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Follow the dark path or use the light
SiN Episodes: Emergence Pack Shot

SiN Episodes: Emergence



by Grawl

Sin Episodes: Emergence Guide by Grawl
crazyshararm (@t) yahoo(d0t) com                          
06/02/06 - Version 0.2

1) Don't steal anything from this guide. This guide is copyrighted according
   to the DMCA ( and stealing
   this guide and/or parts of this guide without my written permission will
   lead to a removal request. When this request doesn't get accepted within
   48 hours, an official DMCA notice will follow. If this gets ignored, bigger
   steps will be taken.
2) Do you see someone use parts that look like parts of my guide? Please let
   me know. 

3) Mailing me to tell how good the guide is, is appreciated ;p You can write
   in either English.

To make searching easier, I added search-codes in the TOC. Just press CTRL + F
and enter the code to jump to that part immediately.

Table of Contents                                                   [SE.00.00]

* Table of Contents.................................................[SE.00.00]
* History & Next Version............................................[SE.01.01]
* Introduction......................................................[SE.02.01]
* Walkthrough.......................................................[SE.03.01]
  * Emergence.......................................................[SE.03.02]
  * Docks - Trapped.................................................[SE.03.03]
  * Docks - Lighthouse..............................................[SE.03.04]
  * Docks - Generators..............................................[SE.03.05]
  * Docks - Trainyard...............................................[SE.03.06]
* Cheats & Secrets..................................................[SE.04.01]
  * Console Cheats..................................................[SE.04.02]
  * Level Warp......................................................[SE.04.03]
* FAQ...............................................................[SE.05.01]
* Conclusion........................................................[SE.06.01]
History & Next Version                                              [SE.01.01]

Version 0.1 (05/29/06) - Everything is new. (17,4KB)
Version 0.2 (06/02/06) - Cheats added, walkthrough updated, removed a few
 sections, fixed the size of the last guide. (20,8KB)

Introduction                                                        [SE.02.01]

"You are John Blade, commander of HardCorps, an elite security force dedicated
to protecting the people of Freeport City. Four years have passed since your 
first battle with Elexis Sinclaire, a beautiful, brilliant, and ruthless 
scientist who is out to remake humanity according to her own twisted vision. 
The law has failed to bring Elexis and her multi-billion dollar empire, 
SiNTEK, to justice, so Blade is determined to take matters into his own hands.
Joining Blade on his mission are JC - a hacker with a secret to keep - and 
Jessica Cannon, a fiery rookie who can find her way into any secure facility.
Enter the living, breathing world of Freeport City, a futuristic collision of 
New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. As Freeport continues to suffer from mutant
attacks, you must now bring down Sinclaire before she can set her deadly plan
in motion and alter the shape of humanity forever."

Walkthrough                                                         [SE.03.01]

Sometimes, in levels with a lot of walking, I won't describe every corner for
you. If you see an enemy, just shoot it. Don't let it attack you, just because
I didn't tell you to defend yourself. If I tell you to get from A to B, I 
assume you're able to go there without too much trouble.

And the biggest note; THIS GUIDE CONTAINS SPOILERS! Don't use it if you don't
want the game to be spoiled for you.

Emergence                                                           [SE.03.02]

The game starts with you, Blade, on an operation table. Radek and Elexis
bend over you, and even though Radek wants to kill you, Elexis doesn't want
you dead. Elexis leaves and Radek injects something in your arm. Luckily
Jessica will save the day. Follow her outside and let her drive the car. Enter
the car using 'E'.


You're in the car with Jessica, driving away from the place where you met your
doom. After a short while, you'll pass out and get a dream. In the dream you
see Elexis with a few pieces of cloth, talking to you. 

When you wake up again, you arrive at a SinTEK checkpoint. Jessica doesn't
have any documentation, so she just decides to drive through the 
checkpoint. You'll pass out again.


Once you wake up, JC will give you two a call. Instead of going to a medic or
to the HQ, you'll have to kill Radek. Doesn't seem like a nice idea to me,
but whatever suits them. JC doesn't like it either, but 'the connection gets
lost'. Once you arrive at the docks, Jessica will check your frequency and
the like. Talk with the people here, then follow the path to the docks.

Docks - Trapped                                                     [SE.03.03]
Secrets Found: 0/3

Around the corner is some kind of force field, with Martin behind it. He'll
let you through, and check for weapons while he's at it. You're clean, and he
tells you to move on. Follow the path to the end of the docks (you'll be
taught how to pick up objects, using 'E') and have a chat with Garrison.

Garrison says he'll lead you to Radek, but Martin set you guys up. He'll 
destroy the part of the docks where you came from, making it unable to go
that way. Go into that direction anyway, to end up underneath the docks. 
Follow the path, while learning how to jump (press 'space') and crawl (hold
'CTRL'). Keep running until Jessica tells you to hurry up. Even though you
don't see your health, you can still die, so don't just idle around.

Climb up the stairs in the big room and find Jessica. She'll give you the
Magnum. Press 'Q' to use the melee attacks. This allows you to break the
window open and jump through it. Grab the ammo for the Magnum from the
shelves, and then press 'E' to pick up the regenigiotic spray. Put it into
the machine on the wall, and the machine will allow you to heal yourself.

Head back to Jessica, who is asking for help. Sadly SinTEK isn't able to help
you, and she can't get a hold of JC. Jessica will get back to the car, and
tell you to move on. When she is gone, some guy will blow open a door. Shoot
them and head outside.

As soon as you did a few steps a truck will come your way. Walk back inside 
and wait until it crashed. Go back outside again and walk towards the other
end while you take care of the enemies.

Enter the storage room and kill more enemies. Jessica will contact you, but
it's just some boring talk. You'll find your first supplies-box here. Open
it with your melee attack, then open the door to end up in a dark alley.

A dark alley with enemies. Also watch out for the building up ahead, since
enemies will be shooting from the windows. Find the wooden door here and
open it. Inside are more enemies, but also explosive stuff (barrel and
oxygen tank). Use them to get rid of the enemies and move on to finish this

Docks - Lighthouse                                                  [SE.03.04]
Secrets Found: 1/3

Follow the stairs and open the door. Once outside, shoot the barrel on the
lower floor to break open the door. Follow the path to find more friends.
Put some holes into them, they'll like it. Inside you'll find a generator,
which you can destroy, but it doesn't seem to have any purpose. When you walk
over the small catwalk, the thing will collapse from your weight (stop
eating so much Blade).

From the water swim into a bigger room. Climb up the stairs for some fighting.
The best tactic is to stay somewhere hidden and get rid of them. Once you
step through the next door, an enemy will kick a barrel at you, which'll stun
you for a bit. Try to avoid it, or just take it like a man and then hit him
with a few bullets.

The next room has a few more enemies, and when you take too long one enemy
might be smart enough to sneak up behind you and start shooting, so watch your
back. Clear the room and step outside to lure some enemies. You'll find the
Scattergun around now, which looks and acts like a Shotgun. Get rid of any
remaining enemies inside and outside and then follow the pier.

Jump into the water and swim until you find a SECRET. Dive underwater to find
two boxes with supplies. When you're done swimming, climb up the area with
the lighthouse and go inside.

Two enemies will drop down, so take them out. When you go up the stairs
another one will open a door. Teach him some manners, just to make sure he
understands breaking open doors is not done. Follow that door outside to find
a flying enemy with a jetpack. Pang pang, my baby shot me down.

When you go further you'll end up on the other side of a fence you've already
been before. Get rid of the enemies and wait for the door of the next building
to open.

Inside are tons of explosive items, so wait until you made a few friends and
then shoot some barrels. Don't forget to run. Keep going until you find a
door and you get a transmission. Nothing interesting, so just enter the next

Over here, a crane has gone wild, and it's fun. Slowly start shooting of
enemies (or fast, I don't really mind that either) and make you way to the
other side of the room. Don't get hit by the crane or you'll regret that.
Find the guy controlling the crane and pop him down. Get rid of more remaining
enemies and then find the box with supplies. They contain grenades, which you
can toss around using 'G'. Take a look through the glass. See all those
explosive barrels? From this side of the room, find the holes that lead to
that room and throw a grenade inside. A well-aimed toss will open the door.

Step inside the next room and continue shooting/walking to end this level.

Docks - Generators                                                  [SE.03.05]
Secrets Found: 2/2

Enter the room that's labelled as lounge, and get rid of more enemies. When
you step into the next room, two enemies will drop from the ceiling. Shoot
them and notice the small room ahead of you, with two windows. Hit the window
with your gun (melee-attack) and jump through it. You're able to heal here,
plus the upcoming enemy won't notice you straight away. Head back into the
hall and find the door that leads to the outside world.

There are a few more enemies here, mainly opposite of the door and around the
corner. Take them out, and look on the right. If you enter the alley you'll
find a ladder. Head up until you find two big windows. Your best bet is to
lob a grenade inside.

Once the grenade exploded, head back and finish any remaining enemy. Note that
more will rush in when the original enemies are gone. One of the drawers here
contains a heal-pack. Find the stairs, and go down first. Look underneath the
stairs to find the first SECRET. On one the shelves here you'll also find
another heal-pack. If you need healing, you now have two of these packs to
patch yourself up.

When you are done, go all the way up the stairs and enter the next room. 
Nothing to do here, so open the door and get rid of the two enemies. Don't
enter the hall ahead yet, but jump through the window and keep walking on the
pipes to find the second SECRET. Be aware of the jetpack-enemy that suddenly
appears. Head back and enter the hall.

If you need healing, make sure you do it now. Enter the meeting room and help
yourself through the window. Follow the pipes and head down. Jessica will
contact you and tell you the connection with JC has been re-established. Hit
'TAB' to listen to JC.

The swampy area contains two crates with a grenade and a healing item. When
you're gone playing in the mud, open the double doors for some serious
business. In this room you'll find three generators. Your goal is to destroy
them, by shooting into the spinning blue area. However, enemies will love to
shoot you from the catwalk above. Your best bet is to run to the other side,
hide there and kill the enemies one by one with your Scattergun. Just make
sure you get rid of the three generators as well.

Walk up the stairs and follow the path until you enter a new room. You'll find
a heal-pack here, plus some more enemies. Get rid of them and look for a nice
spiral stair. Head down and get rid of the enemies hiding around. Go down
a bit more to end up in a slightly bigger room.

As soon as you step into the room, enemies will show up on the catwalks
above. Equip the Magnum, zoom in ('Z'), find a save spot and take as much out
as you can. After that, jump into the tasty brown water and swim onto the
slope. From there you can jump onto the catwalk around the big generator
(which is disabled, thanks to you). 

If your condition is pretty bad, walk to the other side of the room and get
yourself patched up. Don't ignore the crates on the shelves, since they also
have some nice goodies. Walk to the big terminal, and select 'Extend Bridge'
using the 'E'-button. Run back to the med-station and zoom in. Enemies will
show up on the catwalk, looking for you. Get rid of them, and then walk 
towards the bridge when it's safe.

You'll find a wheel next to the closed door on the other side of the bridge.
Keep 'E' pressed until the door is all the way up. Follow the path to end this

Docks - Trainyard                                                   [SE.03.06]
Secrets Found: 0/6

Coming soon.

Cheats & Secrets                                                    [SE.04.01]

Console Cheats                                                      [SE.04.02]

Open the console (~-key), and enter sv_cheats 1. After that, use any of the
following codes:

impulse 101 - All weapons and ammo
God - God mode
notarget - Enemies don't see you
health 999 - Sets your health to 999
noclip - Walk through walls
changelevel (name) - Warp to the level.

Level Warp                                                          [SE.04.03]

These are the maps in the game. Replace (name) for the level-warp cheat with
one of these maps:


FAQ                                                                 [SE.05.01]

Q: Blablablablabla. Can you help me?
A: Are you using a downloaded version? Then please don't even bother mailing
   me, since that version comes with more problems than anything else. This is
   not because of the game, but it's because it's the downloaded version.

Q: I'm at <enter location>, and I'm stuck, because the A.I. doesn't do a 
   single thing!!!11
A: See above. I'm not going to help you because you downloaded the game. This
   is a problem that only occurs to the downloaded version. But in case this
   happens to your legit copy, save your game, open the console (~) and enter
   ai_norebuildgraph "0". Then re-load the game and it's fixed.

Q: If I download Sin Episodes: Emergence, will my Steam account get banned?
A: Yes, that might just happen.

Q: My sound stutters, what can I do?
A: There is a patch that should fix a few things, but if that doesn't work, 
   you can try the following things:
   * If you're using more than 2 speakers, go back to 2 speakers.
   * Lower the sound quality.
   * Lower your graphical settings, including AA, resolution and texture

Q: How do I use these heal-packs?
A: There are two ways. The first way is to shoot them, which will restore
   about 30 health. The second way is to find a med-station, remove the 
   original pack (press the button on top of the thing) and insert the new

Conclusion                                                          [SE.06.01]

I hope you enjoyed my guide, since I put a lot of work in it. If you encounter
problems, feel free to mail me. Also suggestions, feedback, comment etc. are
accepted, the mail addy is on top of this file.

Thanks-list: N/A

And especially you, for reading this.

               Copyright (c) 2006 by Grawl. All rights reserved.