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Follow the dark path or use the light
Oni Zero: Fukkatsu Pack Shot

Oni Zero: Fukkatsu


Menu Translation

by BetaSyndrome

Oni Zero- Fukkatsu    FAQ/Menu Translation
Version 0.92
By BetaSyndrome
Copyright 2010 BetaSyndrome
[email protected]
Date of this version: February 18, 2009

This FAQ is copyright 2009 by Alan Mao.  It cannot be reproduced, copied from,
sold for profit, or altered in any
way without my prior permission.
Oni Zero - Fukkatsu is a Playstation game that came out in Japan in 2000 created
by Pandora Box Creative Office.
It is volume 6 of Pandora Box Max Series. It is only available in Japan and
people can only imported it for Americans
and Europeans. This FAQ is used to help players translate the main menu options,
battle menu options, and help
players understand the character stats upgrade since it is different from other
games. There is also a section that
helps players through the introduction section of the game.

Introduction Section of the game ------------------------1
Main Menu------------------------------------------------------3
Jinzo Statue --------------------------------------------------- 4
Leveling up stats----------------------------------------------5
Battle Menu ----------------------------------------------------6
Regaining Health and Spirit ------------------------------7

Version History
This is the first version of this FAQ.
Future versions will be improved on this version.


Fixed formating in faq.
Added description of how to level up.


1. Introduction Section of the game

This section helps other players on playing this game for the first time. This
is to help other players to start their games
for this very unique JRPG.

(SPOILERS alert!)
a. The game begins with an unskippable cut-scene.
b. Then the player is allow to name the main character and his friends.
c. The game begins with a tutorial battle on the mechanics of the game,
especially the attacks and spells.
d. The second tutorial battle teaches the player on how to transform into an Oni
and their attacks.
e. The main character is then talking about he cannot transform yet while his
friends can already.
f. The player can choose to return to the main house which is at the upper left
g. Follow the world map until you get to the temple at the upper left of the
map. There is an Oni recovery shrine that the
player can use to replenish (‹S S) at the mid left of the map.
h. At the temple at the upper left of the map, there the characters will gain
stat boosting powers in the form of God (_)
names. By gaining (ϊΊ) points, the player can exchange points to boost their
stats a certain number. (see leveling up stats section below)
i. The introduction section ends here and chapter 1 begins.
j. The point of chapter 1 is to reach the temple in the upper left section of
the map and begin a dungeon with a boss at
the end.
k. The player may want to boost the character's stats before entering the


2. Controls

When the player is in map mode, the main menu can be accessed using triangle
The square button has no effect.
The circle button confirms a selection.
The X button allows the player to return to a previous screen or exiting back to
the map mode.
Pressing the start button allows the player to view the current map if

The main character can move up and down and diagonally and by holding down the x
button and directional
buttons can run.

Holding R1 down on certain maps when it indicates to reveal the locations the
player can select and explore.


3. Main Menu

This section is about the main menu that can be accessed during anytime in the
game when there is no battle
occurring. Here is the original text in the game and the translation as follows.
Below this are the descriptions of what
the menu options do individually. These options appear from top to bottom in the

a.  ‘Š ’k - Talk
b.  “Ή‹ο - Items
c.  εδ”υ - Equipment
d.  –@p - Spells
e.  ΪΧ - Details
f.  _ - Gods
g.  έ’θ - Options

Here are the options and what each option does in the game. This is a basic

a. ‘Š ’k - Talk

This option allows the player to review what is happening and see the
interaction between the characters. It is basically
a discussion between the characters and their comments and what they are
thinking during the situation.

b. “Ή‹ο - Items

This option allows the player to review what items the currently has. All items
including unequiped equipment will
be shown here.

c. εδ”υ - Equipment

This option allows the characters to change their equipment such as weapons and
armor and clothes gained by
the characters.

d. –@p - Spells

This option allows the player to view all the spells for each character
available. Each character has a set of spells
according to an element such as wind, fire, or earth spells.

e. ΪΧ - Details

This option allows the player to see all the status of the characters. It shows
the all the stats of the characters and
information on weapons and clothes the characters are wearing.

f. _ - Gods

This option allows the player to see all of the God names that the player has
collected so far and each status the
name can boost and decrease. These names relate to upgrading your characters so
try to find all of them. They
can be used at the Japanese Buddhist Jizo Figure (’n εU) where the player can
save and upgrade your characters
status (see section). For example, one god name will increase the number of hit
points and strength of the character
and also lower the character's wind attribute.

g. έ’θ - Options

This choice allows the player to change the graphic settings and volume settings
for the game.


4. Jinzo Statue (’n εU)

There are three options for the Jinzo statues. All Jinzo statues in the game
have the same options. These options follow
in the same order in the game. These options are listed from top to bottom
exactly the way they appear in the game.

#1 ‹L? ?? - Save
This is the save option. This allows the player to save the game on the memory
card in the first slot or the second slot.

#2 Level Up Status
This is where the player can use the god names they have found to upgrade their
characters. Each god name affects the
character's stats in a different way.

#3 Return to Map
This allows the player to return to the main map.

5. Leveling up stats

Within the game during the end of the introduction sequence, the characters will
gain the God names. Each God name will
have a different stat that it will boost or decrease a stat or stats. The
leveling system uses (ϊΊ) points and the only way to gain
these points is to have all on-screen characters use their single targeted
special attack. When a character is in the transformed
form use the yellow highlighted attack to contribute to gaining (ϊΊ) points.
Then go to the Japanese Buddhist Jizo Figure (’n εU)
and select the second option and use the God names to level up the stats.


6. Battle Menu

This is the battle menu when the characters trigger a battle on the world map.
When the character triggers a battle, the
screen turns a color then the characters are in battle with monsters. These
options are in order of appearance from top
to bottom as they appear in the game.

a. U? - Attack
b. –h‹š - Defense
c. –@p - Spells
d. _ ~ - "God Descent"??
e. ηzg - Transform
f. “Ή‹ο - Items
g. “¦‘– - Run Away

These are the options and what option can do during a turn in a battle.

a. U? - Attack
The command allows the character to do either a special attack or normal attack.
A special attack allows the character to
perform a special elemental attack that uses up MP.

b. –h‹š - Defense
The command allows the character to guard during this turn.

c. –@p - Spells
The command allows access to the special elemental spells each character has in
their arsenal.

d. _ ~ - God Descent ??
What this option does is unknown at this time. This section will be addressed in
future versions of this FAQ. It seems to allow the
summoning of gods to do something during the battle. It is inaccessible for the
first section of the game.

e. ηzg - Transform
The command allows the character to transform into their Oni forms. Not all
characters are able to transform at the beginning.
Transforming the character will use up a certain meter called (‹S S) that
cannot be replenished unless there is an Oni recovery
shrine on the world map.
When this meter is depleted, the character will go into berserk mode and this
will make the character that transforms uncontrollable.

f. “Ή‹ο - Items
The command allows the use of items during a battle phase. There are magic
points recovery items and hit points recovery items,
but there are no (‹S S) recovery points items.

g. “¦‘– - Run Away
The command allows all members to escape battle.


7. Regaining Health and Spirit

This is the default main character house name.
(“V ’n ŠΫ ? ‰Ζ )

The main character's house is the place to regain health and spirit, yet the
player cannot recover (‹S S) for transforming into
an Oni. The main character's house is the upper left house in the village. These
options are available in Chapter 1.

Mom and Dad are asking the main character would the main character rest for the
day or continue the play with his friends.
Mom offers the main character two choices. These choices are exactly how the
choices are laid out in the game.

#1 - Continue without regaining health and spirit. This option will continue the
game without replenishing health and magic.
#2 - Choose this option to rest and regain health and spirit. This option ends
the day the characters are in and they continue
their adventure the next day and begin again.

Have a great time with this game.

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this FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered in the FAQ,
even if the answers are not in the version you are reading, will be
deleted without response.

By BetaSyndrome
Copyright 2009 BetaSyndrome
[email protected]
This FAQ is copyright 2009 by Alan Mao.  It cannot be reproduced, copied from,
sold for profit, or altered in any way without my
prior permission.
Oni Zero- Fukkatsu    FAQ/Menu Translation
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