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Follow the dark path or use the light
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure Pack Shot

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure



by CFlames55117

  .ttCt;..                           C;                                         
  8Q02s0557;                         ;2                                         
  s5, .s22s0st.                      tZ                                         
  ,G7;tO7..t59DZ,                    ;2 .,,                                     
   CGx7C:   .t50QC.                  .G02OxO                                    
    C2;   ..  .t500;              .:;CQ0CttQ,                                   
     t2. ....   .CDQO.    .;tttt78SS05ZZZGKS;                                   
      t5, .....   :xQD; ,G9Q0DsG55xG5Ct;ttC0t                                   
       7D, ......  .C5DDE#80s0D8xCG7.        ,                                  
        Gx.........  ;2sE8GEbSSSsQ5,,2ttxxsttS;                                 
        .0t ...... .;2s.;C  [email protected];2;C;OxS55t                                 
         tD, ......Qgt;t2g5   t;;t;2QCt  ;:7ZG,                                 
          52..... 2b5C;,:EK2 . .tC C#b   E.t;x                                  
          :0t ... :#xt,[email protected]:;O5C ..    ..Ct.                                  
           ZG....  [email protected]; x9CZC0C...    .sQO.                                  
           :Qt .. 9Z:DED; .t;2t;xt, tt:ts0sCt:.                                 
            xs. . gs;.   .;.tt,tx5,.,: ,[email protected]                                 
             Dx.  .,.   .t,tC,CGg#:..:   ,#ZCC;                                 
             ;QO.     ..;t;5.bN#g#G;,D; t:;G0.:                                 
              t07.  ...:G;5,;D,:Q#@5;;KbQC,s8., ..                              
               :0st. .:DCCt.x    2#8gx;KSsZD5;   ..                             
                .CZ2t78Z,s.t.    tMSt227DQ2CO7     :                            
                  ;GGs0.7;.;    .9#EDtCCtttC5Stt;;  .                           
               .tCttGsx:x.;,   ,:[email protected];:.                            
         ,[email protected]   ;[email protected]                                 
      [email protected]:. ,CMMMC.t82Z#MMMMM;  K#[email protected]                                
     EMS.       @MMg  .t .,.QMMMM0 ,@[email protected];                               
    MM        .DMMMC  tt.;:, MMMMM. [email protected], .                            
   #M        D8MMMM,  5;;t;t QMMMM  bDsD5K5;[email protected]      :t:.                   
  tMt        O#MMM#.,.D:Cttt 5MMMMZgSs5DQ5b98808gEt     tt;st.                  
  @M          MMMMg;,.5:CtC [email protected]@[email protected];    ,  .Et,                 
  MM          MMMMZ;..5;tC,.2MMMMgOZSS990DEgDbx0Zt7G,       ;@t,                
  NM,        0MMMMt:. Gttt;G#MMM8xx50O77ZEE82gEO9ZCG5t      .E:.                
  @MM       x#MMMM;:. O;,[email protected]#2x5xsxCt;[email protected]     Zt .                
  ,MMC       [email protected];Ot:E8NMMM#87CsO20x7t;85b0CC052D0tttx5;;;t, ..                
   tMM0      MMMMstMMMM#[email protected]@@QE#@@0xC;bgZE#@E#@2Z##bEb2t7bbb;.OD00s,  G80t.QK, 
     bMM7   [email protected];[email protected]@@MMMMMEMMxMMx;MM;;MM7#ME ;MM, ME  
       .t.  QMMMM; .MMMM..SMM0Q#M8 [email protected]  MM5;MM  MM  MMtbC   
            #MMM#.  @MMM8 CMN5GMMtCQMQNMt:@MMEMN0gMMNZ#M#  .MM:KMt  MM  tMMC    
            MMMMD. :2MMMM,@M: .MMtKMNGMMC;[email protected];[email protected]@ MM  7MM  OMb     
           gMMMMG:.OGgMMMMMM  @Mb5M8;tMMZQMM. GMMbZ#[email protected] CMM [email protected]   MM,     
        .tMMMMMMM;.D,.MMMMMS:;#@@M5  [email protected];.Gb##NM#5.5bGQ,  98QxD.   7bKt     
       ,0#@sCtt0N9;t  sMMMMCZS.ZOC :  D  O, .        g  tt  C                   
                ;tx;   #MMMMt, 0sOQM CM 5M9tZ2O;.:.,tt  MD.xM.xCx0GSMx.tbs5Q    
                 ,t.    MMMMM  t8MQM E#gSNMMEMNMO#S#M. [email protected]@M#MMM#Mst    
                         MMMMM   . tS,  9;;;:...;.,;t :  t,;   :. .;.:;. ;      
   ....,;;;;:.            NMMMM,   .M  ;E   ;,                                  
   ..:;tCxs98S0ZtCt.       5MMMM#   [email protected]@@@sgMC                                  
    .,;[email protected]#MMMMECt:t   :#MMMMMG57; 7MM#.                                   
      .;tC7ZDQKE#[email protected]@@MMMMMMMMNM. ,2                                   
        ;[email protected]@#[email protected]@bg5;;2tt2528;,s9:                                  
         ..   ,tCsZ;  ,[email protected]    t;:;t K92xOZ5.                                 
                       .KMMMMME7x7tttt tKDtC222.                                
                         [email protected]@ttt:C   DsCt;tQ                                
                             xNM#[email protected]###bQZ.                                
                               ,tttt.     .,.   

                         Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
                               By: CFlames55117
                               For: Playstation
                                Version: 1.00

                              Table of Contents

Copyright Information.....................[COPYI]
Game Basics...............................[GAMEB]
Magic List................................[MAGIC]
Song Lyrics...............................[LYRIC]
Version History...........................[VERSH]
Contact Information.......................[CONTI]

                              Introduction [INTRO]

Welcome to my newest guide on the Playstation RPG, Rhapsody.  Honestly, the 
only reason I picked this up is because I heard it was hard to find.  This game 
has some humorous scenes, but other than that, this game becomes pretty 
repetitive in the battling.

                          Copyright Information [COPYI]

I'm not too strict when it comes to who can use my guides and who can't.  
Basically, if you ask me for permission to have this guide hosted on your site, 
I'll let you as long as the contents in this guide remain untouched.  If you 
decide to alter this guide in anyway I will hunt you down!  That's right, you 
should be afraid.  Anyway, just e-mail me at CFlames55117[at]wmconnect[dot]com 
for permission.

Sites permitted to host this guide:

                                 Controls [CONTR]

D-Pad..............Moves character
Triangle...........Cancels/Make character run
Circle.............Brings up menu
X..................Confirms selection
Square.............Displays grid in battle
L1.................Moves cursor faster
L2.................Moves cursor faster
R1.................Moves cursor faster
R2.................Moves cursor faster

Pressing L1, R1, Start, and Select will cause a soft reset.

                                  Story [STORY]

A long time ago, in a little village called Orange nestled in Marl's Kingdom...

There lived a girl with her grandfather...

Her name was Cornet and this is her story...

Cornet had a mysterious friend...
A puppet with the heart and soul of a person...
Her name was Kururu...

People in Orange thought Cornet a little odd because she went everywhere with 
But everyone in Orange loved the bright smiles that Cornet and Kururu always 
carried with them...

Everyday, Cornet would take a walk in the woods with Kururu...

But little does Cornet know that today will be different...

This is where our story begins...

                                Characters [CHARC]

These character descriptions can also be found in the game's instruction 

Cornet Espoire

Sex: Female
Age: 16 years old
Height: 5'0" tall
Weight: 100 lbs
Occupation: Puppeteer.
Personality: An outgoing and overly cheerful girl who is well liked by the 
people in her town.  She can get very emotional sometimes.  Just like other 
girls of her age, she longs for passionate love.  Kururu sometimes gets angry 
with her since she always has her head in the clouds.
Hobbies: Singing, playing the horn and cooking.
Favorite Food: Fruits.
Dislikes: Toads.


Sex: ?
Age: ?
Height: 1'0" tall
Weight: ?
Occupation: Puppet (Watching over Cornet...?).
Personality: A little fairy puppet that is very curious about everything.  
Wherever there's trouble, Kururu's usually not far behind.  She's Cornet's vest 
friend, and can understand Cornet better than anyone else.
Hobbies: Mocking Cornet.
Favorite Food: Cherries.
Dislikes: Anything sour.

Ferdinand Marl E.

Sex: Male
Age: 17 years old
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135 lbs
Occupation: Prince of Marl's Kingdom.
Personality: Adventurous, intelligent, elegant, kind, and good-looking too!  He 
often sneaks out into the woods to go hunting, or visits the town to socialize 
with the locals.  He lost his father two years ago in a horrible fishing 
accident, and his mother, Siegrind, rules the kingdom right now.  Once he turns 
18 and gets married, he will become the next king.
Hobbies: Hunting and practicing his swordsmanship.
Favorite Food: Fresh water fish dishes and fruits.
Dislikes: Formality, rules, and manners.

Etoile Rosenqueen

Sex: Female
Age: 16 years old
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 90 lbs
Occupation: The daughter of the richest family in town.
Personality: Arrogant and snobbish.  She has been a rival of Cornet since they 
were children.  She makes it a point to make sarcastic remarks to Cornet when 
she has a chance.
Hobbies: Dressing up, boasting, and being the center of attention.
Likes: Victory, money.
Dislikes: Losing, poverty.


Sex: Female
Age: 20 years old or so she says...
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Occupation: Witch
Personality: The most beautiful witch in the world (self proclaimed).  A very 
sexy witch with powerful magic.  Due to her clumsiness, she isn't your typical 
psychotic megalomaniac bent on ruling the world.
Hobbies: Looking in the mirror, and taking care of her skin.  Laughing loud.
Likes: Pretty boys.
Dislikes: Ugly men.


Sex: Female
Age: ?
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 110 lbs
Occupation: Marjorly's follower.
Personality: Crowdia has a pretty face but she is very narcisstic.  She can fly 
around using her beautiful black wings.  She is an excellent swordsman...err I 
mean swordswoman.
Hobbies: Reading.  Taking care of birds and plants.  Reading poems.
Likes: Anything that's beautiful, Caesar Salad and Marjorly.
Dislikes: Anything greasy.


Sex: Female
Age: ?
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175.5 lbs
Occupation: Marjorly's follower
Personality: A passionate fighter who's built like a man.  Her personality is 
like that of a man, as well.  For all intents and purposes, she might as well 
be a man.  She's always optimistic about everything, and doesn't let trivial 
things bother her.  She possesses the strength to defeat a dragon with her bare 
Hobbies: Martial Arts, eating, sleeping, and playing.
Likes: Meat, drinking, Marjorly.
Dislikes: Thinking, dealing with trivial things, and vegetables.


Sex: Female
Age: ?
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 76.5 lbs
Occupation: Marjorly's follower
Personality: Selfish and easy-going.  She appears to be a small child with a 
personality to match.  She can use powerful magic to summon a dragon.
Hobbies: Keeping a pet dragon.
Likes: Fish, sweets, Marjorly.
Dislikes: Green peppers, onions, and carrots.

                               Game Basics [GAMEB]

In this section, I'll try to describe all you need to know before you start 
your adventure.

- The World Map is the map you use to select a different location.  These 
locations only appear when you progress through the game.  To enter a new area, 
move the cursor to the place you wish to enter, then hit X.

- Inotium is the currency used in Rhapsody.  You can earn Inotium by finding 
it, winning it in battles, or selling items.

- There are monsters scattered around the world.  By playing your horn to them, 
you can have them join your party for extra help.  See the Monsters section for 
more details.

- Elements in the game work kind of like the Pokemon games, where certain type 
spells work well against the opposite element.  Here is the list of opposing 

Holy ---- Dark
Fire ---- Water
Earth --- Wind

- Be sure to talk to everyone and search all pots and other places where items 
could be found.  The more information, the better.

- Also, be sure to stock up on healing items at the shops.  You can't be stuck 
in a battle without them, or you'll be toast.

                               Battling [BATTL]

- The battling in Rhapsody is a lot like a strategy RPG.  You have a grid, in 
which all allies and enemies are set on.  Then, taking turns, you first move 
your character, then initiate a command (Attack, Magic, Items, etc.).

- Using Cornet is a bit different than using your Monsters.  Cornet can play 
her horn to strengthen her fellow monsters, increasing their power.  By filling 
up the Appreciation Gauge in the top right, you can use the Reward Command to 
unleash a powerful attack.

- During battle, your characters can become ifected with a status effect.  Here 
is a list of each status effect along with the cure.

Poison -- Reduces health each turn -- Cure Poison, Antidote Chip, Antidote Ball
Sleep -- Puts character to sleep -- Wake Candy, Wake Ball
Paralysis -- Immobilizes -- Para Gum, Para Ball
Confusion -- Uncontrolable -- Real, Sanity Gummi
Petrify -- Cannot move or attack -- Strawberry Kiss
Turtle -- Lowers movement, speed, and attack -- Rabbit Pie
Philanthropy -- Recovers HP of attacking enemy -- Reality

                             Walkthrough [WLKTH]

Pop in your game disc, open up the main menu, and begin your new adventure.

Orange Village

During the opening scene, Cornet, the main character, is being chased by a 
gruesome monster.  After being saved by the prince, she instantly falls in love 
and wakes up from her silly dream.  Kururu, Cornet's fairy partner, tells you 
that your Grandpa is awaiting your arrival downstairs.  Kururu then opens the 
window to reveal the game title while Cornet dresses inside.  When you gain 
control of Cornet, head through the door to the left and downstairs to find 
Grandpa.  He tells you that a puppet came in the mail for you.  When asked if 
you can hear, just say yes.  The puppet introduces herself as Sharte, who is 
looking for her sister Terra.  Agree to play your horn for her to have her join 
your party.  Now, Gramps has a favor to ask from you.  He wants you to bring 
back some Red Inotium for the fireplace.  Agree to this mission and exit the 

After exiting the house, head south to the next screen.  In the town, enter the 
first house and search the blue pots on the right for 28 Inotium.  Leave the 
house and examine the wooden sign with a musical note on it.  Agree to play 
your horn to receive some Inotium as a reward.  The building to the right is 
the Item Shop.  There are some okay healing items in here if you wish to 
purchase them.  There is also a man in here acclaimed to be the Monster Master, 
but we'll deal with him later.  Enter the house on the left-hand side and 
search the barrels at the bottom for 120 Inotium.  Now, head to the right-most 
house.  Before entering, search the barrels in the little alcove for some more 
Inotium.  Take the path to the northeast to find a church.  Inside, you'll find 
the Goddess Statue, which you can use to restore the HP and MP of the members 
in your party.  When you're ready, head back to the town and take the path 
south to enter the world map.  Move your cursor to the right and select the 
Wonder Woods to enter.

Wonder Woods

Upon entering the forest, you can talk to the nearby man for a helpful hint 
during battles.  When you're done, walk left to the next screen.  Eventually, 
Cornet and Kururu's conversation will be rudely interupted by a couple of 
toads, which you now have to battle.  After the group decides to stop for 
lunch, agree to sing Kururu's favorite song.  After the song concludes, keep 
advancing to the left until you reach the end, where you need to take the path 
north into the next area.  Again, keep walking left until a scene occurs.  
Eventually, Myao and her little animal friends will show up, disrupting your 
Inotium picking.  Myao will eventually get pissed off and command her cats to 
attack you.  This battle is not difficult at all.  All you need to do is attack 
one cat at a time and use Healing Candy or Sharte's Heal spell if you need to.

After Myao unleashes the sleeping dragon and Prince Ferdinand saves the day, 
you'll end up back in your house in Orange Village.

Orange Village

After the scenes, head downstairs and talk to Gramps.  He'll thank you for the 
Inotium you found and agrees to fix your wounded puppets if need be.  Exit the 
house and head south into the village.  Keep going to the south to bring up the 
world map.  This time though, we're headed to Mothergreen.


Upon entering Mothergreen, you may stop into the Item Shop to the left if you 
need to stock up on anything.  Exit the shop and enter the house to the right.  
Search the white flower pots at the bottom to find a Wake Candy.  Now, enter 
the house to the far right and search the wardrobe to find 56 Inotium.  Now, 
back outside, head to the left of the fountain and enter the far-left house.  
Search the wardrobe in here for a Medi Cocoa.  Enter the two-story house to the 
right and search the grey pots in the corner for a Medi Candy.  Also, search 
the side of the staircase for a Wake Candy.  Now, head into the saloon-like 
building to the northwest.  Before entering, examine the boxes for some 
Inotium.  Enter the saloon.  Examine the nearby barrel for a Wake Candy.  The 
building to the left is just another store.  Just to the left of this store is 
another house.  Enter and examine the pale beside the fireplace for a Medi 
Cocoa.  So now, head north to the next part of the city.

In this alleyway, search the barrel to the right for 84 Inotium.  Go all the 
way north to the next screen to arrive at the entrance to Marl's Castle.  Here, 
you can examine the statues to heal your party.  Enter the castle and go 
through the doorway to the left of the staircase.  Head left, then up and 
search the barrels for a Paraball and the chest for 190 Inotium.  Head back to 
the hallway a couple of screens back and go all the way right this time.  Go 
into the northern room and search the barrels for an Energy Cocoa, the pots for 
a Healing Ball, and the chest for a little melody.  Now, head back to the first 
room in the castle.

Travel up the stairs and enter the room on the right.  In this hallway, go 
straight ahead to a new hallway.  The first room contains 301 Inotium in the 
vase, the second a healing candy in the vase, and the third, a Para Ball in the 
southeastern vase.  Now that you looted the castle, exit to the beginning of 
Mothergreen.  Enter the house to the west, and talk to the girls to enter the 
"Prince Ferdinand Fan Club.  Now, enter the house to the left of the two-story 
house and talk to the woman with the egg.  Say "yes" to receive the Toy Egg.  
Exit the house and agree to play the horn for "Kid", the egg you just received. 
Now, enter the saloon restaurant and talk to the girl on the left side of the 
top-right table.  She'll tell you that the Prince loves Bobos that are found in 
the Natalie River.  Exit the restaurant and you'll run into Cornet's rival, 
Etoile.  After Etoile's departure, it's time for one of your own.  Exit 
Mothergreen and head back to Wonder Woods.

Wonder Woods

When you enter Wonder Woods, head all the way left, like when you met up with 
Myao and her minions, but this time, near the dead-end, there should be a path 
leading south.  Take this path to arrive at the pier of Natalie River.  Defeat 
the Bobos that show up (they should be a cakewalk) and Myao's little minions 
will spoil the show again.  Although it is seven against three, this battle is 
still really simple.  They basically go down in one hit, so just use regular 
attacks to bring down the whiskered fiends.  Now that they're out of the way, 
exit the forest and head back to Orange Village.

Orange Village

Head north through town and enter your humble abode, where you'll begin to cook 
the Bobos into the Orange Fish meal.  Kururu mentions the difficulty of taking 
it to the castle, so she comes up with a plan.  Before she departs, she tells 
you to meet her at the church, so that's just what we'll do.  Exit your house 
and head south into town.  Then, take the northwestern path to find the church 
and Kururu.  After pushing the tombstone aside, you'll end up in a cavern-like 

In the cave, follow the path all the way to the castle door, just to find out 
it's locked.  Head north, and at the intersection make a right.  Open the chest 
for a Heal Cocoa.  Head back to the intersection, this time taking the left 
path.  Follow the path until you find a switch on the floor.  After entering 
the door, watch the funny scene of Cornet and Kururu arriving in the castle 
from a toilet.  After you dispose of the Bone Boy's, you'll end up back at the 
church in Orange Village.

The Next Day...

Head downstairs and speak with Grandpa.  He informs you of the fan club 
newsletter in the mailbox.  What are you waiting for?  Go outside and check the 
mailbox to receive the "Prince Ferdinand Fan Club Newsletter".  Read it to 
learn about Miss Marl's Contest.  Now that you know about the contest, its time 
to prepare!  Exit Orange Village and head to Mothergreen.


Head north, past the fountain, and into the door on the left, before the 
alleyway.  In here, you'll find everyone in the Fan Club has assembled for 
sign-ups.  Talk to the silver-haired woman to enter the contest.  For the 
contest, you are required to wear a dress that "makes you look beautiful".  
After Etoile's departure, Kururu mentions checking the shop next door.  So, 
enter the house to the south (the taller building) and talk to the old man.  
Reply "yes" when he asks if you want to order a custom dress.  Of course, he's 
out and redirects you to Wonder Woods to shift through left-overs from the 
theater.  Exit Mothergreen and head to the Wonder Woods.

Wonder Woods

Go all the way back to the dead-end, where you met Myao and fought her cat 
fiends.  Allow Kururu to keep smelling (?) and she'll find a path to a hidden 
house in the back of the forest.  Enter the building and go through any of the 
doors to the left.  Defeat the group of enemies and go through the door on the 
left.  In the dining room, try to go through the opposite door, but it won't 
allow you.  Read the sign by the entrance and defeat another group of enemies.  
Now, you can enter the door.  In the next room, read the sign and defeat yet 
another group of enemies.  Enter the final door to find Myao's kitten fighters 
awaiting your arrival.  The battle with the chef and kittens is really easy.  
Just use magic and physical attacks to defeat them.

After their departure, a new pathway is opened in the room.  Allow L-Kun to 
join your party.  Back in the kitchen, search the barrels on the right for a 
Medi Cocoa and an Antidote Chip from the lone vase.  Leave the odd restaurant 
and head back to Mothergreen.


Head north, through the alley, and to the castle entrance.  Talk to the guards 
and tell them that you're a contestant.  Enter the castle, climb the stairs, 
and enter the center room.  Search the left flower pot for a Healing Candy and 
the left chair for a Heal Cocoa.  Exit back to the main room, but this time go 
right.  Keep going right until you reach the stage room, where the contest will 
begin.  The guard will explain how you will be judged.  In Round 1, you'll be 
judged on dress, Round 2, leadership, and Round 3 will be judged on singing.  
Exit the stage area and enter the first door at the top, where you'll find 
Etoile.  After the conversation with Mr. Rosenqueen, its time to dominate the 
competition.  Exit, and enter the next door to the left to line up for Round 1.

One by one, the contestants will come out on stage, when finally its Cornet's 
turn.  Try not to laugh too hard, you might hurt yourself.  When its over, 
Cornet and Kururu will argue (again) and you'll end up in the waiting room.  
Talk to your competitors, then exit the room.  After the father-daughter 
quarrel, return to the waiting room for Round 2.  The battles here are really 
simple; you should have no problem.  After the flashback, enter Etoile's room 
for a conversation.  Afterwards, head back to the waiting room for another 
battle.  Don't worry, you can't win.  After a while, the third and final round 
will start, a singing competition.  Sit back and enjoy the show.  After Cornet 
and Etoile are both declared the winners and invited to the Prince's birthday 
party the following week, Cornet will wake up in her room in Orange Village.  
After changing, exit Orange Village and head back to Mothergreen.


Alright, its party time!  Upon entering Mothergreen, head up to the castle to 
find Etoile waiting inside for you.  After changing into your embarassing 
costume, the Minister (the perv) shows up.  After everyone departs, its time to 
control this big fuzz ball.  Head up the stairs and enter the double doors to 
the throne room.  After dancing and singing to "Our World", Cornet and Kururu 
will end up on the castle balcony.  After a while, the Minister will show up to 
spoil your night.  After the battle, the Prince relieves the Minister of his 
duty, and you're left alone with the Prince.  After a loud bang erupts from the 
castle, Prince Ferdinand heads inside to check it out, leaving Cornet on the 
balcony, confessing her undying love for the Prince.  Once Cornet snaps out of 
it, she heads inside and receives the Holy Charm from the Prince.  I would 
advise giving this to Sharte, given that she has the most magic.

Once the battle is over, head through the right door.  If you need to heal your 
party, just examine one of the statues at the base of the staircase.  Enter the 
throne room.  After all the scenes, you will have to battle Marjorly's three 
followers.  You cannot win this fight, so don't fret.  Afterwards, Marjorly 
takes off with the Prince, and Cornet will end up back in her room.

Orange Village

After waking up, Cornet decides to go on a quest to rescue the Prince.  After 
you're all bundled up and ready to go, head downstairs and talk to Grandpa.  
Grandpa suggests traveling to the Tower of Wisdom in BlueCat.  He also suggests 
boarding a ship in Mothergreen to get there.  So, that's where we're headed.


Upon arrival, enter the house to the far right.  Talk to the man in blue 
(captain) to ask him to take you to BlueCat.  Agree to help gather some toads 
for a tasty meal for his daughter.  Exit the house and a very helpful person 
will mention the wherabouts of the toads, Natalie River.  Kinda creepy...

Wonder Woods

Follow the path, all the way to the Natalie River dock.  Walk around here until 
you fight a group of toads (It took about 15 battles until I finally found 
them) and defeat them to obtain it.  After the battle, Myao's cats show up (yet 
again!), but this time, they want your fresh toad.  Defeat them again (aren't 
you getting tired of them yet?) and head back to Mothergreen.


Again, talk to the captain and he gives you another assignment.  He wants you 
to go back to Wonder Woods and cook the toads for him.  Its not like he can get 
off his lazy butt and go.  Anyway, head back to the Wonder Woods.

Wonder Woods

Head all the way back to the Restaurant on the Lake.  Enter, and head to the 
very back of the restaurant, where you fought Burg.  And guess what?  You get 
to battle Burg yet again.  After the battle, you'll obtain the Toad BBQ, 
already cooked for you ^_^.  Now, exit the Restaurant and Wonder Woods and head 
back to Mothergreen.


Back in Mothergreen, Cornet and Kururu will confront the mysterious man and 
figure out his true identity.  It happened to be a misunderstanding and you did 
all that work for nothing.  The captain fufills his promise, and you can now 
travel to BlueCat whenever you please.  But first, let's go to the Ancient 
Forest for some items.

Ancient Forest

When you enter, step into the flower garden to be sent to a underground area.  
This part can get a bit confuzing, so stay with me, okay?  Head north a couple 
of screens, then west to find a Medi Candy.  Head back to the first room, but 
this time take the right door.  This will lead you to a set of stairs leading 
down.  Now you'll be in a very similar area.  Having fun?  Take the north door 
again to find a Medi Cocoa.  Head back and take the south path to reach more 
stairs.  Follow the path until you reach the center room.  Take the east path 
to find another set of stairs.  Follow the path to reach another center room.  
Take the east path to find 800 Inotium.  Now, head back to the center.  Head 
down and back up the stairs.  Head to the center room (with the centerpiece) 
and go south.  Go down the stairs and head to the next center room.  Go south 
to find the Illustration 5.  Now, head back to the room with the center tile.  
Step into the tile, and head north for an Energy Cocoa.  Back to the center 
room, then right for a staircase.  In the new intersection, take the west path 
for an Energy Guide.  Now, retrace your steps and talk to the sailor in 
Mothergreen to go to BlueCat.


When you first enter BlueCat, enter the saloon door closest to you.  Examine 
the large vase on the left for a Wake Candy.  Exit and examine the FISH sign 
for a Medi Candy.  Enter the small wooden house in the corner and search the 
barrels for 43 Inotium.  Now, enter the large complex to the left and search 
the purple vases for 56 Inotium.  Talk to everyone in the town and leave.  Now, 
its time to check out Cat's Eye Mine.

Cat's Eye Mine

Head north, through the entrance, to enter the actual mine.  Continue north, 
make the turn east, then back north to reach an intersection.  Take the left 
path for a Strawberry Kiss, the north for an Illustrator 7, and east for 
another path.  Follow this path and take the stairs down.  Head south, then 
east for an intersection.  Keep going east and down the stairs at the end of 
the path.  Follow the path to meet up with Terra, Sharte's sister.  Terra's 
shelfishness will cause a disturbance, then a battle.  Don't worry, she's a 
pushover.  Then, she'll summon three Nightmares to fight you.  Again, these 
guys should be no problem to your party.  After the battle, Terra will join 
your party.

Continue along the path to find the Cat's Eye in the chest.  Backtrack, going 
west at the first intersection until you're back at the four-way split.  Head 
south and west at the next intersection.  Take the southern path and go 
downstairs.  Head north for another four-way split.  Take the north path to 
find 230 Inotium.  Now, backtrack all the way to the beginning and exit the 
mine.  It's time to pay a visit to the Tower of Wisdom.

Tower of Wisdom

After Kururu exmaines the sign, Etoile shows up to spoil the mood.  She 
explains the "Cat" sign.  After Etoile and her bodyguards leave, the gang 
decides to place the Cat's Eye into the slot.  And TA-DA!  The door magically 
opens for you.  Might as well enter.  Enter, and....oh damn, not this again.  
First off, take the left path, which will eventually lead you to a staircase.  
On the second floor, keep following the path to another staircase.  On the 
third floor, enter the right room for a Cat's Paw.  Now, head back to the room 
you started in.

This time, go right and head up the stairs.  Enter the next room to find more 
stairs.  Follow this path for...guess what...more stairs.  In this room, take 
the east path to reach the fifth floor.  In the next room, take the stairs back 
down to the fourth floor.  In the next floor, you'll find someone against the 
north wall.  Talk to him and answer "yes" for a battle.  Talk to Duke after the 
battle, and he'll join your party.  Head back up to the fifth floor, back down 
again and follow the path until you reach a room with a branching path to the 
south.  Follow the path and take the stairs at the end.  In the next room, go 
straight for a Thinking Cap.  Head back to the intersection and take the north 
path now, to a flight of stairs.  Climb the stairs and into the four-way split.

Take the south path, and up the stairs you go.  In this room, go left and when 
you reach a three-way split, take the south path to find two warp tiles.  Use 
the right warp to enter Polansky's room.  He'll tell you that you need to find 
the five Heart Stones in order to reverse the spell cast on the Prince.  After 
his blabbing, you'll receive the Teleport Ring.  After the rest of the talking, 
you'll end up back outside.  Head back inside and go north.  Enter the portal, 
then the next one, to Polansky's room.  Examine the white rabbit, who Polansky 
introduces as Ledgem, the god of darkness.  Examine the books by the window for 
an Antidote Chip.  Now, you can finally exit this dreaded place.  After teh 
scene, enter the Wonder Woods.

Wonder Woods

Head left two screens, then take the south path.  Head east to find Ledgem.  
Talk to him and he'll also join you.  That's it.  Leave Wonder Woods and head 
to Suspension Bridge.

Suspension Bridge

Look familiar?  Although the first screen looks like Wonder Woods, the next 
screen over takes you to another area.  Search the barrels by the house for a 
Wake Candy.  Next talk to the man in front of the house and remember the 
numbers he tells you (34 and 49).  Then, speak with the guard by the bridge and 
answer "yes" to both questions.  Pass through to the next screen and a fleeing 
man will ask for your aid.  After saving Gwanji from the so-called dragon, 
he'll leave for RedHot.  Well, follow his lead!


When you first enter RedHot, examine the barrels to the left for a Medi Cocoa.  
Enter the nearby house.  In the bottom corner, examine the cabinet for a 
Reality.  Exit, then search the barrels to the right for a Elixir Candy.  
Again, enter the nearby house and search the green chest for 297 Inotium.  Now, 
enter the shack to the north and examine the large vase for some more Inotium.  
Now, enter the house next door and search the barrels in the corner for a 
MediCocoa.  Now that that's over with, go back to the first house on the right 
and speak with the old man with the awesome cane.  Agree to help the village.  
Now, it's on to the Salsa Volcano.

Salsa Volcano

Upon entering Salsa Volcano, Crowdia shows up to spoil the fun.  Enter the cave 
and make your way to the intersection.  Go right and up two flights of stairs.  
At the intersection, take the north path for a Heal Cocoa.  Head back to the 
four-way split and take the west path this time.  Take another left at the 
intersection, up two more flights of stairs and down a long passage to an 
intersection.  Take the south path to find a pair of Speed Shoes, then take the 
north path.  Head up the stairs and follow the path to another intersection.  
Keep going straight to find Defense Robes.  Now, take the north path and then 
north again.  Follow the path to find Crowdia fighting a ugly blue bird, which 
I suppose is the dragon, which you now have to fight.  Don't worry, its a 
breeze.  Just use Cornet's special attacks and Sharte's Holy magic and it'll go 
down in no time.  Now, use a teleporter and head back to RedHot.


Back in RedHot, everything has appeared to quiet down.  You'll hear that awful 
dragon screech, and the gang decides to head back to Salsa Volcano to check it 

Salsa Volcano

Now, you get to travel all the way back to the place where you fought the 
dragon.  Now, take the path north to find a group of people.  The man will give 
you the Firestone as a reward.  After acquiring the Dragon's Egg, exit the 
screen to meet up with Crowdia again.  You'll have to battle her, but it's not 
hard.  After the battle, Crowdia saves you from the volcano.  After she 
departs, the Dragon Egg hatches.  Flare the dragon will join your party.  Back 
to RedHot!


When you first arrive, enter the house to your left.  Allow him to explain the 
operation of the drawbridge.  Now, with that knowledge, let's head over to 
Suspension Bridge to put it to use!

Suspension Bridge

Go left a screen and enter the shack to the north.  Inside, you'll find the 
switches the man was talking about.  Switch #1 is at the top while #6 is at the 
bottom.  With that said, turn on the second and sixth switches to hear a 
"Cling!"  Now, turn off those switches and turn on the first, fifth, and sixth 
switches to lower the bridge.  Now, exit using the new path to the north, then 
re-enter Suspension Bridge.  This time take the exit to the west, then south.  
This opens up the Oasis which is a must!  Let's head over to the Ice Temple.

Ice Temple

Read the directional sign if you want (I know you're dying to) and enter the 
Temple.  Follow the path to an intersection, then head south to find a Para 
Gum.  Take the north path for another split.  Head north, then west and up the 
stairs.  Follow the path, then head back down the stairs.  Follow the path to 
find an Illustration 12.  Now, head back through the stairs and head straight 
at the first intersection you see.  Follow the path and head downstairs.  
Again, follow the path and head down the stairs.  After a while, you'll finally 
exit this place.  Now, let's head to White Snow.

White Snow

First, enter the house to your immediate left and search the pots for a Healing 
Candy.  Now, enter the house to the right of the snowman and scan the barrels 
for 932 Inotium.  Now, enter the house to the left of the snowman and examine 
the buckets for 285 Inotium and the pots for a Medi Cocoa.  If you need items, 
enter the shop, if not, enter the house to the far left.  Search the pots for a 
Strawberry Kiss.  Talk to the villagers if you wish and head on over to the 
Tower of Ninetail.

Tower of Ninetail

When you arrive, head up the steps and into the tower itself.  Follow the path 
to find Albert lying unconscience on the floor.  The group decides to take him 
back to town.

White Snow

After receiving a hard lick from his father, Albert runs like a baby, leaving 
you to go find him.  Exit the house and talk to Albert, who is standing south 
of the shop.  Now, go back in the house and talk to the master and agree to 
scale the tower with him.  After everything's set, head back to the Tower of 

Tower of Ninetail

After the song and dialogue, it's time to enter the tower.  Follow the path to 
an intersection and make a right.  Head up the stairs and enter the next room 
for another intersection.  Enter the north room for a Cat's Paw, then the south 
for another staircase.  Head west, then north at the second intersection for an 
Elixir Ball.  Now, head back to the first intersection (where you found Albert) 
and head north.  First, take a south at the split for an Elixir Candy, then a 
west for a staircase.  Now, enter the next room for a four-way intersection 
(don't you love these?).  Head north, up the stairs, and enter the next room 
for a split.  Now, go west, up the stairs, follow the path, and up another 
flight of stairs.  Enter the next room and go west until you reach another 
intersection.  Head south and up the stairs for another four-way intersection.  
Head east for an Elixir Cocoa, north for an Illustration 13, and west for a 
split.  Head south, up the stairs, and down the path to find Chiba.  Answer 
"yes" to fight him.  Defeat Chiba and he'll join your party.

Now, exit the room until you reach an intersection.  Go north, and up the 
stairs.  This will lead you to the Robes of Healing.  Definitely equip these to 
someone, as it heals you 10 HP every turn.  Go back down the stairs, east at 
the intersection, then south at the next, down another set of stairs, then head 
west.  Now, keep going up staircase after staircase until you reach a four-way 
intersection.  Go north and the group will discuss the plans when 
suddenly...Albert and his master go right through the wall!  Err...well follow 
their lead to find the Ninetail.  Now, you have a choice.  You can defeat the 
guardian, receive the Thunderstone, perishing all the Ninetail and pissing off 
the people, or you can refuse and fight Gao and receive the Holystone.  Anyway 
you choose, use a Teleporter and head to BlueCat.


Enter the FISH saloon building and speak with the lady at the bottom table and 
agree to find what Libinsky left behind for Mary, which happens to be in a 
sunken pirate ship.  Enter the little shack to the northwest and go down the 
stairs behind the boxes.  Just keep going straight down the path to arrive at a 
port.  Talk to the man to enter the ship's deck.  Enter the first room to the 
right.  Examine the shelf near the door for a Healing Candy.  In the second 
room, search the cardboard boxes for 154 Inotium.  In the third room, search 
the shelf again for 671 Inotium.  Now, in the first room to the left, examine 
the shelf for a Medi Cocoa.  There's nothing of interest in the second room.  
Go down the stairs and enter the left room.  Search the boxes for a Strawberry 
Kiss.  Now, go the the first room on the right and examine the shelf for 321 
Inotium.  Since there's nothing in the second room, head straight for the 
northern door to meet Takroff and Libinsky.  After their dispute, you'll 
suddenly appear in the sunken ship.

First thing's first, open the chest for a Healing Candy.  Then, examine the 
boxes for a Sanity Gummi.  Now, read the journal on the table to receive the 
Rare Ring.  Exit into the hall and enter the door straight across the hall to 
meet up with Gao.  After she departs, search the crates for an Energy Candy and 
open the chest for a Fighter's Charm.  Exit back into the hall.  Enter the 
bottom door on the right to find a Para Ball.  In the bottom left door, you can 
find Antidote Chips.  Go down the stairs into another hall.

The door to the left has a Medi Candy while the first one on the right has an 
Elixir Candy stashed in the cardboard boxes.  The second one on the right 
contains an Illustration 8 and 96 Inotium in the cardboard boxes.  Now, enter 
the door at the top of the hall.  After the scene, you'll have to fight some 
bone pirates and a painting.  After disposing of the painting, you'll receive 
the Waterstone for your glorious efforts.  Examine the barrel to the left for 
278 Inotium.  Head up to the deck, where Gao is waiting for you.  Again, you'll 
have to battle her, and again, you'll kick her butt.  After the battle, you'll 
arrive back at the dock.  Head back to town and give Karen the Rare Ring.  Now, 
its time to check up on Gramps and get a couple of new puppets for our party.

Orange Village

Head north to your house and check the mailbox to find a puppet.  Play your 
horn and NightSpawn will join your party.  Now, head south and enter the first 
house you come to.  Talk to the little boy to learn about his dog, Koro.  Now, 
head to the gravesite and examine the lone marker outside the actual graveyard, 
near the church.  Again, play your horn and Koro will join your party.  Now, 
pay a visit to the little boy again.  Now, he is sick in bed and you'll need to 
find the Wiseman to cure him.  Off to The Tower of Wisdom we go!

Tower of Wisdom

Head up to Polansky's room (by using the portals), and he'll tell you that you 
need a Snow Herb from the Ice Temple to cure the fever.  Well, what are we 
waiting for?  Off to the Ice Temple!

Ice Temple

Enter and take the north path at the first intersection.  Then, make a right 
and keep going straight, through the next screen.  Head up the stairs and take 
the west path at the split.  Follow the path, head downstairs, and you'll reach 
a room where Koro will show you where the Snow Herb is.  Examine the ground 
where he was to obtain it.  Take it back to young Albert to cure him and its on 
to BlueCat.

Blue Cat

Talk to the women in the saloon to learn that the ship is heading to the town 
of KeroKero.  They also inform you that the Earthstone is presently located 
there.  Well hey, let's hitch a ride!  Head through the underground entrance 
and board the ship to KeroKero.


When you first enter this frog-inhabited town, search the barrels near you for 
a Strawberry Kiss.  Then, enter the house and examine the vase for 154 Inotium 
and the drawer for an Energy Candy.  Now, enter the second house on the right 
and search the vase for an Energy Candy.  Utilize the shop if you need it, then 
speak to the frog guarding the path.  Tell him you want through, so do so.  
After the short scene, you'll have to fight three Bubus and a Bebe.  Take care 
of the moss-water creatures then enter the cave to the north.

Take the north path at the first intersection, then east at the next for an 
Illustration 9.  Head back to the first intersection and go west.  Keep going 
west, down the path, and south at the next intersection.  Go down two flights 
of stairs to find the Sonic Shoes.  Keep following this path and make a left at 
the split.  You'll eventually find some frog guards.  Talk to them and you'll 
get a huge feast =D.  When they ask if you like it, be polite and say "yes".  
Again, say you like the next dish and the frogs will sing "Amphibian Paradise".

Frogburg Castle

Examine the flowers for an Energy Candy.  Go through the left door, up the 
stairs and to the south room.  Search the drawers for 746 Inotium and the 
vanity for an Elixir Candy.  Head back to the main hall and enter the door to 
the east.  Head all the way up the stairs and enter the lone room.  Examine the 
flowers in the southwest corner for a Strawberry Kiss, while the bookshelf nets 
you 623 Inotium.  Head back to the main hall and go south.  Enter the east room 
and search the drawers for a Medi Cocoa and the jug for a Sanity Gummi.  Now, 
enter the opposite room and exmaine the drawers for a Medi Cocoa and the north 
flower pot for a Para Ball.  Talk to the frog in here.

Go back into the main hall to find a frog caught in the act of breaking in.  As 
a test, the king sends him to fetch the Earthstone, to prove his bravery.  
Agree to help Michael retrieve the Earthstone.  After Michael joins you, exit 
the castle to the south and head to the Temple of Gama.

Temple of Gama

Tired of these type of areas yet?  Anyway, go east, then east again at the next 
intersection for an Illustration 6.  Now, keep going west for an Energy Candy.  
Head back out to the intersection and go north, then north again at the next 
intersection.  Go down the stairs and to the next room for the next batch of 
fun.  Go east, then east again at the next for a Medi Cocoa.  Again, go west 
and you'll find Albatross.  Fight him and he'll join your party.  Exit the room 
and go north, then north again at the next to reach another intersection.  Go 
west for an Elixir Ball.  Now, go north to find the centaur.  Defeat him to 
receive the Earthstone.  Woohoo!  Now exit this dreaded place and head back to 
Frogburg Castle.

Frogburg Castle

Head inside and up to the Banquet room.  Here, you'll learn the fate of young 
Michael.....DEATH!  Exit and head to the town of KeroKero.


Speak with the red frog to learn that Caroline took Michael's body up north, to 
the Ice Temple.  *Sigh*  I guess were headed back there, huh?

Ice Temple

Follow the path to an intersection and go north then east at the next screen.  
Go straight across the next screen and up the stairs.  Make a right at the 
intersection and head down the stairs.  Here, you'll find the grave of Michael 
and Caroline.  How Romeo and Julietesque.  They suddenly appear as ugly frogs 
and they join your party.  Now, you can exit this place and its time to visit a 
new place!  Head to the Oasis.


When you first enter this tropical town, search the pot near the first house 
for an Elixir Candy.  Enter the house and examine the cabinet for a Healing 
Ball.  Enter the house to the far northeast and search the pots next to the 
door for an Energy Cocoa.  Enter the house to find a Heal Cocoa in the buckets 
and a Para Ball in the pots.  Also, speak with the old woman to learn that 
Etoile entered the mine by herself to claim the Windstone.  To open the mine, 
you'll have to find a key, which the old man outside tells you that his 
grandson has the key.  Now, enter the house to the west of the shop and examine 
the basket of fruit near the bookshelf for a Healing Ball.  Now, let's go find 
that key.

Wonder Woods

Never thought you'd be coming back here huh?  Head all the way to the very back 
of the restaurant to find the grandson.  Talk to him and he'll give you the key 
to the mine in the Oasis.


Go to the northwest corner and open the door and head down the stairs.  After 
the short scene, head to the next room to see the brightness of this place.  
Keep following the path for a scene.  You'll wind up in Wiggle, the small town 
that happens to be inside a giant worm.  After speaking with the locals, search 
the pots for a Sanity Gummi.  Head to the next screen and talk to the people 
here too.  In the next screen, you'll find Etoile.  The pots behind them 
contain an Energy Cocoa, so be sure to snag that.  Talk to all the locals, then 
head back and talk to Etoile.  You'll end up singing "True Courage".  Keep 
telling her "yes" when she questions you to have her help you.

Head to the right and follow the path to an intersection.  Take the west path,
then north for an Illustration 4.  Go back to the intersection.  Head west, 
then west again for a Medi Candy.  Go back then north twice and east to reach 
another intersection.  The west path nets you an Energy Cocoa, while the north 
path takes you to another intersection.  Here, take the east path to find the 
right heart and to start the battle.  Remember to defeat it on Cornet's SIXTH 
turn.  After the battle, Etoile admits to screwing up, so you'll have to beat 
it again.  Talk to her back in town, then head all the way back and beat it 
again.  Now, to take out the middle heart.  Head back to the previous 
intersection and head north to find it.  With Etoile's help, you can bring down 
the heart with ease.  Now, head back to the first room of the town for a scene.
Exit via the west door to enter the Inotium Mines.  Go west to go outside, then 
enter via the main entrance.

Inotium Mines

Follow the path and take a right when you can.  This will eventually lead you 
to 2300 Inotium.  Go back to the intersection and head north.  Go north at the 
next intersection as well for an Illustration 11.  Go back and head west.  
Eventually, you'll run into an intersection.  Go south to find 2500 Inotium.  
Keep following this path, going west at the intersection, then north at the 
next, for a Warrior's Charm.  Head back two intersections and head south.  
Follow this path to arrive in the Inotium Treasure Chamber thingy kabob.  When 
Kururu tells you to grab all the Inotium, you have two choices.  If you say 
yes, you must fight a Chimera for the Windstone.  If you say no, you don't have 
to battle, and you receive the Windstone anyway.

Before leaving, enter the mines using the right entrance.  Take the north path 
and head down the stairs.  Follow the path to an intersection, and take the 
north path.  Ignore the stairs and go north, then east at the split for an 
Illustration 2.  Now, leave the mine and head to the Tower of Wisdom.

Tower of Wisdom

Myao will welcome you when you arrive.  You'll have to fight her, but you can't 
win anyway.  After a while the battle will end, with a mysterious woman scaring 
them off afterward.  Enter the tower and talk to Polansky up in his room.  
After Kururu faints, Cornet and Etoile will travel into her dreams.  Head 
downstairs, but before you talk to Mustaki, search the barrels for 56 Inotium.  
Now, talk to Mustaki and he tells you the Cherie went to the church.  Go 
outside and little Cornet will play her horn for you.  After regaining control 
of Cornet, head south to town.  Go into Alfred's house and search the buckets 
for a Healing Candy.  Also, near the southeast house, search the barrels for 21 
Inotium.  Now, head up the path to the church and go inside.

Here, you'll find Cherie, and she'll sing her version of "Let's Go On".  After 
Cherie goes looking for Cornet, exit the church and head back to Cornet's 
house.  Talk to Cherie, Mustaki, and the people outside your house to learn 
that the girls are at the church.  Go to the church and talk to little Etoile 
in the graveyard.  Go back and talk to Cherie.  Head back to the church and 
follow Cherie down into the underground path.  Follow the path and cross the 
bridge into th castle.  In here, you'll battle the Ancient Weapon.  He has a 
lot of HP, but doesn't attack often, so no worries here.  After the battle, 
Cherie is killed by the weapon, but before she dies, she sings "Let's Go On" 
one last time.  After waking up, Polansky gives you the Dark Key to 


To access Netherworld, you'll need to go to Orange Village.  Go down into the 
underground entrance and past the place where you fought the Ancient Weapon.  
Go north and down the stairs, then south and down the stairs.  In the next 
room, the east room has an Illustration 10, while north contains the next 
staircase.  Now, take the south path for another staircase.  In the next 
intersection, go north for stairs.  Next, go west for a Charm of Valor, then 
south for more stairs.  Next, go north for stairs, and in the next, go south 
for stairs.  Then, go east for an Illustration 15 and north for the next 
staircase.  Go south for another flight of stairs.  Next, go west for an 
Illustration 3, then north for a staircase.  Next, go south for stairs, then 
north in the next room for stairs.

The next intersection contains Magic Robes to the west and stairs to the south. 
Now, go north for stairs, then south, then north again.  Now, go east for a 
Darkstone, then south for more stairs.  Then, go up a couple screens and 
Ledgem's soul will be set free.  If you have the three anti-Mustaki characters, 
you'll fight the Ancient Weapon, and they'll be set free as well.  Go back to 
the previous intersection, then go east to warp out of here.  Go west and 
through the underground pass and back to the World Map.  Off to Cape Hope we 

Cape Hope

In this wonderful, serene place, you'll find five paths branching off the the 
north.  Each path takes you to a dragon which you must defeat.  Defeating them 
allows you to place that stone into the altar.  Once all five stones are in the 
altar, the entrance to Beauty Castle will be revealed.  So, just defeat all 
five dragons (they're fairly easy) and place the stones in the altar and step 
in the center altar to be transported to Beauty Castle!

Beauty Castle

Upon entering, head through the right door and up the stairs to another 
intersection.  Head north, then west for Illustration 14.  Exit, then head 
south and east and south again to go up some stairs.  Follow the path to a 
split.  Head west, then north for a Genius Cap.  Head back down the stairs you 
came from.  At the split head west then south and go up the stairs.  You'll 
arrive at another intersection.  Go west and down the stairs.  Follow the path, 
going north at the split, and go down the stairs at the end.  Now, go north and 
up the stairs.  Then, at the first intersection go west, then west again at the 
next to find an Elixir Cocoa.  Back at the intersection, go north, then north 
again to find some stairs.  At the next intersection, go east and south for an 
Energy Candy.  Head left, out of this room, then south for 5000 Inotium.  Head 
out of this room, then go east and north, to arrive back at the intersection.  
Now, go east and up the stairs.

You'll now be on a walkway, miles up in the air.  Head south down the path to 
find the Dragon's Claw.  Head back where you came from and down the stairs.  
Keep going west and up the stairs and you'll come to the opposite walkway.  
Head south and go down the stairs.  Follow the path and head back up the 
stairs.  Head north at both intersections to finally find Majorly and her 
minions.  It's time for the final battles.  This battle is a little difficult, 
but with a strong party, they are nothing.  After this, Golonzo brings in the 
Ancient Weapon again.  It's just like before, so don't worry too much.  After 
the first time, Etoile and Kururu join you for the final showdown.  Good luck!

After all the scenes, and you gain control of Cornet, head south, west, then 
south again to find Kururu.  The final scenes and credits occur.  
Congratulations on beating Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure.  This has been a wild 
ride, and I hope you enjoyed using this guide.  Later!

-- THE END --

                               Magic List [MAGIC]

Magic is used in battles to inflict damage, heal, or cause a status effect.  
Here is a list of available magic in the game, what it does, and how much MP it 

Charm - Confuses enemy - 8 MP

Cure Poison - Recovers Poison - 15 MP

Final Attack - Critical Attack to foe - 28 MP

Giga Charm - Confuses enemies - 18 MP

Giga Holy - Inflicts Holy Damage - 35 MP

Giga Meteor - Inflicts Dark Damage - 30 MP

Giga Meteorite - Inflicts Dark Damage - 13 MP

Giga Saint - Inflicts Holy Damage - 18 MP

Heal - Restores HP - 3 MP

Heal All - Restores HP of party - 10 MP

Holy - Inflicts Holy Damage - 25 MP

Justice - Increases Offense - 10 MP

Lightning - Iflicts Thunder Damgage - 5 MP

MegaHealAll - Restores HP of Party - 30 MP

MegaMeteorite - Inflicts Dark Damage - 9 MP

MegaPoison - Poisons enemies - 25 MP

MegaSaint - Inflicts Holy Damage - 10 MP

MegaSleep - Puts enemies to Sleep - 20 MP

Meteor - Inflicts Dark Damage - 20 MP

Meteorite - Inflicts Dark Damage - 4 MP

Poison - Poisons an enemy - 7 MP

Real - Recovers Confusion - 15 MP

Saint - Inflicts Holy Damage - 5 MP

Sleep - Puts opponents to sleep - 5 MP

Tornado - Inflicts Wind Damage - 22 MP

Trick Wind - Lowers enemy's Agility - 10 MP

Wake - Recovers Sleep - 15 MP

Wind - Inflicts Wind Damage - 4 MP

Wind Heal - Restores HP - 7 MP

                                  Items [ITEMS]

In this section, I plan to list all the items in the game along with their 

Antidote Chips: Recover from Poison

Elixer Candy: Restores All HP

Elixir Ball: Restores All HP

Energy Candy: Restores 150 HP

Energy Cocoa: Restores 100 MP

Heal Cocoa: Restores 10 MP

Healing Ball: Restores 20 HP

Healing Candy: Restores 20 HP

Medi Candy: Restores 50 HP

Medi Cocoa: Restores 40 MP

Para Ball: Recovers from Paralysis

Para Gum: Recovers from Paralysis

Rabbit Pie: Recover from Turtle

Reality: Recovers Philanthrophy

Sanity Gummi: Recovers Confusion

Strawberry Kiss: Recovers Petrified

Teleporter: Takes you to the World Map

Wake Candy: Recovers from Sleep

                                Accessories [ACESS]

In this section, I plan to list all the accessories that may be equipped to a 
character along with their attributes.

Cat's Paw - +5 Offense

Defense Robes - Reduces Physical Damage by 1/2

Fighter's Charm - +5 Defense

Genius Cap - +20 Intelligence

Holy Charm - Reduces MP cost by 1/2

Robes of Healing - Recover 10 HP every turn

Sonic Shoes - +20 Agility

Speed Shoes - +10 Agility

Thinking Cap - +5 Intelligence

Tiger's Paw - +10 Offense

Warrior's Charm - +10 Defense

                                Song Lyrics [LYRIC]

In this section, we will list all of the lyrics for the songs on the game and 

1. Someday

Sung by: Cornet and Kururu

I know that you're out there
and I'm waiting for you
Cornet is my name 
and I'm a puppeteer too
With my puppet friends 
there's nothing that we can't do
They are there to help me 
make my dreams come true
And once you get to know them 
they just might help you too
And all the puppets in the world 
will help me find my way to you
I know that you're out there 
and I'm waiting for you

There she goes again she's so in love 
as if lightning struck her from above

"But it did!"

I love you my prince, 
you are my true love
Cornet, won't you stop 
your silly dreaming please

"That's not true.  Can't you see?"  
I'm just trying to make my dream come true

"Dressed like that?"

I've done everything a girl's supposed to
I take a bubble bath, 
even a wash behind my ears. Oh!
All the bubbles tickle my nose, 
but they get me squeaky clean
And when I'm done I'm looking beautiful

Cornet, you are a silly girl
You must look further than 
just mere appearances to see
"Cornet, are you following this?"
"What's important is..."
What's inside of you

"What's inside of me?"

Don't you understand
what I am saying to you?
Look inside yourself 
and you will find out what is true
You must be courageous 
and be true to your heart
It will make you happy when 
you know just where to start

I see it's what's inside of me

"Yes, what's inside of you!"

Someday I'll find my love
He'll be the one for me
I will be waiting patiently 
until he comes

"I told you don't wait!  You take the initiative!"

Now I remember, think for myself

"Yeah, that's it!"

I know I'll find him 
and he will be the man of my dreams
We'll share our lives as one 
until the end of time
Someday our hearts will beat as one.

2. Let's Go On (Contest)

Sung by: Cornet

I remember this song, 
I've known it for so long
And it feels so good to hear
Sounds a little sad 
but sweet just the same
Lovely melody

Whenever I hear this song, 
I really don't know why
It makes me shed a little tear
But I'm sure my tears will soon disappear
Because I know you're here

Whenever I am feeling sad
And everything around looks bad
All I have to do is think of you
I know my dreams are waiting to come true

Let's go on with hope in our hearts
Love will surely show us how
Let's go on, our hearts filled with dreams
Let's go on and find them now

Sung by: Etoile

You're such a lucky girl
That's what they always say
Rich and beautiful and bright
They don't get to see what's hidden deep inside
(So) I feel all alone

They keep telling me.
My life is so grand
What will make them understand
No one knows how truly lonely I am
Why won't they understand

I may act as if I'm strong
But all I want is to belong
Love and understanding from Mom and Dad
Is all I need to keep from being sad

If only I could just let go
Help me let my feelings show

3. Let's Go On (Cherie)

You are my angel
You are my everything
You mean more than anything
When I see your smile so lovely and bright
Makes the world seem right

At times you can act like such a little girl
But in my eyes, you are the world
I wish you health and happiness for all time
And may the world be kind

Whenever you are feeling down
Whenever you are feeling blue
All you have to do is sing this song
Remember I'll be watching over you

Please grow up with hope in your heart
I will always be with you
Please go on with a dream in your heart
I will always be with you

4. Our World

Sung by: Cornet and Prince Ferdinand

I can no longer hold it back
My heart is filled with love, the feeling of love for you

I can feel your precious heart
Holding your hand in mine, I feel the special love we have

Is it just a fantasy?

It's not a fantasy

Are we dancing in a dream?

It's not a dream

I never ever want to wake up from the sweet, sweet dream
It's our world, our love is everywhere

To the sky, our hearts will soar above

Our hands will soar above
It's our world, our love is everywhere

Our love is everywhere

We can fly, together on the wings of love
It's a wonderful feeling being in love with you

Please never go

I'll always stay

I never want to stop dancing with you
This is our world, and I never want to let you go

5. Amphibian Paradise

*The following stanza is repeated twice during the song*

Deep inside this jungle green
Mysterious kingdom that's never been seen
Land of the frogs, a most sacred place
Amphibian paradise, wide open space
So please come to our kingdom
The sacred land of the amphibian

6. Evil Queen

Sung by: Marjorly, Gao, Crowdia, and Myao

I am mightier than the god
The devil is my slave
More beautiful than the goddess
I put her face to shame
Oh look at me, what do you see?
There's no one greater than me
I'm the queen
The best you've seen, so worship me

Your highness Marjorly
We worship you as number one

Oh yes!  I am evil personified
So get down on your knees

And if you're ever graced by my beauty
you'll thank your lucky stars
Aren't I great?
I'm amazing myself all the time

There is one thing that I still have to get
I won't rest till he's mine
Prince Ferdinando

Don't you know you're old enough to be his mother?

Hey you!  Shut up!
My heart is burning, overheating with a raging fire
The prince I do admire, he fills me with desire
Dear Ferdinando, I am here to save you from this curse
Let his love quench my thirst
My precious, wait a little longer, I will end your strife
I'll bring you back to life, I'll be your wicked wife
Dear Ferdinando, I am here to save you from this curse

Let your love quench my thirst
Quench your thirst!
If you dare to get in my way
We'll make you pay!
You won't live another day

Queeny, just show your beauty
You're the baddest queen under the sun

Keep on shining, we'll keep on whining
She's our queen, she's the baddest to be seen

Marjorly, you're the evil beauty
We bow down to you eternally

7. True Courage

Sung by: Cornet and Kururu

Why am I always feeling down?
Why am I always so afraid?
Why?  Why have I given up hope

What is it you're afraid of?
I know.  It's okay
You can say I'm afraid too in the same way

I give up hope
I just can't cope
Can't give my all much longer

You're not alone, so just hang on
You must try to be stronger
You can overcome life's ups and downs
You can turn your life around
That's the meaning of true courage

So please remember
Don't you ever give up trying
Be courageous, keep on striving
Fly to the stars!
You can have hope for tomorrow

So let's hold hands with one another
We can both take one step further
Dreams can come true!
Find the hope that's deep inside
Find your strength that keeps your dreams alive

8. Thank You

Sung by: Cornet

Thank you, my love
I thank you from my heart
You filled my life with melody and song
You are the one I tell my story to
It's just begun
Our love will last forever
We'll share our lives as one
We have shared the laughter and tears
Through all of the years
We will say good-bye just for now till we meet again
Thank you, my love
Thank you over and over
It warms my heart just to say it again
Thank you, my dear
It's so hard just to say good-bye
But I will do it with a tear and a smile
Thank you, my love with all of my heart
You gave to me a reason to believe.

(Repeat above section)

Lessons learned you have taught me through time
And they will stay inside my mind

Thank you, my love
Thank you over and over
It warms my heart just to say it again
Thank you, my dear
It's so hard just to say good-bye
But I will do it with a tear and a smile

Thank you, my love
with all my heart
You gave me a reason to believe
You helped me find the courage to be me
You gave to me a reason to believe

9. Mountainmen's Song

Mountainmen, big and strong and full of fury
Mountain God, lead us on our holy journey
Yo ho ho, we are the soldiers of the mountain
Mountainmen, big and strong and always shouting

10. Amazing Pirates

We are the fearless pirates
We are the most amazing pirates
We hunt for sunken treasure in the ocean
When we get sunburn we put on lotion
This is the life of the pirates
The stars will guide our way
We are the fearless pirates
We are the most amazing pirates.

                            Version History [VERSH]

Version .25
About half the sections done.  Beginning of walkthrough and Items.  Will work 
on other sections as I go.

Version .30
Lyrics finished.  Update to walkthrough.

Version .35
Walkthrough update.

Version .40
Walkthrough up to Suspension Bridge.

Version .60
Walkthrough up to Tower of Ninetails.

Version .75
Walkthrough up to the Oasis.

Version 1.00
Walkthrough complete, still need to add some magic and accessories still.

                          Contact Information [CONTI]

If you have any questions about the game, comments about the guide, alternate 
strategies, or any missing information, please feel free to contact me.  I 
always appreciate your contributions to make this guide great.  You can contact 
me at CFlames55117[at]yahoo[dot]com, and make sure that you have 
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                               Credits [CREDT]

CJayC- For hosting this guide on GameFAQs.

Sony- For making the PS2.

Atlus- For creating the game.

You- For reading this guide.

Erika- For her support and helpful hints.