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Dino Crisis 2


complete walkthrough

by ChandooG

Document best viewed in Courier new font size 10, screen size 1024x768
Users of WIN XP save this file to text then use Lucida console font

Welcome to the complete guide for .. 

  _____   _   __   _   _____        _____  _____    _   _____   _   _____ 
 |  _  \ | | |  \ | | /  _  \      /  ___||  _  \  | | /  ___/ | | /  ___/
 | | | | | | |   \| | | | | |      | |    | |_| |  | | | |___  | | | |___ 
 | | | | | | | |\   | | | | |      | |    |  _  /  | | \___  \ | | \___  \
 | |_| | | | | | \  | | |_| |      | |___ | | \ \  | |  ___| | | |  ___| |
 |_____/ |_| |_|  \_| \_____/      \_____||_|  \_\ |_| /_____/ |_| /_____/
                                 /___  \                                  
                                  ___| |                                  
                                 /  ___/                                  
                                 | |___                                   

" We were about to step through a gate into another time... 
           or maybe it was another world "  - Dylan

Welcome to my complete walkthrough for Dino Crisis 2, this walkthrough
can be used with both the PlayStation version and the not so long ago
released PC version of the game. This walkthrough is complete in all
formats and I have made sure as to leave nothing out.

This walkthrough is brought to you by Adnan Javed, better known as 
ChandooG on the GameFAQ's message boards and as A-J among his friends 
and many many forums. 

Keep in mind first off that the walkthrough contains spoilers so if
you would rather not spoil the story of the game then I would advice
you to close this window and go play the game, I do not wish to make
the game less-enjoyable for anyone, so use this walkthrough mainly
for pointers and information as you please.

Sit back, kick your shoes off, get yourself a carbonated soda and turn
on your console/PC ..

Quick overview

                             DINO CRISIS 2
                           Complete Walkthrough
                             By Adnan Javed
                                Alias AJ
                 ChandooG on message boards
                     [email protected]
                            [email protected]
                           Original ver Jun/12/04

          *under repairs*

___                               _
 |  __  |__  |    ___       __  _|_
 | (__( |__) |_, (__/_     (__)  |

               __   __   __  _|_   ___   __  _|_    __
              (___ (__) |  )  |_, (__/_ |  )  |_, __)

The latest trend  ** Code feature

This search feature thingy is the latest trend among walkthroughs
so I'll use it too hehe, if you instantly want to jump to a section
rather then scroll up down trying to find it then, just hit Ctrl+F
to open the search bar, type the 4 letter code which is written in
front of the topic in question and hit search, you will be taken
immediately to that area.

               |   |                                    |      |
               |No |        Description                 |Code  |
               |___|____________________________________|_____ |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |1. |   Version history                  | vhis |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |2. |   Information                      | infx |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |3. |   Introduction                     | ino9 |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |4. |   Story                            | st00 |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |5. |   Controls                         | crl0 |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |6. |   Characters                       | ci99 |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |7. |   Beastiary                        | mns1 |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |8. |   Weapons                          | wnps |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |9. |   Beginner's Info                  | bnfo |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |10.|   Complete Walkthrough             | wtrs |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |12.|   Item's list                      | gils |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |13.|   Game Memo's                      | gifs |
               |   |       * Also Dino Files Locations  |      | 
               |   |                                    |      |
               |14.|   Secrets, Tips, Codes             | tc&c |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |15.|   My review of Dino crisis 2       | mrv0 |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |16.|   Legal Information                | lgll |
               |   |          - Site's hosting this     |      |
               |   |          - Contacting information  |      |
               |   |          - Ending words            |      |

Got anything to ask about the game, or this Guide, then dont 
hesitate in dropping me an emai off at..

[email protected]
[email protected]


!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
      ___   __    __ o  __   __      |__  o   __ _|_   __   __       
(__| (__/_ |  ' __)  | (__) |  )     |  ) | __)   |_, (__) |  ' (__| 
*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!

June 10th
I began initial work on the guide, and in the first day I finished
most of the walkthrough part itself, I think I'm a really fast typer;).

June 11th
Almost done, but I've got a really bad headache from constant staring
and I think I'll put it to hold today after finishing just the
walkthrough part itself.

June 12th
Finished the various other sections, and now this thing is almost
ready for uploading. Wish me luck maa..



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
       o  __  _|_  __   __   __ __   __  _|_  o  __   __  
       | |  )  |  (__) |  ' |  )  ) (__(  |_, | (__) |  ) 

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Title : Dino Crisis 2

Platform : Sony PlayStation, PC

Release date : 09/29/00 PS version, 08/20/02 PC

Genre : Survival Horror

Rating : M, 18+

Characters : 4

Playable characters : 2 *more in mini games

Game scenario's : 1

Total game endings : 1

Boss fights : 2

Most annoying enemies : Pterenadons


Author name : Adnan Javed

Alias : A-J , ChandooG

Author age : 17

Author blood group : O+

Comments : This is far better then the first 
           Dino crisis, get this game if you already haven't.



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
     o  __  _|_   __   __   __|        __  _|_  o  __   __  
     | |  )  |_, |  ' (__) (__| (__(_ (___  |_, | (__) |  ) 

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

A few years back Capcom released a game which was a bit like Resident
evil but wasn't Resident evil, it was Dino crisis, a new game by capcom 
inc which followed the same suspense and thrill formula as the ultra 
successful RE series. After the release of the game, it was taken well 
by the gaming community as a game with an interesting plot. But there 
was alot of talk  that Dino crisis is reputation as a separate game itself, 
the doubt still remained. Then capcom decided to release Dino crisis 2, 
with a completely different approach to the game then the first installment. 
This time the game was focused solely on the action part, the story 
continues one year after the events of the first game. There is only one 
returning character from the first game and thats all that ties the game 
to the first one besides the title and the dinosaurs.

Other then that this new game is fun fast paced action from the first 
second you select new game, capcom have shut the mouths of those people 
who merely regarded Dino Crisis as a Resident evil clone with the 
perfect  sequel. This game retains all the good qualities of the first 
game like  the nice graphics and character models, and the excellent voice 
acting.  But it also adds more fun and excitement for the player. This 
time capcom  ditched the polygonal 3d backgrounds and sticked to the 
regular pre-rendered  backdrops. The first dino crisis was a slow paced 
game which had very hard puzzles and very less action to get along. But 
this game takes the approach from the opposite end, there is almost no 
puzzle at all in the entire game, except for the usual find the right key 
thing, but there is action and loads and loads of dinosaurs for the player 
to get along.

The only regrets for this game for the hardcore fans of the first game
might be that the heroin of the first game is given more of a fifty-fifty
role in this game, the bigger end of the spotlight is held by a new hero
for the story , but that quickly fades away, also some people might think
that this game is a bit too arcadish, but that only adds up to the fast
paced game mechanism, as you probably wouldn't have enough time to find
weapons and their ammo, you can simply buy them from the save terminals.


One year has passed since Regina's fight for survival against prehistoric 
dinosaurs, and the capture of the rogue Dr. Kirk. Third Energy research 
continued recklessly. Another "accident" was imminent. Suddenly, Edward 
City, an entire town devoted to Third Energy research completely vanished, 
mysteriously replaced by prehistoric jungle. Now, a search and rescue to 
recover survivors and locate the missing research data begins. Armed with 
heavy artillery, only Regina has any idea of what to expect when the team 
arrives...pure terror.

Game Features 

 The sequel to the block buster, survival-horror hit, Dino Crisis
 More dinosaurs, more weapons...more heart pounding action!
 Control the fates of two dynamic characters: Regina and Dylan

PC Version System Requirements

OS: Win95, 98, 2000, Me 
CPU: Pentium 233 (required), Pentium II 350 (recommended) 
RAM: 64MB (required) 
Hard Disk: 230MB (standard install) 
CD-ROM: X4 or higher 
Sound: Microsoft(r) Direct Sound 
Graphics: Microsoft(r) Direct 3D, 
          VRAM 8MB (required), 
          16MB (recommended)



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
                   __ _|_   __   __       
                 __)   |_, (__) |  ' (__| 

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

   " One year has passed since the third energy incident, Dr Kirk's
     research on third energy has been taken over by a government 
     agency and massive research has begun in a base somewhere in 
     the mid west, however in their pursuit for immediate results 
     they  failed to take the necessary precautions and once again 
     an accident has occurred, this time the entire research base, 
     military institution and a small town closeby have disappeared, 
     in their place there now lies a jungle from another time. "

Dylan narrating
   " May 10th, 2010, were about to step through a gate to another
     time, or maybe its another world, I'm being sent in with other
     members of TRAT, our mission, to rescue 1300 survivors and
     collect data on the third energy project. "


The story of the game takes place one year after the events of the first
game and the near-heroic rescue of Dr kirk. The crack team which completed
the mission had returned safe and sound with the good doctor but never
had they imagined that something like the events they witnessed on the
island will ever happen again. But secretly the government had continued
the research that Dr kirk had started a long time ago, this research was
kept a complete secret, and it was held somewhere in the mid western area
of the United states, the government scientists didn't take the regular
safety precautions because they were eager for immediate results and 
thus they over loaded the third energy reactors once again, similar to 
what happened 1 year before. But this time the incident had a much larger
influence on the surrounding area. The entire research base where the 
labs were located, the nearby military facility and an entire town some 
distance away had all disappeared through the third energy portal into 
the distant future via the time gates.

Now prehistoric jungles lied in their place, but thats not the concern
of the TRAT squad, they were sent into the future on a prototype time
gate to rescue the civilians and the lab people into the future, they
had no idea what to expect and how to deal with the dinosaur threats so
they called for an expert in such situation, and so Regina was assigned
to this mission. She was being sent in with the member of the TRAT squad
to assist them in their mission. After the boat had successfully arrived
in the future, the soldiers onboard set up base camp in the nearby
forest, but they were soon introduced to its residents. The dinosaurs
easily ripped through the entire squad and only 3 people were left alive
after the initial massacre, Dylan the commanding officer of the TRAT
squad, David a senior member and Regina. What fate lies ahead of them....



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
 __   __   __ __   ___       __   __   __  _|_   __   __  |     __ 
(__| (__( |  )  ) (__/_     (___ (__) |  )  |_, |  ' (__) |_, __)  

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


R1           : Take aim
Circle       : Sub weapon
Triangle     : Water jet *when underwater, cancel menu's
Square       : Fire weapon, must use with R1   
X            : Check, select menu's, pick up items, talking 
L2           : Quick map
R2           : 180* turn
Select       : Inventory screen
Start        : Pause game / Options menu


R1           : Take aim
Circle       : Check, select menu's, pick up items, talking
Triangle     : Sub weapon
Square       : Fire weapon, must use with R1   
X            : Cancel menu's, Water jet *when underwater
L2           : Quick map
R2           : 180* turn
Select       : Inventory screen
Start        : Pause game / Options menu


R1           : Take aim
Circle       : Check, select menu's, pick up items, talking
Triangle     : Water jet *when underwater, cancel menu's
Square       : Fire weapon, must use with R1   
X            : Sub weapons
L2           : Quick map
R2           : 180* turn
Select       : Inventory screen
Start        : Pause game / Options menu



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
       __  |__   __   __   __   __  _|_   ___   __    __ 
      (___ |  ) (__( |  ' (__( (___  |_, (__/_ |  ' __)  

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Age : 23
Height 182 cm
"An intelligence agent of S.O.R.T. She is calm and rational. She excels
 in infiltration"                                                       
Yes its the cool red haired chick from the first Dino crisis game, and she
is back for another piece of the dino action with the same hair color.
Regina was one of the operatives who was sent in to capture Dr Kirk alive
she successfully completed her mission and at the same time gained her
respect as a good skilled agent, now one year after the previous events
she has been called back for another 3rd energy related incident, because
of her previous knowledge about the powerful energy, Regina is sent in
with other member of TRAT this time, who dont get along really well with
her at the start. But there is no denying that she has more knowledge 
about the dinosaurs then any other member. Regina is very skilled in armed
combat and she can handle both light weight and heavy weaponry to their
full extent, the knowledge of her previous encounter with the prehistoric 
species will pay off very much in her current assignment.


Age : 25
Height 180cm
" A special forces TRAT member. A soldier with a tragic fate "
Dylan is the new character to this game and can be said to be the primary 
hero, Regina is the secondary heroin for the game, you will start off with 
this guy and soon find out that he's no rookie, he is a tough soldier 
equally skilled in combat as Regina and equally impressive when taking 
on the dinosaurs, but that is not all to his character, during the course 
of the game you will learn about Dylan's past and his future too, Dylan 
was once a member of a street gang, but after his mother and sister became 
the targets of his gang war , Dylan decided to say good bye to his previous 
life and joined the army to pay up for his past sins. Now Dylan is the 
Commanding Officer of his TRAT squad and he's been sent in with another 
experienced officer, Regina to complete this mission. Dylan doesn't really
get along with Regina at the beginning , but sooner then later they both
learn to work together, for the sake of their mission, and their lives.


Age : 23
Height 182cm
David in my opinion is the coolest character in the game, he's not just
any other side character you might expect from the game but he plays a
major role in the game, but you wont see him in the starting parts of the
game, in the other half of the game, David helps our hero's out on more
then one location. He is an Indian who likes to wear a cowboy hat , now
that is one cool guy. David will be responsible for why the T-rex that
chases our hero through out the game is one eyed, in the opening FMV he
will shoot a rocket right into the rex's eye. After that he just disappears
until much later when he makes radio contact with the hero's.


Age : Unknown
Height Unknown
You probably will not recognize this character by name, until you are very
near the ending of the game, but dont worry about that, this characters
name is of not much importance, during the course of the game you will
bump into her frequently, sometimes she will be out to kill you, and
sometimes she will assist you and lead you to the next area's. She is a
character with an interesting past and an even more interesting bloodline.
Play through the game to find out more about this character, any more here
will just spoil the ending of the game for you. hehe. 



" A intelligence agent of S.O.R.T. , a high tech specialist "
You will find this character in the special mini game only, he is also
one of the survivors of the first 3rd energy incident along with Regina.
He is mostly an electronic sorta guy. Here he's making a special appearance
to whoop some dino butt.

" An intelligent agent of S.O.R.T. , a man with a heart made of stone "
The second part of his description will be familiar to anyone who has
played through the first Dino crisis, he was one of the coolest characters
in the game with a bad ass attitude and even more bad-asses voice actor.
He also appears only in the mini-game to whoop dino butts.



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
            |__   ___   __    __ _|_  o  __   __       
            |__) (__/_ (__( __)   |_, | (__( |  ' (__| 

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


These are the most common type of dinosaurs you will run into throughout
the game, the raptors are quick and aggressive hunters who will bring
the attack to you rather then waiting for you to come at them. The best
thing to do when a raptor is near you is to shoot it down, you canNOT
outrun a raptor so most of the times running away will only result in
you getting hurt a whole lot. The raptors can either charge attack you 
or flip jump on top of the character which can take alot of health off 
quickly, earlier on the default weapons of the hero's is sufficient enough 
to take care of them, but later on use weapons like submachine guns for 
Regina and the solid cannon for Dylan.


The second most common type of dinosaurs in the game, these are the
oviraptors nicknamed the egg stealers, these things are quiet small
in size but dont let that fool you, these things are equally as
dangerous as the larger raptors, they can attack you 2 ways, one is
they will run towards you and drop kick you, the second method is
that they will spit acid at you from a distance which is quiet


What I call the mini T-rex's, these are probably the most ferocious
dino's in the game overall, as they have the speed and the strength
to kill a human very quickly, they jump and run surprisingly good for
a dino of that large size, the best weapon against is either the solid
cannon of the Anti tank rifle when you get it, shoot head on with the
rifle to kill it, and try to shoot in the middle part of its body
with weapons like solid cannon and even the flame-thrower. 


You will only find these monster near the ending parts of the game
in the caves area and in the missile base area as Regina, these dino's
have real thick armor on their heads and its really hard to take them
head on, unless you have a rocket based weapon or the anti tank rifle.
If you dont have any of the said weapons then atleast make sure that 
you have the sub weapon chainmine, that weapon can flip these dino's
to their soft bellies which is weak against any weapons, at that time
quickly shoot it with any weapon for the kill.


AKA the most annoying dinosaurs on the face of the planet, these flying
beasts are really hard to aim at and they can take quick chunks off your
health bar in a matter of seconds, for the most part I will ask you
to run away from them, but if you DO want to face them, the best thing
is Regina's heavy machine gun, or as Dylon run forward while firing
the solid cannon, the birds should charge into you and die by the cannon's
energy ball.

You will only come up against these huge beasts once in the game, and
that too will be a mini game, but that will be more then enough to
tell you how strong these things are, the only thing that can stop
them from charging into you is a well placed shot right in the middle
of the eyes, other then that they're almost invincible with the ultra
thick skin as the armor.


The king of the jungle, all I can tell you whenever you see this bad
motha is to run like hell and find the nearest exit, this thing will
follow you from the start of the game, its invincible to the normal
fire power, and you would need something extraordinarily powerful
to get rid of this dino.


There exists a dinosaur much larger then the T-rex, but will this
thing make its appearance in this game, find out playing the game, 
other then that I wont spoil the fun part of this baddies existence.



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
         ___   __   __   __   __    __   &&    _|_   __   __  |     __ 
(__(__( (__/_ (__( |__) (__) |  ) __)    &&     |_, (__) (__) |_, __)  
                   |                     &&                           

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

                                         MAIN WEAPONS


Attack  : 30
Range   : 70
Speed   : 70
Price   : You start with it
User    : Dylan
" It shoots scatter shots. Capable of shooting enemies both close range
  and wide range "
This is Dylan's basic starting weapon, pretty good against the normal
raptors and the ovi-raptors, capable of stopping raptors in their tracks
not recommended against anything larger then a raptor. Keep that in mind.


Attack  : 20
Range   : 80
Speed   : 30
Price   : You start with it
User    : Regina                                                      
" Has a very small recoil action. You can fire the weapon even while
  you're running "
Regina's starting weapon, this handgun is surprisingly excellent against
the starting raptors, allowing you to get some quick extinct points in
the starting parts of the game, the best thing about it is that you can
shoot while you run. 


Attack  : 30
Range   : 70
Speed   : 70
Price   : 8000 pts
User    : Both the characters
" Launches wide range blazes. Effective on certain kinds of plants. Fire
  while you walk "
This is one of the few weapons that you will need to purchase in order
to advance through area's, the flame-thrower can stop the raptors on
their tracks, and it can also do head on damage to allosaurus's. But
the main function for buying it is to get rid of the poisonous plants.


Attack  : 70
Range   : 50
Speed   : 80
Price   : 18000 pts
User    : Dylan
" Destroy cells by way of vibration. Effective for a few seconds even
  after initial fire "
This is one of the most useful guns in the game, the energy blast will
remain on screen for a little while after the shot too so if any dino
runs into it, it will be damaged too. This gun can be used against 
almost all the dinosaurs.


Attack  : 20
Range   : 80
Speed   : 90
Price   : 12000 pts
User    : Regina
" A light-weight weapon, held in both hands. Shoot even while running.
  However fire power is meager "
Dont listen to the above quote, this is one of the best weapons in
the game against all forms of raptors, especially with the multi-target
capability, it can stop raptors in their tracks and you can aim and fire
in more then one direction at the same time, this is an ideal weapon for
gaining some quick points.


Attack  : 60
Range   : 40
Speed   : 90
Price   : 35000 pts
User    : Regina
" Rapid-fire and power are the features of this large-sized machine gun.
  Fire while you walk "
This is one of the good against everything weapons, you can use it on
almost all enemies for the same result, this weapon has nothing special
to it but its got really nice stopping power against the raptors.


Attack  : 90
Range   : 70
Speed   : 30
Price   : 38000 pts
User    : Dylan
" Penetrates through almost anything. The recoil is so tremendous you'll
  have to stop and fire "
This is my favorite weapon in the entire game, this is probably the best
weapon to use against every enemy, takes down all the normal non-boss
dinosaurs in 3 or less shots. The gun can take out friggin allosaurus
like they were yesterday's trash. My pick of the weapons in the entire game.


Attack  : 80
Range   : 100
Speed   : 20
Price   : 50000 pts
User    : Regina
" Fires 3 homing rockets at once. The most powerful weapon overall "
Just like it says above, this is probably the most powerful weapon in
the entire game, even more then the rocket launcher as it fires 3 homing
rockets at the same time, the best weapon for Regina overall, too bad
Dylan cant use anything like this near the ending parts of the game.

Attack  : 100
Range   : 10
Speed   : 20
Price   : 50000 pts
User    : Dylan
" The most destructive weapon. However the recoil is too large to fire
  rapidly "

Yes this is the most powerful single shot weapon, its the best thing
to use in tight spots where you need to escape at once, but I would
recommend not buying this thing at all as its almost useless for Dylan.
You should rather save your money for something else.


Attack  : 80
Range   : 70
Speed   : 70
Price   : Default underwater weapon
User    : Regina
" I forgot ^_^ "
This is the default underwater that Regina starts off with in the sub
merged section of the game, it fires off consecutive needles killing off
the underwater dino's quickly, and stopping them in their tracks while
shooting. There isnt much choice underwater so this'll have to do.


Attack  : 70
Range   : 10
Speed   : 70
Price   : 18000 pts
User    : Regina
"This is the only other weapon you can buy underwater and you HAVE to buy
this to advance further into the game, overall its got the power to kill
the normal underwater dino's in one shot, and this is the only weapon which
can do damage against the boss you fight underwater.

                                         SUB WEAPONS


Attack  : 50
Range   : 90
Speed   : 100
Price   : Default
User    : Dylan
" Machete with the increased heavy blade. It had increased cutting power "
  Sorry for not the default description                                
This is the default sub weapon for Dylan, pretty much useless unless you
are in front of a door with vines in front of it, this is the only thing
that can unlock such doors, other then that in combat you can use it to
stop raptors to give you a clear way to escape.


Attack  : 10
Range   : 90
Speed   : 100
Price   : Default
User    : Regina
" This gun puts out a high voltage shock, immobilizing the enemy "

This is Regina's default sub weapon, other then opening doors which
have red electronic locks besides them, or for solving two puzzles
in the course of the game, this weapon is also useless at most, should
avoid using it for encounters .


Attack  : 30
Range   : 90
Speed   : 70
Price   : 5000 pts
User    : Both
" It creates a wall of fire, enabling you to avert from frontal attacks"

This thing is mostly useless too, created a fire wall in front of the
player which stops raptors and other SMALL dino's, on the bigger one's
this is just plain and simple useless. It can also be used to kill off
the poisonous plants like the flame-thrower.


Attack  : 60
Range   : 50
Speed   : 70
Price   : 12000 pts
User    : Both
" Fires five mines into the ground blasting them instantaneously and
  turns the enemy on its back "
Apart from getting through the area's with the soft rocks, this weapon
also serves as a good way of flipping over the hard shelled volcanic
dinosaurs, its got a good damage rate on itself too and you can use it
to stop oncoming raptors and such too.


Attack  : 0
Range   : 30
Speed   : 40
Price   : Default
User    : Regina
This weapon is the default and only sub weapon in the underground area's, 
it can cause temporarily blindness to the underwater dino's allowing you
an open path for escape.                                                

These are the various tools that you can buy/earn during the course of
the game. Get them all ;) 

Price : 15000
" An allow blade which will increase the power of Dylan's machete "
This is a good tool as it will give a little life to Dylan's otherwise
almost useless machete, buy it if you feel like doing melee combat.

Price : 15000
" A battery which will increase the power of Regina's stungun "
Just like the above, it will give a little life to the near useless
stungun, it also changes the tip of the weapon to faint pink.

Price : 20000
" It will extend the time that COMBO is being displayed on the screen"
Just as the above says, it will give you a bit more time to get yourself
combo hits, when combined with the EPS gold card, this can be really useful.

Price : 20000
" By wearing this suit, it will completely stop you from bleeding "
Yes this thing is really useful and I recommend buying it, this will
stop you from ever bleeding meaning no more hemostats, and no more
trying to avoid getting hurt seriously ^_^ 

Price : 35000
" By wearing the armor, it will reduce the damage you take by half "
This is probably the second most useful tool in the entire game, cuts
down the damage to take to half, really useful in extreme fighting
zones and of course the ending parts of the game.

Price : 40000
" It automatically doubles the points you earn "
This is probably the most useful tool in the entire game, any points
you get after buying this thing will be automatically doubled and you
will earn the cash quiet fast after using this, very awesome.



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
|__   ___   __  o  __   __   ___   __    __     o  __  _|_  __  
|__) (__/_ (__| | |  ) |  ) (__/_ |  ' __)      | |  )  |  (__) 

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

This is a section solely for those who are playing the game for the
first time and dont really know how the game system works.. here's 
a list of self made Q and A's to help you out.

1. What is EXP ?
A. EXP is short for Extinction points, these are the standard points
   that you get after you have successfully killed a dinosaur, the
   only way you can buy new weapons and tools, and refill your ammo
   stock is via these EXP's , this is a must part of the game, after
   you have earned sufficient points you can head for a closeby 
   save panel and purchase items from the SHOP menu. These EXP's will
   be useful even after the game is over, you can buy characters for
   the mini-game from all the EXP you've earned through out the game
   so its wise to stockpile EXP's.

2. What is a COMBO ?
A. COMBO appears on the top of the screen only when you kill dinosaurs
   in a continuos time, when ever you kill a dino you will notice that
   the points you get for killing it will be displayed on the top of the
   screen for a little while, if you manage to kill another dinosaur in
   that time, then you will have scored a 2 COMBO . Combo's increase the
   score by 20% in my estimation. So its wise to get combo's for a good
   score. Buying the tool EPS Silver card will aid you in this.

3. What is NO DAMAGE SCORE ?
A. If you manage to kill a few dinosaurs in a particular area, like 6 
   or more raptors and make it to any exit without taking a single 
   blow then the game will award you with a NO DAMAGE bonus, these 
   bonus's are very  high and make sacks of EXP in seconds.

4. Are the dino's unlimited ?
A. They may seem unlimited, especially the raptors in the earlier parts
   of the game, but they DO have a limit, if you switch between screens
   and kill all the dinosaurs, which can vary between 10 and 30 mind you,
   then the remainder of the area will remain empty. Of course in exception
   of the bigger dinosaurs like Allosaurus, there's only 1 or 2 at most
   in a single area.

5. What good does HEMOSTAT do ? OR Why is my character loosing health ?
A. If you are bitten by a dinosaur then you might notice that your 
   health bar has turned red and you are slowly losing health, in
   this state if you run around then you will also notice drops of
   blood forming on the ground, that means that your character is 
   bleeding, in such a case use a HEMOSTAT or Med Pack L , and your
   bleeding will stop. Later in the game, buying the tool INNER SUIT
   will stop bleeding permanently.

6. How do I save EXP for later use ?
A. Here's a tip, dont waste your points on buying health items ever, 
   the game will provide you with more then enough health items to
   get through the game, also dont just buy any equipment you see in
   the SHOP area, give first preference to the best available weapon.
   Dont bother buying sub weapons all together, unless its the CHAINMINE
   which you will need to progress through the game.

7. I cant find my way out !
A. Check the map, all available exits out of an area are marked on the
   map, use the map frequently if your lost or dont know which
   direction to go in.

8. Who are the people in the helmets ?
A. I really cant reveal that, it would just ruin the story right here.
   Play through the game yourself and you will find out all before its
   Game Over.

9. The door is locked by these vines! / The door has an electronic lock
A. If you run into doors which are locked with vines, the only way to 
   get through them would be to cut the vines with Dylan's sub weapon
   his machete. Or if you come to a door which has a red panel besides
   it then use Regina's sub weapon the Stungun on it and the panel 
   should turn green, allowing you access.


Here is a list of Medical items you will find in the game, and their
uses , for what good do they do, right ?.

   " Stops the bleeding but it will not recover your health"

Yes this is all this cheap peace of medical equipment does, I think its
just useless to buy hemostats, unless you like to get close and personal
with the dinosaurs, after a little while playing the game you would 
easily be able to dodge the dino's and avoid getting damaged. Other then
that this item becomes completely useless once you have bought the tool

2. Med Pack S

  " It will recover your health only by a little"

This is my most used medical item in the entire game, it will recover
almost half of your health bar, but the bad thing is that it will NOT
stop the bleeding, you should always keep at least two of these handy
with you for fighting area's.

3. Med Pack M

  " It will fully recover your health but not stop the bleeding"

This is the bigger counterpart of the Med Pack S, it will completely
restore your health bar, but again the bleeding will not be stopped
Keep a few of these spare for larger fighting area's and near the end
of the game fights.

4. Med Pack L

  " It will recover your health completely and stop the bleeding"

This is in my opinion the most useful health item in the entire game,
not only does it to the hemostat's job by stopping the bleeding, it 
will also restore your health to full at the same time. ALWAYS keep
at least one of these.


   " You can return to life with your health fully restored "

This thing will bring you back to life if you have at least one of
these in your inventory, suppose if you die, then the game will ask
you if you would like to use it, after selecting yes you will be
returned to the same room where you died with your health fully
restored. But you can also use it normally from your inventory.
In that case it will do the same thing a Med Pack S does.



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
 __   __   __ __   __  |    ___  _|_   ___   
(___ (__) |  )  ) |__) |_, (__/_  |_, (__/_  
                 __  |   |__, _|_  |__   __   __         __  |__  
        (__(__( (__( |_, |  \  |_, |  ) |  ' (__) (__(_ (__| |  ) 
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*



The game will start off with a little prelude to what happened after the
incidents of the first Dino Crisis, apparently the government continued
Dr Kirk's research, how nice of them, somewhere in a secret base and yet
again an incident has occurred because the government just doesn't want to
take the safety precautions ... now how stupid can you get.

The game then takes to a futuristic jungle, where a boat comes through a
time warp, and out comes out hero, Mr. Dylan. He tells us that he's been
sent in with other members of TRAT and that's when we see Regina, same red
hair and all, now isn't she a cool heroin. The game then takes to a forest
base set up by the soldiers in the base. After some dino commotion and a
near miss by the T rex , Dillon Regina and David are the only survivors, 
David is no where to be seen and Dillon and Regina plummet down a hill side
to start the game off.

Dylan isn't exactly too pleased with the welcoming comity, he shows off 
his machete and cuts the vines of one of the doors in the area , Regina
isn't too impressed and she decides to take the other way and uses her
stun stick to open the electronic lock on the door.

NOTE : During the game in several stages you will come across doors which
will either be jammed by vines or will have an electronic red panel besides
them, if its vines then only Dylan can open them, vice versa for the 
electronically locked doors.

When you finally gain control of Dylan, check your inventory, Dylan starts
off with a shotgun with 100 rounds and a machete as his side weapon. 

NOTE : The side weapon can be quickly used by a tap on the O key, the
main function of side weapons is to stop the enemy in their tracks to
give you time to shoot clearly or run away, do NOT try to kill off dino's
with the side weapons, its possible but it takes a helluva lot of time.

#                            #
#                            #

Anyway, enough of the initial rambling, lets get on to the walkthrough.
As soon as you take control of Dylan, head a little back and check on 
the dead body to get a Med pack S. Head into the north door and your in 
North route 1. In this area head forward and another scene will start. 
Dylan will be formally be introduced to the Velociraptors, here after 
referred to as Raptor.

Dylan will be surrounded by the raptors, as soon as the scene ends take 
aim for the closest raptor and shoot, the initial raptors are really 
easy and you can kill most in one shotgun shot. Kill the nearby raptors 
to get yourself some points and head forward. Take the right branch and 
pick up the Med pack M.

NOTE : During fights you will notice the word combo in blue on the top 
of the screen, when the point display after killing a dino is visible, 
if you kill another dino in the given seconds then you would have 
scored a combo, which will give you additional points. It is advised to
rack up additional points using combo's on the initial raptors.

After picking the Med pack, head to the other side and climb the small 
ladder to the above ledge, take either the left or the right side 
towards a ladder going down at the end of the area. This ladder will 
take you to North Route 2.

NOTE : If you kill a good many dino's in a single area, preferably 6 
raptors, and make it to an exit without getting hurt at all then you 
would notice that you get a nice bonus for no damage, these bonus's 
really add up so try and make it through area's without getting bitten. 
You get about 2000 pts for 6 raptors and 6000 if you kill 10 and make
 it to the exit.

North route 2, head forward in the linear path while killing dino's
along the way, when you come to a small ladder, take it down and head
forward to another ladder and take it down to North Route 3. From now
on I will not remind you to pick up No damage points and combo points
as these are pretty obvious. 

North Route 3 is quiet similar to the previous area, linear path , run 
forward while killing the dino's that get in your way or stop and kill 
them if your going for a high score, then head down the small ladder 
and the second ladder a little forward to reach the next area.

Your at North route 4 now, you should take a little while to fight 
dino's here and make some points as this is the last north route area, 
head forward and climb the little ladder to the raised area. Here head 
forward and climb the ladder on the container, climb it and get the Med 
pack S, now climb down and head for the other ladder climb it and take 
the Med pack L here if you wish, then run forward and climb down a 
series of ledges and head forward to enter a shutter.

Now at the Water tower a scene will begin in which Dylan will spot 
someone in black attire running away from him, the person climbs up 
the side of the tower, Dylan tries to talk to *him* but the person 
climbs out of sight of the tower. Now your back in Dylan's control. 
Head forward and pick up the Red disc you see, this is a Dino file, 
these files will tell you about the various Dinosaurs you will find 
in this world. You can also earn a cool secret if you pick up all 
the Dino files, total of 11.

Now save your game at the control panel if you wish, check the shop
and you will see a new weapon for Dylan, the Solid cannon. If you
were on a high score ratio then you might have enough points to buy
this weapon, but trust me, refrain from doing that right now, we'll 
need the money a little while later and besides Dylan's shotgun is
more then enough for now.

Check the small door near the control panel and you'll find its locked
from the other side, we'll get here in a little while, head to the
other side of the water tower, pick up the Resusc pack from the tower
if you want to and head through the other door.

Your at Passageway to military facility 1, here run and gun the dino's
as you make your way forward, head to the concrete area and you'll
find a Med pack M near the wreckage, take it or leave it and continue
your way to the next door in line, which will take you to the next
passage . Duh.

Head forward and climb down the ledge, this is a long straight path to
the next door with a beautiful field in the background and some friendly
dino's trying to eat your meat. Head forward killing the dino' and all
and enter the door leading to the courtyard of the Military facility.

Here a scene will begin and Dylan will come face to face with the huge
T-rex again, the one eyed T-rex I might add. As soon as you regain
control run behind you to the visible ladder, climb it and run for 
Dylan's right side, climb down the other side of the contained and 
head for the next ladder almost right in front of you, take it and pick 
up the Med pack L right by your feet, take note of the T-rex smashing 
through the containers to get to you and run faster damnit. Climb down 
where you see the other ladder and make a fun for the door you see 
in the background, but before you can reach it another scene will start.

Dylan will be attacked by more of the helmet people, but he managed
to avoid both them and the T-rex and dashes for the front door of the
Military facility, you will automatically enter it now.

Here run to the right side of the counter and check the desk and you
will find another Dino file, this one will be for the T-rex, after
taking that head to the door on the other side of the counter and
enter it. In this corridor run forward and enter the first door you
see with the first aid symbol, dont bother going forward as there
is an electronic lock which only Regina can open.

In the Medical room, take the blue disc file off the stretcher in
front of you, now head forward and to the other side of the curtain
and pick up the Key plate, check the medical cabinet right in front
of the key plate and you will find another resusc pack. Take it if
you wish, save your game at the control panel if you wish and exit
back to the previous area.

Now this place will have some dino's in it, shoot them or run back
to the entrance of the Military facility, here you will run into 
more dino's, make some points and head back outside to the courtyard
area and to the awaiting T-rex.

Run forward from where you emerge and turn to Dylan's right when you 
can, run towards the door and enter, were now in the Hardware Storage 
area, here just run forward and pick up the blue file for some more 
info, then run to the end of the room and use the key plate we picked 
up on the device, it will open up revealing the Research facility 
Keycard. Afterwards another scene will begin. The computer will think 
Dylan's an intruder and lock him inside.

Dylan will use his wrist radio to find anyone available and who else 
to respond but Regina, Dylan asks for help and Regina gets under way. 
You will see Regina climbing the ladder from the boat to the Dock area. 

NOTE : There will be some weapons which both the characters will share 
and some which will be individual to each character, e.g.- Regina's 
pistol and stun stick.

As soon as you gain control of Regina run straight ahead to the door 
and use the stungun to open the electronic panel, enter the door to 
the Suspension bridge. Here you will hear the familiar thumping of 
the T-rex but he wont do anything so dont worry. Check on the body 
to the left and you will find another Dino file. This one is for the 
Allosaurus, we haven't seen this one yet.

Run forward on the suspension bridge and you will see the passing T-rex 
from above. He wont do anything, run forward and enter the door. Your 
now at the South route 1. Here you will come across some raptors but 
surprisingly Regina's pistol works excellent against the raptors, you 
can run and shoot or stop and shoot the dino's , as you please. Make your 
way across the path killing and gaining points and head for the ladder 
at the end.

Now at South route 2, run forward and turn right, continue down the 
straight path and you will come to an intersection with a door in front 
of you and a path leading off to the left of the screen, ignore the door 
for now as going there will be completely useless, head for the left path 
and at the end of the path you will find another door, enter this one 
leading into the back passageway to the research facility.

Here just head forward and climb the small ladder to the above area, but 
a scene will start and something will push the huge jeep on Regina, 
luckily she will dodge it just in time and will see the Allosaurus, this 
bloke looks like a mini T-rex from its size, only white in color. When 
the scene ends you will have a clear path for the exit but you can stop 
and kill it for some major points if you wish.

Personally I would ask you to wait just now until we get another gun just 
a few doors ahead, but you can also kill it with Regina's handgun quiet 

Wait for the alloaurus to come in a straight path with you and when 
it does it will most definetly charge at you, at that time run to 
either side and when you have a clear shot at its side area's take it, 
you will see it get hurt, shooting it from the front-on is completely 
useless with the weapons you have now so either use the side-shooting 
method or just run forward towards the large doors. You will be at the 
back of the research facility.

Here you will encounter raptors, run to Regina's left and take the small 
ladder up, run to her right and head for the other side of this elevated 
walkway, and take the ladder down, you will see a door with vines on it 
here , take note of it as only Dylan can enter it, we'll get to it later, 
now head forward ignore the other door for now and run all the way 
forward towards the broken bridge and take the Med pack S. Head back 
now and enter  the available door into the Control shack.

In the shack run forward and take the file, which will tell you how to 
get rid of some poisonous plants that we haven't encountered yet, oh well, 
now save at the control panel if you want to and enter the shop screen. 
You will have 2 new weapons.

First is the regular Flame Thrower, this is a must by as we will not be 
able to progress without it, you have enough points right ? The other 
thing is a new side weapon called Firewall, it will make a small wall 
of fire stopping dino's from attacking you but in my opinion its useless.

Buy the flame-thrower now, or if you dont have enough points, head out 
and get some, now buy it , and head back outside. Another scene will 
start, Regina will also be attacked by the helmet people, and she will 
dodge them too, but while escaping one of the helmet groupies will almost 
fall down the broken bridge, but Regina will save HER. She will take off 
her helmet to reveal a young girl in her teen years, Regina will take her 
into the control shack automatically and cough her hands to the poles and
she wont be able to escape.

Back in control of Regina, you can check on the girl to see her struggle, 
now head back outside, and make your way back through the previous hall 
back into the area where you first fought the Allosaurus. If you killed 
the dino before getting the flame-thrower then it will be replaced by 
numerous flying dino's.

However if you didn't kill it before then take out the flame-thrower and 
head for it, we'll kill it before we go either way. With the flame-thrower 
its much easier to kill it as you will do damage even if you attack it 
from the front of its head. Now kill the dino to get a good number of 
points and head back into the south route 2.

Back here, head for the door at the intersection I told you to ignore 
way before, remember it ? . Entering the Marshy area's you will get a
friendly message from the game that the area is filled with poisonous 
plants and one inhalation of their poison can cause a serious problem. 
Keep that in mind and head forward, without the flame-thrower entering 
this room would have been a complete waste of time.

Run forward and burn the three plants sprouting gas, run more forward 
and burn the single plant, take note of the ladder and the red sign board 
here, you will not be able to take this area until your near the end of 
the game, because the said area is filled with extremely poisonous gas 
and we dot have a gas mask.

Anyway back to the task at hand, run forward in this area making sure to 
burn any plants you will encounter, and enter the door at the end of the 
linear hall, well this wasn't hard now was it lol. A total of 13 plants were 
in the first marshy area.

Now inside North poison area, head forward and burn some more plants while 
your at it, a total of 11 plants in this area, at the end of this area you 
will find a small ladder leading down and a door in front of it, take the 
door and you will come out at the Water tower, remember, !?!!. This is the
small door which was near the control panel in the tower, which we couldn't 
enter as Dylan.

Save at the control panel if you wish, check the weapons and a new weapon 
for Regina, a pair of submachine guns, these are the best things to kill 
raptors with so if you have spare 12000 points then buy them right now. From 
here the path to the area where Dylan is locked is quiet familiar so I wont 
have to explain it all over again.

Make your way quickly to the front courtyard of the Military facility,
along the way you will have a scene of the helmet people attacking
Regina and running away, nothing major, in the courtyard the T-rex will
not be present anymore instead you will be attacked by the flying dino's.

Quickly run into the door where Dylan was locked, inside the hardware
storage room take the keyplate in front of the door, dont bother trying
to use this one on the panel by the door, we need another one. Check
the door to have some comments from Dylan, take note of the blue panel
screen and head back outside to the courtyard.

Now head for the entrance doors to the military facility, if you bought
the submachine guns then this is a good place to try it out on raptors,
the best thing about that gun is its multi target ability. Anyway, get
some good points here and head into the corridor. Head into the medical
room if you want to save your game or buy some ammo/weapons from the
control panel. Mainly head to the end of the corridor and you will come
across a door with an electric panel besides it. Switch to a single
hand weapon for Regina and use her stungun to unlock the door.

NOTE : There are two types of weapons in the game, single handed, and
double handed, when you have a single handed weapon equipped then
the character will also be able to use their sub weapons along side
but some weapons like the flame-thrower and Regina's submachine guns
are double handed and you will not be able to use sub weapons with these

Anyway, after unlocking , enter the door to control room, check the
garbage pile outside the control room for another Med pack M, inside
the control room, head up the small stairs and grab the file off the
top area, this file will tell you about the unlocking mechanism of the
doors, now head down and to the farther end of the control room. Here
you will see a bunch of key plates with colors on top of them, first
off use the key plate we took from Dylan and use it here, now you can
take out any one key plate of your choice, remember the blue panel.

Take out the blue key plate and its time to head back, make your way
out of the control room and back through the corridor to the main
entrance of the facility, kill some more dino's for some more points
and head back to the courtyard, quickly dash over to the hardware storage
area avoiding the flying dino's who can be really annoying at times, 
once inside the HS area, use the new key plate on the panel and the door
which held Dylan inside will open.

Another scene will begin in which Regina will inform Dylan about the
girl she captured, Regina will ask Dylan to head back to the boat while
she gets the girl there too, the game will give a message saying that
Regina took the girl back to the boat. Back at the boat, the girl will
continue to struggle more.  Dylan comes into the room and asks Regina 
to see the engine room, which is completely trashed. Now Dylan suggests 
to look for parts for the ship.

Back outside, Dylan will hand cuff the girl wont struggle anymore after
seeing Dylan's face, hmm, well get to this story further into the game.
Now back as Dylan, save your game at the control panel if you wish and
check the weapon area, you should have enough points to buy Dylan a
Solid cannon which is an excellent weapon.

There is a new tool too, its an enhancement for Dylan's machete, but i
think its completely useless so ignore it, now head outside the boat 
and climb the ladder on the other side of the boat to head into the
docking area. 

This is where Regina started off her game as, run forward and you will
see an Allosaurus, kill it using the Solid cannon head on, you cant
enter any of the electronically locked doors but you will see a new
door out of here which we couldn't see it Regina, if you cant find it
then check the map, its right besides the container that the Allosaurus
is standing on top of. After killing the Allosaurus, head into that door
and you will be at a new area.

This area is called passageway to the north route, and thats exactly 
where we'll end up. For now, in this area run forward and climb down
the ladder into the little ditch, run forward quickly and climb the
ladder up right in front, by now you should see the allosaurus here.
Kill it using the Solid cannon if you please and continue, climb down
the other side of the ledge and run forward. Take a moment here.

SHORTCUT !.. You will see a small spring here, wait a few seconds here
and you will see a green leaf coming out of the spring, now keep
looking at the leaf and follow its tracks as it flows down the ditch.
Check EXACTLY where the leaf disappears and you will pick up a keycard.
This is the keycard to the Third Energy facility, we wont get to use it
for a little while but we just saved us another trip here later on.

Now continue your way across the area and climb another small ladder 
and head into the door ahead, you will come out in a very familiar
area, this is the North route 1 , where Dylan first encountered the
raptors, from here on you know the way so i wouldnt explain it all 
again. In short make your way to the Water tower killing dino's along
the way and getting yourself some points.

Once you've reached the Water tower save your game at the control panel
if you wish, now enter the back door which Regina used to get here, 
the door which leads into the Marshy areas. Once entered keep in mind
that if you left even one poisonous plant then you will not face any
other dino in this area. But if you killed all the plants then you will
come face to face with raptors in the marshy areas now. Make your way
through the first marshy area's killing dino's.

In the second marshy area, again ignore the ladder with the red board
but do keep this place in mind, and head for the door at the end which
will lead you into the South route 2. Head forward and turn to Dylan's
right from here, and head into the area where Regina encountered the
first Allosaurus. Dylan will also face some flying dino's here, avoid
them and enter the large doors which lead into the back side of the
facility. Head up the ladder, head across the platform and drop down.

You might remember the doors with vines here, Regina couldnt open it
but Dylan sure can, cut through the vines and you will come in the
other side of the research facility entrance, the side which we couldn't
access before. Here take a look at the little compy's munching at the
raptor body, and turn to Dylan's left, head a little forward and a
scene will begin, you will be formally introduced to a new kind of
raptor, these are small in size and blue in color.

These raptors have 2 attacks, they will either run and charge at you, 
or they will spit poison from a distance, initially they will be quiet
easy and you can waste them easily with the shotgun. Anyway, after
the scene is over, I advice you to gain a few hundred points in this room
while you still can, after that head around the path and towards the
door at the other side of the entrance, use the research facility
keycard on the panel and enter the door once its unlocked.

You will come out at a passage, ignore everything for now and turn Dylan
to his left, run forward and enter the door at the end of this path,
you will notice a small shaft near the door. Once your inside Power 
source room, check on the shaft from this side with the green light
and close it. Dont ask me why, just do it for now, we'll soon find out
what this is important for.

After closing this shaft, head forward, and grab the blue file off the
table, then cut the vines wrapped around the door with the machete, and
enter the Lounge, in here first off close the shaft which is besides
the door we just used to enter here, now run to the left of the screen
and check near the small cages for a Med pack s, check the cage with the
green light and it will open, check it again and you will find another
Dino file, this one of the Compsognathus. 

After taking that, close the shaft near the cage too, now head back into
the main lounge area and check forward, you will find another blue file
on a table, this one will tell you how the compy's like to steal shiny
objects, hmm, well we better keep our shiny things to ourselves then ^_^.

Here you will find on the wall a control panel , a shaft and another door
wrapped in vines, make sure that you do NOT close this shaft down, save
your game at the panel if you wish and cut through the vines to head back
into the first passageway after using the research facility keycard.

By the way, a note, at this time if you check the SHOP, then you will see
2 new tools added to it, first is an inner suit, this thing is very useful
and if you have plenty of spare points then dont hesitate in buying this, 
this baby will stop your bleeding completely, meaning no more hemostats.
The other thing is an EPS silver card, this baby is also useful but only
is cases when your fighting alot, this card will increase the time COMBO
appears on the screen, meaning you get more time to hit a combo.

Now, back to the passageway, turn to Dylan's left and run down the hall, 
you will see another door with a panel on it, use the research facility
keycard on it, but a scene will begin. Dylan will be mugged off the card
and a little nasty compy will steal it and run off into the passage.
This can be the most annoying part in the game for some people. I agree.

The game will give you a message that the card has been stolen, REALLY !!.
Now we must get it back somehow, you DID remember to leave the final
shaft open, right ?! ... anyway head down the hallway and follow the compy.
Try to lure it towards the open shaft, sometimes it will hide in the dense
greenery which is at the corners of the hallways, if that happens take
out the flame-thrower and burn it out of the corners, no you can NOT kill
the compy to get the card back, we must capture it.

Now lure the compy to the open shaft, and when, hopefully, it goes inside
the shaft, quickly take the closeby door into the Lounge, here ASAP close
down the shaft blocking the escape path for the compy, if you did close all
the other shafts then this thing will be easy. Now head down the Lounge and
lure the compy into the area with the cages, remember the one we opened, 
try to lure the compy into it. Once the compy is in the cage it will shut
automatically and you would have gotten your precious card back. Fun ! ^_^	

Anyway, after that fun game is over, run back to the door where we once 
were before so rudely interrupted, and use the card to successfully open the
door this time, head inside the ruined lab. Run forward through the wrecked
test chambers and at the very end of the room you will find 2 things, first
is a blue file, read this one, this one will tell about the helmet people, 
and the scientists theory on it, they COULD be people from a completely
different time zone, woah ! . Now take the red item on the floor, this is
the starter battery, exactly what we need to get the boat going. Time to
make the long trip back.

Now i think i dont need to remind you guys to kill dino's and get some pts
along the way, because at certain points later on we will need to buy stuff
that will progress the game, oh and on a note, now during your trip back
all the normal raptors will have been replaced by these faster blue raptors, 
these are actually quiet easy to kill with the shotgun. In the area where
you fought the first Allosaur, there will be another one so kill it if you
have some solid cannon ammo for a good number of points. Continue your way
back to the boat with the same path as we took.

Oh right, my bad, you still will face the normal raptors during the way 
but in the marshy area's you will face the blue raptors, a good area to
pick up some points i might add. Head back through the marsh, through
the water tower, through the north jungle routes, and take the path to
the north jungle route area, the one where we picked up the Third energy
facility keycard remember. Back to the docks and head into the boat.

Back at the boat, Dylan will see that the girl has escaped, sheesh what
was Regina doing, now the game will give you the message that Dylan gave
the starter battery to Regina, you can check the control panel on the
front side to select your destination, check the panel and select to go
to the Third energy facility for now, as we still dont have the proper
means to get into Edward city just yet.

After you have selected your destination another scene will begin, the
boat will not be able to move because of some large underwater dino's
sticking their necks out in the boats way. Dylan will take care of this
and head for the door, now the game will give you control. SAVE at the
control panel right NOW and then exit. Our first mini-game will begin.

Shooting Gallery

Yes thats what i will call it :-). You will first see a green screen and
slowly the screen will fade into view, you will see a gun crosshair in
front of you, this is pretty much like a shooting arcade of shoot the
pigeon game if anyone remembers , shoot all the baddies which will try
to attack the boat, you can get some SERIOUS points if you are able to 
make it through the game without even getting a single scratch. Ok here's
the strategies.

Shoot the serpent like monster right in the head, that's their weak point,
a little later into the game the flying dino's will start to appear too, 
these are particularly easier and you can shoot them anywhere to kill them
in one shot. Half way through the game, Regina will tell you that your 
almost there and thats when the fun begins, you will come under attack 
from DOZENS at the same time, this part really is the hardest as it gets 
harder to keep track of the enemies, but luckily the game will give you 
a danger flash if any monsters start to get too close to the boat. Kill 
the monsters and save the boat, Regina will tell you when you've reached 
the destination.

"Sharpshooter aren't ya, hang around the arcades much ".


By the end of the game you would have gotten a WHOLE lot of points and your
probably eager to spend them somewhere, the game will take you inside the
boat and you will be in control of Regina now. Save the game at the control
panel and check the weapons for some awesome new additions.

#                            #
#                            #

There will be a heavy machine gun for 35K and a missile pod for 50 grand.
The missile pod in my opinion is the best weapon in the game, even better
the Dylan's rocket launcher we will get later on, because it fires three
rockets at the same time, and they're homing rockets, awesome. But here's
a little secret for all of you.

Buy the heavy machine gun, NOW. Dont ask why, just do it, its a really nice
way of getting some points, dont bother looking at the missile pod, we 
probably wont get it through the entire game, d'oh. Now equip the machine 
gun and exit the boat. Head for the leaving ramp and exit into the dock for 
the Third energy facility. Here you will be attacked by more of those long 
necked things. Hopefully you took my advice and bought the machine gun. Take 
aim, and fire off a single round, it will DIE in a single round of the heavy 
machine gun.

Now see heheh, im smart, no ?!. Run down the dock passageway laying quick and
profitable waste to the serpent dinosaurs, if you have time on your hand then
make sure that you take out each and every one of the serpent monsters as you
will end up with ALOT of points to spare afterwards. 

Onto Third energy facility walkway 1, here you will encounter some more
serpent dino's but we've got the machine gun waiting for their heads, 
head around the twisty and bending pathway till you reach the door, you
can run a bit forward and pick the Med pack L too , either way just enter
the door to walkway 2. Here you will come across the flying dino's, take
them out too with the machine gun if you feel like it, i'd rather run for
the next exit as these things can be really annoying.

From the start, run forward, turn right and run straight while zig zagging
left right to avoid the attacking birds, enter the door into the storage
area of the facility. Here run forward and take the turn to Regina's right
at the intersection, the other path is blocked anyway. Run a bit more forward
and check on the side of the truck wreckage to find another Dino file,
this one of our flying friends, the Pteranodon. Now head further down the
area, run towards the blue file besides the corpse and pick it. This file
will tell you about the Third energy keycard, but we already picked it up
how good of us :).

Run to the other side of the barrels on the right side of the corpse, and 
use the keycard on the panel besides the door, were in. In walkway 3, run
forward and turn right, continue the path and take note of the flashing
box here, you dont have the key to open it just yet, continue down the
path and head around the bend, enter the door at the very end.

In the control room, step forward and take the stairs up, take some more
stairs up and once you've finally reached the area, head to the back
side of the stairs to find a control panel save your game if you wish and
check the table in front for a key to the box. That's the box, remember.

Oh blimey i forgot one thing completely. You can buy an addition for
Regina's stun gun too, you could buy this almost from the start but i
forgot about it :D. Its useless like Dylan's machete add-on so dont worry.
Anyway, head around the other side of the computer area on the glass side
and you will find a blue file here, this will tell about the underwater
area's, we'll be heading there pretty soon.

From where the blue file is, take a 90* and check the RIGHT side of the
computer, right as in the right side of the screen, and you should find
another dino file, Mosasaurus, these are large underwater dinosaurs, 
we wont face these until we get underwater, head through the door behind
you from here, in this open area head forward and check the corpse of the
engineer for a keycard, quickly dodge the birdies and head back into the
control room.

On exactly the opposite side from THIS door, you will find an elevator
door but it has a red panel besides it, it needs a card and a code to
operate, we got the card, now head back outside the control panel and
back to the flashing box remember, use the key for the box on it and it
shall open, inside will be a blue file which will tell you the code we
need. Head back into the control room, use the keycard on the panel of
the elevator and enter the code.

The code changes every time so im sorry :). Take the elevator down to the
passageway to the sub level, here just run forward, take the stairs down
and run forward to the end of the straight path and enter the door to
the Sub level elevator. This is one huge area, from where you start run
to the right side and continue to the wall where you will see a big
monitor on the wall and three small panels nearby, check the monitor
and it will ask you to restart, select yet.

Now the computer will initialize the process, this part can be tricky
for those who dont know, pretty soon you will see that one of the panels
will start beeping and turning red, as soon as this starts happening
just hit the panel in question with Regina's stungun, the electric surge
of the gun should get it going again. All the panels will beep and buzz
quickly so you have to be quick on your feet for this one. Once you've
done your job, the panels will turn purple and the power would have been
restored. Drop down to the lower area now.

In the lower area run straight forward and climb the ladder besides the
large machinery in the corner, check on the compartment where the diving 
suit is visible and Regina will pick it up, check the blue file on the 
other side and it will tell you how to solve the puzzle we just solved. 
Now climb back down and check the machinery besides you. The game will 
tell you that Regina put on the diving suit and you will have reached 
the underwater area.

You will start off with a scene here, the elevator is blocked by
something, and before Regina can fix it she is attacked by the dino's we 
will be facing underwater, i'll just call them dino's like i normally do.

First a note about your underwater weapons. In the underwater area's
you will start off with 2 weapons, one if the nail gun, this is the
standard weapon for fighting under water, it shoots off nails after
nails, and its unlimited. The sub weapon along this is the shock wave.
This will send a water shock wave which will temporarily blind any
on coming dino's, pretty useful if all you want to do is escape from
the area FAST. The only other underwater weapon you will be able to
buy is the Aquagrenade launcher.

On another note, while your underwater you can use the Triangle key
to jump, yes jump ! . Well from where you start off head to the right of
the path and drop down the walkway, head forward on this walkway making
sure to needle down and approaching dino's, these underwater dino's are
really fast swimmers and they will always charge at you. Walk forward on
the walkway and take the large drop down, enter the door right besides 
the fall off point.

This is another control room, walk forward and you will find a control
panel, how these machines work underwater is outta my thinking. Check
the weapon section to find the only available weapon, the Aquagrenade.

You should have a LOT more money then that which is required to buy it, 
anyway, buy the weapon NOW, and continue down the right side of the room.
Save your game at the control panel first, check the machine area in the
center for another blue file, now continue down the path and drop down a
little, head forward and enter the large doors to the Transport passage 1.

Here walk forward and quickly shoot the 2 dino's that come from the front,
take the right turn and continue , a dino will attack quickly from behind
so stay aware of that, at the end jump across the obstacle and enter the
large doors . These lead to the Passageway 2. In this passage run straight
and turn a little right-esh , now continue down the path, either jump over
or walk from the right side of the pipes and enter the door at the end, you
will notice an elevator shaft here but thats not important.

Now you will come out in a huge area, this is the water circulation chamber.
Here first off walk all the way in front of you, you will be attacked by
quiet a few dino's in this room so always keep an eye out and a finger on
the auto aim button. Near the end you will see another door but dont bother
entering it yet, instead jump on the crates which are on the left of the
door. Jump up another higher crate and continue this narrow walkway to the
right, jump across the gap that will come in between, and after that turn
to Regina's left, continue forward, jump the other gap and you will see a
cracked pillar in front.

The game will also tell you about and will suggest that with a weapon of
a little more firepower you can probably break the pillar, now you DID
buy the aquagrenade right, fire a shot into the crack and the pillar will
break down, jump onto the broken part, and another jump the previously
inaccessible platform, enter the door.

In this door you will see a level to the right, use it and it will activate
the elevator, we are actually now on top of the second passageway area.
Head forward making sure not to fall down or else you would have to make a
long trip back again. You will see a corpse in a diving suit in a little
lower ledge, and something near it, pick it up, its the PLUG, now drop down
below, and make your way back to the control room, where we bought the Aqua
grenade from. 

Once back here, head for the area where we found the blue file, use the 
plug on the machine under the monitor and you will have a scene of some
shutters opening up in a place where we havent been yet. NOW time for
a trip back to the coolant room. Make your way back through the passage
ways back to the coolant room, the large room remember. Take the straight
path like we did as if we were going back to the broken pillar area.
But this time enter the door at the end which i told you to ignore before.

In this little room you will find another control panel , use it and
SAVE YOUR GAME !!!. Refill your grenade ammo if you've been using it
to kill the dino's underwater because were about to have a boss fight
and there aint no way to kill it then to shoot with the aquagrenade.

After your done with the shopping take the elevator in front down,
here head around the path and jump across the two partially open shutters, 
these are the shutters that the plug opened up, check the item near the
body at the end of the path, its the keycard to Edward City. DONT FORGET

Now to the other side you will find a dino file, this file will tell
about the boss were going to face , Plesiosaurus.  Take the elevator
near the dino file down, head forward and enter the door.

You will come out at the main reactor room, after Regina gazes at the
reactor a little while, she spots something else, something.... BIG, 
and its moving towards Regina, its a huge serpent !! . The computer
will seal off all the exits out of the room because of the sudden
change of water currents. Regina will avoid an attack from the boss
and now the fight begins.

There are 2 methods you can finish this area with, fight or run, i'll
put the two down separately. 


This is the method of the hero's and the method i suggest taking as the
boss isnt really that hard and you will get quiet some points for it.
As soon as the fight starts, equip the aquagrenade and carefully walk
forward, the boss's will attack you here, but quickly shoot it with the
launcher to fend it off. Now continue down the path and jump up the first
elevated crate you see with some health item. Take it, climb the series
of crates until your at the top most area, here run forward to the right
side and enter the small cave like area, where you will find a Med pack L
too for your convenience, staying here, wait for the boss to come on screen
and shoot at it when you have a clear shot. The boss might lunge forward
to attack you but if you shoot it before it does, then it will just swim by.
After a few shots the boss will keel over and die, giving out a shit load 
of cash. The computer will open the exits now and you can safely jump to
the exit walkway. Head to the end and take the elevator up to surface level.


This is the method i will ask anyone who are going for a speed game to
choose, i dont think alot of people really know about this method. As soon
as the fight starts, start walking forward, keeping in mind that the boss
is lurking near, and ready to deliver a shot when it lunges forward, DONT
jump the crate we jumped in the above method, instead keep walking down 
the path, untl you reach the end , there will be a climbable ledge here too,
jump this one and continue forward direction, here jump the gap to the 
next ledge, and a little high jump to the ledge which will take you to the
final walkway where you will notice the blue shield which block your path
to the elevator until you kill the boss. Shoot at the shields with the
grenades, break both the shields, and quickly head for the elevator. Take
it up and say AHHAHAHAH to the boss. 


After the boss fight has ended either way you would be climbing up the 
ladder out of the underwater area for good, you will emerge in an open
area, head the down stairs right next to you, walk a little forward and
a scene will begin, Dylan has finally caught up with Regina, we are now
in front of the huge gates that lead into the path for Edward city. 
Suddenly Regina and Dylan are interrupted by a radio message, its David !.
Remember the guy from the opening FMV, who blows out the T-rex's eye.
He's still alive somewhere and he tells the hero's the good news that
he's found the survivors. Regina hurries to the large gates and uses the
keycard and exits through it.

#                            #
#                            #

The game will give you the message that Regina has already left, and
Dylan must hurry too, but wait a little while, there aint no hurry
for us, head through the ramp back to the boat, head around the boat
back into the cabin. Here check the control panel , first off save
your game, and secondly check the SHOP menu and you will find some
new stuff for us to spend cash on. In the weapons menu you will find
2 new items, first is in my opinion Dylan's best weapon, the Anti
Tank rifle, sounds menacing doesnt it, wait till you see what it DOES.

The second new weapon is a sub weapon called Chainmine, this is a must
buy weapon so ignore all else and make sure that you get this weapon
right now, this is like the Flame-thrower, a necessary weapon for us.

Okey enough for the weapons, head to the tools menu now, you'll see
what just might be the second best tool in the entire game, the light
weight armor, this baby will reduce all the damage you take by half.
Trust me if i had alot of cash then i would never hesitate in buying
this baby right now. Anyway, if you have cash spend it initially on
the chainmine, then get a bullet increasing cartridge for it, then
if you have some more money buy the Anti Tank Rifle first, THEN if
you STILL have cash on hand, buy the light-weight armor.

Now after some heavy shopping make your way back to the deck of the
boat, back to the area in front of the large gates, and finally enter
the large doors leading into the City front Haul road.

Here you will first notice the large dead body of a Triceretops near
the door, wonder what might have killed it, anyway, here you will come
across the normal raptors, but these are for stronger then those we
fought at the start of the game so be extra careful of them, the
solid cannon is the best gun here in my opinion, head forward and you'll
see a door on the wall to the right, enter it, run forward in this
area around the containers until you reach the end , an allasaurus
will jump through a gap in the wall here. If you did buy the Anti Tank
rifle then this is the best time to test its power.

Shoot the ally right between the eye with three rounds and it will go
down giving you a lot of points, we only came to this room to fight
this thing, other then that there is a save panel in the room and
nothing more, when your done here head back to the Haul road area.
Continue further into the Haul road and you will find another Dino
File, it is of a yet unseen dinosaur, the Inoctrancevia.

According to the file these things only come out in volcanic area's
and were about to head into one just in a little while from now.

From the dino file head into the right branching direction and at the
end of this path you wil find a door wrapped in vines, use Dylan's
precious machete to cut through them and enter the door to the lakeside.
Hear take note of the broken down boat and head forward, towards the
marked tree. When you approach it another scene starts, here you
will see Dylan identifying the mark as David's mark, Regina catches
up to him, and she isnt quiet impressed by the whole mark thing.

But Dylan knows that this is the method to survive in the jungle, 
Regina suggests splitting up again and she runs ahead, now back in
control of Dylan, head forward around the tree's to the door at the
end, before you reach it you might be attacked by the blue raptors
reap some points off them here before you head forward because your
about to come face to face with a very nasty enemy soon enough.

Onto lakeside 2, here just run forward while taking care of the
weak blue raptors, well they're not really weak but with the
solid cannon they sure seem like cannon fodder, run forward through
the area, and enter the door at the end.

You will enter the cave 1 area, here your path will be immediately
blocked by a different looking rock, check on the rock once and the game 
will tell you that this is soft rock and maybe you can break it with the 
chainmine, if you did buy the chainmine before then that's good for you, 
but if you didn't, then you'll have to go back all the way to the boat 
and get it. Stand right in front of the rock and  fire away with the 
chainmine, the rock should break easily and you can advance further 
into the cave, head forward into the linear pathway . You can break 
another piece of rock to get to a Med pack L.

Continue down the cave and take the ladder into the next area, Cave 2.
Head a little forward and you will have a scene, you will be introduced
to a new type of dinosaur, the Inoctrancevia. These things have a tough
to crack upper armor, and are very nasty looking. There are two methods
with which you can deal with this nuisance.

First off if you did manage to buy the chainmine and get additional ammo 
upgrades for it, then use the chainmine when these things are right in 
front of you, the under explosion will cause them to flip over revealing 
their soft under sides, now you can shoot them with any normal weapon , 
use the solid cannon to kill them in one shot. With this method you will 
probably run out of chainmines pretty quickly.

Secondly if you bought the Anti-Tank rifle then you can use that to hit
them head on for some serious damage, three shots just like the Allosaurus
can kill one of these. Now once you regain control of Dylan, quickly dispose
of the dino in front of you and run to the right hand side, the left side
is a dead end and you'll probably be trapped there. Take a sharp left
after the right and continue down the straight path to climb the ladder
into the next cave area.

In this area you can take two ways, one is a shortcut but requires a
chainmine, the second is the normal way around the rocks running into
a couple of the creepy crawly dino's, from where you start blow the
rock to the right of you, after blowing that up, head into the revealed
passage and keep the forward key pressed, you will go all the way
forward into the path which leads to the exit ladder, if you dont want
to take the passage then simply go the left path, take out the 
inoctrancevia's in the path, dont turn left at the intersection and
dont blow the rock you see, continue down the path and you would
eventually find the ladder which will take you into Cave 4.

At the start of cave 4, head forward and you will see two paths blocked
by rocks each, if you want to take a healing item then blow the right
side path first, head forward and get rid of the inoctrancevia here.
Check the end of this path for a Med pack M, now head back to the 
intersection and take out the left side rock, continue down this simple
hallway , beware of the inoctrancevia at the bend as he can be tricky
to spot. Kill anything in your way and continue down the path, ignore
any other rocks you might find and enter the small door at the end of
the path to enter the inner compound.

This is the last save point before another dangerous mini game so be
sure to save your game right here, also check out the weapons counter
and you will see Dylan's ultimate weapon, the rocket launcher. This
is the most powerful weapon in the game, but you probably wont want
to buy this, if you hadn't bought the light armor before then i suggest
that you buy THAT with the money you earned in the cave area before us.
Or even the Anti tank rifle which i hope you had bought much earlier.

Climb the ladder at the end when your done here and another scene will
begin, Dylan and Regina will meet again. Regina will head forward and
climb down to the ground, but suddenly she will be ambushed by an
allosaurus, Dylan will yell at her to head for the next control 
tower as he enters the gun turret nearby, he shoots the head of the dino
killing it, Regina tries to escape but finds that she's got more
dino's in front of her.

Dylan will toss a flare gun towards her and tell her to shoot a flare
where ever she wants him to fire with the cannon's, and now another
mini-game begins.

You point I'll shoot

This is a really fun game lol, immediately after you regain control of
Regina the game will automatically put the signal pistol in your sub
weapon slot, you can press the Circle key and Regina will fire a flare
into the air, Dylan will shoot at the area specified with a couple of
cannon's, these are the only firearms that can stop the allosaurus in
this area, other then that they're almost invincible.

As Regina you will immediately be attacked by an allosaurus, quickly
press the circle key to fire a flare and Dylan will fire a mother load
of cannon's in that direction, here's a little tip for you, if you are
in danger of being attacked by an allosaurus keep pressing the circle
key repeatedly, while Regina is doing the signal animation she is
untouchable by any enemy heh. Quickly run forward and you will see a
crate in your path, stop right besides it and fire a flare for Dylan
to shoot, the cannon fire will break the crate, head a little forward
and do the same for the other crate, now climb the ladder whilst
avoiding the allosaurus's and make your way across the path to the
other control tower. Now another scene and the game will give control
to Dylan, he will start off at the same place as Regina did.

As Dylan run forward and keep pressing the circle key until the two
allosaurus in front of you are DEAD, now climb the same ladder as you
did with Regina and pick up the healing item here which i forgot to
mention above, head across the hallway and down at the other end
across from the turret that Regina is in right now, still as Dylan
head forward and get rid of the allosaurus, you can do two things here, 
either stand by the crate and ask Regina to blow them up, or use the
ladder on one side of the crate, and drop off at the other side. Either
way make your way south from the other end of this walk way and climb
the single ladder at the end, climb the other ladder leading into the
third turret and another scene.

Back as Regina for the final time, run forward getting rid of the
two allosaurus's in the way and quickly make your way to where we
went as Dylan just now. When you reach there another scene and Regina
will throw away the signal pistol as we dont need it anymore, and
both the characters climb down the other side of the turret to a
completely new area.


You will drop down into the outer perimeter of the command center.
Immediately save your game at the nearby control panel , you thought
that thing was hard, wait till you see whats coming for you in the
next five minutes, quickly head forward after saving and check the
dino file, this one will be for the Triceratops. According to the
file these things are damn near invincible. I wont bet against it.

Head forward whilst checking the bodies and the characters will
make remarks telling you that the commotion here happened not a
long time ago, Dylan and Regina come up to a baby Triceratops who
is fatally wounded, before dying it gives out one squeal of pain.
Suddenly a HUGE mama triceratops runs into the area, and seeing
our hero's with its dead baby thinks that were responsible for it and
it quickly charges towards the hero's, Regina and Dylan spot a nearby
jeep and hop into it, Regina gets in the driver seat and Dylan mounts
the rear gun, the jeep takes off with the Triceratops in hot pursuit.

Cue another mini game.

Shoot it in the head

Yes thats a long title for a mini game but this game can often be really
annoying and addictive at the same time, the game will start off much like 
the first mini game, you will control a crosshair on the screen in first 
person view and you have to stop the oncoming triceretops from attacking 
you. The game is really simple to explain shoot the monster right between
the eyes, you just wont get points for shooting the monster anytime, but 
only when its about to charge at you do you get points, make sure that you 
hit it right in the head when its about to make contact with the jeep, it 
will wince and turn sideways for a second, take this time to shoot at its 
belly too which will cause some more pain to it, otherwise just keep shooting 
at the dino right in the middle of the head no matter how near or far from 
the screen he might be.

Soon afterwards a second Triceratops will break into the screen and will go 
in a charging spree when it arrives, this part gets harder as you now have 2 
huge things to take care of, after a little while one of the monsters will 
disappear into the woods and the other one will keep attacking, the one in 
the woods isnt gone mind you, after a little while he will come crashing 
through the forest and charge quickly . This game is really fast paced and
fun. After a while you should have successfully killed both of the 
Triceratops. Another scene begins.


After the mini game a series of scenes will happen, first off Dylan will
congratulate Regina for some cool driving, but suddenly he spots something
in front and yells at Regina to look out for it, then the first CG movie
after the opening one starts, The car jumps down from the end of the road 
into a huge grassy field, Dylan and Regina jump away from the jeep and it
falls down a little distance from them and explodes. Suddenly Regina spots
raptors and pretty soon they're both surrounded by raptors from all 
directions. But a missile hits the raptors and a chopper emerges, its 
DAVID !!. He blows the living day lights out of the remaining raptors 
in the ultra cool chopper and then heads off towards Edward city. In 
Edward city we see the people struggling against dinosaurs but 
not successfully.

The FMV ends, and another scene, Dylan David and Regina are pretty sad cause
they weren't able to save the survivors they came for, and they cant even go
back to their own time, Regina tells them that if they find the data for the
3rd energy, they might be able to use it. David runs off ahead, so does 
Regina and the game leaves you in control of Dylan. 

#                            #
#         EDWARD CITY        #  
#                            #

Ok so after you get in control, first thing you should know that this so 
called city we've been craving for only consists of 5 area's , bummer man.
What the hell is this .. oh well.. after the game gives you control back
run across the path exactly the opposite side from where you are and check
slightly north of the jeep wreckage to find another Dino file, this one's 
for our blue quick raptor-friends, they are called the Oviraptors.

After taking the dino file, head to the left of the screen, ignore the door
you see above cause its locked, at the very end of the left path you will
find a ladder leading into a store, take it and head inside the Drug store.
Here you can check the blue file on the counter to read the shopkeepers 
thoughts on the events, afterwards go to the far end of the shop and check
on the dead body of the shopkeeper for the living quarters key. Take it, 
there is a Med pack S behind the counter if you want to take it, also at the
control panel, save your game if you wish, there is no new addition to the
SHOP yet, so just exit out of the area.

Now this area would be infested with the flying dino's, ignore them and head
completely north to the door i told you to ignore before, enter it to reach
Living quarters 2, this room is filled with Oviraptors and if you have some
ammo, even shotgun ammo will do, then i advice you to gain a few points here
as this is probably the second last scoring room of the area. Anyway, after
your done, climb up the ladder and take the Resusc pack if you wish, climb
back down, use the living quarters key on the door at the bottom and enter
it to run into... whaddaya know.. ANOTHER mini game..

Another scene, Dylan will run into his oldest friend in this world, the T-rex
in this room, now how did it manage to make it to this area, i dont know, but
Dylan isnt quiet happy to see it, he spots a tank in working condition and
tells the Rex that he's got something for the Rex to play with, and so begins
another mini game, this one is surprisingly called...


The game will tell you about the controls of the tank and will tell you that
you can fire a flash grenade to slow down the approaching baddies, ok so know
this, use the L and R buttons to move the turret on the tank, and use the fire
button to fire, use the circle key to let go of a flash bomb which will stop
the T-rex in its tracks for a good number of seconds allowing you to gain a
little lead.

From the place the game starts, the T-rex will be right on top of you, the 
tank moves extremely slow, i advice you to lay a few shots into the T-rex 
while moving forward, you WILL take damage from it, but its almost 
unavoidable. A little ways forward you will see your path is blocked by a 
crater, quickly spin the turret in front and take out the crater with a 
single tank shot, in the meantime use a flash grenade to distract the T-rex
so you can get a clean way out of the locked area. In the very next area 
you will see 2 paths, the small one on the right but it is blocked by a 
crater, and a longer winding path which is open, either way the T-rex 
will probably get to you . 

At the next screen from both the area's the path will be blocked by a crater, 
use a flash bomb to distract the rex and fire the crater out of your way, 
then in the little straight path ahead you will have to get rid of two more
containers in your path, turn left with the tank around the corner, now
you'll come to a long straight stretch, shoot the T-rex continuously in this
part to gain some points and to keep it away. After the straight the winding
path will start, its a linear path so dont worry about intersections, just go
through the zig-zag paths while shooting the rex and if it gets a little too
close, firing off a flash grenade, if you manage to hit the T-rex alot before
getting to the exit area then it will go down for a few seconds, giving you a
thousand points, but it will get back right up.

Anyway, at the end you will come to another straight path, and a scene will
begin, the huge door starts to close down and Dylan must get the tank in
before it does, Dylan manages to get half of the tank inside and the door
gets jammed, the T-rex is food-less and very angry on the other side, Dylan
makes it out of the tank on the opposite side and our mini-game ends.


You will emerge on a broken highway outside the city, there is nothing else
to do here, so run forward, and take the gas mask which is just around the
truck, now that we have the gas mask we can go and visit the only remaining
place in the entire game, the deadly poison area zone in the jungle. 
Remember ? Anyway, after you pick up the mask another scene will begin.

Dylan is attacked by a helmet person but the teenager that Regina caught 
comes to his rescue, her pendent falls off as she pushes the other helmet 
person, Dylan manages to dodge the helmet person as he falls down the 
bridge to his doom, the girl is gone too , she is no where to be seen, 
Regina catches up too.

Dylan will not believe what he see's as the necklace the girl dropped is
similar to the one his sister used to wear, after that Dylan tells Regina
about his past before he joined the army. Dylan was a member of a gang and
his mother and sister became victims to his gang-war. Afterwards Dylan 
decided to join the army to pay up for all of his past sins. Regina asks 
him to get back to the patrol ship as they have nothing more to do. Dylan 
tells her about the gas mask and they leave.

A quick scene of the helmet person who fell down is shown and the light in
his helmet dims out. Now the game takes you back into the boat, and your in
control of Regina. First off all check the control panel, save if you wish
but mainly go to the tools section, the best damn tool in the game has just
been opened up for purchase, its the EPS Gold card, what this baby does is
that it automatically doubles all the points you get, i-e instead of a 100
for killing a raptor, you will not get 200. Awesome.

Now check the controls of the boat and select your destination, were going
back to the jungle one final time. I hope to god that you had already bought
the submachine guns. Yes ? yes ? .

#                            #
#     BACK TO THE JUNGLE     #  
#                            #

Back at the jungle, head out of the boat and to the docks, you can use
two paths to get to the marshy area's, either the south route which Regina
originally took, which i prefer as this way is shorter, or you can also
go through the passageway where we got the 3rd energy keycard, and then
go around from the north jungle routes, but that path will be useless.
So from the docks, head to the electronically locked door and use the
Stungun to open it.
Run over the suspension bridge into the South route 1, here you will
encounter normal raptors, and hopefully after all my bantering you DID
have the submachine guns all along, if you have bought the EPS gold card
then start shooting away, the submachine gun can literally chew through
the dinosaurs and they will stop in their tracks, make some high points.

Anyway, make your way across the jungle routes, till you reach the
poisonous plant area once more, once reached gain a few thousand points
here too and head for the ladder with the red sign which we couldnt 
access before, now you can go down into the extremely poisoned area.

On a side note you will face the blue raptors in the marsh area's
and HIGHLY recommend that you stop here for five or ten minutes and
use the submachine guns to rack up some points, not just for the sake
of the game either, but we'll also need the points later on after the
game is over for a secret.

Anyway, in the extreme poison zone, you will not face any enemy so
just run across the straight paths down the small ladder till you
reach a door at the end, we just reached the waste disposal chamber.
Here just run forward and make sure that you save your game no matter
what, if you hadnt bought the EPS gold card then now is the right
time to buy it, but if you still havent bought the light-weight armor
from before, then give that the first priority, as we are about to
get into the hardest parts of the game. Not that hard but still.

After your done with the shopping head into the only other door in
the area, which will take you into a wide open area, the launch site.
THIS room is the final high-point zone in my opinion so milk it all
out of here, and kill every single velociraptor that comes in front
or behind you with the sub machine guns, hopefully you wont run out
of ammo just yet and would have gotten a whole lot of points, if you
do manage to make it without getting hurt at all then i salute you, 
points are king in this game and thats what were getting right now.

Anyway, after your done with your killing spree and have gained a
whole lot of points, head to the far corner of the launch site from
the place where we started, and take the stairs down, enter the door
at the very base of the steps, your in the Data control room.

This room has what we've been looking for in the whole game, first
off take note of the locked shield door in the far corner, we'll be
getting back here in a little while, now check the computer terminals
the one which is still lit, and you will get the 3rd energy data disk.
Also check LEFT on the computers from where you got the data disk and
you will get the final dino file in the game, its for a yet, and i
hope we dont see it, unseen dinosaur, Giganotosaurus.

Read the entire Dino file and you will see that no one has even 
confirmed if this thing even exists, a dinosaur much larger then
the T-rex, i wouldnt want to get in its way .

Anyway, after done head back outside the way you came for probably
the best damn scene in the entire game, Regina will spot the T-rex who
has finally cornered its pray, but before the T-rex can attack it senses
something else as it turns its head towards a wall and starts screaming !
Suddenly a HUGE dinosaur breaks through the wall , its much larger then
the T-rex , the T-rex attacks but its attacks do NO damage to it at all, 
this new dinosaur literally beats the crap out of the T-rex, the T-rex 
tries one final bite and bites at the dinosaur's leg, but that only
angers the Giganotosaurus even more. The monster picks the rex by the
throat and slams him 100 feet away, then goes in and eats whats left of
the pathetic T-rex. Sheehs.. EXCELLENT !!.

After that amazing scene, the game will take you back into the data
control room where Regina runs to catch her breath, the door opens behind
her and Regina is startled, its only Dylan, Regina tells him that she 
found what they were looking for, Dylan tells her that he's brought
the boat around the building and that they can escape easily. Suddenly
the whole place starts shaking, Dylan thinks that its the T-rex, but
he hasnt seen what happened to the poor thing.

Suddenly the computer comes alive and tells that the missile will launch
in 10 minutes, the only way to stop it will now be to stop it directly
from the war-head, Regina will ask Dylan to evacuate as she will go and
stop the warhead herself, how brave of her, she will automatically use
the elevator to get to the main missile silo area. Whilst she is gazing
at the missile, the Giganotosaurus breaks into this place too and now its
got Regina in its site, she barely avoids it and uses one of the gas
valves to let go of the gas, then she uses her stun gun to ignite the gas
hurting the Gigan a whole lot. The escape routes out of this area would
be closed now and you cant even run forward to the missiles, so your
stuck here to fight this thing.

The game will tell you how to defeat the dino, you have to use the gas
valves on either sides of the long walk way to release the gas, then
ignite it with something to let the fire flow, first off its my suggestion
that you take out the flame-thrower, as soon as you gain control of Regina
turn the gas valve in front of you on and fire a flame into it to hurt the
Giganotosaurus, and get some cool points.

After that run to the exactly opposite end of the walk way, to Regina's 
right hand side from where we are right now, avoid the attacking dinosaur 
on your way there, but i hardly suspect that you will be able to make it 
to the other end without taking a few hits, use the valve on the other end 
and do the same fire trick to damage the dinosaur, you will need to do this 
a few times across the hallways, about 5 or 6 times should be enough to take 
out the Giganotosaurus for now. Keep in mind that the timer for the missile 
is still ticking as you need to shut down the warhead from the top of the 

Keep in mind one thing that in the above mini-game you will not be able
to use the same valve in a row, so dont bother to stand in front of the
same valve hoping for it to turn back green, you can use one valve at a time
so after you've fired one of them, quickly dash to the other one.

After the Giganotosaurs goes down you will have a small scene in which
the bridge on the far end of the walkway will come back up and you can
continue your path, along the path near the first bridge you can pick
up a Med pack M and a Med pack L , now continue down the path to the
ver end where you will see a blue monitor. Remember the fun puzzle
we had to do before we could go underwater earlier in the game, well we
have to do the same thing here, only on a more larger scale.

After checking the computer you will have to use the stungun to keep
the five panels going, for first time player this might be a very hard
puzzle as controlling five lights at once is no easy thing but soon into
the game you will see that this is not that hard, you can set up a
position in the center of the screen in such a way that all you would
have to do is turn around and press the circle key to light the 
corresponding light. This game is really easy and i cant say anything
more about this, the only flaw is that it takes up quiet some time so
i would advice you to finish the previous mini game quickly so you may
have enough time for this puzzle, you realize the warhead might go off 
dont you hehe.

Anyway, after hopefully completing the puzzle in the first try you will
have another small scene in which the bridge to your left will raise and
you can make your way across the missile, head through the thin walkway
and make it to the small elevator at the very end of the walkway, take it
to the second floor of the missile, here run forward and first at the
very end of the walkway check the machine which will open the lid of the
missile warhead, now check on the warhead and Regina will deactivate it
thus ending this part of the game, the timer will now be gone and so
will the music, something just doesnt feel right about this.

Make your way back down to the first floor of the missile walkway with the
same elevator you used to take up, make your way across the hallway, but
before you can get all the way to the other end the game will fade to black.

Another beautifully rendered CG sequence will begin, the Giganotosaurus 
will open its eyes and immediately charge at Regina, she can do nothing
else but to run, in the path one of the walkways is destroyed and
Regina takes a huge leap to get across it, she manages to make it out of
the missile area but the Giganotosaurus angry, smashes the missile as it
starts to fall right on top of Regina, she has no place else to go so
she smashes through a window leading to the control room behind her. 

The missile explodes but the warhead doesnt go off, after the FMV another
scene will start in which the computer will tell that the missile has
exploded and the warhead has been activated, now as Regina we must escape
the damn place before it all comes crashing down on us. There is a control
panel right behind you, save if you wish and its time to boogie. Take the
stairs down and enter the door right at the base of it.

Your now at Backdoor accessway 1, here first off all equip a one hand
weapon, preferably the machine gun which we bought to get some points
off the serpent dinosaurs, and in the sub weapon equip yourself the
chainmine, if your short on mines go back to the control panel and get
yourself some mines, we are about to face the inoctrancevia from here
to the exit of the facility. In the accessway 1, run forward and you
will come across Inoctrancevia's, chainmine them on their back then
let a rip with the machine gun to take care of them for good, do the
same for any other's coming to your way and enter through the door at the
end of the passage into Accessway 2.

This area much like the area before it is infested with Inoctrancevia's
so all i advice is to keep a healthy supply of mines with you, keep in
mind that THIS is the final area in the game where we will be controlling
Regina, so if you want to waste her ammo to get some points, then be
my guest, afterall we need to spend all the ammo now dont we lol.

Anyway, make your way across the path when your done killing and enter
the double doors at the right hand wall. You have now reached the backdoor
entrance, here another scene will start, Regina will meet Dylan and David
who are already in the boat waiting for her. David is convinced that they're
dead anyway, Dylan tells them that they have to get as far from the silo
as they can. The game will switch screen to the Watergate area, you will
see a huge Watergate blocking the way, David thinks its all over but Regina
spots a valve and suggests that you can open the Watergate manually.

David asks for the men to handle this and he and Dylan make their way to
the Watergate valve, Dylan climbs a nearby watch tower to keep guard of
David as he opens the valve slowly, meanwhile a raptor starts to come
behind David and Dylan spots it, now the final mini-game of Dino crisis

Kill them, save him

Just as the name suggests, you will again get into a first person view
mod and you will be controlling the cross hair for the guard tower gun, 
as Dylan you must keep David alive through out this game while he opens
the Watergate, the raptors will emerge from the three points, behind
David, from the south side of the screen, and from an elevator walkway
over the Watergate, they will die from 2 shots of the gun but they're 
in a large number thats what makes this game hard, also you get a measly
50 points for killing a raptor here, but you can make that into a 100
if you've got the Gold EPS card with you, anyway the rest of the game
is really simple as there really isnt anything else to do then keep
a quick eye and move the gun quickly, sometimes David will be attacked from
more then one place at a time, dont panic in situations like this, keep
in mind that only ONE dino will hit him, the rest will stand close to
him and wait for their turns, so first shoot the dino who is running 
towards David at full speed. Shortly after another scene will begin and
you would have gotten through the mini-game.


After the mini game there will be another scene, David is happy with
his work and he and Dylan carelessly stroll towards the boat, suddenly
they are attacked by an Allosaurus, Dylan and David both jump in 
separate directions, Dylan lands closer so the allosaurus charges on
him and picks him up in his jaws, almost about to eat him when all of
a sudden David comes back with a rocket launcher *WHERE DID HE GET IT*
and shoots the allosaurus making it release Dylan, but still he isnt
out of danger so David jumps and pushes Dylan out of the dino's way
into the raging river but gets himself eaten by the angry Allosaurus
Regina cannot do anything but watch helplessly, then she looks at the
river and finds that Dylan has also disappeared, he probably went
ahead with the current.

#                            #
#        THE UNKNOWN         #
#                            #

Dylan will wake up in an unknown part of the jungle and he will spot
the teenage girl standing near him, when he is fully awake the girl
signals him to follow her, and she walks a few steps, the game will
give you a message that now you must protect the girl while going 
through the forest, you will only need to get through 3 area's like
this but this thing can really be hard.

NOTE : The dinosaurs in this part will NOT attack you, but they will
aim for the girl so its your mission to make sure that she makes it
alive, there are 2 very easy methods to do that, first we know that
the dino's wont attack us right, so take out the solid cannon and
start walking behind the girl, whenever she gets into a caution
position that means that from somewhere a dinosaur is coming, you will
only face Oviraptors while protecting the girl anyway, keep your gun
aimed at the girl now as the dinosaur approaches her, shoot a cannon
on top of the girl, SHE wont be harmed by it but the charging dino's
WILL get killed.

Yhere's another method for it, which is quiet similar to the above one
but uses a flame-thrower instead, if you have plenty of ammo for it then
you can use the flame-thrower in a similar fashion as above to finish
the job.

Anyway, from where you start this part, start walking besides the
girl , and get ready whenever she stands on guard, means that dino's
are coming after her, get through the first area using any of the
two methods given above, at the end , the girl will unlock a very
futuristic door and you'll get into the next area.

NOTE : DO NOT RUN OFF AHEAD !.. Keep that in mind, the moment you
let the girl out of sight she will get hurt, the dino's are really
smart, so keep an eye out for the girls' health bar too while your
at it, and make sure that no harm is done to her.

In the second area, walk forward with the girl, and go around the
central structure with her, you can read the panels from right to
left in the circle to read the names of the people responsible for
the third energy , the first name is obviously Dr kirk.

After going around the structure and fighting off some more dino's you
will come up to a ledge, the girl will climb it quickly and you will
have to go around the corner and take the ladder up, this is the
place where the girl is most vulnerable, and she can easily be
targeted. Be quick and save her quickly. Afterwards she will walk a
little ways forward and open another futuristic door for you, and
you will enter this area.

You will now enter the facility area front side and the girl will
run off ahead leaving Dylan alone, now here's a suggestion, if you
have the Anti tank rifle then take it out and equip it, run forward
straight and you will face some normal looking raptors, but these
are far stronger then the normal raptors, still the anti tank rifle
can take them out in a single shot, so from where you start in this
room run straight forward and climb the little ladder, try to run
past and you will be blocked by 4 red lasers, you need to shut down
the 4 switches in order to advance through this area, drop back down
again, this is probably the last area in the game with raptors in it
so make full use and kill as many as you can.

As for the switches, see those 4 large different colored panels
under the big machines, check on them one by one and you will close
down them, there are 2 on the lower levels, on left and right side
of the laser area, and 2 on the above levels on left and right side
area's, close them down in any order as you wish, but keep in mind
that you will be attacked by countless raptors while doing so , be
sure to take them all out to earn some well-fought for cash. Now
after you've done all 4 switches then head back to the laser area
and check the small control panel besides the lasers and you will
shut the lasers down, now you can safely make your way across the
area to the large doors ahead, enter into the Facility Entrance.

Here take up the blue file right in front of you, and read what
the superintendent had to say about the incident, the file will 
tell of the damaged children being put into the dinosaur pods for
healing them, but they had lost their speaking ability because of
it, could it be that the girl is one of those children.

Anyway, run forward, through the glass door, head across the transparent
bridge and make your way to the door at the very end to enter the
superintendents room. Here , run forward, go through the glass door
and read the file you see on the machinery, this will tell you
about the last ditch effort to save mankind, dubbed ironically
as the Noah's ark project. After reading the file pick up the
Med pack L near the control panel, and then save the game at the CP
NOW !.. this is the final control panel in Dino crisis so use it
all you want, if you have the money then buy a rocket launcher NOW.

After your done exit out of the glass door near the control panel
and head forward and enter the door to the Large Laboratory Hall.
Here all the story in the game will be cleared for you in a single
scene, just run forward and climb down the stairs to start the
scene which will clear the entire plot of the game. Once your down the
stairs Dylan will spot the girl again, but this time she will activate
something on a panel and suddenly a hologram comes to life and starts
talking to Dylan. Dylan is shocked at the fact that the hologram knows
his name, but the hologram says that he'll make it short and simple.

The man in the hologram tells Dylan that when they came to this time
to save the dinosaurs they got stuck here themselves, and they could
not return back to their own times, the man then confirms that they're
far into the future, 3 million years to be exact, Dylan then realize
that the girl is from the future, The hologram tells him that his wife 
Julia was killed by the dinosaurs and their daughter Paula was injured 
badly at that time the girl turns and says p..paula.. slowly, so this 
girl is Paula all along, then the man in the hologram tells that they 
used the dinosaur healing pods to heal the human child's and as a result
they lost their ability to speak , thats why the girl or any other
helmet people dont speak throughout the game, they only nod and use
their hands as signals. 

The hologram man then introduce himself, as former special forces TRAT
member, colonel Dylan Morton... WHAT !!.. so HE's Dylan, from the FUTURE
man this is one messed up fact, and that means that Paula, is Dylan's
daughter, she confirms his doubt by calling him papa. The hologram
them tells that there isnt much time and that there is a gate behind
the large doors that Dylan can use to get back to his time, but the
thing is that the gate is not complete yet, and it can only be used
once. Then he says to say hello to Regina from him. 

When the game gives you control of Dylan again, follow the girl to
the large doors which just opened, and the girl will open the doors, 
head inside and another scene will begin, the computer will tell that
the self destruct mechanism for the base has been activated manually.
The base will detonate in 5 minutes, Paula is attacked by a helmet
person, and Dylan comes to the conclusion that he turned it on. They
get into a fight which is disturbed by the thumping of the Giganotosaurus.

Dylan manages to avoid but the helmet person gets thrown off the
walkway down to the floor, now the game gives you control as soon
as you get the control you will notice a 5 minute timer on the top.
Start running straight forward ASAP, and when you near the bridge
the game will automatically have Dylan cross it and then the dino
will break the bridge, THIS PART IS CRUCIAL, keep the forward key
pressed here at all cost cause the dino will smash the bridge and it
will break down, so if your even a second late then the game is over.
After making it to the other side the computer will shut the door
leading to the time gate until the dinosaur is disposed of. 

We cant take it down with any weapon, so we'll need to improvise, check
the control panels right in front of you here, and you will learn that 
you need to operate the control panel, then open the communications
line to activate this control panel. THIS one will then trigger the
satellite attack on the specified location.

From here quickly turn to Dylan's right and run forward, you should
see a control panel at the wall from here, run to it and quickly 
activate it, you have completed half of the task, the giganotosaurus
will be on your ass the whole time and he will often attack you in
a series of head slams, keep an eye on your health meter and heal
whenever your in red, also NEVER stop running in this area or your
dino food. Now after activating the first CP, turn around and head
exactly in the opposite direction, run past the big control panel and
run to the thin catwalks, follow the winding path while avoiding the
giganotosaurus, you will pass the large shields which are protecting
the large exit door, we cannot do anything to this yet, instead run 
to the right of the shields and you will find another similar control
panel here, use it too and your almost done. 

Now run all the way back to the big control panels, hopefully you
made it here alive, check the control panel and fire the weapon,
you will have another CG sequence, in which you will see the satellite
readying for the attack , then it will let go of a HUGE Ion cannon
blast similar to the ion cannon from the C&C games, the dinosaur is
directly in its path and it will get toasted. AHAHAHAHHAHA !! .

After the FMV another small scene, Dylan will get up and look at the
HUGE crater that has formed where the ion blast hit, now the door
to the timegate should also be open, run quickly, as the timer might
be low right about now and enter the final HUGE doors..

Dylan will find that Paula is already here, while he is activating
the gate, Regina will also join in, then Dylan tells her that they
dont have much time so they should use the gate to get out of there
as soon as possible. Another small FMV and Paula will be crushed under
the machine that falls on top of her, she wont die of it as the machine
has her legs pinned, but she cant move either.

The ending FMV begins, Dylan is cradling Paula, Regina tells him that
if they dont go now then they'll never be able to get back as the
gate slowly opens up, Dylan refuses to leave his daughter side, he
tells Regina to go back herself , he wont leave Paula, Regina tells
him to come with he doesnt, he tells Regina to go back to their own
time and use the 3rd energy data disk that she has to build another
gate and come pick them up from this time for the last time, Regina
hesitantly agrees to it and tells Dylan that she will come rescue him,
then she runs through the gate to safety as Dylan is left with Paula
in the exploding base, suddenly another huge chunk of machinery starts
to fall on top of them but before it can the entire facility explodes
in a HUGE explosion, and its all over..

Cue end credits and the awesome music.

| | | |   | |\| |\   
 |  || |   | | | |_/   



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
          o _|_   ___   __ __    __     |   o   __ _|_  
          |  |_, (__/_ |  )  ) __)      |_, | __)   |_, 

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

This is the list of all the necessary items you may find in the game

* 3rd energy facility disk
Found : Working terminal in the missile silo area
This is the item of desire for this whole game, this is the main
objective for which the team was sent into the future.

* 3rd energy facility keycard
Found : Passageway for the north jungle routes, near spring
This keycard will allow you access into the 3rd energy facility
read file near the door to find about its location.

* Box key
Found : Inside the third energy facility control room
Use this card to open the small box a few rooms back , the box
in question will tell you the code to use an elevator later on.

* City keycard
Found : Area before the underwater boss fight, near corpse
This card will allow you access into the main city area, dont
leave it underwater while your there. 

* Diving suit 
Found : Underwater elevator room
This is a must take item or else Regina will not be able
to head into the underwater area.

* Gas mask
Found : City highway, after the tank mini-game
This mask will allow you access to the very poisonous area
in the jungle, which will allow you access to the missile silo.

* Key plate
Found : Inside the medical room in research facility
Use this keycard on the control panel at the end of the hardware
storage room, then as Regina use it on the panel with the other plates.

* Living quarter keys
Found : Drug store in Edward city
This key will allow you access to the living quarters, which will
take you to the tank minigame.

* Mechanics ID card
Found : Back area of the 3rd energy facility control panel
This key card will open the elevator lock for you, you still
will need the 4 digit code to ride the elevator down.

* Plug
Found : Underwater/ 2nd passageway , above walkway
Use this on the control panel in the room with the save panel
to open the shutters leading to the city keycard and the boss.

* Research facility keycard
Found : Inside the box you open with the keyplate
Use this on the locked doors in the back area of the research
facility to enter the doors.

* Starter battery
Found : Ruined labs in the research facility
Take this starter battery back to the boat and you will then
be able to access the other area's of the world.



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
   __   __   __ __   ___       __ __   ___   __ __   __  ;  __ 
  (__| (__( |  )  ) (__/_     |  )  ) (__/_ |  )  ) (__)  __)  

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

These are all the files you may encounter during the game, they're not
listed in any particular order.

   Found : Inside box in 3rd energy outer facility

The security code for the elevator to the underwater 3rd Energy reactor
has been changed. The new code # is 3051. 

   Found : You start with it

This file contains a few pointers which may help you in the beginning of
your mission especially when you become lost or stuck. 
        TRAT Headquarters

Extinction points
 When you kill your enemy you will earn points called "Extinction Points".
 On this mission you will buy ammo, weapons, health, recoveries, and other
 items using these "Extinction points". It is important for a smooth and
 successful mission that Extinction Points be earned efficiently. However, 
 Extinction Points won't do you any good unless you use them. We recommend
 equipping yourselves with the most powerful weapon whenever possible.

 When you kill an enemy, points earned will be displayed on the screen. If
 you succeed in killing additional enemies while the points are being dis-
 played your credit increase rate will go up. This is called a combo. This 
 is an important technique you should learn to use.

Combat Techniques
 By pressing the R1 button you can move about in a firing stance. You can
 even change from target to target by pressing the L1 button while holding
 down the R1 button.

 The following items will be shared by everyone on the team, Health 
 items, key items, Extinction points, Main and Sub weapons with an 
 exception of a few. During your mission , you may come across instances 
 where you cannot carry any more health recovery items. In these 
 situations you should use the unnecessary recovery items which will 
 make space, allowing you to carry another item.

   Found : Inside medical room in research facility

Again the day has come... Jan 14th. This is the day when the 3rd Energy 
accident occurred and we were sent to this time. This is the 10th time this
day has come. And every time I feel the same, despair..

The medical supplies from the Med. room has all been used up in the very
first year. Since then we've been collecting wild plants to make medicine
without knowing its effect. Nevertheless, they were used in healing the 
wounds of the soldiers. And all we could do was to wait for rescue.

Why haven't they come to rescue us? I've thought about the question for the
past ten years and I have come to a conclusion. The Time shift or fold is
caused by the "Overdrive" of the 3rd Energy. But our current technology 
level wasn't enough to recover the "accident".
Years of technology research still would not be enough.

A time error of 10 or 20 years is insignificant to a time slip of 65
million years. But that error, that time difference could mean everything
for us. We should have never laid our hands on a toy so dangerous.

   Found : Control shack, behind research facility

* Picture of the poisonous plant *

From recent reports it appears that in parts of the jungle near the facility
there has been a sudden outbreak of poisonous plants called "pp-34". From
the body approximately 80 cm in diameter, they continue to spout poisonous
spores. One of our members who inhaled the spores is in a unconscious critical

For those of you who are on the medicine plant sample collecting team, 
temporary stop the sample collecting and set up a team to rid of the poi
-sonous plants. Use Flame Launchers for this emergency operation. When 
doing so remember to keep your distance from the target.

   Found : Back entrance research facility / Lounge

Lately many of our guys have reported missing belongings. Especially
smaller items such as hand mirrors and watches. Just the other day, my
silver rocket follower the same fate. There are rumors that its the 
work of a tiny dinosaur. It's got a real jivy name like "compy" or 

*Picture of compy*

April 3rd
Today I heard an interesting story. Crows and other birds have a peculiar
behavior of collecting shiny things. It appears as though these compy's
may have similar behaviors. Come to think of it all of the missing items
were all shiny things. They seem to have a lot of similarities with the 
birds. It could be that they are their ancestors. We haven't been able 
to capture any of them since they are so quick on their feet. But if we 
use their  behavior to our advantage, then maybe...

April 6th
We used the cage used for laboratory animals and we were finally able to
capture one of them. We used ALan's bracelet as a bait and cornered him in.
The key to capturing is to block all possible escape routes. If there is
even a small escape route they will not enter the cage.

Our plan is to use this cage to get rid of them as fast as we can. The
raptors who eat them for snacks have started to roam around this area.
Compys.... what a nuisance. There is still two more weeks until the
general staff can move into Edward City. Until then we have to do our
best to protect this facility from the dinosaurs.

   Found : 3rd energy facility control room

June 2nd, 10:30 PM
Tomorrow afternoon two mechanics are coming to this facility from
Edward city. IT is time for the annual maintenance check of the 3rd
Energy reactor. This will be the 9th time. The instant something 
happens to the underwater reactor, that is when all life-lines will be
cut off to us. Again, all we can do is to pray that nothing will happen.
As weird as it may sound, sometimes I feel that it'll do us all a favor
if that reactor just blew up on us.

June 3rd, 4:00 PM
The mechanics who went to the underwater 3rd energy reactor still have
not returned. They probably became their lunch. This is a problem. One
of the mechanics, Bob, has the key to the entrance of Edward City. To
go from this facility to the city, it is critical that we get back the
key. I guess there is no real choice but to get in the diving suit and
go down myself. I just hope I dont become their lunch.

   Found : Large underwater elevator room

To Bob, 
I heard that you were placed in charge of this area. As a present for your
new position, here is a memo which may come in handy, its about restarting
the power. When you try to initialize the power restarting program, it
often stops right? Well its due to the malfunctioning of the three control
terminals. Here are some tips to operate them.

When you initialize the program, it quickly overloads and the lamp turns
red, right ? Well, when that happens all you need to do is just give it
some electric shock with some kind of tool. It should wake the sucker
up. Anyway good luck. See ya

   Found : First underwater save game room

As always, we'll conduct the preventative maintenance by assigning labor
tasks. Bob will be in charge of the 3rd Energy reactor itself. Alec will
be in charge of checking the Water circulation system. As in previous
years for the safety of the mechanics, during maintenance work make sure
to close the shutters for the cooling aquaducts. Alec will unplug the
plug which allows control of the shutter and keep it until bob is done
checking the reactor. The other day there was an explosion in the water
circulation chamber. This explosion caused a crack in one of the concrete
columns. One more explosion would have probably destroyed it. Remember
to repair that aswell.

   Found : Drug store inside Edward City

I understand the idea of trying to protect human territory. The plan to
clean out the dinosaurs intruding into the city failed. The humans in
this world are about to be extinct. We humans should have never laid
our hands on 3rd energy. The military folks still don't get it even
after al this. Their plan is to fire the 3rd energy missile in this
area of the jungle and wipe the whole area out. They plan to take the
3rd energy data disk to the Missile silo in the jungle and input the
data in the warhead. The missile is scheduled to strike this area at
noon tomorrow. It's either the missiles first or us first.. who knows.

    Found : Key plate room, research facility

This is a notification that now all facility keys will be managed in
this control room. the colors of the lock terminals corresponds to
the colors of the key. Matching the colors of the keys and the
terminals will release the security lock. Due to security reasons only
one key can be removed at a time. Also, the keys electronic information
is reprogrammed each week. FOr this reason always return the key to the
key control system after use.

    Found : Wrecked lab, research facility

Another dead body of a youth was carried in. As expected he was not
a resident of Edward city. If this is really true then only possible
conclusion is he and the others might have come from another . Could
such a thing be possible ? These past months youths about the age of
17 or 18 have shown up before us and attacked.

Communication with these youths have not been successful, but rather
impossible. * Picture of a youth * Today we plan to remove one of the
bodies out of the preservation liquid and conduct an autopsy. The
result of the autopsy will be reported to Colonel Maison who is
dispatched at the 3rd Energy facility.

    Found : Superintendent's room

I knew it would all come to this. There's no way humans and dinosaurs
could ever coexist. But if we sacrifice our lives now, we would leave 
a chance for the existence of the human race. The irony is that this
whole facility which we are trapped in was built to sustain a suitable
environment for the dinosaurs.

I am the superintendent of the facility and im the only one left. I 
dont belong here. There is no future for this world. The children hurt
by the dinosaurs have been put inside life-support chambers. I truest
that the people of the "past" will take care of them. the life-support
chambers are almighty. It should be able to heal any would, no matter
how critical they may be. Also the life-support chambers will feed
knowledge and teach them about this world. However, the chambers were
originally designed for the growth of dinosaurs. Thus the knowledge fed
will be limited to the knowledge of coexisting with the dinosaurs.

The tragedy is that the children will eventually lose their speaking
ability. But instead they will have been inputted the instincts to 
protect the dinosaur. Today I have recorded my message for the man
who will definitely come here. With this I have nothing to regret.

    Found : Superintendent's room

It all began in Bolzinia, a small republic in the southern sea. The
first overdrive was the beginning of everything. During transportation
something went wrong and it resulted in a crack in space time which
skewed history after the cretaceous era. To investigate the skewed
biological history after the cretaceous, an extensive experiment
was conducted at a global scale. The result .... devastating.

The space-time skew will take its effect on all living organisms. The
earth's history would change dramatically and this change would wipe
out the human race from ever existing. That was the conclusion of the
experiment. The plan was to transport the living organism's of the
cretaceous through the timegate to a world with similar environments, 
far into the future. After the crisis had passes, the organisms would
then be returned to their original time.

We called this the Noah's ark plan. This was the only plan that would
leave any chance for the existence of the human race. We hope that
this plan is successful and we shall declare execution of this plan.
   WAPP Central Council

    Found : Hardware storage room, research facility

All instruments and materials will be transferred to the research
facility tomorrow. Starting next month, an extensive experiment will
start relating to the Timegate. There just aren't enough computers
to save all the data. We need as many computers as we can gather.

The timegate's revival project has hit against a wall. We hope the
experiment will bring about effective measures. Give all research
facility keys to Lieutenant Wolf of the transport team today. The
key cards are kept in a box in the wall of th is room, Approximately
250 people the soldiers' families have been moved to the living
quarters of Edward City last month. Now its all up to us to revive the

    Found : Research facility, labs

The recovery of the Timegate seems impossible with the limited
instruments we have in this world. Today was supposed to have been
the last hopeful experiment. However, the lack of instruments
stopped os from conducting the experiment. One week ago , the
transport team lead by Lieutenant Wold was supposed to bring us the
instruments for the experiment. They never arrived. Something must
have happened in the Military facility. We still havent been able
to establish communication with them.

If we still intend to pursue with the experiment we need to go to
the missile silo on the other side of the suspension bridge. But 
the bridge was destroyed in a recent combat. The only other way is
through the deadly poison zone. It is too dangerous to even go near
that area..

* Picture of missile silo *

     Found : Outside 3rd energy facility entrance.

It looks like this is the end for us. After surviving all this
time.... and to be killed by humans. Who are they ?
Those people with the full-face helmets and the rider suits.
Somehow I managed to escape. But I seem to have dropped the
key for this facility. How foolish of me. I can only think of
one place where it might be. I must have dropped it somewhere
near the spring in the jungle.

* Picture of spring *

That spring has rather a fast current considering its small size.
I must go there quickly or else it may drift away somewhere. The 
disk I was to deliver colonel has been stolen by them helmets. I
believe the data was some kind of autopsy.

#                                                              #
# |\ | |\| ||   | | |  |   |  || | /\ | | || |\| |  # 
# |_/ | | | |_|   | | |_ |   |_ |_| |_ ||  |  | |_| | |  | # 
#                                                            #

Here is a list of all the dino files you can find in the game in
the right order, and next to them are their locations..

|                   |                                          |
|                   |                                          | 
| VELOCIRAPTOR      | You can find this lying next to the first|
|                   | save game panel in the water tower.      |
|                   |                                          |
| TYRANNOSAURUS     | You can find this dino file in the first |
|      REX          | room of the research facility, to the    |  
|                   | right side of the counter.               |
|                   |                                          |
| ALLOSAURUS        | Check the dead body in Suspension bridge |
|                   |                                          |
| COMPSOGNATHUS     | Check the bird cage twice to find this   |
|                   |                                          |
| PTERANODON        | Near the corpse at third energy facility |
|                   | entrance.                                |
|                   |                                          |
| MOSASAURUS        | Check the computers near the doors which |
|                   | lead to the mechanic's keycard.          |
|                   |                                          |
| PLESIOSAURUS      | Near corpse with Edward City keycard.    |
|                   |                                          |
| INOSTRANCEVIA     | You can find this in the first area      |
|                   | after using the Edward City keycard      |
|                   |                                          |
| TRICERATOPS       | Just after finishing the I'll point You  |
|                   | shoot mini game, its right in sight.     |
|                   |                                          |
| OVIRAPTOR         | From where you start in Ed city, check   |
|                   | the jeeps immediately to the right .     |
|                   |                                          |
| GIGANOTOSAURUS    | Check the computer to the right side of  |
|                   | of the one where you find the Data disk  |



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
  __  ___   __   __   ___  _|_    __  &&   _|_  o  __    __ 
__)  (__/_ (___ |  ' (__/_  |_, __)   &&    |_, | |__) __)  
                                      &&          | 
                      &&      __   __   __|  ___    __ 
                      &&     (___ (__) (__| (__/_ __)  
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


Finish the game at any difficulty level once to unlock this mode,
after you've finished the game wait for the credits to end, then the
game will take you to a screen where you can buy characters for this
mini game from ALL the points that you earned during the game, at
first you can only buy Rick, Gail and a tank, after you have bought
all three another line of things to buy opens up , and this one is
full of dinosaurs to buy. Buy this line of dinosaurs by playing 
through the game again, and you will unlock 2 more hidden dinosaurs.
Finish the game in any difficulty mode and get all 11 dino files, 
after the credits the game will tell you that you have earned this
card, after that if you continue a new game , you will find this
card in your key items menu, this card will give all the weapons
infinite ammo, ideal for speed run games I say.
This is another mini game, but it can only be unlocked after you
buy all the initial three characters, and after that if you atleast
buy 2 dinosaurs then this game will be opened, this is only a 2
player game and you can use the second pad to play as the second
player game, its a one on one dinosaur fight game, cool.
After you have bought all the other dinosaurs and human characters
from the dino coliseum screen, then the game will give you 2 more
very expensive dinosaur to buy, these are the triceratops and the
infamous compy. Good luck beating it with a compy.

Beat the game for the first time and you will get the screen of Dylan
cruising in his car, beat it a second time and you will get a VERY VERY
VERY VERY sexay image of Regina, beat it a third time to get an image
of Paula  (( I tell you I have that Regina image set as my windows 
             wallpaper ))


* Here's a hint worthy to be almost a cheat itself, read through the
  dino file of the raptor and near the end the file will mention
  something about ultra raptors which only rarely appear, you might
  not find them even if you play the game a hundred times, here's
  how you can get them to appear, be sure to be in an area with alot
  of dinosaurs in it, and you MUST get a combo of 20 in the area, 
  my picks for that were the first room where you fight the oviraptors
  or the final wide area before you get the data disk, you can get 20
  combo's there easily, anyway, hopefully if you got the 20 combo's
  then one or two rooms later you will run into 2 ultra raptors.
  These ultra raptors are HELL tough, they take shitload more damage
  compared to normal dinosaurs, the best weapon against them which
  I found was Dylan's solid cannon, as that is the only weapon which
  can still stop the dinosaurs in thier tracks, other then that no
  other weapon will be able to hold them at piece. Kill them to get
  over 15000 points.
* Here's a hint for ya, before the third energy area buy a heavy
  machine gun, now in the narrow walkways when you are attacked by
  the serpent dinosaurs shoot and kill them with a single shot from
  the heavy machinegun for instant points.
* Here's another hint for you, get the 3rd energy key card on your
  first visit to the spring area, this will save you alot of time
  and suffering later on, do this when you have the first opportunity.
* The raptors and ovi-raptors more very fast after you so here's a 
  little trip to stall them, keep running to your destination and
  equip the Solid cannon with Dylan, and fire a shot whilst running 
  you can pass through the energy ball without taking damage but if
  any dinosaur was too close behind you then it will be killed by
  the cannon ball which stays in place for a second or two after the
  initial blast has been fired.
* In the part where you have to protect the girl while walking 
  through the forest, use the solid cannon to make a energy ball
  around the girl, she will not get damaged by it but the dino's
  will, dont worry the dino's will only attack her during this
  part of the game so your pretty safe yourself.
* Keep a finger pressed on the auto aim button because the dino's
  can attack you from all directions, as soon as you hear the slightest
  rustling of grass or a footstep, press the aim key and the character
  will automatically aim at where the enemy is coming from, this can
  help you fend off some back attacks, or get rid of enemies quickly.
* Make full use of the submachine guns while your at the ending parts
  of the game, the submachine gun can aim at several multiple targets
  at the same time, I myself have taken out 3 raptors at the same time
  in an instance, this is no doubt the best gun for dealing with
  veloci and oviraptors.
* You can kill the allosaurus with the handgun or shotgun too but
  that would take a very long time, instead when your at the starting
  parts of the game and you dont have guns like the solid cannon then
  you can use even the flame thrower to cause front damage to the
  allosaurus, the fire has a long trail and it damages the dino even
  if you attack it from the head on.
                                NA GAMESHARK CODES 
                              Codes from  

Enable Code (Must Be On-Version 1) 
D00D639C 023A
800D639E 1000 

Enable Code (Must Be On-Version 2) 
D00D6314 000A
800D6316 1000 

Joker Command 
D00AF130 ???? 

Infinite Health 
D0038CC8 0108
80038CCA 2400
D0039594 0108
80039596 2400
D0039744 0108
80039746 2400
D00D2348 0108
800D234A 2400
D00D24A0 0108
800D24A2 2400
D00D25B0 0108
800D25B2 2400
D00D26FC 0108
800D26FE 2400
D00D38BC 0108
800D38BE 2400 

Extinct Points Modifier 
800AEE10 ???? 

Max Extinct Points 
800AEE10 967F
800AEE12 0098 

Have Extra Crisis Mode 
800AECA8 0100
800AECAA 0101
800AECAC 0101 

Unlock All Characters (Extra Crisis Mode) 

Walk Thru Walls 
D0032DCC 000F
80032DCE 1000
D00330C8 0161
800330CA 1000
D003365C 0013
8003365E 1000 

Alternate Infinite Health 
D0022470 010A
80022472 8645
D0022484 0108
80022486 A645 

Have All Key Items 
800AEEDA 03FF 

Have All Files 
800AEEE0 FD77
800AEEE2 FFF3 

Infinite Health (Paula) (When You Have to Protect Her) 
800AE36A 06F4
800AE548 06F4 

Stop Timer (Colosseum Mode)
800AEEE4 4650 

Save & Shop Anywhere (Press Triangle + R2) 
D00AF130 0012
800AE73E 0002 

View Ending FMV (Select New Game) 
D00AECAC 0101
800AECAC 0504 

Max No Damage Bonus Score 
800AE840 FFFF 

Max Room Total Score 
800AE834 967F
800AE836 0098 

Max Combo (Shows Up At In-Between Room Screens) 
800AE844 0063 

Infinite Item Usage 
D00560B0 0008
800560B2 2400 

Extra Items 
800560AC 0001 

Hyper Mode 
800714DC 0000
800714DC 0005 



!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
          __ __            __   ___       o  ___          
         |  )  ) (__|     |  ' (__/_ (__| | (__/_ (__(__( 

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*   '.)`'.)`'.) !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Here's my two cents about this lovely piece of gem game.

Graphics 9/10

According to the time they were released and the hardware they were
released on i'd say that the graphics are top notch, the character
animations , the dinosaur designs and the movements of the dinosaurs
is all perfect, there is little or no glitch in the game, and every-
thing looks lush, the environments are nice green looking, and the
camera angels are really dramatic at some points, and at some points
they give a best shooting view for the player. Over all i'd say that
capcom has done an excellent job with the graphics of this game.

Sound 9/10

This time there is a whole lot more voice acting compared to the
first game and its awesome. Regina has the same voice actress as 
the first game and she still rules, Dylan has the typical action
hero voice which sounds awesome. Other then that the background
music's rule too, the music is fast based in environments where you
have to run and gun , and its completely spooky or silent whenever
there's something terrible about to happen. All the other usual
sounds like the gunfire and the footsteps are all here too. Nice.

Gameplay 9.5/10

This is what really separates DC 2 from its previous installment,
last time the gameplay was dull and slow, and all you had to do
was avoid dinosaurs and run for the exits while solving almost
impossible puzzles in between, this time the game is fluid very
fast paced and there is no slow down, no boredom of puzzles either,
you just run and gun your way from point A to point B, this is
somewhat a mix between an arcade experience and a console game.

Story 8.5/10

The story picks up 1 year after the events of the first game and
it does a job well done in itself, although it would have been
nice to have cameo appearances from other characters from the
first game but thats alright. The only story problem is that
the game itself is rather short, so you really dont get a whole
lot of story. Its a good one, but a short one at that.

Overall 9/10

I would say that anyone who hasnt played this game yet should go
and get it as soon as they can, this is one game that no player
should be without.



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