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Follow the dark path or use the light
The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: Secret of the Living Volcano Pack Shot

The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: Secret of the Living Volcano



by RandyPandy

The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: The Mystery of the Living Volcano
by RandyPandy

Table of Contents

     I) Introduction
    II) Plot
   III) Cast of Characters
        a. Joni Savage
        b. Santiago Riviera
        c. Leslie Clark
        d. Owen Lam
        e. LapTrap
        f. Captain Clark
    IV) LapTrap
        a. Map
        b. Progress and Levels
        c. ClueFinders' Club
        d. Settings
        e. Sign In, Return to Game, Quit Game
     V) Walkthrough
        a. The Beach
        b. The Ocean
        c. The Island
        d. The Volcano
    VI) Practice Mode
   VII) Activities <UNFINISHED>
        a. Math <UNFINISHED>
           1. Shark Crossing <UNFINISHED>
           2. Sulfur River <UNFINISHED>
           3. Tube Cavern <UNFINISHED>
           4. The Faces Within the Face <UNFINISHED>
        b. Language Arts <UNFINISHED>
           1. Cryptile Stories <UNFINISHED>
           2. The Fish Within the Fish <UNFINISHED>
           3. Spelling Catwalks <UNFINISHED>
        c. Science <UNFINISHED>
           1. In the Minisub <UNFINISHED>
           2. Biosphere Chambers <UNFINISHED>
        d. Social Studies <UNFINISHED>
           1. Poison Garden <UNFINISHED>
  VIII) Copyright


After finishing the previous game, I decided to do FAQs for as many of the
ClueFinders games that I can. Not all of them, because as it turns out, I'm
missing three of them: 3rd Grade Adventures, Toy Store Adventure, and Mystery
Mansion Arcade.

Anyways, 'The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: The Secret of the Living
Volcano' is the third game in the series. You view the ClueFinders on the
screen, and then click in the direction you want them to go in. However, you
can only go in a direction where their is a fat green arrow. A recolored cursor
means that you are able to click on it for added bonuses, whether it be a
comment from one of the characters or the red video phone.

When dealing with the activities and games, there will be a very brief and fast
explanation in the main walkthrough. For a more detailed explanation of the
game, visit the Activities section of the FAQ.

When you insert the CD into the drive and install the game, the autorun will
appear. It will always appear everytime you install the CD from now on. Click
on the button that will start your game, and the game will start. You can skip
the introduction story by pushing the Space bar. Once you reach the Sign-In
screen, select the option to type your name and, well, type your name. Then
click 'Start Game'. After the cutscene, the game will start!


It's a lovely day, and the ClueFinders are aboard a ship. Currently, Joni,
Santiago, and LapTrap are using Lab-5 the submarine to dive deep down into the
ocean. They see an unusual number of wrecked ships, as well as find several odd
pieces of... "artifacts" with odd symbols written on them.

The three of them take some of the artifacts back to the ship, and wonder if
they can be used discover the reason behind disappearances around here. While
the ClueFinders and Captain Clark are talking, a man from the crow's nest
shouts that they have spotted an island. This island is unusual in the fact
that the ships disappeared very close to it, and is not on any sea chart.

As they approach, the man in the crow's nest reports a sudden tsunami coming
towards them. The ClueFinders nearly panic, and Captain Clark decides that
steering right into the tsunami is their best hope for survival. As they head
into the tsunami, it lands on the ship and capsizes it.

Afterwards, LapTrap, who escaped unharmed, finds Joni and Santiago unconscious
on the island and wakes them up. While these three are safe, Joni looks around
and spots Owen's surfboard. However, Owen, Leslie, Captain Clark, and none of
the ship's crew are with them.

Meanwhile, an earthquake occurs. Santiago quickly uses the red video phone for
seismic research and discovers that the mountain on the island is an active
volcano, which is going to erupt really soon.

While LapTrap panics, Owen and Leslie appear on the red video phone, and
explain to Joni, Santiago, and LapTrap that they are trapped underground. They
show the others a room of their underground chamber, which is a wall of the odd
mysterious artifacts that they had found on the ocean floor. One of them falls
off, and Owen and Leslie decide to analyze it and tell Joni and Santiago what
they need while they explore the island.

Eventually, promising to keep touch with the red video phone, Joni, Santiago,
and LapTrap set off to explore the island and hopefully rescue their friends
before the volcano erupts...

Cast of Characters

Here's a brief biography of the major characters of the game.

Joni Savage

Joni is the bravest and most headstrong of the lot. She is also the leader of
the club. She tends to rush into battle and has a habit of calling bad guys
names, which constantly has LapTrap and Santiago on her case. Joni loves to be
out adventuring with her friends.

Santiago Riviera

Santiago is more of the scientific mind. He is able to work electronics, and
even program robots, including LapTrap! He is not has headstrong as Joni, and
tends to think about the situation a bit more before rushing off.

Leslie Clark

Leslie is literally a walking encyclopedia. She has a habit of using large and
complicated words, and is annoyed when Owen translates them into layman terms.
She knows just about everything, and her information comes quite in handy most
of the time.

Owen Lam

Owen makes me think that he was stuck in there for comic relief. Owen is most
likely the least serious character out of the lot. He loves to skateboard and
eat, and sometimes he will pull out a sandwich and eat it. He is the only one
able to understand Leslie when she uses large and unfamiliar words.


LapTrap is a TURTLE, which stands for Turbo-charged Ultra Rugged Terrain Laptop
Equipment. He was created by Joni's uncle, the famous Dr. Pythagoras. He is
quite intelligent, and can be used as a storage device. However, to put it
lightly, LapTrap is a coward. He would much rather be safe at home than out
adventuring. However, there are times when LapTrap would show his bravery,
though they aren't often...

Captain Clark

While a minor character, he is one of the people that the ClueFinders wish to
rescue, partly because he is Leslie's grandfather. He disappeared in when the
ship was wrecked, along with Owen and Leslie.


LapTrap is virtually a sentient mini-computer (which sports an attitude), and
can be quite useful during your adventure. He has a lot of functions that can
be used, so I suggest using him!


Here, LapTrap will only provide one map, which encompasses the Beach, the
Ocean, and the Island. Of course, even LapTrap needs to learn; you can't ask
him to direct you to a place you've never been to before. Any places that you
are able to visit will be on the map, however. Places you haven't been
to will be completely black, while locations you can visit will be in full

There is no benefit from using or not using LapTrap's mapping system. You can
choose to not use it if you want to, but it saves time to take advantage of

Progress and Levels

Here, each activity will be listed, as well as four boxes of numbers beside
each one. The numbers will range from 1 through 4, with 1 being the easiest
level and 4 being the most difficult. As you progress through the game, the
game will automatically decide where to put you.

With the numbers, the boxes are also color coded. A white box is nothing new
or special. If the box has a red border around it, it means that you are
currently on that level. If the box is a dark blue color, that means that you
have mastered that level. If the box is red, that means that you have found the
level too hard for you. Of course, if you are on this site, you shouldn't be
finding any of this stuff hard (it's 5th grade level). In some activities, it
is impossible to master all four levels in one playthrough due to the number of
times you see the activity.

At the far right side of the screen is the auto-levelling option. This is where
you allow the game to decide which level it thinks you should be on. You have
the option to turn off auto-levelling for a few or all of the activities if you
want. You can also manually adjust the level yourself if you so wish.

The ClueFinders' Club

This is basically a small library about the ClueFinders' gang, and features
brief and interesting information about each of the six members as well as a
portraits of each of them, a signature, and a small glimpse of their clubhouse.
There is nothing useful about this; it's just extra information incase people
were wondering about the ClueFinders.


There are two settings here, one for music and one for extra sound effects,
both of which can be toggled 'off' or 'on'.

Sign In, Return to Game, Quit Game

These three buttons line the very bottom of LapTrap. Each button, respectively,
will either return you to the sign-in screen at the very beginning, allow you
to exit LapTrap and return to the game, or exit the game. If you choose 'Quit
Game,' there will be a confirmation screen before you actually do exit.


The Beach

When you can finally control your movements, you'll find yourself on the beach.
There is nothing much here; only some gray sand. You can head in either one of
two directions. The left path will lead you to the ocean, and the right path
will lead you into the island. Normally, I go with the ocean first, if only for
continuity sakes, but you can explore either one first.

The one leading to the ocean is Shark Crossing. Build the bridge across the
river, and head to the other side.

The one leading to the island is Sulphur River. Build the bridge across the
river, and head to the other side.

The Ocean

Once they finish Shark Crossing, the ClueFinders end up in their sunken ship,
and look around it. After awhile, they find their scuba gear, put it on, and
jump into the ocean.

While they are swimming, Joni spots a few of the strange artifacts inside what
appear to be transparent worms. When she tries to snatch one, the worm wakes up
and scolds her for trying to take the "Cryptile" that he was trying to digest.
As the other worms wake up and they all talk, an earthquake happens, and one of
the worms falls off the side of the island. The worms explain to the ClueFinder
gang about the safe haven "Inside", the vicious "living island", and a place
called the "Fish Within the Fish", where Inside is located. The worms tell the
ClueFinders to gather up more Cryptiles, head to the Fish Within the Fish, and
use them to get to Inside.

Once the dialogue is done, you'll see the submarine the ClueFinders were using
earlier on the ocean floor. Swim towards the submarine, and Leslie appears on
the phone and suggests that maybe the submarine can help. LapTrap immediately
jumps on the bandwagon and suggests that the sub can get them out.

However, the sub doesn't have that much power, but it can go to the ocean floor
to pick up Cryptiles they need. So head inside the sub. However, the A.I. of
the sub, referred to as Lab-5, states a problem.

"Oy, that tsunami was no picnic, you know. I'm in bad shape. I don't know if I
can make it."

After some pleading, Lab-5 says to repair her electrical circuits. So use the
batteries and the pieces of copper wire to create complete circuits to the
specifications that she says. Each time you repair a circuit, Lab-5 has enough
power to head down to the ocean floor and scoop up one turquoise Cryptile. Fix
Lab-5 until you get as many turqoise Cryptiles you want. Eventually, you're
going to need a minimum of twelve turqoise Cryptiles.

Once you leave, head back to the worms, and go to the right here, you'll
encounter a lone worm named Tube. He'll complain that his tube segments are
scrambled up, and he has Cryptiles stuck in his throat. If he has at least
three working tube segments, then he'll be able to cough up the Cryptiles. If
you help him cough them up, you can keep them. So help him cough up at least
twelve jade Cryptiles. Once you are done, leave this area.

You should encounter a wall of gold Cryptiles, though you may have encountered
this earlier. They look a lot like the ones in Owen and Leslie's chamber.
Anyways, leave this area, and keep swimming around until you spot something
extremely odd...

"The island has no bottom! I mean it's not a, not a..."
"You mean it's floating?"

Joni will deduce that you are outside the place the worms wished for you to go,
the "Fish Within the Fish". Head inside the large fish to find a row of five
smaller stone fish. The middle one will open it's eyes, and speak to you how to
do the activity. For this round, you will need turqoise Cryptiles. You can have
one out at a time, though you'll need a total of eight. Each Cryptile, it turns
out, is worth four. So, using the Cryptiles and the four other Fish, fill up
the eight slots. Once done, fill up the next eight slots with eight jade
Cryptiles. Then finally, fill up the next eight slots with four turqoise and
four jade Cryptiles.

Owen and Leslie will be impressed that you finished the activity, but they then
hear something creepy, and come to a frightening conclusion:

"Uh, guys? I don't think we're alone in here."

Once you win the Fish Within the Fish, you are done here. Head back to the
Beach where you started and take the other path to Sulfur River.

The Island

You'll reach the very creepy island, and are looking at it through binoculars.
However, the ClueFinders don't watch where they are going, and fall down the
slope, coming face-to-face with...

"A chicken!"

A man dressed like a caveman appears, and grabs his stick-like weapon, thinking
that you are threatening him. However, a hole suddenly appears in front of him
and he almost falls in, but the ClueFinders grab him and pull him out. He
thanks you for saving him from the "living island" and talks about how there
are holes that move and rocks that breathe, and that the volcano has a clue.
He tells of The Faces Within the Face and how a chamber will open if it is
solved using Cryptiles. The ClueFinders decide to go Cryptile hunting and then
head to The Faces Within the Face.

Take the upper path to find a village drenched in rain. Oddly enough, only
this village has a small storm cloud above it, while the rest of the island is
sunlit. A woman is standing outside her house, complaining how the rain (and
the fish that is raining as well) are ruining her stories before she can read
them, and that she needs help. Go inside her house.

Playing one round of Cryptile Stories will award you with one set of silver
Cryptiles. Put the stories in order and touch her handkerchief. Once the story
is in the correct order, she'll wrap the set of Cryptiles up and give them to
you. After you have at least twelve Cryptiles, leave her house.

Go back to the caveman and this time take the lower path. You'll find a bunch
of odd, carnivorous plants guarding a field of gold Cryptiles. Joni runs off
impulsively, and is nearly eaten, but Santiago using a slingshot to save her.

The man in the pillory talks to them, and introduces himself as the Great
Cryptile Thief, a man who stole everyone's Cryptiles and buried them in the
field. He was locked in the pillory because he got caught, and is a little
uneasy of how the rest of his village disappeared. He offered to help the
ClueFinders retrieve the gold Cryptiles if they promised to help find the rest
of his village. They agree, so he explains how to play "Poison Garden". Follow
the maps directions until Joni digs up a Cryptile and tosses it to Santiago.
Leave once you have thirteen Cryptiles by heading right.

When you do, however... you here a scream. As you arrive on the next scene, you
see a hat lying next to an odd flower whose face watches you. Click on the
flower and it will disappear into a hole much like the one that nearly caught
the caveman. Owen and Leslie will then comment.

"Yep... I definitely get the feeling someone is watching you guys. Besides us."

Continue to head down the path until you see a waterfall. This is the entrance
to the Faces Within the Face. LapTrap offers to stay behind, but he is nearly
caught by a carnivorous plant and decides to go instead. Go up the stream to
the Faces Within the Face. You'll get a humorous scene of Joni and Santiago
heading there, but with LapTrap hesitating until the plant nearly eats him yet

Now, Faces Within the Face is almost exactly like Fish Within the Fish, but you
deal with numbers. More then one Cryptile from each set can be used if you are
able to manipulate them correctly, and you can work with eight Cryptiles at a
time instead of four. Anyways, fill all eight slots three times (the first time
with silver, the second time with gold, and the third with both silver and gold

The Volcano

Once you solve both the Fish Within the Fish and the Faces Within the Face, the
chamber opens up and you all fall into a room - right infront of a surprised
Owen and Leslie. After expressing delight at finding the others and dismay at
now being all stuck, they hear an odd growling noise. LapTrap panics, and with
good reason: a hand that doesn't appear to be human swipes at the ClueFinders.
Owen, Leslie, and LapTrap run one direction, and Joni and Santiago run in the

Owen and Leslie end up facing a huge pit much like the one in the Pyramid of
4th Grade Adventures, but with a definite futuristic theme to it. Meanwhile,
Joni and Santiago fall down a tube and end up in a silent room filled with odd
green pods containing frozen humans... as if in a laboratory. As they run in an
attempt to find a way out, they encounter Captain Clark, frozen in a pod. In
shock, they step back - only to step into an empty pod, which snaps shut. They
are contacted by Owen and Leslie, and they quickly tell them what happened and
that they had better find them quickly. As the red video phone shuts off, the
captured ClueFinders hear a inhuman screeching, and Santiago wonders what it
is. Joni sounds a little frightened as she replies.

"I don't know... but I think we're gonna find out..."

Owen realizes that they are on a spaceship. The robot in front of the pit does
not notice that they are intruders, and tells them how to cross the pit. Once
the two do cross the pit, they notice that they entered a room full of blue
pods with sea animals frozen inside them. They climb up to a computer, which
mistakes them for the aliens (for that IS what the strange creatures are), and
Leslie manages to get some information: the aliens are capturing the creatures
of Earth and are freezing them in pods until they can go home, since the brains
of Earthlings are considered delicacies.

The three nearly panic, and Leslie bluffs to the computer, Eco, that they are
specimen keepers trying to release the specimens. Eco falls for this, and tells
them how to release the specimens. However, since everything is written in the
alien/Cryptile language, they ask LapTrap to interface with the computer and
change it to English.

"I'd love to! But, uh... I'm having a bad shell day!"

He does, however, interface, and everything is now written in English. After
the three run the simulation, and succeed, the blue pods all pop open and the
sea animals escape. The doors open and the aliens run in, but they get caught
by the goo falling from the pods, giving Owen and Leslie enough time to run out
the other door.

They face another pit, which is exactly like the first one - spelling words.
Then they enter yet another chamber with more pods. This time, they are yellow
pods with land animals frozen inside them. Eco comes to life again, and you
play the simulation again. Once you succeed, the pods with the land animals
pop open and they are freed. Again, the aliens appear but get stuck in the goo,
so you run out and escape.

For the final time, you see a pit and have to spell your way across. Finally,
you enter a room with green pods that contain human beings. Lastly, Eco appears
and the simulation is run again. Once you finish, enjoy the ending of the game.

The green pods burst open, freeing Joni, Santiago, Captain Clark, and other
captives, such as the lady with the silver Cryptiles and the Great Cryptile
Thief. Then, without warning, the aliens burst into the room. This time, no goo
stops them, so everyone, including the ClueFinders, run into yet another room,
where the door slams shut before the aliens can catch them.

As the aliens bang on the door, the ClueFinders notice a panel of buttons. At
first, Leslie doesn't want to press them because she doesn't know what they'll
do, but then they realize they have nothing to lose.

Joni pushes the first button, which causes countdown in the alien language to
start. Santiago pushes the second button, which stops the storm cloud outside
the house of the lady with the silver Cryptiles and a rainbow appears. Owen
pushes a button that causes a door to open to the outside sea. Finally, Leslie
(covering her eyes) pushes another button, which causes the worms from the sea
to head into "Inside".

At that moment, the caveman appears outside the panel in a boat, and, happy to
find his chickens, tells everyone to get on. They then hear a strange noise,
and Leslie realizes with dread that she pushed the tsunami button. Everybody
clambers onto the ship, and the tsunami drives them away from the island just
as the volcano erupts and the island submerges. A spaceship shaped like the
island rises from the sea and flies away into the sky.

The ClueFinders are talking, and Joni thinks no one is going to believe this,
but Santiago claims they have proof, in the form of Joni having two Cryptiles
in her backpack. However, the entire bottom part of Joni's backpack is gone,
leaving nothing inside. Santiago panics as everyone else wonders where the
aliens are...

Practice Mode

Practice Mode can only be accessed through the sign-in sheet (there will be a
button that says Practice Mode) and any progress made here will not be saved
for the main adventure. Practice Mode has some benefits. You don't have to
worry about solving the mystery. You can stay here and play some of the games
and activities you are weak in.

Otherwise, Practice Mode is just like the game. The characters will explain to
you how to do these activities. There will be no physical reward (in a sense)
for solving the Practice Mode problems. It will level up like in the normal
game, but you will get no other reward for solving them. However, any time you
do level up, it will carry over into the actual game.



|Shark Crossing|

|Sulfur River|

|Tube Cavern|

|The Faces Within the Face|

Language Arts

|Cryptile Stories|

|The Fish Within the Fish|

|Spelling Catwalks|


|In the Minisub|

|Biosphere Chambers|

Social Studies

|Poison Garden|


This guide is Copyright (c) 2006 by RandyPandy, aka Shree Panda. This guide is
only available for private, personal use and may not be replicated, duplicated,
editted, altered, or modified in any way. The only sites allowed to host this
FAQ are: and its affliates and its affliates and its affiliates and its affiliates and its affiliates

If this guide is found anywhere else, please remove it as it would violate the
copyright laws to keep it on.

To contact me, use the following email address:

randypandy13 (at) yahoo (dot) com