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Final Fantasy VII


Final Fantasy VII Chocobo Guide

by The Gullwings

[]>>-=-<<[     MADE BY THE GULLWINGS       ]>>-=-<<[]
[]>>-=-<<[  ([email protected])   ]>>-=-<<[]

|Hello! This is my second walkthrough/guide I have |
| made for a Final Fantasy game. I made this guide |
| because I recently replayed Final Fantasy VII and|
|remembered how tough it was to get a Gold Chocobo,|
|so I thought I'd help you people out.             |

|Press Ctrl+F to bring up a search, then search the|
|keyword of the part you want.(<##>)               |

<4a>   -Feeding Chocobos
<4b>   -Mating Chocobos
<4c>   -Getting the Gold Chocobo
<6>   THE END

	To catch chocobos, first you will need a "Chocobo
Lure" materia, which can be found on Disc 1. Go to the chocobo
farm on the first continent and talk to the one by the fence.
Reply "Wark", and it will give you the materia.
	When you equip it, it gives you a chance of capturing
chocobos when you walk over their footprints in the wild. The
chance of finding one increases as the materia's level does.
	When you find a chocobo, you'll find it gets scared
easily and runs off very soon. You must buy some greens (Gysahl
Greens are fine for this) and use them on the chocobo in battle,
which will make them ignore you for a few turns.
	When you defeat the monsters guarding it, you capture
the chocobo automatically, and will be riding it when you leave
the battle.

	Riding chocobos is just like walking around normally. To
dismount, press O and the chocobo will run off if you have no stables
or if you have bought them on disc 2/3, run to you stable. Some
chocobos can run across rivers and mountains, and even the ocean.
More about those later.

	On discs 2 and 3, all the chocobos have gone and you can buy
stables from the man in the house in the left of the farm for 10,000
gil each. Now when you dismount a chocobo, you have the option to
send it to the stables. When you do this, it will appear in the field.
Go inside the barn and talk to Choco Billy, who will let you move
chocobos from the field to your stable.
	Chocobos in your stables can be used for racing (see <5>).

 <4a> Feeding Chocobos
	 When you talk to Choco Billy, you have the option to feed
 any chocobos you may have in your stables. This is mainly for the
 benefit of better stats for racing (see <5>). Feeding chocobos is
 not essential as they cannot starve.
	To feed them, you should buy some greens (the dearer, the 
 better) and ask Choco Billy to feed your chosen chocobo. This will
 raise its Speed, Stamina and Intelligence stats for racing.

 <4b> Mating Chocobos
 	To mate chocobos, you obviously need 2 chocobos of the
 opposite gender in your stable. Buy a nut from Choco Billy or find
 them, and ask Billy to mate the chocobos for you. Talk to the chocobos
 you want to breed and give them a nut. In the morning, you will have
 a new chocobo!
	Bear in mind that you cannot mate the parent chocobos or the
 baby chocobo straight after, you must do ten battles before trying

 <4c> Getting the Gold Chocobo
	This is a very advanced part of chocobo breeding, which you 
 must be on disc three for, and a lot of gil.
	Start by getting a male and female Great Chocobo from the
 Mideel area. The Great chocobos will be with two "Spiral" monsters.
	Next, get two Good chocobos from east of the Gold Saucer,
 they will be with one or two "Spencer" monsters.
	Once you have each of these, feed them up with about 10
 Sylkis Greens (bought from the Chocobo Sage in the Frozen Land)
 which will cost about 200,000, then race them (see <5>) until they
 go to rank B.
	Now get a Carob Nut from the Vladorkos monster south of Bone
 village, and mate a Good Male with a Great Female and then a Good
 Female with a Great Male. You should get a green and a blue chocobo
 which must be of opposite gender. If they aren't, reset and try again.
 If they are not coloured, feed the parents more greens and do more 
 	When you have the required chocobos, feed them 10 Sylkis Greens
 each and race to rank B. Mate them together (using another Carob
 Nut) and produce a Black Chocobo. If not, feed the parents more
 greens and do more races.
	Now, the final stage. Go to the Frozen Land and capture a
 chocobo which is hanging around with a "Jumping" monster. It should
 be a wonderful chocobo of opposite gender to your black one. Do the
 usual feeding 10 Sylkis greens and race to rank B with both the
 wonderful and black chocobos.
	Go to a far north-eastern island with a forest, and kill
 "Goblins" until you get a Zeio Nut. Mate your black and wonderful
 chcocbos together to get... the Gold Chocobo! If not, feed the
 parents more greens and do more races.
 	This gold chocobo can go anywhere - mountains, oceans, rivers
 - and is the fastest, most intelligent, strongest chocobo there is.
 You can use it to reach the cave with Knights of the Round, the best
 materia in the game.
	Congratulate yourself on a job well done!

	Here is where I teach you about much-needed Chocobo Racing.
You first get to race when you escape Corel Prison on Disc 1, but if
you forgot the controls are;

  SELECT: Choose automatic/manual control
  circle: Sprint (uses up a lot of stamina)
  square: Speed up (uses some stamina)
       X: Slow down
   R1+R2: Replenish stamina

	To get a prize at the end, you must win the race. Your prize
depends on who came second, and you can get an amount of GP instead
if you wish. Every three races won gets your chocobo up a rank, and
each rank has better prizes.
	All chocobos start on rank C, and increase through B and A
to the final rank, S. Each rank has better racers so your chocobo
will need more skill.

	Thankyou for reading this guide, I hope it helped you in at
least a few ways. Everyone says different ways to get a Gold Chocobo,
but this worked for me. You definately DON'T need 99 Sylkis Greens
per chocobo as some people suggest - that would take a lifetime!.
	If you have any comments or questions,
	contact me at [email protected]
thanks for reading!
	-The Gullwings