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The Last Remnant



by MJEmirzian

The Last Remnant FAQ (PC Version only)
Revision: Final
Contact: Matthew Emirzian, [email protected]

This faq uses many links from the fan maintained Last Remnant Wiki.  None of 
the content in the wiki has been written by myself.

This guide is more or less complete, with strategies for all of the 
difficult bosses.

Table of Contents:

1. Advice
2. Character Review
3. Quick Walkthrough

1. Advice

Battle Rank is basically raised by fighting enemies that are even or higher in 
difficulty to your party.  You'll know they are even or higher if the default 
attack command is 'Attack/Charge' or 'Don't be afraid to die.'

BR affects the following things:

1. Enemy strength/frequency of skill usage.
2. What arts your characters have access to.  They will ask you at certain BR 
whether you want them to learn a new type of combat or mystic art.
3. At certain BR your characters will ask what they should focus their skills 
on.  Each character has a 'path', Combat, Balance, or Mystic, corresponding to 
the 3 choices.  This path affects which weapons or accessories they upgrade to 
or ask for, and affects their stat gain.

Chaining enemies increases item drops.  Linking enemies provides greater stat 

Use herbs/healing as much as possible to level it up as quickly as possible.  
It's important to learn Revitalize and Vivication Tincture for later bosses.

Focus on combat arts for the most part.  The only spell trees worth developing 
from scratch are Psionics.  In other words, just turn off Evocations, 
Invocations, and Hexes unless you hire someone who has them developed at a 
high level already (Zolean or Yuniver for example).  Combat arts are fast to 
level from scratch and often deal more damage early on.

I recommend sticking Rush with a 1H axe and shield whenever possible, since he 
can get a powerful weapon art later with the right axe.

When it comes to wield styles, just leave people at their defaults.

Equip Rush with +HP% gear whenever possible.

Try to grab morsels and chests whenever possible.  Check the wiki maps.

When fighting multi-deadlock enemies, if you are running low on health, you 
can break people off to revive or heal, as long as one person remains 

Unless you're in a very difficult boss fight, avoid using unique arts like 
Omnistrike too much - you'd be better off using normal skills that can be 

When fighting large vulture/spiritlord type monsters, avoid deadlocking more 
than one person on the first turn, so only one union gets curse cast on it.

Most bosses and some enemies have overpowered AOE attacks that will wipe your 
party if you are unlucky and they keep using it constantly.  If this happens, 
just try again.

You can't change anyones gear but Rush. They will sometimes ask for certain 
pieces of gear or ask for materials to upgrade their weapons, though.

Keep your BR fairly low (under 35) until you get 18 party members and Irina.  
This doesn't mean avoid every random encounter, just limit it slightly and 
avoid doing some quests until necessary.

In the PC version, you don't have to complete At Hatred's End quest to unlock 
later end game features.  Hire Roberto instead.

Unique leaders, with their own special portrait and backstory profile, are the 
best characters to hire and keep in your party permanently.

When a character asks you to go fighting, it means they just upgraded their 

You don't have to hunt down rare monsters to get through the game.  Don't 
bother spending hours trying to get them.

When a leader gets to use a remnant art like Omnistrike, their union will 
dodge almost all attacks thrown at them.

How skills work: Each mystic or combat path has its own experience point 
value.  The more you use skills in that path, the more points are put into 
it.  Once enough points are accumulated, the character will learn a new or 
upgraded art.  Sometimes it won't be in the exact same art category, though.  
For example you could be trying to level Psionics and learn a new Evocation 
spell.  For this reason, if you don't plan to use an art style with someone, 
tell them not to learn it so they'll upgrade their other paths faster.

Quest related links:
Helpful world map:

Some hireable unique leaders offer quests.  You just have to find them and 
keep exiting and re-entering the city they're in and talking to them until 
you've got through 3 red text bubbles.  You don't need them active in your 
party for them to give the quests.

There are two ways to get the choices you want to show up in combat.  Either 
limit the abilities of the union to the ones you want, or increase the number 
of enemies.  Pay attention to the AP number next to the choice, which usually 
reveals the abilities to be used if you know how much a certain spell or 
ability costs.  Scroll around each choice and pick the one that looks best 
(even if it breaks a deadlock).

2. Character Review

Best characters:

Emmy: She has a summon, unique arts, weapon arts, and high stats.
Torgal: He has weapon arts, unique arts, high stats, and Psionics.
Duke of Ghor: He has unique arts, Psionics, and amazingly high HP and strength.
Jager: He has a summon, unique arts, weapon arts, high stats, and Psionics.
Rush: He has a summon, unique arts, weapon arts, good stats, and can learn 
just about any skill in the game.
Wyngale: While a bit lacking in HP, he arrives with high levels of almost 
every skill, plus he has weapon arts and almost every Arcana.  He can take on 
almost any role, making him similar to Rush.
Baulson: He has great HP, herbs/remedies, and a weapon art.
Glenys: She has good HP, herbs/remedies, and a weapon art.
Caedmon: A bit lacking in HP, but he has herbs/remedies and a weapon art.
Paris: His very high HP, remedies, psionics, and ability to use wards make him 
one of the best casters.
Gaou: Great HP and stats, a remnant weapon, and his high level lotions allows 
him to heal and revive as well as a remedies caster.
Zolean: He's the earliest character you can recruit with high level Hexes.  
Use his hexes constantly to unlock Cachexia, which is an extremely important 
ability for optional bosses.  He can also get a weapon art and his stats are 
decent.  If you prefer to skill grind someone else to learn Cachexia, he isn't 
quite as useful.
Irina: She is easily the best healer in the game with extremely high INT, 
above average HP, can learn psionics, plus a unique art and weapon arts.

Good characters:

Allan: He has great stats and weapon arts.  While his only purpose is to hit 
things hard, he does it well.
Roberto: He has great stats and weapon arts.  While his only purpose is to hit 
things hard, he does it well.
Gabriel: He's a good tank, can learn weapon and 'soulshield' arts, and can use 
David: He has good unique arts, has a shield which is good for tanking, plus 
Blocter: He has high HP, good stats, and a remnant accessory that voids status 
effects after a turn.

Decent characters:

Khrynia: Arrives with high level spells, Explosives and Shards, and she can 
learn some great weapon arts.  Unfortunately her stats are a little lacking 
unless you do a low BR rush to get her.  Her HP is pretty poor for a caster.
Yuniver: Starts with high level Hexes and Psionics, and also learns a weapon 
art (although his strength sucks).  His HP is good for a hybrid 
Pagus: While useful for most of the game, he never learns Psionics and his 
weapon arts are not particularly powerful.  His low HP is also a concern.
Sibal: He might be worth taking if you did a very low BR rush through the 
game, otherwise he will fall behind by the time you can recruit him.  He has 
about equal strength and HP to Blocter.

Characters to use then replace when possible:

Nora: She doesn't learn herbs or remedies, and her weapon art does sub par 
Loki: He only learns herbs and has no weapon arts, and his stats are nothing 
Rhagoh: He's a decent healer early on, but his poor HP and lack of 
arcana/weapon arts mean you should replace him.
Darien:  He may be useful as a temporary character if you need someone with 
high level herbs asap.
Leshau: Joins too late to level his spells effectively, and his weapon art is 
nothing special.

3. Quick Walkthrough

This walkthrough is not based on any kind of skill or stat grinding.  While it 
attempts to keep BR fairly low, it is not a very low BR run.

BR 1-4:

Don't hand your gold to the Athlum witch yet, you need it to recruit unique 
leaders.  Be spendthrifty and don't waste too much or you'll fall short.  The 
only thing you should really be spending gold on is herb supplies.  Most of 
the first half of the game involves scrouging for gold while hiring unique 
leaders that are a better investment than normal leaders or generic soldiers.

Buy the Kiteshield from Vergil's Armory in Athlum and equip it.

Recruit McGrady in Athlum.  You should only use him temporarily while you fill 
out slots with more unique leaders.

Complete the Baulson quest and recruit/place Baulson in the union, for a total 
of 3 people.

Disassemble the Broadsword for two items that can be handed in for a quest at 
the guild.

Fiery Idol:
Equip the Combat Francisca-1 before fighting the Fiery Idol.  Attack the enemy 
nearest the guest unions so Rush's union doesn't get ganged up on.  Pray that 
the Fiery Idol doesn't spam its AOE attacks and you will probably win.  Focus 
on healing yourself and others, the guest unions will do most of the dirty 
combat work.  You should be about BR 6 after finishing.

BR 4-9:

Recruit Loki in Athlum.  Fill in the 9th union spot with McGrady.

You should be about BR 9 and have about 15k gold after finishing the Catacombs 
and finishing guild tasks.

Make a quick stop in Blackdale and head right - the right boulder will be 
cleared and you can open a chest for 7.2k then run back out.  This should put 
you over 20k.

Complete The Trade Route quest at the Athlum pub to access Balterossa then 
hire Caedmon for 19.6k.  You can also complete The Secret Letter quest 
afterward without heading through the Southwestern Road.

In the Numor Mines I recommend avoiding most of the enemies, since you'll end 
up fighting a bunch going down the lifts/getting through doors/opening chests 
anyway.  Fighting the boss at BR 9-10 is fairly easy if you leveled Rush and 
Emma's healing skills.

BR 10-16:

After finishing the mines and turning in more guild tasks (50 chains, kill 12 
quien) you should have about 10k, enough to hire Nora in Athlum.

Complete The Dreaming Rose and When The Rose Blooms quests from Baron Nielson 
in the Celapaleis pub, which should allow you to hire Gabriel.  Hire another 
non-unique leader to sub in with McGrady if needed.  Semry in Celapaleis is a 
decent choice for his high HP and relatively cheap cost.  Against the wyvern 
bosses, keep the Wyverns occupied while taking out the two side mobs, then 
focus one of the wyverns down.  Pray that they don't spam their breath attacks 
too much and instantly wipe your party.

After turning in more guild orders and selling monsters, you should have 
around 25k, enough to hire Gabriel and Violet.

Complete the A Single Soul quest from Rhagoh in Celapaleis.  The Feralwood 
boss will standby so attack it last - gang up quickly and revive if necessary 
because it usually spams breath attacks.  BR should be 13-14 after the side 

You should now have 12 unique leaders in your party, or 13 if you can afford 
Rhagoh right now.  Total hired: Baulson, Caedmon, Loki, Nora, Violet, and 
Gabriel.  Work on hiring Rhagoh next.  If you need a little extra, go to the 
Southwestern Road and open the C-7 chest containing 3.2k.

Head towards Nagapar, killing enemies along the Heroic Ramparts.  Selling the 
captured monsters here should be worth quite a lot.

Before heading into Athlum Castle, complete the Bravery and Loyalty quest, 
since it will disappear soon otherwise.

Nest of Eagles:
Focus on taking out the reinforcements first, then engage the two bosses when 
you're at full health and the guest union is revived.  Take out Castanea 
first.  When Roeas uses Overdrive, refrain from attacking her and just heal, 
since it will wear off the next turn.  If this fight is too difficult, do some 
optional quests to raise BR/skills and recruit Roberto and Glenys.

BR 16-31:

After the Nest of Eagles you'll have room for 15 party members, at around BR 
16, and around 35-40k gold.  Stock back up on herbs.  You'll now have to 
complete a large number of quests before progressing the story, since they 
will disappear otherwise.  The first thing to do is hire more unique leaders 
to fill out the roster.

Head to the Celapaleis pub and talk to the Sweet-Scented Maiden on the 2nd 
floor for a free sword.

Complete the Wisdom's Echo quest from Glenys in the Nagapur pub then hire 
her.  At the boss, just focus the boss down and ignore the spiritlord.  BR 20 
after finishing.

Complete The Broken Seal, The Disappearing Knights, and The Reviving Legend 
quests and hire Roberto.  Agree with Roberto each time to get a larger gold 
bonus at the end of the quests.  To reach Melphina, talk the Elysion bartender 
then run through Berechevaltelles south exit, then head through Crookfen.

The Ruler of Weapons is the most annoying boss with its breath and AOE 
spells.  If you want to kill the Void Intruder just pray he doesn't use Merry-
Go-Round too often and instantly wipe your party out.

Reviving Legend fight: Take out the eyes first, as they will be tough if a lot 
of them bunch up and the bosses appear.  The Rule of Weapons standbys until 
attacked, so save it for last.  BR 23-24 after finishing.

Other unique leaders before the Aqueducts:

Darien - complete Darien(quest) in Elysion (must have access to Melphina)
Leshau - complete Frustrations quest in Baaluk
Maddox/Sibal - The Rainbow Bond quest in Melphina to hire Maddox (this also 
allows you to hire Sibal after the Aqueducts)

Note you must complete a number of side quests before entering the aqueducts 
or they will disappear.  List here:

I recommend doing The Hero quest in Balterossa to get the Vanguard formation - 
it's very useful for defensive fights.
Do The Fiery Revolt quest last so you can get the nice equipment from 
gathering the 9 Salia.  You can get 7 of them doing the required before 
Aqueduct quests, then the last two doing The Standoff and The Rainbow Bond 
quests.  You really only need 6 to get the sword and shield, though.  I 
recommend 3 unions for this boss to survive its Grenade Impact spell.

BR 31-32 (Aqueducts/Wyrmskeep):

After doing most of the required quests before entering the aqueducts, you 
should have plenty of of gold to spare.  Stock up on herbs again and head into 
the Aqueducts then run back out and buy two +20% HP Bracelets from Vergil's 
Armory in Athlum for 30k.

The Wyrmskeep boss fight can be a sticking point.  Each Union needs one person 
who can revive KOed units with herbs - Rush, Gabriel, David, Caedmon, Baulson, 
and Blocter should have Vivication Herb.  You should also have levelled most 
peoples Remedies skill that can use it - one or two people with Revitalize is 
extremely useful.  I recommend the Vanguard or Arrow of Athlum formation for 
the defense boost.

Gates of Hell:
Use 3 groups of 5,5,5.  Focus on taking out the Hypnos out first.  The Gates 
of Hell will standby until almost all of the hypnos are dead.  Wait for 
Cyclops to get a deadlock on the boss before attacking, so it takes most of 
the AOE damage and two of your groups can flank it.  The boss will use 
Hellfire occasionally which is extremely powerful.  Try to choose 
healing/revive options every turn, since the boss will try to revive and 
enthrall any of your dead unions.

Split the teams into 4 groups of 4,4,4,3.  Place Roberto, Blocter, and Torgal 
in the 4th union to keep that unions HP up.  This fight is pretty easy if Lob 
Omen doesn't use its Palsy Skein attack too often.  Take out the soldiers and 
Jager first while fending off Lob Omen, then take it out last.

BR 32-40:

You must finish the 3 Silver Falcon quests before the 6 bases are available to 
get the best reward from the 3rd Falcon quest.

Progress the story to unlock 18 total characters and Irina.  You can now hire 
Gaou, Allan, Paris, Jager, and Zolean.  I suggest replacing some of the lesser 
Unique Leaders like Nora, Loki, Violet, and Rhagoh.  Once you have a full 
party of 18 with most of the characters you'll be sticking with for the rest 
of the game, don't worry so much about BR and work on developing skills and 
killing just about everything that comes across your path.

You'll want to set up a 3 person team with Irina (for her high AP boost), 
Zolean, and a third person (I chose Paris) in order to get Zolean Cachexia as 
fast as possible.  Turn off all Zoleans spells except Dispirit and make sure 
he casts it every round.  You'll know it's Cachexia when the choice is 'attack 
with mystic arts!' and the AP cost is 36 (which is Dispirit's initial cost, 
although it lowers as he levels it up), or when the choice is 'lower their 
morale!'.  Make sure Zolean casts Dispirit every round of every fight you 
encounter from now on and he will slowly work up to Dispirit V and unlock 
Cachexia.  Once your characters gain in AP, you can replace Irina with someone 
more suitable.

Getting Zolean's parameter bonus of +8 speed will make it easier for him to 
get his spells off.  Just keep talking to him in the Balterossa pub, then 
exiting to the world map and repeating.  You'll have to do this about 15 times 
to get through his 3 red text messages.  You'll need Zane's Ring in The Second 
Path to get the parameter bonus.

As you reach higher BR, you'll unlock Psionics for characters like Jager and 
Torgal.  Try to level those up whenever possible as well.  Morale altering 
abilities are important because your union leaders can use their special arts 
more regularly at very high morale.

Also try to learn Revitalize as soon as possible.  Herbs are ok for healing 
early on, but they fall behind in comparison to that spell.

Characters to hire:

Gaou - hire in Baluuk after entering Aqueducts
Zolean - hire in Balterossa after Irina joins the party
Allan - complete The Successor in Royotia, after Wyrmskeep
Paris - complete Goodbye, Sweet Love and Love Will Rise Again in Balterossa, 
after Wyrmskeep
Jager - complete The Fated One in Athlum, after Fornstrand

Love Will Rise Again: Take the Balterossa route, to avoid the Godwood boss.  
During the second fight, take out Deathclaw first, then Terrapest.

Make sure to finish The Tablet of Marshall in Athlum so Emmy can summon Namul 

Complete Emotions and make sure to hold onto the Ancient Scabbard (don't trade 
it once you got it).  This is required for a remnant weapon drop from a boss 

You can purchase a nice 1H Waraxe for Rush in Nagapur after completing The 
Slave Traders quest and opening the Gifts of Remembrance shop.  You could also 
try to upgrade the Splitter, although you may have to hunt down the 
materials.  You can probably afford it after going through a few Bases, which 
award a lot of gold.

BR 40-44 (6 bases/Koensigdorf):

Go and talk to the Duke of Ghor before beginning any bases, then come back and 
talk to him after every base (when he has a red text bubble), this is required 
to hire him later.

Each Union needs one person who can revive KOed units with herbs, preferrably 
high level Vivication Herb/Tincture.  It's also important to have people in 
each group with high level Remedy or Herb arts like Revitalize and Restorative 
Tincture.  If you don't have those abilities you should do sidequests or 
battles and work on getting them.  It's best to have Rush, David, Emmy, Irina, 
and Torgal (after Base 1) lead separate unions so they can use their special 
abilities if needed.  If Jager learns Beowulf you can make him a union leader 

During the outside 'invasion' portions of each base, it helps to have Poison 
Gas or other long range spells unlocked so you can take one or two unions out 
before engaging them up close.

Base 1:
Take out the casters first, then the solders, then work on Snievan.  He 
doesn't have any powerful AOE or instakill abilities like most of the other 
bosses, which makes him the easiest.

Base 2:
Zuido has a small sized AOE called Giant Press that doesn't pose a threat to 
more than 2 unions.  He's another fairly easy boss compared to the others.

Base 3:
Ludope has a battlefield wide AOE that causes a lot of damage.  If you're 
lucky he won't use it too often, but you should form up 4 groups of 5,5,4,4 
just to make sure you can survive the damage.  Focus on the 3 caster unions 
then take out the soldiers, then Ludope.

Base 4:
Use a 4 Unions (5,5,4,4) setup to keep HP high.  Hinnah and Hannah will use 
Twin Snowpetals on the first turn and every 2 turns after.  Hinnah and Hannah 
themselves are fairly weak in attacks, so they are a safe 'deadlock' to send 
two of your unions at in the first turn.  Send your other two unions against 
the caster unions.  Spend the 2nd turn trying to revive and recover, since you 
have another turn before they cast Snowpetals again.  If a union is KOed, 
revive them with someone close to them, preferrably not someone deadlocked.  
Once the caster unions are down, keep reviving and kill off the soldier 
unions.  Choose battle options that emphasize healing, but not to the point 
where nothing is getting killed.  Try to get in as many morale altering 
spells/abilities as possible.

Once the bosses are left, deadlock 1 union on Hinnah, and deadlock the other 3 
on Hannah.  Use Morale abilities to counteract the full enemy morale.  Once 
Hannah flashes red you will have to finish her off before Hinnah can heal 
her.  If at any point people start dying, break deadlocks to revive them.  
After Hannah is dead, Hinnah will be easy to finish off.

Make sure to deny the dropped sword for Irina, so Emmy will ask for it 

Base 5:
This boss will take extra turns using its beatdown attacks, but doesn't have a 
battlefield sized AOE.  Once again aim for the mages first, then the soldiers, 
then the boss.

Base 6:
Miltons attacks have a very high chance of instantly killing his target, so be 
ready to do a lot of reviving.  If he botches a bunch of union leaders at 
once, you may have to restart.  Once he uses Iron Will, back off for a turn 
until it wears off.

Ala Melvilania:
Stay in the middle of the battlefield, don't advance towards the boss - let 
him come to you while you kill off the reinforcements.  Once he's alone just 
gang up on him - easy.

BR 44-65: Sidequests and The Fallen

Continue leveling Cachexia and psionic abilities.  Choose union leaders with 
powerful physical remnant attacks or summons like Rush, Emmy, Jager, Duke of 
Ghor, David, Torgal, etc.

Run through the Darken Forest to get Irina back.

More characters to hire:

Yuniver 25.6k - complete Seeker of the Ancient Path in Melphina, after the 6 
Sibal 31k - complete The Rainbow Road quest, after Koenigsdorf
Duke of Ghor 41.6k - complete The Gates of Deceit and Sword of the Dead, after 
Darken Forest
Wyngale - 82k complete The Fallen quest, after Darken Forest

Complete The Gates of Deceit and Sword of the Dead and hire Duke of Ghor.  
Make room for him because he hits like a ton of bricks and is definitely worth 
using.  Make sure to kill a total of 15 Greater Demons during the quest, which 
finishes a guild task.

Complete The Slave Traders then UFO!? so Jager can summon Lob Omen.!%3F

Go to Athlum's town square and talk to the recruiter to hire Glenn (or any 
Marauder), then turn in the guild task at the Golden Chalice.  This should 
allow you to use Mystic Shield formations, important for mystic resistance.

You can hire Sibal after completing The Rainbow Road quest.  Sibal is a great 
fighter, but he doesn't get his remnant weapon until later.  I found his 
damage to be highly unimpressive despite his HP/stats/weapon, but you can give 
him a shot.

Use the Tablet on some remnants around the world to get a couple very nice 
weapons and accessories.

After going through most of the remaining side quests in the game, you will 
have to take on The Fallen.  Hopefully you unlocked Cachexia with Zolean.

The Fallen (BR 65), no skill or stat grinding:

Hand of God - Single person attack that also hits other people in the union.  
It's luck whether this attack instantly kills its target and the rest of the 
union, or just does moderate damage.
Apocalypse - Frotal AOE attack.  It's luck whether this attack hits only a few 
people, or multiple unions.
Attack - His normal attack has a chance to instantly kill its target.
End of Every Turn - He will use a battlefield-wide AOE attack.  You can use 
Zolean's Cachexia to prevent him from casting most or all of these end of turn 
attacks.  Even if you let one or two slip past, it's far better than having to 
survive all of them.

You'll need someone with Revitalize and Rejuvenate in every union, and someone 
with Vivication Tincture in every union.  Turn off all other healing/herbs 
skills besides those.  Turn off Psionic and Hex spells besides the morale 
drain ones.

Distribute Psionics evenly among the unions so there is a higher chance a 
union will get the choice to alter the morale bar.  Rush, Torgal, and Jager 
should have access to Psionics by now which makes things easier.

You need to set up a special team centered around Zolean's Cachexia - this 
team needs to have +67 AP every turn (or less if you leveled Cachexia up), and 
skills should be turned off until Cachexia is more or less the only choice for 
the union aside from healing/revive spells.

Equip as much +%HP gear as possible.  Try to get a Prismic Bracelet/Young's 
Armlet and Liafort on Rush.

Sample union setup:

Rush, Allen, Gaou, Pagus
Emmy, Caedmon, Jager, Gabriel
David, Roberto, Irina, Zolean
Duke of Ghor, Paris, Blocter
Torgal, Baulson, Glenys

Unions should be in the Mystic Shield formation.  You need to have the 
Cachexia (Zolean) union as slow as possible so that they always act last, this 
will ensure that the boss can't get their end of turn attack, and this also 
gives them a better chance of a flank attack and no risk of being injured.

During the fight, prioritize 'morale drain' choices or 'attack while 
healing'.  Always choose Cachexia with Zolean's union.  Don't bother reviving 
people unless it's early in the fight.  Later on you should just focus on 
burning him as fast as possible.  If you noticed, there is some luck involved 
in the fight, but if you get Cachexia off successfully he won't be doing much 
other than his default Attack.  That still has a chance to instakill, but it's 
better than the alternative.

After killing The Fallen, you can recruit Wyngale.

BR 65-80

If your army was good enough to kill The Fallen, the next bits of main plot 
will be extremely easy.

You can hire Khrynia after completing the Witch quest chain, after visiting 

Finish up the last of the side quests.  The only notable one is The Ladies of 
Bloody Alice - the easiest way to clear it is get an Arcana or special art 
like Gae Bolg.  If not, you'll need unions strong enough to kill the enemy 
unions in one attack so you don't get overwhelmed.

Craft and/or purchase some nice accessories, especially +HP and +AP.  After 
some fights your leaders will start asking for them and you can hand them over.

DLC Enemies:

In order to get the optional DLC enemies to spawn in the PC version, you need 
the corresponding Eye of the "X" special item.  Almost all of these Eyes are 
rewarded through doing an unrelated guild task.
Ring of the Labyrinth - Bind 50 Treasure Chests
Union of the Golden Chalice - Weredragon x20
Sword of the Three Realms - Have a Party Member with 45+ INT.
Union of the Golden Chalice - Obtain 3 Phials of Holy Water
Sword of Three Realms - Glagonos x14
Ring of the Labyrinth - Have 1 commander in the party.  Hire Aquarius in 
Athlum's Golden Chalice guild.
Drops off of Demigod in The Ancient Ruins. x2
Union of the Golden Chalice - Gain Guild Ranks 1-5 by killing a bunch of rare 
monsters, then kill the rare monster Heaven's Lord

DLC Bosses:

Cyclops Standard Model

Due to the fact that you need to spend hours hunting down rare monsters to get 
this boss to spawn, I skipped it.

Eldritch Dragon

A very big, very angry dragon that gets an extra turn at the end of each 
round.  However, if your team was able to take out The Fallen, this guy will 
lose if you stick to morale drains, paralysis, cachexia, and plenty of 
healing.  If you keep the morale meter high, you can waste his extra turns 
using Desperate Wail instead of breathing.  Once his health gets low he'll 
start spamming whiteout/blackout - try to burn him down fast or use 
paralyzing/blackout abilities.

Jhana Royals

This battle gets toughest during the last phase when the King and Queen show 
up.  They both hit extremely hard and the King group has a chance to cast 
Blackout.  Make sure you are at full health when killing the Ava Fusion boss, 
then jump the king as quickly as possible.  It really helps if you use a 
battlefield wide AOE like an Arcana or remnant art like the Gae Bolg.

The Fiery Gates

The Remnant Guards can be fairly unpredictable in their damage.  If they start 
spamming Permafrost, Caustic Blast, Spinning Lariat, or get a Blackout arcana, 
your party will be in a world of hurt.  Just focus heavily on one at a time.  
Try to have a full morale meter and lots of AP by the time you finish off the 
2nd reinforcement wave of Remnant Guardians, so you'll have a good chance of 
getting off a battlefield AOE and wiping out the 4 Guardians that come with 
the boss.

The boss stands by on its first turn or two so go nuts if you can.  The boss 
is exactly like the original, except he takes even more extra turns to dump 
fire on the party if it has the AP (use Cachexia!).  Be careful to keep 
everyones HP up because it's hard to recover from two or more unions being 
enthralled.  If someone gets enthralled, make everyone break off and 'cure 
them even if it kills them'.  The boss will almost always get attack priority 
over your unions, so if you know his attack will kill them, just tell them to 
break off from deadlock and heal themselves while someone else keeps him 


One of the easier boss fights.  The Charged and Divine Idols are basically 
identical.  Their charge up Fulgurate and Insignia attack can usually be 
halted with Cachexia, so as long as you keep Zolean alive and casting it, you 
should avoid most of the heavy damage.  There's no time limit to the fight so 
feel free to keep one person deadlocked while other people revive and live 
through his attacks until you can get the Cachexia train going again.

The Ancient Ruins

An optional dungeon with no minimap.  There's a few great treasures in here 
plus most of the enemies drop materials for the best weapons in the game.

The Ancient Ruins Enemies:

A 'rare' monster that drops important weapon materials.  It always spawns when 
you enter, though.

A 'rare' monster that drops important weapon materials.  It always spawns when 
you enter, though.  These monsters are the most powerful of the oculus 
archfiends.  They throw around a lot of status ailments so be ready to cure 
them or have someone with immunity.  They can be blacked out/paralyzed which 
can make the fight pretty trivial.  Kill them quickly before they start using 
Overdrive every turn.

The Ancient Ruins Bosses:

Basically just a big colossus.  Barely even a boss, more like a rare monster.

This dragon is almost identical to the Eldritch Dragon.  It will start 
spamming blackout/whiteout at low health so have Cachexia ready.

A phantom boss.  It spams Bewitch very often and there are a few ways to get 
around this.  Try to blackout or paralyze it, use cachexia, and make good use 
of Blocter's Wonder Bangle remnant (clears status effects on next turn).  Only 
deadlock one or two unions at once and use the others to break and revive 
enthralled unions, heal, or just standby.  The boss only has about 350k HP so 
it should go down fairly quickly as long as you don't get overwhelmed by 
enthralled unions.  Sometimes you might even get lucky and it uses another 
skill instead of Bewitch.

This boss is basically The Fallen except with 12 million HP and no time 
limit.  He uses his battlefield AOE at the end of most, but not all turns.  He 
will use Bewitch occasionally so be ready to kill your allies if needed.  For 
extra insurance, you may consider putting Rush, Blocter, Zolean, and someone 
with high AP (Irina) together so that the Cachexia group will be hard to 
Bewitch.  You can also consider spending 888,888 gold on the Ragna-Rock which 
will make an entire union (Rush's) immune to Enthrall.  Create an Idol Amulet 
as well which Paris will probably ask for, which will make whatever union he's 
in more resistant to Bewitch and Curse as well.  You don't want to end up 
losing because the Cachexia union got Bewitched or Cursed.

If the boss start spamming Bewitch and you get unlucky, you'll probably lose.

You need to have the Cachexia union as slow as possible so that they always 
act last, this will ensure that the boss can't get their end of turn attack, 
and this also gives them a better chance of a flank attack and no risk of 
being injured.

BR 80-90

With The Ancient Ruins out of the way, only 4 bosses remain to be killed.  The 
White Conqueror and The Lost both must be taken out very quickly before they 
wipe the team out, so you need some uber damage to be able to slaughter them.  
You should already have a lot of materials from running through The Ancient 
Ruins, but you'll likely need to run through it 2-3 more times to kill enough 
Observers and Oblivion Wings.  Unfortunately you can't upgrade some weapons 
unless you spend hours trying to find and kill rare monsters and upgrade your 
guild rank, so just do the best you can.

The Lost Remnant

This guy is a straightforward DPS fight - he is just like The Fallen except 
you only have 5 turns instead of 10 to kill him.  All you need are a few 
upgraded weapons and the game to give you some lucky weapon art procs and 
he'll go down.  Maximizing init AP is also a good idea.  Use the Battle Crown 
formation and pray that you get to use some remnant weapon arts to cause some 
serious damage.  Don't bother too much with healing - you will usually only 
win with 2 or 3 unions alive barely finishing him off on turn 5.

The White Conqueror

This guy is like the The Lost Remnant, except his non-battlefield AOE 
abilities do a lot more damage.  On turn 4 he goes into Savage mode and starts 
using abilities that instakill your unions, so you need to kill him very 
quickly afterward.

There is a lot of luck involved in the fight - his normal attack can 
instalkill, his Deep Impact AOE can instantly kill multiple unions if it hits 
more than one, and his Masterblow also has a chance to instantly kill any of 
the people in a union he attacks.  Sometimes even before he goes into Savage 
mode he will get lucky and wipe 2-3 of your unions.

Once he uses Savage (around turn 4-5) he'll start using Photon Field which 
increases his dodge rate by a huge amount, and he'll start doing Obliterate, 
which is an instant KO to the entire union.  On top of that he uses Seal which 
can one shot a full HP union with little problem, even if the morale bar isn't 
fully red.  He will almost certainly dodge Cachexia, throw out battlefield 
AOEs, and start one shotting unions.  It's basically down to luck whether 
you'll survive at that point.

Stick with Trident formation that you can get from killing The Lost Remnant, 
and a slower formation for the Cachexia union so they always go last.

It really helps if you have mutliple healers/revivers in each union, so that 
when you run around rezzing people both unions can end up at full health.  
This is essential when things inevitably go badly and he starts spamming his 
battlefield AOEs due to missed Cachexias or Obliterate one shotting unions.  
Once that happens, stick to one or two unions attacking, while telling the 
other three to revive or stand back and heal.  The fight will take a little 
while but you can overcome him eventually.

The Enlightened Seven

Snievan - His Lugh's Revenge will one shot a union regardless of morale.  If 
you get unlucky and he spams it too much, you will lose.

Milton - He will constantly spam Iron Will which gives him 5 instakill attacks 
per deadlock and usually completely kills, if not botches, anyone who attacks 
him.  The good thing is he will usually pick on a botched union while you run 
around rezzing the dead.

Ludope & Zuido -  Have one union tank Zuido and the rest gang up on Ludope.  
About the same as before, except he uses Grenade Impact which can nearly kill 
a full health union.  Take him out first because Galaxy can be very annoying.  
Hitting him with Cachexia on the last turn will prevent his Galaxy from 
casting.  Zuido is just a chump and goes down easy.

Young - You get to take Young out alone which is enough to get him into the 
red.  He doesn't have any special abilities, but make sure you are at full 
health when you kill him, otherwise you may not survive Hannah and Hinnah 
showing up and using Dual Snowpetals.

Hinnah & Hannah - Same as before, kill Hannah first so Hinnah doesn't start 
bewitching unions.  If you Cachexia either one of them at the end of the turn, 
they won't use Dual Snowpetals.

The True Conqueror (Rank 8)

This guy is very similar to The White Conqueror, except he will have less 
abilities due to doing some quests earlier (see link for details).  This makes 
him easier despite having a lot more HP.  Also unlike The White Conqueror, he 
goes into Savage mode on turn 10, not turn 4.  The first thing he'll do is 
cast Fatal Eclipse so be ready for it.  He seems to use his battlefield AOE 
and obliterate infrequently compared to The White Remnant, so he's pretty easy 
to smackdown.