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Warriors Orochi


Officers FAQ

by anju91


Officers FAQ


Welcome to my twelventh FAQ. If you have any questions, you can contact me at 
[email protected]


1. Zhao yun: default

2. Xing cai: default

3. Yue ying: clear shu stage 2

4. Wei yan: clear shu stage 3

5. Guan yu: clear shu stage 7

6. Zhang fei: clear shu stage 7

7. Zhuge liang: clear shu stage 7

8. Liu bei: clear shu stage 8

9. Jaing wei: clear shu stage 2x [succeed in initiating Jiang Wei's plan 
by luring the two generals to the ambush spot]

10. Pang tong: clear wei stage 4

11. Guan ping: clear samurai stage 1

12. Huang zhong: clear samurai stage 1

M. Ma chao: clear samurai stage 2x [make sure that all peasants escape and 
Ma Chao survives, the peasants are amubushed in the area which disenbles 
your map]


1. Sun Ce: default

2. Zhou yu: clear wu stage 1

3. Lu meng: clear wu stage 3

4. Sun shang xiang: clear wu stage 5

5. Zhou tai: clear wu stage 6

6. Sun jian: clear wu stage 7

7. sun quan: clear wu stage 7

8. Taishi ci: clear wu stage 2

9. Da qiao: clear wu stage 5x [meet Da Qiao at her fort before the enemy 

10. Huang gai: clear wei stage 5

11. Gan ning: clear wei stage 6

12. Xia qiao: clear samurai stage 3

13. Ling tong: clear samurai stage 5

14. Lu xun: clear samurai stage 3x [escort Lu Xun to the destination]


1. Cao pi: default

2. Zhang liao: default

3. Xu huang: default

4. Xu zhu: clear wei stage 1

5. Xiahou yaun: clear wei stage 4

6. Xiahou dun: clear wei stage 4

7. Dian wei: clear wei stage 7

8. Cao cao: clear wei stage 7

9. Zhen ji: clear wei stage 6x [defeat all sorcerers in the six camps and 
the imposter Cao Pi as quickly as possible]

10. Zhang he: clear wei stage 2x [defend the main camp and rescue Zhang He]

11. Pang de: clear shu stage 3x [rescue all of the Hojo generals]

12. Cao ren: clear samurai stage5x [escort the cavalry units to the escape 
point and quickly defeat Cao Ren when he appears]

13. Sima yi: clear samurai stage 6x [foil Sima Yi's strategy by killing the 
two retreating generals before they reach their ambush areas]

Samurai warriors

1. Nobunaga oda: default

2. Mitsuhide akechi: default

3. Hanzo hattori: default

4. Ranmaru mori: clear wu stage 1

5. Magoichi saiki: clear shu stage 2

6. Yukimura sanada: clear shu stage3

7. Okuni: clear samurai 3

8. Oichi: clear wei stage 6

9. Kenshin uesugi: clear samurai stage 7

10. Shingen takeda: clear samurai stage 7

11. Noh: clear wu stage 2x [kill all the messengers]

12. Kunoichi: clear wu stage 4x [all peasants must escape]

13. Goemon ishikawa: clear shu stage 4x [break all treasure boxes in the 
north, west, and middle, then defeat Goemon before he escapes]

14. Keiji madea: clear wu stage 6x [have all allied units surround Keiji's 
base before the timer shows 10 minutes remaining]

15. Masamune date: clear shu stage5x [make Saika's ambush successful by 
attacking enemies in the middle, and then defeat the enemy commander]

Samurai warriors 2

1. Hideyoshi toyotomi: default

2. Ieyasu tokugawa: default

3. Yoshihisa shimazu: default

4. Ginchiyo tachibana: clear shu stage 1

5. Mitsunari ishida: clear wei stage 2

6. Sakon shima: clear wu stage 3

7. Ina: clear wu stage 5

8. Nagamasa asai: clear wei stage 6

9. Kanetsugu naoe: clear samurai stage 7

10. Kotaro fuuma: clear wu stage 2x [defeat Fuuma after all three allied 
supply captains reach your main camp]

11. Nene: clear wei stage 3x [defeat the two Nene clones within 4 minutes 
after their appearances. Free Goemon to start this event]

12. Yoshimoto imagawa: clear wei stage 4x [prevent all engineer units from 
entering the village]

13. Musashi miyamoto: clear shu stage 6x [open the dam and keep all the 
swordsmen alive]

14. Tadakatsu Honda: impress him in 7x in all story mode [escort all the 
messengers to the escape point. All your units must survive and wait until 
your allies appears, defeat Lu Bu and Masamune Date in samurai stage 7x. 
All Tadakatsu Honda's units must survive and defeat Lu Bu in wei stage 7x. 
Defeat Tadakatsu Honda and defeat him again in 2 minutes after he appears, 
defeat Masamune Date and Dong Zhou in wu satge 7x. Escort all peasants to 
the escape point, defeat Lu Bu and Tadakatsu Honda must survive in shu 
stage 7x]   


1. Zhang jiao: clear samurai stage 3

2. Yuan shao: clear shu stage 5

3. Meng huo: clear shu stage 4

4. Zhu rong: clear shu stage 4

5. Dong zhou: clear samurai stage 5x [prevent all supply captains from 
reaching Dong Zhuo]

6. Diao chan: clear wei stage 5x [Diao Chan's units unharmed]

7. Zuo ci: clear all story mode

8. Lu bu: defeat lu bu in 8x in all story modes

9. Da ji: clear all stages

10. Orochi: clear unlock all characters

Hope this FAQ helps when you are filling the conditions for officers.


30.09.08 - some changes.
22.11.08 - some changes.


One can use this FAQ for personal use. But if you want to use any part of it 
for any other use, please ask me first.