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Follow the dark path or use the light
Dukes Of Hazzard II Pack Shot

Dukes Of Hazzard II



by Patt3rson

|                                                                            |
|  DUKES OF HAZZARD 2: DAISY DUKES IT OUT                                    |
|                                                                            |
|  FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation - Written by Patt3rson                    |
|                                                                            |
|  Final version, since February 24 2007 – Copyright Patt3rson               |
|                                                                            |
|  patt3rson(at)gmail(dot)com –                            |
|                                                                            |
                                                           | ENGLISH VERSION |
===================                                        +-----------------+
= C O N T E N T S =
1A – Copyright Notice
1B – Additions
1C – Preparations
\ 2 / GAME /
2A – Story
2B – Characters
2C - Controls
3A – Escape From Rosco And Enos
3B – Daisy And Melanie Tour Hazzard
3C – Race To Cooter’s Then To Ms. Tisdale’s
3D – Help Ms. Tisdale Finish Her Mail Route
3E – Practice Run At The Fairgrounds
3F – Follow Boss Hogg Into The Swamp
3G – Bo & Luke Chase ‘Daisy’
3H – Escape From The Swamp
3I – Race Against Missy
3J – Recover The General And Roadrunner
3K – Locate Missy
3L - Dukes Vs. MGM: Round 1
3M - Qualify For The Race
3N - Hot Pursuit Of Missy’s Van
3O - Blast Open The Gate
3P - Hazzard County Fourth Of July Race
3Q - Dukes Vs. MGM: Round 2
3R - The Final Showdown
4A – Final Word
4B - Credits

= 1 = I N T R O D U C T I O N =
Writing FAQ’s and walkthroughs takes a lot of time and effort, so writers do a 
lot of work. Stealing work from others is unthinkable and one of the worst 
crimes you can commit in writing. It’s also punishable, because all files on 
the web are protected by international copyright law and usage without 
permission can be fought out in court.

The newest version of this file can be found on For 
questions and remarks about this file, including the walkthrough, you can use 
the e-mail address below. Only serious questions of which the answer can’t be 
found in this file will be responded to.

This document may not be distributed or copied in parts or as a whole. This 
file may only be printed or saved for private use. For usage in other ways or 
on other locations written permission from the author has to be acquired. 
Permission can be asked using the below e-mail address, but is not guaranteed! 
If you find this file on another location than mentioned below, please use the 
same address to let me know.


I translated this document from my Dutch walkthrough after that one was 
complete. Everything you see is new and the FAQ will not be updated anymore 
unless the Dutch FAQ is also updated.
This document is a translation of my other Dutch walkthrough. While 
translating I did not play the game anymore, so it is possible that some 
translations (Especially names for items, locations, etcetera!) are not 
entirely correct. Read the tips below before you start the game and use this 
walkthrough. These remarks contain valuable information about using this FAQ 
or the game.

There is one giant bug in this game. There are several moments where a new 
part of the level has to be loaded, just after the commentator says something 
interesting. If you pause the game at the exact moment the commentator starts 
talking (And should go to the next level!) and continue after that, the only 
thing you’ll hear is the commentator. Not only that, because the new part of 
the level isn’t loaded and you’ll end up in an endless desert. The only thing 
you can do is start over.

The game itself will give directions on where to go. Sometimes they are pretty 
vague and it takes a while to find out how to drive, especially when just 
coming off a ramp. That’s what this walkthrough is for. Some items are not 
mentioned in the walkthrough. You don’t really need them and you drive past 
them most of the time. Only the important items that you really need are 

= 2 = G A M E =
\ A / STORY /
Of course we all know the television show, which returned many times to 
irritate us again. The series didn’t really interest me, but I did see a few 
episodes. Again it’s all about Bo and Luke Duke, together with their cousin 
Daisy and uncle Jesse. Bo and Luke can be compared with Robin Hood. They fool 
the corrupt authorities if that’s necessary to do some good for others. Those 
authorities are Boss Hogg and his policemen. Sheriff Rosco and wimp Enos are 
always after the Dukes.

That’s the familiar setting from the television show. It continues in this 
game, but there’s also an entire other story. Bo and Luke return home after 
winning a race and meet the gorgeous Melanie Shaw. She’s in town for a few 
‘geological’ reasons, together with two other colleagues. But it seems that 
Melanie is not the person she appears to be. Melanie is also known as criminal 
Missy Law. She used to be best friends with Daisy, until the ended up on the 
wrong path and was caught for drug dealing and smuggling.

Now Missy is back to take revenge on Daisy and the entire Hazzard county. To 
do that she needs Boss Hogg’s Mean Green Machine. She manages to gain 
possession of it by telling Boss Hogg where to find oil on the land of the 
Dukes. There isn’t any oil, but now she has the Mean Green Machine and also 
the possibility to level all of Hazzard to the ground. It’s up to the Dukes 
and their friends to stop her.
Luke is the dark haired passenger of the General Lee. With the amazing 
information he passes to Bo while driving, he as a vital part of this 
undefeatable Duke duo.

Bo is the blond driver of the General Lee. With his amazing driving skills and 
stunts, he is also a very important part of the always adventurous duo formed 
by the Dukes.

Daisy is the sweet and gorgeous cousin of Bo and Luke. She can accomplish 
almost anything with her female charms. Especially when it involves the local 
police officers!

Jesse is both Daisy’s and Bo and Luke’s uncle. The Dukes all live at uncle 
Jesse’s places where they all take care of each other. Jesse used to be a good 
friend of J.D. ‘Boss’ Hogg.

Enos is the shy and wimpy assistant of the sheriff in Hazzard. Since he’s one 
of the few policemen available, it’s always his job to chase after the Dukes. 
He has a soft spot for Daisy.

Cooter is the local mechanic. Fortunately he’s on the side of the Dukes and 
happily works on the many cars they have. Cooter only plays a small part in 
this game.

Rosco is Hazzard county’s sheriff. Although he is the strong arm of the law in 
the town, he always manages to see the illegal activities of his employer, 
Boss Hogg, through the fingers while the Dukes are always his target.

He used to be a good friend of Jesse Duke, but now he’s a cold and corrupt 
businessman. He always makes it tough on the Dukes and sends his police after 
them, while he is the real bad guy.
Below are all the buttons for the PlayStation controller. It’s possible that 
not all buttons have a function by default in the game! These are the default 
settings, it’s a possibility that they can be adjusted to your own liking! 
Check the manual or the menus to find out how.

Up                               - Use horn
Down                             - Rear view
Left                             - Steer left
Right                            - Steer right

Triangle                         - Reverse
Cross                            - Accelerate
Square                           - Brake
Circle                           - Use item

L1                               - Select previous item
L2                               - Zoom out view
R1                               - Select next item
R2                               - Zoom in view

L3                               - NOT USED
Left Analog                      - Steer
R3                               - NOT USED
Right Analog                     - Drive

Start                            - Pause menu
Select                           - NOT USED

= 3 = W A L K T H R O U G H =
If this is the first time you step into the General Lee, it will take a while 
to get used to the controls. The goal of this mission is actually pretty 
simple. You need to get home while trying to lose Rosco and Enos. Doing that 
is actually easier said then done, especially because of those lousy controls. 
During the entire mission items for gas can be find a few meters next to the 
road on both sides. I’m not mentioning these here, because they’re not really 
necessary and can be easily missed. Well, start the mission and push the pedal 
to the metal. Open you throttle completely, because the police cars drive 
pretty fast and fluent. A bit too fluent if you ask me. Make a few turns and 
make sure you go through the wooden tunnel nicely. You’ll reach the first exit 
after the tunnel and you’re told to go straight, so let’s do that. Follow 
corner to the left and prepare for a jump. Make sure the car hits the ramp 
okay or you’ll be hugging the railing soon. During the jump you can pick up a 
tool from the sky.

After the jump you need to drive straight for a short while and then turn 
left. Pretty soon after that you’ll be told to go right again, but we’re 
taking a detour. Follow the road until you see a large white sign on the left 
side of the road. Behind is a white car with Enos as its driver. From this 
point you’ll have two cars chasing you again. Just after Enos joined you, turn 
left and drive straight. You’re told to drive straight at the next exit, 
you’re already doing that so continue. Now it’s just a matter of following the 
road until the next part of the level is going to load. In that other part all 
you have to do in the beginning is follow the road. You’ll end up at a bridge 
with asphalt on it and a tool further down the road. Follow the road a little 
to the left to be told you have to go straight at the next intersection. Right 
after that is another intersection, but the exit in the right is closed. So go 
left and under a bridge. Follow the road a while and turn left when you reach 
a couple of silos with a farm behind it. Your farm! Drive towards the flag to 
finish the mission.
You’re now driving Daisy’s jeep. While the girls are chatting, drive forward 
for the clock, then in reverse a little to the left and forward again. Take 
the road to Hazzard by going right at the intersection. Now you’re driving on 
the road you just drove on with the General Lee. So just keep on going until 
you went under the bridge again. The road block at the intersection after that 
has mysteriously disappeared. So go left after the bridge, toward the first 
checkpoint. Drive straight and grab the flag after the barrels on the left. 
Hit the gas and jump over the ramp to get the clock. Turn left when you’ve 
landed and follow the road left again. You’re now driving in the direction of 
the bridge and over it. That’s good, because Daisy will tell you to go right 
just before the intersection with the first checkpoint. That intersection is 
near a big white sign that says BOARS NEST. Follow the road between all the 
wooden railings and over many bumps. Eventually the next part of the level 
will be loaded. In this new part, continue straight to get to an asphalt road. 
Turn right there and pick up the can of gas that’s on the road further on it. 
Hit the gas and ignore the message that you need to turn right. Goo over the 
ramp and try to get the clock. You don’t have to turn around after that, 
because this is the road you should have taken. You’re just a little further 
down that road. Follow the road until you reach an intersection. On the map it 
seems that you can go left and right, but right seems to be straight ahead for 
Daisy. So take that direction and try to grab the flag by jumping over the 

Look at your map so that you won’t get lost. On the map you can see another 
intersection below the one you just took to reach the flag, where both roads 
end up back together. Make sure you take the exit to the right, heading south 
on your map. Follow the road for a while and take a left at a nicely decorated 
sign to the right of the road. You can’t go wrong here, because there are 
closed off roads everywhere. Turn left again further down the road onto an 
asphalt road. Follow that road in the direction of where you started. Daisy 
will see a few things every once and a while, but just keep following the 
road. Eventually you’ll get to the ramp you used to jump through a 
construction and get a clock. Turn right there and you’ll end up at the first 
intersection you came to in this level. Left of you is where you came from, so 
follow the asphalted road the other way and out of this part of this level. 
Drive along the road but pay attention, because a little further down the road 
is a clock on the left side. Get the clock and then go back to the road. Keep 
following it to an intersection. It’s easy to take the wrong direction, so 
make sure you take the left path (Actually it’s straight forward!) and not the 
one on the right. A little further is a town, enter it and go left and then 
right to grab the flag in front of you. Turn right again and hit the gas. 
You’ll see another flag in the distance, so get that one too and go back to 
the road to follow it again. After a while you’ll be told to go right. If you 
do that on the road you’ll end up at a blockade. To the left of it is a small 
hill, so use it to continue and grab the last flag behind it.
The beginning of this level is just one long curving road without exits. So 
just open your throttle, but don’t forget to grab the clock to the left side 
of the road. A little further you can also find a can of gas on the road 
itself. Eventually you’ll get to a large white sign to the left side of the 
road. Rosco is waiting for you there. When you reach the white sign saying 
BOARS NEST, turn left and immediately right again. Hit the gas and just go. 
There’s an exit to the right onto some kind of field, just drive past it and 
pick up a tool along the way. Just continue down the road and you’ll see a 
ramp a little to your left. Jump over it and grab the clock from the sky, then 
continue to the left. Some hay barrels will appear in front of you. Just drive 
through them instead of taking a detour. On the other side of the hay barrels 
two road will merge into one going north. There you just have to go straight 
again. It’s easy to miss and intersection here, so make sure you keep right.

Then you’ll automatically reach a tree on the road and the new part of the 
level. Continue your way and ignore the exit to the right, which is also 
blocked. Drive into the Hazzard town at full speed and jump over the ramp to 
get the clock from the air. After the jump you’ll see multiple roads going in 
all directions, but just keep going straight. Between a big grey building on 
the left and a big white object on the right you’ll see one of the parts you 
need on a small road. Keep following that road after picking up the part. A 
few meters ahead the road will change and you need to take a left. Continue to 
follow this road until you end up in yet another part of the level. Now it’s 
just one straight road leading to Ms. Tisdale’s, but you’re still beging 
follow by a police car. After driving for a while you’ll find a gas can on the 
road. Follow the road past some nice farms, but make sure you won’t leave the 
road. You’ll find another tool on your way and a little ahead you need to turn 
left, towards a ramp and over it. Turn right immediately after the jump. 
You’ll drive straight towards a farm, so go left before you drive into it. 
Ahead you’ll see Ms. Tisdale’s house appear, grab the flag there.
You have to pay close attention in this level. Sometimes you’d expect to find 
a mailbox on one side of the road, but it will end up appearing on the other 
side. So it’s easy to driver past a mailbox this way. To put a letter in it 
all you have to do is drive over it. When all the letters are mailed you need 
to head over to the post office. Drive straight and grab the clock in the 
distance. A bit behind it is the first mailbox. Don’t drive at it at full 
speed, because there’s a fence behind it. Drive a bit further after mailing 
the letter and turn left when you see a big red sign to the left of the road. 
A bit ahead is the next mailbox, where you also need to turn right. This road 
isn’t on the map, but it’s there none the less. Follow the fences until you 
need to go left again. Take a turn to the left and hit the mailbox located on 
the left side of the road. Seven more letters to go. The next one is located 
quite a distance away. You’ll be told to go right, but ignore that and go 
straight, turn to the left and mail the letter to the left side of the road.

Right in front of you now is a house with another mailbox. Mail the letter and 
turn right quickly to continue. Drive through the wooden bridge and after a 
turn to the left you’ll see a mailbox to the left of the road. Then make a big 
turn to the right, with an easy to miss mailbox on the outside of the corner. 
The next house has another mailbox, but keep going straight. Only one more 
letter to go. Follow the road and just before a bend to the right the last 
mailbox can be found to the left of the road. Hit the gas afterwards and 
follow the road outside this part of the level. In the next part, Daisy will 
say all kinds of confusing things, but the route is obvious when you look at 
the map. So just drive towards the town and keep going straight when you reach 
it, a bit to the right though. Keep going straight, through some crates on the 
road and straight at the other exit. Turn left when you think you’re exiting 
the town. You’ll see the flag ahead of you.
Hit the gas and grab the can of gas on the left side of the road. Don’t use 
these items just yet! A bit ahead is a ramp with the first trophy in the air. 
Grab the trophy in your jump. Immediately to the left after your landing 
you’ll see a clock, which you pick up of course. To the right is another ramp 
with another clock, but don’t worry about it. So just go left and race to the 
back corner. Position yourself in front of the ramp to your right and pick up 
the trophy from the sky. When you go right again, pick of the can of gas and 
after going right yet again, jump over the ramp to get back to the 
intersection. Position yourself in front of the ramp again. Only a clock can 
be picked up at this ramp, but a can of gas can be found behind it. Grab the 
can of gas, but not the trophy to your right. Aim the General Lee at the ramp 
with the trophy above it. You can grab two of them with this jump! Hit the gas 
and use a can of gas item just before you hit the ramp to travel more in the 
air and grab the second trophy as well.

Follow the road and you’ll reach the racing track. On the track you need to go 
left, but make sure you drive through the pits, the back lane. Another ramp is 
there with another trophy you can grab while jumping over it. Follow the track 
and you’ll see another trophy on the left side of it, which you can get by 
making use of the bump in the track. Follow the track again, through some 
chicanes and jump again to grab another trophy. If you did everything right 
you only need one trophy, while there are still three on the track. This gives 
you the option of skipping the hard to get trophies and trying to get another 
one. Follow the track, over some jumps, and after a while you’ll just see a 
trophy on the road to the left of a sign. If this was your last trophy, you 
completed the level. If not, you need to keep going. The trophy ahead is also 
easy to get by jumping over the ramp. The track itself is blocked though, so 
you’ll first need to go right, off the track, to reach that trophy. If you 
still don’t have all the required trophies, there’s only one more chance. Keep 
going after the last ramp, but watch out for railing and a reversed ramp. 
Drive past it and you’ll come to a ramp where you can grab the last trophy 
from the air.
This level is pretty straight forward actually. The only thing you need to do 
is follow Boss Hogg’s car. You don’t have to stick to the roads, as long as 
you stay close to him. But don’t get too close! When you reach the end of the 
first part, a bulldozer will lift a pipe above the road. You can jump through 
it and end up getting an extra tool. Then keep following Boss Hogg again. A 
little further you will hear a railroad crossing. Pay attention here, because 
a train will appear and you have to jump over it. To the right of the road is 
a ramp you can use for that. If you miss the ramp it’s obvious that you could 
wait for the train to pass by, but for unclear reasons it will just stop. So 
you’ll just have to try again when you miss the jump, Boss Hogg will wait for 
you. When the jump is successful you’ll end up in the next part of the level. 
Follow Boss Hogg across the road, he’ll suddenly turn right towards a swamp. 
The terrain is very bumpy and the road is curved. Stay close to him and follow 
him through bushes and across bridges. After a while he’ll stop near a 
building. Drive towards it yourself to finish this level.
At the beginning you can find a can of gas. Follow the Roadrunner and after a 
while you’ll have to turn right into a scrap yard. Keep following her. She’ll 
drive through the entire scrap yard and eventually end up at the train tracks. 
Then you’ll get back to the normal road again and it’s the end of the first 
part of the level. Keep following the Roadrunner in this new part. She’ll 
drive towards the town, but you’ll have to jump to be able to keep following 
her. Keep doing that across the road until you see a cop car ahead. The car 
will intercept you and ‘Daisy’ will flee, but the mission is over anyway.
When you start the level you’re actually facing the wrong direction. When 
following the road in that direction, you’ll take a massive detour. So turn 
around and follow the road the other way. Right after the bullding a ramp will 
appear, use it to jump across the water. Keep going straight after the 
landing, without following the road. You’ll end up meeting Rosco and Enos and 
hear that you need to take a right. Just do that and follow the road, it’s a 
long straight one. Just cruise along the road, past a bridge and a big blue 
sign with a bull on it until you see some airplanes flying around. To the left 
of the road, on a small hill, you can grab an item for fun. It’s an arrow with 
dynamite attached to it. Save this until the end! In the north of the map you 
can evade the corners in the road by driving straight and through some 
openings. Now you’ll reach a bridge you have to jump across. First destroy the 
barrels with the explosive arrow and then jump over the bridge.
Hit the gas and chase after Missy. Try to pick up a can of gas along the way. 
After a while Missy will use a ramp to jump over some water. Do the same and 
turn left immediately after the jump. You can just follow Missy, but 
directions are given just to make sure. In a big turn to the right you’ll find 
a tool on the inside of the corner. After a while Missy will take a left, 
leave the road and drive through the woods. Follow her and return to the road 
later. After driving for a while you’ll reach a dangerous area. Missy will 
turn right and leave the road again. She’ll jump over a ramp on a small ledge 
surrounded by water and land on the other side. You can try to do the same, 
but if you don’t want to take the risk it’s better to drive around it. You’re 
already close to the end of this part of the level anyway. Follow Missy again 
and watch out for cars passing by. After a long while you’ll see two cans of 
gas. Missy will drive over a hill to the right of them, but you keep going 
straight to pick them up. A ramp is placed right behind them.

Use a can of gas just before you hit the ramp. Open your throttle fully and 
drive straight after the landing. You’ll reach a blockade, where you need to 
go left before you hit it, past the BOARS NEST sign. Drive between all the 
wooden barricades while following Missy until you get to a new part of the 
level again. A bit ahead, Missy will turn right, so will you. At the end of 
this road, which should look familiar, Missy will go right and take a detour. 
You have to keep going straight, between the hay barrels. Follow Missy across 
the road, which will go in all directions and make you bounce. Missy will go 
left at a T intersection, so chase after her by going left as well. Missy will 
drive in the same direction as Boss Hogg when he was heading to the swamps. At 
the last moment she’ll take another exit, so make sure you don’t lose her and 
keep following her. There’s only one road you can follow now and nothing can 
be found along the way. This is the point where you try to pass Missy and go 
across the border first and a bit past it. If you can’t do that, you can start 
all over again.
Drive onto the road on the left, keep going straight and make a sharp turn to 
the left at the building. Keep turning left, because you have to immediately 
take an exit to the left again. Drive through the crates to the first oil can. 
Keep going until you get to the stop sign and go right there, heading for 
another oil can. Hit the gas and go left at the next exit and grab the oil can 
ahead. Follow the road to another oil can. This can is locates at an 
intersection where you can go left or straight, go straight and to the end of 
this part of the level. Take the turn to the left and drive NEXT to the road 
on the right side. This will enable you to easily access the can of gas behind 
the fence. Drive behind it towards an oil can. Follow the road along some 
fences and up some hills until you can see the scrap yard appear again. Grab 
the oil can here and make a turn to the left. Continue and make sure you enter 
the scrap yard and don’t miss the exit! Don’t forget to pick up the oil can 
when you make the turn onto the scrap yard. Follow the fences until you 
eventually reach a can of gas again. Make a sharp turn to the left while 
grabbing the can and drive towards the oil can and the ramp behind it. Use the 
can of gas to be able to jump the train! Land on the other side and pick up 
the oil can.

Right next to the oil can is a closed gate, but you can ram it with your car 
and drive through it anyway. Turn right immediately after the gate. On the 
left of your screen you’ll see another ramp you need to use to jump over the 
train again. Use another can of gas to be able to make it! You’ll probably 
miss it, but there’s a tool right behind the train. Further ahead is a can of 
gas, which you need to pick up if you don’t have any left! Behind the stack of 
cars in the back left corner is an oil can you’re not allowed to miss if you 
don’t want to start over again. Turn around and you’ll see another ramp. Use a 
can of gas again to jump over the train once more. Brake when landing, because 
you need to turn right and follow the train to find the exit on the left past 
a ramp. Leave the scrap yard and turn right. Inside the gate is another oil 
can. A bit outside of the scrap yard the road straight ahead is closed off, so 
take the asphalt road to the left, where another oil can is located. Now just 
keep following the road and picking up oil cans until you reach the end and 
grab the flag.
Follow the road between de barricades. This mission is pretty simple, you just 
have to get back to the swamp. After driving for a while you’ll see a lot of 
metal like objects. It’s a truck with a ramp in front of it. Use the ramp to 
get past the truck and keep on going. A bit further, after a corner to the 
left, you can follow the road but also bend to the right off the road towards 
the scrap yard and a tool. Drive slowly to grab the tool and quickly turn left 
to follow the road there. From the left an asphalt road will reach your road, 
but you don’t need it. Instead, use the ramp ahead and grab the clock from the 
air. After a long while of following the road and listening to incorrect and 
useless directions you’ll eventually see a few metal pipes on the road. Try to 
drive through it to reach the next part of the level. Then really drive 
through it and keep going straight across the road. After the corner you’ll 
see a red farm. Grab the can of gas in front of it and ram the farm doors. 
Make sure you pick up the clock inside and then drive outside through the back 
doors to go left and follow the road again. After a long time you’ll come to a 
bridge, where you keep following the road. Ahead you’ll reach a familiar area. 
Go left to enter the swamp and follow the road across the bridge, so don’t go 
right at the closed off exit. After the bridge, don’t take the exit to the 
left, but follow the road in front of you. While following it, look out for a 
easy to miss exit to the right where you have to get off. Drive towards the 
This mission is actually pretty simple. You have to drive around the entire 
swamp area to look for explosive arrows. Sometimes you have to drive through 
buildings or jump over ramps to be able to get them. Make sure you directly 
hit the MGM and that he doesn’t hit you. Sounds logical, right? If you are 
damaged too much, you can also find some tools in the swamp area. And another 
thing, stay out of the water! For the rest it’s up to you to determine your 
strategy. The MGM can stay pretty close to you and then it’s hard to get rid 
of it. In the back of the area is a ramp over the water, when you jump over it 
you’ll create some more room between you and the MGM. Be careful though that 
the MGM doesn’t push you into the water, so always stay away from the front! 
You’ll beat the MGM after hitting it with three arrows directly.
You’ve driven here before, when you needed to get all the trophies. So you 
must a aware of the shape of the track. If not, just drive around to get to 
know the track. You have three laps to try to get a time lower than sixty 
seconds. I had all of them beneath sixty, but only one is necessary. The track 
is pretty much the same as in that previous level, but now a lot of ramps have 
disappeared. At two places you can grab a clock to reduce your time and right 
after the start you can find a gas can which will reappear every lap, just 
like the clocks. The metal barricade has been moved, so the track is a little 
longer than in the previous level. Good luck!
Another obvious mission. The only thing you need to do is follow Missy, like 
you did with Boss Hogg before. It means that you’re not allowed to come close, 
but you can’t get too far behind either. When you do one of those things, you 
can start over. Get the can of gas in the beginning and only use those items 
when you get too far behind! Due to the fact that most of the mission consists 
of a long road you have to follow, it’s not hard to keep on the right route. 
Just keep following Missy and soon you’ll run into another can of gas, after a 
few high bumps. This is where you really have to look out not to get close to 
Missy, because she’ll go around the corner very wide and slowly which makes 
you come close fast. Also make the turn and follow her along the road. Now 
comes a harder part. You’ll reach a section with a lot of crossroads, in the 
vicinity of a bridge. Missy will pick the road going underneath the bridge, so 
head towards it and go under it as well and you’ll be fine.

Ahead on the road you can find another can of gas. Keep following Missy and 
she’ll get off the road after a while. To the right of the road is a hill 
which she uses to jumo. Do the same and grab the can of gas right after the 
hill. A little further there’s a digging machine right on top of the road. If 
you can still see Missy, you’ll notice there’s a hill to the left of the 
machine which you can use to continue. A can of gas can be found at the start 
of the next part of the level. Pick it up and follow Missy again. Pay 
attention, because there are a few exits to farms which Missy will all skip. 
Stay on the main road while chasing Missy. After a long while without being 
bothered by anything or running into something, a white BOARS NEST sign will 
appear right in front of you. Before that sign, just before another brown 
sign, Missy took a right so take that exit as well. Immediately ahead is 
another can of gas. Jump over the ramp ahead and stay on Missy’s tail. A bit 
further she will stop. Driver over to her to finish the mission.
This is also a pretty easy level. What you need to do is collect arrows to 
open the gate with. You need three arrows in total, two for the rocks in front 
of the gate and one for the gate itself. The arrows can be found on many 
places in the level and you usually need to jump to get them. A while after 
you picked up an arrow, a new one will appear at the same spot. So drive 
around, looking for arrows you can get by jumping, either with or without 
using extra gas. If you find an arrow is easy to get, you could either go look 
for another one or drive around a while until another one can be found on the 
same location. In the middle of the terrain is a tower with an arrow in it. 
There’s a ramp in front of it so you can jump through the tower. In front of 
the ramp is a clock that buys you a little extra time. To get the arrow from 
the tower you’ll need a can of gas. If you look in the direction of the ramp 
with the tower behind it, drive to the back as far as possible and find the 
can of gas to the left behind a little house. In the corner to your right is a 
tool to be found and near a ramp next to it is another can of gas available. 
You can find more gas on the other side of the level near a house with TNT on 
it and between two containers. There’s also an arrow located on the 
containers. A little further to the back you can jump towards a digging 
machine to get a maximum of two arrows from the air. There’s also a handy item 
in the hole the machine is digging. When you’ve got enough arrows, drive to 
the gate and blow away the rocks one bij one. Blast open the gate after that 
and drive through it.
If there’s one easy mission, it’s this one! By now you should know the track 
by heart and nothing can go wrong now. The track is exactly the same as the 
one you qualified on, only a few items may have been removed or displaced. 
After the first turn you can find a can of gas in the air on the left. It’s 
best to use those items on the long straight part of the track with all the 
bumps. Keep to the left when you’re there so that you won’t be bothered by the 
bumps or the mud ahead. When you arrive at the start or finish again, don’t go 
over the ramp. Go to the right of it instead and into the pits. Use the ramp 
you find there to gain another can of gas. That was one lap and the rest is 
exactly the same. So you can find a maximum of two cans of gas every lap, 
except for the first lap of course because it’s hard to reach the pits. But 
you can get it at the start of the second and third lap though. If you’re the 
first one to finish then you’ve also finished this level.
Another pursuit. Don’t stay to close behind the MGM, or you’ll be damaged by 
the flamethrower that activates every now and then. The MGM is easy to follow 
and it will bring you back to the construction area. A lot of rockets can 
still be found at the same spot, but the one in the tower is gone. Now there’s 
a can of gas between the containers instead of a tool and to the right after 
entering through the gate is another tool near a little house. It could be 
useful if you have to much contact with the MGM. There’s still a rocket 
located on the containers and near the digging machines are a few as well. You 
can choose between two different strategies here. You could first collect a 
lot of arrows and then fire them at the MGM, or alternate between picking them 
up and firing them until the MGM is finally beaten. Also alternate between 
picking up rockets and collecting tools. The MGM can do a lot of damage. Again 
items can be found at the some spot after a while after picking them up and 
using them. There is one more can of gas to be found. Remember the ramp 
towards the tower? The last time you were here in a previous level you were 
told to point in the direction of the ramp with the tower behind it. If you 
drive to the back as for as possible and turn left, you could find a can of 
gas. It’s still there. The MGM is beaten after about four direct hits of your 
The goal is to chase Missy and damage her car so badly she’s forced to stop. 
During the level that can be hard to do, but there are a few locations where 
you can ram her easier. The first location is at the well known bridge which 
is actually a viaduct. Missy sometimes has the urge to drive to the left and 
stay behind the fences for a while. The perfect time to ram her before that is 
over. The second location is all the way at the end. She’ll keep on driving 
circles in Hazzard in a standard pattern. Study the pattern and find out when 
you can ram her good. The bad thing is that you only have a limited amount of 
time to complete your goal! Remember to hit Missy on one of the SIDES of the 
car. Ramming her from behind doesn’t work! It’s very effective to push her of 
the road by driving next to her and steer towards her. Keep following her the 
entire level and hit the gas right at the start of it. After a while you’ll go 
towards a ramp which will bring you to a few bulldozers, don’t miss that ramp! 
If you do, start over right away because it will take a long time to get past 
them. A bit further down the road after the bulldozers is a T intersection and 
Missy will turn left there. So do the same and keep following her as she 
passes straight by a few pastures while ignoring some exits. Drive right past 
them and keep following Missy. You’ll end up at a new part of the level.

Steer sharp to the left right away so that you won’t go up the hill but along 
the road next to it. Follow Missy across this road. A little further down it 
you’ll see a hill with plants on it. Missy will jump over it, so will you. 
Keep following her end you’ll end up at the famous bridge. If you’re lucky, 
Missy will get stuck behind the fences! If not, just keep following her. After 
the bridge she’ll follow the road to the right. On that road is also you first 
item, a tool. It could be useful if you’ve got more damage than Missy! Keep 
following her, across the bridge and beyond. After a while she’ll suddenly 
turn to the right after a corner to the left and leave the road. Follow her 
through the woods or use the road to drive around it, whatever you want. You 
do get a can of gas for traveling through the woods though! Then you’ll get 
back to the road again and need to drive to the end of this part of the level. 
Missy will drive past several exits in this part of the level. I’m not going 
to mention them all, because she’ll just keep following the main road. You’ll 
read it when this changes, of course. Follow Missy and after a while she’ll 
head left, leaving the road, through a field of grass to cut a piece of the 
route. Use your gas when you think it’s necessary or when you get too far 
behind. There’s a tree on the grass and one way or the other I always manage 
to hit it! Missy will get off the grass on the left, so chase after her after 
evading/hitting the tree. After a straight part Missy will suddenly turn right 
onto another road. Grab the clock here to buy some time and continue the 

When you keep following the road you’ll eventually be told to keep going 
straight. It’s easy to take the wrong path here, because there are four roads 
coming together. Anyway, go straight and after a while you’ll be told to do 
that again. Just keep slightly to the left of the road to grab a tool. At the 
house right in front of you on the road, turn right and through the wooden 
tunnel. Follow the road between a few farms and you’ll get to another tool 
after quite a drive. Continue to follow the road and you’ll reach a new part 
of the level. Missy will keep following the road and enter Hazzard. She’ll 
drive past the white sign and take the road going straight. Take the same 
route and pick up a tool and a clock on your way. Missy keeps driving around 
in this time for a while. Later it seems like she tries to escape on the other 
side, but she’ll quickly take another turn heading back to Hazzard again. So 
she’ll keep driving around here until you demolish her car or until the time 
is up. End of mission, end of story, end of walkthrough!

= 4 = C O N C L U S I O N =
It’s a pretty decent game after all, but it still misses something to be a 
classic. The videos are nice and the story is pretty funny as well. I’d like a 
third game, but I do have to tips for the boys and girls at Sinister Games. 
The most important one, make the game longer!
They managed to create a funny Driver imitation with a Dukes Of Hazzard 

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