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Follow the dark path or use the light
RUSE Pack Shot




by roar888

                *                                           *
                *                 R.U.S.E.                  *
                *           Walkthrough/Strategy            *
                *              Version: 0.2.5               *
                *          Last revised: 07/17/11           *
                *               by: roar888                 *

Table of Contents [TOCT]

I. Opening Notes........................[OPNN]
1. Revision History.....................[RVSN]
2. Introduction.........................[INTR]
3. Walkthrough..........................[WKTR]
4. The Ruses............................[RUSE]
5. Nations..............................[NTNS]
 5.1 Germany............................[GMNY]
 5.2 Italy..............................[ITLY]
 5.3 United States......................[UNST]
 5.4 France.............................[FRNC]
 5.5 United Kingdom.....................[UNKD]
 5.6 Soviet Union.......................[USSR]
6. Battles..............................[SKMS]
7. Operations...........................[OPNS]
8. Contact Information & Other Guides...[CIOG]
9. Copyright & Thanks...................[CRTY]

I. Opening Notes [OPNN]

Thank you for reading my R.U.S.E. FAQ/Walkthrough. I appreciate suggestions
and all other constructive input. Also, if you think it's helpful, (on
GameFAQs) please click the Recommend button at the top of the page!

All recommendations and strategies detailed in this guide are geared toward
the various singleplayer modes, though many may work (sometimes even better)
in the multiplayer as well.

This guide is currently authorized for hosting on GameFAQs and Neoseeker only.
If you are reading this on any other site, it is in violation of copyright and
may be outdated, and I ask that you please notify me of such an occurrence.

1. Revision History [RVSN]

0.2.5 - 07/17/11
* First published version!
* Set up the basic layout of the guide.
* Completed the Opening Notes section.
* Completed the Introduction section.
* Completed the Contact Information section.
* Completed the Copyright & Thanks section.
* Completed The Ruses section.

2. Introduction [INTR]

R.U.S.E. is a real-time strategy game set in the World War II time period. It
differs from other RTS games in a couple of ways. First, fog of war is handled
differently. By default, you can see all of your opponents structures and
units, though the units are represented by a dot, which denotes whether it is
a heavy or light unit, but not its actual unit type. Line of sight on a unit
will reveal the specific type of unit. Also, you can hide your units in a
forest or town and they will actually vanish from the map if your opponents
don't have line of sight.

Another unique aspect of R.U.S.E. is the ruses themselves. I will discuss them
in a later section, but suffice it to say they can be game-changers.

Also, the various strengths and weaknesses of units in R.U.S.E. are much more
important than in some other RTS games. For example, (and you may have already
learned this the hard way) a couple of anti-tank guns concealed in a forest
can literally wipe out an entire line of medium tanks without breaking a
sweat. You actually will need units of every type to combat what your enemies
will throw at you.

Last, the units in R.U.S.E. don't run around the map as quickly as in other
games. Nor are the resources as plentiful. You'll need a well-formed plan of
attack to emerge victorious.

3. Walkthrough [WKTR]

4. The Ruses [RUSE]

The ruses are obviously the reason for the game's title, but do they really
impact the strategy of the game as seen on TV? That entirely depends on how
you use them. They certainly aren't a critical part of the game, but if you
combine a fake tank assault with a well-timed radio silence order, you could
entirely outflank your opponent when he thought for sure he had you on the

The aspect of the game that really makes the ruses useful is its take on fog
of war. The fact that your opponent can essentially see what you're doing at
all times means you need some other way to conceal your intentions and augment
your forces' abilities. The list that follows will detail the effects of each
ruse as well as my recommendations for their use.

   Description   |Increases the movement speed of all units in the sector.
 Recommendations | This works well in combination with Radio Silence when
                 | attempting quick flanking maneuvers. I also suggest using
                 | it at the start of a game to speed up the early building
                 | process, especially of supply depots. In multiplayer, Blitz
                 | could be used with Reverted Intel to sell your opponent on
                 | a deception that a group of infantry is really a large
                 | column of tanks.

   Description   | Causes your units to fight to the death. No retreats!    
 Recommendations | Works well in skirmishes between units of the same type,
                 | especially if your units are inferior to your enemy's.
                 | Also useful in difficult situations where you're forced
                 | to try to take out enemy units with units that are weak
                 | against that type (tanks vs anti-tank guns). This ruse
                 | can give them that extra push to get through and hit the
                 | opponent with the big guns. Last-ditch defensive efforts
                 | could also see this ruse being useful.

   Description   | Causes enemy units to retreat with less damage.
 Recommendations | Can be deadly when used in combination with Fanaticism, as
                 | it allows your units to finish off the opponent's more
                 | easily. Keep in mind that this won't necessarily help you
                 | in a tank vs anti-tank situation if your tanks can't make
                 | it in range in the first place. Like Fanaticism, this ruse
                 | works best in even skirmishes between same-type units and
                 | in defensive positions where you are otherwise overmatched.

                                  Decoy Base
   Description   | Continually builds a booby-trapped base in the sector.
 Recommendations | This ruse comes in 4 flavors: Armor, Airfield, Artillery
                 | & AA, and Barracks. In general, this ruse will have the
                 | same effect regardless of which you choose. You may want to
                 | weigh the believability vs induced panic, however. Will
                 | your enemy believe that you'd place an Artillery base one
                 | grid over from his HQ? Will he overreact to the Armor base
                 | you placed near his weaker left flank? In any case, this
                 | ruse is useful for diverting your enemy's attention from
                 | another action you're mounting elsewhere.

                                Fake Offensive
   Description   | Constructs free controllable dummy units of chosen type.
 Recommendations | Like the Decoy Base ruse, this one comes in multiple
                 | varieties for maximum effect; however, the type of unit you
                 | select seems to have a greater impact on the type of
                 | reaction you'll provoke. One thing to note is that the
                 | first option will generate units of all types, which will
                 | probably cause your opponent to scramble everything to hold
                 | it back. A fake tank assault is useful for showing where
                 | your opponent has lined up his anti-tank defenses, while a
                 | fake air assault is a good way to cause the opponent's
                 | aircraft to waste ammo and fuel, forcing some to land, thus
                 | thus lightening the air cover you have to deal with if
                 | yours is thinner than ideal.

   Description   | Reveals the specific types of enemy units in the sector.
 Recommendations | First, an important caveat to this ruse is that if your
                 | opponent is using radio silence in the sector, this ruse
                 | does nothing since if you have no line of sight on the area
                 | there appear to be no units to identify. If you do have
                 | line of sight, sending a spy is redundant since you can see
                 | the unit types anyway. In the case where using this ruse
                 | will have an effect, it is particularly useful when your
                 | opponent has a lot of light units, since they are more
                 | varied than heavy units. It is also good for determining
                 | the composition of a large enemy attack force if you think
                 | you're not properly prepared to repel it.

   Description   | Progressively reveals the orders of enemy units in the
                 | sector.
 Recommendations | This serves as an early warning system of sorts when you
                 | have an idea of when an attack is coming. It also can serve
                 | to show whether your opponent is reacting to an action as
                 | you had planned. Used in combination with the Spy ruse, you
                 | will literally know exactly which of your enemy's units are
                 | doing what in real-time. Keep in mind that, like Spy, if
                 | your opponent's units are under Radio Silence or hidden in
                 | forested areas, this ruse will treat them as if they didn't
                 | exist. Unlike Spy, however, if you have line of sight on
                 | enemy units, this ruse could still be useful, as it will
                 | show the orders for the units your troops can see.

                                Radio Silence
   Description   | Will cause any of your units not in line of sight of enemy
                 | units not to appear onscreen in any form.
 Recommendations | As mentioned earlier, used in combination with a fake
                 | offensive elsewhere, this ruse can be used to outflank your
                 | enemy to great effect. Radio Silence can also be used to
                 | prevent enemy artillery from targeting your troops if your
                 | opponent doesn't have line of sight on them anyway. Another
                 | use for Radio Silence is to hide your units from view
                 | before sending them to hide in a forest or town so that
                 | your opponent doesn't know where to look at all.

                               Camouflage Net
   Description   | Will cause any of your buildings or construction units not
                 | in line of sight of enemy units not to appear onscreen in
                 | any form.
 Recommendations | Like Radio Silence, Camouflage Net is useful for protecting
                 | your investments from artillery fire and bombings, except
                 | applies to buildings and construction units instead. The
                 | other most effective use is to hide a building you have
                 | placed closer to the enemy HQ than would otherwise normally
                 | be recommended.

                               Reverted Intel
   Description   | Will cause your light units to appear as heavy units to
                 | your opponent and vice versa if they are not in your
                 | enemy's line of sight.
 Recommendations | As mentioned earlier, this ruse could be used with Blitz to
                 | better sell your opponent on the deception. Another fun use
                 | for Reverted Intel is to watch your opponent have his
                 | machine gun nests all set up for an infantry assault while
                 | you roll in with tanks. This could also be used on defense
                 | to cause your enemy to think he's going up against a group
                 | of tanks rather than a battery of anti-tank units. Overall,
                 | much hilarity could ensue from the use of this ruse.

5. Nations [NTNS]

6. Battles [SKMS]

7. Operations [OPNS]

8. Contact Information [CTIN]

Feel free to email me with comments, questions, suggestions, corrections, etc.
I will gladly respond to any game- or FAQ-related emails. Please include
something like "R.U.S.E." or "R.U.S.E. question" in the subject line.

DO NOT contact me with any kind of advertisements, spam, malicious
attachments, etc.

Email: [email protected]

**I will probably get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Check out my other work:

Alien Swarm - FAQ/Walkthrough (PC)

9. Copyright & Thanks [CRTY]

Copyright 2011 Ryan Hurley. This work may not be reproduced under any
circumstances except for personal, private use. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited and a
violation of copyright. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission from myself. I reserve
the right to require any website hosting this work to remove it.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Websites currently authorized to host this guide:,

GameFAQs - For hosting my work and for that matter for hosting everyone else's
work that I have read.

Neoseeker - For hosting my work.

Eugen Systems - For developing the game.

Ubisoft - For publishing the game.

My readers - AKA you. Yeah. Most people don't realize that I appreciate your
reading my work just as much as you appreciate the help you (hopefully) get
from reading it. I guess I just enjoy doing things to help people. So yeah.
Thank you.                    __       __       __
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