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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Precursors Pack Shot

The Precursors



by vals_evil_twin


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                    FAQ/Beginners'Guide/ V 0.1   16AUG2010
                               Platform: PC
                       Copyright 2010 Val's Evil Twin
                    e-mail: [email protected]

               |  WARNING: This Guide contains *SPOILERS*. |
               |BUYING THE GAME: See Forum in LINKS Section|

                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

           Navigation:  To quickly find "BEGINNERS GUIDE", for example,
            press CTRL + F and   enter 3.0 in the search box.

               - 1.0 -  INTRODUCTION

               - 2.0 -  LINKS

               - 3.0 -  BEGINNERS' GUIDE
               - 3.1    INTRODUCTORY LEVEL
               - 3.2    BEGINNING THE GAME

               - 4.0    MISSIONS
               - 4.1    RESOURCE MISSIONS    (SIDE MISSIONS)
               - 4.2    MAIN MISSIONS        (SCENARIO MISSIONS)
               - 5.0    FACTIONS

               - 6.0    CONTROLS

               - 7.0    CHEATS

               - 8.0    FAQ

                -9.0    MAKING MONEY

               - 10.0   HINTS & TIPS

               - 11.0   VERSION HISTORY

               - 12.0   PERMISSIONS

               - 13.0   CREDITS AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

                       [1.0]      INTRODUCTION

The Russian release of Precursors in DEC2009 was not followed by an English
localisation.  The Wesp5 translation patch has made the game accessible to
English speakers.  A big thanks to Wesp5, badmofo, myers90.

Precursors is an FPS/RPG/SPACE SIM hybrid from Ukrainian Developer DeepShadows.
The game takes place in space and on several planets.
There are over 250 missions.

STORY: Strange installations created by an ancient civilisation,
(the Precursors), remain in the desert to this day.  They are a great mystery,
possibly they are weapons ...
A young Amarnian pilot named "Treece" finishes his education as a space pilot
and returns to his home planet of Goldin (on the border between the Empire and
the Democratic Union). He learns that the galaxy has suffered a series of
terrible, mysterious events. His quest is to discover the cause of these
Along the way Treece explores a variety of environments, from scorching desert
to lush jungle, and uses a variety of vehicles and weaponry.  There is space
and terrestrial travel; exploration, FPS combat; an economy based on
trade and 'credits'; health to be maintained; and complex relations with the
seven factions to be managed.

The plot is linear with a fixed ending, but you can digress to non-linear
side missions and explorations at any time.
The combat aspect is in first person, and takes place on the surface of planets
and  inside space ships and stations.
The RPG aspect has a Perks system to upgrade your character's personal
characteristics and technical abilities as you become more experienced.
After finishing an early quest you inherit your spaceship from your father.
The weapons and abilities of your spaceship can be upgraded until it is a
high-tech battleship.

                            [2.0]    LINKS
Deep Shadows Official site
Deep Shadows English Forum
English Translation Patch

                        [3.0]      BEGINNERS' GUIDE
                          [3.1] INTRODUCTORY LEVEL
From the opening menu I'd advise selecting the "Easy" option as the opening
passage of play is quite difficult.  The beginning level is a tutorial on using
the menus, saving and loading, using the movement and combat controls, picking
up objects, and familiarising yourself with the HUD.
Don't worry too much about losing health.  When  the next level starts, you
will have 100% health.

Starting a new game, you see a cutscene showing Treece's spaceship crashing on
a strange planet.  There is a blue foggy atmosphere with an underwater feel.
After a fiery landing, two of your crew  scramble out.
The cut scene ends and you take control.  Press F9 for a Quick Save right now.
Your two companions head off through a valley, hemmed in with high  cliffs.

Alien plants spit green acid, and strange bug-like creatures bite your
ankles if you stand still.  Run and dodge, press 1 for your rifle and follow
your companions.

Screen Message: "Do not lag behind, time is short."
You reply, "Damn!  Where the heck am I?  I have to get out of here now."
If you have "Help" enabled in options, you get some tutorial messages,
eg."Press F9 to save the game.  Press F12 to load.
To open the Inventory, press I.
Notice the compass in the top right with a green arrow showing the way,
with ~120m to your first objective.
In the lower left is your health meter and ammunition status.

Another screen message: "Mission List has been updated.
                        "Press O to view the mission list."
                        "Go! Go! Move your ass!"
OBJECTIVE 001: Try to escape from this strange place.  Perhaps the soldiers
can help.
Screen Message:  "All clear. Go!"

Your two companions die almost immediately under a rain of  green acidic goo.
Sprint and dodge to their bodies and press RMouse to loot their bodies.

Screen Message:  "Your arms have been wounded.  This reduces your firing
accuracy. For fast healing use syringes or visit a doctor.  Remember you can
assign syringes to hotkeys."
                "Mission List Updated."
                "Careful!  Bugs!"
                "This place sure is a dangerous one just like in my dreams."
                "Let's see what happens next..."
                "Mission accomplished."
OBJECTIVE 002:  Move across the glade.  Be careful, there are bugs all over
this place.

Follow the compass heading, shooting a few bugs (Krakuts) along the way and
collecting their mandibles with F9.

Screen Message:  "Your legs have been wounded.  The more your legs are damaged,
the slower you move.  After a while they will regenerate to 80%.
For faster healing visit a doctor or use syringes."

As you move across the glade, you will come across weapons crates.
Press RMouse to loot them.  There are Empire troops ahead of you now.
They may perceive you as a friend, but more likely as an enemy.
Prepare for some FPS action!

OBJECTIVE 003:  I think I hear shooting ahead.  Let's investigate.
Maybe someone is still alive.
Screen Message:  "Beware.  An Imperial ship landed somewhere nearby.  You have
been perceived as an enemy of the Empire."

You come to a toxic blue pool.
Screen Message:  "This sludge looks terrible, but a dead beast is better than
a pool of acid..."
Your hud is directing you ~15m ahead and  ~7m up.  Look for a bridge over the
pool.  From the cover of the bridge you can pick off four or five Empire
soldiers, with the Assault rifle or the rocket. Loot the dead bodies, and
sprint to you objective.

Screen Message:  "A crashed ship!  I hope someone is still alive there."
                 "Mission Accomplished."
                 "Damn!  A robot."
OBJECTIVE 003:  I have to explore the remains of the ship meticulously.

I managed to kill and dodge my way to the ship from here without much trouble.
Don't worry if your health is low. This was just a tutorial level, and you will
start the game proper shortly, with 100% health.
When you find the ship, a cut scene loads.  On the screens inside the ship you
see a recording of the ship's journey through space.
See the README file with Wesp5's translation patch for a more complete
transcript: "Captain Ridiger gets a call from Elder Enlil that all flight
students have to assemble in the Hall of the Elder. There Enlil explains that
the Amarn home planet Cassil was destroyed due to an unknown explosion.
He sends the students all over the galaxy to find the reason."

After the cut scene, you regain control in a new location.

Screen Message:  "There's a compass in the upper right of screen.  The green
arrow displays the direction and distance of the Scenario Mission Objective and
the red marker the Resource Mission Marker.

A strange, friendly city lies ahead.

                     [3.2] BEGINNING THE GAME

The first level was basically an FPS tutorial.  I was hoping that this not how
the whole game would  play!  Fortunately, not! The RPG side of the game now
Press ESC for the Main Menu and create a "hard" save point now.  Press F9 too
if you like.  You now have an entire city to explore.  Talk to everyone, and
examine every crate, bottle, box and bin for pickups.
Press Rmouse to pick up, or use function keys to pick up selectively.
Talking to NPCs will open up the Resource Missions. Use the number keys and ESC
to work your way through the dialogues.   Press O to see your mission
list and select a Resource Mission. It will highlight with a red flag in the
mission list, and a red flag will appear on the mini-map with distance and
Pressing TAB will toggle between the compass and the mini-map.

Screen Message:  "You've received a new level."
                 "You receive experience points for completing missions,
killing enemies and destroying hostile machinery.  On each level-up  you can
select one more perk.  Perks and your profile screen can be accessed by
pressing "P".
You should see a green up-arrow on the right of screen...your first level-up.
Press P for your Profile Screen.  Click the up-arrow icon for the Perks Screen.
Extra weight carrying capacity is a good perk to select now.
Clicking the 'guy doing starjumps icon' gives statistics for Level, Experience,
Next Level, Credits (cash money) and various addictions.  FACTION RELATIONS are
also shown here.

Press O to show your first Scenario Mission:  "My educations is finished.
I won't have to look for a job myself. Captain Ridiger sent a request and I
agreed to serve under his command.
I have to  find the captain in the town as soon as possible."

Screen Message:  "I think you should familiarize yourself with the city.  Many
interesting things are said to happen here.

This concludes the "Beginners Guide" section.

  Check that you can:
-  Navigate with compass, mini-map and main map
-  Trade
-  Level up and select perks
-  Use all functions via keyboard and mouse
-  Use all menus and screens
-  Read the directions and heights on the Mini-Map
-  Use weapons and vehicles
-  Converse with NPCs
-  Save and Load, quicksave and quickload
-  Access the Flashlight, Sleep and Stealth functions.
-  Complete Missions


                          [4.0]      MISSIONS


                    [4.1] RESOURCE MISSIONS   (SIDE MISSIONS)
Resource Missions are the best way to earn credits, as well as meet people and
explore the world.
There are Food and Medicine Vending machines here.  You can hack these with
hacksticks when you have the skill level.
The odds on the slot machines in the hotel seem fair, you can make money here.
Collect Medi-kits, Repair kits, and loot crates, bins, bottles which you can
trade for Credits.
A sample resource mission is for the housewife in the SW corner.  Make a
quicksave point (F9) before starting combat or before important dialogues.
Follow the red flag on the compass to find two rabid tagos nearby in the
hole-in-the-wall, and kill them with your AP-M23 electric pistol.  Remember to
pick up a couple of legs of dogmeat.  Return to the housewife
for 900 credits reward.  If you did lose some health, go to the inventory
screen to heal with a food item.  Or reload with F12 and do it again better.
Either double click a food item or drag it across to heal a specific body part.
Syringes can be assigned a hotkey, or you can visit a doctor if you prefer.
Press O and refer to your Mission List.  Select another mission and follow
the compass/mini-map to the red flag location ...
After you have completed the Resource Missions in Goldin, you can venture
outside the city walls for more, before returning to Commandant Ridiger to
pursue the Main (Scenario) Mission.
             |  List of Resource Missions around Goldin: |
01  Find the flight adjuster and return it to Stitius.
02  Meet the Commander in the desert; investigate the "Goldin's Mines" Company.
03  Set up beacons to analyse the behaviour of the sand worms.
04  Find the owner of the 'Glyg' for the guard.
05  Return a drunken husband to his wife.
06  Destroy the Gnow lair in the graveyard.
07  Bring five Gnow claws to Vitan.
08  Clear the rabid tagos from the hole-in-the-wall for the housewife.
09  Go to the mushroomeater and buy three bottles of mushroom broth for Toric.
10  Eavesdrop in the pub to know the miners' mood for Netek Apiron.
11  Bring a Flower of the Mountains for Torat's wife.(Dusty Roads Hotel.)
12  Directions given by a passer-by in the SW of town:
                                    Go to the Hall of the Elders.
                                    Go to the main store in town.
                                    Go to the Spaceport in the heart of town.
                                    Go to the bar.
13  Meet Captain Ridiger in the House of Warriors.
14  Find the lost child at the City Gates.
15  Convince technicians to tune Marik's buggy.

When you feel ready to leave the city, Press O and select the mission to find
the atmospheric flight adjuster for Stitius.  Trade any excess items to reduce
weight, and head for the exit in the SW corner of town.  The SE exit is alive
with Raiders!

Hey, isn't it great to get out in the countryside!  Press M to check out the
main map.
Just south of the city gate, Lin (a citizen) asks your help to return his
buggy.  I decided to accept this mission and have the use of his buggy for a
while, before I returned it.  Your basic electric pistol will provide enough
protection until you find Rendi, the guy who stole the buggy.  You can convince
Rendi peacefully to hand over the keys.
Press O and select the mission to find the flight adjuster again.  Resist the
temptation to shoot the wild-life as this will give you negative faction
relations with the Hunters.  There are two raiders near the crash site, shoot
them from the buggy and loot their bodies for weapons etc. You now have an
assault rifle, though it is badly worn and will misfire.  Press R (Reload) to
correct a bad misfire.
Talk to Caton ( a Bandit) at the actual crash site, and get the adjuster from
him peacefully for 300 credits.
Return Lin's 'iron horse' to complete the sub-mission.  Make sure you speak to
Lin to complete the mission and receive a reward of 800 credits, even though
you banged up his buggy pretty bad.
Return the flight adjuster to Stitius for 800 credits reward.

Fine.  That's enough on Resource Missions for now.


                    [4.2] SCENARIO MISSIONS   (MAIN MISSIONS)

You can take up or leave the main mission at any time to explore or do side
First up, find Capt. Ridiger in the House of Warriors:  "My education is
finished.  Fortunately, I won't have to look for a job for myself.  Captain
Ridiger sent a request and I agreed to serve under his command. I have to find
the captain as soon as possible."
Ridiger tells you about your father, how he died, and how he has willed you
2000 credits and his spaceship.  The spaceship is very old and needs a new
powercell, and there are only 500 credits left after Ridiger paid for your
education.  Bad luck!
Your first assignment for Ridiger is a simple one:
Collect 200 credits for the "War and Order" fund from Sadhi!

Sometime ahead I might add a guide to some of the more complex missions, but
for the beginners''re up and flying!


                           [5.0]      FACTIONS

Empire:  short stocky humanoids with heavy exoskeleton protection.
Aliens:  skeletal robots, advanced technology.
Democratic Union:  humanoid descendants of scientists.  They wear a flexible
Civilians:  Amarns are a small humanoid race with a single colony in Goldin.
They are ruled by the Council of Elders and are mainly traders.  The main hero,
Treece, is an Amarn.
Free Traders (Unrestricted):  humanoid smugglers.
Nest Clatz:  peaceful residents, hens.
Revolutionary Clatz (Warriors):descendants of birds of prey; hunters that
evolved with a humanoid similarity.


                          [6.0]    CONTROLS

Yes they are available from the menu but it is handy to have them in printable
| W,A,S,D                          | Movement.                              |
| Arrow Keys                       | Movement.                              |
| SPACE                            | Jump.  Hand Brake vehicle.             |
| C                                | Crouch                                 |
| PAGE DOWN                        |  Prone.                                |
| PAGE UP                          |  Stand up.                             |
| CTRL                             |  Walk.                                 |
| L SHIFT                          |  Run.                                  |
| L MOUSE                          |  Take. Fire Weapon.                    |
| R MOUSE                          |  Aim; talk; pick up; separate.         |
| F9                               |  Quick Save.                           |
| F12                              |  Quick Load.                           |
| ESC                              |  Exit to Menu.                         |
| NUM LOCK                         |  Pause Game.                           |
| ENTER                            |  Use; activate.                        |
| E                                |  Use; activate.                        |
| I                                |  Inventory.                            |
| O                                |  Mission Menu:  Scenario and Resource  |
|                                  |             Objectives.                |
| P                                |  Profile: Health, faction Relations    |
|                                  |               and Perks.               |
| L                                |  Notebook: a log of conversations.     |
| M                                |  Main Map.                             |
| TAB                              |  Toggles between Compass and Mini-Map. |
| Q                                |  Climb; start vehicle engine.          |
| Z                                |  Drop down; stop engine.               |
| V                                |  Select ammo type.                     |
| H                                |  Rate of fire.                         |
| Number Keys/Scroll Wheel         |  Select Weapon.                        |
| J                                |  Drop weapon.                          |
| G                                |  Throw grenade.                        |
| U                                |  Upgrade.                              |
| B                                |  Binoculars.                           |
| F                                |  Access to Flashlight, Sleep and       |
|                                  |        Stealth menu.                   |


                          [7.0]      CHEATS

Enable the console by going here:
Open the "enginesettings.ini" file.
Enable the console by changing the [Console] section to Enabled=1

Type in the console:
addhealth  to restore health.
addarmor  to repair armor.

Use UpArrow+Enter to repeat console commands.


                          [8.0]     FAQ

 Q1. What vehicles are there?
 A1. In space you only use the one ship given to you at the start.
     Land vehicles include:
                       Armored vehicles
                       Walking battle robots
                       Tricycle “Mantis”
                       Warrior Robot
                       Prime mover
                       Battle Robot “Empire Anger”
                       Buggy "Grasshopper"
                       Air defence “Sky Law”
                       Retriever “Scarab”
      Space vehicles include:
                      transport spaceships
                      passenger transports
                      space stations
 Q2. What are the weapons?
 A1. There is a large variety of weapons, both organic and inorganic, with an
upgrading system:
                       Stationary Plasma or Laser cannons
                       Vehicle mounted weapons
                       Automatic shotgun
                       Semi-automatic crossbow with titanium bolts
                       AP-M23 Energy Pistol -(infinite charge)
                       Lenkon Assault Rifle
                       Tenisek gun with protein-fed energy pellets
                       Energy Grenades, used against machinery
                       Frag Grenades, used against NPCs

 Q3. Why are some of my missions broken?
 A3. Do you have the v1.1 patch from DeepShadows?  Check the Wesp5 readme for
     broken missions.
 Q4. Why are some dialogues, and the voice acting, still in Russian.
 A4. Do you have the latest Wesp5 translation patch?  Check the Video folder
     and the readme for further translations.
 Q5. Game is laggy or will not run?
 A5. Minimum system requirements:
                   AMD Athlon XP 3000, 1 GB RAM, GeForce 6600 GS 128 MB
     Recommended requirements:
                  Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4G (E6600) 1GB RAM, GeForce 7600 GS 128 MB
 Q6. What was the inspiration for Precursors?
 A6. The idea of a race of forerunners, or Precursors, is common in literature.
An ancient, now extinct race has left remnants of their technology behind
(possibly weapons).
Andre Norton's book – “Queen of Sun” was one of the inspirations. Games such as
Free Lancer, Free Space and X3 were an influence, but the space flight in
Precursors is closer to Simulation style rather than Arcade style.
 Q7. What upgrades can I make to my spaceship?
 A7. You can upgrade engines, weapon systems, protection shields, decorative
furniture, and life support system.


                      [9.0]      MAKING MONEY

You start with 300 credits, and inherit another 500 from your father.
Loot bodies, weapons crates, bins, boxes, crates and trade them.
Kill/trade animal parts.
Perform Resource missions.
Play the slot machines in the Dusty Roads Hotel.


                     [10.0]      HINTS & TIPS
Don't forget to click the transfer icon at the top of the trade screen or you
will have to re-enter your transactions.
Enable the console if you wish to use developer mode.
If you have screen flicker with an ATI video card, add "Post Process" text
file to the Precursors root directory.
The day/night cycle might bring on nightfall.  To fast forward to the next
morning, press F to access the Sleep function.
It is a good idea to map the city of Goldin for yourself.  Have the mini-map
selected (TAB key).
Separate ammo from found weapons by clicking RMouse in the inventory screen.


                   [11.0]      VERSION HISTORY

v0.1    16AUG2010  Introduction, description, Beginners' Guide, Controls,
Goldin Resource Missions completed.  Other sections under construction.


                     [12.0]      PERMISSIONS
DeepShadows forum


                   [13.0]      CREDITS & ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

Thanks to:
DeepShadows for another classic game.
Peetz, for lots of help.
The community at, especially Wesp5, badmofo, meyers90,
guenthar, Anders, mrhtml16, overweightninja, nick-o-teen.


That's probably enough said for a "Beginners' Guide"!
See the LINKS section for information on how to buy the game, where to find the
Wep5 English translation patch, and where to join the community.
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the rest of the game as much as I did.
Val's Evil Twin.
16AUG2010  v 0.1