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Follow the dark path or use the light
Danger Girl Pack Shot

Danger Girl



by iamnothing

Author: David Blake
Revision: 1.0.2 (10/10/2000)
Contact Information: [email protected]

This document is Copyright © David Blake, 2000. This document may not be
redistributed or modified from its original format without the author's 
express permission. For more information or to use this document, contact 
David Blake at [email protected]

Danger Girl, the game is Copyright © 2000, n-Space, Inc.
Danger Girl characters and comic art is Copyright © and Trademark ™ 2000,
Danger Girl, the game publication rights are from THQ Inc.


    - Abbey Chase in Rumble in the Jungle
    - Abbey Chase in Finders Keepers
    - JC in Rigged to Blow
    - Sydney Savage in Caution: Curves Ahead
    - Abbey Chase in Dangerous Discovery
    - JC in Frozen Assets
    - Sydney Savage in Museum Mayhem
    - Sydney Savage in Crossing the Line
    - JC in Bustin' Out
    - JC in Maximum Firepower
    - Sydney Savage in Countdown to Danger
    - Abbey Chase in Catfight to the Finish

  1.0 - What you see before you. A complete walkthrough and list of how to
        obtain the Danger Girl Icons.

  This game is rather difficult the first time through due to the lack of 
  save points. This difficulty is incremental, though. You will notice 
  yourself getting to new sticking points each time you play a level. Once you
  finish that level, you will be able to run (or sneak) through it with 
  minimal damage. If I can do it, anybody can.

  Make good use of the environment. If you can take out guards by blowing up
  barrels, do it. If you can avoid turrets by hiding behind boxes, definitely
  do it. It just makes sense.
  Get used to sneaking on the first two levels, otherwise you may get very
  frustrated on the third level (a stealth level). Get good at shooting people
  in the head. That is the single most important asset that the Danger Girls
  have: a strong ability to blast people in the head.


This is a complete walkthrough for the game Danger Girl. Use it sparingly 
since it will give away all information in the game.

==== MISSION ONE ==== ABBEY CHASE IN RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE ====================
  1  Install Systems Link
  2  Destroy Illegal Weapon Caches
  3  Infiltrate Donavan's Compound
Shoot the first guard and get the Night Vision Goggles from the box. Strafe 
along the path on the right side and take out the next guard when his back is 
turned. When you step forward, two guards will be ready. Take out the first 
one and then strafe around the tree where the second is throwing grenades at 
you to easily dispatch him and get the health he is carrying. Head down the 
slope and use the camera to target the guy on the roof of the house. Just run 
in and kill the next guy. Head up the path to the right of the one you just 
entered the area on and take out the guards there. Get the gas can from the 
back of the truck. Head back to the house and take out the guards. Use the gas 
on the generator and enter the house and don't get the med pack unless you are 
really hurting. Use the System's Link on the computers. A guy will jump 
through the window. Push the buttons specified: 

[Objective #1 complete].

Go back up the slope to the concrete building near the beginning and enter it. 
Go down the stairs, killing the guards and get the demolition charges from the 
box. Get the ammo and heal. Shoot out the power boxes and start sneaking. Go 
up the next set of stairs. Kill the guards and use the demolitions on the 
weapons cache [Objective #2 1/3 complete]. Kill the other guards that come 
running in from the building. Head down the slope and kill the guards. Head up 
to where you got the gas can and kill the guards. Shoot the flashing light 
inside the gate. Put on your Night Vision Goggles and shoot the lasers where 
they come out of the wall. Use the charges on the weapons cache [Objective #2 
2/3 complete]. Run right around the corner and shoot the guards. Shoot the 
laser outside of the last cache. Use the demolitions on the weapons cache 
[Object #2 Complete].

Head back where you came out from the lasers and enter the house. Get the 
remote from the guard in the Foyer. Enter the library and use the remote 
[Object #3 Complete].

==== MISSION TWO ==== ABBEY CHASE IN FINDERS KEEPERS =========================
  1  Recover Stolen Artifact
  2  Escape from the Compound
Shoot the two guards and climb across the beam and shoot out the grating. Get 
the Noise Maker's and head back. Climb down the ladder when the cameras aren't 
toward you. Run into the center of the room and shoot the fire extinguisher 
near the guard in the enclosed room. Heal if you need to, otherwise keep it 
for later. Head into the next room and blow out the grating. Get everything in 
that room and head back. Take out the next bunch of guards using the AK and 
the fire extinguisher.

Kill the goons and head up the stairs. Enter the elevator and head forward. 
Kill the goons, using the boxes as cover and then the boss. Get the Keycard. 
Open the gate. Head back up to the area where you first encountered the goons. 
Use the keycard on the artifact case [Objective #1 Complete].

Exit the compound, killing guards, by heading up the stairs and through the 
newly opened door. Access the panel. Shoot out the lights and use your night 
vision goggles to take out the guards. Head up the stairs (after getting the 
noise makers), through the alcove, and down the next set. Kill the goons and 
access the elevator. Head around the corner.

Start killing the goons until you get the Osprey Key. Head back to the 
helicopter [Objective #2 Complete].

==== MISSION THREE ==== CJ IN RIGGED TO BLOW =================================
  1  Rescue Hostages (6)
  2  Defuse Explosive Charges (5)
  3  Help Sydney Gain Access to the Rig
Sneak left around the fuel tank and take out the guard with a headshot. Strafe 
out and take out the second guard. Release the prisoner [Objective 1 1/6 
Complete]. Go up the stairs and jump over to the bridge. Shoot the first guard 
to your left in the head. Sneak in and shoot the second. Release the prisoner 
[Objective 1 2/6 Complete], pick up the card and the shotgun. Head back across 
the bridge and use the card on the reader next to the door.

Enter the doorway and turn the valve. Go down the hall and take out the two 
guards with head shots from behind the barrel. Run directly into the room and 
let it auto target the guards above you. Pick off the two guards down on the 
ground (the one with the prisoner first). Release the prisoner [Objective 1 
3/6 complete]. Go up the ladder and into the hallway above the where you saved 
the prisoner.

When you can see both guards, shoot the barrels. Continue and take out the two 
guards near the bomb. Use the bomb. Just match the pattern to defuse it 
[Objective 2 1/5 Complete] (note that you will have to make sure that the 
Defuser is selected when you find the next bombs). Take out the guards that 
come up the elevator. Head to the open end of the elevator and target the 
guard. Use the elevator and save the prisoner [Objective 1 4/6 Complete]. Run 
to the left of where you saved the prisoner and get the Pistol Ammo and the 
Elevator Fuse. Jump down to the support and defuse the bomb [Objective 2 2/5 

Go back up the elevator and to the central room. Jump over to the other 
walkway and use the elevator fuse on the sparking panel. Go down the elevator 
and enter the small shaft. Get the Revolver Ammo. Stand at the end of the 
shaft and target the two guards and take them out with two shots. Jump down 
and go to the corner. Target and take out the next guard. Go up to the door 
and target the guy on the platform to your left. Climb up to where he was 
using the air conditioner. Climb up and jump over to the right set of pipes 
and defuse the bomb [Objective 2 3/5 Complete].

Jump down and peek around the next corner to tag the two guards in the head. 
Head to the corner and tag the guard in the next doorway. Sneak into the right 
doorway until you can see both guards. Tag them in the head and release the 
prisoners [Objective 1 Complete]. Continue and get the Heavy Machine Gun. Go 
down the hole and open the valve climb up and keep going down the next hall 
(taking a right to get the wrench). Use the wrench on the steaming valve. Head 
back into where you got the wrench and down the hallway. Climb up the ladders 
and cross the beams to find the next bomb. Defuse it [Objective 2 4/5 

Climb back down and take out the guard in the door. Go down the hallways and 
push the button. Cross the bridge and use the wrench on the pipe. Go back down 
the halls and through the door that you just opened. Take out the guards in 
the middle of the room with headshots. Take out the rest with the Heavy 
Machine Gun. Climb up to the top and jump over to the small platforms and 
defuse the bomb [Objective 2 Complete].

Jump down and head across the bridge, taking out the guards with the Heavy 
Machine Gun. Use the wrench on the pipe [Objective 3 Complete].

  1  Rescue Hostages (5)
  2  Shutdown Pressure Overload
Shoot the first guard in the head. Enter the room, take the left stairs and 
shoot the guard in the head. Enter the right area and take out the guards. 
Shoot the officer in the head and get the Security Card. Head back and through 
the left hallway and kill the guard. Rescue the hostage [Objective 1 1/5 

Use the card on the door and the systems link on the open panel. Exit the 
room, climb the stairs and kill the two guards. Continue down the first hall 
outside and climb the ladder. Head down the hallways, killing the guards and 
jump into the control room through the skylight. Push the button [Objective 2 

Kill the guards and exit the room. Turn right and head down the stairs. Shoot 
the two guards in the head. Head through the main room and into the control 
room area. Go right and shoot the two guards. Head down the stairs and 
headshot the guard and the officer. Release the prisoner [Objective 1 2/5 

Climb the ladder and take out the two guards above you. Go a left. Get the C4 
from the box. Exit. Climb the ladder where the snipers were. Throw some C$ 
down to blow up the turret. Release the hostage [Objective 1 3/5 Complete]. 

Roll down the hole and shoot the guard in the head. Enter the room and take 
out the guards around you. Enter the hallway with the turret. Use your C4 and
continue. Shoot the two guards in the head. Rescue the hostage [Objective 1 
4/5 Complete].

Shoot the next couple of guards in the head. Jump down the ladder and shoot 
the guard. Head around the outside, shooting the guards and into the first 
alcove. Head off to the end and shoot the guard in the head. Run through the 
next doors and free the prisoner [Objective 1 Complete].

Enter the doorway and kill the guard. Use the boxes to avoid the turret and 
roll through the left doorway.

  1  Find Cold Weather Gear
  2  Upload Hammer Data
  3  Rendezvous with JC
Shoot the two guards in the head and turn on the heat with the switch next to
the middle door. Go down the left hall and kill the guards. Enter the control 
room and get the security card. Go back to the first room and take the middle 
exit. Open the first door with the card and get the sub machine gun after 
killing the guard. Touch the towel looking things [Objective 1 Complete]. 

Go back to the main room and take the right exit. Shoot the guard and go down 
the stairs. Shoot the guards and climb up the central ladder and go right. Go 
through the shaft and jump up on the ledge to get the RPG and the RPG ammo. 
Head back to the hallway with the security system. Shoot the guard at the end 
and get the security card. Use it on the second door (to access the room with 
all the computers). Turn on the heater with the keypad near the window. Get 
the Noisemaker and Noisemaker Grenades. Use the system link on the computer 
terminal (like in the shack at the beginning level).

Continue down the hall and open the large door. Target the two guards from the 
elevator and kill them. Take the elevator down. Jump down and activate the 
keypad to the left side of the glass shielding to turn on the heater. Climb 
the ladder and enter the large door. Go down the slope and shoot the guards in 
the head. Activate the central unit on the table. Shoot the officer to get the 
keycard. Go to the large central area (above the control room) and use the 
keycard on the door.

Climb the slope and kill the two guards in the first room. Go down the ramps 
(turning on the red buttons), use the keypad to turn the heater on. Go behind 
the tape system and take the left hallway. Enter the control room and open the 
left door. Activate the central panel again and kill all the guards  It is 
easiest to place the Noisemaker Grenades in the hallways (2 or 3 in each one) 
to kill the guards without getting hurt. [Objective 2 Complete].

Go through the exit near the ladder and up the elevator. Exit the back end 
(hallway looking rather than cave) and kill the guard. Open the door. Pick off 
the guys in the loading dock and get the small key. Use the trucks as cover to 
kill the rest of the guards. Use the small key on the snowmobile [Objective 3 

==== MISSION SIX ==== JC IN FROZEN ASSETS ====================================
  1  Infiltrate Hammer Excavation
  2  Retrieve Core Sample
  3  Escape
Run to the left and climb up on the smaller box. Tag the two guards. Climb up 
on the boxes and jump over to the top of the fenced in area. Drop down and get 
the Grenade Launcher. Jump out and head down the main alleyway. Crouch behind 
the steps and take out the next guards (one in the room, one near the flaming 
barrel). Open the door to the room and take out the two other guards inside. 
Get the Security Card. Exit the guard house and use the card on the door 
across the way.

Take out the guards. Get the Shotgun and AK47 Ammo and the AK47. Climb up on 
the wall and target the guy down below. Jump on the snow plow and up to the 
rafters to get the Grenade Ammo. Jump down and open the garage. Enter the 
small passage behind the snow plow. Kill the two guards and get the heavy 
machine gun from the box. Take the left exit, tagging the guard in the head. 
Tag the guard near the snow plow.

Open the door to the guardhouse. Pick off the two guards. Open the garage and 
take out the guard waiting on your left and the one on the small incline. Jump 
on the chain and climb down the hole. Jump in the small hole and open the 
Hammer Door [Objective 1 Complete].

Tag the two soldiers. Sneak down the hall and take out the next two. At the 
branch, take the left corridor. The easiest way to kill all four guards is 
with the grenade launcher. Tag the rest in the head until you come to a room 
with a box. Get the Drill from it and continue. Take the left branch and kill 
the guards. Get the pick axe. Head back through the room where you got the 
drill and take the right branch until you see a cut scene. Use a grenade on 
the guards. Use the Pick Axe on the gems inside the cavern [Objective 2 

Head back to the Hammer Door and kill the guard to get a Security Card. Use it 
to open the elevator. Use the drill just to the left of the elevator door 
(inside) to open the hatch. Head down the slope and take out the guards as 
they come at you. Just follow the path until you come to a cut scene. Take out 
the guards with your Heavy Machine Gun or AK47. Climb the ladders and step on 
the crystal carrier. Tag the guard near the truck and run past it [Objective 3 

==== MISSION SEVEN ==== SYDNEY SAVAGE IN MUSEUM MAYHEM =======================
  1  Override Camera Security System
  2  Install Systems Link
  3  No Civilian Casualties
Tag the guards from the balcony. In the hall at the top of the stairs, use the 
Gas Emitter on the vent and tag the two guards in the room. Go down the stairs 
and enter the hallway behind the dinosaur. Take the left hall after tagging 
the guards. Push the button on the desks at the entrance [Objective One 

Turn the camera off line and head into the Dinosaur Room. Turn off the lights 
in the room under the stairs. Go up the stairs and into the passage where you 
used the Gas Emitter. Use the switch next to the door. Put on your night 
vision goggles and jump on the glass display at the far end of the room below. 
Run off the case and into the hallway and take a left. Here's an annoying 
action puzzle:
  1  Down, Right, Up
  2  Right, Square, Up
  3  Down, Circle, Left
  4  Square, Circle, Right, Left
  5  Circle, Right, Up, Circle

Use the systems link on the open panel [Objective 2 Complete].

Head to the main exhibit and through the lower entrance. Disable the Camera. 
Use the Gas Emitter on the vent. Enter the left room and shoot out the 
grating. Climb inside and take out the distant security guard. Go to where he 
was and use the gas emitter on the vent. Take out the next three. Enter the 
next area across the courtyard and disable the camera. Enter the next display 
area and take out the two guards. Take a right and use the gas emitter on the 
vent near the bars. Head back and continue forward. Use the gas emitter on the 
vent. Go down the hallway and use the panel to open the gate.

Cross the bridge and go right. Take out the two guards and use the gas emitter 
on the vent. Continue down the hall, deactivating the camera. Go through the 
double doors at the end [Objective Three Complete].

  1  Defeat Assassin X
Okay, this was submitted to me by ADR. It's the perfect strategy and works 
every time. As soon as the level starts, run behind the artifact platform and 
face the stairs. Target Assassin X. He'll never teleport near you, and his 
shurikens will just hit the platform. You will never get hit. [Objective One 

==== MISSION NINE ==== JC IN BUSTIN' OUT =====================================
  1  Contact Team
  2  Locate Power Grid
Annoying action time:
  1  Right, Circle, X
  2  Right, Left, Circle, X

Get the shotgun and shoot the guard Exit the room. Shoot the next guard. Head 
right and shoot the guard. Enter the control room and access the microphone 
[Objective 1 Complete].

Shoot the officer and get the security card. Head back to the main hallway and 
take the left exit this time. Use the card on the door panel. Shoot the guard 
and get the AK47 and the Grenade Launcher. Activate the switch on the wall. Go 
back to the main room and through the large double doors that are now open. 
Shoot the guard. Head up the stairs, killing the guards along the way.

Take the left exit and follow the halls, killing guards. When you get to a 
room full of guards, use your AK and take them all out. Jump up to the ledge 
at the end and continue down the hall. You'll come to a large temple. Enter 
the small passages to the left and right sides of the temple (inside the large 
steps) and push the buttons. Once they are both pressed, the large temple will 
open. Go on in. Jump across the ravine to the ladder and climb up it.

Head right first and access the panel. Head back and go left. Kill the two 
guards and access the panel to the right of the door [Objective 2 Complete].

  1  Shut Down Power Grid
  2  Defeat Major Maxim
Run into the main room and access the power grid control panel (large gray 
box) [Objective 2 added].

Anyone who's played Syphon Filter knows how to finish this guy. Blast him once 
with the grenade launcher (so that he puts his hands over his head and starts 
to heal). Run behind him and take out the cannisters on his back with the 
shotgun or the AK. Then just keep blasting him with the grenade launcher. You 
can also make use of the power relays on the ceiling while he is under them. 
It's just easier to blast him with the Grenade launcher, though [Objectives 1 
and 2 Complete].

  1  Place Demolition Charges (4)
  2  Escape
Climb up the boxes and jump to the ledge. Take out the guard. Enter the 
hallway, taking out guards along the way and continue until you find a large 
room with a statue in the middle. Enter the small doorway in the left side 
after taking out the guards. Climb the ladder. At the end of the hallway, look 
across the way. Target the flashing light with the sniper rifle and shoot it 
to open the door.

Jump down and exit the large room. Climb down the ladder into the hole in the 
room you just opened. Climb down the next rope. Continue down the hall, 
killing the guards. Jump over the fiery vents. Open the left door and set a 
demolition charge on the box [Objective 1 1/4 Complete). Jump over the pit and 
kill the guards. Enter the room to your right and head down the hall. Set the 
next charge (Objective 1 2/4 Complete). Follow the small hallway and turn 
right, killing the guards. Take a left. You're near a large room with two 
boxes. Set the charges (Objective 1 Complete).

Head back and where I said take a left, take a right and enter the area that 
was locked off. Kill the guards and continue until you get to a dias. Flip the 
switch. Now, head out the left entrance (facing away from the lever) and take 
the first left branch. Head up the stairs through the circular doorway and 
kill the guards. Run up to the door [Objective Two Complete].

  1  Locate the Machine
  2  Stop the Hammer's Vile Scheme
  3  Escape
Headshot the goon on your right and get the shotgun (on your left). Kill the 
guard below. Go down the ladder. Get the Submachine Gun. Go down the stairs 
and climb into the little alcove. Get the Submachine Gun. Climb up the ledges 
and run down the hall [Objective One Complete].

What you need to do is stop the heads from giving him energy while avoiding 
his blasts. Run, and blast them. Once they are destroyed, start unleashing 
everything you have while strafing back and forth to avoid his shots 
[Objective Two Complete].

Follow Natalia with your guns blazing. Take the elevator and unload all your 
ammo on her. It's the easiest battle yet.

Sit back and watch the credits, play New Game 01 (saving at least once to make 
sure you have it), and collect the Danger Girl Icons from the different 

Abbey Chase in Rumble in the Jungle - Headshot Mode
  When you get the remote control, head right to the room with a curtain and a 
  bookcase and use it. The icon is in the room behind the bookcase.

Abbey Chase in Finders Keepers - Infinite Ammo Mode
  After the guard room, shoot out the vent and climb up twice. Go down the 
  ladder to get the Icon.

JC in Rigged to Blow
  After the first bomb and the guards are taken care of, activate the 
  elevator, turn right and jump to the small ledge. There is an icon there.
  (from murdocjw)

Sydney Savage in Caution: Curves Ahead
  The icon is on the ledge in the room with the guard and the officer 
  threatening to kill a prisoner. It is on a ledge.

Abbey Chase in Dangerous Discovery
  After taking the final elevator to the top of the level (near the exit), run
  around the corner and take jump over the hole to the Icon on the ledge. 

JC in Frozen Assets
  Climb the right fence in the beginning and get the Icon from behind the

Sydney Savage in Museum Mayhem
  After opening the door to the bridge room, get the Icon from under the 

JC in Bustin' Out
  In the walkthrough, instead of taking the left passage and fighting all the
  guards in the archway room, take the right one and jump across the crevice
  to get the Icon. (from murdocjw)

Sydney Savage in Countdown to Danger
  The final icon is in the center of the room surrounded by fire.


This is a simple control manual for those gamers who are renting the game 
without instructions or have purchased it used without a manual. It only 
includes the basics on the controls since all of the other information is 
available in the inventory or configuration screens. I included controls 
because there are some maneuvers not covered in the manual.

Control Characters' Movement:
  D-Pad/Left Analog Stick   - Walk/Run
  L2/R2                     - Strafe Left/Right / Sidestep along wall
  L2/R2 + Square            - Side Jumps Left/Right
  Double Tap Back           - Quick 180-degree turn
  L1                        - Crouch
  L1 + L2                   - Roll while crouching 
  D-Pad/Left Analog Stick   - Control Character's Movement
  X/Press Left Analog Stick - Fire Weapon
  Circle                    - Use nearby/selected item
  Square                    - Jump
  Triangle/Push Right Stick - Look Mode
  Right Analog Stick        - Look Around/Adjust Camera
  Press against wall + R1   - Sneak along wall
  Press and Hold X          - Adjust the distance for throwing C4

  D-Pad/Right Analog Stick  - Target enemies in the crosshairs (in look mode)
  L2                        - Zoom in with sniper rifle
  R2                        - Zoom out with sniper rifle
Other Controls
  Start                     - Pause
  Select                    - Inventory/Objectives

  - CJayC and GameFAQs for the best gaming resource on the net.
  - murdocjw on the GameFAQs message board for revealing where two icons I 
    couldn't find were. If only I'd looked there sooner…
  - ADR and KioMashada for their submissions.
  - Nemesis, Marshmallow, Dallas, Yee Seng Fu, Kao Megura, JL Lee, Magus, 
    CJayC, and all of the rest of the contributors at GameFAQs for inspiring 
    me to write faqs in the first place. There's a lot more than I can name
    here. They're all great.