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Warriors Orochi


Unique items FAQ

by anju91


Unique items FAQ


Welcome to my thirteenth FAQ. If you have any questions, you can contact me at 
[email protected]

Unique items

1. Xiahou dun: Wei stage 6x. Within 5 minutes xiahou dun needs to defeat 
oichi and her men, then head into enemy castle and defeat the two defense 
captain to seal the gates

2. Zhou Tai: wu stage 7. Zhou tai needs to rescue sun jian, defeat sima yi 
and have 200 K.O

3. Zuo ci: Wei stage 8. Zuo ci needs to defeat lu bu and have 300 K.O

4. Da ji: samurai stage 2x. da ji needs to defeat dong zhou and masamune 
date, then when the peasants are ambushed in the forest, defeat sima yi. 
The item appears at the escape point, so da ji needs to go through forest 

5. Mitsuhide akechi: samurai stage 4. Within 5 minutes mit shide akechi 
needs 300 K.O and get sakon shima to the escape point

6. Oichi: Wei stage 5x. oichi needs to defeat all generals and have 300 

7. Ginchiyo tachibana: shu stage 5. Within 7 minutes ginchiyo tachibana 
needs to activate all ambush in the east, destroy all watch towers, slay 
all five enemies in north fort, kill the lone enemy in the west fort, 
rescue yuan shao and have 300 K.O

8. Musashi miyamoto: shu stage 6x. open the dam and keep all the forces 

9. Tadakatsu Honda: samurai stage 7. Defeat all enemy officers

Hope this FAQ helps when you are looking for unique items.


22.11.08 - some changes.


One can use this FAQ for personal use. But if you want to use any part of it 
for any other use, please ask me first.