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Follow the dark path or use the light
Rakion Pack Shot



Rage Blacksmith Guide

by BHJowy

 _____       _    _             
|  __ \     | |  (_)            
| |__) |__ _| | ___  ___  _ __  
|  _  // _` | |/ / |/ _ \| '_ \ 
| | \ \ (_| |   <| | (_) | | | |
|_|  \_\__,_|_|\_\_|\___/|_| |_|
Rage Smith Guide 

1. a. Introduction 
   b. Gold earning aid
2. Blacksmith fighting controls
3. Stat placement 
4. Equipment: 	ARMOR 
5. Equipment: 	WEAPONS 
6. Equipment: 	RINGS 
7. Equipment: 	NECKLACES 
8. Game Role 
9. Fighting: 
-General strategies
10. Cash user tips
11. Cell Recommendations
12. Author/Credits
13. Legal Stuff

When youíre new to the world of Rakion, you start out by creating a character.
Many people make blacksmiths with the idea of "I will be the tank and own 
everyone with my 1337 brute strength!11". What many people donít realize, is 
that if perfected, you can make a blacksmith into a "ninjasmith" of sorts or 
a strong warrior. When you place stats in the right categories you can make 
your smith into a deadly pvp (player vs player) character. In the end it's 
not the team with the best golem killing ability. It's the team with the best
teamwork and player vs player skills that will come out on top. In short, a 
rage smith is a blacksmith focused on speed and killing players.

A lot of this guide requires the player to have a lot of spare gold on hand,
so if you don't; read the following tips on ways to gain gold fast.
A: Serf Mages - Serf mages are created for one purpose; doing stages for
a high rate of gold/exp over the required time. Simply create a mage and 
do what stages you can, leveling up in 1-10 games when you need to, and
then doing more stages. This is great for getting cexp for lower level cells
and is especially beneficial if you plan to use panzers on your rage smith.
But it also gives good gold not only because of the stages, but also because
you will learn to fight very well in 1-10 games, and increase your win percent
tehre, thus having a higher gold per time ratio.
B: Basic Warrior/Blacksmith - In basic mode where everyone has the stats of
a level 1, warriors and blacksmiths dominate. Warriors dominate pvp and 
blacksmiths dominate golem killing. You can earn gold by doing this without 
having to use gold in order to be good at it. You can go the way of pvp with
a warrior, or you could even use your future rage smith to kill golems and
win games fast with high bonuses. 

Lets go over the basic combat controls of a blacksmith. 
The Hammer: 
L1=left click once.
L2=left click 2 times.
R1=Right click(hold). 
L1+R1=left click once then right click immediately after that.
L1R1=Hit both mouse buttons at the same time.
FF+L1=Double tap the forward button(w) and then left click.
FF+l2=Double tape the forward button(w) and then right click.
DL1=Left click once when currently knocked down.
S+L1=Spacebar(for jumping) then left click.

L1 swings the hammer one time. This is useful when you have a high attack speed
since it allows you to recover from attacking at a faster rate. It can be 
blocked, and has a "1" delay according to Softnyx.

L2 swings the hammer twice in succesion.  This deals massive damage when you 
have a high basic hit and will guarantee you a kill on a weak player if they 
are already low on health. This attack also can be blocked, but if not, it will
knock down an opponent. It has a "1.5" delay according to Softnyx.

L1+R1 This attack starts out like a normal one hit swing, but then your smith
hesitates, lifts the hammer above his head, and smashes it down on your 
opponent. This attack not only does more damage then the 2 hit swing, but can 
also attack right through the opponent even if they are guarding and when 
successful will knock down your opponent. Try to use this sparingly because it
leaves you wide open for a paineful grip from a ninja or a special from a 
warrior. This attack has a "2" delay according to Softnyx.

R1 HOLD. Holding the right click button will make your smith do a charge attack
(this is the smiths "special" attack).  This attack can break the guard of an 
opponent, and deal massive damage as well depending on the ammount of hits 
generated from the special. The downside to this attack is that you have to 
charge the attack, and you're open for an attack right after the special. Its
damage is dealt in 360 degrees so if an enemy is just near you, you don't have 
to aim it. It has a "2" delay according to Softnyx.

L1R1 (both left and right mouse btton simultaneously). This can server multiple
purposes.  If you do this without an enemy near, your smith will temporarily 
become invincibe and spin around 3 times, knocking down everyone who isn't 
guarding. This attack leaves you wide open for a very long time after the 
attack is done. You will almost never need to use this attack in combat. If you
perform the same attack when you are right by (just about touching) another 
enemy charcter that isn't moving, you will perform a grip attack.  When you 
have high level equipment, this attack can deal a very good ammount of damage.
This attack has a "3.5" delay according to Softnyx.

FF+L1 The blacksmith lunges forward with his hammer sticking out. This attack
does not deal very much damage but will knock down an opponent and is good for
stopping someone who is trying to get away. This attack can be blocked and has 
a "2.5" delay according to Softnyx.

FF+L2 The blacksmith lunges forward and swings his hammer like a golf club.
This attack is not very practical, does little damage, but does send the 
opponent flying, so it is good if you want to keep someone away from something.
This attack can be blocked and has a "2.5" delay according to Softnyx.

DL1 The blacksmith will rise up and spin around with his hammer sticking out, 
stunning anyone around. This attack can easily double hit at which point it 
will knock them down. This attack does a very small amount of damage and 
has a delay of "1" according to Softnyx.

S+L1 The blacksmith will jump, do a flip, and bring his hammer down upon the
target. This attack deals good damage and can get double or even triple hits,
especially against golems for which it is most useful. This attack can be 
blocked and has a delay of "2" according to Softnyx.

If youíre looking into building a rage smith having a power card isn't a 
necessity, but highly suggested. Ill start out with stats placement up to 
level 16. You want to start out by adding stat points to basic hit and attack
speed (1basic hit, 2 attack speed). 

Basic Hit---Attack Speed 
level 2 1 2 
level 3 1 2 
level etc... 
If you follow this pattern you will have 15 stat point on basic hit and 30 on 
attack speed. 
NOTE:If you use power user stat points on your smith use the same adding 
ratio as when you level up. Assuming you didnít use power user points on your 
blacksmith, you have two options at this point. You can either continue the 
same stat adding pattern or you can mix it up a little. 

Basic Hit---Attack Speed 
level 17 1 2 
level 18 2 1 
level 19 2 1 
level etc... 
You can add all your stats to attack speed, but realize your basic hits will 
be relatively weak. If you continue this pattern, at level 33 you will have 
both basic hit and attack speed maxed out. After that putt all your stat 
points into move speed until around 35 (give or take). Again, You can add 
all your points to move speed after 35, but I suggest you add points to 
move speed and armor using the same ratio as basic hit to attack speed. 

When building a rage smith you must always think about the stats an item 
gives you. You obviously want to stay away from items with -attack and move 
speed as much as possible unless the item is very important ie: level 21 
armor. Never get the mercenary armor. Wait until you are a level 11 to get 
the waclock head and wait until level 15 to purchase the waclock body.  
This is assuming that you have purchased a power user card.
If you do not have a PU (power user), then get the level 11 armor. 
Do not get the level 14 armor. It's much too expensive. Save that money for 
other items, or get the level 21 armor. IMPORTANT:Do not get the level 21 
Helmet. It's a huge waste of money. Just stick with the waclock helmet for 
the time being and if you don't have a PU, get the level 14 helmet. 
NOTE: The waclock body is optional. It doesnt take speed away like the level 21
body armor, but it's much weaker. 

Do not get the mercenary weapons. Wait until your a level 11 to get the 
level 11 basic hit weapon(not the range weapon). Do not waste your money on 
the level 14 basic hit weapon (it wont help a rage smith). Sell your basic 
hit weapon when you reach level 20 and replace it with the level 20 basic 
hit weapon.  If you have some spare cash that you're willing to spend on a 
weapon, refer to #10, cash user tips. At level 21 you have the option to get
the range weapon. It's not mandatory but it does help should you decide to 
fight with ranged combat. At level 25 sell you level 20 weapon and buy the 
waclock basic hit weapon, but not the ranged weapon. At level 28 sell your 
waclock weapon (optional) to get to get the level 28 weapon. After much 
playing you'll reach level 33. Sell both your ranged weapon and basic hit 
weapon to get the Dawnknight weapons. These are the most important weapons
until level 51 (runet weapon). 

B=basic attack,R=ranged attack
G=grip attack, S=special attack
AS=attack speed, MS=move speed
CP=cell points, PU=poweruser item
CR=cell reduction, P=cost in gold
CD=cell destruction, A=armor
E=energy, CT=additional time in chaos]
PC=cost in cash
POC 		4%cr,+1B,+400CP,lvl10,P=8300,PU		
Tears		+.026MS,+.27AS,+300CP,lvl16,P=5800	
Promise		+3B,+2R,+3S,+1G,-.091MS,lvl30,P=15100			
Celline red	+2S,+2G,+.45AS,lvl35,P=15100				
Celline blue	+2S,+2G,+.065MS,lvl35,P=15100				
You have many options when it comes to rings. At level 16 you can buy "tears 
level 4" rings which increase attack speed, move speed, and cell points. If 
you base much of your combat on summoning creatures, at level 10 get 3 Pain 
of Cell (POC) rings (8300 gold each). I suggest going with the POC rings 
because when you fight in high level games cells are a very influential part 
of the game (they give 4% cell point reduction each). 
If you do not focus much on cell creatures, promise rings that can be 
purchased at level 30 are very good. But these reduce move speed greatly, so 
to counter this, additional points should be added to move speed. Celline Red 
or Blue rings can also be very good.  Celline blue rings tend to be more useful
in the longrun, however, both celline red and blue add two points to special 
and grip. When it comes to rings, there is a lot of preference to it, though I
personally suggest using celline blue rings because they add move speed, which
is an essential element of the rage smith at high levels.

POC		+2CD,+2A,+2E,+25%CR,lvl15,P=38400,PU
Lac Crown	-.54AS,+.312MS,lvl15,P=21000,PU
Magic Keys	+1B,+1R,+1S,+1G,+1CD,+2A,+2E,+.45AS,+.026MS,+200cp,lvl15,
Two Moons	+1CD,+1A,+1E,+200CP,+25%CR,+9CT,lvl20,P=52600,PU
Horn XE		+2CD,+2E,+4A,+.36AS,+.026MS,+400CP,lvl30,P=38400,PU
There are a couple of options when it comes time to purchase a necklace. 
The first is the POC necklace. It has a 25% cell point reduction. When 
combined with 3 POC rings and power user, you get 52% cell point reduction. 
The second option is the most expensive; two moons. This item gives 25% cell 
point reduction and +9 seconds of chaos time. Keep in mind that these two 
necklaces (especially the POC necklace) can be very handy in stages.
If youíre a hardcore pvp player, and donít care much about cell creatures, 
then you can either choose the magic keys, horn xe, or lac (level 15+ pu item),
Although magic keys (the silver ones) add alot of stat points, they are 
incredibly expensive, and overall won't end up being very useful.  The second 
option, horn XE Adds a huge ammount of attack speed and a pretty decent ammount
of move speed. The only drawback is you have to be level 30 or higher to use 
this item. The third and final option is the "lac" amulet.  Although you have
to sacrifice a large ammount of attack speed, you gain a tremendous ammount 
of move speed(equivelent to adding more then 10 stat points into move speed)
which many players deem to be worth the negative attack speed.

When playing on a team (any game type) your role is simple. Slowly take out 
the opposing team. Do not go for the golden golem unless there is no other 
choice. Try to single out 1 influential person on the other team and go after 
them until they die. Try not to throw yourself head on into the middle of a 
large brawl. Instead, wait until someone gets separated from the pack then 
pounce on them. You can dominate their support characters (archers and mages)
if they are having a high effect on your team, or you can battle their main
pvp characters in order to protect your own support group. Your suggested
role will very from game to game, but always keep in mind where your pvp 
abilities are really needed, and follow that. Running around just taking
swings at random people may not be the most strategic and effective way to

When fighting an archer one on one, make sure you stay as close to them as 
possible. As soon as they charge up to shoot an arrow at you, go to the side 
of them and pull a quick two hit combo. If your 1st hit doesnít count, 
quickly jump out of the way to dodge the arrow flying out of the archers 
stomach (sorry...I had to  ). If an archer is backing away from you try to 
cut them off by hitting behind them. The great thing about having attack 
speed is your attacks have much less delay, giving you time to attack then 
dodge or guard an incoming arrow immediately after. It also gives you the 
ability to creep past them a little bit, just enough to have your swing get 
around their block. Just watch out for the archer bug and you'll be fine.

Generally its very easy to fight other blacksmiths because you simply out do 
there attack and move speed. If you time it right, you can use your speed to 
an advantage. Right before they swing there hammer for the second time, its 
possible to perform a quick grab. This will take time to perfect. Just be 
cautious and pay attention to their fighting style and the fight is yours.
It is best to consider yourself like a swordsman in this situation, remember 
that blacksmiths are often clumsy, they will leave you an opening at some 
point during the battle, take it. 

Warriors are tricky to fight one on one. They have the advantage of a 3 hit 
combo and some nice range in there attacks to boot. You want to be more 
defensive when fighting warriors. Just guard alot, and wait until you see an 
opening, then pull a quick 2 hit combo. They won't be expecting a speedy 
blacksmith and this may very easily be their downfall as their expectations 
of out-matching you with speed will end them up on the ground.

When fighting ninjas, never stand still. Ninjas are known for being quick, 
and having a deadly grab. Try jumping and moving from side to side a lot when 
fighting them to avoid being grabbed. Take them by surprise with your speedy 
hammer swings. With a good amount of basic hit, and a nice strategy you can 
take your ninja foe down (ninjas have the least amount of life and armor).
But be wary, don't be clumsy and overzealous, you have to keep a keen eye 
for opportune moments.

When fighting mages, pay close attention to their fighting style. If a mage 
has great attack speed they can stun you, and then freeze you. They then jump 
back and ice you taking off a LARGE portion of your life and armor. Try only 
hitting when you know you can connect so they donít rush up and grab you if 
you miss, then perform their wicked combo. Again, use your high speed to your 
advantage, you should be able to work your way around the mage so that your 
attacks will reach around his shield and hit the side or back of it. It can be
difficult to fight mages, but one of the most effective methods to fight them 
is surprisingly to charge your special often, and wait for a good chance to 
use it. This wards off mages that will block your swing and grab you, but be 
careful not to launch the special unless you can hit. Most times you go to 
charge, you won't get the opportunity, and will have to decharge without 
attacking, but be patient, the mage is bound to get too close.

General strategies
	Block Gripping - due to the blacksmith's unique ability to be able to move 
while blocking, it is often easy to entice people into attacking you, block
it, and immediately advance on them and grip them before their next attack.
This can be tricky to do, but is very effective, and gets easier as your move
speed increases.
	Turn-and-back - Often times people will play the block game with you and 
for the most part will sit and try to block your hits until you make a 
mistake, this type of gameplay is very defensive. You can counter this by
quickly turning backwards and backing up past them so that you are now facing
their back, and you can then hit them. Due to the fact that other classes can't
move or turn while blocking, and the fact that your move speed will be high, 
you can often advance past them before they can turn around and continue 
	Knockdown camping
Knockdown camping is where you find a way to attack them immediately when they
get up, ideally without them having a chance of stopping it. This can be done 
with several methods.
A: Special->Jump attack - If you start a special at a point where they could get
up and use a rising attack to hit you, they may start to jam the button to do
so, but before you are holding your special you can jump up, avoid their rising
attack and land a jump attack on them.
B: Special - If you place your special in the right location, their rising
attack will not be able to reach you, but your special will be able to reach
them. So if they get up towards you you are guaranteed a special hit, and if
they get up away from you you can release the special and have time to recover
without suffering any penalties. This is tricky to pull off because you have
to judge range of your special, their rising, and how far they roll up, and
get it down to a very precise location.
C: Draw-and-basic - Sometimes you can hover around near their downed body
and entice them into attempting to hit you with a rising attack. But if you are
moving in and out of their range, they may do this and miss the attack, often
thinking "oh well, rising attack has little delay anyway, he won't hit me even
if I miss" but if you do this right, the delay right after the rising attack is
long enough to give you a window into hitting them with basic attack. This is
often tricky at low levels, but when your attack speed and move speed are high,
this can be done fairly consistently. 
Redmoon		+3B,+1R,+3S,+2G,+.54AS,lvl25,PC=9100
Golden Axe	+3B,+2R,+2S,+1G,lvl(cash)25,lvl(gold)65,P=24400,PC=8700

If you have extra cash to spend on armor and weapons, then buy these items 
in this order:

Buy the Darknight level 11 armor set.  This gives you full level 21 armor at 
level 11.  When you reach level 25, buy the Redmoon Hammer.  It has a good 
basic hit, and adds a very large ammount of attack speed, not to mention that 
its swing radius is much bigger because of the shear terrifying size of the 
hammer.  After you have purchased the Redmoon hammer, you can get the golden 
axe (ranged weapon).  This adds 3 basic hit stats!  The only "must buy" item is
the Redmoon hammer (if you have the cash that is).  The armor and axe are 

What cell creatures should a rage smith use? Well due to the fact that a rage
smith will not focus very much on cp or cp reduction, the first priority is
to use cells that are low cost, so they can actually be summoned. The cells
also must be good otherwise it is simply a waste. This leaves 4 options:
A: Panzers - cheap and strong, statistically the most efficient creature;
   though they are not very strategic and are easy to avoid.
B: Blazers - stronger, and can catch people off guard, but they are more
   expensive and it can be difficult to summon them.
C: Longbows - More expensive than a blazer, but great against players with its
   homing arrows and high damage. If you have the cash, getting at least one
   of these guys is a good idea, it won't disappoint you.
D: Cells for other characters - if you use other characters that are more
   dependent on cells, such as a mage, you can equip them on your rage smith
   for the main purpose of getting cexp for them and leveling them up. They
   may not benefit the smith very much, but it will benefit the other

Author: Corey (Ninj4)
Co-Author: Jowy (ShortJowy)
Rakion characters: Hitokirai : ShortJowy
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Credits: Thanks to Raij for coming up with
the original rage build idea. You can check out our website at:

12. This article is authorized only to appear on,
and Reproduction of this article in part or whole 
is strictly prohibited unless permission has been given from the author.