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Follow the dark path or use the light

Resident Evil (original) - Enemy and Boss Guide

by Volke

Resident Evil (original) - The guide to enemies and bosses.




The name's Volke. I'm a hardcore Resident Evil gamer (having beaten all the titles in
 the main series excluding Zero, which I could never get into) and I know my way around the
 game. This Walkthrough/FAQ will basically give you all the information you'll ever need on
 how to deal with every last enemy and boss you will encounter throughout the game, plus 
weapon information as an added bonus. I'll note that this isn't a full walkthrough, and I'll
 probably never get around to doing one for this game as I really don't like it very much, 
unlike the Gamecube remake and all the other Resident Evil titles. Anyway, enjoy...

The Story

Following the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team's mysterious disappearance in the Arklay Mountains after
they left to investigate a series of unusual and gruesome murders in the area leads the 
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team out to investigate the murders in addition to searching for Bravo 
Team. It doesn't start very well, with Alpha Team discovering Bravo Team's derelict 
helicopter in the middle of the forest. Shortly afterwards, Alpha Team member Joseph Frost 
is mauled to death by a pack of strange dogs after discovering a disembodied hand holding a 
gun, and Alpha Team helicopter pilot Brad Vickers deserts the team and flees. The remaining 
members of Alpha Team - Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton and Captain Albert 
Wesker flee into a nearby mansion, only to find they are no better off inside the mansion 
than they were outside of it.

The characters

Alpha Team:

Chris Redfield

One of the two main characters in the game, Chris has a 'tough guy' yet professional 
attititude. Apparently, he never lets his team down, and is very protective of his 
teammates. He has a sister called Claire, who appears in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil:
Code Veronica X. He was also an airforce pilot, before his manners resulted in him being 
kicked out.

Jill Valentine

The only female member of S.T.A.R.S. until Rebecca came along, Jill is the 'outgoing' sort 
who likes to party. She is supposed to have received Delta Force training, but in reality 
she is too young to have gone through all that and have been a member of S.T.A.R.S. for two 
years. She also stars in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

Barry Burton

Another S.T.A.R.S. member with military background, Barry is a family man who tends to act 
quite strange and uncomfortable at certain points in the game. You'll later find out why. He
also appears in two of three possible endings in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Barry is one of 
two Alpha Team members who doesn't carry a Handgun, preferring his custom .357 Magnum.

Albert Wesker

The leader of S.T.A.R.S. who has also been acting suspiciously. Appears to die at the end of
the game, and is abset from the Resident Evil series until Code Veronica X. He never takes 
off his sunglasses even in the middle of a dark forest at night whilst looking for 
something. Strange.

Brad Vickers

The Alpha Team pilot who abandons Alpha Team at the beginning of the game, returning later 
to try and maintain contact with any survivors...from the safety of his helicopter of 
course. Despite not being in the thick of the incident, he gets stuck in one far worse in 
two months' time. Play Resident Evil 3: Nemesis to find out what nasty surprise is in store 
for him.

Joseph Frost

Not much is known about Joseph. He's killed during the introduction sequence at the 
beginning of the game by zombified dogs (Cerberi) after coming across a disembodied hand 
holding a gun. He carries an Assualt Ahotgun, instead of the Handguns that most Alpha Team 
members use.

Bravo Team

Rebecca Chambers

A new recruit, and the youngest member of S.T.A.R.S. Very knowledgeable in the medical field
and is very intelligent. Disappears on her very first mission with S.T.A.R.S. She is 
playable for short sections in the game if certain requirements are met. What becomes of her
after the mansion incident has not been explained by Capcom despite the passing of twelve 
years (ten years by the game's storyline).

Enrico Marini

Second in command of the S.T.A.R.S. and leader of Bravo Team. He is an experienced soldier 
carrying experience with all types of weaponry. He leads his team into the Arklay Mountains 
where they disappear. During this time period, he discovers that there is a traitor within 
S.T.A.R.S. who set them up. Play the game to see if he lives to tell the tale.

Richard Aiken

Bravo Team's radio man who uses Shotguns (Assualt Shotguns in the Gamecube remake). He seems
to be in charge of taking care of Rebecca, and the two seemed to have formed quite a strong 
bond. His fate depends on what game you're playing. Other versions or depictions of this 
game give him a larger, expanded role.

Kenneth J. Sullivan

An accomplished chemist who apparently likes gardening in his spare time. He's in charge of 
scouting and reconaissance duties, one of the most dangerous roles in the field. Highly 
athletic, he seems to get a kick out of using knives, although in the main game he also 
uses a Handgun, as you will find out.

Forest Speyer

In charge of vehicle maintenance, Forest likes to use Grenade Launchers as opposed to 
Handguns. He is very trusted among his peers and has a very professional attitude. He also 
has a close friendship and rivalry with Alpha Team's Chris Redfield, and the two like to 
participate in marksman competitions, as both are professional marksmen.

Edward Dewey

The only member of S.T.A.R.S. not to appear in this game, but was mentioned in the manual 
for the PS1 version of Resident Evil. to find out why, play Resident Evil 0. Apparently, 
he's an accomplished sniper and carries a sniper rifle in Resident Evil 0.

Health info

Your health plays a very important part in the game. Taking on a boss in the orange Caution
 or Danger status is idiotic and you'll probably end up getting killed before much happens,
 unless you're really good, and chances are, if you're reading this guide, you're probably 
not an expert. No offense.

Fine (green): You are, or are close to, full health. If you get hit, don't worry about using
healing items. You're fine here, and ready to take on anything if you're prepared.

Caution (yellow): About half of your health remains. If something big's coming up, or if 
you're Jill and there's a hunter or two nearby, use a Green Herb or two to get back into the
 Fine status.

Caution (orange): A powerful hit could one-shot you, especially of you're playing as Jill. 
Heal yourself to avoid further danger.

Danger (red): If you get attacked once by anything, you'll die. Use any full healing items

Poison (purple): Slow, but steady decline in health. It will eventually kill you, so use a 
Blue Herb (or the Serum) as soon as possible for minimal damage.


Combat Knife

This is only required at one point in the game, to cut away a few spider webs in the Underground. Since it does so little damage, so deposit it as soon as you can as it just takes up a valuable item slot.


The Handgun will be your zombie-waster for the majority of your first visit to the Mansion.
 Despite its' usefullness early on, you'll discard it around the time you leave the Mansion
 the first time in favour of the Shotgun or the Grenade Launcher. You probably won't ever 
use it again afterwards unless you're out of ammo for everything else. Using it against 
bosses is the same as asking to commit suicide unless you're really, really good.


This will be Chris' standard weapon after the Handgun loses usefullness. The same goes for
 Jill, but you'll probably use the Grenade Launcher just as often. Works very well against
 pretty much anything and you can decapitate zombies in one shot if you point up and shoot
 when they're close enough to you. It's great against bosses, but in Jill's game the Grenade
 Launcher is better.

Grenade Launcher (Jill only)


Retrieved from Forest's body on the balcony of the Mansion, (if you're playing on Classic
 mode, it's after what shouldn't be, but is, a very comical cut-scene with Barry) this
 bad boy can use three types of shells - Grenade Shells, Acid Shells and Incindiary Shells,
 each of which are greatly usefull. It's the better bet against most bosses than the Shotgun
 is, but only Jill can actually get ahold of it. For reasons unknown, it doesn't appear in
 Chris' game. I guess Forest must have somehow managed to drop it over the edge of the
 balcony when the crows got him.

Flamethrower (Chris only)

Retrieved from an area in the Underground and ends up being left in an area in the
 Underground. It's useful for cooking up an instant arachnid-on-toast against the Black
 Tiger Tarantula boss, and for barbequeing the few Hunters that appear in between, but you
 can't take it with you afterwards because you need to drop it on a latch to open a door so
 you can continue with your adventure. It's useful for the very short time it's around for,


Retrieved later on in the game, this puppy can fell pretty much any normal enemy in one
 shot. However, since ammo for it is rarer than hens' teeth, you'll want to save it for the
 two (or one if you go for the bad ending) Tyrant fights later on. You don't really have
 much of a choice with this, but it's certainly fun to use.

Rocket Launcher

Brad kindly drops this down to you from the safety of his helicopter to deliver the final
 blow to the Tyrant. It has four rockets equipped, and you only need one to kill it.
 However, if you beat the game in under three hours, you can start a new game with a Rocket
 Launcher with an infinite amount of rockets in your item list or item box (can't remember).
 You'll have to use Brad's as you can't beat the game without it, but it's fun to use the
 inifinite one in another playthrough. Very fun.

Enemy guide


The enemies in this game vary and each weapon is best suited to taking out a particular kind
of enemy, which I'll talk about when discussing the enemy. Note that you'll want to take
 damage as little as possible so that you can save your healing items for the bosses later


Your standard Resident Evil enemies until Resident Evil 4, these slow moving rotting corpses
 are the easiest enemies to both take down and avoid. Since you don't get a lot of ammo in
 this game, it's best to avoid them if possible, especially if they're in an area that
 you'll never go back to. Just because they're stupid, it doesn't mean they can't hurt you,
 and a zombie bite does more damage than you'd think. Use the Shotgun decapitation method
 that I mentioned earlier to make short work of them, and the Handgun beforehand. Acid
 Shells also work well, but you'll want to save those for tougher rotting mutants. Crawling
 zombies usually take less ammo to kill, but letting them grab your leg and kicking their
 heads off is my favourite method, as they don't do much damage. For reasons unknown,
 however, you encounter a very fast zombie in the kitchen later on in the game.


You don't encounter crows too often in the game and a lot of the time they won't bother you
 at all unless you fire a weapon. When they attack you, it's usually a pain because they
 attack in swarms, in which case, you should either run like hell or shoot at them with the
 Handgun. Since they're unecessary targets, don't pull anything more powerful than the
 Handgun on them.


This pretty much proves that you wouldn't want to live in the Spencer Mansion - even the
 plants have a bloody attitude problem! If you go near this thing, it will knock you
 backwards and away from the key it's guarding. Just dump the Herbicide into the water
 supply tank and it'll wither. Thankfully, it only appears in one room in the Mansion and
 that's it.


Zombified dogs that probably haven't been fed for quite some time. One of the most annoying
 enemies in the game, they'll run around in circles and take random leaps at you, sometimes
 knocking you down and having a go at your face. Bash buttons to escape, as with everything
 that grabs you. Sometimes they'll grab your arm and have a good ol' tug. Handguns work
 relatively well against them, but Shotguns do the best job, especially at close range. The
 Grenade Launcher doesn't work as well in this case.


These are around simply for the sole purpose of pissing people off. They're not worthy of
 killing as they're a minor threat and their normal bite will do unnoticable damage.
 However, they can poison you, which as we know will make everyone a lot less happy. Just
 belt it past them and hopefully you'll get away unscathed.


Mutated tarantulas that have each grown as big as a horse. Sounds quite like the movie Eight
 Legged Freaks. The can run up and bite you, but they prefer to shoot poison spray out at
 you. Thankfully, they come in low numbers, and only appear in the Residence (the Black  Tiger Tarantula boss). Any types of shells for the Greneade Launcher (especially Incindiary
 Shells) or the Shotgun should be used to take these out if you realy have to, but avoid
 them if you can.
 The baby spiders that pop out of them are a nuisance, even though they can be squashed by
 walking over them they can hurt and poison you, so just exit and re-enter the room and
 they'll have mysteriously disappeared.


Found in the Aqua Ring in the basement. East to avoid when you're in water, so do so. If you
 want to kill them after the water is drained, then use the Knife (if it's actually in your
 inventory as it's pretty pointless
 to waste ammo on them.


You'll first encounter these shrieking bastards when you return to the Mansion later on in
 the game. There's at least on in practically every corridor, and they should be avoided if
 possible as possible and killed quickly as they can deal out some serious damage. Pulling
 out the Shotgun or the Grenade Launcher with any shells (preferably Acid) will be enough to
 put them down. After the second visit to the Mansion, they only appear in the Underground.


Looks like some kind of insect-gorrilla hybrid that's been skinned. Melt into goo when they
 die for reasons still unexplained. These guys will either hack away at you from ground
 level or will pick you up from the ceiling and strangle you. They should only be killed if
 necessary, as it isn't too hard to avoid them and it's just a waste of ammo. If they are to
 melt, then go with the standard Shotgun/Grenade Launcher routine. It doesn't really take
 much to kill them.

Boss guide


In this guide I will take you through all the bosses in the game one by one. Yeah, you
 should pretty much have guessed the routine anyway.

Yawn I

Difficulty - Medium

This is probably what killed Richard, but the dialogue and voice acting of Richard's death
 cut-scene was so bad that it makes things really difficult to tell. It'll pretty much, er,
 slither out at you immediately as you enter the attic. Just use the Shotgun or normal
 Grenade Shells as this isn't entirely a tough battle if you know what you're doing.

As soon as you regain control of your character, move out of the way to avoid Yawn's initial
 bite. Then take a shot at him. Then move again. Then take a shot at him. Follow this
 routine and you should be fine. If you happen to get bitten by Yawn, you'll probably end up
 poisoned, in which case you'll have to run all the way to the save room in the west side of
 the Mansion and grab the Serum after the battle is finished, as Blue Herbs aren't available
 until later on in the game.

After enough of a lethering, Yawn will piss off back into his personal-use only passage and
 you can grab the Moon Crest or whatever Crest it is from the fireplace.

Plant 42

Difficulty - Medium+

This boss can range from medium to hard, depending on whether or not you did the V-Jolt
 quest earlier on. On Jill's game, you can use the V-Jolt on the roots in the basement, rush
 in to say hey to Plant 42 in his boringly designed room that looks like the inside of a
 cardboard box, and trigger a cut-scene where Jill gets grabbed, only to be saved by Barry
 who kills the plant with a Flamethrower (where the hell did he get one of those!?). Adios

As for Chris, things aren't as easy. Despite the obvious information given, Chris won't do
 anything about the chemicals and has to pretty much charge in against the full force,
 triggering a cut-scene which will force you to do the V-Jolt run with Rebecca. Once Chris
 is free and you can play as him again, use the Shotgun to give the plant a quick lesson in
 pain. Healing items should be handy, as you might get hit once or twice. As with Yawn, just
 keep moving.

Yawn II

Difficulty - Easy-ish

To trigger this boss battle, you'll need to examine the piano at the far end of this very
 suspiciously empty room.

Yawn can't poison you this time around and you have more room to run around in, so this
 fight is generally easier than the last. With Jill, I recommend unloading any Acid Shells
 you have here on our fanged fried as this battle is where they shine the most. Once, or if
 you run out of Acid Shells before the battle ends, use Grenade Shells or your Shotgun. With
 Chris, you'll just have to use your Shotgun. You could use the Magnum as you should have it
 at this point, but I don't recommend it.

After you've pumped it with enough lead, Yawn will fall down and start melting, but he never
 fully melts...uhh, what the hell?

Black Tiger Tarantula

Difficulty- Easy

Okay, this is probably the easiest boss battle in the game. Don't get cocky though as this
 beauty can still hurt you, and occasionally poison you. So, like all boss battles up to
 this point, keep moving.

The reason this boss is easy is because it only takes a few Incendiary Shells, or up to 50%
 of your Flamethrower, to kill it - instant arachnid on toast! So it's relatively short
 lived. Sadly, unlike its; giant green spindly cousin from Code: Veronica X, you have little
 choice but to kill this thing, rather than avoid it, particularly because you need to knife
 all those spider web slings from the wall, which takes far too long with this critter at
 your heels.

Tyrant I

Difficulty - Easy

Another easy boss fight, and it's they Tyrant fight that you can't avoid. Plug him with
 about three to six Magnum rounds to fell it. That's about it. It only can damage you if
 you're too close to it, by which time you probably should have killed it. If you're heading
 for the bad ending with either character (meaning Barry or Rebecca will die if not already)
 then it's the final boss battle in the game. Nothing much else to say.

Tyrant II

Difficulty - Hard

He's back and extremely pissed off. He's able to run this time around and can and will take
 a charge at you, swinging that big claw of his to cause some considerable damage. He can
 also double-attack your character if you're standing close by, knocking you down to an
 orange 'Caution' level in your health. You also only have three minute to finish him off
 (well, actually less, since during that time you have to go up the elevator and set off the 
flares to alert Brad).

Take your Magnum and all of your remaining round, and stock up on healing items elsewhere.
 Remeber to leave one empty item slot in your inventory as you need it to carry the battery
 to the elevator, use the flares on the helipad to alert Brad, and to use the Rocket
 Launcher at the end of the fight.

Keep your distance away from the Tyrant or he'll leave you in a world of pain. Keep
 unloading the Magnum bullets into him, and when you need to reload enter the menu screen
 and combine the Magnum Rounds with your Magnum. It prevents the risk of you getting the
 crap beaten out of you by the Tyrant as you reload.

Once you've left enough Magnum Rounds in the Tyrant to leave a mark, Brad will drop a Rocket
 Launcher down from the safety of his helicopter, and tells you to use it. Heed his words
 and pick it up. You should know what to do. If the Tyrant knocks away one of your Rockets,
 don't give up and fire again, as he probably won't repeat this notion. Say goodnight,

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why don't you write a full walkthrough of this game as you seem to know your stuff?

A: A few reasons really. One is that I'm currently in the process of writing a very long
 full walkthrough for another game, but the main reason is that I really don't like this
 game. I think it's a mediocre game that was good when I first played it, but after Resident
 Evil 2 and 3 were released, it was pretty average, looking back. The Gamecube remake
 shadowed the game even further.

Q: I wasted all my ammo and have nothing but a knife to fight Tyrant II. Will Brad still
 drop the Rocket Launcher from the helicopter if I stay alive long enough?

A: I really don't know for sure, but I seriously doubt that he does as it would just
 completely take the meaning out of the battle. You're supposed to kill it, not run around
 like your ass is on fire. Oh, and good luck killing it with your Knife or Handgun, too.

Q: I'm stuck! What do I do?

A: Ask a question in the Question and Answers section of Supercheats, as I check there every
 so often. Despite my bad and slightly arrogant attitude, I'm happy to help you out,
 provided your question isn't something like "I don't know what to do now, can someone help
 me". Be sure to give specifics.

Q: What's your favourite Resident Evil game?

A: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. 4 comes as a close second. 2 takes the bronze.

Q: Which game do you, in your professional opinion, think is harder - Chris's or Jill's?

A: Neither - if you know what you're doing they're both about the same. Despite the fact
 that Jill gets exclusive use of the Grenade Launcher and two extra item slots, she can't
 take as much hits as Chris can and only really needs to two spare slots for extra healing
 items or if she's carrying more than one type of ammo for the Grenade Launcher. Although if 
it's your first time playing, I recommend Jill's game over Chris's as it's the best one to
 start off with for beginners.

Q: How long did it take you to write this guide?

A: Not long. Only a few hours. I completed it over a course of two days, as I don't spend
 every waking hour on my computer and I actually HAVE a life, unlike some morons.

Q: How many times have you beaten the game?

A: About 10-15. It's been out a long time, and you can blast through it in just a few hours.

Q: Will you be writing any more walkthroughs/FAQs at any time soon?

A: Expect to see enemy and boss guides for 1: GCN, 2, 3, CVX and 4 in upcoming months!

Copywright Info

This guide is owned by Volke Fredrik Lindstrom and cannot be used or published with the
 auther's permission. Any violaters can be reported to the law and immediate action will

The only site that is currently permitted to host this walkthrough is
 Hosting this walkthrough on any other than the above mentioned site is illegal.

This walkthrough can be printed out for personal use, but selling it off as your own for
 profit is strictly prohibited.


This will be short:

Myself, for kindly writing this guide, all for you. Thank me in the forums if you see me,
 but I am not giving out my e-mail addess as I don't like having any online contacts - only
 offline firends., for hosting this guide.

Sweden, for being a damn awesome country. I'm very proud of my homeland, and also of my
 Finnish heritage, too.

(Want your name here? Then tell me something important that I haven't included. If it's
 worthy, then I'll add it to the guide and glady add your name to the thanks list).