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Follow the dark path or use the light
Miss Spider's Tea Party Pack Shot

Miss Spider's Tea Party



by Syonyx

   Hello my friends!  I've come to see
     If you could please drop by for tea...

 *            *                         *                               *
          *                 MISS SPIDER'S TEA PARTY                *
                    *                                       *
    *                             *                                 *
                                   by Syonyx

 TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                   GAME INFO 
...................                                                 ...........

1. Introduction                                  Title: Miss Spider's Tea Party
2. Gameplay                                          Platform: Sony Playstation
3. Beetles' Crusade                                   ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
4. Grampy Spider's Dilemma                                  Developer: Hypnotix
5. Fireflies' Search                                Publisher: Simon & Schuster
6. Butterflies' Quest                                   Release Date: 01-NOV-00
7. Caterpillar and Moth's Adventure
8. Crickets' Mission
9. Bees' Knees                   
10. Mr. Ant's Journey                                               Version 1.0
11. Concluding notes

                                1. INTRODUCTION

Welcome to the ultimate Miss Spider's Tea Party FAQ and walkthrough, presented 
by yours truly, Syonyx.  I will endeavor to provide an exhaustive, extensive 
guide to navigating the paths and pitfalls of this diabolical game.  Watch in 
horror as your insect friends fall victim one by one to Miss Spider's bone-
crunching traps!  Recoil in disgust as she sucks the marrow from their very 
exoskeletons!  Scream with glee as she weaves her web of evil to bring all 
players to a horrible demise...  Well, okay, not really.  But wouldn't that 
make a good game?  I guess that would be more of a Shelob's Tea Party kind of 
thing.  Anyway, Miss Spider is designed for players of ages 3-7, but why let 
that stop the rest of you from having some fun too?  Spin that disc and sit 
back for some good tunes and good times for all...

                                  2. GAMEPLAY

D-pad: Move cursor.
X, O, Square, or Triangle: Make all selections.
Start: Brings up pause menu (only while in games).

How much were you expecting?

Playing the game:
After loading, you get the difficulty selection screen, and can choose from 
Easy, Medium, or, for those who want a serious challenge, Hard.  After this, 
you go to the invitation selection screen, from which you can take on any of 
the challenges in whatever order you desire.  Highlight each envelope to hear a
brief greeting from the character involved in the associated game.  Starting at
the top row, from left to right these are:

        Beetles           Grampy Spider        Fireflies

         Butterflies       Moth & Caterpillar    Crickets
           Bees               Mr. Ant

On Miss Spider's tea kettle, there's also a back arrow that, when selected, 
returns you to the difficulty selection screen.  You can choose this at any 
time to change the difficulty for the next game you select, and it will keep 
your completed games.

Note also that you can replay any completed game as many times as you like, at 
any difficulty level.

Please note in all of the games, YOU CANNOT DIE!  No matter how many times you 
drown a beetle or bash Mr. Caterpillar into a rock, the game goes on.  The only
way to end the game, short of turning off your Playstation prematurely, is to 
successfully complete every insect's mission.  And if that doesn't build self-
confidence, then I don't know what does.

Pause menu:
Press Start while playing any game to pause it and get three option on screen:

   Question mark (?): Choose this option to hear a helpful message from Miss
                      Spider about how to succeed at the current game.
   Pencil eraser: Restart the current game from the beginning.
   Envelope: Exit game and return to the invitation selection screen.

You can also press Start again to clear the pause menu and continue the current

                              3. BEETLES' CRUSADE

Covering the Beetles' River Crossing.

                                    "Oh dear, we wish we could be there,
                                     But we're not certain we should dare.  
                                     This river may be much too wide 
                                     For us to reach the other side.
                                     Still, we shall try to visit you, 
                                     If you will bake up cupcakes too."

The object of this game is to get 4 beetles safely across the river in turn.  
You do this by having each one jump from object to object, then jump into one 
of the four slots on the far side.  Use the directional buttons to move around.
If you fall in the water at any point, the current beetle will reappear on the 
near shore to try again.  Jump first to the rocks, then to the floating leaves,
then to the sperm (Whoops!  I meant the tadpoles), then to the logs.  On the 
logs, you can move left and right between all three without fear of falling 
into the water between them.  Use this to reach the more difficult finishing 
spot on the very left of the screen.

EASY - The rocks are stationary, and other objects move slowly.

MEDIUM - The rocks move across the river too, and all objects move faster.

HARD - The speeds of the different objects vary, and the sperm periodically
       dip under water, drowning you if you're standing on them (Dammit,
       I meant tadpoles!  Why do I keep doing that?)

                           4. GRAMPY SPIDER'S DILEMNA

Covering Grampy Spider's Picture Perfect

                                    "Alas, I can't, for I confess 
                                     That I have made a dreadful mess.
                                     I dropped my photo album there, 
                                     And pictures scattered everywhere.
                                     The snapshots are supposed to go 
                                     With matching captions down below
                                     If you could put them right for me, 
                                     I'll gladly join you for some tea."

In restoring the old spider's photo album, you will be given three photographs 
to choose from, and a caption below the empty space on the right side of the 
album.  Miss Spider will also read out the caption.  Select the appropriate 
photograph by highlighting it and pressing any button.  If correct, Grampy 
Spider will tell you so and the counter at the bottom of the screen will 
shorten by one.  If incorrect, you'll be told so, and the three pictures you 
are choosing from will randomly rearrange before you try again.  You must make 
9 correct matches before Grampy will come to the tea party.

And if any of you aren't familiar with them, yellowjackets are essentially 
wasps (it may be a British term, I'm not entirely sure.  I think I only know it
from when Hank Pym of the Avengers took on the Yellowjacket alter-ego).  

EASY - You only have to identify the object in the picture (insect or flower)

MEDIUM - Selection are based on object, number, and color in many cases.

HARD - Similar to medium, with some added complexity in distinguishing the 
       correct number of objects from the photo options.

                              5. FIREFLIES' SEARCH

Covering Firefly Concentration

                                    "Oh dear, we wish we could come by, 
                                     But on our own we're scared to fly
                                     Yet with our tails in matching pairs
                                     We'd boldly travel anywhere.
                                     So help us match our bottoms right, 
                                     And we'll be there for tea tonight.

This is a memory game.  You uncover two leaves at a time to see the fireflies 
underneath them.  If the two match based on the criteria determined by the 
difficulty level (see below), then the pair are removed from the board to go 
join the tea party.  If they don't match, they get covered again, but those 
fireflies will always remain in that spot.  So, if you uncover a firefly that 
is identical to one you uncovered earlier, and you remember where that first 
one was, flip over that leaf to join the two together.  Once you clear the 
board of all fireflies, the game is a success.

One strategy, to help remember what you've already seen, is to flip over the 
leaves in order, i.e. do one row completely, then start on the next, rather 
than randomly choosing leaves.

EASY - You only need to match the colors of the fireflies' tails/bellies.
       There are also more than two of each in the whole board.

MEDIUM - The fireflies will appear in two different orientations (ventral
         view and dorsal view), and you must match both the tail color and
         the orientation.

HARD - All fireflies have the same color, but you have to match both their
       orientation, and the sound they make when you select them.  Listen
       carefully, because Miss Spider's voice starts right after the sound
       that you need to hear.

                             6. BUTTERFLIES' QUEST

Covering Find the Butterflies.

                                    "I truly wish I could come by,
                                     But on my own I'm much too shy.
                                     I must find all of my friends, you know,
                                     Before I am brave enough to go.
                                     If you could help me round them up
                                     We'll come along and share a cup."

You will be presented with a series of three rustic scenes within which the 
butterflies have hidden themselves.  Move the cursor over them and click on 
them to make them flutter away to the party.  If you're having difficulty, just
systematically sweep the cursor across the screen, starting at the top and 
moving down after completing a row, pressing any button repeatedly while you do
so.  After clearing all butterflies for each of the 3 scenes, the game is 

EASY - There are 4 butterflies in each scene.

MEDIUM - There are 5 butterflies in each scene, and one could be very small.

HARD - There are 6 very small butterflies in each scene.  If you're having
       trouble, so the sweep-search method I described, but also check along
       the sides of the screen where the picture might be going past the edge
       of your TV screen.

                      7. CATERPILLAR AND MOTH'S ADVENTURE

Covering Caterpillar and Moth Obstacle Course.

                                    "We really wish we could come by, 
                                     But perils block the ground and sky.
                                     We'll come to tea, we surely will,
                                     If you could help us down the hill."

Mr. Caterpillar and Miss Moth each take a turn racing down the hill, and it's
up to you to help them avoid the obstacles along the way.  Mr. Caterpillar, 
being a ground-dweller, has to watch out for rocks, grass-topped hills, and 
bear prints in the ground.  Miss Moth can fly over the rocks and footprints, 
but has to avoid the hills as well as branches that stick out from the sides.
Both also need to avoid hitting the sides of the path.  When one of them hits 
an obstacle, they'll bounce back up a bit, and possibly hit another, higher 
obstacle and keep bouncing up until you steer them around.  Each one has 35 
seconds to make it to the finish line.

EASY - Some obstacles line the path.

MEDIUM - More obstacles line the path.

HARD - Lots of obstacles line the path.

                              8. CRICKETS' MISSION

Covering Assemble the Cricket Band

                                    "We'd love to come, you understand,      
                                     But first we need to form a band
                                     And on our own, to get that right
                                     It's surely going to take all night.
                                     But if you'll kindly help us through,
                                     We'll come to tea and play with you."

It's up to you to form 4 cricket quartets with every member playing the right 
instrument.  On the screen, there are four groups of four musical notes, and 
each note corresponds to one of the instruments in the boxes along the bottom 
of the screen.  You can either choose an instrument to hear it's music and to 
hear Miss Spider tell you the name of the instrument, then choose the note that
the instrument matches with, or select the note first to hear the music, then 
pick the instrument that matches the sound.  If you get a match, a cricket will
appear in the note's place holding the instrument.  If it is not a match, you 
will be told so, and you get to try again.  Once you fill a quartet, the 
foursome will play a short tune.  Once you fill the last quartet, the whole 
band will strike up a song, and the game is complete.

For your choice of instruments, there are four groupings, and up to four 
instruments in each grouping.  Each quartet is composed of only one of these
           BRASS: -Trumpet              WOODWINDS: -Saxophone
                  -Trombone                        -Clarinet
                  -Tuba                            -Flute
                  -French Horn                     -Bassoon

           PERCUSSION: -Snare Drum      STRINGS: -Guitar
                       -Triangle                 -Violin
                       -Bass Drum                -Cello
                       -Cymbals                  -Harp

*** Note!  They got the pictures mixed up for the Tuba and the French Horn, so 
if going by the picture, pick the opposite one ***

EASY  Each quartet is made of 4 of the same instrument.

MEDIUM  Each quartet is made of 2 sets of 2 instruments from the same group.

HARD  Each quartet is made of 4 different instruments from the same group.

                                 9. BEES' KNEES  

Covering the Bee Game.

                                    "Ah, we cannot come, I'd sad to say.
                                     We're pollinatin' flowers today.
                                     Perhaps if you could help us find
                                     The flowers that we got in mind,
                                     We'd finish up and when we're through
                                     We'd gladly share some tea with you."

This is another matching game, in which each bee will show you a thought bubble
with the flower they're looking for.  You are then presented with three 
flowers, and you must select the flower that is identical to the one the bee 
showed you.  Keep in mind, however, that the bees have very specific fetishes, 
er, preferences, and the flower must match EXACTLY.  See the difficulty levels 
below for the details that you must watch out for.  When you make a wrong 
choice, the correct one flashes momentarily, and you have to try again with all
new flowers.  Once you make a correct match for each of the 6 bees, the game is
finished, and they will come to your little shindig.  

EASY  The flowers will all have different colors, stem shapes, and bright 
       grass at the bottom.  As a result, you only need to watch the color to 
       get it right.

MEDIUM  The flowers shown will all share one of the three characteristics: 
         color, stem shape, and bright green grass at the bottom.  So check 
         the bees' desired flower for at least two of these to make a correct

HARD  Of the three flowers shown, they will all differ in only one of the 
       three characteristics, so you have to make note of all three in the 
       bees' dream flower to ensure a correct match.

                             10. MR. ANT'S JOURNEY

Covering Mr. Ant's Maze

                                    "Oh dear, I wish I could stop by,
                                     But I don't know which path to try.
                                     I'm stuck alone down here below
                                     And have no clue which way to go.
                                     If you would help and be my guide,
                                     I'll come to tea once I'm outside."

In this game, you have to help Mr. Ant through an underground maze to the top 
of the anthill.  Use the directional buttons to move him around.  The exit is 
always at the top of the area, but that doesn't mean that you should always go 
up when the path splits.  Don't fall for that old trick!  Even though I've 
drawn the mazes below for each difficulty level, you may want to try going it 
alone, so I'll give you this advice: if your stuck, try following just one wall
of the maze.  By that, I mean pick, say, the wall on your left, and keep 
tracing it.  If you reach a dead end, then consider the wall to follow around 
the end and back up the other side, like you were drawing a line along the 
edge of the path.  This will take you to the exit eventually every time.

Follow the dotted lines in the mazes I've drawn below to find your way out of 
the mazes.  Drawings are not quite to scale.

EASY            Exit
                 |* |
                 |* |          __
         ________|* |____     |  |      Start
        | *********      |    |  |       |* |
        | * _____________|    |  |       |* |
        | *|                  |  |       |* |
        | *|                  |  |_______|* |______
        | *|______            | ***********        |
        | *       |           | * _________________|
        | * ______|           | *|
        | *|                  | *|
        | *|                  | *|
        | *|__________________| *|
        | ***********************|
        |____________    ________|
                     |  |   
                     |  |

MEDIUM -                      |* |                  _________
                              |* |                 |         |
             ____________     |* |                 |   ___   |
            | ********** |    |* |                 |  |   |  |
            | * ______ * |    |* |       __________|  |   |  |
            | *|      |* |    |* |      | *********** |   |  |
            | *|      |* |____|* |      | * _______ * |   |  |
            | *|      |********* |      | *|       |* |   |  |
            | *|      |__________|      | *|       |* |   |__|
            | *|                        | *|       |* |
            | *|       _________________| *|       |* |
            | *|      |                   *|       |* |
            | *|      |   ______________  *|       |* |
            | *|      |  |              | *|      Start
            | *|______|  |______________| *|
            | *****************************|
            |   ________________________   |
            |  |                        |  |
            |  |                        |  |________
            |__|                        |           |

HARD -                       Exit
                             | *|
                             | *|_____________________
                             | ********************** |
         _____________       |_____________________ * |
        | *********** |                            |* |
        | * _______ * |           _____________    |* |
        | *|       |* |          |             |   |* |
        | *|       |* |          |__________   |   |* |
        | *|       |* |                     |  |   |* |
        | *|       |* |   ______________    |  |   |* |
        | *|       |* |  |************* |   |  |   |* |
        | *|       |* |  |*  ________ * |___|  |   |* |
        | *|       |* |__|* |        |*        |   |* |
        | *|       |******* |        |*  ______|   |* |
        | *|       |________|        |* |          |* |
        | *|                         |* |          |* |
        | *|________                 |* |          |* |
        | **********Start            |* |          |* |
        |___________                 |* |          |* |
                                     |* |          |* |
                 ___________         |* |          |* |
                |           |        |* |          |* |
       __       |   ________|        |* |          |* |
      |  |      |  |                 |* |          |* |
      |  |______|  |_________________|* |__________|* |
      |                               *************** |

                              11. CONCLUDING NOTES

There, wasn't that fun?  Here are some suggestions for enhancing the game even
          -Play it while under the influence (and if you have to ask of what,
           then it's ice cream and cake.  Actually, that wouldn't be a bad 
           idea... ;)
          -Host a tournament!  Prizes for the fastest players, or for the first
           one to get Mr. Caterpillar to shout "My eye!"
          -Collect some real insects and force them to act out the games.

If you have any other suggestions, or general comments or questions about this 
guide, please send them to [syonyx_faqs at yahoo dot com]. 

And to see some of my other, slightly more adult work, please check out my 
GameFAQS contributor page at:

LEGAL STUFF: This guide is copyright (c) Marc Lalonde, a.k.a. Syonyx, and is 
provided for free personal enjoyment only.  If you want to try to make money 
off of this guide, good luck!  This guide was produced for, but 
you may post it elsewhere as long as it is unchanged in any way.  Ask first to 
be nice, too.

Thank you to David Kirk for delighting children around the world, or something 
like that.
Thank you to CJayC for creating, the greatest game aficionado site
ever, period.
And thanks to you, the reader, for playing along.

Syonyx 2004.