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Worms 4: Mayhem



by krdrt536701

Worms 4: Mayhem for PC

Table of Contents
0. Versions (Updated!)
1. Introduction
2. Rating Guide
3. Walkthrough
4. Weapons, Utilities, and Effects
5. Wormpot Options
6. Trophies
7. Create-A-Weapon
8. Miscellaneous
9. Contact
10. Legal

1.1 - Minor update.
1.0 - Added a notice in the Introduction section.
0.9 - The main guide is done for now. Perhaps I will finish the last two 
(Create-A-Weapon and Miscellaneous) soon, but this is sufficient for a 
0.8 - Finished entire Utilities section. Finished Wormpot Options section. 
Finished Trophies section.
0.7 - Finished the entire Weapons section. Added Create-A-Weapon, Trophies, 
Miscellaneous, and Wormpot Options sections.
0.6 - Added the final Walkthrough (for Story) write-ups. Added the Weapons, 
Utilities, and Effects guide. Finished Effects section.
0.5 - Added five write-ups.
0.4 - Added another write-up. Added Rating Guide. Added Ratings for each write-
up so far.
0.3 - Added two more write-ups.
0.2 - Added another write-up and some other stuff.
0.1 - Added some more Walkthrough pieces (nine additional write-ups).
0.0 - Started Guide, finished the Tutorial write-up and five of the Story 

Hello there fellows Worms players! Welcome back (or hello for new players) to 
the wacky world of WormsTM. Worms 4: Mayhem is the third (Worms 3D and Worm 
Forts: Under Siege were the two previous) installment of the WormsTM series 
that is fully three-dimensional. 

This is not my first WormsTM game or guide, my first game and guide were both 
on the PS2 version of Worms 3D. I am a bit saddened that Worms 4 didn't come 
out in North America for the PS2. No matter, the PC game is fine as well.

I will add sections to this guide as I see fit.

*Note: To help you find your way through the guide, you can use the key 
combination of 'Ctrl + F' to help you find specific areas.

Even though I have not seen other sites (or people, rather) stealing my 
material, I would like to point out that these are the only sites I have 
contributed to: (and I assume its many affiliates, like GameSpy and GameStats)

If you see my guide on any of the sites below (or any site not listed above), 
please Contact me immediately!

Rating Guide
Walkthrough Ratings
This is the rating guide for how difficult each level was. Note that the 
difficulty is based on General Difficulty AND Time Bonus Difficulty Combined.

1 = Incredibly Easy
2 = Very Easy
3 = Easy
4 = Moderately Challenging
5 = Challenging
6 = Moderately Difficult
7 = Difficult
8 = Very Difficult
9 = Very Tough
10 = Incredibly Tough

Item Ratings
1 = Useless
2 = Abysmal
3 = Terrible
4 = Awful
5 = Mediocre
6 = Above Average
7 = Good
8 = Great
9 = Fantastic
10 = Perfect

This walkthrough will help you achieve the Time Bonus on every mission and 
find Easter Egg available.

Worminkle University
Rating: 1/10
Very simple tutorial, grab any of the Crates you want and blast away at the 
stationary worms. Once they are all dead, you win.

Unsporting Behavior
Rating: 2/10
Another simple tutorial. Your opponents will fight back, but they will be 
relatively easy. Use all the means at your disposal to eradicate all the worms.

Mike's Secret Laboratory
Rating: 4/10
A step up from the last tutorial. This fight is what you can come to expect of 
normal missions. Kill them all, and it's mission done.

Congratulations! You are now a novice at Worms 4: Mayhem!

Story Mode
Diner Might
Rating: 2/10
A rather simple mission. As the cut-scene showed you, the enemy worms are all 
near explosive dynamite. Use this to your advantage by blowing up two barrels 
at a time with a Shotgun. Since there are only four targets, this mission will 
be over fast.

Sneaky Bridge Thieves
Rating: 4/10
Your objective for this mission is steal all the tools laying around on the 
bridge. After you steal the first three, the enemy worms will all pop up. 
Ignore them as best as you can, only taking potshots at them if you have 
leftover time after grabbing the tools. There are eight saws to steal in 
total. Steal the first three which are all near each other. The enemy will pop 
up at this time, ignore them as much as you can. Continue forward past the 
worm but collect the Weapon Crate and Utility Crate along the way. Place a 
Girder between the gap nearby. Hop over the gap and grab the two saw nearby. 
Run up the plank and grab the Weapon Crate. Try to take a potshot at the 
worker nearby. After you regain control, use Worm Select to switch back to the 
further worm. Go farther up the plank to grab a Parachute. Parachute over and 
grab the saw. Jump and parachute over to the next section. Be quick and grab 
the saw on the way and jump up to the last section. Hurry and jump on the 
barrel to get the last saw, and the mission will be over.

Building Site Saboteurs
Rating: 3/10
Grab the Crate in front of you and place a Dynamite near the Dozer. Use your 
retreat time to back off a bit. Grab the nearby Crate and the other Crate down 
the steps. Go to the ledge near the second Dozer. Double-jump to the boat and 
place the Dynamite, go quickly to the corner and double jump back to the dock 
towards the stairs up to the third Dozer. Place the last Dynamite near the 
third Dozer and use your retreat time to get as close as you can to the 
entrance of the nearby building. Two guards will pop up. Go inside the 
building and collect all the Crates. Dispose of both guards however you want 
but do it quickly. Once they're dead, the mission will be over.

The Crate Escape
Rating: 3/10
To get the bonus, you'll have to be quite fast. You'll have to do the entire 
level in one turn. Just guide your worm to jump on all the barrels and up each 
level until you get to the top, don't attack any worms on the way. When you 
make it to the top, grab the Parachute and use it to go over to the Utility 
Crate on the board. When you grab it, the mission will be over.

Destruct and Serve
Rating: 5/10
This is the first mission that's a bit difficult to get the Bonus on. The 
mission tells you blow up the building and then kill all the worms. I 
recommend it the other way because when all the worms are dead, you get 
infinite turns plus the enemies won't waste your time. A good trick I found 
out to save time is this: Jetpack up to the rooftop of the building. Place a 
stick of Dynamite halfway between the explosives and the Agent. If you did it 
right, the explosives should detonate and the worm should flying. When he 
dies, he should explode and take out the explosive behind that tip, which will 
also send a second worm to his death. A four-in-one kill (two Worms, two 
Explosives) with one Dynamite really saves you a bit of time. Note that every 
time you kill an Agent, a powerful Weapon Crate is dropped (I believe that you 
get 1 Super Sheep, 2 Banana Bombs, and 2 Holy Hand Grenades total from the 
crates to use on the other worms, but I may be missing one.). Just deal with 
all the Agents as best as you can, then use any weapons at your disposal to 
get rid of the rest of the explosives (if you can't reach the explosives on 
the top of the building, use a Bazooka to shoot them from below ). Once all 
the Agents are dead and the Explosives detonated, the mission will be over.

"88 MPH" Easter Egg -

You may have noticed an out-of-place sports car on the left road (if you are 
facing the building). That is actually the DeLorean from the "Back to the 
Future" movie series. Destroy the car to see a short cut scene and unlock an 
Easter Egg.

Each Easter Egg you unlock nets you a nice 1,000 coin bonus at the end of the 

Storm the Castle
Rating: 5/10
In this mission, you must rid of all the enemies and collect the time machine 
piece at the top. You have to do this in a timely fashion if you want to get 
the Bonus. Note that I only used one worm for this entire mission (infinite 
Worm Selects) but you probably could cook up some strategies with more than 
one. Send your worm up to the second archer (on the right hand side when you 
are facing the castle). Stand near or on the archer and take out his friend on 
the opposite tower with a Shotgun. If you are accurate enough, it should 
tumble him into the water. Use your other shot on another worm. Now just take 
out the remaining three worms however you want, but DON'T collect the Utility 
Crate yet! After they are all dead, collect it and place a Girder seven 
movements up (the maximum Double Jump Height) and jump on it, waste your turn 
with a Skip Go or whatever you want to. Now a Wizard and some Knights will pop 
up. Each turn, place a Girder higher (second should be another seven up and 
the third can be five or six if you want) to the top and take out one Knight 
with a Bazooka. When, you reach the top, place a Girder between the gap of the 
tower and the cage. Take out the final Knight with the remaining time. After 
the Wizard attacks, hop over to the last Girder and collect the piece, then 
just use whatever you want to rid of the Wizard (Dynamite works well). Once 
he's dead, the mission will be over.

The Windy Wizard
Rating: 2/10
A rather simple mission. Just use your Bazooka to blast one of the four 
Explosives. Then take out each Apprentice that comes to attack you. Once all 
four parts have been destroyed, the Windy Wizard will show up. Use a few 
Bazooka blasts to either kill him or knock him into the water.

Rob in the Hood
Rating: 4/10
Use a Jetpack to fly over to the worm on the shorter tower and grab the 
Utility Crate. Place a stick of Dynamite near the worm and use your retreat 
time to move somewhere safe, like a place on the opposite higher tower. Use 
your next worm to Jetpack over and grab the Weapon Crate (note that the weapon 
you get depends on which worm you kill, in this case, it will be a Homing 
Missile). Blast the worm on the bridge with a Bazooka shot. Take out the final 
worm however you want. The Rogue Wizard will now appear, try to take him out 
as fast as you can, he has very powerful weapons in his arsenal and WILL use 
them. On the floor of the battlegrounds, there are some Weapon Crates 
containing powerful attacks. Use them in combination of your previous arsenal 
and rid of the Rogue Wizard. Once he is dead, the mission is over.

Joust About It
Rating: 4/10
In this mission, you will have to kill three sets of three worms with three 
different weapons each time. In the first set, you will have only Melee 
attacks (Fire Punch, Prod, and Baseball Bat). Just use either a Punch or Bat 
to kill each of the three worms for a simple set. The second set 
involves "BnG" (Bazooka and Grenade) weapons (limited Bazooka, one Homing 
Missile, and infinite Grenades). Use a Bazooka for the two worms on the lower 
areas and take out the highest worm with a Homing Missile. The final set is 
Long-Range weaponry (Shotgun, Poison Arrow, Sniper Rifle). Use a Poison Arrow 
on each worm until all of them are poisoned (sometimes you can get two in one 
shot). From there out, just use a Sniper Rifle or Shotgun to finish off the 
worms. After all the worms are dead, all that's to do is collect the piece in 
the booth from the Wizard. Once it's collected, the mission is over.

Nice to Siege You
Rating: 6/10
In this mission, you have to protect the Professor from dying for fifteen 
minutes. The task is rather simple, beat back as many worms as you can as many 
times as you can. Be on the lookout for the Catapult worms, you should try to 
rid of them as quickly as possible. Can't really give you any help on this 
mission, it just all depends on how you do it. Be careful though, by the end 
of the mission, the worms seem to get a LOT more accurate at hitting the 
Professor. Just kill worms for fifteen minutes and the mission will be over. 
(The Time Bonus for this mission is sixteen minutes, so you can't really not 
get it.)

"Hidden Room" Easter Egg -

You may or may not have noticed, but the land mass (I'll call it a mountain) 
you begin on has a cave in the back. If you walk a worm to the entrance of the 
cave, you'll see a short cut-scene of worm in Bunny Ears running off. After 
the cut-scene, you'll unlock this Easter Egg.

Each Easter Egg you unlock nets you a nice 1,000 coin bonus at the end of the 

Mine All Mine
Rating: 3/10
A decently easy mission, just set your Baseball bat to the maximum aim upwards 
at hit a mine in the general direction of each target. For the final worm (the 
highest up) just Jetpack up to the cliff and hit the barrel itself (the mine 
for that part is hard to hit just right). After the last worm is gone, the 
mission is over.

Ghost Hill Graveyard
Rating: 6 or 7/10
This can be a tough mission, so read and do exactly what I say. First off, 
grab the first nugget, jump up the ledge and Bazooka this zombie worm. Next, 
go grab the second nugget, and use a Holy Hand Grenade (total downwards 
aiming) and kill BOTH of the worms here in one shot (it's hard to get right, 
but possible). Grab the third nugget, and use as precise aiming as you can to 
try to knock all three worms into the water. (If you don't know how to get 
back up, go to the right-hand side and follow the beach around.) Before you 
grab the final nugget, I highly recommend blasting each tombstone away with 
the Bazooka. Grab the nugget and try to sink each worm with a good Bazooka 
shot. (Note that sometimes your enemy will Skip Go if you are in that little 
hole with the orange-ish coffin.) Once all of the worms are dead, the mission 
is over.

Tin Can Wally
Rating: 3 or 4/10
EVERY target on your side can be taken out with the Shotgun (including that 
last far target), so just pop two targets a turn and win. Afterwards, use your 
retreat time to move to an obstacle so your opponent will Skip Go. Use the 
same method of Shotgun firing to take out two targets at a time. After they 
are all dead, a nugget will appear. Grab it, and the mission is over.

"Shoot the Crapper" Easter Egg (Yes, that is the name of it) -

Behind your starting position is a toilet in an outhouse, shoot it to unleash 
a poisonous cloud as well as unlocking this Easter Egg!

Each Easter Egg you unlock nets you a nice 1,000 coin bonus at the end of the 

Doom Canyon
Rating: 6/10
This one is kind of tough to get the Bonus, on every turn, you MUST hit a worm 
into the water (or very near the edge of the rising water). Okay, to start it 
off, run up to pedestal after the ledge up. From here, blast the worm on the 
branches behind you into the water. Place a Girder between the pedestal and 
the canyon ledge in front of you. Hop up to the canyon and go behind the rock 
structure there. Use a Bazooka on the structure near the middle to send the 
worm flying. Cross the bridge and lay a Dynamite on the right side (if you 
were facing him from where you came) near the worm that has a worm to the left 
(below) of him. Blast the ledge where the worm below you is to send him 
flying. Now just go towards the last worm, place a Girder across the gap, and 
lay a Dynamite next to him (where is dependant on how close he is to which 
ledge) to send him flying. When he sinks, the tough (to get the Bonus) mission 
is over.

High Noon Hijnix
Rating: 5 or 6/10
Nothing I can really say about this one much, it's like the Deathmatch on the 
same map. For the first part, just place a Girder between the two buildings, 
climb to the next Girder, fall down to the rooftop, crawl to the water tower, 
grab the Parachute, hop down with it and land behind the fence, and grab the 
Dynamite Crate (this can all be done in one turn). Then just use the Dynamite 
on the gate and go fight Deathmatch style. The only hint I can give is to make 
good use of your infinite Dynamite in this mission. The Air Strikes, if 
targeted properly, can really help knock worms into the water. Good luck, just 
use the powerful weapons to the best of your extent to kill all the worms. 
When they are all dead, the mission is over.

Turkish Delights
Rating: 4/10
Just use the Baseball Bat on each worm at 135 degrees (the line between 
totally vertical and totally horizontal) to bag each worm. The closest should 
only require one hit, the middle distance one requires two, and the last far 
away worm should only take three hits if you do it right. When they are all 
captured, the mission is over.

No Room for Error
Rating: 2/10
An easy mission, just kill a worm a turn (if you are good aim, you can get two 
with one Shotgun) and you'll win the Bonus. When they are all dead, the 
mission is over.

Carpet Capers
Rating: 2/10
A very easy mission, the Bonus is also VERY easily attained. You can easily 
kill ALL of the worms in about half the time of the Bonus. Since all the worms 
have fifty health, a well placed Bazooka shot will either knock them into the 
water or kill them. When they are all dead, the mission is over.

"Hidden Crate" Easter Egg -

A weirdly named Easter Egg (it's called the Hidden Crate Egg, but you collect 
Jewels, I think they changed it along the way without fixing it completely). 
See the enemy worm named "Egg" (VERY subtle clue to an Easter Egg)? Yeah, he 
is on top of a tower. There is a hole in the bottom of the tower (or you can 
make one yourself, if you wish). On the bottom, there are jewels. Now, for 
some strange reason (I think a programming error), if you collect them, you 
may not actually get the Easter Egg, it may simply show the cut-scene 
saying: "Kill all the enemies." again. I've tried a few methods, but the only 
method of getting the Egg unlocked (for me) was this: You had to collect all 
nine Weapons Crates lingering around the level BEFORE collecting the jewels. 
After collecting the nine crates, collecting those jewels SHOULD say you found 
an Easter Egg and unlock it.

Each Easter Egg you unlock nets you a nice 1,000 coin bonus at the end of the 

Traitorous Waters
Rating: 2/10
Another relatively easy mission. You'll notice that the cannons that are about 
to fire all have flaming fuses. Take out each flaming fuse cannon to make 
there be virtually no time loss in between turns. If you take out each cannon 
appropriately and accurately, you should finish around half the acceptable 
time. Once each cannon is destroyed, the mission is over.

Gibbon Take
Rating: 3/10
An easy-ish mission. Just use your navigation skills with jumps, the Ninja 
Rope, the Jetpack, and the Icarus Potion to get around. If you've had 
experience with all of those, you shouldn't have any problems getting the 
Bonus. Once you collect the final jewels near Ali Baboon, the mission is over.

Fast Food Dino
Rating: 2/10
Use your (by now hopefully) honed Jet Pack skills to quickly collect all the 
vegetables. Once the final one is collected, the mission is over.

Escape from Tree-Rex
Rating: 4/10
Use your Icarus Potion, Bazooka, Baseball Bat, Parachute, and Jet Pack skills 
to get through this mission. It's not really hard, you just have to be quick. 
Once you reach the cave, the mission is over.

"Feed the T. Rex" Easter Egg -

Shoot a Bazooka shot into the Tyrannosaurus Rex's mouth. Soon as you do, you 
unlock this Easter Egg.

Each Easter Egg you unlock nets you a nice 1,000 coin bonus at the end of the 
mission. And if you've been following this guide all along, this should've 
been the last one.

Chute to Victory

Rating: 4/10
Use your Retreat Time, Parachute, and quick movement skills to cross the river 
in safety. You should try to take out each worm in your path with the weapon 
available; it makes crossing much easier. Once you land on the pad, the 
mission is over.

The Land That Worms Forgot
Rating: 4/10
Now, in which order you want to do it up to you, but here are some tips on how 
to kill the worms the most efficiently. Dynamite the worm near the Bovine 
Blitz crate. Baseball Bat the worm near the Concrete Donkey crate. Bovine 
Blitz (when the wind is low, this weapon is a bit hard to aim well) the worm 
on the bridge and the worm on the island (near the volcano). It takes some 
good aiming, but it is possible to kill them both. Super Sheep the worm on the 
Pterodactyl. Concrete Donkey the worms near the Health Crate. Hopefully, the 
Donkey should kill or severely harm both worms. Now, just use some well placed 
Shotgun shots should mop up the remaining worms (Use one shot to take out the 
worm near the Concrete Donkey victims with a good aim to knock him into the 
water.). Now, just go to the final island (you can cross the bridge using the 
rope supports if you blew the main bridge up) and place a Girder between the 
gap of the rock pile and the volcano island. Now, just cross the Girder and 
reach your fellow team-mate. Once you reach him (and killed all the previous 
worms), the mission is over.

Valley of the Dinoworms
Rating: 5/10
Now, however you want to kill the worms is up to you, but I'll give you a few 
hints. 1. Set up the Sentry Gun in the clearing just in front of you between 
the two worms. This will aid GREATLY in finishing off low-health worms. 2. Use 
the Concrete Donkey on the worm standing on the middle of the bone support. 
Doing so will kill two worms in one shot. 3. Use Dynamite (or the Holy Hand 
Grenade) to knock worms into the path of the Sentry Gun to finish them off 
completely. 4. The less worms you have at the end of the fight, the better, 
because you'll be faster building your "bridge". After all the worms are 
eliminated, just grab the Utility Crates and head over to the spit of land 
furthest into the water. From there, just head each worm to the area and place 
enough Girders to cross (should be three-four) the gap. As soon as a worm 
steps close enough on the island, the mission will be over!

Congratulations! You are now a champion at Worms 4: Mayhem!

Note that beating Story Mode will unlock the Professor Character Set.
Also note that completing all the Time Bonus requirements in Story Mode will 
unlock the Alien Character Set (no, not the cool-looking alien stuff from the 
Alien Abduction Weapon, a different one).

*Note: No, I won't help you with any of the Challenges. The only one I even 
had any trouble on was the Icarus Potion Challenge. Eventually with enough 
practice I easily beat it. None of the Challenges are really that difficult, I 
beat probably 90% of them on my first try.

Weapons, Utilities, and Effects
This section will talk about the weapons of Worms 4: Mayhem. It will also 
indicate new weapons and weapons that did not make it from Worms 3D.

Name (If applicable, this area will say NEW! or Missing, which indicates that 
this weapon did not appear in Worms 3D or it did not appear in Worms 4 

Difference from Worms 3D, or similarities to other Worms 3D weapons.*
*Note: Missing weapons won't have any of these sections as they don't need to, 
but they will have a special section: "Possible explanation for 
disappearance". I'm not including the Forts weapons because Forts is a 
different style of play than 3D and Mayhem.

First-Person Aiming Weapon
The classic and well-known weapon from the Worms series. It's the same as 
always, it is highly effected by wind and does a decent amount of damage.

All I would say is different is that it is slightly stronger, which is a good 
7.2/10 Good

-Homing Missile-
First-Person Aiming Weapon/Homing Weapon
Another well-known weapon from the Worms series. Also relatively the same 
besides a graphical change. It homes in on its target of course.

The homing mechanism seems to have been effected a bit, though I can't say it 
is worse or better, most likely worse. A plausible reason for the change is 
the added Advanced Homing option in the Weapon Creator. And it still has that 
problem where it can "loop" around the target if you aim bad.
7.5/10 Good

First-Person Aiming Weapon
A great weapon because it can be used in a variety of ways: Two-kill 
combination, Worm Mop-up, Sniping, and Focused killing of one worm. It wobbles 
a lot.

A large change in the gun wobble. Not only does it wobble a lot more, now wind 
doesn't seem to affect it at all.
7.9/10 Good

-Poison Arrow- (NEW!)
First-Person Aiming Weapon/Poisonous Weapon
Similar to a Bazooka-launched Gas Canister.

Somewhat similar to the Blowgun from Worms 3D.
6.4/10 Above Average

-Sentry Gun- (NEW!)
Stationary Weapon
A stationary weapon that takes a turn to set up. It activates whenever a worm 
moves (as in walking or falling) into its range, which is pretty good. If the 
area is open, the gun may drown a worm. If the area is closed, the bullets may 
finish off a damaged worm. It can be destroyed though. Also note that if a 
controlled worm is hit by the gun, the turn will end.

I guess you could say the Sentry Gun is a stationary super-Uzi, but it has no 
direct relation to Worms 3D. I think it is supposed to be related to the 
Minigun from Worms Forts: Under Siege.
9.2/10 Fantastic

-Sniper Rifle- (NEW!)
First-Person Aiming Weapon
It's a sniper rifle, it can zoom, it can shoot.

No direct relation to Worms 3D or Worms Forts: Under Siege. May have been in a 
previous Worms game.
5.4/10 Mediocre

Fused Explosive/First-Person Aiming Weapon
Another Classic weapon of the Worms series. Same as always, a varied five-
second fuse.

The Grenade seems to be stronger from Worms 3D, the most noticeable effect 
seems to be the blast radius.
6.8/10 Above Average

-Cluster Bomb-
Fused Explosive/First-Person Aiming Weapon/Cluster Weapon
Still the computer-A.I. favorite weapon. On a five-second fuse that when 
ended, detonates the bomb into smaller and more powerful clusters.

I can't seem to tell the difference from the one in 3D, it's still used just 
as much by the computer, but I think the blast radius increased.
6.1/10 Above Average

-Gas Canister-
Fused Explosive/First-Person Aiming Weapon/Poisonous Weapon
Grenade - Damage + Poison = Gas Canister.

I think the blast radius for the Canister has been increased as well. It still 
has the locked five-second fuse. I personally think the Canister has become 
obsolete as it wasn't that useful last time, and now the Poison Arrow has come 
5.2/10 Mediocre

-Holy Hand Grenade-
Stop-Detonation Explosive/First-Person Aiming Weapon
A favorite of people who martyr worms (like me) or people with fantastic aim. 
It's still a powerful explosive.

Ah, one of my favorite weapons returns. There's nothing quite like going up to 
an opposing worm to ensure damage and watching the look on your opponent's 
face (if you can). It's still a powerhouse, but I think the blast radius was 
toned down a little bit.
 8.2/10 Great

-Banana Bomb-
Fused Explosive/First-Person Aiming Weapon/Cluster Weapon
The super-cluster bomb returns. As before, it has a variable fuse and strong 

The bounciness of the bomb seems to have been toned down a little bit, but the 
power and blast radius of the clusters was ramped up quite a bit. I disliked 
using it before because it was hard to aim. But now you can "lay" it Dynamite 
style since the bouncing was lowered a little, so it's useful for blasting a 
close group.
7.7/10 Good

-Fatkins Strike- (NEW!)
Bombardment Weapon
A large "bomb" is dropped from a helicopter which bounces three times and then 
explodes. It does a considerable amount of damage, but is a bit hard to 

As far as I know, there was no weapon similar to this in Worms 3D. The Rhino 
could perhaps be the Precursor to his weapon (Worms Forts: Under Siege).
6.9/10 Above Average

-Fire Punch-
Melee Weapon
A close range melee weapon that launches the target into the air.

I think it's pretty much exactly the same as the first game, minus the 
headband. I think the fact that aiming changes the trajectory a bit is new 
7.0/10 Good

Melee Weapon
Prod is back! The ultimate and simplest finishing move is back! Just poke a 
target into the water for a satisfying death.

Pretty much exactly the same as in Worms 3D.
7.0/10 Good

-Baseball Bat-
Melee Weapon
A close range melee weapon that knocks worms away according to the set 

Trajectory of the hit seems to have much more of an impact (what a bad pun) on 
the flight of the worm. The baseball hat is gone as well.

-Air Strike-
Bombardment Weapon
A bombardment from a helicopter.

The power of the Strike seems to have been toned down quite a bit, if a worm 
is under any significant cover, it is unlikely to be damaged.
7.3/10 Good

-Bovine Blitz- (NEW!)
Bombardment Weapon/Linear Travel Weapon
An interesting bombardment of three paratrooping cows. I think it is wind-
affected. This weapon is great if you want to hit enemy worms in a line. 
Besides doing rather good blast damage, this is a weapon that you can control 
where the cows end up along the line.

Mad Cow + Parachute + Air Strike = Bovine Blitz.
8.1/10 Great

-Alien Abduction- (NEW!)
Miscellaneous Weapon/Homing Weapon
An overhead weapon that you can use to abduct a worm from the playing field, 
which alters their appearance and health status (automatically cuts their 
health in half at first). The change in health is completely random, they may 
gain or lose a random number of health points each turn. I personally don't 
like this weapon because of the fact the damage infliction is totally random 
or non-existent.

No related weapons that I know of exist in Worms 3D or Worms Forts: Under 
Siege. This weapon may have existed in a previous Worms game.
3.5/10 Terrible

-Land Mine-
Fused Explosive/Stationary Weapon
Your personal Land Mine is pretty much exactly the same as any other 
previously-laid Land Mine on the field.

Besides ALL Land Mines being upgraded from Worms 3D, I can't really tell any 
other difference between them. The fuse on the Mine is the same as the fuse of 
the Game Mode's setting. Can be used in conjunction with a Transport Utility.
7.0/10 Good

Fused Explosive/Stationary Weapon
Ah, good old Dynamite, another one of my favorites. Just drop and run away for 
almost guaranteed carnage. Fixed five second fuse. Can be used in conjunction 
with a Transport Utility.

With perhaps a small increase to power and blast radius, I think it's 
relatively unchanged from Worms 3D.

Animal Weapon/Linear Travel Weapon/First-Person Aiming Weapon
The classic animal weapon is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Sorry 
for the awful pun there. The sheep is one of the simpler weapons to handle, 
just aim, let it go, let it jump if necessary, and detonate it when it's close 
to the intended target. Can be used in conjunction with a Transport Utility.

Pretty much a clone from Worms 3D, although there is a graphical update and 
perhaps a small increase in blast radius and power (seems like a lot of 
weapons are getting those small increase or decreases, eh?).
7.2/10 Good

-Old Woman-
First-Person Aiming Weapon/Controlled Travel Weapon
A slow walking old lady that you can steer and detonate at will. She cannot 
jump like the sheep, so she is not really that good.

Pretty much a clone from Worms 3D, although there is a graphical update and 
perhaps a small increase in blast radius and power.
5.7/10 Mediocre

-Inflatable Scouser- (NEW!)
First-Person Aiming Weapon/Controlled Travel Weapon
A slow walking balloon that you can steer into worms. Once a worm is caught, 
the Scouser will inflate and float in the direction of the wind. Doesn't do 
much damage on its own, but if you have a strong wind blowing, it's could get 
you a kill by drowning.

No related weapons that I know of exist in Worms 3D or Worms Forts: Under 
Siege. This weapon may have existed in a previous Worms game.
6.6/10 Above Average

-Super Sheep-
Animal Weapon/Controlled Travel Weapon/First-Person Aiming Weapon
The beloved animal weapon is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack as well! 
Can be launched like a normal sheep, flown and controlled in the sky, or 
dropped and detonated. Note that there isn't really a difference in damage 
between a normal Sheep and a Super Sheep. Note that the time spent flying 
around takes away from the Counter time, and not Turn time.

Pretty much a clone from Worms 3D, although there is a graphical update and 
perhaps a small increase in blast radius and power.

-Flood- (NEW!)
Miscellaneous Weapon
A weapon that raises the water level by the same amount of the Game Mode's 

Nuclear Bomb - Poison = Flood

-Tail Nail- (NEW!)
Melee Weapon/Miscellaneous Weapon
A weapon that smashes a worm into the ground, the victim can't move and can 
only use certain weapons. The only way to get them out would be to destroy the 
land around them. Sure, it sounds useful, but unless you are playing something 
like Survival with limited weapons, it's almost totally useless.

No related weapons that I know of exist in Worms 3D or Worms Forts: Under 
Siege. This weapon may have existed in a previous Worms game.
2.6/10 Abysmal

-Starburst- (NEW!)
Controlled Travel Weapon/Miscellaneous Weapon
People who have played the older Worms game will probably remember this 
weapon, the Kamikaze/Suicide weapon! At the expense of one worm, you can 
inflict some strong worm damage (with little land damage). If you have a 
shortage of weaponry but a "surplus" of worms (or worms already near death), 
you can use this crafty weapon. A worm for a worm perhaps?

No related weapons that I know of exist in Worms 3D or Worms Forts: Under 
Siege. This weapon has existed in a previous Worms game.

-Concrete Donkey-
Animal Weapon
Well, well, if it isn't that old Donkey that appeared in many Worms games. 
It's still powerful as ever. Just drop it and it'll force a hole deep into the 
landscape and clear any worms in its path. It will explode after quite a few 
smashes, but the Donkey should burrow into the water before that happens.

Besides a slight graphical and possible power update, the Donkey is the same 
as ever. Appeared in both Worms 3D (as the Concrete Donkey) and in Worms 
Forts: Under Siege (as the Trojan Donkey).
8.7/10 Great

-Team Weapon- (NEW!)
Bombardment Weapon/Thrown Weapon/First-Person Aimed Weapon/Miscellaneous Weapon
Check out the Create-A-Weapon section in this guide for more information.

Some bits and pieces were collected from Worms 3D and Worms Forts: Under Siege 
as well as some other previous Worms games I assume.
0.0-10.0/10 (All depends on how much you tweak it.)

-Mortar- (Missing)
The Mortar acted as launched cluster bomb of sorts, as when it impacted, it 
created cluster bombs to hurt nearby enemies.

The most likely reason is because it was too similar to the Cluster Bomb, 
which did make a reappearance in Worms 4.

-Homing Pigeon- (Missing)
The Homing Pigeon used the Advanced Homing feature (which is available in the 
Create-A-Weapon menu), which allowed it to home towards its target while 
avoiding most obstacles.

Perhaps the reason for removing this is that the Homing Missile does a decent 
enough job of doing it and the option for advanced homing is available in the 
Create-A-Weapon. It was a good weapon, it's strange that it was removed 
(ESPECIALLY since it appeared in 3D and Forts).

-Red Bull- (Missing)
The Red Bull Weapon (should've been a Utility) gave you the Low Gravity 
Utility and Hyperactive (Fast Walk) Utility all in one package.

Both Mystery Crates and Wormpot Modes give the features (albeit singularly) 
that the Red Bull gave. Although, I think the true reason is because people 
didn't want to see a real-world product in their game. Also, the Icarus Potion 
in Mayhem is the Utility that gives you wiiings!

-Uzi- (Missing)
The Uzi was a weapon that you could use to either hit a variety of objects 
with its multiple firing, or just to slide and damage a specific worm. Also, 
the Uzi was rather weird as besides Red Bull, it was the only weapon in-game 
that used a real product name.

The Uzi itself was that great of a weapon and the Sentry Gun is like a 
superior Uzi.

-Petrol Bomb- (Missing)
A weapon that acted as a Molotov Cocktail. The initial explosion held the true 
power with a strong blast radius and some rather weak flames were left behind 
to surround the victim.

I was pretty sad to see this weapon leave, it was a favorite of both me and 
the A.I. I can't really think of any reason why it was removed as I can't 
think of any similar weapons in Mayhem. Perhaps people just weren't using it 

-Blowpipe- (Missing)
The Blowpipe was a very simple weapon that inflicting laughable damage and 
poisoned its victim. I personally think it was placed as a dud in the Weapons 
Crates as this weapon was quite awful and annoying.

A number of reasons: People hated it, it was a joke, it was an awful weapon, 
and the list could go on. Perhaps it's not any of those reasons, perhaps it's 
because the Poison Arrow supplanted it.

-Sticky Bomb- (Missing)
The Sticky Bomb was a special weapon that was only available in certain 
circumstances. It acted much like a fused Grenade that stuck to whatever it 
impacted. It was a great weapon as you could really use it as a safe and 
effective weapon.

I would think it is probably due to the Sticky Mode that makes everything 
(worms and weapons) stick to the landscape. It was a rather good weapon and 
it's a shame it's gone. Or it may have just been due to the fact that it 
wasn't always available of made some things too easy.

-Mega Mine- (Missing)
The Mega Mine was quite literal. It was a huge Land Mine that created a huge 
impact on land around it.

Besides not ever appearing in the Single Player story, it was also a bit 
ridiculous. The true reason for its disappearance was probably because normal 
Land Mines explode in a variety of ways in Mayhem.

-Viking Axe- (Missing)
The Viking Axe was a melee weapon that you could use to cut an enemy worm's 
health in two. It was relatively useless unless they had more than 100 health.

Besides the Tail Nail and the Alien Abduction weapons that do similar-ish 
things, I stated earlier how it wasn't really that useful.

-Mad Cow- (Missing)
The Mad Cow(s) was(/were) a weapon that you could fire while rotating (you 
could launch 1-5 cows) to cause quite some havoc.

The only reason (and a rather reasonable one) I can think of is that the 
Bovine Blitz (which is infinitely better) weapon replaced it.

-Lottery Strike- (Missing)
The Lottery Strike weapon was strong, but it was HIGHLY affected by wind and 
really not that useful at all (and was grudgingly slow).

Besides being terrible, I assume it wasn't used much and people complained. If 
you really wanted it badly, you can make a similar weapon in Create-A-Weapon.

-Doctor's Strike- (Missing)
Doctor's Strike was a weapon that dropped Health Crates to wherever you wanted 
them to land. However, it was useless as your enemy could easily grab them all 
as this weapon ended your turn.

Besides being useless, I assume it wasn't used much and people complained.

Besides being rarely useful, I assume it wasn't used much and people 

-Earthquake- (Missing)
This weapon caused the entire landscape to shake, moving about the Mines, 
Barrels, and Worms on it.

I think it was probably removed due to the fact that it was an extremely cheap 
way to severely hinder a match if it was available from the start. However, it 
did appear in 3D and Forts.

-Nuclear Bomb- (Missing)
This weapon caused every worm on the map to become sick and it raised the 
water level.

Rather annoying as a weapon. Also, the Flood weapon replaces it without the 
poisoning. However, it did appear in 3D and Forts.

Name (If applicable, this area will say NEW! or Missing, which indicates that 
this utility did not appear in Worms 3D or it did not appear in Worms 4 

Difference from Worms 3D, or similarities to other Worms 3D utilities.*
*Note: Missing utilities won't have any of these sections as they don't need 
to, but they will have a special section: "Possible explanation for 
disappearance". As far as I know, there were no "utilities" in Forts, only 
buildings, which are a totally different story.

Transport Utility
The parachute is pretty much what you'd expect it to be, a utility that you 
can deploy to help steer you in the wind, or a lifeline when you are 
plummeting to your doom. Advanced maneuvers like the "Suicide Para-Drop" can 
be used (and were used, if you wanted to win those Parachute Challenges in 
Worms 3D) with this utility for fast and effective transportation.

Besides the nice graphical change and wobble, the parachute remains very 
similar to its predecessor. It might also be a bit easier to use now.
7.5/10 Good

-Ninja Rope-
Transport Utility
The Ninja Rope was used for fancy transport. Definitely a hard utility to 
master, but useful if you can.

Besides New Utilities, the Ninja Rope underwent the most change. The Rope can 
now grab both Crates (any variety) and Barrels for whatever purpose you may 
wish to fill. It's also rumored they can move Land Mines, but I haven't had 
any luck with that. The graphics of the Rope have remained the same, and the 
length of rope is still rather limited.
8.0/10 Great

-Icarus Potion- (NEW!)
Transport Utility
The Icarus Potion allows you to use constant tapping of the "jump" button to 
help you fly anywhere you want. Flying requires quite a bit of practice and 
skill (ESPECIALLY on the PC version of the game), but the Potion lasts for 
your entire turn, so you can fly to your heart's content!

As far as I know, neither 3D or Forts contained a similar utility. It may have 
appeared in a previous Worms game though.
7.6/10 Good

Transport Utility
The Jetpack is a Utility that allows you to fly up to wherever you want 
(provided the Fuel is available). It is the simplest and one of the more 
effective Utilities to use.

Same as ever, even the helmet returns. Although, I think the Glitch was 
removed (The Glitch was that you could turn on the Jetpack and fall all the 
way down to the ground without having fall damage incurred.). Also, the Boost 
may have been removed too (if you fell far down enough with the Jetpack, you 
could fire it up to give you a powerful burst of speed).
9.0/10 Fantastic

Transport Utility/Defense Utility/Stationary Utility
The Girder is a simple utility that allows you to bridge a gap or added a 
little extra defense in your area.

As far as I know, the Girder cannot be rotated vertically anymore. That is bad 
because it makes vertical bridges much slower. However, it is good because 
this way, the Girder can't be used as a cheap line of relatively total 
defense. Graphically and functionally, it's pretty much the same.
6.7/10 Above Average

-Bubble Trouble- (NEW!)
Defense Utility/Stationary Utility
This Utility allows you to place a protective bubble that protects any worms 
inside of it. There is just two problems though: One, it only lasts for two or 
so turns. And two, there is nothing stopping the enemy to destroy the land 
below it, or coming up to your face and harming you.

Was similar (but better) than the Freeze Utility from Worms 3D.
6.3/10 Above Average

-Skip Go-
Miscellaneous Utility
This Utility allowed you to skip your turn if you wanted to, usually would 
only occur is there was nothing else to do.

Remains the same from 3D.
6/10 Above Average

-Worm Select-
Miscellaneous Utility
This Utility allows you select which worm you want to use, it's useful because 
certain worms may be in a better position than others. It can also be used to 
move multiple worms with multiple uses.

Remains the same from 3D.
9/10 Fantastic

Miscellaneous Utility
Allows you to surrender, thus ridding of your entire team and guarantees loss. 
Now, why would you want to surrender in the first place? Starbursts would be a 
better option.

Remains the same from 3D.
1.0/10 Useless (Well, you can use it if your team is quitting, but I still 
think martyring them would be "better".)

-Teleport- (Missing)
A Utility that allowed you to teleport anywhere on (and sometimes IN) the 
landscape. It was probably removed since it made travel a bit unfair.

-Bridge Kit- (Missing)
The Bridge Kit allowed you to place up to five Girders as a means of building 
and extensive bridge, or more likely, a sturdy defense.

Besides Girders being toned down from 3D, the Bridge Set was used more as a 
cheap defense tool rather than a bridge builder. Also, an option in the Game 
Mode settings let you choose whether or not you can place more than one Girder 
at a time.

-Freeze- (Missing)
Freeze was an ability that would protect you from harm and poison but cause 
you to slide around a lot.

Besides being rather useless, I assume it wasn't used much and people 
complained. Also, Bubble Trouble (which does the same thing and better) 
could've supplanted it.

-Scales of Justice- (Missing)
The Scales evened out every single worms' health to be exactly the same. Its 
purpose was to help out people who had little health or few worms against 
opponents with the opposite.

-Binoculars- (Missing)
Binoculars were used to help see other worms, although Blimp mode did it much 

Rather useless and Blimp Mode could do it much better, faster, and free.

-Fast Walk- (Missing)
Allowed you to move faster.

Available from both Mystery Crates and Wormpot Modes.

-Low Gravity- (Missing)
Allowed you to jump farther and higher.

Available from both Mystery Crates and Wormpot Modes.

Collecting a Health Crate: 
Rewards you with 25, 50, 75, or 100 health to your worm.

Collecting a Mystery Crate:
Barrel 'o' Laughs - A poisonous barrel will randomly explode.
Beneficial? = Neutral

Big Guns - A powerful weapon is added to your inventory.
Beneficial? = Yes

Bring on the Mines - A random amount of Land Mines are tossed all over the map 
(similar effect as the Mine Factory launching mines).
Beneficial? = Neutral

Crate Shower - All available types of Crates will drop everywhere around the 

Damage Incoming - Damages the worm that picked up this crate for 25 damage and 
ends its turn.
Beneficial? = No

Global Warming - Starts raining and water rises. Similar effect to the Flood 
Beneficial? = Neutral (It depends really, it could be good if you control most 
of the high ground, but bad if the map [or you] is low in altitude.)

Hyperactive - Makes your worm move much faster than normal.
Beneficial? = Yes

Medical Insurance - Gives your worm 25 extra health (and I also believe it 
sometimes gives you the Armor power-up, but I'm not 100% sure).
Beneficial? = Yes

Random Detonation - A Land Mine explodes somewhere.
Beneficial? = Neutral (Pretty useless, so more on the No side. Unless of 
course an enemy was near one of those mines.)

Reposition Worm - Your worm is randomly teleported somewhere.
Beneficial? = Neutral (All depends on where you end up.)

Sabotage Inventory - A weapon (or sometimes weapons if I remember correctly) 
is removed from your inventory.
Beneficial? = No

Sick it to Them! - Makes every worm on the other team poisoned.
Beneficial? =  Yes

Super Health - Gives your worm 100 extra health.
Beneficial? = Yes

Team Disease - All of your team is poisoned.
Beneficial? = No

Collecting a(n) Utility Crate:
Armor - Makes weapons do considerably less damage to you (I think your worm 
only takes about 25% of the damage normally inflicted.).

Crate Spy - Shows what each Crate contains.
*Note: If you are playing against Human players with one screen, this doesn't 
prevent them from seeing what's in them during your turns!

Double Damage - All weapons will inflict up to twice the normal damage and 
will knock back worms further.

Extended Time - Additional time for this turn is added (up to 99 seconds total 

Moon Physics - For this turn, all worms will fly back further when damaged and 
worms can jump higher.

Random Utility Item - Adds one utility item to your inventory (Bubble Trouble, 
Girder, Icarus Potion, Jet Pack, Ninja Rope, Parachute, or Worm Select) IF 
they are available for addition.

Collecting a Weapon Crate:
Gives you a random weapon, whichever are available.

Wormpot Options
Name (If applicable, the only reel it shows up on. If no parenthesis, it means 
this option is available on all three reels.)
Short Description

Empty Reel
No added Wormpot option.

Super Explosives
Explosive weaponry is more powerful.

Super Clusters
Weapons that release exploding clusters become more powerful.

Super Animals
Animal weaponry is more powerful.

Super Firearms
Gun weaponry (like the Shotgun) is more powerful.

Super Hand-to-Hand
Melee weaponry is more powerful.

Crates Everywhere
All available Crate types appear during each intermission between each turn, 
unless many are already on the ground. Similar to Crate Shower Effect.

Double Damage
All weapons can do up to twice as much damage as before.

Crate Drops Only (1st)
You can only collect useable weapons from Weapon Crates.

Max Fall Damage
Falling (and landing) will do a lot more damage than usual.

Energy or Enemy (1st)
Every worm starts out with 1 Health. You decide whether you should go and 
collect the Health Crates spread around, or the Weapon Crates, to kill the 
already weak enemy.

Wind Affects All
All weapons become highly effected by the wind speed. Try using this in 
conjunction with a Concrete Donkey!

Max Health Drops
All Health Crates will give you 100 extra health.

No Cowards
Retreat Time is set to 0 seconds.

Specialists (1st)
Each worm on your team will have a different weapon set.

Worms Only Drown (1st)
Worms have infinite Health, the only way to kill them is to knock them in the 

Vampire (1st)
Your first worm in your team is a vampire. The worm will heal half the damage 
they do, and sometimes heal small amounts of damage each turn automatically.

Low Gravity
Worms can jump higher and farther. Weapons will also knock them back more.

Wind Affects Guns
Guns (like the Shotgun) will be strongly affected by the wind. Have fun aiming!

No Blimp View
Self-explanatory. You can only aim through First-Person View.

Multiple Girders
You can place more than one Girder per turn.

Dim-Mak (1st)
The Prod Weapon will do a massive amount of damage.

No Bombing
You can't use Weapons (like Dynamite) in conjunction with Transport Utilities.

Vital Worm
A single worm on your team is crowned vital. If they die, you lose.

Super Secret Weapons
A random weapon in your inventory will do more damage than normal.

Wind Affects Worms
Wind speed will affect worms while jumping or falling.

Slippy Mode (2nd)
Worms will slide a bit after jumping or getting knocked around.

Sticky Mode (2nd)
Worms will stick to the landscape well after jumping or getting knocked around.

David and Goliath (2nd)
One of your worms will have more health than all of your other worms.

One Shot One Kill (2nd)
Each worm will start with only one Health.

Quick Walk (3rd)
Worms can move around much faster.

Tug O Worms (3rd)
You can only use the Ninja Rope to transport yourself.

No Jumping (3rd)
Self-explanatory. Worms can't jump around on the landscape.

Jumping Only (3rd)
Self-explanatory. Worms can only get around by jumping.

Mine Respawn (3rd)
All Land Mines respawn near the position they exploded at and the landscape is 

This section will help you achieve the requirements for all 15 trophies. Note 
that Trophies can be fulfilled in Skirmish (Multiplayer) or Single Player 


Bronze Damage
Damage Class
Cause over 25,000 points of damage.
Use Double Damage and some form of Super _____ Modifications (Wormpot Options) 
in Skirmish battles to help increase your Damage Total.

Silver Damage
Damage Class
Cause over 50,000 points of damage.
Use Double Damage and some form of Super _____ Modifications (Wormpot Options) 
in Skirmish battles to help increase your Damage Total.

Gold Damage
Damage Class
Cause over 100,000 points of damage.
Use Double Damage and some form of Super _____ Modifications (Wormpot Options) 
in Skirmish battles to help increase your Damage Total.

Body Count
Death Class
Kill over 500 Worms.
Use weaponry that easily kills worms. Double Damage, Dim-Mak, and Super _____ 
are examples of helpful Wormpot Options.

3 Bagger
Death Class
Kill 3 worms with one weapon use.
Try using something powerful, like the Holy Hand Grenade, as well as Wormpot 
Options to make this task easier. Small maps may also help.

4 Bagger
Death Class
Kill 4 worms with one weapon use.
Try using something powerful, like the Holy Hand Grenade, as well as Wormpot 
Options to make this task easier. Small maps may also help.

Barrel Buster
Accumulative Class
Destroy 500 Poison Barrels.
Try using the Ninja Rope to gather together barrels and then chain reacting 
them. Weapons like the Shotgun and Holy Hand Grenades as well as Wormpot 
Options make the task simpler. Small maps help as it's easier to clump the 
barrels together.

Hot Foot
Accumulative Class
Trigger (not sure if you have to avoid) 500 Land Mines.
Wormpot Options like Quick Walk and Mine Respawn make this easier.

Big Blast
Damage Class
Cause 500 Damage in one weapon use.
Try using something powerful, like the Holy Hand Grenade, as well as Wormpot 
Options to make this task easier.

Accumulative Class
Use 2,000 points of Jetpack Fuel.
Just repeatedly use the Jetpack.

Animal Lover
Specialist Class
Kill 200 worms with Animal Weaponry.
Make a Custom Scheme that gives you unlimited amounts of Animal Weapons (like 
Super Sheep) and use them to kill worms. Wormpot Options may help.

Magic Bullet
Specialist Class
Kill 3 worms within two blasts of the Shotgun.
Wormpot Options like Low Gravity and Super Firearms can help you achieve this 
goal. Kill one worm normally with the Shotgun, and kill a pair very close to 
each other to get he requirement.

Greedy Worm
Accumulative Class
Collect over 500 Crates.
Wormpot Options like Crates Everywhere can help you achieve this goal. You may 
also achieve it through the Story Mode as you will collect many Crates.

Weapon Specialist
Specialist Class
Cause over 8,000 points of damage with the Bazooka weapon. 
If you use the Bazooka a lot, this trophy should be no problem. Wormpot 
Options like Super Explosives and Double Damage may help.

The Beast Within
Specialist Class
Kill 3 worms with one Animal weapon.
Wormpot Options like Super Animals and Double Damage, as well as small maps, 
may help.

Note that collecting all the trophies unlock the rather interesting Cyborg 
Character Set.

Coming eventually!

Coming eventually!

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