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Follow the dark path or use the light
Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Pack Shot

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty


Cinematics Script

by AdmiralPo

______________________________/ _______________ \______________________________
_______________________________/               \_______________________________

  \\\\\  \\\\\   \\\    \\\\\  \\\\   \\\\\   \\\    \\\\   \\\\\ (R)  \\ \\
  \\      \\     \\\    \\ \\  \\     \\ \\   \\\    \\      \\        \\ \\
  \\      \\     \\\    \\ \\  \\     \\ \\   \\\    \\      \\        \\ \\
   \\     \\    \\ \\   \\ \\  \\     \\ \\  \\ \\   \\\\    \\        \\ \\
    \\\   \\    \\ \\   \\\\   \\     \\\\   \\ \\   \\      \\        \\ \\
     \\   \\    \\\\\\  \\\\   \\     \\\\   \\\\\\  \\      \\        \\ \\
  \\\\\   \\    \\  \\  \\ \\  \\\\   \\ \\  \\  \\  \\      \\        \\ \\

                         S T A R C R A F T (R)   I I
                     W I N G S   O F   L I B E R T Y  (TM)
______________________________                   ______________________________
_____________________________ \_________________/ _____________________________

                    |         CINEMATICS SCRIPT        ||
                   ||          by : Admiral Po         |
                    \---------  v 1.0

 /  \ INTRODUCTION ____________________________________________________________
 \__/ [INT]

Here is the script for the cinematics in Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, the
long-awaited sequel of its predecessor. The cinematics here refer to the
short movie you can access from the console on Hyperion's Bridge (from where
you can also replay previous completed missions), which text/button is colored
orange (while the mission's is blue). It will not include the short cinematics
you will occasionally see at mission briefing or after completing a mission.
Note that you can also access the cinematics menu via cheat code "eyeofsauron"
(on the Hyperion bridge) to view all cinematics list. Careful however, as it
is still considered using cheat by the game and achievements will be disabled.
For a brief explanation on the format in this guide: the title of the 
cinematics appeared first, then a commentary (*) if needed, followed by the
scripts. Sentences in [] bracket are explanation of the event/situation,
whlie those inside () bracket is my own commentary. The order of the cinematics
listed here follow that which appear on the cinematics list using the cheat

 /  \ TABLE OF CONTENTS _______________________________________________________
 \__/ [TOC]

 [INT] Introduction
 [TOC] Table of Contents
 [SCR] Scripts
       # 01 The Deal
       # 02 Public Enemy
       # 03 Old Times
       # 04 Escape From Mar Sara
       # 05 Queen of Blades
       # 06 Zeratul's Warning
       # 07 The Prophecy
       # 08 The Betrayal
       # 09 ... Who We Choose To Be
       # 10 Good Man *
       # 11 Infested *
       # 12 A Better Tomorrow **
       # 13 Nova **
       # 14 Hearts and Minds
       # 15 Heir Apparent
       # 16 Bar Fight
       # 17 Dangerous Game
       # 18 Card to Play
       # 19 Fire and Fury
       # 20 The Showdown
 [CPR] Copyright

Note : * and ** are alternate cinematics, depend on the mission you play

 /  \ SCRIPTS _________________________________________________________________
 \__/ [SCR]

/---          ---\                                                         [01]
|    THE DEAL    | ============================================================
\---          ---/

* This is the opening cinematics.

Arcturus :
   They say a man never really knows himself...
   until his freedom's been taken away.
   I wonder...
   how well do you know yourself?

[ A chamber door opened and a man appeared behind ]

Adjutant :
   Prisoner, step forward onto this platform.

[ The man -prisoner- enters the chamber and the door closed, the mechanical
  equipments in the surroundings begun to operate ]

Arcturus :
   Convict 626.
   Today... you go free.
   But as you'll soon learn...
   even freedom has a price.

Adjutant :
   Combat suit sealed... and locked.

Arcturus :
   You'll carry your prison with you. That armor will be your new cell.
   Make no mistake...
   War is coming.
   With all its glory...
   and all its horror.
   Mr. Findlay - your freedom awaits.

Tychus (the prisoner) :
   Hell... it's about time.

[ And the Starcraft II title appeared... tada... ]

/---              ---\                                                     [02]
|    PUBLIC ENEMY    | ========================================================
\---              ---/

* Played after the opening cinematics

Vermillion :
   ...and in other news today, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk held a press
   conference commemorating the end of the so-called Brood War some four
   years ago. Our own Kate Lockwell was on the scene.

[ James Raynor is seen in a bar, drinking a lot, and the TV is on ]

Lockwell :
   Emperor, the threat of a new zerg invasion is still very real - but instead
   of expanding our fleets, you've squandered trillions on hunting down has
   been rebels like Jim Raynor!

Arcturus :
   Jim Raynor represents a clear and present threat to this Dominion! He is an
   unscrupulous, lawless revolutionary bent on spreading fear and dissertion
   across the sector! He and his ragtag band of miscreants have instigated open
   rebellion across the separate worlds - and stolen vast amounts of Dominion
   weapons and hardware!

[ Raynor then look on a portrait of a woman - Sarah Kerrigan, when still being
  a human, in Ghost outfit (d*mn, she look far prettier than in SC1... @[email protected]) ]

Arcturus :
  I assure you, this criminal will be brought to justice... very soon.

[ Enraged, Raynor drew his pistol and aimed it at Mengsk on the TV ]

Raynor :
   It ain't over 'till it's over, you son of a bitch.

[ And he shot the TV screen... bulls eye... then activated his computer,
  apparently just been back to his senses ]

Raynor :
   Adjutant, are my troops ready yet?

Adjutant :
   Your forces are prepared and awaiting your orders, Commander. Uploading
   tactical data now.

Raynor :
   Good. 'Bout time we kicked this revolution into overdrive.

/---           ---\                                                        [03]
|    OLD TIMES    | ===========================================================
\---           ---/

* After "Liberation Day" mission

[ Raynor was in the bar again, still drinking, when a person in combat suit
  entered ]

??? :
   Y'know, for the most wanted man in the sector - you ain't that hard to find.

[ Raynor slowly tried to grab his pistol ]

??? :
   I had to see it for myself, Little Jimmy Raynor... the people's hero.

[ Realized who the man is, Raynor's hand grabbed his glass instead of his
  pistol ]

Raynor :
   Tychus Findlay...
   Nice suit.

[ Tychus slammed at the table ]

Tychus :
   Pays to be prepared.

Raynor :
   I heard they put you on ice. Life sentence. What, did they give you time
   off for good behaviour?

Tychus :
   That's right, old buddy. I'm a model citizen now.

Raynor :
   So to what do I owe the pleasure?

Tychus :
   Just a friendly business proposition. Do you even know what the Dominion
   are doing out here?

[ Raynor's bottle was empty ]

Raynor :
   I'm guessin' yer about to tell me.

Tychus :
   Digging up alien artifacts, old buddy. Your boy Mengsk has gone crazy for
   'em. But I got a contact that'll pay top dollar for every artifact we...
   liberate from the Dominion.

[ Raynor tried to take another bottle, but Tychus grabbed it first ]

Raynor :
   I guess I can hardly pass that up, now can I, Tychus?

Tychus :
   Partners then. Sixty-forty.

[ Tychus poured the drink in a glass then passed it to Raynor ]

Raynor :
   Seventy-thirty. My way.
   Feels like old times already!

Tychus :
   Old times.

/---                      ---\                                             [04]
|    ESCAPE FROM MAR SARA    | ================================================
\---                      ---/

* After "Zero Hour" mission

[ The Hyperion, Raynor's flagship, being surrounded by flock of Mutalisk ]

Tychus :
   Damn Jimmy, you've been holding out on me.

Raynor :
   Cuttin it pretty close there, Matt.

Horner :
   Never left you hanging before, sir.

Raynor :
   Fair enough. Just get us the hell outta here!

Horner :
   All batteries, concentrate forward firepower. Spin up drives two and six!
   All hands brace for warp jump on my mark!

[ A moment later, the Hyperion succesfully performed the warp jump, 
  vanished from Mar Sara sky, and reappeared in space orbit ]

Raynor :
   What the hell happened? We ain't seen the zerg in years - why attack
   Mar Sara now?

Horner :
   It's not just Mar Sara. You need to see this.

[ Horner turned on TV records ]

Vermillion :
   -Zerg swarm launched a full scale attack-

Reporter :
   -Devastation spread throughout all outer rim planets-

Lockwell :
   -Sustained heavy losses-

Reporter :
   -Casualties in the billions-

Reporter :
   -Minutes ago the zerg attacked a Dominion military research facility-

[ Tychus joined in ]

Tychus :
   Sweet mother of mercy.

[ Back to the TV records ]

Lockwell :
   -New, exclusive video footage confirms the Queen of Blades is in fact
   leading the swarm!

[ Raynor appeared shocked at the last record, which showing Kerrigan, then
  sat on his chair ]

Horner :
   We always knew she'd back. But what's she after?

Raynor :
   She's come to finish the job.

/---                 ---\                                                  [05]
|    QUEEN OF BLADES    | =====================================================
\---                 ---/

[ Video footage replay showing gun fight, then stopped at certain frame, and
  the Queen of Blades is seen there. Tychus was watching it. ]

Hyperion Archive
20:32 - Shipboard Time

[ Tychus turned off the video replay, and just realized that Horner was
  behind him ]

Horner :
   That's funny, convict, I don't recall giving you access to our database.

Tychus :
   Just keeping up on current events, 'captain'. Seems this 'Queen of Blades'
   got everybody running scared. She don't look so tough.

[ Horner turned on the video replay again, still showing the Queen of Blades ]

Horner :
   You have no idea who she is, do you, Tychus?

Tychus :
   Don't matter to me none.

Horner :
   Well it matters to Jim. They were... close once.

Tychus :
   ... Wait a minute... (laughing) you're tellin' me they were shacked up?!

Horner :
   Apparently she was something else... Before the zerg took her. Turned her
   into that.

Tychus :
   And Jimmy feels responsible.

Horner :
   Honestly, if we have to face her again I don't know what he'll do.

Tychus :
   Woman like that... there's only one thing to do.

[ He put his cigarette on Kerrigan's face on the monitor ]

/---                   ---\                                                [06]
|    ZERATUL'S WARNING    | ===================================================
\---                   ---/

[ Raynor is seen walking through a corridor on the Hyperion while drinking
  from his flask, and suddenly the lights go out except the ones where he was
  standing ]

??? :
   James Raynor...

[ And voila... Zeratul the Dark Templar appeared from the shadow ]

Zeratul :
   ... I bring tidings of doom.

Raynor :

Zeratul :
   I have pierced the veil of the future and beheld only... oblivion.

[ He appeared to suffer pains in his right hand, suddenly down on his knee,
  followed by Raynor ]

Zeratul :
   Yet one spark of hope remains. You will hold her life in your hands...
   ... And though justice demands that she die for her crimes, only she can
   save us.

[ Raynor seemed confused first but then realized something and get up ]

Raynor :
   Wait a second, you're talking about Kerrigan?
   It's been four years! Y'show up outta nowhere -

[ Zeratul grabbed his hand ]

Zeratul :
   Time is short! You must understand!

[ Apparently he left something on Raynor's hand ]

Zeratul :
   The answers you seek lie within. Study it well, the fate of creation hangs
   in the balance.

[ Zeratul vanished into the shadow, and all lights go normal again ]

Raynor :
   ... Nice to see you too.

/---              ---\                                                     [07]
|    THE PROPHECY    | ========================================================
\---              ---/

Zeratul :
   The zerg swarm came as was foretold.
   And the protoss, first born of the gods, rose to fight them.
   Now, the Xel'Naga that forged us all, are returning.
   But do they come to save, or to destroy.

[ Zeratul is seen on a cavern, observing ancient glyphs. While walking
  around cautiously, group of Hydralisks attacking him, but Zeratul was able
  to evade and kill them. As he slayed the last one, a familiar sound was
  heard from somewhere near... ]

??? :
   I knew you'd find your way here... eventually.

[ Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades appeared ]

Zeratul :
   Your very presence defiles this place, Kerrigan.

Kerrigan :
   Do you hear them, Zeratul? Whispering from the stars?
   The galaxy will burn with their coming.

Zeratul :

[ Zeratul disappeared from vision, then reappeared on the cavern ceiling
  above Kerrigan ]

Zeratul :
   But you won't live to see it!

[ He jumped and attempting to attack Kerrigan, but she quickly performed a
  counter somewhat like a shockwave which hold Zeratul immobile in mid-air 
  above her ]

Kerrigan :
   Please... our petty conflicts mean nothing now.
   A storm is coming that cannot be stopped.
   Fitting, that we should face oblivion together.

Zeratul :

[ Zeratul managed to break Kerrigan's restraint on him and landed an attack
  on her, then jumped back. Later on, it's clear that Zeratul was able to
  slash and cut Kerrigan's left blade-wing, but he also appeared to suffer
  injury on his own right hand. ]

Kerrigan :
   Fate cannot be changed.
   The end comes.
   And when it finds me...

[ She regrew her missing blade-wing ]

Kerrigan :
   I shall embrace it at last.

[ She then left the place, and so did Zeratul ]

Zeratul :
   The prophecy is uncertain.
   There is always hope.

/---              ---\                                                     [08]
|    THE BETRAYAL    | ========================================================
\---              ---/

* Also appeared in the "Ghosts of The Past" trailer released prior to SC II
  launching, which basicaly a cinematic version of the ending on "New
  Gettysburg" mission in SC I where Mengsk left Kerrigan on Tarsonis.

[ A ghost troop is seen running on a ruined battlefield, and as she reached a
  safe point, she uncloaked and then contacted her team. It's Kerrigan,
  before turned into Queen of Blades by the zerg. ]

Kerrigan :
   This is Kerrigan.
   We've neutralized the protoss, but there's a wave of zerg advancing on
   this position.
   We need immediate evac.

[ A man that appeared to be on a command ship above the planet, Arcturus
  Mengsk, responded to the request ]

Arcturus :
   Belay that order.
   We're moving out.

[ Another person, James Raynor, yelled at Mengsk's response ]

Raynor :
   You're not just going to leave her!

( In SC I mission though, he said : "You're not just going to leave them?",
  the devs replace 'them' with 'her' in this cinematic... yeah, whatever... )

Arcturus :
   All ships prepare to move away from Tarsonis on my mark.

[ Back to planetside situation, Kerrigan must defended herself from incoming 
  Zerglings, and some Hydralisks ]

Kerrigan :
   Boys... how about that evac?

[ On the command ship ]

Raynor :
   Damn you Arcturus. Don't do this.

Arcturus :
   It's done.
   Helmsman, signal the fleet and take us out of orbit.

[ On the planet below ]

Kerrigan :
   What the hell is going on up there?

[ She then feels something, and put on her visor. Through it, she saw
  incoming massive zerg waves surrounding her position quickly. Realized that
  the evac would never come, she put off the visor and threw down her weapon,
  as fear and desperation arose on her face. While numerous zerg begun to
  pour around her, she could only stare to the sky, then closed her eyes,
  prepare for the coming inevitable onslaught... or so she thought... ]

/---                         ---\                                          [09]
|    ... WHO WE CHOOSE TO BE    | =============================================
\---                         ---/

* Played after "The Betrayal" cinematic

[ Raynor's in Hyperion cantina, apparently falling asleep after having too
  much drink, suddenly woke up and accidentally touched a bottle near him and
  the bottle rolling and falling off the table. Luckily, someone else was
  there to catch it before it hit the floor. ]

Hyperion Cantina
00:45 - Shipboard Time

[ The bottle was put back on the table, Raynor tried to take it again, but
  it being hold ]

Horner :
   I've been cleaning up after you a lot lately.

[ Horner release the bottle and Raynor pour another drink in his glass ]

Raynor :
   Leave it alone, Matt.

Horner :
   Same dream?

[ Horner took a chair and sat near him ]

Raynor :
   I said leave it alone.

Horner :
   What happened to Kerrigan wasn't your fault...

Raynor :
   Which part? Where she got left behind, or where she murdered eight billion

Horner :
   Same old bullshit. You ain't going to listen.

[ Horner put a badge on the table, then get up and about to leave the bar ]

Horner :
   Man, do you even see what you're becoming?

Raynor :
   We are who we chose to be, Matt.

Horner :
   When you figure it out let us know. We're waitin' on ya.

[ Raynor took a look on the badge, it's his Mar Sara Marshal badge ]

/---          ---\                                                         [10]
|    GOOD MAN    | ============================================================
\---          ---/

* You get this after the "Save Haven" mission (you choose to save the colony,
  following Ariel's suggestion, thus confront the Protoss Purifier)

[ Dr. Ariel and Raynor are seen in front of a door leading to the outside of
  planet Haven surface ]

Raynor :
   So I guess this is goodbye, Doc. I know you got a lot of cleaning up to do
   out there.

Hanson :
   We'll manage somehow. I just hope you boys stay out of trouble. Those
   protoss are bound to be upset.

[ Raynor pick up a cigar ]

Raynor :
   Well, me and the protoss go way back. I've helped them out a few times...
   Figure they might but me some slack.

[ The door opened ]

Hanson :
   You know, you could always stay here. Settle down, make a new start...

Raynor :
   Guys like me don't get second chances, darlin'. We just gotta finish what
   we begun.

[ Then Hanson gave him a kiss on the cheek, made Raynor drop his cigar... ]

Hanson :
   You're a good man, Jim Raynor.

[ Hanson left and the door closed, while Raynor took his dropped cigar ]

Raynor :
   Hmph. I ain't that good.

/---          ---\                                                         [11]
|    INFESTED    | ============================================================
\---          ---/

* You get this after the "Haven's Fall" mission (you choose to purge the
  infested colony yourself, side with Selendis and ignore Ariel's suggestion)

[ Raynor entered the Lab with his combat suit ]

Raynor :
   Ariel! You in here?
   Matt, seal all access points.

[ The door lab closed tight, and he readied his weapon. Walking around, he
  found the console showing information on Dr. Ariel Hanson infested status.
  While he turning back, Dr. Ariel showed up, with her... jaws wide open. ]

Raynor :
   Oh, God - not you, too...

[ She then quickly jumping around and vanished into the ceiling ]

Hanson :
   Will you enjoy it?
   Will you enjoy killing me... like you killed my children?

Raynor :
   You're infested... You're dead already.

[ She jumped and attacked Raynor, but Raynor was faster and managed to shoot
  her ]

Hanson :
   Do... it... finish... it...

[ Raynor hesitate for a moment, must be wondering what he will do if the
  person in front of him is Kerrigan instead... but finaly he pulled the
  trigger, and gave the killing blow to the infested Dr. Ariel ]

/---                   ---\                                                [12]
|    A BETTER TOMORROW    | ===================================================
\---                   ---/

* You get this after finishing "Breakout" mission. It's the mission on New
  Folsom when you have to choose either help Nova or Tosh. If you choose to
  side with Tosh and break open the prison, you'll see this after the mission.

[ Fleet of battlecruisers is seen above the New Folsom planet, while Raynor
  and team watching them from the Hyperion ]

Raynor :
   Fifty years and no-one's ever escaped from New Folsom... but we broke it
   open in an afternoon.

Horner :
   I can hardly believe we pulled it off.

[ Suddenly, Tosh just appeared behind them, playing with his knife ]

Tosh :
   You guys did good. Now me and my spectres'll finish the job, we'll kill
   Mengsk and burn his Dominion to the ground.

Horner :
   Overthrowing Mengsk is just the start. This is about building a better

[ Horner activated a display panel, showing numerous list of people that have
  been freed from New Folsom ]

Horner :
   Don't you see? We just released every scientist, philosopher, and free
   thinker that ever challenged Mengsk's rule. That was our real victory today.

[ Tosh threw his knife which stabbed on the panel table ]

Tosh :
   You really that naive? Tomorrow there'll be a new Mengsk and another one
   after that. Your great, shining dream of the future is just an illusion.

[ Raynor pulled off the knife from the table, and folded it back ]

Raynor :
   So if it's all so bleak why are you here, Tosh? What do you get out of
   all this ?

Tosh :
   Same thing as you, brother! I don't quit till Mengsk is dead.

[ Raynor's starring at the knife for a moment ]

Horner :
   Vengeance doesn't factor into this. Our revolution's about freedom.

Raynor :
   You'll see that better future, Matt.
   But it ain't for the likes of us.

[ He gave the knife back to Tosh, then left the bridge. Tosh is cloaking and
  dissapearing again, while Horner turning off the display panel. ]

/---      ---\                                                             [13]
|    NOVA    | ================================================================
\---      ---/

* You get this after finishing "Ghost of a Chance" mission. It's the mission on 
  New Folsom when you have to choose either help Nova or Tosh. If you choose to
  follow Nova's suggestion and terminate Tosh's Spectre facility, you'll see
  this after the mission.

[ Horner and Raynor are in front of the panel screen, showing "Incoming
  Transmission" message ]

Horner :
   Transmission coming in - it's Tosh.

Raynor :
   Didn't take long for him to gloat, patch him through.

[ Tosh appeared on the screen ]

Tosh :
   You gonna pay for that man -

[ He showed them somekind of a voodoo doll ]

Raynor :
   Is that supposed to be me?

Tosh :
   - you gonna regret crossing me...

[ And he stabbed the doll using his knife, while Raynor and Horner just stand
  still, trying to feel if something changed, but nothing happened. Meanwhile,
  somewhere else on the Hyperion... ]

Tychus :

[ Tosh just realized something wrong with his 'magic' ]

Tosh :

Raynor :
   You're a scumbag Tosh -
   - I've spent my whole life fighting men like you.

[ Disappointed with his failed 'magic', Tosh threw away the doll, which is also
  followed as well by other person... ]

Tychus :

[ Back to the conversation ]

Tosh :
   Hah, you and me, we're just the same. We'd both do anything to get the job

Raynor :
   No. You don't get it at all. And now you never will.

Tosh :
   What you gonna do man? I'm six light years away!

Raynor :
   Not me...

[ Suddenly, someone stabbed Tosh from behind, right on his head... while Horner
  showed some "Eeew!" face. The killer moved away Tosh dead body and came into
  view. It's Nova. ]

Raynor :
   Hmm. Cold and efficient. Reminds me of someone I used to know. Glad you're
   not after me.

Nova :
   Not today anyway - I'll see you around Jim.

Horner :
   Don't you ever meet any normal girls?

[ Nova took the thrown doll, and stabbed it again with Tosh's knife. Again,
  a familiar scream is heard somewhere... ]

Tychus :

/---                  ---\                                                 [14]
|    HEARTS AND MINDS    | ====================================================
\---                  ---/

* After the "Media Blitz" mission

[ Some TV reports are seen on the screen ]

Keno :
   ...these shocking revelations...

Liberty :
   ...of anti-Mengsk sentiment...

Vermillion :
   ... the Emperor held a news conference earlier today:

[ It's Lockwell Live footage, with the title "Mengsk Scandal" ]

Reporter :
   Emperor - how do you respond to these allegations of genocide! Of using
   aliens to-

Arcturus :
   I assure you, these slanderous attacks against the throne are baseless and

Lockwell :
   Sir, do you still stand by the sentiment that selfless devotion to the
   people is the basis of your rule?

Arcturus :
   Well, of course! I was called upon to serve the greater interest of 
   humanity! Personal power was never my goal!

Lockwell :
   Then how would you characterize this statement?

[ Lockwell played a sound recorder (This is Mengsk's line in the last Terran
  mission briefing in SC1, just after he abandoned Kerrigan on Tarsonis) ]

Arcturus (sound record) :
   ...I will not be stopped. Not by you or the Confederate or the protoss or
   anyone! I will rule this sector or see it burnt to ashes around me...

[ Back to the press conference ]

Arcturus :
   I... I won't STAND for this! You jackals think you can come in here and
   question ME?! This interview is OVER!

[ And the angry Emperor left the stage... Raynor turned off the TV, he's
  on Hyperion cantina with Horner ]

Raynor :
   Y'know I love seeing him squirm, but the Dominion's just going to spin this
   like they do everything else.

Horner :
   Not this time. Mengsk used the media as a weapon for years, now we've turned
   it against him. One broadcast and it won us a bigger victory than a hundred

[ Horner's searching something on the cabinet, then gave to Raynor a cigarette
  he found and lighted his own ]

Raynor :
   I guess you're right, well it's what we started this revolution for in the
   first place... We've got a long way to go, but maybe we started something

Horner :
   Hearts and minds man, just like you always said.

Raynor :
   Y'know Matt, someday you're going to wind up leading this bunch of misfits.

Horner :
   Oh, no... that's what I keep you around for... sir.

[ Horner lighted Raynor's cigarette ]

/---               ---\                                                    [15]
|    HEIR APPARENT    | =======================================================
\---               ---/

[ The Hyperion's warping in on a certain space orbit ]

Moebius Rendezvous Point
21:00 - Shipboard Time

Horner :
   Sir, we've reached the rendezvous coordinates. No contacts. Looks like the
   Moebius ship hasn't arrived yet.

Raynor :
   That's strange. It ain't like them to be late.

[ Suddenly, three battlecruiser signatures appeared on the radar ]

Horner :
   Sir! Dominion ships warping in! Mengsk's flagship is leading them!

Tychus :
   Sweet mother of mercy.

[ Raynor just responded rather calmly and prepared his one bullet-pistol ]

Horner :
   Sir, their shields are still down. I don't like this.

Raynor :
   Matt - pull us alongside and prep the docking tubes!

Horner :
   Commander, this is not a smart move.

Tychus :
   You wanted your revolution, kid. Now ya got it.

[ Raynor and Tychus left the bridge. Later on, it appeared that they managed
  to sneak into the Dominion flagship. Both were involved in a gunfight aboard,
  and finally able to break into the command room. A man seen standing inside,
  and Raynor pull his pistol and point it to the person, which he suspected
  to be Mengsk. ]

Raynor :
   Turn around, Arcturus! I want you to see this coming.

??? :
   You won't find my father here, Commander. I am Valerian Mengsk - and I own
   the Moebius Foundation... through them, I own you as well.

Raynor :
   Tell me why I shouldn't kill you right now...

Valerian :
   Because I can offer you what you've always wanted - a chance to rescue
   Sarah Kerrigan.

/---           ---\                                                        [16]
|    BAR FIGHT    | ===========================================================
\---           ---/

[ The cantina jukebox playing "Sweet Home Alabama" song, while the situation
  on one of the table is heated up ]

Kachinsky :
   You boys gotta wake up! Raynor sold us out! I joined this outfit to fight
   the Dominion, not work for 'em!

Swann :
   Everybody simmer down! We trusted the commander before - we should trust
   him now!

[ Tychus who sat on the table across joined in the conversation, just adding
  more fuel to the heat ]

Tychus :
   You can't trust that drunk. Jim Raynor's nothing but a spineless coward!

Swann :
   You been nothin' but poison since you got on this crate.

Tychus :
   That right?

[ Tychus grabbed Swann's shirt and lifted him ]

Swann :

Tychus :
   Pathetic. Only person you can trust is yourself! The sooner you peons
   figure that out-

??? :
   'Heard about enough of this!

[ And our hero came to the rescue... Tychus threw Swann away and turned to
  Raynor ]

Tychus :
   You got 'em all fooled, don't ya, Jimmy? But the first sign of trouble -
   you'll just duck and run. It's what you do ain't it? Me... them... that
   pretty little girlfriend of yours...

[ Raynor just threw his cigar onto Tychus. Enraged, Tychus grab nearest table,
  and send it flying to Raynor. ]

Tychus :

[ Raynor ducked it, while Tychus charged in but slammed the wall as Raynor was
  faster to evade it. Next, he tried to punch Raynor but barely landed a hit.
  Raynor took nearby bottles and threw it to Tychus. Tychus then got a 
  'brilliant' idea to grab the jukebox above him... ]

Raynor :
   Don't do something you're gonna regret, Tychus!

[ But he just ignored Raynor and pulled down the jukebox, while apparently 
  unaware of the power cable that dangling after. Just like before, he threw
  it to Raynor. ]

Tychus :

[ Raynor ducked it in time, rolled behind Tychus and grabbed the dangling cable
  then used it to give Tychus some punishing electrical shock ]

Tychus :
   That... Ain't... Fair...

[ And he succumbed to the floor... 1-0 for Raynor ]

Raynor :
   You think he's right? That I'm just gonna run out on ya?

Kachinsky :
   You've got us working for the Dominion now, Commander. Taking us back to
   Char? It's like you're gone already.

[ Kachinsky tried to get Swann back on his feet, then helped by Raynor ]

Raynor :
   This ain't about the Dominion. Our war's always been about savin' lives. If
   the zerg wipe everyone out, it's all been for nothing. So I'm going back
   to Char. If you're with me, it's your choice. Just like it's always been.

Kachinsky :
   Now that's the commander I've been waiting on.

Swann :

Kachinsky :
   Let's get back to work, boys.

[ And the crew left the place, while Raynor attended back to Tychus slumped
  body and turned it over ]

Raynor :
   I don't wanna have to have this conversation again. And fix my damn jukebox!

[ Raynor left the cantina, while Tychus tried to get himself up again, but it's
  too heavy... ]

Tychus :
   Uhh... a little help here? ...Anybody...?

/---                ---\                                                   [17]
|    DANGEROUS GAME    | ======================================================
\---                ---/

Char High Orbit
Dominion Battle Group - 13:03 Local Time

[ Dominion Command Ship is above Char, with Raynor, Valerian and Warfield on
  the bridge discussing their strategy ]

Warfield :
   Char. If Hell ever existed - this is it. Oceans of fire, tectonic storms and
   an atmosphere that'll burn a man alive.
   But we've planned for all of that-

Raynor :
   You can't plan for the zerg, general. They ain't goin' to fit in to your
   nice, clean time table.

Warfield :
   I've led five separate invasions against the swarm. I held the line while
   you and your terrorist friends hid under a rock.

Valerian :
   We're all aware of your victories, General.
   I've invited Commander Raynor here to assist us with any unforeseen

Raynor :
   Well it sounds like you got it all figured out, junior.

Valerian :
   I have far too much invested in this undertaking to see it fail.
   Speaking of which, you might particularly enjoy this next step.

[ Valerian activated the communication panel, and apparently he contacted
  Mengsk ]

Arcturus :
   Valerian! I've just received a report you've taken half the fleet! Care to
   explain yourself, boy?

Valerian :
   Father, I am about to accomplish that which you never could. Today I will
   defeat the Queen of Blades and secure peace throughout the Dominion. By this
   act the people will finally know that I am a worthy successor to you.

Arcturus :
   I love your gumption, son, but you're in way over your head. What makes you
   think you have the experience to-

[ Raynor intervened ]

Raynor :
   He ain't alone, Arcturus!

Arcturus :
   Raynor. I don't know what gutter my son fished you out of, but even you've
   got to realize that treacherous bitch cannot be saved... And neither can 

Raynor :
   We'll see about that, and when this is over, you and me got a score to 

[ Raynor cut off the communication ]

Valerian :
   Everything I could have hoped for...

Raynor :
   You're playing a dangerous game here, kid -

[ Suddenly, the radar sounded ]

Warfield :
   Prince Valerian, we have zerg attack waves incoming.

Valerian :

[ To their horror, massive waves of zerg flyers appeared below from the planet
  and quickly surrounded the battle group, panicking the fleet ]

Warfield :
   Clear the bridge! I've got a battle to win.

Raynor :
   I'll see you boys on the ground.

/---              ---\                                                     [18]
|    CARD TO PLAY    | ========================================================
\---              ---/

[ Scene showing the battlefield of Char, on the site where General Warfield's 
  ship was shot down and must defend themselves from hordes of zerg. A marine 
  get pierced by Hydralisk spines, while Warfield's ammo has run out. ]

Warfield :

[ He was forced to use the knife on his rifle to impale an incoming Zergling ]

Warfield :

[ But the Mutalisks above him made the general had to duck and cover ]

Warfield :

[ His men was attempting to retreat, given their disadvantage ]

Marine :
   - Fall back! - We're cut off! -

Warfield :
   Belay that order! Stand your ground!

[ But the retreating Marines also fall to Hydralisk spines ]

Marine :

[ The ground beneath Warfield was shaking, and a Hydralisk suddenly came out
  of the ground, surprising the unsuspecting general ]

Warfield :

[ Another Hydralisk had breached the barricade, and they now surround the
  seemingly helpless Warfield. One of them shot spines which hit Warfield's
  right arm. ]

Warfield :

[ The general had to fight using bare hand on one of them and even succesfully
  knocked it down with his left fist. But the other Hydralisk managed to
  corner him, and as it about to slice the general, someone shot the beast on
  the arm. The next shot landed right on its head, killing it. Its blood
  splattered the surrounding though... ]

Warfield :

[ A Marine wielding a shotgun behind him has saved the general's life, it's 
  Raynor ]

Raynor :
   Heard you boys needed some help. We came as fast as we could.

Tychus :
   Ain't no time to be lyin' down on the job, General.

[ Tychus helped removing the Hydralisk body away from Warfield. Yuck! Look at
  its head... ]

Warfield :
   You magnificent son of a bitch! You're the last man I expected to see!

Tychus :
   Boys... I hate to interrupt but... the natives are gettin' restless.

[ The ground is shaking, and not too far from them, swamrms of Zerglings are
  heading toward Raynor and friends... (Heh, when I saw this ground shaking
  part, I was hoped it will be an Ultralisk that will come next, oh well...) ]

Warfield :
   Thanks for the rescue... But I hope it ain't just the two of you...

Raynor :
   General. You know I've always got a card to play.

[ Three Banshees flyer appeared in the sky, launching their rockets which
  decimated those poor Zerglings with ease ]

Warfield :

[ Warfield pulled off a spine in his arm ]

Warfield :
   You might be a damn pirate, Raynor, but whatever happens you saved my boys
   today and I won't forget that.

Raynor :
   All in a day's work, General.

/---               ---\                                                    [19]
|    FIRE AND FURY    | =======================================================
\---               ---/

[ Scene showing Dominion flag, and numerous fallen Dominion troops. Rain poured
  down, while Raynor step closer to a dead Marine who is Raynor's Raiders team,
  and took his name tag. A Medivac then landed near them, and Warfield stepped
  out of the ship. ]

Raynor :
   Good to see you on your feet general.

[ Warfield's showing them his right arm, which now replaced by a mechanical arm
  that can also transform into a gun ]

Warfield :
   Well, we'll see how long that lasts.

Raynor :

Warfield :
   I brought you boys a present.

[ Two Dominion troops brought a container box, and when it's open, the Xel'Naga
  artifact can be seen inside ]

Warfield :
   The Xel'Naga artifact's been assembled. I hope to God it does what we think
   it does.

Tychus :
   Damn straight. Bettin' our asses on some alien piece of crap don't sit right
   with me.

Raynor :
   I hear ya, Tychus. But if I was bankin' everything on that I'd be quit
   already. 'Cause here we are in the mouth of hell, 'an we made it this far by
   leanin' on each other.

Warfield :
   Whether it's blind luck or damn-fool courage - in all my years, I've never
   seen anything like what you two jokers have pulled off.

Raynor :
   That thing may be the key to stopping the Queen of Blades - but it's our
   sweat and blood that'll make it happen.

[ A troop activated the public address so Raynor's speech can be heard all over
  the base ]

Raynor :
   After everything we've been through, past all the fire and fury...
   ...the one thing I know - is what we can count on each other to get the
   job done.
   Or die trying, if that's what it takes.

[ The rain stopped and part of the sky became clear again... Raynor look at
  the name tag of his fallen men again ]

Raynor :
   ...because some things are just worth fighting for.

/---              ---\                                                     [20]
|    THE SHOWDOWN    | ========================================================
\---              ---/

* The final and ending cinematics, after completing the "All In" mission.

[ Some terran troops are inside a zerg structure, searching anything that still
  left after the artifact energy blast. They stopped at a point where there
  apparently a body lying on the ground. It's Kerrigan, but back in her human 
  form and... Gosh! She's n*ked!... Raynor arrived on scene and kneel on her
  side. (Hey, no peeking, Jim! XD) ]

Raynor :

[ Kerrigan slowly gained conciousness, while Tychus appeared behind Raynor.
  He seemed to be speaking with someone on the comlink. ]

Tychus :
   You reading all this?

Arcturus :
   You have your orders Mr. Findlay. Carry them out.

[ He then pointed his rifle on Kerrigan's head ]

Raynor :
   Tychus what have you done?

Tychus :
   I made a deal with the devil Jimmy. She dies I go free.

[ Kerrigan just stared at Raynor... ]

Raynor :
   We all got our choices to make.

[ Raynor prepared his pistol slowly... ]

Tychus :
   Damn shame.

[ And as Tychus finally pulled the trigger, Raynor moved his body covering
  Kerrigan, then quickly turn and point his pistol to Tychus... bang... Next, 
  the screen fades to black... ]

Kerrigan :

Raynor :
   It's okay I gotcha.

[ As Raynor brought Kerrigan away with the sunset background, the scene shift 
  to the sky, where fleet of battlecruisers fly across... some debris are still
  falling down, hope it doesn't land on top of our hero and his now-human-again
  girlfriend, ex-Queen of Blades... ]

[ The end... for now! ]

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