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Follow the dark path or use the light
Rakion Pack Shot



Mage Guide

by basketball_guy29

                                Mage Guide
                               by Todd Nguyen


 [m10] Table of Contents

NOTE: Press Ctrl + F, and then type the letters and the numbers in the
bracklets to find what you're looking for.

[m10] Table of Contents
[m11] Introduction
[m12] Versions
[m13] Controls
[m14] Moves
[m15] Chaos Moves
[m16] Grips
[m17] Explain on Wallspike
[m18] Attributes Points
[m19] Items
[m20] Farming
[m21] Against other classes (Team Deathmatch)
[m22] Swordsman
[m23] Archer
[m24] Blacksmith
[m25] Mage
[m26] Ninja
[m27] Golem Wars
         [m27a] Gravity Golem War
[m28] Solo Wars
[m29] Boss Wars
[m30] Stages
[m31] FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
[m32] Credits
[m33] Contact Information
[m34] Legal Informations

 [m11] Introduction

Hi, my name is Todd Nguyen. This is my first FAQ or guide, so you might see
some "newbie" mistakes. Anyway, this guide is about the class Mage in the 
action-strategy game Rakion. You can download rakion from this site You can also find out about classes at that site.

The class Mage is a support class. It can't really do 1 on 1, but with its
long-range attacks and the moves to hit many enemies at once, it's a deadly

 [m12] Versions

1.0, 12/20/2005: I wrote this FAQ.

1.10, 1/5/2006: Fix some short-cuts. Add delay to moves.

1.70 3/6/2006: - Add info on Protrusion move.
             - Add a note from [email protected] under chaos section.
             - Explain Attributes.
             - Add a note for Controls.
             - Add many things for Items Section.
             - Add farming section.
             - Fix and add some stuff about Fighting Other characters 
             - Add info to the Golem Wars section.

1.75, 3/7/2006: - Add the Stages section
              - Fix the shortcuts
              - Move title to the middle

1.76: 4/1/2006 - Add which site this guide can be found on
             - Fixed the shortcut for Chaos Moves in Controls

1.77: 5/31/2006 - Fix the shortcuts.

2.00: 8/25/2006 - Fix the Chaos section.
                - Fix the controls.
                - Added Boss Wars section.
                - Add some new info on Team Deathmatch section.

2.1: 9/06/2006 - Fix some attribute points.

2.2: 9/29/2006 - Added "Grip" section

2.2.1: 10/29/2006 - Fixed Contact Information a little.

2.3: 11/9/2006 - Added "Gravity Golem" section

2.3.1: 2/17/2007 - Fixed the shortcuts
                 - Add some information on the Items section

2.4: 4/20/2007 - Change some information about special stats
               - Add some more Questions and Answers
               - Fixed jump attack
               - Another tip for fighting archer

 [m13] Controls

I will explain the basic controls that Rakion has below:

W: Move forward
S: Move backward
A: Move left
D: Move right
Q: Change weapons (from short-range to far-range or vice versa)
M1: Left-click
M2: Right-click
M1M2: Left and right click at the same time
Space: Jump
Shift: Block (close and far ranged)
C: Chaos (see the Chaos Moves section for more info)

  [m14] Moves

Since you now also know the controls, get use to the Move keys because as a
mage, you'll be running a lot of times. Here are the mage moves you're mostly
going to use: 

NOTE: About delay, if your opponent block your delay1 attack, they have time
to strike you with a normal attack. If your opponent block your delay2 
attack, they have time to do a normal and/or a grip attack. If your opponent 
block your delay3 attack, they have time to do a normal, grip and/or a 
special attack.

NOTE: You can't grip chaos people, or cells. (like Nak or the Panzer)

|                              CLOSE RANGE                                  |
|      Buttons        |      Descriptions                           | Delay |
|       M1            |  Use your staff to hit your opponent once.  |   1   |
|     M1 + M1         |  Use your staff to hit your opponent twice. |  1.5  |
|      M2             | Summon an orb that could heal you and your  |       |
|                     | party member. You can only summon 4 orbs    |       |
|                     | per round.                                  |       |
|   Space + M1        | Jump up then attack your opponent.          |  1.5  |
|  W + W + M1         | Summon an Ice Pillar (called Protrusion)    |  2.5  |
|   M1 + M2           |  Summon a tornado that prevent enemies from |   3   |
|                     |  entering a 4m range around you.            |       |
|                     |  Freeze your enemy, making him vulnerable to|       |
| M1M2 (close)(front) | you and everyone of your party member's     |   2   |
| front grip          | attack.                                     |       |
| M1M2 (close)(back)  | Summon a sharp ice pillar on the enemy.     |   2   |
| back grip           |                                             |       |
| M1 (knocked down)   | Spin your staff, hitting every enemy around |   1   |
|                     | you and make injure them for a short time.  |       |

|                              FAR RANGE                                    |
|      Buttons        |      Descriptions                           | Delay |
|      M1             | Throw a bomb that explodes after bouncing   |   2   |
|                     | 1.5 seconds, hitting multiple enemies.      |       |
|      M2             | Locked the target on with fireballs. The    |       |
|                     | fireball will explode if it contacts        |  2.5  |
|                     | anything, hitting multiple enemies.         |       |
| M1 (knocked down)   | Spin your wand, hitting every enemy around  |   1   |
|                     | you and make injure them for a short time.  |       |

  [m15] Chaos Moves

Non-Power User: To get chaos, you have to get 6 bars. You get a bar by
killing other people, and half a bar after a round.

Power-User: Same as Non-Power User except you only need 5 bars. 

|                              CHAOS MAGE                                   |
|      Buttons        |      Descriptions                           | Delay |
|       M1            | Summons a wider Ice Pillar, and also hits   |  N/A  |
|                     | harder.                                     |       |
|       M2            | Locks the target with fireball, but locks on|  N/A  |
|                     | faster and the fireballs fly faster. It also|       |
|                     | hits harder.                                |       |
|     M1M2            | Heals every party members around you.       |  N/A  |

  [m16] Grips

Grips, perhaps the mage's best weapon. To perform a grip, you have to stand
very close to your opponent, then press both mouse button at the same time.
Of course, this is impossible since your opponen will always be moving. But,
there is a way to grip. There are some type of grips, and these includes:

Shield Grip:
Probably your best way to grip. Shield their attacks, then go
in for a grip. To perform this, press guard when your opponent attacks you,
then when your opponent is done, press forward and grip. If you time it
right, you can even grip a ninja's stun.

Stun Grip: 
The offensive grip. This grip is hard to perform. It's basically
stun them with M1, then go in for grip. Sounds easy? It's not. You have to
be close enough when you stun, and you have to do it fast, otherwise it's
going to fail. Back stun grips are easier than front stun grips, since every
character's back is kinda curved, and so more space to grip.

Now that you gripped them, what do you do afterwards? For back grip, you
don't have to do anything. Front grips are different, though. Your front
grips perhaps ties with the ninja's back grip to be the strongest grips in
the game. It can even one-hit kill when your teammates are around. After you
front grip, you will see your opponents frozen in a block of ice for about
3 seconds. He's frozen, so what do you do? Easy. You press Jump+Back+M1 to 
perform a jump attack back, then use an Ice Pillar. If you do this right, you
can kill your opponents in 2-3 hits. Your Ice Pillar may sometimes miss, or
get bugged. If your Ice Pillar gets bugged a lot, first do a jump attack
back, then press either Left or Right + Jump + M1 for another jump attack.
This attack is weaker, but it won't get bugged.

  [m17] Explain on Wallspike

If you are near an enemy that is near a wall, your ice might hit more than
once or twice. Your ice might go up to 4 hits.

  [m18] Attributes points

Every level up, you'll recieve 3 Attribute Points (AP) (if you're a Power
User, you get 3 AP along with 5 more bonus AP). There are a total of 10

Improve the damage you do with your staff when you use the 2-hit combo 
(M1 M1.

Improve the damage you do with jump attacks, Protrusion (Ice Pillar), Bombs,
and Fireballs.

This improves the amount of HP that one orb heals, although it will not 
increase the amount of orbs you can summon in one turn. This will also makes
your tornado lasts longer, but it will not last forever.

Improve the damage of your grips.

Improve the damage you'll do to cells.

Improves your health.

Improves your defense against attacks.

Improves your attack speed (do not affect the speed of Ice Pillar, Bombs,
or Fireballs however).

Improves your running speed.

Improves your max Cell Points.

You can improve all the attributes mentioned, but there are so many AP that
you could only improve 2-3 attributes. Here are the attributes that is pretty
much important to a Mage:

Ranged Attack Power:
You should put at least 1 AP into this at every lvl up,
because it improves your Ice Pillar, your Bombs, and your Fireballs.

Attack Speed:
Since mages need grips, attack speed is good for doing stun grips. 

Move Speed: 
Shield grips are easier to do with a mage than stun grip. With Move Speed,
shield grips will be easier to perform.

A good defend is just as good as a good offense. You should put some points 
into either Health or Armor, but dont put points into both unless you have 
some extra AP. You might find health more useful.

Cell Points: 
A mage has a lot of Cell Points, but even so you need to improve the max Cell
points so you can summon your high-lvl Naks or Panzers.

Spend your AP in anyway you like, but you should either max a stat first, or
divide your AP into 2 attributes. I don't recommend spending your AP into
every attribute, because that will be a waste of good AP.

  [m19] Items

Rakion, although an action game, is also a RPG game in ways that you can level
up and buy your own weapons/armor. To do this, go to the Inventory/Shop button
that you see on the bottom of the screen that shows the game room. In here,
you can equip weapons, armors, accessories, and cells by dragging them into
the correct spot. The 3 spots for cells are on the top. Also, in here, you
can spend your AP (Ability Points) that you earned. Go to section [m18] for
my recommendations for putting your AP into your stats. Here are my recommen-
dation for what you should buy.

For Non-Cash and Non-Member

Buy the best armor you can with your money. Don't worry about attack speed,
the armor and health bonus is way better. About weapons, buy the level 2 ones,
the level 11 ones, and after that, buy the best you can buy. Do not buy the
level 6 ones, the attack speed deduction is too high for the +1 ranged bonus.
About assecories and necklaces, buy anything that fits your play style. If
you like stun gripping, buy one that increases attack speed. If you like to
shield grip, buy one that increases move speed. If you are a defensive player,
buy one that increases your armor and health, and so on. About cells, try to
buy at least 2 soldier-looking things called panzer. They costs 2,500 gold
each, a little expensive, but that's OK. They will help out in stages, which
will give you a lot of money and EXP later on. After you bought 2 panzers,
you should have them and a nak. That's 3 spots in your cell slot, perfect.
Now buy all the weapons/armors/accesories that you like. Save some leftovers
though, you're gonna need to buy the level 8 archer cell (Dwarf) which costs
4,500 gold. Why should you buy this? They help you kill dragons in the later
stages and game rooms.

For Non-Cash but Member

Same as above, but you have more choices when it comes down to weapons/armor/
accessories and cells. Buy the best weapon that you can, and buy one that
fits your play style. About cells, you have a much wider choice than a
non-member do. At level 17, you can buy your own golem, a great tank and a 
great cell to block paths. You should get a golem. And after that you level
up, you have access to the most powerful cells, taurus and dragons. They
both can kill players or gold golem very fast, and with your huge CP without
no AP spent, you should be able to summon them quickly.

For Cash Users but non-member

For cash members, buy the best weapons/armors that you can. Cash weapons tend
to be very strong before level 30. The same applies to Cash armors. And for
you rich people who use cash, you have access to the longbow, one of the best
cells in the game. Why? Their arrow locks on target, flies very fast, and
deals damage severely. They can also shoot down dragons. Buy one. And also,
if you have enough cash, buy an Iron Golem. They are simply normal Golems on
steroids, which is probably the reason they turned silver. Soul Cannon are
also pretty strong, but it is easy to avoid their bombs. But if their bombs
hit, can you say severe AOE damage? Buy a SC if you wish. With accessories
and necklaces, buy one that fir your play style.

For Cash Users and also Member

This is a rare combo, simply because gold beats cash later on in the game.
But if you do have both, you will be strong in the beginning as a cash-user,
and very strong in the end as a Member. You have access to all the cells,
including Longbows, Soul Cannons, Golems, Iron Golems, Taurus, and Dragons.
You have access to all the weapons, armors, and accessories. What else can I
say? Use cash to buy the hella good weapons in the beginning, use gold for
the end. Use cash to buy a longbow, leave it, and use gold to buy golems for
tanking, taurus for tanking and damage, and dragon to own them all. And 
accessories, buy one that fits your play style. (you probably memorized this
by now)

  [m20] Farming

When you first create your character, you will notice you have 2 other open
slots. Well you can create two more characters to do the low level stages
(Discovery of Temple rank 1 and such) to get easy money, and then a week
later, you can just delete the characters you just created, and keep doing
more low level stages! If you do that, every week you should have about 
1,000, do this 10 times and you can buy yourself a nice Blazer.

  [m21] Against other classes (Team Deathmatch)

In this section I will discuss about the strategy to fight other classes, and
if you disagree, please see the Contact Informations section.

HIT. This is like a blacksmith, never 2-hit swing unless it's going to hit.
Anyway, if you miss the Ice Pillar, you will get damaged bad. Always always
try to grip, only Ice Pillar if you know you're going to hit.

  [m22] Swordsman

Swordsman are tough. Their moves aren't that slow, so you won't get many
chances to strike them. When you're soloing one, always try grip them. If you
can't reach them to grip them in time, use Ice Pillar, but that won't happen
much. And also, when they're low on health, they usually keep fighting you to
death, which is good for you. However, if they decided to run and get help
from other people, try to guess the direction they are going to run to,
and then Ice Pillar them. 

Their famous attack is the 3-hit combo that you will often see. The combo
is strong, fast, and deadly. They could kill you with about 3-4 3-hit combo.
Good news is that you can block this attack with your shield, and after they
miss the 3-hit combo, go in for a grip. But beware, some swordsman also is
a gripper. If you see them 1-hit, they're a gripper.

  [m23] Archer

Good archers are hard to beat. Bad ones will miss you all the time. Archers
usually shoot arrows as you might guess, and they don't have very high delay.
When fighting an archer, try to approach and shield when their arrows are 
close to hitting you. When you're close enough, go for a grip because they
usually will try to get one last arrow to you. Beware, the arrows fly faster
than you might think. Archers always try to run away from you, but they don't
always run for help. They can just turn back and shoot you before you can say
"DIE!!" So be careful when you're chasing one, and don't let her get away.
When you're close enough, an Ice Pillar or a 2-hit combo (sometimes) after
they shoot, never strike first unless you know you're going to hit.

From "[email protected]"
I have something you can add to your "Rakion Mage Guide" or any other
guide. You'll see what I mean, but I play mage.

When you are fighting against an archer that bugs, always attack after
they do so you don't see arrows fly out of no where. Also, only hit 
once. 2 hits will give you enough delay for them to hit you. The only time 
I would recommend 2 hits is when an archer tries to melee you. When an 
archer is using bow, run around them in confusing motions, like zig-zag 
to running around in circles, then move back and forth, jump, etc. 
Doing so will make it harder for them to hit you. Also, never jump attack 
unless you have them in a grip.

  [m24] Blacksmith

Somehow I think I could hit blacksmiths more often that any other classes. 
Anyway, Blacksmith are slower that Swordsman, but they has more health and
armor. Watch for their hammer wave shock move, because it also hits multiple
enemies. When they're charging for their shock wave (they raise their hammers
up their head), Ice Pillar them, don't try to grip. Blacksmith are perhaps
the easiest character to shield grip, since their moves has so much delay.

  [m25] Mage

Fighting other mages is hard. All two mages either try to grip the other
one, or try to make them miss grip. When fighting a mage, don't approach
them in a straight-line pattern, they're going to Ice Pillar you. Try to 
zigzag or jump when you think they're going to Ice Pillar. Always try to grip
a mage, or Ice Pillar after they either miss Ice Pillar or miss grip. Try not
to miss your grip, their Ice Pillar can still reach you through the tornado.

Combo here is the key, but do not spam it, since the other mage will shield
grip you. Instead, go behind their back and combo. Stun grip if you can.

  [m26] Ninja

Ninjas try to grip way more than you do. Ninjas always try to stun-grip you.
To prevent this, after you get hit, either spam the jump button or move 
back. If the ninja is slow, they will miss the grip, giving you the chance 
to grip. When fighting a ninja, always try to grip. They're too fast to be 
hit with Ice Pillar. Best offense agaisnt them is to use the 2-hit combo
(M1 M1) then jump back.

  [m27] Golem Wars

Above is the strategy for Team Deathmatch modes, now I will talk about Golem
War mode

In Golem Wars, you could either go for golems, or go for your enemies.

If you go for the golem, use fireball, because fireball, in my opinion, is
the fastest move to perform to the golem. If you're facing the golem alone,
4-6 fireballs will kill it. With your team's help, though, it could be much
faster. If someone in your team gets the golem, switch to your melee weapon
and run along with the golden sword carrier. Use tornado if an enemy's close,
or Ice Pillar them to slow them down. The enemy will usually go for the 
golden sword carrier, so don't worry about getting gripped. When you're in
the other team's golem room, ALWAYS try to knock/slow the enemy down when
they're going for the golden sword carrier. Give the golden sword carrier
enough time and he/she will kill the golem. 

If you have the golden sword, switch to your melee weapon right away, if 
you're not already using it. Then run to the other team's golem and Ice
Pillar the golem. Also hope that your team has good backup, because without
some backups, you're likely to die before the golem. The strategy is
different in gravity maps however.

If the other team gets the golden sword, always try to get the golden sword
carrier. Use bombs on the golems if the golden sword carrier is a
swordsman/blacksmith/ninja. If it's an archer, try to ice him/her. If it's a
mage, front grip him so that your teammates can kill him/her. If the map is
gravity, fireball the mage when he tries to go to the gravity thing.

If you're going for the enemy, go to section [1.12] for more info. Remember
that in Golem Wars, if you die, you don't have a chance to resurrect, 
unlike Death Wars.

  [m27a] Gravity Golem War

The Gravity map, perhaps the best map for mages to play golem in. At the
start, go up the gravity thing, and throw bombs down the middle hole so that
it can hit the gold golem and people around it.

But that's not the gold thing in gravity golem war. When you get the golden
sword, you can do a trick with the gravity. Here's what you do: you jump on
the gravity, but not straight away. Run straight from the ground to the
gravity, and time your jump so that you jump before you hit the gravity thing.
You should rise up slowly on the gravity. When you're on the gravity,
fireball the master golem, or bomb it when you can't lock on. This trick
with the gravity is also very good for protect the golden sword carrier or
protect your master golem, because you will be hard to hit. You can throw 
bombs around the master golem to protect your team member and to protect
your master golem. When their golen sword carrier is knocked down, try to
fireball him. Why? Because fireball from heaven (okay, from up top) is very
hard to dodge.. The other option is to block it, and if they do block it,
your teammates can get them. Besides, 3-4 fireballs that can 2 hit will kill
anything. Hell, 5-6 fireballs can kill a golem.

 [m28] Solo Wars

I didn't go into Solo Wars room often, but on my past experience, you should
try to find a place that other people won't notice or hard to hit you so you
can change to your melee weapon. Try to use bombs/fireballs on a bunch of
people, you might kill many people that way. But through like 2-3 kills,
people might start going after you. If that happens, just run, counter only
when you know you're going to hit. If you can bomb/fireball many people 
before they notices you, you might be at the top of the game. 

Watch out for people who are 1 on 1 each other though.

  [m29] Boss Wars

Boss Wars is the new kind of game room that was invented. Basically in Boss
Wars, you try to kill the other team's boss. The boss is the person who is 
the highest level. When you kill the other team's boss, you win, but if your
boss is killed, you lose. If you're not a boss, try to kill the other team's
boss or protect your boss from the other team's attacks.

If you are a boss, try not to take any hits. Go hide in a place where it's
hard to find you. If the other team do find you, run and call for help from
your teammates. Then run. Run and dodge the attacks. 

  [m30] Stages

Stages are your best bet for money and experience. There are many stages in
Rakion. The number of party members for a stage depends. You might have to
solo a stage, or you can wait for someone to help you. Take note that you
can solo every stage without getting any party members.

In multiple party member stages, your role is to do as much ranged damage as
you can, either with bombs or fireball. There usually is a bunch of monsters
grouped up, so your bombs and fireball is going to be really effective
in stages.

In solo stages, you should also use bombs, but not as often. You should
always summon your cells while you can, they will keep the enemies busy
while you blast them. When things get close, use your Ice Pillar.

  [m31] FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why a mage?
A: Because they're cool.

Q: Seriously.
A: Mages has many long-ranged attacks, and all of them are powerful. Also
Mages has many Area of Effect skills like bombs and fireballs that hits
multiple enemies.

Q: Why do you like to grip more than Ice Pillar?
A: When Ice Pillar, you have a heavy delay after you use Ice Pillar. After
you use Ice Pillar, you could have been grip by every class afterwards.
And besides, when you front-grip, you could just use another Ice Pillar,
which is like a bonus to your Ice Pillar.

Q: What is delay?
A: Delay is like the speed of your attacks. Most of the mage's attack has
a lot of delay, so try not to miss.

Q: How do you grip?
A: You press both mouse button at the same time. Grip requires 2 things: your
enemy must not be moving, and you must be very close to your opponent. Refer
to the [m16] Grip section for more information.

Q: How do you delete the main character?
A: You go to, and then you log in to your account. After
that, go to the Rakion section. Then, look on the left tab and click on "My
Account." Then click on "Change My Main Character", and change your main 
character to another character. Then, start up Rakion again, and now you can
delete your main character.

Q: How do I ask you more questions?
A: E-mail me. See the Contact Information section.

  [m32] Credits

I have a few people that I'd like to give credits for this FAQ.

- GameFAQs, for everything.
- Softnyx, for making a wonderful game.
- Readers, for reading my FAQ.
- for the information about delays.

- [email protected] for pointing out many useful stuff.
- [email protected] for pointing out what the special attribute
- [email protected] asked me an important question.
- [email protected] for an archer strategy.
- [email protected] for pointing out range attribute also includes jump

  [m33] Contact Informations

If you have a question, or a suggesting to my FAQ, please e-mail me at 
[email protected] Make the title "Mage guide questions", otherwise
I will delete it.

I cannot play rakion right now, but when I am able to, add me if you wish. My
ID is icefreezed1e. 

  [m34] Legal Informations

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright. 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide can be found in these sites:

by: Todd Nguyen
e-mail: [email protected]
start date: December 3, 2005.
finish date: December 3, 2005.

Copyright 2005-2007 Todd Nguyen. 

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