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Follow the dark path or use the light
Worms Revolution Pack Shot

Worms Revolution


Puzzle Mode Guide

by DoctorCool_

Version 0.8
         1         2         3         4         5         6         7         

      #   # ##### ##### ##### #####
      #   # #   # #   # # # # #
      # # # #   # ##### # # # #
      # # # #   # ##    # # # #####
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      # # # #   # #  #  #   #     #
      ##### ##### #   # #   # #####


Welcome. This is a guide to the 20 puzzle mode missions in Worms Revolution
Single Player.


You will recieve medals for completing the missions in under a certain time.
Each puzzle mission will grant you 10 credits for bronze, 20 for silver, and 40
for gold.
I have never gotten less than a gold medal on these, and I don't know what the
required times are.
The most credits you can get from this mode is 800.

       #  CHAPTER 1: Sewer

Puzzle 1: Bobsticles
Worms: Scout
Enemy: 1 Worm

Weapon Order: FIRE PUNCH

Move your worm to the right.
Long Jump over the first mine pit.
Long Jump over the second mine pit.
High Jump onto the ledge.
Collect the crate (FIRE PUNCH).
Jump over the third and final mine.
Get behind the enemy worm, stand right next to him on his right and face left
towards him.
This will send him into the mine.

Puzzle 2: Flotsom and Jetsam
Worms: Heavy
Enemy: 2 Worms


Move your worm to the left and collect the crate (MINE).
Walk into the pit.
Use the MINE. It will react to you and explode, sending you falling.
Collect the second crate (BLOW TORCH) and face the wall on the left.
Collect the third crate (DYNAMITE) and move left until the spot directly in
front of you is equally distant from both enemy worms
Use the DYNAMITE, then run to the right, away from the dynamite. While running
jump to go farther.
When the dynamite explodes both enemy worms will die.

Puzzle 3: Dirty Bomb
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 1 Worm
Starting Weapons: PROD, PARACHUTE


Equip the PARACHUTE then head right and jump off the cliff.
Don't bother using the parachute, it will activate on its own.
Collect the u.crate (NINJA ROPE).
Stand below the platform with the sentry and aim the ninja rope at the right of
the bottom of that platform.
When you are safely on the the platform with the utility crate, press space to
deactivate the rope.
Collect the u.crate. (JET PACK). Use the JET PACK.
Fly onto the large hill with the crate (DYNAMITE) and the enemy worm.
Walk right until you are right next to the enemy worm, on the left, facing
right. Use the PROD.
The enemy worm will take fall damage and land next to an oil drum.
Stand at the left edge of the cliff facing right and drop the DYNAMITE down.
The combined damage should kill the enemy worm.

Puzzle 4: Days of Mould
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 3 Worms
Ally : 1 Worm 5 HP


Collect the crate (GIRDER).
Place the GIRDER at the same hight you are at, but over the hole.
Jump onto the platform. Jump off the platform. Head left.
Collect the crate (SHOTGUN), Stand a small distance from the brown wall, then
face left and shoot the SHOTGUN twice in a row.
Walk through the opening and collect the u.crate (BLOW TORCH).
Note: You can dig through brown areas but NOT green areas.
There is a land mine. Do not walk next to it or your ALLY will die.
Instead, use the BLOW TORCH to burrow through the brown area under it, at a
right/down 45 degree angle.
Collect the final crate (AIR STRIKE).
Center the airstrike on the heavy in between the other two enemy worms,
then fire. This will destroy them.

Puzzle 5: A Touch of Class
Worms: Scout, Heavy
Enemy: 3 Worms
Starting Weapons: 2 PARACHUTE


Head right. Walk your scout through the small tunnel.
Stop when you reach the small gap, and jump over it using a High Jump.
Collect the crate (SHOTGUN), then equip the PARACHUTE, go right into the fall
that leads to a u.crate.
Collect the u.crate (TELESWAP), then perform a High Jump out of the pit onto
the platform to the right.
Once there use the TELESWAP to warp the heavy to your location and the scout
back to where the heavy was.
Have the heavy face the brown walls to the right with the SHOTGUN, and shoot
holes through each of them.
Only the heavy is strong enough to totally destroy each wall with one hit.
Have the scout head to the heavy's location. Be sure to equip the PARACHUTE
before falling. 
Go through the small tunnel, over the small gap, into the area where the
u.crate used to be.
Go past the heavy and collect the remaining u.crate (BLOW TORCH).
Face left and Long Jump onto the green hill. Head left until you reach the
brown wall leading to a final crate (BAZOOKA), then use the BLOW TORCH on the
Have the heavy climb up the brown ramp then fire the BAZOOKA at the brown area
below the water cache.
The water will drown the three enemy worms.

       #  CHAPTER 2: Beach

Puzzle 1: Dodge, Bodge, Kill!
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 3 Worms


Head left and make two Long Jumps and collect the utility crate (PARACHUTE).
Equip the PARACHUTE and Long Jump to the left. Hold left while parachuting.
Collect the two crates (MINE, BAZOOKA). Stand at the left edge and drop the
MINE onto the first enemy worm. This will set of a chain reaction and destroy
both of the first two worms. Now shoot the BAZOOKA at the oil drum positioned
under the water. This will release the water. You can now Long Jump into the
water which will prevent you from taking fall damage. Head right, High Jumping
as necessary, and collect the final crate (SHEEP). Do NOT walk into the mine
field. Face right and use the SHEEP. Wait until the SHEEP reaches the final
enemy worm, then press space to detonate it.

Puzzle 2: Kiss With A Fist
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 1 Worm
Starting Weapons: JETPACK

              MAGNET (REPEL)

Head left and collect the left u-crate (MAGNET), then place the BLUE REPEL
MAGNET at the far left below the cliff. Now go right and collect the right
u-crate (TELEPORT). Use the JETPACK to collect the two remaining u-crates on
the right. Collect the high one first (MAGNET), then collect the low rightmost
one (BLOW TORCH). Use the BLOW TORCH to dig a tunnel to the left below the mine.
Place a BLUE REPEL MAGNET under the mine to the right; this will launch it
towards the enemy worm. Now TELEPORT to the top left u.crate (MAGNET) behind
the mine. Move left a bit and drop the BLUE REPEL MAGNET in front of you.
This should cause the mine to fall down in front of your first magnet, which
will repell it into the enemy worm.

Puzzle 3: Double Bubble
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 4 Worms
Starting Weapons: JETPACK
Ally: 1 Worm 5 hp


Head right and collect the DRILL and SENTRY GUN. Place the SENTRY GUN so it
faces the oil drum, and is on the same level. Crawl past the oil drum and
collect the crate (PROD). Stand behind the enemy worm facing left and use the
PROD to push him in front of the sentry gun. Now HURRY and Long Jump from the
left edge to the left before your turn ends. Next collect the crate behind the
worm on the left. Use the MAGNET you found in the crate, set it to ATTRACT, and
place it above the enemy worm to his right. This will destroy the worm and open
up a path. On your next turn, fall down the newly opened area. You will take
fall damage. On your next turn, stand to the left of the destructable area with
the mine, and use the DRILL. Now collect the crate containing the SHEEP and the
utility crate containing the TELESWAP. Use the TELESWAP from the place you
found it and switch places with the allied worm. Now crawl back to where the
teleswap was, face right, and use the sheep. When the sheep is above the
destructable ground, detonate it. Now use the JETPACK to move back to your
starting location. Stand under the mine under the cache of water and High Jump,
activating the mine. Now get out of the way of the water. The water will
destroy the remaining enemy worms. 


Puzzle 4: Sinking Feeling
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 2 Worms


Collect the utility crate (TELEKINESIS), then use TELEKINESIS on the big green
fish. Drop the fish between the two sentry guns to keep them from attacking you.
Next climb over to the left collecting the BLOWTORCH. Use the BLOWTORCH to
collect the utility crate (UFO) in the small underground area to the top left.
Use the UFO to pick up the big green fish and drop it to the left of the enemy
worms in order to make a platfor to collect the two remaining crates (PROD,
WATERSTRIKE). Drop down on the right and get next to the scientist's right,
facing left. Push the scientist to the left. Now get under the small groove
below you. From there, aim the WATERSTRIKE arrow to the left, and aim the
WATERSTRIKE itself just to the left of the leftmost enemy worm, just past the
big green fish. The water will drown the first enemy worm and group the enemy
worms together. When the first one dies the explosion will kill the second. 

Puzzle 5: Tan Their Hides
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 4 Worms
Ally: 1 Worm 5 hp

              GIRDER (45 degree), MAGNET (repel), SINKHOLE, BUNKER BUSTER

Collect the PROD then head right, Long Jumping over the cliff. Then collect the 
UFO, and FIRE PUNCH. Use the UFO to rotate the red lighter 90 degrees then drop
it into the pit that you jumped over earlier. On your next turn, collect the
MAGNET and DRAGON BALL, then use the DRAGON BALL on the heavy, from the right,
facing left. That will send him into the pit. Now head right and collect the
GIRDER, BUNKER BUSTER, and PARACHUTE. Face right and use the PROD on the
scientist. Equip the PARACHUTE. Drop off the edge of the cliff, and hold down
arrow. Collect the final utility crate (SINKHOLE). Stand under the soldier,
just to the right, facing left, and use FIRE PUNCH. 

Head left then place a GIRDER, at a 45 degree angle. Place a MAGNET set to REPEL
on top of the girder so that it pushes the mine closer to the enemies other
soldier, and so that the mine detonates. Now stand at the edge of the pit on the
left, and drop a SINK HOLE into it. Finally, climb back onto the GIRDER and use
the BUNKER BUSTER on the red lighter and heavy. This will destroy the heavy and
drown the other three enemy worms. The sink hole will prevent your ally from

       #  CHAPTER 3: Spooky

Puzzle 1: Hide and Eek!
Worms: Scout
Enemy: 2 Worms
Starting Weapons: NINJA ROPE

Weapon Order: MAGNET (repel), NINJA ROPE, FIRE PUNCH, WATER PISTOL (optional),
              BLOWTORCH, UFO.

Depending on how you complete this level either the WaTER PISTOL or UFO can be
optional. This guide assumes you beat the level the way it was designed, using

Head right and collect the MAGNET. Get closer to the mine, but still out of it's
range. Use the MAGNET set to REPEL. This will push the mine into the small
groove. Next equip the NINJA ROPE and head right. Aim the rope at the ceiling
above the enemy soldier, then pull yourself up. Collect the WATER PISTOL and
the FIRE PUNCH. Stand the the right of the enemy worm and use FIRE PUNCH. He
will take firepunch damage, then fall damage, then mine damage, then more fall
damage, then destroy the oil drum, opening a path. Now Long Jump onto the awning
to the left. Next, equip the WaTER PISTOL and aim it into the pool of water.
This increases the amount of water, so that you can cushion your fall. Now walk
right and fall into the pool of water. Once there, collect the u-crate
containing the BLOWTORCH. Use the BLOWTORCH connect to the tunnel. On your next
turn, collect the final u-crate (UFO) but dont trigger the mine (it explodes
instantly). Back away a bit, then use the UFO to pick up the red radio and drop
it onto the left edge of the green vial. This will destroy the last worm.

Puzzle 2: Let My People Grow
Worms: Soldier, Scout
Enemy: 5 Worms

Weapon Order: MAGNET (attract)

Note: Enemy worms numbered based on their position from left to right.

Have your soldier collect the OLD LADY and MAGNET. Stand on the ledge between
the first and second enemy worms and drop a MAGNET set to ATTRACT into the pit
containing the first enemy worm. Have your scout collect a TELEPORT, DYNAMITE,
and MAGNET. Have your scout throw a MAGNET set to REPEL down the chasm with
the mine on the right. This will kill the third enemy worm. Have the soldier
teleport himself just to the right of the fourth enemy worm, but as high as
possible into the air. When he dies from the fall damage, the explosion will
knock enemy number four into the slanted cavern. Now have your scout use the
OLD LADY into the cave where the two enemies are (4 and 5) this will destroy
them. On the next turn, High Jump over to your soldier's side of the map (left)
and drop a dynamite into the verticle pit where the heavy is. This will destroy
the final worm.

Puzzle 3: Mow Them Down
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 4 Worms

Weapon Order:

Head down and collect the crate containing the MINE, then teleport behind the
leftmost enemy worm. Stand to the left of the enemy, facing right, and use the
FIRE PUNCH on him. Drop down and place a MINE in the groove between the
leftmost worm and bottommost worm. Next turn, trigger the mine, the move left
out of the way, then TELEPORT to the area behind the rightmost enemy worm.
Next turn, stand to the right of that worm, facing left, and use DRAGON BALL.
Next turn, head back to your starting location, the use the UFO to pick up the
screw and place it under what is now the topmost enemy worm. Next turn, stand
on the screw, equip FIRE PUNCH, align yourself under the enemy worm, just to
the left, facing right, then perform a Verticle High Jump. While in mid-air,
use the FIRE PUNCH. Once this is done, set off the mine thats under the water
cache, and the water will be released, drowing the four enemy worms.

Puzzle 4: Mined The Step
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 4 Worms
Starting Weapons: 7 BLOWTORCH

Weapon Order: BLOWTORCH x7, MAGNET (repel)

Use the BLOWTORCH (1) to make a tunnel under the two mines to the left and
collect the MAGNET. Now stand to the right of the 75 hitpoint worm and face
left. Use the BLOWTORCH (2) to push that worm into the drink on the left. Set
off the third mine from the left, then get out of the way. Next, drop down next
to the 10 hitpoint worm and use the BLOWTORCH (3) to damage and kill that worm.
Get out of the way of his death explosion. Now use BLOWTORCH (4,5,6) three
times, aimed right and as close to verticle as is allowed. Now stand level with
the 50 hitpoint worm and a good distance away, facing left. You want your
targeting reticle to be just behind and not touching the target. Use the final
BLOWTORCH (7) to push this worm into a mine on the left. Finally, drop the
MAGNET so it pushes the rightmost mine into the tunnel where the final, 40 hp
worm is.

Puzzle 5: One, Two, Three, WAR!
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 3 Worms
Ally: 1 Worm 5 hp
Starting Weapons: TELEPORT, 2 UFO


Collect the BASEBALL BAT and MINE. Place the MINE between the first oil drum
and the first enemy worm. This will knock the worm into an area filled with
oil drums. Next use the first UFO to move the blue flask under the area where
the third enemy worm is, rotated at 180 degrees. Next use the second UFO
to move the screw away from the second enemy worm and covering the gap where
your ally is, rotated at 90 degrees. Next, collect the DRAGON BALL and PROD,
then get behind the second enemy worm and face left, then use the DRAGON BALL.
Next, TELEPORT to the final crate behind the third enemy worm and collect the
AIRSTRIKE. Use the PROD on the third enemy worm, then drop down next to it.
Use the BASEBALL BAT aimed upwards to hit the third worm to where the other
two worms and the four oil drums are. Lastly, use an AIRSTRIKE from the left
on the area where the enemy worms are to complete the level. 

   #   #
   #   #  CHAPTER 4: Farmyard
   #   #

Puzzle 1: Farmed And Dangerous
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 1 Worm
Starting Weapons: DRILL

Unused: MINE

Equip the drill. Walk to the right edge of the cliff and jump.
Use DRILL in mid air to prevent taking fall damage as you only have 1 hp.
Collect the health crate (100 HP) and the weapon crate (DYNAMITE).
Place the DYNAMITE near the far right of the platform, but not all the way.
Stand on the far right of the platform.
If this is done right the dynamite will do minimum damage but still send you
to the area where the 3 crates are.
Collect the crates (PARACHUTE, MINE, TELEKINESIS).
Stand at the left edge and Long Jump left.
If you did the dynamite properly you should be able to survive the fall.

Otherwise you will have to use the PARACHUTE, but only just before you land.
The wind is too strong otherwise, and will blow you into a minefield and a
Have the parachute NOT equipped, then jump and then press F6 in mid air just
before you touch the ground to quick-select the parachute.

Walk left a bit before stopping a bit before the chasm under the lighter.
Equip the TELEKINESIS and aim it at the base of the lighter.
Rotate the lighter 270 degrees so that it covers the chasm, and so that the
crate that was on top of it will fall onto the new crate position.
You rotate by pressing tab.
High Jump up on to the lighter and collect the crate (AIR STRIKE).
Change the air strike angle so that it goes right from left, and center the
attack on the oil drum behind the water.
You change angle by pressing tab.
Use the AIR STRIKE. When the drum explodes, the enemy worm will drown.

Puzzle 2: Burrowed In
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 3 Worms
Starting Weapons: MINE, PARACHUTE (3 Turn Delay)


Go right and collect the FIRE PUNCH. Use it on the red (attract) magnet,
standing to the left of the magnet facing right.
This will send the magnet into a chasm with the first enemy worm.
Walk to the edge of the cliff and drop the MINE where the magnet went.
THe magnet will pull the mine and this will kill the first enemy worm.
Now go left and collect the DRAGON BALL. Face left and use it on the blue
(repel) magnet.
This will push another mine into the second enemy worm.
Now stand at the far left of the cliff, equip the PARACHUTE, and Long Jump.
Collect the TELEPORT from the crate then warp to the final crate (BASEBALL BAT).
Long Jump onto the top of the giant brush. If it doesn't fall then, do a High
Jump from the top without moving. The brush will fall, and you will probably
land next to the enemy worm. Use the BASEBALL BAT to knock him into the water.

Puzzle 3: Loose Cannon
Worms: Soldier, Soldier
Enemy: 3 Weak Worms, 1 Healthy Worm


Have your first worm use the DRILL and collect the crate below him
Have your second worm face right and attack the enemy heathy worm from the left
with a dragon ball.
Have your first worm drill through to collect the crate on his right (MAGNET).
Have your second worm collect the u.crate (MAGNET), and place the BLUE MAGNET
in the small groove to the left.
Have your first worm place a RED MAGNET into the groove on his left, then crawl
into the groove.
There is an area with two mines and three worms under them.
Have your second worm teleport to a notch at the right of the rightmost of
those two mines.

This will cause a chain reaction. The first mine will blow a hole into the
ground and knock the second mine into the blue magnet;
the blue magnet will repel the mine into the healthy enemy worm, damaging both
it and the oil drums; the oil drums will launch additional mines into the air,
which will then be pulled into the red magnet; the mines will react to worm#1
and detonate, destroying more oil drums; these will destroy a barrier causing
water to drown the remaining 3 enemy worms.

Puzzle 4: Garden Whose?
Worms: Scout
Enemy: 1 Worm
Starting Weapons: MAGNET

              UFO, DYNAMITE

Collect the two crates (UZI, DYNAMITE).
Shoot the green poison box with the UZI.
Blow up the brown wall with the dynamite.
Collect the u.crate (UFO).
Place a MAGNET REPEL where the u.crate was.
Stand next to the mine's new location to trigger it, then run out of the way.
Collect the final u.crate (TELEPORT).
TELEPORT to the two remaining weapons crates (SHOTGUN, DYNAMITE).
Use the FIRST SHOTGUN SHOT on the top oil drum to release the water.
Then go to where the first oil drum was, and shoot at the second one to wash
away the mines.
Use the UFO to move the green poison box to make a ledge for you.
High Jump onto this ledge and destroy the enemy worm with DYNAMITE.
Remember to get out of the way.

Puzzle 5: Ho Down
Worms: Soldier
Enemy: 4 Worms
Starting Weapons: MINE, UFO, 2 GIRDERS

              BOGGY B

Select the GIRDER. Use TAB to rotate it 3 times. Place to the right and below
you such that you can Long Jump onto it.
Jump onto the first girder. Use another GIRDER, also rotate it three times.
Place it to the right so that its lowest point is the same as the highest point
of the first girder, and so that the distance between them can be jumped across.
Jump onto the second girder. Use the UFO to move the first girder to form a
level platform at the same height as the top of the second girder.
Collect the three crates (MAGNET, FIRE PUNCH, MINE). Place a BLUE REPEL MAGNET
in the groove under where the mine crate was.
Jump onto the platform above the groove. Stand facing right on the right edge
and drop a MINE. It will hit the enemy worm.
Stand facing left on the left edge and drop another MINE. Then quickly move
(during the same turn, hurry) to the far left of the rightmost girder and wait.
The mine should destroy the second enemy worm and give you the u.crate by
releasing water. This crate contains another UFO. Move back under the platform
where the mine crate was, equip the UFO, and move one of the girders over the
gap to the right. It should be flat.
Use Long Jumps to cross the gap and collect the BUNKER BUSTER, then move under
the water jar. Use the BUNKER BUSTER on the worm you just passed to knock him
into the oil drum and destroy him and some dirt. Now equip the FIRE PUNCH, get
under the right edge of the water jar, destroy it, then get out of the water.
This will push a mine out of the way that would otherwise kill you. Now head
to the final crate to gain the BOGGY B attack.
Once collected, use BOGGY B on the middle oil drum near the final worm. Be
careful aiming, you will need to time it for when the target is on the middle

You have now completed Puzzle Mode.


I hope this guide was helpful to you.
Contact me at AppleSpider33 (at)

Written by DoctorCool_ (10/16/2012)