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Follow the dark path or use the light
Sorcerian Pack Shot




by Dammit9x

Sorcerian FAQ/Guide (DOS)
v1.2 December 20, 2008
dammit9x at hotmail dot com

Copyright 2006-2008

    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
any unauthorized web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited and a violation of copyright.

  v1.2 December 20, 2008
Added tips from dru philbin to sections I-2 and I-7.

  v1.1 April 6, 2006
Base version.


                        In times beyond memory, people
                      fought for their lives in a world
                      where monsters and magicians held
                     sway in places of power and mystery.

                      In those days, heroic adventurers
                     went forth on perilous journeys to
                     prove their courage against their
                        foes in battles to the death.

                         They were called .........


                      Copyright (c) 1987,1990  FALCOM
                      Copyright (c) 1990 SIERRA ON-LINE


  Sorcerian debuted in 1987 for the PC-8801, an old PC produced by NEC. (For 
reference, this was the same year Zelda was released on NES.) It featured what 
today are considered standard elements in any action-RPG video game: customiz-
able parties, a dynamic statistic and level-up system, upgradable equipment, 
and plenty of dungeon-crawling challenges. Later addon packs brought new 
features (such as the sound test) and many new scenarios to the original. Since 
then it has been ported to many platforms, including Windows, Sega Mega Drive 
(Genesis) and Dreamcast, NEC PC Engine (Turbo Grafx) and even mobile phone. 
The Mega Drive port is notable because it had only 10 scenarios, but all were 
unique to that version. Many soundtracks and art collections have been 
released. However, it has never been well known in the West due to a lack of 
interest in foreign markets on the part of Falcom.
  Sorcerian was only ported to English speakers once. In 1990, a version was 
translated and distributed in North America by Sierra On-Line for the Microsoft 
DOS platform. That is the version for which this FAQ was written. The DOS 
version has the 15 original missions, along with the game improvements brought 
by the 1988 Utility pack. It is probably a faithful port of one of the versions 
for NEC PC. However, it lacks the mission packs that were available for other 
PC systems (which increased the number of scenarios to 50) and is technically 
inferior to later versions such as the Turbo CD. It is the only option for 
English speakers though.

  It is of note that Sorcerian is part 5 of Falcom's "Dragon Slayer" series, a 
collection of games related only by fantasy theme:

      I.    Dragon Slayer
      II.   Xanadu (includes the familiar Faxanadu for NES)
      III.  Romancia
      IV.   Dragon Slayer Chapter IV
      V.    Sorcerian
      VI.   Dragon Slayer Legend of Heroes
      VII.  Lord Monarch
      VIII. The Legend of Xanadu



  3-1. THE GARDEN OF THE GODS (3 character limit)
  2-2. THE DRAGON KING (3 character limit)
  3-3. THE CURSE OF MEDUSA (3 character limit)
  2-4. THE DARK MAGICIAN (3 character limit)
  2-5. THE CURSED SHIP (3 character limit)

  1. "MAGIC"
  2. "HERBS"
  3. "CHART"




Menu & Town Controls:
Arrow keys/Number keypad = Move cursor
Z/Enter = Choose/Yes
X/Space = Cancel/No
Ctrl-Q    Immediately quit program

Scenario (Combat) Controls:
Arrow keys/Number keypad = Move & Jump; Use Up to search, use items, etc.
Shift + move keys = Sprint; You can only sprint for a few seconds at a time
Z/Enter = Magic
X/Space = Attack

F1        View control help
F2        Toggle music
F4        Toggle SFX
F5        Save ("quicksave")
F7        Load ("quickload")
C         Change character order (Very important)
E         View equipment and select magic; Use potions
I         View treasure and exp found so far
M         Monster information (The party leader must have monster knowledge.)
P         View stats
S         Set speed (5=normal)
T         Toggle pause
Capslock  Toggle popup HP/MP window
Ctrl-Q    Immediately quit program

A joystick or gamepad also works, if installed.
The stick/directional pad functions as the arrow keys/number keypad.
Buttons 1 and 2 function as Z/Enter and X/Space, respectively.


START ADVENTURE: First choose one of the 3 available mission suites, then 
 choose one of the 5 missions. In general, the difficulty increases from the 
 1st to 5th mission. Scenarios can be repeated, and taken in any order. 
 (Although it may be impossible to complete if the party is too weak.) A party 
 must first be organized.

ADVANCE TIME: Passes one year.

VIEW PARTY: View the status of party members. A party must first be organized.

VIEW CHARACTER: Same as VIEW PARTY but works with disbanded members instead.

ORGANIZE PARTY: Choose up to four members to be in a party. A member must be 
 fully equipped in order to join. Some scenarios only allow parties with up to 
 3 members, because you will be joined by an NPC.

CREATE CHARACTER: Begin character generation process. (See below.)
 The maximum number of characters is 10.

DISBAND PARTY: Un-organizes a party, if one exists.

REMOVE CHARACTER: Permanently deletes a character.

GO TO TOWN: Characters can do business in town. The party must be disbanded.

CHANGE OCCUPATION: Choose a different job for a character, which determines the 
 annual income, exp, and stat modifications. The available jobs depend on the 
 class, age, and sex of the character.

SAVE CHARACTERS: Save the state of all characters to one of slots from 1-9.
 The save files are created in the directory ./USER/ and are named SAVE# where 
 # is 0-9. There is a sample set of characters provided in slot 0, which can't 
 be overwritten. Of course, you can copy, rename and remove save files through 
 your filesystem.

LOAD CHARACTERS: Load character state from one of 10 slots from 0-9.


FIGHT DRAGON: Starts a mini-scenario in which you must fight some powerful 
 dragons. This option only appears if all members of the organized party have 
 completed all 5 scenarios of one of the mission suites.

   The dragons can deal damage extremely fast and can take a lot of damage in 
 return. The dragons you fight are:
 -pair of Hydras (from 1-1. THE STOLEN SCEPTER)  
 -Blue Dragon (from 2-4. THE DARK MAGICIAN)
 -Vadis (from 2-2. THE DRAGON KING; remember to attack tail-first)
 -a unique Red Dragon

   Some of your abilities are disabled for this scenario. You cannot:
 -Sprint (shift key)
 -See monster info (M key)
 -See inventory (I key)
 -Save or Load
 -Leave the level

   The only way to leave is to win, and there is no exp or treasure reward.

"dru philbin" gives this advice:

For the actual dragon battle, I found the following to be helpful:

-The "Hero's Shield" from "Riddle of the Red Jewel" has an 'Add to Life' spell 
on it; this or a similar item will just about double HP. Using this and having 
a lead character with a modest STR stat value (I.E., above 25) will make the 
dragon battle fairly moderate in difficulty, so long as one also has two 
spellcasters who use Crystal Rings to heal constantly.

-Using the above in conjunction with a Dragonslayer item (like the Gladius from 
"The Water of Life") will make the battle very easy.

-The 3rd dragon will not move left of a certain pillar, nor will it swoop down 
until the party moves beyond that pillar. With the right timing and the 
Dragonslayer spell, it's possible to pick away all the segments and avoid 
being hit until only the head is left and physical attacks are required.

-The 4th dragon only lowers its head when the part approaches closely. With 
lots of HP the characters can simply move in and hack away, retreating to heal 
when required.


  After entering a name, you need to choose a race and sex; These determine the 
initial stats of the character:

     Fighter       |  Wizard        |  Dwarf         |  Elf           
     Male  Female  |  Male  Female  |  Male  Female  |  Male  Female  
STR     8     7    |    -3    -4    |    10     9    |     0    -1    
INT     0     0    |    10     9    |   -10    -9    |     4     5    
PRT     9     8    |     6     5    |    10     9    |     7     6    
MGR     4     5    |     9    10    |     7     8    |     6     7    
VIT     8     7    |     5     5    |    10     9    |     6     5    
DEX     4     5    |     5     6    |     8     9    |     7     7    
KRM     2     3    |     3     4    |     2     2    |     5     6    

  Characters get a random number of bonus points from 3-5. Select a stat and 
deduct points with Space and increase with Enter. To discourage excessively 
specialized characters, reducing a stat below its initial value costs two 
points per single bonus point yielded. Stats cannot be reduced beyond 0 or 
increased beyond 10, which is the maximum for level 0 characters.
  Bonus points can also be gained by aging the character; each increment yields 
one point. (See the below table on Age for information on increments.) Aging a 
character should be considered a handicap, as stats can be gained faster (in 
game years) by training. The initial stats are largely trivial for this reason.
  More important is the racial makeup of the party. Fighters and Wizards live 
the shortest but level the fastest, while the opposite is true of Elves. (See 
section below.) Further, the Fighters and Dwarves equip weapons, armor and 
shields, while Wizards and Elves wear staffs, robes and rings. This is 
important because the treasures found in the scenarios can only be used by some 
  All characters start with no items, at level 0 with 0 exp and 50 gold.


HP  Determines how much damage a character can take. In scenarios, HP can be 
    regenerated by standing still and not using weapons or magic for awhile.
MP  All spells except the version of Flame on the Wooden Cane cost MP to cast. 
    When not full, MP constantly regenerates. Max HP and MP depend on level.

STR (Strength) Determines weapon damage;
    characters with STR 0 or less cannot swing weapons
INT (Intelligence) Determines magic damage;
    characters with INT 0 or less cannot use magic
PRT (Protection) Reduces damage from physical attacks
MGR (Magic resistance) Reduces damage from magic attacks
VIT (Vitality) Required to open doors; only the party leader needs it
DEX (Dexterity) Helps avoid traps; only the party leader needs it;
    Not necessary with Traps knowledge.
KRM (Karma) Reduces exp required for level-up; lowers cost of goods and 
    services in town; reduces time required to enchant items with magic; 
    determines disposition of store owners; decreases annual income; plays a 
    role in whether the character can be resurrected at the Temple
MAX (Maximum) Determines how high stats can go. The negative of MAX is the 
    minimum value. Enchantments can bring the stats above the maximum.
    MAX depends on level.

Scenario number    Required VIT to open doors
1                   5
2                  10
3                  15
4                  20
5                  25

Character's KRM    Alignment    Enchantment time     Proprietor's appearance
16 and above       "Good"       1 year               Beaming with eyes closed
-15 to 15          "Neutral"    3 years              Ordinary
-16 and below      "Evil"       5 years              Strongly displeased

Level: Level determines the character's max HP and MP, and the MAX stats.

  Max HP = 200 x level, except for 100 HP at level 0
  Max MP = 25 x (2 + level) up to 250 at level 8
  MAX stats = 5 x (2 + level) up to 50 at level 8

The exp required to reach the next level is:

  exp = N x (1 + current level) x (100 - KRM)

where is N is 2 for Fighters and Wizards, 3 for Dwarves, and 6 for Elves.
  Note that level-ups do not occur automatically, but must be recieved from the 
Throne Room in town. The exp needed to level up is deducted from the amount 
shown in the status screen when the level-up occurs. This means that the shown 
exp is less than the total earned exp.

Knowledge: There are four Knowledge skills learned at the Training field.
  Items: The character can Appraise items found in scenarios.
  Traps: The character defeats all traps when leading the party.
  Monsters: Get information on monsters with the M key when leading the party.
  Herbs: If the character uses a potion and has the herbs necessary to make 
    another potion of the same type, then the herbs are spent and another 
    potion is created. This makes it possible to use potions multiple times.

-Characters can learn more than one of the Knowledge skills.
-Getting hit by a Memory Loss trap causes all Knowledge to be lost.

The inventory is arranged like this:

Item no.  Type                   Color
1         Arm or Staff           Bright
2         Armor or Robe          Bright
3         Shield or Ring         Bright
4         Potion                 Bright
5         Equipment or potion    Dim
6         Equipment or potion    Dim

  The bright colored items are active (equipped). In scenarios, they can be 
used to cast magic and affect stats if they are enchanted. To equip a backup 
item, select the equipped item of the same type and press Enter. Press Enter 
over the item to drink it or make it activate its magic, when the magic button 
is pressed in combat. You can also choose to use no magic.
  Note that using potions gives the benefit to the entire party. However, items 
and gold cannot be passed between characters.

Age chart:
                  Increment     Young    Middle-aged     Old
Fighter/Wizard            2     16-39          40-59     60+
Dwarf                     4     16-59          60-99    100+
Elf                       9     16-99        100-199    200+

  Characters start at age 16 (or higher, if you choose) and naturally get older 
as time passes. The races have different life spans and enter middle and old 
age at different times. The races are also aged by different amounts if you 
wish to gain additional stat points during character generation. (This is the 
increment.) Age is responsible for the character portait and affects which jobs 
can be taken. Old characters lose one point per year in a random stat, and have 
a random chance of permanently dying each year.
  If an old character passes away, you have the option of creating a replace-
ment character of the same race but either sex. This new character has all of 
the belongings and even stats of the deceased, but starts at level 0 with 0 exp 
and thus is limited to MAX 10. Presumably the replacement is a descendant.
  Age can be reversed: The Rejuvenate spell, which costs 200 MP, reduces the 
age of the party leader by 1 year, and stats by 3, for each casting. 
  There is also a way to achieve immortality, in which the character's age 
never increases, stats don't atrophy due to old age, and spontaneous death 
never occurs. (See the Magician entry in the Town Menu section.) Due to the 
stat penalty for Rejuvenation, it really should not be used except on immortal 

  At the bottom is the character's Occupation. The available jobs depend on 
race, sex, age and stats. Every year spent working causes a character to 
undergo changes to the stats (within the bounds MAX) and gain a specific amount 
of exp and annual income. (See section below for details.) These things occur 
only when the character is not organized in a party and not in the midst of 
training. For example, if a character sells off his equipment at the end of a 
scenario (which would cause him to be disbanded), or is completing the second 
year of training, the annual changes do apply.
  If with the passage of time a character no longer qualifies for a job (e.g., 
due to aging) he will be "dismissed" (fired) and reverts to Farmer.
  Jobs are mostly just for gradually raising stats, but in one mission, 2-2, 
certain jobs are required complete the objectives.


Adapted from:

  This table lists each job along with the allowed races, ages and sexes that 
can take the job. The first row of stats show what the required stats are to 
take the job. The second row shows the changes that occur to the stats each 
year, along with annual income and exp earned.
  Note that all jobs offer an annual net gain of 1 point to stats. Annual 
income given is for a character with 0 KRM. Higher KRM will DECREASE the income.

Occupation         Race  Age  Sex  STR INT PRT MGR VIT DEX KRM  Gold  Exp
FARMER             FWDE  YMO  MF
                                                    +1            10   50
DRIVER             F D   YMO  MF                         2
                                        -2          +2  +1         5   55
WRITER              W E    O  M         20
                                    -1  +2                        10   50
SPINNER              D   YMO   F                         3
                                    -1                  +2         6   54
SINGER             FW E  YM    F                             1
                                                +1      -1  +1     6   54
THIEF              FWDE  YMO  MF                        -5
                                                        +2  -1    20   40
PRIEST              W    YMO  MF         3                   0
                                    -2  +1                  +2     2   58
MERCHANT           FW E  YMO  MF        -5
                                    -1  +2                        12   48
SAILOR             F D   YM   M                      3
                                        -2          +2  +1         8   52
FIGHTER            F DE  Y    MF    -4
                                    +2  -1  +1      -1            15   45   
CLOWN               W E  Y    MF                         1   0
                                    -2                  +1  +2     5   55
BARBER*             WD     O  MF        15              18
                                                        +1        10   50
COOK                W E  YMO  MF        -3               1
                                                        +1         4   56
HUNTER             F DE  YMO  M     -3
                                    +2  -1                        10   50
SHAMAN              W E  YMO  M                  1           0
                                    -1          +2      -1  +1    15   45
EXORCIST            W    YMO  M          4       3
                                    -1  +1      +2      -1        10   50
SPY                FW E  YM   M    -10       1          -5
                                        -2  +2          +1        20   40
DOCTOR             FW E  YMO  M          8
                                    -2  +2              +1        16   44
NURSE              FW E  YMO   F        -5                   1
                                    -1  +1              -1  +2     8   52
BAKER              FW E  YMO  MF        -5
                                    -1  +1              +1         5   55

Occupation         Race  Age  Sex  STR INT PRT MGR VIT DEX KRM  Gold  Exp
FISHERMAN          F D   YM   MF                     2
                                        -1          +2             8   52
CARPENTER          F D   YMO  M        -15           3
                                            +1      +1  -1         8   52
SCULPTOR           FWDE    O  MF        10
                                                        +1        15   45
BLACKSMITH         F D   YMO  M        -15           3
                                        +1          +2  -2         8   52
PHARMACIST         FW E   MO  MF        10
                                    -1  +2                         8   52
WOODCUTTER         F D   YM   M                      3
                                    +2  -1          +1  -1         6   54
MISSIONARY          W    YMO  MF         3                   0
                                    -1  +1                  +1     2   58
MORTICIAN          FW      O  M
                                                        +1         3   57
BODY GUARD         F DE  Y    M     -3       1
                                    +2  -1  +1          -1        15   45
MINSTREL            W E  YMO  M         -3                   0
                                    -2  +2                  +1     8   52
ALCHEMIST           W    YMO  M          4
                                    -2  +3                         6   54
                                                    +2  -1         4   56
MERCENARY          F DE  YM   M     -3       1
                                    +1  -2  +2      +1  -1         8   52
GRINDER            F D   YM   MF                     2
                                        -1          +2             4   56
BEGGAR             FWDE  YMO  MF
                                            +1          +1  -1     8   52
DANCER                E  Y     F                         3   1
                                    -1                      +2     8   52
FLORIST            FW E  YMO   F        -5
                                                        +1         4   56
LOCKSMITH            D    MO  MF                        15
                                                        +1         6   54
MIDWIFE            FW     MO   F         5               8
                                    -1  +1              -1  +2    12   48
TAILOR              WDE  YMO   F                         2
                                    -1                  +2        10   50

Occupation         Race  Age  Sex  STR INT PRT MGR VIT DEX KRM  Gold  Exp
FORTUNE-TELLER      W E  YMO  MF        -3
                                    -2  +1      +2                 6   54
MINE WORKER        F D   YM   M                      3
                                        -1          +2            10   50
FABRIC MAKER        WDE  YMO   F       -15
                                                            +1     5   55
TRANSLATOR           DE  YMO  MF       -15
                                        +2              -1        12   48
CHARCOAL BURNER    F D   YMO  MF                     2
                                        -1          +2             4   56
BAMBOO WORKER        D     O  MF                        20
                                    -1                  +2        12   48
FERRY MAN          FW    YM   M                      1
                                                    +2  -1         8   52
HERB PICKER         W E  YMO  MF        -3               1
                                    -1              +2             6   54
                                        -1          +2             8   52
                                            +1                     3   57
                                                            +1     6   54
                                        +1  +1          -1        10   50
JEWELRY ARTIST       D     O  MF                        20
                                    -1                  +2        15   45
BASKET MAKER       F D     O  MF                        18
                                                        +1         8   52
STONE MASON          D   YM   MF                     3
                                        -1          +2             8   52
SHOE MAKER         F DE    O  MF         5              15
                                    -1  +2                         6   54
STUFFED TOY MAKER  F D     O  MF                        18
                                    -1                  +2         8   52
BOWMAKER, BOWYER   F  E    O  MF        15              18
                                    -2  +1              +2        10   50
                                    -1      +1      +1             6   54
HAIR DRESSER       FWDE   MO   F                         8
                                                            +1     6   54
* Evidently, "Barber" was a mistranslation of "Paper maker."


WEAPON SHOP: Here you can buy basic equipment. There is no selection--only the 
 basic goods are available. Fighters and Dwarves take a weapon, armor and 
 shield while Wizards and Elves take a rod, robe and ring.
   However, it should be noted that the Wizard and Elf equipment can cast 
 spells, even though they are unenchanted. Enchanting these goods will cause 
 the free spell to disappear.

Wooden Cane    Special weak version of Flame which costs no MP to cast
Cotton Robe    Shield
Crystal Ring   Heal


ENCHANT THIS ITEM: You can imbue your equipment with magic of any of the 7 gods.
 The purpose is to increase the wearer's stats and to impart magic spells. 
 The boost to the stats takes place immediately, but imbuing the spell takes a 
 number of years. (See KRM discussion above.) Each character can only have one 
 piece worked on at a time.

 The base cost of enchantment, prior to KRM adjustment, is:

     Cost in gold = 10 x (1 + Sum of existing enchantments)

   Wearing an enchanted item increases your stats, and it is possible to go 
 beyond the maximum in this way. (However, the effect only takes place during 
 scenarios, which means that KRM bonuses cannot be exploited.) Each god 
 increases a particular stat, (see the Elder section for details) and the item 
 can be enchanted multiple times by the same god, but complications arise when 
 one or more gods are present on the item when it is enchanted.
   No interference: There is no heterogenous enchantment on the item. This 
 includes the case of an unenchanted item. The result is simply to add +1 to 
 the god in question.
   Single interference: There is one heterogenous enchantment. Most combina-
 tions give the ordinary result (indicated by the . in the tables below), but 
 some have unusual effects. The following two tables are equivalent; the top 
 shows changes made to the initial state (indicated by + and -) while the 
 bottom instead shows the final state, assuming the initial state had 1 level 
 of the prior god. An X indicates a loss of the prior god with no gain.

(Prior enchantment is vertical on the left, added is horizontal on the top.)
         Mars    Mercury    Jupiter       Moon        Sun      Venus     Saturn
Ma          .          .   -Ma +2Ju          .   -Ma +2Su          .          .
Me   -Me +2Sa          .          .   -Me +2Mo          .        -Me          .
Ju          .        +Ma          .          .          .          .        -Ju
Mo        -Mo          .          .          .  -Mo+Su+Ve          .          .
Su          .  +Me-Su+Ve          .          .          .        +Ju          .
Ve   +2Ma -Ve          .  +Ju+Mo-Ve          .          .          .  +Ma-Ve+Sa
Sa        +Sa          .          .          .          .          .          .

Table adapted from:
     Ma   Me   Ju   Mo   Su   Ve   Sa
Ma    .    .  Ju2    .  Su2    .    .
Me  Sa2    .    .  Mo2    .    X    .
Ju    . MaJu    .    .    .    .    X
Mo    X    .    .    . SuVe    .    .
Su    . MeVe    .    .    . JuSu    .
Ve  Ma2    . JuMo    .    .    . MaSa
Sa  Sa2    .    .    .    .    .    .

    Multiple inferference: There is more than one heterogenous enchantment. 
  These are handled on a case by case basis in the table below. This assumes 
  you are starting with 1 each of the prior enchantments. Note that the table 
  can be partially predicted by superposing the results from multiple single 
  interference enchantments. (i.e. regard them as simultaneous)

Table adapted from:
        Prior:  Added:        Change:   Result:  Net:
. Me. Mo. . .       Ma     -Me-Mo+2Sa       Sa2     0
. Me. . . Ve.       Ma  +Ma-Me-Ve+2Sa    Ma Sa2    +1
. Me. . . . Sa      Ma        -Me+2Sa       Sa3    +1
. . . Mo. Ve.       Ma      +Ma-Mo-Ve        Ma    -1
. . . Mo. . Sa      Ma         -Mo+Sa       Sa2     0
. . . . . VeSa      Ma      +Ma-Ve+Sa    Ma Sa2    +1
. Me. Mo. Ve.       Ma  -Me-Mo-Ve+2Sa       Sa2    -1
. Me. Mo. . Sa      Ma     -Me-Mo+2Sa       Sa3     0
. Me. . . VeSa      Ma  +Ma-Me-Ve+2Sa    Ma Sa3    +1
. . . Mo. VeSa      Ma      -Mo-Ve+Sa       Sa2    -1
. Me. Mo. VeSa      Ma  -Me-Mo-Ve+2Sa       Sa3    -1
. . Ju. Su. .       Me      +Ma-Su+Ve  Ma Ju Ve    +1
Ma. . . . Ve.       Ju  -Ma+2Ju+Mo-Ve    Ju2 Mo    +1
Ma. . Mo. . .       Su  -Ma-Mo+2Su+Ve    Su2 Ve    +1
. Me. . Su. .       Ve         -Me+Ju     Ju Su     0
. . Ju. . Ve.       Sa      -Ju-Ve+Ma        Ma    -1

   As for maximum enchantment, the limit seems to be 3 for any god if done 
 directly and 5 if done indirectly (via single or double interference). 
 However, many treasures can be found with initial levels above these limits.

Prior enchantment:     Magician adds:                Result:    Net:
         (nothing)                 +X                     X1      +1
                X3                 +X                     X3       0
               Ma1             +Venus                Ma1 Ve1      +1
               Me1             +Venus              (nothing)      -1
               Su2           +Mercury            Me1 Su1 Ve1      +1
           Ma3 Ju3           +Jupiter                Ma2 Ju5      +1
       Me3 Ju3 Ve4              +Mars    Ma1 Me2 Ju3 Ve3 Sa2      +1

   Here is a more involved example, starting from scratch and producing a 
Dragon Slayer item:

Add:     Result:
Ma x3    Ma3 .   .   .   .   .   .
Su x3    .   .   .   .   Su5 .   .
Ma x3    Ma3 .   .   .   Su5 .   .
Mo x3    Ma3 .   .   Mo3 Su5 .   .
Sa x3    Ma3 .   .   Mo3 Su5 .   Sa3
Me x3    Ma3 Me3 .   Mo3 Su2 Ve3 Sa3
Ju x1    Ma2 Me3 Ju2 Mo4 Su2 Ve2 Sa3

It's possible to keep going from there, but you get the idea.

REMOVE A SPELL: Cures a curse, same as Un-curse potion.

RESURRECT THE DEAD: Raises a dead character for a fee. Another character must 
 do this on the dead one's behalf. This costs a fee, which depends of the 
 deceased character's age, level, and time dead, and is unaffected by KRM.
   The resurrection has a chance of failure, which increases as the years go by 
 and also depends on the age of the deceased, with young characters having the 
 best outlook, and Old the worst.

Tables adapted from:

                  Chance of resurrection
Years dead   YOUNG      MIDDLE-AGED  OLD
1-3          100%       100%         100%
4-9          90%        80%          50%
10-19        80%        60%          20%
20-29        70%        30%          10%

   Failure to resurrect obliterates the character. Successful revival, on the 
 other hand, confers various side effects depending on the age and time dead.

                          Side effect of resurrection
Years dead   YOUNG             MIDDLE-AGED       OLD
4-9          none              Random stat -1    Max HP -20%
10-19        Random stat -1    Max HP -20%       Negative stats set to 0
20-29        Max HP -20%       Age -10 years     Immortality

   Immortality means the character will no longer increase in age and will not 
 perish from old age. The age can still be decreased by the Rejuvenate spell.

GIVE ME BACK ITEM: Takes back the item being enchanted. If you interrupt the 
 process before it's done the god's bonus still remains--in other words, that 
 part is added instantly. The spell, however, will not be ready. Instead it 
 will be present as a locked spell.


PLEASE PREPARE THESE HERBS: Select herbs in the character's inventory with 
 which to make a potion. See the CHARTS section for all formulas.

I WANT TO BUY A POTION: Buy a premade potion. The pre-KRM costs are:
Heal          20
Resurrect     50
Cure          20
Melt          20
Un-Curse      20
Stone-Flesh   20
Senility      10
Still        100


Adapted from:

   Doing both in one year will raise KRM by 1 point, but only if it is negative.
 This only works once per year.

   This affects a character's ability to resurrect a dead comrade with the 
 option below. A character's prayer count is tracked in the save file; Praying 
 more than once a year offers no additional benefit. 

   This option can raise a dead member with no chance of failure and no side 
 effects. However, certain conditions, which are not entirely known at this 
 time, must be met. Aside from the supplicant's prayer count, the KRM of 
 deceased also plays an apparent role.

ELDER'S HOUSE: The Elder will appraise any piece of equipment (not potions) for 
 a fee. The cost is the same as what the magician charges for enchantments. 
 This tells you the enchantment level for each of the seven gods and what 
 spell effect it has, if any, when equipped.  Although the Elder correctly 
 identifies the gods, he mixes up most of the bonus effects that the gods give:

Enchantment    Bonus (Elder)    Bonus (actual)
Mars               INT              STR
Mercury            STR              INT
Jupiter            MGR              PRT
Moon               PRT              MGR
Sun                DEX              VIT
Venus              VIT              DEX
Saturn             KRM              KRM

   If there is a locked spell on the item the Elder offers to release it, for a 
 high price.
   The elder will also offer a magic formula as part of the deal.
 See the CHARTS section for all formulas.

THRONE ROOM: Once you have enough exp to level up, you must go to the king to 
 make it happen. The king also informs you how many exp you need to advance to 
 the next level.

TRAINING FIELD: Here you can enter training to boost your stats or to gain 
 Knowledge. Training programs last 2 years and cost a small fee. You cannot 
 train to boost a stat if you are at your current maximum for that stat.

Master Weapons: +5 STR
Master Magic: +5 INT
Master Defense: +5 PRT
Magic Escapes: +5 MGR
Gain Vitality: +5 VIT
Trap Escapes: +5 DEX
Conversational Skills: +5 KRM
Study Items: Gain Items Knowledge
Study Traps: Gain Traps Knowledge
Study Monsters: Gain Monsters Knowledge
Study Use of Herbs: Gain Herbs Knowledge

MUSICIAN FIELD: This is a Sound Test. You can hear any of the 59 music tracks.

-Since you control the stats, you can make a strong party out of any combin-
ation of characters, even 4 of the same race.
-To get started quickly, use the prefab party. (load slot 0)
-If the battles are too hard, train.
-If the battles are too easy, stop training.
-KRM is good to raise early for elves since it speeds up the leveling process.
-Give characters healing, restoration, and resurrection items to avoid trouble 
later. Potions are good; Spells on your equipment is better.
-Since one inventory slot is reserved exclusively for potions, there's no 
reason not to carry at least one potion.
-Do not feel the need to put Dragon Slayer on every item. (It's not as good as 
you think.) Most treasures found in the scenarios have good spells on them.
-An inexpensive way to unlock latent spells is to apply a single enchantment 
(one that doesn't change the configuration of the gods) and wait for the 
enchantment to finish.

-If you can, use a gamepad. Even better, bind the keyboard keys to the gamepad.
-Change character order as needed. You will want to put different characters 
 in front depending on the situation. Your Trap man should be the one opening 
 doors, for example.
-The sprint key (Shift) is of extreme importance. Use it to save time, escape 
 monsters, make difficult jumps easier, and keep up with fast-moving bosses.
-Bosses tend to be magic resistant. Therefore it's wise to some bring characters
 who are good with weapons.
-On the other hand magic is very convenient for defense, support, and dealing 
 with regular monsters. In particular, the Flame spell on the Wooden Cane can 
 dispatch monsters on the early levels easily.
-Characters with the most HP should be the the damage buffers for the weaker 
 characters. As such, one should go in the front and another, to a lesser 
 extent, should go in the back because these are the most vulnerable positions.
-Defensive spells with a fixed radius work best if the caster is in the second 
-In order to win exp for fighting regular monsters, you have to keep fighting 
 until all in the area are dead. This may be impossible if new monsters are 
 showing up faster than you can kill them.
-Save and load the game with F5 and F7. Each scenario has one save slot in the 
 ./USER/ directory named SV##0, where the first # is the mission suite number 
 minus 1 and the second # is the scenario number minus 1. As with the Main Menu 
 saves, you can always manage these files from outside the game.

Treasure hunting:
-Monsters do not give good rewards for killing them. Thus it is often best to 
 avoid fighting. Do not underestimate the value of defensive spells for this 
-Some sites need to be persistently searched to yield treasure.
-Much of the useful treasure (namely equipment) won't show up until the main 
 objective is completed. Search for it before leaving the level.
-A rapid method for accumulating gold is to load up on items in town, enter 
 a scenario, find at least one treasure, leave and sell everything (see below).

End of level process: (Saving before leaving the level is recommended, in case 
you make a mistake in the following procedures.)

-First, if you have an item that can be given to the king as Tribute, you 
choose whether to give it. Some Tribute items are useful (to you) as equipment.
-Each character is awarded the exp you earned during the level.
-You get a gold bonus, 1/10 of the exp, which is added to the gold pool.
-If you found at least one item you can DIVIDE/SELL/APPRAISE the item(s).

DIVIDE: Gives the item to one of the members. Tools (items with no use) cannot 
 be divided. Items cannot be given to characters who can't use or carry them. 
 If more than one character can take items, they will be given first to the 
 member closest to the front of the party. (You can control this by choosing 
 the order in which you Divide them.)
SELL: Sells the item. The price is 5 x (1 + sum of enchantments), which is 
 quite low, and yields only 5 gold for tools.
APPRAISE: A character with Items Knowledge can determine what use, enchantments 
 and spell the item has. This is the same as the identification function that 
 the Elder performs in town, but it costs nothing and can only be done during 
 this phase. You cannot unlock latent spells with this skill.
Sell personal items: You can also sell items of individual members. The sell 
 price in this case is enormous, particularly for armor. This is by far the 
 fastest way to get money. The gold from these personal sales goes directly to 
 the character who sold the item, not the pool.

-The proceeds from any sold treasures go into the gold pool.
-When everything is finished, the gold is distributed among the characters.
-Any treasure that is not divided or sold is forfeited.

"dru philbin" gives this advice:

First, on another note: The Garateen from "The Tower of Thieves" doesn't appear 
to use MP for its Sun Ray spell. This spell is devastating against almost every 
enemy in the game except bosses. This made this play through the game 
particularly easy. I had it equipped on Tetsu and noticed this effect; I'm not 
sure if it's universal or not.

I later found a spot that allows a cheap way to earn unlimited amounts of 
experience without even having to be at the keyboard! In "The Missing Magician",
the first room you can enter past the first globe room has a mouse/rat hole next
to the door. Robot-like mice/rats file slowly from the door and unlike other 
enemy rooms, they are in unlimited supply. They usually give 20-60exp per battle
won as well. The Garateen works well--and may be required--for this trick 
because its Sun Ray spell doesn't use MP (at least when Tetsu has it equipped). 
I positioned my characters a short distance away from the mouse/rat hole, put a 
weight on the "enter" key and came back an hour later to 50,000exp--more than 
enough to level up and fight the dragons easily.


  Not quite hacking. You are limited to viewing only due to the implementation 
of an anti-tampering checksum at the end of the save file. You will not be able 
to load the edited save file unless you also generate the matching checksum. 
Nevertheless, the save file is a valuable source of information. The offsets 
below correspond to the character in the first position of the non-party 
roster; the party roster is at the front of the file.

Parameter            Offset

Max MP               0x0405
Max stat limit       0x0406
Gold                 0x040B-040C
Exp                  0x040E-040F
Age                  0x0414
Level                0x0417
Stats (STR..KRM)     0x0418-041E
Name                 0x0420-042A
Max HP               0x042C-042D
Prayer count         0x0431
Donation status      0x0439
Item name            0x0440-044C
Item enchantments    0x0450-045D
Next item            add 0x0020

Next character       add 0x0100

Security checksum    0x0FFE-0FFF



*    Entrance and exit of the level
___  Floors
|    Vertical walls, stairs, ropes, waterways etc. Two-way travel is possible.
^    Indicates a one-way drop.
[00] Rectangular door; Match up the numbers to see what leads where.
(00) Roundish hole in the wall; Functions as door. Some holes are small.
<00> One-way travel that leads to >00<
>00< One-way travel that leads from <00> and cannot be entered
-    Links adjacent areas. (Only used in scenario 5.)
x    Small letters are treasures, switches, etc. See the notes.
H    Hyssop
L    Lavender
G    Sage
S    Savory
V    Verbena
?    Random herb(s)

  The numbering of the doors is the order you can follow to get from beginning 
to end; however, since some levels do not require you to pass through every 
door, and many doors need to be passed through more than once, and there is 
more than one route through most scenarios, this is clearly not intended to be 
a rigid order. More important is the sequence of events, because triggers, such 
as throwing a switch, will need to be activated before other triggers become 
available. It is not possible to get stuck--for example by using up a tool or 
forgetting to pick one up, or going out of the order that the guide says. 
There's always a way to proceed. The only way to really get stuck is by losing 
an important character (e.g. your boss-killer or door opener)
  Every scenario has at least two objectives; these will be the chief exp 
earners for your characters. Since you can usually leave the level whenever 
you want, it's up to you (and the preparation of your characters) how many you 
want to do.
  There will be no mention of monsters and no discussion on fighting bosses. 
Some bosses require special procedures, which are always mentioned as part of 
the story.

  There are no plans to make maps for the other scenarios, because I have 
found full-color, animated maps at:
This site also deserves credit for the location of most of the hidden treasures.


*___a>07<          >04<               (12)__f         [06]______d_____<07>
  ^                 ^                      ^
  |__[01]__(08)    c|__[05]    >21<__[05]__|__[06]      (13)__>10<__[11]

[01]__[03]__[02]__[22]    b__[02]    [03]__<04>    (08)__[09]e__n__[24]

[09]__<10>    [11]__(12)    g[14]__(13)    [14]____[15]    [15]__[19]__h__[16]

[16]__[17i]__p    [17]__[18]    [19]__k__[20]    [24]__o__S     [62]__[63]w

[23]________m    [20]_
           |          ^
  [18]__j  q__r?      |__<21>    [22]__[23]l

a Get the Blue Ball to open the way downward.
b Goran is here.
  Talk to him twice at any time and he'll tell you what you need to do next.
c One of the Crystals is in the lower left corner, among the spikes.
d Touch the blue switch (torch) to make door [11] appear below.
e Insert the Blue Ball to open door [09].
  You will need to come back for it at some point before getting the jewel.
f The other Crystal is in one of the holes.
g Get the Jar with Water here.
h Drop your crystals into the empty jars to drain the acid-flooded room.
i This door has an Anti-Magic trap.
j Touch the gray switch to release the jewel. The acid must be drained first.
k Put some water in the jar here to remove the barrier in the acid drip room.
l Insert the Blue Ball to open door [23].
m Taking the Jewel from this demon statue sets off a Memory Loss trap.
  The gray switch must be pushed before you can take it.
n Insert the Jewel into the demon statue to open door [24]. (Optional)
o The Herb is guarded by a couple of Hydras. (250 exp)
p Insert the Jewel into the demon statue to clear the way to the Scepter.
q This blockage is opened by the previous note.
r The Scepter is in a chest guarded by a bunch of orks.
  Keep searching it to get a Long Sword and an herb.
  Now proceed to exit the stage. After passing through door <07>, but before 
  leaving, go back to room [02] to find Goran's Axe.

Summary of Treasure:
                   Use   Enchantment         Spell
Savory            Herb
Random            Herb
Jewel             Tool
Crystal x2        Tool
Jar with Water    Tool
Blue Ball         Ring   Ju4,Su4,Ve4         Resurrect
Long Sword         Arm   Ma2,Su2             Flame (locked)
Goran's Axe        Arm   Ma3                 none
Scepter            Rod   Me1,Ve1             Peace

Sidequest         Kill the Hydras                240 exp
Tribute           Give the Scepter               200 exp

-Find Leeza (the frog princess) and talk to her until she asks you to get the 
Cauldron. (You have to put back the Wolfsbane, Mandragora and Beehive if you 
already picked them up.)
-Get the Cauldron, bring it back, and put it on the stove.
-Leeza will ask you to collect the Wolfsbane, Mandragora and Beehive.
-The Wolfsbane and Mandragora are in the caves.
-The Beehive is behind a sealed door which needs the Moonstone and Bloodstone 
to open.
-The Moonstone and Bloodstone are on opposite sides of the maze, guarded by 
stone sentinels who say something different from the others. To get rid of the 
guard, talk to him, leave the area, and come back to find him gone.
-Get the Jack's Flame.
-Talk to Frajiore. (Optionally, fight him for 250 XP.)
-Talk to Leeza and keep talking till she asks you to make the potion. Use the 
flame and do it. Then give it to her.
-Find the Coin of Joy in a chest near the exit of the level. Give it away at 
the treasure screen for 200 exp (optional).

Usable treasures: none

Sidequest         Kill Frajiore                          250 exp
Tribute           Give the Coin of Happiness             200 exp

  3-1. THE GARDEN OF THE GODS (3 character limit)
-One of the houses has a Red Seed.
-Proceed all the way to the right past the mountains until a god stops you.
-Return to the first house and the man gives you wine.
-Give it to the god and he'll open the gate, but Jupiter throws you out.
-As you approach town, you'll drop the seed.
-Leave and come back until a giant vine has grown. Climb it.
-Find Hephaestos and he'll give you a task.
-Bring him a Seed of Flame from Apollo he'll give you Golden Wine.
-Give it to Dionysius and he'll tell you about the Red Fruit.
-Get the fruit from the vine and bring it to Apollo. You'll get 20 gold...
-Talk to Venus, then find Anna on the second level.
-Bring Anna to get the Silver Harp, then let her play it for Zeus. (250 exp)
-On the way back through the mountains, find the Shield in the leftmost crevice.
-Talk to the wine man, then fight Adana. (250 exp) You'll get the Bracelet.
-The wine man, and also the shopkeeper, will give you 10 gold.
-Search the temple for 100 gold.
-Return the Bracelet to Zeus. (200 gold, 50 exp, optional)

Usable treasures:
Bracelet          Ring   Me1,Mo1,Su1,Sa1     Barrier
Shield          Shield   Ju4                 none

Main objective    Allay Zeus's wrath                     250 exp
Main objective    Kill Adana                             250 exp
Sidequest         Give the Bracelet to Zeus     200 gold, 50 exp


          ______b______             _[13m]    [13]__n
         |             |           |
*__(01)__|_(23)   (02)_|__[03]__l__|__(14)
                    [12]__[17]__|y            [12]__>11<__k__>27<

(01)__a    c__(02)    [03]__[04]_d?    S_[24u]__[04]__e__<05>

[21]__[09i]_h_[08i]__[07]_V    (07)__>05<__[06f]__[18]__[20r]__[19p]_V

[06]__g    [08]__j    [09]__(10j)    [10]__<11>    [14]__[15]__[25]

[17]__[18]    [19]__q    [20]__s    [21]__t__[22]    [23]__[22]

[24]__v    [25]__w    <27>__x__>26<    o_<26>__[16]    [16]__[15]

a At the center of the shrine, the forest god will give you the Gold Pedestal.
b Fight a battle with giants under the tree to get the Emerald Ring.
c Get a Jar of Sap here.
d Use the statue to open [04], setting off a Stoned trap.
  Search the statue again to get the herb.
e Fight Destru here, and get the Diamond Staff (but 0 exp) after beating him.
f This door requires the Emerald Ring to open.
g Use the Jar of Sap to wake the man and unlock the talisman (and Sand Maribo).
h The wall can be easily lowered (from either side) by examining the wall 
  twice, then going into the nearby room and examining the sand trapdoor twice.
i These doors have Anti Magic traps.
j Sand trapdoors. You can pass through [10] once the sand is clear.
k Ria is here. She will be your helper on this level.
  For now she wants you to save her uncle in the cabin.
l Climbing up the well will cause you to drop the Gold Pedestal.
  Going back down to search for it will eventually reveal hidden door [16],
  and simultaneously unlock [17].
  You cannot go DOWN the well from the surface until dropping the pedestal.
m You can force door [13] by examining twice, but only after talking to Ria.
n Uncle is here.
o The Dungeon Key is here after saving Uncle the first time, but you won't find 
  it until you to talk to Ria again.
p Requires Diamond Staff AND Dungeon Key to open.
q Rescue Uncle again. He'll give you the Shrine Key.
r Requires Diamond Staff to open; this door has a Frozen trap.
s Get back the Gold Pedestal and place your Dungeon Key to keep the door open.
t Fight the Sand Maribo here, if you woke the old man. (500 exp, Optional)
u Requires the Shrine Key to open.
v Here is the Talisman. You can't get it unless you have the Gold Pedestal and 
  have woken the old man.
w Drop the Talisman into the bottomless pit. You can't leave with the Talisman!
x It is possible to pass through the ceiling trap room, but only once, only 
  after getting the Gold Pedestal, only before talking to Ria, and only from 
  the direction of the guard post!
y After the main objective is complete, you can find the Fog Robe at the bottom 
  of the well.

Summary of Treasure:
                   Use   Enchantment         Spell
Verbena x2        Herb
Savory            Herb
Random            Herb
Jar of Sap        Tool
Dungeon Key       Tool
Shrine Key        Tool
Gold Pedestal     Tool
Emerald Ring      Ring   Mo6                 none
Diamond Staff      Rod   Me5,Su2             Gas Cloud (locked)
Fog Robe          Robe   Me3,Mo4             Fog Bank

Sidequest         Kill the Sand Maribo           500 exp
Main objective    Destroy the Talisman           500 exp

  2-2. THE DRAGON KING (3 character limit)
-Try the pressure plates in the pool of water until you press them all down.
-The man in the cave will let you through the gate if you pushed the plates.
-Talk to the fairy Lili with a Fortune-Teller and you'll get the Golden Key.
-Talk to the ill priest in town with a Doctor or Nurse to heal him.
-Show the Golden Key to the healed priest and get the Hermit's Robe.
-Talk to the man with the ill wife with a Doctor or Nurse to heal her. You get 
the Wise Man's Cane.
-Talk to the priest in the far right building to get the Tree Medicine.
-In the next area, enter the first open building and enter the far left house 
from underneath.
-Give the medicine to the pig and get the Scroll.
-Use the Wise Man's Cane to open the barrier just before the volcano.
-Use the Golden Key to open the gate inside the cave. This frees Bibi.
-Bring the robe to the reunited Lili & Bibi to power it up.
-Bring the enchanted robe to king Caliph to heal him.
-Princess Serina can now be freed from the prison past the throne room.
-Escort Serina to the first building in the map. (100 gold, 500 exp)
-Also recieve the Necklace from the princess as reward.
-With the Hermit's Robe, you can dive into the volcano.
-If Serina is rescued, the old man at the bottom gives you the Dragon Slayer.
-If Serina is rescued, the other old man can use your Wise Man's Cane to bridge 
the path to Vadis. (You can get it back by asking the old man again.)
-If you have the Dragon Slayer, Vadis can be killed. (600 exp)
-Treasures are now available:
  *Talk to Caliph for the Sacred Shield.
  *Talk to the king for another 100 gold.

Usable treasures:
Wise Man's Cane    Rod   Me4,Ju3,Ve1         Sleep
Hermit's Robe     Robe   Ju4,Mo2,Ve1,Sa2     Weaken (locked)
Necklace          Ring   Ju2,Mo2,Su2,Ve2     Protect
Sacred Shield   Shield   Ju6,Mo2             Anti-Magic (locked)

Main objective    Rescue Princess Serina       100 gold, 500 exp
Sidequest         Kill Vadis                   600 exp

-Where the path splits, keep going left.
-Get the lever in the lowest room, and note what the skeleton's message says.
-Find the 'ANGEL' sign and get one of the letters.
-Find the 'HELL' sign and use your letter.
-The ice under the 'DEMON' sign is now melted and you can swim down.
-In the A B C room, take the doors in the order the skeleton's message said.
-In the pipe room, turn off the flames.
-Back in the icicle room, climb the now-frozen waterfalls.
-Get one of the letters from the 'EVOKE' sign.
-Touch the letter V to make a hidden door appear; go in it.
-Kill Sokuram and get a letter from the now-changed sign in his room.
-Find Kahzeh and use your letters to free her. She'll give Tears of the Wind.
-Treasures are now available:
  *Shield: Bottom of the Demon/God lake
  *Robe: Pipe room
  *Armor: Skeleton in the room where you got the lever
-Past Kahzeh's room you can fight Ekim (500 exp, optional)

Usable treasures:
Armor            Armor   Ju9                 none
Robe              Robe   Ju3,Mo4,Ve1         Exorcism
Shield          Shield   Ju6,Su2             Heal (locked)

Sidequest         Kill Ekim                              500 exp
Tribute           Give the Tears of the Wind             400 exp


     L__[14h]_                        [16i]_[17]_[15]
*__[01]__[02]_|    [01]__a    [02]_b_[03]       [06]_[03]_[04]_______[05]_[18]_L

[04]_c_[21]    [05]__d    [07]__[06]    [12]_b_[13]    [13]__g__G__S__s

 [07]______                                     (08)_fL   (09)_f
[24p]_[23]   |__e(08)_(09)_(10)_(11)__[12]_L    (10)_f    (11)_f

[15]__[14]    [16]_j_[23]    [17]__k    [18]__[19]    [19]___[20l]    [20]__m

G_[21]___[22n]    [22]__o    r[25]__[24]    q__[25]__q

a Get White Powder here. You can come back for more when you use it.
b There's a message in the torch here.
c Flip the switch (torch) here to unlock the rod in room [05].
d Read both torch messages and try pushing the rods. Eventually you will get a 
  message while leaving the room to try the second rod from the right. You may 
  have to come in and out and mess with the rods for awhile to trigger this.
e These caves were covered by the waterfalls and revealed by pushing the rod.
f These torches require a White Powder to extinguish.
  Only the torch in room (10) has the Rafael Sword.
g One of the islands has the Gabriel Sword, and islands beyond have herbs.
  If you kill the Krakens here, you get 2000 exp.
h This door requires the Rafael Sword to open. There is an Anti-Magic trap.
i This door requires the Gabriel Sword to open.
j Flip the switch (torch) here to reveal door [17].
k Line up the dim blocks with the flashing blocks to reveal the Silver Sword.
l This door requires the Gabriel Sword AND the Silver Sword to open.
  It has a Frozen trap.
m This torch needs two White Powders to extinguish and gives the Michael Sword.
n This door requires the Michael Sword to open.
o Line up the dim blocks with the flashing blocks to reveal the Crystal Sword.
p This door requires the Michael Sword to open.
q Place the Silver and Crystal Swords to open the floodgate. (1000 exp)
  You can retrieve all 5 swords on the way back to the exit.
r Sprint-jump off one of the stairs to get up behind the torch and find the Ice 
  Robe. The Silver and Crystal Swords must be placed for it to be there.
s After the main objective is complete, search in the back corner of the lake 
  to find the Armor Plate.

Summary of Treasure:
                   Use   Enchantment         Spell
Lavender x3       Herb
Sage x2           Herb
Savory            Herb
White Powder      Tool
Rafael Sword       Arm   Ma6,Sa4             Death Arrow (locked)
Michael Sword      Arm   Ma7,Sa3             Death Arrow (locked)
Gabriel Sword      Arm   Ma8,Sa2             Death Arrow (locked)
Crystal Sword      Arm   Ju6,Su8             Heal
Silver Sword       Arm   Su7,Ve7             Cure
Ice Robe          Robe   Me3,Ju3,Mo3,Su3,Sa2 Ice Wall
Armor Plate      Armor   Ju12                none

Sidequest         Kill the krakens               2000 exp
Main objective    Open the floodgate             1000 exp

-The first hut visible from the start has an elf who'll give you a Fairy Tears. 
(There's another Fairy Tears already placed in one of the fairy bridge slots.)
-When you find a tall hut with a door on the lower level that you can't enter, 
go in the top door and wipe out the silkworms. Now you can enter the lower door.
-The elf (Teto) will give you a letter.
-In the lower right corner of the forest, dig down into the dark spot.
-The elf (Nift) will let you pass if you have the letter.
-Deactivate the magic elevator.
-Enter the hut that the elevator was blocking.
-The elf inside will tell you something important.
-Now, if you search the nest at the far left of the second level you'll find a 
Fairy Tears.
-At this point the elf in the hidden room over one of the fairy bridges will be 
willing to help you. Talk to him until he tells you to go to the scales.
-The scales are now unbalanced, allowing you to get into the room on the right.
-Kill the moth. (1000 exp)
-The scales will now go the other way. In the other room is the Red Jewel.
-Bring the jewel to the hut on the right side of the first level and wash it.
-Treasures are now available:
  *Hero's Shield: In the deep grass by the elevator machine
  *Rod of Light: Bird's nest at the right side of the top level
  *Magic Armor: In the silkworm room
  *Robe: Bird's nest where you found the Fairy Tears

Usable treasures:
Rod of Light       Rod   Mo2,Ve10            Lightning
Magic Armor      Armor   Ma1,Ju8,Ve2,Sa1     Death Sound
Robe              Robe   Mo6,Su1,Ve4,Sa3     Demoralize (locked)
Hero's Shield   Shield   Ma2,Ju10,Mo1,Su1    Add to Life (locked)
Yellow Jewel      Ring   Ju6,Mo2,Ve6         Become Air (locked)

Main objective    Kill the Giant Moth                   1000 exp
Tribute           Give the Yellow Jewel                 1000 exp

  3-3. THE CURSE OF MEDUSA (3 character limit)
-Head to the right until you reach a rock wall and a hole in the ground.
-Go down the hole and head to the left until you see the Medusa, then run away.
-Go to the right, get the Mirror Shield, and continue until the rope is offered.
-Climb the rope and meet Anna, who joins you.
-Return to the petrified people and get the Antidote from the master (Arumos).
-Enter the cave and go right until you see Medusa, then leave.
-Head back across the bridge and there is now a hole in the big tree.
-Talk to the people down the hole, then return to either medusa cave.
-The span between the caves is now accessible; get the Blue Cord there.
-Climb up Anna's rope and head right to the spring. Use the Blue Cord.
-Finally, you can kill Medusa (1000 exp)
-Try to leave the level and Anna leaves you.
-Keep going left and get attacked by Medusa's Head.
-Kill it and get the Medusa's Head item.
-Treasures are now available:
  *Ring of Power: In the fireplace of the first house.
  *Armor: Dead end past the bottom of Anna's rope.
  *Laurel Rod: Left of middle region of Anna's rope.
  *Angel's Robe: Dead end past the spring where you used the Blue Cord.

Usable treasures:
Laurel Rod         Rod   Ma1,Me7,Ju3,Su1     Bolt
Armor            Armor   Ju10,Su2,Ve2        Resurrect (locked)
Angel's Robe      Robe   Mo5,Ve2,Sa7         Binding
Ring of Power     Ring   Ju7,Mo1,Su6         Turn Spell (locked)
Medusa's Head   Shield   Ju7,Mo4,Sa1         Stone Touch

Main objective    Kill Medusa                           1000 exp
Tribute           Give Medusa's Head                    1000 exp

Note: There are no actual doors in the level, so VIT 20 is not required.

*_j_(01)    (01)___m___(02)    G_(02)__(03)    (03)__[04]    [06]__[05]

[10b]__[09]    [09]__[08]    a__[07]    [26k]__i__[08]_[07]_[12]_[14]__[06]

[05]_    [25]        [11]       [10]          _____[27]          _[18]
     |_   ^           |_____c_____|    o__l__|                 _|
[15]___|__|__[04]       [30] [28]              G_d_[11]    g__|___[19]

[18]__[17]    [17]__[16]    [16]_f_[15]    [12]__[13]    [13]__e    [14]__e

[19]__[20]__[21]    [21]__[22]    [22]__[23]__[24]    [20]__h?    [23]__h?

   [25]                 [28]                                [30]
     |                   |                                    |
[24]_|    [27]__[26]     |_[29]    [29]__n    [31]__n    [31]_|

a Battle Ruwen and his dragon here. The dragon cannot be hurt, only the wizard.
  (1500 exp, Optional)
b Go down the well.
c Press down on the center blocks to change the walls and navigate this room.
d There's unlimited Oil in this storeroom but you can only carry 1 at a time.
e Oil the winches (with Fatigue traps) in rooms [13] and [14] to lower the cage.
f If you turned both winches the cage will already be lowered and opened.
g Once Kiala is free, talk to Olvana and get the Glasses to see in the dark.
h This room is dark and requires Glasses. Examine the jar until you turn it.
  Jar [20] has a Spell trap, [23] has a Poison Gas trap.
  The herbs in these rooms can only be gotten once both jars are turned.
i If you turned the jars the "Holy Water" should now be accessible.
j Kiala points out that your "Holy Water" is actually Acid.
  When you have the Acid, go back to the kitchen. Olvana asks for Oasis Herbs.
  Get the Oasis Herbs from Kiala and bring them back to Olvana.
k This door is not accessible until Olvana has the Oasis Herbs.
l Your progress is blocked by a door. Talk to Olvana to learn about the key.
m Examine one of the tall background pillars around the center to find the 
  Magic Key. You can't get it until Olvana tells you about it. 
  Use the key on the door at m.
n Use Oil to turn the jar. You must use the Magic Key before you can do this.
  Jar [29] has a Poison Gas trap, [31] has a Spell trap.
o If you turned both jars you can reach the real Holy Water now.
  Bring it back to Kiala for 50 gold and 1500 exp.

Summary of Treasure:
                   Use   Enchantment         Spell
Sage x2           Herb
Random            Herb
Oil               Tool
Glasses           Tool
Magic Key         Tool
Oasis Herbs       Tool
Acid              Tool
Holy Water        Tool

Sidequest         Kill Ruwen                     1500 exp
Main objective    Purify the oasis               50g, 1500 exp

  2-4. THE DARK MAGICIAN (3 character limit)
-Take the hidden door to the left of the waterfall.
-Fight a battle with Dark Stalkers to get the Dungeon Keys.
-Now you can unlock the upper door past the waterfall.
-Find Orsa in the first cell. He'll join you.
-Back in the room before the waterfall, in the first cell go to the odd wall 
and push up on it to find a door.
-Get the Moon Stone, then find the teleport room.
-Place the Moon Stone on the right-hand altar and teleport. (Katino)
-Get the Star Stone.
-Push down between the gold pillars.
-At the altars, teleport with the Star Stone but without the Moon Stone. (Dios)
-Push the stone button to lower the pyramid.
-At the altars, teleport with both stones. (Barus)
-Kill the Blue Dragon (1500 exp, Optional)
-If you kill the dragon, you can also get the Steel Sword from the corner.
-Teleport with Katino again and return to the now-lowered pyramid.
-Through the door on the top of the pyramid is the room with the Sun Stone.
(The barrier in front of it is gone if you pressed between the gold pillars.)
-Treasures are now available:
  *Quartz Shield: In the room with the stone button (Dios)
  *Fire Rod: In the pool of fire (Katino)
  *Silver Armor: Between the gold pillars (Katino)
(You can only get these after getting the Sun Stone but before killing Ghedis.)
-With the Sun Stone in hand you can now fight Ghedis. Find him through the 
lower door past the waterfall. (1500 exp)

Usable treasures:
Steel Sword        Arm   Ma8,Ju1,Su6,Ve2     Sun Ray (locked)
Silver Armor     Armor   Ju9,Mo5,Su1,Ve2     Protect (locked)
Quartz Shield   Shield   Ju10,Mo4,Ve2        Become Air (locked)
Fire Rod           Rod   Me8,Mo2,Su6         Fire Fox

Sidequest         Kill the Blue Dragon                  1500 exp
Main objective    Kill Ghedis                           1500 exp

-Proceed until you reach a room with red/brown sludge at the bottom. Get the 
Flame Crystal from the sludge.
-Go down one level and examine the spinning orb to find out how to stop it. Use 
the four small orbs to make it stop spinning.
-With that done, go back up one level and get the Red Gemstone from the orb.
-At the lava level, use the Red Gemstone in the slot to open the gate.
-In the sub-lava area, free the fairy (Kaji) with the Flame Crystal and get the 
Energy Rod. Retrieve your crystal.
-Head right from Kaji to fight the Fire Demon. (1500 exp, optional)
-If you kill the demon look for the Chain Mail in the corner.
-With the Energy Rod you can open the gate in the sub-lava region, which leads 
to the Morning Star.
-Now smash two spinning orbs: one near the beginning of the level and another 
on the middle tower level.
-Insert the Flame Crystal to unlock the gate at the left of the lava level.
-The magician is now reachable. (1500 exp)
-Treasures are now available:
  *Sacred Robe: Over the second grinding column at the beginning of the level
(You have to use a Fly potion to reach the robe.)
  *Jade Ring: Search the first hole that was generating ogres

Usable treasures:
Morning Star       Arm   Ma8,Me6,Su2,Ve2     Meteor (locked)
Energy Rod         Rod   Me6,Mo2,Su10,Ve1    Fist of Air (locked)
Jade Ring         Ring   Me1,Ju5,Mo6,Ve4     Flame Burst (locked)
Sacred Robe       Robe   Ma1,Mo8,Su3,Sa5     Fire Wall
Chain Mail       Armor   Ju12,Ve3            Ascension (locked)

Sidequest         Kill the Fire Demon                   1500 exp
Main objective    Free the Magician                     1500 exp


[47]___[27]   [27]_     y____[47]
     |             |
>26<_|             |____[28]   __-_[28]_
                              ^         |
<26>_         [29]_          ____-______|_-_[29]
     |             |                  -
     |_[25]        |_[30]             |__-__[30]   _[31o]  [31]____-__p__
                                      |           |                   ^
      _[25]                     ___-__|__-____-___|                   ^
     |                                -                               ^
[24]_|       [45]_                    |__-__[48]       [48]__z-____-__^__
                  |                   |                               ^
                  |_[46]    [45]___-__|__-____-___x                   ^
                                      -                               ^
   __-_______[46]   __f[15]__   [15]__|  i__[18]  [18h]___[24]        ^
  |                                   |                 |             ^
w?|  [17]_g__[16]  [16]___[13]  [13]__|__d              |_[17]        ^
                        |                                             ^
                   [12]_|                                _[12]        ^
                                                        |             ^
[10]__[14]__[11]  [14]__e   c__[09]  [09]___[10]   [11]_|             ^
                                          |                           ^
    a__-____-____[06]  [08]__[06]_   [08]_|                           ^
                                  |                                   ^
      _[04]  [04]____[05]    [05]_|                                   ^
     |                                                                ^
[03]_|    [03]__[19]_   [19]_                                         ^
                     |       |                                        ^
      _[02]     [02]_|       |____<20j>  <21l>__>20<__k__             ^
     |                                                                ^
[01]_|  [07]___[01]  [07]_    >21<                                   <32>
             |            |    ^
*____-__[22]_|            |____|b   [22]_
                              [23]__n    |____[23m]

            _[43]          >32<                  [43]_
           |                ^                         |
    [39]_  |_[42]   [41]_   ^      [40]__[42]__[41]   |_[44]
         |               |  ^
[36]__   |___[33]_       |__^  [44]_[35]_    [35]_      _s_   u_
      |           |      |               |        |    |   |    |
      -           -      -               -        |____|   |_t__|
      |           |______|               |
      |             |    |               |
      -             -    -               -   r__[34]  [34]_q__[33]
      |         ____|    |_______________|
      |        |                             [38]__         [38]__
      -        -                                   |              ^
      |________|                    v__[37]  [37]__|__[36]  [39]__|__[40]

a Get the Jug here.
b Fill the jug with wine.
c The man needs 3 loads of wine before you can get the key.
d Talk to the elevator operator, Oram.
e If you go back and talk to Zorak, then Oram will cooperate.
f There's a man in this room. Murder him and take his Pass.
g You need the Pass to get by the guard.
h You need the Key to get open this door.
i You can carry the Red or Blue ball, but not both at once.
j You need the Red Ball to open this gate. You do NOT need to go through it. 
  And if you do, the Red Ball will be returned to its starting place.
k Poison Gas trap guarding nothing.
l Press the wall to open it.
m You need the Red Ball to open this gate.
n Talk to Baron here.
o You need the Blue Ball to open this door.
p Talk to princess Zeyna; If you talked to Baron, you will get sent to the 
  dungeon by Garok.
q You can fight the Shadow Dragon here. (2000 exp, Optional)
r This is one room of the puzzle. (Hint: You can press the plates.)
s This is the other part of the puzzle. Approach the skeleton to read how to do 
  it. The solution is at the end of this section.
  Also examine the skeleton carefully to get the Mark.
t You can't pass here until the puzzle is solved.
u Pressing this plate opens the escape tunnel in room [37].
v If you haven't solved the puzzle yet, this man is no help. 
  And if you already did, you still have to let him have the Pass.
  (The escape tunnel behind him leads back to the 'winefall'.)
w There are 3 random herbs in the pots.
x Talk to Kuore to get another Pass.
  You need it to interrupt the ceremony at the chapel. (site a)
y Watch the scene at the pinnacle of the castle. You can't kill it yet.
  Talk to Kuore again.
z Get past the sleeping man and press the wall to fall back into the dungeon.
  (You must have the Mark to do this. If you don't, you have to go back down 
  via the princess' room and make a round trip just to get the Mark.)
  Return to site s and search carefully for Garateen.
  Now return to site x and battle the demon.

Summary of Treasure:
                   Use   Enchantment         Spell
Jug with Wine
Random x3         Herb
Pass              Tool
Mark              Tool
Key               Tool
Red Ball          Tool
Blue Ball         Tool
Garateen           Arm   Ma10,Ju3,Su6,Ve3    Sun Ray

Sidequest         Defeat the Shadow Dragon         2000 exp
Main objective    Slay the Major Demon             2000 exp

Solution to the puzzle:
Press down the right-hand plate in the room past the dragon (the western room).
Press down both plates in the room with the skeleton.

  2-5. THE CURSED SHIP (3 character limit)
-Find the rooms of the sailors (Jeremiah, Andrew, Ezekiel) and talk to them.
-Go to the crow's nest on the middle mast. Night falls. Get the St. Elmo's Fire 
from the end of the boom. (It doesn't show up in the inventory.)
-Find the room of Jacob, the murder victim.
-Search the desk to get the Hatchway Key.
-Find the door that your key unlocks, and if you have the fire, you should be 
able to see in there.
-At the end of the hold, try to catch the macaw.
-Back on deck, catch the macaw at the end of the boom of the middle mast.
-Bring the bird to Tom, and he will join you.
-Escort Tom (aka Joshua) off the ship. (500 exp)
-Talk to Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Then check the empty room below Andrew's room.
-Check Ezekiel's room to find it empty. Find him in the crow's nest.
-Check Jeremiah's room to find it empty. Find him in Jacob's room.
-Go to the middle of the room below Andrew's to hear a sound.
-Go to the room where you used the Hatchway Key to find Ezekiel.
-Go back to find a body. Search it for the Desk Key.
-Use it in Jeremiah's room to read the diary.
-At the left end of the hold where you found the body, search to find a door.
-Go in to find the Bloody Axe.
-Tell the captain who the real killer is, and show the evidence. (500 exp)
-Go to the middle of the room below Andrew's and the ship will move.
-On the island, move all the way to the right to trigger some events.
-Now go to the left and talk to someone to receive the Cabin Key.
-Back on the ship, unlock Lucas's room and the desk to get the Auger.
-Head back to the hatchway room, and talk to someone you meet on the way.
-Use the Auger on the barrel in the upper left of the hatchway room to get the 
Holy Water.
-Go back to the island, using the Holy Water on the way.
-On the island, fight the Archdemon. (2000 exp)
-Climb the rear (left) mast and the Golden Bottle will fall down.

Usable treasures: none

Main objective    Escort Tom to safety                   500 exp
Main objective    Discover who the murderer is           500 exp
Main objective    Kill the Archdemon                    2000 exp
Tribute           Give the Golden Bottle                1000 exp

-Take the first hole to fight the Pillar Demons (2000 exp, optional)
-In the large chamber dripping slime (stomach) take the Fighter's Arm.
-Navigate the guts until you find the cask. Here you and the arm part ways, and 
you recieve the Tuning Fork.
-When you find a room with a tuning fork on the right, a blue orb on a colored 
ornament in the middle, and a slot on the left, if you use your tuning fork 
there, you hear a tone. Doing this unlocks the door with the same tone. Each of 
these doors leads to a Crystal Valve. You need to retrieve your fork each time 
to reuse it. However, you have to get them in a specific order or the door 
doesn't get unlocked.
-First place the fork in the room with the green ornament (loud tone), and get 
the valve from the room above the acid lake.
-To get back up from the stomach, you must take the muscle elevator. The 
elevator needs to be activated before each use by pushing the eye in the 
similar-looking room in the guts.
-Place the valve in the heart, which is in the upper-right part of the level.
-Use the fork in the room with the blue ornament (unclear tone). If this is 
done and you placed the previous valve, the door to the next valve should be 
unlocked. Get it.
-Now arrange the valves in the heart so the left one is placed but the right 
one is removed.
-Place the fork in the room with the yellow ornament (clear tone). The door to 
the last valve is unlocked if you did this and arranged the valves correctly.
-Get the last valve and bring it back to the heart. Make only the middle slot 
occupied. This opens the path to the water but closes some holes.
-Treasure is now available: Check the far side of the acid lake for the Gladius.
-You will need to get to the Water of Life room by way of the clear tone door.
-Once you have the water, a Potion is available where the cask is.
-Remove all the valves from the heart to lower a barrier blocking the exit.

Here is a table to help understand the locked doors and corresponding valves:
Order   Ornament color      Tone   Position in heart   Arrange like this
  1st            Green      Loud               Right           O   O   X
  2nd             Blue   Unclear                Left           X   O   O
  3rd           Yellow     Clear              Middle           O   X   O

Usable treasures:
Potion          Potion                       Identical to Resurrect potion
Gladius            Arm   Ma10,Me1,Ju1,
                            Mo1,Su5,Ve1,Sa3  Dragonslayer

Sidequest         Kill the Pillar Demons                2000 exp
Tribute           Water of Life                         2000 exp


  The following information was provided as 3 text files with the game. They 
have been left unmodified. Credit goes to someone calling himself Greybeard for 
providing them.

  1. "MAGIC"


In this book are written the secret principles which have been handed down from
generation to generation in our Sorcerian household.As you hold this book in
your hands,remember that you are a descendant of the Sorcerians.

In times long past, the Sorcerians servedthe Gods of the seven planets and
controlled many magical powers. In those times we lived among the Gods and never
died. We were almost like gods ourselves.

Long ages ago, as mortals count time, evil beings who opposed the will of Heaven
escaped from captivity and came to make their home among the people of the earth
At that time we acquired a new purpose; our ancestors were sent to earth by the
Gods to annihilate the evil ones.

But the earth is not like Heaven. Here the flame of life burns quickly,and they
realized it would be impossible to destroy the evil in one generation. Thus the
Sorcerians established themselves on earth as mortal beings and handed down 
their sacred purpose from generation to generation.

When you have read this book, you who have inherited our blood must make a
decision; deny your Sorcerian heritage and live as normal mortals, or become a
Sorcerian adventurer, striving to achieve your ancestors' purpose and doing all
you can to destroy the evil forces of the five elements that will array them-
selves against you.

The evil ones use powerful magic and the once-godlike Sorcerians are now only
humans whose power is limited. Therefore you must learn the secrets of magic 
which have been handed down through the generations.

Even though you are a Sorcerian, magic is not easy to control.It is a demanding
art which taxes your whole body, mind and spirit. You should realize that unless
your entire being has been trained, you will accomplish little but an early 
death. Many techniques of might and magic must be perfected by the true ad-
venturer if the adventure is to achieve its purpose.

Before you embark on an adventure, choose companions whose desires and goals are
like yours, and who are likewise trained in the disciplines of body, mind and 
spirit. When you have such a group, united in determination and purpose, go     
forth and battle the powers of evil as we have been ordained to do. And may the
protection of the Gods go with you.

                        쿟HE GODS OF THE SEVEN PLANETS

The Sun, as the source of all life, controls the power of life, vitality,
creativity, and regeneration.

Sun magic is the power of creation. When combined with Mars, it is destruction.
Sun magic also gives strength and vitality.

As the moon drives away darkness, her magic has power over beings of the dark. 
As she reflects the light of the Sun, her magic also reflects other magics. As
she controls the tides,so does her magic control the element of water. 

Moon magic gives resistance against magic spells.

Mercury is the God in charge of intelligence, language and communication.He is
also the God of speed and movement, and controlsthe power of the wind.

Mercury magic bestows intelligence and the power of magical offense.

Venusis the Goddess of harmony, balance and peace.Hers is the power to avoid

Venus magic is essential for any sort of purification.She can unite the warring
powers of other gods, and bestow dexterity.

Mars is the God of battle, destruction and fire. Mars magic has the ability to
combine the magic of other Gods into a strong destructive force.

Mars' power is the power of offense.

Jupiter is the God of justice, wisdom and luck.His power is second only to the 
Sun,and grows stronger when combined with sun Magic.

Jupiter magic gives the power of healing and revival, and increases vitality.

Saturn is the God of darkness,destruction and death.He controls the forces of
the earth.

Saturn magic is an important offensive force

                        쿘ONSTERS OF THE FIVE ELEMENTS
The elements which make up all life on Earth and in Heaven are earth, fire,
water, AIR and spirit. All enemies you will enconter have their being in
one of these elements.

Every mortal thing that walks or crawls on the ground belongs to the earth
element. This includes humans and humanoid monsters. Ground-dwelling animals
also belong to this element.

Those creatures born from heat and flame belong to the fire element. They
frequently resemble fire in some way. Fire element monsters dislike water in
any form.

Anything made of liquid, jelly or slime belongs to the water element. Monsters
which inhabit the water are also water element creatures. All such creatures
hate fire.

Creatures that fly upon the wind belong to the air element. Most air element
monsters are invisible, but may attack by means of wind, such as a tornado.

Spirits and other non-physical cretures belong to the spirit element. Skeletons
and Mummies are also sky creatures, since they have no real physical existence
in our world.

                      쿚N THE EFFECTS AND USES OF MAGIC.
The magics available to you can be made into 120 different spells, by combining
the powers of the seven planets. The full knowledge of this cannot be written 
here, for fear of this book falling into the wrong hands. However, here are
three keys to guide you in your study of the uses of magic:

                                 THE FIRST KEY
Magic may be locked into an item, such as a weapon or some other personal item.
A person versed in enchantments can perform this task, granting powers to your

The powers of the seven Gods combine in different ways, and not all of the Gods 
work well together, so care must be taken in combining the powers of the planets

Magic can also be infused into potions made from the five sacred herbs. An 
herbalist knows how to prepare herbs properly to bring out their magic powers.

                                THE SECOND KEY
Since all magic is granted by the seven Gods, magic spells are characterized by
those things governed by the Gods whose magic is being called upon. Some magics
will be more effective than others against certain enemies, because of the 
nature of the enemy and the nature of the magic. The character of the enemy can
be known by knowing its origins; the character of the magic can be known by
observing its effects.

Great care must be taken not to use the magic of one element against a creature
of that same element, for fear of strengthening your enemy rather than 
weakening it.

                                THE THIRD KEY
The strongest and most powerful magics are those which partake of the powers of 
the most Gods. These are the best magics for defeating enemies of the spirit

                            THE FIVE SACRED HERBS 
Verbena has been used in traditional magic ceremonies since ancient times. It is
sometimes found growing in ruins and deserted places.

Since ancient times, Lavender has been used as a pain-killer and a sleeping
medicine. It is often found in the woods.

Sage hasthe power to neutralize poisons. It grows mostly in the desert.

Since Hyssop is the symbol of the Gods, it has the power to purify mind, body,
and spirit. It grows in the high mountains.

The power of savory relates to vitality and life. It grows on wet land by banks
of marshes.

  2. "HERBS"
                                Herbal Potions
Herbs show their power only when made into potions by one who knows this art. An
herbalist is specially trained to prepare these potions.

                            THE FIVE SACRED HERBS 
Verbena has been used in traditional magic ceremonies since ancient times. It is
sometimes found growing in ruins and deserted places.

Since ancient times, Lavender has been used as a pain-killer and a sleeping
medicine. It is often found in the woods.

Sage hasthe power to neutralize poisons. It grows mostly in the desert.

Since Hyssop is the symbol of the Gods, it has the power to purify mind, body,
and spirit. It grows in the high mountains.

The power of savory relates to vitality and life. It grows on wet land by banks
of marshes.

               Magic Spells Made from the Five Sacred Herbs                 
 Spell:  .....AIRSBANE                                                        
 Effect: .....Sends a storm to disperse air monsters.                         
 Components: .Verbana, Sage, Hyssop, Savory                                   
 Spell:  .....ANTI-MAGIC                                                      
 Effect: .....Protects against all monsters.                                  
 Components: .Verbana, Savory                                                 
 Spell:  .....BECOME AIR                                                      
 Effect: .....Enables you to pass through air monsters.                       
 Components: .Lavender, Savory                                                
 Spell:  .....CURE                                                            
 Effect: .....Reverses the effect of poisons.                                 
 Components: .Verbena                                                         
 Spell:  .....DEATHBOLT                                                       
 Effect: .....Defeats creatures of the earth, fire, water and air elements.   
 Components: .Sage, Savory, Hyssop                                            
 Spell:  .....EARTH CHAIN                                                     
 Effect: .....Stops the motion of earth monsters.                             
 Components: .Verbena, Lavender, Sage                                         
 Spell:  .....EARTHSBANE                                                      
 Effect: .....Dissolves earth monsters.                                       
 Components: .Lavender, Savory, Hyssop, Sage                                  
 Spell:  .....FIRE WALL                                                       
 Effect: .....Protects you from earth and water monsters.                     
 Components: .Verbena, Hyssop                                                 
 Spell:  .....FIRESBANE                                                       
 Effect: .....Destroys monsters of the fire element.                          
 Components: .Verbena, Lavender, Hyssop, Savory                               
 Spell:  .....FLY                                                             
 Effect: .....Gives the power of flight.                                      
 Components: .Verbena, Hyssop, Lavender, Savory, Sage                         

 Spell:  .....FOG BANK                                                        
 Effect: .....Summons a fog to protect you from earth and fire monsters.      
 Components: .Sage, Hyssop                                                    
 Spell:  .....HEAL                                                            
 Effect: .....Summons the powers of the Gods to renew vitality.               
 Components: .Sage                                                            
 Spell:  .....ICE STORM                                                       
 Effect: .....Freezes earth, water and air monsters.                          
 Components: .Lavender, Sage, Savory                                          
 Spell:  .....ICE WALL                                                        
 Effect: .....Protects against earth, fire and air monsters.                  
 Components: .Lavender, Sage                                                  
 Spell:  .....INVINCIBLE                                                      
 Effect: .....Makes all enemies powerless against you.                        
 Components: .Sage, Savory                                                    
 Spell:  .....MELT                                                            
 Effect: .....Creates warmth to revive one who has been frozen.               
 Components: .Lavender                                                        
 Spell:  .....METEOR                                                          
 Effect: .....Calls stars down on enemies of the earth, fire, water and air.  
 Components: .Savory, Hyssop, Lavender                                        
 Spell:  .....PROTECT                                                         
 Effect: .....Summon a shield of living metal to protect you from all monsters
 Components: .Lavender, Hyssop                                                
 Spell:  .....RESURRECT                                                       
 Effect: .....Restores life to a dead person.                                 
 Components: .Savory                                                          
 Spell:  .....SENILITY                                                        
 Effect: .....Causes rapid aging in earth, fire, water and air monsters.      
 Components: .Verbena, Sage, Savory                                           
 Spell:  .....SHIELD                                                          
 Effect: .....Gives protection from earth monsters.                           
 Components: .Verbena, Sage                                                   

 Spell:  .....STOP                                                            
 Effect: .....Stops the motion of ONE spirit monster.                         
 Components: .Verbena, Lavender, Savory                                       
 Spell:  .....SPIRITSBANE                                                     
 Effect: .....Purifies and destroys spirit element monsters.                  
 Components: .Verbena, Lavender, Sage, Savory                                 
 Spell:  .....STILL                                                           
 Effect: .....Stops the motion of all monsters.                               
 Components: .Savory, Hyssop                                                  
 Spell:  .....STILL AIR                                                       
 Effect: .....Stops the movement of ONE air monster.                          
 Components: .Verbena, Lavender, Hyssop                                       
 Spell:  .....STILL FIRE                                                      
 Effect: .....Stops the movement of ONE fire monster.                         
 Components: .Lavender, Sage, Hyssop                                          
 Spell:  .....STILL WATER                                                     
 Effect: .....Stops the movement of ONE water monster.                        
 Components: .Verbena, Sage, Hyssop                                           
 Spell:  .....STONE FLESH                                                     
 Effect: .....Restores life to one who has been turned to stone.              
 Components: .Hyssop                                                          
 Spell:  .....STONE TOUCH                                                     
 Effect: .....Turns earth monsters to stone.                                  
 Components: .Verbena, Hyssop, Savory                                         
 Spell:  .....UN-CURSE                                                        
 Effect: .....Reverses a spell put on you by an enemy.                        
 Components: .Verbena, Lavender                                               
 Spell:  .....WATERSBANE                                                      
 Effect: .....Uses fire to evaporate water monsters.                          
 Components: .Verbena, Lavender, Sage, Hyssop                                 

                         굇굇굇  굇 굇  굇굇굇                            
                          薩글賽  굇 굇  굇幡賽                            
                           굇    굇굇굇  굇굇긁                             
                           굇    굇幡굇  굇幡賽                             
                           굇    굇 굇  굇굇굇                            
                            賽     賽  賽   賽賽賽                            
          굇굇긁   굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇 굇       굇굇굇  굇굇굇           
          굇幡굇  굇幡굇  굇幡굇  굇 굇       굇幡굇  굇幡賽           
          굇굇글  굇 굇  굇 굇  굇굇글       굇 굇  굇굇긁            
          굇 굇  굇 굇  굇 굇  굇幡굇       굇 굇  굇幡賽            
          굇굇글  굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇 굇       굇굇굇  굇               
           賽賽    賽賽賽   賽賽賽   賽  賽        賽賽賽   賽               
   굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇 굇굇굇 굇긁 굇 굇굇굇 굇 굇 굇 굇굇굇    
   굇幡굇  굇幡賽  굇幡賽 굇幡賽 굇旁글굇 굇幡賽 굇 굇 굇 굇幡賽    
   굇 굇  굇굇긁   굇굇긁  굇굇긁  굇 薩굇 굇굇굇 굇 굇 굇 굇굇긁     
   굇 굇  굇幡賽   굇幡賽  굇幡賽  굇   굇  賽薩글 굇  굇굇幡 굇幡賽     
   굇굇굇  굇      굇     굇굇굇 굇   굇 굇굇굇 굇   굇幡  굇굇굇    
    賽賽賽   賽       賽      賽賽賽  賽    賽  賽賽賽  賽    賽    賽賽賽    
                  굇긁倂굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇   굇  굇굇굇                  
                  굇旁글굇  굇幡굇  굇幡賽   굇  굇幡賽                  
                  굇 賽굇  굇굇굇  굇旁굇   굇  굇                      
                  굇   굇  굇 굇  굇 굇   굇  굇                      
                  굇   굇  굇 굇  굇굇굇   굇  굇굇굇                  
                   賽    賽   賽  賽   賽賽賽    賽   賽賽賽                  

                          MAGIC SPELLS FOR OFFENSE                          
    The spells in this book are to be used for ATTACK. These spells can be    
 imparted to physical objects by one versed in the arts of enchantment. Each  
 spell combines the powers of two or more planetary Gods to achieve its effect
 Effect:....Consumes the life energy of earth, fire, water and air monsters.  
 Powers: ...Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter                                   
 Spell:.....ACID STORM                                                        
 Effect:....Creates acid to drive away earth monsters.                        
 Powers: ...Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn                                    
 Spell:.....ACID BLAST                                                        
 Effect:....Dissolves earth, fire, water, and air monsters.                   
 Powers: ...Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Saturn                               
 Spell:.....AIR BLAST                                                         
 Effect:....Sends the powers of the air to eliminate earth, fire, water and   
            spirit monsters.                                                  
 Powers: ...Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Saturn                       
 Effect:....Enlists spirits of earth, fire, water and spirit to combat air.   
 Powers: ...Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Venus, Saturn                        
 Effect:....Gives excruciating pain to earth, fire, water and air monsters.   
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn                                       
 Spell:.....ARROW STORM                                                       
 Effect:....Summons magical arrows to pierce all monsters.                    
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Sun, Venus, Saturn                                       
 Effect:....Causes spirit monsters to leave the vicinity.                     
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Venus                                                    
 Spell:.....ASTRAL FIRE                                                       
 Effect:....Sends a sacred flame to burn spirit monsters.                     
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Moon, Venus, Saturn                                      

 Spell:.....ASTRAL WAVE                                                       
 Effect:....Summons a powerful magic to destroy spirit monsters.              
 Powers:  ..Mars, Moon, Venus                                                 
 Spell:.....BLAST BLADE                                                       
 Effect:....Summons a magic wind sword to cut earth monsters into pieces.     
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Moon, Venus, Saturn                                
 Effect:....Creates a wave of fire against earth, water and air monsters.     
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Moon                                               
 Effect:....Summons magic missiles to defeat all monsters.                    
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Venus                                
 Effect:....Speeds up aging of earth, fire, water and air monsters.           
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Moon, Saturn                                             
 Effect:....Crushes earth monsters.                                           
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon                                      
 Effect:....Annihilates all monsters of earth, fire, water and air.           
 Powers:  ..Mars, Moon, Sun, Venus, Saturn                                    
 Spell:.....DEATH ARROW                                                       
 Effect:....Creates magic arrows which poison earth, fire, water and air.     
 Powers:  ..Mars, Saturn                                                      
 Effect:....Sends spirit flames to protect against earth, fire, water and air.
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Venus                                   
 Effect:....Creates high frequency sound waves to destroy earth, fire and     
            water monsters.                                                   
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn                                      

 Spell:.....DEATH TOUCH                                                       
 Effect:....Summons spirits to destroy earth, fire, wwater and air monsters.  
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Saturn                                  
 Spell:.....DEEP FREEZE                                                       
 Effect:....Locks earth, fire and air monsters into pillars of ice.           
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Venus                                
 Effect:....Sends heavy rains against earth, fire and air monsters.           
 Powers:  ..Moon, Saturn                                                      
 Effect:....Combines the powers of ALL the planets against dragons.           
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Venus, Saturn                  
 Effect:....Combines the powers of fire, water and air against earth monsters.
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Saturn                        
 Effect:....Absorbs the power of spirit monsters.                             
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Saturn                             
 Effect:....Brings strong magic to bear against all monsters.                 
 Powers:  ..Mars, Moon, Sun                                                   
 Effect:....Causes earth, fire, water and air monsters to explode.            
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn                                        
 Spell:.....FIRE BLAST                                                        
 Effect:....Summons fire to destroy earth, water and air monsters.            
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Sun                                                
 Spell:.....FIRE FOX                                                          
 Effect:....Summons a fire spirit to destroy earth, water and air monsters.   
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Moon, Sun                                                
 Spell:.....FIRE STORM                                                        
 Effect:....Summons a fire spirit to defeat earth, water and air monsters.    
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter                                            

 Effect:....Summons spirits of earth, water, air and spirit to destroy fire.  
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Venus, Saturn                           
 Effect:....Creates fireworks to use against earth, water and air.            
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Venus                                   
 Spell:.....FIST OF AIR                                                       
 Effect:....Summons an invisible fist for fighting earth monsters.            
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Moon, Sun, Venus                                         
 Effect:....Summons a fire spirit to burn earth, water and air monsters.      
 Powers:  ..Mars, Sun                                                         
 Spell:.....FLAME BURST                                                       
 Effect:....Sends flames to burn up earth and water monsters.                 
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Venus                                     
 Spell:.....FLASH FLOOD                                                       
 Effect:....Creates water to use against earth and fire monsters.             
 Powers:  ..Mars, Moon, Sun, Venus                                            
 Effect:....Summons extreme cold to freeze earth, water and air monsters.     
 Powers:  ..Mars, Sun, Saturn                                                 
 Spell:.....GAS CLOUD                                                         
 Effect:....Creates a cloud of fire, water and air to defeat earth monsters.  
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Sun                                                      
 Spell:.....GOD THUNDER                                                       
 Effect:....Calls down rage of the Gods against all monsters.                 
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Venus                          
 Effect:....Sends the hammer of the gods against earth, fire, water and air.  
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Saturn                                
 Spell:.....HOLY FLAME                                                        
 Effect:....Creates fire to battle earth, water and air creatures.            
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Venus, Saturn                                 

 Spell:.....ICY WIND                                                          
 Effect:....Creates a freezing wind to defeat earth and fire monsters.        
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter,, Moon, Saturn                                   
 Effect:....Creates balls of flame to send against earth, water and air.      
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Moon, Venus                                        
 Spell:.....LIGHT CROSS                                                       
 Effect:....Gathers the powers of the gods to fight all monsters.             
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus                                     
 Effect:....Summons lightning against earth monsters.                         
 Powers:  ..Moon, Venus                                                       
 Effect:....Summons star power to defeat earth, fire, water and air monsters. 
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Sun, Venus                                         
 Effect:....Summons magic needles to pierce earth monsters.                   
 Powers:  ..Mars, Moon                                                        
 Effect:....Poisons earth, fire, water and air monsters.                      
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn                             
 Effect:....Creates magic projectiles to destroy earth monsters.              
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Moon, Venus                                              
 Spell:.....PULSE STOP                                                        
 Effect:....Stops the hearts of earth monsters.                               
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter, Sun                                             
 Effect:....Brings down the anger of the gods against all monsters.           
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Sun, Venus, Saturn                                 

 Spell:.....ROCK RAIN                                                         
 Effect:....Causes a rain of rocks to fall from the sky on earth, fire, water 
   ......... and air monsters.                                                
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Saturn                                 
 Spell:.....SACRED FIRE                                                       
 Effect:....Summons a powerful fire to burn monsters of earth, water and air. 
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Moon                                               
 Effect:....Sends fire to defeat earth, water and air monsters.               
 Powers:  ..Mars, Venus                                                       
 Spell:.....SOUL BLAST                                                        
 Effect:....Causes spirit monsters to explode.                                
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Saturn                                  
 Effect:....Sends the power of the Gods to neutralize monsters of the spirit  
   .......... element.                                                        
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Venus, Saturn                           
 Spell:.....SPIRIT CLAW                                                       
 Effect:....Sends the power of spirit against earth, fire,water and air.      
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn                                          
 Spell:.....SPIRIT FIRE                                                       
 Effect:....Sends a sacred flame to burn earth, water and air monsters.       
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn                               
 Spell:.....STAR BLADE                                                        
 Effect:....Creates a magic sword to use against all monsters.                
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Saturn                                             
 Spell:.....STAR FLAME                                                        
 Effect:....Calls down star power against earth, water and air monsters.      
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Sun, Saturn                                              
 Spell:.....STONE SPIRIT                                                      
 Effect:....Calls the spirits of the stones to defeat earth, fire, water and  
    ........ air monsters.                                                    
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Saturn                                        

 Spell:.....STONE TOUCH                                                       
 Effect:....Turns earth monsters to stone.                                    
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Moon, Saturn                                             
 Effect:....Summons a storm to drive away earth and fire monsters.            
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury                                                     
 Spell:.....STORM BLAST                                                       
 Effect:....Creates a sudden storm against earth,fire and air monsters.       
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Moon, Sun, Venus, Saturn                                 
 Effect:....Asphyxiates earth monsters.                                       
 Powers:  ..Venus, Saturn                                                     
 Spell:.....SUN RAY                                                           
 Effect:....Sends the lightof the sun to destroy all monsters.                
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Venus                                         
 Effect:....Summons thunder against earth, fire, water and air monsters.      
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Sun                                 
 Effect:....Summons a bolt of sacred lightning against spirit monsters.       
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn                              
 Effect:....Summons a whirlwind to destroy earth, fire and water monsters.    
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn                                     
 Effect:....Strengthens the spirit against earth, fire, water and air monsters
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Sun, Saturn                                        
 Effect:....Vaporizes water monsters.                                         
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Saturn                         

                           굇굇굇 굇 굇 굇굇굇                            
                            薩글賽 굇 굇 굇幡賽                            
                             굇   굇굇굇 굇굇긁                             
                             굇   굇幡굇 굇幡賽                             
                             굇   굇 굇 굇굇굇                            
                              賽   賽  賽   賽賽賽                            
           굇굇긁   굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇 굇      굇굇굇  굇굇굇           
           굇幡굇  굇幡굇  굇幡굇  굇 굇      굇幡굇  굇幡賽           
           굇굇글  굇 굇  굇 굇  굇굇글      굇 굇  굇굇긁            
           굇 굇  굇 굇  굇 굇  굇幡굇      굇 굇  굇幡賽            
           굇굇글  굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇 굇      굇굇굇  굇               
            賽賽    賽賽賽   賽賽賽   賽  賽       賽賽賽   賽               
    굇굇긁  굇굇굇 굇굇굇 굇굇굇 굇긁 굇 굇굇굇 굇 굇 굇 굇굇굇     
    굇幡굇 굇幡賽 굇幡賽 굇幡賽 굇旁글굇 굇幡賽 굇 굇 굇 굇幡賽     
    굇 굇 굇굇긁  굇굇긁  굇굇긁  굇 薩굇 굇굇굇 굇 굇 굇 굇굇긁      
    굇 굇 굇幡賽  굇幡賽  굇幡賽  굇   굇  賽薩글 굇  굇굇幡 굇幡賽      
    굇굇글 굇굇굇 굇     굇굇굇 굇   굇 굇굇굇 굇   굇幡  굇굇굇     
     賽賽   賽賽賽  賽      賽賽賽  賽    賽  賽賽賽  賽    賽    賽賽賽     
                 굇긁倂굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇   굇  굇굇굇                   
                 굇旁글굇  굇幡굇  굇幡賽   굇  굇幡賽                   
                 굇 賽굇  굇굇굇  굇旁굇   굇  굇                       
                 굇   굇  굇 굇  굇 굇   굇  굇                       
                 굇   굇  굇 굇  굇굇굇   굇  굇굇굇                   
                  賽    賽   賽  賽   賽賽賽    賽   賽賽賽                   

                          MAGIC SPELLS FOR OFFENSE                          
  The spells in this book are to be used for DEFENSE. These spells can be     
  imparted to physical objects by one versed in the arts of enchantment. Each 
  spell combines the powers of two or more planetary Gods to achieve its      
 Effect:....Neutralizes the magic powers of ALL monsters.                     
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Moon                                                     
 Effect:....Creates a barrier of light to protect you from earth and water    
      ...... creatures.                                                       
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Moon, Sun, Saturn                                        
 Effect:....Binds ONE spirit element creature.                                
 Powers:  ..Moon, Venus, Saturn                                               
 Effect:....Causes blindness to creatures of ALL elements.                    
 Powers:  ..Mars, Sun, Venus                                                  
 Effect:....Frightens away earth, fire, water and air creatures.              
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Sun                                 
 Effect:....Creates confusion and loss of intelligence in ALL monsters.       
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Saturn                                                   
 Effect:....Causes monsters of ALL elements to run away from you              
    ........ (also effective against magical creatures)                       
 Powers:  ..Moon, Sun, Venus, Saturn                                          
 Effect:....Removes a spell that has stopped your motion.                     
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Venus                                        
 Spell:.....EARTH CHAIN                                                       
 Effect:....Stops the movement of ONE earth element creature.                 
 Powers:  ..Sun, Saturn                                                       

 Effect:....Banishes evil spirits from your body.                             
 Powers:  ..Moon, Sun, Venus                                                  
 Effect:....Causes monsters of ALL elements to fear you.                      
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Venus                               
 Spell:.....FIRE WALL                                                         
 Effect:....Sends a wall of flame against earth and water monsters.           
 Powers:  ..Mars, Moon, Sun, Saturn                                           
 Spell:.....FOG BANK                                                          
 Effect:....Creates a magical fog that makes you invisible to earth and       
    ........ fire monsters.                                                   
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Moon                                                     
 Effect:....Causes monsters of ALL elements to wander aimlessly.              
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Venus                                              
 Spell:.....GO MAD                                                            
 Effect:....Summons heavenly lights which drive earth, fire, water and air    
    ........ monsters insane.                                                 
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Moon, Sun                                          
 Spell:.....HOLY WATER                                                        
 Effect:....Weakens the powers of spirit element monsters.                    
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter, Moon                                            
 Effect:....Uses illusion against earth, fire, water and air monsters         
    ........ causing them to wander away.                                     
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Venus                                              
 Spell:.....ICE WALL                                                          
 Effect:....Summons an ice spirit to form a shield against the elements of    
    ........ earth, fire and air.                                             
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Sun                                       
 Effect:....Weakens the powers of earth, fire, water and air creatures.       
 Powers:  ..Mars, Venus, Saturn                                               

 Effect:....Makes you more powerful than enemies of ALL elements.             
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Venus                                      
 Effect:....Stops the flow of time and movement for ALL monsters              
    ........ (also effective against magical creatures).                      
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Saturn                                             
 Effect:....Creates a living shield against monsters of ALL elements.         
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Venus                                         
 Effect:....Creates a shield of power to protect from earth monsters.         
 Powers:  ..Moon, Sun                                                         
 Spell:.....TURN SPELL                                                        
 Effect:....Combines the powers and protection of all the gods against        
    .......  ALL monsters.                                                    
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Moon, Sun                                                
 Effect:....Calms monsters of ALL elements.                                   
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Venus                                                    
 Spell:.....SAND STORM                                                        
 Effect:....Creates a storm which reduces the speed of earth, fire, water     
    ........ and spirit creatures.                                            
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter                                                  
 Effect:....Frightens away ALL monsters.                                      
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Saturn                                                   
 Effect:....Causes premature aging and weakening of earth, fire, water and air
 Powers:  ..Sun, Venus, Saturn                                                
 Effect:....Causes a magical sleep to fall upon earth, fire, water and air.   
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter, Venus                                           

 Effect:....Reduces the speed of creatures of ALL elements, in relation to you
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Saturn                              
 Effect:....Binds creatures of ALL elements.                                  
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Venus, Saturn                                            
 Spell:.....STILL AIR                                                         
 Effect:....Stops the movement of ONE air monster.                            
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Sun, Saturn                                              
 Spell:.....STILL FIRE                                                        
 Effect:....Stops the movement of ONE fire creature.                          
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Venus, Saturn                                            
 Spell:.....STILL WATER                                                       
 Effect:....Stops the movement of ONE water creature.                         
 Powers:  ..Moon, Sun, Saturn                                                 
 Effect:....Frightens creatures of ALL elements.                              
 Powers:  ..Mars, Moon, Saturn                                                
 Spell:.....TURN UNDEAD                                                       
 Effect:....Chases away creatures of the spirit element.                      
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter                                                     
 Effect:....Weakens the attack power of ALL monsters.                         
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Saturn                                      

                           굇굇굇 굇 굇 굇굇굇                            
                            薩글賽 굇 굇 굇幡賽                            
                             굇   굇굇굇 굇굇긁                             
                             굇   굇幡굇 굇幡賽                             
                             굇   굇 굇 굇굇굇                            
                              賽   賽  賽   賽賽賽                            
           굇굇긁   굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇 굇      굇굇굇  굇굇굇           
           굇幡굇  굇幡굇  굇幡굇  굇 굇      굇幡굇  굇幡賽           
           굇굇글  굇 굇  굇 굇  굇굇글      굇 굇  굇굇긁            
           굇 굇  굇 굇  굇 굇  굇幡굇      굇 굇  굇幡賽            
           굇굇글  굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇 굇      굇굇굇  굇               
            賽賽    賽賽賽   賽賽賽   賽  賽       賽賽賽   賽               
           굇 굇  굇굇굇 굇굇굇 굇      굇 굇긁 굇  굇굇굇           
           굇 굇  굇幡賽 굇幡굇 굇      굇 굇旁글굇  굇幡賽           
           굇굇굇  굇굇긁  굇굇굇 굇      굇 굇 薩굇  굇旁굇           
           굇幡굇  굇幡賽  굇 굇 굇      굇 굇   굇  굇 굇           
           굇 굇  굇굇굇 굇 굇 굇굇굇  굇 굇   굇  굇굇굇           
            賽  賽   賽賽賽  賽  賽  賽賽賽   賽  賽    賽   賽賽賽           
                  굇긁倂굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇   굇  굇굇굇                  
                  굇旁글굇  굇幡굇  굇幡賽   굇  굇幡賽                  
                  굇 賽굇  굇굇굇  굇旁굇   굇  굇                      
                  굇   굇  굇 굇  굇 굇   굇  굇                      
                  굇   굇  굇 굇  굇굇굇   굇  굇굇굇                  
                   賽    賽   賽  賽   賽賽賽    賽   賽賽賽                  

 Spell:.....ADD TO LIFE                                                       
 Effect:....Increases your life power for fighting powerful enemies.          
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Sun                                          
 Effect:....Heals one who has been poisoned.                                  
 Powers:  ..Sun, Venus                                                        
 Spell:.....GIVE VIGOR                                                        
 Effect:....Increases the power of one monster.                               
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Moon, Saturn                                       
 Effect:....Brings back strength to one who is wounded.                       
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Sun                                                      
 Effect:....Restores those who have been frozen.                              
 Powers:  ..Mars, Sun, Venus, Saturn                                          
 Effect:....Restores youth.                                                   
 Powers:  ..Mars, Jupiter, Sun                                                
 Effect:....Revives those who have been killed.                               
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Sun, Venus                                               
 Spell:.....STONE FLESH                                                       
 Effect:....Returns life to those who have been turned to stone.              
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Saturn                                       

                           굇굇굇 굇 굇 굇굇굇                            
                            薩글賽 굇 굇 굇幡賽                            
                             굇   굇굇굇 굇굇긁                             
                             굇   굇幡굇 굇幡賽                             
                             굇   굇 굇 굇굇굇                            
                              賽   賽  賽   賽賽賽                            
           굇굇긁   굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇 굇      굇굇굇  굇굇굇           
           굇幡굇  굇幡굇  굇幡굇  굇 굇      굇幡굇  굇幡賽           
           굇굇글  굇 굇  굇 굇  굇굇글      굇 굇  굇굇긁            
           굇 굇  굇 굇  굇 굇  굇幡굇      굇 굇  굇幡賽            
           굇굇글  굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇 굇      굇굇굇  굇               
            賽賽    賽賽賽   賽賽賽   賽  賽       賽賽賽   賽               
   굇굇굇 굇굇굇 굇굇굇 굇긁 굇 굇굇굇 굇굇굇 굇굇굇 굇굇굇          
    薩글賽 굇幡굇 굇幡굇 굇旁글굇 굇幡賽 굇幡賽 굇幡굇 굇幡굇          
     굇   굇굇글 굇굇굇 굇 薩굇 굇굇굇 굇굇긁  굇 굇 굇굇글  굇굇긁  
     굇   굇幡굇 굇 굇 굇   굇  賽薩글 굇幡賽  굇 굇 굇幡굇    賽賽  
     굇   굇 굇 굇 굇 굇   굇 굇굇굇 굇     굇굇굇 굇 굇          
      賽    賽  賽  賽  賽  賽    賽  賽賽賽  賽      賽賽賽  賽  賽          
                굇긁倂굇 굇굇굇 굇굇굇 굇 굇굇굇 굇긁 굇               
                굇旁글굇 굇幡굇  薩글賽 굇 굇幡굇 굇旁글굇               
                굇 賽굇 굇굇굇   굇   굇 굇 굇 굇 薩굇               
                굇   굇 굇 굇   굇   굇 굇 굇 굇   굇               
                굇   굇 굇 굇   굇   굇 굇굇굇 굇   굇               
                 賽    賽  賽  賽    賽    賽  賽賽賽  賽    賽               
                  굇긁倂굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇   굇  굇굇굇                  
                  굇旁글굇  굇幡굇  굇幡賽   굇  굇幡賽                  
                  굇 賽굇  굇굇굇  굇旁굇   굇  굇                      
                  굇   굇  굇 굇  굇 굇   굇  굇                      
                  굇   굇  굇 굇  굇굇굇   굇  굇굇굇                  
                   賽    賽   賽  賽   賽賽賽    賽   賽賽賽                  

 Spell:.....BECOME AIR                                                        
 Effect:....Causes you to be invisible to ALL monsters.                       
 Powers:  ..Jupiter, Moon, Venus                                              
 Effect:....Returns you and your belongings to the city where you started.    
 Powers:  ..Mercury, Sun, Venus                                               
 Spell:.....REDUCE LIFE                                                       
 Effect:....Reduces the life of one party member by half. Only used as a      
    ........ last resort to free someone from a trap, so that they can be     
    ........ revived later.                                                   
 Powers:  ..Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn                                      
 Spell:.....TURN TO STONE                                                     
 Effect:....Changes the spell caster's body to a stone idol. Can not be       
    ........ reversed by the one who cast it.                                 
 Powers:  ..Mars, Moon, Venus, Saturn                                         

  3. "CHART"

旁굇굇긁  굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇  굇굇굇  굇긁 굇 
旁글賽賽  굇幡굇  굇幡굇  굇幡賽  굇幡賽  굇幡굇  굇  굇幡굇  굇旁글굇 
旁굇굇긁  굇 굇  굇굇글  굇      굇굇긁   굇굇글  굇  굇굇굇  굇 薩굇 
 賽薩글  굇 굇  굇幡굇  굇      굇幡賽   굇幡굇  굇  굇 굇  굇   굇 
旁굇굇글  굇굇굇  굇 굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇 굇  굇  굇 굇  굇   굇 
 賽賽賽   賽賽賽   賽  賽   賽賽賽   賽賽賽   賽  賽  賽    賽  賽   賽    賽 
               굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇      굇      굇굇굇           
               굇幡賽  굇幡굇  굇幡賽  굇      굇      굇幡賽           
               굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇굇긁   굇      굇      굇굇굇           
                賽薩글  굇幡賽  굇幡賽   굇      굇       賽薩글           
               굇굇굇  굇      굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇           
                賽賽賽   賽       賽賽賽   賽賽賽   賽賽賽   賽賽賽           
               굇굇굇  굇 굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇굇굇                    
               굇幡賽  굇 굇  굇幡굇  굇幡굇   薩글賽                    
               굇      굇굇굇  굇굇굇  굇굇글    굇                      
               굇      굇幡굇  굇 굇  굇幡굇    굇                      
               굇굇굇  굇 굇  굇 굇  굇 굇    굇                      
                賽賽賽  賽  賽    賽  賽   賽  賽     賽                      

 Type                 Planets:           Herbs:                  Effect:      
 D = Defensive        Ma = Mars          Hy = Hyssop             E = Earth    
 Hb = Herbal          Me = Mercury       La = Lavender           F = Fire     
 He = Healing         Ju = Jupiter       Sg = Sage               W = Water    
 O = Offensive        Mo = Moon          Sv = Savory             A = Air      
 T = Transform.       Su = Sun           Vb = Verbana            S = Spirit   
                      Ve = Venus                                 M = Magic    
                      Sa = Saturn                                             
 Name                 Type               Powers                  Effective    
 Absorb               O                  Me,Ve,Sa,Ju             E,F,W,A      
 Acid Blast           O                  Me,Ju,Mo,Su,Sa          E,F,W,A      
 Acid Storm           O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Sa             E            
 Add to Life          He                 Ma,Ju,Mo,Su             N/A          
 Air Blast            O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo,Ve,Sa       E,F,W,S+M    
 Airsbane             Hb                 Vb,Sg,Hy,Sv             A            
                      O                  Me,Ju,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa       A            
 Anguish              O                  Ma,Ju,Mo,Sa             E,F,W,A      
 Anti-Magic           Hb                 Vb,Sv                   M            
                      D                  Ju,Mo                   N/A          
 Arrow Storm          O                  Me,Su,Ve,Sa             All          
 Ascension            O                  Ju,Ve                   S            
 Astral Fire          O                  Me,Mo,Ve,Sa             S            
 Astral Wave          O                  Ma,Mo,Ve                S            
 Barrier              D                  Me,Mo,Su,Sa             E,W          
 Become Air           Hb                 La,Sv                   A            
                      T                  Ju,Mo,Ve                N/A          
 Binding              D                  Mo,Ve,Sa                S            
 Blast Blade          O                  Ma,Me,Mo,Ve,Sa          E            
 Blaze                O                  Ma,Ju,Mo                E,W,A        
 Blind                D                  Ma,Su,Ve                All          
 Bolt                 D                  Ma,Me,Ju,Su             E,F,W,A      
 Bombard              O                  Me,Ju,Mo,Su,Ve          All          
 Confusion            D                  Me,Sa                   All          
 Name                 Type               Powers                  Effective    
 Corrosion            O                  Me,Mo,Sa                E,F,W,A      
 Crush                O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo             E            
 Cure                 Hb                 Vb                      N/A          
                      He                 Su,Ve                   N/A          
 Death                O                  Ma,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa          E,F,W,A      
 Death Arrow          O                  Ma,Sa                   E,F,W,A      
 Death Touch          O                  Ma,Me,Mo,Su,Sa          E,F,W,A      
 Deathbolt            Hb                 Sg,Sv,Hy                E,F,W,A      
                      O                  Ma,Ju,Mo,Su,Ve          E,F,W,A      
 Deathsound           O                  Ma,Ju,Ve,Sa             E,F,W        
 Deep Freeze          O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Su,Ve          E,F,A        
 Deluge               O                  Mo,Sa                   E,F,A        
 Demoralize           D                  Mo,Su,Ve,Sa             All          
 Dispel               D                  Ma,Ju,Mo,Ve             M            
 Dragonslayer         O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa    All          
 Earth Chain          Hb                 Vb,La,Sg                E            
                      D                  Su,Sa                   E            
 Earthsbane           Hb                 La,Sv,Hy,Sg             E            
                      O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Su,Ve,Sa       E            
 Engulf               O                  Me,Ju,Mo,Ve,Sa          S            
 Eradication          O                  Ma,Mo,Su                All          
 Exit                 T                  Me,Su,Ve                N/A          
 Exorcism             D                  Mo,Su,Ve                N/A          
 Explosion            O                  Ma,Ju,Su,Sa             E,F,W,A      
 Fear                 D                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo,Ve          All          
 Fire Blast           O                  Ma,Me,Su                E,F,A        
 Fire Fox             O                  Me,Mo,Su                E,W,A        
 Fire Storm           O                  Ma,Me,Ju                E,W,A        
 Fire Wall            Hb                 Vb,Hy                   E,W          
                      D                  Ma,Mo,Su,Sa             E,W          
 Firesbane            Hb                 Vb,La,Hy,Sv             F            
                      O                  Ma,Ju,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa       F            
 Fireworks            O                  Ma,Me,Mo,Su,Ve          E,W,A        
 Fist Of Air          O                  Me,Mo,Su,Ve             E            
 Flame                O                  Ma,Su                   E,W,A        
 Flame Burst          O                  Me,Ju,Mo,Ve             E,W          
 Flash Flood          O                  Ma,Mo,Su,Ve             E,F          
 Fly                  Hb                 Vb,Hy,La,Sv,Sg          N/A          

 Name                 Type               Powers                  Effective    
 Fog Bank             Hb                 Sg,Hy                   E,F          
                      D                  Me,Mo                   E,F          
 Forget               D                  Ma,Me,Ve                All          
 Freeze               O                  Ma,Su,Sa                E,W,A        
 Gas Cloud            O                  Me,Su                   E            
 Give Vigor           He                 Ma,Me,Mo,Sa             N/A          
 Go Mad               D                  Ma,Me,Mo,Su             E,F,W,A      
 God Thunder          O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo,Su,Ve       All          
 Hammer               O                  Ma,Ju,Mo,Ve,Sa          E,F,W,A      
 Heal                 Hb                 Sg                      N/A          
                      He                 Ju,Su                   N/A          
 Holy Flame           O                  Ju,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa          E,W,A        
 Holy Water           D                  Me,Ju,Mo                S            
 Hypnotize            D                  Ma,Ju,Ve                E,F,W,A      
 Ice Storm            Hb                 La,Sg,Sv                E,W,A        
 Ice Wall             Hb                 La,Sg                   E,F,A        
                      D                  Me,Ju,Mo,Su             E,F,A        
 Icy Wind             O                  Me,Ju,Mo,Sa             E,F          
 Ignite               O                  Ma,Me,Mo,Ve             E,W,A        
 Illusion             D                  Ma,Ve,Sa                E,F,W,A      
 Invincible           Hb                 Sg,Sv                   All          
                      D                  Me,Ju,Su,Ve             All          
 Light Cross          O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Ve             All          
 Lightning            O                  Mo,Ve                   E            
 Melt                 Hb                 La                      N/A          
                      He                 Ma,Su,Ve,Sa             N/A          
 Meteor               Hb                 Sv,Hy,La                E,F,W,A      
                      O                  Ma,Me,Su,Ve             E,F,W,A      
 Needle               O                  Ma,Mo                   E            
 Name                 Type               Powers                  Effective    
 Negate               D                  Ma,Me,Sa                All+M        
 Peace                D                  Me,Ve                   All          
 Poison               O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Ve,Sa          E,F,W,A      
 Projectile           O                  Me,Mo,Ve                E            
 Protect              Hb                 La,Hy                   All          
                      D                  Ju,Mo,Su,Ve             All          
 Pulse Stop           O                  Me,Ju,Su                E            
 Rage                 O                  Ma,Me,Su,Ve,Sa          All          
 Reduce Life          T                  Ma,Me,Ve,Sa             N/A          
 Rejuvinate           He                 Ma,Ju,Su                N/A          
 Resurrect            Hb                 Sv                      N/A          
                      He                 Ju,Su,Ve                N/A          
 Rock Rain            O                  Ma,Ju,Su,Ve,Sa          E,F,W,A      
 Sacred Fire          O                  Ma,Me,Mo                E,W,A        
 Sand Storm           D                  Me,Ju                   E,F,W,S      
 Scare                D                  Ju,Sa                   All          
 Senility             Hb                 Vb,Sg,Sv                E,F,W,A      
                      D                  Su,Ve,Sa                E,F,W,A      
 Shield               Hb                 Vb,Sg                   E            
                      D                  Mo,Su                   E            
 Sleep                D                  Me,Ju,Ve                E,F,W,A      
 Slow                 D                  Me,Ju,Su,Ve,Sa          All          
 Soul Blast           O                  Ma,Ju,Mo,Su,Sa          S            
 Sparks               O                  Ma,Ve                   E,W,A        
 Spellbound           D                  Ju,Ve,Sa                All          
 Spirit Claw          O                  Me,Ju,Sa                E,F,W,A      
 Spirit Fire          O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Su,Sa          E,W,A        
 Spiritsbane          Hb                 Vb,La,Sg,Sv             S            
                      O                  Ma,Me,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa       S            
 Star Blade           O                  Ma,Ju,Sa                All          
 Star Flame           O                  Ju,Su,Sa                E,W,A        
 Still                Hb                 Sv,Hy                   All          
 Still Air            Hb                 Vb,La,Hy                A            
                      D                  Me,Su,Sa                A            
 Still Fire           Hb                 La,Sg,Hy                F            
                      D                  Me,Ve,Sa                F            
 Still Water          Hb                 Vb,Sg,Hy                W            
                      D                  Mo,Su,Sa                W            
 Stone Flesh          Hb                 Hy                      N/A          
                      He                 Ju,Su,Ve,Sa             N/A          
 Stone Spirit         O                  Ju,Mo,Su,Sa             E,F,W,A      

 Name                 Type               Powers                  Effective    
 Stone Touch          Hb                 Vb,Hy,Sv                E            
                      O                  Ju,Mo,Sa                E            
 Stop                 Hb                 Vb,La,Sv                S            
 Storm                O                  Ma,Me                   E,F          
 Storm Blast          O                  Me,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa          E,F,A        
 Suffocate            O                  Ve,Sa                   E            
 Sun Ray              O                  Ma,Ju,Su,Ve             All          
 Thunder              O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo,Su          E,F,W,A      
 Thunderbolt          O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo,Sa          S            
 Timidity             D                  Ma,Mo,Sa                All          
 Tornado              O                  Me,Ju,Su,Sa             E,F,W        
 Turn Spell           D                  Ju,Mo,Su                All+M        
 Turn to Stone        T                  Ma,Mo,Ve,Sa             N/A          
 Turn Undead          D                  Ma,Ju                   S            
 Un-curse             Hb                 Vb,La                   N/A          
 Victory              O                  Ma,Me,Su,Sa             E,F,W,A      
 Watersbane           Hb                 Vb,La,Sg,Hy             W            
                      O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo.Su,Sa       W            
 Weaken               D                  Ju,Mo,Ve,Sa             All          

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