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Follow the dark path or use the light
Slender: The Arrival Pack Shot

Slender: The Arrival


Scrapbook Page/Achievement Guide

by jorbgamer

Slender: The Arrival
Comprehensive Scrapbook Page Location and Achievements 
By: Jonathan Bezenah(jorbgamer)
Version: 1.00
Copyright c 2013 Jonathan Bezenah

=====Table of Contents====
1.	1. Introduction
2.	2. Scrapbook Pages Locations
3.	3. Achievements
4.	4. Version History
5.	5. Legal
6.	6. Credits

1.	1.   Introduction

Slender: The Arrival is the highly anticipated sequel to the 
critically acclaimed game Slender: The Eight Pages. Both Slender 
games were developed by Parsec Productions, and are based upon the 
slender man mythos. This game adds many new features over the 
original Slender Game: multiple levels, various enemies, a 
storyline, collectables and achievements. I decided that a small 
walkthrough was needed to help those with some of the scrapbook 
page locations and achievements. This in-depth fact does include 
SPOILERS about locations and characters. 

2.  Scrapbook Page Locations

The order below is the same order they appear in the scrapbook 
extras section. 
The format will be the following:
Scrapbook page: Level - Location - Detailed Description

Letter 1: Prologue - Kate's House - In the foyer on some shelves 
next to the stairs

Letter 2: Prologue - Kate's House - In the back room, across from 
the garage, on a dresser (Next to radio)

Letter 3: Prologue - Kate's House - Behind the house on the playset 
near the slide (need to climb on playset)

Letter 4: Into the Abyss - Tree Alcove - This is the most difficult 
letter to find. It can be easier depending on your starting 
location for the level. To find the letter, head to the little house 
(the one w/o stairs). From the door on the house, face the hill 
and run slightly right towards the rocks that act as a boundary. 
(These are not the rock piles fairly close to the house. The rocks 
I am referring to prevent you from exiting the map.) Turn right 
an you should see a little alcove with different colored trees. 
There should be green trees, orange trees, and a single red tree 
that is taller the the surrounding trees. The letter is on the trunk 
of the red tree. You may need to move around the tree a bit to 
actually see the note.

Letter 5: Into the Abyss - Cabin w/ Stairs - On a oil drum canister 
in front of the cabin ( Note: This is the larger cabin, not the 
small little one)

Letter 6: Into the Abyss - Office Trailers - On the bulletin board, 
on the side of the one trailer (Next to Payroll Letter)

Letter 7: Into the Abyss - Control Room - In the small little room, 
right before the larger generator area. The letter is on the desk 
to the left, shortly after you enter the room ( Near Generator Lift 

Letter 8: Flashback -  Mine Shaft - At the beginning of the level 
right before you turn left to go back outside, the letter is found 
on a crate to the right.

Letter 9: Flashback -  Gated Fence - Right after you exit the mine 
shaft, head left towards a metal fence. The letter is stuck on the 
fence to the right.

Letter 10: Flashback - Hill Post - After letter nine, you will run 
down the hill, and start traversing the mountain. The path should 
branch shortly down the trail, one straight and the other right. 
The right path takes you up a hill. Follow this path. Towards the 
top there should be a wooden post on the left with the letter.

Letter 11: Flashback - Control Room/TV Room - After you enter the 
control room with the TV in it, the letter is on a wall to the left. 
You should see it after you turn left from entering the room.

Letter 12: The Arrival - Mountain Post Switchback - After you exit 
the control room mentioned above, you will start climbing up the 
mountain towards the radio tower. The climb includes a couple of 
switchbacks, where you go from left to right to left etc. After 
one left and  left, the letter can be seen on the post before you 
turn right again.

Letter 13: The Arrival - Cave - After you drop down into a cave, 
there should be a lone crate in front of you. The letter is sitting 
on top of the crate.

Memorial Flyer: Prologue - Kate's House - The flyer can be found 
on the kitchen table on the first floor of the house.

TO DO List: Prologue - Kate's House - The list can be found attached 
to the fridge in the kitchen.

Canoeing Rules: The Eight Pages - Starting Cabin - The flyer can 
be found attached to the building or on a crate at your starting 

Oakpark Brochure: The Eight Pages - Starting Cabin - The flyer can 
be found attached to the building or on a crate at your starting 

Canoe Rental Sign: The Eight Pages - Starting Cabin - The sign will 
be attached to the building at your starting location.

Payroll Letter: Into the Abyss - Office Trailers - On the bulletin 
board, on the side of the one trailer (Next to Letter 6)

Newspaper Clipping: Into the Abyss - Control Room - After you enter 
the small room, the clipping can be found on a wall down the hall 
from the Generator Poster. (You should see it as you are walking 
down the short corridor. Its brown and has a picture frame around 

Generator Lift Poster: Into the Abyss - Control Room - After you 
enter the mine, turn into a small room on the right (the only room 
you can go into). The poster should be right in front of you. (In 
the same room as letter 7 and Newspaper clipping)

Torn Note (I want to die): Flashback - Control Room/TV Room - Right 
before you enter the control room with the TV in it. Its located 
on the building next to the door on the right.

Burned Note: The Arrival - Cave - After Letter 13, you will walk 
down through the cave. The note can be find on a wooden post near 
a wall with white writing all over it.

Charles Letter: Into The Abyss - Mining Entrance - Before you enter 
the mine, on the left there are some concrete pipes. Head behind 
the pipes. The letter can be found on the concrete wall on the 
concrete strut closest to the fence.

Missing Child Poster: Prologue - Outside Kate's House -Another 
tricky scrapbook page. Before you enter the fenced area around 
Kate's house, keep running past the entrance near the FOR SALE 
sign. Run straight toward the picket fence. The poster is on a tree 
slightly to the right when you reach the fence. (For easier 
identification, look left. There should be 2 fallen trees blocking 
the road further. The poster can be found on the first tree to the 
right of the fallen trees.)

Thank You Note: Prologue - Kate's House - On the coffee table, next 
to the telephone in the family room. Its in the room on the left 
after you enter the house through the front door.

3.   Achievements
Although there is no official ways currently to track achievements 
in the game, there are some to be found. The following lists the 
achievements that can be obtained and how to obtain them.

1. “Playing on a slide in a horror game” 

In the Prologue, go to Kate’s house. Behind the house is a playset. 
Climb up the ladder on the playset, and then go down the slide.

1.	“Not even a bug can save you” 

This can be found is a variety of ways. Essentially, this can be 
achieved be going outside the main map. The most common way to 
achieve this is in The Eight Pages level. Head down towards the 
lake. Go to where the page location spawns at the lake. With the 
lake on your left, head forwards towards the fork in the path and 
take a right. The right leads you back into the woods, while going 
left would take you to a dead end on the beach. Stay close to the 
rocks the separate the two paths. Towards the top of the hill, there 
are some rocks that you can walk over. Doing will drop you over 
the cliff edge and take you to the beach, You can no move freely 
into the water and around. Moving to far out of bounds will create 
this achievement. 

An easier way to do this is in the Flashback level. Leave the house 
through the front door and exit the fenced area. Turn right and 
keep following the path until it ends. Eventually, you will fall 
off the map and earn the achievement. 

4.   Version History

Version 1.00 - All Scrapbook locations and some achievements

5.   Legal
This document is Copyright c2013 Jonathan Bezenah (jorbgamer) and 
is the intellectual property of the author. It may be not be 
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private 
use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form. It may 
not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly 
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned 
by their respective trademark and copyright holders, Blue Isle 
Studios and Parsec Productions

The following sites have permission to post this FAQ:

If need be I can be contacted at [email protected]


Thank you to Dauss on the Slender: The Arrival Development Board 
for helping me find some of the locations.

Thank you to GameFAQS for hosting this walkthrough.

Thanks to you, the reader, for reading my FAQ. I hope this FAQ is