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Follow the dark path or use the light
Rakion Pack Shot



Non-Power User Guide

by BHJowy

 _____       _    _             
|  __ \     | |  (_)            
| |__) |__ _| | ___  ___  _ __  
|  _  // _` | |/ / |/ _ \| '_ \ 
| | \ \ (_| |   <| | (_) | | | |
|_|  \_\__,_|_|\_\_|\___/|_| |_|

Non-Power User Guide v1.2

[1] - Introduction
[2] - Leveling
[2a] - Levels 1-10
[2b] - Levels 11-30
[2c] - Levels 31-99
[3] - Character Builds
[3a] - Equipment
[3b] - Cells
[3c] - Play Style
[3d] - Enchanting
[4] - Earning Gold
[5] - Exp/Gold Gains
[5a] - Golem
[5b] - Team Deathmatch
[5c] - Solo Deathmatch
[5d] - Stages
[6] - Credits

This guide is for the less financially-involved players of Rakion and is 
designed to help show a player how to be successful without being a power 
user, or buying cash of any kind.
It's focus is how to play rakion efficiently, maximizing your time, gold, 
and fighting, allowing you to compete with the cash players of Rakion.

Leveling is the most difficult challenge for non-power users, it takes much 
longer, and it's harder to do it because of the lack of power user points, 
power user bonus, cash equipment, and cash cells. You have to be conscious 
about how you're leveling and what games you play in.
General Tips:
Playing larger games give more experience than smaller games.
Playing golem games give more experience than deathmatches.
Killing master golem gives more experience than killing the enemy team.

[2a]Beginning: Lvl 1-10
You will find much fewer cash players in 1-10, and those that are, usually 
won't be using cash equipment or cells at such a low level because the best 
equipment and cells begin after 1-10. You will have to worry about black 
panzers, black crossbows, black blazers, and the occasional icewind. If you 
see these, do not ignore them, either run away, kill them, or fight very 
carefully making sure to keep your eye on them. Black panzers run very fast, 
black crossbows shoot very fast, and are homing, black blazers fire 3 spread 
out shots, and icewinds will freeze you, and are also homing. Simply be aware 
of these cells, the best option is to run away and fight someplace else, 
letting them desummon and the summoner lose the cp.
The much bigger concern in 1-10 is people using cell destruction characters. 
Almost every blacksmith you see in 1-10 toating some enchants or the level 2 
set is pumped with cell destruction and will easily get gold sword and kill 
your master golem in about 3-4 jump attacks. Though these characters very 
seldomly are using any cash equipment, they can be a pain if you are fighting 
against them. The best thing to do is to stalk them or block them when they 
get gold. You may not be able to kill that person, but if you can prevent 
him from getting gold, and your team, or another one of their teammates, gets 
gold, you should have a decent chance. Levels 1-10 are the easiest for 
players to level because not much cash equipment can be used then, cell 
destruction players are much more of a threat. You can be very successful in 
1-10 if you just pay attention to what you're doing, be conscious of the 
game, and be smart about how you fight. Because 1-10 is much easier, only do 
stages 1 and 2 until you hit level 11. Then do as many stages as you can to 
put you as high up into 11-30 as possible, the lower you are in 11-30, the 
higher your handicap, if you reach 11 with only doing stages 1 and 2, the 
stages you can do from then will give you a nice buffer into 11-30 gameplay.

[2b]Intermediate: Lvl 11-30
This is where it starts to get ugly, many power users wearing cash equipment 
and cells come to 11-30 just to "pwn noobs". Your best option is to simply 
avoid these games, keep an eye out for games with titles that include:
NC: No Cells
NP: No Potions
-SC: soul cannon
-LB: longbow
-IC: icewind
-CC: cash cells
-BT: black taurus
-PU Cells
Any game that limits the amount of cash equipment, cells, or potions will be 
good for you, dealing with soul cannons, longbows, and black tauri is not 
easy, particularly if the people using them have a set of potions. But it 
will happen. If you find yourself in a game full of cash users with cash 
cells and equipment, again, be very aware of what's going on. Do not 
ignore cash cells, either run away from them, kill them, or always keep an 
eye on them. Longbows and soul cannons will make you regret looking away. It 
can actually be useful sometimes to kill cells while other people are 
fighting each other, if you're killing their cash cells, then the other 
people are fighting regular pvp with no cells involved, which can be better 
than potentially double teaming someone who's still using cash cells. 
Leveling is difficult when you're sorrounded by cash users who will just 
out-stat you or out-cell you and kill you with ease. But you can speed up the 
process if you keep an eye out for SU/NC or SH/NC games. 
To describe these games:

SU/NC - Stay Up/No Cell - This game mode almost always is on Draco Valley. 
All the players must proceed through the portal and stay in that area, not 
going down to the area where gold golem is. This makes for fast games and the 
no cells prevents lag, longer round time, or as some see it, unfair 
advantages. The downside to this game type is that it can be chaotic, and is 
often packed with highly skilled, or high level players. This is one of the 
best ways of leveling a character.

SH/NC - Stay Hall/No Cell - This game mode is on Snake Temple; from the spawn 
area run up the ramp and through the master golem area, there is a hallway 
there where everyone must stay, not venturing into the master golem area or 
to the side hall that leads towards the main room. This is very similar to 
SU/NC except it tends to be faster, and more chaotic, another choice for 
people who wish to level fast, or have a fun time with little or no care 
about actually fighting well. However, if you wish to partake in good 
fighting this may not be the choice for you as high level players often get 
most of the kills in such a chaotic situation where skill tends to have no 
room, and stat points do most of the work. Playing these rooms has advantages 
and disadvantages to a non-power user:

-Much faster
-No Cells
-Exposure to the gametypes and fighting styles of the "pro" (31+)

-Often full of skilled players
-May not provide good skill development
-Rule breakers slow down and irritate process

Despite the disadvantages I would still play these when you get a chance, 
they are good experience and they will give you a sense of how to fight more 
skilled players and handle these types of games for when you hit level 31. 
You may get destroyed quickly, but you'll learn how to fight them well while 
still being disadvantaged.

Another note, do not forget to do stages, stages are the best way to level. 
Do them all, do them well, if you have trouble with some, revisit them at a 
higher level or ask an experienced player for help, many experienced players 
stage lower characters for cell experience and you can find them floating 
around doing stages sometimes.

[2c]Advanced: Lvl 31-99
In the words of Softnyx, "Welcome to Hell"
31+ is packed full of not only cash users, but highly leveled, highly 
skilled, and highly-PU pumped players. Warriors with 200+ special are 
everywhere, and they want to kill you. Most games you will find are SU/NC 
or SH/NC and you will not likely last long, particularly when most players 
have at least 5 potion slots. The 11-99 or 31+ cell games you find will be 
even more intense than 11-30, with high level soul cannons, longbows, 
dragons, tauri, and golems running around everywhere. You will have a hard 
time staying alive, but your experience in SUs and SHs should help.
Keep an eye out for NP games and you might be able to struggle a little bit 
and end up with a few kills by the end of the game. Plus, these games will 
go faster so you will level quicker. Be careful, and be mindful of your 
weaknesses. Most of the same strategies of surviving in 11-30 apply to 31+ 
they're just more difficult because everything is faster and stronger. As an 
upside though, you will find more familiar faces and there are significantly 
fewer jerks. I personally find it easier to pass the time playing when I'm 
playing with some people I know, it makes it more enjoyable, and this is much 
easier to come by in 31+. They're scary people, but many of them are friendly.

[3]Character Builds:
I won't go much into specific builds of any class but I'll elaborate on how 
to build a character good for competition without needing cash.
The best builds for a non-power user, ones I've always used on my non-pu 
accounts or my secondary characters that don't have cash equipment or pu 
points have always focused on defensive ability. I always have a lot of move 
speed and attack speed, this gives me the ability to maneuver around, 
avoiding damage, and being able to give damage, though the damage may be very 
small. Without being able to move quickly both in move speed and attack 
speed, you can't escape, you can't dodge, you can't even attack well. Others 
may go another route, but I put very few points in attack stats and focus on 
move speed and attack speed. After that I put points into armor, and perhaps 
a few into an attack stat. High speed build with armor will keep you alive 
much longer, and though you won't be able to deal much damage, surviving 
longer will let you get kills late game and let you make opportunistic 
For one example, on a warrior, I will put 2 points into move speed and 1 
point into attack speed until I have 50 move speed. Then I will put 2 points 
into attack speed and 1 point into armor until I have 40 attack speed. Then 2 
points into armor and 1 point into special until I have 50 armor. By this 
time,  you should be able to determine what you want to do with your points 
because you'll be rather high leveled.
Simply, focus on survival builds, you could get away with a tank build, 
focusing on armor and energy, if that is your preference, I prefer speed 
builds. I would definitely avoid builds focusing on attack stats, you will 
die before you ever find them effective.

You will not have a ton of gold, so your equipment must be chosen carefully. 
If you are using just one character, buy equipment that gives you the most 
stat points per gold. The stat points added are next to the name, it's a 
number. For example, the level 2 mercenary helmet adds 4+ stat points, which 
is 4.5 stat points worth of stats. But do not consider just that number, 
note the stats that are added and think about whether or not those are 
effective towards your build. A speed build focusing on pvp has no use for 
900 cell points and 4 cell destruction.
If you are using multiple characters, buy rings and amulets that can be used 
by them all. For pvp, Tears are a good choice for rings as they are decently 
low leveled and cheap, but still give good bonuses for pvp, while Pain of 
Cell offers a good choice for cell users without completely sacrificing pvp 
The key is to efficiently use all your gold; things that waste gold are not a 
good idea, I would personally stay away from potions and focus gold usage on 
more permanent stat boosters. 

You have very little options here. Nak, panzer, crossbow, blazer. Naks and 
crossbows have a glitch where they do 1/4th of their displayed attack when 
attacking, where other cells do 1/2, therefore I'd stay away from those 
cells. Panzers are the most efficient cells in terms of stats and price, 
they are your best option. Blazers are good too, and attack very fast at 
higher levels. They can provide range as well and won't get knocked over. 
They are a tad bit more expensive though. If you have the spare gold, some 
people really find a blazer team to be good, but you'll need to have a 
character that can keep up cp wise. If your character is not focused much on 
cells, panzers are a better choice, cheaper in terms of gold and cp. You 
could also try a combination. A good balance between cost in terms of gold, 
cp, and also effectiveness, would be 2 panzers and 1 blazer.
Having at least 1 nak can also be very useful. They are cheap and easy to 
summon, and though they die fast, they can be used to put something inbetween
you and something that wants to kill you. Basically, they're useful for 
blocking something or someone. And if you find yourself only finding a use 
for low level naks, you can sell a nak for profit starting at level 18.
[Cells sell for 40 more gold per level, naks start at 300 return value and 
cost only 1000 gold.]
Additional Cell Information:
					Gains per Level
Cell		Energy	Attack	CP	Energy	Attack	CP
Nak		50	90*	400	2	4	24
Panzer		180	90	600	9	4	36
Crossbow	140	100	650	7	5	32
Blazer		160	100	1100	8	5	66

Notes about cells:
Cells get 1/3rd of the experience the player does.
Cells cannot get more than 100 experience at a time.[Stages]
Cells do approximately 1/2 their attack in damage.
--Naks and crossbows do approximately 1/4th.
Cells stat gains diminish as they get to higher levels. [Usually around 55]
Cells attack faster as they level up, usually every 10 levels their attack 
increases about 1/10th of a second. In the case of blazers, its 3/10ths.

[3c]Play Style:
In a nutshell, play smart, and play defensively. Be conscious of the 
strategies players will use while attacking you and try not to engage with 
players who have significant stat or cell advantages over you, mainly people 
with cash equipment or power user points. Land what attacks when you can and 
against who you can. Think guerilla tactics, if you can land a jump attack 
and run away, that's a small advantage you've just gained over them at no 
cost. Be tricky, be unexpected, play smart. Master defensive techniques like 
block-gripping or side stepping.
Block Grip: After you block an attack on a person, if you are close enough 
and/or have enough move speed, you can run up to them between that blocked 
attack and their next attack and grip them. This is easiest against a 
blacksmith because of their large delay, but works on any class.
Side Stepping: Most defensive players pvp by blocking excessively, but the 
problem with this is you have fewer chances to counter-attack and still take 
some damage. Learn how to side step just out of attacks to be able to have 
enough time after them to counter-attack. The key is to be just barely out of 
range of the attack so you can move in and attack quicker. Things to keep in 
mind when doing this is how much delay their attack has, how much range the 
attack, as well as the weapon your opponent has, and most importantly but 
seldomly acknowledge, where the attack will be hitting at what time. To 
explain that last part, a blacksmith's hammer swings from their right to 
left, so if you position yourself to their right, but are not hit by the 
hammer, you have the bonus time of the entire center-to-left area of the 
swing on top of the delay of the attack to position yourself in a good spot 
to land an attack. Another example is a warrior special, which ends its 3rd 
swing on the right side with a pretty long swing. So if you're on the left 
side and dodge the swing, you have a long time to attack.

I would generally not do much enchanting, but getting things to +5 usually 
isn't very expensive, and can be a nice rounding stat booster. If you want 
to enchant, enchant cheap equipment that you can sacrifice, or equipment 
that will be used on all your characters. Enchanted Pain of Cell rings can be 
a great addition to your inventory. I would generally stick to using 
mithrils, it's a cheap way to get some enchanting bonuses. And remember that 
it's best to enchant fewer things to a higher bonus than more things to a 
lower bonus. For those of you who don't know, the bonus added to each of the 
10 stats from enchant bonus is: X^2/50 where X is the number on the enchant 
For example, if you have a +4 enchant bonus, calculate: 4^2/50 = 16/50 = .32
Therefore, a +4 bonus will add .32 stat points worth to each stat (with the 
exception of armor/energy, which is half that).
To explain further, a character would get +.32 more basic, +.32 more armor 
(which is .16 worth of a stat point), +.0512 attack speed (on a mage), 
+.00704 move speed (on a mage).
What I personally find to be very effective is enchanting a level 2 mercenary 
set. This will give a player a good advantage in 1-10 and stages, that will 
last them into 11-30 games. This is particularly effective when combined with 
step #1 in the earning gold section defined below.

[4]Earning Gold:
Gold is your life force! It will get you much needed equipment, cells, and 
enchants. There are 3 methods to note in order to make gold:
1. Re-creation:
Delete a character and re-make a new one. This way you can use the same 
equipment you already have to continue playing in 1-10 and 11-30 games where 
it would be much easier for you to compete. No new equipment is necessary and 
you don't have to get slaughtered by high levels in order to do it. It also 
gives you a chance to continue building your skill in a place where you don't 
have to be outstatted by 300 points. This is definitely a wise habbit for 
non-power users.
2. Stages:
This goes along with #1, doing stages doesn't really make you a ton of gold, 
but it gives you a very good boost in experience, and is great for leveling 
cells while making some gold on the side. If you get good at stages they're 
practically free gold and experience.
3. Kill Mission
If you really want gold, you gotta crunch! The kill mission is a system 
Softnyx implemented that gives users gold if they reach certain kill 
benchmarks within a day. 
(They reset around 9pm-1am depending on your timezone).
The bonuses are:
100 Kills - 3k gold
300 Kills - 10k gold
500 Kills - 50k gold
1000 Kills - 150k gold
If you wanna earn the gold, join a deathmatch and start killing.

[5]Experience Gains
Kill opponent			+1 exp, +30% of enemies max energy in CP
Kill player with gold sword	+1 exp, +200 CP
Destroy Gold Golem		+1 exp, +30% of golem's CP
Kill Master Golem		+2 exp, 30% of golem's CP
Excellent Player		+5 exp, +50 gold
Good Player			+3 exp, +40 gold
Killer Player			+5 exp, +25 gold


Win[Killing enemy team]:	100 Cp
				03 Exp 15 Gold (2-5 players)
				06 Exp 30 Gold (6-9 players)
				10 Exp 50 Gold (10-13 players)
				11 Exp 55 Gold (14-17 players)
Win[Killing enemy golem]:	200 Cp
				05 Exp 25 Gold (2-5 players)
				08 Exp 40 Gold (6-9 players)
				12 Exp 60 Gold (10-13 players)
				13 Exp 75 Gold (14-17 players)
Lose:				900 Cp
				01 Exp 05 Gold (2-5 players)
				02 Exp 10 Gold (6-9 players)
				04 Exp 22 Gold (10-13 players)
				05 Exp 25 Gold (14-17 players)

[5b]Team Deathmatch
Win:				100 Cp
				01 Exp 15 Gold (2-5)
				03 Exp 30 Gold (6-9)
				07 Exp 50 Gold (10-13)
				08 Exp 55 Gold (14-17)
Lose:				900 Cp
				00 Exp 05 Gold (2-5)
				01 Exp 10 Gold (6-9)
				02 Exp 22 Gold (10-13)
				03 Exp 25 Gold (14-17)

[5c]Solo Deathmatch
1st Place:			300 Cp
				04 Exp 25 Gold (2-5)
				10 Exp 50 Gold (6-9)
				20 Exp 100 Gold (10-13)
				22 Exp 130 Gold (14-17)
2nd Place:			100 Cp
				00 Exp 05 Gold (2-5)
				02 Exp 25 Gold (6-9)
				10 Exp 50 Gold (10-13)
				11 Exp 65 Gold (14-17)
Didn't place:			100 Cp
				00 Exp 03 Gold (2-5)
				01 Exp 10 Gold (6-9)
				02 Exp 20 Gold (10-13)
				02 Exp 22 Gold (14-17)

NOTE: Boss mode gains are not posted on Softnyx' website. However, boss mode 
does not give very good experience, but because of how fast it goes, some 
people believe it is good for gaining gold.

Bonuses are multiplied by the multiplier for your rank.
S	4.0
A	2.5
B	2.0
C	1.5
D	1.0
Fail	0.0

Stage	Gold Earned	Exp Earned
1	25		8
2	25		8
3	33		16
4	33		16
5	35		24
6	35		24
7	38		32
8	38		32
9	40		40
10	40		40
11	43		48
12	43		48
13	45		56
14	45		56
15	48		64
16	48		64
17	50		72
18	50		72
19	53		80
20	53		80
21	55		88
22	55		88
23	58		96
24	58		96
25	60		104
26	60		104
27	63		112
28	63		112
29	65		120
30	65		120
31	68		128
32	68		128
33	70		136
34	70		136
35	73		144
36	73		144
37	75		152
39	78		160
40	78		160
41	80		168
42	80		168
43	83		176
44	83		176
45	85		184
46	85		184
47	88		192
48	88		192

This guide was written by ShortJowy from, my e-mail is 
[email protected] This guide is currently authorized to appear on and and may not appear elsewhere without my