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Follow the dark path or use the light

IllusionTyrant5's Comprehensive Resident Evil Guide *NEW VERSION

by IllusionTyrant5

Updated Version. Now with extra features and a new look!
        /                                   \
        |         Resident Evil FAQ         |

The mansion incident...
The very first nightmare...
Your first struggle for survival...


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                     Resident Evil/Biohazard
                     Author: IllusionTyrant5

 IllusionTyrant5's special promise:
In my guides you can be sure that no secret was left, and that all secrets are tested and are real. You also have my word that this guide is the best you can get and is 100% typo and mispell free.

(for the best atmosphere, play this game at night, in darkness)

Name: Resident Evil
Genre: Survival Horror
Platforms: PSX, PC, GC
Year of production: 1996 or 2003(remake)

An isolated mansion in the middle of a primeval forest.
Faceless monsters prowling it's grounds.
You are running for your life...
You are a member of the special STARS team, sent to investigate sightings of grotesque monsters. You discover the hidden mansion, as well as the monsters. 
Forget your mission objectives, the need to uncover mysteries. Your new mission is to simply survive the night...

FROM Official Playstation Magazine (AUS)
This is the first "true horror" game released on the Playstaion's 32 bit format and it will undoubtedly start a trend in which other games will follow.
Alright, now for this review, but where, dear PSM Readers shall we begin? 
How about the plot? Well, we can tell you that it's a far step away from the "traditional" videogame storyline and is somewhat, how to say it, adult.
Resident Evil takes place in a large mountainous area, mostly covered by dense forest and blinding fog. A rural town sits at the foot of the moutains, and in this town is where the story starts.
The poor people in this town have been reporting sightings of "creatures" in the forests sourounding the town. These "creatures"  apparently attack whoever comes across them. The roads out of the city are closed up, to stop people from entering the "creature area".
It's a pretty good plot so far, but, no, it gets worse...
The "creatures" start venturing out of the mountains, attacking families on the city limits, and that's where the story begins.
The local police force sends two strike teams into the mountains to investigate the matter. As your team's chopper flies through the night sky, you sight the other team's crashed helicopter. You land to investigate but are almost immediately driven away from your chopper by a pack of, it would seem, dead, rotting dogs.
The team of six is rapidly reduced to three, you, another officer and the team's captain. You soon encounter different "creatures" and now your mission is to simply survive the night.
Alright! What an amazing plot and that's just the beggining! You'l be spellbound by the twists later on. 
 But, the plot would be nothing without graphics and gameplay. Let's cover graphics first.
The characters and enemy models are polygonnal, while the game environments are lucsiously pre rendered, making them seem more like photographs than backgrounds. Just wait until you get to the abandoned mansion estate, where dust collects, metal rots and the walls are splattered with blood. The sound is fantastic. Tense music follows you throughout the eerie locations and authentic sound effects, like unexplained bangs in the distance and doors creaking open realy puts you on edge. At some points, monsters even burst through windows, and the music gets more intense. This all happens very suddenly and really scares the wits out of you.
I myself almost wet my pants when I found myself in a very dark room, immediately hearing tapping footsteps and low rasping gasps. I quickly switched on the lights to find a monster right in my face!
The best aspect of this mindblowing game, however, is the gameplay. You play one of two members of the team, each having a slightly different experience, wandering around the gloomy estate looking for a way to contact the outside world. However, you, the player will soon want to find out the secrets of this forest, what happened here, where your teammates are and what the "creatures" have got to do with it all. 
This mystery can be solved by searching the gloomy rooms for snippets of information, like the diary of a former resident, avoiding the fierce monsters. 
The ammo is very hard to obtain in this game, so combat soon becomes a last resort and hiding becomes your primary defence. The monsters actualy hunt you through the estate, meaning that staying in the same place is a bad idea.
After a while, the game gets very tence and you are constantly on the edge while you run around picking up random objects to defend yourself with.
I had the hallway light on for weeks after playing this.


Resident Evil is Capcom's first survival horror game, and can seem impossible to beat to a beggining player so that's why I have written this walkthrough.
Despite RE being one of my favourite games, I really want to help out newbies to the game out a bit.
This guide contains all the game tips and things, the entire walkthrough for Jill(or Chris in this new guide) and a whole lot of other info, don't worry, nothing is left out. --truer than last time.

     _______    ________
    / __   /   / ______/
   / /_/  /   / /__     
  / ___  /   / ____/     
 / /   \ \  / /_______  CONTENTS
/_/     \_\/_________/

1- story
 - something's in those woods
 - late night "snacks"
 - bravo, bravo!
2- cast
 - main
 - side cast
3- weapons 
4- advice from the sage
 - save your ammo
 - know your seasonings
 - become a CSI
 - Don't save often
 - Stay fit
 - don't get fat
5- monsters
6- walkthroughs
 - PART ONE: the mansion
  - An "unconventional" diet
  - Here, doggie
  - the growing pictures
  - forest is chopped down
  - playing dressups
  - "hmm, I wonder if this piano..."
  - (new nightmare only) try it out for size
  - "could you do me a favour"
  - *reptilphobia* gets a new meaning
 - PART TWO: the gardens
  - out the back
  - the battery is dead
 - PART THREE: the guesthouse
  - time to clean the bathtub
  - "stop in for a drink... and die!"
  - Jaws is hungry
  - "hon, i think i fed the plants too much fertiliser"
  - return of the living Wesker
 - PART FOUR: mansion infested
  - a new resident
  - *reptilphobia* gets a new meaning, again
  - Unleash the python within
  - In the kitchen... someone's been cooking
  - no weddings but FOUR funerals
  - escape from the siege of the Hunters
  - getting "behind" things
 - PART FIVE: the underground complex
  - a traitor in the midst
  - eight legged nightmare
  - howl of the wolf
  - "causing" a drought
  - the truth is revealed a little more
  - Wesker's intentions
  - Finale (involving a rocket launcher)
7- easter eggs and random musings
8- epilogue
9- file and diary transcripts 
10- "Trever"s diary
11- now that's just wrong!
12- *NEW* Wesker's Report
13- *NEW* Dan Burlow and Tom Wilde's plot analasis

this guide is used for the PSX and PC and for some parts of game cube versions of Resident Evil. ENJOY!!!

end section

     _______    ________
    / __   /   / ______/
   / /_/  /   / /__     
  / ___  /   / ____/     
 / /   \ \  / /_______  GAME STORY
/_/     \_\/_________/

It's the month of July in 1998. The residents of a remote town known as Raccoon City started reporting sightings of so called "zombie creatures" in the mountains surrounding the town. Some people even reported being attacked by them.
Over the next few weeks, the reports were getting more serious, when people reported sighting the "creatures" on the outskirts of the city itself.
It got even more serious, however, when families living on the outskirts started getting attacked and murdered by the strange creatures. They weren't just getting killed, though. They were getting eaten, flesh and bones and all.
Mass hysteria was spreading through the town...

Finally, the Raccoon Police sent their special STARS unit into the foothills where the "creatures" were said to live to apprehend the murderers. The Bravo team was sent in first, but almost immediately contact with them ceased.
The Alpha team was then sent in to fulfill the Bravo team's task...

end section

     _______    ________
    / __   /   / ______/
   / /_/  /   / /__     
  / ___  /   / ____/     
 / /   \ \  / /_______  CAST OF CHARACTERS
/_/     \_\/_________/

Chris Redfield
Age: 25

Chris is the "macho man hero" of the game. He cares for his sister more than anything else, but also holds his team members in high regards.
Chris is skilled in gunfights and has high endurance, but he has less item space because of the protective vest he wears. He tends to make rash decisions in a crisis, making him unstable in this mission.

Jill Valentine
Age: 23

Another "hero", Jill cares for her teammates like they are her own family. She is a thinker. Not really as good as Chris in the action part, Jill tends to think her decisions through and knows a great deal about chemicals. She also plays the piano, but I can't see where that would come in handy on a mission.

Barry Burton
Age: 38

Barry is Jill's action man partner. Being the STARS weapon expert, Barry will make sure Jill has the best armament she can use. 
His own prized weapon, the colt python serves him well in a gunfight.
However, since the mission began, he has seemed to be a bit uneasy.

Rebbeca Chambers
Age: 18

Rebbeca is a new recruit of STARS and probably is the only survivor of the Bravo team. She seems a bit timid at first but soon proves that she can hold her own in a scene of bloodshed.
She is the Bravo team's medic so that might prove helpful later on...

Albert Wesker
Age: 32

Wesker is the calm captain of the Alpha team. He has an unruly reputation of never, ever taking his sunnies off.
He usually supports his team, but this time he deserts them, as if he WANTS them to get ripped apart by the monsters. He seems restless on this mission so let's just wait and see if he comes through...


A dying member of the Bravo team. when you meet him, he is fatally wounded.

The injured captain of Bravo team. He dies shortly after you meet him.

The pilot of the Alpha team's chopper. He deserts the team in the forest. Will he return?

end section

     _______    ________
    / __   /   / ______/
   / /_/  /   / /__     
  / ___  /   / ____/     
 / /   \ \  / /_______  WEAPON ANALASIS
/_/     \_\/_________/

9mm STARS Baretta M92F
Ammo Used: 9mm Clips
Max Ammo Held: 15
Found: Start(jill) Hall(chris)
Main use: Killing zombies and other weak things
Cool Trick: Aim at the heads to do extra damage!

Remmington 35 Shotgun
Ammo Used: Shells
Max Ammo Held: 7
Found: Sitting Room
Main Use: Killing basicly all other living things!
Cool Trick: Aim at the heads to snap them off!

Ammo Used: Explosive Rounds, Acid Rounds, Flame Rounds
Max Ammo Held: 6
Found: Balcony(jill only)
Main Use: Killing the larger enemies.
Cool Trick: None

Ammo Used: None
Max Ammo Held: 100%
Found: Catacombs(chris only)
Main Use: Burning Through the spider webs.
Cool Trick: None

45 Colt Python
Ammo Used: Magnum Rounds
Max Ammo Held: 6
Found: Treasure room
Main Use: Killing Yawn and Tyrant
Cool Trick: It kills all non bosses in one shot!

Combat Knife
Use it only if you are out of ammo and are very desperate!

     _______    ________
    / __   /   / ______/
   / /_/  /   / /__     
  / ___  /   / ____/     
 / /   \ \  / /_______  TIPS FOR THE BEGGINER
/_/     \_\/_________/

Save the ammo: In this game, ammo is scarce. If you find a lone enemy you can easily avoid, don't waste your ammo by killing him. Save it for a real tight spot. This tip is especially useful in the later half of the game where spare ammo is non existent. Remember, this is a survival horror, and the main point of it is to survive.

Know your seasonings: There are many herbs hidden throughout the game. Use them to mix your own medicines which you will need to survive. The green one heals 25% health, the blue one cures poison and the red one triples the strength of the green one.
combination  [    effect           ]
Green+Green  [ recover 50% health  ]
Grn+Grn+Grn  [ recover 75% health  ]
Green+Blue   [ cure poison and 25% ]
Grn+Grn+Blue [ cure poison and 50% ]
Green+Red    [ recover 75% health  ]
Grn+Red+Blue [ cure poison and 100%]

Become a CSI: Yes, make sure you examine every item and every room closely so as to not miss anything. Also take note of diaries and files. They will help you dig up crucial secrets so you can solve the mystery here.

Save Less Often: There are only a limited supply of Ink Ribbons with which you can save the game, so use them sparingly. You will even get rewards for saving less often!

Stay Fit: By this I mean keep an eye on your health. To do this, simply look at the heart monitor on the inventory screen. (diagram below)
If it says:
_________________      Fine: you have between 75 and 100 vitality
[    caution    ]      Caution: you have between 50 and 75 vitality
[---/\--/\------]      Orange Caution: got between 25 and 50 vitality
[_______________]      Danger: you have between 0 and 25 vitality
                       Poison: you will lose 1% for every 5 steps taken

Don't get fat: Sorry, another crappy heading, it means this. Keep an eye on how many item slots you have left because each time you collect an item it takes up one slot. A well maintained inventory should always have at least three empty slots for key items. (diagram below)

[H.Gun  []Clip   ]
[15     []45     ]
[G.Herb []Shotgun]
[       []5      ]
[Shells []Lab Key]
[14     []       ]
[_______[]_______]   <--- without these three key items, there would       
[Mo Disk[]Slides ]      be three empty slots, see?
[       []       ]

end section

     _______    ________
    / __   /   / ______/
   / /_/  /   / /__     
  / ___  /   / ____/     
 / /   \ \  / /_______  ENEMY INTRODUCTION
/_/     \_\/_________/

Info: Zombies are the many people of the mansion who have lost their minds and mutated due to the effects of the T-Virus. The first of Umbrella's many B.O.Ws(bio organic weapon) to be discovered, the zombie is only a walking bag of dog meat. However, they can bite you into pieces as well as spit acid at close range.

Stats: Vitality:50 Speed:20 Strength:15

Info: Hunters are Umbrella inc's assassins. These reptile like creatures are capable of human thought, so they can hunt you down like an animal. The hunters in this game only appear later on, when they infest the mansion. They have a very annoying attack in which your head comes flying off. It's a one hit kill.

Stats: Vitality:100 Speed:70 Strength:35

Info: The humble saying "man's best friends" no longer applies to these virus ridden hounds. The bite is deffinately worse than the bark because, of course, the bite really hurts! You're gonna need a lot more than a whistle to subdue these puppies. They even dive through windows to get to you!

Stats: Vitality:40 Speed:70 Strength:15

Info: just an ordinary crow. Despite being infected, there is no change in it's appearance or strength. It has only developed a strong hunger for your eyeballs, which it will attempt to gauge out with it's strong talons. It's weak but when in a group can really smart.

Stats: Vitality:5 Speed:50 Strength:5

Info: Like the spiders, infected hornets grow to a huge size, but only to the size of a bird. They attack in a similar manner to the crows but their stings contain a strong poison which you will only be able to cure with a blue herb. They guard a key you will sorely need.

Stats: Vitality:20 Speed:75 Strength:15

Info: another huge infected bug. These monsters are really HUGE and possess the chimera's climbing abilities. They can also poison you with their acid that they spit out. They are very slow though, so it's easy to dodge the feral buggers.

Stats: Vitality:40 Speed:20 Strength:20

Info: the weakest monster in the game, only able to suck on you and nothing more. Just run, that is my advice.

Info: an enemy which is only encountered very later on in the game. It can climb on the walls and roof and can strike at you from there. Don't bother fighting them, just don't run in a straight line when around them.

Stats: don't worry as you won't be fighting the Chimeras. Oh, alright then. Vitality:80 Speed:50 Strength:35, happy now?

end section

     _______    ________
    / __   /   / ______/
   / /_/  /   / /__     
  / ___  /   / ____/     
 / /   \ \  / /_______  FULL WALKTHROUGH
/_/     \_\/_________/

This is the main body of text in this file, so it's pretty big. I'll see you down there. (Undernieth the walkthrough) Read on -->

[     JILL VALENTINE               ]

!  THE MANSION       !
"This house has terrible demons"-Richard

Shortly after the STARS members arrive, Jill inquires where Chris is and tries to go back outside to find him. Wesker assumes he's dead and stops her from opening the door. Suddenly, a gunshot echoes through the mansion. Wesker sends Barry and Jill into a room to the left to investigate the shot.
You will gain control of Jill now, in a large dining room. Barry will go ahead of you over to the end of the room. Take this chance to learn the controls. While doing this, make sure you enter the inventory and equip your handgun. When your done, follow Barry to the end of the room. Barry exclaims "what is this" and shows Jill a blood stain on the floor. Move ahead of Barry and search the mantle behind him. You will find an emblem. Don't take it yet. Instead, enter the room to the right.
You will enter a long hallway with a wooden decking. Check all the doors in the hallway, they are all locked from inside, except for a pink one which is locked by a simple lock. Turn around and head to the other end of the hallway for your first scare. A zombie can be seen eating a STARS team member!
The zombie will see you and get up. Quickly run down the hallway and wait for the zombie to come into view. Aim at it and fire shots at it. It takes about 4 shots to kill it. Once it dies, go back and examine the person it was eating to find out that it's Kenneth from Bravo Team. Search Kenneth's body to find two ammo clips. Now return to the dining room.
Jill starts to tell Barry about the zombie, but before she can, the zombie itself enters the room! And I thought it was dead! It tries to attack Jill but Barry kills it before it can. Jill says that Wesker should be informed about the zombie, so leave the room and return to the main hall. Wesker is missing from the hall, so now we have to search for him. First cross to the typewriter and check it for ink ribbons. Then run into the small hallway behind the staircase to search for Wesker. When you come out, Barry talks to Jill and gives her a lockpick. Then he returns to the dining room to examine the bloodstain again. You must enter the blue door opposite the one Barry went into.

This small room has a statue in the center. You will notice that the statue is holding the map of the whole first floor. To get the map, push the small portable staircase up to the statue and climb up to grab it. Now see that the door on the left is blocked by a small cabinet. For good reason too. Anyway, push the cabinet aside and enter the room. You will find a "dead" zombie laying on the floor. Shoot it and it starts crawling towards you. Shoot the beggar again and again until he dies. Now search the shelves at the back of the room to find more ink ribbons. Now exit to the statue room and unlock the right hand door with the lockpick. Enter it.
Start walking down this bright hallway and get another shock. Quickly continue running down the hallway from the zombie dogs that are leaping in through the windows. Quickly escape through the door at the end.
Walk to your right to find a green herb, now continue down this twisted corridor. Ignore the red door and the door after that, but enter the third door. Run across this small room and enter another door to emerge in a sitting room. Examine this room to find a shotgun hanging up on the wall. Take it and you will hear a clicking sound. Exit back into the small square room, where the roof starts closing in on you! Run around and panic for a bit and soon Barry comes and kicks down the locked door so you can escape. Thank Barry and enter the door directly in front of where you are. Oh, you now have a SHOTGUN!
You will enter a small dark hallway where a zombie begins zeroing in on you. Equip the shotgun and wait till the zombie comes close. Now aim up and fire to remove it's head!
Go forward and enter the door in the corner of the room to emerge in the art gallery of the mansion. Crows are perched on a pole above you. You must now press the switches on the following pictures:
Newborn Baby
Lively Boy
Young Man
Tired Looking Middle Aged Man
Bald Old Man
One which reads "give me the piece of death and i'll give you the joy of life", The final painting will slide away if you got the order right. If you got it wrong, the crows will attack. Search the cavity behind where the picture was hung to find a star crest. Exit the gallery and head down the alcove in front of you. Kill the zombie in here and enter the red door behind it. Kill the dog in this courtyard and examine the steel plate at the end of the passage. Read the inscription and insert the star crest. You now need three more crests to escape from this evil mansion.
Go back to the dark room and enter the blue door. Kill the zombie in this well lit room(I hope your not wasting shotgun shells on this) pick up the green herb in the corner and enter the door under the stairs. This is the game's first save room. Use an ink ribbon on the typewriter to save if you like then open the large chest in the back left hand corner. Put the knife and the green herbs inside the chest for storage. Pick up the small white sack near the chest. It is a poisonous chemical. Examine this to discover that it kills weeds. Leave the room and hike up the stairs.
Go down(towards the screen) the hallway and turn the corner. Shoot the zombie there and enter the door to emerge in a hallway with red carpet. I am going to refer to this hallway as the "red hall" from now on, alright? Go down the hallway and examine all the doors. They are locked but there is a carving of armor under the keyholes. There are also two zombies in this hall. Enter the doorway at the end to arrive on the second floor of the main hall. 
Barry should be here. He will give you some acid rounds for a bazooka then enter the door opposite the one you came through. Enter the door to the right of the one from the red hall and emerge in a bloodstained hallway. This hall way leads to an outdoor balcony. Search the balcony to find the body of another STARS member, forest. Crows will now attack. Quickly grab the bazooka near forest and return to the main hall.
Go through the door Barry went through and you will be above the dining room. Kill the two zombies then push the statue on the left forwards until you come to a breakage in the rail. Push the statue off this floor and hear it crash onto the dining room floor below. Ignore it for now and enter the door at the end of the room.
Now this is a cramped hallway and it houses three acid spiting zombies. Use the shotgun to pop their noggins and go down the staircase. Enter the door to your left before the zombie gets you. The room you are in now is the medical room and it is a save room, memorize it's location because you are going to need to come here in a hurry later on. Take the ink ribbons off the bed and save(if you want to) then cross to the item chest. Put the ink ribbon, the bazooka and the acid rounds inside and leave the room. Dodge the sleepy zombies and go into the door at the end of the large room.
Kill the zombie you see here and go down the hallway behind it. This leads to a room which house a set of very large plant vines. There's a key behind the vines but you can't get to it without getting whipped. Search the room and find the pump which feeds water to the vines. Pull the lid off and pour your weed killer in. Cross over the withered vines and take the key. Notice that there are a lot of herbs here. Use them if you are hurt but leave the rest because you need the item space. Just remember the location of this room so you can come here to heal up later. Leave and go down to the other end of the hallway. Kill the zombie that comes out of the alcove and enter the door opposite it. In this bedroom there's a clip on the bed so take it as you are going to need it soon. Cross to the desk and examine it. A zombie bursts out of the closet so quickly dispose of him. Check the closet for some shotgun shells. Now search the desk again to find the keeper's diary. Read it to just begin to get an idea of what happened here. This is just one of many texts in the game.
Leave and enter the door at the end of the hallway. You are now back in the hall way which contained the first zombie. Go to the dining room and search the statue wreckage for a nice blue jewel. Return to the keeper's diary hallway and enter the door in the small alcove. This leads to the treasure room. It's a small room containing only a statue of a tiger which you must examine. Pop the blue jewel into the left eye socket and the tiger swings around, revealing just one of the room's treasures, a crest! The other treasures you will receive later. REturn to the dining room. Grab the emblem and go back into the First Zombie Hall way. Remember that pink door that is locked by a simple lock? Use your lockpick and unlock it. You are now in a small piano bar. In one corner of the room is a large cabinet that you can push aside to reveal a song book. Take the song book and use it on the grand piano. Jill now plays the piano to take her mind off the horror of this mission but accidently trips a secret switch, making the wall open up. Go into the secret room and take the golden emblem from it's hollow. Now the wall shuts behind you and traps you in the chamber! Never fear, though, stick the ordinary emblem in the hollow to open the wall up again. Return to the dining room and put the gold emblem in the hollow where the ordinary one was to reveal another secret cavity in the wall. In this cavity another key can be found.
Examine your two keys. One is the armor key and it opens those doors in the red hall. The other is the shield key and we don't know what it opens yet. Leave the dining room and find your way back to the red hall.
Unlock the first wooden door you see with your armor key and go inside.
There is a small stash of herbs here as well as... Richard from bravo team, who has been poisoned by a giant snake! Jill tells him to hold on while she gets the serum for him. Now quickly run all the way back to the medical room and search the cupboard for the bottle of serum, oh and take the bazooka and acid rounds out of the chest too. Sprint all the way back to Richard's room right now. Dodge any monsters as there's no time to kill them.
 [ NOTE:                 ]
 [If you take too long,  ]
 [Richard will already be]
 [dead when you arrive.  ]
 [                       ]
 [                       ]
After you give Richard the serum, he dies! The serum had been tainted! But by whom, we wonder... Anyway, search Richard's body for ammo then enter the door behind him. Climb up a small staircase, ignoring the zombie, and unlock the door at the top with the shield key, then discard the key, it's useless. Go through the door and arrive in the attic. Take a few steps and... out comes the huge snake that got Richard!

BOSS BATTLE! Monster: Yawn, the giant snake.
First of all, equip your bazooka. Now, lure Yawn around the pillar in the center of the room then run over to the entrance and START FIREING! If you want them, there's some shotgun shells on a small set of shelves along the right wall. Mostly try to stay away from Yawn's head and keep shooting until he runs away through a hole. Coward...

Search the hole yawn escaped through to find your third crest! Now leave the room and return to Richard's room. If you did not get bitten in the yawn fight, the game proceeds as normal. But if you did, now Jill realizes she's been poisoned and faints. Barry takes her to the medical room and heals her. This is where you regain control.
Anyway, you must now return to the red hall. 
Use the armor key to unlock the double green doors and open them. You come into a room lined with suits of armor. You will notice to drainage holes on the ground. Push the two stone knights over them to block them up. Now press the small red switch to reveal your fourth and final crest! Go down the red hall and into the door on the very end. In this small library, read the Botany Book on the table, then enter the next door.
You are now in that hallway with the blue carpet, remember it? dodge the zombies and go down the stairs. Now enter the save room under the stairs. Put the bazooka, rounds for it and the armor key in the chest, save if you like, and return to the room where the crest slots are, use the map to help you if you don't know the way.
Place the crests in their slots and enter the unlocked door to arrive in a garden shed.

!  THE GARDENS       !
"Alpha team..Bravo makes no me..."-Brad

Push the portable stairs over to the high shelf on the wall and climb up to grab the crank. Get down now and open the double metal doors. This is the game's next area, the garden, and it's infested with the zombie dogs and leeches! 
In the courtyard you are in now, kill the dogs to hear your radio beep. Activate it. It's a message from Brad, who's trying to evacuate the STARS members. Jill, however, can not send a response through, so we have to find another way to contact him.
Use the stash of herbs here to heal, then enter the gate at the opposite end of the courtyard. This brings you to a waterway. There's a pathway in the waterway, but it's flooded and you can't get to it yet. Cross over to the small console near the floodgate and insert the crank into the hole, now open the floodgate so all the water flows down into the area below. Use the now dry path and cross to the other side of the waterway. Run down the forest path, ignoring the leeches, until you come to a brown elevator which you can use to go down to the dry lake below. 
Kill the dogs here and search the area to find two things. There's an elevator but the battery's been removed, so it's useless. There's also a waterfall and you can see something shiny behind it, but you can't get to it yet. Gripe over this then open the rusty gate.
Kill the three dogs in this area(there's also some herbs) and enter the door at the very end. This is the front door of the guest house.

"It was my only defense against those strange monsters"-Wesker 

Turn around the corner and enter the first door you see(on the right hand wall) to find a save room. This save room holds a first aid spray and some ammo. Place the crank and the newly found bazooka ammo into the item chest. Return to the wooden hallway and enter the first guest bedroom, which is opposite the room you just left.
You thought you were safe in this house, but no your not! Kill the zombies in the room and grab the red book off the bed. Also open up the desk to find a box of shotgun shells stashed in there. Enter the bathroom now. Kill the zombie here and drain the muddy water from the bathtub. At the bottom of the bathtub is a key, the control room key. Return to the save room and dump your handgun and ammo in the chest. Your shotgun is now your primary weapon. Return to the corridor and enter the red doors at the end to arrive in the bistro/bar room. 
There's two spiders here. Just ignore them and grab the ink ribbons off the table. In the NTSC version of the game, there's some bazooka flame rounds behind the pinball machine. Take them and leave the room. Go dump the ink ribbons in the chest and come back. Cross through the small alcove on the right, over the hole in the floor. WOAH! Hehehe! Bet that vine scared you, eh? Hehehe!
 [ NOTE:                 ]
 [You can push the statue]
 [over the hole to block ]
 [the vine.              ]
 [                       ]
 [                       ]
Anyway, recover from the shock and enter the door behind the vine. This hallway your now in is riddled with plant vines! What is going on here? We will find out soon. 
Enter the first door you see and arrive in another plant riddled room. Let's call this room the "vine room" from now on for easy reference. Search the small alcove to the left to find a dormitory key sitting right under a hornet's nest! Take the key and the hornets start pouring out so quickly return to the vine riddled hallway. 
Run down it and unlock the door at the end with the dormitory key. Enter and kill all the zombies inside. Ignore the bathroom door and take the file off the bed and read it. It only makes the situation even more confusing. The tyrant virus? What's that? The accident? What happened here?
Fathom those questions for a while then push aside the two large wall units to reveal a secret trap door, leading down.
Once in the underground concrete tunnel, run down the path to find that you are blocked off by a pool of water. Now notice the large wooden crates littered up and down the tunnel. Wood floats in water, doesn't it? Yes it does, so push ALL of the crates into the water to build a bridge. 
Run over the bridge and soon you will come to another flooded room. See the broken water tank? Creepy. Anyway, walk to the door on the other side of the room and...
Dur Dum, Dur Dum, Dur Dum Dur Dum, Dur Dum Dur Dum Dur Duuuum...(it's meant to be the jaws music)
Dodge the huge shark and use the control room key on the door behind you and enter the control room. In here, press the button on the control panel to drain all the water. Another switch now becomes visible. Press this one to unlock the room next door. When you exit, you will see the sharks flapping around hopelessly. One shot from any gun will kill them now. I personally like to let them live but if you like being sadistic, then kill em. Anyway, enter that door you just unlocked and search the room for some ammo and another dormitory key. Fantastic!
Return now to the room where the hornets were and use the dorm key to unlock the third and final guest bedroom. Ignore the bathroom here but give the zombies a gift for me! Lol! Search the desk for some shotgun shells and... before you go any further, please make sure you have the bazooka and rounds with you... now when that is done, return to the room. Take the white book in the bookshelf and read it. Now stuff your red book in the newly made gap in the row of red books. WOW! A secret door is revealed. Equip the bazooka and step through it.

BOSS BATTLE! Monster: Plant 42
Recover from the shock of seeing the collosal plant and begin running around it. It takes the plant ages to turn it's tentacles to face you so this is an advantage. Just keep running around it, stopping only to fire one shot then running again. After a while, the plant falls apart, as if it's dead. Jill goes in to take a closer look and...WHAM! The plant recovers and grabs her! While Jill struggles, Barry enters the room and roasts the plant with a FLAMETHROWER!

Thank Barry and search the withered plant to find the last mansion key. Examine this to find out that it is the helmet key and it opens the only three doors we haven't been in down at the mansion! 
Now it is time to return to the mansion. However, on the way, Jill meets Wesker,  who is shooting at some hornets. 
He tells Jill that he had to escape from the main hall because of the zombies, but he sounds a bit shifty. He tells Jill to go back and search the mansion then he walks off to go and talk to Barry. Ponder about him for a bit then return to the mansion.

"Sorry Jill, now I've done it!"-Barry

As you arrive in the mansion, an FMV insues in which you see some kind of creature chasing down Jill, but we don't know what it is yet. Well, your about to find out. A HUNTER bursts through the door after you now. It spots you and starts to attack. If you want to take it on, use the bazooka or shotgun, otherwise, just escape into the small brown door which you will unlock with your new key. Hey, that was just one hunter, there's loads more and they are all walking around in the mansion!
 [ NOTE:                 ]
 [ running from hunters  ]
 [ is no use.            ]
 [ They can open doors.  ]
 [                       ]
 [                       ]
No matter what happens, enter that newly unlocked door anyway. It's too dark in here to see anything, so walk forward to the desk and turn on the lamp to light up the shadowy room.
Now you can search the room for some magnum rounds and a Doom Book. Open up this Doom Book to retrieve an Eagle Medal from it.
Leave the room now and enter the next door down to find yourself in the well lit, blue carpetted hallway, remember it? Try and dodge the hunter here and enter the save room under the stairs.
Barry's left you some supplies in here, so take them and please make sure you have your bazooka with you, why, you say? I'm not telling you yet.(*coughBOSScough*) 
Leave now and climb the stairs. Brave the hunters and head UP the hallway, where another door waits to be unlocked.
In this small room, examine the piano in the corner and...

BOSS BATTLE: Monster: Yawn(injured)
It's that terrible snake again! He's injured and has lost his poison glands, but he's still dangerous. Once again, avoid touching his face and unload bazooka rounds into him. 
When the battle starts, try to retreat to the other end of the room to set some difference between you and the serpent, and start shooting from there. As soon as yawn comes close, run to the other side of the room. Hopefully, yawn will have gotten tangled up, allowing you to finaly kill him.

Once Yawn is safely decomposing, examine the hole he made to see a scene where Barry enters the room. He gives Jill a rope he found so she can descend into the hole, so use it. 
When Barry drops the rope, you have two options.
Either wait for him to come back, then examine the grave in front of you or don't wait for him and get the BAD ENDING. I suggest you wait for Barry, but it's your choice.
Either way, climb back down into the hole and examine the grave. desend the ladder that is revealed...
In this hidden corridor, kill the two zombies and collect some shells for your boomstick, then enter the doorway down the end. Down this other corridor now. Dodge the two zombies that are eating a dead researcher and enter the next door.
This is the kitchen. Examine the bench top to find dried blood stains, then head to the right (Jill's right from the doorway) side of the room. You will see a zombie laying on the ground here. Shoot him to death and enter the elevator. 
Up on the second floor now, search the room behind the elevator for some bazooka rounds and an elevator battery. Ignore the next door and backtrack all the way to the other side of the room and enter the blue double doors. Destroy the zombies in the library here and collect the scrapbook off the small table and read through it. It contains some chilling words.
Now proceed to the book shelf against the eastern wall and push it aside to reveal another door. Enter this door to find yourself in a study. Look out the window at the back to discover a heliport on the mansion grounds. If you could just signal your teammates from there...
Backtrack to the library and enter the doors on the other side of the room.
Notice how the book shelves in this room are broken and dusty, evidence that someone was attacked in here. On a pillar you will see a bust. Push in the bust's mouth to light up one tile. Behind you is a pushable staue, push it onto the lighted tile to reveal a secret room.
Whoever was attacked in here left in such a hurry that they forgot thier MO Disk in here, so take it off the desk, now return to the kitchen.
Proceed to the door on the westernmost side of the room and... kill this new zombie and enter the passage, which will lead you back to the First Zombie Hallway, occupied by two hunters now.
Your next task now is to go to the top of the staircase near the medical room.
 [ NOTE:                 ]
 [Be ready! You will see ]
 [at least five hunters  ]
 [along the way.         ]
 [                       ]
 [                       ]
Once there, search around for the final helmet door. Unlock it and go inside. Read the orders file to find out a little more, then turn the lights off. Can you see the stuffed eagle's eye shining? If you can get to it, you will see that it is a red jewel. You can take this jewel to the treasure room and put it into the tiger to recieve the illusive Colt Python. Do not waste this, save all of the bullets for a certain boss, in fact, put it right into a storage chest and lock it up for now.
Please make sure you have these items in your inventory right now, because where we're about to go, there's tons of strong monsters.
You must have:
>Shotgun Shells
>Spare Bazooka rounds
>Healing item, preferably First Aid Spray or Mixed Green and Red herbs.
Once you are certain you have these things, head to the gardens again.
Go to the dry lake bed and insert the battery into it's slot, then ride the elevator up and open the floodgate that you closed before.
Take the elvator back down and now you will see that you have disabled the waterfall. You can get to the ladder behind it now, so go down the ladder and into the scariest, darkest and also last area in the game.

"It was all plotted from the start by Umbrella"-Enrico

From where you are, head up the corridor and open the red iron door.
Inside, if you are good ending bound, you will find Barry, who will offer to cover you as you trek through the area. Accept his offer, and make sure you go first(ahead of him).
Head up the corridor again and enter the next door. Run forward and try to enter the door in the corner to make a hunter jump down behind you. Don't worry though, if you are ahead of Barry, the hunter will be shot dead, but if Barry is ahead of you, the hunter will gore him and then you have to fight it.
Either way, enter the door, this time without interuptions, and find the captain of Bravo team, Enrico inside, who's been impaled by a hunter.
Enrico's words are short but very revealing. However, before he can finish, someone will shoot him! While Barry stays to help Enrico, you must run after the sniper. The sniper, you will discover, is gone, but he dropped his crank, so pick it up, it's different from the one you have. Now return to the ladder room and head DOWN the path to a large chasm. Stick your new crank in the hole beside it to build a bridge.
Now go through the door at the other side.
In here you will see a boulder blocking the path. Run up and examine it, then try to leave. The boulder will come loose and start rolling down, so hide in the alcove near the entrance to avoid it.
Now go up and retrieve some bazooka rounds from the hole behind where the boulder was then proceed through the hole that the boulder made behind you. 
Ignore the hunter in here and enter the double doors, which lead into the spider king's lair...

BOSS BATTLE: Monster: Dark Fang, king of the spiders.
This is the hardest battle in the game, so make sure you are ready to bash buttons like you never have before.
Here we go; you will see Dark Fang as soon as you enter, so immediatly run around him so he's not facing you. Now, equipping your bazooka, shoot him once from behind as he turn s to face you, then run away, come back from behind and repeat this process eleven times.
If Dark Fang faces you, expect one of two attacks, either him lunging forward and biting, or him spitting poison in three different directions. Just attack from behind and sides to kill him.

However, after Dark Fang dies, his body explodes into many mini spiders. Just ignore them and grab the combat knife in the corner of the room, which you can use to cut the webs off the door to the next area.
Head left(Jill's left) to find a save room where you must deposit your old crank and take out your eagle medal, deposit your bazooka too. If you are hurt, use the healing items in here then leave and enter the door at the other end of the corridor.
In this area, head north into another boulder corridor and make it roll away to reveal an MO Disk behind it, then proceed to the crank hole on the left side wall and rotate the chasm until there is a large gap on the left. Enter this small room.
In here, push the statue forward until it is level with the strangely coloured tile, now use your crank on the hole to move the wall in, pushing the statue forward then move it back so that you can get behind the statue. Now push the statue onto the tile and remove another Doom Book from the revealed compartment. You will find a Wolf Medal in here.
Now leave here and leave the boulder corridor to head south, where you can use an elevator to move up to the courtyard. 
There is the entrance to the heliport here, but it's welded shut, so proceed to the fountain a bit further on instead. You can fit your two medals here to drain the water, revealing the entrance to the laboratory. Please enter it...
After crossing about two straghtforward rooms(in the second, deposit your crank), you will come a metal walkway on which three zombies are slumping about. Kill them and come into the alcove near the end, where you will see a desk with aphone on it. You will find your final MO Disk here. Now go downstairs.
This area will be known as the "lab core" from now on... 
Enter the first door you see and then enter the first door behind it. In this dark room you will find a Researcher's Letter. Read it and return to the lab core.
Head forward, killing any zombies, then enter the first double doors you see, finding yourself in the chemical storage room. In here you can find some Slides on the floor. After picking them up, turn on the computer...

Computer Hacking Puzzle:
[First of all, login as John.]
[The password is Ada.        ]
[Now unlock B3's door.       ]
[Now try to unlock B2's.     ]
[Enter the password Mole here]
[Now turn off the computer.. ]

You must now go back upstairs and enter the door near the desk where you got your final MO Disk.
Read the Security Measures file on the bookshelf and use the projector on the table to view your Slides and finaly figure out what's going on here. The lab has created a virus, the T-Virus, which turns people and animals into monsters which Umbrella plans to sell! The Slides will also reveal that Wesker is a member of Umbrella's staff!
Get a grip now and search the room for a grate that you can pull down to reveal a switch, which, when pushed will reveal a compartment containing the Laboratory Key for you. Collect this.
Now head out of this room and take the stairs back down to the
B3 floor. Enter the nearest door again, it leads to the hallway with the
door leading to the room where the researcher's letter was room, but in this hallway, this time run forward and enter the second door you come up to. 
In here you will face several zombies, kill them quickly and when the room is clear of zombies read the Fax on the wall, it will reveal even more about whats going on. 
Then run past the HOT poster and at the far corner of the room you will find a strange copyer like machine. Use one of the MO discs on it and it will give you a passcard, keep this please. We dont know what this is for, for now.
Now exit back to the previous hallway, this time head to the other
end of the room and you will see a big door which is locked by
three passcards, we already found one of them but we have to find
the remaining two. Exit back to the core.
This time head down the screen while dodging or fighting the famous 
naked zombies down here, once you're touching the south wall start 
heading towards Jill's left, you will run across a door that is 
locked from the other side and you can't open it just yet.
At the end of this hallway you will find a huge door, you can open
it with your new LAB KEY, discard it afterwards and enter the door.
In the new area run forward and enter the first door you see on the
left wall. You will come out in a small lab like room.
In this room you will notice two wooden crates and a switch in
the center, do you remember that little puzzle we did in the room
with the suits or armor, we have to do the same here thing here but
you should know that the switch is pressure sensitive and it will
be triggered when you even walk over it. So carefully push the two
boxes around the room till you have covered both the vent holes in
the room with the moveable crates, after that is done, push the
moveable stairs over the switch so that it is lined with the vent
hole. Now climb up the stairs and enter the vent hole.
Before you leave, take the shotgun shells from the table if you need them.
Now you will come out in a small morgue, if you triggered the switch
pre maturely then the poison that was spreading in the other room
will also come in here through the vent. But we wont be here for
long, in this morgue check the shelf in the far corner of the room
to find some magnum rounds. After that check the other corner of
the room to find another MO DISC machine, use the second MO DISC on
it and you'll get the second passcard. Now exit the morgue via the
only door here. You will find yourself in the core.
Enter the huge door we used the lab key to open. This time run past
the lab door and run forward till you come at an intersection, there
is a path heading up and one heading down and one door right in front
of you. Enter the front door first, its a save room. Save your game
if you wish and check the item box to reorganize your inventory.
You will need your magnum, so get it out.
After that check the shelf in this room for an ink ribbon, now
when your done exit this room entirely and head down the screen
at the intersection. Enter the big doors at the end.
You will come out in the firstPower Room. In here you will come
across the new type of enemy, the CHIMERA. In here run straight
forward and make your way across the area while dodging the 
chimera's and enter the door at the end.
In the second power room, run straight forward, dont take any
turns, and at the end of this straight path you will find the
third and final MO DISC machine, use the final disc on it and
you will get the final card. After taking it head back towards
the starting part of this room and take the path turning left
when you can, now continue down this pathway while dodging or
fighting the chimera's and keep running till you reach the end
of the hall, where a big door is waiting for you.
Enter it, now your in the main generator room, and the noise is
unbearable. Turn down your sound if it bothers you. In here run towards Jill's left and check the machineand you will turn the power back on to the blacked out areas. Do so.
Now run back to the first power room, and continue towards the
exit door as if we were exiting the power room area entirely.
But from the main door, turn towards the left of the screen and
continue down this path until you reach the end of it where there
is a computer console on a wall. Turn that on and you would have
turned the power back on to the main elevator.
Now, exit the power room area entirely and head back to the save 
room and save your game since we're about to fight a- well, you'll find out.
This time head up the screen from the intersection and at the
end of the upper path you will find an elevator, turn its power
back on from the switch on its right side but before you can
head down it, Barry will burst into the room and offer to go down the elevator with Jill, she accepts.
Once you've reached down the elevator, be ready for the entire
story to be revealed to you. Down here, Jill and Barry will
run into Wesker who is standing in front of some huge doors.
Jill has already figured out that Wesker was playing a double
agent and is actually a member of Umbrella, they have a hot
exchange of words between them, and Barry is revealed to be working for Wesker because his family is being held hostage.
However, Barry soon comes to his sences and knocks Wesker out, but he persuades Jill to help him destroy the Tyrant Monster Wesker talked about, so it can not hurt anyone.
In the back room, there's another scene, Jill will see the huge tyrant monster inside the stasis tube, its sleeping for now. But Barry thinks that its a failed experiment and tries to disable it, but accidently releases it, he tries to fire at it, but it throws him at the wall and Jill must be the one to kill it.

BOSS BATTLE: Monster: Tyrant Monster
This is incredibly easy. Tyrant walks very slow, so just put a distance between him and yourself and fire twelve magnum rounds into him to knock him out. He seems to be dead, but... is he?

After this fight is over, Barry will wake up, so exit the lab and return to the core, you will notice that Wesker is gone, by the way.Here you will hear the announcement from the computer that the
triggering system has been activated now, Wesker must have done it, this means the mansion will explode in a little while, we'd better hurry.
In here, run in the hallway which had the triple coded door
in it. In here head for the door and since we should have all
three of the codes by now , the door will open. Enter the newly 
opened door. Inside run forward and enter the only other door. 
Another scene. 
Jill will finally be reunited with Chris who is all right, but was
locked in here thanks to Wesker, but its all okey now and we
can concentrate on getting out of the area.
Now exit this room and head back to the hallway, Jill will
run off ahead and tell Chris to hurry too, once your back
in control of Jill, run quickly to the main hall of floor
B3 and take the stairs up to the floor B2. Once here make
your way to the item box room where the elevator is. In here
you will meet up with Chris again, time to use the item box
for the last time, set it up like this.
Deposit your python and everything else except your shotgun and withdraw lots of healing items, as much as you have got.
Now climb the ladder for the last time...
Here your entire team will meet up, Enter the huge door in
front of you which was locked before, but its unlocked now
thanks to the triggering system. Enter through the door and
run down this linear hallway.
In the middle of it you will have a little scene in which Brad 
will automatically contact the radio and start saying that this 
is his last call, if there is anyone listening give him some 
sort of sign since he's running out of fuel.
After the scene is over run to the end of the hall and you will 
find an elevator here, its battery socket is empty but luckily 
there is a battery just s foot away from it. Take it and put it 
in the socket. Another scene will start now, in which some hunters start coming down the hallway. Chris and Barry will 
stay down to take care of the approaching monsters and will ask Jill to go up and signal Brad.

By the way you now have only three minutes before the entire
mansion explodes. Jill will automatically take the elevator
and make it to the roof of the mansion. From where you come
out of, there is a box right next to you, check it and you
will find a Flare inside. Use it and Jill will signal Brad, who flies over in the chopper.
However, before he can land, something bursts out from undernieth Jill, it's the Tyrant, and it's angry!
Just run around and dodge it's attacks for about two minutes, when Brad will throw down a rocket Launcher for you to destroy it with.
--You know what to do--


As the Tyrant burns, your entire team will safely board the chopper, which flies away as the entire lab complex explodes below...
The nightmare is over, and due to exhaustion, Jill falls asleep on Chris, who is covered with blood from fighting hunters.
Barry reloads his magnum, as if expecting more monsters, he catches Chris's eye and smiles at him.
The game ends at that. However, there was an extra part that was removed, but I have written it down, the epilogue. Read it to find out what happened in the extended ending...





     _______    ________
    / __   /   / ______/
   / /_/  /   / /__     
  / ___  /   / ____/     
 / /   \ \  / /_______  EASTER EGGS AND MY RAMBLINGS
/_/     \_\/_________/


Yes, I mentioned earlier that if you play the game right, you can unlock certain things, well, here they are.

You must complete the game under three hours with either th good or very good ending (don't worry, by following this walkthrough you should achieve both) to unlock this lovely tool.

You must complete the game with the very good ending and having saved no more than five times to unlock this key. It opens up the closet in the at the back of the display room near the main hall, in which alternate costumes for your characters are housed.

I'm sorry, those are the only secrets for this game.
 ^  ^ ]_______

> If the Tyrant is so strong then why do the orders in the "ORDERS" file tell Wesker NOT to steal it before blowing up the lab?

> Shouldn't all the monsters be killing each other?

> Did you notice that there are only three zombie models in the game?


RESIDENT EVIL:              
_____ _____ ___ ___  The ____ ______ __  __  EEEEEE
[____][    ][  ][  ]    [    ][ ____][ [ ] ] E
[]_   [ [] ][  ][  ]    [ [] ][ ] __ [ [ ] ] E        
[__]_ [ ___][  ][  ]___ [    ][ ][_ ][ [_] ] EEEE
[____][_]   [__][______][____][ ____][_[_]_] E
            Epilogue                         EEEEEE

This epilogue was written completely by me. It is an event that I found at and I have written it down. It was removed from the final version of Resident Evil. ENJOY!


Chris Redfield looks down at the burning estate and smiles to Barry who sits across from him.
"We made it, but will anyone believe our story?" asks Barry.
Soon, all three STARS members are looking down toward the flames as the helicopter flies toward the sleeping Racoon City...


A scientist working for Umbrella, William Birkin watches as the "cleaning" team loads the remaining rubble in the area into three large trucks bearing the umbrella logo. Umbrella is covering up. 
"The Tyrant Virus research is finished now... unless..." mutters Birkin as he follows a squad of "cleaners" into the ruins. 

"But chief Irons!" stammers Jill Valentine at the glutton of a man in front of her. Chief Brian Irons has just basicaly called her crazy by throwing her mission report right into the wastebasket after reading it and saying that it was inconclusive.
Later that night, Jill wakes screaming. It's been two weeks but she still has nightmares about "that mission"


     _______    ________
    / __   /   / ______/
   / /_/  /   / /__     
  / ___  /   / ____/     
 / /   \ \  / /_______  FILE TRANSCRIPTS
/_/     \_\/_________/

All the texts in the game are, as follows.

                    BARRY's PICTURE
Something is written on the back of the picture. "My dearest 
Moira and Poly. I hope you will grow up to be a strong and 
beautiful woman and help to cheer up mother. Your father will 
watching you all from heaven. Dad"

--You can only get this if Barry dies.
                    BOTANY BOOK
As you may know, there are many plants that have medicinal 
effects. Since ancient times, humans have been healing wounds 
and diseases using various plants.

In this book, we're going to sample three herbs that grow around 
the  Raccoon Mountains and give their outlines as examples of 
those plants  with medicinal properties.

Each herb has different colors and different effects as medical 
plants: the green one recovers physical strength, the blue one 
neutralizes  natural toxins, while the red herb does not have 
any affect by itself. The red herb is only effective when it is 
mixed with other herbs.

For example, if you mix this herb with the herb that recovers 
physical strength, the recovery effect will be tripled. By 
adjusting the amount and experimenting with these three herbs, 
you can create various kinds of medicines. But I'll leave the 
details in your hands, because that is the best way to acquire 
true knowledge.

--You can get this in the library on 2F
To: General Manager of Sanitation Division

From: Special Committee on Disasters Raccoon Special Research Dept.

This memorandum is strictly confidential and must be destroyed as 
soon as it is understood. Regarding the "T-Virus" outbreak which 
occurred recently, this Committee conducted a field survey. 
According to the results, estimates on the amount of damage caused 
by the accident are considerably greater than reported earlier. 

First, although it is very difficult to obtain accurate data in 
terms of actual numbers, it is thought that more than half of the 
researchers died after exposure to the "T-Virus". The body count 
will almost likely increase since nearly all of the survivors 
show symptoms peculiar to the "T-Virus". 

Second, our security system is still in operation. However, our 
special security guard squad has been nearly destroyed. Because 
of that, research information considered by our company to be top 
secret has been made available to outsiders.  ounter-measures 
should be taken as soon as possible. 

Finally, many of the "subjects" from the experiments have escaped 
and are out of control. We believe that some of the researchers 
were killed by these "subjects" and their bodies were mutilated. 
By a curious coincidence, these events are proof of the success 
of our research. However, there is also a very high risk that 
this news may be leaked to the press if we don't act immediately. 

The condition is very serious. Our operation to cover-up the 
situation is difficult to attain, however we hope the problem 
will be solved quickly. We are especially concerned that the 
State Police and S.T.A.R.S. are intervening too quickly. We 
need to act on this situation as well.
                    KEEPER's DIARY
May 9, 1998
At night, we played Poker with Scott the guard, Alias and Steve 
the Researcher. Steve was really lucky, but I think he was 
cheating. What a scumbag.

May 10, 1998
Today, a high ranking researcher asked me to take care of a new 
monster.  It looks like a gorilla without any skin. They told me 
to feed them live food. When I threw in a pig, they were playing 
with it... tearing off the pig's legs and pulling out the guts 
before they actually ate it.

May 11, 1998
Around 5 o'clock this morning, Scott came in and woke me up 
suddenly. He was wearing a protection suit that looks like a 
space suit. He told me to put one on as well. I heard there 
was an accident in the basement lab. It's no wonder, those 
researchers never rest, even at night.

May 12, 1998
I've been wearing this annoying space suit since yesterday. 
My skin grows musty and feels very itchy. By way of revenge, 
I didn't feed those dogs today. Now I feel better.

May 13, 1998
I went to the medical room because my back is all swollen 
and feels itchy. They put a big bandage on my back and the 
doctor told me I did  not need to wear the space suit any 
more. I guess I can sleep well tonight.

May 14, 1998
When I woke up this morning, I found another blister on my 
foot.  It was annoying and I ended up dragging my foot as I 
went to the  dogs pen. They have been quiet since morning, 
which is very unusual.  I found that some of them escaped. 
I'll be in real trouble if some 
of the higher-ups find out.

May 15, 1998
Even though I didn't feel well, I decided to go see Nancy. 
It's my first day off in a long time. But I was stopped by 
the guard on the way out.  They say the company has ordered 
that no one leave the grounds. I can't  even make a phone 
call. What kind of joke is this?!

May 16, 1998
I heard a researcher who tried to escape from this mansion 
was shot last night. My entire body feels burning and itchy 
at night. When I was scratching the swelling on my arm, a 
lump of rotten flesh dropped off. What the hell is happening 
to me?

May 19, 1998
Fever gone but itchy.
Hungry and eat doggy food.
Itchy itchy Scott came.
Ugly face so killed him.

July 22, 1998 2:13

To the Head of the Security Department
"X-Day" is approaching. Complete the following orders within 
 the week.

 Lure members of S.T.A.R.S. into the lab and have them fight 
  with the B.O.W. in order to obtain data of actual battles. 
 Collect two embryos per B.O.W. type making sure to include 
  all species except for Tyrant. 
 Destroy the Arklay lab including all researchers and lab 
  animals in a manner which will seem accidental. 

 White Umbrella
                    PASS CODE 1
"I swear by myself", declares the Lord, "that because you have
 done this and have not withheld your son, your only son,
(Genesis 22:16)
                    PASS CODE 2
I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous 
as the stars in the sky, and as the sand on the seashore. 
Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their 
(Genesis 22:17)
                    PASS CODE 3
and through your offspring all nations on earth will be
blessed, because you have obeyed me."
(Genesis 22:18)

                    PLANT 42 REPORT
4 days have passed since the accident and the plant at point 42 
is growing amazingly fast.

It has been effected by the T-Virus differently than other 
plants have been and shows unique shape in addition to its 
size. Looking at the way it behaves, it is now difficult to 
determine what kind of plant it was originally.

There are two ways in which Plant 42 gathers nutrition. The 
first is through its root that reaches into the basement. 
Immediately after the accident, a scientist went mad and broke 
the water tank in the basement. Now the basement is filled with 
water. It is easily imaginable that some chemical elements were 
blended in the water and promotes the incredibly fast growth of 
Plant 42. 

Another part of Plant 42 from the basement grows through the 
duct and hangs down like so many bulbs from the ceiling of the 
first floor. Many vines come out of those bulbs and they are 
the second resource for its nutrition.

Once sensing movement, Plant 42 shoots its vines around the 
prey and holds it. Then it starts sucking up blood, using the 
suckers located at the back of its vine.

It also has some intelligence. It blocks the door by twining 
its vines around it especially when it captures prey or is 
sleeping. Several staff members have already fallen victim to this.

May 21, 1998
Henry Sarton
                    RESEARCHERS LETTER
June 8, 1998
Dear Ada,

Ada, by the time you read this, I'll be something... different. 
Today's test turned out to be positive, just as I expected. I 
feel like going crazy when I think about becoming one of them.

Ada, you're not infected and I hope you never will be. In case 
you're the last one left, take the material in the Visual Data 
Room and go to the Power Room to operate the Triggering System 
before you escape.  And make all this public through the media.

If everything is in order, all the locks can be opened by the 
security system. You can access the system if you log in with 
my name from the terminal in the small lab and enter the password. 
The password is your name. To unlock the door at B2 where the 
Visual Data Room is located, you'll need to access with our 
names first and then enter another password.

I've written the code below. I'm sure you'll understand it 
easily. And this is my last hope - if you find me completely 
changed, please kill me yourself.

| \/ | /\ |\ | \/ |
| /\ | \/ |  |    |
|    | /\ |  |    |

Yours, John
                    RESEARCHERS WILL
My dear Alma,
The fact that you have received this letter is both a joy and a 
sadness for me. I could not even talk to you because of that guy 
in the sunglasses. Alma, be calm and read this.

I think I've told you that I moved to a pharmaceutical company's 
lab. They headhunted me. Last month, there was an accident in the 
lab and the virus we were studying escaped. All my colleagues who 
were infected by the virus are dead. To be accurate, they've become 
the living dead. They still wander around. Some of them are 
knocking on my room door  desperately right now. But there's 
no sign of intelligence in their eyes. That cursed virus takes 
away all humanity from the human brain. Love, joy, sorrow, fear, 
humor... eternally.

And Alma, even the memories of the days I spent with you...
Yes, I'm infected.I did everything I could, but I could only delay 
the progress by a few days. The most frightening thing is, that I 
forget more about you by the day. So I chose a peaceful death, 
rather than become the living dead. Within an hour, I will have 
entered my eternal sleep. I do hope you'll understand my decision...

Goodbye and Forever Yours,
Martin Crackhorn

May 20. At around 10pm a 20-year old young woman's body was found 
by a passer-by on the left bank of Marble River in the Older District 
of Raccoon City. Raccoon police assume it to be a grizzly or other 
animal's doing because there are teeth marks along her mutilated 
arms and left foot that show considerable power. Since she was 
wearing a hiking boot on her remaining foot, it has been determined 
that she was attacked in the Arklay Mountains and fell into the 
river. They are hurrying to identify this woman.


Some people claim they've seen monsters in the Arklay Mountains. 
The monsters are supposedly about the same size as large dogs 
and usually run in a pack as wolves do. This may sound like a 
group of ordinary wild dogs, but these monsters are surprisingly 
fierce and hard to hurt. They say these dogs won't bother you 
unless you wake them, so you smart readers should stay out of 
the Arklay Mountains for the time being. But if you're looking 
for adventure, check it out! You wanna try?


Due to excessive disasters in the Arklay Mountains, the city 
authorities have decided to block the road leading to the foothills.
At the same time, Raccoon police intend to begin the search for lost 
people with the help of S.T.A.R.S. team members. They expect great 
difficulty because of the vast size of the Arklay Mountains and the
primeval forest that covers most of the area. Also people are still
reporting sightings of grotesque monsters in the mountains.
                    SECURITY SYSTEM MANUAL

Executives and Government Officials only on helicopter port.
This restriction may not apply in case of an accident.


No one is allowed to enter unless they are attended by a 
Research Consultant or Security Director. All others will 
be shot on sight.


The elevator stops during all emergencies.


Visual Data Room is within the control of Special Research 
Division. Keith ArVing, the Room Manager, is designated to 
have jurisdiction over room usage.


Sanitation Division controls the usage of the prison. 
Consultant Researchers (E. Smith, S. Ross, A. Wesker) must 
be present if virus is used.


No one is allowed to enter unless he presents all pass code 
documents. Pass code documents must be created on the 
specialized output machine by the Chief Researcher of each block.


Only Headquarters Supervisors may enter. This restriction 
may not apply in the Consultant Researcher has received 
special instructions.


No one is allowed to use the pass code output machine but 
the Chief Researchers.


Regarding the progress of "Tyrant" after the use of t-virus...
(Remaining document is unreadable)
                    V-JOLT REPORT
As I stated in the last report, there are some common features 
found in the cells of the plant infected by the Tyrant virus. We 
also have found another interesting fact through some experiments.

We found an element that destroys these plant cells rapidly in 
"UMB No. 16", one of the series of UMB chemicals that we used 
for that  experiment. We named this "UMB No. 16" as "V-JOLT".

In our calculation it will take less than 5 seconds to destroy 
Plant 42 if we put the "V-JOLT" directly on the root.

You need to mix some of the UMB series chemicals in a specific 
order to create a "V-JOLT". But the UMB series chemicals may 
generate a poisonous gas which is harmful to the human body. 
Extreme caution should be taken when handling these chemicals.

Following are the types of UMB series chemicals and their brief 

UMB No.2 Red NP-003 Purple 
UMB No.4 Green Yellow-6 Yellow
UMB No.7 White
UMB No.13 Blue (stimulating smell)
V-JOLT (UMB No.16) Brown
end section

     _______    ________
    / __   /   / ______/
   / /_/  /   / /__     
  / ___  /   / ____/     
 / /   \ \  / /_______  TREVOR's DIARY TRANSCRIPT
/_/     \_\/_________/

Trevor is the name of the mansion's architect and in the beta version of Resident Evil, you can find his diary.
This diary was later removed as it reveals too much about umbrella in just one game.
But, dear reader, you can read it here! This is the original file transcript, put here just for you. ENJOY!

                     DIRTY DIARY

November 13th 1967

After having finished my work and leaving New York I finally arrived
at the Mansion around 6.00pm. The hall is very spacious. The central
stairs leading to the second floor are also impressive. All these
things make me nostalgic all over again. Designing the plans of this 
place is the work I'm most proud of.

From the day I first showed the model to Ozwell E. Spencer in his
office, until the completion of the building, took me 5 years. 
Spencer's orders were really difficulty and I had to call upon all of
my energy and ingenuity to realize it. At first sight no one would 
suspect anything to be out of the ordinary. While turning to face me, 
Lord Spencer shakes the white hairs from his shoulders.

He has an impressive stature, and at the first glance, one can feel
that he has a high level of self-confidence. He initially announces me
that my wife Jessica and my daughter returned to visit their aunt Emma,
who is ill, and then we lift our glasses and toast. We are only ones to
know about the numerous secrets contained within this building. Deeply
satisfied with the complicity, we taste the wine.

The dining room is amazing. There is an incredible variety of food
laid out hammoniously on a large table in mahogany wood. When someone
would raise their eyes, they could see a statue of a goddess, in
"Rodin" style, on the second floor which seems to observe is with
desire. But despite all this splendor, the banquet can only be enjoyed
by two guests (Spencer and I). We only hear the quiet clicking noise of
the clock needles. Ahhh, if only Jessica and Lisa were there.

According to Spencer, they arrived three days before me and
appreciated the house well. Lisa in particular benefited from the
Spencer's kindness and was able to use the piano among others. She
reportedly played the "Moonlight Sonata" of Beethoven (her specialty).
In this evening of full moon where the melody seemed to surpass the
satellite floating above the forest which surrounds the house, Spencer
had congratulated my wife for this superb moment. I imagine proudly
that their two faces had to illuminated with pleasure.

November 14th 1967

Lord Spencer guided me around in the mansion. He opened the doors of
several rooms. Those rooms are decorated with the most marvelous at
pieces : painting of De Vinci, sculpture of Raphael... In one of the 
rooms the eye of a stuffed beast has strangely sparkled, and in 
another room armors of Middle Age Knights were aligned in good order 
close to their captain.

All these art pieces were collected by Lord Spencer during past years
and he deserves well to be one of the richest man on earth. "Do you 
like that ? I wish to use this residence as a seaside resort, for a 
new company. I foresaw that, not only for the employees, but also for 
the guests could use it." 

His project is to design an international industrial medicine company. 
He told me that its company would be called "Umbrella". But I wonder 
why he hid as many things in his residence. He can say that he wants 
to make a seaside resort but it's exaggerated. Even in the case his 
actions had been led by his passion.

November 18th 1967

My family hasn't come back yet. "Is aunt Emma that sick ?". I doubt it. 
The telephone is not installed, which is not very convenient. I went out 
to second floor terrace to clear my mind. Crows, perched on a rail, 
looked at me and pushed strange croaking. I had a dark intuition. I 
continuously have the strange impression of being observed... I saw 
an astonishing thing, in a small court. It is a ladder leading down 
into an underpass, which is masked by a waterfall."It is not my work. 
When was this thing built then ?"

November 20th 1967

There is no trace of the shotgun my wife had offered Spencer for is
birthday. I'm smoking a cigarette in the room where a broken shotgun
can be found and estimate that it can fool people and pass for the
original. I wonder who exchanged Spencer's shotgun for this unusable
shotgun and why ? Neither my wife nor my daughter have reappeared and 
I getting very concerned. My rich employer informed me that my family 
and I couldn't remain at the mansion any longer and when I suggested 
that I could join them tomorrow, he laughed and said that it was 
useless to worry myself like that.

November 21st 1967

Luggage was gathered and somebody led me into a large room, without
openings, on the first floor reserved for the receptions. As the Lord
hadn't arrived yet, I was observing the painting in company of a man in
a white blouse. He was one of the three unknown men on the courtyard.
"Life is rich and short". On the painting, which were exposed on the
wall, time was represented by the life of a man, from his birth to his
death.   "Your family died, now" -laughed the man while he was looking 
at me styly. Time seemed to stop. What was he talking about ? At the 
same moment I felt a terrible pain at the bottom of my neck, and I 
broke down on the floor.

November 24th 1967

How could he have become this kind of man ? What happened here ? And
what is the objective of this company called "Umbrella" ? I was 
imprisoned in this room and time passed slowly. "The objective is 
to keep all this as a secret, and since you are an unknown...". One
day, a man in a white blouse said this to me while bringing revolting
food. What secret is more important than a human life ?

Lord Spencer and me are the two only ones to know the secrets of this
manor, and if I die, he will be the only holder of this knowledge. Is
it for that reason we have these creatures which prowl around the 
premises of the Manor ? I cannot remain here and be eaten of worse. It
is necessary that I escape from here. The question is to know if, 
since the beginning, I didn't quite simply build my own prison. When 
I was creating this manor, and in accordance with Lord Spencer's 
strange fascination for enigmas, I conceived a way to escape for 
who ever would find himself imprisoned there.

It would seem that Lord Spencer wants to test this mothod on me... At 
this moment, one of the countless creatures which infest the floor and 
the ceiling, fell from the ceiling onto my body. For an unknown reason, 
it seemed to attract them. I jumped instinctively backwards and while 
getting upright I trampled a great number of them. What are these 
creatures ? Ants ?

November 27th 1967

I finally succeeded to escape from this room. But nobody can exit from 
the Manor on snap of a finger. You need the crests, the missing eye from 
the Tiger's statue and the Gold Emblem. I can't occupy myself find 
something else ! I have no time for this.

November 28th 1967

I can't find the words for it. A plant, absurdly gigantic, fills a
whole room. God could not have created such a thing.

November 30th 1967

It is impossible to get out. It is impossible to come out of the room. 
A phantom laboratory, leading into a kind of underground cave without 
visible exit. And finally, I found it :   One of the high-heeled shoes 
and the memory, that behind all it I will find a passage. Jessica. 
Were my wife and my daughter subjected to the same destiny as me ? No, 
I will escape at all cost, as they did before me.

December 5th 1967

My throat is dehydrated. I didn't eat for many days and I don't know
how much time I'll still resist. I am becoming insane. Why ? Because 
I am like a rat, hopeless trying to escape from a laboratory labyrinth. 
Does my fascination for the abnormal architect of this residence was 
no reprehensible ?

December 7th 1967

I am in a dark and wet underground secret conduit. And there, suddenly, 
something monstrous opposite of me... I scrape my last match with a 
trembling hand. A tombstone is here with my name engraved on it. What 
kind of a psychopath would make a similar thing ?   "George Trevor" 
isn't me ? Spencer calculated since the beginning, that I would come 
up to here to take my breath, and prepared my tomb. Realizing, with 
success, to direct my attention away from each useful way to escape. 
Jessica, please forgive me. Little time... It's the time that remains 
me before joining you in paradise.

-   George Trevor

     _______    ________
    / __   /   / ______/
   / /_/  /   / /__     
  / ___  /   / ____/     
 / /   \ \  / /_______  SOMETHING's WRONG HERE
/_/     \_\/_________/

No, I'm not talking about the game in general, I'm talking about mistakes in the game. Like these ones. They are quite funny but should have been fixed up before the game was released.

1. The voice acting is terrible and so is the dialogue. Here is an example of the terrible dialogue, Chris's conversation with Wesker at the end of the CHRIS game.

Wesker: Chris, as my subordinate in this you've done a good job.
Chris: Oh I would never work for Umbrella and Wesker, you were formerly with Umbrella.
Wesker: Oh?
Chris: Now the worst situation has occured. The failed experiment created a virus. A biological weapon!
Wesker: No, the worst was that tyrant virus. I lost so many STARS members because of it.
Chris: You killed them yourself! Did you kill Enrico?
Wesker: Yeah, I did! 

See? I mean who says "yeah, I did" after being asked if they killed a teammate? It's just terrible!

2. Wesker claims that Tyrant is the ultimate weapon, yet in the end you can destroy it with a rocket launcher, just one shot!

3. In the final fight, the helicopter flies over the helipad while you battle the tyrant, yet, in the final movie, why does it show the helicopter flying in from the mountains and landing if it's already above the port?

4. In Chris's game, when Rebeca must get serum for Chris, she stresses that if she does not get it to him in a few minutes, he will die! 
I've controled Rebbeca for an hour, making her solve puzzles, then bringing the serum back and Chris still lived.

5. You never, ever see teammates open doors and sometimes, you simply unlock a room and find them in there. How did they get there? For example:

You find Enrico and Barry in the underground, they've gotten there before you, yet the only way to get down there is through the waterfall, and you're the one who turns that off!

6. The map of the second floor is written in invisible ink. You use the lighter to reveal it and then it's visible for the whole game. 
In real life, invisible ink disapears again after a few minutes away from fire.

7. Who takes the stored items from one chest to another? Hmm, maybe it's the guy who steals dead zombies when you leave the room.

8. Is it just me, or do the green herbs look like Marujuana?

end section

     _______    ________
    / __   /   / ______/
   / /_/  /   / /__     
  / ___  /   / ____/     
 / /   \ \  / /_______  WESKER's REPORT: OPENED
/_/     \_\/_________/


When I first visited that place, I was 18 and it was summer. Twenty
years ago. I still remember the smell when the helicopter landed and
the rotar caused the wind to stir. From the air, the mansion seemed
normal but from ground level, something was different. Birkin, who
was 2 years younger than I, seemed only interested in the research
files he had as usual........

1978 July 31(Monday)
Two days ago, the two of us were assigned to that place. Everything
could have been planned out from the beginning or it could have all
been a coincidence. The only person to know the truth is most likely,
Spencer. Spencer at that time was using the Arklay labs for the
research on the t-virus.

As soon as we got off the helicopter, the president of the lab
stood in front of the elevator. I don't remember the guy's name.
It didn't matter what was said officially, from that day on that
lab was ours. We were assigned to be chief researchers at the
facility. This of course, was Spencer's will. We were the chosen
ones. The two of us ignored the president as we entered the elevator.
We had already been briefed about the layout of the area as well
as Birkin's, and with no bad intentions we ignored everyone as usual.

Usually, when someone sees our actions, they would react quickly.
But the president didn't react at all.

At the time, I was only a youngster so it didn't bother the
president. The president understood what Spencer was thinking
and didn't take notice of someone like me. While the three of
us were on the elevator, Birkin kept his eyes on the research
files. The files contained information about a new firo-virus
found 2 years ago in Africa called Ebora. Even now there are
thousands of people researching the Ebora. But the people are
always divided in half -- one group dedicated to saving people
from the virus, and the other to kill people with it.

It is known if a person is infected with the Ebora, that the
chance of dying is 90%. It has the quality to destroy the physical
structure within 10 days and even now, a cure hasn't been found.
If used as a bio-weapon it would display incredible destruction.
But because making a bio-weapon is against the law we would not
use the virus as a weapon. But I'm certain that someone out there
would use this as a weapon. So to prepare for a case of that
nature it is good to do research on it now. But the line between
finding a cure and making a bio-weapon is thin. This is because
the actual research conducted do not differ at all between the two.
So one could say that they are reseaching for a cure and be making
a bio-weapon.

But Birkin was not interested in either cause. He just wanted to
research the Ebora itself. There was little known about the virus
at the time. They did not know that the virus would die within a
few days by itself, and would die instantly when hit by sunlight.
They were also unaware of the speed that it would kill its host.
It kills the host so quickly that there is virtually no time for
the virus to infect another person. The virus has to physically
touch another person in order to infect them and therefore can
easily be quarantined. But that brings me to the following thought...

 What if a person that was infected with the Ebora virus could
stand up and walk around? That infected person would have a disrupted
chain of thought, and what if they could infect others that weren't
infected? What if the DNA of the Ebora and the RNA had a direct
impact on the DNA of a human? Due to those factors, would the
person be harder to kill? The person would be dead from a human's
point of view, but would still act as a bio-weapon spreading the

It is forunate that the Ebora had features like this. We would be
the only ones to possess this knowledge.

Umbrella, with Spencer as the head was a organization created to do
research on viruses with these qualities. As a cover they tell the
world that they are a company researching cures for these viruses.
But the truth was that they are a bio-weapon development organization.
The finding of the original virus which restructures the human
DNA was the start of everything. Using the original virus as a
base, an enhanced virus would be made to be a bio-weapon. This
was the T-virus plan.

The original virus was an RNA virus and would cause abnormalities
that would enhance a person. Birkin planned on combining the two
viruses to make an enhanced virus. The sample of the Ebora had
already been brought to this reserach facility. We had gone through
many elevators and had finally reached the destination. Upon
entering, even Birkin was impressed by the sight. This was our
first encounter with that woman.

We were not told anything about that woman. Everything relating
to her was kept top secret and the data was not to be leaked to
the outside. Information obtained from records showed that she
had been here since this lab was created. She was 25 years old
at that time. But what her name is and why she is here is a
mystery. She was a test subject for the research on the T-virus.
The research began on November 10, 1967.

For 11 years, she had gone through the tests with many viruses.

I heard Birkin whisper something. Whether those words were cursing/
swearing or praising I do not know. We had come to a place we could
never leave. We didn't know whether we were to take the research to
it's completion or if we would end up like her. For us we, only had
one choice. The woman who lied on the pipebed had moved something
within both of our minds. Is this also a part of Spencer's plan?

On this day, a ten-year old girl was deployed to Umbrella's Arctic
facility as a Head Researcher. Her name was Alexia Ashford. At that
time, I was twenty-one and Birkin was nineteen. Ruefully, the rumor
of "Alexia in the Arctic" occupied our topics at the Arkley Facility.
The Ashford House was a legend among long-time employees.

 Whenever our research didn't go well, the unskilled old researchers
would say, "If only Professor Edward were still alive..." Certainly,
Edward Ashford was one of the founders of the "starting virus" and
might be the greatest scientist ever since he established the T-virus
plan. However, Edward died soon after Umbrella was founded. It has
been thirteen years since his death. After all that time, I wondered
what we expected from Ashford House.

To tell the truth, the Arctic Facility that his son established, had
not developed anything for thirteen years since Edward's death. His
granddaugter Alexia's brain might not be good enough.

However, after that day, our useless older scientists began to say
instead "if only Alexia were here..." I believed these old men didn't
have any future because they judged people solely on the name of their
family or their blood. That's why they could not work without any direction
and could not ever get promoted when they were old enough to have one leg
in the coffin. However, I remained sensible.

If I was too hot about this issue as a manager, the Arkley
Facility's T-virus development would run late. Under these circumstances,
if we didn't judge the situation calmly, we would not succeed. At that
time, I thought that if I used these old men well, the results of our
research would show progress. I also thought the scientists were suitable
for the very dangerous experiments because they were so old. After all,
If I didn't use my workers efficiently, I wouldn't be such a higher manager.

However, Birkin was now a problem. His reaction to the Alexia rumors
were miserable.

Although Birkin would never admit it, he was proud of becoming the
youngest manager at sixteen. However, a ten-year-old girl had just
broken his pride completely. It was the first time Birkin had ever
been defeated. He couldn't admit that a young girl from a famous family
had defeated him. Indeed, he was just a child. Although Birkin had an
immature mind we needed him to get over it, because our research had
been in the second phase for three years.

At this point of the T-virus development, the production of the
"Human biological weapon" the so called "Zombie" was stable. There
was not 100% virus infection to DNA. There are so many kinds of
chemical differences among people. If a group of people reveived the
infection from a "Zombie", ten percent of them would not get infected.
We can't change this result even though we continuously studied the
DNA. If 90% of people got the infection, this would be enough to be
a weapon. However, Spencer's opinion was different. Our boss wanted
an independent weapon that killed 100% of the people. However, for

 Originally, the advantage of biochemical weapons was that they were
cheap to develop. However, our research into the "Human biological
weapon" was getting expensive. If Spencer wanted to get money the
ordinary way, he would not have chosen such a method. If he used
 this as an ordinary weapon system, he would get enough money. However,
if he continued to study it as an independent weapon, it would be
too expensive.

Why does he continue this research even though it costs so much? I
would understand if he aimed at a monopoly of all military industry
to change the general idea of war. So I still don't know Spencer's
real intention.

Apart from Spencer's real intention, what Birkin considered an ideal
"Human biological weapon" was what he attached as a weapons importance
to the battle field of that time. He tried to create that weapon by
not only changing the T-virus DNA but also incorporating other creature's
DNA information. He devised a Human biological weapon for battle that
destroys people who are armored or recieved a vaccination for the
virus. This experiment was called the "Hunter" in later times. However,
that experiment had to stop for a while to protect our main experiment.

Birkin felt it meaningless to compete against Alexia. He began to act
like losing was standard behavior. He stayed at the facility twenty-four
hours a day and continuously experimented on casual ideas with no plan.
I tried to use other researchers to extract as many biological samples
as possible before the experiment bodies died. However, I could not catch
up with the speed of Birkin's experiments. The facility head supplied
new experiment bodies and acted like nothing was wrong. However, those
bodies were dying continuously. That place was like hell. However,
the "woman experiment's" body was the only one who survived that hell.

She was already twenty-eight. That is, she has been in this facility
for fourteen years. She might not have any thinking ability as a human
since getting the "Starting virus". If she had her mind, her only hope
would be death. However, she survived. I wondered why she was the only
one who survived for such a long time because the data of her experiment
was not any different from the other bodies we experimented on. Until
we solved this mystery, we needed more time

It has been the 6th winter since I worked at this Arklay facility.

During the last two years, we had made no real progress with our
research and time passed by. But this had come to an end. We had
recieved word that Alexia had died. The reason was the virus that
Alexia herself created, the (T-Veronica virus). It seemed like the
12 year old Alexia was too young for such dangerous research.

 I had heard rumours that Alexia had injected the T-veronica virus
in herself but this I could not believe. She probably couldn't handle
her father's death one year ago and made a simple error in her research.

Later, the research at the Antarctica facility was continued by Alexia's
twin brother, but no one had expected anything from him. In the end,
the Ashford family couldn't bring any results and would crumble down.

Like I had stated earlier, the Ashford family was a legend and will
 stay as a legend only.

 With Alexia's death, Birkin had changed back to what he was before.
Now there was no one who could surpass him, and all the researchers
had to acknowledge him. But it was still a taboo to talk about Alexia
infront of him. Even when I tried to get a sample of the T-veronica
virus, he had strongly objected.

I had to put aside finding out about the research that Alexia had done
for now. Ihad come to realize Birkin had not changed at all, when
everything around him had changed.  But I had a much bigger problem
on my hands.

Our facility was located in a very dense forest. I went out walking
into the woods many times but because this facility was in the near
center of the forest, we would never encounter any other humans. The
only way to get here was by a helicopter. It was a needed precaution
dealing with a bio-weapon. Since if by chance, the virus is leaked out,
it would prevent the chances of spreading. But a bio-weapon isn't so
simple. The virus can also affect non-human beings as well.

A virus isn't always limited to affecting only one kind of organism.
For example, the Influenza virus not only affects humans, but birds,
pigs, horses and even seals. In each of these species, not all who
come in contact with the virus are affected. Seagulls and chickens
are, but all other birds are not. Also, the same virus may have
different effects on different species. The problem lies in how the
T-virus can affect many different life forms.

During the time when Birkin made himself useless, I had done my
own research on the T-virus. I had discovered that the T-virus
can affect most life forms out there. Not only mammals but plants,
bugs, and fish can also be affected. Everytime I walked in the woods,
I always thought to myself, why did Spencer choose this place?t?

There are many different forms of life in these woods. What would
happen if the virus were to leak out? If only an insect were infected,
it is small in size and probably would not go through a big mutation.
But insects could spread the virus at an incredible rate. If this were
to happen, how far would the T-virus spread? If it were a plant that
was infected, the plant itself could not move and would seem safe. But
what about the seeds the plants give out?

It would be very dangerous for such a case to happen. Now that I think
about it, it was a smart move for the Ashfords to locate their facility
in Antarctica. But here it almost seems like someone wants the virus to
spread. But that could not be possible. What is Spencer trying to make
us do?

This issue was far too great and I could not discuss this with any other
researcher. The only one who I could talk to was Birkin, but he probably
wouldn't be interested. I need more information. I had started to realize
my limits as a simple researcher. To find out what Spencer was truly
thinking, I needed to get to a position where I could obtain more information.

For that I would throw away all my current positions. But I cannot
do this quickly. I could not let Spencer notice my plans for if so,
everything would be over.

I had continued to do research with Birkin so that no one would detect
my intentions. During that time, that 'woman test subject' was forgotten.
A "failure" that just lived on. Until that day, 5 years later.....

The 11th summer had come since we started working at this facility. I
was 28 at the time. Birkin had become a father to a 2 year old girl.
The wife was a also a researcher at the facility. It was natural that
people who conducted research at the same facility fall in love and have
children. But a normal person would not be able to continue research at
this place. Everyone who is still here is crazy.

We had gone into phase three of our plan in the ten years. A programmed
life, to be used a soldier, a bio-weapon for combat. This bio-weapon
was to be called the "Tyrant". But this project had a huge problem from
the start. Finding a test subject for this Tyrant was easier said than
done. There were very few who were qualified enough to become the Tyrant.

This was due to the nature of the T-virus. Any human could be used to
make a zombie or a hunter but their intelligence would be lost in the
process. A certain amount of intelligence was needed to create a Tyrant.
Birkin had created a different way of creating the Tyrant to compensate
for this problem. But only a very small amount of people could be used
for this different way. In the simulation, only 1 out of 100000000 mutated
into a Tyrant, the rest became zombies.

If our research continued, we could create a different kind of T-virus
that was compatible with far more people. But for this to happen we
needed another test subject. But even if we searched through all of
America, we would only find ten or so people that were compatible.
Other research facilities had encountered the same problem. We ran
into a wall even before our research began.

But we had recieved word that the Europe facility had devised a plan
to conquer this problem in phase 3. This was the Nemesis project. I
had urged Birkin to get a sample of the project to further our own
research. Although Birkin had strongly opposed, I convinced him otherwise.
Until we found a compatible host our research would not proceed forward,
and Birkin had to accept this.

We had received the package a few days later with a number of precautions
written on it. The package brought to heliport was in a small box labeled
"Nemesis Project". To gain this sample from the France facility required
quite there effort, and credit for this accomplishment went to Spencer for
backing us up. Birkin took no interest in the package till the end but had
at least admitted to tests. The sample was new and was for test purposes.

A biological life form created by manipualting DNA. That was the what
the Nemesis was. The intelligence was the only thing enhanced and this
lifeform alone, could not do anything. But once it finds a host, it
becomes a parasite and would take over that host and would cause it
to have incredible combat ability. The host for the weapon and the
parasite would be made separately and later the intelligence of the
parasite and the body of the host would be combined to create a bio-weapon.
If this were to succeed it would overcome the problem of the intelligence
and we could create a bio-weapon. But the problem was when the parasite
takes over the host.

In the research files, the only information recorded was the death of
each host once taken over by the parasite sample. Within 5 minutes of
the parasite taking over, the host would die. But we were already
aware of the danger that lied in the prototype. If we could prolong
the time the host would survive, we would gain the credit to the "Nemesis
project". That was my plan. The host would be that women test subject.

Her incredible life rate could survive longer against the Nemesis
prototype. And even if it failed, nothing would change on our side.

But the test had created a result I had not expected. The Nemesis
prototype that tried to enter her brain had disappeared. At first,
we could not tell what had happenned. We did not expect her to consume
the Nemesis. That was the beginning. Something was happenning inside
that failed experiment. We had decided to start research on her from

In the past ten years, we had conducted every bit of research
possible on her, but we had decided to throw all those files away.
Within the 21 years that she lived, something was beginning to show.
Only Birkin had begun to notice the change. Indeed, something had
begun to change inside her.

But that was something totally different from the T-virus project.
Something new and would bring a new idea to us.

The project which changed our destiny, the "G-virus project"

it had been 17 years since I first came to this place. Every time I come
here, I remember the smell of the wind from that day. The buildings and
the surroundings all looked the same as before. On the heliport, I could
see Birkin. It has been a long time since I've seen him. Four years have
passed since I left Arklay labs.

4 years ago, when Birkin's G-virus project was authorized, I requested
to be transferred to the secret (intelligence) service. This was easily
authorized. Most people saw it as a natural change, going from the research
profession to another field. In reality, the research conducted on the
G-virus was far above my level. Even if I wasn't out to discover what
Spencer was truly thinking, I could feel my limits as a researcher had
reached their peak.

Even as the wind blew, Birkin didn't take his eyes off of his research
files. He came to Arklay quite often, even though he was not employed
here anymore. Not too long ago, an underground lab under Racoon City
was built. This was the place that Birkin's G-virus project would take
shape. To be honest, I didnt think that Spencer would authorize "G". I
thought this because "G" was considered far from being a weapon, and
had too many unknowns about it.

"G" was slightly different from "T-virus" because the host would
spontaneously react to the virus at a repetitive rate. It was very
easy for a mutation to occur since the DNA would be open to a virus.
But this is isolated to the virus itself and not the host's DNA. Even
if the virus could cause some form of change, it would be rare for the
host's DNA to become mutated. Enter an ouside force such as radiation,
and it would be a different story. But in the case of "G" it was different.
Even without an outside force the "G" would keep mutating the host until

Something very similar in nature did exist within the T-virus though.
When a bio-weapon is put in a specific area, the virus inside the host
would cause some form of mutation. This has already been confirmed. But
for this an ouside force was always needed. But the "G" has no need for
such an element. No one can predict the pattern of the mutations. And
even if we could think of a way to stop the mutation, the virus would
just improvise.

7 years ago Birkin discovered this in that woman. At first look the woman
appeared to have no physical changes. But inside of her various mutations
had occurred, each consuming every kind of virus we injected her with, and
had continued to live on. Over a period of 21 years, it had mutated so
much that it would even consume the Nemesis. The G-virus project was to
take this mutation to highest point possible. But this could lead to the
"Ultimate life form" or it could end in complete disaster

.....could this be called a weapon?

What was Spencer thinking when he authorized this project? Even when I
moved to the secret intelligence service I could not find out anything
about Spencer's train of thought during these 4 years. Spencer hasn't
been to Arklay labs in a while now. Almost as if he is expecting something
to happen there. Spencer was slowly drifting away from me, just as an oasis
in a desert. But my chance will come soon enough. Thats if I can live until

The elevator took Birkin and I to the highest level in the lab. To that
place where we first saw that woman. There, we met the new research leader,
John. He had come from a Chicago lab and was an excellent researcher, but he
was too normal to work in a place like this. He had started to question the
motives of the research, and had repeatedly questioned the superiors.

This news reached my ears in the secret (intelligence) service. If information
had been leaked out, he would be the first to go? This was the general
opinion amongst the masses.

We both ignored John and started the clean-up of that woman. We had
to kill her. When she had consumed Nemesis she started to regain some
intelligence and exhibited some preculiar behaviors. The behavior would
worsen. She would ripped off another womans face and would wear it herself.
According to the records she showed the same behaviors when she was first
injected with the original virus. Recently three researchers had been
killed as a result of her behavior, and this is what prompted her immediate
termination. Because the "G project" was progressing so well, we had
no use for her.

Her death was confirmed over the course of 3 days, and her "dead body"
was carried somewhere by the president. After all was said and done, no
one knew who she was or why she was here. But this was also true of any
of the other test subjects. If she had not been here the G-project would
not have existed. Both Birkin and I would had be in completely different
situations. I had this on my mind as I left the Arklay labs.

How far was Spencer planning on taking this?
(the "incident" would happen 3 years later)



End Section

| Dan Burlow and Tom Wilde's  |
\_______Plot Analasis_________/

Written by the two above people, who are by far the greatest plot analysers!

i. A Summary of the Basic Plot of RESIDENT EVIL

Following the strange deaths of a number of citizens of Raccoon
City, the local police department has put the Special Tactics
and Rescue Service, a special force dedicated to stopping local
terrorist activity, on the case. The STARS immediately sent
its Bravo team, led by Enrico Marini, into the Raccoon Forest,
where several of the murders occurred.

The Bravo team promptly disappears. On the night of July 24th,
the STARS Alpha team follows the Bravos into the forest by
helicopter, looking for clues as to their disappearance.

They soon find the Bravo team's helicopter... and the helicopter's
pilot, dead and mangled beyond recognition. The architects of this
massacre, a pack of wild dogs, soon spring an ambush, which kills
Joseph Frost, a member of the Alpha team. The rest of the team
attempts to fight the dogs off, but the dogs don't seem to mind
gunshot wounds.

The whole situation proves too much for Brad Vickers, also known
as "Chickenheart," the helicopter pilot for the Alpha team. He
panics, and takes off, leaving the rest of the Alpha team stranded
on the ground. After a headlong flight through the woods, the Alpha
team takes shelter inside the nearby Spencer mansion, an old estate
which was supposedly abandoned.

The player's role in the game begins at this point. As either Chris
Redfield or Jill Valentine, two of the five survivors of the Alpha
team, the player must find out just what's happening here, while
defending himself against the mansion's current inhabitants. Chris
will run into Rebecca Chambers, the field medic and lone survivor
of the STARS Bravo team, while Jill will be assisted by Barry Burton,
a police veteran and fellow Alpha team member. The game unfolds
differently depending on which character is chosen.

The character's investigation of the mansion begins with Albert
Wesker, the captain of the STARS Alpha team, instructing the character
to check out the source of a nearby gunshot. Upon investigating, the
character finds Kenneth Sullivan, a member of the Bravo team, dead
on the floor... and crouching over him is the zombie that killed him.
When the character tries to report back to Wesker, he's vanished.

Wesker's disappearance is the beginning of a long stretch of bad
luck. The mansion is inhabited by hordes of flesh-eating zombies,
killer crows, more dogs, and a giant snake. Further, the zombies
must be decapitated or incinerated, or a "dead" zombie will mutate
into the clawed abomination that the mansion's late inhabitants
have nicknamed a "Crimson Head." Fortunately, there are more
powerful weapons and ammunition hidden within the mansion, as
well as stores of kerosene to use against the zombies.

As the character advances through the mansion and the outlying
buildings, discarded papers and uncovered journals begin to hint
at what's really happened here. Apparently, the people who once
lived here were working on some kind of experiment, and that
experiment has gone awry. Notes from the mansion's original
architect, George Trevor, reveal how the mansion's new owners
left him to die in the mansion's hidden labyrinths, and how
they may have tortured his wife and daughter.

Eventually, the character manages to unlock a door at the back
of the mansion, opening the way to the graveyard and dormitories.
Here, in an isolated cabin, the character is ambushed by a twisted
parody of a woman. Clad in a tattered dress and shuffling towards
the character on legs that have been chained together, the creature
screams as it attacks. Conventional weapons do no good, and the
character is forced to retreat.

In the scientists' lodgings, the mystery only deepens. Other
experiments have produced a massive, bloodthirsty plant, codenamed
Plant-42, as well as a trio of mutated sharks. The character manages
to dispatch the plant with the help of the scientists' notes, and
the sharks are left helpless when the flooded observatory is drained.
It's in the dormitories that new clues to the nature of this mansion
are discovered; the powerful corporation Umbrella has something to
do with these scientists, and for whatever reason, the scientists
are very interested in the STARS.

After Plant-42 is dispatched, Wesker reappears, claiming to have
been separated from the rest of the team following a monster
attack. He tells the character to return to the mansion and finish
the investigation there.

Upon the character's return to the mansion, a new monster appears.
These "Hunters" are powerful and relentless, and rarely show up
alone. Although Hunters are now stalking the halls of the mansion,
the character is able to visit new areas using a key found in the
dormitories. Thus, he's able to find the materials to reactivate
an elevator in the courtyard behind the mansion.

The elevator lets the character through a secret door, which
leads to an old series of mining tunnels. At one end of the
tunnels, hiding in a dark cavern, the character finds a wounded
Enrico Marini, the captain of the Bravo team. He tells the
character to stay away. STARS, he says, has been betrayed.
Just as he's about to reveal the identity of the traitor,
a single gunshot rings out from behind the character, killing
Enrico. The character gives chase to Enrico's assassin, but
the arrival of a pack of Hunters covers the assassin's escape.

Yet another elevator, at the other end of the tunnels, takes
the character to an underground river and a loading dock.
After another encounter with the twisted creature from the
cabin, the character finds a drainage ditch, which has been
made, over many years, into a candle-lit hideaway.

In this hideaway, which looks like nothing so much as a young
girl's room, the character finds the last thing he needs to
open the last door back in the mansion. A ladder in the hideaway
leads back up to the cabin in the graveyard, where the twisted
creature was first encountered. When combined with the information
in Trevor's letters, and recently discovered research notes, a
sick suspicion may begin to grow in the player's mind.

The last door in the mansion leads down a long flight of stairs,
to the crypt of Jessica Trevor. It is guarded by the twisted
creature from the cabin. The character, assisted by either Barry
or Wesker, manages to open Jessica Trevor's sarcophagus, and the
creature jumps into a nearby pit after taking Jessica's skull.
A letter in the coffin removes all doubt; the twisted creature
is Lisa Trevor, who was experimented on by Umbrella's scientists.
She has spent the last thirty years in agonizing pain, locked
inside a constantly mutating body that cannot die. The ordeal
drove her insane a long time ago.

The character proceeds on alone. Trevor's crypt leads directly
to an ornate fountain, which conceals the entrance to the real
laboratories, deep underneath the Spencer estate. The character
descends, into the dank corridors of the laboratory, where more
surprises await.

Not only has Wesker betrayed the STARS, but he has been complicit
in this mansion's experiments all along. A slideshow in the lab's
audiovisual room identifies Wesker, wearing his characteristic
sunglasses, as one of the leaders of this group. He has been
instructed by his supervisors at the megacorporation Umbrella
to betray the STARS, in the name of covering up the accident
and generating combat data for Umbrella's monsters. As if that
wasn't enough, the team member that Wesker claimed to be
"separated" from was actually taken prisoner. He or she is
inside a dark cell in the laboratory, awaiting release.

Wesker himself is preparing for his last and greatest betrayal,
deep in the laboratory's storage room. He explains himself to
the character, almost as if he needs someone to tell his
secrets to. He plans to doublecross Umbrella by blowing up
the mansion and all its secrets; the betrayal of STARS was
simply to cover his tracks as well as the company's. To this
end, he's blackmailed Barry Burton to help him destroy evidence.

As the horrified character watches, Wesker unleashes the
most powerful bioweapon in Umbrella's arsenal: the Tyrant,
a humanoid creature built to kill. Unfortunately for Wesker,
it isn't very good at taking orders, and its first act is
to turn on the man who thought he was its master. Its second
is to come after the player's character, who will discover
that for all the Tyrant's power, it has a glass jaw. A few
Magnum rounds or acid grenades drop it in its tracks.

The character must now run for his life. The laboratory's
self-destruct sequence has been activated (either by Wesker
or by a well-meaning Rebecca), and very little time remains
before the entire mansion is blown sky-high. Rescuing the
captive STARS member in the back room, the character runs
out to the mansion's helipad and signals Brad "Chickenheart"
Vickers. Brad has been circling above the forest all this
time, awaiting word from one of his teammates. He sees the
character's signal flare, he descends to the helipad.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy. With two minutes left
on the self-destruct device's timer, the Tyrant bursts from
the rooftop. It has shaken off the sluggishness from its
months of storage, and now moves with the controlled strength
and speed of a freight train. Even with help from Barry or
Rebecca, the character is barely able to stay alive.

With seconds to go before detonation, Brad Vickers drops a
rocket launcher onto the helipad. An anti-tank rocket proves
to be more than even the Tyrant can handle, and it's blown
to pieces.

The surviving STARS climb onto Brad's helicopter. As Brad
lifts off, the Spencer estate explodes into a pillar of
flame. The STARS are left battered and bloodied, but alive...
with a story to tell that no one will believe.

ii. Story Differences Between Chris and Jill's Games

1. At various points in Jill's game, you may run into Barry,
who's acting very suspicious. You'll find him in the aquarium
room on the second floor at one point, where he's destroying
evidence (he'll already have torn the first couple of pages
off of the Researcher's Will file). You can also overhear a
conversation between him and Wesker outside Dormitory 002.
To trigger the encounters with Barry, discover Kenneth's
body, and return to the dining room without fighting the

2. If Chris is poisoned by the giant snake, you'll take control
of Rebecca, who'll have to get Chris some serum from the
infirmary. If Jill's poisoned, she'll pass out in the hall
outside the attic, and wakes up in the infirmary at full health.

3. Jill can manufacture V-Jolt by herself, then use it in the
boardroom in the Aqua Ring to weaken Plant-42. When she enters
that room, Plant-42 will grab her, and Barry will come in with
a flamethrower to rescue Jill. Chris has to fight the plant on
his own, unless Richard died in the mansion attic; if that's
the case, Rebecca will have to save Chris by making V-Jolt.

4. In the final encounter with Lisa Trevor, Jill will find
Barry standing over Jessica's coffin. When Barry tries to
point his gun at her, Jill takes it away from him and points
it at him. Then, when Lisa arrives, the player can choose
whether or not to give Barry his gun back. If you do, Barry
will help out in the ensuing fight with Lisa; if you don't,
Lisa will kill Barry.

In Chris's scenario, you'll run into Wesker in Jessica's tomb,
who'll aid you against Lisa. If Wesker gets knocked off of the
platform, he'll reappear in the lab at the end of the game,
offering no explanations.

5. If your supporting character is still alive, it will change
the final encounter with Wesker:
   -- Chris, with Rebecca: inside the lab, Wesker will
      explain his motivations and shoot Rebecca in the
      chest. While Wesker's standing in front of the
      Tyrant's tank, it will wake up and gut him,
      stabbing right through the side of its containment
      tank. After Chris defeats the Tyrant, he'll find
      that Rebecca's still alive, thanks to her bulletproof
      vest, and that Wesker's definitely dead. Upon leaving
      the laboratory, Rebecca will set the charges in the
      power room, which will trigger an emergency evacuation
      procedure and unlock all the doors in the lab. You
      may then rescue Jill and get to the helipad.
   -- Chris, alone: Wesker will be slain by the Tyrant, and
      drops the Master Key. You can use that key to open
      Jill's cell door and to get to the helipad.
   -- Jill, with Barry: Barry will hold Jill at gunpoint
      when she enters the lab. Wesker will gloat to Jill
      about his plan, but in so doing, will let slip that
      the threat he's been holding against Barry was a
      bluff; his family isn't in any danger. Barry will
      unexpectedly overhear that and knock Wesker
      unconscious. He doesn't act in time to prevent
      Wesker from draining the fluid from the Tyrant's
      tank, however, and the Tyrant will escape shortly
      thereafter. It knocks Barry unconscious before it
      turns on Jill. After the fight, you'll find that
      Barry's okay, but Wesker's slipped away in the
      confusion. You soon find out that he's set the
      charges in the power room, as with Rebecca, above.
   -- Jill, alone: almost identical to Chris's scenario
      without Rebecca, as above.

iii. Differences Between RESIDENT EVIL and RESIDENT EVIL "2.0"

1. If you're a veteran player of the first game, the remake is
expressly designed to mess with your head. In the event that
a puzzle or ambush has carried over to the remake from the
first game, there's usually a different solution, another
wrinkle to the puzzle, or monsters come from completely
unexpected directions. (Zombies and Hunters can open doors.)

2. Richard Aiken would die no matter what you did in the
first game, regardless of how quickly you brought him the
serum. In the remake, saving Richard will let him survive
until you fight the giant snake (Jill's game) or enter the
Aqua Ring (Chris's game), at which point something will
eat him. If you save him, he'll give you his radio, and
you'll be able to take his combat shotgun after his death.
Richard's death also affects what options you have when
you deal with Plant-42.

3. The Chimera that haunt the power room now look a great
deal like RE3's drain deimos.

4. As mentioned above, zombies that are "killed" without
being decapitated must be incinerated. Otherwise, they'll
eventually rise again as the vicious Crimson Heads.

5. It is *much* easier to get your support character killed
in the remake.

6. Naturally, the biggest addition to the remake is that of
the unfortunate Lisa Trevor, as mentioned above. More about
Lisa can be found by reading Wesker's Report 2, as detailed

7. If Wesker "dies" in the encounter with the Tyrant, you
can search his body to find a file written by William
Birkin. In it, he writes about how the G-Virus is almost
finished, and how he wishes he could rub his success in
Alexia Ashford's face.

8. If your support character manages to make it to the end
of the game, he'll help you in the final battle with the
Tyrant, on the helipad. During this time, if the Tyrant
manages to knock your character down, it'll leave you
alone in favor of grabbing your support character by the
neck. Unless you shoot the Tyrant at this point, it'll
kill your support character, which will cue the fifth
possible ending.

9. In the original game's best ending for Jill, you could
return to the power room after the self-destruct sequence,
and you'd find a Chimera standing over Wesker's dead body.
Such is no longer the case in the remake; the power room
is empty.

10. The mansion wardrobe is now hidden in the darkened
closet in the east statue room. Check the large painting
against the back wall. It's actually a door.

11. Chris meets Rebecca when he enters the mansion attic;
she is no longer lurking evilly in the infirmary with a
can of bug spray. In REv.2, this is the first time Chris
and Rebecca meet, period, since as we learn in RE0, the
Raccoon Forest investigation is Rebecca's first case as
a member of STARS.

12. In the helipad encounter, the Tyrant can and will
bat an incoming rocket out of the way with its claw.

2iv. Random Musings

1. I have to admit that I'm disappointed with the remake.
They kept some of the stupid things, like Chris's low item
capacity, and didn't address the issue of Rebecca's survival.

2. The Lisa Trevor subplot appears, at first glance, to be
almost completely meaningless; it's just there to add another
Tyrant-esque monster. To understand her true significance, it
helps to hunt down a translation of Wesker's Report 2, which
is discussed further below.

3. The existence of Crimson Heads in RE lends additional
credence to the statement in Survivor that Lickers are
mutated zombies. If a zombie can mutate into a faster
form that's sporting vicious claws, it's entirely feasible
for it to mutate further into the still-vaguely-humanoid

4. Cinematic references in RE:
    -- the deer head in the study is from the 1990 remake of
       _Night of the Living Dead_. It might've been in the
       original, but if it was, I didn't see it.
    -- I may be on crack, but the end sequence of the game,
       with the Tyrant bursting from the rooftop, seems to
       be taken almost frame-for-frame from a 1990 Japanese
       sf film called _Zeram_.
    -- alert reader Jay Yencich writes to say that the
       opening title-screen sequence of RE is much akin to
       the death and zombification of Roger in _Dawn of
       the Dead_.
    -- according to Dan's official RE strategy guide, Chris
       and Jill's alternate costumes are from _The Mexican_
       and _Terminator 2: Judgement Day_, respectively. Chris
       is dressing like the Brad Pitt character in the former
       film, while Jill is dressing like Linda Hamilton in
       the latter.

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Guide Version History:
20th May, 2005:
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Finished story and monsters parts.

4th June, 2005:
Finished everything except That's Just Wrong and Walkthrough

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6th July, 2005:
Woo hoo! Walkthrough almost done! Also added the review, NOTE squares and inventory and health meter diagrams.

15th July, 2005:
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17th July, 2005:

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