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Star Wars: Republic Commando Guide

by Grawl
Star Wars Republic Commando Guide by Grawl
grawler (@t) gmail (d0t) com
03/19/05 - Version 1.0


It seems thousands of players enjoy my guide, seeing the countless mails I
receive. This makes me very happy, since it means my guide actually has some
use ;p So I'm asking you, if you're enjoying this guide, could you perhaps 
donate some money? Heck, I'll be happy with your 2 bucks you were going to 
spent on a cheeseburger later ;p Thank you!

Every question, feedback, comment etc. can be mailed. Put "SQPC Guide" in 
the subject, so I can pick out the mails easily. Thanks! Also add where you

I'm not related to Lucasarts. This FAQ has been made for fun, not to make any
money out of it. Don't use this FAQ on your site/magazine etc. without my
permission. Copyright (c) 2005 by Grawl. I keep my own list of sites that are
allowed to publish this guide. If the site isn't in the list, I'll go after it
and get it removed one way or another.

To make searching easier, I added search-codes in the TOC. Just press CTRL + F
and enter the code to jump to that part immediately.

Table of Contents                                                   [SW.00.00]

* Table of Contents.................................................[SW.00.00]
* History & Next Version............................................[SW.01.01]
* Introduction......................................................[SW.02.01]
* Walkthrough.......................................................[SW.03.01]
  * Campaign 1: Geonosis............................................[SW.03.02]
    * Prologue......................................................[SW.03.2A]
    * Extreme Prejudice.............................................[SW.03.2B]
    * Infiltrate the Droin Foundry..................................[SW.03.2C]
    * Destroy the Factory...........................................[SW.02.2D]
    * Advance to the Core Ship......................................[SW.02.2E]
    * Infiltration of the Core Ship.................................[SW.02.2F]
  * Campaign 2: Assault Ship........................................[SW.03.03]
    * The Rise of Delta Squad.......................................[SW.03.3A]
    * Ghost Ship Recon..............................................[SW.03.3B]
    * Rescue the Squad..............................................[SW.03.3C]
    * Attack of the Clones..........................................[SW.03.3D]
    * Saving the Ship...............................................[SW.03.3E]
  * Campaign 3: Kashyyyk............................................[SW.03.04]
    * Critical Discoveries..........................................[SW.03.4A]
    * The Rescue of Tarfful.........................................[SW.03.4B]
    * Obliterate the Outpost........................................[SW.03.4C]
    * The Bridge at Kachiro.........................................[SW.03.4D]
    * The Wookie Resistance.........................................[SW.03.4E]
    * Search and Destroy............................................[SW.03.4F]
    * The Final Strike..............................................[SW.03.4G]
    * "The Fate of the Squad".......................................[SW.03.4H]
* Weapons & Vehicles................................................[SW.04.01]
  * Republic........................................................[SW.04.02]
  * Trandoshan......................................................[SW.04.03]
  * Geonosian.......................................................[SW.04.04]
  * Droid...........................................................[SW.04.05]
  * Wookie..........................................................[SW.04.06]
  * Explosive.......................................................[SW.04.07]
  * Turrets.........................................................[SW.04.08]
  * Vehicles........................................................[SW.04.09]
* Enemies & Squads..................................................[SW.05.01]
  * Your Squad......................................................[SW.05.02]
  * Enemies.........................................................[SW.05.03]
* Cheats and Secrets................................................[SW.06.01]
  * Console Cheats..................................................[SW.06.02]
  * Unlockable......................................................[SW.06.03]
  * X-Box Cheat.....................................................[SW.06.04]
  * Defeat Droideka's...............................................[SW.06.05]
  * God-mode........................................................[SW.06.06]
  * Shock a Droid...................................................[SW.06.07]
* FAQ...............................................................[SW.07.01]
* Conclusion........................................................[SW.08.01]
History & Next Version                                              [SW.01.01]

Version 0.1 (03/14/05) - First version, everything is new ;p (34,8KB)
Version 0.2 (03/15/05) - Fixed some small mistakes, updated the walkthrough
 with a few chapters. (48,1KB)
Version 0.3 (03/16/05) - Fixed some more mistakes, added hints, added X-box
 cheat, expanded the walkthrough. (64,1KB)
Version 0.4 (03/18/05) - Oops, mistake on my side. You didn't notice anything?
 Good, then I'm not going to mention it ;p Expanded the walkthrough, and fixed
 some small mistakes. (82,6KB)
Version 1.0 (03/19/05) - Finished the walkthrough, added some cheats. (97,4KB)

Introduction                                                        [SW.02.01]

"Enter the dark military side of the Star Wars universe as a squad leader of a
Republic Special Operations unit. You are a Republic Commando. You must 
infiltrate deep behind enemy lines and lead your elite team on precision 
operations - lurking in the shadows, striking at will...

Star Wars Republic Commando will present a dramatic military-style action 
experience from the point-of-view of an elite squad member of a Republic 
Special Operations unit. Players will step into the role of a Commando 
performing precision operations deep behind enemy lines in this brutally 
realistic Star Wars combat experience."

That's the description of the game, thank you very much. I noticed how there
was a bounty on this FAQ, and because I also didn't do a guide for a while,
I figured I might as well give it a shot, and perhaps get some money out of
it. Sounds fair enough, doesn't it?

Note: Some of the information is taken from the official site. This is because
it's the most accurate information available.

Walkthrough                                                         [SW.03.01]

* If this is your first time through the game, don't switch the hints off.
  It'll get you into the game faster.
* Go back to a health stand if you're in need a health. This counts for ammo
  or whatever pops up in your mind.
* I'm not going to list every piece of ammo you'll be able to find. They are 
  not hard to see. Keep your eyes open, they're everywhere.
* I'm also not going to list every enemy. You're a big boy (or girl). Stating
  the obvious would be a waste of space and time.
* If the game is too hard for you, set the game to easy.
* If the game is too easy for you, set the game to medium.
* If the game is still too hard for you, set the game to hard.
* If the game is still too hard for you, you've played this game too much.
* Be sure to save from time to time. At the first campaign it's not really
  needed, but the game gets harder when you proceed through the game.
* There is an explosive thing near your enemy. You have a gun. Guess what.
* I suggest you set the style of playing to "Form up", instead of "Search &
  Destroy". In the later, your commandos will go on their own journey, and
  kill everything. The mode I suggested will let them stick to you. It's a bit
  safer for both you and them.
Campaign 1: Geonosis                                                [SW.03.02]

Prologue                                                            [SW.03.2A]

*Loading* (The Beginning)

A very nice and interesting intro. You'll real quick how you turned out to be
a commando. You start off as a baby in a tube (you're a clone, remember?), and
you'll meet your Delta members etc. Fun fun fun!

*Loading* (The Clone Wars)

You'll be in a dropship, and your chief will tell your mission. You need to
find the other Delta members, and kill Sun Fac at any cost.

Extreme Prejudice                                                   [SW.03.2B]
Geonosian Chief Lieutenant Sun Fac must be eliminated. Delta Squad has been
inserted separately intro the war-torn Gladiatorial arena and points beyond.
They must rendezvous and effect Sun Fac's removal -- by any means necessary.

See the guy in front of you? He'll be taken by a Geonosian Warrior. You'll
drop down. Listen to what the chief tells you, and you'll soon take a hit.
Follow the path, and use the medical station, which I'll refer to as health
stand. The default use button is F, and I'm sure it's yours too. Patch 
yourself up. Look around at the beautiful scenery too, it'd be a waste if you

Once you patched yourself up, you'll notice your fellow friends are fighting
against Drones. Help them out. You'll learn how to use the radar. Follow the
radar to your next point while shooting off the bad guys. Pow pow!

There are more Droids here, and they were also stupid enough to leave an 
explosive barrel. Shoot the barrel to get rid of most Droids, and shoot the
others yourself. Follow the radar again. Weee!

You'll end up in some sort of bunker. Droines will attack, so be sure to help
your friends. If you got hurt, which I doubt, you can use the health stand. 
Now stop hanging around, there's work to do! Continue.

More Droines are up ahead, and I'm sure you'll be able to take care of them
without my help. You'll soon hear your chief, who tells you about Grenades.
You know, the things that explode when you throw them away. Nevermind that,
they explode whatever you do. Go pick them up, but first kill the Droines
that are standing near.

You can throw a Grenade with your right mouse button. You'll see a small
bunker of the enemy. Lob a Grenade inside, and watch the stuff explode. Kill
the remaining Droines, and continue.

You'll have to crawl underneath the debris to continue. You can use the C
button for this. Keep going to meet a Delta member. He'll be shooting Droines
already. I hate it when people want to have all the fun for themselves.

He'll link up with you, and you'll see his info. You'll also learn how to give
orders. This time, you'll learn how to let someone set an explosive. You'll
just have to find a "tag" that shows you where you can place an explosive.
Look around, then hit the F button, and 62 will set an explosive. Once he's
ready, which takes 10 seconds, you can press F again to let the thing
explode. Some enemies will attack. Kill them, and continue.

Some vehicle will be ahead of you, but don't worry, because others will take
care of it. Just keep walking, and you'll enter the building.

*Loading* (Into the Hive)

Grab everything you want, patch yourself up, and keep going. Note the orange
containers. They'll explode if you shoot them. Use this against your enemies.
Just keep going, and you'll find some Droines. Another Delta member is behind
the door. Order an explosive, and blow the door up.

The next Delta member will be able to use terminals. Order him to open the
shield using the terminal. You'll also get to know the HUD a bit more, because
you'll get some info how to check the status of your team members. It's in the
lower left corner of the screen. The color of the icon represents their 
health. Green is good, yellow is ok, red is bad. You'll get to learn how to
order them to heal later. For now, continue through the shield.

You'll now learn how to heal them. Faster than you suspected eh? Be honest
with me! If you aren't near a health stand, you can use F, and order injured
members to heal themselves. When this happened, continue up to the stairs. Oh,
yes, kill the enemies.

Open the door with a nice explosive, and enter the next room. It's full of
enemies, but you can easily get rid of them by using those explosive orange
things. Clear the whole room, patch everyone up, and then let someone place
and explosive next to the airplanes. Enter the next room.

It's dark in here, so switch on your vision-mode by pressing X. When that's 
done, you can see what's going on. Kill the Droids. You can take two paths
here. One will lead to the left, and that's where you were shooting the
Droids just a minute ago. You can get some ammo here. The right path, however,
is where you need to go.

Once you got there, you can shoot some more enemies. You'll see a tag to place
an explosive. Place one, and blow the stuff up, so you can pass through. Kill
the remaining enemies, and enter the next room.

Not much to do here. Shoot some things, yadadada. You know the drill. Grab
the ammo, and find your way out. At the end of passage is the way that goes
down, to the balcony.

*Loading* (The Strength of Brothers)

You'll find the last Delta member. After your friends killed those annoying
bugs, and you got the ammo and health, shoot the glass away. Sun Fac will run
away, but don't bother going after him. Some Super Drone will enter the room,
focus your team members on that one, by aiming at it, and pressing F. Once you
are done, enter the next room.

There is another one of those Super Droids here, so focus on that first. When
it's killed, enter the door that's behind it. You have to kill Sun Fac. 
However, he runs away again. Destroy the enemies, and assign a sniper to the
balcony. Aim at it, and watch for the tag that shows where you can assign
one. Yes, you can do that with the F. Once Sun Fac is killed (well, his ship
is destroyed, that counts too), you're not done yet. Another squad was 
suppose to destroy the Droid factory, but failed. So that's your task now.
Head back to the other room, and find the elevator.

Infiltrate the Droid Foundry                                        [SW.03.2C]
The Separatists have hidden their factories deep within the bowels of the
planet. Delta squad must penetrate the inner lair of the Geonosians and
locate the main Droid construction facility.

Your chief will tell you about the next mission. He'll tell you he can't 
pinpoint the exact location of the main target, because of some jamming 
device. Short after that, he'll get jammed himself. So guess what, you'll have
to destroy the jamming device. Once you reached ground level, and destroyed
the warrior. You can find a Sniper on the ground. Pick it up with F, then 
blast through the door, and enter the next room. You can zoom in with the
Sniper by pressing the middle mouse button.

If you follow the path, you'll end up in a big room. You'll see various 
explosive tanks here, mainly on the bridge. If you shoot those, the bugs will
be killed, and you won't have to worry about that. Go down into the shaft and
kill some more bugs. Continue.

If you keep going, you'll find lots of eggs. They'll hatch, so watch out. They
shouldn't pose much of a threat though. If you keep going, you'll end up in a
new room. Place some to throw grenade, and slowly kill all the enemies in the
room. You'll have to find a control panel to lower the shield of the jamming
device, and then blow the thing up. If you position your squad members at the 
three different sniper positions, and then let one use the panel (he'll 
obviously cancel the sniping), it won't be too hard. Watch out, because more
enemies will come once the shield is down. Blow the thing up, and find your
way out.

*Loading* (The Heart of the Machine)

This isn't an easy part. Follow the shaft, and you'll end up in a very big
room, with lots of enemies. Position your members at the sniper positions,
and grab the ammo you need. When someone gets injured, let them heal right
away. Losing them will hurt more than giving him a few seconds to patch up.
You'll encounter a new enemy here, which is some kind of advanced warrior.
It'll charge its weapon, and shoot a powerful beam. However, when you killed
it, you can grab the weapon and use it yourself. I suggest to use it against
the stronger type of enemies.

First, you'll have to blow up the barricade. Slowly advance over the bridge, 
and blow the barricade up. There is another up ahead, so destroy that one 
too. You'll find a room where you can heal, grab armor, and use a turret. 
Set up your members at the sniper positions, and use the turret yourself.
Quickly destroy the explosive tanks, then move away from the turret. You'll
need to blow something up in order to create a bridge. Do this. Once the
bridge is created, I suggest to just run to the exit, and don't bother with
the enemies. It'll save time, ammo and health.

Destroy the Factory                                                 [SW.03.2D]
Delta squad has improvised an entry and penetrated the foundry. But 
completing its mission will not be easy. Several vital components must be
identified and destroyed in order to cripple down the Droid production line.

You'll have to find a door, and blow it up. Once you did that, continue 
through the shaft, until you find your next door to blow up. Shoot all the
enemies you encounter. Once that door is blown up, you'll find a few bugs (I'm
aware of the fact they have names, but I'm lazy). Use the panel, and you'll
activate some Power Droids. Use your beam-weapon you got earlier against them,
and it'll be a breeze. Once they are killed, set a charge on the door.

Kill the enemies, and enter the next room. There'll be tons of Droids, and
a few of those warriors here. Kill them all (throw a Grenade, they'll love it)
and use the panel to lower the shield. You can now grab the ammo, the beam
weapon once again, and heal. If you're done, follow the path through the door
you'll find.

At the end, you'll find a Power Droid that's shooting you. Take him down, and
continue. Blow up the thing you see, and you'll be able to continue. Another
Power Droid is nearby, but so are health stands. Kill the enemies, and take
the right path for health. If you enter the door, and go left, you can 
position a sniper. Do that, grab the ammo and patch yourself up. Don't enter
the door you saw yet. Instead, use your beam weapon, and kill the Super Droids
before they even got the change to hit you. After that, go through the door,
and command a squad member to use the panel. This will lower the shield, but
also call in more enemies. Walk through the shield that was taken down, and
set an explosive on the left. This will take the factory down. You'll have
to flee now.

Follow your members, and run to the ship.

Advance to the Core Ship                                            [SW.03.2E]
Now that the foundries are offline, Delta squad must proceed through hostile
territory and gain entry to a nearby Separatist vessel. Somewhere aboard are
the launch codes for the entire core ship fleet.

You'll be outside the building again. Follow the path, and kill the enemies.
Blow up the wall, so you can get through. You'll find an crashed ship, with
some of your friends. They'll be killed soon though, so don't bother saving
them. Let one of your members use the turret, and kill all the enemies. There
are quite a lot of them, so watch out. Slowly proceed through the canyon.

You'll eventually find a wall you need to blow up. Straight after that is the
exit of this part. Don't fight the enemies, just run to that exit.

*Loading* (Canyons of Death)

Guess what, more enemies. Keep going, and you'll find them. Shoot them off,
and find the health stand. Patch everyone up, and put 2 sniper down. Droids
will join (yes, including a Super Droid). Once you killed them, continue.

This is a hard part. A lot of Super Droids, and just to bug you, normal Droids
as well. Set up one person who throws Grenades, and let the others advance 
through the path. Eventually, you should have all the enemies killed. You 
might lose some members, but just revive/heal them. When the enemies are
destroyed, patch everyone (including yourself) up and grab the ammo. Enter the

*Loading* (To Own the Skies)

There are lot of (Super) Droids here. Shoot them off, pang pang! You'll end
up in a room with a shut door, 2 health stands, ammo, and a place where you
can put a nice explosive. Put the explosive, and blow the thing up. The door
will open.

Enter the door. Warriors will keep coming unless you do something about it.
Let a squad member use the panel, which will shut the window. Continue to the
path that leads up.

More Power Droids. Fun fun fun! Destroy them, and enter the next room. You 
can use the panel, you can blow the door up... it's not linear at all, right?
In the next room, you'll need to shut down the windows. Yes windows, this time
you'll have to take care of 2. Do that, and continue.

You'll need to blow the thing up here. Do that, and the door ahead of you will
open. Guess what, more Power Droids. Shoot them off, and continue.

Once again, you'll find 2 windows here. Shut them, and patch up. Open the door
one way or another, and keep going. You'll eventually find the exit of this 

*Loading* (Territory)

You'll be outside again. Now the turret is down, a ship will be coming for 
you. About time, right? Continue, and start killing the Geos. Nothing too
hard. Grab the supplies, patch yourself up, and continue.

On the other side are Droids. Not only that, Geos will be coming too. How
nice of them. Shoot them all off. ALL OF THEM! MWHAHAHAHA! Continue.

You'll find a crashed ship, but you can still use the turret. You should use
it, because a large army is coming for you. Kill them all off, and continue.
Good thing I'm here, right? I mean, could you have guessed that by yourself?

You'll find a lot of Super Droids, but also a turret. Use the turret to 
quickly shoot them off. Enter the building once you killed them, and you'll
find out there is no way through. Go back, and pick up the Anti-Armor weapon.
You can now blow up the wall. Don't waste your ammo, let your squad solve it.
Blow the wall up and continue.

Even more enemies here. But there is something worse. You could see it as
some sort of boss. It's a big spider robot, that does quite a lot of damage.
You'll have to shoot at the red orb in order to kill it. I found a rather
handy bug. Basically, you need to get the attention of the spider, and then
circle around it. It'll try to hit you, and the others can easily shoot it
now. As long as the spider can't see you, this is easy, because he'll only
be after you.

Once the spider is destroyed, an aircraft will destroy the shield you see.
Head that way, and be sure to kill the enemies. You'll end up at a closed
door. Guess what. You need to open it. Let someone use the panel, to call
for the bridge. Kill the enemies, and then use the next panel. Wave your
team goodbye, you won't see them for a while.

Infiltration of the Core Ship                                       [SW.03.2F]
Delta squad has accomplished the republic's first breach of an enemy capital
ship. But the battle is not over. A horde of merciless battle Droids lies
dormant, ready to be awakened by a heedless commando.

You need to find the launch code, and disable the shop you're entering. Next
to that, your part is to disable the Droids. When you arrived at the shop,
be sure to sneak until I tell you to stop doing that. With sneaking, I mean
crawling. With crawling, I mean that you should press the C button.

Crawl past the Droids, and make your way. You'll find some ammo on your way.
When you crawled a bit, you'll suddenly see a Droid awoke. Quickly run past
him, and go into the area where he just came from. If you're fast enough,
you won't get hurt.

You'll find some ammo and a health stand here. Continue, and look up. There is
a turret on the ceiling, so shut that down. After that, kill the Elite Bug.
Place an explosive against the gate you see, and let it explode. Continue to
go up even higher.

Don't worry about sneaking right now. You'll have to shoot a few Droids when
you leave the elevator. Around the corner are a few more. Find a terminal,
and use it to disable the storage rack. Grab the ammo, heal yourself, and
find a small vent you can crawl into.

The elevator will take you even higher. If you walk around a bit, you'll find
out some Super Droids are after you. Kill them off, and then find the tag
where you can set the explosive. Blow the thing up, and heal yourself. Right
now I just suggest you to ignore all the Droids, and head for the exit. It's
not far.

*Loading* (Waking the Giant)

You'll see some Droids running to the left. You have to go that way too. Kill
any enemy you encounter. At the end of the hall, you can go left for ammo. If
you go right, you'll find Sev, who's having fun with Droidekas. He'll kill 
one, but you'll have to help him kill the other two. Once this is done, 
continue, and you'll find your other squad members. Help them out, patch 
everyone, grab some ammo, and keep going.

You'll find more Droids and a Droideka. Shoot them off, and enter the next
room. Set up two snipers here, and soon a big device will fall down. You'll
need to blow that thing up, or else the enemies will just keep coming. I 
suggest to blow the thing up yourself. If you die, be sure to get revived,
because no one will help you out since the enemies will keep coming. Once the
thing is blown up, continue.

There are more enemies here, but that's not the thing you'll worry about in a
minute. Set up 2 snipers and 1 anti-armor position, and find the terminal. If
you used it, the big door will open, and another one of those Spider Droids 
will come out. Kill it quickly, and continue.

Open the door, and you'll find more (Super) Droids. Once they are killed,
enter the big elevator for the last part of this campaign.

*Loading* (Belly of the Beast)

You'll have five minutes to complete this part, so hurry up, will you? You
don't have to complete the mission with everyone alive. Just rush through the
halls and rooms, pick up ammo and heal if needed. You'll eventually find the
last room. Set up two snipers here, and heal yourself. Then use the 
terminal you find. It'll take one minute to operate.

Once this is done, you'll need to leave the ship. Follow your radar, and the
campaign is completed.

Campaign 2: Assault Ship                                            [SW.03.03]

The Rise of Delta Squad                                             [SW.03.3A]
While the Jedi above ground take the glory, a small squad of soldiers leaves
Geonosis, knowing that they accomplished their mission. With courage, with 
precision, and with excellence. And that is all they need.

*Loading* (The Ras Prosecutor)

You'll get some information what happened to Delta Squad. I'll leave the 
reading to you. You'll get your next mission information, and Delta squad will
leave the ship.

Ghost Ship Recon                                                    [SW.03.3B]
Commandos work as a team, but they are just as deadly and efficient alone. To
cover the vast starship, Delta squad had split up. Their best hope is to move
fast and silent through the vessel, and recover their objectives.

You'll get to hear your mission. You'll also end up in some big hall. There is
only one door, so enter that. Use the panel, and back in the hall, and bigger
door will be opened. There will be owl-like creatures coming out, but they 
won't hurt you. Keep going. There are no enemies or anything to worry about.
Note how your squad members complain about interference with their vision.
If you keep going, you'll find a Clone Trooper, who won't live long. Continue
your journey.

You'll find a small gate, and you'll see a Clone Trooper getting killed. 
You'll soon be attacked by Scavengers. Kill them, and continue. You'll soon be
out of the pipe-area. However, you'll find even more Scavengers. Heal if 
needed, and find the terminal. When you are about to use it, you'll be 
attacked again. Use the terminal when things are clear, and crawl through the
shaft you opened.

*Loading* (Delta Down)

Sev will be close to you. Keep crawling, until you are in a hall of some sort.
If you go down a bit more, you'll find Sev. He'll be killed by a Trandoshan
Slayer (I'll call then lizards, much easier). Watch out, because you'll be
attacked by them, and a Scavenger yourself. Find a shaft you can go through.
Watch out for the Scavenger that's hiding inside.

Keep going, and you'll end up in a hallway. If you reach the end, you'll be
attacked by the same combo again; Scavenger and a few lizards. Shoot them off
before they hurt you. Now keep going down.

Another bunch of lizards will attack you, so kill them. All the way down is
some ammo you'll probably need. When you get up again, watch out for the 
lizard. After that, head the only other way you didn't go to yet. Kill the
lizard that hiding behind the... explosive tubes. Catch my drift? Enter the
shaft when you finished playing around.

At the end you'll find a lizard that has a Shotgun. However, they are not
hard to kill at all. Shoot it off. Another one will come your way, so kill
that too. Don't forget to grab the Shotgun(s). After walking a bit, you'll
see a bunch of Clone Troopers, but they decide to step onto some mines. That
means they're dead, obviously. Crawl next to the mine, and disarm it with the
F key. Enter the room ahead.

You'll be attacked by lizards and Scavengers. You'll need to use the terminal.
Don't worry about the lizards, they are way too slow. Once you use the 
terminal, and all your little friends are gone, continue. Sev is gone, by the

You'll find a locked door. Blow it open, and make your way through.

*Loading* (Unwelcome Visitors)

Everything is wrecked, and you'll be attacked. Give them some shots in the
head. You'll find some Clone Troopers, which seem to be alive too. However,
you'll have to hurry, or else the lizards will use the turrets against you.

Keep running and shooting. There's not much to explain about that part. You'll
find a bunch of turrets shooting at you after a while. Just run past them.
There is health to get right after the turrets. Once you're done, enter the
big room. First use the terminal in front of you to activate the rare turrets.
Then go up to the other terminal, while shooting lizards, and use that to
download the flight record. Shoot anything off that wants to get you, and
continue. Blow up the door to get in.

Rescue the Squad                                                    [SW.03.3C]
"No plan survives contact with the enemy." Delta squad faces its most 
difficult hour. Separated and wounded, the squad must rendezvous and mount a 
counter-attack... or perish aboard the ghost ship.

Things seem to be destroyed big-time. Leave the little room, and be ready to
get attacked by lizards, Scavengers, and a turret. Shoot and hide. Slowly make
your way through. You'll have to go up, where you'll find more lizards. Also
watch your back at the ramp. When you got around the corner, you'll find a 
lizard, and a turret. Destroy the turret, kill the lizard, and then heal 
yourself. Place an explosive on the barricade and blow it up. Keep going.

Around the corner is another turret, more Scavengers, and also more lizards.
First get the Scavenger away by shooting at it. You can do this without 
having the turret shooting at you. Then run forward, and go to the place
where all the lizards are together. It's better to be with a bunch of them,
then having a turret shoot at you. Kill all the enemies, and quickly head up
the ramp. There is another turret here, and a few more enemies. Shoot them
off (don't shoot the turret, waste of ammo). Around the corner is the exit of
this area, so you might just want to run there, instead of wasting ammo on
those scum.

*Loading* (Alone)

Head up the ramp, and enter through the door. On first sight, there seems to
be no problem. However, suddenly they'll drop down with a bunch of Grenades.
Shoot them off, and then go around the corner, on your left. Shoot some more
lizards, and keep going. You'll end up in a room, and the lizard ahead of you 
decided to lock the door. Heal yourself, and blow the door up.

There is a Scavenger and lizard here. Once you killed them, 2 more lizards
will pop up. Enter the next room, and find another pair of lizards. Shoot
them too, and enter the next room. Guess what, 2 lizards again. Keep going.

Kill the annoying lizard, and grab the ammo/health. Just go down the hall,
and kill anything that bothers you. You'll need to blow something up again.
Right around the corner, however, is some heavy armed lizard. Use your Sniper
to kill it off. You can grab its weapon after that, it'll be better than the
Shotgun you had (which I liked). Blow the next thing up and keep going.

You'll end up in a hall with some enemies. Once you reached the door, one of
those Droid dispensers will drop behind you. You can wait for Delta 40 to
arrive, or just blow the thing up yourself. Whatever suits you. Once Delta 40
opened the door, leave the area.

*Loading* (Troika)

Nothing new here. Keep running, yadadada. You'll find a room with some 
lizards and Scavengers. Once again, just keep going. This is getting boring,
isn't it? ;p

You'll locate a turret. Use it yourself, or let 40 use it. Just get rid of
the truckload of enemies. When you are sure it's clear, you can continue.
You'll encounter a door, which you need to blow up.

In this room, another Delta member can be found. Let 40 snipe down the 
enemies, and do the reviving yourself. Another of those heavy armed lizards
will come in. Shoot it off. Patch yourself up, and enter the next room. Some
more lizards before the end of this part.

*Loading* (Jailbreak)

This is a fun part. Set up two snipers, and kill the enemies. Take the path
left, and put 2 snipers up again. See the mine? Don't go past that part,
because turrets will easily snipe you down. Blow up the other path, and go
that way. You'll find some enemies, and you'll notice you can run around in
circles, if it wasn't the turrets. Find a small path, and go there. From 
there, can you take down the turrets quickly (use your Sniper Rifle). Now 
it's clear for your team members to come. Set a sniper up underneath the
turrets (or where they used to be). Continue down the hall.

You'll be ambushed by a bunch of lizards. When you get further down the path,
you'll find a door. Don't open it yet. Instead, keep going, and walk up the
small path. Kill the lizards, obviously. From there, you can destroy the 2
turrets with your Sniper Rifle. Go back, and open the door. Set up a sniper
on both positions. Use the panel to open the cell of the last squad member.
Go down the path, and revive him. Be sure everyone is healed, and head to the
other path. It'll blow away, and you'll be attacked again. That's where the
sniper you put there earlier comes into play. He'll quickly take care of the
enemies. Go down that path. There are 3 Power Droids here. Kill them off, and
exit this area.

*Loading* (Tactical Supremacy)

You'll be in a place that'll remind you of Star Wars a lot. At least it did
remind me of it. There are some lizards here. Nothing to worry about. Find a
door. Before blowing it up, be sure every has enough health. Then open it.

Grab your Sniper Rifle and blow the turrets away. Let your team take care of
the lizards. Don't open the door in front of you yet. Find another door that's
already open and kill the lizards here. You can find some ammo. Go back and 
open the locked door.

Disarm the mine you see ahead of you. Take care of the lizards, and then walk
to the next locked door. Open it, and grab your Sniper Rifle again. You'll 
find 4 turrets in this room, so take care. Shoot them off as quick as you can
to avoid frustration and trouble. After that, take care of the Droids. 

You can explore the rooms for ammo. After that, open the locked door. You'll
find one of those Droid-machines. Let someone snipe, and someone else set a
charge. Blow the thing up as fast as you can, basically. Explore the rooms for
ammo, then go to the locked door. Be sure everyone is healed, and open it.

This will be a bit tricky. There are several Power Droids and lizards. Get rid
of them all. Be sure to watch your back, since some are on a higher level. 
When you're sure everyone is gone, put 2 snipers at ground level, and walk
up the ramp, over the bridge yourself. Put one sniper here. Place and 
explosive, and blow the thing up. Get rid of the upcoming Power Droids to
finish this part of the mission.

Attack of the Clones                                                [SW.03.3D]
Now at full strength, the squad turns its attention to the Trandosian threat.
The deltas must find and destroy the enemy drop ship and stop the invasion at
its source.

When you try to leave the room, even more advanced lizards will rush in. They
wear armor and helms and whatnot. Their weapons are a bit weak though, but 
that's a good thing for you. Remember the way you walked to this room? Now
you'll have to walk back for a bit.

After a while, you'll find one of those Droid-machines. This time, it'll keep
popping out Super Droids. Even more dangerous, I know. It takes 20 seconds to
take down, so hurry up already!

After that, look around for ammo and health. Keep going, and you'll find a 
barricade. Blow that up yourself, while the others snipe. Once again, look
around for some nice stuff.

Go to the new room. Don't waste your time on the enemies. I just did a quick
sprint to the elevator and saved some ammo and time.

*Loading* (Lockdown)

As soon as the doors of the elevator open, you'll be attacked. Shoot the
bastards, and follow the path. You'll see a sniping position. Put someone
there. Pretty much next to that is a panel. You'll need to use that panel to
fix some things. Once this is done, continue down the path.

If you go down the hall, you'll find the next panel, but also a rocket turret.
What you should do, is take out the rocket turret first. Run behind it, and 
kill the one that's using it. Then let one of your members use the turret.
Someone else can now work on the panel, and that means you'll have only one
more panel to go. Continue down the hall.

Once you found the last panel, use it right way. If you're done playing around
with the thing (or someone else is), gas poison will come out of every corner
of the area. You all have helmets. The lizards don't. They'll die, which is
a pretty good thing. Return back to the rocket turret, and find a wall you can
blow up. Enter the hole you just created.

*The Wrath of the Republic*

A lot of dead bodies, and a Scavenger too. Shoot it off. Find a way up, and
walk up the ramp. On your right is a panel. Put a sniper where you can, and 
operate the panel yourself. You can turn the turrets on this way, and it'll
help you out a lot.

Don't enter the room down the ramp. Nothing to do here. Walk down the hall,
and don't shoot. Let the turrets do the talking. When you reached the corner,
grab your Sniper Rifle, and check if there is a lizard behind the panel up
ahead. If there is one, shoot it, because you don't want the turrets against
you, trust me. Head to the panel, and operate it as soon as you can, so the
turrets can kill the enemies for you. Continue down the hall, but first patch

You'll eventually find a door on your left. Enter it, and kill all the 
enemies you find. Put a sniper and turret here, and let them do the dirty 
work. Go down, together with the other squad member. As you go down the ramp,
and enter the room below, hide behind the crates. Take the guy in the turret
down with a sniper. Let your squad member enter it, and quickly take down the
other turret too. Let someone else enter the other turret, and do the killing
yourself. Your members will start shooting at the dropship, and it'll be dust
in no time.

Saving the Ship                                                     [SW.03.3E]
The battle has widened. The Separatists are coming, intent on claiming their
prize. Can four commando's hold the line against an unending fleet of War
Droids? The Republic is counting on Delta squad.

Time to finish this campaign too. Goes pretty fast eh? Well this part of the
mission is good for some real fun. Run to Hangar B using the old tunnel. Grab
everything you need on your way. Set up everything you need once you arrived
in Hanger B; charges, anti-armor, snipers... After a while, a Droid dispenser
will drop in. Let someone else take it out. Your advisor will tell you to blow
something up, in order to seal of the hanger. Find it, and blow it up. Destroy
any Droid dispensers you find, and patch everyone up. Now head to Hangar C.

*Loading* (Holding the Line)

Same store as before; put some people on the upper level (this time anti-armor
and sniper), and head down with someone else yourself. Let the other guy take
down the Droid dispenser, and take down the machine that controls the hanger
yourself. You'll have to take out a Super Droid dispenser too, so watch out.
Take as long as you want though. Once everything is clear, find your way to
the final hanger, Hanger D.

*Loading* (Overwhelming Odds)

You'll find some ammo, and a sniping position. Put a sniper there, and walk
to the next room. Set the charges here, and open the door ahead of you. You'll
find a load of Super Droids, but just walk back to the room with the sniper.
If you wait for a while, they'll blow them self up. Go back when the Droids
are destroyed.

At the next sniper point, put a sniper, and set charges again. You'll find 
some Droidekas. Once again, wait until they blow them self up. Continue.

At the end of the hall, you can heal, and go left and right. Go left first to
find some ammo, then go right. Keep going, and you'll eventually be at Hangar

Now it's time for some action. Don't attack the dispensers right away. Look
to your left. Set up some anti-armor here, and slowly progress to the left.
There is a dispenser here, and some health. I suggest to let someone cover 
you, and take out the first dispenser. 

Find the big lift, let your men take cover here (sniper/grenade). Find the
panel, and use that yourself. This will call the lift. Enter the big beast
that came up with the lift. You can use it to seal the hanger, but also to
destroy the dispensers. After everything is killed, the lift will lower, and
you'll have to leave the hanger.

*Loading* (Deux Ex Machina)

Follow the path through the small tunnel, and you'll end up in a hall. Don't
worry, this last part isn't really that hard. At the end of the hall, you can
go left or right. Left leads to health and ammo, right to enemies. Slowly
proceed through the hall, and be sure to take out the turrets.

You'll end up in a bigger room. Heal if needed, and then walk up the ramp.
You can find 3 terminals here. Let each of your members use one, and defend
them yourself. They'll need about a minute, but the Super Droids won't even
reach you before they are finished. I suggest to use Anti-Armor against the
Super Droids, since you'll need to use it once, right? Once the terminals are
activated, kill the remaining Droids, and your mission will be done. Good work

Campaign 3: Kashyyyk                                                [SW.03.04]

Critical Discoveries                                                [SW.03.4A]
There are times when the actions of a small group of brave soldiers can have
consequences for an entire war. The Republic owes an enormous debt to Delta
squad, for recovering evidence of a Separatist-mercenary alliance.

*Loading* (The Slavers of Kashyyyk)

This is your last mission already. Sad, isn't it? You can cry if you want to,
it's ok. Anyway, you need to rescue a captured Wookie leader called Tarfful.
He's captured by the damn lizards.

The Rescue of Tarfful                                               [SW.03.3B]
This is the mission were the Republic commandos were bred for: quick, covert,
and dangerous. Their unlikely allies are the fearsome Wookie warriors, and
their objective, the captured leader Tarfful.

What a names; Kashyyyk, Tarfful... Well, whatever suits them. Move down the
beautiful scenery, and put up snipers where you can. You'll end up at the 
base. Put two snipers here, and blow the guy out of the turret. Let one of 
your men enter the turret, and move the ones who're sniping away. Blow the
door ahead of you up, and kill all the enemies that'll rush (they won't just
come from the door, they'll also come from behind). When they are killed,
enter the area with the door. You'll be ambushed, but you can blow something
up and escape.

*Loading* (Hard Contact)

Leave the small area, and you'll find another kind of base. Quickly destroy
the searchlight, or else you'll be in trouble. Put snipers here, and let 
someone blow up the door. Keep going, and you'll find another light. Shoot it
off too, and enter the building. On top of the building is a barricade you 
need to blow up. This will get you out of the area. Note you can grab the 
Wookie weapon that the Wookie leaves behind if you want it. I'd stick to the
Shotgun though.

*Loading* (From the Shadows)

Walk to the end of the hall, and take out the Slayers. When this is done,
put one member at the Anti-Armor point, and slice open the door. You'll find
a pretty strong enemy, so take care of it. Be sure to grab its gun, it's good
for some nice firepower.

Find the terminal, and use it to free the Wookie. Ignore the lizards. In the
cell of the Wookie, blow up the wall, and check the Wookie when he's angry.
He'll take care of most guys, you do the rest. Find the next door and enter 

There is another one of those big Lizard guys in here. Your Wookie will help
you though. Clear the room, and enter the next one. I'm sure you need the
health you can get here. Kill the lizards, and then rescue the second Wookie.
He'll open the door for you. However, he'll run away, and the searchlight will
see him. Shoot down the light, and continue. On top of the building is the

*Loading* (The Bodyguards)

Shoot the searchlight that's above you. If you go around the corner, you'll
find another 2 searchlights. Destroy them, and kill the enemies here. Enter
the building ahead of you. Breach the door, and kill everything you see. After
that, use the panel.

Some Wookie is already killing lizards in the next room. Help him out, and 
walk up the ramp. You need to find a window, and you'll see some good stuff.
Blow up the barricade, and head down. If you keep going, you'll find Tarfful.
Rescue him, while the others hold back the enemies. 

Blow up the door, and enter the area. You'll see a MagnaGuard. They are very
strong, but not even that hard. Set up 2 snipers, and do the shooting 
(together with another member) yourself. You'll have to take out 2 of them,
but it's not that hard. Once they are killed, this part will end.

Obliterate the Outpost                                              [SW.03.3C]
The Separatist presence is now undeniable. Their base and supply operations
must be decimated before further anti-separist activity can begin. The deltas
are now headed after their next high-value target.

Follow the path, and you'll find the next lizard camp. Watch out for the 
mines. Don't bother disarming them, just stay away and let your members shoot.
After a while, lizards will rush in, and walk into the mine-field, and get
their selves killed. Continue up the ramp, killing the enemies. You'll find
some ammo and health.

Just keep going, nothing too hard here. You'll find Droids, fun eh? If you
keep going, you'll find a camp with a Missile Turret. Snipe the lizard in the
turret down, and then kill the other enemies. Find a place where you can set a
charge, and blow the thing up.

*Loading* (Aim for the Earth)

There will be a few Droids here. Shoot them off, and quickly kill the one 
that's controlling the turret. Let one of your men use the turret. Let another
one place a charge on the small barricade ahead of you, and take care of the
other one yourself. Blow both up. Now defend yourself against the Droideka 
and Super Droids. When you're done, continue.

You'll find 3 things you can blow up. Blow them all up for health, ammo, and
a way to your enemies. Kill the enemies and find the Wookie Rocket Launcher.
Go up the ramp. Grab your Sniper Rifle, and kill the lizard in the tower. Take
out the light too. Continue.

There is a mine field here. Let someone blow up the shield ahead of you, and
take out the Droid. Droidekas will rush in, but will stay put at the mine
field. Use the panel and re-activate the mines. Watch out, there is a Droid
behind you. When the enemies are destroyed, continue.

You'll find the Landing Pad. Quickly set a charge here, so there won't be much
reinforcement for the enemies. Guess what, you need to go down a level.

*Loading* (Critical Strike)

Blow up the barricade ahead of you, while killing enemies. Once the barricade
is destroyed, you'll see a few more enemies ahead of you. Watch above them.
That's right, one shot will bring the container down on their heads. Do so.
Heal and continue.

You'll find another small base. Ahead of you are (Super) Droids, but on the
left is a missile turret. Take the turret down first, and then take out the 
Droids. Find your way to the turret, and let someone use it. This will keep
the upcoming Droids away. Once everyone is done playing around, follow the
path up the ramp. At the end, a Super Droid dispenser will drop. Let someone
take it out. Blow up the barricade after that, shoot the lizards, and blow up
the door.

Behind the door is a Spider Droid. Remember the Wookie Rocket Launcher? Time
to use it. You can take down about 75% of the health of the Spider Droid if 
you aim right. Once it's destroyed, more Droids will show up, but a ride will
take you out of there.

The Bridge at Kachiro                                               [SW.03.3D]
The tide of the battle now turns on one crucial link. The bridge at Kachiro is
the artery of the Separatist supply line. Fight to the midway point and 
destroy it to choke further Separatist advance.

There are a lot of Wookies around to help you. That's a good thing. Find your
way to a big hall. You won't encounter enemies, except some Scavengers. In the
big hall, the enemy will break through. You can fight back, or just quickly
locate the exit. Whatever suits you.

*Loading* (Frontline)

Go through the door ahead of you. Set up some Snipers and whatnot, and let 
them cover you. You'll have to take down a big branch, in order to close a
gap where the enemies come though. I suggest to use your Anti-Armor weapon.
Take down the remaining enemies, and blow up the door. There are a few more
enemies. Do what you need to do, and then find the door (it's a bit hard to
see). This leads to the exit.

*Loading* (The Gauntlet)

Turn on your vision-mode, so you can see in the dark. I suggest to turn it off
from time to time, so you can see the mines. Anyway, you'll end up outside 
after some mines and lizards. 

Take the turret out, when you're outside. Put up some snipers, and mount the
turret yourself. Blow up the barricade, and go through. Take the other turret
out, and kill the remaining enemies. After that, continue.

Inside the building are a few lizards, but also one of those heavy lizards.
I suggest to keep one man in the turret, and just lure them out. The turret
will quickly kill them all. After that, find the exit.

*Loading* (Detour)

You'll bump in a mine, so disable that. You can go left, or straight ahead.
First head left, and kill everyone. You can grab some ammo as well. After
that, take the other path. Put snipers in front of the windows, and kill the
enemies. The snipers will kill the enemies on the other side. Cross the 
bridge, and blow up the door.

Kill the enemies in here, and continue your journey. You have to go down. 
You'll find some more enemies. Shoot them off, and then leave the room. You'll
be on lower ground. Kill the remaining enemies, and find the exit.

*Loading* (A Bridge Too Far)

This is where you'll blow the bridge up. Great! Head outside, and start 
killing the (Super) Droids. Take out the Droid in the turret. Several might
try to enter it, so keep killing them. At the end you'll find 2 Super Droid
dispensers. Take them both out, one by one. It might take some time, but at
least try not to get killed. When things are destroyed, and everyone is
patched up again, find the thing in the middle of the bridge you can destroy.

It doesn't work. Not only that, a Spider Droid will come your way. There is
enough ammo around to bring back the health of the Spider Droid to 50% or 25%
using the Anti-Armor device. When the Spider Droid is destroyed, a Droideka
will come in. Hah! Like you'll take that serious. Go up the stairs they 
revealed, and kill the few Droids. Take the Rocket Launcher, and find the
window. Blow up the bridge by shooting at the given location.

The Wookie Resistance                                               [SW.03.3E]
The conflict has escalated. If the Wookies have any hope of repelling the
hostile invaders, it lies with the brave warrior Tarfful. Delta squad must
ensure he unites his forces against the Separatist threat.

Go back to where the Spider Droid was. A wall will be blown up. Go there, and
you'll end up in a big room. You'll need to put some snipers here, and slowly
proceed through the room. When you reached the end, you'll have to blow up a
barricade. While someone (or you) is doing this, more enemies will come and 
try to ambush you. That's right, they only try to. If you are smart, you'll
blow up the barricade, and leave the area.

*Loading* (Behind Enemy Lines)

Proceed around the corner. Suddenly, lizards will attack you from the front
and behind. Let your team members kill them, while you find the panel, and
open it. Go to the next room and help the Wookie out a bit. Kill the enemies,
and then use the next panel. Continue up the stairs.

You'll be attacked by a variety of enemies when you go up the stairs. Let
your members take them out, it'd be a waste of your ammo. When you reached
the end of that hall, you'll find grenadiers. Snipe them down, or it'll hurt a
lot. Kill the other enemies, and find the next room.

*Loading* (V.I.W)

Go through the door. Nothing serious here, just keep going until you come to
a bigger room, with Tarfful on a higher level (you need to blast/slice open
some doors). Find a door here, and enter it. Follow the path. You'll have get
rid of some (Super) Droids. Heal up, and leave the room. You'll be in a bigger
room again. Kill the enemies, and go around the corner.

A Wookie is killing enemies here. What a nice guy, eh? Go up the stairs, and
look around a bit to find Tarfful. You'll need to escort him. There's only one
path you didn't take at the upper level. Find it, and go there. After some
killing, you'll find the exit of the level.

*Loading* (Saving Ammo)

Separatists have got the ammo. Time to claim it back. Enter the door at the
end of the hall. Kill the few Droids. You'll see they'll drop 2 dispensers. 
Run to the Super Droids dispenser. If you are fast enough, you can take it
down, and no one will even shoot you. After that, take down the normal 
dispenser. Find the locked door, and blow it open.

Kill the enemies here, and patch everyone up. Then go through the door, and
after that, well, go through the other door. Set up 2 snipers and anti-armor,
and destroy the enemies. When things are clear, Tarfful will run away.

Follow him, and you'll end up in Loading Dock A. Shoot the person in the
turret, and then head to the left. Walk up the ramp. Put an anti-armor, turret
and sniper here. Use the 2 panels yourself. They'll drop a Super Droid 
dispenser now. Go there yourself, while the others cover you, and blow the
thing up. When everything is clear, it's time to go to Loading Dock B. Blow
the barricade up and follow the path.

*Loading* (Live Ordnance)

If you keep going, you'll find a room that looks like one you visited before.
You'll be attacked by lizards and Droids. Set up some snipers, and kill them.
Continue after that to find Loading Dock B.

Your first thing to do, is secure the ammo. Quickly find the terminals around,
and use them. Let the others do the sniping. After this has been done (it 
doesn't matter if you lose a few ammo supplies), destroy the Droid dispenser.
Watch out for the Elite bugs. They came to hurt you again. When everything is
clear, blow up the barricade and continue.

*Loading* (Fate of the Resistance)

You'll end up in a big room. There are a lot of Super Droids here, so watch
out. Take them all out, step by step. At the end of the room is health and 
ammo. After that, go up the catwalk. Put snipers around, and find the panel.
Lizards will keep sniping you, that's why. The panel will shut down the 
windows, and they won't be able to do a thing anymore. When everything is
clear, follow Tarfful.

In the next big room, you'll have to fight even more. After some easy enemies,
MagnaGuards will come in. Kill them, be sure every is healed, be sure you have
enough ammo, and leave this area.

Search and Destroy                                                  [SW.03.3F]
A major confrontation with Separatist forces is now inevitable. The two
factions are advancing on one another, preparing for an all-out battle.

Things are getting pretty serious now. You might want to consider letting your
team do the shooting, and you just back them up a bit when needed. Things will
get hard from this point. 

Just move through the halls and kill the enemies. Or even better, let your
team do it. It's not hard to let them stay healthy. Just let the enemies
focus on your, and circle around them. You'll find some Wookies, but they'll

After a short while, you'll find a Spider Droid. Put some snipers/anti-armor
around, and just let the Spider Droid focus on you. And once again, circle
around him. Nothing too hard.

When he's killed, go to the next hall. A Wookie will help you against the
Super Droids. When they are killed, heal everyone and continue.

You'll find a hall that leads upwards. First you'll have to kill some Droids,
then some Droideka's, and after that... another Spider Droid. Don't put a 
sniper here. Instead put anti-armor/grenadiers. Your squad should be able to
take care of it. Go back for a bit to get them healed, and continue.

In the next hall are some Super Droids. Take them out. Heal, and blow up the
door to find a hangar. Inside are 2 dispensers; one for Super Droids, one for
Droideka's. Take the one for the Super Droids down first, then move to the 
Droideka dispenser. If you're lucky, you can do this without getting hit. Kill
the remaining enemies. You'll need to blow something up from your advisor. 
Blow it up, and continue.

*Loading* (Heart of the Citadel)

You'll be in some kind of garden. And not only you, there is a lot of lizard
scum, including those heavy armed ones. Place grenadiers/snipers where you 
can, and take them all down. Grab the weapon of a dead heavy armed lizard, and
use it against the others you encounter. It's a great weapon for that. At the
end of the long path, you'll find a door. Blow it open.

Kill the lizards, and heal everyone. I'm sure they needed that. Find your way
to the next room, by blowing up the door, and killing lizards. In the room are
a few more lizards. Kill them all, and then put up 2 anti-armor users. Tell
the other guy to stay put in that area (F3). Open the door to the next room
yourself. You'll be attacked by some lizards, but also by one of those big
ones. Lure the big one to the previous room, so anti-armor can take care of 
him. When he's gone, be sure to grab his gun, and all go to the next room. 
Take the stuff here, and enter the next room.

On the end of the hall, in the next room, is another big guy. Take him out.
Heal everyone, and enter that room. Put 2 snipers here, and walk to the panel.
Use it (takes about a minute), while the others protect you. Enter the next
door, and heal everyone. Shoot the lizards, and continue.

This is where the next panel is. Put up a sniper, and take out the enemies
that are there. Then go to the panel, and use it. Put a sniper next to you to
protect you. When things are fine, continue, heal everyone, and jump over the

*Loading* (Moving Upstream)

Grab the ammo and go through the door. Put some snipers here, and kill the 
Power Droids. Go to the next room, and take out the dispenser. After that, go
to the next room.

Kill the enemies here, and ignore the door on the left. It'll lead to a room
you'll visit soon, but it's not smart to enter it from that way. Take the 
other path, and you'll find a Wookie. Follow him, and blow up the door he
leads you to. Put snipers here, and kill the enemies. When everything is
clear, follow the path. Heal everyone, and enter the door you'll find.

This is the hanger, and you'll need to protect it. There are 3 turrets here,
and I suggest to tell every member to mount one. 3 MagnaGuards will join you,
and you'll need all the firepower you can get. When they are destroyed, heal
everyone and continue.

Remember this kind of hall? No Spider Droid this time, but there is a Droid
dispenser you might want to take out quickly. At the end of the all are a few
Droids, and Droideka's. Kill them all, heal everyone, and continue.

You'll find the elevator, but also find a lot of enemies. Let your team members
take care of the Super Droids. First, toss about 5 Grenades to the elevator.
This way, you'll take out a large deal of (Super) Droids who are guarding it.
After that, take out the remaining enemies. Go down the elevator.

*Loading* (The Final Strike)

Your advisor will tell you about your last objective. It's time to take the
ship down, and help the Wookies.

The Final Strike                                                    [SW.03.3G]
A Separatist drop ship threatens all of Delta's gain, delivering waves of
troops into the Wookie city. It's up to four brave commandos to reach the
vessel -- and shoot it out of the sky.

You can guess this won't be easy. Well, let's get on it already. Grab the
Wookie Rocket Launcher on your way to the first room. Enter the first room. 
Did you think Spider Droids were a pain? Did you think MagnaGuards were a 
pain? Did you think Super Droids were a pain? Did you think Droideka's were a
pain? Now you'll have to fight all of them, at once! Destroy the Spider Droid
first, then head for the MagnaGuard, and then take out the other. Set up
grenadiers, of course. Heal everyone, and continue.

This hall goes up, and with hall that goes up, mostly come Droideka's. And I'm
right. After a few Droideka's, you'll encounter Super Droids. Kill them, and
keep going. You'll encounter a locked door, and one that's open. Sev will go
through the open door, and mount a turret.

Blow up the locked door, and enter it. You'll be ambushed by bugs and a 
MagnaGuard. After they are killed, Super Droids will come in. Destroy them,
and continue.

You'll lose another team member now, who'll mount the next turret. That leaves
you and another one. It's getting tricky. Continue, and you'll find a few
Super Droids. If you go further, you'll find more Super Droids and a few
Droideka's. Grenades work great here. Open the locked door.

Another Spider Droid is waiting for you. Use your Rocket Launcher against it,
and you'll take care of it quickly. Also kill the bugs, obviously. Heal your
other squad member and yourself, and blow up the door. Inside are a few bugs,
but nothing too serious. Grab the Rocket Launcher, and blow up the door.

Well what do you know. Another Spider Droid. Take it down, together with all
the other enemies, grab the ammo, and blow up the door. Go up, and another
squad member will mount a turret. You're on your own now. Take down the bugs
and blow up the door.

Run like the wind! Run with all your might! Ignore the enemies. Dance around
nake.. wait. Anyway, just run and ignore the enemies. You'll reach the turret.
Throw a few Grenades throw the door to kill the enemies, and mount the turret.
Shoot at the points given to you, and the ship will be down soon. You can stop
to kill enemies that annoy you, of course. Once you shot the given points, the
mission is over. Good work.

As for spoilers; Sev will get captured, but you have orders to come back and
leave him behind.

"The Fate of the Squad"                                             [SW.03.3H]
Wracked with guilt about leaving their comrade behind, Delta squad follows
orders and boards the Republic gunship. The painful reality of the Republic
commando is that duty must come before brotherhood.

*Loading* (Epilogue: The Battle of Kashyyyk Begins...)

Watch the ending, and you'll see that Delta squad isn't done yet for a while.
Do I smell a sequel? O wait, I smell myself.

Weapons & Vehicles                                                  [SW.04.01]

Please note that most information is taken from the official site.

Republican                                                          [SW.04.02]

DC-17m Interchangeable Combat System: The BlasTech DC-17m ICWS is the Republic
 Commando's standard issue special forces combat weapons system. Attachment
 components quickly convert the weapon from an Ion Pulse Blaster Rifle to an
 Ion Pulse Sniper Rifle or Anti-Armor charge launcher.

DC-15s Side Arm Blaster: The BlasTech DC-15s Side Arm Blaster is the Republic
 Commando's standard issue secondary sidearm weapon. Used for close quarter
 combat situations or when conserving ammo is needed. 
 The Self-Charging Dynamic Energy Cell keeps the DC-15s constantly recharged
 at a slow but steady rate.
Trandoshan                                                          [SW.04.03]

Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun: Specially manufactured by Arakyd
 Industries, the ACP Repeater Gun is the standard weapon of the Trandoshan
 Mercenary group. Used for medium to short distance engagements, it can cut
 through personal shields, but is not especially effective against droids.

ACP Array Gun: The ACP Array Gun is a close-quarters weapon, used when range
 is not an issue but extreme blast force is non-negotiable. With a robust
 blast spread, each particle charge in each shell is equivalent to a single
 bolt from the ACP Repeater Gun.

LJ-50 Concussion Rifle: The ferocious BlasTech LJ-50 Concussion Rifle is a
 heavy field weapon used in medium to long distance engagements. It utilizes
 a concussive energy charge that implodes on impact and creates an area of
 destruction in a 500 unit radius.

Trandoshan Repeater: The Araykd LS-150 Heavy ACP Repeater Gun is a large,
 air-cooled repeater, with disintegrating plasma case cartridges. Only 
 slightly more portable than a starship turret, the Heavy Repeater is used
 by special mercenary units, either defensively to hold a perimeter; or
 offensively, to annihilate enemy positions.
Geonosian                                                           [SW.04.04]

Geonosian Warrior Force Pike: A devastating close-quarters weapon, the 
 Geonosian Force Pike has alien properties that allow it to deal
 extraordinarily large amounts of damage when used by a Geonosian warrior.

Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon: The Elite Beam weapon is unique in that it sucks
 ammunition from the internal fluids of the Geonosian Elites. The weapon
 harnesses these internal fluids and converts them into a highly focused,
 extremely lethal energy beam.

Droid                                                               [SW.04.05]

Battle Droid E-5 Blaster: The E-5 Blaster is standard attached equipment for
 all Battle Droids. They are integrated into the Battle Droid weapons system. 
 The power of these blasters is equivalent to the BlasTech DC-17m Blaster 

Droideka Twin Blaster: The Droideka Blaster is integrated into the armature of
 the Droideka itself. Its unique Shield Shedding technology allows it to
 shoot two, twin Droideka Blasters through its shields.

Super Battle Droid Blaster & Cannon: The Super Battle Droid Blaster is an
 overcharged energy displacement blaster. It has a relatively high fire rate
 for such a large weapon but its draws power from the droid. Due to this
 high-energy consumption, droid locomotion speed is severely limited. The 
 Super Battle Droid Cannon is a secondary weapon that utilizes a hyper charged
 High Energy Impulse Generated Blaster bolt. Inflicts maximum damage but takes
 time to charge up.

Grievous MagnaGuard Electrostaff/Twin Missiles: The staff weapon of Grievous'
 MagnaGuard droids are lethal, with high-energy tips. They are especially 
 effective against Clone Trooper personal shields, penetrating these 
 protective barriers with ease. In addition to the Electrostaff, each
 MagnaGuard sports a pair of high-yield, low-impact homing missiles. These 
 missiles fire two at a time, homing in on their unlucky target.

Spider Droid Cannon & Missiles: Mounted on top of the Advanced Dwarf Spider
 Droid, this large cannon launches a high energy bolt that has a moderate area
 of effect. For targets that move faster than the cannon can track, the 
 Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid has twin homing missile launchers. The Advanced
 Dwarf Spider Droid acquires targets by utilizing a medium ranged sensor.

Wookie                                                              [SW.04.06]

Wookiee Bowcaster: The Bowcaster is the standard weapon of the Wookiee
 militia. Wookiee crafters individually manufacture each Bowcaster and no two
 Bowcasters are exactly alike. However, ammunition clips are all uniform and
 interchangeable between different Bowcasters. A scope on the Bowcaster allows
 it to be a sniper gun that features a disintegrating, energy-sheathed, 
 physical bolt that can impale targets at great distances. Three rounds are
 necessary to enable this impaler bolt.

Wookiee Guided Rocket Launcher: The Guided Rocket Launcher is a portable, 
 shoulder-held rocket launcher that can be "dumb"-fired or target-locked. 
 Heavy warhead-tipped rockets are jettisoned and then self propelled towards

Explosive                                                           [SW.04.07]

Electrostatic Charge Detonator: The EC Detonator is effective against 
 technology-based targets, such as Battle Droids, as well as organics. The EC
 Det emits an electrostatic charge that renders electronic circuits useless
 and electrocutes organic targets. Caution should be exercised as it has a 
 large blast radius.

Diversionary Flash Detonator: The Diversionary Flash Detonator grenade causes 
 minimal physical damage, but can blind enemies for several seconds. It is
 highly effective in situations where confusion will help counter superior
 enemy forces.

Thermal Detonator: The Thermal Detonator is an all-purpose grenade, with a 
 large degree of splash damage.

Sonic Detonator: The Sonic Detonator grenade delivers a small 
 oscillator-generated sonic blast. It is effective against soft-bodied
 humanoids as well as mechanized targets. This det can also adhere itself to
 any surface and has a delayed trigger which allows it to explode in ten
 seconds or by proximity of a target.

Proximity Mine: This land mine has a motion-detected trigger. Within a 
 proximity range, triggering the motion detector will cause the mine will
 explode. However, the motion detector can be foiled by approaching 'slow and

Turrets                                                             [SW.04.08]

Wookie Dual Missile Turret: Used for defensive purposes against Trandoshan
 aerial attacks, the Wookiee Dual Missile Turret launches a pair of missiles
 with heavy warheads that can penetrate ship hulls.

EWHB-12 Turret with Seat Option: The BlasTech EWHB-12 Mounted Turret is a
 tripod-mounted cannon with a seat attachment option. This weapon boasts an
 extremely high fire rate, medium field range, and medium fire accuracy. Must
 be transported in sections. Relatively weak against shields but highly
 effective against organic and droid targets.

Geonosian Sonic Turret: The Geonosian Sonic Turret is a much larger, 
 stationary version of the Sonic Blaster. It is able to generate lethal levels
 of sonic displacement to deal incredible amounts of damage to all organic 

Wookie Quad Turret: The Quad Turret utilizes four barrels that shoot energy
 bolts in rapid successive order. This turret can be mounted as a stationary
 turret, or on tracks to increase its effective range.

Trandoshan MMLT: The Trandoshan MMLT is a missile launch system that can 
 deliver rocket propelled munitions with exploding warheads. The MMLT is
 capable of delivering eight missiles in under five seconds. However, there
 is a cool-down period between launch bursts.

Vehicles                                                            [SW.04.09]

Republic Drop Ship: The Republic drop ship is a multi-purpose vessel, 
 commissioned for the Grand Army after the outbreak of the Clone Wars. 
 Initially, Republic Cruisers were used to transport gunships through 
 hyperspace and high-orbit, releasing them only when atmospheric conditions
 were generally more acceptable. However, as the war raged on, cruisers were
 in short supply, so the drop ship was created as a simple but effective 
 gunship transport. The drop ship can be customized to carry two, four, or
 twelve Republic gunships, and support their crew for short hyperspace jumps
 and landings.

Geonosian Starfighter: The Geonosians are a territorial lot, and guard their
 spires and factories with genetically-encoded zeal. They have applied their
 craftsmanship into the construction of such security assets as the 
 Nantex-class starfighter. The twin-pronged needle-nosed fighter is an 
 effective deterrent to intruders of Geonosian airspace, and unlike their
 battle droid designs, the Geonosians have not marketed the craft to outside

 This is mostly due to the ship's control systems being specificially tailored
 for a Geonosian pilot. The complex multi-axis control yokes require a 
 Geonosian's dexterity, and vital performance feedback is provided to the
 pilot via a scent-stimulator mask that exploits the accute Geonosian 
 olfactory senses. 

 The fighter's primary weapon is a turret-orb mounted laser cannon. The weapon
 orb and engine cluster are modular, and can be swapped out for mission
 specific requirements. In addition to its primary weapon orb, the starfighter
 is lined with dozens of independently-aiming narrow-beam tractor/repulsor
 projectors. These devices provide the ship with increased agility in an
 atmosphere, but can be used offensively to reduce the maneuverability of
 target craft. 

 The outer hull of the starfighter is constructed of woven, reinforced 
 laminasteel. The flexible building material allows the starfighter to rebound
 from impacts that would fracture more rigid vessels.

Droid Spider Walker: A large, mobile engine of destruction employed in the
 Commerce Guild's private droid army, the homing spider droid is specifically
 geared for anti-vehicular combat. The orb-shaped central body is equipped 
 with sensor equipment, and a powerful dish-shaped laser cannon capable of
 firing a sustained beam at enemy targets. Moving the droid across rugged 
 battlefields at impressive speeds are four all-terrain stilt-like legs.

Battle Droid Dispenser: While the massive MTT serves as a rolling transport
 and deployment device for the Separatist droid armies, the Battle Droid
 Dispenser is its stationary corollary.

 Intended for guard posts, strongholds and other interior spaces, the compact
 dispenser can roll out twenty to thirty battle droids (depending on the
 configuration), usually in a four droid set. The dispensers are armored
 against normal and advanced blaster fire.

Super Battle Droid Dispenser: Although not as compact as their battle droid
 cousins, and not as flexible as their droideka counterparts, the fearsome
 SBDs can nonetheless be squashed down and fit into the Super Battle Droid
 Dispenser. The dispenser is deployed at crucial junctions or combat 
 flash-points, allowing a deadly flood of SBDs to enter the fray at any time.
 The dispenser itself is armored against blaster fire.

Droideka Dispenser: Droideka dispensers build off the technology developed for
 the Separatist battle droid dispensers, with the same purpose in mind.
 Droidekas are reconfigured into smaller, space-saving forms, transported in
 the dispensers, then automatically deployed when needed. A frightening 
 number of these deadly droids can be fit in the dispenser, which has been 
 hardened against blaster fire.

Enemies & Squads                                                    [SW.05.01]

Please note that most information is taken from the official site.

Your Squad                                                          [SW.05.02]

Delta 38 'Boss': Even among clones, there is a heirarchy. Three-Eight is
 undisputed leader of the Deltas.  Relatively taciturn, when he speaks, it's
 usually to bark out an order to his squad. Three-Eight has earned the respect
 and loyalty of his squad, and he repays that dedication in strong leadership.
 Despite being trained by Walon Vau, Three-Eight somehow inherited Jango's
 strong Concord Dawn accent and speech patterns.

Delta 40 'Fixer': The acknowledged 'second-in-command' of the Deltas is a
 gruff, by-the-book type of clone. He insists on calling his squad mates by
 their batch designations, rather than the more colorful nicknames they
 acquired. In the heat of battle, he's most often the one urging the rest of
 the group to press onward. Known to the others as 'Fixer,' Delta Four-Oh is
 the resident technology expert, and often handles computer slicing and 
 code-breaking duties. Four-Oh was a favorite of the borderline sociopathic
 Vau - as they shared a common obsession with tech and tactics.

Delta 07 'Sev': Some soldiers fight because they have to; others fight because
 they like it. Oh-Seven is definitely one of the latter. Most of the time he's
 a coldly efficient killer with a grim sense of humor. But when things get
 hairy, he gets scary. Other members of the squad suspect that someone spiked
 his cloning vat.

Delta 62 'Scorch': War does funny things to people. Similarly, some people do
 funny things with war. Six-Two is the Delta's resident wiseacre, regularly
 dropping a world-weary bon mot into the stew of violence and destruction that
 serves as the Deltas' steady diet. A competent soldier, and an excellent 
 explosives technician, Six-Two has an overdeveloped sense of irony that could
 be mistaken for fatalism. 'Scorch' earned his nickname after an ordnance 
 accident that left him and Sergeant Walon Vau without eyebrows for a short

Enemies                                                             [SW.05.03]

Geonosian Warrior: The first line of defense, Geonosian Warriors pose a threat
 for intruders. Their flight abilities give them air superiority while their
 brutal Force Pikes deal immense amounts of damage. One of their favorite
 strategies is to swarm an intruder with multiple attacks, rendering enemies
 confused and vulnerable.

 Weapon: Geonosian Warrior Force Pike

Geonosian Elite: The Geonosian Elite are the fiercest warriors in their caste.
 They wield a unique weapon which uses bioenergetic fluids tapped directly
 from the Elite Warrior´┐Żs arms. The fusion of warrior and weapon yields an
 extremely deadly foe.
 Weapon: Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon

Geonosian Drone: Drones are relatively helpless members of the worker class,
 whose sole task is to serve the ruling caste. They are hatched in separate 
 chambers throughout the underground colony, always separate from the caves
 of the higher castes. Although small and wingless, drones can be quite 
 dangerous in numbers to intruders. They can spit highly-toxic substances
 through their mouths and possess formidable sets of claws.

Trandoshan Heavy Assault Mercenary: The largest and strongest of all 
 Trandoshan Mercenaries sign up for heavy weapons duty, relishing the 
 bragging rights that accompany the biggest hand-held weapon in the Republic.
 Not only are they able to carry this huge weapon, but they can also lunge
 with the rifle's bayonet, or simply stand and apply sustained fire with no
 sign of fatigue.

 Weapon: LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun

Trandoshan Mercenaries: The Trandoshan Mercenaries are brutal and violent
 fighters. They can go claw-to-toe with the best Republic clone troopers.
 They are well-versed in tactical maneuvers, open field operations, and
 close-quarters combat. These Mercenaries favor guerilla warfare techniques
 and will ambush their enemies at any opportunity. Trandoshan Mercenaries
 carry a variety of devastating weaponry, and it is said that many of them
 sleep with one eye open and one arm on their rifle.

 Weapons: Accelerated Charged Particle Array Gun, LJ-50 Concussion Rifle,
 Thermal Detonator

Trandoshan Slavers: Only the strongest Trandoshans become Wookiee slavers. 
 These fierce creatures show no mercy or compassion. They carry a variety of
 weapons and wield them with skill and ferocity.

 Weapons: Accelerated Charged Particle Array Gun, Slaver Blades, Thermal 

Battle Droid: The standard fighting unit of the Trade Federation, battle
 droids are weak but plentiful and, in large numbers, can deal an astonishing
 amount of damage. Their custom-built blaster is powerful and accurate.

 Weapon: Battle Droid E-5 Blaster

Super Battle Droid: Created as a response to the Trade Federation's loss 
 during the Battle of Naboo, the super battle droid is a reinforced version of
 the standard battle droid.  The internal software and hardware is based on
 standard components, however, its outer armor shell and plating are much
 improved. It is also much larger in size and has an incorporated weapons 
 system, including a blaster arm and cannon.

 Weapons: Super Battle Droid Blaster, Super Battle Droid Cannon

Droideka: Droidekas are heavy duty war machines with shield capability. 
 The shield protects them from various energy weapons including standard 
 blaster fire.  They wield a formidable set of heavy blaster weapons 
 integrated into the twin armatures that serve as their arms.

 Weapons: Droideka Twin Blaster

Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid (A-DSD): Built for heavy combat engagements over 
 uneven terrain, the Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid boasts heavy armor plating
 and multiple weapons systems.  Larger and more destructive than the standard
 dwarf spider droid, the A-DSD is able to launch dual target seeking missiles
 once a target has been acquired through its advanced targeting system. It
 can also deploy a super high energy bolt that carries a frightening 
 destruction radius and explosive power.

 Weapons: A-DSD Cannon, A-DSD Twin Missiles

Scavenger Droid: These guys are annoying little thing. When they get near you,
 your vision will become static, and it'll be harder to look around. They'll
 dive at you, trying to hurt you, but also shoot a beam at you. Use your
 normal pistol against them, and they'll be toast soon.

Grievous' IG-100 Series MagnaGuard: As General Grievous' personal guards, 
 these droids possess exceptional offensive power and strong defensive
 capabilities. They are equipped with an electrostaff melee weapon that can
 deal a tremendous amount of damage against unshielded aggressors. They also
 have twin guided missiles launched from internal magazines on their back 
 plating. The MagnaGuards also have the ability to jump and seemingly fly long
 distances, making them very difficult targets to destroy.

 Weapons: MagnaGuard Electrostaff, MagnaGuard Twin Missiles

Cheats and Secrets                                                  [SW.06.01]

Console Cheats                                                      [SW.06.02]

Press ' during gameplay, and enter any of these cheats:

loaded:            All explosives, full ammo, and almost all of the secondary
                   weapons appear below you.
Fierfek:           Unlimited Ammo
Ghost:             Fly and Walk through everything
PlayersOnly:       Freezes everything but you
AllAmmo:           Gives you 999 ammo
Fly:               Gives you the ability to fly
TheMatulaakLives:  God mode
God:               Makes you Invincible
Darman:	           Next level
Slomo #:           Where # is put a number to speed up or slow down the game

Source: GameFAQs

Unlockable                                                          [SW.06.03]

You can unlock a few features by completing a campaign. It doesn't matter if
your team members are alive or dead. Please note that the unlocked features 
are just a few videos that only last a few minutes. Still nice though.

Foley Feature - Complete campaign 1.
Spec Ops Feature - Complete campaign 2.
Temvera Morrison Interview - Complete campaign 3.

X-Box Cheat                                                         [SW.06.04]

Pause the game, and enter the following inputs to get more ammo in your
current weapons. You'll hear a sound if you did it right;

Y, Y, X, Down, Right trigger, Left trigger, Right trigger, Up

Source: GameFAQs

Defeat Droideka's                                                   [SW.06.05]

To defeat a Droideka easily, stand as close to it as you can. This way it 
can't shoot you. Use melee-attacks to kill it.

Source: CheatCC

God-mode                                                            [SW.06.06]

Use a text-editor like Notepad, and find the file "user.ini" in the system
directory of the game. Change these lines;




You won't take damage anymore. Your team will still take damage though.

Source: CheatCC

Shock a Droid                                                       [SW.06.07]

If you have a Concussion Rifle (you can steal it from enemies near the end of
the game), walk to a Droid, and use the melee attack. This will shock the 
droid, and has the same effect as an electric detonator.

Source: IGN

FAQ                                                                 [SW.07.01]

Q: I have a question...
A: Mail them to me.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: Operating System: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP 
   Computer: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible computer required.
   CPU: Pentium III or Athlon 1.0 GHz or faster CPU required.
   Memory: 256MB RAM required. 
   Graphics Card: 64MB 3D Graphics card with Vertex Shader and Pixel Shader
   (VS/PS) capability required.
   Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible Audio Device.
   CD-ROM: 8X Speed CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive required.
   Input Device: Keyboard and Mouse required.
   DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 9.0c (included on this CD).

   NOTE: Your system may require the "latest" drivers for your particular

Q: Someone of my team is stuck, and won't move!
A: Calm down, it's just a bug. You can try a few things;
   1. Save/Load.
   2. Kill him, and then revive him.
   3. Check how much of the level is ahead of you, if it's not much, leave him
      behind. He'll re-appear in the next part of the level.
   4. Load the latest checkpoint, assuming he didn't get stuck there.
   5. Re-load the whole part of the level (click on "Restart Level").

Q: Why do you call the enemies lizards and bugs? They aren't named like that,
   are they?
A: What do you want me to type each time? The full name? That's be too 
   troublesome. I like it this way.

Q: Who did the brilliant music?
A: Jesse Harlin, who did music of some other games too. Google for more 
   information yourself.

Q: No, I mean, who did that video clip?
A: That's Ash, visit

Conclusion                                                          [SW.08.01]

I hope you enjoyed my guide, since I put a lot of work in it. If you encounter
problems, feel free to mail me. Also suggestions, feedback, comment etc. are
accepted, the mail addy is on top of this file.

Thanks-list: NXMT

And especially you, for reading this.

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