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Follow the dark path or use the light
Risen Pack Shot




by noz3r0

    ^        _____________________________________________________        ^
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        ,      *                  _g&p&;            4B,                +       
       a!  ,mqNN#       ,T       #0"` `"*8      _m0MQR#A      ,#   __g_mK_     
     #~Vp#~` "WR&$    rNM!      #N             p   "QQ##'   L"B(w*~~^RONK#,    
      xW!     9EK1    MMQf    g&#W            W#   ,@~      (hMH      0S&AB    
      W0f      #@     .M0I    ~#M&r          EZ# g"         t#00      $,WQM    
      MN!    _F'      =R01       "&           Z#~            #MR        NB8    
      *&P^*&Q#,        JN$         Q&~       QNNs            ~M#        #0'    
      ]0I   `#M#      ~\01          #&jg      [email protected]@g            ##        M#     
      ]Qf     900,     7N1           N&R6     !p7AQ\   _*     0&       OMf     
       R!       ]M    -GBf           :7Q0      MO6gwgp~     - 0A       4#      
      W0&       ]X    yMNL            ~40       "&KN~       \00K       #f      
     `          *     ^             _gQNN         ~         ^          #       
                4                 _p0"^                               *pL      
                "                [email protected]^                                   `8      
                                0'                                       c     

                  FAQ/Walkthrough by Greg Boccia aka noz3r0
                                 Version Final
              |Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż |
              |                Table of Contents                 |
              |                                                  |
              |     I. Intro                              [0100] |
              |    II. Controls                           [0200] |
              |   III. Basics                             [0300] |
              |    IV. Walkthrough                        [0400] |
              |        - Prologue                         [0401] |
              |        - Chapter 1: The Forbidden Island  [0402] |
              |        - Chapter 2: The Inquisitor's Plan [0403] |
              |        - Chapter 3: The Temple            [0404] |
              |        - Chapter 4: The Titan             [0405] |
              |     V. Item Lists                         [0500] |
              |    VI. Trainers                           [0600] |
              |   VII. Bookshelves/Stone Plates           [0700] |
              |  VIII. Version History                    [0800] |
              |    IX. Outro                              [0900] |
              |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
=======================|                                |=======================
                       |             Intro              |                 [0100]
=======================|                                |=======================

  Welcome and thank you for choosing to read my guide on Risen. The purpose of
the guide is to achieve 100% completion in the game. Follow along and check the
item lists to be sure you've obtained everything.
=======================|                                |=======================
                       |           Controls             |                 [0200]
=======================|                                |=======================
                      | W            | Forward          |
                      | S            | Backward         |
                      | A            | Left             |
                      | D            | Right            |
                      | Space        | Jump             |
                      | Ctrl         | Sneak            |
                      | Q            | Turn left        |
                      | E            | Turn right       |
                      | R            | Turn up          |
                      | F            | Turn down        |
                      | Shift        | Walk             |
                      | Middle Mouse | Weapons Mode     |
                      | Left Mouse   | Primary Action   |
                      | Right Mouse  | Secondary Action |
                      | I            | Inventory        |
                      | M            | Map              |
                      | L            | Journal          |
                      | C            | Equipment        |
                      | F8           | Quick Save       |
                      | F9           | Quick Load       |
=======================|                                |=======================
                       |            Basics              |                 [0300]
=======================|                                |=======================

  When you level up in Risen you receive 10 Learning Points (LP) that you can
use towards skills and attributes. Unlike a typical RPG, you cannot simply
place your points and magically understand something. Instead, you must go to
a Trainer who is skillful in several arts. You purchase some training with gold
and spend your LP to become more proficient. Combat skills generally cost 10 LP
to level, utility skills are 5 LP, and attributes are 1 LP but can come in a
bundle for 5 LP.

Sword  2: Counter parry
Sword  3: Lateral blows
Sword  4: Counter parry hurts opponent
Sword  5: More attacks in a combo
Sword  6: Wield Bastard Swords with 1 hand
Sword  7: Charge attacks
Sword  8: Interrupt opponent's counter parry
Sword  9: Wield Two Handed swords with 1 hand
Sword 10: Infinite attacks in a combo

Axe  2: Charge attack
Axe  3: Lateral blows
Axe  4: Counter parry
Axe  5: More attacks in a combo
Axe  6: Wield axes with 1 hand
Axe  7: Counter parry hurts opponent
Axe  8: Blows with axe weapons are faster
Axe  9: Interrupt opponent's counter parry
Axe 10: Infinite attacks in a combo

Staff  2: Counter parry
Staff  3: Lateral blows
Staff  4: Counter parry hurts opponent
Staff  5: More attacks in combo
Staff  6: Interrupt opponent's counter parry
Staff  7: All attacks do more damage
Staff  8: Charge attacks
Staff  9: Counter parries do more damage
Staff 10: Infinite attacks in a combo

Magic Crystal
  A magic crystal is your attack spell. You can learn Fireball, Ice Lance, or
Magic Bullet. Fireball does good splash damage, Ice Lance can freeze targets,
and Magic Bullet is good for keeping enemies at bay.

Open Locks
  Self explanatory, this skill increases your ability to pick locks. Locks are
ranked 1-3 and thus coorelate with your skill. There aren't that many level 3
locks in the game but there are hundreds of level 2 locks so be sure to pick it
up early in the game. Note that if your character says he needs a key then the
lock CANNOT be picked.

  Easily the most important skill for stat maxers. It will cost 15 whopping LP
to reach level 3. It's key to reach level 3 because then you make permanent
stat boosting potions to increase Strength, Dexterity, and Mana.

Create Scrolls
  Only costs 5 LP and is handy in situations. It effectively makes a scroll of
magic for non-magic wielders to use spells.

  The best 5 LP you'll be spend is on this skill. You can jump off high cliffs
and take significantly less damage, thus cutting down on your travel time.

  Each rank lets you draw faster and do more damage, but in fact the only speed
boost is at rank 10 and it's huge. Try to rank up your skill to 10 as soon as
possible to get the most out of your ranged companions. As a side note, head
shots with ranged do more damage unlike melee.

  To use runes you need to know Seals. This will let you cast any form of magic
pending you meet the Wisdom and Seal requirement. There are only two level four
spells so you might want to skip it.

  Putting one point in this skill can be handy for stealing key items during
quests and obtaining a few extra coins throughout the game.

  Smithing will let you make the best items in the game but the increase over
the second best is marginal. Magic rings and amulets are great, however.

Prospect Ore
  This skill lets you mine ore. Don't invest in this skill without Smithing or
it's a wasted point.

Gut Animals
  This skills lets you collect more items/trophies from animals. This is easily
the worst skill to invest in, skip it.

  Sneaking is only good for stealing things in town and there is a ring early
in the game that grants the skill. Don't bother investing the point.

  Cooking is a natural skill so just keep an eye out for meats. Cook them and
they become good sources of healing and temporary stat increases.

  Strength lets you use better melee weapons, the best one is usable at 90
Strength and it caps at 100 via trainers. This skill also affects how much
damage you can do with any given weapon. You can increase your Strength by 5
points from eating food, 10 apples or 10 eggs will increase it by 1 each time.
It's also wise to hold off on the permanent increase from potions until you've
reached the cap via training, this way you can achieve 200 Strength and become
an unstoppable juggernaute.

  Dexterity is much like Strength except for ranged weapons like bows and
crossbows. It is also trainer capped at 100 but you can use potions to increase
it to 200.

  The purpose of Wisdom is for learning Seals. The only way to raise your Wisdom
is to read books (+3 Wisdom) and stone plates (+4 Wisdom). The first seal
requires 50 Wisdom, 100 Wisdom for the second, 150 for the third, and 200 to
reach the fourth Seal.

  All characters start with 40 mana and it can be increased at the Monastery for
1 LP. There is no cap so you are free to consume them as you acquire them.

  You have quite a bit and will get more as you level up. There are also
potions that can be made to permanently increase it. You can heal by sleeping
in a bed.
=======================|                                |=======================
                       |          Walkthrough           |                 [0400]
=======================|                                |=======================

 _____  __ _____ _____ __ _ ____________________________________________________
|     <|  |__   |  ___|    | Prologue                                     [0401]
  After the intro pick up the [GOLD COIN] and search the [DROWNED PERSON].
Nearby is another [WASHED-UP BODY] and [CLUB]. Observe [SARA] to wake her and
receive 25 Experience for completing the first quest. Equip the club and move
through the eastern side to find two Vultures. The easiest way to defeat them
is by blocking and countering. Search this half of the shore for another body
and various scraps strewn about. On the western half you'll find much of the
same, two Vultures and a body. Talk to Sara when you are ready to head out.

  Follow the torches to a Stingrat. Slay it then pick up the nearby [DRUID'S
HEMLOCK]. Use it immediately to raise your maximum life energy by 1. Kill the
Wolf and observe the body for a quick chat with Sara. Continue up the path,
picking up the [HEALING HERBS] as you go. You find another Wolf ahead, but
before you deal with it turn left into the cave. Loot the [SKELETON] but ignore
the [IRON ORE] for now since you can't prospect it. Kill the last Stingrat
before the abandoned house. Venture inside to find a [LOCKED CHEST], out back
is a [WATER BARREL] incase you need to heal. Talk to Sara then check near the
bed inside for the [KEY]; open the chest to find various items, one of which
is a [FRYING PAN].

  Cook the Fried Meat on the nearby Fire using your Frying Pan. Give some to
Sara, then she mentions staying while you go further inland.

 _____  __ _____ _____ __ _ ____________________________________________________
|     <|  |__   |  ___|    | Chapter 1: The Forbidden Island              [0402]
Alone and Abandoned
  Head behind the house and kill the Wolf, you should reach level 2 so you can
start putting points into skills. Move up the hill, grabbing the [MANA ROOTS]
as you go. Two Vultures will impede your path, just kill them and keep climbing.
Keep an eye out for a [DRUID'S HEMLOCK] as you move to the next area. Ahead is
a catacomb guarded by a Grave Moth and Stingrat. Enter the catacomb and stand
in the middle to be dropped down below. Kill the Grave Moth and open the two
[HEAVY CHESTS] then use the [LEVER] to leave.

  Behind the catacomb are two more Grave Moths. If you follow a path that is
slightly elevated you can reach a few healing items and a [SHIELD] which you
should equip. Climb the hill and button hook left before the house to find a
Boar. This enemy can be a bit difficult at this level, so beware. Move into the
house to find Jan.

  Open the nearby [CUPBOARD] to get a [KEY]. Head up the stairs and check the
[CHEST] to find a [SWORD] and a [SMALL MAP OF THE ISLAND]. Equip your new sword
and talk to Jan. Tell him about Sara and agree to follow him to his camp. Off
the path are animals that will attack, some include Boars so be careful. Jan
eventually points you out the rest of the way so just stick to the path to
reach Doug. Ask him a few questions and you can even trade with him, he has a
nice ring with +3 Dexterity and a good bow (that you likely can't use yet).

Dangerous Prey
  Talking with Doug will get you the [REGION MAP] and further inquiring leads
to a quest, killing the Rotworm in the swamp. A short distance away Doug will
engage the foul creature, follow his lead and stay active on dodging to kill
the monster and acquire a hefty amount of experience. Don't miss the [DRUID'S
HEMLOCK] nearby, then talk with Doug for more experience and 30 gold.
                                The Bandit Camp
     |Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż Ż |
     |                           -= Quests =-                           |
     | Quest Giver      | Quest                                         |
     | Dwight           | Dwight is to get back to work                 |
     | Hawkins          | The workers are to work again                 |
     |                  | Get Branon to go back to digging              |
     | Craig            | Forbidden games                               |
     |                  | Defeat Ricardo in the arena                   |
     |                  | Defeat Lorenzo in the arena                   |
     |                  | Defeat Craig in the arena                     |
     |                  | Defeat Domingo in the arena                   |
     |                  | Defeat Brogar in the arena                    |
     |                  | The best fighter in the bandit camp           |
     | Luis             | A bottle of beer for the drunkard             |
     |                  | Scurrying rats                                |
     | Oscar            | Golden fragments for Oscar                    |
     | Brogar           | Lazy dog                                      |
     |                  | Protection money in the bandit camp           |
     |                  | Dorgan's list                                 |
     |                  | Brogar's lackey                               |
     |                  | Gone with the gold                            |
     | Branon           | Branon needs help                             |
     |                  | Disgusting insects                            |
     | Rachel           | Gold fever                                    |
     |                  | Take the golden sword to Don Esteban          |
     |                  | Meat for the gang                             |
     |                  | An audience with Don Esteban                  |
     | Sam              | The hunters are to hunt again                 |
     |                  | Golden fragments                              |
     |                  | Power struggle                                |
     |                  | Take the golden fragment from Brogar          |
     | Beppo            | Artefact delivery                             |
     | Rhobart          | Rhobart's bog bodies                          |
     |                  | Beer for the gang                             |
     | Doug             | Dangerous prey                                |
     |                  | Go hunting with Doug                          |
     | Lorenzo          | To the temple ruins with Lorenzo              |
     | Enrico           | Protection against the ghost of the ancestors |
     |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
  Your objective while here is to complete all the quests and ultimately obtain
all [FRAGMENTS OF A SWORD] to have Oscar make the Gold Sword. This will let you
have an audience with the Don.
- Speaking with Sam will give you some insight about Brogar. You need to speak
with Craig and defeat all the other fighters in camp before challenging the
ring leader. Once defeated be sure to loot the [FRAGMENT OF A SWORD] from his

- Sam needs his hunters back to work, namely Luis and Doug on the east and west
sides of the swamp. Help them and they return to work.

- If you speak with Brogar he is rather hostile, but will warm up to you if
you him some Fried Meat from the cook. You can find Rachel across from Beppo
and Oscar. She will give you some meat but you should cook some more then
return to Brogar.

- After the first task is complete Brogar wants you to speak with Clay. Tell
the man to relieve Phil to which he answers no. Pay him 10 gold or best him in
combat, the preferred choice, then return to Brogar with the good news.

- Next, Brogar needs you to search for one of his men. In the southeast you can
find a cave full of Grave Moths. Kill them and check out the [IRON ORE] then
the [CHEST] near Drogan. Loot his body for a [LIST] and [FRAGMENT OF A SWORD].
Drop down the hole to find some [GOLD ORE] and Stingrats. More [IRON ORE] along
the edge and a [TREASURE CHEST] in the back if you can pick the lock. The rest
of the path takes you to the farm, but you need to return to Brogar.

- Lastly, Brogar needs you to get his "protection money" from the people around
the camp. Start with Hawkins, then Oscar. Talk to Dwight and get his money then
go south to find Branon, and further to find Enrico. Check up on Luis and Doug
then take the path past the camp to find Obel and Rhobart. Return to Brogar to
turn in the money you've collected.

  Speak with Lorenzo and he wants to go raid a ruin with you. Agree and follow
him up a hill that doesn't actually lead to a ruin at all. Lorenzo wants you
gone, so you can cough up 50 gold or defeat him in combat.

  This fine gentleman is the local smithy. You can trade for some better
weapons and even start the quest that get's you access to meet the Don. Go
southeast to a small island (see your Quest Map). Along the way you may
encounter 4 Disgusting Insects, killing them is part of a quest. Loot the
[CHEST] for a [FRAGMENT OF A SWORD]. Check another [CHEST] nearby and a [PIXIE
HAT] lying around.

  Check a camp by the fire for another [CHEST], then east to find some Stingrats
near a tree. Killing all three completes another quest. Just a bit further and
you can find Luis. Give him some beer to get information out of him, and a

- At the northwest you can find Branon, and a [DRUID'S HEMLOCK] to his south.
He wants to return back to work but is scared of the creatures in the swamp.
Kill the 4 Disgusting Insects and 3 Scurrying Stingrats (See Oscar) then return
to Branon.

- After helping him out he speaks about the gold sword and needs you to have a
word with Ricardo. Instead, talk to Brogar and report Ricardo.

  Craig is a gambler and after completing a few quests around the camp, he will
sell you a [FRAGMENT OF A SWORD] for 100 gold. You can fight the various men
around the camp in the arena and even get some training from Craig. Fight all
the men then challenge Brogar. Once you've beaten everyone, return to Craig to
be named best fighter in the camp.

- Talk to Hawkins to start a quest to get his workers to return to work. Start
with Branon in the northwest. In the camp you can find Dwight, talk to him to
get him returned to work. Head to the far south to find Enrico who needs to
be given a useless Amulet in order to return to work. Once all three workers
are back to the job, you can purchase some [WORKER'S CLOTHES] for 500 gold.

  To the south of the swamp is Enrico. He wants an amulet to protect him from
the ghost and spirits, so give him one.

- He needs you to sort out his crate moving issue, but you need to speak with
Hawkins to get that moving. Talk to Dwight afterwards to get him and his crew
working again.

- Climb the hill passed the camp to find Rhobart. He needs you to clear out some
Bog Bodies so go and slay all three of them near the waterfall.

- Rhobart also needs you to take beer to the camp and sell it to Rachel.

- There is also a repeatable task of bringin Rhobart 10 Weeds, they are quite
plentiful in the swamp.

- The first mission Rachel has for you is to find 10 pieces of meat.

- Next, Rachel needs you to speak with the Lieutenants and find out who is
causing trouble for the Don. If you spoke with Luis, you can tell Rachel about
how he thinks Brogar is trying to overthrow the Don.

- Be sure to check in periodically with Rachel to inform her of the situations
around the camp. Namely, after all of the collections for Brogar have been
completed and after completing Power Struggle with Sam. You will eventually get
to kick Brogar out and take his hut, making his [CHEST] free game.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  When you've gained access to meet the Don, speak with him and give him the
gold sword.

Conquest of the Artefact Camp
  Speak with Fincher in the Don's area then leave the swamp via the southern
exit. Head to the camp and kill the everyone around, there's a total of 11
enemies that must be defeated. Rudolf is the only challenge, so be sure to take
out the Recruits first. There are two [CHESTS] you can find in the camp. Enter
the ruins and kill the Grave Moths then pick the [SCROLL OF TELEKINESIS]. Use
it and look on the ceiling to find the switch.

  Inside loot the [CHEST], check the [BOOKSTAND] to gain 3 Wisdom, and loot the
[CORPSE] before heading back to Fincher, using the Crystal ball of telekinesis
to reach the switch once more. Be sure to tell Don Esteban of your work.

Salvage Work
  After clearing out Rudolf's men, speak with Fincher again. Organize the men
to move the crates that you've gained access to. Seek out Dwight to the north,
Hawkins in the camp, Branon just south of Hawkins, and Enrico to the far south.
Return to Fincher with the good news.

Tell Fincher about the Strange Temple Entrance in the East
  Continue to talk with Fincher to start this quest. Inquire about the map to
get an update.

Treasure Hunter Wanted
  Fincher also gives you this quest, which involves heading into Harbour Town.
You'll have to speak with Olf in the Don's old mansion to finish the quest.

Talk to Master Illumar
  Cormac can be found in the Don's portion of the Bandit Camp. He points you in
the direction of Master Illumar in the Monastery, a man capable of creating
spell scrolls. You will be unable to complete this quest at the time, follow up
with it during Chapter 2.

                                 Harbour Town
  Before finishing all of Don Esteban's quests, you need to stop by Harbour Town
and do all the quests there because once you've picked a side (Bandit, Warrior,
or Mage) there is no turning back and some quests become unattainable. Before
heading to the town though, stop by the farm to find a [DRUID'S HEMLOCK] on the
path, and a [WANDERLUST] near Tristan.

Help Thomas in the Fields
  Speak with Thomas then search his half of the farm for Grain. When you've
found all 10 the quest will complete.

Kill the Hungry Wolves
  Talk to Henson then go east to a cave with Hungry Wolves, but first head
behind Henson's house to find a [PIXIE HAT]. Pick up the [OGREROOT] along the
way and snag the [DIAMOND] to the left of the cave entrance, as well as the
[CHEST]. Slay the remaining Wolves and search the [CHEST]. The right half of
the cave has some [GOLD ORE] if you can mine it. Return to Henson then sneak
into his room and sleep for a few hours.

Help the Novices' Farm
  Check with Tellur then talk with Tristan. Inside his house, read the book on
the [BOOKSTAND] to gain 3 Wisdom. Return to Tellur to get escorted into Harbour

  After following Tellur move straight ahead to the Moths. Kill them and loot
the [PIXIE HAT] and [CHEST]. Follow the northern path slaying the creatures as
they attack. You have the chance to fight a Thunder Lizard if you stay high on
the ridge, it is quite a fierce foe however. Along the path you should find some
Wolves guarding a [DRUID'S HEMLOCK] and a little further some [WANDERLUST] near
the gate. Bribe Leto to let you in and receive a map.

  The next three quests should all be in favor of the opposite faction you wish
to join. This will let you get the most out of the quests available. It is
recommended that you turn these in for the Bandits regardless so you have
access to other quests as well.
Protection Money from Costa
* This is a faction-based quest.

  Talk to Delgado to start this quest. Sebastian will stop you shortly after
and request that you give him the gold instead. Talk to Fuller just ahead and
challenge him to a duel. Talk to Costa then take him out, looting his [PURSE].
Now is the time to decide on who to give to it to. If you ultimately want to
side with the Order, give it to Delgado and vice versa. This will let you do
the maximum amount of quests before choosing a side.

Evidence for Marcelo
* This is a faction-based quest.

  Make your way to west part of town where Marcelo is standing. Speak with
Weasel who is sitting on a nearby bench. Head to the junction of the east and
west halves where Garth is moving. Lilly will stop you, but deny her and keep
moving. Head north past Philus, the fish merchant, and button hook left to
spot Garth and Cutter. Knock them out and loot the [BAG OF WEED].

  Give the package to Weasel or inform Marcelo and give it to him instead, all
dependent on the faction you are choosing.

Carasco/Lukor wants Five Armor Plates
* This is a faction-based quest.

  Seek out Lukor or Carasco in the southern part of town near the warehouses.
Agree to find the armor plates then speak with Ingvar in Pattie's Tavern, just
across the way. Pay him for the plate then find Vasili nearby who you can fight
and take the plate from. Duram is moving crates near the warehouse to the south
and if you catch him in the room he's dropping them off in you can avoid paying
him 200 gold for the final 2 plates. Return the plates in accordance with you
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
* The following quests can be done at any time, but should be done before you
pick a faction to side with.

Protection Money from Josh
* Available only if you sided with the Bandits during Protection Money from

  Talk to Josh in his shop in the northern part of town.

Collect from Konrad
* Available only if you sided with Weasel during Evidence for Marcelo

  Speak with Konrad, who is nearby Weasel, about a job. He refuses but Tilda
overheard the conversation and stops you. With the information she gives, head
back to Weasel then the eastern gate at night. Kill Berta and loot [BERTA'S
SKULL] then quickly jump over the railing and make a dash into the streets to
lose your followers. Climb on top of Konrad's house and drop to his balcony.
Place Berta's skull then leap to the streets and report to Weasel.

  Head to the brothel and talk with Sonya, sleep a night with Olga to receive
a [SCROLL OF JEST] then use it on Konrad to complete the quest.

Walter Needs a Break
  Talk to Walter, the smith outside of Alvaro's shop. He's being worked to the
bone so pay Alvaro a visit. Seek out Smith's Servants, one is just outside of
Alvaro's. The other is just to the west, sitting near the tower. Tell Walter
the good news when you've hired both Servants.

Collect from Alvaro
* Available only if you sided with Weasel during Evidence for Marcelo
* Must complete Walter Needs a Break

  Talk to Walter and pay him 100 gold for information on Marcelo's weapon. At
night, sneak into the cellar and pick Alvaro's chest to find the [HONORED
BLADE]. Take the blade to Alvaro and only charge him 100 coins to get it back.

Medicine for Everyone
  Find Belschwur and agree to distribute some potions for him. Start with Cole,
who could be inside right next to the Master. Head into the western culdesac
to find Josh at his store, Finn is usually outside on the bench. Elias is across
from Costa's place at the back entrance to Harbour Town. The last potion goes
to Arno, the farmer right at the back entrance.

The Farmer's Sick Wife
  After you give Arno this potion agree to help get them shelter. Speak with
Costa and rent a place for them. Return to Arno and Martha for an immediate
reward, but tell Master Belschwur for an additional reward.

Talk to the Commandant of Harbour Town
  Since Master Belschwur in a good word for you, seek out Carlos at the north
west of Harbour Town. He gives you some insight on recent events and can start
the quest Peace and Order.

Woman Beater
  Head to the brothel at the juncture of east and west Harbour Town. Find Gwen
then have a word with Erikson. You'll have to beat him down, Gwen and Sonya
will both be happy for it.

Mental Arithmetic
  Speak with Baxter in one of the homes outside the brothel. He'll ask you,
"What's 14 x 17?" the answer being 238.

Skins for Meat
  Visit Flavio near Josh's shop in the northern part of town. He needs you to
deliver some meats to Master Belschwur but Baxter has the meats and won't give
them up unless he gets 5 Skins of Wolf and 5 of Boar. You can find these lying
around town, but Cole will give you one and Mo will give 3 total. Give Baxter
the skins then take the meat to Belschwur for your reward.

The Lost Father
  Talk to Patty in her tavern to find she is looking for her father. Head past
the warehouses and along the strip to a remote house. You'll need to best Marek
in combat to get the key to see Captain Romanov. Ask about Steelbeard then point
out Erikson's Key that you acquired earlier. Return to Erikson to get the
location of Steelbeard's Shack (it's near Costa's hotel). Open the chest inside
to find the [OLD DOCUMENT] then return to Patty.

Patty wants to leave Town
  After helping Patty she wants to leave town. This quest will complete once
you discover the hidden passage out of town from completing enough core quests.
You won't be able to speak with Patty again until Chapter Two.

Philus wants to Sell his Fish Shop
  Talk to Philus and agree to help him sell his stall. Visit Patty to acquire
some Rum then talk to Nico standing nearby. Buy his ring and he'll take over
Philus' business. Return to Philus with the good news for your reward.

Jack is in need of Rum
  There are obvious connections to Pirates of the Carribean during this quest.
Jack can sell you the Black Pearl but he is in need of Rum, why is there always
no rum? Buy some from Patty and give it to Jack who is in the tower next to the

Jack's Chest
  Head underneath the tower and search the corner with the barrels to find
[JACK'S KEY]. Go back up the steps and open the chest to acquire the [RING OF

Everything that isn't Nailed Down
  Talk to Walter who needs you to collect 15 tool bags. You need to hunt down
Gnomes that are around the island. When you've acquired them return to Walter
for your reward.

The Sons of Tilda
  Tild wants to know how her sons are doing. Beppo is in the Bandit Camp,
William is in the Monastery, but Leon is in a shack to the northeast of Harbour
Town (just above the road that makes small circle on the map).

  Now that all the side quests have been done, it's time to finish out picking
a faction. You should do all seven quests (you should have done three earlier)
to get the most out of it.
The Family Heirloom
* This is a faction-based quest.

  Toni can be found in the northwest of Harbour Town, usually sitting on a
bench. Ask him questions about the Don and agree to get the amulet for him.
The mansion nearby belongs to Esteban, but Hernandez will stop you. Tell him
you need to go inside then check the painting of a tree in the room on the
right. Check the [BOOKSTAND] for +3 Wisdom, search the [CUPBOARD] for the
[AMULET OF THE DON'S FAMILY] and the [CHEST] for various items. Give the
amulet back to whomever you want to side with.

Sergio wants Romanov's Gold
* This is a faction-based quest.

  Seek out Sergio near the warehouse docks. He wants to find the location of
the pirate's gold, so talk to Romanov. Tell him you'll get his casket for him
to acquire the key. Run through the warehouse and up to the highest balcony to
reach a room with [ROMANOV'S CHEST]. Take the casket to Sergio or Romanov
depending on who you side with.

Good Things come in Threes
* This is a faction-based quest.

  Talk to Carasco near the warehouses, he wants you to find three golden bowls.
Dytar in the tavern will sell one for 150 coins. Dirk has one, he's in Josh's
shop more often than not. Olf is in the Don's old house and he points you to
Jack's lighthouse where you'll find the last one. Give the artifacts to Carasco
or Scordo depending on your faction.

Find the Burglar's Spy
* This is a faction-based quest.

  Talk to Rodriguez on the west side of town and agree to look into the recent
robberies. Talk with Flavio, Nelson, and Baxter about the robberies. After all
the conversation you can pinpoint Doyle, who is in the Costa hotel. You can
either make him turn himself in or you can let him go. Do so according to the
faction you wish to align with.

Nelson's Ring
  When questioning Nelson he mentions his ring was stolen. Talk to Kaleigh then
either trade her a string of pearls that you can find in a [CHEST] off the pier,
which requires Lockpick 3, or mug her/pickpocket her for the ring. Nelson lets
you keep [NELSON'S RING] which also teaches you Acrobatics.

Peace and Order
  If you sided with the Order, speak with Carlos (also check his [BOOKSTAND] for
+3 Wisdom) to receive a reward.

Where are the Artefacts disappearing to?
* This quest is exclusive to The Order

  Carlos will give this quest after you've joined the Order. Head to the brothel
and pay Sonya for some information. Head into the wash room and hit a secret
switch behind the painting with a tree. While talking with Scordo you have
the option to pickpocket his key or kill him and take it the hard way. Check
the side room for a [CHEST] then move down the passageway to a [WANDERLUST].
Open the door to notice you are now outside (you can complete Patty's quest now
by the way). Return to Carlos with the news then take out Scordo. Go back to
Carlos once more and ask about Belschwurz to receive a letter of recommendation
on becoming a mage, if you so choose.

                                 The Monastery
  Head north along the road, following the signs labeled "Volcano Keep" as you
pass a farm and climb the mountain. You eventually meet Santiago who will take
you to Master Pallas. Choose your path then check the [BOOKSTAND] to the right
for +3 Wisdom. Speak with Kalib to get a robe and map of the Monastery. Ask
about a room then follow Kalib to your quarters.
  The quests grouped together here are mandatory, ones that aren't boxed in
are side quests that should be done but are not required.

Get yourself a Fighting Staff
  Talk with Aric in the courtyard who tells you to get a staff. Visit Karlsen
the Blacksmith to receive the [NOVICE STAFF] then return to Aric. Address him
as Master Aric to avoid having to do a side quest involving sweeping.

Basic Training
  You are to train with three apprentices. Start with Tucker who is behind
the blacksmith. Once he is defeated challenge William who is in the courtyard.
Have a go with Kato who will strike you in the courtyard and then in the arena
afterwards. When all others have been defeated face off with Master Aric. You
can take [ARIC'S SWORD] when you fell him. Speak with Vitus on the east side
of the courtyard. Continue east past Ethan to find Master Ignatius. Follow him
and read from the [BOOKSTAND] to obtain +3 Wisdom.

The Tests of the Masters
* This is an all inclusive quest that involves completing the quests below.

  Talk to Master Ignatius when all tasks have been completed then head to
Karlsen. Acquire the [FIGHTER'S STAFF] then follow Ignatius but don't bypass
the two [BOOKSTANDS] for +6 Wisdom. Talk to Inquisitor Mendoza and choose the
answers you wish to increase attributes. Follow the Inquisitor into Chapter 2!

The Test of Master Ignatius
  Read the books around the library, you'll have to ask Rufus to move so you
can check the last [BOOKSTAND] for +3 Wisdom. Pull the ring near the wall and
pick the lock on the door at the bottom of the steps. Check the [BOOKSTAND] for
another +3 increase to Wisdom and snag the [KEY]. Open the next door and check
the [BOOKSTAND] for +3 Wisdom then pick up the [BOOK] on the table. Open the
door and search the [CHEST] then read [THE ART OF LEVITATION].

  Drop down the hole to find another [BOOKSTAND] granting +3 Wisdom. Pick the
[CHEST] if you can, snag the [BOOK] in the next room, and read [OPEN LOCKS].
Use the crystal ball and open the "impossible" door. Move up the stairs one
level and read three books on [BOOKSTANDS] for a total of +9 Wisdom. Enter the
room on the right and pick the [CHEST] then read [ON TELEKINESIS]. Use the
crystal ball and hit the switch above the door. Move down the steps and read
two more books on [BOOKSTANDS] for +6 Wisdom total.

  There are two more [BOOKSTANDS] in the dead end for +6 Wisdom. Use the ring
on the left side to open a door where a Skeleton will strike. Two more of the
[BOOKSTANDS] for +6 Wisdom and a [CHEST]. Go back to the levitation crystal
and then into it's adjacent room. Float across the room to get to the other side
then read [THE NAUTILUS]. Open the [CHEST] and return to the crystal ball of
opening then use the power on the first door at the top of the steps. With the
pieces of the puzzle suddenly realized, use the Nautilus ball to enter the room
you just opened and crawl through the hole.

  Check the [BOOKSTAND] for another +3 Wisdom then search the [CHEST]. Read the
[VERY OLD BOOKSTAND] and talk with Abrax. Use the lever then you will cross
paths with Mendoza who starts the next quest, but first return to Ignatius to
inform him you've read all the books.

The Test of Master Vitus
  Talk to Master Vitus and undergo his test. Do the side quest "Dalman Trusts
You" and return to him. Next, head to the Cemetery and into the ruin. Pick up
the [STONE PLATE] and use it for +4 Wisdom. Read [HEROES OF ANCIENT DAYS] then
move to the next area. Search all the [SKELETONS] to get the [KEY] etched with
BER on it then open the [CHEST] to receive [WISDOM IN COMBAT]. Return to Vitus
with the book to pass the test and accept his training.

The Test of Master Illumar
  Find Master Illumar in the upper portion of the Monastery. Read the two books
in the back of the room then return to Illumar. From here, head to Enzo and
buy a Quill or go to Caspar to get one for free. You need to learn the
ingredients for the six basic seals so visit Abrax and Rufus. Read the book in
the library as you leave after talking to Rufus then speak with Erlan to hear
about his falling out with Enzo. Talk to Harlok about a turkey then give it to

  Trade your knowledge with Erlan and Enzo then speak with Jervis. With all
six seals learned, provide the information to Master Illumar. He now requires
you to make a scroll yourself. Show Illumar the Light Scroll to complete the
quest and pass the test.

The Test of Master Abrax
  You can find Abrax in the lower portion of the Monastery. After a long
conversation seek out Sirius at Tilda's Farm and Krayban in the forest to the
southeast of it. All you need now is six [HEALING PLANTS] and four [MANA PLANTS]
before returning to Master Abrax.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Bryn's Dangerous Monsters
  Talk to Bryn to start this quest and hop down the cliff to find a few Sly
Gnomes. Kill them and return to Bryn for an easy completion.

Find Hemlar's Murderer
  Talk with Vitus then with Caspar who is around the corner. Head to Hemlar's
room and search his body. Check the [CHEST] and the [WEED] next to the bookcase
then behind the bed for a [PURSE]. Return to Caspar who points you towards
Master Pallas at the gate. Pallas gives you a list so start asking questions:

- Karlsen the Blackmsith
- Tucker
- Harlok
- Enzo
- Ash
- Caspar
- Taylor

  Be sure to visit them in that general order. Stop by the cemetery after you
talk with Harlok and intimidate the gatekeeper. Visit Caspar then Taylor then
Ash. Duel him to get the weed then you need to act as the new dealer by
selling to:

- Kato
- Caspar
- Karlsen
- Yoki (Who you can trade for access to the cemetery)
- Tucker
- Harlok
- Kalib
- Taylor
- Dalman

  When you've dealt to everyone enter a bath in the washroom near Caspar then
choose to "Wait for the killer..." Defeat Aric then return to Vitus to finish
the quest.

A New Post for William
  Talk to William after the events with Aric unfold. Recommend him to Vitus
and he will become the next trainer.

Dalman Trusts You
  Speak with Dalman to find he wants a replacement. Taylor will do it but he
wants 10 apples. You can find them around the Monastery or you can just get
them from Caspar for a few coins each.

Severin's Artifacts
  Speak with Cyrus and he will send you to Severin in the farm houses just
outside the Monastery. Tell Severin about the crates and that "Cyrus will rip
[your] head off if you return empty handed." Return to Cyrus and choose your

Thieving Gnomes
  Severin offers this quest. Simply go behind the farm and kill the six Gnomes
then return to Severin.

The Crystal of Fire
  After completing "The Test of Master Ignatius" you can start this quest.
Leave the Monastery and visit the temple near the lake. Defeat the War Cricket
guarding the entrance and pick up the [DRUID'S HEMLOCK] nearby. To the right
of the entrance is a [CHEST] with some valuables. Inside slay the two Gnomes
and on the right path use Telekinesis on the lever to open the gate. Move to
the back room, kill the Gnome, and snag the [FIRE CRYSTAL] from Nathan's body.
Open the [HEAVY CHEST] then return to Master Ingatius to finish the quest.

Rufus is Seeking Wisdom in Combat
  Rufus needs the book "Wisdom in Combat" that you find during "The Test of
Master Vitus." Simply give it to him to complete this quest.

Mutual Aid
  Talk to Jervis and provide him with a Create Illusion Scroll and two Blank
Scrolls. In return he will teach skills for a hunter.
 _____  __ _____ _____ __ _ ____________________________________________________
|     <|  |__   |  ___|    | Chapter 2: The Inquisitor's Plan             [0403]
  Ask away with the Inquisitor and you'll receive your first Teleportation

The Magic Bullet
* This quest is for Warriors and Mages only

  Talk to Vitus after completing the quest in the library to learn how to use
Magic Bullet.

The Frost Crystal
* This quest is for Warriors and Mages only

  Master Pallas will teach Frost Crystal magic once you've paid him 1000 coins.
The price will be lowered by 250 coins with a Cold Heart another 250 with a
Small Sapphire.

Crystal Disks for the Inquisitor
* This is the main quest of this chapter and requires the quests below to be
  completed first.

  Complete the four quests below and acquire all 5 Golden Crystal Disks. Visit
the Inquisitor when you have them all to open the door. Kill the Lizardmen and
talk to the Inquisitor to enter Chapter 3.

Where is the Golden Delivery?
  Head to Tilda's Farm and speak with Severin to discover Gnomes have taken
Severin's disk after you help him fend off 10 looters. Check your map to see
the location of the peninsula and get moving east. As you enter the cave that
leads to the East Coast you will encounter Gnomes. Slay them and check the
[CHEST] before moving to a Skeleton filled room. Defeat the foul beasts and
move into their crypt. At the end you encounter Lord Patroscon. Slay this
undead Lord as part of "The Cursed Lords," a quest that you can turn in to

  Backtrack to the previous room and go up the ramp. Defeat the Ghouls then
pick the [TREASURE CHEST] if you can for a [RING OF THE SWORD FIGHTER]. Leave
the cave now and defeat another Ghoul guarding a [CHEST]. Take the high road
to find Henrik at the base of the rope bridge. He'll tell you about the Gyger
and then he'll tag along if you ask. Cross the bridge and fight through a few
groups of Gnomes. Before turning to into the center, check the corner to for a

  Ahead are Black Wolves, usually lying down. Behind them along the cliffline
is a [PIXIE HAT] worth snagging. At the fork Henrik will suggest going north,
but we're going east to a [HERO'S CROWN] and a Boar. Move through the cave to
a Thunder Lizard then move along the mountainside to an Ogre and some Gnomes
guarding a [CHEST]. Henrik points out that you need to go north once more.
Make your descent, snagging the [OGREROOT] along the way. At the bottom you
will fight numerous Gnomes and Chieftains, so just be prepared.

  At the northern end is a ruin, enter it to greet the welcoming party. Button
hook around to a [STONE PLATE] (+4 Wisdom) and a [CHEST]. Head down the steps
after clearing out the tower then use the ring on the wall to open up a new
passage. Defeat the Skeleton and open the [CHEST] to find a [RING OF HUNTING].
Pop open the Sarcophagus and defeat the Skeleton. Turn left to find numerous
items and a level 3 [TREASURE CHEST] that has a [PIXIE HAT] inside. Check the
other half to find more Skeletons and an Undead Lord holding a [VASSAL RING].

  Open the [CHEST] here for the [SWORD TIP], part of a different quest. Lastly,
check the [BOOKSTAND] for +3 Wisdom then leave the crypt. Enter the door that
Henrik has been preaching about at the bottom of the steps pull the Ring to
reach a [CHEST]. Open the door and in the hallway turn left, opening another
door. Inside the cupboard is an [OGREROOT], grab it then return to the hallway.
Kill the Gnome and pull a Ring to open another chamber with a cupboard and a

  Move down the steps, turn right, and pull the ring to gain access to a
chamber with two [CHESTS], one with a [MAGIC PROTECTION AMULET]. In the next
room you can spot the Gyrger, but open the door across from you to grab a
[STONE PLATE] first. Slay the beast and loot the [GOLDEN CRYSTAL DISK] from
it's corpse. Talk to Henrik for a minor reward for killing the Gyrger. Return
to Severin to report your findings and receive an additional reward.

The Mystery of the Eastern Temple
  Head to the Bandit Camp and speak with Fincher. He gives you a Teleport
Stone and starts this quest. Talk to Don Esteban to receive your second
[GOLDEN CRYSTAL DISK] then head to the Eastern Temple. Kill the animals outside
the temple and snag a [DRUID'S HEMLOCK] before going inside to meet Maliko.
Head down the steps and talk with Adan and Dytar for two more quests then drop
into the trapdoor near Maliko.

  Talk to Dirk and defeat the Ghoul in the next room. Pick up the [STONE PLATES]
and open the [TREASURE CHEST]. Enter the hall and use the lever to raise the
portcullis then the Winch in the other room to raise the larger one. Maneuver
through the bog to reach the Temple again, then speak with Maliko. Return to
the lower part of the temple and go through the cave opening. Open the
Sarcophagi to find the [DEMON BLADE] and a Skeleton.

  Open the [CHEST] before progressing down the hall. Defeat the two Ghouls and
loot Danilo's corpse for a [MAP]. Open another Sarcophagus and take it's
contents. Move through the opening and drop off the left side to find a [STONE
PLATE]. Move up to find a Ghoul lurking around the corner. Use the lever then
enter the room to find Olf.

  Return the bottom room and place Old Busts on the Altars. Pick up and use
the Nautilus Transformation to move through a hole at the left end of the
hallway and avoid the spiked floors. Open the Sarcophagi then move down the
hall, dropping off to the left to find another Sarcophagus. Climb the wall and
drop all the way down to find a [STONE PLATE]. Open the Heavy Cupboard and move
down to a wide open cavern.

  Defeat the Skeletons and the Lizard Priest to find a [TELEPORT EASTERN TEMPLE]
spell and a [GOLDEN CRYSTAL DISK]. Levitate over the southern bridge and pick up
a [DRUID'S HEMLOCK] then climb all the way back up. Talk to Maliko then head
back to Fincher for additional rewards.

Cyrus is Late
  At the northeast of the island you can find Cyrus (see your map). Search the
house for a [SLEEVE]. Return to Cyrus then head south to find Jasmin at her
hut. Buy the skins and give meat to Rufo, then have the wolf track the scent on
the sleeve. As you pass by Cyrus have him join the party. Slay any enemy in
your path then enter the Temple with Cyrus. Kill the two Lizardmen then turn
right to find another. Open the [CHEST] to find the [MAP] of this temple. There
is another [CHEST] around the corner that you should open before returning to
the main hall.

  Go through the central passageway and slay the sleu of Lizardmen. Open a
[CHEST] in the left room and another in the right room for a [RING OF HEALTH].
Defeat the Lizardman and use the Winch. Fight your way to the [DRUID'S HEMLOCK]
then return west. Cross the lava with levitate and defeat the Undead Priest.
Pick up [INFERNO] then cross back over. Move north to find a Watchman and a
Lizardman. Loot the [CELL KEY] off their corpses then move up the steps. Open
the last cell to find Drok who hints at where Eldric might be.

  Return to the east and use the ring on the right side of the wall. Defeat
the Priest and loot the [AMULET] and [TELEPORT NORTHEASTERN TEMPLE] spell. Check
the [CHEST] and cupboard then use the lever to find Eldric. Get the disk from
Cyrus then return to Eldric to have it repaired.

Off to the West Coast
  Seek out Patty in Harbour Town and show her the backdoor out of the town.
Find her outside on the beach and follow her to the West Coast. Grab a [STONE
PLATE] from the large grave then dig up the grave of the Nameless Scoundrel.
Open the [CHEST] to find an [OLD CASKET]. Talk to Patty then you need to find
five graves. They are marked on your map so start with the one nearest you.
You will have to fight some War Crickets and in a nearby [CHEST] you'll find a

  Just before you move into the ruins you can find the grave in a corner. Open
the [CHEST] and grab the letter. Next, warp to the Monastery and head to the
grave by dropping off the cliff from above. Grab the [HERO'S CROWN] and dig up
the grave to find another [CHEST]. Now run to Harbour Town and search on a
short cliff above the beach for another grave. From here go to Leon's hut and
check behind it for the fourth grave. The [CHEST] here has a [POTION OF
DEXTERITY] inside. The final grave is on the southern island. Return to Patty
to find out that she isn't where she should be. Talk to Eronga and follow him.

  You must now traverse the ruins, slaying the skeletons and other deadly
animals as you reach the northwest corner where Romanov is. Cut a deal or kill
ROmanov where he stands. Go inside and ignore the chests, you will die if you
try to open them. Grab the [STONE PLATE] and move to the back of the cave
where you encounter Ghouls. Kill them and dig up Dillinger's chest to find a
get [PATTY'S CELL KEY] from Romanov. Head to the top of the nearby tower and

  Patty is back in the first set of ruins in a room facing the cliff. Open the
[CHEST] and grab the [STONE PLATE] before giving Patty the map.

 _____  __ _____ _____ __ _ ____________________________________________________
|     <|  |__   |  ___|    | Chapter 3: The Temple                        [0404]
Secure the Volcano Keep
  Before moving into the volcano, head back to the Monastery and fight off the
Saurians attacking Ignatius. Make your way through the rest of the Monastery,
fighting off the Saurians and directing everyone to the Holy Flame. Abrax will
want you to go through the Library. Much like in Chapter 1 you will traverse
the area but you also have to deal with the Intruders. One of them carries the
[ALCHEMICAL SUPPLIES], another some [NOTES]. Use a Destroy Magic Barrier this
time since you likely didn't have one in Chapter 1, to enter the western room.

  Open the [CHEST] to find a [RECIPE] then the [BOOKSTAND] for +3 Wisdom. Return
the supplies to Abrax then head to the Cemetery crypt and defeat the Lizard
leader. Return to Vitus then Ignatius with the news, don't forget to loot Pallas
before going back though.

The Lizard Swords
  Show one of these to Karlsen who suggests going to Harbour Town. Take the
blade to Walter the blacksmith to be able to craft Obsidian weapons.

The Lizard Leader outside Harbour Town
  Talk to Carlos in Harbour Town who wants you to check in on Leto and Magnus
at the gates. There is a leader on Leto's side, scouts on Magnus' side, and at
the adjoining road near the farm, another leader. Return to Carlos with the

The Leader of the Lizards
  In addition to the two Lizard Leaders outside Harbour Town, you can find
another in the northwest and one outside the plains temple ruin.

The Cursed Lords
  There are two roads that form circles on the map, go to the western one to
find Leon. Leon wants you to acquire 5 vassal rings from Undead Lords, they can
be found at:

- Ruins along the southeastern beach, just north of the southern island.
- Northwest ruins before you reach Romanov. Enter the basement and slay the
  Undead Lord.
- The ruins in the northwest near Romanov. The Undead Lord is outside.
- In the northeast ruins near the Gyrger.
- In the central ruins, south of the Monastery.
- In the southeast ruins on Lord Patroscon.

  Return to Leon with all the rings for your reward.

The Sword Stormwind
  There are parts of this swords scattered across the island:

- The Sword Tip is found during Cursed Lords on your way to the Gryger.
- The Broken Bastard Sword is found in a chest under the southern island.

  You can forge the sword with Smithing level 3.

The Sword Souldrinker
- The Broken Two-Handed Sword is in a chest guarded by Ogres at the waterfall
  in the northeast.
- The final Sword Tip is on the beach in the northwest where you had to kill
  Romanov to save Patty. This chest also holds a Ring of Energy.

  You can forge the sword with Smithing level 3.

Open the Great Gate
  Tell the Inquisitor you're ready and move down the ramp to a [STONE PLATE].
Kill the Lizardmen and go west to a Ghoul, a Scorpion, and another [STONE PLATE]
in an alcove. Move up the ramp nearby and levitate the gap. Kill the Priest
and break down a wall in the hallway. Kill the Lizardman then flip the lever.
Kill the Watchman and place the [OLD BUST] on the altar. On the east side climb
up high and use the Nautilus Transformation to move under the wall. Kill the
Ghouls and climb through the hole then jump over the trapdoor.

  Slay a few more Lizardmen and jump the spiked flooring, then drop down via
the trapdoor. Slay the beasts and use the Winch then grab the [STONE PLATE] and
return to the Inquisitor. Return to where you levitated to find Rufus dead
and a Watchman with the second [OLD BUST]. Place it on the other altar and use
the second Winch. Return to the Inquisitor then use Telekinesis on the lever.
Check the Inscribed Column then slay the Lizardmen and their pets as you move
to another Column. Use Telekinesis on the Winch to lower the drawbridge.

  Further down you will find Brent. Heed his advice and go down into the swamp
to find Jorgensen. Climb up the path and kill the Lizardman. Go left to find
a [STONE PLATE] then doubleback going right this time. Defeat the Watchman and
take the Cell Key and the [STONE PLATE] then open the cell across the way to
free Drok. Head outside and chase down the Lizardmen near Jasmin and Hendrik.
The leader will hold the map that you need, take it back to the Inquisitor.

The Opening to the Crypt
  Follow the Inquisitor then seek out Ethan. Tell the Inquisitor the good news
then follow him. Place the Old Bust on the Altar then fight your way to the
Inscribed Column. On your way back to Ethan grab the [STONE PLATE] and [AMULET]
then talk to him. Afterwards, speak with the Inquisitor then use the Nautilus
spell to crawl through the gap. Grab the [STONE PLATE] and kill the Lizardman
in the hall.

  Clear out the right half of the hallway and eventually the Gatekeeper to
acquire a [KEY]. Move to the left half and clear it then open the gate with
the key. Speak with Ursegor then grab the [LIZARD BUST] and [STONE PLATE]. Move
into the hallway and place the bust to open the central gate. Defeat Zel Zeret
then loot the [SOUL SPLINTER] and [SKULL]. Take the bust back and enter the
right half of the hallway, placing it again. Here you must slay Zal Zaran who
drops the Titan Sword amongst the other items you need.

  Grab the bust once more then ascend the steps to the winch that lowers the
drawbridge. Lastly, place the bust on the left-center altar and defeat Zul Utur.
Don't miss the [INFERNO CRYSTAL] on his corpse in addition to the Soul Splinter
and Skull. Move to the four altars near the gate and place them in the order;
Undead Beast, Undead Priest, Undead Guardian. You are missing one so go to the
Sarcophagus near Ursegor and grab his skull, placing it on the final altar. The
Inquisitor turns on you, so defeat the Commandant and speak with Ursegor.

 _____  __ _____ _____ __ _ ____________________________________________________
|     <|  |__   |  ___|    | Chapter 4: The Titan                         [0405]
Becoming Inquisitor
*Warriors of the Order

  Talk to Carlos in Harbour Town to get a promotion and upgraded armor.

Master of Magic

  Talk to Ignatius then perform the ritual to become a Master. Speak with the
others to receive your just rewards.

Find a Mage who can Help You

  After obtaining the rune talk to Master Illumar in the Monastery. He will
make scrolls for you since you can't use magic.

Find all the Pieces of the Titan Armour
  Start by getting the Rune from the Sarcophagus in Ursegor's room. You need
to acquire all the pieces to stand a fighting chance against the Titan. Once
you have done so seek out Eldric to repair the [ARMOR OF THE TITAN LORD]. With
all the pieces assembled, return to Ursegor.

The Titan Shield
  To the northeast, just outside the Volcano where you were chasing the Hunters
for the map, is a temple protected by Ogres. Further into the cave you will
encounter Scorpions. Head up the left side, slaying Lizardmen and Brontok, until
you reach a [CHEST]. Slay the Ashbeast and break the magic barrier. Inside you
must defeat the Elite Warriors. Check the Map Column then go right to a lever.
Jump over the trap door and acquire the [BUST] then fall through the hole.

  Defeat the Lizard Warrior then notice the dig spot behind him. Dig up the
[CHEST] to find the [TITANWING] inside. Snag the [PICKAXE] if you don't have
one then move down the hallway to a thin wall that can be broken. Defeat the
Elite Warriors then use Telekinesis on the lever as you move west. Levitate
across the lava then use the Nautilus Transformation to crawl through a narrow
corridor behind the Ashbeast. Defeat the Elite Warrior, open the Sarcophagus to
find a [RING OF THE AXE FIGHTER], and grab the [BUST] off the wall.

  Use the lever then return to the Ashbeast to find another lever. Place the
busts on the altars on the western wall then slay the High Priest enroute to
the prize, the [SHIELD OF THE TITAN LORD].

The Titan Helmet
  This temple is opposite the Titan Shield Temple in reference to the Volcano.
You can reach it by heading north from the Bandit Camp, high up the hill past
the farm. As you enter slay the War Crickets then go down the left side to find
a [CORPSE] with the Map. Levitate over the gap and deal with the Brontoks. Move
down the winding path to face off with some Scorpions then defeat the Ashbeast
and levitate to a [CHEST] and a Winch.

  Drop down underneath this platform then break the magical barrier. Defeat
the Elite Warriors and open the heavy [CHEST]. On the left side you must use
Telekinesis to acquire the [BUST OF A KING]. Go to the eastern side and break
the wall. Defeat the two Scorpions and Ashbeast then pop open the [CHEST].
Return to the previous room and use the Nautilus Transformation to move through
a small crack on the western wall. Defeat Mortares then search the [CHEST].

  Place the bust, move past the gate, then use Telekinesis to reacquire it.
Place both busts on the altars to enter the central path. Defeat the two Undead
Priests then grab the [TITAN HELMET]. Grab the [STONE PLATE] before leaving,
which requires climbing and some levitation. The [CHEST] in the room above has
the [TITAN SCEPTER] inside, but you have to fight for it.

The Titan Hammer
  Visit the Bandit Camp and go behind Esteban's pile of gold along the left
side. Defeat the Ghouls then break the magic barrier. Move down the ramp and
start defeating the Skeletons and Undead Warriors. Climb up the left side of
the room, defeat a few more Skeletons, then grab the [STONE PLATE] and [AMULET]
before breaking a hole in the wall. Press the switch to open the central room.
The spikes will go down and create a path, just navigate them to and fro. Open
the Sarcophagus, kill the Skeleton, and acquire the [LIZARD MAGE BUST].

  Back in the main room, climb up the southern end and pick up the [STONE
PLATE]. Levitate across to the eastern half to find Skeletons. Once again,
break down the walls to find a switch granting further access. The Sarcophagus
in the center holds the [TITAN AXE] and the one to the right of it, the second
[LIZARD MAGE BUST]. Place the busts on the altars in the central room then move
to the final room. Slay the Undead Beasts then dodge the Shadow Lord until it
moves to the firepit. Once it does, use Telekinesis to hit a switch and light
it (the spell should be prepped). Loot the corpse for the [TITAN HAMMER] then
be on your way.

The Titan Armor
  Head north of Tilda's Farm near the Monastery to find the Plains Temple. Kill
the Leader then move inside, taking the left passage. Use Telekinesis on the
lever then cross into the next room. Defeat the enemies then break the magic
barrier. Break down the wall at the end of the ramp then snag the [STONE PLATE]
from the floor. Stand at the altar, turn 180 degrees and use Telekinesis to
acquire the [PRIEST'S BUST]. Place it then enter the room and open the
Sarcophagus to find the [TITAN STAFF] and [ARMOUR PIECE].

The Titan Boots
  Head to the west coast near the ruins where you released Patty. Climb up
the waterfall and defeat the Ghouls in the cave. Move towards the violet light
then slay the Ashbeast. Further along you can climb up through the hole in
the cave. Defeat the ghouls then break the magic barrier. Use the lever on the
right to reach a [STONE PLATE] then fall through the trapdoor. Use the lever
here to reach a [DRUID'S HEMLOCK]. Defeat the Undead Warriors then open the

  Defeat the Brontok in the next room then use the Map Column. Break down the
middle wall but don't press the switch. Instead go through the only open
passage and dodge the spike traps. Use the lever and winch then open the
[CHEST]. Head back to the switch and use it twice. Slay the enemies in your
path as you move to the second winch. On your way back take the southern path
and use the Nautilus Transformation to move through the crack in the western
wall. Defeat your enemies then open the Sarcophagus and [HEAVY CHEST] to find
the [TITAN BOW].

  Return to the previous room using the lever then look across the lava pit
to spot a Winch. Return to the main room. Use the button twice more then enter
the new passage. Across the bridge use the winch then pull the ring to raise a
portcullis. Jump over and open the Sarcophagus then move up the steps to the
final Winch. Use it and return to the main room. Go through the opened pathway
and defeat the Undead Beasts. Open the [CHEST] to find the [TITAN CROSSBOW] and
the final [ARMOUR PIECE]. Break down the wall and use the lever to find more
enemies and more treasures.

The Ocular
  After returning to Ursegor with the armor you must face off with Inquisitor
Mendoza to secure the Ocular. Loot him to acquire the [OCULAR] and [URSEGOR'S
SKULL] once more. Place the skull and the door opens, no turning back now.

The Titan
  Cross the bridge to face off against the Titan. You'll have to deal with a
few things in order to survive:

The Floor - A white rune will show up on the floor and make that block go
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   away. Be sure to keep mobile and don't fall into oblivion.

Energy Beam - When the Titan moves one leg forward, dodge in the opposition
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   direction to avoid a direct hit.

Energy Wave - If you get too close the Titan will use this attack. Jump to
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   dodge the wave.

Magic Missile - This is your golden ticket. When the Titan summons these white
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   missiles, put up the Shield of the Titan Lord to reflect them.

  With the Titan stunned from the magic missiles, use the Hammer of the Titan
Lord to deal damage. It will take about five hits to defeat the Titan, so hold
on to seal the victory.

=======================|                                |=======================
                       |           Item List            |                 [0500]
=======================|                                |=======================

|                              TWO-HANDED SWORDS                               |
|                           |     |     |      |                               |
| Name                      | Dmg | Str | Cost | Acquire                       |
| Titanwing                 | 100 | 100 | 2000 | The Titan Shield              |
| Obsidian Two-Handed Sword |  90 |  90 | 1000 | Smithing                      |
| Titan Sword               |  80 |  75 | 1200 | Ghost of Ursegor              |
| Berserker Sword           |  80 |  80 | 1500 | The Titan Boots               |
| Sharp Souldrinker         |  75 |  72 | 1000 | Stormwind + Souldrinker       |
| Sharp Obsidian Sword      |  70 |  65 |  800 | Smithing                      |
| Demon Blade               |  66 |  66 |  650 | Mystery of Eastern Temple     |
| Runesword                 |  64 |  60 | 1000 | The Search for the Map        |
| Stormwind                 |  60 |  56 |  800 | Stormwind and Souldrinker Qst |
| Sharp Two-Handed Sword    |  58 |  54 |  500 | Smithing                      |
| Traitor's Blade           |  55 |  52 |  700 | The Cursed Lords              |
| Sharp Bastard Sword       |  50 |  47 |  430 | Smithing, Alvaro, Oscar       |
| Lizard Sword              |  50 |  90 |   75 | Lizardmen                     |
| Two-Handed Sword          |  50 |  50 |  300 | Alvara, Oscar                 |
| Evil Bastard              |  42 |  40 |  400 | Oscar                         |
| Bastard Sword             |  42 |  40 |  300 | Alvaro, Oscar                 |
| Rusty Two-Handed Sword    |  30 |  30 |   30 | Volcano Keep Cemetery         |

|                              ONE-HANDED SWORDS                               |
|                           |     |     |      |                               |
| Name                      | Dmg | Str | Cost | Acquire                       |
| The Don's Sword           |  60 |  50 |  600 | Don Esteban (Uses Dex not Str)|
| Sharp Obsidian Sword      |  50 |  45 |  450 | Smithing                      |
| War Mace                  |  46 |  44 |  445 | Oscar                         |
| Rapier                    |  38 |  33 |  400 | Alvaro (Uses Dex not Str)     |
| Fine Sword                |  35 |  30 |  300 | Romanov                       |
| Aric's Sword              |  30 |  25 |  300 | Trick Aric                    |
| Golden Sword              |  30 |  30 |  500 | Golden Fragments for Oscar    |
| Sharp Sword               |  30 |  25 |  250 | Smithing                      |
| Skullsplitter             |  28 |  26 |  180 | Oscar                         |
| Cutlass                   |  25 |  20 |  120 | Alvaro, Gnomes                |
| Machete                   |  20 |  15 |   85 | Costa, Alvaro, Oscar          |
| Saber                     |  18 |  15 |   70 | Alvaro (Uses Dex not Str)     |
| Thorn Mace                |  18 |  16 |   65 | Oscar, Brogar                 |
| Sword                     |  15 |  10 |   50 | Get Yourself a Decent Weapon  |
| Hunting Knife             |  12 |   8 |   26 | Find Survivors                |
| Rusty Sword               |  10 |  10 |   18 | Find Survivors                |
| Sickle                    |  10 |   6 |   10 | Leto, Gnomes                  |
| Club                      |   8 |   5 |    8 | Find Survivors                |
| Worst Sword in the World  |   5 |  25 |   10 | Trick Aric                    |

|                                    AXES                                      |
|                           |     |     |      |                               |
| Name                      | Dmg | Str | Cost | Acquire                       |
| Hammer of the Titan Lord  | 120 |  -  | 3000 | The Titan Hammer              |
| Titan Axe                 | 120 | 100 | 3500 | The Titan Hammer              |
| Stonesplitter             | 108 |  90 | 2500 | N/A                           |
| Warhammer                 |  96 |  80 | 1800 | Oscar                         |
| Berserker Axe             |  85 |  70 | 1200 | Oscar                         |
| Battleaxe                 |  72 |  60 |  850 | Alvaro                        |
| Raven's Beak              |  58 |  45 |  680 | Oscar, Alvaro                 |
| Bearded Axe               |  48 |  30 |  400 | Oscar                         |
| Light Battleaxe           |  36 |  20 |  200 | Alvaro, Oscar                 |
| Sledgehammer              |  25 |  15 |   80 | Erikson, Oscar                |
| Woodcutter's Axe          |  20 |  10 |   50 | Leto                          |

|                                   STAVES                                     |
|                           |     |     |      |                               |
| Name                      | Dmg | Str | Cost | Acquire                       |
| Titan Scepter             |  80 |  70 | 2000 | The Titan Helmet              |
| Titan Staff               |  70 |  60 | 1500 | The Titan Armor               |
| Double Bladed Staff       |  58 |  50 | 1000 | Karlsen, Inquisitor           |
| War Spear                 |  52 |  44 |  650 | N/A                           |
| Honed Blade Staff         |  50 |  45 |  300 | Collect from Alvaro           |
| Executioner's Staff       |  46 |  36 |  300 | Karlsen, Alvaro               |
| Druid's Staff             |  42 |  36 |  400 | Cyrus is Late                 |
| Fighting Staff            |  32 |  26 |  180 | A Worthy Weapon, Alvaro       |
| Spear                     |  24 |  18 |  100 | Alvaro, Oscar, Karlsen        |
| Novice's Staff            |  16 |  10 |   50 | Get Yourself a Fighting Staff |
| Sturdy Branch             |  10 |  10 |   15 | Leto                          |

|                                    BOWS                                      |
|                           |     |     |      |                               |
| Name                      | Dmg | Dex | Cost | Acquire                       |
| Titan Bow                 |  80 |  80 | 1400 | The Titan Boots               |
| War Bow                   |  70 |  70 | 1000 | Jasmine, Doug, Flavio         |
| Bone Bow                  |  60 |  60 |  750 | Doug Flavio                   |
| Horn Bow                  |  50 |  50 |  600 | Henrik (Slay the Gyger)       |
| Hunting Bow               |  40 |  40 |  500 | Jasmine, Doug                 |
| Cole's Hunting Bow        |  30 |  25 |  350 | Costa                         |
| Longbow                   |  30 |  30 |  350 | Doug, Flavio                  |
| Poacher's Bow             |  20 |  20 |  200 | Doug                          |
| Short Bow                 |  10 |  10 |   75 | Doug                          |

|                                  CROSSBOWS                                   |
|                           |     |     |      |                               |
| Name                      | Dmg | Str | Cost | Acquire                       |
| Titan Crossbow            | 125 |  90 | 1500 | The Titan Boots               |
| War Crossbow              | 100 |  70 |  750 | N/A                           |
| Hunting Crossbow          |  75 |  50 |  500 | Alvaro, Oscar                 |
| Crossbow                  |  50 |  30 |  250 | Alvaro                        |
| Light Crossbow            |  25 |  10 |  100 | Oscar, Leto                   |

Incomplete World Map
- Inside a chest in the Abandoned House

Bandit Camp Map
- Acquire from Doug

Harbour Town Map
- Acquire from Leto

Nelson's Complete World Map
- Purchase from Nelson
- Acquire from Fincher if you join the Bandits

Volcano Keep Map
- Acquire from Taylor if you join the Order
- Acquire from Master Pallas if you join with the Bandits

Map of Caves Under Volcano
- Found on the body in the left half of the entrance

Map of the Waterfall Temple
- Read from the Map Column in the Temple

Map of Eastern Volcano Temple
- Read from the Map Column in the Temple

Eastern Temple
- Acquire from Danilo's corpse

Map of the Northeastern Temple
- Inside a chest in the right passageway

                                Teleport Runes
1. Bandit Camp - Acquire from Fincher
2. Plains Temple - Lizard Man infront of the Temple
3. Harbour Town - Acquire from Scordo/Carlos
4. Northeastern Temple - Lizard Man infront of the Temple
5. Northern Temple - Lizard Man infront of the Temple
6. East Coast - Lizard Man near Jasmin's Hut
7. Eastern Temple - Lizard Man near Temple
8. Southern Ruins - Lizard Man near the Temple
9. Southeast Coast - Lizard Man near the eastern swamp
10. Southwestern Ruin - Lizard Man near the temple ruins
11. Volcano Keep - Acquire from the Inquisitor
12. Western Ruin - Lizard Man near Neil's Hut
13. Western Volcano Temple - Lizard Man inside the Priest's Tomb
14. Eastern Volcano Temple - Lizard Man in the cave entrance
=======================|                                |=======================
                       |           Trainers             |                 [0600]
=======================|                                |=======================
| Skill                | Trainer       | LP | Max | Location                   |
| Axe Fighting         | Karakos       | 10 |  10 | Bandit Camp, Don's Room    |
|                      | Domingo       | 10 |   7 | Bandit Camp                |
|                      | Ukkos         | 10 |   7 | Harbour Town               |
| Sword Fighting       | Fincher       | 10 |  10 | Bandit Camp, Don's Room    |
|                      | Craig         | 10 |   7 | Bandit Camp                |
|                      | Edgar         | 10 |   7 | Harbour Town               |
|                      | Cutter        | 10 |   4 | Harbour Town               |
| Staff Fighting       | Inquisitor    | 10 |  10 | Monastery                  |
|                      | William       | 10 |   7 | Monastery                  |
|                      | Felipe        | 10 |   7 | Harbour Town               |
| Open Locks           | Patty         |  5 |   3 | Harbour Town               |
|                      | Cid           |  5 |   3 | Harbour Town               |
|                      | Phil          |  5 |   2 | Bandit Camp                |
| Pickpocket           | Delgado       |  5 |   3 | Harbour Town               |
|                      | Phil          |  5 |   2 | Bandit Camp                |
|                      | Dalman        |  5 |   1 | Monastery                  |
| Sneak                | Phil          |  5 |   1 | Bandit camp                |
|                      | Dalman        |  5 |   1 | Monastery                  |
|                      | Cole          |  5 |   1 | Harbour Town               |
| Alchemy              | Abrax         |  5 |   3 | Monastery                  |
|                      | Cormac        |  5 |   3 | Bandit Camp, Don's Room    |
|                      | Leonardo      |  5 |   2 | Harbour Town               |
|                      | Garth         |  5 |   1 | Harbour Town               |
|                      | Rhobart       |  5 |   1 | Bandit Camp                |
| Create Scrolls       | Illumar       |  5 |   1 | Monastery                  |
| Fireball Crystal     | Ignatius      | 10 |  10 | Monastery                  |
| Ice Lance Crystal    | Pallas        | 10 |  10 | Monastery                  |
| Magic Bullet Crystal | Vitus         | 10 |  10 | Monastery                  |
| Seal                 | Ignatius      |  5 |   4 | Monastery                  |
| Archery              | Sam           | 10 |  10 | Bandit Camp                |
|                      | Luis          | 10 |   7 | Bandit Camp                |
|                      | Henrik        | 10 |   7 | Bridge on the East coast   |
|                      | Cole          | 10 |   7 | Harbour Town               |
|                      | Jervis        | 10 |   4 | Monastery                  |
| Crossbow             | Edgar         | 10 |  10 | Harbour Town               |
|                      | Fincher       | 10 |   7 | Bandit Camp, Don's Room    |
|                      | Rufus         | 10 |   7 | Monastery                  |
|                      | Ricardo       | 10 |   4 | Bandit Camp                |
| Prospect ore         | Olf           |  5 |   1 | Harbour Town, Don's Mansion|
| Smithing             | Oscar         |  5 |   3 | Bandit Camp                |
|                      | Walter        |  5 |   3 | Harbour Town               |
|                      | Karlsen       |  5 |   3 | Monastery                  |
| Gut Animals          | Luis          |  5 |   1 | Bandit Camp                |
|                      | Cole          |  5 |   1 | Harbour Town               |
|                      | Jervus        |  5 |   1 | Monastery                  |
| Acrobatics           | Patty         |  5 |   1 | Harbour Town - Beach       |
| Attribute            | Trainer       | LP | Max | Location                   |
| Strength             | Craig         |  1 | 100 | Bandit Camp                |
|                      | Ukkos         |  1 | 100 | Harbour Town               |
|                      | Tucker        |  1 | 100 | Monastery                  |
| Dexterity            | Luis          |  1 | 100 | Bandit Camp                |
|                      | Cole          |  1 | 100 | Harbour Town               |
|                      | Dalman        |  1 | 100 | Monastery                  |
| Mana                 | Cormac        |  1 | 2000| Bandit Camp                |
|                      | Vitus         |  1 | 2000| Monastery                  |

=======================|                                |=======================
                       |   Bookshelves/Stone Plates     |                 [0700]
=======================|                                |=======================

  Bookshelves and Stone Plates can be found scattered across the island. A
bookshelf will grants +3 Wisdom and Stone Plates grant +4 Wisdom when used. The
total will reach 200, the number required to acquire level 4 Seal.

1. Tristan's Hut (World)
2. Southwestern Ruins (World)
3. Don's Mansion (Harbour Town)
4. Commandant Carlos' Room (Harbour Town)
5. East Entrance Room (Monastery)
6. West Entrance Room (Monastery)
7. Entrance Room (Monastery)
8. Cyrus' Room (Upper Monastery)
9. Master's Room (Upper Monastery)
10-11. Library (Upper Monastery)
12-26. Abrax's Laboratory (Upper Monastery)
27-28. Holy Hall (Upper Monastery)

Stone Plates
1.  Burial mound south of the Western Ruins.
2.  Under the southeastern island on a ledge.
3.  On a grave inside the Monastery Cemetery.
4.  Near Tarras' Grave on the West Coast.
5.  In the collapsed tunnel near Dirk.
6.  Lower half of the Eastern Temple.
7.  Near a chest outside of the Gyrger Ruins.
8.  Lower ruins near the Gyrger.
9.  On an altar northwest of the Lizardmen camp.
10. Inside the Plain Temple.
11. Just outside the Waterfall Temple on the West Coast
12. In the cavern with Brent and the Brontok.
13. Inside the Northeastern Temple.
14. Inside the Northeastern Temple.
15. Inside the Volcano Temple, near a Winch.
16. Inside the Volcano Temple just past the crushing trap.
17. Inside the Volcano Temple just before the prison area.
18. Inside the Volcano Temple in the room with the Watchman.
19. Inside the Volcano Temple, side room after the Large Drawbridge.
20. Inside the Volcano Temple, in the room that is dug open by Ethan.
21. Inside the Volcano Temple, near the drawbridge on a Sarcophagus.
22. Inside the Volcano Temple, near Ursegor's Sarcophagus.
23. Inside Don Esteban's Ruin, right of the entrance.
24. Inside Don Esteban's Ruin, left side of the large room.
25. Inside the Waterfall Temple, past the spike trap room.
26. Inside the Plains Temple, on the floor in the central room.
27. Inside the Eastern Volcano Temple, in the southwest room.
28. Inside the Eastern Volcano Temple, in the northern room.
29. Inside the Western Volcano Temple, in the western room with the bust.
=======================|                                |=======================
                       |        Version History         |                 [0800]
=======================|                                |=======================

Version Final - Initial and Final Release
=======================|                                |=======================
                       |             Outro              |                 [0900]
=======================|                                |=======================
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