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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Gbness

"At birth given scars along tender heart liberties...

                              An FAQ/Walkthrough
                          For the Sony PlayStation
                      Copyright 2003-2006 Richard Beast
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= justice for awkward living situated casualties." - Coheed & Cambria

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Legal Disclaimer
3. Contact Rules
4. Basics
5. Walkthrough 
   5a. Dan's Crypt
   5b. The Graveyard
   5c. Cemetery Hill
   5d. The Hilltop Mausoleum
   5e. Return to the Graveyard
   5f. Scarecrow Fields
   5g. Pumpkin Gorge
   5h. Pumpkin Serpent
   5i. The Sleeping Village
   5j. The Asylum Grounds
   5k. Inside the Asylum
   5l. The Enchanted Earth
   5m. The Ant Caves
   5n. Pools of the Ancient Dead
   5o. The Lake
   5p. The Crystal Caves
   5q. The Gallows Gauntlet
   5r. The Haunted Ruins
   5s. The Ghost Ship
   5t. The Entrance Hall
   5u. The Time Device
   5v. Zarok's Lair
6. Cheats
7. Credits

   ~+{X ME1 X}+ --- {  +~+  {    1. INTRODUCTION  }  +~+  } --- +{X ME1 X}+~

OMG, again? Oh no, you must be thinking. If it isn't that sexy Rich! Man is he
nasty, but he's very smart, very cool, and man he is the sexiest person alive!
Haha. Well, this is Gbness at your service. I'm happy to be here and throughout
this guide, I'll be your host through the whole thing. But first I must take a
big note: I can't be your mother through everything here! I mean, I shall try
to give you the most accurate information that I can, but it's not like I'm
gonna make this detailed to the point you're going to throw up at the length.
Just enough to guide you, so there!

Medievil is a cool game, but as some will be saying, "HEY, THIS IS AN OLDER
GAME" and other junk, but I just have to get it out of my system and say that
stuff is pure crap. Medievil has all the elements to be a good game, and it is
a very good game, believe me. It's got a great storyline with a hero named Sir
Dan who has been brought back to life from a big battle he's fought a hundred
years ago, and it also has decent graphics and the music is awesome. It has
excellent bosses, and amazing weapons. Overall it's one of my favorite games of
all time, so I have to do a walkthrough for it.

Yours truly,

- Richard "Gbness" Beast

  ~+{X ME1 X}+ -- {  +~+  {    2. LEGAL DISCLAIMER  }  +~+  } -- +{X ME1 X}+~

You are NOT permitted to put this FAQ on your site without my permission first.
All you have to do is email me or IM me saying you want this FAQ on your site,
then you can tell me your site and the chance is high that I'll let you. But if
you put this FAQ on your site without my permission I swear you will regret it.
If I let you, not ONE word should be changed from this FAQ! NOT ONE! Got it?
Good. Also, make sure that no money is involved. If you want this FAQ to be sold
on eBay, then just forget about it, man. And don't sell this guide either, or
pay people to use it, or you'll be in such big trouble you don't want to think.

Another little note is that I will not have this guide hosted on many other web
sites besides GameNotOver, GameFAQs, IGN, and Neoseeker. You need full-on
permission if it's not one of the four above sites. I am sick of people ripping
me off (I have been ripped off three times in the past), so if I don't like
your site, I won't let my guide be posted on it. I am sorry, but this is how it
has to be. If you ask politely and I like your site, you will definitely have
the luck of getting it up there. Thank you very much.

   ~+{X ME1 X}+ --- {  +~+  {   3. CONTACT RULES  }  +~+  } --- +{X ME1 X}+~

You can e-mail me if there is a question you wish to ask that hasn't been
answered in the guide, but I REALLY don't want to bother answering questions
that have already been done, answered, and done again in the guide, if it isn't
too much trouble. Feel free to tell me if there's something I've forgotten,

My e-mail address is richard_power1000 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Except, replace
the [at] and spaces with a "@" symbol and the [dot] and spaces with a period; I
have to write like that so I don't get a dozen spam bots e-mailing me and
getting me viruses. Just be polite in the e-mail, don't talk like "omg wtf rich
ur gides r t3h su><0rz & how du i beat tyrano recxks", and don't ask something
that's already been answered in the guide, and I'll respond.

And don't bother sending things like:

"You friggin' idiot. Your guides suck, you suck, and everything about you
sucks. DIE DIE DIE!"


"What the hell did you think you were doing writing all that garbage, you piece
of crap?

"I hope you fall down the stairs and break every bone in your body!"

"u su><0rz, eVrYtInG BoUt u sUx, dIe ass!!!!!!1"

I will laugh at such e-mails and delete them. So... if you're not just playing
a friendly joke on me or something, don't bother with that crap cos I've been
through with it too much.

Okay, that's enough for that. My AIM name is rbeast288; sorry, I don't have MSN
or YIM. The list is closed, but I'll add you if you ask politely via e-mail. I
like chatting with people, but try not to overdo it on AIM if I add you to my
list. Since I am busy a majority of the time and all.

      ~+{X ME1 X}+ --- {  +~+  {    4. BASICS  }  +~+  } --- +{X ME1 X}+~

Medievil is a pretty linear action/adventure game for the PlayStation, and
perhaps that's a good thing for it. It's pretty fun, but there are some things
that you are going to need to know. Allow me to show you here.

You can equip weapons and charge them up and release power from them. Note that
not all weapons have this blessing in them. Also, there are books around the
world that you can read to learn some things about Dan's ability and his
history. These can be very interesting reads. Also, you can defend attacks if
you have a shield equipped. Some interesting things.

There are runes throughout some of the levels, and these are used to open
doors. Speaking of doors, when you leave a level, you'll end up on a big map
where you can choose your destination. These are pretty much all of the basics
that you'll need to get yourself started on the game.

Here's a list of the controls... not that you'll need them.

X: Attack with equipped weapon
[]: Charge up equipped weapon
O: Jump
/\: Shield Up
Start: Pause
D-Pad: Move
Analog Stick: Move
Top Buttons: Move camera

And of course, you can't forget the weapons that you'll collect if you reach
the Hall of Heroes. Get the Chalice, and you'll get either a new weapon, some
money, or a Life Bottle. Not bad at all. Anyway, here's the list:

Small Sword

The Small Sword has a fairly short lived weapon, but it'll still be your
primary one from Dan's Crypt up to The Sleeping Village. It obviously doesn't
have much power compared to some later weapons you'll collect, but hey, once
you get the later swords, you'll never have to use this one again, so just bear
with it until them.

Throwing Daggers

The Throwing Daggers are hands down the weakest weapon in the entire game. It
takes several hits of these to kill anything, plus before they become
completely primitive (i.e. Cemetery Hill), you'll have stronger weapons than
these anyhow. I never used them once, although I did occasionally use the


Still very weak, and it'll become obsolete when you get the Longbow or other
long ranged weapons, but the Crossbow is still a valuable asset to your weapons
early on. Plus, it's much faster than any other long ranged weapon except the
possible candidate of the Lightning, so it's not a complete miss like the Small
Sword or Throwing Daggers later.


Here's another "miss" type weapon until you get a stronger one... first of all,
the Club is very strong. Much more powerful than your Small Sword or Crossbow,
but the problem is that it's slow and that it breaks with enough hits, and you
have to find a new one if that happens. The Hammer can't break and has the same
power, so after you get it, you'll only use the Club to light fires.


Your early all out power weapon, later to be surpassed by the Axe, but the
Hammer is basically the same weapon as the Club, except it can't fall apart but
can't be set on fire. Oh well, you'll rarely need to do that anyhow. Plus, the
Hammer can be charged to make shockwaves, which is very effective against some
enemies. You'll use this a lot.

Broad Sword

Otherwise known as the Enchanted Sword, the Broad Sword has everything the
Small Sword had and more. It's got FAR more power, as well as exactly the same
speed. Plus, courtesy to blue gargoyles, you can enchant the Broad Sword with
magic, as to do far more damage. It doesn't stay like this, but it's very
powerful this way. You'll never use the Small Sword again after getting this.


The Spear isn't for stabbing enemies, sadly... it's for throwing at enemies,
which isn't that bad, but you've really got better. Still, it's probably THE
strongest long range weapon except for a charged Magic Longbow, so if you ever
need long ranged power, you should come to the Spear or perhaps the Flaming
Longbow if you need the support.


Perhaps a bit faster, and a bit of an alternative, but the Longbow pales in
comparison to the Spear, in my honest opinion. It's not got the power, but if
there is one thing going for it, it's got decent speed and ammunition, although
neither are as good as the Crossbow's. Still, it's decent, so it's better for
long ranged fights, even if better weapons soon replace it.


Better than the Hammer in just about every way, starting with its charge for
throwing being a lot better than the Hammer's charge. :) You can throw it just
a bit, which makes it good for keeping a distance while fighting, but not
having a complete long distance brawl. Overly good weapon, and third best in
the whole game, in my opinion.

Flaming Longbow

The Flaming Longbow has less ammo than the Longbow, but not only does it have
more powerful, but it'll set enemies on fire. It's very much inferior to the
Magic Longbow (obviously), but it'll probably be the best weapon you have while
fighting the Shadow Demons in the Enchanted Earth. Coming right up ahead of
this is...

Magic Sword

By FAR the best sword, the Magic Sword doesn't need to be enchanted or
anything, and just like Sturngard says, you'll never use another blade again.
It's got AWESOME power, killing just about any early enemy in two hits.
Damaging enemies around you quickly for huge damage has never been easier, and
any short ranged weapon isn't NEARLY this good. Best weapon in the game.

Magic Longbow

Not NEARLY as useful as the Magic Sword, the Magic Longbow still has its uses.
It's probably the strongest long ranged weapon in the whole game except for the
very obvious Lightning, and plus it can be charged for an added explosion. The
damage is fairly good, and it's probably better than the Spear. Fourth best
weapon in the game.


Holy bejeezers, this weapon is powerful. From a distance, you can charge this
baby and blast anything nearby with very high powered and quick lightning
bolts, but it has a downside. That's if you've used it completely, it's gone.
Forever. There's a trick to get it back before it's depleted, but it's costly.
If it didn't have this problem, it'd be the best weapon, but it takes second.

   ~+{X ME1 X}+ --- {  +~+  {    5. WALKTHROUGH  }  +~+  } --- +{X ME1 X}+~

Well, here's the walkthrough. Hope you enjoy reading the walkthrough... and if
you don't mind, please ignore my sense of humor that may show throughout the
guide. I tried not to spoil anything, but if I do end up spoiling something,
then please bear with me. Anyways... here we go.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - N/A
<- \ /  ++ ++  5a. Dan's Crypt ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 0/5

The game will begin in Dan's crypt, where he was left when he died. The game
opens as he wakes up from the dead, goes down and meets two gargoyles. One of
them will tease him, but one of them has confidence in Dan. Anyway, Dan will
automatically go down and the gate behind him will shut.

Anyway, there are a lot of books around here in Dan's crypt. A lot of them
aren't very helpful but they tell you of the history around you... nothing very
interesting. Anyway, let's get going! At the beginning, you'll see you have
Dan's arm as a weapon. This is a very weak weapon so you'll obviously want
something a little better. Near the entrance, you'll find the Small Sword and
Throwing Daggers. Equip the Small Sword, because the Throwing Daggers suck. ;)

Go down the hall on the right side and you'll find some water and a yellow
object on the other side. Read the books if you want, but otherwise cross the
water to collect a Star Rune. Nearby, there is also a Copper Shield and a bag
of coins. Equip the Copper Shield, it'll provide Dan some good defense. Now go
back to the main room and you may see a white wall. This off-colored wall is
important later so don't forget about it.

When we're just about done in here, find the rock in this room and a green
bottle behind it. This is the Life Bottle... don't skip out on this! If you do,
slap yourself in the face and stop playing right now. When we're done, look for
the gate with the yellow hand on it in this room. Walk to it and give it the
Star Rune, and that's the exit to Dan's Crypt. Congratulations on beating your
first level, even if this place is so utterly effortless that it wasn't hard.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\  Chalice Collection - Crossbow
<- \ /  ++ ++  5b. The Graveyard ++   / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 1/5

This is the real first level of the game, and it's hella fun. At the start of
the level, you'll see some zombies up ahead. Here's your first chance to kill
something with your sword. Give them a good slashing, they'll do in two hits.
Right behind them there are two more and an Earth Rune. Pick the Earth Rune up
and kill the zombies, and then go to the end of this part of the level.

Use the Earth Rune on the back door, and it'll open to give you some more
Zombies to fight. Kill them with the Small Sword and then pick up the Chaos
Rune. It's red, in case you were wondering. Go to the huge door with the red
hand, and give it the Chaos Rune. It will then open... enter and then you'll
find a lot more zombies. Literally crush them to death and then you'll be in a
strange area with a fountain and an angel statue on the right... rather

The angel statue allows certain gates to open and close. Hit it until the gate
on the left is open, and then get out of this little fenced area. Also, you may
notice the Chalice of Souls there. You need to defeat as many enemies as
possible for it to become solid and possible to pick up. Anyway, if you get the
gate on the left open, by all means go through there.

At the end of the small path you'll be on top of a large hill, and there is a
Life Bottle and some coins here. Pick everything up, but don't jump down the
hill or you could possibly end up trapped out of the previous area, unable to
get the Chalice of Souls, which will mean you'll definitely want to go through
this level again, so just don't do it.

Return through the same road you used to do that, and then hit the angel statue
some more, just go you can go straight ahead from where the entrance to this
area was. Head a little further and on the right you'll see a huge gate. It
cannot be opened right now so don't bother with it. Ahead, you'll also see some
green steps and a fence, leading to some fenced in area on the left. It's not
worth bothering with so don't waste time. Go ahead and to the left. Beat up
some more zombies and then go to the right.

Down these steps you will see some more zombies. If you defeat them and every
other zombie in this place, you should be able to get the Chalice of Souls.
Perhaps beat some more Zombies up, but otherwise go back to the Chalice of
Souls. After you are done, just go a little further to the water. Cross this
bridge and AVOID THE DEEP WATER, and then go through the door. According to the
gargoyle, this is where Zarok lies.

You did collect the Chalice of Souls, did you not? If you did, you'll
automatically be taken to the Hall of Heroes instead of Cemetery Hill. This is
a large room with statues of heroes, and always when you come here, one of them
is flashing. Canny Tim on the left will be shining green now. Talk to him and
he'll give you the Crossbow. Well, it's much better than the Throwing Daggers
to say the least. Now leave this place and let's go to the Cemetery Hill.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\  Chalice Collection - Life Bottle
<- \ /  ++ ++  5c. Cemetery Hill ++   / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 1/5

At the top of a HUGE hill, Zarok awaits. He will bring two gargoyle statues to
life and have them roll boulders down the path to the top of the hill and will
then disappear. Near the entrance, you'll find a book, so read it if you want.
Go to the left and you'll see some lava. DON'T JUMP INTO IT, it really burns.
Climb up the path and jump up the stairs. On the stairs, you will avoid all
boulders except the red ones. Those go down the stairs.

Try to locate a wall around there, and then jump behind the wall. You will find
two Gnolls and the Club. Take the Club first, then smack the Gnolls. They
shouldn't be too hard, but avoid their attacks. On the campfire here, stick the
Club into it to light it. You might find a chest will a skull and crossbones
here too. If you open it, all enemies nearby will suffer some pretty good
damage, but it'll blast you away. You can find an Energy Vial and a merchant
gargoyle here too.

Get back outside of the wall. From the entrance, go to the right instead of the
left and with the club, smash down the boulder. We now have a new area to
explore! Kill the zombie here and then if your club is running low on fire,
relight it with the campfire here. Then smash the boulder blocking the cave to
enter. A gargoyle will give you some information of how unpleasant it is if you
talk to him. Anyway, ignore him and go to the left.

Some more enemies will await you in here, but they're not very hard... just use
the Club on them. Smash the coffin on the upper-right side of this room and
enter to find a campfire. Again, light the Club. Also, you can find a Witch
Talisman in here. Go back and up the stairs on the left and through the door on
the left to find a huge, dark room. There are lots of cells in here. Light some
fire in the middle of the room and they will all open to reveal a Merchant
Gargoyle, the Chalice, a lot of gnolls and zombies, and some money. Smash down
all of these creatures.

Once you are done beating the hell out of the zombies and gnolls, get that
Chalice of Souls if you can and buy some ammuntion for the Crossbow. After
that, get out of this room and back to the main area. This time, go up that
huge hill. It'll be good if you have the Club, because if boulders are rolling
down your way, smashing them with the Club will be worth it. When you reach the
top, Zarok will burn down the gargoyles and you can enter the building he was

As for the Halls of Heroes once again afterward... it's basically just talking
to Canny Tim again, since he has another little prize for you. This time around,
it's a Life Bottle. Any little extra bit to your health is good, and this is not
an exception. But anyhow, that's all we can do for now, let's get on and go to
the building that we could see in the Cemetery Hill. Exit the place through the
back, but before we go to the Hilltop Mausoleum, go back to Dan's Crypt.

Collect a Bag of Coins from where the Small Sword and Life Bottle used to be,
and assuming that you still have the Club, go to the off colored wall. Smash it
down with the Club to find a Life Bottle and two Chests of Coins! Very, very
good. Just get the Star Rune and give it to the hand and then get the hell out
of here.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - Hammer
<- \ /  ++ 5d. Hilltop Mausoleum ++   / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 2/5

This level was start out in a long hall, and new enemies called Imps. These
guys are pathetic and can hardly attack. If you have the Club, just smash them.
There are about four of them in this room, so give them all some punishment. At
the end of the room, you will get a new Club. Well, we can definitely use that
because our current club is a little worn out by now. Anyway, you may notice
that some of the floor is quite delicate.

On the left and lower-right side of the room, you can smash the floor to find
mostly money. This will be quite useful, so be sure to get it all. Proceed to
the upper-right plank and then smash it three times. It provides an entrance to
the area below. Jump in and you'll see a glass wall. Smash it down to find some
imps, in which should be met with a smashing with your Club.

Smash the red glass to your left and down this path, you should see several
nails on the floor. Avoid these if you value your health. They can smashed with
the club, by the way. At the end, you'll find a chamber with some Imps and an
Earth Rune. Defeat the Imps and get the Earth Room. This hall will start
collapsing, so RUN! I sincerely hope that you smashed the nails because they'll
get in your way running down this hall. Anyway, get back to the main room.

Right ahead you will see a blue wall, so smash it down along with any nails
just in case and then use the Earth Rune on the green hand on the right. Then
drop down this chamber. A thieving imp is here, so smash him silly before he
does something. Imps without torches like him steal your weapon and if they
manage to do so, you have to buy it back from a merchant gargoyle at a very
high price.

In the next room up the stairs, you'll find a Moon Rune and the door behind you
will open. Now you can move from here to the entrance of this place without
going through the long trouble of doing so! Go to the right and you will find a
mysterious phantom playing the piano and a locked door on the top of the room,
as well as the Chalice behind it. You can't get it yet, so just get the money
in this room, and the Chaos Rune which just happens to be here. A Merchant
Gargoyle is also in this room, just in case.

Go through the gate that connects the hall which you were just in (with the
glass at the top of the room) with the entrance and then go back through the
upper-right plank. Get down and then go to the right and smash the glass down.
Avoid all the nails and get to the end of this chamber, where you should use
the Moon Rune. Defeat all the Imps and get the Chest of Coins, as well as the
Sheet Music. Good, now just run out, because this room will collapse. We don't
want to be too risky here, do we?

After finishing that priority, return to the chamber with the blue glass. Go to
the room where you found the phantom and all the good stuff, and give the Sheet
Music to the phantom. He will then start playing another tune and the wall at
the top of the room will go down, allowing you access to the Chalice and some
chests of coins. Now go back to the room with the fountain and the stairs.

Head down to the bottom of this room and you'll see a red hand on the right.
Put the Chaos Rune on it and you'll find yourself in a very dark room with a
campfire you can push and a lot of nails. Avoid the nails and push the campfire
up and to the right. You will then see a heart and several colorful souls will
burn down and go to the room with the blue glass. Now... return to that room
and a demon from within the glass breaks out! Our first boss battle!

++   \\  Boss: Stained Glass Demon  ||  HP: 500  ||  Difficulty: 2   //    ++
|| The Stained Glass Demon really isn't that hard, but he has some tricks  ||
|| up his sleeve. He will mostly just attack with his claws throughout the ||
|| beginning of the fight, but when he gets his heart out, that's when you ||
|| have to attack. When his heart comes out, start berserking the Crossbow ||
|| as if life ends tomorrow, although soon he'll give you a counterattack  ||
|| by either firing red energy everywhere, clawing you, or locking you in a||
|| heart shaped object. What in the hell?                                  ||
||                                                                         ||
|| Either way, if this happens, just mash X to resist and get out, and then||
|| repeat the process. The Stained Glass Demon will take a lot of damage   ||
|| from a constant assault, and since he raises his heart quite often, you ||
|| shouldn't have too much difficult for this one. Providing you have      ||
|| plenty of ammunition and don't need the Throwing Dagger anytime soon,   ||
|| being able to stick with the Crossbow, the Stained Glass Demon will die ||
|| quickly, leaving behind the Skull Key and ending the level. Oh well.    ||

Hall of Heroes time, bro! Go to the new hero that is flashing, his named being
Stanyer Iron Hewer. He'll give you a brand new weapon in which he'll comment on:
it cannot be broken like a club can and it can smash anything. It's the Hammer,
and it's an excellent weapon in which you'll use a lot. Not as useful as it was
in Medievil 2, but it's great stuff. Equip Dan with it immediately and then get
out... but nowhere to go? Hardly... to the bottom-right here is Return to the
Graveyard... sounds fun.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - 100 Coins
<- \ /   5e. Return to the Graveyard  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 2/5

As soon as you enter this level, you are instantly ambushed by zombies. These
zombies are a little stronger than they were the first time we handled them,
but they should still prove no match for Dan's hammer. You should see some
coffins floating in the water, these are very important! However, this is very
difficult. The water is very dangerous and upon Dan missing the coffin, he'll
fall in and lose a life. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.

When you manage to get on a coffin, let it drift you to the end and you will
see a heckload of money ahead of you, as well as many Energy Vials. Get them
and then head up the stairs and go to the right on them, then jump off to the
right. You'll find not only Zombies, but Gnolls as well. They are MUCH tougher
than the Zombies because they do 50 damage per hit. Destroy them with your
hammer as quickly as possible, as well as any Zombies and hands that you can
find. The money and stuff is worth it.

You should also find a Merchant Gargoyle on the tombstone up the stairs to the
right. You can also pick up a Silver Shield and some coins, so get the Silver
Shield equipped. Buy some ammo for the Crossbow from him if you want, but
otherwise go up the stairs on the left. Some more Gnolls will appear, so give
them a piece of your mind. Go to that locked door and use the Skull Key on it
and then it'll open, to reveal several wolves behind it! The wolves aren't
dangerous at all. Just defeat them with the Hammer.

Go to the left and behind the large building in front of you to find more
wolves, which really won't pose any threat. You'll see a large lake ahead of
you, but not a friendly one. Ignore it and find the bridge that sticks out.
Find the Star Rune on top of it and go back to the building and to the yellow
hand. Put the Star Rune on it and then get the Energy Vial on the right if
needed, and then enter.

In the center of this room, the Chalice awaits. It should not be solid yet, so
nevermind it. Go to the right side of this room and several Gnolls will attack,
only for you to have Dan destroy them. =) Go to the end of this path and up the
whirlwind and up the upper path here. You should see a block, so with all your
might, push it into the lake. Ah, that's good. Now get out of this area and to
the area where the Chalice was.

This time, take the left path and three Gnolls will attack. Defeat them all and
take another path through the whirlwind. Find the block and push it into the
lake, and defeat any Zombies that you see. After doing so, return yet again to
the room with the Chalice. You should be able to collect it now if you haven't
already. When ready, go to either path and jump to the lake and on the block.
Go to the bridge on the other side for a Fountain, and go beyond the gate to
awaken the Guardians of the Graveyard, in which we must fight.

++    Boss: Guardians of the Graveyard  ||  HP: 600  ||  Difficulty: 1     ++
|| This is a fairly strange boss, but not necessarily a difficult one. I   ||
|| recommend having the Hammer with you at all times, since it's the only  ||
|| weapon that'll really do damage to these two. They're basically just two||
|| wolves who like to run and teleport all over the place, one being solid ||
|| and the other being transparent. The solid one is the only one you can  ||
|| damage, so when a wolf teleports and becomes transparent, charge your   ||
|| Hammer and follow the other one. Prepare to have some fun here...       ||
||                                                                         ||
|| Release the Hammer on that wolf, and you'll do about 100 damage to him. ||
|| Just a regular Hammer blow will do about 50-60 or so, which is decent,  ||
|| but you can probably do better. Even though there are the two bosses    ||
|| here, their combined HP is counted as 600; even if you do concentrate on||
|| one wolf and make sure that it's just that one, the battle will be over ||
|| once the bar at the bottom reaches 0. So don't worry about that, and    ||
|| just go on to win this pitifully easy boss battle.                      ||

After defeating them, you'll gain the Daring Dash ability. Excellent one, and
you'll use it quite a bit. Talk to the gargoyle for a second, and then leave
through the gate... the Hall of Heroes is always there supposing you got the
Chalice. Go back to where Stanyer Iron Hewer is and talk to him, and he will
give you two chests of coins, that's 100 coins. Bah, that's kind of a ripoff,
but it'll do. After this, proceed eastward to the Scarecrow Fields.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\  Chalice Collection - Broad Sword
<- \ /  ++ ++ 5f. Scarecrow Fields ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 3/5

This is the hardest level yet, so don't mind it if it's a bit of a bother. The
advice in the book on the right is pretty much useless, so don't mind it. Right
ahead, you will find some scarecrows. These are some of the most annoying and
deadly enemies that we have fought yet. Why? Because they simply feel the need
to release a bunch of crows on you. This is so annoying that you really want to
punch yourself when they do it. Anyway, go ahead and hit the crows to get rid of
them, although they aren't deadly. Use the Club to bash the scarecrows

Around the beginning of the area, you'll find a cart blocking the path. Hit it
to make it move, but first defeat all the enemies in the hay nearby the cart.
After doing that, proceed beyond the cart and you'll find another haystack.
Destroy every enemy inside it, and then to the left of the fire, you'll find a
Bag of Coins. To the right, you'll find an Energy Vial and a Merchant Gargoyle.
Anyway, you can probably see a gate, so enter and you'll be fenced in a small
area with a machine operated by an Imp. Oh noes.

I suppose you could say that this is a mini boss fight, but I for one don't
really regard it as that. Start from a distance, avoiding its occasional fire,
and blast it with the Crossbow until its head falls off. Hehehe... and from
there, just run between its legs and shoot at the Imp operating it from the
back. Couldn't be easier, really. After it's destroyed, it'll drop a Moon Rune,
which we can use right now.

Go back to the haystack and use the Moon Rune on the door near it, to enter in
some house. Break and enter, ya know. Defeat the bats nearby if necessary, and
then you can see a Club and the Earth Rune. One is useful, one is not, and no
points for guessing. Now get out of this room and go back to where you fought
the Imp's machine to use the Earth Rune. A little beyond where the Earth Rune
is used, you will find a dangerous windmill. Jump over it or you will be hurt
pretty badly. And pain is no good, right?

Once you get past it, a Fountain of Rejuvenation can be seen, and a little ahead
of that you'll meet two scarecrows, who are both waiting to be smashed by your
Club. Also, you should get a Silver Shield right near them. Now continue a bit
further to find another Imp operated machine. This one is a little worse than
the last one was, mainly because its head will shoot more powerful fire. You'll
want to avoid the fire as best as possible, so just hit it with the Crossbow as
quickly as you can to make it lose its head.

The legs are far more dangerous because they're extremely fast compared to how
they were in the last fight, and you have to hit it in the back. This may be
immensely difficult, seeing as how it will move quickly. Try to do a Daring Dash
when it gets to one side, and then get to another so you can hit it with the
Crossbow, and eventually it will drop, just like the previous metal beast did.
Also, you can repel the fire with your new Silver Shield, although that's not
entirely necessary.

A Chaos Rune is given to you for beating that naughty little Imp. Use it right
on the nearby hand, and you'll be on a straight, narrow path to one of the most
important parts of this entire level. This is an area with an important machine,
and a large field of corn. No matter what you do, don't get in the corn. Stay as
far away from it as possible. Evil monsters live inside the corn, and they knock
Dan out in one hit with their attacks. That's right, 300 damage right off the
bat, and they can't be avoided or killed. So don't try.

Follow the path across the corn, around the barn. More Scarecrows will await
you here, but ho; open the chest here, and the serpent lord Kul Katura will
break out, instantly killing anything it touches. And yes, it is YOUR ally! It
will kill all the enemies, which means that now you should run around this
place, finding new ones. Get Kul Katura near them (he'll follow you), and that's
the end of them. Make sure that Kul Katura is with you, and head to the left

When you get to the far left side of the area, hit the cart blocking the
entrance, to meet two scarecrows. Kul Katura will make mincemeat out of them.
Then go inside and you'll find a lot of crows and an odd looking machine on the
left. This is the Harvester. Unfortunately, it's way too high to hit. Defeat
all the crows in here (Kul Katura might even follow you), and then go to the
upper-right and you'll find a bale of hay. Push it to the left and jump on it
to climb up onto the bridge at the top. Hit the switch there and return to
ground level. The Harvester has been lowered. Yay, I guess?

Leave the barn and return to the haystack near it. Now go to the right and take
the path through the corn field, and you will see another haystack. Defeat all
the enemies inside it, and then cross the bridge right to the left and you will
find an Energy Vial. I'm sure you need it by now, at least. Go back to the last
haystack, and head right to find a path that leads to a windmill. Make sure you
collect the bag of coins along the way, because the lack of money, so they say,
is the root of all evil today.

You will probably realize now that one of the blades on the windmill is
missing. This is an advantage; just sneak by using the missing blade as a
passage. We are now being led to a huge area of traps. The first one is a big
spinning obstacle, which will go around in a clockwise fashion. Get hit by this
and you can kiss a Life Bottle goodbye. However, the floor is littered with
holes, so you can hop in one of those and not even risk damage. So just follow
the upper-right path to the next area.

The next trap is full of wood and spikes. The best way to do this would
probably be to get between two spikes, then walk slowly. If some wood comes at
you, just jump over it. Get to the right side of this trap and you will find a
Fountain of Rejuvenation. A much-needed one, at that. The next trap will be a
large grinder. Don't fall into the hole if you value your Life Bottles.
Instead, jump over the hole, or better yet just go along the walls outside the
hole while as best as you can, avoiding the hole itself. Very easy.

The fourth trap is comprised of spikes turning. This is the easiest of the five
traps. All of them are higher than Dan is right now, so you can just get under
the spikes and that's the end of that trap. The fifth and final trap is full of
spikes and a huge moving floor. The exit to all of this is just on the top. The
exit on the right leads out of Scarecrow Fields, but we aren't ready for that
yet. This moving floor isn't really that dangerous, just a little annoying.
After getting past it, take the upper left part for a Harvester Part and even a
Chest of Coins!

Now, we have to go through these five traps... again! Well, just get past the
moving floor by going to the left, don't jump at the spike trap, jump over the
large grinder hole, get past all of the wood and the spikes, and pass the large
wheel. Much easier going backwards than forwards. Then go back through the
windmill and back into the barn, and put the Harvester Part in the Harvester,
and it will bust a door open through the barn. Then you can exit in the path it
took, to find a large path cut out of the corn! Hooray!

This path is very rewarding. It has a Fountain of Rejuvenation, the Chalice, a
Chest of Coins, a Merchant Gargoyle so you can buy some ammo for the Crossbow,
and best of all, a Life Bottle! Avoid all the corn on the side though and don't
jump off into the darkness below, because that'll make you lose a Life Bottle.
Anyway, return to the windmill and go through all five traps, again. Don't
worry, this is the LAST time we have to do that. Except when you get to the end
of the last trap, go right instead of up. You will find a gargoyle who talks
about Pumpkin Gorge. So scaaary... so yeah, exit.

Time to claim a rewarding weapon for all that. Go to the upper-left side of the
room and talk to the hero there. He is a very grumpy man who puts pretty much no
faith in Dan, and demands to be called MISTER Woden the Mighty. Haha... anyway,
he'll give you the Broad Sword. This weapon is much better than your current
Small Sword, and it can even be Enchanted by a Merchant Gargoyle. Do this, and
you get an extremely strong force with you. With that being done, all you need
to do is leave.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - 100 Coins
<- \ /  ++ ++ 5g. Pumpkin Gorge ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 2/5

On a side note, let me just say that pumpkins are tasty. =D So anyway, this
place will start on a fairly narrow path, with some bombs of pumpkins around...
errr... uh huh. They will explode on you to do a fair amount of damage, so try
your best to avoid them. Just ignore them and jump over them. A little within
the path, turn to the right, and some roots guarding it. Smash them with the
Hammer/Broad Sword. A little bit in, you will find a Moon Rune, a Club, and a
Merchant Gargoyle. Some of the treasure is behind a yellow wall on the right.
The Chalice is also slightly visible in that room.

Smash the boulders that roll down in front of you with the Hammer, and then
look behind them for a Bag of Coins. Follow the path and it will lead you to to
a hole... jump out and you can see a house. Turn to the left, and you'll find a
lot of pumpkins bouncing around... walk up the stairs right near and you will
drop into a house. Three Chests of Coins, an Energy Vial, and a lot of pumpkin
bombs are inside the house. Destroy the pumpkins with your sword.

Exit the house and find the blue hand in the back, and then enter this house.
Drop inside and you'll be on a circular floor, but this has a secret to get you
up. If you move clockwise, the floor will move up. If you move
counter-clockwise, it'll move down. So move clockwise to bring it up, until you
can reach the treasure on the right. It's a pointless Energy Vial and a Chaos
Rune, not bad. Exit the house after that.

Find the gate to the right of the house and use the Chaos Rune on the red hand
and enter through it, and then go to the left and you will find a Fountain of
Rejuvenation. You'll find a big structure around this place, but ignore it for
now. You can also find two doors around, so just go to the left one and it will
open, revealing a big marsh. You can also find a book here that will tell you
about how useful the mushrooms here are. They sure are useful, as if you fall
into the liquid of the marsh, you'll lose a life. This is something we want to

The mushrooms are your steps across, as they will go up and down. This is
something you have to take note of, because if the mushroom is down and you're
jumping on a high mushroom, you can end up missing it and landing in the
liquid, losing a Life Bottle. Avoid this happening at all costs. On the last
mushroom, instead of jumping forward, jump to the right to end up on a wooden
floor. A Bag of Coins can be found here. Jump down to find a large mushroom,
and then go back through here and instead of going right, do a jump on the
right to a narrow path, through the rock.

This path will lead you to an Earth Rune. Right ahead, you will also find more
roots, attacking you. Give them a good smash with your hammer for them. After
cutting them down, you will be back in the main area. Go to the left and you'll
find a green hand. Give it the Earth Rune, and then go up this path to find an
Energy Vial, a Star Rune, and a Silver Shield. Crush the boulder with the
Hammer, and then get back to the bottom, and now go back to the mushroom marsh,
and go to the wide path ahead of them. Use the Star Rune there to meet your

A huge root awaits you. Smaller roots are all over the ground, so this is a
nasty enemy. Don't bother hitting the big root, because then you'll just be
attacked, and it does no good. Instead, attack all the small roots on the
ground, and then the large root will steadily be lowered. Continue until it's
just where you can jump on, and then jump on to it to find a Time Rune. Then go
to the right and you will find a white hand, with two doors near it. Put the
Time Rune there, and they will both open!

Actually, the paths don't matter, but just take the one to the right. It'll
lead you to another big root, but just ignore it. Two Energy Vials are right
near it if it or the previous one with the Time Rune did anything serious to
you. After doing so, turn to the left at the intersection (that's what I choose
to call it), and you'll find three boulders awaiting smashing by your Hammer.
Just smash them to go right ahead.

A Chest of Coins and yet another Energy Vial will meet you right ahead, but I
doubt that you need either, since you've had plenty of Energy Vials and you
should have lots of money right now unless an Imp from the Hilltop Mausoleum
stole a weapon from you... anyway, three more boulders will be right ahead, so
just smash them and you'll be back to where you got the Time Rune. Return to
where you used the Star Rune. You should now have enough souls to attain the
Chalice. Go back to that room in the beginning and collect it.

Now we're going to get the hell out of here. Return to where you fought the
root to collect the Time Rune, and take the left entrance instead of the right
one, and the path will eventually lead you to a mushroom. Jump on it and it'll
take you up. Now you can talk to a gargoyle on the right, who will tell you of
the danger that lies ahead. Anyway, exit the level to being the REAL pumpkin
schtuff. Once inside the Hall of Heroes, Woden the Mighty has two chests of
coins for you... yeah, right. Anyway, exit this place and go further to get to
the Pumpkin Serpent... this is the real part of the two Pumpkin levels.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - Spear
<- \ /  ++ ++ 5h. Pumpkin Serpent ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 2/5

Just head on a little bit and find the book on the left and read it, but just
head forward. You'll see a pod sack a little further, so mash on the swelling
part. After destroying it, you'll see that you've got 1 down, 8 to go. Behind
the house nearby, you'll also find a Bag of Coins.

Behind the dead pod sack, you may also find another book. This one tells you
that there is a witch here, and you can use your Witch Talisman for the first
time. Anyway, don't mind that right now. Near that book, you can find some
roots. With the Hammer, destroy the nearby Pod Sack, and look around for a Bag
of Coins. Now go through the arch right ahead.

Right near there, you'll find another Pod Sack. 3 down, 6 more to go! To the
left, you'll also find another Pod Sack, with a bunch of roots near it. 4 down,
5 more to go. =P A bag of coins can also be found nearby it. Now head out of
the arch and go to the right, while avoiding some incoming pumpkin bombs.
You'll then find a dried up lake with some poor fish jumping around with
nowhere to swim. Go up a bit and you will see another Pod Sack.

A Fountain of Rejuvenation and a Silver Shield can also be seen nearby, so pick
those up as well. Go back to around the arch, and you might just notice the
Pumpkin King. We can't fight this huge pumpkin yet, so ignore it. There are two
Pod Sacks at its sides, so destroy them. Be quite careful that you aren't hit
by the Pumpkin King's tendrils, however. Anyway, we've got 7 down. Only 2 more.

Go beyond the Pumpkin King, and you will find a whole lot of roots. Give them a
taste of doom, and then go beyond them and to find two more pod sacks. The exit
can also be seen, totally blocked off by a bunch of roots. After all of them
are defeated, the Pumpkin King awakens. He wants some big revenge on you now,
but for the witch here, let's give the big orange brute some "love", m'kay?

++   \\  \\  Boss: Pumpkin King  ||  HP: 1100  ||  Difficulty: 1   //  //  ++
|| Thought the Stained Glass Demons or Guardians of the Graveyard were     ||
|| tough? Personally, I didn't, but the Pumpkin King is just a plain,      ||
|| outright joke. He's basically just a large orange pumpkin with large    ||
|| tentacles, so anyway, if you haven't opened up the skull and crossbones ||
|| chests, start by using them to do some good 150 damage or so on him at  ||
|| the start, and then charge up your Hammer and smash his tentacles.      ||
|| Either that, or use the Broad Sword to slash them around a little, for a||
|| quicker alternative. Either way, extremely easy boss.                   ||

After the Pumpkin King dies, we have a couple other duties to take care of
before we leave. First of all, flowers are growing again, although some vengeful
pumpkins are still after you. Just find them and beat them until you have a 100%
Chalice, and then go to the entrance and look for the basket. Before, it had
roots growing from it, perhaps from the Pumpkin King. Now they're gone, so jump
into the basket and you'll land underneath, in a pond. Hmmm.

In this room, you'll find two Energy Vials, a Chest of Coins, and a Merchant
Gargoyle. If you want, you can buy some Crossbow ammo. Anyway, a little forward,
you'll find some rats. Take out your Hammer and smash every single rat, one by
one. You'll get coins for each dead rat, so that money will really go up
quickly. The Chalice can also be found midway, so make sure you collect that as
well. After that, get back outside and return to the arch. Check the cauldron
there, and take out your Witch Talisman. Told you.

As a little souvenir, the witch will give you a Dragon Gem, which has no use
right now, but is extremely important for something we'll need to do a lot
later in the game. So anyway, return to the area behind the Pumpkin King, and
you'll find the exit. Now, we're finally out of this hellhole, and we can go to
the Hall of Heroes to get ourselves a new weapons. Actually, a choice between
two, which is definitely better than one.

When you get in, head north and you will see that the stairs have finally
become solid! There are two sets of stairs, but they just go in a circle. This
is the first of many times that we actually have a choice, so... There is Imanzi
Shongama on the left, who will give you the Spears for throwing. There is
Ravenhooves on the right, who will give you the Longbow. I recommend taking the
Spear, because it's slightly stronger, although I'm not keen on either. After
that, just get out and go back a bit on the world map to reach Zarok's city...
the Sleeping Village.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - Longbow
<- \ / ++ 5i. The Sleeping Village ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 2/5

You'll find that The Sleeping Village is overrun by a huge number of villagers.
You may also see that your Chalice percentage is at 59%. So whatever you do,
have axes, and women have pans, and they will try to hit you. Just avoid them,
and if you want to, just hit them with a Daring Dash, which will stun them.
Don't hit them too much though, or they might detract from your Chalice
percentage. Everyone here is hypnotized, by the way.

Anyway, as soon as you enter a Gargoyle will explain about the villagers.
You'll also see three rats ahead of you. Squash them by jumping on them or with
the Hammer to receive two coins apiece. Go a little bit forward, and you'll see
a large church. You can go in there to read some important things about the
mayor, if you want to. Otherwise, go to the right of the church and then head
left on the street to enter a house, and you'll find a woman with a pan. Ignore
her and collect the Moon Rune.

Exit her house and then go to the left and you'll find some stairs. Don't fall
in the water down below, or you can kiss a Life Bottle goodbye. Go down the
stairs and hit the switch at the bottom to stop a water fountain. Don't head to
the middle of town to there yet. Just go back up the stairs a little bit, and
then to the left you'll find a Merchant Gargoyle. You may want to get some more
Spears if you chose the Spear, or some more ammo for the Longbow if you chose
it, and then go into the house next to it.

There are a lot of barrels and rats in here. Kill all the rats and smash all
the barrels for quite a lot of money. Make sure to leave one barrel though. On
the right, you might see a switch that opens a gate, but if you get off the
switch the gate will close. Push a barrel on the switch, and the gate will be
opened as long as the barrel is on it. You'll find a blue hand on the other
side of it, so put the Moon Rune there. A woman with a pan will await you, but
just avoid her.

Go downstairs and you'll find some coins, and a Club inside a treasure chest.
Also, kill the rats for coins. Now exit and run away from the man nearby, then
go up the stairs to reach a pub called The Troll's Head. Use the Hammer and
then break the barrels near the cage in a corner of this room, and then collect
the Earth Rune. Now go downstairs, and use the Earth Rune on the hand to find
an Energy Vial. Break the barrels for two Bags of Coins, and then hit the

Head outside and you'll find the Landlord's Bust. Now defeatable monsters will
be going around, and some villagers will disappear. Make sure you kill a
reasonable number of monsters. Now head to the middle of town. It's finally
time to make use of the fact you took out the water from the fountain. Head
towards it and pick it up, then look for the red hand on the building right
next to it. This is the library, so head inside and you'll find... well, shall
we say, what you'd probably expect to find in a library.

There are four books on the left, detailing the history of Gallowmere. There
are two books at the top that are basically just guides, and another book just
details the Hall of Heroes. Go to the guide books, and break the bookshelf next
to it with the Hammer, and you'll find a Bag of Coins and more importantly, the
Crucifix Cast. A book is also behind there, which really isn't very useful. Now
leave the library, and go forward, beyond the fountain, to around where the
church is.

When you get to the church, turn to the left and you'll find a house with a
horseshoe sign. This is a forge or something like that. Smash the barrels to
find some coins and a Silver Shield. Now use the Crucifix Cast and Landlord's
Bust on the middle, and then stand on the bellows. Jump on it about 15 times,
while keeping a good timing on him. Now the Crucifix Cast and the Landlord's
Bust become one: the Crucifix. Take the Crucifix, and return to the church.
It's just to the east.

Go to the top-left part of the church, and put the Crucifix on the altar near
the book. A gate behind will open, leading you to a book that the Mayor wrote
with info. You'll also get the Safe Key. Leave the church and then go to the
right, and you'll find a lake. Now be careful not to fall into the water,
because if you do, Sir Dan will lose a life bottle and die, although dead
bodies do have a tendency to be found underwater. Oh, and dead bodies can be
found there too! =P Just joking.

To the left, you'll find a gate. Enter through and you'll be up to a higher
level. Up here, you'll find some blocks of hay piled up, as well as some rats.
Pound those rodents down, and then jump up the blocks and get to the roof of
the house, and then imitate Santa Claus by dropping down the chimney. You'll
find two Bags of Coins. Hit the switch in here, and then examine the safe in
here. Use the Safe Key on it, and you'll collect the Shadow Artefact. This is
extremely important for an upcoming level.

Leave this house, and go to the upper-right and you'll find a hole that has an
Energy Vial, a Chest of Coins, and the Chalice right on the other side. You
don't have enough souls to get the Chalice, so don't bother trying to collect
it right now. The Chest of Coins and Energy Vial could be of some use, however.
Anyway, get out of this area and head back to the gate near the fountain, and
it'll open. Four soldiers will then attack you. I recommend using the Spear or
the Hammer, going around in circles, and focusing on one soldier at a time.

After beating them, you can collect the Chalice. The exit to The Sleeping
Village has come at last, but just go to the gate that opened with the Safe Key
and go through the hole to get the Chalice. Now we have no more business here.
Let's go, just don't leave unless you have the Chalice, that's obviously very
important. Hall of Heroes time, to claim the other one of the two weapons we
chose before.

Supposing you chose the Spear last time (which you should have), head to the
middle of the walkway up the stairs and speak with Ravenhooves there, who will
give you the Longbow. Eh, it's not like we really needed it too much, but hey,
anything is better than nothing; plus we'll get some upgrades to the Longbow
later. Once you're done, head beyond the Sleeping Village to reach The Asylum
Grounds... one of the most complicated levels yet.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\    Chalice Collection - Axe
<- \ / ++  5j. The Asylum Grounds ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 2/5

There really isn't any difficulty in this level as far as enemies go, but it's
got in total FIVE puzzles to solve. Can't be too good... from the entrance,
kill the Keepers that you meet on the way, and follow the path until you reach
a four-way intersection. Uh huh. Slash apart the dragon head if you see it, but
otherwise take a right and talk to a being named Jack of the Green there. If you
want to leave, you need to solve four riddles... yep, four. The first riddle
presented is:

                "At night they come without being fetched,
                by day they are lost without being stolen."

Guess what that is? So many things could be said about that, but the answer is
the stars. You may have noticed a star shaped tree near the entrance, so even
if you didn't, head to the entrance to find the star there, and then slash it.
Basically, we have to find five star shaped trees like this, and that's just one
of them. So anyway, return to that intersection with the entrance to the south,
and head west.

Head immediately to the right and slash apart the star there, and then head to
the far left and go between the two walls there. From there, you'll find a
single Keeper there, but just let him ring the bell. Really. Some more Keepers
will come out, but hey, they're no match for the Enchanted Sword or even the
Broad Sword; plus there's a star there. Three out of five. Now continue along
the path, heading down the stairs at one part to find a grass statue of Zarok.

Don't bother trying to hit it, just slash the star near it, and then go back.
Four out of five... and as for that final one, it can be found at the upper
right side of this maze. After that's done, go back to Jack of the Green and
speak with him again. Yep, you've solved his first "easy" riddle. Time for the
second one.

                "I live for laughter; I live for the crowd,
                       without it, I am nothing."

That's a stupid riddle, but anyway, the answer to that is a clown. Head back to
the area we explored earlier (you know, with the stars), to find a gate that
was formerly closed has been opened. Take that path until you find a bush of a
clown, with five stones shaped with sad faces around them. Two slashes of these
will make them happy faces, but they turn back fairly quickly. To start with,
slash each of these once. Once, and only once.

For starters, they all turn back, but at different speeds. The one in the center
and the one at the lower-right turn back particularly quickly, but the one at
the upper-right and lower-left are fairly slow. You cannot do this unless you
slash the center one fourth or fifth, so my preferred order is lower left, upper
left, upper right, then either center or lower right, so long as both are
slashed. Once the clown is surrounded by happy faces, return to Jack of the
Green for the third riddle.

                   "Face like a tree, skin like the sea,
                a great beast, I be, yet vermin frighten me!"

Much better than that clown riddle, I'm sure. Anyway, head back to the area
where you handled the happy faces, and take a further right to the area over
there, which has now opened. You'll find a bush with long tentacles attempting
to attack you, but it's no match for the Broad Sword or Spears. Once it's gone,
look behind it to find a Chaos Rune, and with this, head back to the entrance
and find a hand for a Chaos Rune... just insert it right there, and you're good
to go.

A mouse will try to follow you, so head north, trying not to lose it. Some cats
are along the way, and will obviously eat the mouse when prompted, so when they
are on the opposite side as the mouse, pass through. Eventually you'll come to
a long grassy area, with an elephant at the back... continue letting the mouse
go beyond the cats, as these besides the fourth are very easy to dodge. As for
that fourth, well, try and dash for it when it's on the other side. Once the
mouse approaches, the elephant goes nuts. Fourth riddle time...

           "I tolerate the moon and stars, I can't abide the sun,
         Banish me with torch light and you'll see me turn and run."

Hahaha... that's darkness, how hard is that? But anyway, head beyond the wall
that the elephant brought down, collecting the Chalice along the way if you've
gotten enough souls. Otherwise, wait until a bit later. Head to the west area
and through the path there, until you reach a small gateway in the floor to fall
through. In here, you'll find a very dark room. Bahaha, what did I tell you?
It's only up to light now.

Go outside of this room, and examine the exterior of the building to see some
brown markings, aka windows. There are some torch lights here as well, so push
their platforms adjacent to the windows, all three of them. Shouldn't take too
long. Light will now shine through the windows into the center room, so stand
in the center to get transported to the exit. ;) Well, not the exit of the place
itself... Jack of the Green will get angry once you meet him, and tell you to
find your own way out. Hmph, loser.

Anyway, return past the wall that the elephant knocked down, until you find
another Keeper with a bell, and holes in the ground. Finish all the Keepers
there, and by now, you should really have enough juice for the Chalice. Just
pick that up, and then go beyond the Keepers, to the very end of the place,
where you'll find a large chessboard. This isn't a particularly tough puzzle,
especially if you're a chess nut, like me.

The pieces here are the king (blue), queen (red), bishop (green), and rook
(yellow). If you've never played chess, the king and queen can move in any
direction, the bishop can move diagonally, and the rook can move horizontally
and vertically. You need to get them on their corresponding colored squares, so
stand in the opposite of the direction you want them to move to get them on the
squares. The only even remotely difficult one is the bishop, so once they're all
in place, a hole opens, which leads out. Heh heh heh...

Inside the Hall of Heroes, head around the left side of the top of the stairs,
to meet Bloodmonath Skull Cleaver, who wields an Axe, which is one of the
overall better weapons in the game. With your new weapon in hand, return to the
entrance and head beyond the Asylum Grounds to reach... inside the asylum. The
REAL fight begins here.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\  Chalice Collection - F. Longbow
<- \ /  ++  5k. Inside the Asylum ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 3/5

The beginning of this level will treat you to zombies. What, and this is a 3/5
difficulty level? Trust me when I say that the zombies are absolutely deadly
here, and if you're not on guard, you can easily end up dead. They do 75 damage
an attack, so you need to be very careful here, preferably with long ranged
weapons. Your new weapon, the Axe, can be thrown, so it's a very good asset
here. Anyway, this place consists of five floors. The first one isn't too bad,
if you know what to do.

Stay back and either throw the Axe or slash with your Enchanted Sword. Either
one should kill in one hit. The gate at the top is the only one open, and will
just send a few casual zombies out. Slash them all until both other gates open,
and at this point, you may want to switch over to the Spear, or just spin the
Broad Sword around, which is also a large damage dealer. Anyway, don't take too
many risks, and don't try to get in the middle of them, and you're okay. From
there, second floor time.

This one is much harder than the last one, as you have cannons shooting balls
down at you... anyway, we have the usual zombies. The cannons are very damaging
in their own right, probably even more so than the zombies. The Axe throwing
tactic works just as well here, although there come even more zombies this time.
Keep a distance, and do not walk into the cannon bullets, trust me. Anyway, when
they're all gone, go through the door that opens.

Third floor time... which can either be worse or better, depending on how you
take it. Along with the Zombies join Gnolls, which are more dangerous but a bit
slower. Handle them from a distance with the Axe, and then a bit of the Broad
Sword, until they're gone. Then some more Zombies will come in, but they're not
much different from what we've already faced. Once you're done, you get treated
to a Silver Shield and eighty coins, which are as usual, awesome.

Jump down to the next floor, which is the easiest of all five, in my honest
opinion. It's a circle, where you're mostly attacked by the very easy Lunatics.
They're fast, but very weak and barely even attack... just slash them down with
a bit of the Broad Sword, and then the gates will open, to reveal two Energy
Vials, a bag of coins, and a Merchant Gargoyle. However, more zombies will come
out, and at this point, you should have enough chalice juice. If not, no big
deal, really. Fifth floor time after they're all gone.

This is probably the hardest floor, but we're treated. More Lunatics and Zombies
will come out to play, but when a bunch of enemies come out of the door on the
right, just jump over and open the skull and crossbones chest... and then most
to all of the fifteen or so enemies will be dead, just make you run away. :)
More cannons, as well as lava to dodge, but they're both easy to dodge, really.
Just keep your distance and use both parts of the room to your advantage, and
you're good to go.

In the "sixth floor", which is altogether safe, head to the upper floor to get
none other than the Chalice, together with a bag of coins and an Earth Rune, as
well as a Fountain of Rejuvenation. Open the cell there to talk with the mayor
of Sleeping Village... heh, I was wondering where he was. He has a Dragon Gem
with him, in which you might as well take, as it'll help you out fairly soon.
With what you have, leave the Asylum altogether through the upper side... tough
stuff time.

But anyway, at the Hall of Heroes, you can really either get the Gold Shield or
the Flaming Longbow at this point. I personally prefer the Flaming Longbow, as
it's far more useful in an upcoming boss fight (the Flaming Longbow is from
Ravenhooves, the Gold Shield is from a newcomer at the upper-right overall side
of the walkway, Karl Sturngard with the large shield). So anyway, with the new
weapon in hand, leave the Hall of Heroes to prepare for my personal favorite
level in the game.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\  Chalice Collection - Gold Shield
<- \ /  ++ 5l. The Enchanted Earth ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 3/5

Yep, the Enchanted Earth is my favorite place in all of this game, simply cuz
it's downright fun. Remember the Shadow Artefact in which we got from The
Sleeping Village? This is the place that we're going to use it. Anyway, there
are some immediate frogs at the entrance, which will spit poison at you (wow).
They don't count towards your Chalice, so don't bother with them. Just follow
the path right up ahead.

At the fork there, take a left to get attacked by some plants which cannot be
killed. Wow, rebirth of Pumpkin Gorge. Head to the right and beyond that path,
until you reach a pool of water, and two gargoyle statues on the left. You can
NOT pass through here, no matter how much you try. The gargoyle statues will
just fire energy at you which you cannot penetrate, so don't even try. Just
continue on the path there.

Once you reach the end of the path, you'll find yet MORE frogs, but these, I'd
recommend using the Axe or Enchanted Sword to kill, because we'll spend a bit of
time here. After they're gone, treat yourself to a Fountain of Rejuvenation
there, and head behind the tree there to find no less than a hundred coins at
back. After that, head a bit back and up the steps there, and stand on the lift
there. Time to head up to a bird's nest. As a pre-note, I hate birds in video

Hop from one lift to the next, and on the top, make sure you kill the frogs, as
after we're done here they'll be incredibly annoying. Once they're gone, start
from near the lift, and climb up to the bird's nest itself. There are three
eggs here, and to break them, you need to push them off the nest. But as for the
bird itself, it'll swoop down from the sky and give you "the claw" quite a bit,
so my advice is to hold your shield forth when it comes. It's incredibly hard
to dodge, so might as well deflect.

Anyway, you'll get a chest of coins, a Copper Shield (bleh), and an Earth Rune
for pushing the eggs off. Now get out of the bird's nest and return to the
lifts, with the frogs hopefully gone. If they aren't, they'll spit at you while
you're on the lift, and you'll lose a whole Life Bottle, probably. No can do
with that, right? Return near the entrance here, and finally take a right past
the gate that requires an Earth Rune.

Take out the frogs with the Flaming Longbow or any other long ranged weapon, and
then jump the stones here to reach the opposite side. Now, when you reach a gate
there, put the Shadow Artefact there, and it opens up... but inside, heh heh.
Drop inside to find yourself in none other than the tomb of the Shadow Demons,
the ones whom Zarok wants to release. First of all, to solve a certain puzzle
here, look at the switches on the floor.

One switch is marked with a flame, one is marked with waves to represent water,
one is marked with a tree to represent the wind (yes, the wind), and the other
with some... other shape to represent the earth. You need to stand on these
switches in this order: fire, earth, water, wind. Once you've done that order,
the seal at the center will open, and what comes out is... a huge flock of the
Shadow Demons! Yep, we have officially done exactly what Zarok wants to do...
dark side of the moon time.

First of all, gates have opened revealing the Chalice (haha), an artifact called
the Shadow Talisman, and the exit. And at the exit, you'll find an Energy Vial,
but to do that itself (exit, baha), you need to stand on the eye there. But
anyway, once you leave, an angry gargoyle will speak with you, and to replace
all those annoying frogs, we have Shadow Demons after us! They are the toughest
enemies we have yet fought, so I recommend you handle them with either a fully
Enchanted Sword, the Flaming Longbow, or the Axe. The former works best.

Roam through the whole of the Enchanted Earth, killing every Shadow Demon you
see in sight. I had it around 60% before making the next step, which is enough
at this point. Anyway, remember the place where the gargoyles were spitting
red energy at you? Go over there, and at the stone nearby, put the Shadow
Talisman there. Then hop over to the platform there, to face the Shadow Demons

++     \\  Boss: Flying Demon x2  ||  HP: 1700  ||  Difficulty: 3   //     ++
|| This battle can be very hard if you don't have the Flaming Longbow, but ||
|| with it, it shouldn't be too bad. First of all, they have 1700 HP       ||
|| together. Now that is a lot. However, they each have 750 or so; they    ||
|| aren't like the Guardians of the Graveyard, who are as good as one boss ||
|| cut into two. The main difficulty isn't the demons themselves, but the  ||
|| platform that you're on. It will tilt as time passes, and falling into a||
|| pit isn't exactly that much fun, so to say.                             ||
||                                                                         ||
|| The Demons will basically send fireballs your way when doing nothing    ||
|| else, which can be blocked or dodged, but the platform is more of a     ||
|| threat than the Demons. Make sure you always stay in the center, ready  ||
|| to move when it starts tilting. My advice is to stay in the center,     ||
|| track a demon or two down, and fire a flaming arrow at it. If you send  ||
|| a flaming arrow into each, then that 1700 HP will drop by 8 every one   ||
|| second, which is more than it sounds, especially if you add Spears or   ||
|| more arrows into them as time passes.                                   ||
||                                                                         ||
|| When they lose more and more HP, use the Axe instead of those weapons,  ||
|| to whittle the overall HP count down as much as possible. Usually around||
|| the time that one of them goes down, the platform starts tilting, and   ||
|| one of the Demons will start hovering over the platform sending rocks   ||
|| down. This can be quite damaging, so stand on one of the edges while    ||
|| this is happening. Then when it returns to normal acts, just combine    ||
|| your Flaming Longbow, possible Enchanted Sword, and Axe, and win.       ||

May I also note that you got a Star Rune and that's what started the battle. ;)
Anyway, the platform you're on will rise... for beating that rather average
fight, you get treated to two Fountains of Rejuvenation, two Energy Vials, and
a three chests of coins. AWESOME, I say! Anyway, at the end of the path, drop
into the hole there to fall right into a tree. Heh, doesn't really matter. The
two Flying Demons actually counted towards the Chalice by the way.

If it's not full yet, there may yet be some more Shadow Demons to fight,
especially a bit before the Shadow Demon tomb, which is the Chalice's location
anyhow. Back in the tomb, get the Chalice there (always good) and then at the
exit of that tomb, you'll find the exit to the place altogether, complete with
needing a Star Rune. ;) So anyway, in the Hall of Heroes, head up the stairs
and talk to the second guy on the left to get the Gold Shield. Yay, or something
like that. Time for a nightmare of a level up ahead.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - 150 Coins
<- \ /    ++  5m. The Ant Caves  ++   / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 2/5

This level here does not have any remote difficulty in terms of enemy strength,
even if it has a boss to fight, but it's freaking HARD to explore. Anyway, to
enter the Ant Caves themselves, head back to the Enchanted Earth, and take a
left from the entrance. Cut past the plants nearby, and you'll find a cauldron
there. Summon a witch with the Witch Talisman, and after a rather witty
conversation, she'll transform you into the size of an insect. Uh-oh.

Anyway, the Ant Caves... talk to the gargoyle, who isn't exactly encouraging,
and take an immediate left to find a Club there... hah, that's outdated. Then
return to the previous room and take a right, using the club on the back wall
there. Inside the room, you'll meet one of seven fairies here, although this
one doesn't directly count to a necessary six, as well as seven amber. Whoops,
that's not important. Head to the northern side of the main room after you've
freed the fairy.

Slide down the path there to reach the part of this place which is actually
difficult. First of all, though, I'm not going to mention amber here, since the
majority of it can be collected by smashing larva or killing ants. There's more
than seven in total anyway, so it's not that important, and certainly not as
important as the fairies, which are all in set locations. Also, note that this
place is incredibly confusing, so you may want to pay particular attention to
this guide. With that, let's go.

Don't bother fighting the ants, as they're not too aggressive and there's no
Chalice (well, chalice completion) here anyway. Take a right at the fork, and
in that room, slash the larva to get some coins, and find a blue pentagon shaped
indent on the wall to free a fairy. One out of six. Some more ants which are
actually aggressive will now appear, along with some boulders to block your way.
Use the Hammer to cut them down and the Axe on the ants, and then head north,
smashing boulders as you go.

Collect the amber here and then take a right to get out of the boulder range.
Follow the path, getting an Energy Vial on the way, and break the boulders as
you see them. The next room is fairly large, so find the Energy Vial, three bags
of coins, and amber as you see it, and to the left of the entrance is another
trapped fairy. Continue along the left side of the room (from the entrance), and
then smash past the boulders that you find.

In the next room, take a right and in that room, take another right. Just how
redundant could they make this god forsaken piece of trash dungeon? But anyway,
at that right is a bit of a slope... when you reach the bottom, collect the
Energy Vial there and then take another right. I can never really tell if these
are the same rooms or not... so in this room, take a left. Finally, it feels
like fresh air.

In this room, take a left, and in this room you can find some various items,
including money, amber, and even a Fountain of Rejuvenation. Anyway, take
another left here, and inside, get anyway you find, including money and amber.
Now just head back, continuing to two rooms ago, and from the way you come in,
head further upward. In this next room, get anything you can find, just like you
would in any other room, and then take a right to reach a small room with a lone
Energy Vial. I hate this place.

Take a left from here, using your Hammer to break through the wall. Now we know
we're getting some place, since we're in a large room. :) As usual, get any
money and amber you can, and find another wall to break, heading through there
to get another Energy Vial and even better, a fairy. Yay, I suppose. Follow the
path into another room (I feel I've been here before), and then *gasp* take the
path up to reach another similar room! Gawd, just how many rooms are in this
blasted place?

Head north in here to find another fairy, and then continue on from there to get
to another large room. And no, we have not entered this one yet. ^_^ Directly
on the right is the fifth fairy so far, and a bit ahead is some more money and
amber, held by the larva, as well as some amber in itself lying about. Proceed
on from there and into the cave shaped area to collect the sixth and final
fairy. Ahhh, good. Now if you have all the amber necessary (if not, start by
slashing the larva on the right), it's time to get outta this insane realm.

There's another Fountain of Rejuvenation, as well as a merchant gargoyle in
here. You know that once you've found a book there, that you're about to meet
the boss... herself. Take your Hammer and break through that wall there, and
then follow a small path there to reach none other than the Ant Queen. All
colonies must have one, right? Oh yeah, sorry...

++    \\  \\  Boss: Ant Queen  ||  HP: 1000  ||  Difficulty: 1   //  //    ++
|| Not a hard boss... the Ant Queen will do practically nothing through the||
|| whole fight, except perhaps send some of her ants after you, which are  ||
|| exactly much. However, you can't harm the Ant Queen herself until she   ||
|| stands on her legs and reveals her belly... mmmm, sex0r teh face? Nah,  ||
|| I'd really rather not. Anyway, when she does this, fire Flaming Arrows  ||
|| and Spears like there's no tomorrow. Hell, even the Axe might work. You ||
|| may also want to look out for falling rocks, but otherwise, very easy in||
|| every possible way, but the best thing is that this place is over...    ||

Now there's a pathway out! *sigh of relief* Supposing that you've got all the
amber and all the fairies, leaving you'll get a Chicken Drumstick from the
witch, which (hahaha) will prove a bit useful as a weapon, and from the fairy, a
passage to the Hall of Heroes. Not much, though... talk to Bloodmonath Skull
Cleaver, and he'll give you three chests of coins. Oh well, not too bad. Now
return, and head beyond the Enchanted Earth... to the pools of the ancient dead.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\  Chalice Collection - Magic Sword
<- \ / 5n. Pools of the Ancient Dead  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 3/5

This is a fairly tough level, especially compared to the Ant Caves in terms of
enemy difficulty. The whole place is surrounded by water, and if you fall in
there... well, you're a dead man. Not saying you aren't already dead, but you
get my point. Anyway, head across the land as you see it, and immediately take
out the Broad Sword. But before you go any further, once you're around the
structure in the middle, climb up the stairs.

On the top of this structure, you get an Energy Vial. Niiice. Now head down, and
continue to follow that path, and you'll find some Armored Guards, who have
thick armor in which you cannot pierce, but hey, they're weak against a certain
something: the water! The Broad Sword is the best weapon for pushing them, so
just get them off the path and into the water as quickly as possible, and then
consider the fork here... it goes left and right, but the left has nothing to
do at this moment, so take the right.

Make a careful jump to the other side there, where you'll find a merchant
gargoyle. Stock up on whatever you want, then make another jump to the right;
shouldn't be too hard. There's some tentacles in the water here, so turn them
into a big squishy pile of dead schtuff with your Axe, and head to the right to
find a Fountain of Rejuvenation there. Good, good, just watch out for those damn
tentacles, once again.

There's "souls" in the forms of helmets in places, but if you collect these some
of the bridges will disappear, but you need to get all of them to leave, so you
might as well. Nearby, anyway, Kul Katura is in a chest, so you might as well
get him out, but this place has so many skull and crossbones chests that you
shouldn't open them. They MAY be useful, but they're more harmful to you than

Anyway, follow along the path, ignoring the skull and crossbones chests as you
pass them. Then take a left at the first one, and if you want, you can go
around and collect the bag of coins there, but I really don't recommend it,
quite honestly. Oh well. Nearby is one of the souls that's needed to leave this
place, so might as well pick this Soul Helmet up. After that, head back to that
chest I mentioned earlier, and take a right there to find a Chaos Rune. Now turn
around to find a tree, bridge, and even the Chalice. Soul Helmet time!

So anyway, over there, get the Soul Helmet and Energy Vial, and then just go a
bit further to find another Soul Helmet there. If it isn't nailed, take it,
right? Whatever. Head to the right from there, and you'll end up near the
beginning of this place. Yep, that's our spot. Just head further to right and
hop over to a Soul Helmet there. I'm getting tired of taking rights, but just
one more right will lead you to an Energy Vial. That's worth it, ya know.

The area nearby is full of skull and crossbones chests, but quite a few enemies.
If you absolutely want to, set them off to finish all the enemies off quickly,
but make absolutely sure that you run the hell away. Head to this area, and
then on the eastern side of it, to the upper left for a Silver Shield and a Soul
Helmet. Now it's time for the REAL part of this level. Not far from here is yet
another Soul Helmet, but after you've collected that, head upward to find a gate
requiring a Chaos Rune. I can do that.

Put the Chaos Rune in, and follow the path past a bunch of enemies, as the
camera goes nuts. Just head down the hill, collecting the Soul Helmet there for
some enemies to appear... Chalice percentage points up the ass. And at the
bottom is another Soul Helmet for the taking, but even more Armored Knights to
come out. Broad Sword, anyone, to push 'em into the pit? Once they're all gone,
some new enemies which will be called the Winged Knights will come out in some
places. Particularly around the entrance.

Before going anywhere, head back up this hill, and once you're back in the main
area, jump to the platform at the upper-left, where you'll find none other than
two chests of coins, two Energy Vials, and *gasp* a Life Bottle! I was almost
sure these has died out, but nope, they're still here to give us some love.
Anyway, you shuld really have all the Soul Helmets by now, so scout out the area
in search of Winged Knights until that Chalice is full, and then pick it up.

So if you're ready to leave, return to a bit ahead of that structure. To
elaborate, the very first fork we faced, with the right leading to a merchant
gargoyle. Now it's FINALLY time to take that left. :) There, you'll meet the
Boat Man... give him those eight Soul Helmets, and he'll take you to the most
evil place in the whole game, only rivaled by the Ant Caves. What a bastard this
man is.

You get a special pre paid (copyright) trip to the Hall of Heroes beforehand, to
spare the horror... here, you have a choice. Head to the left side of the
walkway to meet with Dirk Steadfast, or with Ravenhooves again for the Magic
Longbow. I recommend Dirk Steadfast with the Magic Sword, wholeheartedly. The
Magic Longbow isn't THAT great, while the Magic Sword is the single best weapon
in the whole game. So with that, might as well get the horror over with.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\  Chalice Collection - M. Longbow
<- \ /   ++ ++  5o. The Lake  ++ ++   / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 5/5

This is the single most difficult level in the game; it's both incredibly tough
and annoying at the same time, and is thus the only level warranting a 5/5
difficulty. When you're ready, hop off the boat that the Boat Man brought you
on, and head up the stairs at the entrance. Now follow this bridge to the left,
only to get jumped by a large orange fish. Several of 'em, in fact... test your
new Magic Sword out here, but note that their death doesn't count for the
Chalice, so... bah.

Follow the path until you reach a large 90 degree angle shaped path, with levers
that can turn it, but don't be doing that yet. Instead, follow that path to the
left, to meet up with a certain eyeball called a Watcher. As soon as it sees
you, Turtle Guards will appear from the water. These are very dangerous enemies
in that they take a long time to kill, they're powerful, and they can easily
knock you into the water. However, these ones can be undermined by slashing at
them until THEY fall, so interpret that as you will.

Anyway, the Chalice here is VERY difficult to get, so just leave the Watcher
there; it won't count for chalice points anyway. Once on the ground, you'll find
a black eyeball similar to the Watchers, but it won't summon monsters; instead,
it squirts water, which is much more dangerous than it sounds, but they go down
quickly. There's also another Watcher nearby, so just let it summon some turtles
for you to slay.

Go over to the right to find a door there, along with a Watcher. After beating
some more (very deadly) enemies, take the path a bit outside to find an Earth
Rune lying about, and then go through either of the two doors leading into this
small building, which is one of the most effortless places in this level, quite
thankfully. Hell, you can even pick up a spare Energy Vial lying about! ...So,
yeah, right. Leave through the door next to the Energy Vial, and when you
emerge, your consolation prize is a dark eyeball and Watcher. That's life, kid.

Deal with the Turtle Guards and dark eyeball, then pick up the Chaos Rune in the
boat at the back. Now, we have to go all the way back to that 90 degree path
between the entrance and this area. See how much this place rocks? Anyway, back
here, hit the lever on the path twice, to turn it over completely. You know, as
-| to _| to |_ (pretend that in the first and third, the hyphen is a bit higher
up). So anyway, supposing that your back is to the entrance, the upper path
leads to a gate you can't pass and a bag of coins. Don't bother with that.

Instead, take the other path, which is on the right from the entrance. Follow
this path here, slashing up the Turtle Guards as you go, and you'll find a huge
circle consisting of a large whirlpool in the middle, lots of water around, some
Watchers and dark eyeballs, and lots of Turtle Guards who take ages to kill.
What a wonderful level. Take a right as you enter, and there you'll find a slot
for a Chaos Rune, as well as a Watcher. You know the drill.

The Turtle Guards here are particularly dangerous, since even if you knock them
in the water, they'll come back, and that's not to mention that you run a
constant risk of falling in, and aren't just going to come back. Cheap ****ers.
Anyhow, after you've done that, continue to the right to find a Time Rune (whoa,
second ever) and a rather useless book. Take another right to find a green hand
for an Earth Rune, and another damn Watcher. Bah, you know what to do.

After you've given the hand the Earth Rune, take another right, for yet ANOTHER
Watcher, and a slot that wants a Time Rune. Not too hard here... once all three
runes are inserted in their slots, the whirlpool in the middle will completely
freeze up! Good... now we can go in there, but beforehand, scout out the area
killing any Turtle Guard you see, and take the final path to the right to find a
Fountain of Rejuvenation. See, everything has to have a LITTLE good in it, ya

Jump into the whirlpool after that, and once underneath the water, you can pick
up a Silver Shield, and continue along the path for three bags of coins and two
Energy Vials. There's a large elephant behind the wall here, but it won't do
anything; plus you need to pity it for living in this fiery hell of an existing
place. Anyway, at the end of the path you'll find a room with the Chalice, which
is rather hard to get. Still, the level's not yet over (sadly), so don't fret

Exit to find an immediate Watcher, and some obvious Turtle Guards. Having gotten
rid of the suckers, collect the nearby bag of coins, and head to the right side
of the place, where you'll find a merchant gargoyle, and to the left some more
eyeballs. Kill 'em all, get a Star Rune, and go to the far right down along the
little path there. A Watcher's not too far away, so it'll likely summon some
Turtle Guards, so keep quite alert. Flip the switch at the end of that path and
you'll open that gate we saw earlier, with the bags of coins. Eh.

Now head out of that little niche, and then go past that gate we saw earlier.
The Star Rune actually leads out of this monstrosity of a level, but by now you
may need to search the whole area to find Watchers and Turtle Guards to kill...
if you can't find enough but want that Chalice, then bad luck, you may need to
go through this entire disastrous place AGAIN! Horrible to think of, eh? But
anyway, as for getting out of here, head back to that building on the western
side of the whole area, which had two doors and an Energy Vial inside. Go
through there and put the Star Rune on the hand to leave. Ah... fresh air...

Supposing that you were fortunate enough to enter the Hall of Heroes, talk to
either Dirk Steadfast (if you need to talk to him, major shame on you and you
have something to tell your children; you didn't go insane while not having it
against the Turtle Guards at The Lake), or Ravenhooves. Obviously it better be
the latter! Get the Magic Longbow, which is a very good projectile weapon, and
then leave. We're treated, ya?

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\  Chalice Collection - Lightning
<- \ /  ++  5p. The Crystal Caves  ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 2/5

Awesome! This is a short, sweet, and quite easy level compared to the last three
disasters we've waded into, so you'll probably enjoy this level quite a bit.
Anyway, you may want to test out the Magic Longbow on the Shadow Demons as you
enter, since they can be quite annoying. On a side note, you may enjoy this
music quite a bit if you played the demo. The Chalice is on the upper-left from
the entrance, but don't bother with it as we obviously don't have enough juice

Head to the upper-right and into the cave there, and you'll find two crystals
blocking the way at the entrance. Hey, that's why they call this place the
Crystal Caves, anyhow... slash open the crystals as you enter, for a bag of
coins, and the return of the imps from the Hilltop Mausoleum. Anyway, slash the
little sucka to pieces with the Magic Sword, and enter the cave itself. There's
an immediate fork, but the left is useless until you get a Star Rune, so the
right is the way to go.

Watch out for the Imp right around this corner, as it can and WILL try and steal
your weapon! I'm dead serious when I say this. Take these out quickly and
carefully, and if they steal your weapon, break out with everything you have to
stop them. I'm dead serious here. Slash any crystals you see at the same time,
so you can kill more imps and thus get more Chalice completion. So anyway, once
you've done that, take a left when possible to find a large crystal firing out
large beams.

Avoid this one like you'd avoid me on a sex rampage. These beams will do no less
than 225 damage, seriously. Daring Dash in the same direction that it's going,
and take care not to run too far. Pick up the Earth Rune on the way, and when
you can exit, bless yourself and do so. Once you've got the Earth Rune, head
further into the cave, where you'll find a Silver Shield up the nearby hill,
some new enemies called Rhinotaurs, and some more Imps. And also a skull and
crossbones chest. Time for some shockwave in yo face dude!

The Rhinotaurs aren't particularly dangerous, and are really no match for your
Magic Sword. Once all the enemies in this area are finished off with, head to
the northeast for a rather large room full of elevation. Immediately you'll see
a bag of coins and a Fountain of Rejuvenation on the right... good stuff. There
is a thieving Imp here, however, so make sure you get that tricksy little imp
(yeah, right) before anything else. Climb up to the top, and buy some stuff from
the merchant gargoyle on the left if necessary.

A gate is in front of you, demanding an Earth Rune, so... put that baby in
there, yo. In the next room (whoo, look at them purdy colors), slash the crystal
on the left open for a chest of coins, and then take notice to the waterfall
here. Yep, waterfalls tend to always have paths behind them, and this one is no
exception. Inside, you'll find in total no less than 220 coins, two Energy
Vials, and a Star Rune, but that's not half of what's important in here. See the
dragon markings on the left? Put your Dragon Gems in there, and have fun.

++      \\  \\  Boss: Dragon  ||  HP: 250  ||  Difficulty: 2   //  //      ++
|| The first thing you'll be looking at is: "only 250 HP? Pathetic!". True,||
|| the dragon's HP is nothing less than astounding in how low it is, but   ||
|| that doesn't mean he's an instant pushover. Sure, he's not that hard,   ||
|| but you can't just slash at him and win, ya know what I mean? First of  ||
|| all, the Dragon does little more than get his head from one hole to the ||
|| next, breathing fire as he goes. If you get set on fire, that's quite   ||
|| dangerous, but he's overall fairly easy to dodge, all in all.           ||
||                                                                         ||
|| To damage him, you need to make rocks fall on his head, and do this,    ||
|| you'll need to smash the rocks on the ground to make them fall on the   ||
|| next platform. That's right, this place consists of four platforms, and ||
|| if you hit the rocks on one platform with your Hammer, then rocks will  ||
|| fall on the platform directly to the right of that one. Unless you're   ||
|| on the far right platform, in which it'll fall on the far left one. ;)  ||
|| Your best outpost is probably a bit in front of the second platform;    ||
|| that way almost everywhere is accessible. One rock will do 50 damage, so||
|| you can expect to see the Dragon gone very quickly. Easy battle.        ||

The Dragon will give you the Dragon Armor once you get finished with that fight.
What the Dragon Armor is, basically, is an entirely new costume for Dan that
makes him immune to fire, but the downside is that all you can do is breathe
fire, yourself. ;) It's somewhat useful and can replace the Flaming Crossbow,
but for now, just stick with your old Magic Sword. Anyway, that's all to do in
this room, since you got the Star Rune. Return to the last room and continue on
the path we've yet to take.

Quite a few enemies here, especially within the crystals. Slash 'em and bash
'em, you know how my old phrase works by now. And beyond that is a room with
some ice that'll fall if you walk on it, as well as some pretty deep water.
Don't wade in dat now, brutha. Jump across the lighter colored ice, picking up
a bag of coins along the way, and at the exit, you get another bag of coins.
Ain't dat purdy? So anyway, another room from there, with more Rhinotaurs, and
a chest of coins. Life is good.

Head down the slide there, and you'll be back at the entrance. Huzzah... now,
remember how we took a right at the entrance to this cave? Finally time to take
that left. Put the Star Rune in there, and then once across, we get more damn
Imps. C'mon, just slash 'em to bits and after they're done, DO NOT exit. Head
back to the crystal paths at the very beginning, and pick up the Chalice. Now
we can leave. :)

At the Hall of Heroes, you may notice that at last the door at the very upper
part of the room has finally been opened. Inside, you'll meet the hero(ine) of
heroes, Megwynne Stormbinder. Speak with her and she'll give you the second best
weapon of them all, the Lightning. Just do NOT use too much of this without
referring to a glitch in the cheats section. With that, head beyond the Crystal
Caves to enter the Gallows Gauntlet.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\  Chalice Collection - Life Bottle
<- \ / ++ 5q. The Gallows Gauntlet ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 2/5

Here's another short, sweet, and easy level, and another one of my personal
favorites. Head a bit forward, and we get the officially termed Dark Zombies.
Sure, the name makes them sound tougher than they are, but just slash them to
bits with the Magic Sword, they're not really that hard. Or the Axe might work;
but they're no harder than the zombies in Inside the Asylum. Head beyond them a
bit, ignoring the multitude of closed gates here.

Just a bit along, you'll find a Fountain of Rejuvenation. Goody goody! That's
not to mention another closed gate on the right, which requires a Star Rune. So
anyway, just a bit ahead of that is the exit already (?) and a bag of coins. Do
not leave through this exit, as it's only for those who don't have the Dragon
Armor yet. Supposing you do have, don't go out this way or you won't be able to
proceed past The Gallows Gauntlet. So you're wasted that way.

Now take a right, collecting the Silver Shield along the way, and when you get
an opportunity to go left, do so. More locked gates, grrr. After they're past,
take another left, and you'll find a burning ring of fire. Not a ring, but a
gate, rather. I'm snubbed. Remember something we recently got which will allow
us to pass through here? You guessed it, it's the Dragon Armor. At this point,
tread softly, silently, and slowly. You heard me.

In here is the Serpent of Gallowmere, who is akin to Kul Katura from Scarecrow
Fields and Pools of the Ancient Dead, but the Serpent is an enemy, and obviously
cannot be killed. He can do about 50-60 damage to you when he touches you, so
don't touch him at all. In fact, it may be possible NOT to wake him up, so long
as you go silently, and step on the four switches in this room. You'll need to
do that if you want to open up those locked gates we've seen, and c'mon, we do,

So anyway, stay away from the skull and crossbones chest there, and tread as
quietly as you can. Step on all four switches, move away, use the Dragon Armor
to get out, and leave it at that. If the Serpent DOES awake, he'll be there
chasing you for quite awhile, but eventually he'll get bored and go away. And
if you do this, then you get a chest of coins near the skull and crossbones
chest, but you can't get this without waking him up (at least, I don't think).
Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, once those switches have been taken care of, head back the way you
came, collecting an Energy Vial (not to mention the Chalice, although I doubt
you've got enough for it yet), a chest of coins, a skull and crossbones chest,
a Star Rune (important!), and a merchant gargoyle. Good stuff, but the Star Rune
is the obvious only essential. Now head up to a bit near the chest of coins and
skull and crossbones chest, where you'll find a gate that needs dat Star Rune
schtuff, yo.

Put it in there to meet more powerful Mummies, and Dark Zombies. They're fairly
numerous, but once you're done with them all, you should have enough juice for
the Chalice. Just go back there and collect it, and we've finished a whole level
already. Wasn't THAT quick? Anyway, just leave from the exit there, and we're in
the Hall of Heroes and did little to nothing. This is the life of us, the lazy
generation! So with that, head over to Ravenhooves, this making the fourth time.
He'll give you a Life Bottle (smooch), so with that, time for a new and great
level right up ahead.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\ Chalice Collection - Energy Vial x2
<- \ /   ++ 5r. The Haunted Ruins  ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 3/5

Excellent level, this one, and my personal second favorite in the entire game,
although the second part is rather tough. So anyway, this is like the Sleeping
Village in that we have 12% of the Chalice filled already, and there are some
good souls here. First of all, there are piles of chicken food everywhere, for
the chickens here to eat. Just head into the pen on the left and lead them out,
and make them eat the food on the upper side of the area. It'll take awhile, but
eventually all that food will be gone, and a switch will be revealed.

Stand on this switch to lower a drawbridge. Good, we don't want a really small
and cramped level now, do we? Cross this drawbridge, and take an immediate left
to find a Chaos Rune there. Once that's done, head to the right and follow the
path there until you actually meet the Shadow Demons. Yep, they return from the
Enchanted Earth, slightly stronger this time. Use the Lightning, Spears, or
either advanced Longbow from a distance (I like the Lightning best), and then
take out the Magic Sword and slaughter them. I'm serious here, KILL THEM.

Now, let's just hope you have a Club. Notice that there are three farmers,
hanging above three respective fires. You want to keep them alive if you want
the Chalice, and the Shadow Demons will make short work of them if you allow
them to reach them. So that's why you want the demons dead quickly. With that,
take a Club and start sticking it into the fires below the farmers, and smashing
the fire until it goes out. Repeat with all three of them, and then stand on the
switch. Do NOT stand on this until all three fires are out, or well...

Yeah, note that they don't have Dragon Armor. Once they're all free, return all
the way to the entrance, where each farmer alive will give you a chest of coins,
so that's an easy 150 coins right off the bat. With that done, return to where
you freed the farmers themselves, and head through the gate to the far left;
next to the switch. But do NOT head right from there and land in the oil... it's
quite painful, to say the least.

Head up the stairs there, slaying Shadow Demons as you go, and follow a bit of
the path there to reach the wall... nice. Head to the left, collecting coins as
you go, only to find a Chalice you can't collect. Boo. Now head along the wall
there, just so long as you're careful not to fall. Find the Energy Vial along
the way, and then just go back to the large courtyard, and head to the far
right side this time, just so long as you can avoid the three cannons here, in
which you probably can. I'm optimistic and all that.

After that little business there, you'll find a merchant gargoyle there, who's
a bit needed at this point. From here, head up the crates on the left, and
climb up to the wall. Now take a small right to find an Energy Vial there (I
love them), and then head to the left, collecting another sweet, juicy Energy
Vial as you go. Jump down at the end, and then take another stack of crates up
to another wall to find two Energy Vials. Wow, this place is like, Energy Vial
city. I like it.

Now jump down, ignoring the gargoyle and gate there, and head into this new
courtyard. At the far end of it, you'll find a Silver Shield, and around the
middle is a slot for a Chaos Rune, and beyond that, some fire. Know what we have
that remedies this? Youuu guessed it, the Dragon Armor. Head past in your
masculine dragon form, and you'll find yourself right in King Peregrin's throne
room. Nothing to do here yet, so head up to the throne only to get dropped
below. I was royally rejected... and in puns, too.

The Dragon Armor is still recommended, as its not bad for taking enemies out,
and the whole place is full of fire anyway. Take any out that you find, and when
you reach the fork, take a left. Inside is some more demons, as well as King
ORDEAL, YA! Sorry, power rush there. Anyhow, leave that room and take a right,
Dragon Armor still ready. Head forward until you find a door there, and inside
is a hot spring, or this game's equivalent of one: a Fountain of Rejuvenation.

With that, head to the left and exit, only to find yourself right outside King
Peregrin's room. Enter, and walk up to the king's throne, but do NOT use the
crown until you're sure you've taken out as many Shadow Demons as possible. I
had about 80% finished off with, but if you don't, please do explore this area
and kill any enemy you meet. When you're ready, put King Peregrin's Crown on
the throne room, then watch a scene, and the castle will be about to completely
fall over.

We now have 150 seconds to defeat two enemies, drain the oil in the whole place,
solve a quick little puzzle, get the Chalice, and leave. Sound hard? Nah, not
really. First of all, we have to deal with two Stone Golems. They can only be
defeated by pushing them into the fire here, but that's pitifully easy. Simply
put on the Dragon Armor and flame them right into that pit. Haha! So badass.
Once they're gone, pick the Earth Rune up if you haven't already *cough what the
hell are you doing cough*.

So anyway, immediately dash through the gate, avoiding the cannon balls as they
strike. In the large courtyard, head through the door in the center, and inside,
use the Earth Rune on the device there. Now we've drained all the oil in the
whole place. Good, good. Now, make SURE THAT YOU'VE KILLED ALL THE ENEMIES, as
we've got a limited time. Dash to the far left and climb up the stairs for the
Chalice, and head past the dried oil. Here you'll find a catapult with a switch
near it... start by hitting that switch, which will fire a rock at the wall
above, then launching yourself on the catapult. Have fun. :)

Inside the Hall of Heroes anyway, head to the far right side of the walkway to
meet up with none other than the incredibly sexy babe Imanzi Shongama. You'll
get two Energy Vials from her, which is the equivalent of one Life Bottle and a
half; not bad. After you're done with that, leave and head on to the Ghost Ship,
where the dead come to meet. *howls*

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - 200 Coins
<- \ /   ++ ++ 5s. The Ghost Ship ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 4/5

After about a half hour long scene, you're in the second hardest level in the
whole game (nothing can beat The Lake). Here you'll find obstacles, very tough
and numerous enemies, and a rather unique boss, all thrown into one rather
difficult place. Oh well, it's a ton more fun of a level than The Lake, so enjoy
it. First of all, you'll be attacked by a bunch of Pirate Zombies right off the
bat, and they'll just come back. You need to find the head honcho among this

Ignore them, slashing them if the Magic Sword if need be, and head to the very
top here to meet a Pirate Officer. It'll take quite a bit of torture, but
eventually your Magic Sword will bring him to his death and he'll leave behind
the death of all the other enemies here and 16% of the Chalice. :) Head a bit
ahead of him to find a Moon Rune... haven't seen those in a while. Drop down to
the entrance and put the Moon Rune in the hand 'rad'ere. Yeah, you heard mah,

This is a fairly small room, but full of pirates and of course, a Pirate
Officer. Just head for him and beat the daylights out of him for some more
Chalice completion (<3) and a Star Rune... yeah, we just need to have the
painfully overused ones here, too. Anyway, leave this room and head back to the
main hull, taking a right there. In this little annoying area here, you have to
contend with a bunch of platforms going up and down to cross. But do we need to
do this, really? Ah, but we don't.

Just drop into a hole when possible, and inside you'll find a few pirates
without an Officer (so don't bother with them), some barrels, a bag of coins,
and a Silver Shield. Easily avoidable enemies, so head up the stairs and leave
through the right, and boom, you're right past that platform trap. :) Avoid the
barrels in this new part of the ship, and head down if you wish to get a bag of
coins, but otherwise head up all the way for a much more useful Fountain of
Rejuvenation. This is life.

Head up further from here, where you get to insert a Star Rune there... not bad.
Drop down from here, and immediately kill off the Pirate Officer there, for your
own good. Now a door has opened up on the lower right area, so might as well
head over there. You can easily fall off here, so be very careful. Dash past the
four very harmless cannons, and on the other side, you'll get a Chaos Rune. At
least that's not QUITE as common as the painful Earth Runes or Star Runes, but
all the same.

You'll use this very soon; in fact, just dash past those cannons again and on
the upper-right, use the Chaos Rune. See, everything I say is correct. Right
beyond those, you'll find some trampolines and some holes, but to start off
with, drop into a hole. It's for the sake of the Chalice, yanno. Down here,
slash up the Pirate Officer as quickly as possible, then take a right. This is
a square shaped bridge type area with a pit in the middle, but don't worry about
that pit.

Don't bother with the pirates, and just run around collecting two Energy Vials
and a bag of coins. Now return through that door, and head up the crates and
into the room on the upper-left, where we get to deal with four huge cannons.
Bah, pirate ships hate me. :( Dash past them as quickly as possible, hiding in
the lowered areas if at all possible. Collect the Energy Vial when you find it,
and finally head out through the upper-left, to find yourself pretty close to
the trampolines. Head to the right a bit, and well, there you go. =P

Jump across carefully, not going too far while going enough at the same time;
shouldn't be too tough. On the other side, you either have a choice of crossing
large boards swinging over the area with the two Energy Vials, which is easy
but long, or crossing platforms, which is fairly tough, short, and nets you a
Fountain of Rejuvenation. I prefer the latter myself, since I'm a risky type
guy sometimes. How it worked for me was all three went down, then up, then I
jumped to the second and before it fell, jumped to the third. Not THAT hard.

Soak up that lovely juice there, then jump into the hanging lift there (don't
bother jumping to the floor), and at the top, kill anything you see that moves;
you know the drill. Take a left if you want the Chalice, take a right if you
want an Energy Vial. I want both, personally. ;) Anyway, take that elevator
down again once you've got that, and jump to the upper-right. Here we've got
lots of skeletons to deal with, and once they're all gone, a Pirate Officer
with more skeletons. Oh, dear...

What I find the best method here is to whip out the Lightning and shock them
all. This will hit the Pirate Officer at the same time, and while it takes a
surprisingly long time, it's by far the easiest method. Once everyone's gone and
the barrels to the right are broken, the Chalice should be full by now. So go
back up, collect it, then go back down and head up the stairs there (after some
more skeleton slaying), and here we've got a boss to deal with. Alright, bring
dat dead baby on.

++   \\  \\  Boss: Skull Captain  ||  HP: 400  ||  Difficulty: 2   //  //  ++
|| This isn't a particularly hard fight, albeit a rather unique one. First ||
|| of all, let me note that the Skull Captain himself does absolutely      ||
|| nothing. He lets the pirates do all the work while he just walks back   ||
|| and forth and contributes nothing to the good fight. Personally, I did  ||
|| not find the pirates to do hardly anything at all, so they shouldn't be ||
|| too bad. Anyway, you can't just jump up and hit the Skull Captain (you  ||
|| may notice his puny HP count), but before anything, get the Club here.  ||
||                                                                         ||
|| Light it on fire, and then head over to one of the cannons. While the   ||
|| Skull Captain walks by (which should be about halfway there, walking in ||
|| one direction, give or take a little), put the club near the cannon, and||
|| it'll automatically fire. Once it delivers a direct blow, it takes off  ||
|| 50 HP, which isn't bad considering how fast you can do it. In fact, if  ||
|| you're really good, you can just go right back and forth, hitting the   ||
|| Skull Captain each, and finishing this in ten seconds. If the pirates   ||
|| are annoying, slash 'em quick, but otherwise, a very easy fight, this.  ||

With the Skull Captain gone, the usual green slime surrounds the steering wheel,
which just so happens to be the "exit". With a short trip to the Hall of Heroes
before ANYTHING else (of course), head to the right side of the walkway at the
top and speak with Karl Sturnguard there (the guy who gave you the Gold Shield)
for four chests of coins. Decent, I suppose. With that, leave and prepare for
Zarok's castle, at long last.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\  Chalice Collection - Life Bottle
<- \ /   ++ 5t. The Entrance Hall  ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 1/5

This is a pathetically easy level, especially compared to the Ghost Ship, and
it poses little to no difficulty whatsoever, besides the slimly possible risk
of losing a weapon to an Imp. Anyway, the only enemy you'll find here is the
Imp, although a few are thieves. Each Imp can do a bit of damage and are immune
to projectiles, but they die in a single hit from the Magic Sword, and fill the
Chalice very quickly. Not to mention this place is extremely short. It's the
calm before the storm, though.

From the balcony in which you begin, slash the two Imps at the entrance and
jump down, only to get attacked by a few more. Just kill 'em all, and head a
bit forward to come to left and right fork... the left leads to the exit, but
take the right first. This is the library, where Zarok originally cast the
spell. Anyway, take any spiral stairs you find, and in the library itself, you
meet two thieving Imps and some normal ones. Easy as pie, all of 'em. A good
sword swing will take them.

Once they're all gone, leave this room, ignoring the Chalice for now. Take a
left back at that fork, and you'll find an immediate Fountain of Rejuvenation
and some more Imps. Now head down the long, twisting, spiraling staircase, and
at the bottom, you'll find a Merchant Gargoyle and through the door on the
right, none other than some statues and the damn exit. What an easy level... now
just go back to the Chalice and pick that up, then get out of the Entrance Hall
and be warned that it's the calm before the storm.

At the Hall of Heroes which wasn't quite difficult to get into, talk to Dirk
Steadfast (the guy whom you got the Magic Sword from), and he'll give you none
other than an incredibly useful item called a Life Bottle. Well, we all know
what Life Bottles are at this point, but it's incredibly useful, might like any
other of them. Now move on past the Entrance Hall, to the chromatic, divine
difficulty of Zarok's castle.

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\ Chalice Collection - Energy Vial x3
<- \ /   ++ ++ 5u. The Time Device ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 3/5

This is perhaps the coolest level in the entire game, mainly because of how
unique it is. It's not highly challenging, but it's hella fun. Ignore the golden
clocks flying around, though, since they won't do anything. The enemies here are
the Shadow Guards all the way back from The Sleeping Village. Slightly stronger,
but they shouldn't pose much of a threat. No match for the Magic Sword, all in
all. Anyway, follow the path right at the entrance, and hit the switch near the
gate there that looks like a butterfly.

On the other side, you'll come to a fork, but take a left since the right is
completely useless at the moment. Jump over the clock hand there, as it's sharp
and bites. Oooh, good doggie... so like, on the other side, kill the Shadow
Guards quickly to find a gate with the switch behind it! Now that's just a crude
joke. Still, head back a bit to find a short path to the right. Might be hard to
see, but it exists, alright.

There are lots of traps along this path, such as some Eyeballs coming out to
play (on a side note, the eye can be one of the most disgusting things in the
world at times), and spinning clock hands. The former are easy slashes from the
Magic Sword, and the latter can be Daring Dashed and jumped over. Along the way,
you'll find a Silver Shield and a Time Rune, both of which are worthy. And at
the end of path, you get more Shadow Guards and the switch to that gate. See,
circles are good stuff.

Now you'll be right back at the main area... good. From here, jump onto one of
the "piles" here several times. They're like trampolines, bounce on them a few
times and they can give you a fairly good jump. Let it take you to the ledge
above, and then follow the path there to reach the hand that wants that Time
Rune. Oh well, that's good, more Time Runes instead of Earth Runes and Star
Runes is quite good. Just a bit beyond that is a barrier which will show a clock
with a certain time. MAKE NOTE OF THIS, it is important.

With that, we can't go any further, so with this time, head back to the large
platform that we jumped up to. That's the "master clock" in the center, and we
need to turn the hands so that they correspond to the time on that clock we saw
earlier. To do this, jump on the switches at the bottom several times. When
they all fall in place, head back to that barrier to find it's moved and we can
pass. Good, good. In here, we get a large spinning machine with three long
blades. It just gets better!

Avoid this, Daring Dashing in the opposite direction and jumping out of the way
of the blades when necessary. At the back, you'll find a platform which acts as
an elevator... m'as well use it. First and foremost thing to do is head to the
right (don't head forward yet as there's nothing much in there yet), but take
note that the blades might still hit you from here. Jump over them and you'll
be fine. So anyway, on the right, follow that path and take a left past the
large clock hands.

Take out the Eyeballs as you go, and at the end, jump all the way in for a Chaos
Rune... yay. Now follow the path all the way back to the upper circle with the
blades spinning, and follow along the path to the right, until you'll find
another similar path leading outward of this circle, with some Shadow Guards
ready. C'mon, they're easy, right? Above you'll find a large pipe leading deeper
into the level (what?) so jump into that to reach a new area. The sad thing is
that to go back, you have to jump up (yes) into a pipe. Wow.

Head up the stairs right at the entrance, and hit the face shaped switch right
at the entrance. Now immediately hit the gun thingy on the left, and that takes
care of that. With that, slash these four gun shaped things until they come into
a shape like this (with | and - symbolizing these objects and ~ the energy that

|       |
~       ~
~       ~
~       ~

So in other words, connected with each other and flowing on to each other, and
they'll break the large crystal at the top (marked with the C), revealing the
Chalice. You're most likely not gonna be able to take that yet, so return to
that pipe and jump back through. Now it's time to get a very good something that
can now be done since that crystal's been broken (and no, it's not the Chalice).
Before anything, take a left and head down the stairs for an Earth Rune. Now
head back to the area with the left-right fork and trampolines. ;)

Take a right and head past the clock hand there, finishing Shadow Guards as you
go. At the end you'll find a barrier with another clock, similar to the one at
the northern side. Alrighty, head up and change the master clock to match this,
and what's on the other side? The very final Life Bottle! Oh yeah, baby, that is
the prize of all prizes, even if it requires you to switch the master clock ALL
OVER AGAIN to match the clock on the barrier to the northern side... bah, I
suppose you do have to pay for good stuff.

Now take that elevator on the other side of the large spinning blades, and take
that one path we've yet to take... above that elevator. Follow it to reach the
heart of the castle itself, guarded by a few Shadow Guards at the same time.
Once they're finished, insert the Chaos Rune to enter this building, which is so
close yet so far from the exit. Anyway, inside, find a slot for the Earth Rune,
and PUT DAT BABY IN 'DERE. From here, find the handle of the train in the
center. It looks like an arrow, kinda.

Push it to the right, until this "arrow" is facing the Earth Rune. Now jump over
to the seat of the train in the center, and it'll take you into a new area...
good stuff. In here, collect the three bags of coins at the entrance, make sure
you beat the rather annoying enemies, and jump up the trampoline there to find a
merchant gargoyle and a Moon Rune. Hmmm, surprising not to see a Fountain of
Rejuvenation yet, eh? Anyway, return to that seat and return back to the large
area. Youuu guessed it.

Back at the main area, Shadow Guards will start coming out through the doorways,
so you'll have to remedy that. After they're all gone, head over to the train
and push it over to a lock that required a Moon Rune, which happens to be train
track. Open that with the Moon Rune, and then, well... hop on that train, yo.
Beep beep eh beep beep, yeah! And in the area that the train takes you, soak up
the sole Fountain of Rejuvenation there, and take care of the Shadow Guards
around. Two paths from here.

Each path will lead to a switch, both of which need to be hit. These will
unlock the gates to the entrance respectively, and now we can finally get out.
Yay... but before doing anything, return and get the Chalice. ;) Shouldn't take
too long, really. When you're done, push the train so that it faces the exit,
and well... it'll take you directly to Zarok's lair. Betcha didn't see that
coming, eh?

In the Hall of Heroes, speak with the gargoyle and at the right, notice a little
SOMETHING which has solidifed. With that, head to the top and talk with Megwynne
Stormbinder, who will give you three Energy Vials, which is the equivalent of
two life bottles and a quarter. With that, it's time to end this game. Head over
to Zarok's lair...

 /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\    Chalice Collection - N/A
<- \ /   ++ ++ 5v. Zarok's Lair ++ ++ / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
 \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/     Difficulty Level - 3/5

Well... we've come at last to the very end of the game, where it all ends, and
we butt heads with Zarok. You'll still be on the train from the Time Device,
taken into this grand area, with the Time Device's awesome music still playing.
Speak with the gargoyle at the entrance and stock up from the merchant gargoyle.
Money won't matter altogether that much after this fight, since it's the end of
the game, bud. :)

Enter the door at the northern side, and once inside, open the chest on the
right for Good Lightning. Extremely important for what's just to come. To the
left of the entrance is a Silver Shield, which is moderately useful, but still
pails in comparison to the Gold Shield. With that, stand in the center of the
room (on the blue circle, everything else is green), and after a short cutscene,
the final war between Zarok's demon soldiers and the army of Gallowmere begins!
Shiver me timbers.

Of three "parts" in this level, I find this to be by far the hardest, actually.
There are eight demon soldiers under Zarok, and eight soldiers under Zarok, but
the enemy is much stronger, so you'll have to heal everyone with Good Lightning.
The way this works is, green is healthy, and as it slithers down to orange or
red, you'll need to use the Good Lightning, since, well, that's fragile. Try
and stay around the back where you can keep an eye on everyone, and heal them.
It'll take a while, but eventually you should have eight survived soldiers.

It takes your own health to use Good Lightning, but the best opportunity is when
you need to use a Life Bottle. You won't lose health, and you can heal as you
wish for a few seconds. And with that, witness the freedom of the soldiers of
Gallowmere, as every living one turns into an Energy Vial. This means if you
did it perfectly (which you should, amateur) that's equivalent to six filled
Life Bottles. Good stuff. After a short scene following, you're thrust into
battle in an epic match of Peregrin's champion (Dan, duh) and Zarok's champion.

++   \\  \\  Boss: Lord Kardok  ||  HP: 1500  ||  Difficulty: 1   //  //   ++
|| This battle... has honestly got to be a joke. This is one of the easiest||
|| battles we've faced since the very beginning. Honestly, this guy does   ||
|| little to no attacking, and when he does attack, he's leaving himself   ||
|| open to a large thrashing. What he'll do is rise up on his horse, and   ||
|| when he does, he'll throw some weak darts which do very little damage.  ||
|| Take this opportunity to spin your Magic Sword for a few hundred damage ||
|| or so, then he'll practically be vulnerable the whole battle, while     ||
|| doing next to nothing. Pitifully easy battle.                           ||

With that, another quick and slightly comical scene. And from the opposite gates
emerges... Zarok! Oh yeah, baby.

++       \\  \\  Boss: Zarok  ||  HP: 1500  ||  Difficulty: 2   //  //     ++
|| Compared to Medievil 2's final boss (as bad as this comparison is) and  ||
|| the majority of final bosses in general, Zarok is a bad joke. He's very ||
|| much similar to Kardok (slightly tougher, though) which can't be overly ||
|| good, and he's not really that damaging, even if he's a bit fast. What  ||
|| he'll usually do is just charge at you (easily dodged with a Daring     ||
|| Dash), and then stand on his hind legs and slash at you. When he does   ||
|| this, charge a good Magic Sword up and give him a good slash.           ||
||                                                                         ||
|| Obviously, Zarok will take nearly as much damage as Kardok did. As the  ||
|| fight unfolds and Zarok reduces to about 400-500 HP, he reveals the     ||
|| reason that he's harder than Kardok, in that he'll surround himself in  ||
|| yellow light and charge forward, laser beams shining forth. Get hit by  ||
|| this, and you'll take some damage (not really THAT much), and get set on||
|| fire, in which a quick switch between Magic Sword to Dragon Armor and   ||
|| vice versa will take care of. He'll fall VERY quickly; enjoy.           ||

And with that, you can enjoy the ending, which is hopefully the "good one" if
you got all twenty Chalices, and you can put your case of Medievil on to your
completed games list. Congrats, now move onto Medievil 2. ;)

      ~+{X ME1 X}+ --- {  +~+  {   6. CHEATS   }  +~+  } --- +{X ME1 X}+~

There are a few codes and minor things in this game in which I know, but hey, I
don't know everything in the world that there is to know (I come pretty close
though =P) so if I'm missing something, feel free to e-mail me. With that...

>> Lightning Restore Glitch: You know how the Lightning has such a deadly limit
on it? There's a way to restore it to 100% BEFORE it reaches 0% (that's right,
if it's 0%, it's gone forever). First of all, once it's fairly used and you have
a lot of money, equip it in the Hilltop Mausoleum. Find an Imp that tries to
steal your weapon, and then let it take the Lightning. Now talk to a Merchant
Gargoyle, and you can buy it back. That's right, at 100%! Granted this is very
expensive, but well worth it.

>> Cheat Menu: I've never used this, as it only works in the PAL version, so I
hear. But anyway, pause the game, hold L2, and press Down, Square, Triangle,
Circle, Down, Up, Square, and Triangle. See what happens... I can't confirm
this, but if you've done it, feel free to detail me.

>> Super Cheat Menu: Again, I've never used this since it only works in the PAL
version, and I know not of the differences between these two cheat menus, but
pause the game, hold L2, and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Circle,
Triangle, Left, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Circle, Left, Left, Triangle, Right,
Circle, Left, Left, Triangle, Circle, Down, Circle, Circle, and Right. Have fun.

     ~+{X ME1 X}+ --- {  +~+  {    7. CREDITS  }  +~+  } --- +{X ME1 X}+~

Well, that's another guide from the PlayStation freak, Richard Beast. Thanks for
reading this, and look for my scent in the future. Anyway, peace out. Goodbye.
Adios. Ciao. Hasta la vista. Nos vemos. Hasta luego. See you later... HEY, are
you still here? Well, get the hell out! I told you in English AND Spanish to
leave! What are you still here for! LEAVE! SERIOUSLY! LEAVE! *shuts the door*
Stop banging on my door, let me sleep... zzzzZZZzzz... oh, you helped me? Here's
list of you who did. Otherwise...

- Jeff "CJayC" Veasey: For running the whole site of GameFAQs, the main site
that I work for. It's an awesome site, and I must commend CJayC for running
this great site for 6 whole years and posting this guide.

- Stephen Ng: For being the FAQ editor for IGN, which is the other site that I
write for. I am honored to write for IGN, since it is a great site. I was also
very glad to do an exclusive for IGN.

- Psycho Penguin: Two reasons really. He was great help and motivation in the
course of writing this guide, and he let me kick his ass. That really helped me,

- Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, U2, The Eagles, Queen, Van Halen, The Beatles, and
many others: You probably know why I'm thanking you, but I don't believe this
guide would be up as quickly if it weren't for all of you.

- All the guys who first got me started writing from GameFAQs and all of my
best friends like SinirothX, Psycho Penguin, Meowthnum1, CVXFREAK, Karpah,
ZoopSoul, Crazyreyn, Gobicamel, asa2377 (OH EM GEE YOU TROLL), Warhawk, Cyril,
supernova54321, Minesweeper, AlaskaFox, me frog, RHarrison, masterzero99, Tom
Hayes, wayalla, djg40, MTincher, NickBush24, BurningFox, AquaBlast, and
definitely more that I'm forgetting: you are some of the best friends that
anyone can have, and I may have quit FAQing/left FCB forever without all of
you. Thank you for everything and for motivating me to get my ass in gear.