right. There's a guard walking up and down the hall as well as a bartender 
(not the one we're looking for). Wait for the guard to walk over to you and 
knock him out after he turns around. Since you killed him out of the 
bartender's sight, unequip your pistol and head over to him. In front of him, 
reequip your gun and quickly kill him.

Unarm yourself and head through the doors at the end of the hall. There are 
two guards in here as well as two bartenders. The bartender nearest you on 
the left (wearing a red jacket) is the one we need to speak with, so don't 
kill him (it isn't difficult to avoid since he doesn't attack you). Run 
behind the bartender at the far left side of the bar and kill him. If you 
were far away enough, the other two guards shouldn't have seen you. Sneak up 
behind one of them and knock him out, and then quickly run over to the next 
one and do the same. 

Now talk to the red-jacketed bartender. After some dialogue, he pulls a gun 
on you, but Bond's too quick for him. Go around the bar and pick up the key 
chain he drops.

005.2 - Meet with Paris

Head through the door behind the bar and kill the guard to your right. You 
have to access the elevator, but the power isn't on right now. Return to the 
parking lot and enter the room behind your car, which is now unlocked, thanks 
to the bartender's key chain. Pick up the items in the room and switch the 
power on. Guards will be randomly attacking you from now on, so always watch 
your back.

Return to the elevator and head upstairs. Enter the first door on your left 
and head into the next room; "The Doctor" is waiting for you. 

Considering that this is the first boss fight in the game, it might be easy 
or difficult to get used to the fighting strategy. Unlike common enemies, 
bosses constantly run around, making it impossible to stay in one place for 
too long. The key is to always be moving, so strafe and shoot almost all of 
the time. The one exception to this is if you want to get a few headshots in; 
it isn't that difficult if you can do it quick enough.

If you haven't used your rifle throughout the mission then you should have 
plenty of ammo to use against him. Also, make sure to avoid his throwing 
stars, since they do heavy amounts of damage (luckily, they're slow enough to 
dodge). If you're low on health, there's a door around the corner from the 
door you enter that has heavy body armor inside.

Before meeting Paris, head through the double doors opposite of the room with 
the heavy armor, there are some items that are worth picking up. Check out 
both the right and left ends of the hall, one end has a set of gas bombs, and 
the other leads to and extra life. 

Once all of that has been collected, return to the main room and head up the 
stairs. Watch for any guards and head to the last room to find Paris alive 
and well. All that's left to do is escape, so take the lead and clear the 
path for the two of you. Use the elevator to get back down and return to your 
car to finish the mission. 

006.0 - Convoy, Swiss Alps

- Rendezvous with Q
- Destroy the terrorist convoy

006.1 - Rendezvous with Q

First off, turn around and pick up the heavy armor near the blockade. Now, 
equip your sniper rifle and shoot the guard through the trees (shouldn't be 
too hard with the infrared sights). Collect his weapon and face the right 
side of the area to find another sniper. Kill him and pick up his ammo; use 
this perch to pick off two more guards through the trees on the left. Return 
to the street; there are two more guards, one by the blockade and one in the 
trees on the right. Take them both out from a distance and head around the 
blockade to meet Q. 

006.2 - Destroy the terrorist convoy

Your car is equipped with ten rockets and a machine gun with unlimited ammo; 
your mission is to destroy all eight convoy vehicles. While at first, this 
might look like a joke mission, be careful not to screw around too much or 
you'll quickly lose a life. Try and stay at least a three cars' distance away 
from each convoy vehicle to be able to avoid the mines they drop. Avoid using 
the missiles until the last convoy truck, a heavily armored jeep that fires 
rockets at you, which can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. 
Don't forget to pick up the medkits and rockets lying on the side of the road 

When the entire convoy is destroyed, the mission ends.

007.0 - Ski Ridge, Hokkaido

- Infiltrate the camp on skis
- Disable the security system and obtain the security card
- Eliminate Isagura

007.1 - Infiltrate the camp on skis

Like before, there really isn't much to say about the skiing section of the 
mission. Once again some guards will chase after you, jabbing at you with 
their poles as you ski down the mountain, fending them off and avoiding 

There's only one slight catch: there's a section where the slope narrows and 
you have to ski past a cliff that's littered with medkits. Don't be fooled, 
it's VERY easy to fall off if you try to grab a few of the medkits, and you 
lose a life for plummeting to your death (no parachute to save you this 

007.2 - Disable the security system

When you reach the base, equip your infrared sniper rifle and pick off the 
three guys walking around outside. In front of you to the left is a cabin, 
you run over to the window and shoot the guy inside with through the windows. 
Head inside (the door's on the other side) and pick up the ammo and medkits. 

Leave the cabin and continue deeper into the base. There are three more guys 
past the helipad, so take them down with your rifle before they get a chance 
to attack. Enter the second cabin and collect the items; the security setup 
is also in here, so knock the power out. 

007.3 - Obtain the security pass

The main gate is now unlocked, so head over to it and open it up. You're 
greeted by a few guards, so give them some quality time with your pistol or 
rifle, depending on how hard they come at you. On your left is a guard tower; 
at the top is the security pass we need. Pick it up and head over to the 
opening of the base in the far right corner, but be careful of any new guys 
that have appeared. 

Open the base's door with the security card and head down the hall, picking 
up the medkits as you go. Get ready for a tough fight ahead.

007.4 - Eliminate Isagura

Isagura is easily the most difficult part of the game that you've experienced 
yet. He main weapon is a machine gun, which is bad enough, but he also 
occasionally tosses a gas grenade. If you see one being thrown or exploding 
(can't miss that green gas), immediately run to the opposite side of the room 
to avoid taking any damage. 

Like with the last boss, you always have to be moving if you want to stay 
alive. You can use the two pillars on either side of the room for brief cover 
to reload a weapon or even try and shoot him in the head through first 
person. If you run out of ammo on your 9MM auto, resort to the assault rifle 
(ammo will spawn in the center of the room every so often). 

When Isagura's dead, head through the door to complete the mission.

008.0 - CMGN Tower, Saigon

- Activate the roof elevator
- Destroy the weapon crates
- Retrieve data disk

008.1 - Activate the roof elevator

Immediately turn around and kill the two guys standing to your right. Run 
over to their bodies and pick up their ammo. A guard on the higher level will 
shoot at you, so use the stairs as cover while you take him down. Head up the 
stairs and kill the guard at the top; three more guys are waiting for you on 
your left, but you can peek around the corner of the building and kill them 
without much of a hassle. Don't forget the heavy armor on the right.

Run left and kill the guy behind the black crates on your left. There's 
another heavy armor next to him, but you shouldn't really need it. Continue 
forward and take a right, two guards are hanging around at the end. Kill them 
both and pick up the Utility Key that is dropped. Now take the left path to 
reach the utility box that controls the elevator. Turn the power on and 
return to the elevator (might want to think about getting that second heavy 
armor, since you aren't coming back here). 

008.2 - Destroy the weapon crates 

Take a left from the elevator and kill the guy down the hall. Head down and 
enter the room with the glass doors. Two guards are inside, so kill them and 
check out the stereo in the left corner. Push it open (Action Button) and 
kill the guard in the secret room; the elevator key is in here, so pick it up 
and continue down the hall. There are two more bad guys a little farther up, 
but there's an extra life here as well. Pick it up and continue, killing 
about four more guards as you go. After passing the armory and killing the 
group of guys there, you're returned to the elevator, so use the key to enter 
the next level down.

When you exit the elevator, check out the door on the left. A cinematic plays 
where you're knocked out and captured. 

After breaking free and picking up your pistol in the cinematic, quickly kill 
the guard and run down the hall. Open the door and kill the two guards inside 
by using the door as cover. Do you see those large crates that those guys 
were using as cover? Those are the weapon crates (smart place to hide), so 
unload ammo into it until both of them are destroyed. 

008.3 - Retrieve the data disk

Collect the items in this room and continue onward. Two more guys attack you 
in the large computer room, so kill them and enter the room in the far right 
corner. The data disk is on the table in the back.

All that's left to do now is escape. Return to the computer room and run to 
the end of the long room on the left. Behind the couch is a large mirror that 
looks more than just a little out of place. Shoot it to break it and reveal 
the exit, where Wai Lin is waiting for you.

009.0 - Market District, Saigon

- Acquire the RL66
- Destroy the barricades
- Defeat the helicopter
- Decode the data disk

009.1 - Acquire the RL66

Since Carver has bribed the military police into killing Bond on sight, Wai 
Lin takes up the fight. You're job is to get to your base to decode the data 
disk and locate Carver's stealth boat. Make sure to watch out for any 
civilians in the streets and only attack the police (they're wearing green 

When you begin, run down the street and shoot the soldier around the corner. 
Enter the door next to him and shoot the guy on the higher level. Behind some 
crates on your left is another soldier, so blow up the crates to kill him in 
the blast. Leave the room through to door on the opposite side and enter the 
streets. There's a guy on your left, so kill him, but go right instead. Go up 
the stairs and kill each soldier hiding in the doorways of the buildings 
(there are three of them). In front of each doorway is a light armor, so pick 
up two of them and continue down the stairs at the end.

At the bottom of the stairs is a doorway. Behind it is another soldier, so 
kill him and enter a bar with two more guys. Kill them both (watch out for 
the civilian) and continue on into the streets. Go up the street and take a 
right; kill the cop in front of the door and head inside, down the stairs to 
a small room with rifle ammo, heavy armor, and an extra life. Head back 
outside and go to the other end of the street. Kill the other cop and go 
through the doorway and fight the soldier with the RL66. 

Despite the fact that being caught in the blast of one of the rockets deals 
heavy amounts of damage, this is actually an easy fight. The first thing do 
is kill the two regular soldiers in the top left and back right. Now for the 
guy with the RL66, always make sure that one of those large objects on each 
side of the room is in between the two of you. The soldier won't attack you 
if there isn't a direct shot, so take that time to get in headshots with your 
rifle. When he runs around to get in line with you, run behind the other one 
and repeat this strategy. 

009.2 - Destroy the barricades

When he dies, he drops his RL66 rocket launcher, which you can use to destroy 
the barricades. When you go to leave the room, use the door on the left and 
head down the stairs. Take a right and kill the soldier by the doorway. 
Strafe back and forth to avoid the gunfire by the barricade and hide in the 
doorway where the soldier was. Use the first person view and peek around the 
corner, quickly fire a rocket to destroy the barricade. Run over to the now-
destroyed barricade and return to the room where you fought the soldier with 
the RL66. Go through the other door and back to the bar; kill the soldier in 
front of the barroom door. Retrace your steps through the bar and up the 
stairs to the buildings with all of light armors. Pick up any of the armors 
that are still left and go down the stairs that lead back to the streets. 

From the stairs, head straight down the street and kill the soldier near the 
barricade. Look through first person and destroy the barricade, and then the 
other behind it. The barricades' destruction will catch the attention of two 
soldiers on the other side of the barricade, so kill them both.

Now return to the very beginning of the level. After going through the room 
just before the beginning (where the soldier was hiding behind the crates), 
take a right to find the last two barricades. Destroy them and kill the guy 
that attacks you; there's another guard on the roof to your right, so use 
first person to take him down. 

Head through the barricade by squeezing between the lamppost and the building 
wall on the right and head down the street. Two guards on the roof straight 
ahead are waiting to ambush you, so kill them from a distance. Continue 
around the corner, but take the next right that seemingly leads to a dead 
end. You might notice that the back left wall looks a little choppy (even by 
the Playstation's standards). Fire a rocket into the corner to reveal a 
secret passage that leads to an upper level filled with goodies. After 
running up the stairs, look through first person and find the two soldiers 
hiding behind the small blockade set up. Collect the medkits, ammo, and heavy 
armor and return to the entrance of the passage. Run over to the blockade and 
head through the tunnel in the far right.

009.3 - Defeat the helicopter

Through the fence is a large area where you fight a military helicopter. It 
fires its machine gun for the first half of the battle, but switches over to 
missiles later on. You should have 15-20 rockets left, which is plenty on top 
of the spare rockets littered around the area. 

The best way to take down the chopper is to hide behind the large truck on 
the right, since you won't be shot at. The helicopter will begin to circle 
around to get a shot at you, so wait for it in first person. Just before it 
comes into view, fire a rocket so that it hits the very front of the chopper. 
After firing, quickly strafe to the other end of the truck to avoid any 

Repeat this 15 or so times to take the helicopter down.

009.4 - Decode the data disk

Head through the wooden fence in the back on the area and kill the two guards 
on the other side. Enter the tunnel on the left to reach your hideout. 

The way to decode the data disk is by entering a random combination of 
buttons (Triangle, Square, Circle, and X), although you never use a button 
more than once. If one of the buttons in the combination is correct, it 
blinks for a second to let you know. The correct combination is X, Triangle, 
Square, and Circle, but if you forget it isn't that difficult to figure out. 

Decoding the disk completes the mission. 

010.0 - Stealth Boat, Ha Long Bay

- Contact M via communications link
- Rescue Wai Lin
- Find the missile panel and stop the launch
- Defeat Carver

010.1 - Contact M via communications link

You once again take on the role of Bond; you and Wai Lin board Carver's 
stealth boat and set off in different directions. You also have an upgraded 
version of your pistol, which fires faster and is slightly more powerful.

When you begin, take a left and kill the guy on the other side of the door. 
Run down the hall and enter the room at the end; kill the guard on the other 
side behind the crates and continue down the hall on the right. Enter the 
door on the left and use the communications link to contact M. 

010.2 - Rescue Wai Lin

After contacting M, you overhear Carver talking to his right-hand man; Wai 
Lin's been kidnapped, so before stopping the nuke launch we have to rescue 

Leave the communications room and head back to the beginning of the level. 
Two new guards are waiting for you, so kill them and pick up the blue 
security card that one of them drops. Proceed down the hall and enter the 
next room on the right, which can now be unlocked, thanks to your new 
security card. Shoot the guard in the room and pick up the yellow security 
card, as well as some medkits and light armor. 

Once you're back at the beginning of the mission, head through the door with 
the yellow lights above it (door with yellow lights is unlocked by the yellow 
card, makes sense). Down the hall is a guard hiding behind some barrels. 
Continue down the hallway and kill two pairs of guards. Head through the last 
door on the right and pick up all of the items (heavy armor and some ammo). 
Through the next door is Mr. Stamper.

This fight is just ridiculous. Stand next to the right wall and look through 
the small gap in between the wall and the crates. Look through first person 
and get in as many headshots as you can. Even if he fires a grenade at you 
and it destroys the crates, it won't inflict damage and the crates won't be 
completely destroyed, so don't worry about that. After killing Stamper, pick 
up his GL40 grenade launcher and the cell key. 

Enter the prison through the door behind you and unlock Wai Lin's cell. She 
gives you a key that she found (amazing that no one thought to frisk her) 
before running off to finish her half of the mission. Inside of the other 
cell is an extra life, so be sure to grab it before continuing.

010.3 - Find the missile panel

Leave the prison through the door to the right of Wai Lin's cell and run down 
the hall, killing guards, and unlock the door at the end. Kill the two guards 
and enter the next door, which leads to the Missile Room. Run down the ramp 
and kill the two guys on the second level; proceed down the next level, 
collect some of the medkits (there are probably too many for you to carry) 
and check out the missile control panel in the corner of the lowest level.

010.4 - Defeat Carver

The joke's on you, though, because you need a keycard to access it. And guess 
who's in possession of that card. That's right, good old Carver, who appears 
to mock you before running off. A group of guards appear and shoot at you, so 
quickly run up to the top level to avoid being killed. On one side of the 
third level is a glass door, head inside and kill the two guys and proceed to 
the next room, which contains a lone guard with a key to the Missile Control 

Once you have the key, leave the bridge and take a left. Unlock the door with 
your key and go inside. There are some containers that are blocking your 
path, so destroy them and kill the guards as you go through the maze of 
crates. When you reach the end, you get to fight Carver.

If you're looking for an amazing final fight, then you're out of luck here. 
Even though Carver is equipped with an assault rifle that can quickly drain 
your life gauge, he's one of the easiest bosses to defeat. Simply equip your 
GL40 and strafe into the room, shooting as you enter. You only need to hit 
Carver three or four times to kill him. 

010.5 - Stop the launch and escape

Before he dies, Carver sets the stealth boat to destruct in three minutes, 
meaning that you have to stop the launch of the nuke and escape within that 
time. It's not as difficult as it sounds, you should be able to escape and 
still have at least a minute and a half.

The first thing to do is to stop the launch. Pick up the Missile Panel 
Control key from Carver and leave the room. Run down to the missile panel and 
disable the nuke; don't bother fighting all of the enemies, since there are 
an infinite number of them. Now run up to the third level and escape through 
the same door that you first entered this room in. Run down the hall and kill 
the pair of guards that attack you. Keep going and you'll come up to the door 
leading to the exit. When you open it, you'll find three guards have set up a 
blockade of flammable barrels in front of the door. Shoot the barrels to 
destroy them and possibly take the guards out in the process. When they're 
dead, run over to the ladder and climb down to complete the mission. 

Congratulations of completing Tomorrow Never Dies. If you finished on 007, 
then you get the full ending; otherwise you see a message telling you to try 
playing the game on the harder difficulty.